Night 12: New York


It’s the second concert in New York tonight, so if you are going to be spending your Wednesday evening at Radio City Music Hall, do let us know.

As always, we love to hear from you and we very much enjoyed reading your reaction to last night’s very special guests.

We’ll say no more about them.

Likewise, if you don‘t wish to know the songs performed tonight, please don’t read the fan comments. The setlist is always revealed, even if you do have to look for it.

So have a good night everyone, and do tell us all about the concert when you get home. We’ll be waiting.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. cybaline… Please! request from a die hard fan. David new cd is fluid and I am so far up in the wood of northern california , i will not be able to make any gig. how about streaming a live show for those of us unable to get in?

    i can help!!

    humboldt county, CA

  2. Anxiously looking forward to attending tonight’s show with my son. He’s 17 and a musician as well so I hope he enjoys it as much as I know I will. I have been preparing for this months and can’t believe that it’s finally upon us. Getting ready to leave work so I can make the bus trip up to NYC from South Jersey just east of Philadelphia. I’ll be wearing my MLOR Tour shirt with the man rowing under the sattelite dish. Give me a yell if you see me out there.

  3. Just a note to people without tickets:

    Last night in the last block or approaching Radio City we had about 25 people approach us asking to buy tickets. Not one person was offering to sell. My recent experience at concerts is that it is at best an even mix of the two, otherwise it’s more people trying to sell.

    The box office really is your best bet, even if it is a long shot.

  4. Caption:

    Rick was now so awesome (that word again) at playing his organ & keyboard parts he no longer needed to stay awake when playing them.

    Now that’s a professional :o)

    Time to get back in my box now your Fe/Ededness

  5. I would definitley recommend checking with the box office for any last minute returned tickets for tonights show.
    My wife and I had excellent seats in the second row of the second mezzanine and two seats either side of us were empty all night!

  6. Ready?

    It is 1pm EDT here at the Jersey shore and it is Snowing like crazy here!! I don`t think it will amount to anything. We are about to begin our trip to the big Apple via Choo Choo train.

    A couple of friends of ours attended the show last night and phoned me afterwards to tell me they hated it ,and that they would do us a favor and take our tickets for tonight`s performance. Great friends…right?

    Actually ,they were speechless!!!!!

    One fellow has been attending live shows for almost 40 years and said this was the BEST he has ever seen!!!


    Jersey Dave

  7. To Fed & all out there,

    My computer will be shut off in 10 minutes. Then I will pick up my son who will be 17 next week and we will be on our way to the show. His first real concert.

    The anticipation is drawing to a close! Well only until May 31 @ RAH!

    NY, USA

  8. Fantastic first show. If I can ask for “What’s…Uh, the Deal” to return to the setlist. I’m wondering if David wasn’t enjoying this one as much as others? It’s one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs : )

  9. Steve,



    Scene: Angelo, head tilted and eyes squinting, slowly turns his Pillock Silencer towards the RCMH red jacketed ushers by the box office and ponders a moment….

  10. David, Thank You so much for the best night of my life. Echoes was the greatest thing I have ever seen or heard. YOU ARE THE BEST!

  11. Wow – months later the day is here. I also have made arrangements to leave work early and get into the city with my teenaged son. I’ve been playing for 35 years, (even cover PF every weekend) and him a year or so. Of course, I had to watch 4 inches of snow fall this morning. Psyched just doesn’t quite cover it.

  12. Caption

    ‘Heads would roll just as soon as it could be found out who had wired Rick’s keyboards to the mains’

  13. Greeting our Awesome Fedmeister:

    Two questions: (hope you don’t mind!)

    Does David do vocal exercises at all? I can’t believe the high notes he is still able to hit! His voice sounds no different at all now than it did in the 70’s, unlike most singers.

    Also, does he ever get stage fright?

    [I couldn’t tell you how David prepares his voice for a concert, but the question about stage fright has already been answered on the FAQs page. – Features Editor]

  14. Hey Dave !!! This is Ray, one of your long time fans here in South Florida. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new album. Absolutely deafinitely (pun intended) fantastic ! My first rock-n-roll concert was ‘The Wall’ when I was 10, I still have the program. However, I am very disappointed, a little miffed that you will not be coming down here to South Florida to play. I saw you when you played here on your ‘About Face’ tour. It was nirvana. It was also how I met my future wife to be. It would be like manna from Heaven if you would come and play here in Florida.

    The Southeast United States was poorly unconsidered by your touring management and it’s a shame. You have many dedicated fans here in Florida and I believe it is a shame,and a sham(my apologies) that you won’t make it here. I’m sure Polly and your children would love it here this time of the year. Springtime in Florida is wonderful.

    From the bottom of my heart, Dave, I implore, beseech you to consider to your touring management agency adding on a S.E. US leg to your tour. Not all of us dedicated fans can break away to Chicago or California to see you.

    For me, This Heaven would allow for you to come to S. Florida. On behalf of your dedicated fans here, I certainly hope that you would hash out an arrangement with your state-side touring management agency to please not just myself but also your adoring fans here in the Fort Lauderdale/ Miami/ Palm Beach area. Besides that, our beaches are great !!!

    By the way, congratulations on this album and your tour and Happy Birthday again. Best wishes and all to you and your family. But, please for a codger like m’self, PLEASE, come on down here to Florida. We Love Ya !!!

  15. Rick could barely make out the “Fedmeister Rules” banner that was unfurled in the balcony . .

    wow . . . that was weak . . .

    still no tea . . .

  16. Yesterday’s show was spectacular. I have not see Pink Floyd and with all the laser lights it came very close to actually being in one! David looks just fantastic! Rick looked good too and so did Phil Manzanera, The stage was nice and big and i was in the 14th row. The opening of the show was very dramatic with all the island sounds and dry ice shooting up like a waterfall in reverse. Marc Brickman outdid himself with the laser lights. It was too surreal watching Floyd songs being played and all those lasers shooting above people’s heads. Truly mesmerizing. I think the big surprise for the evening were Crosby and Nash. So that was a lot of fun. I think that David’s family came and sat in the side stage for the second half. I saw a couple of women and some kids sitting. One of the women was dark haired and the other blonde. The kids were all dressed very English with little brimmed straw hats. It looked like straw hats to me unless all the pot smoke from the blighter sitting next to me got my senses hallucinating about straw hats. The sound was a little off for me at some points. Some standout performances were definitely the On an Island song with C & N harmonizing, the Take a breath song which was played quite heavily. The sound was too loud for the hall because there was a lot of sound feedback happening all the time and the bass was simply just too loud. Some of the trademark Gilmour solos that David is known for did not happen last night. And i specifically mention the solos from Time and Comfortably numb. Wish you were here, Dominoes, Breathe and Breathe (reprise) had everyone standing and singing along. Wow, what a beautifully played songs they were. The Echoes song transported everyone back to 1971 i think. That’s really when the laser show started. All in all it was a breathtaking show and worth every blasted penny. I hope he does more shows. Shine on chaps.


  17. My heart sunk when I saw that you took out “What’s Uh.. the Deal”. Please put it back in before you head to the west coast!!!

    Love you.


  18. Does anybody know if the person who hit Guy’s son was arrested for assault? Because he should have been. The fact that it was negligence and not an intentional act of violence does not make a bit of difference in this case. And if I were Guy or his wife I would not hesitate to press charges.

  19. After reading about last night’s show, I can not wait until tonight. Being 24 years old this is my first opportunity to see Mr. Gilmour live. The music of Mr Gilmour and Pink Floyd have inspired and motivated me to grow into the person I am today, for better or worse. I have been looking forward to this day since I heard about the tour, see you tonight!!!

  20. Caption: While in NY Rick decided to sample the Native Indian peace pipe,

    Good Luck Tonight
    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin Ireland)

  21. Hello!

    Sitting in my cottage, her in South Norway, looking at the fjord, covered with ice,and dreaming (with David Gilmour’s “on an island” playing in the back). It’s getting darker, and a little chilly outside, and the birds sitting tighter together, warming eachother in the trees…it’s -2 degrees C outside.

    I Wish i could be with you tonight, at the concert! I tried to get tickets, for europe venues, but no, too late!

    My dear mother died 10. feb,2006…and i forgot to look for them..

    Anyway, hope You will visit “us” in Norway! Valle Hovin in Oslo is the right place …, i was there with my son, when “floyd” played, last time! Fantastic concert!

    Have a good evening, and I Wish I Was, There!

    regards a fan, for +30 years!

  22. Features Editor, you’ve mentioned that Mr. Gilmour is an Arsenal supporter. Just in case he and the band want to watch the game vs. Juventus, it’s live on ESPN 2 right now (2:30 p.m. EST).

    Sorry if I’m assuming that they have time to watch during their busy schedule, I just thought it wouldn’t hurt to point that out in case they weren’t aware.


  23. Loved the show. What a nice treat to hear Crosby and Nash sing harmonies. The new material came off great and the older stuff was better than i could have hoped for.

  24. Hello FEd, David & family, et al!

    After reading through yesterday’s posts (from early on re: dumbshits at airport, on to endless apologizes from just about everyone in the USA, the inevitable ‘coastal’ bias playing out, and the ferocity with which matters of religion have reared their ugly head), I found myself in a mighty funk and just didn’t feel like participating on any level! Way too old and way too tired for the same old sh*t!

    Today, though, I would like to echo the sentiments of those who felt compeled to apologize for the obnoxious minority with regards to their treatment of David & family, and Guy & family … unfortunately quite a lot of us here in the States find ourselves wanting to apologize to the world in general more than we’d like about a lot of issues these days. Seems like the ’60s & ’70s all over again sometimes, only worse!

    Yesterday was a day of remembrance — the 38th anniversary of the end of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life but not his legacy! I’m still hoping for a better world and better treatment for everyone living in that world. Maybe we could all start today in some small way to show respect and consideration to all we meet in our travels, famous or not … and regardless of religious beliefs (or not), nationality, etc.

    I hope the audience was warm, receptive and respectful to you last night, and I hope that it continues through the rest of your tour and beyond! David Crosby and Graham Nash … I think I’ll hope for that experience for the ‘left’ coast shows. Too bad that ‘Find the Cost of Freedom’ is still so relevant to current times … will we ever learn?

    Happy Trails to you!

    Peace … please!
    Washington State

    p.s. FEd, maybe I’ll drop another line to you regarding the other matters tomorrow. Keep up the good work … you’d make a great lion tamer!! All the best to you.

  25. Reading about the NY show just makes me more and more excited about going to Chicago,hard to tell what kind of treat we will see and hear. See you on the 13th

  26. I’m again giving directions from Grand Central to Radio City, for those who want them:

    BY FOOT: Exit Grand Central on 42nd Street, go West for three long blocks until you get to Avenue of the Americas (which New Yorkers call 6th Avenue), and proceed North. It’s about eight short blocks ahead.

    BY SUBWAY: Take the #6 train one stop North (towards The Bronx)to 53rd Street and transfer for the “V” train (going towards downtown and Brooklyn). Go 2 stops to the Rockefeller Center stop. You’ll be on 6th Avenue, within two blocks of RCMH.

  27. The wonders of modern technology. I’ll preface this by saying that for legal reasons, other MP3 players are available!

    Given the ease of use of iTunes, it’s been great compiling my own setlist made up of all the songs David and the band have played so far. Having just downloaded the live version of ‘Find the Cost of Freedom’, this brings the total playlist to just over 2hrs 30 mins though of course not every song is played each night.

    It’s highly unlikely I’m the only person doing this so I was wondering if it might be possible to compile the ultimate setlist, as created by us, the fans. Maybe this is something we could discuss during the break between the US and UK legs of the tour, F.Ed?

    So what say you chaps, up for the challenge? What do you think is the best running order for the ultimate DG live performance?

    Only songs played live during this current tour allowed, so there may well be new additions before the end of the US leg, played in any order you think provides the best setlist (including OAI tracks).


    [Sure. We’ll save it for a week or two when things quieten down. – Features Editor]

  28. Hi all………..Fed, These instances of flash bulbs! and camera phones!.etc.May be its time to bring out the the Mirror Ball that Marc Brickman has been designing with NASA,The Reflection project I think its called??[wink],but oh yeh the audience dont get to see the band,Do you think i need to get a pair of Christmas island Sun glasses?.
    Hope the message is received by these people, stop spoiling the party!.

    Oh well thats my rant…..Yippee Hallelujah….Im in the Chior.
    Must get down the Army and Navy store.

  29. Hi all of you

    it’really so wonderful…reading emotions from performance in NY just like my feeling in Rome last 26 of march.

    Next Friday on air (about 8 pm)at Radio Capital DG sound and interview.

    I’m very happy:Rick Wright is professional and great again.

    Good luck and rock on in America!

    Have a sweet night
    diana from Rome,Italy

  30. RCMH UPDATE: This Heaven

    Its a chilly partly afternoon in NYC as I write this and I just took a sh*tload of pictures of David Gilmour as he walked in for soundcheck!!!!

    Got Crosby and Guy, too. Richard Wright has a new nickname: Speedy Gonzalez!!! Jeez, he whizzed right in! I saw and got to small talk with Jon Carin who came in earlier with his four year old daughter (didn’t think about my camera at the time).

    David signed a ton of material for the fifteen or so fans, but he did seemed a little overwhelmed. I felt bad for the guy. I didn’t ask for anything…just kept taking shots. He did refuse to sign a few things saying something to the effect like “Too many albums. I have to set limits.” Keep that in mind when you want to catch a glimpse of him on this tour.

    I’m glad to report everybody was calm and respectful.

    Whew…off the Sam Ash Music to try out a few acoustics…..

  31. I interested in knowing if David is going to be on any television shows like Letterman,Leno and etc….

  32. I have always seemed to miss a PF concert when they have come to NY for 1 reason or another. So when I was given the opportunity last night, I just couldn’t pass it by! D.G. in my opinion is Pink Floyd, the music both new and old was absolutely fantastic, from an engineer stand point Radio City has such a great sound quality that it just intensifies the Music and brings it to life. The harmonies provided by Mr. Crosby and Mr. Nash were superb. The lightshow was nothing short of mesmerizing. And all this from the 3rd Mezzanine!!!

    Thank You all for a great show!

  33. Hi folks!

    Today I was on an island called Castellorizon!

    What should I say?

    I heard really the Musik, the bell, the fireworks and of course the guitar let me fly high above the island (while sitting on a bench at the harbour with my diskman with me…)! Then I ate in a restaurant where the owner told me, David visits his restaurant from time to time. Long time ago, a bigger “Pink-Floyd-Family” was there)

    For me it was a fine event, following the night in Paris in the Olympix (like the venue is called in Asterix :-).

  34. in response to fellow bloggers who were upset at all the blockheads and screamers…why is it that the more money people pay for tickets makes them feel as if they can do whatever the f— they want for their $$$..? They must realize that no one, no one wants to hear that crap? I guess they MUST hear themselves.

    As far as the pot smoke in a venue like RCMH, and the other theaters david and Band are playing…if the venue allows things like that or ‘looks the other way’…its another one of those things, you have to expect at any rock n roll show…just like the idiots that yell ‘Stairway to Heaven’ at most shows…or the usual ‘you da man’ as a song dwindles down to its most delicate notes…

    I don’t necessarily condone what’s not legal, but at any Rock n Roll show, and most shows in most cities, your likely to smell a little bit of the the ‘dope’ as I’ve seen it referred to here…and in almost ALL CASES, these people are NOT the ones yelling and screaming…but it is those drinking the alcohol that is LEGAL and ENCOURAGED in EXCESS.

    So lets think about something…what would you rather deal with…cool people, chilling out enjoying a show to the max, with perhaps a little relaxing smoke…OR a drunk-ass comsuming mass quantities of LEGAL alcohol, proceeding to disrupt row, getting up nine times to go to the bathroon and getting two more drinks on his return…only to scream the words to WYWH or talk loudly during Echoes Jam?

    pick your poison. I know what I’d choose.


  35. The day finaly arrived. I am speechless. Every moment every song unforgetable. Beautiful, amazing,fantastic.

    Thank you David. Come back soon!

    Luv Kath
    Hamilton NJ

  36. Less than ten days until chicago~! Heres hoping for a calm, collected, and respectful crowd. My many regrets in hearing of Guys son being caught in the melee, please find it in all of your hearts to forgive these people of their trespasses as they are only human and are subject to the same fallibility as you or I.

  37. Just received and Email from Ticketmaster.

    “Your event is happening next week!….David Gilmour… Massey Hall.”

    WooHoo!!! Now I know it’s not just a dream after all!

  38. Anyone have last nights exact setlist….want to print a copy of it to put next to my ticket (in a frame)…thanks guys…show was amazing last night!!!

    [You can find it twice among the comments from yesterday’s blog entry. – Features Editor]

  39. To the folks in NYC, Toronto, Chicago, San Fran and LA,

    Enjoy the shows. Please put in as much detail about the shows as possible for I, along with many others, are living vicariously through your comments.

    Many regards, Kevin ( I wish I was there!)

  40. Having an autograph or not

    In 2000, I spent 2 weeks in Sri Lanka to visit the country. As you probably know dear F.ed, Sir Arthur C.Clarke lives in Columbo since 1956. As a great fan of his work and space, I really wanted to make a long interview with him. (Recently, I used to be a journalist, and I want to go back to this kind of job). So I found his adress and his phone number. I finally had him on the phone. He was OK to receive me for a little chat. It took me one month to obtain this article. But during that time, I have always kept one thing in my mind : “stay polite and respectful and beyourself”. The man gave me my a little interview, he dedicated me a book of his (The Exploration of space). And at last, my wife and I have been shot with him in his readyroom. As a fan of hard SF and space, it is been invitated in the house of god.

    You probably ask, why do I tell you this ? Don’t you ? Of course because of the JFK Airport incident.

    I’m not simply a fan, I’m also a father of a two years old boy. So I can understand that a family need to have some rest after a long trip above the ocean but I feel really shocked when children get involved in a trouble like this one because some morons “absolutly want” their autograph.To me, this is not what I call, “being a fan” this is stupidity and like we say in french “connerie”. (The closest translation might be “bull shit” dear F.ed” !). In my view, being a fan is, to go to the concerts, to have all the albums, the videos, the books, anything else you can find like T-shirts, etc… And if you can get an autograph, lucky you ! But We can’t always get what we want, certainly not with such an atitude. People have forgoten one thing, they are not anymore respectful.

    Myself, I’ve been asking several times on the blog for an autograph, but I’ve been told it was impossible. After all, I’m a great fan of David Gilmour but I can live without his signature on my On an Island copy. I listen to PF music three or four times a week but I’m not a fanatic to die. I don’t need to sleep in front of his door until he comes to gives me the autograph (at last I think, Scotland Yard will come to catch me). Well in the end I Hope the children of Mr Gilmour and Mr Pratt are getting better now which is the most important.

    I read in a previous post that Gilmour may plan another album ( please F.ed do not hesitate to tell me if I’m wrong), I hope after that he won’t change his mind.

    PS : Dear F.ed, Mr Gilmour has been working with Arthur C. Clarke. Do you know how if he personnaly meet him during their project ?

    PPS: Anyway, New-York, enjoy the show as much as we did !

    [First of all, thank you for adding a very useful new French word to my vocabulary! David has said that he would like to make another album, and apparently there are lots of ideas and starting points for new songs. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed. I’m sorry, but I don’t know how David came to work with Sir Arthur. One for the FAQs page, perhaps? I enjoyed your story, though. – Features Editor]

  41. Raymond McAteer,

    First of all, David does prefer to be called “David” and not “Dave”. I know he didn’t complain about it as much in the past, and the “Diamond Dave” moniker does add to the confusion, but sometimes when people get older they can become more of a stickler for these things. I don’t complain much when people call me “Mike” even though I prefer “Michael”, but I’ll bet when I get older and more stubborn I’ll start correcting people more.

    Second, David has mentioned that he wants to play in small, lovely venues with emphasis on great accoustics. I was at the Radio City concert last night and I can tell you, comparing the accoustics to last night and the Pink Floyd concert at Yankee Stadium 12 years ago is like comparing day and night. And Pink Floyd is well known for having the best accoustics for a stadium show of any rock band out there, so that is really saying something. But anyway, this being the case, are there any venues in the Southeast that would meet David’s requirements for this tour? I can’t think of any, but living there yourself maybe you can think of one that’s escaping me.

    I honestly don’t think David or his management intentionally left out parts of the country, but I do think David made clear his wish of the type of venue that could handle his accoustics requirements and made clear what his family restraints are (he wants to make sure his son gets back to a stable home life so he can properly study for exams), and I think his management did their best to find as many venues as they could that met David’s requirements.

  42. Hey there is another ‘Clemens’ in here. Mate, could you please change your name slightly to avoid confusion? Or else I will.

    All of the peeps going to the concert tonight, have a great time!!!

    Clemens (the Dutch one that has been posting for a while here)

  43. “So lets think about something…what would you rather deal with…cool people, chilling out enjoying a show to the max, with perhaps a little relaxing smoke…OR a drunk-ass comsuming mass quantities of LEGAL alcohol…”

    Can I have that joint with ONE glass of wine, please??

  44. Fed Ed,

    I guess David now knows how really important he is to so many people, myself included.

    Much to my dismay was the fact that some of his greatest fans got “caught up in the moment” at JFK but it happens when you are someone like David. Perhaps this issue will resolve itself now that the fans understand you can’t simply walk over someone to get what you want.

    If I had been in the same situation, I think I would have been simply awestruck and just relished that moment. It may only come once in a lifetime, you just never know. I truly wish David and his family the best on this leg of their American tour.


  45. Please Please tell me when the new album is out on Vinyl, I had a new LP player and I want my speakers to witness the sounds of gilmour on vinyl, nothing will sound better. Can;t wait for the Roayl albert hall gig…couple of mates want to come…anybody got some spare tickets

    [I want to know the answer to that as well, Andy! – Features Editor]

  46. A clean caption –

    “Oh, man! Echoes live… bliss!”

    (I hope you didn’t hit your head when you swooned at the risqué one, Fed.)

    [They do make me laugh, but probably not enough to risk losing my job over. – Features Editor]

  47. Thank you, thank you, thank you (the best things usually come in 3s).

    I was at the Tuesday night performance. My 2 cents (or 2 pence if you will):

    First, I really liked the simple stage setup. It reminded me of a jam session in a garage instead of a slick production. Seeing all the instruments there ready for him to play just gave the show a good personal feeling.

    Although I enjoyed the On An Island portion of the show, I didn’t think it flowed well. It seemed very choppy but I think that has more to do with the varied styles David employs on the release. It was good and the live performance certainly helps me appreciate the studio effort even more.

    On the second set, I though there were a couple of technical glitches, it seemed David missed a note here or there but hey, he’s only human. And there was some disturbing feedback during High Hopes. But all of that doesn’t matter because the true highlight was Echoes in all its 23+ minutes. It made the hair on my neck stand up. The next morning I listed to the studio version and the same thing happened – this confirms that what I heard last night was just phenomenal. And you can never get tired of hearing David play the solo in Comfortably Numb.

    The light show and effects were also well done but not overdone.

    All in all an awesome performance.

    As for the fans, if you want to get rowdy and loud with each other, take it outside. This goes to the schmucks in the 1rst mezzanine by aisle E. People go to the show to hear the band not your mouths going back and forth during the songs. The Radio City Staff should have kicked out the whole row. You were at a David Gilmour concert not a NY Rangers game. No one wants to hear GO RANGERS while David is performing.

    Finally let’s talk about merchandising. There was the usual stuff – t-shirts, programs as well some sweatshirts and hats. Surprised I didn’t see any concert pins. Anyway, I did buy one of the shirts but for $35 I thought the quality of it could be a bit better. It seemed very thin. I know that the artist usually doesn’t have a say in that stuff that it is all promotional decisions from the record companies. But c’mon at least give us some quality for the price.

    Wish I Was There again tonight but o, so pleased that I was there last night. Thanks again David for bringing that great tone to my ears.


  48. To Big Al:

    If the dopeheads were the only problem last night, I would have not mentioned it, I’d have just held my nose. Although the fact that I work in a job that randomly tests for drug use, combined with the fact that I just don’t know how well second hand pot smoke affects the results of these tests, does give me a cause for genuine concern. And also like I said, if the backlights of the cameras were the only problem, I would not have brought that up either. But since last night’s concert had a whole slew of annoyances caused by a small minority of audience members which collectively lessened the experience for many others in the audience, I thought I’d mention them all in hopes that future concert-goers would be more considerate of others.

    And I just don’t buy into the excuse that pot makes Pink Floyd (or any other music) sound better, or that pot makes you calmer so these people aren’t the ones bothering you. For the record, the pot smokers in front of us were one of the ones who were being told by the ushers (who would block my view of the stage in the meantime) to put their cameras away, and they were the ones bringing them back out 10 seconds later, inviting more stage blocking ushers to the forefront. Now obviously the ushers should have just confiscated the cameras or kicked them out, but the point is that in the end they were causing just as much a visual disturbance as the drunks.

  49. BigAl – venues should hand out free joints so people would just sit and enjoy the music.

    [Wouldn’t straitjackets and gags have the same effect? It would allow others to enjoy the music, at least, and there wouldn‘t be all that smoke in the air. Attitude is clearly the problem here. – Features Editor]

  50. “connerie”. (The closest translation might be “bull shit” dear F.ed” !).

    “Connerie”..very nice but seems too politically correct. “Merde de boeuf” sounds like more to the point,to my ears anyway.

  51. “Please Please tell me when the new album is out on Vinyl” – Andy

    [I want to know the answer to that as well, Andy! – Features Editor]

    Well depending on where you look you get the following answer:

    BRAND NEW – IMMEDIATE DELIVERY FROM THE UK – release date is 13th or 20th

    ~David Gilmour
    Emi (Vinyl) – April 3, 2006
    Usually dispatched within 4 to 6 weeks

    So I would guess, about October 2007 🙂

    Oh any idea when the pre-order tickets for RAH will be making their way out to us all?

    [Within the next fortnight I would think, but that’s not an official answer. – Features Editor]

  52. Can we please get over the JFK incident now. While it was unfortunate, it is certainly not indicative of how most of his fans behave, or how most New Yorkers behave. It sounds like a few over-zealous people, thats all. And the complaints, hey its a rock concert, not a ballet, people are going to get rowdy, smoke weed, it comes with the territory

  53. Angela, please, have a glass of vino or two even..on me!

    Mike – I hear ya dude. I’m sorry those folks caused you grief.

    Most of the folks that care enough about David, OAI, and this tour…to be here…are sympathetic about INDIVIDUALS that were seated near you.

    I saw Jeff Beck last night in SF, and in GA section, just above floor, we had many many cool people sharing space like close friends…even a man in a wheelchair who was given ample space to see and enjoy. Now, there was hardly a PEEP out of anyone during the music, as it was WAAAAY TOO LOUD for that…and even between songs, hardley a peep….but some of these things are only in SF, and only certain shows. Here’s to hoping RCMH Tonight, and of course the Oakland Paramount is filled with more of that, but I always expect a few loud drunk screamers at all shows. Please Please no ‘Freebirds’ please, whatever they yell!!!

    Hopes for a GREAT Show and a ‘Wots Uh The Deal’ tonight!


  54. Hey,

    Big Al. Just a word of caution. Watch how you sign your name on the posts. BiGal is very different from Big Al and could raise some interesting images.


  55. Hello FEd,

    To David and the band, kick butt tonight. To Polly and the family, I hope you are doing some memorable things as our guests here in America. I hope there are plenty of peaceful times to outweigh some of the melodrama of travel and “celebrity” in America.

    FEd, (or anyone else that may know the answer to this question): when PF was on the AMLOR tour, they were scheduled to perform in Las Vegas, NV. That show was cancelled. Does anyone know why? I missed the tour and all of these years have wondered why from time to time.

    BTW, knowing that David has a thing for the smaller, cozier venues right now, maybe when (if) he tours again on his next release he would give “The Joint” at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas a try. It fits that genre and has some of the best acoustics I have been around. When the Eagles came back together, they played there, Sting has played there several times and everything I have heard from any artist’s perspective is that they love it.


    Brad N
    Henderson, NV

  56. Whats the point in being stoned, bladdered or rowdy, when you can experience something as incredible as David Gilmour. I just don’t get it. You’ll just not get the whole experience. SAD!

  57. The concert was amazing. Everything about it was breathtaking. I hope you have another great show tonight. Thank you David Gilmour!

  58. ….wow!! Reading these comments has given me repeated goose bumps & butterflies all at once!! I’m SOOOOO excited I can’t stand it!!! I’ll be seeing Mr. Gilmour on the closing night of his US Tour, at Universal in L.A. I’m driving 450 miles to get there, alone, but I know without a doubt it’ll be worth every mile!! I hope Crosby & Nash remain with Him throughout the tour!! Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing, guys!! Your comments mean lots to all of us Gilmour Fans!!!
    **Enjoy the show tonight!**

  59. Off topic.

    thanks thanks thanks a lot everyone. Im having a difficult phase in my life and this site, the people that inhabit it, and specially David are helping me a LOTTTTTTTT. Pink Floyd has helped me for 3 years.

    Roger makes me realize im alive. David makes me feel alive. What a couple of creative geniuses!

    What a ground breaking, life-changing symbiosis they offered!

    Long live floyd
    long live DAVID
    long live This blog

    Have a wonderful life, Fed!!!!!

  60. Andrew…waaay back when, in one of my original BLOG posts, I mentioned, ‘how long it might take until someone identifies my alter-ego’…

    You just did.

    I’ve been Big Al my entire life…in my 39th year. I participate in a number of chat boards, of my favorite guitar players, Doyle Bramhall II and Marc Ford for example…and after years of being BigAl, somone on one of those boards figured out thet BigAl and biGal look decidedly different.

    Ever since then, I sign in both ways, and am referred to as Big, Bi inter-changeably. My wife thinks this is funny, and I am from San Francisco…and ‘not that there’s anything wrong with that’, but I just go with it.

    Eventually someone here would notice too…no worries, but does that make me a ‘pillock’ or something?


  61. I didn’t hear anything about JFK until right now…

    I didn’t think much about the crowd..until I was in it…

    I didn’t consider the drug use ..until I smelled it..

    I never imagined a fist fight during a spectacular ‘sit-down’ concert until I witnessed it….



    I just can’t understand how a handful of people could impact a audience of people who happily paid good money and patiently waited for sooooo long to experience David Gilmour and crew at such a perfect venue.

    If you have tickets to any of the remaining shows…do yourself and everyone else a favor…

    DONT RUSH THE PERFORMANCE (it’s impolite)

    I also agree with an earlier post about constantly feeling a need to apologize on behalf of the USA

    Get some CLASS people.

  62. Caption:

    Just as Rick has his top button fastened by the latest onstage gizmo, Guy tries to ignore the advances of a pair of frisky microphones

    Congrats to the Gooners – be careful not to underestimate Villareal in the semis, their defence is tighter than the proverbial gnat’s chuff!

  63. quote (So lets think about something…what would you rather deal with…cool people, chilling out enjoying a show to the max, with perhaps a little relaxing smoke…OR a drunk-ass comsuming mass quantities of LEGAL alcohol, proceeding to disrupt row, getting up nine times to go to the bathroon and getting two more drinks on his return…only to scream the words to WYWH or talk loudly during Echoes Jam?)

    Right on Big Al or bigal..I like the sound of the second better. Which brings me to my question, how are they at the paramount about smoking green? Saw Elvis Costello last year and there was one or two burning, but I am wondering if you have experienced differently. As for personally lighting up, I think I may have to pass, being in the front row may be a little bit too overwhelming high!

  64. It’s good to see Rick enjoying himself, it was great to finally hear him singing “Wearing the Inside Out” live, on the BBC a few weeks back.

    Thank you Features Editor and everyone, reading these comments makes me slightly jealous that David isn’t visiting his friends in the the southern hemisphere this time, but following this page almost makes me feel like I’m the tour, it’s great!

    The news that David wants to make another album is certainly good news and I’m sure David will find time to visit Australia in time, AFTER we reclaim the Ashes so that we can rub it in a little bit 🙂

  65. RCMH UPDATE: Destiny!!!

    I’m inside RCMH as I write this. Met up with Stephen from Upstate NY, his son Nick, Deborah, and Laurie at Heartland Brewery for beer and burgers.

    Got more pics of David. I couldn’t resist…I gave him and Jon Carin a huge NYC Yell: “BREAK A LEG JON!!!! BREAK A LEG DAVID!!!”

    Now that I’ve regained some composure, I’m inside looking around. I’m proud to say that I see a lot of young people here!!!

    Twenty- Five minutes until showtime, and, as my wife chows down on a $4.50 hot dog (most expensive in NYC), I’m as giddy as a school boy at recess!!!!

  66. hey its a rock concert, not a ballet, people are going to get rowdy, smoke weed, it comes with the territory

    not near me you won;t . the last time someone smoked dope around me it triggered my epilepsy . luckily enough it was in a private home the night before the gig the group of us were going to . i had pleanty of room to fall over . to see me shaking and making weired noises scared the crap out of the people around me . therefore i have no choice but to ask people , with manners of course ,would they mind to put out dope joints . getting a seizure is pretty bad at the best of times but i am not going to risk getting one at a concert .


  67. Reviews from the RCMH show last night sound terrific. I’m going to miss the entire North American tour – can’t get to any of the shows….but living vicariously through all you lucky folks who will get a chance to see David play live !

    Please keep the details coming.

    Fed – any chance of this tour being extended to include Asia later this year or at any time ?

    [There are no plans for extra shows, sorry. – Features Editor]


  69. I’m a little late, but this post is about tuesday’s show at Radio City. I think it goes without saying that so far, we in NY have had the best performance of the tour. It makes me wonder if more will be added by the time David is back home for the end. Seeing Crosby and Nash was a treat. And I was blown away by the lasers. I had wondered why I hadn’t heard about them but then read that this was the 1st night they were used. Curious, was it because Radio City is the largest theater he is playing? Are the other places too small?

    In any case, I was up top near the ceiling. While at first I wasn’t sure how I would like it, now I’m glad I was there. It think it was the best place to soak in all of the light show. Also, it seems that a lot of the lights going into the crowd, would have been shining right on the lower mezzanines into people’s faces. Can anyone confirm or deny? I wouldn’t have cared much for that.

    In the section I was in, there was a group of men in their 50’s (looked like businessmen) and they lit up a joint early on in the show. They were caught immediately but they were told to not smoke. However, our entire section was watched very closely by ushers, and someone from the spotlight booth who had binoculars (my guess was for surveillence). The only other incident I know of was a guy being thrown out of the show by security from the men’s room in the top mezz. He was certainly putting up a fight.
    My opinion was that in general, the crowd was well behaved. Of course there were some exeptions (I have read about them here) so my statement is meant in a general manner.

    To conclude, I have been reading this blog for a long time, so I didn’t think I would be taken by surprise at the show. Well, I was twice. 1st by Crosby and Nash, and 2nd by the lasers. Thank you for using them (good job Mark), they knocked my socks off. Echoes took me to another planet. And basically, other posts have already said exactly how I feel, so no need to repeat.

    I want to say I am proud of the audience for giving Rick Wright the applause that he deserves. That was great.
    Thank you David, band, crew, Polly and family for coming here to share with us. I enjoyed seeing you in London a few years ago, and I hope you enjoyed being here, all being considered.

    Hope to see you again, either live or on a DVD (Please) hehe.

    –Tim B.

  70. Dear FEd,

    Forgive me… I’ve gone through my collection of CD’s & searched Amazon…

    What album is “Fat Old Sun” found on???

    Thanks loads!

    [It’s on ‘Atom Heart Mother, Susan (it’s the one with the cow on the cover). – Features Editor]

  71. although I have always loved Pink Floyd, sadly I have never seen Pink floyd live and I couldnt afford or manage to attain tickets for this tour.

    But in fact David Gilmour is not Pink floyd despite the fact that he thinks he represents.

    My girlfriend a hard core Floyd fan(Roger Waters)… a phenomenal photographer and thought it would be a small concellation to get a glimpse of David at the stage door, maybe a few photos. I make silver guitar pics. I made one today in hopes to hand one to David and say thanks for the great music.

    we got to the stage door to find only 10 or so people waiting patiently and when David came out he completly ignored that his adoring fans were even there. He and his wife ran to their van, to then sit in traffic waiting to try to pull out. Aside from being dissapointed I really lost respect for him being so smug and ungrateful to the people that made him as successful as he is. Im glad I didnt waste nearly $200 and my time to nothing more then a spoiled brat with a boring new album to plug.

    Pink floyd is nothing but a memory

    [“Ignored” is such an accusation, never mind the other words you have used to describe this incident. I’m sorry that you felt this way – and no doubt David will be when he reads this message – but after some of the not-so-nice things the entire band and their families have had to put up with so far in the US, it hardly seems unreasonable of David and Polly to make a speedy exit. Ten fans can suddenly become 50 fans and, as has already been mentioned countless times over the past two days, it seems that the fans have, on the whole, been particularly demanding. With every respect, please try to imagine how you would yourself react in such circumstances. I think many people would have the same reaction… and this wouldn’t make them all spoilt brats. – Features Editor]

  72. I just got home from NYC… Best damn show ever, David. Thank you so much for such a fantastic evening; it was so great to enjoy your music with so many other fans.

    After the show we waited by the side door to see you up close(our seats were very far away, which was amazing for the light show). I knew you would not sign autographs, and I don’t blame you. There were a lot of people out there! I was very content to just see you, Rick, Guy, Dick, and David Crosby up close and give a wave. I got to talk to Jon shortly after you all left, and I got a signature for hailing him a cab. I wish I could see you again and again, but I am poor and cosider myself lucky to have seen you at all.

    On a side note, by chance I saw my favortie comedian, David Cross, for free at the UCB theatre on monday. I’ve never seen him, and I wouldn’t have been there for his surprise visit if I hadn’t come down for your show. So thanks again. I also found that Mojo special edition you did at Grand Central Station – it’s not available anywhere near me in Boston.

    Such an amazing trip, Thanks David and everyone -Ryan

  73. Up until now it hadn’t really sunk in that I’m going to be seeing David live. But since he’s here in the US the reality is becoming almost too much to bear. I am going to the last US show in LA on the 20th, I was planning on going with my girlfriend, but after about 3 years she decided she wasn’t happy. But that doesn’t seem to bother me anymore, because I have the chance to see the best guitarist of all time playing songs that I never thought I would be able to see live. Thank you David for the new cd and the tour, truely a once in a lifetime chance for me!!!!!

  74. Caption…

    “Just a few more notes,then I gotta hit the loo…I can get thru this,I know it,I know it…”

  75. Back home after a whirlwind trip to NYC and the best concert of my entire life! I still haven’t had the time to go through all of the posts for the last 2-3 days but I’ll get to ’em eventually.

    I just wanted to say what almost everyone else has said: what an awesome experience it was to see and hear David and his band. (All the people walking around, talking really loud and fiddling with their electronic devices drove me insane–didn’t Sarte say “hell is other people”?– but I tried to be calm and focus on what I was there for: David Gilmour.

    The OAI songs were absolutely fantastic, the light show was stunning, the incredible second half made me feel so alive in the moment while it also helped me relive a significant portion of my young adulthood. Perfection.

    And there even was a bonus: I was lucky enough to see David arriving at the stage door before the concert. I couldn’t do a thing except look at him. I had a camera in my purse; didn’t even get it out. I could have tried for an autograph. Nope. I stood there about five feet away from him and stared as he signed a few autographs (always sticking out his tongue as he signed!) and chatted a bit. David is a very charismatic, handsome man. He did seem a little ill at ease, though…not that I blame him.

    I briefly glimpsed Polly…she’s beautiful! And Charlie was there smiling. He’s really cute. After the concert, I had my wits about me a little bit and waited at the stage door again but David and Richard whisked by in a flash. Quelle domage. I’m not complaining, though. It all was such a stunning experience. Thank you.

    Becky (recovering from a serious Gilmour Hangover)

  76. It’s just after 10PM local time here in New York State… I imagine that David is playing “Echoes” at this very moment. I really. truly, wish I were there. Then again, I’m sure I ain’t the only one.

    I teach female inmates at a jail… My students are usually fans of 50 Cent, Eminem and the like… In class today I mentioned to a student that “The guy from Pink Floyd has an album out.” She said, “I love Pink Floyd!” She was able to name David Gilmour and she said she would love to see him play. Because she is incarcerated, I had no ehart to tell her that David is playing tonight.

    This is a tough, inner-city kid who is on trial for allegedly robbing several banks at gunpoint.

    Just when you think you know what kind of music someone’s going to like, you find out it’s something completely different. Lifestyle and age have less bearing on musical taste than we may think.

  77. Seems to me that a lot of people are missing the point here. I’ve been to all UK PF gigs since I was 15, I’m now 46, and all UK DG and RW gigs. The whole point with a DG gig is that we listen.

    If you listen carefully to OAI your hear all sorts of stuff, if you listen to it whilst yelling you hear nothing.

    DG is a supreme musician and I have tickets for two nights at RAH and I hope above all else that everyone else is there to listen.

    Appreciation after the band have finished a song is fine, but let’s all try and give the man some respect for the music he has created and has been decent enough to take time out from his clearly happy and contented life to share with us.


  78. RCMH OVER: Did I just see what I saw?…

    I’m walking down the stairs trying wrap my mind around what I just witnessed. I’ll post later, but ditto to what Steve reviewed yesterday!!!!

    David, let me tour with you!!! I play a mean maracas!!!

  79. Is it a Rock and Roll show or the Masters? I’m not there to ruin anyone else’s good time but I am there too have a rockin’ good time for myself. It is after all a ROCK AND ROLL show and not a golf match. Sorry about that. And let there be plenty o’smoke and your finest spirits! If you want quiet time- go watch the Masters at home or just go play golf or even better go to church.

  80. “Hey, Big Al. Just a word of caution. Watch how you sign your name on the posts. BiGal is very different from Big Al and could raise some interesting images.”

    FUNNIEST post of the day !!!!!!!!!!


    excellent catch Andrew !

  81. First I’d like to say that i’ve been a fan for over 30 years.That was great to see and meet david @ the backstage door at radio city.I was the person who asked David what home speakers he used..THANK-YOU!It was a great show..nice to see Rick,Jon and Guy [I’m a bass player also].

    I must say that I’ve been deeply influenced by the lyrics of your songs almost my entire life…and truly was taken back to finally meet David.One of my life’s wishes came true!Keep it up!

    Thank-you again Russ

  82. The 25 minute complete version of ECHOES blew me away tonight! How long has it been since ECHOES was last played live before this tour?

  83. WOW…that must have been one hell of a great show!!!…The “DeJavue” album by Crosby Stills Nash and Young is one of my favorites….you have got to kidding me, WOW!…”The Cost of Freedom” is a perfect blend for “On an Island”…it’s nice to know the message is still there, we need help!

  84. Just got back from Wednesday night’s Radio City Show – Can’t speak – It was unbelievable – Will share with you all tomorrow!

  85. Outrageously long post featuring an annotated setlist, for those of you looking for a comprehensive account:

    Set 1:

    As I sit quietly in my seat clad in my very own black t-shirt, a screen of smoke and a familiar foghorn open the show…

    This Heaven
    Smile: These first three are much like the album.
    Red Sky at Night: David’s sax playing is even better than on the album
    Take a Breath: Guy Pratt is a great dancer, and so are Marc Brickman’s lights

    Then I Close My Eyes: I was wondering how this would turn out live. There were a lot of extra water and foghorn sounds to stall for time as David kept changing guitars: first the cumbus, then the lap steel, then the gretch, I might even be missing one. Guy played the up and down scale part on a yellow strat. Dick Parry played the sax where Robert Wyatt’s cornet part goes. At certain points I actually closed my eyes and the sound was so wonderful; after the intense light show during Take a Breath, Brickman could have shut off all the lights for this baby and I’d have been just as happy.

    Then David introduces the band (as if we didn’t know who they were). After Richard Wright’s ovation, David tells us that David Crosby and Graham Nash would help him sing “On an Island.” They come out and shake hands with David and Richard.

    On An Island: terrific. I was all the way in the back of the first mezzanine, but I could see David’s huge smile as he finished the second solo and looked at Crosby and Nash. Those two are quite a duo: Nash prances around the stage, bopping his head up and down and flailing his arms about, while Crosby stands still, taking his hands out of his pockets only to adjust his baseball cap.

    The Blue: Very close to the album version, plus more harmonies by Crosby and Nash.

    A Pocketful of Stones: David’s guitar took the place of the orchestra melody in the beginning, but the rest of the orchestra parts were synthesized strings courtesy of Richard and Jon. I was hoping they’d rework the song to fit the available instruments a little better, as those synthesized strings get on my nerves sometimes—but I’m certainly not complaining. As far as the lights, this song marked the first appearance of Brickman’s new-fangled lasers, in the form of something I have dubbed “the amazing giant green thing.” Hope that catches on. The middle “guilty or afraid section” was a bit different than the album, in a powerful way. David’s guitar beat the album here.

    Where We Start: Just a bit more rock n’ roll than the album version. I love this song! David messed up the lyrics a bit: “We walk ourselves weary, arm in arm/So much—” You know what? I couldn’t remember it either. No harm done. (“back through the twilight/we’re home again”)

    Set 2:

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5, or arguably Parts 2-5): Just like the mermaid version. When I saw that streamed on the internet, I wasn’t thrilled with the low-key verse section, but I take it back now. Crosby and Nash were great on this one. As David starts playing Pink Floyd songs, the left side of the first mezzanine starts to get rowdy. There is one fellow behind me who incessantly shouts “WOOOOOOOO” for the rest of the show. Several times, I feel the urge to stab him in the chest, but unfortunately, I didn’t spend the money on the officially licensed David Gilmour switchblade at the merchandise desk.

    Wot’s…Uh the Deal: very nice! I’m still missing a few Floyd albums, and OBC happens to be one of them. I looked around my neighborhood when I heard David was playing this, but to no avail. That’s fine, though, it was great—especially David’s slide solo at the end.

    Wearing the Inside Out: The stage turns purple, a spotlight shines on Guy, and we hear some notes bouncing around the theater. Absolutely brilliant. I loved David and Dick Parry soloing at the same time (David on guitar, not sax).

    Coming Back to Life: I admit I was hoping they’d leave this one out in favor of Fat Old Sun, but David changed my mind rather quickly. What a party! Some people around me on the left of the first mezzanine start dancing. This was the only time, for me, that the rowdy audience added to the fun. For others, it may have impeded their view. Great song.

    Speak To Me: There has been some question as to whether Speak to Me is played. Well, the recording is. Does that count?

    Breathe: Yay!

    Time: Before the band gets the chance to hit that final E minor that would otherwise begin “On the Run,” an alarm sounds and white lights spin out of control. I’ve heard complaints that in previous shows, the timing was off in the intro. Well, tonight it was spot on. I had been looking forward to “Breathe” much more than “Time,” which I have gradually gotten tired of. The band absolutely killed that attitude. This song was outstanding. David kept the guitar solo fresh—it sounded more like his playing on “On an Island” and “The Division Bell” than “Dark Side.” Someone sitting in front of me remarked, “This is better than Pink Floyd!”

    Breathe (Reprise): Would you believe it was better than “Breathe” itself? It was.

    High Hopes: The slightly dissonant division bell sounds and High Hopes abound. Yes, that last slide solo is mesmerizing (he gets in a lot of those harmonics, which I feel are groovy). Just when we think it’s over, David does another solo on his acoustic. It kept seeming to end and then coming back to life. Uh oh, it seems I’m slipping into Floydian punnery. I’ll stop.

    Echoes: ”Ping Ping” “Sit down!” “No!” “Sit down” “ping” “No!” Stupid audience. This song was ridiculously amazing. The light show was mind-blowing. A certain someone really does love that funky section—I saw the silhouette of something shaped like Guy Pratt dancing uncontrollably. David’s soloing was not the same as on the album—but it sure was terrific. During the sound effects bit, I realized David’s bird-like guitar sounded exactly like the nutcase sitting behind me. At the end, another guy shouted, “Ladies and gentlemen, David Gilmour and Richard Wright! Echoes!” (WHAT?! I thought it was Ozzy Osbourne and Itzchak Perlman!) There was actually a group of people who left as soon as the funky bit was over. What kind of a person is watching an amazing rendition of Echoes and thinking “I sure want to beat the crowd.” Ach. There was one guy who made me stand up at least 10 times during the course of the show to go get beer. And he always went during the best parts! “Ah, David’s doing yet another guitar solo, think I’ll get me a beer.” Sorry to ramble about the crowd…Echoes rocked.


    Wish You Were Here: There are no words.

    Find the Cost of Freedom: A capella Crosby, Gils, and Nash. Wonderful.

    Then David asks, “Time for one more?”

    Comfortably Numb: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Richard is great on these vocals. David is the best guitarist. The amazing giant green thing pays us another visit. Just breathtaking watching these people perform this song.

    That show was definitely better than the last show I saw at Radio City (Rugrats Live!) and probably better than most other things in existence. And to top it all off, someone came up to me in the street and showed me his tattoo of Nick Mason’s autograph. I love when people do that.
    I hope not too many of you are mumbling, “I can’t believe I read the whole thing.”

    [That was great, Alex. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  86. David should be happy that after 12 years people love him that much to go to JFK to try to get a glimpse of their hero.
    If the kids were harmed then that is another issue, but maybe the kids shouldnt be right with dad whilst hes AT WORK,,,, and going to a new city after a 12 year hiatus is HIS JOB….

    In response to that, “Bleeding Heart Artist” whoever you are, when David, or I, or anyone, get off a plane after a long flight we are not actually “at work” and are you suggesting that we should be forcefully seperated from our children when we tour so we don’t run the risk of upsetting rude fans? I take it you don’t have a family then…

    Really quite annoyed with you.


  87. Camera phones have become a problem at concerts recently – they are quite a distraction to folks around you, and unless you have a highend phone you wont even get a good picture.

    I wont condone it, but if someone were to take a pic, you could lower the screen light beforehand, or cup your hand around the phone so its less of a bother to folks around you.

    After 22 years of attending concerts here, I’ve noticed that singing is always something that happens at shows in this part of the US, esp. in NYC; it’s a part of (what I consider) the higher level of energy that comes with a NYC show. But on April 4, I didn’t think it was as bad as some shows I’ve been to over the years, and I would even say the crowd I was around (back few rows of section 3 on the floor), was downright civil.

    From my vantage point, you could see straight through across the floor to the stage the entire show. For the most part (save for the start and end of songs and the final few numbers, and the occasional shout out) folks were very low key.

    Having said that, concert edicate is something we all need to practice ~ none of us are perfect yet.

  88. Home from Radio City!!

    ( Please allow this brief rant )

    American “fans” are ignorami – bar NONE!

    Why in the name of christ would you get up for a constant beer every 10 minutes? CRUCIAL, PRECIOUS time with David was missed that will never be recovered. More importantly, you block the view of hundreds with your Mickey D’s fed silhouette. By all means drink yourself to death, but do so either before or after this sacred event- NOT DURING IT !!

    This is NOT “a few bad apples” situation: A STREAM of people took to the aisles once David announced a break would follow the next song. The stream didn’t stop, all the way through “Where we Start” these useless ticket holders filed up the ramp and out the door. Unbelievable to any true fan, but yes- HUNDREDS of these late arriving, crapbeer guzzling invalids scored tickets. I’m sure there are millions of AUTHENTIC fans who would have behaved for David’s sermon and couldn’t attend.

    Wish you were there.

    FIRST HALF: Castellorizon, Smile, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Take A Breath (I’m pretty sure this was the intro order, the rest of OAI followed in jumbled order. Crosby and Nash appeared for the same few, same as last night.)

    SECOND HALF: SOYCD, Wot’s the Deal, Breathe/Time/Reprise, Wearing the Inside Out, Coming Back to Life, High Hopes, Echoes, WYWH, Comfy Numb.

    The lighting was wonderful. The ‘wall of steam’ that starts the show and the ceiling of ‘laser fingers’ (a’la DSoT) that meet the first solo in Numb were heart-stopping.

    Thank you David. You are the reason humans have ears and the reason I’m me.

    Your forever grateful, temporarily disgusted attendee.

  89. Another great performance tonight and the inclusion of “Wots…” and “Coming Back to Life” were highlights. David AND Rick’s voices never sounded better.

    Also ran into Graham Nash leaving the theatre – nice guy!

    And can I plug Jon Carin’s new album? He collaborated with ex-Psychedelic Furs Richard Butler for a Butler solo album due on Koch later this month. It’s a great record – I’ve been lucky enough to hear it.

    Dave DiSanzo

  90. Just got back from the 4/5 NYC show. David, Richard, everyone – best damn show I’ve ever seen. I can’t thank you enough for putting so much into it. Absolutely amazing.

  91. just got back from the show tonight…WOW

    It was absolutely amazing, i dont know how else to describe it. I really cant complain about anything either…there were alot of drunk people of course, but the music was so loud you coudlnt hear them over david or his guitar anyways. There was also a lot of smoking going on in there (its a rock concert, you need to expect that) and honestly it doesnt smell bad, it didnt bother me at least. Same setlist as the night before except he played COMING BACK TO LIFE instead of fat old son.

    well i hope everyone else enjoys the rest of the shows as much as i did. Just dont go there expecting a dance recital or ballet…its a rock concert with drinking, smoking, and loud cheering. Just keep the energy positive and you’ll have a blast!


  92. Alright, thank you to all for the great reviews from NYC. But I have to say I’m glad those 2 shows are over! That’s because I get to see the next two!! See all you other lucky ones in Toronto on Sunday.

    Mike From Vancouver

  93. Caption: Richard is in the mood, playing along, he takes a long breathe and exhales Om, Ma, Ni, Pad, Mi, Um. To Angelo, great pics of NY. To Strange, get a life dude. To be so near David would be an inspiration, not a burden. Think about it. He is in demand 100% of the time,not only with the media, but with the constant fans hounding him on a daily basis. On top of that, he is trying to allow his family into his own time frame. Sure, I’d love to talk to David, get his autograph and jam with him. It’ll never happen. That’s why I pay to see him and hope that everyone else can enjoy the moment at hand. To Richard, I would love to hear you sing Wearing The Inside Out at Massey. Hi Fed, Guy,Jon, Marc and everyone. Where’s Roofer?

  94. David should be happy that after 12 years people love him that much to go to JFK to try to get a glimpse of their hero.
    If the kids were harmed then that is another issue, but maybe the kids shouldnt be right with dad whilst hes AT WORK,,,, and going to a new city after a 12 year hiatus is HIS JOB….

    In response to that, “Bleeding Heart Artist” whoever you are, when David, or I, or anyone, get off a plane after a long flight we are not actually “at work” and are you suggesting that we should be forcefully seperated from our children when we tour so we don’t run the risk of upsetting rude fans? I take it you don’t have a family then…

    Really quite annoyed with you.


    Well put!,

    BLEEDING nuisance I think would be a better e mail alias to use. Sorry to hear some fans thought they were at Giant Stadium circa 1975 and not the ambient astmosphere this record and tour deserve. Nice to see ” Coming back ” got an airing again.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin)

  95. another early visit to find out the setlist before work. ed, this really is an addiction and i’m not the only one who’s addicted. you should have a government health warning on the page somewhere! thanks again for getting up so early for us (must have been 5 or 6 am if you’re in the uk). i appreciate it if no one else seems to. anyway, the guy who called david a “spoiled brat” back there just because he wouldn’t stick around after the show to sign more bloody autographs is so obviously a bitter roger fan trying to stir up trouble. grow up. lots of people said how david took the time for an autograph or photo. he doesn’t have to. thanks to alex d and justin for the setlist and all those who posted positive reviews. i needed that. seems that the crowd in the us shows far less respect for band, venue rules and the other people in the crowd than those in holland, italy, germany and france combined. remind me never to go to a show in new york even though the city is beautiful. i hope canada and uk crowds will behave better although there are selfish b*stards everywhere and i don’t think it’s a new yorker thing. i do think it’s an american thing however. someone at radio city music hall should be sacked by the sounds of it. ok, better get set for work. looking forward to reading more when i get home.

  96. Fascinatinating – 2 people posting messages within 4 minutes of each other about waiting for David at the stage door: one mouths off petulantly and is very rude because David wouldn’t play his game; the other is gracious and pleased merely to have been there, give a wave and soak in the experience of a life-time. Fascinating!

  97. WOW

    Great show. Wanted to kill people with camera phones. And whats the point of yelling when the band is still playing? They obviously cant hear you. No Dominoes or Fat Old Son but you cant have everything.

    I actually enjoyed the first set more than the second. I feel it was more musically interesting.

    Other than Echoes of course.


  98. Thanks for your comment Guy. Respect!

    I’m also looking forward to seeing you perform again when you all get to L.A. I haven’t seen you play live since Mile High Stadium on the PULSE tour.

    And if playing Dominoes benifits Syd with royalties in any way, then I do hope it stays in the play list.

    I do wish you and yours great experiences with all us as the tour continues.

    I’m pleased to know that you make visits to the blog, and that David stays in touch with it as well. And thanks for being a part of OAI recording and tour.

    I also hope to get some words to David as well. He has been the most influential musician in my life.

    It’s a long story that starts with a Laserium show back in the early ’70’s. One of my Laserist colleges(Craig), who got to provide the laser services(from the now ex-Laser Media) for you guys on the Eastern Europe leg of the Delicate Sound of Thunder tour, part of it included when you and David were performing on the barge, and also in Moscow. He’s got to tour with a lot of bands, but said the way you, Nick, Rick and David treat the road crew is up there with the best. I can only hope that we fans can be as down to earth and respectful, as has been related to me, by someone who has been on the road you, that you guys are with other folks, no matter who they are.


  99. I agree with Justin, but I would clarify it a bit further…New York CITY fans are rude. I couldn’t believe that they would rudely stand and turn their backs on an artist while he is pouring his heart and soul into a song that he is proud to share….then top that off with the idiots who feel the need to scream whatever comes to mind during the quiet moments of any given song.

    David, if you decide to return to New York STATE, please skip the city and come “upstate.”

  100. Just Scroll up and read Alex D`s post. That is everything you need to know about tonight`s show!!!

    HIGHLIGHTS FOR ME: “Take a Breath” and “Echoes”.

    Echoes made my hair stand on end!!The light show was fantastic!!!

    It is 3:30 AM. and I am going to bed now. Sweet dreams!!!!!

  101. Hi BigAl,

    I thought I recognised the name from a particular Marc Ford message board! I’ve read and enjoyed many of your posts in the past. Welcome to the blog!

    Good taste in music always runs a similar line.



  102. Caption

    Rick premiers the use of the ancient Peruvian Throat Oboe during Shine On.

  103. Hello Dear F.ed,

    Glad You enjoyed my previous story. I’m at your service to add new french words to your vocabulary. Please do not hesitate to do the same with my english. If only I could record that bloody interview of Sir Arthur, I will send it to you (Still on an old tape) That would make in interesting voice for the next album of Mr Gilmour(I really can’t call him David. After Stephen hawking, Sir Arthur C. Clarke. What do you think ? But the most important is probably what does he think ?

    Soon a chronicle about live albums (I know it’s been so long)

  104. After the speculation about how long it would take for David’s signatures to appear on eBay I decided to have a quike look and found a company called JFH based in New Jersey. This is what they say about the autographs they sell…

    “This in-person signed autographd collectible is 100% authentic. All of JFH Collectibles Inc. signings are witnessed by an authorized representative of JFH Collectibles Inc.. We only obtain our signed collectibles in one way and that is “IN PERSON” direct from the athlete or celebrity themselves. We attend movie premiers, press junkets, golf tournaments, booksignings, charity dinners as well as “star chase” at The David Letterman Show, ABC, NBC, CBS, and MTV Studios. We go to hotels, airports and almost anywhere we can to obtain an autograph. ”

    I wonder…. Are these the people who will inflict pain on innocent children to make a fast buck (and I mean a buck – as that is all they are asking for a picture of The Wall signed by all four members)? Needless to say after having read this I won’t be bidding.

    Someone else is asking $146 for a copy of Animals signed by David.

    What makes me really sick though is that someone in England is offering three CD’s signed by David along with a letter from his management company to a charity confirming that these have been signed for a charity auction in 1995. Bidding is currently up to £62 but there is no mention of the money actually going to the charity. I’m guessing that this bloke probably bought them originally at that auction and now wants to make some money himself. But I am sure David would be appalled by this.

    Funny too how different David’s signature appears on some of the items on eBay…..

    [There are a lot of fakes on there, Jane. Don’t worry, we’re on the case. – Features Editor]

  105. Really interesting to read all the posts about the NYC audience.

    Beats me why people went to so much effort (and expense) to get these gold-dust tickets for the show, and then proceed to miss most of the music (and it’s about the music, ultimately, right?) due to getting drinks, being drunk/stoned, staggering to/from the toilets, shouting and hollering at the top of their voices, staging their own impromptu performances (singing – usually incorrect – lyrics at the tops of their drunken voices), and so on.

    Yes, it’s a “rock’n’roll show”, and you SHOULD enjoy yourself, but surely the audience is principally there to see and hear the performers on stage, rather than hold their own private party in the midst of other members of the public? There are degrees of enjoying yourself, but once it impinges onto others who then DON’T enjoy the show, it starts to irritate…and just seems selfish.

    It’s not just a NYC thing – for example, I was at the second night at Paris, and the guys behind me spent most of the show singing badly and getting the lyrics wrong, talking during the atmospheric bits, and doing those lovely ear-splitting whistles at regular intervals.

    Maybe I’m getting old, but I always thought that the music created by David and co. was made to be listened to, with all the subtleties and complexities to enjoy. Maybe I’m in a minority… it’s just depressing that I’ve had emails from a number of huge fans, who’ve waited to see David live in some cases all their lives, and who have had their one opportunity to enjoy the show spoilt by the actions of others.

    Let’s hope the audiences at the rest of the shows act a little more considerately…

  106. Glad to see “Take A Breath” is coming out as a single (I wish it was coming out in the UK). With the addition of lasers, I am getting so exited about the show in London that it’s probably having some effect on my health 🙂


  107. What an amazing show as I write this from a laptop I just want to say thank you David for an incredibly awesome performance; it made the cost of the ticket and the trip worth it to NYC. Last time I saw you perform live was all 3 nights in Oakland,CA April 20, 21, 22,1994. For those shows me and my friend Chris waited 16 hours in line and were 1 and 2 in line. Thank you for playing whats…uh the deal tonight and Echoes was absolutely amazing. Please consider playing some other places in the US again on another tour if possible but if not thank you very much for the priviledge of seeing you perform live tonight. In all the madness earlier tonight I never could find my friend Chris and his wife Isabel from PA they went to the shows in 1994 with me. Oh well it was GREAT nevertheless!!! And Chris if you happen to read this I hope you were as blown away as I was tonight!! Thanks again David and you and Polly and the kids enjoy the rest of your stay here in America.

  108. The things I read about the rude and obnoxiuos fan-behaviour at JFK-airport and at the NY-shows, esp. Guy Pratts post, made me think:

    Isn`t this where the wall came in….

    It`s the music, that connects us, not the fetishizing of persons or autographs or other peripheral things.

    … maybe David and the others in the band should deal with “fans” like these with the same consequence as others in the business do (Robert Fripp/King Crimson comes to my mind as a good example)

    Sorry for this rant, but it had to be done…

  109. Alex D – Great review! thanks for that. Make it hard to wait for my London show!!

    Guy Pratt: Next time you quote someone, please put some “..” signs in front and after his message. I thought it was you saying that about David and was going to jump to the next message since it thought what you said wasn’t in place! Then I saw the “In response to that” which turned things around 🙂

  110. Hello,

    Thanks for the great comment of the shows! Specially the outrageously long post from Alex ; well done! (Please would you so kind an drop me a line?).

    So a few days of and then heading for Toronto to see some seals & Neil Young?

    Have Fun,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  111. After reading of another fine guest appearance by Crosby and Nash last night, coupled with the winsome Sam Brown in Amsterdam (niiiice 🙂 ) – I can exclusively reveal that Frank Sidebottom has made himself available for David’s Manchester show. Obviously this would be on condition that Frank doesn’t miss the last train to Timperley!

    However, reports that wee Jimmy Krankie is being lined-up for the Glasgow gig are unsubstantiated at this moment in time. Fandabidozi!

    [That’s one way to stop the eBay sellers, Ali! – Features Editor]

  112. Caption:

    And they thought Roger was a good shot at Montreal in ’77. Hey, fans, leave my kids alone!

  113. [Guy – “In response to that … Really quite annoyed with you.”]

    Well Guy, don’t take him too seriously, I don’t. Of course you’re right (“yeah .. I was deafinately in the right”), your first post was quite clear. It’s a shame for the kids ..

    Wouldn’t it be strange when someone is a doctor and you’re harrassing him in the subway on his way to work about all your health problems.

    Hmm .. Even better .. A garbage man on his way to work .. 😉

    [Indeed. Next we’ll have all artists carrying time sheets and being forced to clock in and out. The working shift clearly starts then, at the venue, not when you lock your front door behind you on the way to work. What nonsense. – Features Editor]

  114. It was so fantastic to hear those great songs from long ago, and to see how we all love these songs that haven’t been performed in decades! I also thought it was interesting to see how the lighted displays of cell phones have replaced the old lighter as a means of expressing the desire for more music.

    This concert was well worth every penny as you get two concerts in one: a very intimate David Gilmour show and a powerhouse Pink Floyd spectacular. There were several songs on the new album I liked right away but after hearing the live show, I love them all!

    David Gilmour is a master at putting on a state of the art show and recruits the best of the best. Those of you that are next on the tour-map are in for the show of a lifetime. Enjoy!!

    Just a word about the Radio City Music Hall. This was the first time I’ve been to radio city and I was very dissappointed:

    – They do not have proper bathroom accomodations. During the break, we were shoulder to shoulder getting into the bathroom and the line was ridiculously long. When you get to the urinal, you had 10 people behind you waiting.
    – The beverage booths/bars were very poorly organized. There should be a separate line for those that just want beer and those that want mixed drinks. It took forever to get a beer. To answer some earlier complaints, I think it is nice to relax with a beer or drink with the show and it is not the fault of the fans that it was so difficult to get a drink that lining up during the last song before the break was the best bet. It is up to the venue to facilitate the things that fans enjoy and they could have made it easier.
    – The break was not long enough. Given the two obvious things fans are doing during a break: bathroom and grabbing a drink, and how long they took, the break was not long enough.

  115. David,

    Loved your review – open, honest and insightful – many thanks. Especially loved your observation about not having bought a switchblade to deal with the pillocks…made me giggle.

    Now more than ever do I understand David’s direction. I can imagine it being magnified/exagerated under a PF banner, and who can blame DG for thinking ‘i’m too old for this sh!t’!! I bet these are the same people who don’t care for OAI, and only want to hear PF songs (aka morons/closed minds/idiots/pillocks/wazzocks etc) and who shout for more PF songs in between 15 pints. We had one at Meltdown (who is on the recording) who shouted something like ‘Where’s Roger’.

    You can lead a horse to Waters, but you can’t make it think 🙂


  116. Great post, Alex D. I may have to save a copy of that!

    Hi, Guy. Thank you for a phenomenal night. And you’re right, of course. I can’t imagine people flocking around me after a long flight…I’d probably want to smack the pillocks…or worse. Could a pointy stick be considered “carry-on”?

    Re: “fat old son” — LOL

    Tired but still on a Gilmour high,

  117. Greetings Feat Ed and fellow bloggers ! I was bloody furious to learn of the way that the band and their families were treated on their arrival at JFK by so called ‘fans’ ! Have these people no respect or consideration in them ? They really make me want to puke ! Now I for one, would be thrilled at the prospect of meeting the great DG, but not at the expense of causing any grief or offence to his family. There’s obviously a selfish element amongst David’s fanbase, especially amongst those who are constantly requesting this track or that track be added to the set list……….just be bloody grateful that you can attend one of his concerts to hear the great man perform ! I reckon that some of these people think that David and the band have the time to rehearse every single DG or Floyd track just to satisfy their own selfish needs. A case in point, was the bright spark at the Meltdown Concert who asked for ‘Something from Animals please’…….honestly !! Sorry about the rant, but I just had to get that off my chest ! I’ll get me coat ! Cheers all !

  118. To Guy Pratt,

    I attended the show on the 4th at Radio City and of all the amazing stuff one thing that really stood out was your energy and charm. I know, prance-ing a bit when playing bass is pretty normal but I thought you must be really into the show. And the band seemed more like a band jamming then at the other 7 Pink Floyd shows that I had been to in the past.

    I’ve got 3 toddlers and was sad to hear about your experience. On Tuesday afternoon I wachted David Gimour and family take on a small crowd just outside the stage door while making for a van.

    I’m still impressed that people would shove cd’s inches from his face in competition for his signature. I realize it’s once in a lifetime but that’s really dis-respectfull.

    I just know they were not themselves at the moment and were just too excited.

    Anyway, Thanks for the energy on Tues. That show was just too good.


  119. Well said Guy, couldn’t agree more. It’s unbelievable how people can’t see past their own selfishness and realize how ignorent they actually are. Or for example the fact that David is 60, and this isn’t really his job. I mean, he doesn’t need the money…David is touring out of love for music. It saddens me that some people still think that David owes them something…where do they get off?

    -Chris McKay

  120. Sorry…I can’t stop posting.

    I like this sentiment: “better than Pink Floyd”.

    Well said.

  121. what’s happening with my RAH tickets. I’m getting no joy at all from trinity street.

    there reply today to my e-mail was unbelievable

    please help


    [I’m going to e-mail you, mate. We’ll sort it out for you. – Features Editor]

  122. [In response to that, “Bleeding Heart Artist” whoever you are, when David, or I, or anyone, get off a plane after a long flight we are not actually “at work” and are you suggesting that we should be forcefully seperated from our children when we tour so we don’t run the risk of upsetting rude fans? I take it you don’t have a family then…

    Really quite annoyed with you.


    freaking hell guy if that was my son that was hit by an over pushy fan’s album i would have added a few swear words to bleeding heart artist . why should you have to travel apart form your family if you don;t want to . as far as i know musicians are only at work when they are on the stage or sound checking or being interviewed or things like that .

    i hate people who hide behind i.d’s to slag other people off . if you have a problem you should have the courage to sign your own name to your posts about it .

    i agree 100% with my fellow dubliner geoff as well .

    here is a thought i was having while reading theese posts about the jfk incident . daivd gilmour and pink floyd are not really like classic bands from the same era such as the rolling stones for example . they never used thier imagme on the front of thier albums or to sell thier music , they were only occasionally in the non music news papers and only in the music ones when they had some new music on release . they are not like a mick jagger figure who are in the newspapers over thier private lives . i was reading a book called the pink floyd odessey and apparently ( this may or may not be true but it is what i read ) during the mometary lapse of reason tour in the usa daivd used to walk around the stadiums and the fans would’nt disturb him in anyway . why should this have changed now ?

    tepid speaking as someone who does a lot of travelling to see various bands i like , if you have come from a long away a way and spent a lot of money to get to see a gig , when someone is talking and shouting or even singing very loudly it can be a total pain in the arse . people might not mean to be difficult but it can be all the same . i like to sing along but quietly under my breath as i would’nt inflict my voice on others . why can;t other do the same ! dance away as long as you don;t bump into anyone else too often , however talking or shouting especially should be left to between the songs .

    dope smoking is fine as long as you keep it away from me 🙂 if i have a seizure i could hurt myself very badly not to mention those standing around me as this involves falling to the floor and shaking a lot , my arms go everywhere . i could give someone near me a nasty punch while unconcious . one of the joys of being epileptic 🙂

    got to go as i have a delivery for work at 14-00 see ya fet ed !


  123. This is the TWELFTH NIGHT…like the Shakespeare’s play! I love Shakespeare. His play are very beautiful..and a lot of them are placed in Italy. Great choice!

    However, I’m here to translate the second part of the interview published by an italian magazine. There are a lot of good pictures too!

    I hope you understand my translation!

    Have a great day!


    P.S. FEd, can I have my new job now?!!!! If David and Polly don’t need me, I can clear your house or bring up your children too! I’d like to be free on Monday…like Mary Poppino!


    Question: What does move David Gilmour?

    Answer: My wife’s love, my children’s love. The love for this earth where we live and which we are abusing.

    Question: 30 years ago you would give a different answer …

    Answer: 30 years ago we were driven by ambition: we wanted absolutely to arrive, we wanted to be successfull. Today I’m not so ambitious and I understand, for example, that I have passed very little time with my elder daughter, and I haven’t given her the love and the energy I had to. Today I don’t leave that my job interfere with my life.

    Question: but you are in tour. Aren’t you tired to play guitar?

    Answer: No, I don’t. There are still magic night when my fingers play music by themselves. And I am still a musician, and every musician loves himself very much. We are a few exhibitionist! Something changed, of course. 30 years ago we wanted to play wonderful music, we wanted to feel and try everything, we wanted everything! Today I have everything! I’m really a lucky man.

    Question: Your new album is homesick too. On an island song, for example.

    Answer: the island is called Kastellorizo. It is the island where Mediterraneo movie was filmed. There was the fire on the beach, and I was seeing the stars with my friends. Today, two of them are died. Someone can think it is sad: I’m happy because they live in my memory, in my song, This is the best for me. What that still there in me is my musical sense. It isn’t changed. I want to make music, I have the same political ideals too.

    Question: today, in France, students could still use “the wall” as anthem.

    Answer: The Wall is more the Roger’s vision than mine.

    Question: Pink Floyd still play together, in the future?

    Answer: No. It’s over. I’m proud of our music, but I don’t want to come back.

    Question: While you were recording “Wish you were here” Syd Barret went in Abbey Road Studios. Is it true?

    Answer: Yes, but I can’t remember which song we were recording. He was fat, bald and no one could recognize him. We remembered he was thin and he had got long hair.

    Question: Have you see Syd again?

    Answer: No. Sometimes I send him cards for Christmas or for his birthday. But he never replied.

    [Thank you, Lucia! – Features Editor]

  124. now watch ME become the “target ‘o the day” . . .

    I must say that more and more these days (not just here in this little world) . . . I am feeling shame for being an american.

    we WORSHIP style over substance, we ALLOW our freedoms and economic security to evaporate in front of our very eyes because we are simply too lazy to stand up and change things for ourselves (remember “We The People” . . ???), we revile anything even slightly sexual in nature (on TV, etc.) yet we are SATURATED by violence (TV, movies, video games, etc.) but it is violence that has NO aftermath – NO consequence (what does THAT teach our children), we justify the actions of our government by saying “we’re doing what is MORALLY correct” (2 words – PUH LEASE), we spend BILLIONS of dollars (not to mention american lives) “bringing democracy” to other parts of the world while SO many americans are homeless, starving, ill-educated, without healthcare . . . forgotten and ignored, we lock our elderly away in ‘homes’ while we “live the american dream” and work 14 hours a day to be able to afford it . . . AND . . . we HOUND our ‘celebrities’ like they’re our own personal property (like David, et al, NONE of these people OWE us anything . . . it is always our CHOICE to support someone’s career be it music, acting or whatever . . .). I’ve purchased every Pink Floyd and David Gilmour record ever released and I’ve been to 8 Pink Floyd shows over the years (paid for those too) . . yet I have NO feeling whatsoever that I am OWED an autograph, or a particular song be performed, or even to be acknowledged should I happen to ‘run into’ David (or whomever) on the street and try to make some kind of contact . . . . it has ALWAYS been my CHOICE to show my support . . . and a priveledge.

    Where has our ‘humanity’ gone???? Where is our kindness? Where is our respect? Where is our humility?

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah . . . .

    All I know is that I have not read about David, Guy and the rest of the entourage having any ‘problems’ in any of the other cities they’ve been to. It pains me to think that these folks who have been kind enough to bring not only the show, but their families here to our country to perform for us (they don’t owe us that people) might go home with a less than FULLY positive impression of this country or the fans who live in it.

    I’ll be at the Chicago show next Wednesday . . so be forewarned . . . if you yell, whistle shove your camera-phone in my face . . or otherwise misbehave and interrupt my personal experience . . . you’ll have a RABID David Gilmour fan high on red meat (the steakhouse before the show . . remember “Sven”?) getting ALL up in YOUR business . . . .

    o.k. . . . . . I’ve braced myself . . . bring it on . .

    PHWEW . . . . I feel like I need a cigarette now!!!!

    Good Morning F’ed . . .

    [Hey mate, puff away. The world has turned into such a crazy place, hasn’t it? It’s not just America, it’s everywhere. I have to say, at the risk of upsetting a few million people, that the Americanisation of the world isn’t helping matters, but we all have the ability to learn and to teach ourselves what’s right and what’s wrong. It doesn’t matter where we’re from. Our priorities are all messed up and no one seems to have the respect for others to set a good example. Nobody appears to care enough to try. Even if you do care passionately for what’s right, you get drowned out by all the people who don’t. It does feel like fighting a losing battle. I agree with everything you say and, believe me, it makes me want to tear my hair out at times. I can’t insult these silly little people (I hope that’s allowed) by using the words that I really want to use. I’ve had to bite my tongue so much these past two days, I’m going to be living on soup and mashed-up banana for the rest of the month. But for the sake of your sanity, read all the messages that are saying the right thing… even if you have to read them all twice to fool yourself that there’s twice as much good here than there really is. That’s my tip of the day and I hope it serves you well, my friend. – Sven… I mean, Features Editor]

  125. Just waking up from the greatest concert I have ever seen in my life. Up to this point I have only been able to experience live floyd through DVDs. And although Roger is great on Flesh. Nothing could ever top the experience I had last night. Thank you David for reminding me Life is Alright.

    B Time

    PS… All you older hyporites. Dont try to act high and mighty. I KNOW you were smokin in the 70’s when you listened to Floyd.

  126. Caption competition: “Wright Pratt”

    I’m terribly sorry about that, I couldn’t resist. No offence intended.

    For our American friends who might not understand the above a right prat is another saying for a right fool. Here endeth today’s lesson and fun.

  127. I suppose everybody is different but I’m a ‘sit down, shut up and listen to the music’ type person. I’m also a ‘have a pint before, after and possibly in the interval’ type. I have a feeling that the majority of UK attendees will be of a similar vein….oh, and smoking won’t be a problem in the UK as I suspect that most venues will not allow smoking – of anything – in the auditorium.

    I rather think that David and the band would appreciate the audience listening to their efforts don’t you?

    [Definitely. – Features Editor]

  128. What do i expect for Toronto… Will Crosby and Nash be there for the rest of the North American Tour or it s a surprise… f.é. please answer me. Only 4 days …

    sylvie de montréal.

    [It was a one-off surprise, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

  129. i’ve been reading posts on this site for months, so I knew Echoes was coming, but boy, nothing prepared me for experiencing it live! truly impressive. and how about that laser show?!

    What a wonderful concert. Thanks to David and the band and crew for such a fantastic evening. also, thanks to the venue. I found the ushers to be very nice, and the folks around me, for the most part, were well behaved and just darn excited to be there.

    At intermission, i believe I saw the drummer Jonathan Mover hanging out, around row TT or so. Anyone else see any musicians at the show?

    To all those with tickets to upcoming shows: you’re in for a treat!

    Cheers all,

  130. Some people’s comments are really quite unbelievable. You spoilt, self-centred, demanding, ungrateful little brats. F Ed, a pointy stick please. I’m feeling stabby today.

    [Gem, you are using the words that I so dearly wish I could use. Bless you. I recall you used one to describe Claude a few weeks ago (it rhymes with “brat”). If you use that – in capitals – in a lengthy sentence similar to the one above, you can have all the pointy sticks you want. Oh, and please put loads of exclamation marks after it. It seems that half a dozen exclamation marks make a word or sentence mean so much more. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  131. As Michael Kelly said “First of all, David does prefer to be called “David” and not “Dave”.”

    So I bet he was delighted to be referred to as “Gills” on the front news page!!!!

    Excellent phot of Rick today, is that his trusty Hammond sat beside him or does he use an emulator, anybody checked it out at the shows?

    Tix for Manchester arrived a short while ago, so if any of you find yourselves on the 3rd row sat next to a fat ginger bloke, do say “Hi”.

  132. April 12 cannot come too soon, which is the date I have the opportunity to attend the most anticipated concert I can recall in my 47 years. I can tell you Chicago is waiting, albiet a little impatiently, for the two shows by David and band mates. Personally, my wife and kids do not understand my incessant mumbling of “Overhead the albatros hangs motionless above the air”, among the other lyrics of OAI, DSoTM, WYWH, and other masterpieces I will be hearing come next Tuesday.

    David, family, and mates, travel safe. Tuesday evening cannot come soon eneough. See you then.

    Thanx to all, and especially F. Ed., for your heart-felt musings about the show, the album, and life. I am inspried everyday I read them. There is passion in this world!

    [Thank you. I have to admit, I bored myself yesterday so decided to shut up after a while. – Features Editor]

  133. Good morning, f.Ed,

    How audacious can people be, for crying out loud? What is it with people that think David’s sole purpose in his life is to sign something of theirs or have his picture with them?

    Let’s get real. First, David is not a “Pop Star”. Britney Spears is a pop star. 50 Cent is a pop star. Maybe these people could have some reasonable expectation to be treated like….. no, they don’t either. David has been there, done that. He’s done the stadium gigs with 1xx,000 screaming, drunk, stoned “fans”. He paid his dues. Maybe people should read some interviews, particularly with Roger, about how this behavior is received by the band. (I recall one with Roger where he envisioned bombs being launced into the audience, and they would be ecstatic about it because they would be the center of attention, something along those lines.)

    What’s this noise with David being “at work?” Did he punch the clock when he got on the plane? Who does he work for, Capitol? EMI? PF Music Publishers LTD? Does he work for you? You bought 3 copies of DSOTM so you now own him? Is his check signed by you? What about the other band members like Guy? When are they officially “On the Clock?” Give it a rest. I hardly think David is “working”. And there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE OR GOOD REASON for Little Guy to get caught in the crossfire of some juvenile teen heart throb behavior.

    So what if David did condone that kind of behavior? What if he signed all those autographs, relished and exploited the attention? Then the same people would accuse him of being a sellout, among other things, as opposed to ‘smug’, ‘ungrateful’ ‘spoiled brat’, just like when he resurrected Floyd. Strange, of all the endless line of requests, I have not noticed anyone request What Do You Want From Me?. Wouldn’t surprise me if it showed up in a set list somewhere.

    The bottom line is that it is no secret that neither David nor his band wish or deserve to be treated like some Teen Idol. We need to respect that wish. If you want to go to a concert and get wasted and be obnoxious, go see the Stones. This tour is not Pink Floyd ’75, or ’95 for that matter. It’s David Gilmour. David Gilmour promoting his ‘boring’ album. Those of us that were not even around in their time may think we deserve a PF Stadium scale show because we mised out, but we don’t. Would it be nice to see? It sure would. But we mssed out, sorry about our luck. David does not owe us.

    I am thankful that David and friends have enough class to put up with this garbage and deliver a great show. Thank you for your patience, even when you have a right not to be. I hope the rest of your stay in the States is warmer and kinder.


    [Mike, your posts are wonderful. I love them. Please don’t stop. – Features Editor]

  134. Thank you Peter Martin. We stopped going to “rock” concerts a long time ago. I was at the Tuesday show and I will never forget it, a true moment in time and hope they will come back.Please people sitdown and listen to the music.

  135. my name is rafael i like very much david, but, the new album not have in Brasil,thanks

  136. Well, as an American, it is hard to not be insulted by these remarks about the sounds and smells at a ROCK & ROLL concert! This is NOT a recital, opera or play! Get over it! I swear, people can have an attitude about ANYTHING! Pot smoke at a rock concert, and you are COMPLAINING?!?!?
    I went to tuesday’s show and yes the cell phone cameras were a bit annoying! But all in all, the higher energy that performers feel and put out when they are in NYC is well worth the few annoyances.

    David, thank you very much for a superb show!

    Nice to see David and Graham up there too! I doubt you’ll get that in Oshkosh, but NYC, oh yeah!

    oh and to Victor who said, “i hope canada and uk crowds will behave better although there are selfish b*stards everywhere and i don’t think it’s a new yorker thing”
    Behave at a ROCK & ROLL show?!? oh my, I think you need to go back to Rock School my friend!

    Maybe you should start ordering the staight jackets now, I would HATE to disturb you, your highness!

    [Perhaps Victor, who I believe had read every complaint-ridden post, was getting at the people p*ssing in sinks, threatening others when asked to quieten down, drunkenly shouting out stupid things, causing disturbances when going to the bar during songs, the ushers not doing their jobs properly… – Features Editor]

  137. IT WAS AWESOME! The greatest present was Echoes! I’ve never even imagined to hear it at a concert! WOW THANK YOU DAVE, RICK AND THE REST OF THE BAND! It was a great pleasure and a dream come true! I’m looking forward to the next concert!

  138. Wow! Show sounds like it’s awesome! My turn next on Sunday night! Hope the lasers are used at Massey Hall!!

    Just hope no one spills their beer down my back as I sit in front of them….people, catch your little buzz and empty your bladders BEFORE the show, and we’ll all have a nicer time! (who wants to get wasted anyway, I mean, it’s not the 70’s anymore!) Do this and I promise I’ll get my sharp pointy stick out if hubby dares to pull his camera out!

  139. Dear Dave & Co ~

    Thank you so much for a truly wonderful evening. It’s early in the morning after a night of little sleep so forgive me if my thoughts are a bit hazy.

    Last nights performance was remarkable on so many levels. Your new CD, “On An Island” is such a graceful and introspective look at your life and the way you were able to share that intimacy with the audience was incredible. If “Where We Start” isn’t the most beautiful song ever written then I don’t know what is. I fell in love with the new record last night. As far as the second half of your show, I cannot thank you and the boys enough for your soul shattering rendition of “Echoes”. That sir, was amazing…

    It would be impossible for me to single out any one song from last nights Pink Floyd material as my favorite performance but “What’s Uh The Deal?”, “Coming Back to Life” and your signature song and everybody’s favorite sing~along, “Wish You Were Here” literally brought me to tears of joy. I was honored to have my son, Matthew in attendance with me last night and to see the look on his face when Rick or yourself sang or when Dick Parry appeared was something that I will truly never forget. Thanks again Dave, not only for this legendary evening of passionate music but more importantly for the lasting memory, forever embraced by a father and son.

    Matt and Matthew Parish
    Long Island, NY

  140. Hi Fans

    Its only Rock and Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been reading every e mail and enjoying every one.Please we must remember its a concert…some of those who are complaining probably smoked pot took other drugs or got very drunk and loud at a concert once or twice.I think most fans at these shows will be in thier 40’s and 50’s.Is this your first rodeo?Chill out and have fun.What did you expect?If you expected to have everyone peacefully sitting with thier hands folded and sitting quietly looking at thier programs in thier laps… go to the opera.

    Okay just had to get that off my chest.

    I hope Crosby and Nash continue on to Chicago anyone have the scoop on that?

    It has been great reading all of the reviews and coments.My turn soon.Again I have one extra ticket so anyone wanting to see this amazing event get in touch at


  141. “David should be happy that after 12 years people love him that much to go to JFK to try to get a glimpse of their hero.
    If the kids were harmed then that is another issue, but maybe the kids shouldnt be right with dad whilst hes AT WORK,,,, and going to a new city after a 12 year hiatus is HIS JOB….

    In response to that, “Bleeding Heart Artist” whoever you are, when David, or I, or anyone, get off a plane after a long flight we are not actually “at work” and are you suggesting that we should be forcefully seperated from our children when we tour so we don’t run the risk of upsetting rude fans? I take it you don’t have a family then…

    Really quite annoyed with you.


    And here I was hoping to twist Guy’s arm into bringing his “My Bass and Other Animals” show to America sometime soon. So much for that…

    Heck, I don’t have a family but even I know not to knock a four year old in the face. And if I did due to my own negligence, I sure as hell wouldn’t be pointing fingers at his parents if the child was right at their side when it happened.

    Actually I think it’s quite commendable that Guy, David, and the others are bringing their wives and children with them. As long as their schooling is being tended to, it’s a great worldly experience for the children. Plus a child is always better off with an actual parent than with a surrogate. And as for bringing the wives, I’m sure it helps make the long road trips seem not so long (and at least it helps keep the groupies away). And it looks like the wives are keeping themselves busy (e.g. Polly’s photography and Phil’s wife’s PR work, not to mention looking after the kids while their husbands are on stage) so there’s little chance of boredom setting in.

  142. well i was at the show last night and i am speechless. i have never anything like what i witnessed last night. David and his band were perfect not a single flaw in the performance. David’s voice was abosolutly beautiful and his guitar work was exactly what i expected from the master himself. Also getting to see Nash and Crosby just boosted the performance to whole new level. Their harmonies were right on and Nash really seemed to be having the time of life. “Find the cost Freedom” was an amazing encore and it was beautifully done. it was nice that most of croud knew the words to the song and it just sounded awesome. nothing will every top this. Thank You soo much for this David i thought i would never get to experience this music the way its meant to be heard. Thank You again.

  143. I went to the 2nd night of DG….It was a really wonderful show….I want to comment on the pot smoking first…hey people get over it that is what goes on at a concert especially a DG or Pink Floyd show….it just goes with the territory it always has and always will so get over it….if u don’t like it then don’t do to the show….ok enough of that getting back to the show….the first set consisted of the new album which was awesome…..DG had awesome special effects like smoke lights and sounds…..i seen Pink Floyd back in 94 at Yankee Stadium and also Giant Stadium this show was just as good maybe even a little better…..Echoes was truly the highlight of the night….the only disappointment was that he could of played a little longer but i guess that has to do with age and getting older not being able to play for long stretches at a time…..figuring that he is only playing a couple of shows in North America u would have thought he would have played a longer set because he wasn’t doing that many show….well good luck to the people that are still waiting for him to come to ur city and i am truly sorry to those that can’t see him….PINK FLOYD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

    [What?! “I guess that has to do with age and getting older not being able to play for long stretches at a time”? Do me a favour, mate. I’m not even going to comment on the perceived shortage of US shows or how you shouldn’t go to a show if you don’t want to smoke, because that would be responding to ignorance itself. Sorry. – Features Editor]

  144. Heartbroken – it’s the only word for my feeling this morning after having tried with no success to get a ticket to either of David’s two NYC concerts. I was out of the country when tickets first went on sale and was of course unable to get them. Over the past few weeks, I’ve tried like mad to get a ticket but to no avail. After reading all of the posts about what wonderful shows I’ve missed, right in my own city, I am left with a deep sense of regret. And to hear that he played “Wots Uh The Deal” and “Coming Back To Life” – two of my favorite songs of all time – last night, really adds to my malaise. I did spend last night at home listening to “On An Island” and the live “Meltdown” DVD. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to have OAI and happy for all the lucky fans that were (and will be) able to attend this tour; but I can’t help but hope that David and co. will decide that they should add dates to such a successful, well-received U.S. tour. David, thanks for the music and the memories, and please do come back soon!

  145. As I sit here in my luxurious office space (read: cubicle), I can’t stop thinking about last night’s Radio City show. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Roger Waters at Madison Square Garden five or six years back, but with respect to Roger, David’s performance last night was on an entirely different level.

    “Time” was the highlight of the night for me. I never thought I’d see this song performed live, and David and the band absolutely nailed it. Finishing off with “Comfortably Numb” was simply sublime. And of course, seeing On an Island performed live was awesome.

    On another note, I’d like to address two matters which have been discussed on these posts. First, there is the issue of unruly fans at the show. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to have a blast at concerts just as much as the next guy. I don’t mind if you smoke, have a few beers, and make some noise. For better or worse, that’s all part of the territory. But there is a limit to the madness. When a legend such as David Gilmour decides to tour – an event as rare as a snowstorm in the Sahara – people go to LISTEN to one of their favorite musicians perform, and they pay good money to do so. What they don’t pay to hear is the drunken retard next to them scream out the words, clap incessantly, and play the air guitar to every single song. They also don’t pay to see people constantly play with their cameras/phones during the entire show. There is a time and a place for such activity, and a David Gilmour show is DEFINITELY not the time or place.

    The other matter is demanding fans hassling David at the airport and at the shows. I’m sure David is aware that some of this is unavoidable. But I think it is ridiculous to claim that it is okay for him to be hassled simply because he’s famous. In this day and age, with ruthless tabloids and paparazzi, it seems okay to make the life of another human being miserable to feed the insatiable desire for gossip, autographs, and photos. Fame aside, they are still a human deserving of the privacy we all expect. I sincerely hope the actions of a few didn’t spoil David’s time in New York. I am a lifelong New Yorker and would hate for him to have a bad impression of us and our beloved city. Despite the actions of a few, we’re not all rude and obnoxious.

    In any case, thanks very much for the show, David, it is one I will never forget. And please accept my apologies on behalf of my fellow New Yorkers, even the retarded ones.

  146. Dear David, Fed, & Bloggers,

    After reading comments lately, this blog has become a site for whiners. I am not interested in a debate or political type atmosphere. Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright and the other fine musicians have given me the pleasure of enjoying their music for 30+ years. I know there will be some that will have the need to react to my comments but I don’t care. The music is whats important. It gives me pleasure to hear songs that have an emotional effect on me or that spur thoughts or just sound fantastic. People, enjoy the music. It’s more than just saying you were there. I have the greatest details of the live shows since Feb.25, 1980 to present representing over 15 Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and Roger Waters concerts. I can reflect back and know how wonderful my experiences of the live performances were and how they made me feel in relationship to the original album songs. No matter what happened around me last night at RCMH, I enjoyed the show and didn’t allow anyone or anything distract me from enjoying the show. My 17 year old son was annoyed at people that kept blocking his view. I told him just move your head to see and stay focused on the show. Enjoy the moment, because they are few.

    Now for a brief snapshot of the show for those who are interested and about to see the shows across North America I will say the following:

    FANTASTIC, not perfect but none of us are perfect. I was happily amazed that the first half of the show which was exclusively dedicated to On An Island was much better than my expectations. Great job for David and team mixing the songs up a bit. It worked quite well. If you are a Floyd fan you certainly will enjoy the new material. The sound system could have been a little louder and a little clearer. It seemed to get better during the second half. Everyone has read the setlist and obtained detailed information on the lighting already so I won’t bore you with that. I will give it a try to express my thoughts a little differently. SOYCD was expressed as almost a new mood or interpretation. The music was fantastic and David’s guitar work was tremendous. I have enjoyed this song for so many years and this version had it own unique impact on its meaning with the current band. Controlled soaring I would call it. The songs that I never personally seen performed live since 1980 were Wot’s uh the Deal, Wearing the Inside Out and Echoes. All were performed fantastically. A good change up from hearing all the hits. As everyone has said Echoes gave me the most enjoyment. I remember saying to my son, listen to the sounds coming out of that guitar. Bringing me from happiness to grooving to space to ecstasy and back in approx. 23 minutes. That is what music should do for you! I’ve always loved wearing the inside out but it didn’t give me the same emotional impact as breakthrough from the DVD. I let my foolish comparison mode get the best of me. Okay see I goofed just like anyone else. Lets get to Time – thoroughly enjoyed by all. Everyone stood up and sang the words and provided the spirit of enthusiasm that must have increased the emotional impact to the band. I know it did to me. Only suggestion is to slow down the pace during the intro. A little fast paced and didn’t have the effect of building to a climax (rototoms). Who am I to tell an artist how to perform their interpretation. Sorry to all. However, the seqentially gyrating lights above the band made up for that. It gave me a sense of motion. Spinning and moving from one side to the other. Coming Back To Life – I had tickets for the 2nd show and I was fortunate enough to get one of my favorite songs, I do enjoy Dominoes but it doesn’t have the same meaning to me. Obviously different song. But hearing David sing with that emotion like it means something for him made me feel like it has meaning for me. The three different guitar leads, beginning, middle & end were pure enjoyment putting a smile on my face from side to side. David, did you purposely miss a couple of notes in the 1st lead? I missed the way you grab the neck with emotion.High Hopes – OMG fabulous! After the great slide lead, you picked up the acoustic while still sitting and picked those notes so loud and clear. The cleanest picking I ever heard. When I said to my son did you hear those notes he was in such amazement. He had to say Dad, I’ve only been playing for a year, he has been playing for 50 years. I wasn’t trying to comment about my sons playing just pointing out what to strive for. Again, my mistake pushing the poor lad. Encores, WYWH, COF, Comf Numb just icing on the cake! They all made me feel so good I just clapped and yelled in excitement.

    Thank you all (DG,RW,GP,PM,SD,DP,JC,GN,DC) for such a wonderful performance. Know that you had an emotional impact on many creating enjoyment. That is a wonderful gift to give. Thank you once again.

    I also would like to thank ANGELO, his lovely wife CHRRISTINE, LAURIE and DEBORAH for the opportunity to meet them and enjoy their company and stories before the show!

    NY, USA

  147. Hmmm interesting my comments weren’t posted, I, being an American and all. And ACTUALLY DEFENDING THIS GREAT COUNTRY! What nerve I have..

    [I’ve checked our database. You posted one comment and it’s been published. If you sent in another, then you obviously did something wrong, because we did not receive it. – Features Editor]

  148. Hey frost!

    I agree with you and Fed. Sunday is the italian election day,,,and I fear no one of the candidates is good enough to lead this Country…….and now I need a cigarette too!


    P.S. Please FEd! Help me to improve my english! What does LOL means?

    [It means “laughing out loud”, so you’ll see people using it after writing something funny. – Features Editor]

  149. I think I’m addicted to this blog, and reading about the tour that i will never get to see. Let me get some sleep people!

    Note Sarcasm

    Ps Long time reader, first time poster 😉

  150. So nice to see David and company in such a lovely venue as Radio City Music Hall!

    The lighting and sound were fabulous ~ I was worried my seats in the rear of the floor would have less than optimal sound, but my fears proved unnecessay.

    Thank you David & company, from the bottom of my heart! Your new material is quite good, and what can I say about the older stuff ~ I have spent decades listening to those songs and the are apart of my own history now – to hear the master ply his craft was an honor.

    And the tip of the hat to Syd made the night magical.

    I must apologize to my fellow attendees, as I was one of the few who found it necessary to find the men’s room during a song, because the mob was un-penetratable during intermission. Thinking back, I do wish I had those few precious moments of Mr. Gilmour’s music back & I beg forgiveness to anyone who missed a beat due to my need for relief.

    Also, I sang a bit during one song – the only one I noticed actually anyone around me singing – “Wish You Were Here”. I tried to keep it inside, but when I noticed that the song had thousands of others singing in harmony, I felt compelled to join the choir. I sang to my dear mum, to my three brothers, to my good friend from childhood, to my uncles, and to all the others that were also once a part of my life’s story, but who no longer walk the Earth. I beg your pardon for any annoyance attributable to my eulogies.

    To those holding tickets for uncoming shows, just know that better than what you are thinking it is right now. I am envious of you!!

    Once again – thank you Mr. Gilmour, Mr. Wirght, and the rest of the band and to the entire crew for such a wonderful perfomance. We dearly hope that it wont be another twelve years before we see you again.

    Best Regards from a very Grateful Fan!

  151. [Some people’s comments are really quite unbelievable. You spoilt, self-centred, demanding, ungrateful little brats]

    Shall we help them pick up the toys they have thrown out of their prams?

    You can almost hear them saying “it’s not fair” *stamp* *stamp*

  152. Just want to let the entire band know what an amazing experience last night was! I was sitting in the orchestra in the 19th row – So close to everything – This was the first time I was able to experience your show – although my husband had seen you back in 1976 0r ’77 (he can’t remember!) The new album is phenomenal! Your performance was mesmerizing! Echoes – what can we say?

    I hope that all the posts I have been reading over the last days highlighting negative opinions of incidents and behavior on the part of fans either inside or outside the of shows stops though. Why do so many people complain about this or that? You make the night for yourself – why worry about everybody else?

    I will never forget the show – Hope sometime in the future I can see you perform again. You were all truly an ensemble last night – David – you are the best guitarist in the world (in my opinion!)

    Thanks again for a wonderful night!

    Kathie from “Long Island”!

  153. To add to Joe Werner’s list of things Radio City could/should have done to make this a better experience:

    – They should have given a five minute warning before each set was to have started. That way you give people time to get to their seats and you might not have had so many people blocking other people’s view during the first couple of songs of each set trying to find their seats.

    – They should not have let people go down the aisles during a song. If you watch the David Gilmour in Concert DVD closely you can see people running to and from their seats in between songs, but never during. It’s not like you couldn’t see what was going on from the holding area behind the seating.

    – They should have halted alcohol sales at concert time. I know that is the most controversial subject this country has ever had to face, but I don’t think it can be that difficult to allow people to buy their drinks beforehand.

    – They should have had the ushers find out where people’s seats were BEFORE they went down the aisles, so they could help them find them quickly, rather than pull out a flashlight to look at their tickets in the middle of the aisle (usually right in front of me), go through the alphabet in their heads, then taking their sweet old time escorting them to the wrong row, then back up the aisle to the correct row, then making that entire row stand up to let this person in. And do this all over again for the next person who needs two drinks every ten minutes to make it through life.

  154. FEd!

    If you will be bored another time, you could try to relax yourself striking your colleagues with paper’s ball! You have to click “gioca on line” and then “start game” and “gioca”.

    It’s funny…for some minute!

    Ok! Now I stop saying stupid things and start working seriously!



    [Thanks for that, Lucia. I will spend far too much time playing that! – Features Editor]

  155. As an American who loves rock and roll I too am sick of these a-holes who ruin the concert experience for everyone around them! Why do you have to act like a jack ass in front of every one else. Go home in front of the mirror, put on your favorite live CD and then scream your lungs out but leave the rest of us out of your childish and boorish behavior. I am attending the first show in Chicago and will be in row 13 to the left, if anyone starts acting like a moron, the pointy stick in your back will be from me!

    Dave in Ft. Wayne, IN.

  156. Hello again FEd, David, et al!

    Thanks to Alex for his detailed description of last night’s gig … yes, I did read the whole thing! Sounds fantastic! I am really starting to get excited for the band’s California gigs!

    Now my rant — it’s bad enough that some venues serve beer/wine and allow people to take it in with them (can’t they just have a couple before the music starts?), but Radio City serves up mixed drinks as well??? I can only hope that the Paramount and Kodak won’t allow comsumption inside. It’s been my experience that the availablity of alcohol is sometimes the determing factor for certain people as to whether or not they will attend a concert! Hey, if you have to be shit-faced drunk to enjoy the music, save yourselves the $$$ on the ticket and just stay in the bar down the street and feed the jukebox quarters. Let someone else have the ticket! That way everyone is happy.

    Let’s hope you (band and crew) don’t have to endure anymore obnoxious, pushy people along the way. It’s one thing for your kids to see that their dads are loved by the masses and quite another to be assaulted by seekers of marketable memorabilia.

    I hope Toronto and Chicago are kind and welcoming to you!

    Washington State

  157. I believe seeing David Gilmour playing live is a privilege, not a right.

    Thank you again for the privilege I received on April 4th. The memory will surely be one that I take out for a spin now and then to sustain me during darker times.

  158. I had 6th row seats to the NYC show on the 4th. Today is the 6th and I am still an emotional wreck. I am walking around in a daze..I can’t listen to any of the songs he played that night without tears streaming down my face. The show exceeded my wildest dreams….When I was in college the only two posters I had on my dorm room wall were of David Gilmour and CSNY…they were side by side next to my bed. I have trouble breathing when I recall them actually standing side by side singing together on stage! Although I am sad that those fantasy dreams of trying to meet David had to come to an end,I have to say that the blow was softened because after the show I was waiting to hook up with a friend outside of Radio City, and Grahm Nash exited the front door. I was able to pull him aside and thank him soo very much for his beautiful voice and for showing up tonight to make an already astounding experience…a life changing moment. This is a word for anyone who treasures David the way I do… FIND A WAY!!! DON’T MISS THIS!!! Thank you sooo much David!! I will never forget…

  159. Thank you David and Richard and the entire band. I loved Richard’s vocal parts on Time, and the Echoes was just brilliant. Perfect landing back on to the vocals after a lengthy middle part. David did seem to really be comfortable and at ease the entire show.

    My only small complaint – the lights. The laser and smoke were very cool, but the “strobe” lights flashing toward the seats was rough a few times to watch during several songs. Would have loved some back lighting and some lights that would have let us see the band a bit better.

    But like I said, a small complaint on a wonderful show.

  160. I want to thank everyone for the information they shared about the last 2 nights at RCMH. I am so glad to see that David Gilmour is touring again; he is one of the greatest of all time and the new album is amazing. I can’t stop listening to it.

    But I can’t help but feel a bit jealous… I was at the show last night but unable to get in as were so many other people (I was away in Mexico doing volunteer work when the tickets went on sale and they were gone by the time I got back).

    I know there are probably reasons why there are so few shows scheduled, but I really hope that the tour goes well enough that they might add on a few more nights? Is that possible?

    I came with my son who is quite a budding muscian (who is sort of an oddball by todays standards because he loves classic rock). I hope the powers that make the decisions can find it in their hearts to bring David Gilmour back to the New York area for a few more shows so my son and others of his generation can get to see it and experience the music for themselves.

  161. As far as everyone say this is a rock concert, chill out about the pot smoking and the rudeness, well I have to admit I was in that group years ago. But c’mon people, is that really what you want to experience now when you go to a show? Not me, I choose to go to so few concerts, if I’m there it is totally for the music!

    Now, I’m not a prude and will surely enjoy a few glasses of merlot, but it will certainly pain me (in more ways than one) if I have to leave my seat during the show to use the facilities & miss out! I’m thinking by reading the posts that most people agree.

    Who wants to pay the price of a ticket and not have a completely memorable evening?

  162. Last night in NYC, was absolutly one of the greatest nights of my life and my memories of Davids concert will be with me forever. It was not only exciting for myself but also for my father who was with me, who actually saw Pink Floyd back in their hay-day. Echos was amazing the entire thing was played with such perfection and it was so clean. On an Island the entire album being played live was sensational, really moving music. And coming back to life was what I was waiting for he hasnt played that song that much and I was thrilled he did last night. I wish David and his band all the best of luck on the rest of the tour and also I want to say THANK YOU, it was an incredible night of music.


  163. [What?! “I guess that has to do with age and getting older not being able to play for long stretches at a time”? Do me a favour, mate. I’m not even going to comment on the perceived shortage of US shows or how you shouldn’t go to a show if you don’t want to smoke, because that would be responding to ignorance itself. – Features Editor]

    Does Inhaling pot make everything speed up? How can a 2hr plus show be considered short. The whole on an island is the guts of an hour Shine on is a blissful 15 mins plus , Com Numb with solo and WAKEY WAKEY ” Echoes was played.

    Then again time does fly when your having fun.
    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin)

  164. David,

    My girlfriend and I wanted to thank you with all our heart for the wonderful performance that we were lucky enough to attend this week.

    She and I discussed on the ride home how much your music means to us ~ how it was been woven into our lives, as well as into many of our friends and family members as well.

    I wanted to share something she brought up, which you may not be cognizant of…my lovely girl reminded how in the weeks and months that followed the fall of those towers that once stood just one mile south of Radio City Music Hall, your beautifully poignant ‘Wish You Were Here’ would stop people in the tracks when it played on the radio. I have watched as it set off grown men into weeping, and I have seen new groups of people discover the beauty of your entire musical catalog because they found comfort in the words and music of WYWH. That composition has aided many of us to endure one of the worst events of their lives, as well as those we face in the future.

    My girl & I hope we didn’t interfere too much with our fellow concert-goers enjoyment by singing a few lines from this epic masterpiece. Please note that we weren’t conciously attempting to be annoying…there’s just alot of dear people that we miss.

    Anyways – to those eagerly counting the days until its your show – please be kind to those around you & enjoy yourselves!!

    Thanks again David & Company!

    With much love,
    John & Tanya from Connecticut

  165. I was one of the lucky few who were able to attend last night’s David Gilmour show in NYC. It’s safe to say that the show was brilliant.

    Rather a confusing lot American fans are though. Seemed like a majority in attendance were more interested in getting “pissed” and conversing on their mobiles.

    Sad really, when you think that the reason to attend a David Gilmour show is to enjoy the wonderful music he creates. Not to get so bloody pissed, that you find the need to ring your mates to tell them “your are pissed” and at a “David Gilmour show”. Which I witnessed on many an occasion How I long for a proper show at Royal Albert Hall!

    On another note, if David’s crew reads these post, well done on the amazing production at Radio City. I don’t think I can think of a better sounding or looking show as I viewed last night!

    Cheers to all and safe travels.

    P.S. Richard, how about “Summer 68”?

  166. the whole night can be summed up into one part of the show for me. the part in echoes where after it gets all quiet and the guitar squeals like some primitive animal and then it starts building up to when the song explodes and david plays the absolutle best guitar part i’ve ever heard in my life. to see this live (when i was sure i’d never get the opportunity to see it happen ever) and then to also have the light show,well….thank you david gilmour. thank you from the very bottom of my heart. echoes is the earliest piece of recorded music i can ever remember ever hearing in my life and i’ve always had a special connection with it. hearing it live made it that much more special. afterwards i turned to my girlfriend and she said that the look on my face was one of absolute exstacy like i just finished having sex. so thank you david. thank you richard. thanks to all of the band, the roadies, the tour manger, the pilot who felw david over, radio city, and everyone else who made it possible for this night to happen for me.

    i do not care if david never pulls pink floyd out on tour ever again as long as he keeps going himself. and please i beg you…please play NYC again. if he wanted to he could sellout MSG for a few nights, even the meadowlands.

    heres an idea. FREE SHOW IN CENTRAL PARK! that would be absolutely amazing (hey a man could dream cant he?)

  167. wow! what stuffy people on this board!

    “someone yelled” “someone got up to get a beer during a song & blocked my view”

    remember folks… this is a rock n roll concert!

    the line “Too Old To Rock & Roll, Too Young To Die” comes to mind…

  168. hmmm still not there…. :

    [It’s right there, timed at 3:00pm exactly. There’s another at 3:46pm. – Features Editor]

  169. Seadoggie-

    I am an American as well…although I currently live in Germany, I am still an American born and raised. One thing that I have noticed after moving here is that:

    1. Europeans tend to be much more respectful of pretty much everything.
    2. While attending a concert, Europeans enjoy sitting, not screaming things, not makins arses of themselves.
    3. Europeans are generally smarter. They have higher average test scores, and common knowledge seems to be higher (and brigher) as well.

    So really, if anyone should be ashamed, it should be us. I get quite ashamed the way my country protrayes itself. To the rest of the world we seem like dumb cowboys, rap stars, Paris Hiltons, and (insert reality show here). Guess what, I’m not proud of that.

    Finally, there is a time and a place for getting trashed an screaming: A Black Sabbath concert for example. Have you listened to On An Island Seadoggie? This is a relaxing masterpiece. It is not something that you head bang to, nor do you get trashed and yell out random bullshit at concerts. Excuse my language Fed. Seadoggie…honestly man, there is a time and a place…and we all know getting trashed and being a moron is not kosher for David’s concerts. Stop making excuses about it being a “rock ‘n roll show”…because it’s more of that. It’s art. And as it turns out, some people want to enjoy it. I’m sure that if every single one of these drunken idiots knew how they pissed people off, they wouldn’t do it. So just stop. Get trashed after the concert, whatever…I’m rambling now. Just had to put in my two cents before I started squeezing my frustration ball.

    -Chris McKay

  170. Features Editor: My humblest apologies, I did not see my post! Thanks!

    And Thanks to David for a very memorable night!

    Don’t miss this show! 🙂


  171. Just another thing, FEd, then I stay shut up for all the day!


    My dear…I am italian…I listened many times bad sentence about my beautiful country and italians: mafia, bananas republic, unreliable, no tecnology….yes yes! But Italy is not all mafia, thief and stupid people! It’s a wonderful country and the greater part of italians are clever, honest, peaceful. funny and kind! There is mafia to…but just some italian are members of mafia! We are good guys! And the places are wonderful: Rome, Venice, Florence…

    I think that in this page no one judge americans but THOSE AMERICANS who attack David, the band and their family. But we don’t know their names, so we can’t say John, Jack, Jim…but just american fans! How do you think we should call them? Americans is just a semplification!

    I’ve never been in Usa, but my parents went some years ago and they say your country is really beautiful and americans very kind. They enjoyed themselves very much during the 4th of july celebration!

    So…relax, our american friends!

    We still love you!

    Join ourselves listening David and Pink Floyd!



  172. Yeah, pissing in sinks is unacceptable, but this venue was built in the 30s I think and they obviously were not ready for R & R! 🙂

    but yes, that is pretty lame of people to do things like that, not what I was referring to.

  173. WEll, another self hating

    I did not partake in any of these antics, and I do not defend them at all.

    But a little puff puff smell and a few cheers here and there really do not bother me much. And yes, there were people next to me that would NOT STOP TALKING, it was really annoying, but I blocked them out and basically made it known subtly that it was rude. So please don’t think I am defending such actions..

    as far as relative intelligence, I think the jury is still out on that one.

    The bathroom issue clearly was the resposibility of the venue, poor planning…

  174. Getting into NYC is always a pain, and expensive, but I could and did, and I feel for those who can not get to any show.

    I had contemplated a longer post, but after reading the previous ones, what else can be said? (excepting maybe John Carin is indispensable to that show)

    Me and my son saw David Gilmour live last night after going to Manny’s (which is where that Black Stratocaster came from). The show was magic, everything else was just living in 21st century America. I am thrilled to have been able to see David play live, and would go again, and again.

    Godspeed David etal, and thank you.

  175. Was at the show last night & it was absolutely amazing. I seen just about everyone live & this was right up there as one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Mr. Gilmour sounded incredible, a true professional. Today’s bands should watch this concert to see how its supposed to be done. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed the show!

  176. All I can say is…. WOW!!!!!!!

    Well, that’s not all I can say… I was a bit disappointed with no “Fat Old Sun”, but I can easily get past that. To me, the highlight was “Wot’s… Uh The Deal”, although David cut out the “Uh” part, and called it, simply, “What’s the Deal”. That song gave me absolute chills! I overheard another fan saying that song was the best music he’s ever heard, live or recorded. If that’s not the highest compliment a musician can get, what is!! =0)

    Echoes was mind-bending, and the laser show during WYWH and Comfortably Numb…. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!
    You’re the man, David! On an Island, live, was also a highlight… 2 solos in one song!!!!!

  177. “As far as everyone say this is a rock concert, chill out about the pot smoking and the rudeness, well I have to admit I was in that group years ago. But c’mon people, is that really what you want to experience now when you go to a show? Not me, I choose to go to so few concerts, if I’m there it is totally for the music! ”

    So, let me get this staight – it was fine for you & the other stiffs here to party ‘back in the day’ – to have a bit of added fun, but now that you all are older, the kids can’t do what you once did…how very adult of you! This is why the younger generations never likes the older. I’m not condoning idiocy, rudeness, or distactive behavior and I completely hate talking on cell phone during shows or unnecessary talking, etc., but some of you really need to loosen up.

    Did you ever think that perhaps a nice word to the offending party during intermission would have solved an issue or two. “Teach Your Children”, no? Instead you decided to sit & stew during the show & then run to a computer to whine. That’s a great way to address the situation and make it better – run & hide!

    And please PLEASE stop telling New Yorkers how much better concerts are in your home town/country – why did you have to come to our city in the first place if you hate it so much? We know we can be loud and obnoxious sometimes, but we were mellow this week! There were thousands of other New Yorkers that would have loved to replace your uptight self. What exactly were you expecting? Have you never read anything about concerts in NYC??

    Jeesh, y’all act like it was a great surprise that a few folks might get a little rowdy at a concert in NYC; I’m amazed at how some people can be perfectly uninformed.

    Just a rant from someone tired of a few of the over-the-top stuffiness displayed by a few of the disenchanted.

    Good Day!

    (An thank you Mister Gilmour, band and crew – we love you lots!!)

  178. Had a great time at Wed.s show in NYC. First concert I have ever taken my wife to. Was funny watching her jolt back in her seat a couple times as she’s more of a Broadway show type of person. As for surprises: Wot’s Uh the Deal was pretty cool and ‘Echoes’ -wow. Nice to see some songs put to pasture. Glad I didn’t check any postings of setlists. After reading some of the comments about the crowd, all I can say is if you can’t enjoy a show of this caliber without being blown out of your socks, I feel sorry for you(and your empty wallet at about $8.00 a pop for a beer 😉 Anyway, DG proves that age is just a number. Fantastic show!

  179. Unbelievable show! Thanks for coming to visit.

    Particulary enjoed “Find the Cost of Freedom” As a CSNY fan I was amazed at how nice the 3 vocals sounded together. Perhaps David could provide a little support (guitar and vocals) on an upcoming CSN album.

    After hearing ECHOs live, I will now have trouble choosing what is my favorite Pink Floyd lead guitar song. Man, David could David rock on this one.

    Was pleasently suprised to hear the additional nylon string guitar solo at the end of High Hopes. They were great, as well as the string arrangement. Had a bit of trouble hearing it, so perphaps it can make it to the live album of this tour.
    Domino’s – What can I say? Unreal to hear some Syd. Well done! I think Rick played on the original and Phil’s guitar work was dead on as well. Thanks for such a well performed tribute to Syd.

    Final note – Don’t give to much attention to demanding NY fans. They are a vocal (very vocal) minority. Be thankfull that your not baseball players – You’ve got it easy compared to them.


    Mark Owen Nutto & the Unemployed Teachers

  180. Well Thank you David and Band for an excellent two nights in New York. I for one enjoyed it immensely. Seeing you guys in a small venue was a treat – i could relaly get a feel for the musicianship. The material selected for the shows was outstanding, really brillian mix. These were two of the best shows i have ever seen. “Echoes” was like an out of body experience! Thanks again

  181. To address the post about what Radio City should do better- “Make sure no one walks down the aisles during the each song” – If any of you have ever been to a Broadway show, or dance production or any classical music event, it is proper behavior for you to wait until in between songs to get up and leave your seat- Most exit doors are guarded by ushers at these events and will not let you leave until the appropriate time – But hey, remember where we are – Its a Rock Concert! I worked for a classical music management firm in NYC -Most people at this show have never stepped into Carnegie or Avery Fischer Hall in their lives and that’s OK. I’m sure that this is “proper” behavior in Europe at many concerts as well – (even Rock shows). – But not here – Not for a Rock Show!


  182. wow F’ed . . . . I’m so touched by your lengthy response to my earlier ‘rant’. THANKS for taking the time.

    just a couple of things additionally . . .

    first – quoting you:
    ” . . . but we all have the ability to learn and to teach ourselves what’s right and what’s wrong.” . . .

    SO TRUE F’ed AND SO IMMEDIATELY IMPORTANT !!! We all need to take responsibility to teach OURselves and change OUR world. I do have hope – immense hope that we indeed CAN make the changes and learn the lessons (maybe even win the battle) . . . but we all have to do it as individuals – each of us taking action, putting out those positive examples and espousing hope (even if less than passionately) – if nothing else but for the sake of our fellow (and especially less-fortunate) man and this planet that we have been given stewardship of (by design OR chance). (what a mouthful!) I freely choose to have this hope – but with it does come responsibility. I didn’t want to leave you with the impression that I too have given up – definitely NOT the case.

    secondly . . . I’m a bit concerned for you F’ed. I fear that some of our ‘commenters’ are getting to you . . . I hope that is not the case as I am convinced that there are FAR more of the ‘good eggs’ than the bad – without even having to read any posts twice (now THAT would cause a headache!).

    ya know . . . . . you might want to give Robbie Williams a call . . . . . I bet his ‘blogsters’ aren’t NEARLY this much trouble . . . (I’d bet they ain’t no trouble a’tall . . )

    oh . . and if you could manage to hook up a Pink Floyd reunion show for my July 4th backyard barbeque where they will play each song as I request it . . . I’d really appreciate it ! After all . . . . I am their ‘biggest’ fan . . . (aaaaaaaaaaaaah . . sarcasm . . . I feel so much better now . . . )

    as always . . . a big ‘wink’ to you F’ed.

    and I have to say . . . . they played “Coming Back to Life” again . . . . oh my . . . . if they play that the first night in Chicago F’ed . . . . look for the news reports of the woman in the front row who simply melted into a puddle and vanished – leaving nothing behind but a camera-phone, a quart of scotch, 8 joints and a megaphone.) aaaaaah . . . more sarcasm . . . I’m almost feeling normal again . . .

    [It take all sorts to make the world go around, and disagreement is quite fun from time to time, but sometimes it’s like banging your head against a brick wall (no pun intended). I’m grateful for all comments posted, but especially so for those that say what I personally think. I don’t need to think about those ones! – Features Editor]

  183. Mhm my shwo in AMsterdam had the shortest setlsit on the tour so far 🙁 I’m so jealous you had breath and another extra song from CS&N

  184. “1. Europeans tend to be much more respectful of pretty much everything.
    2. While attending a concert, Europeans enjoy sitting, not screaming things, not makins arses of themselves.
    3. Europeans are generally smarter. They have higher average test scores, and common knowledge seems to be higher (and brigher) as well. ”

    1) Just because we have high energy doesn’t mean we are less respectful. And btw – have you ever been to a soccer, I mean football match in Europe? Have you heard of the term ‘holigan’? Gang violence sure is a high sign of respect

    2) You were not at any of the shows at RCMH, so stop brown-nosing your current hosts. For most of the show the whole crowd in the orchestra was seated, save for a few people that needed to pee. It was only at the finish of some songs and during encore that the people stood up on the floor.

    3) So now this has become a matter of who’se smarter? Siiigh – we’ve gone from discussing a wonderful concert, a glorious performance by one of the legends of rock & roll to America bashing (and from another American, no less!) That didn’t take too long.

    Which response do you want a) “if they were so smart, why does America & Canada own all of the land in North America that was once owned by Europeans?”, b) “yea, the were smart enough to start two world wars, but couldn’t figure out how to end them” or what about c) “that whole imperialisnm thing was really smart – how are your empires doing? Thanks for everything – You all left Africa, the Middle East & South Asia in FINE shape”

    Can we stick to talk about the music now, Pa-Lease! Shouldn’t music unite us, our liove for Mr. Gilmour’s music is a common element that we all share – let’s stop finding ways to divide ourselves and work at bringing more understanding into the world.

    Every city/country/place in the world should have its own uniqueness, just as every individual should, but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other.


    [Neither did it take long for you to mention two world wars, Jack. How very original. – Features Editor]

  185. Hysteron,

    Interesting post. Thank you for taking the time, it has cleared up things.

    “Our views are obviously very different.”

    I don’t agree. I actually share a lot of your views. The barrier here has perhaps been the limitation of language I suspect, the many ways in which words can be interpreted (for instance the way I though you interpreted the word ‘system’).

    Now I do see where this apparent misunderstanding has come from. The way you just analyzed my post tells me a lot about you. I have passed a few unfair comments that you rightfully criticize. I appear to have misjudged you and I offer my apology. Fair is fair. I learn my lessons fast.

    I do have a few minor disagreements though. For instance you suggest that religion and science are employed by the ruling class. I’m not sure that is a conscious decision of the ruling class, but rather a need/development from human thought. Imprisoning ourselves within that system (much more ironic don’t you think?).

    I think I would play lookout for you (better than actually putting those posters up there LOL), but there is one last thing I would like your thoughts on, if it pleases you.

    [What do you want from me. I think it’s obvious where the human race is heading. More people should question why it’s going that way. I explained my views. Based on our performance – past and present – it’s in our nature to destroy ourselves. The division and fight for resources will never end – it will destroy us all. Our environment will become intolerably toxic well before we as a race have the ability to change our way – the ruling class has made the decision for us. Hysteron proteron].

    And as an answer to: [I would have liked you to explain your views about the ultimate fait of earth – not just criticise mine]

    I agree. Humanity may destroy itself or be destroyed. Science is indeed a construct humanity, but I will question how conscious it is being used in this system. It is obviously bound by funding and the pettiness of researchers, but as you probably know has made huge strides. There are people working in science who share many of the same views as us (if I may be so free). It may serve us better then you suspect.

    Like I said in earlier posts, we need to solve our problems and manage this planet or we are doomed. I still have the hope that science may offer a solutions. If it can develop fast enough and escape human pettiness. Click my name, I have linked it to a article you may find entertaining (don’t judge it by the title!). It does show how difficult/unlikely survival of our species will be but not entirely impossible. I’m prepared to work for enlightenment and improvement instead of accepting harsh reality and doing nothing about it except observing. As you know it is easier to break down that to build.

    What do you think (or suspect. Note that I’m not asking for truth, just your opinion) the purpose of reality is (perhaps purpose it the wrong word, sense perhaps…Or do you think these are human concepts that are irrelevant?)? Or are you content with our limitations? Knowing we will probably never know? Now you have said something about this I believe, but perhaps you can elaborate?

    Best and thank you,


  186. I’ve been enjoying everyone’s comments immensely and the great job being done by Fed. Here’s my two cents:

    Like all of you, I’m a long-time fan. David’s music sends me soaring and moves me to tears – often simulataneously.

    I’ve seen the Gils-led Floyd six times and never once missed the presence of Roger Waters. I’ve seen Rog solo three times and, though the shows were great, I definitely noticed David’s absence.

    I was extremely fortunate – with a little help from my friends – to score tickets for BOTH Toronto shows (in a totally legit fashion, I might add). I’m so excited I can hardly sleep! The set list, assuming it remains the same from NY, is perfect. My only change (if anyone’s asking) would be substituting “Childhood’s End” for “Wot’s…Uh The Deal”. And having Crosby and Nash guest will be amazing.

    Of course, I have no desire to pester David and his family when they’re here. But it would be great to shake the hand, maybe snap a photo, of a true artist who has meant so much to me. If anyone has any hints on timing and location, please share!

    In any case, if I am not rendered utterly speechless by the shows, I will attempt to post again when they’re over.

    Shine on, all you crazy diamonds…

    [If anyone does share hints on timing and location, they will find their posts edited. Sorry mate, I don’t mean to be awkward, but that’s how we end up with David and the band members being mobbed. – Features Editor]

  187. As far as screaming and getting up 10 times to get a beer remember-this is what the band hated about playing live after DSOTM came out. They play music that is beautiful. You should just sit back and enjoy everything and be polite. Six days to go till Chicago.

  188. ol…. this reminds me of the time I saw Floyd during Momentary Lapse of Reason tour at the CNE stadium. I managed to snag front row seats, and during the show some yob beside me wouldn’t sit down, and kept on screaming at the top of his lungs whilst playing air guitar “GILMOURRRRRRR!!!!!!!!” on and on, during Echoes.

    After the number David bent down and said something in a security guy’s ear. The security guy yells to the yob “Hey, Gilmour just told you to SHUT YOUR MOUTH !!!!”

    Needless to say the guy slunk back in his chair, and we all lived happily ever after.

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