Night 11: New York


The North American leg of David’s sell-out ‘On An Island’ tour kicks off tonight, with the first of two shows in New York.

With many of our most prolific Fan Farers in attendance, we expect to be positively overwhelmed by details.

That said, if you’re new here and haven’t posted before, now’s the time to get stuck in. We want to hear from you!

As is always the case (but still has to be said), if you don‘t want to know the setlist, please don’t read the following comments. The songs performed will almost certainly be revealed here during the course of the night, and we don’t wish to spoil the surprise for anyone who will be witnessing a later concert and hopes to stay in blissful ignorance until that special moment arrives.

So enjoy yourself if you’re going to be at Radio City Music Hall tonight and remember: Don’t be shy. We want to hear all about it.

On a serious note, it was very disappointing to learn of the way certain fans behaved at JFK airport upon David’s landing. Please bear in mind that David’s family are with him and think how you would feel if your family was being hassled in this manner. It isn’t much fun to be pestered for autographs and photographs constantly, and touring is a completely new experience for David’s younger children.

We are sure that this was a one-off, but everyone in the touring party would greatly appreciate it if, for the sake of their young children, more courtesy could be shown throughout the remainder of their stay in the US. Thank you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Caption Competition:

    DG: Now you see me… Now you don’t… now you see me…

    Sorry Fedmeister… couldn’t resist that one (plus I couldn’t remember the one I originally did yesterday about the giant green Lisa Simpson over DG’s shoulder)….

  2. Fet’Ed,

    What happened exactly at JFK, are you at liberty to elaborate?

    It’s very distressing to me that his family got hassled. The object here isn’t to dissuade him from ever coming back to the States. Solar eclipses are more common than David Gilmour performances in the United States.

    Come on people, let’s remain respectful to Mr. Gilmour and his family. Children ought not be subjected to the antics of aggressive idiots, regardless of their motivation (the idiots not the children). I just never imagined Gilmour fans behaving aggressively this day in age; it’s completely contrary to the energy of his music.

    This is very disappointing.


    [Hi Peter. As I understand it, there was a large crowd waiting for David at the airport and many people were rather pushy, asking for autographs and the like, not giving up easily. I just don’t feel that it’s very nice for young children to be caught up in that kind of thing after a particularly long flight and hope that some people who perhaps were considering hanging around outside other airports, the band’s hotel or relevant concert venue might now reconsider doing so. It can be quite distressing. Seems most selfish for the sake of an autograph. – Features Editor]

  3. Dearest FeD

    O.K. have your fun all, and beat up those who would use the word “awesome”. If you must carry on so, be prepared to take on Sophocles and Anne Sexton while you’re at it…

    QUOTATION: But the power of destiny is something awesome; neither wealth, nor Ares, nor a tower, nor dark-hulled ships might escape it.
    ATTRIBUTION: Sophocles (497–406/5 B.C.), Greek tragedian. Antigone, l. 951.

    QUOTATION: It is in the small things we see it.
    The child’s first step,
    as awesome as an earthquake.
    The first time you rode a bike,
    wallowing up the sidewalk.
    ATTRIBUTION: Anne Sexton (1928–1974), U.S. poet. “Courage.”

    …and of course too many uses in the Bible to even count. So at least consider the intentions those who would use the word properly, and not, in knee-jerk fashion, picture the tone of some mindless Yankee adolescent parroting it on the streets. Now where was I….

    Welcome to North America David!!!

    [If people want to use the word properly, then I salute them. Rudders? – Features Editor]

  4. CAPTION: “Talk of a CLOSE SHAVE at JFK airport seemed not to have done too much damage to our hero but let it be the last we hear of it”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy

  5. I will be there on Wednesday night along with my thirteen year old son, Matthew. He is a huge Floyd fan and he realizes the importance of such an event. He recently flunked a science test and his mother and I gave him the choice of missing his junior high school’s wrestling team party ( Which he has been eagerly awaiting all year ) or not attending Dave’s concert. He looked us both in the eye and said, “Are you kidding?, I’m going to the concert!”
    That display of devotion from a thirteen year old speaks volumes, sir.

    It is truly a most deserved respect from father and son alike…See ya Wednesday night!

    Matt and Matthew Parish
    Long Island, NY

  6. “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way”

    Hmmmmm…. I wonder what the American version of that line would be especially if it was dedicated to the pillocks at JFK…

  7. I know I usually stay with a comedic albeit sarcastic vein here in this little world of ours . . . . but I’m going to take this opportunity to put something out there just to sort of ‘mark it’ in history . . . . I’d like to say “THANK YOU” to David for the song “Coming Back to Life” . . . I shan’t bore you with all the details, suffice it to say that that particular song gave me hope at a time in my life when I needed it most. Those lyrics are so incredibly raw . . . they are indeed precisely what I was living and what I needed to see at the time that record was released. and to know that David has played it a couple of times (un-rehearsed I believe) on this tour just plain makes me happy . . . . even if I’m not in the audience when he plays it. thanks for ALL the music along the way . . . it’s ALL been precious, that one just a bit more so.

    wow . . . . . way more personal than I EVER get . . . . . sarcasm . . . QUICK . . . !!!

    thanks for the indulgence F’ed . . . (my intrepid Mr. Ritchie . . . )

    [I couldn’t agree more, mate. That song’s dear to me, too. – Features Editor]

  8. IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT MR GILMOUR IS HUMAN. He greatly enjoys his privacy. The nicer we are (USA) to him the more he might com back.

  9. Caption –

    “Those bloody Yanks at the airport! One of them yoinked my razor.”

  10. It disappoints me to no end that David and his family were treated so ungraciously upon arrival in the U.S.

    All U.S. fans are not as undisciplined as those who chose to be so thoughtless. Please accept our apologies.

    Although the East Coast arrival was bumpy, the West Coast greeting and send off after the final L.A. show will be with given much respect.

    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you are here.

  11. Greetings FEd and all…

    How disappointed I was when I learned of the “welcome” that the Gilmour family received in New York. I hope everyone else understands that most of us Yanks think this is unacceptable.

    Bear in mind that people from NYC have a different sort of personality. Everyone else in the USA can recognize a person from New York as soon as they start talking. And I am not talking about an accent, I am talking about mannerisms and behavior.

    But they are our American brothers and sisters and we still love them. We just want them to not be so obnoxious. If the folks in LA give that same sort of greeting when the Gilmour clan arrives in California, we all need to form up again and bring the pitchforks and sharp sticks.

    Clemens, thank you for your thoughts and for your deference. It is not that I don’t enjoy the debate and the revelations, I just don’t think David’s (and the Fedmeister’s) weblog is necessarily the right place for it. I don’t want to feel like I am trespassing. I started a bit that grew into a bunch. I would hope that it wouldn’t turn into a bushel here on this site. (But maybe in someone’s heart–)

    Hey FEd, do you know if David likes American baseball? Opening day was yesterday and he might be in a prime position to catch a game whilst here.


    [I don’t know if he does like it, Brad. I believe he likes cricket, which is similar. – Features Editor]

  12. @ Tom,

    Sophocles? Who is responsible for that translation??? LOL!!

    @ Brad

    Yeah, enough is enough. I’ve had my say, you had yours and we can walk away smiling. Lets get on with blogging!

    On another note, I’m running into some customs problems with the pointy sticks Ed! They don’t buy my story about skiing…

    [How about… those big poles you stick in the ground to hold up tents? As you can probably tell, my grasp of the English language is now slipping away… – Features Editor]

  13. Don’t take the actions of SOME as a view of the WHOLE. One can only assume that the “Fans” that waited on David to arrive at the airport where there for a selfish act such as obtaining an autograph. In obtaining that autograph, I’m sure any measure would have been taken, even disrupting ones personal life, ie David’s family. No I can only imagine if an autograph was given, where in New York, New York one would be able to purchase it, I’m sure you would’nt have to look far. Greed and Dissrespect are not qualities of FANS of David. Your arrival is exciting and Chicago is soon, can’t wait!

    Be Easy,

  14. “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way”

    Hmmmmm…. I wonder what the American version of that line would be especially if it was dedicated to the pillocks at JFK…

    Dont Know but if it happens again it would probably be followed by :-

    The songs are gone,the tours are over,Don’t think I’ll return again.

    Dedicated to the brain damaged at JFK

  15. Actually, I think David looks GREAT with the facial hair! But that’s only a woman’s opinion 🙂

  16. ok, here it is Fed-

    …David ponders, “what would rock ‘n roll actually be like without feedback…?”

    -Chris McKay

    [Can’t fault it, mate. – Features Editor]

  17. Well, that’s what you get for not landing at LaGuardia (lol).

    Seriously, its disgraceful not to give the man (and his family) some space after such a long flight. And for what? A signature or 2 (of which I’m sure some will appear on eBay)? Well, with the frenzy worked up over the Euro tour and waiting for him to finally hop the pond, I could see why some fans would go to such lenghts… but the lack of respect and regards for the family is pretty shamefull.

    We take things a bit slower here in the midwest. See you in Chicago next week!!!


  18. hi fet ed . i am not sure cricket is similar to baseball . i think it would be more like rounders . i know you are going to say ok you are irish what do you know about cricket but my dad is an englishman who loves the sport and every summer mom and i are afflicted by it on tv all the time as he watches it ! we even had a little celebration party with an english family friend when england won the ashes ! ( pedantic mode switched off now 🙂 )

    i hope fet ed & my fellow bloggers (good name for a band that !) had a nice sunny day in what ever part of the world you all are in . the sun was out with avengance here today though it was ice cold . i went for a nice walk this evening .i am going to get my 3 and a half stone weight loss next monday if it kills me 🙂 ( yes i am a large lady who is trying to do something about it 🙂 )

    i am sorry to hear about the trouble at JFK airport . i would give my right arm to meet david but if he is with his family i think people should think long and hard about wheather to approach him or not . also you wonder how the group of people got information about what flight he was coming in on . presumably he was flying from london . there must be more then one flight a day to new york from there . sorry for sounding like a bad conspiracy theorist 🙂

    good luck tonihgt david and your band . i hope you enjoy the gigs . i am looking forward to reading the set list .


    p.s fet ed any pictures of dick parry . i love his saxophone sound . it would be great to see red sky at night being played by both david and dick together 🙂

    [Baseball, rounders, cricket… It’s close enough! You knew what I meant. As for photos, then there’s a nice one of David and Dick on page six of the Gallery if you haven’t already seen it. The next picture we get of Dick, I’ll dedicate it to you, mate. – Features Editor]

  19. “Anyone who suggests that Polly is a Yoko Ono-type figure, keeping Pink Floyd apart, is very ignorant … Personally, I’ve a good mind to get the Angry Mob together and go after that reporter with a pointy stick. – Features Editor]

    Here is a chance to say “that would be awesome”!! So then, what is the proper response here…

    That would be “good” (lacking in punch)
    That would be “satisfactory” (too academic)
    That would be “wonderful” (inappropriate)
    That would be “beneficial” (come on now!!)
    That would be “exemplary” (not only lacking in “teeth”, but would send the pointy stick in my direction!!)

    I love the lyrics on the new album. The entire album gets better with each and every visit. All in all, a magical moment in time we will all cherish for years to come!

    [I’d go for… A. It would be good. Oh, alright then, I see your point! – Features Editor]



    [No doubt about it, mate. Just a few bad eggs, that’s all. – Features Editor]

  21. People actually went to JFK to flip out at the band???

    For those of you unfamiliar with New York’s fine air service facility, it’s not easy to get to. In fact no airport is easy to get to in NYC.

    You all have some time on your hands. The SNL skit a few years back of William Shatner at a Trek convention berating fans to “get a life” comes to mind. And I’m a rabid classic Trek fan myself!

    Er, seem to have lost my train of thought…

    Oh yeah, really looking forward to tonight’s show.

  22. ouch. hope they didn’t leave too bad an impression. we’re not all mongrels you know. and some are almost as civil as you british. haha. AAA is the adult alternative radio format. i think the first a might be advanced. something like that, see you in toronto. apologies for the rudeness conducted by my fellow countryfolks.

  23. RE “quiet desperation.”

    I believe its actually a quote from Henry David Thoreau, the American writer, philosopher and curmudgeon

    Something like: “The majority of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

  24. Dear FeD,

    Noticed in the Latest News that the request to “please: be respectful of his family; and, be polite and considerate.” was directed to his US travels. I guess that makes us in Canada above the US? Just joking. All the best to the entire Gilmour Party throughout their travels in North America. Have a great couple of shows at RCMH and we will see you on the 9th at Massey Hall. By the way, is David planning any appearances on local radio stations like, say, … Q107 in the street studio at the Hard Rock Cafe?


    [If he is, I’m sure we’ll announce it here. I should hope so, anyway! – Features Editor]

  25. Hang on, Brad, was that an indiscriminate slam against New Yorkers?

    How do you know that rather over exuberant bunch wasn’t a gaggle of tourists from California?

  26. Dave, Polly and family,

    I am so sorry that your family was hassled by a few rabid fans. Please accept the gracious apologies from your American Fans. Most of us are very “family oriented” and resent any assault on our children’s privacy and physical space. It is very hard to not put “another brick in the wall” in your life when we are exposed to other’s stupidity. (What did Forrest Gump say?) Thank you for promoting a passionate compassionate way of life.

    I understand that you are also a fan and have been influenced by Jeff Beck. Have you ever had an occasion to see or play with Jeff? I would kill to hear the two of you pay the blues (I consider both of you the best Rock/Blues guitar players in the world!) I’ll be wearing my Jeff Beck tour shirt to the show tonight (and hope to wear your tour shirt to Jeff’s show!). Hope to meet some fans at the Heartland Brewery before the show!

    Peace, Love and Understanding,

    The Happy Epicurean

  27. this one is for claude. in the montréal press today there was a huge page of madonna. she is coming in montréal and it is the only city she visits in canada. claude, in despite of seeing the great man,console yourself with the material girl…

    sorry david for this unrespectful welcome in u.s.a. hope in canada is gonna be better…

    sylvie de montréal.

  28. I’m sorry to hear of my fellow Americans behaving like a bunch of idiots. I do have to say though that David is one of the greatest “rockstars” of all time, and thats just what happens when your that famous{remember the Beatles landing in the U.S.}. So I just don’t see why anyone is surprised. I would be a little flattered myself. I am very sorry though to hear that Davids family were involved. That is unfortunate.

  29. I don’t really know what else to add re: the airport ‘welcoming party’

    It’s a shame that those people could not afford David and his family the respect and courtesy they deserve. The last thing anyone needs after a long flight is a bunch of loonies swarming all over them. Good grief what the hell is wrong with some people.

    F.ed, you defo need those pointy sticks of yours now.

  30. As a fellow New Yorker, it saddens me to hear that Mr. Gilmour and his family were harrassed by unruly fans who gathered at JFK for a glimpse of him.

    As one who works in this industry and travels quite a bit, it’s rather disturbing having to deal with rabid fans. They will never understand that at the end of the day the artist in question is human just like you and I.

    And as much as you enjoy your privacy so do those artist. Even more so.

    It is my hope that all of us understand how special it is to have Mr. Gilmour preforming here in the states. After all, the last time he was here was 1994!

    Please be respectful. You never know, he may reward our kindness with a wonderful version of “Fearless” or “Fat Old Sun”

  31. I hate to admit it, but I feel that if I had heard David was at the airport, I would’ve rushed there. But the pushiness and the apparently aggressive behaviour and such… I completely disagree with. I will try my very hardest to meet David after or before the show at Massey Hall, but if he just walks past… that’s that! After all, in the end it’s about the music.

  32. Hello again Mr Fe/Ed what a shame about David’s reception at the airport, I think a lot of the people responsible for doing these thoughtless actions are in the main not David’s real fans.

    I’m sure the vast majority of fan’s here would be mortified at the thought of upsetting our musical hero and his family.
    I think we may see almost everything that was signed on ebay quite soon!.

    Personally I wouldn’t want to meet David unless he is pleased to meet me, I’m just another stranger to him and for all he knows I could be a complete nutter not a good recipe for a nice meeting.

    I understand peoples desire for autographs but is it worth bugging the hell out of someone you are supposed to respect.

    I just hope his young children were not scared witless by those people.

    If the people who did this want David to tour more often this is NOT the way to encourage him to come again is it?

    I hope you all have a great time over there getting lots of practice in for the RAH in May (as if you need it) :o)

  33. well . . . I am mortified at hearing of the problems David, Polly and the family had upon their arrival. I don’t want to go into a lengthy rant about how rude, selfish and inconsiderate we the human race have become (especially in this country I hate to admit . .) I think that topic (or close enough) has been addressed to death here already. I would like to venture out and say that the crowds coming up in the next weeks will be making up for any nonsense in the beginning – of that I am sure.

    and for you F’ed . . . . I’m just delighted to hear that “Coming Back to Life” is special to you too . . . just makes me that much fonder of you . . .

    one week from tomorrow . . . . . . I’ll have a 4 hour drive from my home to Chicago . . . we’ll be listening to OAI (and misc. PF of course) ALLLLLLLLLL the way there (and of course, we have the portable stereo for the hotel room) . . . . . heading straight . . . into the shining sun . . .


    don’t forget F’ed . . . . next Wednesday . . . Gibson’s Steakhouse next to the theater . . . you’re “Sven” . . . . no one but us will ever know . . .

    [I’ll wear a fake moustache. – Features Editor]

  34. I am going crazy with anticipation. I have never been this excited for a show in my life. I was a late bloomer and my introduction to floyd was live in 94 so I was able to sleep before that show. The night before the album came out here I couldn’t sleep, just watched the meltdown DVD and pulse video all nite. Tonite will be tough since my tickets are for wednesday. I can’t believe I will have seen dark side played live (94) and possibly echoes to. I still can’t believe “the time has come, the songs is ” not”over. thought I’d something more to say.”

  35. shame on you jfk people,you should be punished by having your tickets taken away.

    we were the luckey 2 and only 2 tickets at our ticketmaster for the wed.chicago show,sadly for my husband he cannot attend,i will be going with a friend,it will take a long time for his disappointment to fade.

    i cant wait till the 12th ,and really dont dare show my excitement anymore ,like rubbing salt into the wound

  36. In regards to Mr. Matt Parish’s post: There is nothing better than seeing a concert or a bunch of concerts with your dad. It is a very good idea that you take him even though he did bad on a test. My father and I attended some wonderful events together wheb I was a teen, Rush @ Hartford Civic Center, The Rolling Stones @ Olympic Stadium in Montreal ( I was 15).Now, At the age of 31, I appreciate these times and many others on a regular basis. These events helped form a bond( cause we both love to play AIR GUITAR) that keeps us in regular contact to the day, him in VT and me in Colorado.

    I wish he was going with me to Kodak Theatre and Gibson Amphitheatre…but, I will go and give him a call before the show, just cause.

    Enjoy your time at this extraordinary chance to be graced by a true Master of His Craft.

    A man on the inside looking out,

  37. Fedmeister…Tom

    I think we’re all in violent agreement here that the word “awesome” is incorrectly applied… Use it correctly or don’t use it at all I say!

  38. What the …..???

    “I don’t know if he does like it, Brad. I believe he likes cricket, which is similar. – Features Editor”

    Fedmeister! Stop drinking… put the bottle down and step away from the bar…

    [Yeah, I know. That was slightly half-arsed, wasn’t it? It’s the same kind of thing, though. – Features Editor]

  39. Dear FED and all of you

    do you remember Mr Gilmour is a great rock star? Do you remember a rock show and tour? I think rockbiz system is not a paradise for young children or they have to consider their “different” way of life. We all love Mr Gilmour and his fantastic music,but the daily exhibition of the “new” family and “new” love sometime is so heavy…Really,with love

  40. PS. Hello Linda – another sensible Man Utd Fan.

    A few more wins, FEd, that’s all we need and you won’t be able to catch us……

    hows it going vicky . nice to see another lady united fan . united are playing arsenal next sunday so i hope we can win there . though i am sure david is not hoping the same 🙂


  41. Caption-

    ‘No one had the faintest idea how Wurzel had stowed away on the Astoria’

  42. I would like to add my voice to the chorus of fans who feel awful about the way David and his family were treated upon arrival in the U.S. I too think that this does not represent the vast majority of fans, most of whom would certainly treat David with respect and kindness. So, please pass along our warmest greetings, our deep appreciation for the fact that he is touring here, and our profound hope that there be no more such “incidents” during his stay.


  43. My apologies for the way my fellow Americans greeted David. People can be quite rude. I hope it’s not like that in every city, but I bet it probably is going to be. Keep in mind for next tour, we are not all that way.

  44. FEd:

    David must remember he is a celebrity and will attract a certain number of those fans who wish to see and interact with their idol.

    It is the life he has chosen so he should expect it. I do not know the details but I do think he should reconsider before taking little ones on tour. It is a bit unrealistic that he should expect to arrive here after all the HYPE and not be approached.

    I hope this incident is not repeated however.

  45. I am very dissapointed that some people botherd David to an unacceptable point, I have to think the individuals who did that do not come around here. Those that were rude probably only know him from Pink Floyd and were told of his arrival by REAL fans. What do I mean by real fans? Simple, those who respect David enough to realize the situation, maybe give a well wish or two and then LET THE MAN BE!! No one likes to get swarmed.

  46. Sorry, I should of remember to put this in mt last post, but I was wondering if anyone saw the Soprano’s this week. The show ended with “One of These Days” and it played through the credits. I was wondering, is that something they can just use or do they need permission (I’d imagine they do but from who?)

    [They would have needed permission from the songwriter(s) and publisher, Joe. – Features Editor]

  47. [picture the tone of some mindless Yankee adolescent parroting it on the streets. Now where was I….]

    Mindless Yankee adolescent parroting it on the streets?

    oh boy, I’ve got my gander up now.

    What’s wrong with that? Imitation, ia, after all, the sincerest form of flattery.

    (Disclaimer: this is, in no way, a personal attack, it is a genuine attempt at communication)

    God bless the “mindless Yankee adolescent”

    I’ve got one myself, and I’m very proud of her, she’s getting to grips with the UK and our weird ways (Try explaining sleeping policeman to a street wise Yankee adolescent….mindless or not, it’s quite a challenge)

    I’ve been away from commenting on the website for a while due to a cold (and a bloody cracked rib that makes sneezing a thing from nightmares)…but I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts from the people that remember why we came here in the first place…. because we love the music.

    I do so wish that everyone would put their differences aside and remember why they came here…a particular song, maybe a certain chord, or perhaps a T shirt bought so many years ago that doesn’t fit anymore….

    We love our music and we’ll debate endlessly about it…. and every other darn thing under the sun.

    We’ll beg and plead for our particular take on things to be expressed, because we rely on the music to speak for us.

    But our legacy will be our children, and they aren’t mindless, they are priceless.

    They will take our David Gilmour, and our Pink Floyd and challenge us to do more.

    There was a post earlier, (and I’m sorry I can’t give credit to it, but I’m hoping F’ed can) about supporting the new bands, because in 20 years or so, we can say, we were there, and they ROCKED

    Give the youngsters a break….after all, when I was a youngster, Rock and Roll was deemed to be the end of civilisation, and just look at how excellent we are now. Here we all are, defying convention, loving the music and having a bloody good time.

    Once the tour is over, and there are no more airport mob scenes to endure, I hope the Gilmour family can sit back and relax with us and be proud of what’s been achieved.

    We’ve taken the music out there, we’ve thrown the gauntlet down, now let’s sit back and watch them run with it.

    Helen (proud mother of a mindless Yankee adolescent)

  48. Hmm recieved some info that a NY radio station is claiming a special guest tonight. Not sure if its true or not, but if it is, I sure hope the “Special guest” is there tommorow night too when im there.

  49. Hello F.E. Are you making a late night of it, or will we here in North America have to wait until tommorow for the details of tonight’s concert?Just wondering if I should wait up or go to beddybyes at my normal hour.

    [I’m going to bed soon and will get up at the crack of dawn for you, mate. I’ll be back when it’s a little after midnight in New York. Judging from the previous concerts, no one really posted much before midnight. – Features Editor]

  50. i think it’s terrible and those people who pestered david at jfk airport should feel ashamed. if i were david, i’d see what happens the next time he gets off a plane with his family and if the same things happens, i would just say “f*ck it!” and go straight home. i’m sorry, he’s not the pope and he’s not a bloody backstreet boy. i don’t buy this “he should have expected it” nonsense. what’s wrong with expecting some space? we knew his family would be with him. he’s doing the damn shows, that’s all he’s obliged to do for you grasping people. he doesn’t need to be hassled the moment he steps off a plane and his wife and kids certainly don’t need it either. remember that david is a rock god to us, but he’s a father and husband to people far more important to him than us lot. how scary it must have been for those kids to see and hear lots of big people calling for and lunging at their daddy. how very sad for grown men to behave like that (grow up!) for the sake of a bloody autograph. perhaps david should have spent the seven hours on that plane signing various things so that he could give a pile of autographs to his manager and say “there’s their bloody autographs, now keep them away from me!” maybe it would have been worth sitting on that plane for another hour until all the brats had got their goodies and cleared off.

  51. Good afternoon, F.Ed,

    Welcome to the States, David, family, and crew.

    Clemens, I am on board with the pointy stick program. I could even be a distributor, and we could all be Card Carrying members of the Angry Mob. How about a special pointy stick that’s real gnarly and covered in Poison Oak, reserved for especially rude people who want to complain about where David plays.

    I am sorry, but I can’t resist something. I was looking at baby names and meanings the other day, and totally by coincidence, came across Claude… It has Latin origins, and means Lame… I am not saying anything else.

    If we are going after awesome’s meaning and correct use what’s next, the meaning of is? Oh yeah. that’s been done.

    Again, welcome to the USA, I hope your next encounter goes smoother than the last.

    Have a good day, all


  52. [Baseball, rounders, cricket… It’s close enough! You knew what I meant. As for photos, then there’s a nice one of David and Dick on page six of the Gallery if you haven’t already seen it. The next picture we get of Dick, I’ll dedicate it to you, mate. – Features Editor]

    i knew what you meant , it’s just that people outside of the uk find it very hard to understand the rules of cricket . i know i don;t understand them and i have been to see it live at the cricket old trafford . my dad took me there when we were in manchester for a trip to the football old trafford . after many fatherly explainations i still could’nt get my head round the gane 🙂 then again why would anyone understand rounders any better ?

    as you know my posts are never meant to be taken too seriously ( unless for some insane reason i make comments about religion or politics or something like that !) i am about as deep as a teaspoon me 🙂

    i found the picture of dick parry you told me about . so the 2 great musucians did have a go at red sky at night together . how cool 🙂 i had’nt been to the gallery in a while i must admit .

    thanks for the gracious offer of a picture dedication . i would like that very much 🙂

    one last thing . would you mind terribly if i said a huge big happy birthday to my dad who is celebrating it tommorrow . thanks fet ed 🙂


    [Of course I wouldn’t mind. “Happy birthday for tomorrow, Linda’s Dad… even though I hear you support Manchester United!” Pity. I don’t understand cricket or baseball, funnily enough. Both are dreadfully slow and involve much waiting around, so therefore they are similar in my book! – Features Editor]

  53. “Solar eclipses are more common than David Gilmour performances in the United States.”

    Well, there was just a solar eclips last week and whaddya know-here’s David! 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear he was hassled at the airport.Some people are in need of FEd’s pointy stick.

    Just a funny moment this afternoon. While driving, I stopped to make a turn. “Money” was on the radio and across the street was a gas station whose “quick mart” was called “On the Run”. I love moments like those.


    Still waiting for tickets while today’s Gaggle of Gilmourrim drink it up at Heartland Brewery. Tom, Shelly, and Wendy are names that you might remember…

    About New Yorkkas and our attitudes….I won’t say much beyond one must be wary of generalizations…

    No offense taken here by the way. I live here and know what a real New Yorker is…..

    More RCMH later…..

    [There are rude people everywhere, mate. Polly was hassled at the Mermaid Theatre in London. Perhaps you saw the photos. Anyway, enjoy the show tonight. I’m going to be here from half past midnight your time adding fan comments, so if that’s not too late for you on a work night, feel free to spill the beans then. – Features Editor]

  55. Thanks alot, NYC fans who mobbed David. Of the places David’s been so far, and the countries David has visited, this is the first time I recall a blog entry where F.Ed has had to ask people to leave him alone and show him more respect. I would not have faulted him one bit if he got back on the plane and went straight to Toronto. All that behavior does is fuel the stereotype of NYC being a town of nothing but enema insertion points. Thanks for giving David (a 60 year old man who has spent 7 hours on a plane, which is taxing enough as it is, with a young family in tow) a nice, warm, USA welcome by hounding, pestering and demanding autographs like he’s freaking Santa Claus. I sure hope when he gets to Chicago that people are a little more respectful. No, a LOT more respectful.

    With all of the people on this side of the pond demanding a stop at their hometown, demanding a 3 hour set list, and crybabying about everything, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t come here again.

    Sorry, F.Ed, but when people treat people with that much blatant selfishness and disrespect, It burns me.

    To the (I’m sure) overwhelming majority of us that aren’t like that, especially the ones going to the shows, please give David a better example of American hospitality and kindness than we have seen at the airport.

    Sorry for venting, but come on, people, grow up.


  56. What a sorry country we live in where we applaude the antics of papparazzi type stalking so we can all get our bit (photo or autograph) of our hero’s. And at what expense? How would you feel if it were your family? Can’t you just be glad the Gilmour’s are coming here? Talk about cut off your nose to spite your face. Our apologies to the Gilmour family and crew. When I read this I felt the ‘ranter’ on a UK web site was probably saying ‘I told you so’. Selfish people, please don’t ruin this for the rest of us who care. These people have two months yet of touring befor they can get back to their homes. Let’s not make this the last time they will ever want to come here.

    9 more days and I will be flying to Chicago to see Mr. Gilmour and I want to savor every moment. Can’t believe I missed the Floyd all these years. Was into opera. sheesh! Thank heavens I ‘discovered’ David Gilmour and the music befor he decided to grace this country with a tour. Whew! Would have missed the whole deal. Not interested at all in Waters(sorry. But Mr. Gilmour’s voice and music and guitar are superb. And all the ladies I work with think he is a mighty fine looking man. Excuse us please, Mrs. Gilmour (Polly)…Welcome to all the Gilmour’s and the band and crew!!

  57. [Hang on, Brad, was that an indiscriminate slam against New Yorkers?

    How do you know that rather over exuberant bunch wasn’t a gaggle of tourists from California?]

    Stephen, I wouldn’t characterize it as a “slam” per se. It is widely known that indigenous people from the areas around Manhattan Island, New Jersey & Brooklyn have what many have termed as the “New York Attitude”. Anyone who denies it exists is himself in denial.

    This is a characteristic that is both genetic and environmental. So even if both parents of someone weren’t from that area originally, transplanting there can result in acquiring the condition.

    But I guess you are right. It could have been a bunch of unruly tourists from California.

    Or it could have even been a group of demonstrators from one of the countries that David is not traveling to on the tour.

    MAaayyybeee it was really government agents that were there trying to test the Gilmour entourage’s security.

    Or maybe it was really a bunch of school children waiting for their lawsuit money because they didn’t get royalties for singing “Hey, Teacher…leave those kids alone!”

    But I really think it might have been workers for Kentucky Fried Chicken there protesting the arrival of David Gilmour since he is a supporter of animal rights and KFC is supposed to be a big violator of them.

    Or, it might have just been some overzealous, home grown, New Yorkers that have overbearing personalities and no fear to open their mouths about it.

    In New York, if you are loud and arrogant, it is not seen as rude. It is normal and that’s okay because that is how some were raised and it’s part of their culture and they don’t know anything else. It’s how you take it that really matters. And I take it with a grain of salt.

    (Can anyone see me right now with my tongue in cheek??)

    Could someone please pass me the ladle? This pot needs a bit more stirring….tee-hee

    (Hope I didn’t get you pumped up too much Stephen)

    Nice to see that “Take a Breath” is going to get some air time here in the US. I think that track will take off here.

    Thanks for all you do FEd….

  58. [I couldn’t agree more, mate. That song’s dear to me, too. – Features Editor]


    I cant stress enough how much I agree with Frost and yourself Ed ” Coming back to life” is an absolute gem of raw emotion that proves that David can indeed with WORDS write a timeless classic . The whole mood of this song is so heartfelt its unreal. Anybody that has felf low at any stage of their life should sit in a darkened room put this song on and if anybody still disagrees with me watch the gospel version on his dvd.

    When David last played this at the stratpack gig myself and my partner choked back tears . Its a place not a song.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy

  59. What happened at JFK was terrible, I know how distressing my kid`s would have found it.

    But we shouldn`t be too hard on our American friends as it appears to be a minority, there are lots of postings from genuine US fans here, who are completely embarresed by the affair.

  60. Fedmeister,

    Wow, that’s late for you! You can definitely expect a post from me later. Thanks!

    By the way, I’m seventh on line now with about fifty behind me. If I don’t get in tonight I at least have tomorrow….

  61. The ‘fans’ at the airport were probably ebay autograph hounds, but I dont doubt there are also some delusional zealots mixed in with that bunch. How awful for the kids.

    I hope that people who buy high priced tickets and autographs on ebay realize how they are hurting David, his family and his real fans.

    p.s. on a side note, actor George Clooney has advised people to report bogus sightings to any websites that stalk celebrities to protect them. Please people, If you see David & Family anywhere please do not give out information where they are!. Hopefully us real fans can make sure they have a comfortable visit and are not hassled.

  62. Clemens, maybe when you’re older and wiser. I hate the internet – forums/blogs are silly. I try to reply as seldom as possible. I’m sick of the internet; it’s ugly and boring – like a trucker hat. Everyone wants functionality – which is corporate, tedious, homogenizing and pathetic. I try to have as little to do with the internet as possible – It kills me slowly… If you need me, I’ll be enjoying life with my family and friends. If you agree to be my lookout while I paste ten foot tall paintings of people f*cking buildings, we can discuss whatever it is you want to discuss.

    Hysteron proteron

    [Maybe it is time for this discussion to end, guys. – Features Editor]

  63. Caption…
    (David thinking)

    “Wonder why Nick doesn’t like pie crust.They’re tender,flaky and oh so yummy.Just don’t get it.Must be on an island somewhere.Hey, there’s an idea for a new song!”

  64. I’m not even going to try to explain how excited I am about tomorows show because theres no way I could. I will be looking for everyone across the street from radio city music hall around 4:45 but I’m under 21 and I don’t drink anyway so me and my friend probably wont go to the bar everyone is heading to but it will still be nice to meet some new David Gilmour fans.

    I hope it’s not to much to ask for the other people on this blog that will be there not to let me know what tonights setlist is……I read all the other ones but I don’t want any idea what he plays tonight.

    One thing is for sure…..I will not be disapointed with anything that is played. See you all at 4:45 (as long as I make it there by then).

    Please don’t spoil the setlist!!

    [You’ll have to give Fan Fare a miss for one day, Kevin. It will be mentioned. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  65. I think the main difference between cricket and baseball is whether you’re eating hotdogs or cucumber sandwiches.

    Also, if there’s a Chesterfield sofa on the pitch, it’s probably cricket.

    [Ah, I see. I’ll take note of that. – Features Editor]

  66. Shame on those hounds. This does not sit well with me. I thought NYC had a reputation where celebraties were not hasstled or stalked.If I remember correctly Macca did not have this kind of hasstle. Welcome to North America David and family; and may your stay be sweet. I am sorry of what has happened.

  67. Hi Fea. Ed. and David’s fans—

    Sorry about the rush at JFK but those people probably just were thrilled to see david, and yeah I’m sorry if it freaked out the young’uns but doesn’t he get mobbed when walking the streets of London? I have to admit that if I was in close proximity and he wasn’t eating supper or something, I would figure out a way to say hello without tackling him. Okay so maybe I would tackle him. Oh and I’m diggin’ the facial hair as well..such a sexy, sexy man.

    See ya in Chicago baby,


    [One can be “thrilled” without acting selfishly, surely. – Features Editor]

  68. Hang on, Brad, was that an indiscriminate slam against New Yorkers?

    How do you know that rather over exuberant bunch wasn’t a gaggle of tourists from California?

    Stop that! Why I oughta’……

    As a NYer who has transplanted to California, let’s just leave the incident as, some overly enthusisatic fans overstepped their bounds in an irrational moment of exuberance. It’s not a bad NY’er thing, it was just excitable poor judgement. Won’t happen again Mr. Gilmour. We the people of these United States promise you that.

    Have a lovely American tour.

  69. Well I got to third in line but no luck. I’ll post again later, but I’m happy I at least have tickets for tomorrow!

    I’ve just a couple of pictures from today because I was on line almost the whole time, but I’ll have more tomorrow….

  70. Caption:

    A wary Cap’n Gilmour watches the mutiny of the crew, he’d feared as much after telling them the SS Astoria was about to set sail for Montreal!

  71. My son whom I just asked what do you want to tell david gilmour tonite.. says.

    David I love you… and sorta moved his mouth like gilmour lost in comfortably numbs lead.

    But from a long time fan who just didnt get tickets watching you on High Definition is enuf for me these dayz. Release PULSE in HDef!

    Good luck in USA. Im sure Boston fans would have greeted ya better!


  72. I’m really sorry that David and family were treated poorly at JFK- Don’t hold it against us!! I’m sooo looking froward to tomorrow night-I can’t believe it’s finally here. Today is my birthday and this is the BEST present ever!!! See ya tomorrow!!!

    [Happy birthday, Jackie. Enjoy tomorrow’s concert. – Features Editor]

  73. Hey everybody! How are ye? I’d like to share with everyone in expressing their regrets over the disgraceful behavior of so-called “fans” at JFK. Hall of Shame inductees one and all. One of these days I’m going to cut them into little pieces. So I better be careful with that axe.

    Seriously though, when I first heard the news of this conduct, I, as an American (Scottirican actually) living in upstate NY, couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

    I’d like to thank you, F.Ed, for acknowledging that these were the juvenile actions actions of a “few bad eggs” and that this sort of conduct doesn’t typify westerners. I’m also very assured that David and Polly are as equally discerning. I sincerely hope they enjoy the rest of their stay. -Joe

    PS To real fans: “Please bear in mind that David’s family are with him and think how you would feel if your family was being hassled in this manner.”

  74. This is not as yet confirmed as 100% fact…but…

    I have heard from someone that a friend called during the NYC show (there’s those damn cellphones again!) and that Crosby & Nash showed up and performed with Dave & Co. on “On An Island” and “The Blue.”

    If true…WOW. 🙂

    [Hey Ryan. That would be good, wouldn’t it? It’s true, you know. – Features Editor]

  75. Thank you so much to you and your family for making the trek to North America Mr. Gilmour. Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto.

    Fed, I have pictures I would like to post to you, how do I do it, just cut and paste?

    Oh by the way when the tour is over, does this website end as well, I will be very saddened, I may not write every day, because i hate typing, but I read it everyday, and it will be missed.

    Thank you for all your dedication FED.

    [That would be great, thanks. You can send them to us directly. I’ll e-mail you the details. – Features Editor]

  76. Apologies on behalf of obnoxious NY’ers -we aren’t the only ones I’m afraid.


  77. I want to express my disdain for people hounding David. We are lucky to have him here in the States. We are very fortunate to have him release an album, or tour , for that matter. I would like an autograph from David too: But you know what? Its more important for him to be relaxed and combfortable while he is here. When I am playing a gig, and trying to get into that zone of musicianship, the last thing I want to do is talk to some drunken idiot that keeps hounding me. That is what most likely he feels like on a larger scale. I can’t account for the New Yorker’s behavior. They most likely are not as laid back and cool as us Midwesterners.Chill out and have some gratitude that David is here at all. Make him a figurative cup of tea,will you? See you in Chicago. Cory

  78. The N.Y. welcome reminds me of a time when I worked at Lake Powell. Robert Redford kept his boat there, and came in to fuel his boat up one day. I just happened to be at the spot he pulled in at, and he started talking to me, so I was bullshitting with him about nothing in perticular. We had been instructed way ahead of time not to pester him when he came I became worried when a houseboat full of older women docked thier boat close to us. The women started heading down the dock to the marina store, and most of them were about 50 yards away. When all of a sudden a heard this terrible scream, I looked over much to my horror, and saw this gastly women yelling to her friends, run back!!!..(IT’S REDFORD!!!, IT’S REDFORD!!!). Robert just smilled and said untie me quick, put it on my bill, and was gone just like that.

    After that moment, I realized how much celebrities sacrafice for thier fame…I hope David can blow it off as well.

    “By chance two seperate classes meet, and I am you, and what I see is me”….help me with this one Fed, is that how the song goes?

    [“Strangers passing in the street, By chance two separate glances meet, And I am you and what I see is me. And do I take you by the hand, And lead you through the land, And help me understand the best I can…” Echoes. Good point, Stephen. I think some ladies need to control their hormonal urges better, myself. – Features Editor]

  79. This may have been mentioned already but may I suggest that those “fans” at the airport are really professional autograph seekers who can’t wait to get home and list it on ebay?

    I see that lot quite often ( I live in LA. Yes I will be at the Kodak on April 19th) and they tend to be the rudest most demanding sort.

  80. This may have been mentioned already but may I suggest that those “fans” at the airport are really professional autograph seekers who can’t wait to get home and list it on ebay?

    I see that lot quite often ( I live in LA. Yes I will be at the Kodak on April 19th) and they tend to be the rudest most demanding sort.

  81. Response to Joe’s comments (not this Joe. I hope this doesn’t seem schizophrenic):

    “David must remember he is a celebrity and will attract a certain number of those fans who wish to see and interact with their idol”

    Although I think David realizes this (not speaking for David), I don’t think it’s unreasonable for him to expect proper behavior from fans especially if they can clearly see his family with him. Respectful fans will feel privelged to interact with him when they buy a ticket and attend a show. That’s a special kind of intimacy.

    “It is the life he has chosen so he should expect it.It is a bit unrealistic that he should expect to arrive here after all the HYPE and not be approached.”

    David has been in the music business and has lived a high profile life for over 40 years. I’m sure he’s expected a lot of attention, wanted or not, more so in the past. But in this stage of his life this type of attention is is not only unwanted, it’s unwarranted and unwelcoming. “Expecting” it is one thing. He should never have to accept it.

    On a lighter note, I thought the April Fools gag was a riot, F.Ed. I wanted to fool somebody with an upcoming Crosby, Gilmour and Nash album gag but never got around to it. Oh well.

    [You’re spot on, Joseph. It’s not about how badly someone wants an autograph, how big a fan they think they are, where you’re from or remembering that David is a celebrity and, therefore, should have to put up with these scenarios (the latter is a cop out for shameful behaviour and gets right up my nose). It’s about being respectful and considerate and treating others as you would wish to be treated yourself. Some people are respectful, other’s aren’t. Simple as. The people who pester David when he’s with his family are not respectful. Surely it doesn’t take much for anyone to realise that maybe, just maybe, David would rather be left alone at such moments. – Features Editor]

  82. Good Evening,

    I hope that everybody’s stay here in the U.S. is safe and plesant. I was wondering if David plans on playing on any of the late night shows here in the states ie; The Tonight Show with Jay Leno or Late Night with David Letterman. Especially since Leno tapes in Los Angeles and Letterman tapes in New York city? This would be very different than a full blown concert and would get the new album even more exposure. Just wondering.

    Thank You,
    Mark from Virginia

    [If so, we’ll be the first to let you know. – Features Editor]

  83. Joe nailed it, “It is a bit unrealistic that he should expect to arrive here after all the HYPE and not be approached.”

    Dear F.ed…

    Major rock stars do not walk through public airports in North America. Just because David doesn’t think of himself as a rock star anymore doesn’t mean he won’t be “MOBBED” as he strolls off his plane. People think he’s a rock GOD for goodness sake! They WORSHIP him!! He’s the KING of COOL!!! They just can’t be gentlemanly and polite around him. They want his picture. They want to see him, touch him, and get his autograph. They will not remember their manners around his wife and children. They will forget everything when they see him in person and they will do everything they can to get something from him. They are very passionate about David and I’m sure they just couldn’t help themselves. It’s easy to pass these people off as rude, crude eBay hawks but in reality they were probably just fans and they were probably overwhelmed to see this rock LEGEND…this rock GOD…coming towards them in a public airport.


    You don’t realize the effect you have on people over here. You and Polly need to watch your bums and the kids bums. Never mind the press and acting like a normal airline passenger walking through the airport terminal. You’re a VIP for goodness sake. Take the VIP exit and stay safe luv. See you in Toronto inside Massey Hall. NOT at the airport…LOL



    P.S. F.ed. I’ve never personally mobbed anyone in me life. Oh, I tell a lie. I did run up and hug Tom Jones one time at the Airport in Toronto. But I can be excused. I was only 12 and very young and foolish…and after all…it WAS Tom Jones…so it wasn’t that unusual! 😉

    [If these people care so much for David and his wishes, they’d give him all the space he requires, particularly when getting his wife and children safely to their hotel after a long flight is his priority. I’m sorry, but no one has the right to expect pictures, autographs or to touch him! That’s pure selfishness as far as I’m concerned. – Features Editor]

  84. Lets talk about the music and perforfance and stop all of this crap about some New York city fans.

  85. Sorry to hear about the JFK incident. I consider myself a huge Floyd fan and I would love to meet the band, but not like that. I was kind of hoping that David would have called me to play on this tour, but Mr. Manzanera was an excellent choice. Until I get the call from David to join the band, I will give him his space and continue to listen to the great music that he has provided his fans.

    Hey Fed – Do you think you can put in a word for me with Jon Carin about playing with him in Roger’s band this summer?

    Just kidding. Have a great day.

  86. Caption: Dave sits down and catches a breath of relief after getting to the hotel. “That wasn’t so bad, at least I didn’t have to drive through New Jersey!”

  87. Less than 21 hours to go for the 5th at RCMH…

    There is, unfortunately, nothing we can do to erase what happened at JFK…all we can do is show our respect at the shows.

    I think I’ll be too much in awe to make a sound…I really can’t wait to leave work early and take the train in and get ready for the show…I can’t believe it’s already time.

    I also can’t wait to wake up early to read the set list!!!

    See you all tomorrow night!!! I’ll be at the Pig N Whistle if anyone’s interested…

    PS: Fed – this blog HAS been the highlight for me for a long time now…I haven’t written much, but I’ve read everything – YOU ROCK!

  88. I’ve been waiting for David Gilmour to come to America my entire life. Now that he’s here, and I am but a poor student, I unfortunatly missed the show. However, tomorow a new day dawns and I will do everything humanly possible not to miss that show, even if it means scaling the walls of Radio City or robbing a scalper.

  89. Hello world out there.I’m leaving @midnight45 to head down to N.Y.C. to see Mr. Gilmour and friends. Down from “UPSTATE” N.Y.–Rochester that is!!! I have waited 42 years for this man to do another solo tour and no-one,no-one at all is going to ruin it ,especially some stooooopid yahoo’s at the airport.Whoever you were,you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

    To David and his family I apoligize for the MORON’S who made your welcome to the states less than welcoming. Hey Fed? Don’t these idiots realise that David’s wife has taken most if not all of those great pics that we all see on this blog????

    Anyhow-I’m off to RCMH to see Wed. nites show.I’ll blog back on Thurs. to let everyone know how the show by THEE NUMBER ONE GUITARIST IN THE WORLD was. Toodle-Loo Mates.

    [Unfortunately, these idiots are out for all they can get and all too easily forget what they’ve already been given, mate. Enjoy the next show. I look forward to hearing about it. – Features Editor]

  90. I’m probably not the first to report, but David changed the ‘On An Island’ set around so that he could be joined onstage by David Crosby and Graham Nash for a few songs. They sang harmony vocals on On An Island, The Blue and Shine On before returning between encore songs to perform their song Find The Cost of Freedom acapella with David. The second set was essentially the same as usual and included Fat Old Sun.

    It was a wonderful evening and it was worth the price of admission for Echoes alone. Thanks David – see you again tomorrow night!

    John Oreovicz

    [You are! – Features Editor]

  91. I’m not sure if anyone has posted this, but, there was a recent movie called “The Squid and the Whale” that used “Hey You” as part of the story. They also played bits of the song throughout the movie. Just thought my fellow Floyd fans would appreciate the info. (ps. its actually a pretty good flick if you are into Wes Anderson films).

  92. RCMH: View from the outside…

    Good Morning, Fedmeister!

    I won’t be able to give you the detail on what happened inside, but it was very cool haning out with our fellow blog mates on the outside. As a group, we represented five different states with four of us visiting New York City for the first time. It was a great communion of sharing stories about our live show experiences, Pink Floyd, and this Blog. Yes, we even spoke about our fearless Fedmeister (all good stuff…’onest, as Rudders would say).

    On line (or cue as you would say in the UK) there must have been a good fifty or sixty strong hopin for reserved tickets that were not picked up on time. Special note to those at other venues: if you’re pickin up tickets you better get there on time.

    About fifteen got in tonight on stand-by (and I missed the cut by three). The last three to get in were a family: a father and two of his adolescent sons who obviously had never seen the Floyd live. The dad was so pumped he “high fived” people. That was a great thing to watch, and a story I’m sure David and Polly would like to know.

    Outside RCMH were fans of all kinds. I met a guy who was of East Indian decent, another couple from Texas who spent a lot of money to be in NYC, and a poor middle aged guy on heart medication, Jeff from Connecticut, who waited on line for four hours but didn’t get in.

    There had to have been hundreds of late comers, and I’m sure the word should get out about being on time. Well after 8:30pm people kept streaming in past unlucky hold outs who asked anyone and everyone at the front enterance if they had any spare tickets.

    From what I saw, with the exception on two or three “anxious” fans without tickets, people were very well behaved. I walked away via a side street to the same door I listened to the sound check earlier on and again heard the music booming through despite the doors being closed. It sounded….really good….

    Heartland gang: I had to leave, but it was great meeting you!!! I’ll post pictures tomorrow am.

    [Sorry to hear that you weren’t lucky tonight, Angelo. – Features Editor]

  93. Dear feature editors and especially to MR & Mrs Gilmour and family: I am not going to apologize for the reaction that a ‘superstar’ receives whenever they come into port or a town. I am not going to put down any group of fans whether is be americans, or otherwise. The excitement is there and it should to some extent be appreciated. I was not aware nor should i be that Mr. Gilmour would be bringing his young children around the world with him I was shocked somewhat that Polly was made mentioned of on this tour. I live again 8 hrs from New York City and though it would not be in my nature to “rush” the Gilmour family and his friends i have to admit i would be very excited indeed. I never seen a so called “celebrity”in person at an airport or any other place for that matter. I do have a question though—Mr. Gilmour is no doubt a ‘family man’ and we all know he ‘did not have to put out another cd or go on another tour’ this has been written multiple times so we all know he is not in this for monetary purposes…But does his children not know that their mother and father are far ‘different’ that lets say myself who has no children? Are they not used to this kind of greeting and not just from americans..I have seen photos of the family up and about in London and they are all in tow..One of David’s sons is well into his teens he must know the impact that his father has on people. Afterall not everyone is knighted by the Queen herself. And what about the Live 8 turn out —there in the audience is Polly with her children what do they think when they see the response and the reactions of his fans…I do not know what happened at JFK airport and I will be the first to say there is no tolerance for ignorance. Eventually if not already David’s children must indeed know that their family is beyond the “everyday” families. I am sure the youngest is still a little bit to young but after all if THE late Princess of wales can bring up two what appear to be wonderful men if anyone remembers they were once children too and had to be taught that their lives are indeed different then i will say mine ( i would love to change places at anytime for a 24 hr period)….Maybe Mr. Gilmour was expecting to have no one at JFK airport??? THat i would imagine would be horrible to say the least but then again i am not in his shoes nor do I live his lifestyle and that of his families…Anyway please extend courtsey to the Gilmours while in North America and on tour–I would love to hear that they will come back for some event in the future….Sorry for your children being so upset by your fans Mr. Gilmour. I was at work and thinking almost every second on what must have been going on through day one of your concert in NYC. Welcome again to North America Mr. & Mrs. Gilmour


    [Again, I think this rather convenient insistence that David’s family should know what to expect because they are “different” is missing the point completely. At the risk of getting people on their soapboxes, it is fact that Princess Diana courted publicity and had a civic duty as a Royal. David does not and never has taken advantage of the media to suit his own personal needs. The two simply cannot be compared and it’s highly unfair of anyone to suggest that, just because David is a “celebrity”, his family should have to tolerate such uncouth behaviour. – Features Editor]

  94. Just got back from the show.. I can say that it was an amazing experience.. The best show I ever been to. It was great that Mr. Crosby and Mr. Nash came out and sang along on some tunes. Was truely a great show. Echoes was a highlight for me. Shine On was brilliantly done, especially after the Gm6 chord, (Sorry guys, I study music) where the drums entered. Just to conclude, the show was absolutely fantastic, it really annoyed me that people were walking about all the time getting up for their stupid bud lights.. But oh well.. David and the band did a fantastic job.. THANK YOU!!

  95. Just got a text message from a friend who was at the show tonight. Crosby and Nash came out for On An Island, Shine On, and Wish You Were Here! Set list also included Fat Old Sun. That’s all I know now. Sounds amazing! 🙂

  96. On the subject of JFK, a fan was forcing a copy of The Wall album under David’s nose for him to sign, completely oblivious to my 4 year old son who he managed to hit, freaking him out and making him cry.

    Nice one.

    [There you go. Upsetting a child for the sake of an autograph. If that doesn’t put it all into perspective, then I don’t know what will. If anyone can give a better definition of ‘selfish’, I’ll eat an ‘On An Island’ hat. – Features Editor]

  97. Ahh the sweet sound of Crosby, Gilmour & Nash.

    Hopefully the news is true!

    -Jon, Nebraska

  98. Tonights show was amazing. Cant wait for the tomorrow night-NY show #2

    The first set tonight was mixed due to two very special guest being late!

    The most amazing live concert you will ever see!

  99. Just read on the news about tonight’s special guests! am VERY excited for tomorrow night’s show. [I’ll let those in attendance this evening pipe up about that] cannot believe the last time I saw Mr. Gilmour I was 14!

    Wow, it’s difficult to fathom that showtime is drawing near.

    Please, everyone, let’s keep the tension down. I highly doubt those involved in the airport disgrace are people who frequent this site, and as far as labeling people, well, it’s possible that someone who hasn’t heard of David Gilmour might not immediately think “inconsiderate New Yorker,” when hearing of this sad event, but perhaps, “boorish David Gilmour fan.” Stereotypes, in an direction, aren’t very nice.

    Can’t wait for a beautiful show in a beautiful venue!

    Cheers everyone,

  100. Setlist……anybody……please?

    [Give people a chance to get back from the concert! – Features Editor]

  101. Here’s the setlist for tonight’s show. Special guests were indeed David Crosby and Graham Nash, who sang on three songs – marked with an asterix (*) – as well as performing one Crosby, Stills and Nash song.

    First half: Castellorizon, This Heaven, Smile, Red Sky At Night, Take A Breath, Then I Close My Eyes, On An Island*, The Blue*, Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond*, Wearing The Inside Out, Dominoes, Fat Old Sun, Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Find The Cost Of Freedom (an old CSN song taken from their double live album ‘Four Way Street’), Comfortably Numb.

  102. I was supposed to be there Tuesday night. My husband is there. He won the KLOS contest from Los Angeles. I am so sad I couldn’t go due to work – had to stay in Los Angeles. Please let me know in detail how it went. I worked really late – so I wouldn’t have to think about missing it.

    So sorry to hear about the airport. There are many truely gracious fans who care and we certainly wouldn’t want any of this to sour the tour.

    Details on the concert I missed????? Every little detail please!!!!

  103. It would appear as if the disdain put forth by the other DG fans on here will do justice, though I simply would like to express my agreement with the majority of the thoughts expressed by the other fans. It’s absolutely putrid to see such a display and hear such reports. Regardless, tonight was a nightmare turned around. I discoverd earlier in the evening my tickets had vanished and I went into a panic state, searched my home for five hours, haven’t felt so, so drained & sad in a long time. Only to discover hours later it was a family miscommunication, they were here all along! I was ecsatic to say the least. Anyway, I notice the setlist has not been posted as of yet, makes the anticipation rise. This will be the best show of my life, at the age of twenty-one, I’m sure of it. I was excited to see the comments posted about David Crosby & Graham Nash posted on the home site, another priceless treat for the fans. See you all the attendes tomorrow!

  104. Just got back. A fantastic show, truly wonderful music. The new stuff really transfers nicely when performed live. That raw edge, an inevitable element of live performance, works so well with OAI material. Was curious how A Pocketful Of Stones would come off, and it did indeed. Add to that the amazing treat of Graham Nash & David Crosby singing on OAI, The Blue, Shine On and a special encore trio harmonizing take on the CSN song, the name of which I’ve misplaced in my brain. That was quite special. They sound terrific and are fun to watch.

    So many wonderful moments too. Aside from David’s performance, which was powerful, lyrical, sharp and moving, both vocally and with the myriad of instruments including the sax, there was Phil Manzanera’s trippy guitar bits for Dominoes, Jon Carin playing slide??? And doing it quite well. Guy Pratt’s killer 1970 flavor bass for Fat Old Sun. And Echoes was, as others have mentioned, magical. It sounds so present and powerful. The Gilmour/Wright vocals on this song in particular sent shivers down me spine. And that’s just for starters…

    As for the audience singing along, the band may hold a different opinion, but from where I was sitting (near the mixing desk), the crowd actually seemed to be in tune!

    But you know, these shows are never without warts. During the intermission, the toilet scene was SWAMPED and a riotous circus. RCMH is not really designed to accommodate this kind of human mass. Wise-cracking drunken guys pushing through tight crowds and urinating in sinks (alas, an age-old rock concert tradition)… Actually, looking back on it, it’s easy too laugh now.

    Or maybe, Brad, it’s simply that we’re New Yorkers… Just joking! Though I would urge you not to judge a population by such a small cohort, I have to admit we are a ridiculous, unruly and often obnoxious lot. But that’s why you all love us so.

    Anyway, for those who have tickets for an upcoming show, you are definitely in for a treat. For those who can’t make the shows, that DVD is gonna be something so cool.

  105. “Echoes”…nothing more needs to be said!!!That was with out a doubt a mind blowing experience.The band was perfect not to mention Dave’s guitar playing throughout all 23 minutes

    Watching him going off in the middle and hearing guitars coming out of every different speaker was unreal…. unbelievable show guys…MY HATS OFF TO YA!!!!!!

  106. [Maybe it is time for this discussion to end, guys. – Features Editor]

    Well, it is when you start editing messages to represent a different point of view. I said “to buildings” in my last post.
    “If you agree to be my lookout while I paste ten foot tall paintings of people f*cking to buildings, we can discuss whatever it is you want to discuss.”. Some other words were deleted as well.

    Hysteron proteron

    [Criticising another person’s use of the English language is uncalled for, sorry. – Features Editor]

  107. After today’s theme at JFK. I’m surprised David and Polly didn’t leave with their children and head for An Island. They hopefully wouldn’t need pointy sticks there. Hope the shows in New York settles things down.

  108. After reading Guy’s post, I think David, the Band and all family members definately need bodyguards equipped with pointy sticks!

    [That’s just not on, is it? Imagine how nerve-wracking a scene like that would be for a four-year old, then to get hit in the face by a complete stranger… Come on, I don’t care how “thrilled” you are, that’s appalling. – Features Editor]

  109. David, Sorry to hear incident at arriving at JFK, I am sure Glasgow will be safer. I thought I would like an autograph when you passed me at mermaid, but realise that he doesnt matter. Its hard for some to accept but there are more important things in life. The trouble is those that cause problems dont read or accept feelings on this Site. There should be no celebrities, after all its only a job. I get fed up when I go out and get pestered by old ladies wnated me to repair their glasses( I am a glassblower!) so I can emphasise.

    Ian Pearson

  110. Holy Smokes…just got back from jeff beck, and didn’t know what could match it…now I do.



  111. just checking the setlist before work as you know i have an addiction. fair play to you for getting up so early for us, ed. sounds like one hell of a show. sorry to hear about your little son getting hit in the face, guy. i can imagine how you explained it to him afterwards. at least he won’t use that disgusting word “awesome” to describe his thoughts on new york, so maybe a little good has come out of the experience! hopefully people will think twice about trying to get autographs now. how disappointing to read so many “well he should have expected it” posts. you’re right about the hormones, ed. i reckon some of the ladies never got a good enough chance to scream at the beatles, the monkees, the new kids, nysnc or whoever. i’m sure it gives david a right laugh. seriously, do you really think he wants to pose for photos, sign whatever’s shoved under his nose and be fondled by you loons? sheesh, he’s just an ordinary guy. give him a break. he doesn’t act like a celebrity so this must make him feel really uncomfortable. and no, he doesn’t get mobbed on a daily basis in london and neither does a cbe make him a member of the royal family. sheesh.

  112. The show was fantastic! Highlights include David’s impeccable guitar and vocal performance throughout, the surprise appearance of Nash/Crosby, and the Echoes. The light show during Echoes was par with any Floyd show. I was a bit disappointed with the finale, however. I expected a light/laser extravaganza for Comfortably Numb but found it somewhat anti-climatic. While I’m complaining, there were two other minor disappointments: 1. the feedback during High Hopes; 2. those rotten kids behind me yelling “woo-hoo,” at the most in opportune times – during songs. Other than that, it was a great experience and well worth the agonizing train ride from Philadelphia. Thank you very much for a great night Mr. Gilmour. Thank you very much indeed.

  113. I’m really surprised about the JFK crowd. DG fans are generally quite mature, so what’s it all about??? I didn’t know David had teenagers between his fans…;)

  114. Features Editor, I was questioning his ability to grasp what I had said in the English language – he seemed to ignore what I had already written; he was asking questions that I though I had already answered – I naturally assumed that he didn’t comprehend what had actually been written. I wasn’t trying to mock him. I think there has been a communication failure somewhere here.

    Hysteron proteron

    [It seems so. However, if you aren’t able or willing to discuss the matter further in Dutch, then I cannot allow such remarks. I do apologise for editing your post, but trust that you understand why it is often necessary for me to do so. I certainly would never twist anybody’s words to represent a different point of view. This isn’t the best facility to allow serious debate to flow. I for one have enjoyed your posts, but if this is going to turn into an argument – bearing in mind that it has nothing to do with David Gilmour – then it is my job to stop it. I hope you see my point and don’t take it as a personal rejection. – Features Editor]

  115. [How about… those big poles you stick in the ground to hold up tents? As you can probably tell, my grasp of the English language is now slipping away… – Features Editor]

    Do you mean tent poles? 🙂

    [Yeah, that’s the one! – Features Editor]

  116. I must say I’m surprised not to mention disappointed to read some of the messages here suggesting that just because David is a ‘celebrity’ he should expect behaviour like that.
    Well I’m sorry but that is utter bilge, nobody, but nobody deserves to be mobbed like that and more especially when they have got young children with them.

    These are probably the same sort of people who come to my hometown looking for Roger Barrett, oh yes they think it’s fine to bang on his door and expect him to be accommodating in spite of his state of health.

    Guy, I’m sorry to hear what happened to your son, it’s just not on it’s really not. I hope you and the rest of the band don’t have to put up with this again.

    [Gosh, don’t get me started on the way people hound poor Syd, for goodness sake! Sickening, isn’t it? I appreciate the argument that famous people wouldn’t be famous if not for the fans, but that does not give fans the right to invade anyone’s privacy, be that stepping off a plane or going to the shops to buy a newspaper. I often wonder if the people who tend to make a nuisance of themselves by pestering celebrities would be able to cope as a celebrity with that level of attention. I imagine not. They’d probably revel in it for a while (I’m sure they’re insanely jealous), but then they’d crack under the strain. How they could willingly and actively be a part of something which has induced many a celebrity breakdown, I do not know. They aren’t helping Syd, that’s for sure, and I’d imagine the sheer sight of those people at JFK – in all their greed and fanaticism – didn’t exactly fill David with a great desire to tour again. Although the same people will demand that he tours again, of course. – Features Editor]

  117. Now I REALLY wish I’d been to the show! This one really does appear to be one that will be written about in biographies for years to come.

    What more can I say about the JFK thing… Perhaps this is a “teachable moment” for David’s children. Something like, “Let this be a cautionary tale of what happens when people become too unbalanced.” And really, isn’t that what it is? People losing their sense of interconnectedness, decency, RESPECT?

    David, if you’re reading this, please know that the offensive behavior at JFK does not represent the spirit of America. Most people in this country, seeing a weary family disembark from a long international flight, would offer them a nice hot meal, a place to sleep…

  118. Dear Fed,

    Indeed very sad to hear about the very disrespectful treatment that Mr. Gilmour, his family and his accompanying band members received upon their arrival in New York.

    One would assume plain old courtesy would keep people from behaving in such a manner.

    Best wishes to everybody involved in the tour and of course to you, Feature Editor,


  119. [On the subject of JFK, a fan was forcing a copy of The Wall album under David’s nose for him to sign, completely oblivious to my 4 year old son who he managed to hit, freaking him out and making him cry. Nice one.]

    That’s absolutely outrageous, Guy. I hope that your son is alright. That sort of behaviour is totally uncalled for – not a good start at all. I hope that the rest of the tour isn’t marred with events of a similar nature.

    Hysteron proteron

  120. It’s strange for me to keep reading here about how David is a “celebrity”. As far as I am concerned a “celebrity” is someone who is contiually in the tabloids or magazines such as “Hello”. They are usually famous more for going to the right parties and selling photos of their homes and children a la Posh’n’Becks or Jordan’n’Peter or all the various Big Brother wannabes.

    David on the otherhand is a musician who I have always considered to be rather shy of publicity. I’ve learned more about him in the past few weeks of reading this blog and various other sites than I’ve read in the past 30 years. He’s hardly Madonna, Elton John or George Michael, who have have been somewhat contraversial over the years. You rarely see his name in the papers – and if you do it’s generally to do with his charitable works.

    In fact, off stage (and even on stage to some extent) he seems pretty anonymous. Most people wouldn’t recognise him if he sat next to them on the Tube and I certainly can’t imagine him ever getting mobbed in that way in his home country. I would imagine that 90% of the time he is able to go about his business, do the school runs, go to Tesco’s without anyone turning a hair. (Is that the right metaphore?)

    When I’ve been to Pink Floyd concerts I’ve generally preferred to sit or stand a way back so as to get the full effect of the wonderful stage show and better sound, and the small people in the distance making that wonderful noise on stage have been just part of the whole experience rather than the main reason for going. (I’ve not put that very well, but I think what I mean to say is that when I go to see Eric Clapton I like to sit up front and watch Eric. When I see Pink Floyd I go for the whole and not the individuals). David has never gone out of his way to be a Mick Jagger, Elton, or Jimi Hendrix and draw huge attention to himself.

    That’s why I feel so shocked about what happened at JFK and why I am annoyed to read that people think he should expect this sort of reaction. I’m sure he doesn’t.

    I’m one of those hormonal women mentioned by previous bloggers(at 49 – mid lfe crisis etc – and yes, I admit it, I had some very hot flushes when I recently bought Mojo and a 25 year old David was staring provocatively at me from the front cover) but I would NEVER hassle anyone like that. Particularly when there are young children around. I am sure it wasn’t just women though. I would be willing to bet that the men were just as bad.

    Over the years I have met most of my “idols” and like to think that they found me polite and unpushy. I might queue up after a gig for an autograph and a few words – but only if THEY are willing to give one.

    I have even become quite friendly with some of my favourite musicians – but I give them space. I’m not going to bombard them with emails of phone calls etc. If they want to contact me, fine. If they want to come over for a chat before or after a gig, great. But it’s a privilege not a right – and I’m not going to go over and demand their attention.

    I have seen several “famous people” out and about in London or even in my locality, the village where I grew up is full of famous faces from TV, radio, sports or the music industry but I would never dream of doing more than just nodding, smiling and saying “hello” if by chance our glances meeet. They are off duty, in their private time, and this should be respected. Just as a doctor at a wedding doesn’t want everyone coming up and asking them to diagnose their ailments.

    David, Polly, Guy and the others were off duty. They should have been left alone, and it’s time that people learned respect.


    (Rant over. Now where’s my tent pole? It’s time for me to sharpen the end…..)

    [Here. You get a complimentary one for such a brilliant post. “Off duty” is such an accurate way of describing it. I also have trouble with the word “celebrity” and you are right to say that David can generally go about his business in Britain without being mobbed. I imagine it was mostly men who were doing the mobbing at the airport, but it seems that women have played the celebrity card here, arguing that David should have expected it because he’s famous, which somehow makes harassing his family and the families of the other musicians more acceptable. With so many recent discussions about Christianity, it seems odd that we forget “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” so conveniently. If my four-year old got a smack in the mouth, I’d have been livid. – Features Editor]

  121. One good listen to On An Island shows how David has transcended beyond Mr. Big Rock Star, that he is now more contented and dedicated to his family. We, the true fans count ourselves fortunate that he is touring, not out of necessity, but for the love of performing. Hopefully there won’t be more incidents of over-zealous fans (for lack of a better word) to ruin the experience for the band. Still looking forward to the Paramount show on the 17th!


  122. To Lucia who questioned if she should go and see Roger Waters. My advice would be a resounding YES. He normally tours with Snowy White a more than able guitarist. You should listen to Snowys albums. All very very good. And lets not forget that, in ‘Amused to Death’, Roger Waters, in my humble opinion, gave us one of the greatest concept albums ever written. A real thought provoker.

    After thought: Amused to Death – What better album to be listened to by a certain element after the events at JFK airport. What would the scenes had been like if Pink Floyd HAD taken up the offer of the American tour offered to them after live 8. I would not blame David if he chooses retirement after this tour.

    Pete – Coventry

  123. Dear Guy,

    I’m sorry to hear about the incident at the airport. I hope your son feels better now.

    On another note, I just finished reading Nick Mason’s book ‘Inside Out’ In there is a part about you’and Jon Carin which reminded me of your upset stomach a couple of weeks ago.

    ‘They were a hard-working group of musicians, who regularly – Jon Carin particularly – reviewed the tapes of the previous night’s show to try and note any imperfections. Their professionalism was impeccable: even if Guy Pratt was the last out of the bar the night – or morning – before, his playing was faultless on stage, a tribute to his iron constitution or the fact that our music was too easy.’

    So either you were really, really sick a couple of weeks ago, or the music was too easy…..Probably the first of the two.

    This quote also shows the amount of work Jon Carin puts in a show like this! 3 Cheers for Jon!

  124. Hello. Despite understanding the point of your comments i still do not understand what is negative about fans. You are entering all the information about how good Mr.Gilmour album is selling – but you do not want people to show up and demonstrate their affection for Mr.Gilmour – when it is in his interest to be in the spotlight ?What would it be the point otherwise of all the advertising campaign ? I believe you should be more careful in the tones that are being used.

    [Fans can demonstrate their affection for David and the other musicians at the concerts by applauding at the end of each song. They can buy the album and tell people about it. They can write a letter or leave a message here to say how much his music means to them. A noisy gang pushing and shoving one another at an airport, looking for autographs and photos, is probably not the best way to demonstrate affection – especially when children end up getting hurt. I’m sorry to say it, but people were at JFK for themselves. They were there to get something, not to give David anything. This is what I consider to be negative and it applies to some, but not all, fans. – Features Editor]

  125. new yorkers have passion unlike any other folks. also NYC has some of the largest amount of passionate Floyd fans – and they are not shy about expressing their love. no harm was meant Im sure, and lets face it David should be happy that after 12 years people love him that much to go to JFK to try to get a glimpse of their hero.

    If the kids were harmed then that is another issue, but maybe the kids shouldnt be right with dad whilst hes AT WORK,,,, and going to a new city after a 12 year hiatus is HIS JOB….

    also I really have to state that NEW YORK CITY folk are some of the kindest friendliest and most original people in the world, sorry if a few ebay autograph hounds are giving NYC and the USA a bad rap. after seeing shows in Europe I personally LOVE the energy that US crowds give back to the music in a live concert. NOTHING like a show in NYC- NO WHERE

    thanks David and co

  126. Dear Fed

    JFK –

    […… please know that the offensive behavior at JFK does not represent the spirit of America] sadly, rightly or wrongly, this is an image of America that will stay in the minds of many non-Americans. As always, the minority spoil it!

    Regarding celebrities ….. please remember that we live in ‘The Age Of The Celebrity’ many of whom are famous for nothing more than being a celebrity, mostly manufactured by TV and the tabloids. These people court publicity at all times, and need it to maintain the illusion. What is alarming is that many people cannot differentiate between these false idols and the real thing when they see it.

    Scenes like this are nothing new though are they? Remember The Beatles in 63? I believe these were ‘fans’ who got carried away in the heat of the moment. What I find amazing is that David should be attracting such attention at this stage in his life/career. I wonder if this would have happened before Live8?


  127. [Clemens, maybe when you’re older and wiser. I hate the internet – forums/blogs are silly. I try to reply as seldom as possible. I’m sick of the internet; it’s ugly and boring – like a trucker hat. Everyone wants functionality – which is corporate, tedious, homogenizing and pathetic. I try to have as little to do with the internet as possible – It kills me slowly… If you need me, I’ll be enjoying life with my family and friends. If you agree to be my lookout while I paste ten foot tall paintings of people f*cking buildings, we can discuss whatever it is you want to discuss.]

    Hmm rather disappointing posts there mate. I think I will read your posts again, but not because I have not understood them in the first read, but to see if your thoughts are indeed founded on solid ground. Like I said before, you have made interesting points, but to me there was a kind of religious ‘blind’ element in the interpretations (something which you accuse others of by the way).

    However, you were not willing to discuss this (or other questions, that could somehow deconstruct your view) but started to put credibility of people into question. By stating our thoughts are a product of “brainwashing” and now, you latest joke to say my grasp of English is not sufficient. This is a scientific no go area (going personal for the sake of your argument) and does not help your argumentation one bit. You are starting to look like a cornered animal, going personal and using strong language. Too bad.

    I may make the occasional mistake by typing fast, but English is absolutely no barrier to me. Whether scientific texts or commom literature. Hell, I can even discuss this with you in German or Dutch, but lets not go there.

    This is Davids blog, and if Ed does think this discussion is inappropriate, then it is ended.

    I just hoped on some interesting explanations to a few interesting questions. However, you failed miserably by taking this discussion to the level of personal mudslinging. Something which I will NOT do.

    Have a nice day.



  128. [Gosh, don’t get me started on the way people hound poor Syd, for goodness sake! Sickening, isn’t it?]

    Yes it is, I’ve actually had visitors to the city asking me where he lives and although I do know I will not tell them.
    Happy to say most locals do leave him alone, but I recall some ‘stalker’ for want of a better word, follwed him around with a camcorder then tried to sell the footage to some grubby tabloid.

    It’s utterly sick if you ask me, it’s almost like some people are trying to push the poor guy back over the edge.

    Sorry, I’m in a bit of a ranty mood today!

    I’d like a pointy stick if there are any spare ones going.

    [I’m sending you two, on the basis that you have two arms and two very good points. – Features Editor]

  129. Hopefully the last note on the JFK incident – Why on earth wasn’t there any security to shut them off? Any freakin’ VIP gets an escort in and out of the airport. Either the airport staff took a nap or the US-Tour management. An A*-celeb like David, obviously even in company with his kids and other band memebers kids, shouldn’t ever have to go through that. I know David doesn’t care about all this ‘superstar security hype’ and maybe he categorically denies it. Who knows. But then I don’t see the point in blaming fans, because that’s the way it is with some of them. (a ‘wall album’ to sign – what a nightmare…)

  130. Hi all,

    I was not going to post about this, but feel I must.

    Mr. Guy Pratt (esq.) – Personally I would have rushed to baggage reclaim and inserted a rather large bass guitar into that fan’s …. you can guess the rest. Hope the nipper isn’t too upset.

    As for the David deserves to be mobbed because he is so great and famous, GET A GRIP. If you really want to communicate with David, howabout posting a nice comment to this blog (that’s a big reason why is was set up right??), that way not only does David get to enjoy your input, but the rest of us ‘hardcore’ fans get a bit of a read too. And if you are an e-bay scalper looking to make a few quid on autographs, why not get a scan of an autograph on the net and forge it. That should save you a few quid on bus fare to and from the airport :p.

    caption: I’ve got a pocket full of stones and I’m not afraid to use em!


  131. I don’t think I will be learning Dutch for the single purpose of replying to one persons questions – I hope you both understand. 🙂 I could use an online translation service but I wouldn’t want to offend him with an answer that didn’t express my intended point of view. I certainly wouldn’t attempt to post/answer questions in Dutch if I didn’t fully comprehend the language – I’m sure his response would have been similar to mine. I thank you for your candour – I know that you could have easily deleted my posts and said nothing more of them. I think that your replies to me show that you are indeed a person of substance and not a person who would wittingly engage in silly editing games. I agree that this blog isn’t conducive – or intended – for in depth debate to flow. However, I never intended to express my views for the purpose of debate; they were my views about the sad state of our planet. It was never my intention to cause mindless argument. Unfortunately, others have twisted my words to express a different point of view than intended – for whatever reason. I certainly don’t take your comments as a personal rejection. I can imagine how tough your job is as Features Editor and can understand how you would need to maintain a level of control over the content that is submitted for posting. I think you are doing a great job and commended you for doing so. I thank you for your kind words. Thanks, mate.

    [Thank you, I do appreciate that. If this were a forum, I think it would work better. As it stands, the blog is purely to inform and then to stand back and allow people to pass comment. It doesn’t allow for much dialogue between people, although we try! The danger is that people misinterpret words and then some time passes before their reply, never mind a follow-up, is published, so everyone gets a little wound up while waiting. For what it’s worth, I’ve found many of the view expressed very interesting and thought-provoking, so I thank you for that. I personally agreed with much of what you’ve written. Maybe it had very little to do with David, but you provided more than many people have done and given me something to think about if no one else! So cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  132. Joe,

    “It is the life he has chosen so he should expect it. I do not know the details but I do think he should reconsider before taking little ones on tour. It is a bit unrealistic that he should expect to arrive here after all the HYPE and not be approached.”

    There’s nothing wrong with approaching. He sure wasn’t mobbed ANYWHERE (except Polly @ the Mermaid) in Europe during that leg of the tour. He even got to chat a bit at some venues with fans. If they’re polite, he might return the gesture. Have you read what happened to Guy’s son ? Disgusting !!!

    And since it’s a relatively long period in Northern America he probably wants his family next to him. On the other hand, maybe if more people behave like @ JFK, they’d scrap the rest of the tour, all fly home again and forget about ever touring the USA again. So be warned : Get your pointy Blue sticks out and form a POLITE guard around him !

    I know that there are plenty of Americans behaving correctly, but it’s the few lowlifes @ JFK that set the picture. Same for Holland: you know us by tulips, the red district in Amsterdam and the dope. We’re not ALL like that, on the contrary.

    Behaviour of the mob @ JFK reminds me of the lyrics of Dogs “And when you loose control, you’ll reap the harvest that you’ve sown”. Or even SSoSFAGTiaCaGwaP “picking the fiery horde that was fallen around ma feet”.

    Maybe that’ll be David’s reaction: you’ve harassed me, I won’t come to this town again (I’ll go to bl*&dy Montreal instead). On the other hand: David is much too much an elegant Englishman (in New York 😉 and civilized human being to react that way. He’ll protect his family, but won’t generalize that this mob and his real audience are one and the same.

    Must have been a great view @RCMH: David, Rick, David and Graham on one and the same stage. Anybody do the math for me and tell me how many years of music experience was there ?

    David, Guy and all others: enjoy the show tonight and the rest of the tour ! I wish I was there.


  133. Ed, please permit me a long, boring post. I felt the need to do it because of earlier ‘accusations’.

    Dear Hysteron,

    [We are made from the stars and we will return there.]

    And so you ended your first post. It was correct, and so were many of your other views. In the course of the ‘discussion’ that followed you elaborated on a number of themes.

    Carbon life forms (and endless possibilities of different carbon (or silicon) constructs), the indifference of space and natural laws towards humans, religion, education and science. All very interesting, and showing a broad spectrum of knowledge.

    Looking at humanity from this viewpoint makes us small indeed. So from this wider perspective you look down on us (as busy termites I believe you said) and then you judge. We are doomed, we are pathetic, and have no chance of survival.

    Now, here is where our disagreement starts.

    Some bloggers, not only me, questioned certain aspects of your views. I have filtered these posts out of the clutter and read them in one single go. It immediately becomes apparent that you ARE having a monologue. You do nothing with other peoples questions. You even start a post by saying: “In response to those that have ‘replied’ to my views”. Notice the word replied? You are stuck in your own framework of thought. You did not reply to others, but you continued your argument with more interesting points (I will not deny that) ignoring questions (or thinking you answered them, a point we shall come back to later. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with MY grasp of English language after all…) and continuously saying that our thoughts are “brainwashed” and “defensive constructs” in the system.

    In the course of your posts you continuously talk about “the system”, “ruling class” and “mind control”.

    So because they are an important factor in your characterization of humans, and all humans have created (religion, culture, language etc. etc.) I felt you needed to explain them. I asked you:

    “But, still, you have got me interested. Tell me about this system. Who are the ruling class? When did they arise? What is their goal? What is your own story in this?”

    Again no answers. Not even how you seem to escape your own prison of thought. You use these concepts, and do not explain them. How do you expect me to believe you, if you use concepts (and only these concepts justify your view) you are not willing to explain. You can’t say “this is based on pure logic”. It is not, logic is human thought. Human thought, which is bound by the system as you say. How can you use it for your argument?? It is based on YOUR interpretation of reality. I will conclude this by quoting you: “Our understanding of our environment is limited to what WE can perceive – a very narrow band”

    Hysteron you are right. WE, so YOU included, don’t perceive our environment fully. How is it possible that you can pose a framework of thought that is immune to questioning and has a definitive future/characterization for/of humankind?

    IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Here is were science kicks in. Where discussion finds its home. Evaluation of fact, AND NOT PERSONAL attacks in order to discredit views. By the way, what do you know about my age and experience? LOL, you are a prejudiced little fellow aren’t you?

    I tried the discussion Hysteron, but you did not listen. Read the posts again. YOU have NOT understood me, or my questions. Or you were not willing to. Now don’t say you did not want discussion, or else you would not have posted or continued posting.

    I do not want to end this discussion on such a nasty note. I did enjoy your views. It even made me analyze/criticize text again, I enjoy that.

    So thank you mate.



    Ps, anybody thinks my grasp of English is insufficient? Hehe. Back to the pointy sticks. Mike, I like the idea of a “special edition pointy stick”! To be used without mercy on guys that hit children!!

    Pps, Guy I’m sorry for your kid. That really sucks. I hope you guys will enjoy this second leg nonetheless. Some people have even a more ‘narrow band of perception’ then others…

    [I sure as hell don’t, mate! I am sorry if what I wrote in defence of you was in any way patronising. So many people write here in a language that is not their first, and I salute them all. After my rather feeble attempts at French, I really mean that! English could be your first language, you are that coherent and precise. So sorry if I seemed at all condescending. It was certainly unintentional. – Features Editor]

  134. [On the subject of JFK, a fan was forcing a copy of The Wall album under David’s nose for him to sign, completely oblivious to my 4 year old son who he managed to hit, freaking him out and making him cry. Nice one.]

    That just broke my heart..

    Hugs (especially for the little one),

  135. Hi,

    Didn’t want to make a remark of the JFK incident, because this is too obvious a act of disrespect, but after reading Guy’s comment;

    Crazy, crazy… this world is crazy.

    I’m 42 years young, and I guess that is the avarage age of a David Gilmour fan. Can’t imagine that I’ll travel to an airport and scream for an autogram. Grow up people, have some respect for the private lives of the people you adore.

    And of course I would like to have a chat with David, but I’m aware that a lot of people would like that. If he would fulfil all or wishes, he wouldn’t have time to watch his children grow up, he wouldn’t have time to make music, to make fun with Polly, and do we want that? In an interview he said that maybe he had plans to make another album, please don’t make him leave this idea!

    I’m more as pleased with his cd, his live performances all over the world, his site with all the “hot” info and this fantastic open blog. You all should!

    So people grow up and act with a respect.

    For the band, cheer up, not all the people are chasing you, think there are a lot of more people who think what is happened at the JFK is not done at all.

    Have fun in the States and return safe.

    Nick from a respectful South of the Netherlands.

    PS Wauw, David Crosby & Graham Nash on stage! Can we expect more guests? ( Liona B.? ) And some laserbeams aswell. Hope there will be some pictures soon!

  136. Quote

    [Hello. Despite understanding the point of your comments i still do not understand what is negative about fans. You are entering all the information about how good Mr.Gilmour album is selling – but you do not want people to show up and demonstrate their affection for Mr.Gilmour – when it is in his interest to be in the spotlight ?What would it be the point otherwise of all the advertising campaign ? I believe you should be more careful in the tones that are being used.]

    If this is his idea of showing affection I’d hate to be someone he really loved ‘run for cover Francesco’s a comin’ LOL

    On a more serious note I hope Guy’s nipper wasn’t hurt too badly it must have been terrifying for for such a young’un.

    I see Mr Brickman has introduced lasers to the shows in the States! it must be difficult to use lasers at the RAH due to the tall and circular nature of the venue! it must mean the lasers will have to point upwards for fear of zapping people in the circle or balcony! otherwise it’s free corrective eye surgery for all ;o) is there nothing David And his band can’t do?

    Take it easy and have a good one Mr? or Ms? Fe/Ed (Oh I just realized I’ve been calling you Mr Fe/Ed all along how rude I’ve been if I’m wrong! I do apologize if you are fairer and not a lot hairier)

  137. wow. anything is possible. i can’t believe it. who knows what to expect now. next we’ll be hearing sightings of giant mirror balls and flying pigs. see you sunday.

  138. Francesco:

    There is nothing affectionate about the way David, Guy and the others were treated at JFK. If that seems like affection to you, you need to have your relationships examined. I’m not trying to attack you personally, Francesco. It’s just that David, the human being traveling on business with his associates as well as his family, should be treated no differently from other travelers even if he was a Floyd. If we love our celebrities, why do we harass them?

    Affection is a loving word. Those who think David got a warm reception at JFK are probably the same people who don’t get the double-meaning of Sting’s song “Every breath you take.”

  139. Stephen…

    RE “quiet desperation.”

    I believe its actually a quote from Henry David Thoreau, the American writer, philosopher and curmudgeon

    Stephen… this is its origin:

    It’s a line from the track Time. Which is off of the Dark Side of the Moon album and all four members of Pink Floyd have writing credits…

    “Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time.
    Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines.
    Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way.
    The time is gone, the song is over,
    Thought I’d something more to say.”

    Curmudgeon… good word 🙂

    [It gets a double thumbs up from me. – Features Editor]

  140. wow . . . . I was up at 4:15 am today (taking care of a sick baby – 4 legged baby) reading . . . . . I for one heartily appreciate your dedication to the little world you’ve created for us F’ed . . . . GRACIAS !!!! (don’t worry . . . . that’s about all the spanish I know . . )

    I’m going to just pass by all the negativity rumbling around . . . and take an opportunity (with your indulgence dear F’ed) to ask our friends in the Netherlands about Marillion (another great band that you should really ‘check out’ F’ed . . ). I believe that Marillion is pretty ‘big’ in the Netherlands . . . is that true??? I became aware of their music about 12 years ago and have had the chance to see them live a couple of times when they did the last 2 US tours. the venues they played were literally just bars (pubs) . . holding only a few hundred people. the band was hanging out with the crowd before the show . . . I was able to be directly in front of the stage for one show (they played “This Strange Engine” almost in it’s entirety I believe) . . . . WHAT a grand experience it was !!!! Steve Hogarth has a spectacular and almost magical voice . . .

    so . . . . you fellow ‘blogsters’ in the Netherlands . . . . tell me about one of my favorite (and under-appreciated) bands Marillion please . . .

    thanks F’ed . . . . I don’t know where else I’d have an opportunity to get this info . . . !

    and if you’re so inclined – and have access to a music download service of some sort . . . check out a few Marillion songs . . . I think you’ll really love them.

    “Man of 1,000 Faces”
    (really any song from “This Strange Engine” record)
    “The Space” (probably my all-time favorite)
    “Sympathy” (short and WOW sweet)

    thanks again for the indulgence F’ed . . . .

    ONE WEEK FROM TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [I’ll definitely look out for them. Thanks. – Features Editor]

  141. dear fed,

    by any chance do you know if the stage will once again be graced by crosby and nash? i will be at the show tonight and my number two band is CSNY right behind pink floyd of course. so being able to see half of pink floyd and two members of CSNY would be amazing.

    [I couldn’t tell you, sorry. – Features Editor]

  142. I still haven’t read too many comments about the AMAZING show that David & co put on last night. Unfortunately I wasn’t there, but to have Crosby and Nash putting their wonderful harmonies on the songs must have been… extraordinary.

    And how were the newly installed lasershows?! I’m so happy that I made the effort and booked a plane ticket from Stockholm (where I live) to London to see him there in a couple of weeks.

    Good luck on the rest of the tour David!


  143. Hello my friends!

    What a disappoint about the Jfk incident! I can understand the people who want shake David’s hand or have his sign….but no-one should forget the good education and the important of have care of David, the band and their family. Even because, maybe David and the band can undestand the fans but the children could frightened. What happened to Guy’s son is horrible.

    I try to make a proposal. Maybe, this events could be avoid if the artists would organize some meeting with the fans (in a theatre, like a concert) to permit them to make questions or sign albums. But, for the questions, David gave us this internet space. It should be enough! Most artists don’t gave this to his fan! I’d like to meet David! But I see his show and I have this blog: I feel yet lucky!

    Have a good day!


    P.S. FEd, in the afternoon I hope to start translating the interview published yesterday on an italian magazine. If my translation will be good, could you reward me asking David and Polly if they need a good housewife? My job is starting to bore me! I could help them to bring up their children too! I have some nephews. I’m very good with children! I promise I won’t ask them any signs!!!

    [It’s a deal. – Features Editor]

  144. I was not going to blog today. I was hoping to hear lots of good stuff from the U.S. about the shows.

    However, I am losing the will to live with this one.

    When I was young, and granted mass hysteria did exist, but by and large you could go and see a band then, after they unwound, they may have a beer or 2 with you and if you were polite enough they may be good enough to sign something for you. Everything was chilled.

    So how then have we got to this stage. Am I missing something.

    Pete – Coventry

  145. [Of course I wouldn’t mind. “Happy birthday for tomorrow, Linda’s Dad… even though I hear you support Manchester United!” Pity. I don’t understand cricket or baseball, funnily enough. Both are dreadfully slow and involve much waiting around, so therefore they are similar in my book! – Features Editor

    afternoon fet ed . i was just showing dad the above comment to my Dad and he says thanks most kindly for your good wishes . he will still continue to support united though . dad is mancunian . why break the habbit of a life time 🙂

    guy i hope this is’nt a rude thing to say but give your son a big hug from me . a 4 year old could’nt understand what all those people were doing it must have frightened the sh*t out of him to see all the people there never mind to get a wallop like that . it is not freaking on to frighten a child like that .

    i must say jane you made a bloody good post . i agree with you 100%

    well that it for now . i want to get out get my work done and go for a walk . we are going out tonight to celebrate dads birthday in style 🙂

    see ya fet ed !


    [We hope that you and your family have a good night, mate. – Features Editor]

  146. Guy, sorry to hear about your son. I’ve got a four year old daughter, and if anything like that happened to me my own NYC Dark Side would come out to defend her!!! Somebody would be eating that piece of vinyl *rse first…

    Fedmeister, I’m not disappointed for not getting in. I’m actually more disappointed that I missed out on a few more beers at Heartland with my blogger mates! Yes, even though Crosby and Nash were there (I knew it!!! I heard them doing Find the Cost of Freedom during sound check!!!)

    By the way, I have a scanned jpeg file of the NY Post article which I found on the subway (train) on the way home last night. Still want it? If you do, let me know how?

    (Funny story about me in London trying to cross the street at Elephant & Castle but all I saw were “subway” signs….but that’s for another time…)

    My turn tonight! Maybe Crosby and Nash will be there again? If not, maybe Roger Waters will drive in from his home on the Hamptons, Long Island? Someone I met last night from New Jersey works at the Metropolitan Opera House and has seen Mr. Waters there frequently over the last few weeks (probably pushing a Ca’Ira performance).

    Taking my daughter to school now, I’ll post yesterday’s pictures when I get back in an hour or so. Click my name…..

    I took the day off today and will hang out downtown all afteroon just taking it all in (I won’t be stalking, ‘onest…) Now, how do I get my javelin sized Pillock Silencer on the subway….?

    [You were so close last night, mate. I’d have been gutted and I was disappointed for you when I heard that you’d missed out. Tonight will be brilliant, you’ll see. Great pictures on your blog, by the way. I enjoy that. – Features Editor]

  147. Wow! I had such a great time at the show last night I just had to get on this blog and babble about it.

    Having David Crosby and Graham Nash singing with David on On and Island, The Blue and Shine On was such a treat – and David singing Find the Cost of Freedom with them as one of the encores was an extra treat.

    Performances of all of the songs were top notch. Everyone in the audience sang along on the “big hits” which were excellent as expected. But the real highlights for me were A Pocketful of Stones, Fat Old Sun, Echoes and High Hopes. I actually cried on High Hopes when David switched back to the acoustic guitar after the pedal steel solo at the end of the song. It was just so beautiful and moving the way they played the song down to that quiet ending.

    The band was great – as expected. But I have to give special mention to Steve – who I have not seen work before. His playing really made a difference on the ending of Fat Old Sun and on Echoes.

    David, Polly, band and crew: Thank you for an evening of great entertainment. Enjoy the rest of your tour. Come back and visit us anytime!

    Mike from Connecticut

  148. To Angelo, Shelly, Tim & other RCMH attendees,

    I couldn’t get out of work to meet you guys yesterday but I will be there today. I hope 4:45 is still a good time.

    Fed, I am so psyched for the show tonight. I am as excited as I was in 1980 for the wall shows. I may be 45 but feeling 19 again today! Less hair but a huge smile!!!

    Breathe, Time,Echoes, WYWH, Comfort Numb,Money & of course the entire On An Island! YEAH!

    I am so sorry to hear about the airport debacle. David, look into Bo Diedel and the Mongo Bros as security. They will keep you guys safe.

    Cheers and see you tonight!
    NY, USA

  149. What is it about people that feel that, since they are a “fan” of someone, they DESERVE something?

    David Gilmour is a human being, and as such deserves his life, just like the rest of us.

    Getting an autograph from him at say, a press conference or some other type of venue where he is prepared and WILLING to do so is one thing, but to practically attack him at the AIRPORT is ludicris. Get a life, people.

  150. I’m utterly disgusted.

    Being excited is no excuse. Neither is David’s status. There’s no one I’d be more elated to meet, but I wouldn’t conduct myself in such a shameful, atrocious manner. Once again it’s a reflection of the sense of entitlement some people have. Nothing excuses what happened at JFK. Little children getting hurt, that’s appalling. Every one of those people should be very, very ashamed. How can you be satisfied with an autograph obtained in that manner?

    We’re ‘the fans’, not individuals, and certainly not in any way special. This incident will no doubt taint the way everyone involved feels about and interacts with us all. It’s embarrassing as much as anything else.

  151. Now just a few quick comments on the show itself:

    I was there at the 4/4/06 show, and what a treat. What a pleasure to see Graham nash and David Crosby join Dave for harmonies on several songs, and the acapella “Find The Cost Of Freedom” was beautiful indeed.

    But “Echoes” was truly the nights shining moment, both musically and of course, the actual LIGHT show.

    I may write a longer review later, but I personally want to thank Dave for an excellent show.

    I also want to thank the crowd at Radio City, for the most part I thought it was a well behaved crowd, who sat quietly during the music and then cheered and applauded at the end, even during the reletively new material that not ALL were familiar with yet. No Boo’s or “Play MONEY!” idiots, at least none that I heard…a big FU to the idiot behind me talking on his cell phone though…dude, hang the hell up and watch the SHOW, moron!

  152. I KNEW Crosby & Nash would show up somewhere on the North America tour! Hope like hell they’ll show up in Toronto…although I’m not counting on it.

    Guy, I’m SO sorry for the rude dude scaring the hell out of your son…when you get a certain amount of people together the math just works that there will always be a certain number of idiots, no matter where in the world you go. My apologies…

  153. Wow. I don’t know what to say except that last night was probably the greatest musical event of my life. Still need time to absorb it all and also to read all the other posts. So more later.

    Hello to everybody including the dear F.Ed. I’ve missed being here the last couple of days…it made me feel disconnected somehow. Oh! Deborah says hey. She gets to see David tonight. I envy her.

    Angelo & Co: I’m sorry I missed you all!


    PS–I’m so sorry that fans acted badly. They mess it up for everyone, don’t they?

  154. How soon, do you reckon, will it be until those ‘fans’ that were so demanding of DG’s autograph put up their ‘treasured’ possession on ebay?

  155. [I don’t know if he does like it, Brad. I believe he likes cricket, which is similar. – Features Editor]

    Sorry all our American friends out there but cricket is similar to baseball in the same way that chess is similar to checkers!

    Oh and football is played with a round ball as well.

    (only joking friends, we love you really even if you are rude at airports. In fact in my experience the rudest people at airports are the people who work at Heathrow but that’s another story)

  156. Anyone have the song list for the New York show last night? I am interested because I am seeing the Toronto show next week and I expect the set will be the same.

    [It’s already on the page, Ted. But, as I’m feeling unusually nice this afternoon… First half: Castellorizon, This Heaven, Smile, Red Sky At Night, Take A Breath, Then I Close My Eyes, On An Island, The Blue, Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start. Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wearing The Inside Out, Dominos, Fat Old Sun, Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), High Hopes, Echoes. Encores: Wish You Were Here, Find The Cost Of Freedom (a Crosby, Stills & Nash song), Comfortably Numb. – Features Editor]

  157. JFK – It’s a shame that it happened but I think for someone in David’s position would be naive to think it would never happen.

    [David hasn’t passed comment on the incident. I’m sure a crowd was expected. It just would have been nice if the crowd could have shown some composure around small children, that’s all. – Features Editor]

  158. Can we now bring to a close all the coments reagrding the JFK incident. Lets here more from peole who were at the show please.

    Waiting for May

  159. Wow What A second set!

    Crosby / Gilmour / Nash Kewl

    The sound man was sleeping at the top of the first set. The bass was blasting..Dave sounded over processed
    It did get better as the set went along. Dave’s Sax was painful..Bad Mix

    They got it all straight for the second set.

    Im going again tomorrow

  160. “……Well my watch says two minutes after!” drawled the impatient long island housewife.

    “I want my $5 maguerita!”

    Ah, the pleasures of standing “In Line” all present and correct the vulgarities of a summer stadium show at the wholly inappropriate Radio City.

    Inside indeed the frozen 5 “Island Breeze” margaritas were selling like the proverbial hot cakes.

    Our seats in the second row of the second mezzanine offered an excellent view of the semi distant stage.

    A little after 8pm, the house lights went out and plumes of dry ice were pumped from below and above the stage, subtle white lighting completed the effect of a broiling eeire wall of fog as the starins of “On an Island’s” openng sound collage “Castellorizon” rang out.

    The fog slowly stilled and Gilmour himself appeared centre stage, picked up his guitar and began to play the openng plaintive solo.

    The band slowly appeared behind him. Jon Carin on Keyboards, Guy Pratt on Bass, Steve DiStanislao on the drums. Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright on keyboards and Phil Manzanera on second Guitar.

    Next DiStanislao lead the band into the Steely Danesque upright bass swagger of “This Heaven”

    A quick fumble from David next whilst attemping to fix a strap on his accoustic and an ecstatically recieved “Its nice to be in New York” and the simple accoustic slide guitar driven love song “Smile” swept over the sold out crowd like a warm sonic bath.

    Gilmour displayed his lung power on the Saxaphone led instrumental “Red Sky at Night”

    The only real “Rocker” from “On an Island” was next.
    “Take a Breath” accompanied by dramtic stobesque lighting and Guy’s prominet Bass.

    David started to play what looked like a childs guitar (A turkish instrument; A Cumbus”) for another instrumental “Then I Close My Eyes” Switching to a Gretch Duojet for the remainder of the song.

    David paused next to intoduce two special guests. David Crosby and Graham Nash’s entrance sent the overloud crowds response through the roof as their perfect harmonies meshed seemlessly with Gilmour’s and Wright’s throughout “On an Island” and “The Blue”

    Nash and Crosby had already left the stage before David could thank them, he raised his hands in mock disbelief before stating “Pretty good those guys!”

    House effectivley brought down David let us down gently with the first set’s final two tracks “A Pocket ful Of Stones” and “Where We Start”

    Bathroom, or in actual fact in true art deco fashion “Mens Lounge” break next.

    Set two was what most of the over zealous crowd had come for ninety minutes of David’s favourite Pink Floyd Tracks.

    Opening simply with a white rotating spotlight and armed with only his guitar and a delay pedal. Gilmour wrenched out the emotive opening to “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” in a fresh arrangement of the 1975 classic.

    The band proper and Crosby and Nash joined in for the roof raising chorus.

    Veteran Floyd saxophonist reprised his twin sax solo in the outro, switching from barritone to sopprano saxophone in a quick fluid motion.

    Guy Pratt’s Bass effect enhanced bass introduced “Wearing the Inside Out” sung by Wright. A tribute to Syd Barrett followed in “Dominoes”

    Gilmour stuck to his accoustic for the pastoral “Fat Old Sun” an extended accapella refrain of “Sing to me” affording Gilmour time to strap on his Stratocaster for the closing powerful electric solo.

    The fimiliar heartbeat intro ushered in a mini suite from “Dark Side of The Moon”

    “Breathe” and the classic “Time:Breathe Reprise” accompnied by close to six thousand backing vocalists and several confused dancing headbangers!

    “High Hopes” was next featuring a classical guitar outro.

    The following number was for most people worth the price of admission alone. 1971’s “Echoes” in a full twenty minute version complete with eeire “Segull” effects from David. Lighting director Mark Brickman used all his bag of tricks to take the audience on a psychadelic journey featuring laser’s, smoke and strobe effects.

    At the close of the track the stage still lit the audience response was overwhelming.

    David and company duly obliged the standing ovation by returning to the stage Nash and Crosby in tow for the bittersweet ‘Wish You Were Here”

    David Stated that he wanted to try “One of thiers” next as he accompanied them for an accapella reading of “Find the cost of Freedom”

    Finally David stated “You’ll know this one” as the epic “Comfortably Numb” featuring Richard Wright subbing for Roger Water’s “Doctor” vocals washed over the audotorium. The band in darkness and David backlit for what is to my mind the epoch of guitar solos.

    The house lights up the band took a bow and bid us goodnight.

    An awe inspiring performance.


  161. Hello Sir David Gilmour, Sylvie (montreal) and all other bloggers….

    As you can see ” *** MONTREAL *** ” is now an “A” MARKET with venue like U2, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Formula 1 Grand Prix, Jazz Festival, Just for Laugh Festival and alsoooooooooo the NHL HOCKEY SERIESsssss “*** SORRY TORONTO BUT YOUR MAPLE LEAFS ARE DEAD SINCE A WHILE….mdrrrrrr yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!….David i guess your TOUR MANAGER made a mistake i believed that he booked MONTREAL in your ON AN ISLAND TOUR ITINERARY but the guys check the wrong box on the contract isn’t?….Well well well

    Sylvie thanks for the cue i am set for both shows already! Hope you’re too…

    GO HABS GO….Hey David i invite you to a REAL NHL MONTREAL CANADIENS HOCKEY GAME anytime (we will discuss your next venue together hey hey!)



  162. Carlos Z. wrote

    “Hey Fed – Do you think you can put in a word for me with Jon Carin about playing with him in Roger’s band this summer?”

    Someone must have heard you, Carlos, because he is! I believe Roger has also asked the *other* keyboardist to join him for the Magny-Cours show. That would be awesome! (Oops. I mean – that would be spiffy!) It really would be great to see Richard perform with Roger again.

  163. For those of you who are waiting with tickets for the show, and who have enjoyed, as I have, the pleasure of consuming the thoughts and ideas of this page in anticipation of hearing David Gilmour live, let me say this: THE SHOW IS INCREDIBLE. I was at Radio City last night. Mr. Gilmour, thank you, thank you, thank you. A couple key points: Richard Wrights’s voice is amazing, as is his keyboard playing. Fat Old Sun was my favorite of the night–although David’s guitar on The Blue was out of this world. This was incredible.

    Regarding the business at the airport, what a disgusting way to behave. But after last night’s show I’m not surprised. The New York crowd was generally ill mannered. Many arrived late, people were getting up to get more beer during moments when, if they’d been paying attention, they’d have been witness to one of the best rock shows of all time.

    There’s a line in an interview with David from Live at Pompei where he speaks of knowing “bread lines and less.” That line has always resonated with me. I worked hard for the money for my ticket, and was rewarded with one of the best nights of music that I have ever seen and heard in my life. I could not have imagined a better concert. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  164. First off, THANK YOU DAVID for the amazing show in NY! Best show I’ve ever been to. My only disapointment was no Wot’s..Uh the Deal. I was really looking forward to hearing that live.

    Secondly, I’d like to apologize on behalf of all the NY people who behaved themselves last night, for the awful reception David and the band were subjected to on their arrival at JFK Airport. I just read about the enslaught of disrespectful “fans” that basicly attacked them as they arrived. Please don’t form your opinions of NY by them. They are the minority.

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  165. Since when is FeD the divine authority on fan behavior and musical appreciation?

    I would never approach Gilmour or Waters if I saw them because I know how private they are and they probably get really annoyed with all the fans. Waters less so recently. I would probably be too nervous anyway. I actually resent Gilmour a bit for being so reclusive and then going on tour and (and playing mostly the same old Floyd songs), apparently, being impatient with fans.

    But, with a legacy like his, I mean what do you expect? There are fans out there and they put him wher he is, a multimillionaire. Why does he bring his whole family on tour? Why don’t they take separate flights? Don’t they expect some fans?

    I don’t know what happened at JFK, it was probably over the top and disrespectful. Some fans are dumb. But people are excited about this tour, give the fans a break.

  166. Regarding JFK, maybe Roger had a point over the scrambling crowds….

    Anyway, I am sure the camp were shakin’ but not stirred and superb performances will follow. Please remember David, not long before you come back to our ‘Island’, counting the minutes…..Manchester here we come!!!

  167. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the JFK “incident” was orchestrated by Claude as revenge for not playing Montreal. Notify Homeland Security.

  168. Hi,

    After drive-ing for 5 hours from my home in NH, through all of Vermont, Mass, Ct, and into Ny. I happen-ed to arrive quite early for the show.

    I noticed by the Mucic Hall’s stage door a group of fans looked like they knew someone was going to be coming out so I linger-ed there a bit.

    David, Polly and a child came out and David was surrounded by fans. As much as I may have wanted to greet David Gimour, I was amazed at how they put copies of OAI inches from his face hope-ing to be the one to get the autograph. So, I left them space and just admired David’s ability to handle the situation well. I wasn’t even aware last night that they had already had these types of reactions in Ny already.

    Anyway, there was another person obviosly well involved with the production so I started a converastion with him and it turned out to be Mark Brickman who was very polite and friendly and surprized when I mentioned people have been review-ing the light show along with the concert.

    The light show last night was the most elegant light show I’ve seen (and I’ve been to 5 PF shows and 2 RW shows in the past for example.) It even incorperated the Radio City Hall itself into the show. It served well to highlight the amazingly beautifull reditions of the songs and I’m still awestruck.

    I must say I’ve never heard Echoes that loudly before and the show was easily the best concert I’ve even been too.


  169. Well, it must have been a fantastic show in NY!!!

    With Crosby & Nash and increased light and laser show.

    I am not complaying that we did not have those lights in Italy. I am just happy David is increasing his show more and more.

    Looking forward the DVD release and new tour dates…(if his family is happy with that)

    – After all, Venice is a nice venue to stay, and not too crowdy, isn’t it? 🙂

  170. Just some comments on last night’s show – wonderful. It was great to see David Gilmour in a theater setting as oppossed to a stadium. The first set was amazing, performing his new album “On an Island” , and we were surprised with a special guest appearance by David Crosby and Graham Nash on “On an Island” and The Blue. “Take a Breath” was very cool

    An intermission followed, including a horrifying trip to the mens bathroom, bobbing and weaving through all sorts of horrid people – frat boys, men urinating in sinks and in one instance, himself.

    The second set was Flyodian to the max, with an ubelievable version of “Echoes”.

  171. ask dave to consider cymbaline. how about a real old song mixed in with the new, which is fluid. i am stuck in the woods of the far north reaches of california and have no way of getting to a show, how about streaming the show? any show live off this website?? I would be more than willing to help, i help run a streaming company…

  172. I doubt there will be such a regrettable scene when they arrive at the Toronto airport. (Fellow Canadians: back me up here…) We tend to be too easy-going to participate in a “mob” mentality. Sure, we might steal the odd glance and elbow the person next to us and whisper: “Look…it’s HIM!”. But, I really think that while he’s in Canada, David’s (and his family’s) personal space will remain intact.

  173. Hello, can’t speak english to-day, too hard when it’s about a discussion.

    J’ai appris l’accueil “musclé” de David et sa famille à l’aéroport JFK, et bien sûr je suis indignée par la bêtise humaine et l’égoïsme de certains, mais surtout j’ai du mal à comprendre la différence de comportement des gens en fonction de leur culture ou de leur implantation géographique:

    Je me rappelle le 15/03 àux environs de 16h, on est arrivé (de province) près du Grand Rex pour repérer les lieux que l’on ne connaissait pas et… hasard et miracle, j’ai vu arriver David (en taxi), il est descendu, a tranquillement traversé le trottoir, il y avait des fans, bien sûr, qui l’attendaient, mais personne ne l’a importuné, les gens se sont écartés pour le laisser passer, aucun problème, il souriait, a serré quelques mains, et est entré au Grand Rex; ah, bien sûr, l’album on an island que j’avais emmené (?) n’a pas été signé, je n’ai même pas pensé à lui tendre ! J’étais simplement heureuse et fière de l’avoir vu.

    Donc aucun problème, comme ,je pense, partout dans notre “vieille Europe” où on respecte encore la vie privée, même des plus grands, ce qui n’empêche pas une grande affection !

    Voilà, c’est tout.

    Celà dit, ceci est valable pour tout le monde et les messages virulents des fans sur ce blog contre “ces damnés américains” manquent eux auusi de respect et de tolérance.

    In conclusion, David and his family are human and deserve respect, people at JFK were human, with their qualities and their faults.

    Respect and tolerance please, for all, who said “we don’t need no education “? he was wrong, we all need more education !!!

    sorry dear Fed, maybe I was too long and boring !

    et vive La Musique ! (…de David bien sûr)

    et vive you, Fed !, don’t forget to sleep sometimes…


    [Il n’était pas trop long ou fastidieux, mon ami. Il était parfait. Merci. – Features Editor]

  174. FYI:

    I saw a commercial this morning during the NBC Today Show for the OAI album.

    I also put yesterday’s pictures up to see. Click my name…

    …and for anyone hanging out this afternoon before the show, I’ll be under the telestrater across from RCMH at 4:45 and at Heartland Brewery by the bar after 5pm.

  175. Good morning, F.Ed.

    Francesco wrote “Despite understanding the point of your comments i still do not understand what is negative about fans.”

    I personally don’t think anyone is saying negative things about fans in general. Fans are what make the business go around, and artists of all kinds I think feel a connection of some kind with their fan base. Various musicians have described the magic and wonder of connecting with their audience at a live show, etc.

    What’s being discussed is how a few selfish, rude, obnoxious people take advantage of a situation and act like complete jerks. Like I have said before, there are a few extremists in every group, and they tend to get the most attention.

    The unfortunate thing is that people behaving in this way think they are not doing anything wrong. it’s evident by some posts on here that people think David should expect people to act like that, and he should just shut up and take it. He’s a “celebrity”. He’s a “God” a “Legend”, you name it. Therefore, people have the “right” to behave that way and impose themselves on David and his family. David has no right to bring his family along, he should know better. This is the mentality and behavior of a few people that cause irreparable damage in a fan- artist relationship.

    I am waiting to see someone post that it’s Guy’s fault his 4 year old got hurt, because the child should not have been there to begin with. As a father of young kids myself, I can imagine that Guy was more than a little upset. There is absolutely NO excuse for people who do that. David and the others have EVERY right to bring their families along. It is a great thing for them to include their families, to share with them their experiences and have that time together.

    On a ligher note, with Crosby and Nash there, that would have been a great show to see and hear. I wonder what it would sound like if they sang on Echoes or Comfortably Numb? (I am not trying to suggest or request anything- I won’t be there to hear it anyways. It’s just a thought.) It sounds like people had a blast that were there.

    Weird.. Again, as I write, a song comes on the radio, this time Learning to Fly.

    Good day, all, enjoy the shows, wish I could be there.


    [Well said, mate. Just a few rotten apples and all that. – Features Editor]

  176. [new yorkers have passion unlike any other folks. also NYC has some of the largest amount of passionate Floyd fans – and they are not shy about expressing their love. no harm was meant Im sure]

    Rudders – if you ever become a blog celebrity, as you are slowly becoming, then dont go to NYC. They might whip your keks off and express their love to you.

    Pete – Coventry

  177. I started lisinig to your mosic wen I was about 6 years old. my dad hase evry CD of yers. I am doing a proget on your pink floyd aldums

  178. I agree with Bleeding Heart Artist.

    Sorry UK, but there is nothing like New York City.

    Rock On!

  179. Hope he does not get that kind of welcome in Canada.can’t wait to see him on the 11th in toronto. comming from Montreal.Any way to get some back stage pass to offer to my wife, Great fan indeed!


    [Sorry, mate. – Features Editor]

  180. Hello my friends!

    This is the first part of the interview published by an italian magazine.

    In this part the journalist talk. In the second there are questions and answers. I hope to translate it soon! I’m very sorry if my english is not good…even because I should work and I had not time to look every word up in the dictionary……I hope you can understand? Is there some italian who can translate the second part better?

    Have a great evening!


    He’s got blue eyes, very light and peaceful; he’s got fair paunch; a relaxed face, not one wrinkled. The scars are somewhre else: sometimes, when you listen his music now, they look like they were healed. Sometimes, because David Gilmour have risked a lot in his life and when you live at the velocity of sound, not burn is impossible. And the scars never will heald completely.

    However, today David Gilmour is married with Polly Samson (they look like the engaged couple of Paynet), who writes the lyrics of his song; 8 children (4 daughter and 4 son, the elder is about 30 years old, the younger 4), he is rich and live in a beautiful contry house.

    (…some information…but I didn’t write because we know he has a studio/boat and 100 guitars,,,so, I didn’t translate this sentence. NDR)

    Today David Gilmour is very far from the boys with long hair, velvet jacket and tight trousers that in ‘70s climbed the Olympus with a different rock than the others. People called it psychedelic and for a lot of persone it means Lsd. They sung “Tears, the life that was ours grows sharper and stronger away and beyond short wheeling – fresh spring, gripped with blanched bones – moaned – magnesium, proverbs and sobs”.

    Today Gilmour sold one of his house and gave the money to “Crisis”. He did the same after the Live 8, making donations to the Live 8 organizations. (…)

    Today is another man, who sing “Life is much more than money buys when I see the faith in my children’s eyes”. But you can still recognize his guitar. What a pleasure his solo.

    “The intelligence of a musician is in his hands”, said someone. David Gilmour’s hands are ingenious.

    [Thank you for that, Lucia. Very kind of you to translate for us. – Features Editor]

  181. Hi all,

    Let’s hear some more reviews of last night’s show! It must have been really exciting!

    What paraphernalia was on sale? Anything different on how the band played some numbers?


    Nick from Toronto

  182. RE Quiet Desperation…

    Stephen… this is its origin:

    It’s a line from the track Time. Which is off of the Dark Side of the Moon album and all four members of Pink Floyd have writing credits…


    I might be misunderstanding your point, but I would categorize the phrase’s origin as coming from Thoreau, I think “Walden Pond,” though I’m not sure about this last point and am too lazy (and still glowing from last night’s concert!) to look it up on the internet.

    Roger had one of his many, many brilliant moments when he nicked (an English term for borrowing, no?) the line for “Time.”

    RE Speaking of Roger and Nick on tour, a friend just emailed me the following blurb from a Toronto Sun interview:

    “Hey, we’ve played Dark Side Of The Moon without Roger,” said Gilmour, referring to the years when Gilmour carried on with Pink Floyd after Waters left the group…”Roger wrote all the words and a fair bit of the music on Dark Side Of The Moon. So there’s absolutely no reason at all why he shouldn’t go and play it. In fact, he asked recently if we would let him use the original film we used with the show, and we said, ‘Fine, go ahead.’ ”

  183. I’m very happy reading that yesterday’s show was so good ad the show I saw in Rome. And I can remember that night throught your words. It is very neautiful. I loved Fat old sun, because the palyed it in a way I never listened. And it was wounderful!



  184. Amazing show. Just amazing. I’ve never been in such a happy crowd. Acoustics were fantastic, and the ushers were treated to a calm night.

    Loved the applause for Mr. Wright, Mr. Crosby, and Mr. Nash…such a fine thing to be a part of.

    Lost my keys there, can you believe someone turned them in? I picked them up at 7:45 this morning at Radio City’s stage entrance. Whew.

  185. I’m just glad Rog wasn’t there. We definately would’ve gotten a verbal lashing from him last night.

  186. Steve: Thanks for the play by play of last nights show! Glad to hear there’s a great light show along with the music!

  187. Tom wrote:

    “No Boo’s or “Play MONEY!” idiots, at least none that I heard…a big FU to the idiot behind me talking on his cell phone though…dude, hang the hell up and watch the SHOW, moron!”


    There was a guy, I think during High Hopes, who yelled out: “Dave! Rock and Roll!” Many in the crowd laughed.

    And yeah, what is it with those people talking on their cell phones in the middle of a show? Also 2 guys were gabbing behind me during Dominoes and High Hopes. My brother and I turned around and asked them to keep it down. They’re succinct response ended with something like: “Dude, it’s a concert…” I thought for a moment of replying: “PRECISELY my point, you…person, you.” But of course listening to the music was my priority. And unfortunately, he’s correct: You can’t have that many people in a place and not expect a little irritation.

    And then there was that bathroom scene mentioned earlier…

    But regardless, none of this really detracts from the great show. And if anything, those silly moments add a little texture.

  188. I just wanted to compliment David on an (yet another) excellent record. I wish he were coming closer, but I understand that begging won’t help.

    Believe me, it’s not a matter of pride. If begging worked, I’d do it.

    Also, please accept this fan’s apology for the behavior of some of my fellow Americans. Most of us are respectful of one another’s privacy. And then there are people like me who would also be too petrified to approach famous folks anyway.

    Just one question, though. I’ve been seeing conflicting dates for the re-release of David’s first two albums. Are they still being re-released and if so, when?

    Thanks and best wishes for an excellent but “uneventful” remainder of the tour,

    Robert in New Orleans

    [I don’t have a date for their release, Robert, and the dates you’ll see at certain online retailers are wrong. As soon as an official date is announced, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  189. Hey All:

    I’m on my way to catch a train out of NY, but wanted give a shout out to all our blog friends that we met up with last night. Angelo, thanks again for getting us together and sorry you didn’t get a ticket. We’ll be in contact when we get back home. Got something special for ya!

    The show was incredible…The lasers added were a special treat and Crosby and Nash’s appeareance nearly brought the house down!

    I’ll write a full review of our expereience as soon as I get back home…All you going tonight, enjoy the show!!!!


  190. I have just read a review quote “My favourite though was the trading of lyrics between Gilmour & Wright during Money”. This comment has also been put on other websites. What concert was this person at?

    This is not the first time that somebody has said that David sang a certain song when he didn’t. What’s the matter with people?


    [They probably mean ‘Echoes’ or they’re just trying to cause trouble, Lesley. – Features Editor]

  191. I had a perfect seat. Second row, second mezzanine. I was lined right up with the lights in set 2.

    The highlights from the first set were Take a Breath (the only “rocker” on the new disc), On an Island and an instrumental where Gilmour plays sax (name escapes me, I’m still digesting the new album). Band introductions took place after Dick Parry left the stage, ending with Richard Wright (longest ovation, partly standing, including me) and then the introduction of the two special vocalists for On an Island and The Blue. Also the lights at the end of the set were nice – a yellow wave on the upper left and a criss cross of light green on the lower right.

    The intermission was just 16 minutes (9:06 to 9:22). Being used to longer intermissions at jamband concerts, during which countries have been overthrown, this was a nice treat.

    Shine On started off just a bit rough as David got his bearings. Yes, it’s only four notes, but he doesn’t play them exactly as recorded so don’t expect that. By Part II-III of Shine On they were cruising nicely, Graham and David C. came back to lend vocal assistance, and when Dick came back for the sax, and he was jamming with David and Rick (they formed a visual triangle), well, let’s just say it was easy to think you were hearing another band. I even made a triangle with my hands to assist with my delusion!

    Rick’s turn on vocals came next with Wearing the Inside Out. When singing lead last night he frequently adjusted the height of his mike, but Jon covered keys for him while he did (a nice pair, those two). The Barrett song was a nice treat with David on acoustic guitar, and then FAT OLD SUN (!). Beautifully sung, lifted me right up.

    Then the goosebumps started when they went into Breathe. As with Shine On, the opening notes are not a perfect re-creation, David adds some flourishes on the pedal steel. Once he and Rick started singing, I drifted right away with a BIG smile. Time was fine. Very fine. Lots of lights. Green. Nice to have Rick there to sing his parts, which happen to be my favorite Floyd lyrics, ever. [A note on Rick’s voice – it’s not as sweet as it used to be, more phrasing now, but it works.] Breathe reprise brought it all home. Then High Hopes. Then silence.






    It’s amazing when you hear one of your favorite songs played live for the first time, especially when a) it’s been a favorite for many years, b) you never expected to hear it and c) you have Rick and Dave to sing it!!!!!!

    During this 15-16 minutes of aural magic, Brickman let loose with an extravaganza of lights, including a greenish yellowish wheelspoke that stretched RIGHT UP TO MY SEAT. I kid you not. The people in front of me had left to get a beer (?) and I literally could have gotten up and walked on the lights right down to the stage, if I had been so inclined and the laws of physics were temporarily suspended.

    Dave’s guitar work in the middle section was nasty and raw and beautiful and wonderful.

    I was spent at this point, big grin on my face, no worries.

    Encores were two I expected and one big surprise. Crosby, Gilmour and Nash? Hey – why not! On Comfortably Numb, Rick sang Roger’s part, which thus gave it multiple levels of wonderful irony.

    Show wrapped at 10:52. A wonderful night of music.

    Thank you very much David, Rick, Dick, Jon, Guy, Phil, Steve, David C. and Graham — and you too Marc!

    And regarding the crowd – the people in my area were all respectful and there for the music, and realized they were treated to something very special.

  192. Everyone, it is SNOWING in new york right now (at least on 32nd and 7th). None of it will stick, of course, but if you ask me, it’s a lovely scene, and provides a nice atmosphere for the music though of us lucky enough to have tickets for tonight’s show will see!

    I am at my desk (barely) working, listening to music, watching the snow fall and allowing my excitement to build.

    steve steele, great show review, and thanks for including the approximate start time of the show.

  193. I must say, last night’s show was phenominal!

    Welcome to America David! Sorry about the over zealous fans at JFK, you should know that during your show the New Yorkers acted with a high level of civility and friendship towards one another.

    They also displayed tremendous love for the musicians during the show. Thank you for visiting our Island, and we hope you come back again & again.

    BTW, to the rest of my countrymen – please stop generalizing about New Yorkers, you don’t even know if the crowd at JFK were all NYers or some over anxious fans from other places (I talked to several people who flew into town for the show). We do have some bad apples in the bunch, but please stop refering to us all in general terms.

    Thank you & Shine On!!

  194. First: I saw the show last night and it was amazing. I wasn’t expecting Wright to be there, and that was a real treat. The crowd erupted when he was introduced. Crosby and Nash was really cool, and of course Gilmour was his incredible self. The new stuff was great and the Floyd songs were fantastic What a great show!

    Second: Stop your whining about New Yorkers. Oh my, people got up to get beers at a show? How rude! How dare people try to have a good time at a show! Autograph hounds harrassed David to sign stuff they could turn around and sell on E-Bay?! How shocking! What is this world coming to?

    We New Yorkers may be opinionated or whatever, but please, don’t insult us by accusing us of freaking out over celebs. We see them everyday. We don’t care. That is why so many live here. In general, if there’s a scene over celebs, it’s either kids, tourists or pros. So, to borrow the stereotype too many of you too easily believe, you can take your crying and stuff it.


  195. On the night of April 4th, you can’t imagine, or maybe someone could, that if I died tomorrow, the image of David playing guitar with the lazer right above his head is forever all I need to know I’ve been in heaven. Life is a bowl of fruit and David is sure the juice of life. Yum, yum and WOW to hear David and this band play. Seeing his old band mate and founder of Pink Floyd was tremendous! The other guest stars were great, but let’s face it, David is why we were there. He broght back the fantasy of Floyd with his melodic playing.Loved it, loved it, loved it!! “On an Island” is a masterpiece and will go down in history as such. Thank you David for sharing your magic with me. I not only heard you play, I felt you in my heart!

  196. Fedmeister,

    Thanks for the condolences. I really appreciate that. I’m ready for tonight with my new David Gilmour tour shirt on and Pillock Silencers in hand! Glad you liked the pictures…did you see the black and white of David I put up today? I thought you’d might like that one, too…



    I’ll see you later, dude. I might hand around the side entrance on 51st street to hear another sound check again in case you get there early.


    Sorry I missed you, too! 🙁
    Hopefully, the’ll be a next time!!!

    Steve, Great Review! I’m pumped even more!!!!

    …now, time to go off into Gilmour-land. I’ll be geeked-out again with my internet cell phone as I take it all in…

    [The one of him sticking his tongue out? That’s a good one. – Features Editor]

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