Massey Hall


Built in 1892 by the architect Sidney Badgley on land purchased, and donated to Toronto, by industrial baron Hart Massey, Massey Hall staged its first performance in June 1894.

The theatre was designed as a memorial to Massey’s son and was intended to be "an auditorium – spacious, substantial and comfortable, where public meetings, conventions, musical and other entertainments, etc., could be given."

Subsequently, Massey Hall has played host to boxing, wrestling, ballet, cinema, concert and opera, as well as hosting weddings, beauty contests, religious and political rallies of all notions and even chess tournaments.

It has played hosts to a plethora of diverse acts in more recent years, such as George Gershwin, Luciano Pavarotti, Alice Cooper and Jon Stewart. The opera diva, Adelina Patti, performed her farewell concert at Massey Hall in 1903, and Bob Dylan caused public outrage by playing electric guitar here in 1965.

Of course, David made two stops on his ‘About Face’ tour in May 1984.

It now hosts more than 100 events each year, ranging from jazz, classical, opera, folk and rock music to dance, comedy and theatrical shows.

Winner of the Venue of the Year Award many times over, the building was declared a heritage site in 1975 and remains a vital part of Toronto’s cultural heritage, having survived both fire and flood to entertain countless people.

The theatre now seats up to 2,752 and, as you can see from the beautiful picture above, has a lower area and two balconies.

If you’ll be sitting in one of these seats on Sunday or Monday night, have a great time and do share your thoughts with us both before, and after, the concerts.

If you’ve been to Massey Hall before, please let those fans who perhaps have never visited previously know what they can expect.

Our special thanks to Finn O’Hara for the fine shot of Massey Hall, and to John (who’s not from Florida) for his part, too.

Well, we’ve had some good radio shows from Austria and France to enjoy lately, so it’s exciting to hear that Italy’s Capital Radio will be airing an interview with David tonight at 8PM local time.

You can listen online at (by simply clicking radio, then ascolta la radio). The word is that they will also be exclusively broadcasting highlights from one of David’s Italian shows. You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Toronto station Q107 also has a David Gilmour/Pink Floyd weekend of music from 3PM EST to get you in the mood for the concerts. More on this tomorrow.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Wow, that is a cool venue! Not surprised it was declared a heritage site.

    All that go to that show, have a great time!


  2. It has been a long week of heavy blogs moreso, I guess, for Fed. So lets lighten up and have a game. I used to enjoy desert island discs on the radio.

    So, you are going on holiday and customs are only allowing you to take 8 CD’s with you. (It was going to be 5 but I found it far to difficult). One must be a Pink Floyd album and one must be a solo album by any of the Pink Floyd members but not ‘On an Island’ cos I think that quite a few would just opt for that. The other 6 albums can be by whoever. You are not allowed to take compilation albums or ‘Best of’s’. A 2 CD set disc can count as 1 choice. Bear in mind it is a holiday and you will be coming home to the rest of your beloved record collection. What would you take.

    My Pink Floyd album would be ‘Meddle’
    My solo album would be Richard Wrights – ‘Wet Dream’
    My other albums would be:

    ‘Together We’re Stranger’ by Noman
    ‘In the Land of Grey an Pink’ by Caravan
    ‘A Question of Balance’ by The Moody Blues
    ‘American Stars n Bars’ by Neil Young
    ‘Third’ by Soft Machine
    ’10 Stories Down’ by Pineapple Thief

    Happy Friday and a happy weekend

    Pete – Coventry

    [Good idea, Pete. That’s just the thing we need to get all the regulars back and feeling cheerful after two crap days. I need more time to think about mine, but I just donned my thinking cap and will follow up shortly. – Features Editor]

  3. CAPTION : Bleeding heart artist’s fans look on in awe!!!!!!.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  4. THANK GOD (or whatever . . ) !!!!!!!!!

    a fresh page !!!!!!!!!!

    hope you got a GOOOOOD night’s sleep F’ed – you sure needed it. let’s make today full of happy thoughts . . ay??

    I’ll be running around town most of the day and will be taking OAI and Animals with me in the car. Hopefully when I check back in this evening, I’ll find that today’s posts (and poor F’ed’s mood) have lightened up (WAAAY up) from yesterday’s!

    LOVE today’s entry . . . . beautiful venue.

    I think everyone should listen to a little “Pigs On the Wing” first thing . . . if that doesn’t make you feel good . . .

    pleasant day all . . . .

    p.s. Thanks to Lucia.

  5. Fedmeister…

    It’s so good to hear that fellow Blogavists (!!) are helping out with the Fan Fare pictures and information…

    It’s getting really hard doing these for empty concert halls but here goes…

    Caption Competition:

    Toronto City Hall, in an effort to reduce costs, had rallied all of the Macaroni Penguins from Toronto Zoo to help with the security and allowed them to sit in the top tier as they received their briefing from the Hall Manager…

    [Now I think the empty theatres bring out the best in you, Rudders. – Features Editor]

  6. Wow, that picture of Massey Hall makes it look better than I remember it. While it does not seem as spiffy as the pictures of all the other venues on the tour, it really is a good place to see a concert. I saw Yes (with guitar/bass gods Steve Howe and Chris Squire) there in the late 90s. I had been apprehensive about an arena rock band playing in such a small venue, but it was great! Judging from all the reviews that I have been reading in this blog, David’s concert promises to be even better!

    There are some seats to the left or right where you will not be able to see part of the stage or where you will have to look past a relatively thin post holding up one of the balconies, but really, it should not be a problem. A lot of older venues have these issues.

    Bye the way, I think that This Heaven is an amazing blues tune. I just love it and the whole album. Well done everyone!

    I can’t believe that there are only a few more sleeps to go.

    See you there on Monday!

  7. I have been to Massey Hall many times. As a child, my Mother would take me to see the Toronto Symphony (they had a Saturday afternoon childrens’ programme).

    In later years, I have seen a few acts – Lou Reed (3 times), Yes, and The Bee Gees (with Hall & Oates as an opening act!). I think I’m forgetting a couple more acts.

    It is a lovely old hall, and was supposed to be torn down close to 20 years ago, when the “new” Massey Hall was built. The new place was renamed Roy Thompson Hall. There was such a public outcry about the old hall that it was saved.

    The venue has lots of atmosphere, and fairly good acoustics. Sometimes the view of the stage can be poor. I recall sitting in the side of the gallery (2nd balcony), and only being able to see half the stage without leaning very far forward.

    The balcony seats are really good. Probably the best seats, in fact. The floor is good, but there are some pillars that can obstruct the view.

    It has been 6 years since I was last in Massey Hall, and as I remember it, they do not sell refreshments. That should prevent the sort of nonsense that was going on in New York. Hopefully!

    I’m really looking forward to the show on Sunday. I haven’t seen David play live since PF in Hamilton in 1975.

    I hope David and his family enjoy their visit to Toronto!

    (and it will be sooooo good to hear Echoes, High Hopes, and The Blue)

  8. Hi all: I attended David’s “About Face” concert at Massey Hall and will be going to the April 10th show. This venue is very intimate (the picture makes it seem bigger than what it really is), and if memory serves me well, then all seats should have a nice view of the stage.

  9. Pete

    My Pink Floyd album would be Wish You Were Here
    My solo album would be Roger’s Amused To Death

    My other albums would be:

    The Snow Goose by Camel
    Close To The Edge by Yes
    Seconds Out by Genesis
    Stupidity + by Dr. Feelgood
    On The Crest of a Knave by Jethro Tull
    Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen

  10. Hey FEd,

    Just wondering if there is any chance of a new tune or two popping up into the setlist for the second portion of the tour?

    I would give anything to hear Dogs or Childhood’s End…

    I will be at Massey Hall this weekend and I can’t wait. David Gilmour fever is sweeping throught he city of Toronto.

    [You never know, Foster. It’s possible. Enjoy the show! – Features Editor]

  11. F’ed . . . you sucked me in (posting a few comments) as I was logging off and running out the door . . . . now I must respond to Peter’s EXCELLENT suggestion . . . . (I’d love to hear yours too F’ed . . I’m sure we all would . . no pressure . . )


    first . . . HOW do you pick just one PF . .???? well . . . . if I must (just for the holiday) . . . “Division Bell”
    solo: “About Face”
    other 6: (another tough one . . )
    – Rush “Hemispheres”
    – Rush “2112”
    – Live “Mental Jewelry”
    – Jeff Buckley “Grace”
    – Marillion “This Strange Engine”
    – Pretenders “Last Of The Independents”

    that was tough . . . but I’m in a hurry . . .

    and Peter . . . “A Question of Balance” . . . BRAVO . . !!! that could easily have made mine as well.

    oooooh . . I can’t wait to get home tonight and read everyone’s answers . . .

    THANKS Peter and THANKS F’ed . . . let’s take our world back !!!

  12. Saw the About Face gig at Massey Hall in 84. Massey Hall is a great venue and apart from a few “obstructed view” seats, every seat has a great view of the stage.

    One of my fave places for a concert in Toronto

  13. hey ed, good on ya for coping with the last couple of days. sounds like it’s been pretty rough for you. i couldn’t read anymore “it’s ok to behave like pr*cks because we made david and david owes us and my ticket cost me the earth and david’s not doing enough shows so it’s all his fault anyway, but it’s not mine because i’m an american and i’m tired of everyone hating america when we rule the world and you should all be grateful that we saved your ass in two world wars, and all floyd fans smoke pot man, so go to the opera if you don’t want to breathe it in and listen to our ‘awesome, awesome, awesome!’ shouts all night long because we’re allowed to enjoy ourselves and behaving this way is the way we get our kicks because we’re the most civilised people on earth and you’re just jealous” crap. ok, all is calm now. forgive me. no more new york crap from now on. if we leave it there, we can go back to having a good time like before. just want to say ban whoever you feel the need to ban, ed. i won’t miss the likes of claude or that stupid whiney roger brownnoser and the ones who have been here since the beginning won’t miss them either. gorgeous venue up there anyway. will be listening to the italian radio show later and looking forward to seeing all the regulars posting fun stuff again. thanks again, ed. kick some ass.

  14. I like desert island discs My choices are: animals,wish you were here,goodbye yellow brick road Elton John,automatic for the people REM,Hotel California Eagles & Duke Genesis. thank you Michael Miller PS. I am at the april 19th&20th shows thank you Jesus!

  15. Wow it’s here. 2 more days and I’ll be sitting in that beautiful theatre watching David work his magic. It will also complete my Pink Floyd trifecta (Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and David Gilmour live in concert).

    FED, any word on the rumoured bonus tracks that may be available on the remasters of David’s first 2 albums??

    [That’s another silly rumour. There aren’t any. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  16. Massey Hall is great! What an intimate venue. Seats are kinda uncomfortable, but who cares when you’re listening to ECHOES! I can’t wait! OAI has been playing on my work CPU for the last 2 weeks straight and it’s driving everyone in my office crazy.

    Managed to score 8 tickets for April 9 for the friends and family. Should be a great time.

    Fed… any inside info if Crosby and Nash are making the Toronto trip?


    [I don’t think so. They were special guests in New York and haven’t joined the band as such. – Features Editor]

  17. My desert island discs…

    PF – Wish You Were Here
    Solo – RW – Amused To Death


    David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
    Yes – Relayer
    Beatles – Abbey Road
    Bruce Springsteen – Darkness On The Edge of Town
    Blue Rodeo – 5 Days in July

    What a great, fun idea!! Thanks for suggesting this, Pete!

  18. I’ve seen Joe Satriani and Jetrothul at Massey Hall. Great venue. Monday can’t come any sooner.

  19. I am so looking foward to this show on the 10th. I hope he changes up the set list a bit. Dont get me wrong i love every Floyd song there is, but i woulden’t mind hearing a song or two from ABout Face, or DAvid GIlmour’s fist album. Oooh magine that hearing Love on The Air, or Murder that would be nice. Anyhow I read that Dave and Polly occasionally read these messages. So i would just like to thank Mr. Gilmour for his wonderful music that he has given us you are a true inspiration to us all. My husband and I are in fact HUGE fans. I started listening to PF as early as 8 years old. And i remember it was just after i seen PF in concert in 1994 (in NJ and NY_) that i fell in love with his music. So thanks again, and sorry about the noisy audience at RCH last wendesday. But i will say that that i did enjoy every last minute of the song, and you and Richard sounded absolutely wonderful!! Best regards from a true and loyal fan i especially loved Wots uh the Deal, and Wearing The Inside Out!!

  20. Difficult. I’m doing grave injustice to a lot of brilliant albums and artists now… But at this moment here it is:

    Pink Floyd album: Wish you were here
    My solo album would be: On an island recently kicked “Amused to Death” from the first place. Listened to much to ATD anyway.

    My other albums would be:

    ‘Esperanza’ by Manu Chao
    ‘Incantations’ by Mike Oldfield
    ‘Communique’ by Dire Straits
    ‘Script for a Jesters tear’ by Marillion
    ‘Hounds of Love’ by Kate Bush
    ‘Oxygene’ by Jean Michel Jarre.

    Now where is that desert island?…


  21. Great pic! The Massey Hall is very remember me the Rocky horror picture show movie ambient…I don’t know why! Read and yellow, maybe! It looks very good!
    Glad to change arguments!

    My Pink Floyd album would be…very hard! Animals? Must I necessary choose?!!!

    My solo album would be: Roger’s Amused To Death. Even if I don’t like Roger’s voice so much. And you can felt you miss David’s guitar!

    My other albums would be:
    – Radiohead. All the albums!
    – Sigur Ròs. Ok Computer…Hail to the thief…all!
    – R.E.M. New Adventures In Hi-Fi
    – Bjork. Homogenic
    – Goran Bregovic. Music For Films



  22. Help

    Sent in a couple of recent posts, 1 on today’s and 1 a few days ago, neither of which appeared. I’m developing a blacklisted complex.

    I wonder if you received them?…..but perhaps this one will not be posted either so I still won’t know!

    [My apologies, Dave. There have been several similar posts, but and I can’t post them just yet. – Features Editor]

  23. F. Ed: Thank the stars that the blog is back to normal! I read every day but seldom post, but today’s vibe seems better than it has been for days. Thanks for your commitment (and the long hours you put in) to this blog.

    Man, it is tough to list only 8 desert isle albums!

    These are off the top of my head:

    PF Album – Wish You Were Here
    Solo Album – David Gilmour

    1 Fragile – Yes
    2 Sheer Heart Attack – Queen
    3 Avalon – Roxy Music
    4 Lamb Lies Down on Broadway – Genesis
    5 Tales of Mystery and Imagination – Alan Parsons Project
    6 In the Court of the Crimson King – King Crimson

    Honourable Mention would go to the best live album that no one has ever heard of: Space Ritual by Hawkind. (See, I had to sneak in a 9th album).

  24. Oh my! Can see my (and son’s)seats.Dead centre upper gallery.Should be a perfect vantage point to experience the aural and visual extranvaganza that are about to inundate our senses!BRING IT ON!!!

    (Thanks for the acknowledgment F.E.)

    [You’re more than welcome. We wouldn’t have the picture if not for you! – Features Editor]

  25. I’m glad to hear that there may not be any drunks getting up and heading to the bar durning the show. I’m going to the 9th show and can’t wait, I’ll have to check out the Hockey Hall Of Fame to tide me over. Is there any other place that would be interesting to check out while I’m there for the weekend??

  26. Desert Island Discs:

    Floyd: Animals
    Solo: About Face

    Best of the rest:
    Abbey Road – Beatles
    Veedon Fleece – Van the Man
    Purple – Stone Temple Pilots
    Selling England by the Pound – Genesis
    Soft Parade – The Doors
    Amorica – Black Crowes

  27. It’s difficult to pick only one PF album but am comfortably numb knowing I’m coming back home to them all…so here goes…

    AMLOR – PF
    About Face – DG

    Passion – Peter Gabriel
    Love Over Gold – Dire Straits
    The Joshua Tree – U2
    Rumors – Fleetwood Mac
    An American Prayer – Jim Morrison
    No Quarter – Robert Plant & Jimmy Page

  28. Island disks:

    Pink Floyd – Animals
    Solo – Roger Waters Amused to Death

    Metalica – Metalica
    Big & Rich – Horse of a Different Color
    Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Live Rust
    Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Rd
    Santana – Supernatural
    Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon


  29. Desert Island Discs:

    Pink Floyd Album – Meddle
    Solo Album – Syd Barrett, The Madcap Laughs

    Other Six:
    Beatles – Revolver
    The Who – Live at Leeds
    King Crimson – Three of a Perfect Pair
    Talking Heads – Talking Heads 77
    The Clash – Sandinista
    Roxy Music – Avalon

  30. Hello Pete,

    Bloody good idea, I’m curious what we will see what all the other bloggers like. this my list:

    Pulse – Pink Floyd (is that allowed? Else DSOTM)
    Wet Dream – Richard Wright (but that was hard one!)

    The Last Bright Light – Mostly Autumn
    World Through My Eyes – RPWL
    Emotional Creatures Part One – Steve Thorne
    Blackfield – Blackfield
    Another Time Another Place – Magenta
    6 p.m. – Phil Manzanera

    and a last the ultimate prog single:

    All Around The World – ProgAid.

    So as you can see I’ve not voted for the all time classics, such as the Beatles, Camel, Genesis & Yes. I’ve choosen for the new bright bands (except uncle Phil) that will be classics in the future, atleast in my dreams that happens!

    Have a nice weekend!

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  31. Caption:

    David and his band stare bemused at the empty theatre “we appear to have over estimated our popularity” says David dejectedly”! “Hang on a minute” says Guy “this is the sound check it’s that bloody jetlag again” “oh yeah” says Phil that was why Rick fell asleep during wearing the inside out yesterday!

    Good day to you Mr Fe/Ed this seems much more cheerful :o) nice idea the desert island discs thingy. Do desert islands generally come complete with Hi Fi’s then?

    I am liking too many things for me too choose but I have been listening to some Loudon Wainwright the 3rd stuff lately, do you know of him Fe/Ed? some of his stuff is hilarious.

    The one about Heaven is great and one called Something for Nothing are worth hearing if you haven’t heard any.
    I think David would be good at covering one of those if he could get through it without laughing.

    I see David is playing On The Turning Away at the moment, that’s one of my favourites. I heard a stunning version of it David played at Earls Court in 94 one of the most beautiful solos I have ever heard. I remember it was so good it temporarily shocked the audience into stunned silence when it was finished.

    I expect he’s doing that all over again I can’t wait to see him again in May.

    I’m off for me dinner now Fe/Ed see ya later!

  32. This is tough, but here goes:

    Pink Floyd — The Wall
    Solo — David Gilmour, About Face

    Peter Gabriel, So
    David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust
    The Stranglers, Rattus Norvegicus
    The White Stripes, Elephant
    U2, Achtung Baby
    They Might Be Giants, Mink Car
    … and since it’s assumed that we’d all opt for On An Island, we get to take that too, right? 🙂

    I’m flying into Chicago on April 13 for the show at the Rosemont Theater and will post a review here. I can’t wait!

  33. My disk choices:

    Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
    Solo: Broken China (alhtough I would pick OAI if it wasn’t specifically excluded)

    Other Artists:

    King Crimson: Thrak
    Yes: Close to the Edge
    Genesis: A Trick of the Tail
    CSNY: Deja Vu
    Jefferson Airplane: After Bathing at Baxters
    U2: The Joshua Tree

    Ask me again tomorrow and you’ll get a different list.

    David Gilmour at Radio City was a GREAT show! Enjoy yourselves in Toronto this weekend.

    Mike from Connecticut

  34. Ohh…desert island discs. Changes probably from day to day, but as of now:

    From PF people:
    1. On An Island
    2. Meddle
    3. Wish You Were Here
    4. Broken China

    4. Neil Diamond Greatest Hits (sorry David)
    5. Rush Spirit of Radio
    6. Styx Greatest Hits

    Uff…that was difficult. Time for a nap.

    -Chris McKay

  35. Thanks to the band for making the trip to NY. Like any concert with a few “bad apples”, the show was fantastic!

    Walking to RadioCity, my wife and I just happened to see David, Polly, David C. and Jon C. on their way in.

    I won’t belabor the space with another review (besides, I’m not that articulate), I’d just like to restate my appreciation to the entire band a great night of music.

    To rest waiting for shows, your going to love it!

    Now, here’s the question of the day for the F’ed who continues to keep this an open forum (and is doing a fine job despite the occasionally visit from fools desperate for attention). The F’ed gets a specific mention in the Tour Program-congratulations! At some point will there be a “great reveal”? If so, will we be surprised?, impressed?, indifferent?

    [“Bamboozled” is more like it, Craig. I’m just a fan, like everyone else. – Features Editor]

  36. Matthew,

    There are tons of things to do in Toronto, depending on your interests. For example, on Saturday, there are 3 sporting events – Blue Jays baseball, Marlies hockey, and Rock lacrosse.

    On the artistic front, we have a beautiful museum and art gallery. The science centre and zoo are both terrific attractions too.

    Give me an idea of your preferences, and I’ll be delighted to help!

    Can’t wait for Sunday!

  37. Massey Hall is truly beautiful and it has terrific acoustics. I’ve seen countless concerts there and I’ve never been disappointed – soundwise anyway. You can see fairly well from just about anywhere and it’s so intimate you can even hear off-mic conversations taking place on the stage.

    My only complaint about Massey Hall would be the cramped seats. Anyone over 6′ (like me) might be very uncomfortable – especially in the 2nd balcony. There’s very little legroom and it’s obviously a building not designed for today’s well-fed style of human. That said, if you’re on the floor or 1st balcony, you should be okay.

    Incidentally, I had tickets for David’s visit there in ’84 but sadly, I got called away to go out on a tour myself and had to give my tickets away at the last minute. (Looking back, that tour wasn’t worth it!)

    There are a LOTS of good restaurants near the venue. (I certainly wouldn’t recommend the Hard Rock Cafe. The food and service are horrendous!) Check out “Lick’s” for a cheap and tasty burger. “Toby’s” at Yonge & Bloor is another great place if you want a beer with your burger. Or, just stroll north on Yonge Street until you find a promising spot. You sure won’t go hungry in TO!

    Enjoy the show – and I’ll see you Sunday night.

  38. For Pete’s sake: (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    Pink Floyd: I nearly said the Wall, because it’s got a good variety, but if I’m on vacation I’m going to want some Atom Heart Mother.

    PF solo: I haven’t actually heard any (put the veggies down!). I’ll take “David Gilmour” which I’m planning on getting with About Face when the reissues come out. Amused to Death sounds intriguing, but seems a little dark for a holiday.

    The Beatles: The Beatles [White Album]
    Talking Heads: Fear of Music
    Yes: Fragile
    Jackie Mason: Prune Danish (I can put comedy on, can’t I? I don’t think this was ever released in stores but I got one at his show in 2001; makes me laugh every time.)
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (i can listen to new bands if I wanna)
    Neil Young: Harvest

    Great idea, Peter. Huge thanks to Fed for getting up early and dealing with the New York shows. I’m still so happy!

  39. Desert island picks…

    PF – Pulse
    DG – About Face

    Yes – Yessongs
    Eric Clapton – Just One Night
    Grateful Dead – Europe ’72
    Miles Davis – Four + More ( Lincoln Center ’64 )
    Allman Brothers Band – Fillmore East
    von Karajan – Beethoven’s Ninth

  40. Hmmmm. Well, I know this list will change completely by the end of the day.

    But for shites and giggles, here’s a go without thinking about it.

    1. Meddle
    2. David Gilmour
    3. Los Lobos – Just Anotherband from East LA
    4. Art Blakey – Orgy in Rhythm
    5. Tom Waits – Rain Dogs
    6. Sonny Sharrock – Ask the Ages
    7. Fela Kuti – Best of
    8. Simpson, Hidalgo, Krishnan & Srinivasan – Kambara Music in Native Tongues

    Another good way to play this game: if you have a program like iTunes, list the first 8 songs that are in your party shuffle after you open it. No changes, just what’s there. For instance mine are:

    1. Raining in My Heart – Robert Wyatt
    2. What God Wants 2 – Rog
    3. O Domine Lesu Christe – Harry Christophers and the Sixteen
    4. Can I Change My Mind – Roy Buchanan
    5. The Late Greats – Wilco
    6. Spietato – SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra
    7. Nothin Without You – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
    8. Pep Talk – Stevie Ray Vaughn & Albert King

  41. ok, let me think.

    obscured by clouds

    the mollusk by ween
    you forgot it in people by broken social scene
    below the branches by kelley stoltz
    we’re birds by el gato
    rendezvous by luna
    and of course…taking tiger mountain (by strategy) by brian eno

    yeah. that sounds right. lovely picks if i do say so. can’t wait. probably won’t be able to sleep till the show is past. see you sunday. reports on monday.

  42. Fed,

    Nice change to the site, I know yesterday was tiresome for you, but it was entertaining to watch some make fools of themselves.

    What is the fate of the site post tour? I have to admit I’ve become somewhat addicted to visiting on a dailey basis.

    [I’m glad you didn’t ask that yesterday! It will continue after the tour, Fred. – Features Editor]

  43. The countdown to Toronto begins 🙂 I have not seen David Gilmour in person since Pink Floyd’s 1994 tour where I witnessed the “Dark Side Of The Moon” performance at the Pontiac Silverdome. The anticipation is building. I’ve been listening to all my Pink Floyd and David Gilmour ROIOs non-stop. Looking forward to my roadtrip from Cleveland. A nice 5 hour drive. I cannot wait to see David and the band in such a small, intimate venue. I just know it’s going to be one special night!

    Fellow bloggers, where will the pre/post-concert festivities be? See you all in three days!!

    Mark from Cleveland

  44. Pink Floyd. My 2-disc bootleg from Division Bell Tour @ Giants Stadium (I was there!) If this doesn’t count than DSOTM
    Solo- Amused to Death. Roger Waters


    Moondance. Van Morrison
    Us. Peter Gabriel
    Abbey Road. The Beatles
    Nothing Like The Sun. Sting
    Imagine. John Lennon

  45. Yeah! Desert Island Discs – this was always my question for dates I went on, because music taste is the only real judge of character 🙂 Funnily enough, I had the same rules as yours Pete, only 3 discs allowed.

    Ok, so mine:

    PF : Wish You Were Here
    Solo : David Gilmour, eponymous

    Steely Dan – Aja
    Supertramp – Breakfast in America
    Neil Young – Harvest
    (wow, this is harder than 3 if you ask me! Too much choice is as bad as too little sometimes…)
    Vince Guaraldi – A Boy Named Charlie Brown
    Phish – A Picture of Nectar
    Porcupine Tree – In Absentia


  46. Dear Fed

    Thanks for putting my mind at rest!

    Here’s my Desert Island selection, with a slight twist, on the basis that I don’t need to take the likes of favourites WYWH or Animals ‘cos I know them backwards. So my PF & solo choice are ones that I listen to less often:

    PF: A Saucerful of Secrets
    Solo: Wet Dream

    1. Klaus Schulze – “The Dark Side Of The Moog VIII [Careful With That AKS, Peter]” [honest]
    2. Godspeed You Black Emperor! – “Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven”
    3. Tangerine Dream – “Encore”
    4. Amon Duul II – “Yeti”
    5. Yes – “Relayer”
    6. Roy Harper – “Stormcock”

    Just tuning in to Italy Capital Radio – feel like I’m listening to Fast Show’s Channel 9….Scorchio!!

    Dave [Sheffield, UK]

  47. My Holiday Picks:

    Pink Floyd: Animals (just for the solos in Dogs)
    Solo: David Gilmour (still my favourite DG solo disk)

    Others (in no particular order):

    Gerry Rafferty: North & South
    Alan Parsons Project: I Robot
    Them Jazzbeards: Dirty White Loafers
    ZZ Top: Deguelo
    Shelby Lynne: Things Are Tough All Over
    Stan Rogers: Live In Halifax

  48. Hi Wray,

    You mentioned “Licks” in your post. Well done! For those visiting Toronto, there are a few Licks locations.

    Licks is a fast food place (no alcohol), and it is legendary in Toronto.

    It started out as a small ice cream place in the Beaches, and added hamburgers to the menu. They quickly became known for their burgers, and most would say that they still have the best in the city.

    If you are looking for something quick but tasty, check out Licks!

    Another Toronto institution is Shopsy’s a restaurant at the corner of Yonge and Front. This used to be an old fashioned deli on Spadina, and gone a little upscale since then. I even remember the real cherry colas…Shopsy’s is well known for their corned beef sandwiches!

    If you are REALLY in a hurry, Toronto is also known for their street vendor hot dogs and sausages!

    Now I’m getting hungry. I’m heading to Toronto tomorrow!!

    [Do you happen to work for Licks by any chance, Peter? – Features Editor]

  49. Dessert on an Island Discs

    PF _ Animals
    Solo – Broken China

    Beatles – Abbey Rd
    Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks
    Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffitti
    Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers
    Van Morrison – No Method, No teacher, no guru

    Looking forward to RAH 30.5.06

    David Duquemin (Guernsey)

  50. 1. Dark Side Of The Moon (…despite the holidays !) 🙂
    2. Amused To Death by Roger Waters (same !) 😉
    3. OK Computer (Radiohead)
    4. Oceanborn (Nightwish)
    5. New adventures in Hi-Fi (REM)
    6. Spiritchaser (Dead Can Dance)
    7. The Blue JukeBox (Chris Rea)
    8. 100th Windows (Massive Attack)

    First 8 songs of my MP3 key player :

    1. Don’t let me be misunderstood, Nina Simone
    2. Sunny afternoon, The Kinks
    3. (You Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Björk and PJ Harvey
    4. Blame On The Boogie, The Jackson’s Five
    5. Stirb nicht vor mir, Rammstein
    6. Can’t buy me love, The Beatles
    7. Exit music (for a film), Radiohead
    8. The partisan, Leonard Cohen

    A lil’ shame for some tunes, eh ? 😉

  51. Peter

    “On the artistic front, we have a beautiful museum and art gallery. The science centre and zoo are both terrific attractions too.”

    Let’s not forget the Brass Rail! 🙂

  52. Oh by the way, “Licks” makes an unbelieveable Veggie burger. The first time I had one, I thought they gave me a beef burger by mistake!

    I actually prefer “Toby’s Good Eats” – for sentimental reasons. It used to be the place we’d meet after our local gigs.

    (And I have no affiliation with ANY restaurant.)

  53. FEd,

    I wouldn’t dare work for Licks. I’d eat up all the profits!!!

    I get the opportunity to visit Licks maybe once a year. That makes the visits much more memorable!

    I may just have to take my son there tomorrow! We have an afternoon to kill, so a bit of shopping on Yonge St, followed by a Licks burger…

    Speaking of Yonge St – I love to visit Sam The Record Man. This used to be a big chain, and it just about vanished a few years ago. The main store has survived. It has long been a favourite haunt of mine for harder to get cds.

    A couple of years ago, they had Yes in there for an autograph session. That was excellent.

    For my fellow music collectors, there is a really good used vinyl place across the street from Sam’s, and about a block north. I couldn’t tell you the name of the place, but it is on the second floor. They have old 45’s attached to the steps on the way up.

    This place is a great source for hard to find vinyl. They even have a few boots, but tend to charge a little too much for them.

  54. Hi every one, dear FED,

    Im leaving tomorrow ! where ? from montreal to toronto ! time has been passed and its my turn to enjoy moments of life ! cand wait to be there…

    I cant give A pink floyd album and A solo album but here is my list of rankings:

    Pink floyd:
    1)The wall
    2)Wish you were here
    3)Devision bell
    4)Dark side of the moon

    1)Amused to death(Roger. This one is just AMAZING ! is materially so rich and just amazing.)
    2)On an island
    3) wet dreams

    Echoes by camel
    Communique by dire straits
    Brothers in arms by dire straits
    An american prayer by Jim morisson
    Fields of gold, best of sting

    and I HATE rolling stones and beattles ! they kinda *THINK* that they are the greatest band ever but they are making a veryyyyy funny mistake ! Rolling stones is not even CLOSE to PK in terms of singing, playing, material and lyrics.
    same thing for john lennon and his fellow mates !

    Cant wait till sunday. my seat is not the closest one to the stage but still, a wish of my life will come true.

    is there going to be any surprise ?something added or removed from the set list ?

    never been in massey hal but I guess its going to be great. although its a very old venue and maybe it wont have sounf and light quality of some new venues but im pretty sure david takes care of the quality, as always.

    see you everyone there, Sunday, 8 pm (dont be late 😉 )


  55. Desert Island discs..

    Pink Floyd ~ Wish You Were Here
    Solo Dave’s ~ ON AN ISLAND !!!( duh…)


    Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon
    Pink Floyd – Meddle
    Rick Wright – Wet Dream
    Pink Floyd – The Division Bell
    Yes – Close To The Edge
    Renaissance- Ashes Are Burning

  56. We’re so very excited, we’re hitting the Sunday show at Massey. I haven’t been inside and thought it was funny that the intro posted is almost verbatim what is plaqued on the side of the building.

    Everyday, my husband and I log on to see what songs are being played at the shows. While my better half would like to hear “Dogs”, I’m sure there’s a time limit 🙂 . I personally like “One of these Days” and am looking forward to hearing “Smile”.

    Moot points though as Mr. Gilmour et al are playing a number of songs we enjoy.

  57. Ther was a nice jacket I saw for sale at the show in New York. I would purchase it online, but I don’t see it?? Can you help me find it?

    [There is more merchandise to come. It should be online shortly. – Features Editor]

  58. Great shot of Massey Hall.

    I am excited to follow in bros. footsteps Sunday night as he has seen PF in Mtl (Autostade & Olympic Stadium).

    MH offers good site lines, acoustics are good – best if show is not overly loud because it really is not that big. Upper balcony (with the Gods) has hard seats which might become upcomfortable for anyone up there.

    I have seen a lot of good acts thru the yrs, I recall Mark Knopfler (Sailing to Philly) was memorable. Also caught King Crimson with John Paul Jones opening, who knew Kasmir could be turned into a catchy pop song?

    FYI – Peter, bar in basement has always been open to serve refreshments at every show I have seen there.

    Enjoy the show.

  59. The Brass Rail?!

    Talk about your extremes – going from David Gilmour to a peeler bar…

    Whatever floats your boat.

    But NO visit to Toronto is complete without a stop at Sam The Record Man. It’s on Yonge just north of Dundas. HMV is right next door. If you can’t find it at Sam’s…give up!

  60. Pink Floyd – Meddle (Obscured By Clouds a very close second)
    David Gilmour – David Gilmour

    Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left
    Craig Armstrong – The Space Between Us
    Leonard Cohen – Ten New Songs
    Pixies – Surfer Rosa
    David Bowie – Low
    Bad Religion – All Ages


  61. Okay here it goes:

    PF – Shine On (nobody said I couldn’t take a box-set)
    Solo – Wet Dream (I would’ve preferred Broken China but it’s too depressing for a holiday trip)

    The rest in no order:

    Alan Parsons Project – Return of the Friendly Card
    Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms
    Chris de Burgh – Spanish Train and Other Stories
    Tragically Hip – Road Apples
    Tea Party – Alhambra
    Supertramp – Breakfast in America

    [Good point about the ‘Shine On’ box set! – Features Editor]

  62. Pete,

    Interesting 8 disc idea. I would have to pick the following:

    PF – Animals
    Solo – Waters: Pros and Cons of Hitchiking (How can you not appreciate Eric Clapton’s guitar work here?)

    Rush – A Farewell to Kings
    Guns N Roses – Appetite for Destruction
    Metallica – Black Album
    Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy
    Nils Lofgren – Cry Tough

    There you go.


  63. Mark from Cleveland

    If you’re joining us on the Sunday night there are a lot of us meeting at the Hard Rock Cafe on Yonge and Dundas which is a few minutes walk from Massey Hall….

    Several people have requested that the HRC play PF and DG music plus Toronto’s Rock Radio station Q107 broadcasts from the Foyer of the HRC….

  64. I read what I could of yesterday’s 400+ blog entries… there are some $@%#-ed up people out there! Let’s get the mood of this blog back to where it should be…

    FAVORITE FLOYD: Meddle, Animals, WYWH
    Solo: On An Island
    DADA (American Highway FLower)
    PETE DROGE (Necktie Second)
    YES (The YES Album)

    Thanks, F Ed, for banning Bleeding Heart Artist. I think he needs professional help.

  65. 1. Dark Side Of The Moon (WYWH is a very close 2nd)
    2. Broken China

    3. Abbey Road – The Beatles
    4. Rumours – Fleetwood Mac
    5. The Joshua Tree – U2
    6. The Doors – The Doors
    7. Are You Experienced – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    8. Who’s Next – The Who

  66. Hi ,im going to Massey Hall for both shows . My girlfriend is coming with me . She is 20 years old and never experience a Pink Floyd or David Gilmour concert. I cant wait to see my guitar hero again . Thank you David for coming in Canada . Enjoy your stay in good old Canada…

    P.S. David , DO NOT wear the ” Habs ” jersey( Montreal hockey team )like you did in the seventy`s… I am from Montreal and i know some guys in Toronto wouldnt appreciate that ( they wont make the playoff this year )….pffffff…lololol

  67. Good afternoon, F.Ed

    The pic of Massey Hall looks really beautiful. It sounds like it is, from previous posters’ accounts.

    Pete, thanks for the great idea. We needed that. F.Ed, keep up the good work. Some of us are a passionate group of people, and you handled it all in a professional and courteous manner. Thanks. Pat yourself on the back for me 🙂

    Ok, Pete, made me think today, but here it goes…

    PF- PULSE – has the best atmosphere to me for a holiday
    Solo- gonna go with About Face. Good all around listening

    Rumors, Fleetwood Mac
    something from Newsboys
    Healing Rain, Michael W. Smith

    That would probably be all I would take time to listen to. Music tends to get me thinking, and I don’t want to think too much on a holiday. Great idea, and even better timing.

    Looks like Stuff and Nonsense will be exciting. We will have another Ed. to deal with, though. I don’t know if we can handle that 😀

    Have a good day and a great weekend, all.


  68. F.Editor, the work you do for this site is phenomenal. Keep it up. (P.S How much do you get paid!)

  69. What time does everybody plan on hitting the front doors at Massey?? What time do they even open??

  70. AMLOR.[say no more]
    Amused to death.[atmosphere]

    Flashes from the archives of oblivion,Roy Harper[madness]
    Catch a Fire,Bob Marley and the Wailers[aroma]
    Adventures Beyond the Ultra World,The Orb[serenity]
    Enigma Variations,Elgar[Englishness]

  71. Mmmm Blog! new technology…new words…. a far cry from small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts. Isn’t it? Mmmmm. Marvellous.

    My Pink Floyd album would be Us And Them: Symphonic Pink Floyd by the London Philharmonic Orchestra
    My solo album would be Nicholas Berkeley Mason’s Profiles

    My other albums would be:

    – Toon Chants by Newcastle United FC
    – Kings of Europe by Liverpool FC
    – Wonderful Wanderers by Bolton Wanderers FC
    – Arsene’s Gunners by Arsenal FC
    – Forever Blue by Everton FC

    Mmmmm marvellous… isn’t it?

    [I recognise that voice anywhere… – Features Editor]

  72. Reading all the varied lists of favorite albums and songs just shows how different our musical tastes are with the exception of one thing in common. Pink Floyd! And for anyone who thinks this site is nothing more than a DG public relations ass kissing blog, just look at all the CD’s by Roger that are included. I am proud to be one of the original bloggers on here. Keep up the great work people!

    Dave in Ft. Wayne, In.

  73. Some excellent and eclectic choices for the Desert Island Discs. Definately have been inspired by some of the choices. Going to fill up my IPOD. Hope you Toronto Folks enjoy the show. You are in for a treat!

  74. Just a quick question for you Mr Fe/Ed, will we hear from the great man himself on his blog do you think? Maybe in the gap between the US and UK part of the tour?

    We would all love to hear how David, his family and his band are enjoying themselves on the tour.

    You would have to brace yourself for an avalanche of replies along the lines of ‘thank you thank you, your the greatest, can I have your autograph ect…(only kidding) reading the last one wouldn’t surprise me though.

    I hope we might see at least one blog entry by Mr Gilmour after all he’s the reason were all here, oh and for you too Mr Fe/Ed.

  75. My Picks for this minute…

    1. Wish You Were Here
    2. Amused To Death

    3. Kate Bush Hounds of Love
    4. Massive Attack Mezzanine
    5. Conjure One
    6. Great Lakes Swimmers Bodies and Minds
    7. Perfect Circle 13th Step
    8. Harold Budd and Eno – The Pearl

  76. I’m surprised (and maybe wrong?) that more Gilmour/Floyd fans aren’t also into Roxy Music… They’re great, people should check them out. Many connections too, most immediate being the fantastic contribution of Roxy’s guitarist and co-founder, Phil Manzanera, to OAI album and tour.

    Also, If I’m not mistaken, thought I read in an old MOJO piece that David met Jon Carin through the Bryan Ferry (Roxy’s singer/co-founder) gig at Live Aid. And doesn’t Guy Pratt now play bass for Roxy?

    As a diversion, it’s kind of a fun game to play one of the two Bryan Ferry albums that feature David as a guest musician (Boys & Girls, Bete Noir) and determine, beyond the obvious, on which songs David actually plays.

    In a semi-related vein, I undestand Eno (who was with Roxy in the early days) has produced Paul Simon’s latest album. I’m intrigued about that one. Often fantasized what an Eno/Gilmour collab would be like.

    I was away last couple of days and missed all that who’s better than whom and who owes what to whom stuff… (F’ed do you have a grammar check filter?) But just want to reiterate that regardless of crowd shenanigans, Tuesday’s show was TERRIFIC.

    Oh yeah, does anyone else at that show recall that David said during one of the song breaks something like: “Can’t keep your head in the sand forever…”


  77. Hey Rudders,

    I should have remembered the Brass Rail!!!

    It’s been YEARS since I’ve been in there.

    I still remember when it was the Yonge Station (not a peeler bar…). Good live bands, 25 cent draft in the afternoon. That was a long time ago.

    In fact, that’s the only bar that I’ve been thrown out of. Not my fault, but still…

    Thanks for the post about the bar in MH, Paul. I did not know that it was there. Too bad, really, in light of the New York experiences.

    Fact is, some people cannot control themselves at all. I have a really simple policy when it comes to drinking and shows: Stop drinking a couple of hours before the show, and make a washroom stop right before the show starts! I don’t want to miss anything, and hate to inconvenience people around me.

    I went to see Coldplay a couple of weeks ago, and there were a couple of guys in the row in front of me that were a pain. Back and forth to their seats constantly, each time with a couple of beers. It wasn’t a problem for me, but I felt sorry for the people in that row.

  78. Mark from Cleveland: Where are you from in the area? My husband and I are driving in from the Lake County area.


    Pink Floyd: DSOTM
    About Face

    Yes Close to the Edge
    Genesis Foxtrot
    Beatles Abbey Road
    Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick
    Porcupine Tree Deadwing

    Some difficult decisions here!

  79. Thanks Ruddmeister..Got it (Q107 D.G./P.F. weekend)..Listening to “Time” as I type.It’s going to be a fabulous trippy couple of days.And then….the REAL THING! How can life get any better?

  80. Ok, my holiday CD

    1. Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
    2. David Gilmour – David Gilmour

    3. Marillion – Marbles
    4. Coldplay – A rush of blood to the head
    5. Eric Clapton – Unplugged
    6. Paul McCartney – Run devil run
    7. Ben Harper – Live from Mars
    8. Genesis – Selling England by the pound

    Have a nice week end

    ciao Roberto

  81. Meddle is the best! 🙂

    The listeners of Russian Radio station ROKS (Saint Petersburg 102FM) have been voting for “This Heaven” as for the best song for last two weeks. Click my name.

  82. Hey…If you haven’t clicked on the Q-107 link above, you’re missing one hell of a playlist. It’s only 15 minutes into it and I’ve already heard “See Emily Play” to “On An Island”.

    Check it out.

  83. F.Ed

    Thanks for the tip on the Italian radio station, Just checked out the interview and they played about 6 tracks from the live concerts in Italy.

    Don’t feel so bad about missing out on the tour now….

  84. “The Joshua Tree – U2”

    A most outstanding album! You just don’t get quality bands like U2 or Pink Floyd anymore, it seems. Or, at least the stuff that gets promoted by the music industry and gets airplay generally sucks, with a few exceptions. I’m glad that Collective Soul has re-emerged, though! I always thought that they were one of the better bands of the 1990’s.

  85. Hello Fellow Gilmour Fans,

    Well this is the first chance I had to get back to the site since returning home from NY. Wow what a show and what a trip. For those of you who are waiting to see the show here is a quick review of my experience. Hope it’s not to long..

    I was lucky enough to get tickets from this site the day they went on sale. Made the decision to buy them and told my pregnant wife that we were travelling to NY in a few months time (we live in Florida!)She’s a fan also so It wasn’t as bad as you might think. Anyway I spent an average of 2 hours or so a day on this site, listening to the new CD, or just thinking about it. We got to Manhatten and were staying right next to the RCMH at the Michaelangelo Hotel which was very nice. My anticipation grew on the way to the hotel as we passed RCMH I noticed a truck being off-loaded and saw the music boxes with “Pink Floyd” written on them. Cool. The next day we were killing time walking around central park and the city and as we circled back to the hotel as we passed RCMH I figured it was 4 oclock maybe sound check time? Sure enough as we got close the doors I could here them playing. That guitar sound and vocal was unmistakably David Gilmour. They were playing “On and Island” cool again. There were a few fans outside of the stage door crowding around but I didn’t want to bother him once he came out. Which I see some stupid people did at the airport. What a shame. In fact NY fans are too much. for example, the kids in front of us were kicked out for smoking pot (very blatenly too not trying to hard to conceal, rookies) anyway that only slightly bothered us cause hey I’ve been there once or twice in my time. Then they were replaced by some folks I could only describe as “locals” who were up and down every song to get another round. and were so loud I decided to go with a very loud SSHHHHHH. To which they commented. I did not feel compelled to push any further (fighting at the show no way! one to five? No chance!) and they settled down for like 20 seconds till they needed another beer. Sorry for rambling but man some “fans” I’ll tell ya. The opening to the show was very cool with the stage flooded with fog and the lights streeming in from the sides. They went out of order compared to the album which I noticed right away but then David said “A few of you may notice we went out of order and heres why” as he introduced David Crosby and Graham Nash! That was cool of them to show up, and they sounded good. Especially for Shine on harmonies. I can’t decide on my favorite song and was very suprised that the new stuff was just as powerful to me as the old. I will say though that my favorite part was David (who is a man a few words it seems on stage) after a solid jam on “on and Island” said “well that was pretty good huh?” laugh — was that an udnerstatement or what! funny.

    The laser lights mixed with the fog creating a cloud like effect was sweet. Echoes of course was very cool. All in All we had a Great time and I’m sad it’s over but am very thankful for the experiece. They say unborn children respond to music so I already have a spoiled kid! Now I’ll just pray for the DVD and take more Ginko Biloba to keep my memories of the show alive!

    Geoff from Florida

  86. Hey all, I’m going to see the show at Massey on Monday night, and reading all the reviews and posts is making me go crazy in anticipation. for those of you who havent been to the venue, its amazing. i saw about 5 or 6 shows there in the last couple years, and was never disappointed soundwise. the highlights were deep purple and paco de lucia, and you can expect a very intimate setting with great acoustics. as for the guy who said its cramped on the top balcony, ive never sat there, but I will on monday, and being that im 6 foot 3, im a little worried about the legroom.

    oh well. as for the desert island discs:

    pink floyd-wise, id have to go with either wish you were here or atom heart mother
    solo: David Gilmour

    Radiohead- Kid A
    Radiohead- OK Computer
    Beck- Mutations
    Zeppelin- Presence
    hendrix- axis bold as love
    chili peppers- blood sugar
    spiritualized- ladies and gentlemen

  87. Desert Island discs:

    Pink Floyd – Meddle
    Roger Waters – In The Flesh

    Eloy – Power And The Passion
    Fleetwood Mac – Best Of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Club Mixes 2000
    Herbie Hancock – Head Hunters
    Massive Attack – Protection
    Talk Talk – Spirit Of Eden
    US3 – An Ordinary Day In An Unusual Place

  88. Who needs the “Hatch”, when I could have this on my “Lost” island:

    1. Animals
    2. David Gilmour

    3. Beatles, Revolver
    4. Led Zeppelin, Presence
    5. Yes, Tales from Topograhic Oceans
    6. U2, October
    7. Supertramp, Crime of the Century
    8. Dire Straits, Making Movies

  89. Me and my wife will be 2 of the very lucky ones with the other 2,750 on the Sunday, April 9th nights show at the famous Massey Hall.

    I am starting to feel my p-u-l-s-e starting to quicken and looking foward to an early morning Sunday drive up to Toronto from Ottawa which will be 4 1/2 hours.

    There is within Massey Hall locations for those who either before or during intermission can enjoy an ice cold beer or other.

    It too has been since July 5, 1994 in Toronto was the last time I saw Mr.Gilmour with Pink Floyd generate his musical magic.

    CYA there…..Brent Ingalls

  90. Went to Hyde Park to try and catch the reunion, but couldn’t get a ticket. Will hang outside MH to try and buy a ticket. I might just end up seeing the outside of the joint. 🙂

  91. Features Editor – please consider streaming one of the shows live on the internet?? You understand supply and demand, you have only given us poor sods a little supply and the demand is huge. Maybe since Dave is into technology he might enjoy the idea??

  92. Fedmeister

    “Mellifluous”… ahhh… good word!

    As you have some sort of insight into the shenanigans behind the scenes of this website and what goes on in t’internet…

    I’m going to nominate this site for a Webby Award and others when I find them…(or is there one you can suggest?)

    Fellow Bloggists!…. what do you think???

  93. I know its early in the game for this but has there been any talk of a DVD for this tour?

    I for one, would LOVE to relive the magic of this show and I know that there are thousands of fans unable to get tickets for these legendary shows that feel the same way.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks ~


    [There are plans for a DVD, Matt. – Features Editor]

  94. Are there any pics from the New York Concert yet, or were people to busy complaining to take any? hahaha

  95. To all of you Canadian fans lucky enough to see the Toronto shows, take it from a New Yorker to pay special attention to Rick and David’s harmonizing vocals during ECHOs. The last time this was done on a Pink Floyd album was Meddle. Enjoy how nice this sounds.

    To David, hope we can hear this vocal combination on a new record once more before you guys call it a day. I know you appreciate the Beach Boys vocal harmonies. Realise that you guys have some pretty impressive vocals too. Would be nice to hear them in some new material. Thanks for inspiring me to play guitar and form my own band.

    Mark Owen Nutto & the Unemployed Teachers

  96. I have been lurking around here for some time now and figgured I stop in and say: Great Job Mr. Features Editor! On Sunday I will be waking up very early and taking the long trip from southern New Hampshire, crossing the boarder, and ending up in the great city of Toronto to see Mr. David Gilmour! David’s playing has been a huge influence on me, and for that I would like to say thank you to him. I cant wait to hear his beautiful new works mixed in with timeless classics. Massey Hall looks like an amazing venue even though I will be far back it still seems intimate and special. As if seeing one legend isn’t enough, I am fortunate to be able to see Joe Satriani on Monday in New York as well and be able to do a meet and greet back stage with him! I couldn’t ask for a better road trip, better shows to see, or a better end to my last year of High School. Well I’m off to count down the hours, I will see you all in Toronto on what will surely be an unforgetable night!

  97. PF – Division Bell
    Solo – David Gilmour

    Dire Straits – On Every Street
    Bob Marely – Exodus
    Midnight Oil – Blue Sky Mining
    U2 – Actung Baby
    Mark Knopfler – Sailing to Phili
    Alice In Chains – Jar of Flies

  98. Hey Fed!

    Thanks for the untiring work the last few days. The stuff and nonsense page looks great.

    Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of the Moon
    David Gilmour – About Face

    Wish You Were Here
    Led Zep IV
    Beatles White Album
    U2 Joshua Tree
    Fleetwood Mac Rumours

    NY, USA

  99. I’m one of the fortunate ones to get a set of “Hot Seat” tix for me and my “Wife Unit” for the Massey Hall show Sunday night. So naturally, she’s asked me the dreaded question: what should we wear?

    After getting burned at our last Christmas party, I thought I’d bounce the question to you all out there, as for you married folks, you know what I mean.

    1) Jeans & casual shirt
    2) Khakis & Dress shirt with DSOTM Tie

    Many thanks for the feedback and look forward to a great show on Sunday

  100. Great idea Pete. It’s very interesting reading everyone’s choices

    Wish You Were Here
    Amused to Death

    Angelo Badalamenti … Twin Peaks
    Nerf Herder … How To Meet Girls
    At The Drive-In … Relationship of Command
    Tom Waits … Alice
    Paul Weller … Stanley Road
    Uriah Heep … Demons & Wizards

  101. I’ve been reading this blog from day one. Some guys at work would say that I have nothing better to do. I’ts one of the better things to read on the internet. You are doing an excelent job. I was hoping you would show a photo of Massey Hall, showing how beautiful it is. I was there last week to see Ray Davies show. The sound and lighting was top notch. I can’t wait until Sunday. By the way they do sell beer, wine and other beverages in the basement below the first floor, and in a section behind the balcany also. You can’t take it into the show, you have to drink it in the bar area. This stops the drunks from spilling beer all over you that happens at some venues. David and freinds and family enjoy yourselves in Toronto. See you at the show. I’ll be to the left of the first pole on the floor. Good luck.

  102. and exhale………..a nice fresh breeze to clear the air…

    Fave PF Album: Animals
    Fave PF Solo: David Gilmour

    6 Assorties in no particular order…

    Deadwing – Porcupine Tree
    Waiting for Columbus – Little Feat
    Seconds Out – Genesis
    Good Old Boys – Randy Newman
    The Shaming of the True – Kevin Gilbert
    John Barleycorn Must Die – Traffic
    (with “The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys” – Traffic, fighting ferociously for the 6th spot!)

    Enjoy Massey Hall you guys!!

  103. nice posts today . . . . . . eclectic musical tastes abound (isn’t that fabulous???) . . .

    driving around today I happened to catch the end of a BBC Live program on XM radio (Deep Tracks channel) . . Dire Straits . . . “Brothers In Arms” was the first song I caught . . and . . WOW . . . I had forgotten how great it is . . . now how about David and Rick covering that song . .???? THAT would be something awesome (sorry F’ed . . . are we using the word “awesome” today??).

    I can’t stop listening to “Red Sky At Night” . . . . .

    [It gets used every day, so go ahead! – Features Editor]

  104. I look forward to seeing eveyrone in Toronto!

    Just a quick note to the FEd-

    An observation of the merchandise- if you sold t shirts & polos with simply an embroidered wire man logo, they’d sell like hotcakes. Many people (like me!) can’t wear a large printloud shirt to work, but we can pull off a logo…

    Also- if you were to “reissue” that “Gilmour Academy” t shirt made famous years ago, that would also sell like crazy. “Gilmour Academy, EST. 1968” or whatever.

    It would certianly raise lots o money, which Gilmour could then give to Crisis or something.

    Just a thought. 🙂

  105. Glad to see we are back on track today…(I’m sure you are too Fed 🙂

    Desert Island:

    PF: Animals
    Solo: The Final Cut (That counts right?)

    1. Are You Experienced – Hendrix
    2. Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out – Stones
    3. Who’s Next – The Ooo
    4. Morrison Hotel – The Doors
    5. Couldn’t Stand The Weather -Stevie Ray Vaughn

    Wow…Really showed my age with that list : O

  106. Hey Rudders,

    What time at Hard Rock, and how will anyone recognise you? A DGBlog banner at the table?

  107. Mmmm Desert Island choices, not easy, but here are my choices:

    Pink Floyd – Atom heart Mother
    Solo – On An Island

    Gentle Giant – Playing The Fool Live
    Hawkwind – A Space Ritual
    Genesis – Trespass
    David Bowie – Heathen
    Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffitti
    The Tubes – What Do You Want From Live

  108. Decisions, decisions…here we go then:

    PF album: WYWH
    PF solo: David Gilmour

    and joining them on a tropical paradise we have:

    Steve Hackett – Spectral Mornings
    Genesis – Selling England….
    Yes – Relayer
    Dukes of Stratosphear (XTC’s psychedelic alter egos) – Chips from the Chocolate Fireball
    Enuff Z’Nuff (Chi-town’s finest, they really are America’s rocking version of the Beatles) – Seven
    King’s X – Out of the Silent Planet

    Aah, I feel better after that, thanking you kindly Pete 🙂

  109. Right, so I’m off on holiday am I?

    Pink Floyd – Meddle
    Richard Wright – Wet Dream

    Genesis – Seconds Out
    Porcupine Tree – In Absentia
    The Beatles – Abbey Road
    Gov’t Mule – Deja Voodoo
    Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat
    Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti

    Nice idea!

  110. The best day ever!!!!!!!! I got my tickets, I got my tickets.

    I’m so happy revel in my joy, yey! Sorry I didn’t mean to rub it in but I’m so happy!

  111. I will be at Massey on the 10th for the second show. I am so excited I can’t even express it. The last time PF toured, I was only 12 so I really didn’t know good music yet, nor would I have been able to afford tickets. Roger came to Six Flags in 2000, which is about 1 mile away from my house and I never even knew it until I heard everyone talking about what an awesome show it was. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad at myself for missing that. I’ll be driving up from Buffalo, NY on Monday and I’m leaving about 4 hours early in case of any trouble along the way. This is going to be great!!

    1. Is Pulse allowed? I’m pretty attached to that show.
    2. I would have a label of the About Face album professionally forged and placed on my On An Island disc.

    3. Metallica – Live SB&P.
    4. Metallica – Live recording of Toronto 2004
    (I was there) P.S. I know you guys are recording these shows. It would be awesome if you would do what Metallica does and make the recordings of the shows available for purchase of mp3 download on the website. I would love to have a recording of the show I’m going to.
    5. Apocalyptica – Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
    6. Joe Satriani – Strange Beautiful Music
    7. Tom Petty – Live at the Fillmore
    8. London Philharmonic – Us And Them

  112. Of course the I-pod has made this a bit of a parlour game but here goes..

    I’m a big fan of “Live” albums – sorry if that’s a cheat but music was made to be played as the poet says

    Pink Floyd – Dark side (by a nose)
    Solo – Amused to Death (by a distance)

    Radiohead – OK Computer (essential)
    Led Zep – How the West was won (essential)
    Deep Purple – Made in Japan (1st love)
    PF – Is there anybody out there? (The Wall live)
    Guns ‘n roses – Appetite for destruction (dynamite)
    Green day – American idiot (for tapping of feet)

    More guitar hero’s than you can shake a stick at there.

    As for “rock ‘n roll russiian roulette” as I like to call it. My Creative Zen wishes to portray me as follows

    Coldplay – Kingdom Come (X&Y)
    ? – O mio babbino caro (unforgettable classics)
    R.E.M. – I’ll take the rain (Reveal)
    Sheryl Crow – Strong enough – MTV Unplugged
    Toploader – Dancing in the moonlight – ?
    Mozart – La Ci darem la Mano (Marriage of Figaro)

    Not sure what that says about me – steer clear probably!!

    Good game. have fun

  113. Blimey there’s a lot of people with excellant taste in music out there….mind you they wouldn’t be here otherwise would they!

    I might have to revise my list on a daily basis – I forgot Rush!….and Dada(great holiday music)….and Crowded House and, and…….

    Hey the fun’s back in the blog!!

  114. wow..Massey Hall looks spectacular! can’t wait till monday! i’ll be in the fourth row, side floor. my seat is labeled ‘obstructed floor’ but ive seen pictures of inside massey hall and the balcony pillars don’t seem to start untill about the 6th row so hopefully i’ll have a good view!!

  115. Pink Floyd Album-Division Bell
    PF solo album- as of now Amused to Death by Roger(sorry, never heard wet dream, about face and I only ordered broken china today)

    other 6 by whoever
    Genesis- Lamb Lays down on Broadway
    Allman Brothers- Live at the Filmore
    Jimi Henrix- Electric Ladyland
    Depeche Mode- Violator
    Jim Morrison- American Prayer
    Miles Davis- Bitches Brew

  116. Flying from Washington D.C. to Chicago next Wednesday to see David!!! Can’t wait. My buddy is flying up from Phoenix.

    Island Albums:

    #1 Pink Floyd: Delicate Sound of Thunder
    #2 Solo: Amused to Death

    #3 Beatles: Revolver
    #4 Yes: The Yes Album
    #5 Dave Matthews Band: Under The Table & Dreaming
    #6 Counting Crows: This Desert Life
    #7 Sting: Bring On The Night
    #8 Freddy Jones Band: The Freddy Jones Band

  117. Oooh, good idea, tough choices…

    1. DSOTM (I think!)
    2. Amused to Death

    3. OK Computer – Radiohead
    4. The Last Broadcast – Doves
    5. Screamadelica – Primal Scream
    6. Moon Safari – Air
    7. Simple Things – Zero 7

    Well done F’Ed for earning your pay big time this week…it’s been tough work just scanning the blog, let alone modding it!

  118. The ‘On An Island’ Holiday CD pack:

    Floyd album: ‘Pulse’
    Solo album: ‘About Face’

    Other 6 essentials:

    Yanks / Canucks:
    Joni Mitchell ‘Court And Spark’
    Aimee Mann ‘Whatever’
    The Band ‘The Band’

    Richard Thompson ‘(guitar/vocal)’
    Jeff Beck ‘Beck-Ola’
    Clive Gregson ‘I Love This Town’

  119. Thank-you all for the nice comments on the shot. It was for the British magazine “Wallaper”, a few years back. Wasn’t allowed to take pictures from on top of the stage, but I asked if I could shoot from the little hidden balcony at the back of the stage. The manager said “no”, then sighed and said “ok”. I had the whole room to myself, and the acoustics of my Hasselblad camera’s shutter reverberated around the room after each shot. Definately one of my favorite shooting experiences!

    Have a great time at the show everyone…

    [You too, Finn. Thanks again! – Features Editor]

  120. I’m going to have to buy Fast Show DVD’s to get fully in the loop! Ron Manager, indeed….

    Fedmeister, should I post my thoughts on 4/5 RCMH here or on yesterday’s?

    [Here would be great, Angelo. We’ll leave the nutters argue themselves silly on yesterday’s.- Features Editor]

  121. the albums would be

    animals / pink floyd

    amused to death / roger waters

    def maybe / oasis
    joshua tree / u2
    californication / red hot chili peppers
    bones / radiohead
    number of the beast / iron maiden
    houses of the holy / led zeppelin

  122. Please note, although Toronto is where one has to go to see some of the bigger acts in music and stage, the seats will be filled with people from all over Canada. I love Massey Hall and there are few places better to see a live show. We all have our favourites of course but I have seen so many musicians who play at Massey for the first time and they can’t say enough about the venue. This is a musician and fan friendly venue with a rich much history. To see my favourite artist there is an honour that I will never forget.

    Be well

  123. Discs

    PF… Meddle
    Solo…David Gilmour

    The Unforgettable Fire……U2
    Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots…Flaming Lips
    Remain in Light…Talking Heads
    Driving to Damascus…Big Country
    Message in a Box…The Police
    Californication…Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Of course, this will probably change over time, but they will always be great discs.

  124. I am glad to see most of the anger done with, and the information about the concerts and David’s singing and playing back. But very tired of people who want to use this as a space for compliments about Roger and his Dirgelike albums. If you like him so much say so on his site, not Davids. My albums are: About Face, David Gilmour, AMLOR, DSOTM, Division Bell, More, WYWH and Meddle. You said ‘anything except OAI’ so that’s mine. I’m a new fan and can’t get enough of the music, that guitar, that voice. Pardon while I gush. Beautiful man, with a beautiful wife and family. Thank you so much for this tour.

  125. sorry forgot that I wanted to say that I am really enjoying the Features Editor. Sounds like you have a great sense of humor. Thank you for slogging thru all this stuff.

    [Thank you, Jan. Glad you are enjoying. – Features Editor]

  126. Anyone (looking at you FEd) know about bringing in cameras (still/video)? i wasn’t able to find anything on the massey hall site and my hubby is too busy playing “Wish you were here”…
    I’m presuming that we can’t, but I’d loooooooovvvveee to get some stills.

    please advise.

    [I do know that Massey Hall staff frown upon cameras. Video cameras are a definite no-no. – Features Editor]

  127. Just watched the Classic Albums DSOTM on BBC4 – must have seen it a billion times and it’s still great each time.

    Just had a 4 man sing-a-long in my living room 🙂


  128. I had the opportunity to visit Canada durring the 1999 Phish tour where they made a stop at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. I couldnt have been more pleased with how beautiful and clean the forest areas were, and even the highways and cities are maintained relatively litter free. The people are pleasant, laid back, and uncommonly generous with food and spirits. The camping in Canada is truly majestic, a snap shot of what much of the states used to look like. I hope David and crew get a chance to poke around a bit before heading back to the states, as its time well spent to take in the sights and sounds of our beloved neighbours to the north.

    Not long at all now until the Chicago shows, and I for one am starting to get anxious and a bit nervous… God bless.

  129. This is much too difficult, Peter! Without compilation albums, it’s very difficult indeed.

    Pink Floyd: The Division Bell
    Solo: David Gilmour (as we’re not allowed On An Island)

    The Eagles – One Of These Nights
    Neil Young – After The Gold Rush
    Bob Dylan – Desire
    The Who – Who’s Next
    The Beatles – Rubber Soul
    Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced

    And two extras, because I am the FEd after all…

    Blind Melon – Blind Melon
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    Although I would sacrifice The Who, Beatles and Hendrix CDs for three more by Pink Floyd…

  130. While you folks in NY were watching Mr. Gilmour I was in LA watching Mr. Beck. (and yes I was wearing my Floyd shirt!) Mr. Beck played some wonderful shows. What a warm up to the two shows I’ll be attending with Mr. Gilmour. I hope they will be as good if not better!

  131. Desert sland Disks:

    Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
    PF Solo Album: The Final Cut..(Didn’t I read somewhere that this is really the first Roger Waters Solo Album with the members of PF as his backing band?)

    Moody Blues: Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
    Yes: Keys to Ascension
    IO: Subterrania

    Saw the show Wednesday in NYC. Absolute bliss.


    [‘The Final Cut’ a Roger Waters solo album? That’s what some people would have you believe. – Features Editor]

  132. Dear FEd,

    Seems like you have one of the best lists of albums/performers. RUBBER SOUL will always help you bounce back, even from the heaviest of heartaches.

    Thanks for this blog.

    11 days to Kodak Theatre
    Dan in Co.

    [Cheers, Dan. – Features Editor]

  133. Just checking in, saying “Hello”, and boy I can’t wait ’til this Thursday. I notice occasional wishes and complaints, but I’m still just in awe of the fact that David threw this tour at all and that I’m going to get to hear the man play. All I find worth saying at this point is that I’m grateful to David and his ‘crew’, and, as always, will be an attentive joy-filled listener.

    The eight CD’s I’m taking with me to the grave… (albeit it’s an ever-changing list):

    1)Meddle (Pink Floyd)
    2)On An Island (David Gilmour. Or is this scenario excluding OAI? If so David Gilmour’s first solo album will take its place)
    3)Dick’s Picks Ten (The Grateful Dead)
    4)Animals (Pink Floyd)
    5)’Til the Medicine Takes (WideSpread Panic)
    6)Revolver (The Beatles)
    7)Reckoning (The Grateful Dead)
    8)The Guitar Trio (Gods all of them: John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia… am I the only one to throw props to Paco de Lucia? Come on now!)

  134. good picture of massy hall, was there last year to see a genesis cover band. they performed the lamb lies down on broadway. to see david and the rest of these great musicians in a venue like this is really almost asking too much. but i will take it. will try to touch base with some of the bloggers at the hard rock. see everybody sunday.


  135. “Blind Melon – Blind Melon”

    Shannons music means an awful lot to me, I hope you have checked out their other albums as well…

    Pink Floyd: Ummagumma
    Solo: Syd Barrett, Barrett

    Frank Zappa (its so hard to pick one): Joes Garage
    The beatles: Anthology (Box set, haha!)
    Bela Fleck: Live Art
    Mickey Hart & Planet Drum: Supralingua
    The Grateful Dead: From The Mars Hotel (or the “So Many Roads” box set, its a trade off)
    Talking Heads: Naked

    Ofcoarse If I were trapped on a desert Island I would most likely have my Ipod with me, so my only wish would be for an electrical outlet and my own personal Ipod technical team whos sole job it would be to fix my frequently malfunctioning Ipod with coconut husks and crab shells.

    [Hi Jesse. Blind Melon were great. Like all my choices, it was hard to pick just one album for each artist. Like you, I’d have to have my iPod with me, so the only thing I’d want to smuggle through customs would be eight bottles of Carlsberg and a big bar of Fruit & Nut. An acoustic guitar (and a damn good guitar tutor) would also be nice, then I could strum ‘n’ wail along to ‘Life Ain’t So Sh*tty’. Sometimes you’ve just got to do these things. – Features Editor]

  136. I would listen to CDs on holiday when stoned. Therefore, in the interests of a satisfactory list, I got stoned.

    Presenting, my choices:

    Dark Side Of The Moon
    David Gilmour

    Queens Of The Stone Age – R
    John Frusciante – To Record Only Water For Ten Days
    The Beatles – Rubber Soul (Their best album. Not a patch on DSOTM)
    Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced?
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – BloodSugarSexMagik
    Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland

    And the song Bird Of Paradise by Snowy White. I’m trying to learn it on my guitar.

    P.S. Your choices are cool El Pablo Del F Ed.

    P.P.S. I’d smuggle Wish You Were Here and P*U*L*S*E under my top.

    [Yours aren’t too shabby either, mate. – Features Editor]

  137. O’boy desert island picks. I like to go for quantity and quality. I’ll be marrooned for a while… and lovin’ it.

    PF – The Wall
    Solo – David Gilmour

    Yessongs – Yes (saw at Massey Hall)
    Made in Japan – Deep Purple (saw at Massey Hall)
    White Album – Beatles (mom wouldn’t let me go)
    How the West was Won – Led Zeppelin (saw at Maple Leaf Gardens)
    Chicago Transit Authority (great soundscape)

    Peace everyone, it’s been a great ride. See you at HRC

  138. Fed things are going better today I see, at least I hope so. Like seeing everyone’s taste in music. hope you got some rest after yesterday. Still waiting to hear a answer on my son’s leave. He wants so badly to see David before he has to leave for Iraq. Have a Awesome weekend.

    1.Wish you were here
    3.Rush 2112
    4.Beatles Abbey road
    5.David bowies Greatest
    6.Led Zepplein Houses of the Holy
    7.Fleetwood Mac Rumors
    8.Emerson Lake and Palmer

    Wow that was to hard……………

  139. Hey Pete love the question, here is my answers…

    My Pink Floyd album: Obscured by Clouds
    My solo album: David Gilmour (1978)

    the others…

    close to the edge – yes
    one step closer – String Cheese Incident
    Wildflowers – Tom Petty
    Town by Town – Yonder Mountain String Band
    Led Zeppelin III – LZ
    Survival – Grand Funk Railroad

    Those sound real good to me right now.


  140. Ed/Edwina, I knew I loved you. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club! Love ’em.

    here I go:

    Pink Floyd: DSotM
    Solo: David Gilmour

    Abbey Road by The Beatles
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John
    Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie
    Odelay by Beck
    Layla by Derek & the Dominoes
    Time Out by The Dave Brubeck Quartet
    Leon Russell
    If I Should Fall From Grace With God by The Pogues

    Ask me again tomorrow and they could change, but those are some of my faves. It’s really hard leaving out Obscured By Clouds and Meddle and Wish You Were Here of course. Rules is rules though, right?


    [Hi Deborah. It was hard picking just the one BRMC album, but I think their first was their best. – Features Editor]

  141. My albums if on a desert island would be:

    Pink Floyd: The Wall
    Solo: Roger Waters Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking

    Other six:

    1. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Second Helping
    2. Beatles: White Album
    3. Nazareth: Hair of the Dog
    4. Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath
    5. Janis Joplin: Pearl
    6. AC/DC: Back In Black

    What can I say I’m partial to Classic Rock.

    Have a good night everyone. David and band see you all on April 19/20!

  142. The time is almost here for my wife and I to see 2 of my 4 favorite musicians of all time, along with the rest of the very talented entourage Sunday night at Massey Hall. The last time I was in Toronto was for Pink Floyd July 6th 1994. Best show I’ve ever seen. I hope to attend a show with David, Nick, Rick, and Roger under the name Pink Floyd someday, and even though I won’t hold my breath I can still dream. In the mean time I have my Live 8 DVD to keep me happy. In any case I THANK YOU gentlemen for continuing to make beautiful music.

    Features Ed. I respect the good job your doing. Looking at a computer screen for long periods of time bugs the heck out of me.

    My Desert Island Picks are:

    Pink Floyd-Obscured by Clouds
    Solo-David Gilmour and Amused to Death (I love both, sorry for picking 2)

    Led Zeppelin-First album
    Neil Young-After the Gold Rush
    Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young-Deja Vu
    Beatles-White Album
    Neil Young-Harvest Moon
    Bob Marley-Natural Mystic

    My children really want to go with us to Massey Hall Sunday, but they are too young. Hopefully a DVD will come out of this tour so they can enjoy it also. Good night and can’t wait til Sunday.

    Amedeo from upstate New York.

  143. Ron Manager, eh? I could have sworn I’ve seen him post on KUMB, a West Ham board. I am, of course excluding the remote possibility that there is more than one ron Manager in cyber land.

    While we’re on the subject, maybe David should consider covering ‘Blowing Bubbles’. I’m sure he could do a bang up version of it.

    Come on David, what do you say?

    [Just for this weekend, at least. – Features Editor]

  144. I’m off for Toronto early tomorrow! So pumped! Will right my review Monday sometime! See you all at Hard Rock!

  145. “Island” Discs:

    1. Pink Floyd: Animals
    2. Pink Floyd Solo: Radio KAOS


    3. The Doors: The Soft Parade
    4. Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin
    5. The Who: Who’s Next
    6. Rush: 2112
    7. The Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers
    8. The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Are You Experienced?

  146. Brett – Pennsylvania – Nothing less than a DJ Brett!! 🙂

    Amalyc – I’ll be there at about 5pm to eat… wearing a Black Fender T’shirt…..

    See you all there – and at 9am (EST) tomorrow morning there’s a special one hour feature on DG on Radio Q107 – see the link on the Fan Fare page…

  147. Well….The Final Cut really IS a Roger Waters solo album. Just look at how the credits read on the back. It’s Roger’s baby, punctuated on a few tracks by a nice Gilmour solo. But make no mistake, words and music on this one are Rog.

    Here are my Desert Island discs:

    1. [Floyd selection]: Wish You Were Here

    2. [solo Floyd selection]: Although I consider Amused To Death my favorite solo Floydian album, I really wouldn’t want this one on my desert island. I’m gonna go with what someone else said, “Wet Dream.”

    And here are my other six:

    3. Genesis: Selling England By The Pound
    4. Marillion: Misplaced Childhood
    5. Neil Young: Silver + Gold
    6. Patrick O’Hearn: So Flows The Current
    7. Enya: Shepherd Moons
    8. Mark Knopfler: Sailing To Philadelphia

    And if there’s room for 1 more:

    9. Steely Dan: Aja

    [Really not being awkward here, but it’s my job to present the facts… ‘The Final Cut’ wouldn’t have sold nearly as many copies without ‘Pink Floyd’ on the front, though. And David did agree to take his name off the production credits just to keep the peace. I’m not looking to debate that, anyone. Just saying, that’s all. Carry on. – Features Editor]

  148. Floyd: “Meddle”
    Solo: “David Gilmour”

    Fountains of Wayne: “Welcome Interstate Managers”
    Rush: “2112”
    R.E.M. “Life’s Rich Pageant”
    Donald Fagen: “The Night Fly”
    Dire Straits: “Love over Gold”
    Supertramp; “Brother, where You Bound?” (Get to sneak in some more DG guitar work!)

  149. Mmmmm…… Pink Floyd album to come with me would be A Collection of Great Dance Songs…….no, no that’s not it. Just kidding.

    It would be Meddle. I would take Dave Gilmour’s self titled album/CD. Then for my next six choices for this scenario I think I would make the majority of them double CD’s.

    1: The Chicago Transit Authority (Chicago)
    2: Live at the Fillmore East, (The Allman Bros.)
    3. Universal Migrator-The Dream Sequencer(Ayreon)
    4. Playing the Fool, Live (Gentle Giant)
    5. Yessongs, (Yes)
    6. B’BOOM – Official Bootleg, Live in Argentina (King Crimson). These are only some of my favorite. I have about 600 titles to choose from. Not easy to do.

    The Guitar Trio is great Hotchkin (although they are not gods). I personly would take Friday Night in San Francisco.

  150. Hi Y’all,

    Looking forward to the chance to meet some of you up there in the far, frozen North. Any clues how we will recognize each other? Pointy sticks or Pillock t-shirts maybe?

    Two friends and I are flying up on Sunday. One is from France, the other from Turkey. And I’m from North Carolina. So when we speak, it is an assault on proper English that would bring tears to the eyes of any good Englishman. Or Welshman. Rudders, if we run into you, I’ll buy the first round to help ease the pain.

    Great idea on the desert discs Pete. Lots of excellent stuff listed so far, and some I don’t know–ample reason to go music shopping.

    PF: Saucerful of Secrets
    Solo: Pros and Cons (mostly for Clapton on Sexual Revolution, and hazy memories of the show)

    Little Feat: Waiting for Columbus
    Frank Zappa: Apostrophe/Overnight Sensation
    REM: Reckoning
    Steely Dan: Alive in America
    Neil Young: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
    Grateful Dead: Two From The Vault

    Two more days. Soon the blue.

  151. Fedmeister and Fellow Blogiacs!!!

    What do PF and Status Quo have in common? To help I’ll give you one clue.

    It’s to do mainly with the The Final Cut…:-)

    [Hmm. Sorry, don’t know. – Features Editor]

  152. Hey Rudders, i had really appreciate the one about the cricket…It was funny…I was wondering what f.é. looked like when he read your post………..

    You know somebody won the tickets on my local rock station for david s toronto show. His name is Claude Deschamps from Montréal. I was wondering if it was our Claude …

    Just a suggestion while everybody is in Canada(welcome David ,Polly and the band), there is a nice film(french canadian film), available on video now;C.R.A.Z.Y.It is a story of a family in late 70 s, early 80 s, and the music is a lot of Pink Floyd.The film won a lot of jutra,(15) ;it is here the same as the academy awards in U.S.A.

    Tonight i watch with my kids a Walt Disney film(not for the first time) 101 dalmatians and i notice tonight that the music was from Michael Kamen a very good friend of David Gilmour when he was alive.His music was very, very good. I go sleep for now.Bonne nuit…

    sylvie de montréal

  153. I know im late, but I just wanted to give a quick review of wednesday night at Radio City. First off the show was wonderful. The band was tight and pulled off virtously a perfect show. Echoes lived up to the hype and I was in glory for the total 3 hours of the show. The crowd and venue itself, well thats a different story. Im just so happy I got to see David for the first time in 12 or so years. I hope the rest of Davids tour has a better crowd then the last two shows. I strongly suspect it will. Luckily I had 15th row seats so I had a great view when some drunk idiot was not standing in front of me, spilling beer on me, or trying to get a better seat. Thanks to the Ushers for standing in the way with there flashlights instead of bringing the person 2 feet back into the middle isle. Fantastic Idea to have carts of beer in the middle Isles with hoards of people surrounding them being as loud as possible when fans are trying to enjoy a intimate concert with there heros. I loved the people singing the wrong words to the songs as loud as they could and screaming nonsense into the air. The people in the bathrooms complaining about the setlist, apparently not knowing why this tour is even happening were so cool. There was a fist fight and somone got pushed into me causing my program to land in a puddle of god knows what. Thanks to the program women for only arguing with me for 20 minutes on giving me a new one. All this nonsense does not compare to how fantastic the show really was. I loved every minute of the show itself and even surrounded by idiots could not change that. It was worth every penny and every problem I encountered. Thanks to M. brickman for the great light show. Rick sounded perfect on all his vocals. Guy played a killer set on Bass. Jon and Phil did a wonderful Job and Steve really impressed me with his timing and beat. David? What can I say, my wife turned to me and said now I know why you Idolise this guy, he sounds absolutley perfect. She couldnt have been more right. David hit every note perfectly and his Vocals were in better shape then in 94. It just seems it gets better with age. The setlist was perfect and I wouldnt change a single song. The encore made my eyes water and after the bows I went down to touch the stage. I did not bother to wait at the stage doors like other fans, knowing that after the JFK incident the band would not be in the best mood, so I figured one less fan bugging them would help. The credit cards are maxed out and Im broke as hell after trying to survive in one of the most expensive places around for a few days, but it was worth every penny. Im trying like hell to get a seat in Chicago and I will drive if I have to. We will see, but if that was it for me I am content. Thank you so much David, Rick, Guy, Phil, Steve, Jon, Crosby, Nash, Polly, and the children for putting up with what you had to for these shows, I sympathise and Thank you.,

    Forever a humble fan

  154. On a Island music….

    Obscured by clouds,
    Echoes the compilation.
    Solo-David Gilmour+OAI

    Others would be:::
    The Lamb Lies down on Broadway-Genesis
    Whos Next-Who
    Brian Ferrys Solo album (featuring David Gilmour)
    Joni Mitchel – heijera + the live album with Jaco
    Green Day- American Idiot

  155. I’m sorry this post is too long, and thanks to the keepers of this web space to get my thoughts out there. This is probably anti-climatic at this point, but here we go….


    My first feeling upon entering was one of panic as I passed the ushers with metal detector wands (with my camera, car phone, car radio, XM radio, and iPod stuck in various hiding places I thought they’d single me out for sure!!!) The paranoia eventually subsided, and, once my wife consumed her million-dollar hot dog, we bought our souvenirs and took our seats in the first section of the second mezzanine stage right.

    I had been to RCMH before, but never for such an occasion. As I sat there looking from the scalloped ceiling to the stage, all I could think was, “This is the place they launched ‘Dark Side of the Moon.’” Thirty-three years and nineteen days to be exact (March 17th, 1973). I whipped out my new set of binoculars and scoped the entire set. David’s pedal set is monstrous, and during the show he used about eight guitars! Richard Wright’s had a large set up, too, with his B-3 organ front and center. Jon Carin, by comparison, had a modest set up but included a slide guitar! There was the “Division Bell” to the right of Steve’s kit. Guy Pratt must have had at least three different bases. I never saw what Phil had around him before the gig, but the nice tour program has all their gear if you want to pick it up.

    Then the lights went down as Castellorizon’s opening strains were played on tape. A literal wall of fog shrouded the stage, and that was it….I was swept away, and it hasn’t been until today that I’ve felt my bearings found again. You’ve read about David’s playing, but the sound itself seemed to penetrate and soothe.

    This Heaven jolted me as I’m so used to hearing the title track next, but off I went again soon after. Binoculars focused on David I watched him solo, but I realized what was carrying me along was actually Guy’s crawling bass line (he was wearing his “didn’t they do well” shirt again). He might have said something before Smile, but my mind was somewhere else. Jon Carin proved to me he could play a mean slide guitar, but he amazed me a few songs later…

    My wife turned to me and said, “Is that a saxophone he’s playing,” as I passed her my binoculars during Red Sky at Night. Keyboardists are under appreciated…that song was made that much better by the atmosphere provided by Wright and Carin. Look at their faces as they play…they are into every note!

    Then I Closed My Eyes blew me away if only because I had binoculars and was attuned to what each musician was doing. Did I see Jon Carin adjust the tuning on his slide guitar while playing two keyboards and holding his notes with two sustain pedals? I hope my memory isn’t betraying me but I could have sworn David also played three different guitars including his cumbus. Damn…can someone confirm I’m not making that up?

    On an Island: Nash looked more like a Gilmour fan than a performer here while Crosby was so placid. You’ve heard what this sounded like…

    The last three songs of the first set were perfectly placed after On An Island (I might consider tweaking my iPod playlist). It was fascinating to see David work his magic with the foot pedal on The Blue, but on the whole what was most impressive was how the band gelled. Each instrument was not over done and was simply played to create that “wall of sound” we hear so much about.

    I never got up for intermission. My wife did, however, to get some fresh air from the smoke that wafted around. I was too zoned-out to care. Did I notice people getting up or being rowdy? No, not by me…

    This version of Shine On works really well. It has been said before, but the blending of both regular and Meltdown versions allows one to focus in on the verse and chorus making the story of the crazed diamond that much more poignant. Dick Parry was so into that end sax solo that I thought he was going to have an aneurysm!!! What’s…uh the Deal is a gift for any fan who never got to see 70’s Floyd play live. At sixty, his voice hasn’t changed. After Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell, I thought that age degraded the timber youthful of his voice (as happens to us all)….The new album and this show proved he’s still got it.

    Wearing the Inside Out had me focused on Richard Wright, and he feels those lyrics. His mini-solo/intro to the bridge is another gift to watch for anyone who never saw live Floyd in the 70’s. Coming Back to Life not only saw David busting loose, but saw Guy stomp the hell out of RCMH. I was watching him most of the time on this one actually…..

    Then I heard Speak to Me play over the speakers, thirty-three years after they debuted the album right here. I wish I could remember more, but I’m not sure where my mind went here (it may have been the smoke wafting around…). What I do remember was noticing what an amazing drummer Steve DiStanislao is. Guy, you said it…but now I saw it. He is so tight and on “it”, but he s the first drummer I see that actually looks like he’s having a good time! He was smiling all the time, and that transition into High Hopes…I was watching for that specifically… He never lost a beat after Breathe (reprise)…I’m sure that went unnoticed.

    I might have got a little misty eyed next for Echoes. It has been said that you must see it to understand, but for those of you who will not get the chance let me try. It is as close to the album version as you’d want it but throw in lights and lasers plus the thrum in your chest from the music/sound effects passing through you. It is visceral Echoes. Incorporating lasers and the RCMH lighting in the scalloped ceiling added to the sensory overload. Guy was doing something really interesting to his bass by his pick-ups to create that marine sound. Richard Wright doubled the lead vocal with David while Jon Carin provided harmony.

    As this is getting way too long, let me say that by Comfortably Numb, I was well beyond that… I couldn’t help myself and took a picture with my camera phone during the final solo (click my name). All I saw towards the end was a blinding white spotlight with some vague silhouette of a man holding a guitar. Did I actually see what I saw…?

    Forgive me for breaking the record on post-length (I get blurry-eyed, too, with even the more interesting ones), but let me add one last comment. During the second set, my wife asked for the binoculars and said, “Someone is in the corner there?” When she was done, I looked for myself. There was David and Polly’s son sitting cross-legged just behind the curtain stage left. He just sat there watching and taking pictures of his father and the adoring crowd. It dawned upon me during this musically induced acid trip a sobering and touching thought: this amazing legend of a man is this kid’s father. “Dad”. Simple and humanizing, that realization brought it all home for me. He is you. He is me. He is just a person with a gift to share, and what a gift that is….

    Next Stop: Toronto….

  156. I’m sure David hears stories like this one all the time but. I was born in Mexico City, and first picked up a guitar after hearing him play. I remember watching my Pulse VHS and pausing it to work out what chords David was playing. Nowadays I’m a professional musician and sound engineer living in Toronto (where my career has taken me) and now I get to see David live, twice. This is what I call coming full circle. Hope I get a chance to meet the man who unbeknownstingly changed my life around, and If I don’t at least I get to see him live twice at Massey Hall. Front row on the 10th! I am not kidding, I havnt slept well for the past two night just thinking about this.

    Thank you David, Polly, Richard, Phil, Dick and the rest of the band and people involved in the album, the tour, and music overall. (of course that means you too F. Ed.!)

  157. as its time well spent to take in the sights and sounds of our beloved neighbours to the north.

    Hi Jesse, thanks for the above, we feel that way towards our American friends also. except maybe for the odd politician. Think we’ll make a day of the concert and take in the Jays game, then meet up with some bloggers at the hard rock and off to see the show.

    top eight albums

    1. pink floyd – darkside of the moon
    2. radio kaos – roger waters

    3. stranded – roxy music
    4. selling england by the pound – gensis
    5. growing up – peter gabriel
    6. crisis what crisis – supertramp
    7. x & y – coldplay
    8. greendale – neil young

  158. Hello.

    I’m excited to see a picture of Massey Hall on this site … finally! I’ll be there on the 10th, and hoping I won’t pass out with too much excitement. I don’t even know if I can sleep this weekend!


    1) PF-Dark Side of the Moon
    2) Solo-About Face (I must listen to Amused to Death after reading everyone’s comments, though!)
    3) Origin of Symmetry (Muse)
    4) Mutation (Beck)
    5) Ballads (John Coltrane)
    6) Buena Vista Social Club
    7) Nothing Like The Sun (Sting)
    8) Italian Cello Sonatas (Janos Starker)

  159. Have been a blog watcher since the start, but have only posted once.

    I was fortunate to pick up a ticket on the presale for the April 10 Massey Hall show (I still can’t beleive my luck), and while having seen a good number of concerts, I’ve never seen Pink Floyd or David live.I’m still kicking myself for passing on the ’77 Olympic Stadium show in Montreal – what was I thinking.. From what I’m reading, we that have been lucky enough to get tickets are in for a memorable show.

    In virtually every venue, many fans have travelled from quite a distance, and for some probably at great expense, to catch these shows. That would seem to me to be proof positive that David’s ability to write music and express himself instrumentaly is not lost on his fans.

    The only thing that troubles me about some of the posts is the “I wish he’d play this or that” or “are you going to play in my town too” comments.

    I think we need to take what we’re given….we likely won’t be disappointed no matter what he plays, in spite of what our favorites might be. In the case of him touring extensively, 200 show tours are history for him, or at least it would seem.

    Why can’t we all just be delighted he is touring at all, tickets in hand or not. At least he is touring to support new music, and maybe the tour will be a catylist for more new material. How good would that be?

    Can’t wait for Monday – I feel like a kid in a candy store.

    David, congratulations on what seems to be an incredidle tour thus far, and another great solo effort.

  160. The List:

    Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon
    Solo – David Gilmour

    Led Zeppelin – IV
    The Who – Who’s Next
    Waren Zevon – Excitable Boy
    Leon Redbone – Double Time
    Dr. John – In The Right Place
    Champion Jack Dupree – Champion Jack’s Natural & Soulful Blues

    If I could only pick albums from three bands, the “Holy Trinity” would be Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin & The Who.

  161. Albums – PF:WYWH, Solo:Amused to Death, Others: Neil Young – Rust Never Sleeps, Radiohead – Hail to the Thief, Beck – Odelay, Cowboy Junkies – The Trinity Session, Flaming Lips – Transmissions from a Satellite Heart, Lucinda Williams – Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.

    Saw the April 5 show in NYC. A beauty. Base too loud, Dave off for Time, loved the visuals, excellent! Echoes was (for me) the highlight. The drunks who stand in front of you as they stumble back to find their seat in the dark after each of their 7 trips to the beer & pee line are fun. Guys, one question. Why’d you PAY to see a show you missed while standing in lines?

  162. Great idea Pete, this is fun, but hard

    My picks:

    About Face

    Led Zeppelin IV
    Godsmack (self titled)
    The Essential Billy Joel
    Garth Brooks Double Live
    Back in Black (AC/DC)
    Bathhouse Bette (Bette Midler)

    What can I say I like all kinds of music, (but mostly rock) I need a little of everything. However, I never go on holiday with less then 20 CD

    I hope y’all enjoy the concert up there in Toronto, aye.


  163. On vacation? Well I would take Meddle, His first solo album, Masters of Reality Sunrise on the Sufferbus, Beach Boys Pet Sounds, Van Halen II. Trip Tease by Tipsy, 461 Ocean Boulevard Eric C. Fillmore East, Allman Brothers Band….and probably a smuggled ipod because I cannot live without the thing!

  164. Hi Fed.

    i just wanted to tell you about the Hungarian Charts – which is missing in your list. Davids On An Island Album is still on number 4 in the charts. best position was nr. 2.


    [Thanks, Werner. – Features Editor]

  165. Hmm, I’m still thinking of the album thing.

    My Floyd album would be an Animals bootleg(?) I honestly don’t know if its a bootleg or the real deal, but is fantastic either way. I think its early 70’s? Some amazing guitar work from DG. Dogs has fantastic solo in it, Pigs (three different ones) as well. Could listen to that cd over and over and over.

    My any other choices would be:

    After the Goldrush, Neil Young
    Greetings from Asbury Park, Bruce Springsteen
    Blonde on Blonde, Bob Dylan
    Remember the Future, Nektar (takes me straight back to high school days, and a happy, easy time.
    A George MIchael album ( love his voice)

    PF solo album? DG 1978

    beatles White Album
    Beatles – Rubber Soul

    I guess my choices reflect my age somewhat, can’t help that.

    Oh FEA. ED., my 6 yr old son is sad I am going out of town to see DG, but even at his age he knows how special this is. I promised to bring him home a surprise from Chicago (we’re in St Louis area), and he asked if “Dave” was going to have a toy section. Hmm, what would be a good gift for a 6 yr old?

    Also, I know I’m kind of rambling here, but the hall pictured today is simply beautiful!

    [I’d go for the beanie hat, myself… but only if he promises to call him ‘David’ from now on. – Features Editor]

  166. Mine would be:

    Pink Floyd: The Division Bell
    Pink Floyd:MLOR
    David Gilmour solo- About Face
    David Gilmour solo- David Gilmour
    Pink Floyd- Atom Heart Mother
    Pink Floyd- The More soundtrack
    Pink Floyd- Relics
    Bob Marley- any one of the cd’s my hubby owns (as long as it has “SMall Axe” on it) (:

    If i could i would bring my entire PF collection which includes EVERYTHING i could possibly get my hands on.

  167. In response to Neil’s post: “I might have to revise my list on a daily basis – I forgot Rush!….”

    I was never really into Rush, but then I went to see them in concert a couple of years ago, and you know, they put on an excellent show! It would have to be among the top five concerts I’ve been to (with David Gilmour’s show the other day being number one, of course!) 🙂

  168. Didn’t comment too much on my thoughts about Wednesdays show: yes there were things to complain about, just like everyone else: immediately in front of me was a german who spent half the time on the phone telling everyone he was at RCMH listening to DG and the other half taking flash pictures with his pocket digicam, next to him were two girls who decided to get up, put their coats on and leave during the first verse of Comfortably Numb, next to them a guy who slept through everything after Wearing the Inside Out, and next to him a guy who spent the entire concert text messaging… but that’s all nitpicking: even from the dizzy heights of the second mezzanine it was a fabulous show, although the low ceiling of that level didn’t do the sound any favours.

    Yes it was expensive (My first PF show was the Animals tour at Wembley, and the ticket for that cost me less than a beer did at RCMH), but it was so worth every cent. I’m envious of all of you who have yet to see the show: have a wonderful time.

    My desert island discs:

    PF: Pulse
    Solo: ROIO from Wednesday’s show

    Queen II
    Genesis: Foxtrot
    Jethro Tull: Aqualung
    Beatles: White Album
    Led Zeppelin IV
    Telarc’s Digital recording of Tchaicovsky’s 1812

  169. I have a request. If there is going to be a DVD of this tour, and I pray there will be. I hope there will be a “spare digits” section with clips of Crosby, and Nash at the New York show. I can only imagine how great Combfortably Numb sounded with them on backing vocals.

  170. Good morning from Italy

    Fri 7 apr. 8pm Radio Capital-Concert and interview with David Gilmour-

    Thank you again, with all my heart,because your music,lyrics and sound have been inside me since 1968: today a little bit of that music, that times,that freedom is inside me just by your unforgettable performance and OAI. Thank you again for your white hair,smile,family and new serenity,never stop your music please. Thank you again for the words in the interview.

    Here, OAI is still top of the charts.

    Nice days all of you
    Diana from Rome

  171. My memories of Massey: In grade school we saw Anne of Green Gables, a famous Canadian play. Was not overwhelming for me, however. In high school, our Senior Concert Band performed there with countless other schools. What amazed me was the accoustics. I would send notes from my Baritone and the sound literally left without echoing back. Someone mentioned Hawkwind, they played there, excellent show. “Shouldn’t Do That” was the highlight for me. 1984, About Face, saw both shows and recall the best part was “Murder”. The way that David went scaling down the guitar on the final solo in D chord was so unique. He always has the ability to add a twist to his songs. Hope to see the bloggers Sunday and Monday. Thanks.

  172. I’ve been lurking on this blog since the beginning, enjoying very much the opinions and concert reviews (NOT some of the recent rubbish) but not really inclined to offer my 2 Euro cents worth – but Desert Island Discs is too good to resist!

    (1) Pink Floyd – Meddle
    (2) solo – Broken China (SERIOUSLY underrated – a lot of emotion in this album and some great music)

    (3) Genesis – Wind and Wuthering
    (4) Radiohead – Kid A
    (5) Fleetwood Mac – Bare Trees
    (6) Kasabian – Kasabian
    (7) Starsailor – Love is Here
    (8) Cafe Del Mar 5 (need some chill out music for the sunsets)

    Looking forward very much to RAH on May 30th. OK it means train from Brussels and hotel in London for a night, but so be it. Would have liked to have seen DG here, but I respect the man’s right to take it easy at his time of life. Getting the chance to sit so close to the stage in a small venue will more than make up for it!

    [Don, I had to leave behind your Kasabian and Starsailor choices. I love them both, though. – Features Editor]

  173. Hi Chantelle

    Just read your post. Please contact me about which show you are attending.Thx Mike (

    Keep up the great work Featue Ed.

  174. Hi all,

    Just got David at the meltdown concert on dvd, what pure quality. I guess this is as close as it gets to whats in store at the RAH, and if this is the case, i’m foaming at the mouth…

    So far my favs are WYWH, A great day for freedom husabye… hang on i’m just about to list the whole set…its ALL good!

    Anyway haven’t time to sit here chatting all day, I’m off to watch the 5th rendition of meltdown wheeeeeeeeeeee (I have only had it for about 16hours at this rate it will be burnt out by 29may!)

  175. Can I post a different list for a new day? My favorites change according to my mood. That’s proof I’ve got ADHD:

    FLOYD: Meddle
    SOLO: Madcap Laughs (for the great songwriting) and OAI (for the overall album)

    Beatles: Rubber Soul
    Stones: Let It Bleed
    Who: Who’s Next
    King Crimson: Starlight And Bible Black
    Miles Davis: Bitch’s Brew
    Drivin’ and Cryin’: Smoke

    Massey Hall looks like the kind of place anyone would want to play. DG knows how to pick a great venue. Oh, he is also known to pluck a guitar string once in a while.

    [Only if I can: Wish You Were Here, About Face, Howl (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), Blonde On Blonde (Bob Dylan), Youth And Young Manhood (Kings Of Leon), Everything Must Go (Manic Street Preachers), Urban Hymns (Verve) and Leonard Cohen Live In Concert (Leonard Cohen). Another one tomorrow? – Features Editor]

  176. Dear Feature Ed

    I just want you to know that On an Island reached Gold status in Norway last week! The total sale is now over 25.000 units (which is very good in Norway).

    Bjorn Riis
    (EMI Norway sales rep)

    [Excellent! Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  177. Stephen, I believe right after playing A Pocketful of Stones, David said something about not keeping one’s head in the sand too long. That’s how I remember it anyhow. It really stuck in my head (which I hope is NOT in the sand).

    A funny thing has happened: while I consider Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Echoes and Comfortably Numb (among many others) as these iconic, anthemic pieces that are SO dear to me, the songs that I have been singing and humming these last few days since the concert have been…On An Island songs. They are there without my thinking about them. I find myself singing Where We Start and On An Island and This Heaven…not consciously bidden but VERY welcome.

    I’ve said it before: You’re my favorite, David Gilmour.

  178. The Italian broadcast from Radio Capital turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, at it wasn’t taken from any of the recent Italian shows in Milan or Rome but was just the Mermaid Theatre BBC broadcast with added interviews. It was too much of a coincidence with the tracks being the same as the Mermaid show broadcast.

    The interviews with David were interesting especially when he mentioned that he wants to record a couple of shows to produce a DVD of the tour. Hope he will include the appearances of Crosby & Nash in this.

    Although I won’t be able to get to any of the US shows, I am hoping that he will add some more never before performed songs of PF while he has the chance. Stay from Obscured by Clouds, and Fearless / San Tropez would fit very well into his set.

  179. Hello,

    1)Pink Floyd album: Wish you were here
    2)solo album: David Gilmour (but in fact, on an island)
    3)Radiohead: ok computer
    4)Jeff Buckley: Grace
    5)Muse: showbiz
    6)Pendragon: the masquarade overture
    7)King Crimson: in the court of the Crimson king
    8)Led Zeppelin: IV

    Dear Fed, 2 days ago, I was angry (you know why !), yesterday I felt sad (same reason), but to-day, it’s OK ! : Again friends on this blog, again nice comments, no more aggressivity, David’s album going well, nice photos of David at Paris, sun outside in the sky in my town (its an event !), week-end,…all is well !

    I wish our canadians friends (you, Sylvie, for example) a great concert in Toronto !

    Et merci à vous cher Fed de nous avoir aidé à passer ce moment difficile sur le blog, David peut être fier de vous, nous sommes fiers de vous, continuez s’il vous plaît, quoi qu’il arrive !

    Bon week-end, pensez à “souffler” un peu !


    [Merci. Les idiots qui sont peu raisonnables… ils sont un mal de tête pour moi! – Features Editor]

  180. Desert Island discs:

    PF Wish you were here
    DG On an Island

    Top five others in no order

    1 rem green
    2 Revolver
    3 hounds of love
    4 Blue lines
    5 the bends

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  181. In response to reissuing Gilmour Academy shirts, I thought I would point out that I bought a nice sweatshirt from the REAL Gilmour Academy in Ohio and wore it to the show. The link to it should be on my name. You scroll to the bottom and click on Lancer wear. I got the one with Gilmour across the top and the school seal below the name.

    I know this in no way is connected with David, but thought I’d pass along the info.

    –Tim B.

  182. Well 36 hours to 1st show. Playing it safe today. working for a few hours, then staying home all day.Coming in from Buffalo tommorow morning. my 1st solo gig.Any WNY’ers meeting up for a few Blues before the show let me know. Of my 2 buds who would go, one is not allowed in Canada yet(dwi) and one has been laid off for 2 months. They are jealous..

    My picks
    1-The Pros and Cons
    2-The Wall

    3-Rush-Moving Pictures
    4-Counting Crows-August and Everything After
    5-Allman Brothers-An Evening With
    6-U2-Joshua Tree
    7-Led Zeppelin-I
    8-The Beatles-Seargent Pepper

    Everyone Enjoy The TO Shows!

  183. Fedmeister D-Day -1

    Collected friend from airport without incident. The airport was very busy so the Pointy Stick was ready to be deployed.

    Fortunately(!) no sign of DG and Party so there was no need to step up to DefCon 1 and engage any pillocks…

    Later that night we watched the Radio 2 transmission of the Mermaid Concert on DVD and the the sound and picture quality was excellent… only three songs but who’s complaining! Ain’t the BBC brilliant!

    Then I watched the Jerome K. Jerome Three Men In A Boat where the trio popped into the Astoria unnannounced! Quite amusing especially as Rory McGrath insisted on calling David “Dave”!

    And then!… I caught the end of a Sopranos episode and Pillow Of Winds was playing…

    And don’t forget that the 60 minute DG special will be on Radio Q107 at 9am EST…follow the link under my name and you can “listen live” if you click the button at the top right hand corner…

    Off to the beach now for a paddle…

    [You did well, Comrade Rudders. I thought Rory McGrath was asking for a slap, by the way. – Features Editor]

  184. Hi smarts! Hey FEd! Good saturday!

    Yesterday evening I listened the concert and the interview on Capital Radio! Fantastic! Even if…the didn’t trasmit all the songs David played in his concert. Phew! I’d have been like to listened again tha fantastic Fat Old Sun in concert’s version. So….I try to present a petition! Could you put on the site a Fat old sun bootleg? It was so wonderful that I wish I could listen it again and again!

    However, during the radio trasmission you could listen David answer in english, but if you need some traslation (even if not very good translation) you can ask me!

    At the end…my dearest FEd, we can’t know who you are but and maybe we’ll never know! But, I was thinking…could you explain us why David choose you for his fare fan? Are you an expert about Pink Flyd? David and you are friends since elementary school? David choose you for your internet and tecnology ability? No one wanted to do it, so you had to do? Just a curiosity! Why?
    However, any reason it was, I THINK YOU DO THIS WORK PERFECTLY!!!

    Have a fantastic week end!



    [Oh Lucia, so many questions! It’s Saturday! – Features Editor]

  185. Hello Fed.

    I know that you hate it and you can bet that we hate it too, but since it’s becoming more and more “official” around here, I have to ask:

    In the last few weeks, some websites and newspapers are stating that Mr. Gilmour is COMFIRMED in Brazil, in november, among some other artists. And they say that’s trough Ticketmaster and CIE…do you have any news about that?

    Thank you!


    [I truly wish I had good news for you, because I would love to be able to tell Brazilian fans that David is on his way to see you, but this is not true. It’s another false rumour. I’m sorry. – Features Editor]

  186. Wow, I go away for a few days, and it looks like things went haywire. Just got done reading the nearly thousand posts from the past few days. Crazy.

    I’d like to comment, but Features Editor kindly requested we stop, which I will respect. I will only say this: Guy, I respect that you want to spend as much time with your children as you can. While the airport incident was most unfortunate, hopefully it was the only incident of its kind, and you both have been enjoying the rest of your time together on this tour.

    That said; life’s too short people, and there are far more serious things wrong in the world today to get so worked up. Everyone should treat EVERYONE with respect, regardless if you see a working person, a homeless person, a “guitar hero” or a four year old. Nothing in the world should make anyone ignore treating people with respect. I think if everyone in the world would listen to On An Island and relax a little, the world would be a better place. It’s my birthday today, so that’s what I plan on doing!

    [Happy birthday, mate. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  187. Floyd= Relics
    Solo= Radio Kaos


    The Who= Tommy
    The Who= Quadrophenia
    The Macc Lads= Live At Leeds
    Rolling Stones= Goats Head Soup
    Mettalica= Master of Puppets
    Jeff Mills= Live at the Liquid Room

  188. Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon
    Solo-Floyd: Amused to Death


    Led Zeppelin, “How the West Was Won” (does that count? If not then, Led Zeppelin III because I have to have “Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You”)
    Marc Anthony, “Todo a su Tiempo”
    Sly & the Family Stoe, “Stand”
    John Williams & The Londond Symphony Orchestra, “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Soundtrack”
    Alicia Keys, “Songs in A Minor”
    Johnny Hallyday, “Sang Pour Sang”

  189. PF: Dark Side of the Moon
    Solo: About Face

    I’m Your Man – Leonard Cohen
    Deja Vu – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
    For the Roses – Joni Mitchell
    Highway 61 Revisited – Bob Dylan
    Electric Ladyland – Jimi Hendrix
    Short Sharp Shocked – Michelle Shocked

    It’s fun to think about these things and to see what other people have chosen. I see that I left out Abbey Road. And no REM, Allman Brothers, Rickie Lee Jones, John Prine, Tom Waits–grievous errors all! Anyhow, great lists, you guys (including you, FEd)!

    On a related topic: FEdster, when the blog first started up, you asked us for our favorite Gilmour/Floyd songs. You did complicated tallies and gave us the rankings. Did those choices influence David’s picks for the tour setlist? Have you already answered this 84 times?


    NP: Castellorizon (wonderful mosaic that it is)

    [I don’t think I’ve answered that one at all, Becky! How nice to get an original question! I honestly don’t know if the blog had any influence on song selection. David does read the blog, so who knows? I think he listened to a lot of Pink Floyd when working on the ‘Echoes’ compilation, so he must have picked up some ideas from that period. Makes you wonder though, doesn’t it? – Features Editor]

  190. hello, fed I’ve just read some rumours about further gigs in Italy in summer. I almost had an heart attack!!! venice lucca, taormina. Is there a minimal amount of truth in this? another question about a thing that’s in my mind… what does david would think about the ipothesis of a concert in the pompeii anphiteatre after 35 years? it would be great. please tell me something. ciao and have a nice week-end

    [I haven’t heard of any plans for extra shows anywhere. It’s probably just another rumour. If there’s any truth in it, we will announce it on the site, but I don’t think you should hold your breath. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  191. Ok everyone,

    I feel the need to weigh in here. Here is the true list.

    PF. Pulse
    Solo. In The Flesh (Roger Waters)

    Led Zepplin IV
    Van Halen Fair Warning
    Rush 2112
    Areosmith Rocks
    Iron Madian Live After Death
    Abba Dancing Queen

    **The last one is a joke by the way**

    [Don’t lie, you know you love it! – Features Editor]

  192. Pink Floyd – Meddle
    David Gilmour – ” ”

    Beatles – Revolver
    Crosby Stills Nash and Young – Deja vu
    Neil Young – Harvest Moon
    Frank Zappa – One Size Fits All
    Professor Longhair – A Proper Introduction
    Todd Rundgren – Utopia

    I have owned over a thousand records, tapes, and cd’s in my life, and choosing a few was very hard. I just tried to mix it up.

  193. Hi Y’all,

    So many good albums scrolling by. Maybe I shouldn’t have glued the door to the CD player shut with OAI inside after all.

    Counting the hours now,

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