David on screen


That’s screens of all sizes (Rick and Jon, too).

It was ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on the small screen last night (which you can view online if you’re in Europe and can’t wait until Tuesday), but we can confirm that David will be appearing on the UK’s premier music show, ‘Later.. with Jools Holland’, in May.

Of course, Jools played piano on ‘The Blue’ and often joins in with his guests on his show, so expect much speculation about which songs they’ll perform. Full details next week.

A bigger screen next. Regal Cinemas will be showing the 7 March concert at London’s Mermaid Theatre on 16 May across the US. Originally filmed for a BBC webcast, the footage has been edited and enhanced by director David Mallet and is scheduled to run in around 50 cinemas.

Tickets are on sale now so click here for further details.

And today you can see David’s AOL Session online, so you could watch that on a really tiny screen if that tickles your fancy – like so many of the concert videos you keep telling us about recording on your mobile phones.

As well as short interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, you can view the entire set, which includes four songs from David’s new album (‘On An Island’, ‘Take A Breath’, ‘Smile’ and ‘This Heaven’) plus two Floyd classics (‘Comfortably Numb’ and ‘High Hopes’). That’s not to be missed.

Listen out for an interesting titbit about David’s ‘new’ guitar strap, trivia fans.

Have a good weekend.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Loved the behind the scenes bit – just left me wanting to hear more from the guys!

  2. CAPTION: note to Leno’s camerman ” My name is Rick Wright ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy

  3. jools rools (sorry, i know that was lame, but i couldn’t resist). he does rule and he will show jay leno (and shallow americans in general) how a first rate musical guest should be treated on his show. i’m looking forward to that already. the aol session was great and made up for the leno disappointment. was it planned to make up for the leno letdown? you can tell me, ed. interesting story about david’s guitar strap. now can i be cheeky and ask what many people are thinking? why is the usa getting yet another treat with the mermaid show? the rest of the world had to make do with a crappy webcast and a few songs on bbc interactive. it doesn’t seem fair to me. you should reward a country for it’s loyalty and what better way than by album sales? canada tops, then the uk, portugal, germany, italy, new zealand, norway and the czech republic (all gold). us sales not so good, yet they get more shows than anyone else, island jam (the limited edition/best buy cd), competitions for tickets to the london shows, more radio interviews… now this. it p*sses me off and i bet it also p*sses many other people off. there are no shows in portugal, new zealand, norway or the czech republic. i’m not asking david to go there, but to show this concert in their theatres would be something. sorry for the rant, ed. just saying what i know people are thinking.

  4. That’s excellent news about the appearance on ‘Later…with Jools. As you correctly say, it’s been the premier music show in the UK for some time now, in fact some may say the ‘only’ decent music show on UK TV. Should be fantastic.

    I’ll actually be seeing Jools and his R&B Orchestra on the 18th, so the month of May is looking quite good for live music!

    Have a great weekend F.Ed, try and find some time to chill and relax and hopefully the Mighty Reds can turn on a performance tomorrow that sends us off to Cardiff for the final.


    [Let’s hope, mate. Enjoy the game (if it’s possible to enjoy playing Chelsea). – Features Editor]

  5. I already posted my appreciation for the AOL session before, but “tiny screen” isnt correct Fed!, you can watch in full screen mode and the resolution is pretty good, much better than a phone video Im sure. (I didnt catch the guitar strap thing though)

    Jools Holand show, thats great news. Now Im off to see if they will screen the concert in canadian cinemas as well, would you have any info fed?

    Have a great, fantabulous weekend!

    [It’s just for the US, I believe. The bit about the guitar strap is on page three. You need to click on the boxes to the right of the text for a few extra interviews. You can also go to the eighth page for the Q&A, which has just appeared. – Features Editor]

  6. Sorry to post again FEd, but do you know if it is possible to download or even purchase the AOL session anywhere? Or do the aol people just keep it available online untill we nuke the world to an end?

    [I think it stays there until we nuke the world to an end, Paul. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong. – Features Editor]

  7. I saw you all LA bloggers on TV! Didn’t David look sharp with that white t-shirt and black sweater? I think my heart skipped a bit, hah! My sister and I were glued to the TV set. I wish I could’ve been there… But I had the opportunity to see David in Toronto, and I’m very happy about that =) The only thing that upset me about last nite’s show was that the camera men didn’t get any close-ups of Rick Wright, Guy, Mr. Manzanera or Steve DiStanislao, and that they didn’t air WYWH at all, although they made it available online.

    PS. Dear Features Editor, in regards to my question about the blog’s future and your response [No need to apologise, mate. Forgive me. It’s just been a rough week and I’ve been a right old misery], I completely understand! In fact, you’re a trooper for doing what you do! Thanks!

  8. WOw Fed, we’ re on a roll here! Just saw the guitar strap thing amazing! I saw the videos early this morning and they didnt have that whole presentation up, I searched for david and just found the videos. So if anyone tried AOL earlier today and didnt find David on the home page, its definitely worth going back!

  9. I WAS THERE! At the Gibson Amphitheater watching David Gilmour and Co. for the first time in my life. What a show, what an experience, what a great musician David is, didn’t know he played the Sax. What a surprise when he opened up the night with Breathe then followed by Time, I thought he was going to start off playing the entire OAI set. I think it was a good idea to kind of settle us down with some Pink Floyd classics to prepare us for what was to come. I’m glad they played the entire OAI CD live, very beautiful music indeed. The song that stood out the most from this set was Take a Breath, great light show to go with this great song. The second half of the show was Awesome as well, great selection of songs two of them I’ve never heard before (hopefully someone will come up with the setlist so I can get these songs). I was never able to catch Pink Floyd in concert but to see two of the original members last night along with a great back up band and above all to see them play Echoes, this made my Pink Floyd concert experience most satisfying.I was very privileged to be there last night. Thank you very much indeed Mr. Gilmour.

    [Look at past blog entries. The setlist for each show is included among the fan comments. – Features Editor]

  10. Like many others I too was dissapointed at the way David was poorly treated by the Leno Show. I stayed up late to see that and despite enjoying his performance I think it could have been handled way better.

    It doesn’t p*ss me off the Mermaid Show is going to the big screen. Being a U.S. resident, I think it’s great!

  11. Victor: I absolutely understand your frustration with seeing certain events unavailable in your area, but there are probably many business/logistical reasons for various things only being available in certain regions. I’d guess that it’s quite a bit more of an undertaking than simply calling up some theaters and asking if they’d like to show a concert film. In any event, try to enjoy the opportunities you ARE given. If you live in a city where David played (or will be playing still) then you are far luckier than most. As for sweeping generalities such as “and shallow Americans in general”, well you’re just showing your own shallowness. Try to relax and count your blessings, friend.

    FEd: have a great weekend. Thanks for all the hard work.

  12. VICTOR:

    Shallow American here. While I refuse to speak for all of us, I will readily admit that we have done nothing (in particular) to deserve all of this (this being the variety of opportunities to enjoy David Gilmour’s band and music).

    Yes, Jay Leno is a poor excuse for entertainment and has not an ounce of humanity. He is an ass…and it seems many Americans do tune it. Though my guess is that people are watching his guests and not the third-rate ‘comic,’ Jay Leno.

    Expectations for the show should not have been high. But I do appreciate the fact that David was on the show- if even for 4 minutes. Why complain?

    I do agree with your point that the rest of the world absolutely should have the same opportunity to view these movie-theater concerts – and it would fill a void for some parts of the world that did not get a visit from the band on this tour. Perhaps this is still in the works? Or perhaps the format itself is driven by an American organization- thus bringing the opportunity to our doorstep?

    Yes, no doubt, America certainly has its share of warts. And yes, we Americans are the easiest of targets -mostly due to our ridiculous form of government and savage media mechanism. Culturally, we are quite challenged – more now than ever. But we are a large and incredibly diverse people. Just as we ought not generalize our thoughts pertaining to the rest of the world, other ought not assume that all Americans are cut of the same cloth.

    The WORLD is one messed up place. Power corrupts. Man is deeply flawed.

    But music is love. Let’s at least attempt to enjoy it and embrace it TOGETHER.

    Thanks to David and the band and crew for embarking on this tour. It was a pleasure I won’t soon forget.



  13. Hey peeps. What a tour! Best of 2006 so far, and album is Grammy worthy for sure, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. I am sure some American Idol star is worthy too, yeah right.

    THANK YOU DAVID, GUY, Richard, Band…Polly…FEd…everyone!! You did us all a favor here.

    I have been very busy…seems as if all the excitement got me behind in my work? Also, saw the Acoustic Robinson Brothers last night in a room w only 325 people, so what a shift from the gang in Oakland Sunday/Monday.

    Nice Job on Leno, although Leno sucks. You guys were great, and Graham looks to enjoy being a part of it…

    BiGal, Football Loving American!

  14. Yes, it’s me again. Ive been investigating and here is how you can watch the videos in real FULL SCREEN mode.

    Click my name. Then, in the music search to the top right select video and search for gilmour, this will return a menu with each one of the tracks, hit play on any one of them, and then a whole new player will open. Now, on the bottom right of the player, under the timer, and to the right of the volume control theres a little black box with a “cross” in it. Click it, and voila, real full screen. You can later go back and watch the interview and the whole flash presentation on David’s AOL session.

    Paul B reporting, sorry for all the posts you guys, but full screen makes me happy.

  15. Hey, Fed.

    I’ve been absent from the board for a bit while I navigated my re-entry to Earth after David’s Toronto shows. Plus, I was too jealous of all the Chicago and California people gearing up to see him!

    Wanted to update you on the Canada Customs charges on my Hot Seat package:

    Ticketmaster have been very nice and very helpful. They investigated and have directed me to send my customs paperwork to the third-party shipper of the package, who has promised to “rectify” the matter. I assume that means they will reimburse me for the customs charge, but I’m sure it will take another week or more for that to happen. Unless you hear otherwise, you can assume all was resolved.

    According to T-master, this shouldn’t have happened, so all should be smooth when David returns to Canada.

    If you’re posting this, I want everyone to know what a gracious and kind help you, dear Fed, have been. Thanks for everything you do to look out for us fans. Keep up the great work!

    Sherry in Toronto

    P.S. Curse NBC for not allowing enough time to play the full version of OAI nor any of WYWH. Yes, Tom Green’s ramblings were much more important than a rare network appearance by a musical legend as if!

    [Thanks for the update, Sherry. I’m pleased to hear that someone is at least looking into it and I hope you get that refund. – Features Editor]

  16. Ah, I’m a bit bummed that the Mermaid show is the one that’s gonna be on the big screen on May 16.

    I had heard that it was going to be the show from Rome that they were showing on 5/16…guess not.

    The Mermaid show was just a tour warm-up and had a shortened setlist, no “Wots The Deal,” no “Echoes,” etc. The set that night only clocked in at around 60-65 minutes, correct?

    [Correct. – Features Editor]

  17. Thank you so much, Mr. Gilmour and bandmembers, for the Leno performance. All of you looked to be having a great time, the vocals were beautiful and the way Mr. Gilmour ripped into that guitar for the solos – I had goosebumps! Just for that, I’ll cheer for Arsenal to make it through to the Champions League final 🙂

  18. sounds right to me F ed. watching/listening to the aol sessions right now. how very nice. and great to see some up close shots of very neat gear that’s been lugged around the globe. parts anyway. these guys sound great. what an amazing rock band. here’s the real dr. ROCK.

  19. Dear Features Editor,

    Just want to wish you a nice weekend, relax and take care!

    Good luck to the reds in the match tomorrow!

    “Only” 38 days till RAH!!!!

    Best regards


    [Thank you very much. The same to you. – Features Editor]

  20. [I think it stays there until we nuke the world to an end, Paul. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong. – Features Editor]

    Good grief, you are never wrong! Go home, kick back with a bottle of plonk and relax, looks like you’ve had a busy week!


  21. I’d be interested to know which kind of acoustic guitar (nylon string) did David Gilmour use during High Hopes.

  22. The AOL sessions was a lot of fun to watch. Thanks, band, for giving that to your fans. I was also very excited to watch and hear the soft acoustic solo at the end of High Hopes which was partially ruined for me at Radio City opening night when the crowd untimely and annoyingly cheered the entire time you were playing it. I’m thrilled I was able to hear it again without the noise this time. Beautiful.

    Tara (NY)

  23. Message to all – DG keep up the good work and from what I’ve read, the tour is going well and I hope it continues to do so.

    Sadly I wont be at any of the shows in the UK as I’ve been ripped off by a dodgy ticket site in the UK. I dont know about anyone else but I thought I would let everyone know about these websites – fortunatelly they have now been closed down by the UK DTI. The moral of the story is to carefully check when buying tickets in the future and never part with credit card details unless you know the sites are genuine!

  24. I just watched the AOL stream. What an incredible performance impeccably captured on film. I was lucky to have witnessed that in person. It was, needless to say, a day that I’ll never forget. It was the same day that David taped the XM session. I was extremely fortunate to have gotten my name on the guest list for that (someone did me a great favor). I happened to be picking up a friend from England that day that had just come into Newark, NJ. This had been planned for months so I already had the day scheduled as a vacation day at work. My friend and I got into New York a bit too early for the XM session but walked up to the studio early anyway. You see, this friend of mine happened to be an old friend of David’s. He was actually in Unicorn. He was completely unaware of these tapings, by the way. It was just coincidental. Coincidence and timing played a big part in the day’s events.

    We decided to go early to see if my friend would run into someone he knew and sure enough he did – David (“What are you doing here?!!”). He graciously let us in and had us added to his personal guest list. I had no idea that the AOL taping was happening. We immediately got to watch them soundcheck and then perform all those songs. The only others that were there were family members and the crew working on it. I don’t know what good deed I did that entitled me to witness this truly intimate performance – to actually watch that band during a hard day at the office – but there I was!

    David and band were in great spirits and everyone in the room just seemed very happy to be involved. David even came by to chat with my friend for a bit while the band members and sound crew were trying to isolate a hum stemming from the bass guitar. They all seemed to really be enjoying themselves during the taping.

    Soon after the AOL taping, the XM session commenced. This was not recorded in the larger studio where the AOL show happened, but in a very small room down the hall. About 30 people filled the room. Somehow I ended up seated directly in front of David Gilmour – there wasn’t a better spot in the room. I even got to ask one of the questions – I ask the one about performing with Rick again (listen for it!). David seemed to like my question and gave a nice response to it. He performed two songs with Phil Manzanera. I won’t reveal them here in case you want to be surprised. They sounded gorgeous.

    When it was over someone in the second row asked Dave for his guitar pick. He graciously backtracked to the vintage 1930’s wooden Hawaiian guitar that he had sitting on a flat stand (my friend had earlier told him “it’s about time you bought a new one!”), picked up the pick he had just used which was lying on the guitar, and handed it to the man. I thought the guy was going to pass out!

    Anyway, I didn’t mean to carry on, but it was so great to see that AOL performance again. Definitely check it out if you have not already. It is just so nice that there is all of this Gilmour activity going on! And although I don’t regularly post messages to the blog, I do check it out daily. It’s great that there are so many of us out there that have a deep appreciation of the work that this man has done over the years and continues to do. On an Island continues to impress me every day….my current favorite track is “Where we Start”. It seems to straddle a line between melancholia and euphoria.

    Dave DiSanzo

  25. This is terrible. I’m supposed to be working and I just keep watching the AOL Sessions over and over.

    Thank God its Friday!

    Nice BD present from Polly to David eh?


  26. Hmmmmm. Not sure even what to say or why I am on here. As an american with a british wife, and living in England I am sad to pronounce that today My son Daniele Barrett Roesli passed away. Fed if you dont print this I understand, and why I am on here I dont why. Maybe to vent. As I can say the Floyd have always moved me musically, and being a guitar player of 25 years I dont know where else to go at this moment. David has always influenced me as a a guitar player and writer as well as Roger. As my Band has done numerous shows in San francisco for benefits as for Amenesty International and Save the Bay. Wish you were here will have such a different meaning to me now. I am so sad, and quite sure what to say, but for now just typing is helping me vent. I miss my boy!!!!!! I hope all have enjoyed the tour as the music that David and the Floyd have done has always been moving. Hope the Gilmours get home safely, and wish them the best , As with everyone, and if you have children please give them a cuddle and a kisd, and cherish all the moments you have with them. Thank you again David for all the music, and thank you FED for doing such a great job.


    [David, I am so sorry. I don’t know what to say. My sincerest condolences to you and your family at what must be a horrible time. – Features Editor]

  27. It seems as though the “Big Screen Concerts” folks don’t know what day it is…tickets are not yet on-sale, even though the page states, “Tickets on Sale 4.21.”

    Perhaps they will go on sale the same day Pulse is released on DVD… 😉

  28. Set list from 4/20 , anyone, shine on

    [The blog entry entitled “Night 20: Los Angeles”, perhaps? – Features Editor]

  29. Good job AOL! Just watched the videos and interviews – great camera work, good views of all the band, and good sound (although I would have preferred Richard’s keys to be a touch louder, but hey…). Felt like I was there…more on this later…

    I now know what everyone means by the dynamics between Guy and Steve – fantastic rhythm section, and both were so into the groove. Loved keeping up with them both, with Guy doing his thing bopping around, and Steve doing the equivalent on drums. Great to watch, especially during Take A Breath which sounded so much rockier than the album and loved it.

    Loved Richard’s comments – “I know lots about Dave but nothing I’m going to tell you people” had me laughing out loud, and most importantly “David is one of the best guitarists in the world” – which I couldn’t agree with more. This isn’t mentioned often enough imho because he really is. Also Jon’s comments regarding David as having created a genre, and playing an atmosphere, or feeling were spot on and said something that I’ve never been able to put my finger on. The closest reference to this I’ve heard is of David as being the ‘godfather of ambient music’…which doesn’t even begin to describe his contribution…

    But the real surprise was Polly’s birthday present to David – DG – you know you’ve married the right woman when she gives you Hendrix’s guitar strap for your birthday 🙂 Polly, you have exquisite taste. From one guitar legend to another – it’s in great keeping. Now if you wouldn’t mind breaking out some ‘Little Wing’ at the RAH…would be rude not to 😉

    Whilst watching the performances on the AOL videos I had an idea (wait for it..!). Because family commitments make touring difficult for David, why not bring David to the world, via video? (please don’t say we just did with the AOL one..!) In future, whilst you can’t beat a live performance, I’d be over the moon with a webcast every now and then from the houseboat studio. Fans all around the world would be able to get access, and any revenue generated from it could go to one of David and Polly’s preferred charities. The webcasts would be anything that David is playing with at that time – so no pressure of any kind. I’m thinking of the kinds of aural landscapes that have accompanied DG.com, rather than full-blooded performances. In these days of digital delivery it’s so easy to do, costs nothing, and means that David can continue to innovate, entertain and delight without having to leave the country – and add some much needed money to the environmental charities… Anyhow, just a thought…

    Thanks again for a lovely Friday afternoon treat – have a great weekend everyone. I’m off to Brighton for the weekend, so I’ll see you all on Monday. Saturday afternoon is Spurs Arsenal and I’ll be in a pub somewhere in Brighton willing Spurs on. Oh how I wish DG supported any other club. Fingers crossed for the Reds though – anything you can do to help stop Chelsea, or even catch Man U, would be grrrrreat…


  30. Bravo to my namesake in Chicago for setting a level on the perception of Americans. If anything, it’s been U.S. music fans who’ve dramatically helped sustain interest in David Gilmour’s music over the years. Just to create some perspective: my six-year-old daughter discovered – via davidgilmour.com – her favourite David Gilmour song is Castellorizon. She and I then went on the internet and found pictures of Kastellorizo and I explained in very broad terms how this place is the inspiration for the song. “I like David’s music,” was my daughter’s simple response. How heartwarming for this 50-year-old David Gilmour fan. Best to all the fans in the U.S., the U.K.and across the globe – I’m very envious of those who were able to see the U.S. and Toronto shows. RAH DVD should be wonderful. Thanks for all your hard work Fed …


  31. Size is not everything

    (The Mermaid show was just a tour warm-up and had a shortened setlist, no “Wots The Deal,” no “Echoes,” etc. The set that night only clocked in at around 60-65 minutes, correct?)Quoted Ryan.

    Two many “no”s

    I was at the Mermaid concert and it was fantastic. Felt like the real thing cos it was. If the Glasgow concert is a fraction as good then I count myself very lucky indeed, which I am.

    Ian Pearson




    [Video? – Features Editor]

  33. I got up early today to be sure I got 516 tickets. Here it will be on one of the newest and largest IMAX screens. I’m taking the kids so I hope there’s no reefer madness.

    P.S. I just got a cumbus as a Bday present….. (I dropped alot of hints..hehehe)

  34. Thanks again to David and family for your visit to our great country. It was an honor and priviledge to see you preform at the Rosemont theatre on April 13th. Something I will not soon forget. Thank you to the Band: Steveie D, Rick , John,Phil, Dick,and Guy. Have a wonderful summer!


  35. I am extremely happy to announce, that the song “On An Island” has already gone number 1 in the charts of the Polish Radio Third Channel (“Trójka” as we call it in our language), which is definitely the most respectable radio in our country :D.

    Let me say that again: “On An Island” has already gone number 1 in the charts of “Trójka” 😀 😀 😀
    😀 😀 😀 😀

  36. Hello, F.Ed,

    Still working on getting caught up. Saw the Leno link, David did great, considering the circumstances of being Leno and all. Don’t you just love Corporate America? We have someone as talented as DG on a show, and we have to plug a CAR of all things before he can play. I am waiting for the day where every square of toilet paper will have ‘roid cream and laxative promos. Regardless of our profiteering ways, David still sounded great. WYWH was great, that song always sounds so organic and natural to me, especially live. That little phrase that Rick did on the ‘piano’ really added alot to that song.

    To Rick Strang, loved the list, good work. Now we can add one more – one post gathering data for how many bloggers it takes to review a gig from the On an Island tour.-

    Haven’t made it to the AOL sesions yet, that is my next adventure.

    Have a safe trip home, David and crew, I hope you have enjoyed your stay in the States, please come see us again soon.

    Have a great weekend, all


    (I added to my name slightly because there are more Mikes on here lately.)

    P.S. I have been having trouble posting also.

  37. hi fet ed . just checking in to say hi really . sorry i have’nt been in but i have been dog sick with flu and last night i caught conjunctive itis. however belive it or not i am not here to complain 🙂 one last thing if i am repeating other peoples points i do apologise but the aforementione eye trouble has made reading a little difficult .

    i just want to say that i enjoyed david on jay leno which i have just watched on his web site . if you don;t like his tv show i think the web site is a better place to watch davids contribution ! the lucky people who kicked back to the laid back sounds of on an island and wish you were here . i hope you got to the concert on time 🙂

    glad to hear the gigs are still going ok . i hope everyone is still enjoying them 🙂

    i am off to watch the aol session now . take care fet ed and have a good weekend .


    p.s don;t come too near me when reading this !i am full of germs from the flu and conjuntive itis 🙂

    [Get well soon, Linda. – Features Editor]

  38. I just got cinema tickets for David on the big screen! Something else to look forward to. Thanks for all the information, Edwina.

    **biding my time…**


  39. Gee I thought we were all fans here. Its too bad it has to be seperated by the country we live in and to be called shallow. Oh well. I treat people as people no matter where they come from.

    As for the Leno deal, I cherrish any moment I get to see a performance. Anyone who knows the format of the show and expected more was only kidding themself. It was a wonderful several minutes and with it on TIVO I will watch it over and over.

    Thanks to all of you again for coming! I hope you enjoyed your stay as much as we enjoyed having you. Come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. FEd I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you’ve done. I has been a pleasure to read this blog. I think, in general, this is a very positive community.

    I am a sound engineer by trade who works both FOH in clubs and for several local, and national, television broadcasters. It is a sad fact that audio is indeed the bastard child of television. A live show, no matter the size of the hall, will always sound better than any live T.V. broadcast no matter the budget.

    They really are trying to do two different things. T.V. is satisfying the advertisers, while the live show is satisfying the true client, the fans.

    I for one was anticipating seeing The Band on the Tonight Show, and while it wasn’t a live show, we saw David nontheless. And in addition to this blog, the T.V. broacast satisfied my appetite to simply hear more (and see) more of Mr. Gilmour’s art.

    By the way did anyone see Crosby air guitaring for a second during one David solo?, that was hilarious! Also, about half way through the live Tonight Show broadcast (during a tease-out), a camera panned accross the outdoor theatre audience, and you could see many more faces than during the performance of OAI (later in the show).

    For live T.V. if the sound is on, that is good enough. It is the sad truth. The whole mix is secondary. Also, the fact that the crew and director had to deal with the outside venue (a seperate production area from the inside hall) I’m sure didn’t impress them any (they’ll still earn the same amount regardless). I’d love to hear from someone who was on crew at the Tonight Show event.

    Again FEd, you rock, I feel humbly indebited to your continued, albeit, restrained, moderation of this site. Every good blog needs it. You do us proud.

    Best Regards,
    Marcus Buick

    [Thanks for that, Marcus. Have a good weekend. – Features Editor]

  41. Re: The AOL sessions. All I can say is Wow! What a great session. No one can complain of crowd noise eh? I thought the guys sounded wonderful. I saw the 1st RCMH show which was also fantastic but this was so much more personal. As a musician in a band I also appreciate how it featured everyone working together as a unit. The mix was great, each musician could be heard. I would love a whole concert like this. Can’t wait for the upcoming DVD.

    On a semi related topic. I recently discovered a lot of Davids older video material. I have always collected rare David and Pink Floyd related stuff and was astounded to see video from the 1st solo album. It was much like the AOL session just David and his band in a big studio setting playing cuts from the album. I never knew this existed, but surely Dave has it in a vault somewhere. Will he ever consider putting it out? Maybe as a bonus for the new DVD. By the way Mihilas has always been a favorite and it is there to see.

    One other question. The notes for the 1978 session say Davids brother Mark plays guitar on these sessions. Is this true and if so does he still play?

    [These are all questions for the FAQs page, sorry. – Features Editor]

  42. Um I have watched and enjoyed the sessions but can’t find the bit about his strap, could you point me in the right direction I love being a gilmour anarack, thank you.

    [As it says above, the bit about the guitar strap is on page three. You need to click on the boxes to the right of the text for a few extra interviews. You can also go to the eighth page for the Q&A. – Features Editor]

  43. In this modern age where most of the new popular music we’re exposed to seems disposable, lacking imagination and heart (at least in America), it’s good to hear how many younger people have attended David’s shows, as we would hope that the “torch” could be passed to future generations of musicians. We have been privileged to see some amazing craftsmen/artists performing timeless music that defies description.

    David, Rick, Guy, Jon, Phil, Steve, Dick – your performances blew so many people away, and I’m sure many musicians in attendance, younger or older (myself included) have been inspired to new levels. Have a safe trip home, and we all hope to see you again soon.

    Bill C.

  44. Caption:

    Hi my name is Rick Wright and I’m another ‘Voice From Pink Floyd’ for those who didn’t know. I’m not always introduced properly!!

  45. Really pleased about this upcomming Jools Holland show !

    I’ve been wondering about that show in general and now particularly that David Gilmour will be featured. I don’t mean to bother you Features Ed about this but how is it possible to be in the audience ? I’ve searched around for details on the net and can’t find anything about tickets. Is it usually by special invites ? I’m probably right in thinking that there’ll be a competition about for this sometime next week then ? 😉 lol

    Anyway I hope I’m not borhering you asking about tickets !


    [No competition, sorry. The BBC make all the arrangements and, as it says on the ‘Later…’ website, “there is a huge demand for tickets to the show and due to health and safety reasons only a small number of people are allowed in the studio each week. The waiting list for tickets is now closed. When the ticket lines re-open we’ll let you know” – so it looks like there’s no chance of going along, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  46. The AOL sessions were fantastic! The band is really synced up with each other, its shame it such a short tour. It would be great if we could get those sessions to air on VH1 or something.

  47. Just finished watching the AOL sessions. They were absolutely aweso… err, very, very good. Having been at the Massey Hall show, it was dissappointing (though not unexpected) not to be able to hear the guitarwork at the end of High Hopes due to audience enthusiasm. With Sessions, it was great to hear David’s exquisite work to close out the song. I knew he was playing something at Massey Hall, but to be able to hear it and see it so up close sends shivers along my spine. Thanks to AOL, David and whoever else is resposible for their presence. And, thanks for some great tour memories. This blog has been a treat, it is like the tour never really ends, just morphs into different forms, always new and exciting. Thanks FEd.

  48. F.Ed,

    Thanks for the heads up on the David Gilmour movie screenings – found one in my area, bought my tix and will be there on the 16th. And while some on this site will no doubt bemoan the fact that it’s not the full tour set list (no Echoes etc), I for one, am just happy to be able to see him play even if it is just for a little while! Not being able to get to a concert really did bite.

    IMHO, he could play a lullaby and it would be worth the price of admission. Wait, didn’t he do that at Meltdown….? losing it now….


  49. I, too, was very disgusted by Leno’s treatment of David, throwing him at the end like he was some second-rate singer! How insulting!!

    On a different channel; I was at both shows in Chicago and maybe it would be helpful to post large signs with “rules of etiquette” for attending a concert given by someone as legendary as David. Such as

    #1 Please no whooping out names of songs such as “Another brick in the wall” or “Young Lust” during quiet intros into songs(Let alone whooping anything!) Just shut up and Listen!

    #2Please no clapping and whooping until the song is COMPLETELY done!

    #3 Please no singing along with PF songs; the people next to you may wish to hear David and Rick sing these songs instead of listening to your out-of-tune bawling

    #4 If you have the money to pay for a ticket in the first three rows, STAY THERE!! Don’t keep getting up and leaving and coming back constantly! It’s annoying and frustrating and it pisses off people who are probably dying to sit that close to David; and remember, he can see you leaving!

    There were some times that I was cringing in embarrassment due to some of the stupid things people were saying and doing. No wonder David doesn’t like playing to American audiences, I wouldn’t either if I was treated like he was, especially on the first night. Shame on you, Chicago!! I was also amazed to find that most of the people I talked to around me didn’t know much about him(other than he was in PF)or even owned his new cd(let alone his first two)! These were people in row A, right behind the orchestra pit, and the ticket price was quite hefty.

    [I couldn’t agree more and I love the idea of rules (although it would be even better if rules weren’t needed at all, because people had respect and all that you’ve listed would just be considered common sense, as it is to you and I), but you just know that it would be a waste of time thinking of rules, writing out rules, copying rules, and sticking rules up all over the theatres in the faint hope that people would pay attention to them. People don’t pay attention. People don’t give a damn. I wasted no end of time earlier in the week drawing up a list of rules for the blog before realisation dawned that my rules would be like water off a duck’s back to many people, so why on earth should I bother? Sue me if I’m speaking out of turn here, but the staff at these venues should have been much firmer. They knew the rules and just let people break them. They should have forced people to leave. They should have stopped the camera/mobile phone nonsense immediately. When you’re up against people who are going to do whatever they like no matter what you say or how you say it, you really need a team of people who are all singing from the same hymn sheet. When you’re working with people who clearly just can’t be bothered to enforce the rules or do their job properly, it makes you wonder why you even bother yourself. Isn’t that depressing? It’s true, though. You can only bang your head against a brick wall for so long before your head starts to hurt and it’s probably a good idea that you stop. The people who huff and puff because there weren’t enough shows on this tour for their liking should think about that. – Features Editor]

  50. To Kevin in Chicago,

    Here’s to ya on your remarks to Victor!

    You really got it right and said it well!

    I too was disappointed with the Leno Show treatment of David and the band. They could have tossed the lame guy with the bird and picked a lot of time for quality music. I guess you just have to look at it from an exposure angle Which is good. If it exposes people to the music that have not had the opportunity before (hard to believe that is true) then it’s great.

    To FEd,

    Please excuse my momentary laps the other day with the link request. With just a little thought I could understand your position on it. You have done and continue to do a great job here!

    Have a great weekend.


  51. hi fet ed . just want to make a few comments about the aol session . it was tops . the live versions of the songs are really good esepcially this heaven and take a breath. even my mom who is in the next room and certainly does’nt share my taste in music has admired on an island and smile ! ( then she told me it is getting late and and can i use my headphones !) i love ricks voice on comfortably numb . i never knew john carin played slide guitar as well as keyboards 🙂

    i envy all those who went or are going to the gigs 🙂

    i am listening to the session really loud on a set of headphones conected to my computer speakers and would recomend anyone to do the same . this is something that should’nt be played quietly especially the more rockier tracks .

    the behind the scenes section and interviews were cool too . guy pratt you seem like a top bloke 🙂 it is good to see how well the band seem to gel as humans as well as gelling as musicians .

    i will put a plug for the aol session on my my space blog and i might get a few more people tio watch it and maybe buy on an island .

    it is amazing to think david is using hendrix’s guitar strap . well at least it eventually got from one guitar god to another . full marks to polly for getting it .

    well thats it for now as my eyes feel like they have a gravel stones in them right now . o the joys of having an eye infection 🙂 i am off to my bed to stick some more eye drops in .talk to you again fet ed !


  52. hI AGAIN BLOGGERS. I just finished the AOL session, and how nice. I’ll take Gilmour any way I can get him. Whoever is mad about the Mermaid thing, well what can I say? After all, I am a shallow American. I must be because I’m American. what a rude and idiotic thing to say.

    My work here is done,


    [For the record, the word “shallow” wasn’t removed from Victor’s post because I took it as an accusation aimed at the makers of American TV shows – who do constantly promote endless products – which I personally find shallow, as do many other people who (thankfully) aren’t used to watching American TV regularly. Can we try to be less self-defensive and quick to judge? You’re all so quick to jump down someone’s throat. – Features Editor]

  53. Well, wouldn’t you know the minute I finish my ticket transaction for the theatre show, I read this fan blog and I discover I’m not going to be seeing ECHOES!! AUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!

    I’ll try to be happy with what I get, but I wish I’d have known this was going to be one short show.

  54. Great to see the Leno and AOL footage tonight – bloody hell doesn’t ‘Take A Breath’ rock in a way that a rocking thing rocks!! The Q&A bit is great as well!

    Interesting to see that the Mermaid footage is being shown in the States….t’would be nice if it was to see the light of day on an official release at some point but what will be will be.

    Well, big day for your boys tomorrow F’Ed – not sure what time the KO is as I’m at my wife’s sister’s wedding and all other matters have been rather pushed aside… anyway, best of luck to Liverpool, we can’t have Chelsea winning the double now can we!!

    [Thanks, Neil. Up the ‘Pool indeed. – Features Editor]

  55. I’m almost as thrilled and delighted as I was to be able to attend the Mermaid gig, as I am knowing so many other fans will now share and enjoy that experience on the big screen. This was the 2nd gig of the entire tour (got to count David’s birthday as the 1st) and as such, was an historic event. Don’t quibble about the lack of Floyd numbers, as ‘On An Island’ stands as an inspired body of work beside the very best that David and Rick’s former band produced…

  56. Hi FEd and everybody else. Time to go to bed (half past 1 in the morning) but I *had* to see the Leno performance. My impression : nice songs; I think Leno treated him nicely, even showing the new CD; I’d expected worse, but I’m not used to Leno as we can’t see his show in Holland. We used to get ‘old’ shows from David Cypherwomen (I know, bad joke) a few years back and then remembered the AOL session (how could I forget). It was great to watch them so up close and see them all smiling again. Performances were very nice. Nice to see the slide from Jon so well. Also the Q&A and behind the scenes and photos and the small videos next to the info pages were very nice.

    One thing that I noticed is that Richard calls David Dave… But he’s been a friend for so long, I think he’s about the only person allowed to do so. And what song was it that I thought David was eating a guitar pick ? He’d better eat them than give them to Ryan 😉

    Well, it’s off to bed now. Be sure to check Leno’s/NBC’s site for the two tracks and AOL for the session. It’s definitely worth your time !!!


  57. WOW, that show at AOL Sessions was GREAT. Question: how many black T-shirts does David Gilmour have? Hehe. I loved the ending of High Hopes, with Gilmour playing the last part on acustic guitar and the rest of the band just watching the show too. The behind the scenes was interesting.

    Watched the Leno thing online too. It was ok, the problem was that car ad (did Gilmour get anything for that?).

    It’s a great time for being a David Gilmour and Pink Floyd fan.

  58. Hi FED a fellow miserry guts here

    Just watched the Jay Leno clips – very nice! Here’s a question for the American readers – is all US TV so commercial? I mean Leno introduced a f*&$ing car before he introduced the music!

    May draws ever closer and the RAH shows!!! I hope the UK fans will meet up somewhere before the show as they have done in the US as it would be good to put faces to the names in the blog.


  59. Just watched the AOL sessions, and it was absolutley brilliant, my best mate steve with me now(who is actually the other of the mermaid three!),who I converted to floyd only a matter of months ago, could not belive the quality of the performance, to a point he now want`s to watch it again(I don`t have a problem with that!)

    And Ricks comments about David, probably? being the best guitarist in the world, is without question! I think we should leave the word `probably` to a lager manufacturer!

  60. watched AOL Sessions three times already. Cant get enough of David and the Band. The close ups are great.

    Fed I hope you have a great weekend. You really deserve it…………

    [Thank you. It’s been good so far. Hope you have a good one, too. – Features Editor]

  61. Hello again, F.Ed.

    While listening to the (spectacular) AOL sessions, I realized something; Those of you who saw David live, I am glad you got a chance to see him. I see now what I missed. I also understand why you were so mad at the people with the testicular fortitude to act like they were at a honky tonk. It’s amazing those asinine schmucks weren’t throttled to the point of unconsciousness by some die-hard Gilmourauders. I probably would have seriously considered it, and I am the biggest passivist I know.

    I do have an antecdote for you, David. While I was watching the AOL sesions, my 17 month old son was in the other room playing, doing his own thing. When High Hopes started, he dropped everything, came over and sat on my lap. He sat still and quiet, seriously watcing and listening to what was going on. Twice he put his little hand up and kind of waved it back and forth. It was so cool! When the song was over, he went back to his own little thing. Then again, in the Behind the Scenes part, when it came on, he ran over to hear it. When it was done, he went to do his own thing. He has never done anything like that before. Even a toddler recognizes a true gift when he hears it.

    Anyways, have a good evening, all.


  62. I’m a new “blogger” but have read nearly every post over the past weeks following the reports of this fantastic tour. As the American leg of the journey completes, I thought I’d share my appreciation, too.

    F-Ed! Thank you for doing such a great job with the BLOG. It has painted such a great picture of each show, and that has somewhat made up for those of us who were unable to see the show(s) live! I see that it has been quite a filtering task for you… and if the text on your screen is anywhere near as small as it on mine, I hope you have a good eye-doctor (;)). You and all of your hard work to make this blog happen and remain a pleasant place is sincerely appreciated! Cheers to you with the libation of your choice!

    Thanks for the links to the AOL session. I enjoyed seeing the band having such a good time. They sound great… even if it is streamed over the internet into a relatively tiny screen. It’s a nice collection of songs, too. I also found the ‘behind the scenes’ spot to be interesting… the guitar strap story was cool, as were the rest of the interviews and information.

    In fact, reading about all of the different set lists and concert comments from the tour, and looking at Polly’s photos in the galleries, it seems clear that these great musicians are all enjoying themselves immensely. Reading that ‘Arnold Layne’ was added to the set list in California put a Smile on my face… as did the other oldies as they’ve been added, too.

    One thing I have learned over the years is that you can trust David Gilmour to come up with a set list that is both entertaining, that makes musical/emotional sense, and that moves an audience along with it during the show.

    To David and Polly: I love the new album and the music. I think it is the best yet. The words and melodies are stunning… definitely a soundtrack for life – mine and many others who have posted here as well, it seems. The themes are obviously quite universal in that sense, and we’re all just really good at projecting our feelings on to it! As a citizen of this planet, thanks for the carbon neutrality angle, too.

    Guy Pratt is just too cool! I think it is great that you went for a beer with some of the others on here before a show. Does anyone else notice a slight resemblence between Bradley Whitford (Josh Lyman on NBC’s ‘West Wing’ program) and Guy?

    I first saw Guy with the band in ’88, where I was one of the teeming anthill of people in the stadium crowd, and I asked my friend, “who is this teenager playing with PF?” Of course, he wasn’t a teenager, just very young-looking. His playing was great then and is even finer now!

    It’s good to hear Rick Wright and know that he is having a great time on this tour, too, getting to sing some of the songs that work so well in these smaller venues. In fact, this is really quite a line up of musicians. From what I’ve seen on the BBC and AoL streams, a good match it is, too.

    So, for David and the musicians: thanks for all of the entertainment… the music and words, and the challenge that has resulted in a countless number of hours that I have spent over the last 20 years or so nicking around with my guitars attempting to figure out ‘just exactly how did David do that?’ That challenge has elevated the quality of my playing, without a doubt.

    You all are very appreciated… and I hope that your touring continues to be fun! Hopefully you’ll get back this way again sometime!

    -Tom from Kansas

  63. Well I was very disappointed at the Leno show….not because of David and the band, nor because of Jay either. But because it was all so rushed. Typical …why can’t the show give a musical guest a spot long enough to finish a song without having to do a shortened version…..I mean would it have hurt anybody to give David and the band 10 minutes instead of 4?? Bloody poor planning. I mean, do you reckon that the show producers really knew who they had when David Gilmour stepped onto their stage?? ….I think not. What a bunch of plonkers!

    I bet Paul Shaffer and David Letterman would have given him more time….they often play Floyd material during the shows.

    Bob Mitchell in Victoria, BC, Canada

  64. Hey Folks

    Don’t be a hater. Leno brought us two beautiful clips (one on TV and both on line). Any chance to see a bit more is a bit more. Why be critical of a TV host who opened his doors and cameras to give the world a chance to see what a precious few of us got to witness.

    Thank you David and Crosby/Nash for your wonderful heartfelt moments shared with us!
    Cheers to all the fans who got to go to this mini show in L.A.

  65. Question: What do you call someone who sees David Gilmour 4 times in 2 days (Kodak, Leno soundcheck, Leno show, & Gibson), & Arnold Layne, Graham Nash & David Crosby twice in those same 2 days…

    Answer: The luckiest guy on the planet and that guy is ME!!!

    I just got back from L.A. and I’m completely spent but I wanted you to know just how grateful I am right now to be blessed with The Fed Land Experience, the wonderful regular bloggers who I met at Leno (Angelo, Erin, others),and this life changing experience over the past 2 1/2 days.

    I now have 3 gigs in the next 2 days and if they don’t kill this old rocker, I’ll report in ASAP in full!

    A HUGE HUG for FeD!!! (hope I didn’t hurt your back on that one, sorry!)

    Hogs and Quiches!!

    little tommy gilmost from san diego

  66. Polly bought David a genuine Hendrix guitar strap, I only wish Natalie would buy me a genuine Gilmour guitar strap, perhaps then I`ll sound like David LOL:-)

  67. FEd,

    Us bloggists are still on the case to find out your I.D (Rick overlooked that one on his list). For what it’s worth, I think you’re Rudders… Why?


    1.A flat piece of (Pointy sticks)wood or metal at the back of a boat or aircraft, which is moved from side to side in order to control the direction of travel.
    2.A guiding principle, etc.

    Otherwise this site would be….


    (of an organization) without anyone in control and therefore unable to take decisions

    [Interesting, but wrong. I’m just a fan. I hate to spoil it for some people, who like to think that there’s a reason for my anonymity, but I’m nobody you’d know or recognise. I’m just a simple fan. And you can read “simple” any way you want to. – Features Editor]

  68. I know it’s late, but just made it back to Washington from the Oakland shows. WOW!!! Fat Old Sun! We need you back this summer, In Seattle! Thanks David. Monday night in Oakland will forever be etched in my soul.

    See ya this summer, perhaps in the Great Northwest?


  69. Features Editor, do you or anyone else reading this happen to know what kind of live sound mixing console was used on the tour? I saw an “05” on it from a distance. Just a matter of curiosity as it looked like fun to use!


    [If anyone in-the-know reads this and lets me know, then I shall let you know. – Features Editor]

  70. I must have been living in a fog – I missed the entire tour and have been wondering when “Pink Floyd” would tour again. PLEASE KEEP TOURING – your concerts are such an amazing experience and I’ve been waiting since the last one I went to in the 90’s!

  71. just a quick question fed, how long is the show going to be? ill have to drive a good ways to see it, ill have to make time arrangements. thanks tracy

    [About three hours. – Features Editor]

  72. I don’t know if Leno sucks, but he sure can’t read!. On one of the 4 blown promo spots, David looked like he wanted to help Jay (mouthing the words) he was struggling so badly to read the very big lettering in the back.

    BTW, Leno’s makeup in the light of day is very scary, let me tell you! A Halloween fright night worthy look.

    That being said, the Leno spot was great for the “big picture” promotionally speaking – a wakeup call for the marginal fans ,”fence sitters”, who haven’t heard a thing possibly since ’94. Whatever makes this album sell “bucketloads” I’m all behind it!

    W1P already told you about the “if you want to get on camera wave your arms” explanation for that behavior you all saw.

    2 Great, great shows in Los Angeles. I have a lot more empathy now for the earlier reporters of complaints concerning “Who-Hoo’ers”. Particularly abominable were the screamers at the end of High Hopes & Echoes. Lovely, lyrical, heart string pulling beauty met with sophmoric shouts & misplaced enthusiasm. One neanderthal in my section was screaming repeatedly for “Time”, early in the second set! Unbelievable!! (obviously already performed first thing, first set)

    Overall just miraculous performances by David and the band! “Wots a the Deal” was spot on I thought and great to hear! Brickman’s lights and lasers were first rate stunners – always sensitive to the music in real time of course!

    More later…late for work!

  73. (“shallow Americans in general”)


    Actually, Americans are not a “shallow Bunch”. Well…..perhaps a few of us are.

    Just remember who bailed you chaps out many years ago. THAT was truly a great generation of Americans!!!!!

    Jersey Dave

  74. I gotta tell you what…..life is good. I’m sitting here in front of the ‘ol pc eating pb&j with a big glass of milk, my little girl is asleep on the couch behind me and I’ve got the AOL session playing. OAI just finished and Comfortably Numb just started. What a great way to end the day.

    To David Gilmour et al……Thanks for this album and tour. Thanks for all of the music you’ve done over the years. Thanks for the Live8 showing. For you two guys to let bygones be for such a cause was outstanding to say the least. Your music has ridden with me during the highest of highs and bouyed me during the lowest of lows. Once again, Thanks.

    To the FEd…..Thanks for letting me prattle on.

    To everyone reading……Take care, John.

  75. The Leno show, though obviously too short, was still a wonderful treat. The AOL clips are incredible, and I’ve got tickets for the May 16 film release. Thank you all! What a wonderful continuation of this incredible music.

    To the F.Ed., and all involved in the creation of this page: The conversation between life and art is both mutually sustaining and mutually corrective. This page has allowed for some overlap and interplay in the relationship between audience and artist that I think is extraordinary and is obviously in many ways quite new. I’ve been enjoying daily doses of this since January, have posted perhaps a half dozen times, love the new album, was gut wrenchingly grateful for both shows at Radio City. I guess my point, F.Ed., is that the work that you have done for all of us has been incredible–above and beyond, certainly, but also, I think, somewhat historic, amazing, and well appreciated. For all of us who enjoy the page, I’ll say this: If you’re ever in my neighborhood, you have only to drop an email and the drinks will be permenantly on me. You have been incredible, and we are all grateful for what you’ve accomplished! Thank you!

    [Thanks very much, Gus. That’s really kind of you. – Features Editor]

  76. Just got back from LA, what a trip!!!

    We were only a few feet from the band during the Leno taping, close enough to touch them, really! It was the most amazing thing ever to be that close and watch these masters play. It was great to meet the other bloggers there too!

    Though it sounds like many of you didn’t like the way the Leno show turned out, I can’t comment on that as I haven’t seen the tape, but it WAS most appreciated by those in attendance.

    Thanks FEd, that had to be one of my all time favorite life moments!

    The concert at the Gibson, my first time seeing David live, was beyond anything I can ever fully put into words. And I believed everyone on here when they said echoes was incredible live, but I didn’t fully understand until I saw it last night. Un-real!

    The whole concert rocked, every single note. Some of my favorites though had to be Time, Take a Breath, Fat Old Sun, and Echoes. But the entire setlist for me was perfect, absolutely perfect, from OAI to the Floyd classics, it just doesn’t get any better than that!

    It was an extra treat to see David, Rick, Guy, Phil and Jon (I couldn’t see Steve from where I was sitting) exchanging smiles during the final notes of comfortably numb. Well done all of you, bravo!

    I’m going to play yesterday’s events over and over again in my mind for the rest of my life (not to mention in my DVD player after the DVD is released). Thanks to everyone on here who has shared in this most wonderful experience.

  77. The very first time I saw Pink Floyd perform in 1972 at Big Surf in Tempe, Arizona I was hooked. The next show was several years later in 1975 at the Arizona State Activity center which was the show that pretty much changed my life in terms of total appreciation of Pink Floyd. At this point I became a “Die Hard Fan”. Ever since I have NEVER missed a show including all of David’s solo shows. Ever show has been an amazing combination of music, light, and video, each one having its own personality. I believe that over time each performance and show has consistently gotten better even though there has been long periods of time between the big performances. Quite honestly “The Divison Bell” tour was absolutely amazing in terms of the music and special effects and I thought that nothing could ever really come close, but I have to tell I was FLAT WRONG! Being what I believed to be as one of the biggest Pink Floyd fans and I guess my friends could justify this comment I completely missed the dates when the tickets went on sale, consequently by the time I tried to get tickets there was basically none left. I got extremely lucky for someone who waited until 3 days before the show and I found some awesome tickets available (i.e. of course I mortgaged my house to get them…)for the Gibson Theatre show.

    So again I was fortunate enough to acquire some fantastic tickets….boy was luck on my side…. My wife absolutely loved the show. She couldn’t stop asking me questions about the band and other information that she knew that I had answers too. The amazing thing is she has put up with me for so many years playing Pink Floyd that I think she was getting tired of me wearing out the music….and now she wanted me to play it all the way home (i.e. 6 hours back to Phoenix, I was OK with that….)

    I guess that point that I am going to make is that I was really impressed by the show at the Kodak Theatre but quite frankly the show at the Gibson Ampitheatre was the best sound and light show I have ever witnessed in my life….quite frankly I can only HOPE that someone filmed and made a professional audio recording because it was certainly the best I have ever heard. I wish that a DVD existed of this show as I would like to share it with everybody PERIOD!

    I would like to take a moment and recognize Colin Norfield, Mark Risk, and Phil Taylor who absolutely did a super job under a very tight time schedule and delivered the best show I have ever seen. Certainly everyone associated with the entire Production of this show deserves a “Big Thank You!”.

    For those of you who are going to see the final leg of tour in Europe you are going to be treated with one of the best concerts of your life. One final word…”don’t wait too long to purchase your tickets, you might not be as lucky as me and you don’t want to miss this show!”.

  78. This movie theater concerts idea is something I have been saying for years and years. I went to the the Rolling Stones in an I-Max an theater a year ago and I had a ball. I laughed and smiled all the way through the concert. I have put many a suggestion in the suggestion boxes that these beautiful theaters with the monster screens and massive sound systems should be used for more concerts. Everything from Back to …..Pink Floyd of course. Maybe David would consider this as an option for filming at the RAH?? Maybe the illusive PULSE show would be a good Pink Floyd choice!

    Many thanks for all the music and enjoy some rest.

    Thanks to you F’Ed for your great blog here. I hope it continues.

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada

  79. Saw the Leno show. I thought it was great. David looked like he was having a good time and was just plain cool. Guy moved around and kicked (he makes me smile) Missed Richard. They did well. I didn’t expect that Leno would give them much time, so I’m not let down. I thank the band for doin it. It gave me a chance to have friends/family see the crew.

    Brian (IA)

  80. Today, Earth Day, is the 13th anniversary of my sending David a letter of deep appreciation for how much his music was helping me through a very difficult time ~ and he wrote me back personally! What an incredibly sweet man he is for doing things like that (and what incredibly sweet music he makes! 🙂 I just found this site while looking for a way to connect with him somehow today (and now I know I have! 🙂

    This site is awesome and I’ll be a frequent visitor ~ many thanks to the team there for keeping those of us happily afflicted with ‘Gilmouritis’ so well informed about David.

    All good wishes, Jan 🙂

  81. Kevin’s statement is right on. To add, North America includes Canada, I can’t see why all are not included, South America as well. I’m not being facetious, we have to include fans everywhere on the globe here, that’s what counts, they can connect somehow. Dear Fed, I saw first hand after the Massey Show, there are truly nut bars out there trying to wedge David and Rog. It is a tremendous, delicate task ,you have here ,to opiniate ,to our general audience, and you have exceeded beyond my expectations. THANK YOU MATE. Take a Long Deserved Breath and Kick Ass Later.

    P.S. AOL was stupendios, Leno not, sorry David and Polly. Sincerely.

    P.S.S. I got a kick out of the Queen thingy. LOL.

  82. Anyone know why David is wearing his wedding ring on his right hand during the AOL sessions video? Just curious.

    -Jon, Nebraska

  83. Had a great time last night at the Gibson! Best concert I have ever been to!

    I was starting to worry…after reading the whiney comments on this board from the stuffy over the hill …he yelled…he got up and blocked my view…the people in front of me wouldnt sit down… waa waaa waa

    but it wasnt like that…it was a great rock n roll crowd!

    cant wait for the dvd! last night would have been the perfect night to record it!

  84. I really appreciated the Leno gig myself, didn’t find it to be a letdown. Wish it had been longer but the Tonight Show isn’t a music show. I’m tired of reading the blogs of crashing bores like victor. It just so happens that the U.S is a bigger market than portugal, new zealand, norway etc combined. It’s just economics and has nothing to do with someone thinking that Americans ‘deserve’ something over the people in say the Czech Republic. And it’s not like the Mermaid Show on the ‘big screen’ is going to be free or anything, so give your anti-american rhetoric a rest victor and enjoy the music!

    Pablo. Los Angeles, Ca

  85. Actually, Jay Leno is one of the best working and hardest working comics in the business. He still writes most of his jokes and overall does a good job writing 7 minutes of FRESH and UP TO THE MINUTE stand-up material EVERY DAY. Some comedians take 10 yrs to craft solid one hour set. Leno busted his ass in the clubs in the 70’s and early 80’s. If you think you’re funny, pick up and read few daily newspapers or watch CNN for a few hours one morning and then sit down and write seven minutes of comedy. Do that everyday Monday – Friday for 40 weeks a year. It’s not easy. Leno is a pro.

    I feel your frustration about their treatment of musical guests, I’m sure that is not a direct Leno decision. Gilmour was fantastic and the shortened version of OAI still shined.

  86. does anyone know the guitar that jon played. most of the night, lap style with a slide. so so beautiful. talk about under the radar. whoah. thank you thank you thank you. really. no show will top the david gilmour show. go sabres

  87. thanks for the pictures of the cumbus. it was in that weird dream i had before the album and before the show. wow. he really played it. like a pro. haha.

  88. Hi all! We just got home from Universal Studios (we stayed in a hotel after the Gibson and then hit the attractions before coming home- thus the late review of the show).

    I started to read some of the entries, but was seeing a lot of negative stuff and there seems to be a chill in the air… so I abandoned ship to tell my experineces yesterday.

    The Leno show… I had an absolute blast!!! Was it staged? Yep. Did they ask us to wave our hands? Yep. Was the sound perfect? Nope. But guess what? I waved my hands and I wooped! I did it and I admit it… and I had a fantastic time! In fact the concert experience at the Gibson is running neck and neck with the Leno performance for me. I ran into some fellow bloggers (yea Renee! Yea Mike! Yea Mikes’ wife- I’m deeply sorry but I’ve forgotten her name) and like Renee said in her post… we were so close to everything. We couldn’t have been closer to David and the band if they had set up in my living room! The crown wasn’t that big… I sorta forget the cameras and the tv station stuff and had the feeling like this little show was just us (and in a way just for us) and the band. True or not I don’t care. That was my feeling. My wife felt the same-it was the highlight of our evening. You can call it cliche and find fault, but why would you?

    The show… I could list troubles. There were some. But the people around me were fairly well behaved. There were those who got up and down… I refused to let it get in the way of a great performance. The beer was expensive, but I had one anyway and enjoyed every 1,200 pennies worth!

    The room was hot but I expected it would be (in fact I suggested to my wife that she dress lightly for the show, and we both did).

    The program is nice. Good job on the bios Fet ed. I like it.

    The music: It was fantastic. Having Crosby and Nash on stage was great. I was soooooooo glad they included Find the Cost of Freedom- the harmony between them and David was truly awesome!

    Breathe/Time/Breathe reprise were awesome. All of OAI was great but I especially liked the title track (second time in 5 hours!) and Take A Breath. I had hoped David would play the cumbus in the live show and he did. A very cool sound. I would love to hear more of that instrument.

    Fat Old Sun is not one of my favorite tracks, but in this show it was a highlight! The guitar at the end was amazing! I also truly enjoyed Coming Back To Life… another steller solo!!! Echoe… incredible performance! I’m amazed that I actually got to see this performed live!!! I never imagined that would ever happen! Wish You Were Here… yes I come to hear the performer sing… but having an entire audience singing with the performer can be a magic thing. And in this case it was magic.

    And of course Comfortably Numb (I can’t bring myself to use the popular “comfy numb”. A fantastic performace.

    The lighting- I think there was trouble with lasers. They were sparse during the show and during the second solo for Comfortably Numb they abruptly stopped. If there was a problem and there should have been more lasers I figure they will probably be done at RAH and I’ll see them on the DVD. If there was no problem, well the folks in the UK didn’t see any for their shows either. I’ll take what I get!

    All in all a great experience!!! I’m glad I went. And again dear Fet Ed… THANK YOU!!! I really enjoyed the Leno taping!

    Tim Taylor

  89. I’m not quite sure where to post this so I’ll put it here…

    The Austin City Limits Music Festival is coming up in September. And I think it would be ‘a real hoot’ if David Gilmour and band would consider a spot in the line up. The three day festival draws in the area of 70K to 80K attendance from all over the world…

    Austin is a great place to listen to live music as well as perform…

    David Gilmour doesn’t appear to be playing Texas(or any southern state) in this tour, it would be nice to see him down this way…

    If nothing else come for the BBQ…

  90. Hi all

    Off topic:

    But it is important. On An Island (song) is number 1 at Top 50 of Polish Radio Program 3 chart (based of email or mail voting), after 5 weeks of listing up from 3rd.

    What’s more interesting, (chart stared in April 1982) no other Pink Floyd or Pink Floyd member song has never topped the chart so far.

    So David, please accept my congratulations for that.


  91. Hi Fed & All,

    Havn’t posted 4 a couple of days been at work and busy with things but finally caught up again I saw David on Leno, I’m with others about the way David was treated on Leno, but Davids voice beautiful as always,(Hey Fed keep up your good work),All of you who are lucky enough to see David Treasure that as I would if I had the chance,My ultimate DREAM is to see David and has been 4 many years If I had 1 wish It would be to see David ,NOT money or cars or other luxury material things just DAVID,So if you read this David maybe you can make my dream come true and tour oz PLEASE.Well thats all 4 now LOVE YA’S ALL MWA

  92. Hi Fed,

    Any word on the tix for night 1 at RAH, starting to get a bit twitchy now !!!

    Cracking AOL stuff. Stil can’t get it to go full screen though !

    Bloody compooters !!!

    [Will ask on Monday for you, I promise. Did you get them in the presale? (Have I asked you that already? Don’t you hate that déjà-vu feeling?) – Features Editor]

  93. Hey Fed,Sorry I’m posting again so soon but I fogot to thank you for the links to David playing. Also wonderful photos in the couple days,Bye I’ll post again soon. MWA

  94. mister glimore i think like wise 200,000 people that pink floyd is the greatest band ever you are part of it not very good guitarrist. zpreciate that. ok

  95. Hi, my name is Valeria, I am Italian and I live in Sicily.

    I would like to know, please, if is it true that david gilmour is going to play a concert in Taormina in july.

    I love his music and the Pink Floyd, of course.
    Please answer me soon.


    [It’s just another rumour. If there were to be more shows added, we would let you know immediately at http://www.davidgilmour.com. You can trust us. – Features Editor]

  96. I’ve been out of town for a week without Internet access… Looks like it was a big week for David and company. Tickets to see him @ Leno, a few more shows, then the Leno show (which I caught on TV, and tho he had to cut the songs I still thought the musicians were great!) and now the AOL thing. People complained that David had to cut the songs, but what did they expect? First, that was said here as soon as the songs were announced, and second it’s a variety show with a very tight schedule that reaches a very wide audience. It is not “The Tonight Show with David Gilmour,” after all. I for one am happy that David could get even a few minutes of his music out to such a wide audience. More people will have seen David’s performance on Leno than have purchased “OAI” (in the USA, at least) the entire time it has been in stores. I’m happy that Leno had this guest, and not some American Idol teenybopper. Let’s stop bellyachin’. This was a good thing for David.

    I’m also really excited that the tour is being released on DVD. It means that people like myself who, for one reason or another, can’t get out to see David in person, can still get a taste of what the shows were like. Thank you for that, David.

    Thank you, David and Rick and the entire band, and the crew (to say nothing of Ed/Edwina) for all you have given the fans. I’ve been to every show in spirit, if not in body. It is getting me through a very challenging term at Grad school and a tough period at work. David and company have that calming effect on me, even from a distance.


    Ask a mate to tape it for you? honestly are you serious? you’re going to the concert aren’t you? There’s no pleasing some folks *sigh*

    Just watched the AOL sessions, what can I say but absolutely stunning stuff. Really enjoyed the behind the scenes bit too, shame it was not a little bit longer but I’m not gready, was lovely to see the bit there was. 🙂

  98. Hi Fed Sorry back again just cant keep away after 2 days of not being on here I just watched AOL again and Davids interviews, so about the guitar strap and what David said, Well David if you read this you said it might make you play like hendrix. well I think you play way better than jimmy thought i’d just tell you that.I can’t stop watching the AOL luv ya’s bye MWA

  99. David, Polly and the band -thank you soooo much for the AOL sessions. Now I, too, have gotten a taste of what all those lucky ticketholders have been hearing the past 2 months.

    The end of ‘High Hopes” with David playing along with Rick is one of those special musical moments that made me a Floyd fan to begin with-it was the very end of ‘Shine on you Crazy Diamond’ where Rick is playing an extended solo and David comes in and just plays one sort of ‘harmonic’ note on the guitar and it was just one of those perfect musical moments.

    I always wanted to hear David and Rick do an album of blues and jazz and this is probably as close to that as I could hope for.

    I hope the band had a great time in the US, maybe you will play Philadelphia some time?

    Much love to all , including the amazing FEd.


  100. nickster-

    You hit it on the nose. David playing Little Wing would be heavenly.His guitar and voice, oh gosh. I couldn’t imagine the beauty of him covering that song with the very strap Hendrix used. Thanks for the fantasy.


  101. In response to Ian re: the Mermaid Show, I couldn’t agree with you more. The performance was spectacular. I’m not talking performance; I’m just talking song selection/length of show. I thought I’d be seeing “Echoes” on the big screen, lights, lasers and all, so I was a tad disappointed to hear that it was the Mermaid gig being shown rather than what I heard originally, Rome.

    I’m still going to GilmourMovie ™ though, you can count on that. I didn’t get to see a show on the tour, so until the DVD comes out, this is as close as I’m gonna get. 🙂

  102. In direct response to Victor regarding being “pissed off” due to the lack of other countries being graced by David Gilmour…

    It has nothing to do with a country’s loyalty to a musician. I find that to be a pretty lackluster excuse used to compensate for your feelings being hurt. If you were going to stand by that argument, it can be easily reversed. The structure of music as a whole is to cater to societal expression and finding a basic premise (genres of music) to bring people together, that under different circumstances, would not ordinarily associate with each other. Should we further create divisiveness by choosing to be angry or “pissed off” because a musician cannot be in 30 places at once? You can’t cater to every one person’s needs, which is the absolute beauty in music – because with music, you inherently touch every single person in one way or another, whether good or bad. The physical presence of a person should not even be taken into account, rather their motive and undeniable passion. If you are a fan, you are a fan of their passion and not because of your own insecurities that search for a reason to complain and point fingers. There is no USA, England, Canada, etc. when talking about music. Leave the divisiveness to politicans and let us all just be music fans.

  103. Just watched the aol sessions. Fantastic!! It was like reliving the(Amsterdam)show again (without Marc Brickmans lightshow magic though).

    Thanks to anyone involved.

  104. I am so very sorry for harping on this FEd, but when is David going to play Rainbow Connection? It was a joke initially, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realised that David and the gang could do a VERY good rendition. I’ll be at the May 30 gig…so have a whisper in the big man’s ear and tell him there’s a special request (and on the DVD I’ll be the lunatic going nuts when it starts!!!).

    Anyway, I just watched the AOL session and it seems like our superhero is going from strength to strength. Long may it continue!

  105. For those who think it is just American audiences that are jerks please allow me to cite a few of my experiances with UK crowds.

    At one of David’s RFH shows some idiot yelled out “when is the next floyd album coming out” David responded “Who gives a fuck”.

    At the 2002 UK Waters shows the effects of fermented malt beverages were clearly shown by rude behavior.

    One fellow was standing on two chairs straddling an aisle screaming during another brick while doing a Pete Townsend windmill on his air guitar.
    The worst part is that his son and wife were there as he fell backward into the aisle they picked him up and removed him from the floor.

    I felt very bad for his son (12-14 years old) to see his father clearly intoxicated making such an arse out of himself in front of dozens of people.

    If were an artist with power the first thing I would do is ban all alcohol at any venue I was playing.
    I know I would take a hit on the compesation paid me but it would cure many problems.

  106. I’d like to say something before the blog goes on to its next iteration:

    David Gilmour, you are a deep, thoughtful, principled person. True to yourself but concerned about others and about the world. Beholden to no one except yourself and your family. Lover of nature, camper extraordinaire, he of the beautiful smile.

    And a consummate artist. Your music has affected me like no one else’s. Heartfelt thanks, man. Thanks to Polly, too, and your whole family for sharing your time with us. I hope you all come back and see us again soon.

    Becky in beautiful Atlanta

    PS–Happy Earth Day, everybody. As environmental advocate Laurie David said, this is probably the most important Earth Day we’ve had so far. We really need to attend to what we’re going to our only home.

  107. Hi again, Fed. I just had to share my daughter’s reaction to reading my blog describing how much she loves the Castellorizon track on OAI. “Maybe one day David could have a contest, and whoever wins would get tickets to one of his concerts.” Who knows? There’s always the next tour … 🙂

    Kevin in Winnipeg

  108. hey how r u plz i want this to go directly to david gilmour plz the pink floyd band is my favourite band….i saw lately LIVE AT POMPEII. it’s fabulous plz, gilmour u r the best. the way u play the guitar plz let it be a world tour of the last PINK FLOYD… and send an e mail if roger waters is joining david and rick and mason…plz

  109. Thanks for the AOL sessions. It was a treat for me since I live in Atlanta, the mix was superb…



  110. Now that Mr Gilmour is winding down his tour, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Fedmeister and all the Bloggers on this website for all their wonderfull posts. The show which I attended at Radio City wii probably be the highlight of my year!!!

    I am looking forward to purchasing all the DVDs and Cds which David`s producers,promoters,and affiliates will create in order to accquire the”almighty dollar”(just like us shallow Americans).

    Now it is time to say farewell.

    On Sepember 6th ,the lyrcist,genius of Pink Floyd will be performing in my back yard.

    I wonder if the RW website has a Fedmeister too!!!

    Jersey Dave

  111. Checked out the aol session a couple of times last night, this band is special, I mean David there really is nothing to be said, the man is a living legend, and so is Richard really. Roxy Music is my second favourite band, watching Phil Manzanera on guitar the man is cool. Guy, Jon and Steve round out for me anyway probably the best band performing in the world today.

    Thanks Boys, for bringing your talents to your fans, and keeping this wonderful web site open for them also. Everyone in the U.K. get ready for your increditable concerts, by your brillaint countrymen. Have a good weekend everyone.


  112. Personally I think the excitement over Gilmour getting and wearing a Hendrix guitar strap is just plan ridiculous.

    Gilmour is a rock guitar lengend hero and he don’t need no education or strap from another one.

    I saw Hendrix live from the 15th row and I saw Gilmour from the first.

    I need say no more.

  113. First I would like to thank F’Ed, for allowing me to be a part of the Leno experience. It was incredible to witness David and the band with such a small intimate crowd. We actually were seated inside the studio for the show, then escorted out for the bands performance.

    As has been written in many posts, the Kodak and Gibson shows were astronomical. Easily the two best musical evenings I have ever experienced. One of the things I will always remember from the shows, is how happy David appeared. I saw so many genuine smiles come across his face at Kodak Leno, and Gibson. It was just heart warming to see.

  114. My trip to the LA

    Well, I left Sacramento at 7am. As I posted before, I ended up going solo, which wasn’t so bad. I could do my on thing.

    I paid $3.00/gallon for gas for the 1st time. I took a picture. It took me 51.50 to fill up my gas tank, which was fitting since it is f*#kin CRAZY!! I know all you on the other side of the pond are thinking, that’s nothing, but the US people understand.

    Anywho, I got to Burbank around 1pm. I figured I’d go to the Gibson and try to get an autograph during sound check. However, in LA things are tight! The have seperate entrance for public and stars. So I drove over to the Leno show to try and get one, and security was tighter there.

    When I was in Oakland, the stage door was easily accasable by the public. In LA it’s like a prison, locked down. Now I know why I left the LA area.

    Leno was awesome!! We were right up against the stage.

    One thing that I thought was really funny, that no one has mentioned . .

    At the Leno show there was the studio audience and then all of us just going to the concert portion. Well I guess, they hadn’t filled up the studio audience, because they came around trying to get us to watch Leno too. All of us there for the concert only get to go into the ampatheatre before the studio audience. The studio audience was behind us. So most everyone declined the offer to be in Leno’s audience. The pages asked at least 4 times, they were so surprised that so few accepted their offer. HA HA. I said we’re David Gilmour fans, not Leno, besides, I watch Letterman.

    I watched the show that night, but alas, I didn’t see myself. The next day I had all kinds of emails and phone calls saying “I saw you.” Good thing I tivo’ed it. After watching it the 3rd time, I found myself. You can see me if you don’t blink. When Leno mentions the guests and the concert series, they pan outside to the crowd, and if you look at the bottom of the screen you can see me. I’m the only one with dirty blonde, curly hair. You can’t see me at all during the concert since I’m only 5’2 and most shots were from the back.

    During the concert, David looked up at one point. He had this look, I dunno how to explain it, and I felt a vibe. Angelo noticed it to, and we both turned to see what he was looking at, and there was Polly. It just showed me how strong their connection is. With the concert and the crowd, and everything going on, I still could feel it and see it in David’s eyes.

    Thanks again Fed!! I put “Thanks Fed!!” on my shirt, but it wasn’t shown on Leno. I saw the same videography that was at Luka’s with Guy, and I made sure he got a shot of it. You were quite the topic of discussion w/ us bloggers. Many seem to think you are a woman, I always thought you to be a guy, but after some things were brought up, I think they may have convienced me otherwise. Maybe some day we’ll know. Thanks again.

    Also, I feel so connected to y’all, I’d like to keep in touch, w/o making more work for Fed. Some of you already have my email, but for those that don’t and want to keep in touch, you can email at […]

    This is a different address then some of you have, use the one I gave you, personally. I’m using this to filter out the crazies.

    The aol session were awesome! Man, that would have been quite a treat to get into that =)


    [$3 a gallon? That’s nothing… You should convert to LPG. It’s better for the environment and your back pocket. – Features Editor]

  115. Sorry to have missed the Leno show but how about creating some ideas for “extras” on the forthcoming DVD? Who know…maybe some good ones will turn into reality and be credited?

    Extra Video Clips
    -Extended “Behind the scenes” footage of the tour
    -“How To Play ___” videos by members of the band
    -Guy Pratt’s Top Ten Jokes/Stories of The Tour
    -Video clips of “A day in the life of the Features Editor”
    -Video clips – How NOT to act at a concert (production tip-have a few small roaming cameras at the remaining shows)

    -Slideshow-Photos By Polly
    -Slideshow-Photos of Frequent Bloggers (submitted by themselves)
    -Sideshow (spelling intentional) of other photos/clips provided by concertgoers

    Other Ideas? I know this is a creative bunch!

    [‘A Day in the Life of the Features Editor’ would be very dull, Craig. And there’d be a lot of bad language. – Features Editor]

  116. Aol Session was by far the best performence yet. My god it was absolutely flawless. DG never ceases to amaze me! Yours Truly, Irene…

  117. I take it that FEd is taking some time off. Good for you.

    Does anybody know if it’s possible if we poor Americans can get “Later” somehow? My local PBS station does air some 7-10 year old shows a couple times a week, but no new shows. Or is it possible that they aren’t showing new shows because we’re in between seasons?

    Even without David that show has just about the most interesting format and set I’ve seen in a music show. And Jools books all the great acts, both local and international. I highly recommend it to those who haven’t seen it.

    Oh and by the way, the AOL webcast of High Hopes is just about the best version of that song I’ve ever heard. If you can listen to only one song from that session, pick that one. But of course you should listen to all of them.

    [I don’t know who else can see David on ‘Later… with Jools Holland’, Michael. If there are plans to show it around the world, I’m sure we’ll let you know. I’ll see if I can find out. – Features Editor]

  118. Hello,

    I would like to say that I really enjoyed the new photos from Radio City by Polly and Todd Kaplan.

    I noticed that there were two groups of photos with David playing that banjo like instrument. In one he was wearing a long sleved shirt, in the other a Black Tee. Was the one with the black tee shirt from the night of the 5th, because I remember him wearing a black tee shirt for that show?

    I really loved Todd’s shots of the stage with the lazers. Wish I could have brought my camera to the show like I did back in ’87, ’88, and ’94.

    Keep up the good work Fed… Love this site..

    I noticed a post from Nance the other day here,
    If you are the right person, you will know who I am. I am Sharon formerly from Danbury Ct. Will never forget that AMLOR listening party and the friends I made there. I was looking for you at RCMH to say hello. If you are not, hello anyway. You can reach me at moodysmb@aol.com if you want to say hello.


    [Some are from the soundcheck, aren’t they? – Features Editor]

  119. [No competition, sorry. The BBC make all the arrangements and, as it says on the ‘Later…’ website, “there is a huge demand for tickets to the show and due to health and safety reasons only a small number of people are allowed in the studio each week. The waiting list for tickets is now closed. When the ticket lines re-open we’ll let you know” – so it looks like there’s no chance of going along, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

    Thanks for the info FEd. Shame about that 🙁 great show…would be amazing to be there for it but oh well.

    Andy 🙂

  120. It’s a wonderful strategy to have all this media available during the lull between the North American and the UK leg. I want to see/hear it all, but I’d like my experiences to marinate a little bit more and my senses recouperate before I take anything else in.

    As to the other topics I’ve read here, I’d like to address a few things but won’t. I choose to edit myself and my reactions so that I stay on point and do my part to preserve this little piece of cyberspace….but I digress….

    FEd, you have a GREAT weekend…..

    [The same to you, mate. – Features Editor]

  121. In response to Ryan –

    It seems as though the “Big Screen Concerts” folks don’t know what day it is…tickets are not yet on-sale, even though the page states, “Tickets on Sale 4.21.”

    Ryan – click my name. That’s how I got my tix. You do however, need to know which theater you’d like to get tickets to.

    Good luck !

  122. Why would Leno book someone of Mr. Gilmour’s talent, stature and accomplishment on the same show with an obnoxious bozo like Tom Green and some kid? And to lead in with a promotion for an automobile was low class. Jay Leno has gone from entertaining to annoying. The AOL Sessions is awesome and it was enjoyable to hear Mr. Gilmour’s interview responses.

  123. Oh and by the way I’m extremely annoyed with some of the comments I been reading as of late. I think that people should keep their prejudice comments to themselves. First it was “The New Yorkers”, and now it’s Americans all together. Even if you claim that it’s American TV that you have a problem with, and not Americans ITS STILL OFFENSIVE! Why do people feel the need to complain? Where do people get these false impressions and ideas? how do you know when you never experienced whatever it is you are complaining about first hand? And for Vic: I don’t think DG’s big screen event has anything to do with loyalty, it has to do with money and record sales! And who’s to say which or who is more loyal than the other? This has nothing to do with nationalism; it has to do with respect and decency. No one’s perfect and there is any need for a reminder. The last thing I want to do is associate David Gilmour with negativity. I think we all need to stop putting words in David’s mouth!! And just so you know I’m not of the American race I am first generation here from S. Africa, and Europe. Thank you for reading, Irene…

  124. Ok this makes me really sad watching americans and Brits arguing about meaningless opinions. I am american, and have a british wife, and live here in England. I love it here. No wonder why the boys from the floyd dont tour very often the madness is sickening. Please just enjoy the music as this is what it is all about, and your families. So lets stop the insults please, and remember why we are all on here. Thank you David for the music, and Gilmour family all the best. So lets have a good time and celebrate life as we have it. All the Best to everyone.


    Daniel Barrett Roesli
    you will always be remembered always

  125. First I must give a HUGE thank you to the Features Editor! The Jay Leno gig was unforgettable. For those of you who have seen the footage, I’m the tall guy in the glasses standing right in front of Mr. Gilmour. My friends are the woman wearing the red shirt and her husband is right behind her. As the band was taking the stage I gave Guy a big “thumbs up” and then he gave me a nice thumbs up right back! Later at the Gibson show during the encore I was able to get close enough to the stage to give Guy another thumbs up and he responded with a nice big grin and head nod! It was cool I’m pretty sure he recognized me from the Leno gig, man I was so close at both shows! At the Leno gig the stage was small as they did not have all their lights and sound equipment, so Mr. Gilmour was only a foot or two from us. At the Gibson and Kodak shows the band was more like 10 feet from the edge of the stage. Being so close to Mr. Gilmour at the Leno show was magical! I felt like it was just me and the band, especially during WYWH!

    The set lists from both the shows were fantastic! By mixing up the set list I was able to hear, Wearing the inside out, and Wots..uh the deal. The only songs he’s played on this tour I didn’t see were Dominoes and Great gig in the sky (Paris really lucked out!). There really is nothing more I can say about the shows that haven’t been said a million times on this blog, great, fantastic, magical, and more!

    A couple of inside notes from the Leno gig, after OAI Leno came on stage to make some promos, Leno flubbed one of his lines and had to stop to re-do it, just then someone yells out “go on..do it again” it was great ever body laughed including the band and Mr. Gilmour. Leno flubbed a couple of other lines and finally Graham Nash said, “Don’t worry folks only another 30 minutes or so.” This got a laugh out of the audience. I was hoping that Mr. Gilmour might throw out a pick, and being where I was I thought I might have a chance to get one, but alas he did not. However I was luckier at the Gibson show. When Mr. Gilmour tossed the pick it hit my chest and I was able to grab it as it hit the floor, just then a woman runs up to me and says, “Did you get a pick? I’ll buy if from you!” I was polite but refused; I’m too big a fan to sell a David Gilmour pick! I assure you FEd, you will not see it on E-bay!

    Ok, Ok not all was perfect; my seats at the Kodak were row BB (second row behind the four row pit) but the last seats on the end of the aisle. The ushers at the Kodak did a bad job of verifying peoples seats, so the scammers out there were able to get into a lot of seats; this caused a massive jumbling of people thru most of the show as the real ticket holders had to get the ushers to boot out the scammers, heck I had to kick someone out of my seat when I came back for the second set! Then during echoes, security dragged out an obnoxious drunk from down my aisle. At the Gibson my only complaint was the heat, it was hot and stuffy all night!

    All in all, thanks to everyone, The band, Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Wright and everyone else involved in getting this tour on the road! You too FEd!

  126. Hi all how is everyone, ive had 2 days of and got dragged of to the lakes with my wife, so i have only just caught up ( by the way Fed dont book your tickets for Cardif yet, theres more chance of me seeing Roger Waters on stage at the Albert Hall on the 29th May), Caught up with the AOL site and the Leno site amazing just a taste of what is to come next month , (so far away)wish i could sleep and wake up on thwe 28th may), just one thing to say at the moment lets cut out the name calling to our fellow friends accross the water im from the uk and bloody hell we have enough idiots in this country to start looking else where, what ever the country what ever the place you will always find an idiot or 2 so give it a rest love one another,be back soon god this bloody job is dull, i envy your job Fed,

    [What was that about booking my ticktes to Cardiff? – Features Editor]

  127. 2 unrelated questions and a random thought:

    Will there be an audio release from the On an Island tour? (something like the PULSE CD?)

    Will this blog be shut down after David’s tour is done? I’m assuming so, but it will be a sad, sad day because it’ll all be over…

    I’m reading over some of the other comments and I see that many audiences have been pretty rowdy and disrespectful not just in LA, but in other places in the US. I wonder if Mr. Gilmour finds us to be his least favorite audience to perform to. I’m sure of it, as most of us are loud mouthed fools lacking any sort of class or dignity. It makes me think, if David were to tour again, would he even bother coming back here? It might not mean much, but I personally apologize for the general lack of respect, and I hope he knows that there are many of us out there who truly appreciate what he has done for us.

    Well thanks FEd. I don’t know how you handle reading through all our comments, and I’m pretty sure you get a lot of lousy ones too. But you certainly are a trooper.

    [Thank you, Shirin. The answer’s “No” to both questions and I’ll even throw in a quick “Of course David knows, so don’t worry” in response to your random thought. There are loud-mouthed fools everywhere. The band had a great time in the US. – Features Editor]

  128. It has been over a week since my daughter and I traveled 1500 miles to see David and family in Chicago, and I still think about the show all the time. I just wanted to Thank You for the opportunity of a lifetime to share with my family, it really was a special event. Thanks to you FED for sifting thru all the letters and making the blog fun, and to the webmaster for a fine site, you are all a class act. It does not seem possible that 5 months ago I found the website for the first time, a new album, a tour and whatever the future holds, gives all David Gilmour fans something to look forward to.Again, thanks for everything, PK

  129. Hi all

    I got my tickets for the albert hall on the 30th May. I am from London – Yorkshire – UK

    I have seen the floyd in 1990 at Knebworth and in 96 in Earls Court – and at live8 last year. I can tell you now that I have never anticipated seeing David Gilmour more then now – wicked!!!

    really looking forward to going. The time cant go to quick..Not only that but I am going with 4 friends which means the event is bringing us all together for a few days – very nice

    happy days


  130. Wow, what a diverse amount of subjects to cover….. where does one start?

    First and foremost, I enjoyed seeing Dave on Leno. I wouldn’t spout any superlatives about the performance, it was just a nice treat to see him getting at least “some” recognition playing a new (albeit truncated) tune from his latest CD. The fact that we didn’t get to hear WYWH could have been for many reasons. The fact that they alloted us Wish You Were Here for their internet site smacks of self promotion/aggrandizement (at least to this person). On the brighter side of things, at least we CAN view that song in its entirety. Take for example, when the Who were given the prestigious BPI lifetime achievement award in 1988. Their 3 songs set was sadly cut short by the end of the program! No version of the song(s) cut were put up at a website, hence if you were a Who fan, dizzying to see your favorite band after a hiatus of 3 years with NO live output, you were shit out of luck!

    To Victor: lighten up my friend. Your reasoning for our (American) “shallowness” – seemingly derived from our entertainment excesses (???) – seems odd at best. Here’s a couple of morsels for you to chew upon….

    1) Though you certainly envy the US promotional machine (i.e. the Mermaide Theater limited run, ticket contests, radio interviews, etc…) consider what other countries can (or in this case, CAN’T) pull off from a promotional /price per capita standpoint.. Even with this advantage, we don’t ALWAYS get the gravy my friend! If I started a list of artists that have offered more live videos, concerts, tv appearances, bonus cd tracks, swag, etc…. I can easily point to many countries (the UK and Japan come readily to mind) where those fans are treated to an almost plethoric amount of goodies that we American’s have to pay handsomely as exports to acquire. Remember, the grass always seems greener on the other side…..

    As for the “gold” and “platinum” record argument as a basis for fan loyalty, you speak of things which you know very little of. Please click my name for a quick brush up on gold/platinum album certification and how it changes from country to country.

    If you scan down to the table that lists gold and platinum record thresholds you will see that, for example, for a record to go platinum in Canada, it will need to move AT LEAST 10,000 units; for platinum record status to happen in the USA, you would need to sell AT LEAST 1,000,000.

    Nuff said,

  131. Hello F.E.,..Will the new upcoming posting rules still allow for photo captions?.I well understand if they don’t, as many(especially mine)are quite lame and may offend some purists,but I, and others I’m sure may not always have something “deep” to contribute in the ongoing discussion but still like to participate in some way.


    “Scuse me for a sec Mates…photo op has just come my way.”

    [I’m happy to keep them, actually. Will have to wait and see. – Features Editor]

  132. Well RedFEd, I’ve returned from the first of my enjoyable evenings in Manchester in the next month or so. Apologies to Guy, won’t be able to get up from Cardiff to Manchester in time for your Lowry show – you must have had a premonition the Gooners weren’t going to be able to defend their trophy this year 😉

    Unlike most non-Chavski fans, I thank the Lord for Roman’s roubles arriving at the Bridge – just think FEd, it saved us Reds from suffering the permanently graceless Moronho in the Anfield hotseat 🙂 I thought the Rafatollah was taking the p*ss a bit – they bring on £35 million worth of subs, we bring on Djim-Bob LOL

    Hope you get a ticket for the Final bud, we can meet up for a scoop – you know it makes sense:

    Come on you mighty FEd, come on you mighty FEd,
    Come on you FEd, come on you mighty FEd!

    [Get in there, you f*cking beauty! Er, excuse me. – Features Editor]

  133. Caption:

    Rick and Jon model some of the poorer-selling bits of merch – the ‘wafer thin’ Chelsea double winners scarves!

    [Terrible losers, Chelsea. Jose wouldn’t shake Rafa’s hand at the end. Can you believe it? “We won it seven times! We won it seven times! In Cardiff, we won it seven times!” Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as our delightful Istanbul ditty, does it? – Features Editor]

  134. just watched AOL Sessions again and can’t get enough. David and the band were wonderful I thought. Kind of getting upset with the bickering and name calling on the blog because some are looking to quarrel about anything. Nobody is perfect and no matter where you live that country has flaws to. So cut Fed some slack and stay on the subject of David and his music. Is that not why we all come here anyway. Do enjoy reading everyday and the regular bloggers postings and Feds. They humor me so. Fed still think you are great even under the pressure.

    Everyone have a great weekend… This means you too Fed.

    [Thank you. The same to you. – Features Editor]

  135. HI David!

    I’m a big fan of yours an I love your new album, my father bought it and I always listen to it, my favourite track are “Smile” and “Pocketful of Stones”. Well done on the album, and every other Floyd and solo album you’ve worked on.

    I’ve just learned abit of “Wish You Were Here” thanks to my guitar teacher who thought it to me.

    Again well done!!


  136. I`ve made a terrible mistake, watching the AOL sessions behind the scenes bit, in the early hours of this morning and fueled by copious amounts of beer, I misheard what Rick Wright said.

    He said that, “David is actually one of the best guitar players in the world”. He did not use the word probably, and I`m very sorry, please ignore my last post!

    Although I personally belive David IS the best guitar player in the world, it is easy to see how I got it wrong having consumed so much lager.

    Have a good weekend all(what`s left of it)

  137. [Later…with Jools Holland … the whole band AND David Crosby & Graham Nash, who will perform On An Island with David, and their own material in their own spot.]

    FANTASTIC! Cheers, Mr Gilmour.

    Evenin’ F Ed.

  138. [I choose to edit myself and my reactions so that I stay on point and do my part to preserve this little piece of cyberspace….but I digress….]


    P.S. Sorry for wasting space by writing this.

  139. [‘A Day in the Life of the Features Editor’ would be very dull, Craig. And there’d be a lot of bad language. – Features Editor]

    Haha! You’re quite rock ‘n’ roll!

    [I threw a china mug earlier. Onto a concrete path. I was trying to break it to put some pieces in the bottom of a flower pot, but still. Rock on. – Features Editor]

  140. [Slideshow-Photos of Frequent Bloggers (submitted by themselves)]

    Haha! That’s the worst idea in the world! After voting Bush, of course.

  141. [You were quite the topic of discussion w/ us bloggers. Many seem to think you are a woman, I always thought you to be a guy, but after some things were brought up, I think they may have convienced me otherwise. Maybe some day we’ll know.]

    I find all this F Ed fascination disturbing. You’ll give F Ed a nervous twitch.

    [Crazy, isn’t it? No wait, that’s my response to the above post. Well, it works for both. – Features Editor]

  142. Loved the headlines on the “latest news” infoblurb – How appropos. Hope the sillies aren’t getting to you, F. Ed….

  143. Hey there features Ed- just to let you know I went to the Mermaid gig with one of the biggest ‘Pool fans i’ve ever met (he’s 6’ 4″!) and he enjoyed it almost as much as the last Champs league final! Btw, I take it ‘Fearless’ from ‘Meddle’ is up there with your favourite Floyd tracks?!

    [Funnily enough… I’m still waiting for a cover of ‘The Anfield Rap’, though. – Features Editor]

  144. Just watched the AOl session.For those of you not fortunate in being able to obtain tickets for the real thing,WATCH this NOW.It truly is the next best thing to being “there” at this time,(albeit without the lights spectacle) until the DVD emerges.For myself,it brought me back to my experience of having witnessed it live,with the added bonous of an Up Close and Personal feeling.There’s no holding back here.Thank you David and AOL people for this wonderful presentation!

  145. [Personally I think the excitement over Gilmour getting and wearing a Hendrix guitar strap is just plan ridiculous.]

    He did that? That’s COOL!

    [You can trust us. – Features Editor]

    Pompeii? Sexy smirk?

  146. Now that the North American leg of the tour is done. Any commentary from the band regarding the overall experience of this leg? From some of the prior posts, it sure sounded like Guy Pratt had a great time, even meeting up with some bloggers.

    Thanks David and band for coming “over the big pond” and giving us some great performances.


  147. Sorry for reposting so soon after my last one but forgot to mention…was I just imagining it,or did Richard use the “Dave” word,not once,but a few times during the “Behind the Scenes” segment of the AOL sessions presentation?…Wut up wit dat?

  148. Just returned back to the Portland, OR metro area after spending the week on my Gilmour retreat in LA. I attended the concert at the Kodak Theatre and was lucky enough to also get a pass to the Tonight Show taping. (Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Features Editor!)

    I thought that by now I would have adequate words to describe the concert at the Kodak….but I just don’t. Words fail me. It was truly “The Night of Wonder.” A couple of highlights I might be able to describe: if you weren’t in tears by the end of “Fat Old Sun,” there’s something wrong with you. “Take A Breath” was blistering hot! “Echoes” is truly as brilliant as everyone says. The light show throughout the concert is unsurpassed. I thought I had a pretty good handle on “Echoes,” but seeing it with the light show completely blew me away. It was otherworldly. “Arnold Layne” was a wonderful surprise, and the UK folks are in for a great treat on this one. Forget the tidy studio version that you’ve always heard — David’s performance is a pure rock and roll blast of energy.

    The inner workings of the Tonight Show taping would be a story in itself. To make a long story short, I sought out a place to sit in the shade, while we waited, and ended up meeting Marc Brickman. Had a lovely chat with him. (We shook hands — I gave him my real first name). I told him about all the wonderful comments on this blog, so I hope he gets a chance to read them all. You would have to see the light show to believe it. There just aren’t words.

    One funny anecdote — on the way back to our car, we talked to one of the locals who said that when Mick Jagger appeared on the Tonight Show, the studio hired an army of supermodels (paying them $125.00 each) to stand in front of the stage for the taping. He said it was nice to see that David is secure enough that he doesn’t have to cart around a bunch of supermodels. I, for one, am so appreciative that ordinary, middle-aged folks like me were invited in to be a part of a very special moment. I’ll never forget it. Thank you again Features Editor!

  149. Fed,

    Will the AOL sessions be available later at some point? Maybe a special feature on the DVD?

    [Don’t know, sorry. Too early to tell. – Features Editor]

  150. was at the first NY show and it was wonderful! just got my big screen tickets and hope to turn some friends on to david! the hour drive will be well worth it and hopefully be good for a few extra US album sales! by the way, i check the site out many times daily, but this is my first post!

  151. How did Polly manage to convert it from a right-shouldered strap to a left-shouldered strap? The mind boggles.

  152. no theater viewing in canada?

    [Doesn’t seem like it, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  153. Hi Fed,How are you today hope your having a nice weekend,Fed I’m Wondering do you know if rick has a good site I could go to as I’d like to post there as well I’ve noticed a lot of fans saying about Leno not intro Rick and they how rude but remember this site is Davids, So are you able to help me out. bye 4 now LUV YA’S MWA

    [Unfortunately he doesn’t have anything like this, which would allow you to leave a message for him. But I’m sure someone is telling him, from all the posts here, that the fans weren’t happy about his non-introduction by Jay Leno. There’s great support for Richard, and rightly so. It hasn’t gone unnoticed. – Features Editor]

  154. [You should convert to LPG] – What’s LPG, Fed? Is that like a hybrid? I wouldn’t mind one of those, except they are small and WAY overpriced for the average American. I can’t wait until they convert completely to H fuel.


    [It’s Liquefied Petroleum Gas, a natural hydrocarbon fuel made up of propane and butane. It’s one of the cleanest vehicle fuels available, produces far less carbon dioxide than petrol (some 20% less) and fewer particulates and nitrogen oxides than diesel. As well as the environmental benefits, it’s a lot cheaper, better for your engine and you even get a quieter ride. – Features Editor]

  155. Wow! The AOL session is a gift so precious,i can watch it again and again.I really love it; David is looking so cute and handsome… I adore the high hopes version with this lovely classic guitar at the end.Did i understand well;Guy has Rick like a father in law.And one last question: the dvd is not made yet that i am dying to buy it and watch it at home over and over and over … Whennnnnnnnn….

    David, in secret tonight i kiss you……….

    Sylvie de Montréal.

    [No news on the release date of the DVD – as the footage hasn’t even been filmed yet! – but Guy is married to Richard’s daughter, Gala. – Features Editor]

  156. “Here’s a question for the American readers – is all US TV so commercial? I mean Leno introduced a f*&$ing car before he introduced the music!”

    Yes it is, worse than what it was years ago and that is why I watch so little network TV these days. Even educational channels have gone downhill for ratings. It is like the joke on onion radio news…the learning channel has been changed to a 24-7 Gilligans Island format..

    Speaking of bad TV…remember what MTV did during Live8? At least I had broadband & AOL… and with these AOL sessions they have come through and let Mr. Gilmour deliver a great show again. This is what MTV and VH1 SHOULD be doing.


    Well, after seeing all the California shows, the party is finally over. Words can’t describe the experiences I have had over the last week. Each show had it’s own twist and surprises that I will never forgot. David has been influencing my guitar playing for decades and being able to study his guitar licks and chops at these shows was priceless. I’m so happy he chose to perform the entire new album at the shows. It is definately true Pink Floyd style to perform a new album as a whole. I was always a little disappointed that Momentary Lapse and Division Bell were never performed in their entirety. At least as far as I know that is. And David’s decision to perform less overplayed songs such as Wots Uh the Deal, Fat Old Sun, and Wearing the Inside Out was genius. I almost melted into my seat while listening to Fat Old Sun. Arnold Layne was also brillant. What an amazing tribute to Syd and the birth of Pink Floyd. What a special treat it was to have Rick Wright at all the shows. David and Rick definately create the true sound of Pink Floyd. Especially during the guitar/keyboard jam at the end of Echoes. Crosy and Nash at the LA shows were amazing and their voices naturally blended with David’s voice. I just saw today that Roger Waters will now be coming to LA to perform Dark Side. I will see the show ofcourse, but I certainly will miss David’s guitar playing. Nothing can ever match his perfect tone and mesmerizing guitar style.

  158. Play a raunchy, electric “Fearless” on tour, guys!

    And while you’re taking requests, haha, “Ibiza Bar” from MORE, “Childhood’s End”, “Burning Bridges”, and “So Far Away”.

  159. Hello FEd, David, Polly, Richard, Guy, Phil Steve, Jon, Dick, families and friends,

    The show at the Gibson Amphitheater on April 20th was one of a few moments in my life that I will remember every single day, forever. The sound was great and the show in general was top notch. Great setlist.

    Did anyone else find it funny that Graham Nash was bare footed on stage every time he appeared?

    Like many other fans have posted, I too had trouble with some of the antics of other people at the show.

    Here are some comments I have for some of these bozos:

    Good grief, if you’re going smoke some wacky tobacky, at least do it before the show, not right in your seat. Try to respect those that do not wish to dumb down their lives with drugs. Some people work in places where drug testing is done. Show some respect for something other than your pitiful self.

    If you’re going to sing along, know the friggin words and try to carry the tune…better yet, sing with your lips sealed.

    When you are going to let out the applause and screams of “We love you Dave!!!”, try to do it after the music has stopped. Some of us will be able to overlook your ignorance of not even knowing that David does not like to be called Dave.

    Remember, some songs have lulls in them and are not actually over yet so hold your applause until the song really is over. If you don’t know the songs then just be quiet up all together. You may find that you are better able to hear and enjoy the performance. (By the way, if you don’t know the songs of David Gilmour or PF, what the f-ck are you doing at the show?)

    It really is possible to watch the show from a seated position. If you must stand, do so in the beer line or the bathroom line. You must realize that when you stand, you are forcing those behind you to also stand just to see. I am guessing that you just don’t give a sh-t about anyone but yourself.

    Okay, enough of that. I am starting to make it sound as if I didn’t have a good time. I had a fantastic time.

    Hey Tim Taylor, Angelo and a few others…I was at the Chop House and didn’t find any of you. I had my “Beeblebrox” button on and nobody approached me. I didn’t see anyone else wearing the button. I had spoken to the bartenders and to the Host to watch out for you guys. Not a peep from anyone. What happened? Where were you guys. I was bummed.

    I went to the Rumba Room after the show (still wearing the button). I didn’t come across anyone that seemed to know anything about the button or the bloggers.

    Anyway, back to my real life now. I have seen my favorite artist, wish I could have met him. Wish I could have seen more of him. Wish I could have had better seats. Wish I could have…. no, I don’t wish any of these things. I choose to be thankful for what I was given (or paid for).

    Thank you to David and the rest of the band for fulfilling one of my top ten most desires in my life.

    I must admit, I used a still digital camera during the show, many times. However, I turned the flash off and the view screen off. I shot pictures through the viewfinder. The bad news is, my camera must be broken because every single shot is blurry and double images are in the pictures. If anyone has any good digital images they would be willing to share, please let me know. You can send me pics or other correspondence at sixnickells@yahoo.com

    A special thanks to you FEd, I do wish I could know you better and share more with you. You seem like someone that could be a TRUE friend. But what do I know?… If you ever get an itch to be in Las Vegas, knock me up…you’ll be happy you did.

  160. I watched the AOL Session and it was fantastic. It really gives a flavour of what David is doing on this tour for people who can’t attend. I loved This Heaven, Take a Breath and particularly High Hopes. For those in the audiences that talked, shouted, yelled, screamed or whatever at the concerts, I hope they watch this Session and realise just what they missed – the solo ending of High Hopes is just magical. Every note should be savoured, and it is spine-tingling, gives you goosebumps!! Those moments are very precious!

    Thanks David and band.

  161. To Fellow Blogger David who “lost” your son Daniele. After “losing” my wife last year, I do know what to say but this is only from my point of view. I do want to thank you for sharing the information and I found writing a lot helps be it poems, stories or letters. Listen to your heart and just be true to your feelings.Hopefully people will read and listen to you but never expect anything and never assume. I found the book “Healing After Loss” by Matha Whitmore Hickman ISBN 0-380-77338-4 a great help and it was sent to me from USA by am American firnd who just “lost” her husband. E mail me privately if you want any help.

    Ian Pearson

  162. Hello all

    Well that’s that then. A million thanks to all of you who helped make this tour so special. It really has been amazing, a dream band, dream crew, great audiences (for the most part…You know what I mean..) and of course the wonderful bloggers. It’s been great to have you lot to rant at when I can’t sleep and am sitting lonely (and perhaps a tad tipsy) in a hotel room. It was an honour to get to meet some of you at least, as you all contributed towards the great family vibe that permeates this band. (Apart from a certain Bleeding Heart Artist…)

    Amazing music and days filled with laughter, what a life.

    I’m doing a few of my one man comedy shows around England before our shows, which will be updated with stuff from this tour so if you fancy a giggle come on down. (I have to get 5 minutes of new material in as after working with the amazing, lovely, very funny David Crosby I couldn’t possibly tell the story about him that I used to..)

    Thanks again.

    Love to you all

    P.S. Who’s up for quitting the tabs next friday?

  163. Hey ho,

    Not long till the England dates and I can’t wait. had my letter through from the Albert Hall…it all seems to real! The only tickets I actual managed to get in the end was for the gallery (standing for 3 hours..eeek) Does anyone know what the view is like from up there and whethere its going to ruin the evening

  164. (well looks like your of to cardiff, ill admit it i wached match of the day last night and the pool played some great football, i try and avoid the scores so i can watch motd at work,) is the band on there way home now or are they still over the water?, im asking for a friend who is a light operator is Marc Brickman the light designer and operator for the tour and also i know he designed the lights for the pulse tour but did he operate them my friend seems to think he designed them but some one else operated them can you see if you can find out for me when you get a min please, cheers. Once again we brits welcome all our friends from the usa who are coming over for the uk dates and re an earlier blog someone said you bailed us out some years ago (the war), well yes you did but lets remember you were about 4 years late, and my most important comment goes out to fellow blogger David what can i say but you are in my thoughts and prayers, words and prayers are all i have at this moment, i have 2 girls and could not even start to imagine

    well this puts everything into perspective doesnt it once again im thinking about you and your son keep strong and like i said if there is anything just call

  165. jon in nebraska:

    At first I thought David was wearing his wedding ring on his right hand as well. Upon closer inspection I realized it wasn’t a ring but a guitar pic.

  166. What a great surprise to watch the AOL session.

    What a great band support David and my minds went back to the concert in Amsterdam last 19/3.

  167. The AOL session is fantastic, thanks to everyone who made it happen. The band are getting better and better as the tour progresses.

    David’s looking really sexy lately, too. Ahem. Sorry.

  168. [Well that’s that then. A million thanks ….]

    What a Guy!! A real star. Must check out those solo shows ….

  169. There has been some upset at Victor’s earlier comments about the apparent bias in favour of the US (scroll up and read it, don’t ask for a summary). We thought his point deserved a response. So we put this to our mole deep in David’s management office and he gave us this reply:

    “Fair question. It must seem curious sometimes how various decisions are arrived at.

    With regard to David’s touring, we started planning this last Summer, long before the album was finished, and we put a plan together that was based on David’s availability, his desire to play nice venues, and the possibility of covering costs, given the expectations that the audience would have of top-quality equipment and sound. Then we discussed the possibilities with David’s agent and he was able to have dialogues with reputable promoters around the world re: availability of the various halls we wanted to play in the various countries targetted. You might be surprised to know that in rock music terms the tour was put together at the last minute – we confirmed the dates at the end of November, with the first dates in March. Usually you would want a clear 6 months to be able to get the right run, (most UK halls at least are booked 9 months in advance), and in fact there were a couple of alternative cities we might have played if the halls had been available.

    We did also consider where previous David Gilmour and Pink Floyd records sold most, which are pretty much in those countries we have visited.

    Re: the Mermaid Theatre, the concert was conceived as a Radio broadcast with a bonus webcast, and it’s only because of the excellence of the performance and the filming that we have been able to expand its usage. The US Regal cinema showings were brought to us by Sony US, who have had previous experience with these presentations, so it has been a case of an opportunity in a large territory, where we have also been able to supply the material.

    If it works technically, there’s no reason why other countries shouldn’t be considered, but traditionally cinema showings have been difficult because of the high costs of duplication and screening. As you say, we’re not yet Gold in the US, but we’d like to be, so the Regal showings of the Mermaid Theatre programme are hopefully a way of gaining a bigger audience where there is clearly a big potential. If there are chains set up to do the same in other countries we will certainly consider them.

    Hope this is helpful”.

  170. Hi Fed & All,Thanks for answering my last post ,shame Rick doesnt have a site like this but never mind as you said Im sure he knows that all us here think of him as well.I also want to point out something in a post from Brad N at 7:19am Where he tells you if your in Las Vegas to knock him up I laughed & laughed at that it sounds like he wanted you to get him pregnant(Sorry Brad but 2 funny)dont you think so Fed shouldnt he had said look him up. But totally agree with him about people in audience.bye 4 now LUV YA’S I LUV YOU DAVID

    [I thought the same at first. I did ponder on it for a moment, but… nah. – Features Editor]

  171. Hi Guy,

    Very nice words, thank you. Its good to hear you all had such a great time. Although the internet is a limited means of communication, I guess many people on this blog did feel to have been part of something great.

    You have of course been an important part in that. And perhaps the knowledge that David and Polly did enjoy reading. I wonder how they experienced that. With a smile of amusement (or maybe irritation :)) at reading certain rants, or moved because of some heartfelt posts. I guess a bit of both.

    Anyway, we still have something to look forward too! In the meantime Guy, goodluck with your shows! Too bad Enland is not in my short term travel plans, or else I would surely come and see your show!

    Best to all and especially ‘our extended family’,


  172. “Tickets for David’s Big Screen Concerts “One Night Only” show on May 16th go on sale today. This will be a special recording of one of David’s recent concerts, and will be shown at movie theatres across the United States.

    As a seperate event, US fans should head for their local Regal Cinema, as they will be showing the full BBC recording of the Mermaid Theatre, London show, recorded on March 7th. This is the approximately one hour special that the BBC were streaming from their website for a while, and is an essential thing to see! Regal Cinemas will be showing this between May 15th – 30th. Our thanks to Mike at EA for all the info!”


    They make it sound like two separate events? F*Ed, is there a difference? It sounds as though the “One Night Only” show, on May 16, will *not* be the Mermaid show, but that the Mermaid show will be showing in Regal Theaters in addition to that one, and on more nights. Note the beginning of that second paragraph: “As a separate event.”

    I find it VERY HARD to imagine that there would be two separate Gilmour concerts being shown, but there it is. Any further information on this?

    Don’t shoot the messenger, just reporting what I am reading (from a usually very credible website).

    [I see your point, Ryan. That’s why you should only trust what we write! Fansites put ambiguous things like that up and then we get sent a load of queries from bemused fans looking for clear answers. Just to confirm, the Mermaid show is being shown in Regal cinemas. Nothing else. It will be for one night only. – Features Editor]

  173. GP Wrote

    P.S. Who’s up for quitting the tabs next friday?

    I have a list of Bloggers who have volunteered already so if there is anyone else let me know and I’ll put the list up and we can start next Friday…

  174. Hi Fed,I forgot in my last post when I mentioned Brad’s post just wanted to say that I totally agree with him about the way some people behave in the audience I thought he worded it very well. (And Brad I wasnt pickin on ya ok it was just funny) FED I told you quite a few posts back that I’d give up guessing who you are but I had another thought as who you may be, but maybe I should not say.Anyway take care until next post Luv Ya’s All

    [Don’t say. I’m really bored with all that. – Features Editor]

  175. Hey Fed Just ignore a bit in the last post as it went through in the one before that I didnt think it went through as I back paged and edited a bit but it did go in after all sorry well I’m going to read a few more posts then call it a night after that by the time I read few more it will be midnight and I have got work 2morro so I’ll catch up 2morro Arvo ,But one last thing I bet you think most of us dont have a life as were always on here hey Well 4 most of us David is our life. Well goodnight MWA

  176. F*Ed: thanks so much for clearing up the confusion in regards to the “One Night Only” showing. Appreciate it!

    [No problem. It will be clarified on the Latest News page tomorrow, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

  177. P.S. Who’s up for quitting the tabs next friday?

    A. Not bloody me mate. Smoked about 50 when it went 2-1 on Sat.

    My mate (a chelsea fan) refuses to answer my calls 🙁 strange.

    and you’ll never win…the double. You’ll never win the double

  178. To Ryan and FEd – apologies for any confusion from the “One Night Only” and Regal Cinemas screening… got the info from a representative of David’s US record company, who emailed with those details, and therefore posted it in good faith.

    Thanks for clarifying matters, FEd – we do try our best to have the right info, so always good to know when we’ve been given incorrect facts.

  179. David, I’m so sorry. What a horrible loss… I could not begin to imagine.

    That changes perpective for me trying to get my daughter to eat her breakfast as I write this. Thanks for the reminder, and I wish you and your wife any solace you can find during this painful transition….

  180. Hey F*Ed, thanks for clarifying things about the Mermaid theater exclusive as well as the reasons why its being promoted solely in the US (for now).

    And now, a “serious” question:

    With all your hard work, and promotions in the very near future, you could very well get promoted as Executive of davidgilmour.com (hey, you’ve got MY vote!) If this comes to pass, would we then have to start calling you FEdEx?

    Sorry, bad humor on a Sunday morning… I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming now in progress!

    Slinking away in shame,

    [Don’t apologise, that’s good! It got me chuckling, anyway. – Features Editor]

  181. A Dream oy mine ….



    Thank You David for your Music. You are the Pink Floyd Sound

  182. victor you’re an idiot:

    Jay Leno is not a music show. It is not there to give DG a lengthy platform to showcase his new album. Jay Leno is a talk show. It is a strictly regimented, meticulously timed corporate machination that hosts current celebrities, does comedy, has various skits of popular interest. You’re lucky DG even got on the show. You’re lucky they showed even half of WYWH during the credits.

    Leno doesn’t owe anything to you, DG, Britain, whatever. You obviously have no clue what kind of show it is, or how American television is primarily run by advertising (sadly, I regret that, it is terrible but inevitable and true).

    DG does not fully cater to the broad sampling of viewers that make up the late night Leno audience. I’m sure most viewers would not be interested in hearing three or four songs from him, going on and on. They have to take breaks for advertising and keep everything to a strict time limit, and keep it moving. I agree, there was probably some stupid actress blabbing about nothing, and that’s ridiculous. But unfortunately that’s the way the machine works. It is not a calculated effort to thwart Gilmour. Obviously they’re not going to let him run wild on a show that has to have broad, lighthearted, pop culture appeal to a late night audience of millions of people.

    Duh don’t start ciriticizing a market or culture you know absolutely nothing about.

    That said, rock on David!

  183. To Kurt, who asked which kind of live sound mixing console was used on the tour… Go to http://www.davidgilmour.com and see the Total Production International article in the Press section. You’ll need to scroll down slightly, but it’s under April 2006. You should find your answer in there.

  184. Hi all,

    Wow, what a weekend! Just back from a lovely weekend in Brighton (some say London-on-Sea, but it’s cooler than that). Almost caught the Aussie PF play, but decided why settle for 3rd best when there’s so much DG material around, and the RAH shows are little over a month away. Someone else said it – it really is a great time to be a DG/PF fan.

    Also, came home to find my DG army green shirt waiting for me. Lovely shirt – naturally I just waded in and bought without reading (hoho, how typical around here) – the DG wireman is on the back. Going to try to see if I can somehow move it around to the front breast pocket. I want wave my DG flag, so on my back is a bit too hidden for me (it did say ‘printed on nape’ in the description…I’m just a fool who rushes in…). I feel some customisation coming on 🙂

    The Spurs Arsenal game was insane. When we scored I jumped so high that I skinned a knuckle on the lowish ceiling in the pub I was in! (surrounded by gunners I might add – how to make friends and influence people, a la nickster). Good on the Reds for stopping Chelsea too – though you were definitely lucky with the free kick.

    Hoping David, band, crew and families are all enjoying the break, loving sleeping back in your own beds, and enjoying the downtime. Best of luck to Gilmour Jnr with the exams too…


    p.s. Guy/Rudders and all the soon-to-be-nonsmokers: next Friday is fine, but I may have to join you all after the RAH shows to quit smoking…

    [We were lucky with the free kick (and I’m saying nothing about Spurs’ goal). Makes a refreshing change that these things went our way for a change against Chelsea, though. I mean, at least we didn’t feign injury to get any of their players sent off, break any legs or antagonise their fans with hand gestures. It’s so much more satisfying to know that your team consists of winners in more than one sense of the word. – Features Editor]

  185. David…

    I gave my 6 and 4 year old a big hug after I read your Blog… I can’t imagine what you and your family are going through… my thoughts are with you… 🙁

    “So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell, blue skies from pain….”

  186. i don’t want to respond to the people who have had a go at me because there’s more to life. while you were so busy attacking me and reminding everyone that your country won the war and is so great, you overlooked a comment that proves there’s much more to life… david, i am so sorry about your huge loss. i’m thinking of you… thanks for getting an answer to my question, ed. i appreciate it and am sure that many others do as well. i’m glad that you could see what i meant about american tv being shallow, even if some paranoid americans couldn’t. i say “some paranoid americans” because i know many fantastic americans who aren’t completely wrapped up in themselves and have a sense of humour. i would never insult them. can i just say this, ed? it’s not my fault that everyone hates your country right now. when you snap at people like that and bring up your twisted spielberg-created history, it’s no wonder the rest of the world mocks you. but like i said, there’s more to life. it’s just a pity that you care too much for your paranoid patriotism to see what’s really important in this blog entry. again, my condolences to you and your family, david. i can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through and i send you my love.

  187. David,

    I want to add my condolences, and apologies – for not having read and responded to your post sooner.

    Please know that I’m thinking of you and your family, and I hope that all of our good thoughts help you through this dark hour.

    With all my love,


  188. WOW. Just listeded to the AOL feed.

    The acoustic bit at the end of high hopes almost sent me to tears.

    Take a breath. Holy crap the extended solo is pumping. Really good. Kudos to JC for the slide work.

    This heaven – I have said it once and I will say it again, this song on first listen had no effect on me. I LOVE it, the aol version nearly made me break 2 knuckles tapping along.

    I do have one quam, Mr Wright made a mistake, David IS the best guitarist in the world!

    Powerful stuff, hope that lot makes the DVD extras. (nudge nudge, double DVD!!)

    Many thanks for that David, Richard, Guy, Phil Steve and ofc Jon. If thats what six of the best meant, i’d have been much more naughty back in school :p

    I’m off for another blast. Cya

  189. Brad N.- sorry we missed you. The taping of the Leno show went longer than I expected and then we hit traffic trying to get to Universal Studios. Actually on the way to Universal we saw the cut-off for our hotel and decided to check-in first. By the time we got to Universal we didn’t have time to stop at the chop house. I know Renee and Mike were there though. After the show we stopped by the Rumba room long enough to hear the cover band play Pigs (three other ones) and Have A Cigar. But My wife and I hadn’t eaten since 11:30 that morning so we left to get dinner. Sorry we missed you!

    Guy- it’s been so great to have to come in and post here and to be so involved with us. We appreciate you! Aside from the fact that Leno is an idiot (never liked him- only went to the taping to see you guys!) did you at least have fun performing for us? I’m not letting the car announcement or the hand waving request bother me (in fact I DID wave my hands and I’m not even ashamed!). I had a great time, and I bet Leno’s inability to do a simple announcement just added to your reperotoire for your comedy act. I especially found the red headed stage manager that kept stopping Leno and making him do it again particularly funny… we see that Mr Leno is not actually in charge! And the comment from the crowd in Floydian fashion “Do it again” was well timed and funny… they should have put THAT on tv. Anyway, thanks again for all you’ve done.

    David- I can see why one would not want to do a huge stadium tour. The headaches and problems I’ve read about doing just this small tour make one wonder why you bother at all… but thank you for bothering. There are those of us who look past the problems and appreciate what we’ve seen!

    Fet ed… I know we’ve taken a lot of liberties with this blog (and your patience!) but I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this “thing”. As I said before I’ve never had so much fun with an album release or tour. Being able to get frequent updates and news items as well as being able to post comments has been a blast. I know you’ve said there are changes coming and we will be “robbed of our liberties” but I’ve enjoyed the liberties you’ve allowed us. I promise not to begrudge the loss of them.

    I’m excited to be able to see the Mermaid performance on the Big (stupid American) Screen (he he he, had to throw that in… I won’t get into any country bashing- they all have their own quirks). My buddy picked up tickets for us while I was at Universal Studios.

    LPG- good idea, but isn’t it extremely dangerous to transport? Our problem (and it is not limited by any national boundaries) is that we are approaching global peak oil. We are (at least in America) very sensitive to minor disruptions in the oil infrustructure. That and (ok, a “little” country bashing) Americans have an attitude that they have a right to cheap oil. The thought of paying higher fuel taxes to help build an alternate infrastructure is so heinous to the American public that I don’t think we will do anything about it until it is too late (after all- it takes oil to build that hybrid car or those wind turbines- and lots of it!). LPG is explosive and requires the developement of a new infrastructure. Nuclear would be a good route to go but people are so freaked out about it (and again it takes a huge amount of oil to build a plant). What we need to do is really work on our public transportation infrastructure to get away from driving SUV’s to go 40 miles to work (ok it sounds like I’m bashing America, but globally we are not being wise to the energy issue- look at China whose oil appetite growing out of control). What is really funny (disturbing) is the fact that when there is an attempt to build alternates (like wind turbines) environmentalists get upset that they don’t look pretty (I bet said environmentalists have cell phones and don’t give a thought to the ugly cell towers that are everywhere) or that they might chop up birds (I’m not an evolutionist, but for those that are this sounds a lot like survival of the fittest- stupid birds!). Anyway- I think we all are in trouble and it could be sooner than later when the poop hits the fan. Its good to be able to go “On An Island” to escape the realities of the world we live in.

    Alright- enough is enough as our dear Fet ed is sure to be thinking about now!


    [I enjoyed that, Tim. Thank you. Thanks also for the kind words about the blog. We have built up a community of sorts – which we’ve done together – and it certainly is very special. Yet for reasons that I am sure any sensible, rational person would appreciate, we do need to make a few changes. I hope these changes will be for everyone’s benefit and that we can welcome more people into our community. Expect to see Phase One of Operation Happy Blog later today, as we reveal the new rules. Oh yes, I can hear the chattering of teeth from here… – Features Editor]

  190. Hey Chaps & Chapettes…Don’t Forget!

    For those of us not attending any of the RAH concerts the EMI competition to attend the final night still doesn’t close until May 1st…

    Follow the link under my name…

    [Ah, is that what you meant when you said you’d entered a competition, Graham (Knight)? – Features Editor]

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