We all know that things didn’t start too well in the US, but that’s all in the past now as David and his band look forward to a quick visit to Canada to perform two sell-out nights at Toronto’s famous Massey Hall on Sunday and Monday.

To all the Canadians reading (and we know there are plenty of you), we’d love to hear your collective "Welcome!" to David, his family and the band as they make their way north to Canada.

How much does this visit mean to you? Will this be your first David Gilmour concert? Did you catch him at Massey Hall in 1984? We want to hear from you.

While you’re pouring your hearts out to us, Toronto radio station Q107 continues its weekend of music from David Gilmour and Pink Floyd. At the time of writing, they’re playing ‘Smile’, so do tune in for more. You can listen online, so you’ve no excuse not to be part of the fun.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Just one word; WELCOME’WELCOME”WELCOME… To David, band and family.I will talk to you later, i am going to work… SEULEMENT 2 JOURS ET JE SERAI A TORONTO” BIENVENUE”

    Sylvie de montréal.

  2. — Listening to the toronto station Q107 streaming over the net here in DC – how very surreal – can’t wait till it’s my turn for the run-up at RAH. —

    anywho …..

    What a bumpy U.S. landing it has been for David, the band and family! At least so it seems from the tone and tenor of the blog posts of the last few days. As with most things, I’m sure there have been as many wonderful experiences for the Gilmour group as there have been nasty encounters with narcissistic, self-absorbed and entitled fans. Let’s hope the good memories far outweigh the bad ones.

    I have to say, that while it’s been way too fascinating to stay away from reading the blog, it’s also been kind of weirdly creepy at times with equal measures of anger, passion, compassion, appreciation, vitriol, and dogmatic defense of position.

    Kudos to Feat Ed. for riding the very tough line (it is indeed a slippery slope) of allowing mostly non-edited personal expression, whilst clearly acknowledging the downsides to that freedom (overblown, overwrought, overly sensitive, and non topical rants & raves).

    Thank you to all who have posted their clearly personal reviews of the concerts and experiences leading up to, during and after the shows. They are a pleasure to read. Please don’t stop.

    That there is a community here – under all the flatulence of a few – is very much apparent. I wonder if there could be an additional blog tied to the ‘important stuff’ to separate some of the philosophical and metaphysical musings and conversations that veer from the love of the music and the musician that brought us here in the first place.

    And finally …. Despite the valley girlish, stoner-head connotation, is the use of the word “awesome,” really so much worse than then the ubiquitous “brilliant” used in the UK? 🙂

    So … you know it’s coming … I just have to say that this site is awesome; the Features Editor is truly awesome; the band is awesomely awesome; David Gilmour is mega-mammothly-monumentally awesome. Finis.


    [Brilliant post, Karima. Truly awesome. – Features Editor]

  3. Hello David, Sir, Polly and family. Phil, Guy, Jon, Richard, Marc, and Steve. Welcome to Canada, too bad Fed can’t make it and your twin. Is he first born or you? Identical or fraternal? What year and month, if you may? Just curious. I am hoping to get in the HRC tomorrow, we’ll probably get there at approx. 6:00 pm.Sunday. The weather looks promising, warm , and gets better each day. Contest: The month I am predicting your birthday is June. Winner gets to meet both of you. LOL. Glad to hear no nonsense on landing at Pearson International. Whew. Thanks.

    [Hi Frank. I haven’t got my story straight yet, so more details on the Stuff & Nonsense Editor when I make them up. Will he or she be known as SNEd, I wonder? Anyway, I do know that I wasn’t born in June, at least. – Features Editor]

  4. Re: Pete’s request for Desert/Holiday/Vacation lsland Discs –

    Lists are fascinating but so very hard to nail down. Ask me again tomorrow, there will no doubt be some shuffling, but these would make the cut more often than not…

    PF Album: Wish you Were Here
    (Animals second, Meddle third, DSOTM fourth – but they are all really within close statistical significance)

    Solo: David Gilmour (OAI would be the choice if it were allowed)


    the rest …

    Abbey Road – The Beatles
    (never fails despite massive overplaying, but really, 90% of their oeuvre would make it onto one list or another. When John, Paul and George trade licks, and Ringo plays his drum solo in ‘The End,’ I’m lost. )

    Neil Young – Harvest
    (how can you choose just the one – the greatest hits offers the most Neil bang for the buck, though)

    Allman Brothers – Live at Fillmore East
    (it’s all good, but when the sun goes down on the desert island, beach fire is roaring and the wine and whisky are poured, you can imagine being there live as Stormy Monday and the Whipping Post unfolds)

    David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
    (what planet was he on when these songs were created?)

    Derek & the Dominoes – Layla & Assorted Love Songs
    (much much more than simply the iconic title track – pure, pure passion, albeit chemically enhanced, straight from his fingers to my heart via the blues and duane)

    Beethoven – Immortal Beloved
    (good mix – although abbreviated – of Beethoven’s greatest hits, so to speak. Some parts of this are guaranteed to make me sob. It is utterly inconceivable to me how this man could write such glorious music while deaf.)

    But, but, but, where are the Kinks, the Who (criminal not to have them on the list), Knopfler, CSNY, Police, Nick Drake, the Band, and countless punk and post-punk and brit-pop and folk bands let alone all the wonderful new stuff I have been addicted to … cruel to limit …. aargh


  5. DG and Gang

    Welcome to my adopted homeland!.. Let’s hope the weather stays bright and clear during your stay and I wonder if you’ve had a chance to do any sight-seeing while your here?

    I can’t wait to see the show tomorrow night and congratulations on the level of sales achieved here and across the rest of the globe…

    See you tomorrow! 🙂

  6. Well here we are…all waiting to see David Gilmour in Toronto!! Wow…this is going to be quite a treat. I want to say welcome to David and his family to Canada and wish him a great stay.Seeing David play live in Toronto will be amazing to say the least.

    It’s going to be a very intimate couple of evenings seeing him play in such a small venue as Massey Hall.I wan’t to say thank you to David,Roger,Richard,Nick & of course Syd for taking us on such a fantastic musical journey for over 40 years.Your music will SHINE ON forever.


  7. Welcome to Canada!

    I am so incredibly excited to see David in concert on April 10th! I’m 17 years old and was worried I’d never get to see any part of Pink Floyd in concert, then i find out the amazing voice and guitar of Pink Floyd was coming to Toronto.

    I’ve never counted down anything before (for a long time..) until this concert came and I got tickets!

    Very very excited for Monday to come.. (which kind of sucks.. since I actually want the weekend to be over! lol)

    I really hope “Coming back to Life” is played, i really love that song, as well as all the other ones on the setlist!

  8. Hi FEd,hi everyone,

    hope it is not too late to post my 8 favourite recods; I definetely thought it was a great idea after the ‘morosité’ as we say in french, of the last few is quite good to talk about music! So here we are:

    PF/ Wish You Were Here
    Solo/ RW-Amused to Death

    (No, i was not inspired by Rudders!)

    and without any special order:

    David Bowie-Diamond Dogs
    The Who-Tommy
    Super Furry Animals-Rings around the World
    Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin
    Radiohead-OK Computer

    and if we had 2 others like in ‘Desert Island’, it would be:

    The Prodigy-Fat of the Land
    Red Hot Chili Peppers- Blood Sugar Sex Magic

    All the best!


  9. I would like to WELCOME David and his family and of course his other family the band to our great city of Toronto. I hope you have a good experience here. I have a bit of a sad and happy story to share with you on my connection with Pink Floyd an David as a fan. Way back in 1973 was the first chance I had to see Pink Floyd live March 11, Maple Leaf Gardens. I guess it had to be the best concert i had seen, with quadrophonic sound echoing throughout the whole building. Once you have heard Dark Side of The Moon in quadrophonic live nothing else compares. I was supposed to see PF in buffalo June 22,1973 which i still have my ticket for but my sisters wedding was on that day. The next time i was to have a chance to see PF was in July 1994 however my marriage ended abruptly the week of the concert, another concert i had to miss because of family reasons. When i purchased my ticket for Davids concert in Jan 06 I really was wondering if I would be able to make it. My father has passed away it the mean time and being of european background we generally do not go to live events especially music for the first fourty days after. Sunday is the fourtieth day and I am not going to miss it for anything. As you can see Pink Floyd and David Gilmour have always been there for me through the bad times and of course the good. I really do hope that I will get that chance to see PF again but turning 50 leads me to believe that probably wont happen and I dont blame David Gilmour for not wanting to. Thank god I got the chance to see at least half of PF. Thank you for touring again David you have no idea what it means to your fans. See you tomorrow night.

  10. Hey Ruddmeister and all fellow Canucks and visitors from abroad…ARE YOU PUMPED?!!!! I sure am.Please don’t wait too long to post details from night 1 at M.H. I’m sitting on pins and needles here while I listen to Comfortably Numb on Q107.Be there on Monday.Oh My!

  11. To David , the Band and all of thier families – a warm Canadian welcome to you all from a Torontonian
    who has been a David GilmourPink Floyd fan for 30 years. I am really looking forward to the show at Massey Hall on Monday April 10. To David , I sold Tour Books for the Canadian leg of your Momentary Lapse Of Reason tour back in 1987 and it was incredible to see Pink Floyd back then 4 times in 2 months. I love the new CD On An Island , it is very moving and the songs and guitar have some real feeling behing them.


  12. Welcome to Canada David and company!!! This transplanted scouser hopes you all have a great time here, as I know I’ll be having a blast at monday’s show !!!

  13. oh, I’d like to add I saw him at Massey during the about face tour…second row

  14. Welcome to David and the band. Taking my 16 year old to the concert tomorrow as we both love David’s and PF’s music(my wife is ticked that she doesn’t get to go. I have the set list loaded on my computer and listen to On An Island everyday on the way to and from work. Enjoy Toronto and we’ll see you tomorrow night. Cheers

  15. Caption:

    Phil, Guy and Rick soldier on regardless – despite the fact David has spontaneously-combusted on his stool, Spinal Tap drummer stylee!

    Fellow Red FEd, any predictions for the boys against those consummate entertainers, Fat Sam’s Trotters, tomorrow? I’m sure Sammy Lee will get a terrific ovation from the Kop, as for Dioufy – maybe not! (unless Bob Carolgees is in the crowd 😉 ) I’ll keep you posted if any more OAI tracks are played at Anfield – anyway, the UK release of Smile as a single should be perfectly timed for our impending appearance at Cardiff in May 🙂

    [Absolutely! I’ll ‘Smile’ if we lift the cup again. I think a 3-1 win sounds good for today. – Features Editor]

  16. Caption…

    “Hmm..This collar does give me some semblance of Elvis I think..”

  17. hi fet ed . i suppose i should really post this in the previous topic . i hope you will indulge my posting it here . long time no chat by the way i hope you are doing ok . i am fine if a little tierd i was all over dublin delivering homebrew with my dad today . normally i do it on my own but we had so many orders it took 2 of us to get them done 🙂

    here is my list of holiday island disks :

    My Pink Floyd album would be wish you were here .
    My solo album would be roger waters radio kaos
    My other albums would be:

    sinead o connor – throw down your arms
    kirsty mc coll – kite or tropical brainstorm (david played on kite too for all those that might not know !)
    marillion – marbles
    queen a night at the opera
    r.e.m – around the sun
    ian dury and the blockheads best of ( something to make me laugh , he was a really good writter performer )

    great to see a couple of other marillion albums get a look in . misplaced childhood and this strange engein are cool .

    biGal your post about your dad in the previous section was so moving . i know i did’nt know him but all the same i honour his memory . get it while you can is so right not only about going to david’s concerts either . my mom survived breast cancer in 2001 and i learned that lesson then , life is too precious to waste .


  18. Didn’t start too well? “Child, you cut me to the quick!”

    The concert Tuesday night was amazingly amazing (with a nod to Douglas Adams).

    [The concert was, the airport reception wasn’t. But we don’t want to go back over that. – Features Editor]

  19. (In response to Neil’s post: “I might have to revise my list on a daily basis – I forgot Rush!….”

    I was never really into Rush, but then I went to see them in concert a couple of years ago, and you know, they put on an excellent show! It would have to be among the top five concerts I’ve been to (with David Gilmour’s show the other day being number one, of course!) 🙂 Posted by: Matt)

    The Rush R30 tour was outstanding IMHO – managed to catch them 3 times over here in the UK, great band. And Canadian of course which kind of fits nicely with this part of the blog. Hopefuly David and company will have a pleasant few days and I’m sure that those lucky enough to be attending the shows will have a great time! And I also hope you are all well!! I currently have the cold from hell and am just glad that I’m not due to attend anything vaguely gig-like, let alone David’s shows ‘cos I feel crap!

    Anyway F’Ed, a question for you: Do you remember waaaaay back in the dim and distant past I explained how I was swapping my Glasgow DG tickets for my mates RAH tickets? Well, the Glasgow tickets turned up last week and I have now safely forwarded them up to Pete in Bonnie Scotland but, as yet, there is no sign or news of the RAH tickets. I’m assuming this is part of The RAH’s plans to foil the ebay brigade but just wondered if you had heard anything? Apologies if you have answered this before – I think I did see a similar question but any answer may have got lost in the melee last week!!

    Right, off for another lemsip max……

    [No problem, Neil. They haven’t been sent out yet and won’t be for another week or two. – Features Editor]

  20. Why did things not start too well in the US????

    [A little incident at JFK airport? There are about 900 posts on it. We’re not going over it again, sorry. – Features Editor]

  21. Warm welcome to Mr. Gilmour, family and the band. The last time I see David was at the old CNE back in ’94.

  22. Hello David Gilmour, I can’t wait till Sunday night I was able to get tickets for the show. I saw Pink Floyd in the summer of 94, so it has been a long time, but I know it is going to worth the wait. Have a great show and shine on.

  23. A big welcome to the great white north to David, Rick and Company. I’m bouncing off the walls with excitement. I fly from Vancouver to Toronto tomorrow morning to attend both shows at Massey Hall. 😀

    This will be my first time seeing David as a solo act but I did see David and Rick with Pink Floyd on 6/26/94 in Vancouver.

    See you all tomorrow!
    – Mike in Vancouver

  24. I am counting the hours until Monday’s show at Massey Hall. I have been a huge David Gilmour and Pink Floyd fan for many years, but did not get a chance to see the Division Bell tour in ’94.

    I would like to welcome David, his family, and the rest of the band to Canada. I truly hope you all enjoy your time here, and thank-you for giving us an opportunity to hear your music live, and thank-you for “On An Island”!


  25. At the Radio City Show, the intro to Echoes was altered (me thinks) to hold the attention of distractable americans. It was wonderful nonetheless- more flanged rapid left-handed piano, usually low in the mix, but here right up front with the PING quite unnoticed.

    Since I only have this one show to base judgement, I wonder if this intro was employed to retain control of yank ears exclusively, or was it the same for the euro shows?

    Remembering the song was droppped shortly after the launch of the ’87 tour because psuedofans couldn’t muster the adulthood neccessary to behave and absorb the long quiet PING intro, so making it more jam-style makes alotta sense.

    Anyway, congrats to the band for circumventing the inevitable ether of ignorance that would have been.

    Needless to say whomever hears and sees this show is a lucky mf .

  26. If the DVD rumor the Features Editor started is true, here’s my suggestion:

    Rather than film RAH or some other concert venue, David should hold a special concert on the beaches of Castellorizon, playing only to the spirits of his lost friends and family. But do it at night so we can keep the light show. (Woulda been cool if it could have been done during the eclipse.)

    By the way, those spirits told me they want to hear Wots… Uh The Deal and Fat Old Sun.

    [Oh, I started a DVD rumour, did I?! I think you’ll find that both David and Marc Brickman let the cat out of the bag! In any sense, it’s still only a plan, and plans can be changed. – Features Editor]

  27. The wait is almost over….I still cannot believe that David Gilmour is playing a venue as small and intimate as Massey Hall. It is perhaps one of the best concert halls in the city. I saw Ray Davies two weeks ago, and the acoustics are first rate. OAI is one of those efforts that just keeps growing on you with each listening and it really works with a set of headphones and listened to from start to finish. Very much looking forward to the first set and some old Floyd chestnuts in set 2. A special guest would also be a nice surprise but the mere fact that David Gilmour will be in my hometown in a perfect venue is more than I could ask for!


  28. I took it upon myself to indulge in a bit of ‘Island Hopping’….which was nice

    The second stop in the archipelago conjured up the following sonic smorgasbord:

    PF album: DSOTM
    PF solo: Music from the Body, sorry I mean’t Amused to Death

    ably assisted by

    Rush – Permanent Waves (as tough as choosing my fave Floyd, 2112/Hemispheres/Moving Pictures a mere whisker behind)
    Masters of Reality (again all great albums)
    Teenage Fanclub – Grand Prix
    Jellyfish – Bellybutton (neck and neck with Spilt Milk)
    Deep Purple – Purpendicular
    Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul – Men Without Women

    Rudders, I can think of a couple of Floyd/Quo connections. Using the name ‘John’ in song titles, ‘Not Now John’ and ‘Dear John’ respectively. Not to mention the fact the Quo were once ‘Living On An Island’ themselves.

    FEd, I believe Starsailor are on the bill for Rog’s show in Hyde Park this summer.

    [Are they? I still don’t want to go. – Features Editor]

  29. CAPTION: The Blue…………….. he Phil’s it well.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  30. The day has finally arrived that I have waited my entire 27 years for. I was front row for Roger, and that was an amazing show…but the TRUE meaning for my love of Pink Floyd is Mr. Gilmour. I will be satisfied with each and every note I hear tommorrow evening, and I thank god I am able to see it and hear it.

    Thank you for touring once again, there are millions of fans that have waited a lifetime for this opportunity.

    I’ll see you tommorrow!

  31. Welcome Mr.Gilmour and family I hope your stay in Toronto and Canada in particular is peaceful and memorable You are a true artist and we are greatful to have you in our country…….WELCOME!!!!!!!!

  32. Things didn’t start well in the US? Wait just a minute! Yes, rude fans abound in New York, but I was just witness to two of the best musical experiences of my life. I’d say just the opposite: David Gilmour and his extraordinary band did a marvelous job in New York. I will never forget Mr. Gilmour’s guitar work on both his latest solo album and his work with the Floyd–and Richard Wright’s voice was incredible, as was his keyboard playing, and Echoes was a once in a lifetime treat. NORTH AMERICA STARTED EXTAORDIANRILY, might be a more appropriate headline, because David and the band are extraordinary…amazing, and I’ll be damned if my adjectives seem hyperbolic. It was great stuff and those of us who are fans are incredibly appreciative. When I was at the second of the two Radio City shows I was upstairs behind the sound board and David introduced his album–a guy behind me yelled “It’s your show, David.” That’s exactly what the show was–the best two shows of my life, certainly, amazing stuff, stuff I’m still singing in my head and still incredibly greatful for. Thanks to everyone involved. (Sorry about the rant, F.Ed.–you continue to rule.)

    [Of course the shows were great. We all know that and I meant no offence. But New York for the band and their families started at the airport, and that wasn’t so great. Neither was the blog for two days while everyone squabbled about what had happened. That was my subtle request for a more peaceful and restrained start to the band’s stay in Canada. No one wants a repeat of the scenes at JFK, after all. No one wishes to discuss those scenes further, so that was a way of drawing a line beneath the whole things and saying that it’s in the past now and there are no hard feelings. – Features Editor]

  33. je suis un tres grand fan de votre groupe depuis 35 ans et j aimerai m inscrire à votre club

    j en reve depuis longtemps

    merci beaucoup d une reponse


    [Je suis désolé. Il n’y a pas de club, mais il y a un Newsletter ici – – et vous êtes bienvenu toujours pour écrire ici. – Features Editor]

  34. I’m a huge fan and just got the new disc. I love it. Its incredible and it will be stuck in my CD player for quite sometime.

    I’m actually in the US, and missed the Radio City shows which are local as I’m only an hour or so away in Hackettstown, NJ.

    Wish I had known about the shows, but overlooked the USA & Canada link in the tour dates page

    Fantastic disc. Fantastic.

    Please pass it on to everyone involved in the making of such a tremendous record.


    Ron Imhoff
    Huge Fan of David Gilmour

  35. Welcome David Gilmour. This is my first concert seeing him play live. I’m a huge fan of floyd, and I was just too young to see them perform together, so when I heard that David was touring I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. In all honesty, this could be his last tour, at the very least he may never return to Toronto again. Because of that I was not going to miss the show. I absolutely cannot wait for this. It’s been a long few months since I was able to get tickets. Only 22 hours until show time!!!

  36. Welcome to Toronto guys! I havnt slept too well for the past 4 nights, these two shows mean everything to me! My first time seeing David live, and as I’ve said in earlier posts, well, his playing turned me into a musician, and music got me from mexico to toronto where I now get to see him.

    If you read this David, I’ll be the guy on the 10th acting like a 15 year old groupie, front row. I promise thats not my regular behaviour. See you there!

  37. I’m not in Canada, but I wish I was. I really, really, really enjoyed the show at Radio City in New York. I’m so glad I have the On an Island CD to listen to and my entire PF and PF member solo catalog to help fill the void.

    David and party, have a great time in Toronto. Thank you for entertaining us in New York.

    Mike from Connecticut


    “Thank you very much indeed, and good night to you!”

    That was it; David Gilmour’s last words to a New York City audience for what could be a very long time (hopefully not). It took a few days for me to “reboot my brain” so to speak. That was the impact this April 5th RCMH show had on me.

    As time has gone by, I realize it wasn’t just the show that made the whole experience so special. Meeting new friends, taking these pictures, standing face to face with David Gilmour himself, and having this blog to read on a daily basis has completed the experience as one that will stay with me for all the rest of my days.

    It’s corny, but true…

    I would not be honest if I said I would not want to find a way to see this show again. Who among us wouldn’t jump at the chance?

    I’m looking forward to reading the reviews out of Toronto… I apologize if this sounds greedy, but I wish I was there with you…

  39. Looking forward to both shows at Massey Hall…I would love to get down to the Hard Rock early to visit with all of the local Gilmour Bloggers but a few friends and I will be setting up road blocks outside the city to ensure Claude does not get in!


  40. David, Polly, Guy, Phil, Richard, Dick, Steve and Jon and Families. Welcome to Canada, I have only seen David once in person, that was at Iverwin Stadium in Hamilton, the dark side of the moon tour 1974 went it rolled through Ontario. When I heard that guitar those keyboards, I knew that rock music had changed for ever.

    I have been lucky enough to catch Roxy Music on three different occasions and Phil Manzanera is truly a virtuoso on guitar in his own right. I have seen Jon of course with Roger during his in the flesh tour and on the pulse video. Dick of course was in Hamilton on the dark side tour.
    I am just thrilled to be going to this show Sunday at Massey with my two brother-in-laws and my son all bursting with excitement. I really have no words to decribe how I feel right now, but I will send you a review sometime on Monday. Again David and Crew Welcome aboard.


  41. Welcome back.

    july 06 1994 @ the cne was along time ago. 12 years exactly. it was an amazing show then and i am looking forward to seeing david in a more intimate setting. what a treat to have john carin, rick wright and dick parry return as well.

    can’t wait. 20 hours till showtime.

    go leafs go!

  42. It will be so nice to be able to see David again!! I had the chance to have a seat in the front row during the second night at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal in 1994, during which show I had in my hands a big sign with the song title “ECHOES” written on it! At the end of the show that night David smiled when he saw the sign and he elevated his shoulders to say “sorry my friend, we won’t play that song tonight!”… now 12 years later, I’m so happy that he will play that song when I’ll see him during his first night at the Toronto Massey Hall!!!

    The rest will soon be history…

    J-F Neron
    Brighton, Ontario

  43. f.é….je crois vous avoir identifier. Mon instinct me dit que votre nom est… David Mallet…Si j ai trouvé qu est-ce que je gagne!!!

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [Vous avez tort, je suis désolé. Je suis seulement un fan ordinaire, comme vous. – Features Editor]

  44. Tell me tell me tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am excited Massey Hall sounds amazing.Hope you all enjoyed the ride.I would like to start the top five albums are four our Canadian friends.

    Mine are:
    Beatles White Album
    Led Zeppilin II
    Bob Dylan Highway 61
    PF Animals
    Who Live at Leeds
    Pf Dark Side of the Moon(how could you not have this one?)

    Okay I am sleepless in Palm Beach Florida thinking of getting on a silver bird Wednesday and being in the the Rosemont Theatre seeing the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am happy to say I have found a new friend from Michigan who got my spare ticket and will be seeing the show too.Now thats what its all about helping a brother out.

    On an Island

  45. Welcome David! Looking forward to see you on the 10th. Last time I saw you, it was on the Divsion Bell tour, so it’s been awhile. Your new cd is great!

  46. Hey all, my name is Johnathan and im an 18 year old Dave Gilmour fan. Being relatively young as I am, and a Toronto resident, I have never seen Gilmour play live. However, before people dismiss my love for the music as not ‘true’, consider the following: I have been listening to Pink Floyd since I was 3 years old.

    The band’s music, and more specifically David’s guitar playing, has meant more to me than I could ever describe through words. Everything about him as a musician strikes a deep chord within me, and his music is the most important thing to me in the world other than my family and friends.

    The fact that I am going to see him play on Monday night is something that has me almost shaking. I’ve seen a lot of classic rock acts- deep purple (three times), alice cooper, clapton, van halen etc…but before even having gone to the concert, this show ranks number 1 in my mind.

    I dont really know what else I can say without seeming like a crazy infatuated kid, which I’m not. I’m merely a guy who has been impacted deeply by the beautiful music this brilliant musician has created.

    With that being said,
    Welcome to Toronto, Mr. Gilmour.

  47. Hi every one.

    i’ll be in massay hall in less than 24 hours… I startet counting when there were 125 days left ! i’ll let you all know about the erperience…cant wait.

    I have a question. I just read something which made me a bit confused. what hapend in New york ? I read that it didnt go that well and some stuff happend but i dont know, I didint have time to read all the blog interies since I was going from montreal top toronto. Dear fed can you plz let me know what happend in just 2-3 lines ? thank you my friend.


    [A crowd of people were waiting for David at JFK airport. They got a bit rowdy, there was a lot of pushing, and Guy Pratt’s young son got hit in the face by someone trying to get an autograph. There must be about 900 posts on the topic spread acorss the two New York blog entries, so we’re not going over it again, but that’s the gist of it. – Features Editor]

  48. Welcome David and co. to the warm and sunny spring Toronto weather. We have all been waiting so long to greet you again;… it’s been nearly twelve years since you set up camp here to rehearse for the Division Bell tour, and almost twenty years when you did the same for MLOR! Welcome back to your second home.

    Massey Hall isn’t quite Exhibition Stadium is it( or Pearson’s Air Canada Jumbo hanger for that matter)? The intamcy will make it a very tangible and spiritual occassion. Quite so indeed.

    It will be my great honour to take my “obstructed”(? …who cares) Left gallery seat on Sunday, clear my head of all of Life’s troubles/distractions, and prepare my mind and soul to travel to your “island” of both present and past;

    …the nights of wonder
    with friends surrounded.

    …I’m so ready for the journey.

    Thank you all for what you’ve done and what you do.

    yours very truly,
    Tom Connolly 🙂

  49. A nos cousins Canadiens,

    Profitez ! ce n’est pas tous les jours que l’on a David dans sa ville 😉

    Take care & enjoy your shows as we do…

    BruNo. (was @ L’Olympia)

  50. Hi Features Editor

    I’ll understand if you don’t post this.

    Do you, like me, find it very sad that die-hard Water Rogers fans (for example, Bleeding Heart Artist) need to spend money on a ticket to see David just so that they can be vindictive and malicious slagging him off on other websites!! Why can’t they just idolise Roger and leave David alone?!! Why do they need to do this?!! There are so many true David Gilmour fans that would love to see David and can’t. One site, in particular, has Roger Waters name in the title. I really hope he isn’t condoning this sort of behaviour. It is absolutely disgusting.

    I hope David is not letting their conduct get to him.


    [I do think it’s very sad, Lesley. Pathetic, too. To come to David’s site to spout their tedious, prejudiced rubbish is just plain rude. As much as I welcome their opinions (even though they think they get deleted straight away), I think these people are wasting their time and energy when they’re only here to stir up trouble. I hope they realise this soon and can channel their energies into something useful instead. It was the same type of thing when ‘On An Island’ came out. You had people grumbling about certain songs. I wouldn’t have dreamt of going to, say, Coldplay’s official blog/forum (if they have one) and moaning about my least favourite song on their last album the week it came out. I wouldn’t go to The Eagles website and repeatedly say “You have to play ‘Witchy Woman’ in Birmingham!” That’s the trouble with the internet giving everyone a voice: you get a load of voices that you don’t really want to hear! – Features Editor]

  51. So much for accuracy in the media. The New York Post article I just read quoted David as being 62!

    …the bastards.

  52. Features editor…, your list including

    Manic Street Preachers – “Everything Must Go” …


    very nice taste indeed!

    Tom Connolly 🙂

    [Thanks Tom. They’re a great band. Very good live. Have put out a few shocking singles, though. – Features Editor]

  53. I am in my late 30’s and I am getting married next December. All my life I have maintained to my friends that if money was no object I would have David Gilmour play for my friends and family and share what the music that has always been as a companion to me. My fiance had only heard of David Gimour and Pink Floyd in the last 3 years but is now a huge fan.

    I always thought it was a pipe dream, but now I am having it realized somewhat by taking her to Massey Hall this monday. Welcome David et al, and thank you for continuing to share your music.

  54. A big and very sincere welcome to Mr Gilmour and his family. Hope they really enjoy their stay in Toronto. I am very thankful that he is coming to Canada, considering that he is only performing 5 cities in North America. On an Island is a beautiful piece of work. I appreciate it more with each new listening. I find it very rewarding and refreshing for the soul. Je suis un fan de PF depuis 1971. Je serai à Massey Hall le 9.

  55. i may only be a small bit canadien. i do love hockey. and i do love david gilmour. i’ve been waiting a good 15 years or so for this. i may only be 25, but i know what i likes and this is it. thank you for this opportunity. and fed. it’s just 14 hours or so till face off. or puck drop. or magic. cheers. and love. go sabres.

  56. Have a good Sunday,

    ….OADI? Here my picks:

    -Dark side of the moon (PF)
    -Atom heart mother (PF)
    -About face (DG)
    -Grand Hotel (Procol Harum)
    -The Beat goes on (Vanilla Fudge)

    and now, obviously, OAI!

    ksss from Rome

  57. Well, back in those orwellian times I didn’t catch Mr. Gilmour at Massey Hall, since I was old enough to guest-star on the intro of Thin Ice ad don’t exactly live near that venue,but I wonder…wasn’t the set list a bit too short? Only About face + a couple of PF songs + the encore 🙂

    Luca (from Italy)

  58. I welcome you and the gang to TO. My first visit to massey. i saw the 84 tour in Buffalo at another small venue(Sheas). All I can say is Thank God David likes Toronto so much. Fed wasnt it Toronto where PF rehearsed for the “87” Tour?

    Welcome from your North American Fans!Will see you all at The Show Tonight

    [I believe so. In a giant aircraft hangar at Pearson International airport, wasn’t it? – Features Editor]

  59. Caption Competition:

    PM tries out DG’s guitar while he disappeared for a pee and realises that the guitar’s notes are created by a hidden battery…

  60. The air has been cool here in Toronto, but the sky is clear and blue. I hope everyone on the David Gilmour tour is getting wonderful impressions of the city.

  61. You guys are in for a treat. I saw the show on the 5th. AWESOME! I haven’t posted here before and only read a few posts. FEd,what do you mean by “things didn’t start too well in the U.S.”?

    [The trouble at JFK airport, with Guy’s son getting hit in the face by an autograph hunter… – Features Editor]

  62. Welcome to our city. We all hope you enjoy your time here and Massey Hall. Do look around, you may like what you see!


  63. To Rudders and all the fans who go to Massey Hall tonight, have a very,very great show…

    sylvie de montréal.

  64. Welcome David & Family to Toronto! We arrived here yesterday & immediately fell in love with the city and hope you do too!

    Last time we saw David was in Cleveland for the DB tour in May, 1994. So glad we have another opportunity to see him! This is the first time we’ve traveled anywhere to see a concert. Going to catch up with the other bloggers at the Hard Rock this evening….hopefully we’ll be able to pick the group out! (the ones with the PF & DG shirts on?)

  65. Welcome to Canada. I’t a bright sunny day with the weather warming up as the week goes on. This will be the first time seeing David live. I’m enjoying the DVD as I right this message. I can’t for tonight to get here. I was wondering how old his children are. See you this evening.

    [David’s youngest children are all under the age of 16, so if you happen to see them out and about in Toronto, please give them plenty of space. – Features Editor]

  66. now you see fet ed it is not just me who recomends hot lemon and honey for the relife of the spring lurghy 🙂 i hope you feel better soon neil . just remeber not too long away now is a gig in the rah that you have to go to and enjoy 🙂


  67. Welcome all to Toronto and to Massey Hall for what will be two amazing shows by David Gilmour et al.

    Massey Hall, with its great acoustics(even Dream Theater came thru’ clearly) and intimacy will prove to be one of the best venues on this tour. Mr. Gilmour and company will be large as life to even those fans up in the furthest reaches of the Gallery(the second balcony).

    Massey Hall does not permit smoking or drinking in the auditorium so the coplaints about the NYC shows should be none existant, thus allowing all fans to enjoy a great show.

    I’ve seen the likes of Joe Cocker, David Sylvian and Alan Parson’s “A Walk Down Abbey Road”, and most recently Dream Theater at Massey Hall.Each show was totally engaging and mesmerizing because you feel like you are right there with the band and that they are performimg for you and few friends at a small club. It is only at the end of the song, when the cheers come up that you realize you are amongst 2500 or so fans.

    I’ll be there on Monday, 10 April 2006, for what promises to be a most memorable show.

    Dan from Toronto.

  68. Just wanted to say that a great singer, Gene Pitney passed away this week after a performance in Wales. Was wondering if David knew him? Few hours to go for showtime.

    [That was very sad. A great singer indeed. – Features Editor]

  69. Well let give a grand welcome to David & his family. Unfortunately I’m missing all the concerts, I live too far and could not get tickets but I wish I could be there. The way he can make a guitar sing with so many emotions in incredible, “Awesome”, and “Brilliant”. Definitely a master of the guitar.

    As far as David’s welcome to Canada, I think Canadians are more respectful than Americans with no comparison.

    Now for a DVD of the show…… Put my name first on the list. I’ve been hoping that they would since I’m missing the show. Still waiting impatiently for the PULSE dvd to come out. What a great concert that was.

    Well for you guys going, have fun for me. I’ll have to settle for the cd, witch is great.


  70. Caption;

    In David’s absence, Phil leads the band with an impromptu version of Love is the Drug.

    [That would be good. Has no one requested it yet? – Features Editor]

  71. … ok David I know your an Arsenal fan but that was
    clearly a hand-ball save by the Gunners defender against United’s Rooney!

    …Poor refereeing. But it’s still scoreless at the half. We’ll see soon enough.

    (Sorry, but I’m a United fan from WAY back.)

    See you all tonight at Massey Hall!

    🙂 Tom

    [You have my sympathy, Tom. – Features Editor]

  72. have a good time in canada, everyone! i’ve got distant family in toronto, i think. i should have tracked them down and hinted like mad for an invite. now seems like a good time to visit canada (apart from the seal-clubbing. my girfriend would kil me if she heard me talking of visiting canada right now). do let us know how it goes, rudders. we’re counting on you.

  73. I wish, and I really wish that the dawning of a new day referencing the maniacal obsession of a Floyd reunion would wind itself down. On an Island is the wake up call, vinegar up your nose reality check. People, David Gilmour is obviously at a very good place life right now and boy does it show. I had the pleasure of sleeping on the streets of Toronto in a sleeping bag to acquire my two tickets for 10 April Massey Hall show. Ebb and flow, let it go, need we say more.


  74. Another 100 tickets just went on sale for tonight’s show, call Massey Hall box office, 416-872-4255

    [I’m afraid we can’t confirm this, but there’s no harm in trying. Good luck! – Features Editor]

  75. hi fet ed . latest score manchester united one aresenal nill . rooney in the 54 th minute . i was on my excercise bike at the time .i have a friend visiting me from the uk this evening so sadly i don;t have a chance to watch the match. i have to have a shower now . o well thats what highlights were invented for 🙂

    talk to you soon .


    [You have no idea how hard it is for me to congratulate you on your 2-0 win… Well done. – Features Editor]

  76. 2-0 now so i can hopefully go to the shower knowing the match is won . ji sung park scored the second in the 78th minute .

    talk to you soon .


    [Hey, don’t rub it in! – Features Editor]

  77. The Feature Editor spake thus:
    “Hey mate, puff away. The world has turned into such a crazy place, hasn’t it? It’s not just America, it’s everywhere. I have to say, at the risk of upsetting a few million people, that the Americanisation of the world isn’t helping matters, but we all have the ability to learn and to teach ourselves what’s right and what’s wrong.”

    Surely you are a statesman: You exhibit the diplomacy and judgment, the sense of history and the prescience, of Neville Chamberlain, but with the tact of Winston Churchill.

    [Oh yes, Chamberlain was very shrewd! That wasn’t a compliment, was it? Admit it. And Rudders, do you favour “judgment” or “judgement”? You know we have to consult with one another on these important issues. I think with an ‘e’ in a non-legal context, although surely it would only ever be “judgment” in US English (what with all that lazy spelling and all). – Features Editor]

  78. Calling all folks attending the Chicago show on 4/12. Just a few days now, and I can feel the anticipation in these blogs. After reading about the crap that happened in NY, I feel it is my obligation, as a US citizen, to apologize to Dave, his family and band members. So, for what it is worth, I’m sorry Dave!!!

    On to better things; the show in Chicago. I hope to meet up with a lot of you before/after the show. As fans of Dave and Floyd, we are in for a real treat. I cannot wait to hear OAI played live. The guitar work in “Blue” is masterful.

    Dave, I am just so happy to see you play, your set-list can be whatever, and I will still walk out smiling from ear to ear. You are truly a gift to see perform and I wish you and your family a pleasant trip to America.

    Very truly,

    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

  79. Well only a couple of days till the Chicago shows. I will only be attending the first of the two, but who cares, it’s friggin gilmour. I had to sell my new Fender strat to get tickets but I still have my old reliable 95’American strat which has a striking resemblence to David’s “Black Strat”. One more thing. The fact that David’s album went #1 in soooo many countries except america is very sad. We give all the attention to rappers and pop starlets. Very Very sad. Yet sir Gilmour will redeem the masses and give America what it has been longing for for so long. GOOD MUSIC!!!

    See you all on the 12th in rosemont!
    Aaron Wessel

  80. Just scored another pair of tickets for tonights show from the box office at Massey Hall for two friends that thought they would be out of luck….It looks like they released about 100 tickets…(off to my roadblock!)

    Two excellent articles in Toronto papers this weekend. Yesterdays in the Star and today in the Sunday Sun.

  81. Wow. Listening to the mighty Q paid off. They announced that a few (100 tickets) were being released for Sunday and Monday’s show. I was lucky enough to get gallery seat with obstructed view. It was the last seat left. So really expensive seat for Monday, moderately expensive, slightly blind seat for tonight. I’m amortizing the expense over a lifetime of never seeing Gilmour/Floyd live. Anyone still wanting a ticket, call the Massey Box office right now, I don’t know if there is still any left for Monday. I can’t wait!!!

  82. ok, i thought about my desert island discs. i hope there’s no limit to the number of floyd albums allowed.

    my floyd choice: wish you were here
    my solo choice : david gilmour (as we’re not allowed on an island)

    pink floyd – division bell
    pink floyd – dark side of the moon
    pink floyd – meddle
    manic street preachers – gold against the soul
    stereophonics – word gets around
    coldplay – parachutes

    the last three might not be considered classics, but they make me think of good times.

  83. Linda wrote:

    “latest score manchester united one aresenal nill . rooney in the 54 th minute .”

    It was a powerful goal, too! The main worry was if Henry got into the game, but he wasn’t at his best today.

    A wonderful goal for Park also. So happy for him!

  84. [You have my sympathy, Tom. – Features Editor]

    never mind fet eds sympthy you have very good taste tom !

    2-0 to united in the end . excellent . arseanl suffering from a euro hang over . though i hope they do well in europe .

    as much as i hate to say it my dad who is our house football expert said the pool played very well today too . nice goal form fowler apparently .


  85. [Hey, don’t rub it in! – Features Editor]

    i was’nt . honest . i was only posting the score . you might not belive it but there might be a few united fans who read the blog .

    is’nt david supposed to be an arsenal fan ? well if so the last thing on earth i would want to do is piss the man off 🙂

    [You have no idea how hard it is for me to congratulate you on your 2-0 win… Well done. – Features Editor]

    thank you , i do apricate you words . as i recall i posted some nice comments about liverpool in my last post( belive me that was’nt easy for me either 🙂 )


  86. was a powerful goal, too! The main worry was if Henry got into the game, but he wasn’t at his best today.

    A wonderful goal for Park also. So happy for him!

    ah Kathryn nice to see another lady united fan . as i recall there is a lady called vicky ( i think ) and myself here so you are not alone ! i am glad henri was kept quiet as he is a cracking player . it was good to see park scre as you said . my dad also told me that vidic played well in defense !

    Aaron it is also sad to think that on an island did’nt so as well in my home contry of ireland either . anyway chart position alone does not a good album make . we all know that on an island is a class album wheather it makes number one or not 🙂

    i hope i have’nt flooded the place fet ed . o well i have to go and met my friend now at a local railways staion so you have seen the back of me for this evening .

    cheers mate

  87. First I would like to welcome David, family and his band to Canada. I am embarrass to admit that a terrible tradegy happened in the Toronto area. Click my name to read the story.

    It’s front page news and it’s unavoidable. This is very distasteful especially to someone visiting an area were the tradegy happened. Headlines are staring at David, family and his band members. David turns on the T.V. and the event is broadcasted. This can certainly be a negative experience especially for a touring band.

    David et al, I am so sorry that you had some exposure to this tradegy. We think it can’t happen here, but it does. I hope this will not leave a bad taste during the rest of your tour.

    Please accept my apologies and from your Canadian friends about this distastful incident.

  88. HI!!!

    I’m growing ever more excited about the opening night in London in May (as I am attending).

    I would REALLY LOVE for Dave to play ‘On The Turning Away’ in London (or indeed the UK).

  89. URGENT : Q107 just mentioned 100 tickets released for sale at Massey Hall. Give them a call !!!


  90. May Massey Hall reverberate with as much joy as it did for all of us present at Radio Cuty Music Hall!

    Nance and Greg

  91. Richard S,

    I heard about the story you refer to, it is a terrible tragedy.
    Things like this, rare though they are can happen anywhere mate, I’m sure nobody thinks bad of your beautiful country. 🙂

  92. Chicago people! I am driving to the concert from Ft. Wayne,IN. without a CD player. What are some good radio stations in Chicago that may be playing David or Floyd for my long ride in? Also, is Gibson’s Steakhouse a good place to get a pre-concert cocktail and a good meal. I will be there if anyone wants to talk over all the history of what we are about to experience. Thanks for the radio info. Dave in Ft. Wayne

  93. Hey, it’s Andrew from Club Q! (anyone who listens to Classic Rock Q107 here in Toronto probably knows my voice)

    Just wanted to drop a line a thank everyone around the world who’s tuning into the Mighty Q this weekend to listen to our Pink Floyd/David Gilmour weekend. We’re all huge fans, and I can honestly say that there’s more excitement around the station for these gigs than anything I can remember. Personally, it’s all I’ve been able to talk about the last few weeks, and I’m surprised my girlfriend hasn’t put a muzzle on me (though she’s enjoying On An Island as well)

    I hope everyone has a great time tonight and tomorrow, and thanks to David and Company for what’s sure to be two great nights of music.

    best to everyone!

  94. So the concert on the 7th did happen! I did not realise it was AOL sponsored. I recieved an email which contained a first come first serve invitation to the show. They where only taking a limited number of fans, but I got to my email too late, and I am sure thousands replied before I did. (I was beginning to wonder if it was a spoof email.) If anyone here actually went, please tell us about it, you lucky @#%$!!!!

    Anyway, it is Sunday early afternoon and I am feeling rather mellow, so here is my Sunday cat-on-my lap, feet up drinking coffee, shiny happy island mix (as opposed to yesterdays late night “angst” mix)

    Pink Floyd album : Meddle
    Solo: Barrett (I know he was troubled, but I love the childlike playfulness of the songs. Back in college I made my first animation to Effervecent Elephant on a very primitive program, but the choppy simplicity went well with the song.)

    follow that up with:

    1) Dukes of Stratosphere (xtc in disguise)
    Psonic Sunspot (a tribute to Syd, early Floyd and other English pop psychedelia)

    2) XTC
    Skylarking (Brilliant concept song cycle, with no small credit to producer Todd Rundgren…speaking of Todd……)

    3)Todd Rundgren
    Nearly Human (Todd is well known for his early pop hits, lesser for his broad experiments in all kinds of genres. This goes back to his Philly soul roots…pop hooks with lush arrangements and choruses.. recorded live in the studio. “Hawking” is a masterpiece. It is a tribute to Steven Hawking, someone who was an inspiration to David Gilmour on “Keep Talking”)

    4)Marvin Gaye
    What’s Going On
    (watershed black pop with social consciousness)

    5)Porgy & Bess
    George Gershwin recorded by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong (“Summertime” is my all time favoritie song)

    6)Frank Zappa
    Apostrophe (boyfriend plays it often, and I am hooked on it)

    [Thanks for that. As for your idea, then I expect the blog will be very busy for the next two days with comments from those attending the Toronto shows, so I’d rather not encourage a similar ‘favourites’ topic. – Features Editor]

  95. richard s i am sorry to hear about what happened . the sister of a friend of mine was murdered about a month a go now . it was all over the irish newspapers too . sadly events like what you have talked about happen everywhere .


  96. “Thank you very much indeed, and good night to you!”
    That’s as close as a trademark as you’ll get for David. I think that’s been his goodbye closer since he started with the Floyd.

    Fe’ed, my boys were dispicable today. Based on that performance, hard to believe they managed 48 points this year. Anyway, we essentially gave Chelsea the crown today. Don’t mind a loss against chelsea at the Bridge, but not like that. Leaves a terrible taste.

    Have fun tonight people.


    [It’s a funny old game, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  97. Dearest David, Polly, Band and hard working Crew. Five more hours to go. I am sure I will be so completely overwhelmed this evening, sitting in the 12th row. I know at the end of it all I will feel as if you all have reached into my heart, or even deeper, whispering and singing so many good things that I think my heart will burst right out of my chest, racing to the stars and back from the experience of your music washing over me. What a joy to hear your gracious words and music. Songs that ring every bell that ever was that build briges, seduce us, inspire us to plant a tree, or lullaby our children to sleep. So many in the room tonight have been so uplifted and influenced by your art, your craft, your gifts. Your wisdom, your heart your soul is so vast and huge. Your music has a comfort about it that brings peace to everybody it touches. You, David, are beautiful from every angle. I still have the biggest crush on you since I was 10 years old! As we leave the hall tonight I will see your words and notes as imprints on peoples chests clinging to us as we leave the venue walking taller and lighter. Words and notes that will never be forgotten. I know with each solo you will break my heart and put it back together again. You have taught so many of us all about living and feeling and honour and charity and dignity and family and silence and I don’t quite know how the heck to thank you. Tonight your smiles and your talent will erase the world for us for a few brief hours. The biggest hugs to you all. Welcome to Canada and thank you for gracing us with your talent… God Bless you all and your precious children. Safe Journey

  98. Nice to see so many warm welcoming posts. Toronto has a special resonance for us as we spent 6 weeks rehearsing here back in 87, and it’s where we all got to know each other. Great to be back.


  99. Good afternoon, F.Ed,

    Hope all is going well. As a note for the folks curious as to “The JFK Incident”, check out the blogs for the NYC shows. That should answer your questions. Bring a lunch and an ergonomic chair, you will be there awhile.

    Have a good weekend all,


  100. [You have no idea how hard it is for me to congratulate you on your 2-0 win… Well done. – Features Editor]

    Features Ed,

    You should try being a Man U married to a Liverpool fan! This will teach you all you need to know about peace, love and getting your priorities right in life.

    Now I am quite happy to rub along with the Mickey Mousers (after all it’s been our decade or so) but Julie (she who shall be obeyed) just shrugs and holds up 5 fingers whenever things get tricky.

    By the way, you wouldn’t be in any way responsible for the inclusion of the Anfield chant on “Meddle” would you ?

    As for David being an Arsenal fan, well if that doesn’t prove that nobody is perfect, I don’t know what does.

    Keep up the good work, we’ll keep chasing down the Ruskies.

    [I wish I could take the credit for ‘Fearless’, Tim. Sadly, it was nothing to do with me. – Features Editor]

  101. I agree Linda. – “chart position alone does not a good album make . we all know that on an island is a class album wheather it makes number one or not ”

    It often makes me wonder what drives a chart posistion. Is it sales? Is it airplay? Is it POPularity?? I don’t know and have never ventured to know what or why because that sort of thing has always seemed awfully crass.

    Right now OAI is numero uno in my book. Cheers, Cheerio, Toodle Loo, God save the queen, Viva la france, remember the alamo??

  102. I’m seeing tonights concert and I must say i am EXTREMELY excited about it..

    FEd: I was just wondering, will there be lasers involved in teh light show, similar to New York’s or was that a special light show just for there? I really hope there will be some here in Toronto!

    [You’ll have to wait and see. Have a great night! – Features Editor]

  103. Hey David, Guy, Rick, and all of the OAI Tour Band! Welcome to Toronto! I Think you’ll all be plesently suprised at exactly how civilized us Canadians are, at least in comparison to the more ‘rowdy’ crowds you may have experienced in other venues. I Certaintly hope that the Toronto crowd behaves in a way that everyone can enjoy the concert, including the band. See you guys tonight, have fun in Toronto!

  104. Hi you all, and Dear Fed,

    My desert island discs:

    – PF: Wish you were here (obviously!)
    – Barrett

    and, au hasard:
    – a strange and beautiful bootleg of Animals edited before the real “Animals”
    – Avalon, Roxy Music
    – The Lamb lies down on Broadway, genesis (though I didn’t listen to it since, … 20 years I think…!, but it’s holidays…)
    – Message in the Bottle, Police
    …enough? oh, I forgot Simply Red, and PULSE, and THE DIVISION BELL, and, and…
    ENOUGH! I have NO holidays!!!

    To complete the question of Pete: What would you take to spend your time on this desert island ? (books, TV, …?)
    For me: it would be: paper and pencils (for drawing and writing). And you?

    Well, good night, you all, and Dear Fed. The week-end is over. Aaaargh!

    Ikkar, with love

  105. [It’s a funny old game, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

    You should try being a Crystal Palace supporter… ::)

    Nice little heads up from Guy – good to see the gang are looking forward to their time in Toronto.

    Linda, the honey and lemon is doing the trick, cold now downgraded from ‘Crap’ to ‘Annoying’

    And if I could just plug the ‘Press’ pages of the main site…..check out the ‘Total Production International’ link for a fascinating insight into the stage production of the show………plus some interesting asides that may answer a few blogger’s queries.

    Bloggers Queries – sounds like a real ale: “I’ll have a pint of Old Bloggers Queries please barman!”

  106. Welcome to Canada Fam. Gilmour, Pratt, Wright, Phil M, and Steve and Dick..and the whole gang…

    enjoy the sunshine while you are here, and thank-you for making a stop here!

    Don’t forget about us in the gallery…(obstructed)….I’ll be the one with the glazed look, and the mouth hanging open, my lips move, but you can’t hear what I’m saying….

    Still first in SPACE!! YAHOO!!!!!!!

    If my bloody head doesn’t pop first….

    See you tomorrow!!!

    Reiner S.

  107. Hey Randy E.,

    I’m glad you said you were trying to get another ticket to a show. I’ve been conflicted about that because I want another one, too! The show is just that good and the opportunity to view it too rare…

    Are there really tickets floating around out there? I’ve read the rumors and have seen for myself at RCMH how you could wait on line and have a chance…

    Is anyone being brave enough to try this? Has anyone been successful?

    And I had a feeling that there would be a booking in the works for Jay Leno. Fedmeister, do we know if there be an interview or will it be just a one-song gig?

    [Sorry, no idea. – Features Editor]

  108. what exactly is this ‘Americanisation’ anyway? sounds like eurotrash jealousy to me. american liberalism is the real cause for the world’s downfall and I hope more of it gets exported to foreign shores than ever before. after this i’m not going to buy anymore music or anything else made in europe and hope other Americans can have the same fortitude as well. it’s time for us to recognize that we’re not welcomed anywhere and that we should keep our money to ourselves for the next decade or so. good riddance to you too.

  109. C’mon, by simply mentioning that things didn’t start off too well in the States you continue to keep the subject alive. Let it be…

  110. It is my turn!!! WE leave tomorrow morning at 7.00 to take the train to Toronto.I live 45 minutes up north Montréal in the Laurentians mountains.The kids are already at the baby s sitter place.We are ready and so excited. Is there any chance that David says a few words in french; there is a few french canadians at the show tomorrow( if it is correct, of course). So… this fabulous moment is arrived……..

    Talk to you in 2 days and i don t know what to say… because my mind is somewhere else already. kiss (bisous).

    A bientot.
    Sylvie de montréal

  111. Hello,

    I’ve just read through the blog — what, 100 tickets went for sale!? I was there this evening, didn’t know anything about it!! … Oh well, now the concert is about to end, and I can’t complain since I am one of the lucky people who will see David tomorrow. 🙂

    I went to hang out Massey this evening, and joined people who were waiting for David. We couldn’t catch ninja-David going into the hall, but I enjoyed seeing the fans. One person was holding her guitar, and another holding a guitar pedal to get signed on. Everyone was excited like teenagers. (Sorry to hear Guy’s son harmed at JFK– I understand over-excited fans are not always ‘cute’. 🙁 )

    Anyhow, I’d like to welcome David, his family and the crews. I hope they got to see Toronto a bit, especially our own beautiful island — it’s nice and quiet, there. If not, enjoy the great weather at least, as it’ll be clear tomorrow, as well.


    P.S. To answer the question — this is the first time for me to see David Gilmour concert. I became a fan after watching Live8 (a shameful newbie!). I’ve been listening his music since, and his visit means everything. I hope he’ll visit more often in the future. 🙂

  112. Well how about “I’d rather be lucky than good?” One of my close friends is a writer for Leno so I’ve got tickets to that performance! And then off to Universal for the Gibson show. And I’ve taken the hint from FEd not to mention what happens after the show 😉

    [Thanks, mate. You’ve always got your link below. – Features Editor]

  113. April 9th 11:00pm

    SUPERB!!!!! Pretty much the same playlist as New York minus Dominoes and A Great Day For Freedom. (“Wot’s a Deal” performed again).

    “Echoes” was the big Hi-lite of the night. Seeing Rick Wright using that old Farfisa organ for the closing part was great!

    Gilmour is a “Guitar God!”

  114. Hello ALL!!!! Especially David and the band.

    I would like to begin this log by saying “what is the deal with all of the NYC haters out there?” New York is New York….Period. It is one of the wildest cities on this wondrous planet and crazy and absurd things occur there all of the time, even things like getting harrassed in airports. It is a shame and a pain in the ass, but it happens. I am not really sure what happened at JFK and I would like someone to fill me in as I am not reading half accounts from third parties on this message board.

    What else happened in NYC that threw everyone off? Was it fellow fans at the show? Are the people complaining those who live in the middle of no where are have no idea what a city is like? These types of questions are the ones which are racing through my brain when I read NYC and America-bashing posts.

    Look I know this country has as many flaws as good points, but why must we sit here and bad-mouth all of the good Americans along with all the ones that do not fit the mould of an person that is acceptable to our European and Canadian counterparts?

    I find it ridiculous that this board is more of an america-bashing place than a place to talk about how amazing the two nites in NYC were. I personally will never forget them. I find David to be one of the most important figures in music history and I am grateful for all he has given me through the music of PF and his own solo projects.

    At any rate, I just wanted to air my grievance with some of the logs here and get that off my chest.

    REMEMBER what happened in the airport in NYC is over and it does not represent an entire population of 300 million that inhabit this most beautiful piece of real estate.

    I hope Toronto is great and all is well with you DAVID, your family, and the band (who were electric in NYC) Mad Love to you all!!!!

    Peace from Bostonia

    Mike (working overnite right now at a sleep lab, oddly enough)

    [We’re all tired of debating it, Mike. I, for one, would like to leave that discussion in the past, because it could go on until the end of time with no one coming to any agreement. Hopefully everyone’s had their say and a chance to cool down and we can now continue discussing how successful the tour has been. – Features Editor]

  115. [what exactly is this ‘Americanisation’ anyway? sounds like eurotrash jealousy to me. american liberalism is the real cause for the world’s downfall and I hope more of it gets exported to foreign shores than ever before. after this i’m not going to buy anymore music or anything else made in europe and hope other Americans can have the same fortitude as well. it’s time for us to recognize that we’re not welcomed anywhere and that we should keep our money to ourselves for the next decade or so. good riddance to you too.]

    Well, I just had to reply to this one. Americanization (or Americanisation) is the term used for the influence the United States of America has on the culture of other countries, substituting their culture with American culture. When encountered unwillingly or perforce, it has a negative connotation; when sought voluntarily, it has a positive connotation.

    So you see, it does not have to be negative, but sometimes it is, due to US foreign policy.

    I would not say you are not welcomed. Many countries actually seek dialogue, but are not really treated as equal partners. Closing yourself from the rest of the world because of that is a bit strange in this context don’t you think?

    Anyway, if all Americans would do that, things would not go well at all for you… Just think of export markets, essential imports and the huge debts your government has (with China)…

    Just a few random thoughts…


  116. Desert Island:

    DG album (not OAI)- 1978 David Gilmour (although strangely I feel the strong urge to put down OAI, must have fully matured on me now. I love it)

    PF album – Tough Tough. Division Bell (did I really write that??!?)

    6 of the rest – well noone said you cant have more pf soooo…

    the wall
    obscured by clouds

    last but not least Hotel California by the eagles (mainly for the sweet solo at the end of the title track)

    and yes I’m a hardcore PF DG fan and proud. It really is all that I listen to these days.

    Good to see Guy posting with the xx’s at the end of the post again 🙂

    I can feel the love returning 🙂

    big xx to Guy in a very manly Irish fashion. Can’t wait to see you strut your funky stuff on take a breath.


  117. “[We’re all tired of debating it, Mike. I, for one, would like to leave that discussion in the past, because it could go on until the end of time with no one coming to any agreement. Hopefully everyone’s had their say and a chance to cool down and we can now continue discussing how successful the tour has been. – Features Editor]”

    AMEN F’ed. (this is the last time I’ll check the posts from this date . . )

    and Good Morning!

    I was driving around yesterday, running random errands . . . . sunny, beautiful spring day . . . sunroof open . . . . music up fairly loud . . . just one word . . . . . . . say it with me . . . . . . . . . . . “ping” . . . .

    less than 72 hours now . . .

    see you on ‘tomorrow’s’ entry . . .

  118. A warm welcome to David and the Band. I am going tonight 10apr and so looking forward to the warm , fantastical guitar sounds and surroundings.David Gilmour will be the concert of 2006 for sure!Just look at the Toronto Sun from last night rarely do the music critics give a 5 out of 5 BRAVO !

    Thank you and counting down as I write towards tonights event.

    Debbie Marcotte
    Mississauga ontario

  119. Padoopdafying! That is the only gibberish word to describe the show last night. Echoes was incredible. Fat Old Sun, Time, Take A Breath, all great. The only snafu were the smoke alarms going off from the dry ice/smoke machines, but that was quickly taken care of…..160 minutes of bliss….

  120. quote: [And Rudders, do you favour “judgment” or “judgement”? You know we have to consult with one another on these important issues. I think with an ‘e’ in a non-legal context, although surely it would only ever be “judgment” in US English (what with all that lazy spelling and all). – Features Editor]

    i work at a rather large law firm, and i couldn’t understand why i kept seeing the “judgment” spelling, when i thought surely it should be “judgement.” i consulted the Merriam-Webster Collegiate online dictionary, which indicated that “judgment” was preferred, although “judgement” was secondarily correct. however, the Cambridge Dictionary online only mentions “judgment” in any context. neither gave any hint as to which nation of lazy spellers should use which spelling, when.


    to uncle george: first, a virtual rude noise. second, FEd, would you advise u.g. about the proper use of Pointy Sticks and how very badly we regulars do NOT wish to resort to their insertion into said uncle.

    (FEd also please note i am biting my tongue to refrain from mentioning my opinion of our current alleged ‘government’.)


    p.s. is a “pillock” one who ends up being “pilloried”? “pillockee” would be terribly awkward as it sounds rather like a birdcall. do weigh in, Rudders!

    [That person won’t be bothering us again, so if you happen to see him or her out and about on your strolls (glides?) around cyberspace, just go with the flow. The more creatively you use your pointy stick, the better. – Features Editor]

  121. “We all know that things didn’t start too well in the US, but that’s all in the past now as David and his band look forward to a quick visit to Canada to perform two sell-out nights at Toronto’s famous Massey Hall on Sunday and Monday.”

    Well, someobody obviously did not attend David’s shows in New York. They were amazing. Just because of the unforunate incident at the airport causes a ruckus does not mean the US tour got off to a bad start. THe show was excellent

    [They had to land at the airport before they could do the shows, so that was the start in my book. – Features Editor]

  122. Hello everyone!! Only hours away and the anticpation will have been rewarded (without a doubt). My son and I are getting ready to see David and band for closing night. My pulse is going off time, it’s a great day for freedom, the fat ol sun is high in the sky and we will venture from Kitchener to hogtown to see a legend. I am so happy that my son will get to see a piece of my youth and something so dear to my heart, the music of David Gilmour and Pink Floyd. I was about 12 when I first heard “One of These Days”, little did I know then how endearing the music of this band “Pink Floyd” would become to me. I feel the need to pass on the appreciation to my son and enlighten him on some timeless musical escapism.

    It’s getting late (1:37 pm) so I must prepare ourselves for a real event, one I am sure that my son and I will remember forever and ever.

    By patient and find joy in your day everyone!

    I’ll post my review tomorrow of the show tonight!!
    Reiner S

  123. Tim wrote:

    “You should try being a Man U married to a Liverpool fan! This will teach you all you need to know about peace, love and getting your priorities right in life.”

    So you both love quality football and beautiful music. One would say you’ve got a fun relationship 🙂

    “Now I am quite happy to rub along with the Mickey Mousers (after all it’s been our decade or so) but Julie (she who shall be obeyed) just shrugs and holds up 5 fingers whenever things get tricky.”

    I think whoever owns the club shouldn’t effect one’s enjoyment of football, therefore I just keep supporting the players. Liverpool’s comeback was extraordinary, I watched it live on televison and remember saying at the half “yes, they CAN come back, but will they?” That was amazing.

    “As for David being an Arsenal fan, well if that doesn’t prove that nobody is perfect, I don’t know what does.”

    And here I was trying not to write anything negative about the Gunners for fear of being red-carded from Mr. Gilmour’s blog, so to speak, lol.

    I think they will be in the Champions League final, but they will really have to fight to defeat AC Milan or Barca.

    Ok, sorry about all of the football-focused messages, Features Editor.

  124. Well, features editor, you know what they say about opinions – they are just like assholes and they all stink

  125. Random thoughts:

    [i work at a rather large law firm, and i couldn’t understand why i kept seeing the “judgment” spelling, when i thought surely it should be “judgement.” i consulted the Merriam-Webster Collegiate online dictionary, which indicated that “judgment” was preferred, although “judgement” was secondarily correct. however, the Cambridge Dictionary online only mentions “judgment” in any context. neither gave any hint as to which nation of lazy spellers should use which spelling, when.]

    The Feature Editor made an error. Not the first error. Not the last.

    Human, as are we all.

    Language, like life, is undergoing a process of evolution, so painful to those who benefit by stasis. Just as the quean was once a whore… but under a spell becomes fit for a king.

    In any case, the purpose of the ‘correction’ was insinuendo (acceptable perhaps only if used by James Joyce), implying that I am an ‘American’ and therefore wrong simply by association, or of no consequence at all. In short, a process of avoidance and distraction.

    Biases are revealed most often during stress. The Feature Editor, under the slightest stress (and eustress at that), revealed a deeply harbored, ill-conceived, anti-American bias.

    In a way, it is imprudent of me to belabor this, as the Feature Editor has generally given the impression of being evenhanded.

    Nevertheless, this is an opportunity for me to learn the bizarre connection between the actions of one boorish music fanatic and United States foreign policy.


    Seriously, as we sit on the event horizon of the Singularity, this subject matter is of critical import. I suggest that many of you share the same mental errors, as evidenced by the comments and unnecessary apologies.

    Feature Editor, I submit you have diminished yourself in the thinking of it. And you diminish yourself in the expression of it. You have diminished your readers in the communication of it. Guy Pratt’s son would suffer irreparably if I kept silent.

    Would you like me to explain why this is so?

    [No, thank you. – Features Editor]

  126. [No, thank you. – Features Editor]

    As you wish. As you were.


    Who is Fernand Engerand? What is ‘Le Secret de la Frontiere’?

  127. My 8 favourite albums:

    PF – Dark Side of the Moon
    The Beatles – Abbey Road
    The Clash – Sandinista
    Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
    Roger Waters – Amused to Death (thanks Neil Postman)
    Beck – Midnite Vultures
    Santana – Abraxas
    U2 – Joshua Tree

    Hope it isn’t too late

  128. I would like to know if you have posted any pictures from the April 9th Massey Hall Show.

    Let me know I am puttting together the “DG ” shrine….. 😉

    [Have a look at the Tour Galleries. Each picture has a caption. You can find them on the Stuff & Nonsense page ( – Features Editor]

  129. There are no pictures on the STUFF & NONSENSE link only from NYC in Radio city music hall. Will more pictures be posted at a later time?? I only see the pictures listed on the header page of the Toronto dates… Thanx for any info…


    [I’m sure there will be more to come, Bob. There are four pages at the moment, with pictures from Dortmund, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and New York. – Features Editor]

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