We're back!


Fall to your knees and thank the heavens (or Eric, to be exact). We’re back after a slight technical hitch prevented anyone from reading old comments or, worst of all, adding any new ones.

Just look at how happy Phil and Guy were when they found out that David’s blog was back in business.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this little hiccup. We know that, for many of you, a daily visit is essential. We all need some silliness from time to time; a witty caption here, an angry rant there. It’s a good thing that we do, because otherwise I’d be out of a job.

Anyway, the band are taking it easy after 10 triumphant shows across the Continent. Have you read the reaction to these shows in the press? The tour has been a resounding success and journalists are falling over themselves to tell us so. Do have a read.

The band will be touching down on US tarmac in less than a week’s time, so get ready all you lucky people with tickets to the two New York shows. We want to know how you’re feeling, what your local press has been saying, how many copies of ‘On An Island’ you’ve worn out… Don’t be shy, let us know. We are extremely nosey.

Here’s a little something to listen to while you wait. It’s a Dutch radio interview recorded before one of the Amsterdam gigs.

Thanks again to all of you for making this part of www.davidgilmour.com what it is.

You can add your own critique at this point, if you want to.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

237 thoughts on “We're back!”

  1. no, thank you FEd, you’re a star and we’d be lost and not to mention bored without all your hard work!


    [Bless you, mate! The cheque I promised you is in the post. – Features Editor]

  2. Caption Competition

    David’s reaction to the news that Polly had signed up to play Posh Spice in a Spice Girls tribute band really tickled Phil and Guy…

  3. Hi Lucia,

    Thanks for the belated B-day wishes! and I am with all who commend you on your enthusiastic review of the concerts in your home country of Italia!

    Hey Fed,

    Lucia went back and read 3 weeks worth of comments. She is a big fan!

    I hope you guys are working on a plan for the summer. What are we all going to do? I think we had tons of agony and all over a one day period. But, no apologies were necessary things happen.

    Now get some sleep!

    NY, USA

  4. Hi everyone! I’m from Brasil (sorry my english)and I hope that Gilmour played here some day. Waters came to Brasil some year ago, but David didn’t. I would like to comment about the ‘Fat Old Sun’ played during last show, thats amazing guitar solo. Good winds for everyone. Bye!

  5. the show in rome was amazing and the band was great…. i would like to say that i am so greatful that i’ve had the choice to see david live (it was my first time) and join this wonderful event.

    all my respect!


    In case you haven’t read the posts, we are meeting up under the news telestrater across the street and diagonal to RCMH at 4:45pm on both days.

    From there we are heading to a local pub. Either Heartland Brewery or somewhere else close by (still mulling over options).

    Wish You Were There, too… tickets or not 🙂

    And David Gilmour et al, we’re looking forward to welcoming you on this side of the Atlantic with open arms!!!

  7. That was scary… I was rocking myself back and forth, sitting on a dark corner wondering what else was gonna happen now! what else!!!! -said this with arms high, shacking tight closed fists directed to the heavens- what, what!!!Its cold again, I got a huge electric bill from the winter, Im out of parmesan cheese AND the blog is down….


    Glad you are back online FEd…


  8. Caption:

    Phil and Guy are alerted that they will have to submit to a body cavity search at New York City airport security.

    April 5th is on the way. I took the whole week off. See everyone up there. Let’s have a pint before the show!

  9. Just curious, has anyone been successful at purchasing scalpers’ tickets at any of the shows at a reasonable price.. I need to decide whether it’s worth my while to go Night Two at Massey Hall to work my bargaining skills or not 🙂

  10. Welcome back Fed!

    Who’s Eric????

    [Eric is our Saviour. He’s the one who got the blog working again. – Features Editor]

  11. Phil to Guy: “I don’t know what you’re so happy about, the F’Ed is bound to find out it was you who pulled that lead out.”

    Blimey – don’t do that!! The old ticker missed a beat or two when the blog went down the plug hole! Still, you’re back now so thats alright….now where do we sign up for the counselling?

  12. Glad to see the blog is back, it is excellent! Now a message for David, the band, and David’s management:

    Now that the European tour is over and you are set to begin the U.S. one, I must say that the setlist is an A+. I’m truly amazed Echoes was played and this is what I’m writing about. I tend to be a worrier so maybe I’m concered for nothing here but I wanted to let you know this setlist must stay intact.

    I’m slightly concerned the setlist might change in the U.S. I’ve seen it before with Floyd cover bands (aka. Aussie Floyd). I know this is a different circumstance but I hope the band doesn’t feel it has to play the more popular Floyd stuff for the U.S. market. Many of the fans would love to see the songs played in Europe, especially Echoes. The reaction for this song will be intense if it’s played. I’ll be a Radio City the 2nd night and I’m praying this song will still be on the setlist.

    Also, I noticed Wot’s…the Deal was dropped toward the end and this is a shame. I would really like David to play this song.

    Otherwise, looking forward to this amazing show and you guys are great! Thanks!

  13. [Do you fancy the Reds to beat Chelsea, then? – Features Editor]

    5th or 6th time’s a charm me thinks. I reckon Mancs, Arse & Liverpool will all start to close the gap w/ Chelsea now. Don’t know why, just get that feeling.

    [Well, I’m counting on your boys to take points off the Mancs tonight. – Features Editor]

  14. Fellow Bloggers (Floggers??…Floboggers??)

    The Amsterdam interview is very good… albeit odd as the questions are asked in Dutch and DG answers in English…

    I love the fact he says he doesn’t know the second Comfortably Numb lead break which is on the album…. marvellous stuff 🙂

  15. Heh, David speaking Dutch?? I don’t think so, the interview was probably edited (If I’m wrong, my apologies to David for underestimating).

    Good to have ya back Ed. How we humans are dependant on information (the shaking of the hands only stopped after a few beers LOL)…



  16. Thank god the blog`s back! I thought I`d been kicked off the site for some reason!

  17. F’ed thanks for getting the site back up and running and I am indeed looking forward to the Toronto April 10 Massey Hall OAI gig.


  18. I’m heading over there from the west coast on a history field trip. As it turned out, I realized that I was going to be in New York the same day as Gilmour. I was lucky enough to get a ticket to this gig as well as the Hollywood show on the 20th. I can’t wait and seeing the show twice is not engough for me, I’d like to see him at the Kodak but I thing that might get me in trouble with my wife so I’m going to have to pass.

    Looking forward to next week!

  19. I did listen to that Dutch recording a couple days ago. Those who are interested in the PULSE DVD proceedings may be interested in what David has to say (although he is only speculating).

    I am gearing up for Tuesday, but at the same time I’m trying to get all my work done by Friday (or at least the weekend) so I can go with a clear conscience, so I’m busy busy busy. I also need about five more uninteruptted listens to OAI so I know I have the lyrics memorized in time (I’m close, but I’m a knucklehead when it comes to new lyrics).

    I am interested in the get-together for Tuesday, but since I’ve got a group with me I can’t make any promises just yet. I’m not even sure how the four of us are going to meet up yet.

    And a quick caption:

    The judges of Pink Floyd Idol couldn’t contain themselves when Rudders arrived for his audition in a pig costume.

    (Sorry Rudders, but it was between you and Features Editor, and he has veto power.)

  20. OMIGOD, you’re BACK!! GOD IS BACK TO LIFE!! halleluja, brother! I nearly thought I’d DIE without this blog, my life is so meaningless that I MUST HAVE THIS BLOG!! It runs in my veins, it makes my heart beat, it is the air I breathe, the one small speck of nourishment in my otherwise anorexic existence!! THANK YOU GOR BRINGING ME BACK TO MY HOPE!! This blog is back, and now I am back.

    PS. Feat. Ed/Edwina, you can only be… DESMOND TUTU!! Wait a minute, you could also be Paul McCartney or Kelly Clarkson.

    [Interesting guesses, Dan. – Features Editor]

  21. caption

    Phil and Guy are amused to watch David attempt a break dance routine to the tune of castellorizon.


    Great news – Phil, Guy and Features Ed have just put in a bid for

    Liverpool F.C.

    Imagine the chorus ” .. and you’ll never walk alone”

    O.K. back to sleep


  23. Caption Comp: No really David, Pink Floyd ARE reforming and playing at The Winter Gardens in Margate!

    Hi Guys and Girls…….and Ed? glad to see you all back up and running again – Its quite amazing how we have all come to rely on this little Gilmourian comfort blanket of a site. Good work Eric!!

    Was it a glitch or did some doofus pull the plug out whilst hoovering?

  24. You don’t know what you got until it’s gone!

    Thanks for bringing it back although I was unaware of it all, being in school and all otherwise I may have cried- not a good look.

    Great picture- such smiles are infecious, he he.

    It’s good to be home.

  25. Caption: David decided maybe adding Laughing gas to the air in the studio for “acoustic reasons” might be somewhat distracting to the band!

    I’ll be going to april 4th NY show! Traveling from Florida with my excpecting wife and all! Can’t wait.

  26. To ANGELO & RCMH Attendees,

    See you at the “spot” at 4:45pm!

    NY, USA

  27. David, please come and do a show in Mos Eisley and add the Cantina Band boogie to the setlist! (Seriously – it would make a great extra on the dvd.)

    Rudders – since you mentioned it, click my name 🙂

    Han shot first!

  28. Hello to everyone,diana from Rome:dear FED what a deep hiccup !

    Every article,comment or note from italian press was really very positive.I’m managing a press office …and I’m sure ALL the press considered OAI a perfect work, the real actual David portrait and the show was a very high level performance.I know italian,american,european,australian,african,chinese….people dream a reunion,one day…but this band sound is in the heart and in the blood.

    Bless you and go rock!!
    ksss diana

  29. Dear feature editors and all fans and especially to david and to polly:

    I am happy to see that the blog is up and running..You are right we all need some “silliness” in our lives or at least in mine. I have 4 cd’s of ‘On an Island’..The first one i ran through within 2 weeks. I have a second one that is in my car and of course, “back up supply”…I have mixed feelings about the tour coming here now to the united states. Simply because i do not have a ticket and for the life of me i can not understand how someone who rants and raves about Mr. Gilmour could possibly miss the opportunity of a lifetime..! I am pleased to hear that the tour is doing great. Here in the US it is going strong. I myself in a strange way am so proud of David & Polly…WHY? I can not rationally explain it…but i am so proud of them and the musicians that are on tour with David. I am proud of Polly and I am grateful that David Gilmour has been placed on this earth..I consider him to be the link between Jimi Hendricks and Van Halen & Stevie Ray Vaughn. David Gilmour is the best and he deserves the best that this life has to offer..If for some reason i do not make it to his concert i do want him to know that there is one woman in Williamsville who will no doubt be feeling ‘marooned’ while he is playing away…

    Keep up the great site and i love the new features and sections. You guys at this blog work very hard and it shows and is appreciated.

    Linda Penner
    Williamsville, NY

  30. How about telling us where David,Polly & the band are staying while in New York. Tell David we will gladly hang out with & give him a tour of the city on Wednesday. Can’t wait for next week to come.Attending both shows.Thx for your excellent site!!!

  31. “The tour has been a resounding success and journalists are falling over themselves…”

    Aren’t these two mutually exclusive events? Seems a little harsh on the journalists, F.ed. I know its accepted industry practice to enjoy the odd tipple or three but was there really any need to bring it up here?

    Ok,Ok…I may have quoted out of context. It’s not as if journos would do such a thing, is it?

    Good to have you back, it got a little dark on this side of the web.


  32. Hello FEd and Hello to David, Guy the rest of the band and to Polly,

    I hope the long journey across the pond is safe and restful. Us Yanks over here want you all at your fittest for the North American leg of the tour.

    I was reading some things about Poly earlier on her website.

    In an interview, Polly was asked, “If you had to choose one book to take to a desert island, what would it be?” Her response was, “The Bible. I was brought up by atheists and still blame them for not having encouraged me to read it. I would come back a nicer and more forgiving person (perhaps).” I find this interesting with David having publicly said that he is an atheist.

    One thing that I can say from experience is that I believe that God is trying to get every single human being to commune with him and one way he gets to unbelievers is through those we love. God got to me through my wife. Maybe that is what God is trying to do with David through Polly. (I hope I am not treading too hard on your personal life David.)

    I know this isn’t really a place to debate religion or try to evangelize. I mean no disrespect. My only hope is that those who hear the knock on the door don’t hesitate to answer the door and open up new possibilities.

    Whether a person believes in God or believes in evolutionary ideas or a mixture or whatever, I suggest that each require an equal amount of FAITH. Faith being the belief in something that cannot be ultimately proven by any known science.

    It is my choice to believe in something that gives me hope for the future in this world and hope for what we cannot explain but describe as eternity. The opposite is something that gives no hope for the future or for eternity but only leads to death and that is all. That it will come to an end and we will end up being worm food. Whichever belief system is correct is unknown but one provides hope.

    Sorry FEd for the rant but I felt humbly compelled. And again I say to all who read this, I mean no offense and I do not judge you for your lives or beliefs. I say these things in the spirit of love and care.

    Caption contest: “David, we know you are in to experimenting with new instruments but a kazoo is a bit much.”

  33. I’m glad the blog is back. I missed it! Thanks a bunch, Features Editor.

    Angelo said: “…a Gaggle of Gilmoureans….” How about the Gilmourrim, as I’ve taken to calling us?

    Phil and Guy look pretty happy. I hope this tour is as fulfilling for them and the other guys in the band (cough, cough) as it is for those lucky enough to see them.

    A shout-out to Marian! Get yourself some parmesan cheese…I mean, a person can stand only so much. 😀

  34. Looking at ways to improve his own stand-up show, Guy was keen to try out this vintage GlamRock ventriloquist dummy on David.

  35. Caption-

    Guy and Phil react to reading Becky’s post about her dream involving David and the hotpants…

    Thanks Eric, whomever you are, for restoring the precious blog. Great work 🙂

    We wouldn’t stand for our friend The F.Ed being ousted, so we’ll (at least I’ll) keep the witty (and not so) captions, rants and other musings coming at ya. If that don’t work, the Angry Mob would come to your aid.



  36. The band is just fantastic !!!

    Can’t wait to see them again in london in the marvoulous albert hall that will be great!!!

    if he will be playing some work from momentary lapse songs like ‘sorrow’ or ‘turning away’ learning to fly I love the 2 last floyd albums or a song or 2 from his first solo albums would be a nice suprise !!

    But than again the set list is great how it is !

    Maybe he can play that on the authem on a island tour hahahaha ( hope so) cheers keep up the good work!!

  37. ‘Unfortunately Phil and Guy soon realised David was not performing his Alan Sugar impersonation for them…’

  38. “how many copies of ‘On An Island’ you’ve worn out… ”

    I haven’t worn any out as yet but I do now own four copies of the album… (Office, Car, Home and a backup… O.C.D. Rules!)

    And a big thank you to the Man da’n sarf’ for getting me the Best Buy copies… (You know who you are…)

  39. PHWEW . . . !!!!!!!!!!!!

    didn’t realize how hooked I was to this blog . . . . . it’s become sort of like a morning cup of coffee . .

    I saw a couple of you coming to Chicago (April 12th show) from Florida (funny enough, the friend I’m seeing the show with is also coming from Florida – W.Palm Beach) . . . it looks like Gibsons Steakhouse would be a cool place to meet for a libation or two before the show. the address is 5464 N.River Rd (appears to be 2 doors down from the theater) . . . cigar smoking is permitted (important to us . . ) and they serve red meat.

    now F’ed . . . . you could simply show up as just another concert-goer and join us . . . . we’d NEVER know . . . you could be (for instance) ‘Sven’ . . . the environmental biologist from London . . . here in the states touring local wetlands . . just happened to be in the area for the show . . . . sounds PERFECTLY plausible . . . . . especially if we’re all drinking . . . .

    2 weeks from tonight . . . . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe I’ve had these tickets since December and it’s almost here . . . (sigh)

    Caption Competition:

    “F’ed – Margaret Thatcher . . ? . . . AH HA HA HA HA HA HA . . . .!!!”

    [Thatcher? That’s below the belt! – Features Editor]

  40. [Caption]

    No one mentioned to Guy and Phil that during their auditions in the new Sharon Stone film “Basic Instinct 2”, that there would be the use of the New “Snaper-Cam” technology.

  41. “Blog-Mour” returns!

    Great picture of Phil & Guy!! We could use a little more of celebrating their collective contributions to this epic mini-tour!! Jon, Steve, and Rick seem to be having a wonderful time also! Nice to hear of Guy’s props toward Steve! A classy group of world travellers indeed!

  42. Caption…

    “Good one Rudders!!!”

    [OK, but I call heads. – Features Editor]

    Blimey!…you win F.E…HeeHee

  43. maybe my post has been lost in the crash !

    I told you there is a nice interwiew of David in the french magazine ‘rock&folk’ (n° 464, april) and a very positive review of his album (with 4 stars)

    hey, dear Fed, I hope you haven’t been hurted in the “crash” !, we need you so much !!!Oh, how I missed you !


  44. caption:

    An extra treat added to the tour is Guy Pratt’s new ventriloquist act to open every show! having lost his dummy in the dark guy picked up Phil by mistake.

    Guy was just about to put his hand in the dummy when the spotlight came on….. Oh how they laughed

  45. Nice to see the blog back, I was thinking of asking my MP to table a question in the house of commons asking when it would be returned, as it was clearly a matter of natioinal importance.

    Seriously now for a moment, re: the important stuff.

    I was watching the living legend Sir David Attenborough’s wonderful program about planet earth the other night.
    Showing those crystal caves and other underground wonders and earlier on in the series the snow leopards and polar bears made it clear that in spite of all the worries and woes, this is a beautiful, magnificent world.

    So in case some folks think this world isn’t worth saving, think again, because it is.

    Sorry for the ramble *blush*

    [I couldn’t agree more. – Features Editor]

  46. Amazing how time flies..less than 2 weeks to Toronto..getting antsy..

    Cheers, Howard

  47. Hey F’ed and everyone else who is involved in this webblog, many compliments for the fact that you keep it up-to-date all the time!!

    I live in the Netherlands and I heard about this interview on Radio 2FM (Dutch radio station) two days ago. But because I was at work and the IT guys have made it impossible to hear the radio on the internet (the lunatics), I could not listen. Then I forgot about it (I know, I should be ashamed). But now I see it is linked at this site and so I’ve heard it after all!!

    Thanks for that F’ed!!

    And to all the other bloggers, you should listen to this interview as well. It’s a great interview and David even reveales something about the POSSIBLE release date of the PULSE dvd!

    Well, till next time.

    Greetings from the Netherlands!!

  48. Caption comp: Who’s the guy on the right ? looks like he’s had his Phil!!!!.

    NIce to have you back ED.
    RGds Geoff Duffy

  49. I’m also sorry to see that “Wot’s… Uh The Deal” has been dropped from the setlist, hope it makes it back again by the time he reaches the UK. That is the song I am looking forward to hearing the most.

    IMHO, the period leading up to DSOTM was the most interesting. The songs on Obscured By Clouds are fantastic, a much underrated album and probably the Pink Floyd album I listen to the most, along with David’s first solo album – another gem!

  50. Hello All,I am wanting to know whats Davids most Fav piece of guitar work he likes playing?

    Also whats his fav lyrics he likes to sing the most?Hope these
    are not silly questions .

    Thanx bye 4 now I LUV U DAVID X

    [They’re not silly, they just have no chance of being answered! – Features Editor]

  51. Hi I was just reading the Important Stuff (see some of us do and that was before I read your comment ha) I actually watched the McLibel prog last year I now have no intentions at all to go in there no matter how hungry me or the kids are. So thanks to the little people and Spanner films a difference can be made, No offence intended to those that eat there. We all have different opinions the world would be pretty dull if we didn’t :o)

    Keep up the good work all of you. You keep alot of people sane, I know that listening to Pink Floyd and Davey Baby (hey he might be the same age as my dad but he’s good looking ok) they have helped me through some depressing times.

    Take care sweets

  52. Counting the days till April 4th @ RCMH in NYC! This will be my first concert involving any of the members of pink floyd. I was too young to catch pink floyd when they were touring so this is wonderful for me I love pink floyd (and solo works,On an Island is awesome) and cannot wait for the amazing experience i’m going to have!See all of you there!!!!

  53. Michael… Good one 🙂

    “The judges of Pink Floyd Idol couldn’t contain themselves when Rudders arrived for his audition in a pig costume.”

    And what a name I’ve just seen which made me laugh…. MouseFart! fantastic!

  54. ? i thought you were taking a well-deserved BREAK! …shows how clueless i am. i kept thinking, how can i ‘e’ the FEd and explain, bloglessness is – i mean – what do i hold ONto, exactly? until the blog is back? …whipped into an anticipatory frenzy, with no outlet… i’ve gnawed all the frost out of the freezer. so glad you’re back!

    also, those of us who can’t see your erm unveiling onstage, at tour’s end – you must have a plan for us, yes? i theorized that you are an early-30s type named Geoff. but i must know the truth when the time comes! promise?

    Angelo, thanks for offering to guide us to RCMH by way of a pub! good on yer!

    caption: Phil and Guy watch David pack yet another 12 identical black t-shirts for the 2nd leg of the tour… and 12 pairs of white socks


    p.s. that Guy fellow is a cutie; bless.

  55. Angelo,

    I’ll look for you guys at 4:45 across from RCMH. Can’t wait.

    PS I’ll be wearing a Gilmour Academy sweatshirt.
    –Tim B.

  56. yahooooooo! we’re back.! nice to see guy’s smiling face again!!! in paris and amsterdam iit was nice to see whit how much joy you played!!

    also it’s nice to read the comments of rudders again and of course the answers of f.ed.!

    can’t wait till 31 may royal albert hall!!!!

  57. Fellow Blogoids…

    Has anyone noticed whether Mrs. Pratt is accompanying the gang on the tour…?

  58. most exalted FEd, been meaning to ask you – is there any way you know of that someone in the states could get hold of a couple single issues of Q magazine? i searched the net, and came up empty. all i saw was subscriptions which are HIDEOUSLY priced for our worthless currency.

    you could sell single issues with the other DG merchandise WHICH has mysteriously vanished hem-hem from this site…

    or, my fallback plan is to scour NYC for Q. that could take weeks…

    oh, and ben? ‘scalpers’ + ‘reasonable’ = big ol’ OXYMORON. and to be an oxymoron is, obviously, to be dumb as an ox. or at least i always thought so.

    aaaaaaaaaaahhh i can blooooooggg agaaaaainnnn…


    [I’m afraid you’d better get scouring NYC, mate. – Features Editor]

  59. Guy…

    I watched the Venice Concert last night (MLoR Tour July 1989) and was wondering whether the tour sponsor was Wigs’R’Us…

    The hairstyles were a sight to behold 🙂

    Saying that I think I was prone to fashion faux pas in those days as well…. white shoes, cuffs folded back on the jacket…

  60. Fedmeister

    If we correctly guess your identity would you tell us? Because I have a theory… ahem…which is my theory and no-one else’s theory…ahem…

    [Maybe, maybe not. – Features Editor]

  61. caption: how they laughed when they saw Guy had forgotten to wear his trousers again. His pink underwear with lace trimming was a show-stopping wonder to behold…

  62. Does anyone need a translation of the questions in the radio-interview? Or do the answers speak for themselves?

  63. Hi FEd,

    Do you (or anyone else for that matter) know if there has ever been a published (internet or otherwise) examination of the lyrics of DG and PF?

    Something such as a compilation of information obtained through interviews etc… that reveals the stories behind the songs?

    It would be a fantastic read to have and it would be even more fantastic to understand more about the great mind(s) that are trying to tell the stories.

    I am looking for something “real” from the artists, not something made up of other people’s interpretations.


    [Not that I know of, Brad. A couple of people have tried to write books about the meaning of each song, but they failed miserably. I don’t think David has ever wanted to carry out such a public autopsy, anyway. – Features Editor]

  64. I have somebody on the ground scouting the Royal Albert Hall for dropped or returned David Gilmour tickets.

    If one is found I will be on a plane, all the way from New Zealand to London, for one very special evening.

    Wish me luck guys.

    [Good luck, Warren! – Features Editor]

  65. I’m sad,at Rome was a longtime sold-out. But I’m receiving inspiration from these fantastic pieces and wait until dvd-F.E.,will be done?-

    I’d like to say thank you to one of the best bands ever.

    Thank you to Robert Wyatt for his breathe.
    Good work

    [As soon as there’s something official to declare, we will declare it. – Features Editor]

  66. {If you haven’t posted before, please do jump in – the waters are warm and not too deep…}

    thanks, Sir F’ed 🙂

    Not only is the water warm and not too deep, it surrounds a lovely island with DG playing on it, so you can’t drown, except in the music.


  67. I, and a lot of others I see, are hoping The Great One will be doing ‘wots..’ in Chicago, and I agree with you Steve, I LOVE OBC and Meddle and find that is what seems like the happiest time in the bands history. I’ve been watching ‘Live at Pompeii’ a lot and, I’ll admit, feeling rather sad for all the problems that came after DSOTM.

    But I’m not going to whine; no matter what David plays, I’m still going to be ectstatic to even be there. I won’t bore you all with our ticket woes, but I will say it was alot of work to get them. I’m going to be in front, and I’m just hoping that I don’t start bawling and distract David!)

    (I did start bawling at my last PF concert in ’94)

    Well, I have to have my daily listen of OAI; it’s haunting me!!


  68. [Whether a person believes in God or believes in evolutionary ideas or a mixture or whatever, I suggest that each require an equal amount of FAITH. Faith being the belief in something that cannot be ultimately proven by any known science.]

    Im going to say a few things about your post, but in the context of respect. As you have shown in your post. Anyway if we are to say anything intelligent about this debate, respect is the key. You did not want debate, but you did make your argument nonetheless. I will make mine.

    Ok here goes.

    It has always seemed to me that science and religion occupy a diferrent area in human consciousness.

    Science tries to explain the universe by observation and rational thought (as far as possible). Science works because it is based on a few laws, that generally apply. So ‘believing’ in the theory of evolution is a lot less faith and a great deal more empiricism.

    Religion works with belief. It does not need to be proven. This sort of puts it beyond any questioning. Which is, convenient and soothing at the same time.

    Unfortunatly religion has a few ‘inconsistency’ problems. First, it generally changes with each respective generation (just look at how many divisions the church has, none agree or else there would not be divisions now would there?). Second there are many of them (all the followers BELIEVING theirs is true) and most importantly religion is like empires. They are born, change and die. Not so very long ago, in the early Roman times, nobody had even heard of Christianity (although there were many other faiths). Before humanity, the earth has existed milennia (there were no humans to practise religion. I wonder if the dinosaurs needed a God. Or if God needed the dinosaurs… I believe the dinosaurs needed to eat…). Christianity will change, and eventually be overtaken by another belief (that other belief, or may even be scientific method for all we know). Medieval Christianity is not like the one we have today, and the one we have today will not be like the one of the future.

    Hence religion is made by men. Just look at how christianity (or any other belief) has adapted to society over the years. All by papal edict or to keep up with the advance of science. If there was one true religion, than humankind should not have any problem recognising it. There are many faiths and within these faiths many different factions (some so extreme you, as a Christian are probably ashamed of them. But they are Christian…). So even if you are a believer that inherently means that you disagree with all the other believers. These factions disagree because of differences of HUMAN interpretation of the bible (or any other religious book) So faith becomes something personal. Something you experience yourself and that is not open to experiment. But what is religion if it is so personal? What is religion if the different factions are diffent because of differences in human interpretation of the bible (and to complicate things, there are diffent versions of the bible) If your fellow believer (of the same faction in your faith) dont believe in the same way you do? Something to think about.

    These, and many other inconsistencies make me an atheist. Im not trying to deconstruct faith, or to offend or convince, merely explaining my point of view. I do not dislike religion, it has potential for a lot of good things. Personally I just can’t believe it. There is no way that I can believe in one singular faith and regard that as the truth (which is something all believers do. They say religion is like believing but still regard their belief as truth above the others. Oh how we humans love paradox).

    I just dont need religion to love and lead a good life for myself and to be good to others. Science, and the beauty of nature can also give hope. I would not say it is so bleak as you suggest. Believer or non believer, it would be best if we would put our energy in improving the human condition IN LIFE (it may be all we have). For all we know either one of us is wrong (or both are right, now that would be interesting). Best to make the most of living then (for ALL people of course)…

    For all I know I may be wrong (like you say, I will never close my door to that). Science has not conclusively shown there is no God. So we have all reason to keep that option open.

    If religion works for you, then I can only be happy for you. In the end, we probably have the same goal anyway. Peace, respect and love. So far neither religion nor science (meaning the way it affects society and thought) has achieved that fully. On the contrary.

    Lets hope for the best.


    PS Ed, I will understand if you do not post this to avoid discussion that might offend people (this topic, however respectfully statements are made, usually does). That would not be my intention.

    [No, this is great! People can skip the longer posts if they wish. No one has to pass comment. – Features Editor]

  69. I broke into Hives when I found the blog to be down! Fantastic Job fixing it before a hospital visit was needed.

    Less then a week to see David at Radio City. The excitment builds, I feel like a 6 year old child with a few days left until a disney land visit! I shall be holding the sign simply saying “Thank You”

    Randy Ekstrom

  70. Thank Golf the blog went down. I finally had time to shower and comb my hair for the first time in months.

    Guy, did you miss us? Like a dog misses fleas, right? 😉

    To Angelo and all the rest of the Gilmourrim, Gilmourites, Gilmo’ Ho’s or whatever we are calling ourselves — we’ll be erm, wherever you said at whatever time you said. I’ll be the wench in the black “ECHOES PLEASE!” t-shirt.

    (admit it, Ed/Edwina – you were jealous because David and the band are off and you used the old “software glitch” excuse so you could vacation too, now didn’t you?)


    [No, of course not! – Features Editor]

  71. I`ve been thinking about David`s comments in Guitar world, And I have total respect and understanding for him not to resurect Pink Floyd, cause he has been there and done it. And finally on the back of it is having a great solo success!
    And who knows one day one of his children will start/join a band that will measure up to PF as, I`m sure it`s in the blood, and my son Jack Gilmour Kavanagh will be sooo proud to have the name!

    Anyway just a thought,

  72. Ok, this is probably getting out of hand… I haven’t come down yet after the (natural) high the Paris and Amsterdam shows gave me….

    I have learned to live with the fact that I’m a bit over average interested in the music of Pink Floyd and all that is related to the band. But is it a sign that I’m going mad when it almost felt like losing a friend when the blog was down today???


    Thanks for being back though….. my daily fix….

    I must say that it has been a blessing this last year for us Floyd junkies. We have not been spoiled with concerts, new releases and news (only silly rumours) connected to Pink Floyd over the last 10 years. And now we had Live8 last summer, this website/blog to keep us warm for three months till Mr. Gilmour’s album release, which is a MASTERPIECE, followed by fantastic concerts (4 down 3 to go) with beautiful performances of the whole new album and the Floyd classics with very much Floyd related musicians, and Mr. Gilmour and the wonderful Mr. Wright sounding like they did in the seventies…..What more can you ask for??? Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Wright’s autographs maybe… (Well I got them in Paris so I am not going to ask for more..)

    Thanks again to Mr. Gilmour, Mr. Wright and the rest of the band for giving us these shows + staff/crew etc and of course Polly for giving us all the photos in addition to the lyrics on the album.

    And last, but not least, to you Features Editor. Thanks for “keeping us alive” from the beginning of December and for giving us this daily fun it is to read all the comments and see that there are a lot of fellow nutcases out there…

    This is good fun but I’m glad I’m able to kind of look at myself from the outside and see it as fun hobby and make sure that we do not forget “the important stuff”…

    Well, time for bed, good night to you all!

    Best regards


  73. On the news tonight Tom Jones has recived a Kinghthood, Not that I have anything against Sir Tom, but Why did David only receive a CBE, surely there must be a way this can be upgraded?

  74. I just wanted to say that I love David Gilmour and his new cd, On an Island. I just wish that for once that they would do a decent tour instead of just four cities in the U.S. or in Euorpe. There are alot more fans besides, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Oakland, and L.A. I live near Portand and Seattle and it’s impossible to see him tour. I think sometimes these big time artists forget who put them there in the spotlight. Without us fans who bought their records, none of this would happen. I think they owe it to us fans to do a proper tour so that everybody can enjoy and not just the elite.

  75. I haven’t worn any out as yet but I do now own four copies of the album… (Office, Car, Home and a backup… O.C.D. Rules!)

    Rudders… you may OWN them, but you don’t yet “possess” them! Any higher bidders??? LOL J/K Rud

    By the way, I was mid key-stroke asking what the hell “man da’rn sarth” meant when suddenly the brain kicked in and I figured it out. I must say, you northerners talk funny! So why don’t you all just TAKE OFF, eh???

    Tim…. FAR from the Great White North

  76. merry christmas guy! i can’t wait till you open your presents in toronto. welcome back fed, we really really missed you. my copy is already skipping, it’s time for another. it’s so beautiful. see you in toronto.

  77. Dear FED I have a really good news for FANS !

    I got 4 tickets for me and my family and unfortunately my father can not make it that day because of a business trip. So , the good news for those unlucky fans in Toronto is that: I ended up having ONE extra ticket for April 9th. I am not willing to give it away with a nonsence price like on eBay or on the market and I would like to give it with a reasonable price to a real fan whom YOU decide. So I thought maybe this place is the best place to bring it up before giving it to some random person with some unreasonable price.

    I will let you to choose a fan from canada who is willing to go to the show at april 9th in toronto and will happily give it to him/her at a reasonable price. Its interesting to say that the winner of the ticket will sit beside me and my family ! sounds wierd huh ? I already have my 4 tickets in hand and I can give you the serial number of them to make you sure that i have it.

    So I dont know if it was appropriate to bring it up in here or not but if you think that this is a nice way of doing it, you can contact me via my email address or share it here so that ppl who are interested can contact me. I belive those ppl who come here very often are real fans so I preffer giving it to someone from here than just randomly give it to some other person.

    Hope some one who deserves this will get it.


    [That’s kind of you, Kasra. If anyone’s interested, please leave a message with your e-mail address included and Kasra will contact you. – Features Editor]

  78. I’m going to the april 4th concert traveling from south florida see you people there

  79. I am always compelled to write after Guy posts. I cant help it. Great picture today! I am a big fan of Guy’s playing, but the energy that he brings (to the show) is what I like to see.

    Tim B, where did you get the Gilmour Academy shirt? Would Guy wear one, or get David to wear it? It could be black.

    Has Guy still been wearing the Didn’t they do well shirt?

    Hey Rudders, Are you thinking that Mrs. Pratt is the Fedmeister? Has she been suspiciously absent from the shows? Will she be at the London show? Might be on to something 🙂

    Brian H.

    [If that is a guess, then it’s another incorrect one. Sorry! By the way, Gilmour Academy is an independent school in Ohio if that helps you find it, Brian. – Features Editor]

  80. Caption:

    Whilst wondering how to spend a few days off, El Magnifico and GP offer to fill in for the Chuckle Brothers at Butlins, Skeggy (as frequented by Syd many moons ago)

    “To me, to you…”


    Guy: “I’m not saying Juve were poor Phil, but we could have played Cygan and still kept a clean sheet!”

    I couldn’t have coped with another day of being told to ‘blog-off’ – great to have you back FEd, ya woollyback 🙂

    [Cheers, mate! – Features Editor]

  81. caption comp: Jon Carin has just asked David to be on his next tour ” Hence the reaction

    Rgds Geoff Duffy

  82. Hmmmmm….MAYBE?? A …………..

    Single ticket for KODAK and UNIVERSAL AMP……FOR FACE VALUE??????????

  83. I have tickets for the Tuesday night show in N.Y. I saw the Pink Floyd Animal Tour as my first concert many years ago. Also saw the Division Bell tour. My husband has never seen Pink Floyd or Gilmour and I can’t wait to see this show with him. The new Cd is excellent. Only 6 days to go. Yeah!

  84. Ok Fedmeister… here goes…

    My theory is… and it’s a reasoned theory I believe… that as Polly is helping out taking pictures and stuff and Guy drops a blog now and again that you could possibly, maybe, hopefully be wife to Bassist and daughter of Keyboardist? …….Gala Pratt?

    [Oh, it’s good, but it’s not right. And no, I’m not Roy Walker from Catchphrase.. – Features Editor]

  85. Hello..are there any plans for a live CD or DVD from the “On An Island” tour? -Jim, Providence RI, USA

    [DVD, yes. CD, no. – Features Editor]

  86. Hi FEd, David and all,

    I missed you so much yesterday, but figured that it must have been that cold we’ve all had finally manifesting itself in an actual global bloggers’ virus spread due to such close proximity to our keyboards and monitors. So it’s probably a good thing that we all unhooked for one day to clear the air, but only one day okay?

    I thought I’d let you know how I came across this lovely site, by the way. I’d cruised around through cyberspace searching out PF/DG sites for quite some time, first coming across one which was pretty well stocked with information on the band and each of the individual members. Lots of articles in lots of publications, etc. Then one day I came across Vicky’s site ‘Devoted To David Gilmour’ which I found to be much more current information (and I loved her rants). I took alot of crap from my husband every time he’d find me perusing the site because of the name. Thought I was going through some mid-life crisis or something. It was the ‘devoted to’ that reminded me of a time long, long ago when I would listen to KFWB radio in LA when I was 11 or 12, the Beatles having just invaded the USA. I’d sit in my room with my trusty old radio and be rendered breathless every time Casey Kasem would play one of their songs. Then I saw them at the Hollywood Bowl, everyone screaming and crying for one of the Fab Four to be theirs forever! It seemed a little too close to that (the site name) to my ‘old man’, hence the assumption that I was drifting into mid-life crisis, obsession, or dementia!

    But I didn’t fold under pressure! (Now I am feeling a little silly.) It was on her site that I first learned about the Pink Floyd mini-reunion for the Live 8 event, the news of ‘On An Island’ and then the news of a tour!! And then the link to this site, which then led me quite by accident the acquisition of tickets to the California gigs (but I haven’t lived there for 30 years now, but I will happily make the pilgrimage). Segue into …

    I’m going to step just a little bit over the line that I had previously bitched about people steping over… Wouldn’t all of human-kind be a little more, oh let’s say, attentive to the needs of Mother Earth, our Mother Ship in this vast universe, if we weren’t always having that ‘eternity in heaven’ as a back up to screwing up here on the planet today? Yes, everyone should have faith and hope that we can get our act together before we destroy this very precious home we all share. No one really knows what comes after this, but if there was/is some kind of ‘supreme being’ sitting out there watching us and judging our actions, I’d be a little bit concerned that he/she/it would be pretty pissed off that we treat our ‘Mom’ so badly!! And, if you haven’t noticed, there are countless numbers of sects out there, all believing strongly that theirs is the only true way. Hence all the f*cking wars, atrocities, and all the other bad sh*t that is perpetuated in the name of someone’s almighty! How ’bout we try to fix the glaring obcenities that we can really ‘see’ (global warming, starvation, AIDS), and leave the hereafter to … ?

    See, this is what happens when you needle a recovering Catholic (40 years clean and counting)!

    Glad your back FEd. Let David and crew know that we’re looking forward to the gigs, appreciate all the fabulous music/vibes, and thank their respective families for loaning them to us for a little while!

    Washington State

    [You’re right, mate. Reminds me of an old African proverb. Something about when two elephants fight, it’s the grass that comes off worse. Maybe we should stop fighting and start taking better care of the grass. – Features Editor]

  87. I had two copies of OAI but didn’t want to be selfish so I gave one to my boss. He is seriously lacking in DG/PF music (there’s no excuse for that) but I’m setting him straight. He’s been listening to OAI a lot and can’t stop playing “Smile” which he says, to his way of thinking, is a mature love song.

    Now watching: Spinal Tap featuring the illustrious David Gilmour on lead bass! I love it….

    (Way to go, Eric!)

  88. mr. gilmour:

    i’ve got one simple request for the two radio city shows that i’ll be attending:

    play everything played so far, at least once.

    i can’t describe the level of surprise when i saw that the fabulous ‘obscurred by clouds’ was being dusted off and represented at these shows. ny pf fans know what’s what. i have not had the pleasure of watching DG perform live since the wall shows at nassau coliseum. so this is a special treat for me and hearing wots and all of the other things that the band has so wonderfully played so far will be a huge treat. when the tickets went on sale, i only got tix for one night, but when i saw that the setlists were changing a bit, i got tix for the other night too. i think the new album is fantastic and i’m thrilled to hear it. but the little bit of surprise element to set 2 seems very cool. please, play it all. (of course, if you want to toss in a quick little nile song, or, in keeping with the mellower feel of the tour, fearless or childhood’s end, do feel free!!!)

    thanks for entertaining me and influencing my playing for over 30 years.


  89. Good Evening to all, Glad the blog is back! It is great to read the entries in here, since I am unfortuneate to be able to go to any of the shows here in the U.S. I just wish Mr. Gilmour could do a few more cities in the U.S.

    The Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia is an awesome place to see a concert. It is a beautiful old theater. Wish he could come here!

    Looking forward to the reviews in this blog, since this is the only way I am going to be able to experience the show. I’ll just put on the DG cds and read….

    Thanks for everything on this blog!!!! It’s great. Kevin

  90. yesterday,the only place in greece one could see the solar eclipse was an island called Castelorizon,in the very east of the country.i’m blowing up my mind having bought the new david’s work at the same day..what a great synchronism.

    still hearing it and it gets better every new time.roger is coming here in june.i wonder david when ..


  91. It was with eager anticipation that I awaited the April 4th show in NYC, but after viewing the European set list I can’t help but feel somewhat disappointed. For years I have regarded David’s first two solo albums very highly and continue to listen to them. So much so that I would be entirely content not to hear a single Pink Floyd piece in the upcoming show. This is after all a David Gilmour tour. At the very least my friends and I were looking forward to a live performance of “Murder”. So we will be there, and I’m sure it will be great, but what won’t be covered, I’m sure, will be missed by more than just us.

  92. Does antbody else get the feeling that Fed is David. They go on tour and the posts get much shorter….Damn I wish I had a ticket to Chicago.

  93. I wish I could meet up with some other fans in NYC before the show, but I’m going to a taping of Conan O’brien at 4:30 I believe. By the time it’s out I think the doors at Radio City are open already.

    I’ve been on this site everyday since it started; posting every so often. I don’t know any other sites this great that update almost daily; it makes me happy to be able to tell David how much I appreciate his work.

    I am so psyched for this show on the 4th. I’m going with my girlfriend who I’ll have been with a year soon who didn’t know anything about Floyd or David a year ago. Now she is so excited too, she even cried when she heard you were playing Echoes. It sounds too good to be true. Thank you so much David for this album and tour. On An Island is a fantastic album; I’m thrilled to be able to hear the whole thing live and a great selection of old hits too. I feel so lucky to be seeing you your first date back in America in such a long time. It is my first time seeing you ever, thanks for getting a great band to go with you as well.

    Thanks all around for giving me more excitement than I have had in a long…. ahhh ever! – Ryan in Boston

  94. so happy this blog is back! a little nice and relaxing thing was missing in my life, something sweet, cool,interesting and friendly.guess what f.é., it is your fan fare page…it is like a very good glass of wine or this marvelous coffee in the morning. i appreciate this web site and i am counting the days before toronto; 11 days… today was gorgeous here in the laurentians( 45 minutes from montréal) 13 degrees, sunny and mild. i went ski at the resort where i work. hope the band rests for this week off.did they go back to london or they are already in u.s.a. bisousxxx sylvie de montréal.

    [They’re not in the US yet, but soon… Very soon. – Features Editor]

  95. sorry if i missed this somewhere but can someone tell me why a long sleeve t-shirt should cost $45! The shirt looks so freakin cool, and i would love to show off my impeccable taste in music, but 45 bucks… am i only poor bloke that feels this way?

  96. Hi Everybody,

    It’s amazing how time flies, can’t wait until the Chicago show on the 13th!

    I am flying over from Nicaragua just to see the concert!

    If it is not too much asking, it would be great if “Coming back to life” could be included again… “Take it back”, “Learning to Fly” or “Run like Hell” could be other extremely good options!

    Thanks FEd for maintaining such a great blog!



  97. [I myself in a strange way am so proud of David & Polly…, David Gilmour is the best and he deserves the best that this life has to offer..]

    Linda, I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

    Guy, glad to here you’re enjoying yourself!!

    I was dying without the blog too! Thanks to Eric, give that guy a raise =)

    Sacramento, CA

  98. is it true that david has a collection of 200 guitars. sylvie de montréal

    [No, less than that. – Features Editor]

  99. Guy Pratt. Doesn’t time fly, indeed. I remember that kid with the blonde bob haircut playing with the Floyd back in ’88! 🙂

    I still wish they will play that reggae version of Money which was great fun.

  100. Welcome back all.

    Well, while we are waiting for the US tour, I thought I would take a stroll down memorie lane.

    This is going to be my 4th decade I’ve seen David perform in, but what I wanted to tell you about was the wall show in Los Angeles (I think 1980). As some of you know it was HUGE!!!..so they played the same place for a week or two, to give everyone a chance to see them. I was in Phoenix at the time and bought tickets through a local radio station,as did several thousand Arizonians. When we got there we found out that on date poeple from Arizona were on the right side of the Arena, Colorado residents were on the left side and Californians in the floor seats. I have allways wondered through the years if the band could hear what was happening out in the arena that night. Remember this was only 3 years after the Animals tour…the Colorado side was making sheep noises, California was doing pigs and cow noises, and Arizona was doing dog sounds. I’m not talking a few poeple, I’m talking everybody there. It was really great, and you could hear alot of poeple laughing…it was truely remarkable, I’ll never forget that as long as I live.

  101. A question.

    Has the taping of a DVD at the RAH show been confirmed yet?


    [An answer… No. – Features Editor]

  102. First and foremost, I think Mr David Gilmour is a real dick for not coming to Montreal.

    It is a well known fact that Pink Floyd were very popular in Quebec WAY before dark side.

    Then you could take in consideration that an incident in Montreal is at the root of the THE WALL album.

    Finally, remember that tour in 94, the one where piink floyd sold out the olympic stadium 3 nights in a row, thats 180 000 screaming fans.

    And finally, nice job on selecting such small venues, this way you just know the real fans wont be able to get their hands on tickets as scalpers and now legal vip ticket services(what a joke)will buy the whole lot within hours.

    A friend of mine paid 550$ per ticket to see you.If you cant figure out a way to get around this, at least charge that much yourself, I’d much rather you give it to some charity or pocket it than to give it to some greasy scalpers.

    In conclusion, I console myself in the fact that at least, I’ll be able to get some kind of revenge by illegally downloading your latest album.

    A former fan, Claude
    born MARCH 6TH 1979
    happy 60th DAVE

    [How very grown up of you. Hands up who got tickets without resorting to “greasy scalpers”. Hands up who thinks that, just maybe, David doesn’t want 180,000 screaming fans this time. It’s unfortunate that you can’t just respect that. Pink Floyd were very popular in many places before ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’, so your point is…? You’d pay $550 for a ticket if that’s what we charged, but not $10 for a CD? Hmm, that makes sense. Roger Waters spitting at a fan more than 20 years ago has nothing whatsoever to do with David choosing where to play. Unless you actually want David to spit at you? I don’t see that happening myself, but I’m sure that many people reading your unreasonable whinge might enjoy picturing the scene should you post another nonsensical message. Enjoy your ‘revenge’. – Features Editor]

  103. Dear FEd and Eric,

    Thanks for bringing back this little corner of the world back to our lives – I didn’t realise how much I missed it and how much it had become part of my routine until found myself reloading the umpteenth white page out of pure denial..!

    I want to add my thanks to you FEd, our Features Vizier – all your work, your patience, and sifting through our BS is really really appreciated. There’s a really nice group of people here with funny and interesting things to say, and credit has to go to you for nurturing it so well (and to you lovely fellow fans).

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it’s already fond enough as it is thank you very much 🙂

    Thanks again FEd, really…thanks…


    [Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  104. caption:

    “Damn Phil this is the third coffee shop we have been to in Amsterdam and I have yet to get a cup of coffee!” “Who needs it Guy, when we have the herbal “tea”.

    [Steady! – Features Editor]

  105. I guess it is rather interesting , intresting maybe not the most appropriate word, that I do find myself, night after night, checking this blog in search of some hint of what is to come at the Chicago shows. Lucky to have gotten tickets I’m sure (Sold out in seconds… officially, not counting presale) and deffinitly lucky to see the blog is back.

    See you in Chicago!

  106. Having (yet again) rekindled my devotion to everything Pink with David’s latest doings, I found myself reading a book of Pink Floyd’s many press releases. During an extensive interview during the early 70s I believe, David slightly shuns how rock fans put their favorite musicians on some sort of moral pedestal.

    Well I’d have to disagree. Making music (good music that is) is the simple act of expressing yourself in a way that brings out the emotions and hopes of others. Meanwhile a lot of our ‘moral’ leaders continue to mearly ask us to hope for the best and be happy, while providing no substance. They’re the talkers, and David is a doer as I see it. I’m sure there have been (and will be) many intelligent people who have done (and will do) many intelligent, worth-while things with at least some small kindling of David’s music in their hearts and minds. INSPIRATION. Never underestimate good music, David: its unseen impact undoubtedly brings out people’s better nature. You’re a blessing dude!

    And F’Ed: You and your blog do alright as well! 😉

    Peace, and G’Night

  107. Thanks to everyone who reached out to join us April 4th and 5th. It’s going to be really special to see David Gilmour, but to meet up before with fellow fans and bloggers will make it even more so I think. Maybe I should get a cardboard cut-out of a person with a question mark on the face and a big “Features Editor” printed on the front…?

    I’m lovin’ the extras on the site now. I’m even learning a few new languages!!! (knowing Spanish is helping me’thinks..)

    Andrew & the Ping on Castellorizon (from the other day),

    I’m hearing references to “Marooned” and even a little “Atom Heart” backwards orchestra. Not as straight forward as that Ping…that was an in your face reference!!!

    Ah… now I can sleep tonight..the DG blog is back. Thanks to Eric, where ever he is…..

  108. I just wanted to say that I cant sleep here in san antonio texas. Im going to New york tommarrow to make the 4-4 show at radio city music hall. I cannot wait to go. Mr. GIlmour has done so much for me that he will not even realize. Is there any chance I can get the name of his hotel so I may be able to get an autograph?

    [Sorry. Although that would be nice for the fans, it wouldn’t be much fun for David’s family, would it? – Features Editor]

  109. I will be attending the April 5th show at radio city music hall and if I’m there by 4:45 I’ll look for everyone across the street. I don’t post on this site to much allthough I read it everyday so I don’t think anyone will know who I am, but I don’t think me and my friend are going to have much to do. We’re from Connecticut and actually havn’t even looked at the train schedules yet.

    well anyway, I can not explain how much I am looking forward to this show. I will be happy with anything that David and his band play but I really do hope that he does all of his new album. I will post a report and the setlist on this blog as soon as I get home(I’ll try not to make it to long), allthough the setlist will probably be posted allready. It’s a shame that On An Island dropped to number 16 on the US billboard charts. I havn’t heard much at all about On An Island or Davids tour, it’s definitly not getting enouph attention from any of the radio stations in CT. I still havn’t heard On An Island played once on any station! I sent a bunch of e mails complaining and asking them why they havn’t played it but I Didn’t get 1 answer yet.

    PS: I don’t know what that “remember me?” thing is under your e mail address when you post so I always just left it on no.

    Can’t wait for the show!!

    [Enjoy it, mate. By the way, if you check the ‘Yes’ box, you won’t have to enter your name/e-mail address the next time you decide to post. That should save all of seven seconds! – Features Editor]

  110. I just lucked into 6th row balcony tickets for Monday night in Oakland. A happy way to kick off the post Lent season.

    Anyone planning drinks or anything prior to the Oakland shows?

    My favorite Pink Floyd memory: Trying to get to my seats in the massive Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami for the kickoff of the Division Bell tour. My wife and I had driven up from Key West and a whole series of misfortunes had made us late for the show. The lights go out to Morse code style triplets and radio transmission sounds. Then David’s swooping overdriven chords and then “Lime and lipid green, a second schene … icy waters underground”. I couldn’t believe they were opening with Astronomy Dominie, a song I love and never thought I’d hear them play. I found out later that this was the first time they had played in in 20 some years. Definitely the highlight of one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

    I also never thought I’d hear Echoes live and here’s hoping it stays in the setlist for the US. tour.

    Editor –

    Do you know if there are any plans to film any of the shows? I can’t think of a better way to launch the new HD-DVD & BluRay formats than a Gilmour concert in High Definition.

    [It’s being considered. – Features Editor]

  111. David, I don’t think you’re being selfish in reguards to a Pink Floyd tour. It’s us fans who are being selfish. You will always inspire me with whatever you do. See you in Chicago on night two. Dan

  112. Hello Features Editor. Does your birthday fall on March 29?

    [No, it doesn’t. – Features Editor]

  113. the press reports are nice. if i weren’t so lazy i’d write my own account, and perhaps i will. also, i have a whammy pedal. and i can make the sounds in the middle of echoes. that’s all. wait. i saw the backwards flying gull from the site while driving across the bay bridge. if you’d like him back, let me know and i’ll alert him.

  114. Caption as the photo is taken at the punch line: What do you call a fish without an eye? …..Fsh. This blogout, thanks to Eric’s aid, got all of us on track again. Massey isn’t far away. P.S. My in-laws told me this one. Toffee Noses. Guess Fed?

    [That sounds like another Evertonian nickname to me. – Features Editor]

  115. Something I thought to share with the site before retiring to sleep:

    I read in tonights news that the total eclipse of the sun
    was visible on the Greek Island of Kastellorizo today.
    The birds on the island fell silent….

    Witnessing that on an boat, with some portable OAI in the background may rival my travel concert fantasy to L.A. or Chi-town.

  116. I can’t tell you the relief I felt when I popped on here this morning and see the blog back! I was beginning to think I might have been banned or something. (Actually at this point it was yesterday morning—I finally got a chance to post now after working late so I can be sure to have an enjoyable and stress free trip to NY!)Glad you’re back FEd!

    Angelo…Big round of applause to you for playing coordinator for all us RCMH bloggers getting together in NY!!! Sounds like we are going to have a great turnout! Yet another perk of the tour, the music, the website and the blog…bringing us fans together to make the experience all that more memorable. I look forward to meeting you all in person!

    Thanks FEd for letting us coordinate on here…wish you could join us too!

    [Thank you. I hope you have a great time. – Features Editor]

  117. I am now officially wetting myself. Tickets for Manchester came through this morning. second row, centre stage. I will admit to giggling like a girl when I saw that.

    For those who are going to Manchester the Bridgewater Hall has an interactive seating plan where you can enter in your seat number and it will show you the view you will get.

    You will need to install an ActiveX component to see it working and the site can be found by clicking on my name.

  118. has anybody seen Guy & Gordon Ramsey in the same room, at the same time??

    [Get away! – Features Editor]

  119. Hey to the band and everybody on this website. I’m going to the Rosemont show on the 13th of April. Only 2 weeks to go, and of course I will post my comment after but till then I have been trying to keep up with what the tour was doing through comments made on this website. Thanks everone for leting us know how the shows have been. To the band, hope you guys have a good break before hitting the US. Hey Guy, it seems you are the only one responding in the comments section of this website, so could you get the rest of the guys to say something. Thanks, a loving fan. See you all soon.

  120. Hi FEd, Hi Daivd, Hi Guy, Hi everyone in this blog!

    Wow! Turn on my Mac and find the blog’s page is very reassuring! I agree to frost: it become sort of like a morning cup of coffee!

    GREAT PIC! I’m very happy to know they’re are enjoyng during the tour! I hope Guy is going to describe us some particular moment who enjoyed themselves more! Hey Guy! You was fantastic jumping on the stage!

    At the end, someone wrote about Fat Old Sun played during last show. In Rome it was FANTASTIC! I love this song very much, but this tour version is maybe better than the original of Atom Heart Mother! So sweet, at first…and so joyful and playful in the last part! Unforgettable!

    Have a great day!


    P.S. I’d like to play to discover FEd identity. Can I try? So…are you…..the WHITE RABBIT?

    [I’m afraid not. – Features Editor]

  121. I think the FEd is actually Osama bin Laden, needing a bit of quick cash to help fund the next stage of world domination, and enjoying a day job that keeps him out of the public eye.

    [But can the US army find me? – Features Editor]

  122. Been away myself-didnt take blog with me-did I miss anything? Saw the link to “The Important Stuff” but where is the link to “The Unimportant, Trivial, and Totally Boring Stuff”?


    “Phil and Guy reaction to seeing FED!”

    So Guys comments that every day on tour is like Xmas-oh no not Christmas Carols when in concert at Glasgow-its all Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, Divison Bells and inflatable Christmas trees!!

    Ian Pearson

  123. Clemens, you and I would get along quite nicely. I very much enjoyed reading your views, especially after the introspection I’m feeling having watched “The Colours of Infinity” (music my D. Gilmour) on PBS last night, which I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it.


    “I don’t enjoy snake dances, I despise crowds, and I do not let slobs tell me where to go on Sundays.” – Jubal Harshaw in “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert Heinlein

  124. Adrian…

    “On the news tonight Tom Jones has recived a Kinghthood, Not that I have anything against Sir Tom, but Why did David only receive a CBE, surely there must be a way this can be upgraded?”

    Now if David had been Welsh then maybe he would have….. butty bach…boyo…:-)

  125. Doyle

    I disagree with your comments as DG and PF had toured almost continuosly for the first twenty years with a few world tours thrown in for good measure after that…

    Won’t you get to see a bit of Europe on Roger’s Tour anyway?… 🙂

  126. Caption: Polly felt a right pillock when Guy and Phil kept telling her to go back a bit for the photo until she came across the open stage trapdoor

  127. Well, 5 days till RCMH!! can not wait, taking the Amtrak from Pittsburgh! Rick and I will see yinz guys at ‘the spot’

  128. Hi all glad your back.

    Ed your not Arnold Layne are you?

    Had a strange Hobby 😉

    [He sure did. – Features Editor]

  129. [Voor geen me… maar dank u…]

    Haha Rudders, probeer je je Nederlands? Of is dit Babelfish? Wat een taaltalenten hier! LOL

    Well, Ed how is your Dutch? 🙂

    [I’m sorry to say that it’s non-existent. – Features Editor]

  130. [Oh, it’s good, but it’s not right. And no, I’m not Roy Walker from Catchphrase]

    I know, you are Les “if it’s up there I’ll give you the money mesself” Dennis.

    [I see myself more as a Jim “Super, smashing, great” Bowen, as it happens. – Features Editor]

  131. Caption-

    ‘While the Phil puppet was undeniably a great likeness, everyone could still see Guy’s lips move’.

  132. What have these two been drinking? I want some!

    Looks like they’ve had a great time!


  133. Clemens,

    Good post!!! It speaks to those who understand history, people, and maintain faith….

  134. all this for Man Utd? gaaaah!!! I’ll stick to Wakefield Trinity Wildcats!

  135. Bwa-ha-ha-hahahahaha! You’re outed, FEd!

    Mark posted: “Does antbody else get the feeling that Fed is David.”

    And the FEd sez nothing. No response. Because David doesn’t want to lie!

    I don’t really think it’s David…that would make him superman, wouldn’t it? If it IS David, then I’m gutted because Rudders is his favorite….

    On a more serious topic: a tip of the hat to Clemens. Excellent points. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    Becky in Atlanta but soon to be in NYC

    [I’m playing with you. Anyway, I’ve said that I’m not David before. – Features Editor]

  136. Claude the angry Quebecer, what a charmer. I near fell off my seat when I read the post. FYI Claude, I got my tickets at face value, I am no VIP member or scalper. AND also about 3 hours after they went on sale my friend was able to buy 2 tickets from the official sellers too so please get your facts right before you post. Perhaps if David was 30 again, he would wan’t to be pushed from pillar to post and fill out huge stadiums where you can barely hear the music. Perhaps its better that the smaller venues will allow the sould to be heard right, perhaps its best if you do not attend.

    Also do you know that IP addresses are send across to this site each time you post, well unless you know the HTTP protocol you probably do not, I hope F’ed and co bust down your door and confiscate your copy music collection, then you really will get a scalping!! Go um gettum heap big chief f’ed, off with his head etc etc..

    [I’ve been sharpening my pointy stick since reading his post. – Features Editor]

  137. I am still trying to control my rage after reading that ridiculous comment from Claude in Montreal. Maybe Roger had it right when he spit in that fans face. If you wanted to go to the show that bad, find a WAY! Iam traveling 175 miles to see him and I am not crying about it. The guy does not owe you or me a thing. He has provided the world some of the greatest music in history, and it is truly a blessing he is touring at all. David, if you read this blog remember 99% of your fans appreciate this tour and please ignore selfish,whining people like Claude! Dave from Ft. Wayne In

  138. [I don’t see that happening myself, but I’m sure many people reading your unreasonable whinge might vaguely consider it if you post another nonsensical message. Enjoy your ‘revenge’. – Features Editor]

    Vaguely consider?? Hmm no not vaguely… Ah well, that wont help anyway. Some people… (shakes head)…

  139. TO CLAUDE the angry Quebecer,

    dear Claude, first of all, forgive my english!

    I can understand your disappointment but…maybe japanese fans do would like to see David in concert too! David had to choose…HE CAN’T BE ANYWHERE! It is sad…but is the truth!

    Then…I was lucky ’cause I saw David 4 days ago in Rome…but before december 2005 I’m sure I never saw him in my life. However I continued to listen Pink Floyd because I loved their music and this was the most important thing!
    I’m “just” 28 years old and last time Pink Floyd come in Italy (I tthink in 1994) my parents didn’t leave me to go to the concert in Rome…David’s On an Island tour was a sort of “miracle” for me, BUT IF DAVID DIDN’T COME IN ITALY, I CONTINUED LOVING PINK FLOYD AND LISTENING THEIR WONDERFUL MUSIC!

    You can trust me! Because, first of all, I love PINK FLOYD SOUND! I couldn’t love David, Roger, Nick and Richard if I didn’t love their music! If David played rap, for example, you can be sure I didn’t love him!!!



    I hope you think about this and that tomorrow you are going to love David again!!!

    Bye bye


    P.S. FEd! Do you agree?!!!

    [As always, you make a very good point. Everyone understands that fans are disappointed because David is not visiting their home town. But don’t waste my time, or anyone else’s, by whining about how David is a “dick” and how you’re going to get your “revenge” by stealing his album. Instead of throwing your toys out of the pram, hit yourself several times in the face with one of them. Then come back when you’ve knocked some sense into yourself. – Features Editor]

  140. I would love the April 9th ticket to see David in Toronto. I have been waiting for a ticket for that Sunday night show for about 3 months now. I missed getting one on the day they went on sale and I was on the phone the minute they went on sale.. i got blocked out by the other callers.

    my name is Angelo G. if you can get together with me, I’d pay face value for it.

    so Kasra, if you get this, email me at ag431397@ohio.edu, and I will buy the ticket from you for face value. thank you so very much. Peace, love and light to you all.

  141. Dear Claude the angry Quebecer:

    I’m sorry but brandishing childish insults around dosen’t do you any favours.

    If you want to get upset about something then do it over something worth getting upset about like wars, famines and terrorisim.

    You didn’t get a ticket, never mind neither did I, but look I havne’t seen the four horsemen of the apocolpyse yet, it’s just one of those things.

  142. Good Morning, F.Ed,

    It seems like Claude is a little disgruntled. I wonder how many more people feel like he does? I think David can do more to appease these people. How about this; David schedules a few show at a huge arena or two, charging $10 a head with festival seating. Once 180,000 drunk, screaming, babbling pillocks find their way in there, David and the band come onstage, playing violins waay out of tune. Once they all get to the front of the stage, this huge middle finger raises up from the floor with all these spotlights coming out out of it spelling a choice phrase- (David’s choic of phrase, of course). They then exit the stage to the recorded tune of the old country song “What Part of NO Don’t you Understand?” That would be a way to appease all of the Claude’s out there.

    Speaking of which, Claude, just because you have one doesn’t mean you need to be one.

    Well, F.Ed, it looks like some pretty good rants out there today, doesn’t it?

    To all of the Athiests and Christians and Catholics and Muslims and any others out there, let’s try to leave that discussion elsewhere for now. We would all be here for months voicing and dissecting each other’s views of the afterlife, so maybe we should not go there for now. I don’t want to see any fights amongst fellow fans get out of control.

    Thanks all, have a good day.


    [Ah, you even used the word ‘pillock’. Good stuff. – Features Editor]

  143. [Clemens, you and I would get along quite nicely. I very much enjoyed reading your views, especially after the introspection I’m feeling having watched “The Colours of Infinity” (music my D. Gilmour) on PBS last night, which I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it.]

    Thank you. If you are ever in Holland, let me know. We’ll grab a beer and discuss this further :). I still have to see “The Colours of Infinity”, but it sure sounds interesting!

    If we are recommending documentaries anyway, IMO the best is ‘Cosmos’ by the late Carl Sagan (also featuring some Pink Floyd music, “one of these days” if I’m not mistaken). It covers a broad range of subjects, from astronomy to history to physics. If you are into science, culture, humanity and their history/development this is a must see.

    @ ed

    I wouldnt waste your time on Dutch. Its rediculously complex to learn (for foreigners) and nearly all Dutch speak English (and usually another language) anyway.



  144. claude from montréal, you had the choice of going to toronto or new-york to see david show.toronto is 6 hours driving from montréal… if you read this blog you will see there is a lot of fans who are travelling far away from home to see their idol david. i live in montréal and of course i would prefer david came to québec; it cost us less money than going to toronto ( train, dinner, hotel, drinks, breakfast, baby-sitter for two days…) so what. my husband and i decided david s worth it and we deserve it. everything is a question of choice… i am going ski again.. bonne journée. sylvie de montréal.

  145. Dear F.ed,

    for the fun et pous vous aider à améliorer votre (joli) français, et moi, mon anglais!!:

    I have two problems with my family:

    -the first one comes from David because my family becomes jealous,: he is everywhere with his album: at home in the mainroom, in the kitchen,in the computer, on the road in the car..;but, btw, they love him also and they can appreciate even if it’s too much.

    – le second problème vient de vous, cher inconnu, car là, ils sont véritablement jaloux du temps que je passe sur votre blog, à lire non seulement les commentaires des fans mais aussi les vôtres qui sont souvent très drôles !!Ma famille serait-elle responsable du crash de notre blog?

    Alors, vous avez une solution à mes problèmes ? It’s a joke of course, (I love my family!… and david,…and you !) but I would realy enjoy an answer …in french!


    [Sabotage! Peut-être nous avons visiter votre famille et posez les questions, pour example: “Où étiez-vous mardi après-midi où le blog cessé de fonctionner?” Je ne sais pas pourquoi le blog cessé de fonctionner, mais je me suis senti triste sans le blog. Juste comme les gens qui visite chaque jour. Il est drôle ici et je ris beaucoup (il aide également mon français, naturellement). Mon cher professeur français dans l’école serait fier de moi (mais elle verrait beaucoup d’erreurs dans mon français terrible et aurait besoin de beaucoup de stylos rouges pour les faire mieux). Parfois, après que j’écris pour vous ou des autres en français, je lis une question en anglais et je pense une réponse français! Parfois je commence à écrire en français aussi! Peut-être c’est fou, mais il est bon pour moi. Je dois arranger un voyage en France pour démontrer mes qualifications français, non? Mais j’écris la langue français mieux que je parle. Ou je parle la langue plus mauvaise que j’écris… Si c’est possible! (Je pense que j’invente des mots fous et stupides quand je parle français!) OK, s’il y a plus d’ennui avec le blog à l’avenir, je sais qui est responsable! Avertissez votre famille, s’il vous plaît! Là. Ma leçon française pour aujourd’hui est complète et mon cerveau pauvre est fatigué maintenant. – Features Editor]

  146. sorry ed, but i have to say this. claude, get a life. do you know how pathetic you sound? if it stops morons like you from seeing david and the boys, then i’m glad they’re only going as far as toronto. you’re the kind of person that doesn’t deserve the chance to see one of these rare shows. the simple truth is that you didn’t try hard enough to get a ticket. get over it.

  147. Fedmeister

    The Angry Mob off to Quebec for some spoliation eh! Count me in…

    I was about to suggest we have a word of the day and then I saw your response above so this word fits perfectly…

    — spoliation (spo-lee-AY-shun) noun —

    1. The act of pillaging and plundering.
    2. Seizure of neutral ships at sea in time of war.
    3. The deliberate destruction or alteration of a document.

    And I’m sure you indulge in some spoliation each day as well…. primarily number 3 of course!

    [I love a bit of spoilation. I’m a proper little spoilator. It wasn’t deliberate, but did you see my attempt at French up there? I bet I destroyed a fair bit of that. Is there a word for that? – Features Editor]

  148. Wow. I’m reeling from Claude’s post.

    Claude, you should read my third post from the “Night 10: Rome” blog. You have not only one, but two venues within a half day’s drive or train ride (New York and Toronto). If you were a real fan to begin with, you would have realized that tickets were ripe for the picking on the presale dates for normal people like you or me, and you would have pounced at them. In fact, I was an hour and a half late getting online to purchace my Radio City tickets, and I still got four decent seats. Not the best in the house, but not the worst either, and one great thing about the small venues is that there are no bad seats. A day later I went online and mulled over whether I should buy tickets for April 5th too (alas, financial realities stayed my hand, so I didn’t buy them).

    Tickets for big concerts like this do not remain in availability for weeks and weeks. That is just a reality. But you had two opportunities, the presale and the general sale periods, to get your seats, and you didn’t do it. Actually quadruple that opportunity, because you had two venues each with TWO DATES within reasonable distance to choose from. Heck, even Chicago isn’t all that far to go see David Gilmour in concert. Well anyway sorry, if you missed those reasonable opportunities, then your only choice is to deal with the scalpers. At least David’s management has TRIED to minimize the scalpers’ impact, most other bands won’t go to such lengths.

    Well anyway it’s just as well that you’re no longer a fan. At least now a real fan has a better chance at calling up the ticket office and getting one of those holdback tickets. BTW, I did that for a U2 concert recently (actually went to the box office the day of), and not only got general admission tickets, but those general admission tickets were one of the “lucky winners” which got to go into the inner gold circle (or whatever they call it). Damn near busted my eardrums being that close, but still I got within 6 feet of Bono and The Edge. So let that be a lesson to those real fans who don’t have tickets. Just keep trying! (Linda Penner, I’m talking to you!)

    [Another good one. Thanks for that, Michael. – Features Editor]

  149. Hey

    I think Claude is the D—. What a baby. I got my tickets at face value back in …….December. But you know what if that made him feel better so be it. Remember he who angers you controls you. So I guess Mr Gilmour has control of Claude? All I can say is that at least Mr. Gilmour is touring and like was said before He doesn’t owe us anything. I am honoured to be going. So Claude, sit down, shut up and if you have a problem come come find me in the Barrio, Homie :P.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  150. Unbelievably good luck

    Just phoned on chance and there are a few returns at Albert Hall if you are quick!!

    Get those guitar fingers dialling before the touts do!

    Good luck see you all there


    [Good for you, mate. You have to keep trying. There will always be returns. – Features Editor]

  151. BTW is there any chance I can convince Lucia to marry me? I’m Italian on my mother’s side if it helps…

  152. well Claude . . . . what a brave (?) soul you are . . . you must have had a PRIVILEDGED upbringing feeling you are OWED so much . . guess what Claude . . ??? I’d venture to say that even if Pink Floyd had not been so commercially successfull, David would have continued to pursue his musical passions with the same dedication as he has . . . the fact that he is touring AT ALL is an outright gift from him – to be given however HE chooses. you seem to feel that since you have been a “loyal fan” for so many years, that seeing him this tour is some kind of right . . . !!??

    As a person fortunate enough to have gotten tickets, I admit . . . I feel for you . . I would be horribly disappointed had I not gotten tickets . . . but it wouldn’t have been David’s fault . . . it wouldn’t have been ANYONE’s fault . . . it’s simply life . . good or bad, fair or not . . . it’s just life Claude.

    NOBODY owes you a thing – LEAST of all David Gilmour.


    xxoo F’ed (wink)

    [A wink and a nudge back at you, mate. – Features Editor]

  153. Ha! Delightful post Claude. Tw*t.

    [I don’t think I need my pointy stick, do I? – Features Editor]

  154. Wow..just read Claude’s post…while the mature thing to do would be to ignore it, it’s quite hard to do so..While Claude is likely just baiting for attention, I’ll humor him by making the following points..Artists, musicians, celebrities, etc. do not have significant obligations their fans (other than perhaps a degree of humble modesty and appreciation).

    While it is fine for you to want to better understand the person that has “touched” you as YOU have “connected” to their work in some personal fashion doesn’t create a recipricol obligation on their behalf. To the extent they reach out, appreciate it, but don’t expect it.

    To no longer appreciate someone’s music which you enjoyed in the past simply because they won’t visit the city you elect to live in seems seems a bit rash..

    On a lighter note, if F.ed is not a band member or an offspring, perhaps its Mrs. P. Samson Gilmour herself? Notwithstanding this ongoing (and somewhat meaningless) mystery..Keep up the good work F.Ed. and lets keep the positive comments coming from the crowd!

    [I’m not Polly. I’m not mature either. I’ll put my rotten fruit and veg away for now, but it will be thrown at Claude if he comes back with another petulant post. You mark my words. – Features Editor]

  155. Just wondering where we are on the reimbursement for the presale tickets. I won two set of Albert Hall tickets and paid for both and I am not going to make it. Just wanted an update.


    Looking forward to Mr. Gilmour in LA!

    [Don’t worry, Lucas. It’s under control. You should get an e-mail any day now. – Features Editor]

  156. Well HEY EVERYBODY!!!!

    Where do I begin!

    A few months ago, I was watching the World Championship Snooker Tournament, and the questions before the match were simple, yet informative. (What do you eat for breakfast etc etc) Then the question was put to a player – Name your favourite song. He replied, Comfortably Numb.

    I’m a 19 Yr old College Student from Wales, and had briefly heard of Pink Floyd. The family was always very musical, with my father gaining the best reputation as he played the organ for Elvis Costello, and the Stereophonics, believe it at your wish. Now…..It’s a whole different story.

    In the space of three-four months, I have found Floyd to be possibly, the greatest band ever.

    This brings me back to one simple quote – ‘What a difference a day makes’. That day will stay with me for the rest of my life, all for the love of Pink Floyd. This is my story, and I am glad to have shared it with you. My passion for Gilmour’s work is without a doubt, one of those things that gets me through life day in, day out.

  157. just read the ‘Claude’ thing – my word there are some spoilt brats around aren’t there?

  158. When David´s shows were anounced, and the tickets went on sale, I didnt buy any, and didn´t make the smallest effort to get them. What a mistake. Some weeks later I realized of my mistake and was suffering like hell as i thought that I would never have a chance to see Pink, Floyd, Waters or Gilmour.

    Im living in Sweden (karlstad) right now, as an exchange student and started looking at fansites everyday like there was no tomorrow.

    I realized that some cover band were going to play in Germany and UK. I saw that as an opportunity to see “something floyd”.

    Some days before buying the tickets, good news spread: RWs Europe tour. As soon as the Berlin tickets went on sale i got one. They said that they were sold out quite soon after so I felt really lucky.

    Some weeks after I read in here and in other pages that the RAH was going to issue some extra tickets. I made a really developed surveillance programme the morning they went on sale. two comp. and a bus ticket ready to go to the uni if the Wifi failed.

    The RAH webpage didnt work all along the morning. I tried, retried, but nothing. I thought that it was overload and all the few tickets would be sold in a cuestion of seconds. Bad luck, I thought.

    Did I get dissapointed? of course, a little bit. it was the last chance and I failed.

    Was I angry? hell no! and if I were angry I would be with myself, for not achieving the goal, or with the RAH for having a not-so-good service, I thought.

    But, listen montreal guy, Im going to london from sweden, for 1 day, go an come, im not going to go to a hostel as i dont have more money, i woke up at 8 (a big deal being a Erasmus student 😉 to make sure i did EVERYTHING that it was in my hands to get one ticket.

    I went online again at 1pm or so, and you know what? there were several tickets left.

    Im not asking anyone to come to London from USA, and of course,im not saying that you will always get tickets “if you try hard”, but i just mean that some effort from oneselves, instead of moaning, its, well, ok. At least I will be able to see two of the most important people in my life.

    To all those who didnt get a ticket, and tried, or didnt try but regret now, well, please dont give up! Maybe you wont get them, but hell, i was also a latecomer!!!!!!!!!!!

    David is WITH us, and he wants us there.


    [Great post, Jon. I hope you enjoy both concerts and that people follow your example. – Features Editor]

  159. Hey all. I hope the European shows have treated you all well…I wish I was there! I am seeing David at Radio City here in my home town of NYC. Is there an openin act? I dont think there is but I would love to know…thank you to all. And most of all thank you to Mr. Gilmour.

    [There’s no opening act, Mike. – Features Editor]

  160. [I’m not Polly. I’m not mature either. I’ll put my rotten fruit and veg away for now, but it will be thrown at Claude if he comes back with another petulant post. You mark my words. – Features Editor]

    I’m out of tomatoes can I borrow some?

    Ok ok, enough sillyness for today… 🙂

  161. i can’t believe that someone could blame david for not having a ticket. that’s like blaming volkswagen for not getting a parking space. grow up, claude. as lots of people have said, david doesn’t owe you a single thing. he’s already given you more than you could ever possibly give him. people like you give us fans a bad name. i’m just so pleased that so many people have told you where to go. i don’t mean to be rude to you, but to leave a message that david and his wife will see calling him a dick and threatening to pirate his album… well, that’s really sad.

  162. Hey FEd, the mice in my head have been working overtime on who you might be.

    The clues?

    “I’m from the south, but which country?”
    You’re English (no doubt at all), but no-one said you live there.

    I’ve got a theory, and it’s a long shot (I’m not feeding the mice a high grade of cheese). But if my bizzare theory is correct, I met you (among other fans) for a beer a few years ago, before going to a concert. We chatted for a while but you had to go meet ‘someone’.

    The fellow I’m thinking of lives in the South, not England, but he IS English.

    Should I buy some new mice?

    Worth a try, I’m bored. If by some lottery-scale chance I’m right, I can keep a secret!

    The lovers, the dreamers, and me.

    [No, it’s new mice for you. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  163. Hi Y’all,

    Glad to see that we’re all back together. That missing day was worse than running out of cigarettes. A trip to the store solves the nicotine thing, but no amount of ‘refresh’ would bring back the blog.

    I’m really enjoying reading the diversity of opinions we get here. Off-topic or not.

    To me, the world is a better place because there are things like music that can draw diverse people together and get them to talk to each other. Having a shared point of reference, and a very nice one at that, allows the differences of opinion to get some consideration they might not have otherwise. It would be boring if everyone thought the same thing. Except for Claude–that was a little much. Maybe it was satire, and I missed it.

    caveat emptor: If you’re tired of that ‘meaning of life” discussion that’s been going on, you’ll want to stop reading right about now.

    Tim mentioned the 2nd law of thermodynamics in a previous post. I dragged out my college physics book to see if I agreed that 2nd law would preclude evolution from a molecular level. The book pointed out that chemical bonds clearly block the second law. Which is OK according to them, because the second law is not a universal law the way the first law is, but a probabilistic statement decscribing the tendency toward entropy. “The second law tells us the most probable course of events, not the only possible one,” according to them.

    Also in the book was a side note about Ralph Waldo Emerson. He “philosophically speculated that not everything becomes more disordered with time and cited the example of human thought. Ideas about the nature of things grow increasingly refined and better organized as they pass through the minds of succeeding generations. Human thought is evolving toward more order.”

    Maybe. Interesting to contemplate, anyway.

  164. Dear Fet Ed,

    your response to Claude was… how do you say? Spot on? I kept reading other peoples’ responses and had to see what this guy said. Well, all I can say is wow! That you even posted such comments (gives hope that any of us idiots can get our 15 minutes)!!! Anyway- many thoughts swimming in my head, but I decided to not address him… not even going to justify such garbage. Yes, all entiltled to their opinion, but sheesh! Such venom!

    Anyway, told my wife I’m wearing a “Zaphod Beeblebrox For President” sticker to the April 20 show to let other bloggers know I’m one of em… she said she is going to pretend to not know me. SO… any beautiful, young women going to the show that want to have a little fun with her… he he he!


  165. what’s to criticize? I’m glad the site is back. It’s so much better than having a bland corporate site. I really enjoy the way that it feels very hands-on and human.

    Is it possible though, that the non-album excerpts posted on the davidgilmour.com site be available for download? They’re rather good.

    Oh, and I still have no idea where in the RAH my tickets are that I got through the site, are you able to tell us anymore yet about the locations?


    [No, I’m afraid I’m completely clueless on both counts. For what it’s worth, regarding tickets, I don’t know where I’m sitting either. The tickets will be sent out very soon, though. – Features Editor]

  166. David, PLEASE PLEASE please play a show on MARS!! We love your music so much! Us martians have been fans of pink floyd since the early days! Come on David, don’t you appreciate your extraterrestrial fans at all??

    One show on Mars, I swear you won’t be disappointed!!

  167. If you are a true fan of David’s, you would travel to see him, and not expect him to travel to you. I am driving 375 miles to RCMH, renting a car, paying the high price of a hotel, taking a train, subway and paid double the price of the ticket just to see my idol for the past 33 years. Claude, get a grip.

  168. Hi all!

    I just recently finished listening to David’s interview on Dutch radio and I must say how much of a delight it is to get an insight into David’s life and music. I must disagree on one thing that he said, that being that he is “selfish”. A man who has devoted so much time and money to charities such as Crisis and posting “The Important Stuff” on his own website is quite the reversal of selfishness in my humble opinion.

    Keeping dialogue open in regards to Homelessness, Global Warming, the greed and destruction of Multi-National Corporations is precisely what is needed in such dark and distressing times. Selfishness is putting these topics to the wayside and adopting the attitude that “it probrably will not affect me in my lifetime” and passing the burden off to our children and grandchildren.

    David has provided an example for us all to follow, by doing so much and yet does it with humility.

    I know that he was talking about his music when he mentioned “selfishness” but again I am in disagreement. Very few people, if anybody do anything that is not self-fulfilling and something that is so personal as bringing music out of your soul should always be this way. After all if you don’t enjoy it yourself, then I hardly believe that that passion will cross-over to those listening.

    Those of you throwing tantrums about what David is not playing, or where he is not playing should take a moment and think about how lucky you are not to be homeless and have the luxury of listening to David’s music at all. Or are you so diluted to think that every homeless person is walking around with an Ipod or CD player and has enough money to buy David’s music, or even the LUXURY of having an internet connection to download it (To Claude in Quebec specifically).

    We all have our part to play in turning the tide on the sham and drudgery of our worlds situation and keeping music such as Gilmours playing while we do it will hopefully help lift our spirits enough to keep the situation from getting us down and keeping us motivated to “Keep Talking”.

  169. Fedmeister

    “[I love a bit of spoilation, mate. I’m a proper little spoilator. It wasn’t deliberate, but did you see my attempt at French up there? I bet I destroyed a fair bit of that. Is there a word for that? – Features Editor]”

    Merde… 😉

    [Well, yeah. Harsh, but true. – Features Editor]

  170. John… you wrote


    I feel shame for all Canadians.”

    Ah yes… but French Canadians are about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit outside of Quebec anyway…

  171. thanks be what ever diety you may or may not belive in you are back fet ed . i thought my computer was up the proverbial again , phew .

    as to claudes post well what can i say that has’nt already been said . no artist or band owes me a damn thing for being thier fan . thats my choice . just as it was claudes friends choice to pay a tout way over the odds for his ticket . no one forced him to . we were all warned time and again to get in early for the tickets and not pay the high prices to anyone who sells tickets off e-bay or anywhere else .

    david gilmour is not playing ireland . i can;t afford to travel to the uk right now as i have other trips there coming up this year that i need to save up for . it’s sad that i won;t get to see this tour i would have loved to . thats just how thngs worked out , no ones fault certainly not david gilmour’s . no band or artist can play everywhere . i hope there will be a nice dvd so i can see what i have missed . i am seriously looking forward to seeing echoes .

    i was listening to echoes today (the version on echoes the best of pink floyd ) when at work and you should have seen the odd looks i was getting at traffic lights until i realised it was not the music but the fact i was singing along trying to harmonise to rik and daivds voices and doing it out of tune and at the top of my own voice 🙂

    for a fan ( or should i say ex fan ) you are obviously not an interview reader . david gilmour has said in a good few interviews he has done he does not want to play the large pink floyd sized audiences/ venues again . it is i am sure kind of a case of been there done that . thats straight from the horses mouth so to speak so you can;t say you were’nt told !

    anyway thats enough from me now . i think i am only saying what loads of other people have sad . take care fet ed . the weekend is soon upon us so if i don’t get a chance to post tommorrow ( i will be out all day in the city delivering home brew ) . take care and also a big shout of hello to my fellow bloggers .


    a curent fan

  172. spoiled brats ?? my goodness i think he’s just a baby whining cause he can’t get his lollypop.

    It’s time for a diaper change, and for me to get the tomatoes.


  173. Caption: ” If you give them a short sharp shock “.

    It says on another site that Pulse may well be released earlier than September. Can you confirm or deny Ed?.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy

    [I daren’t dip my toes into Floydian waters, Geoff. I’ve no idea. – Features Editor]

  174. Claude, I think you are a very pathetic guy. You just had bad luck ,and is that a problem? Sometimes you are lucky sometimes you’r not Thats life and you just have to deal with that.And if you can’t you have a very big problem!

    I’m a David Gilmour fan for some 25 years now,I’ve seen him play several times and this time I wasn’t able to go to his concert in Amsterdam. So it looked at first. The day the tickets went for sale I was on my way for a short break to Jamaica,of course I felt a little bit sad, but there was still the new album, a masterpiece in my eyes,so I still could enjoy the music. And guess what, from the moment I came back home, I looked every day on the internet (official ticket service.)On 17th february (2 months later) there were tickets again!!! I ordered and they came as a birthday present.!!!This is just pure luck. The concert was great.I still have to come back to life now, the music is still in my head (there is someone in my head but it’s not me)

    But if I would not have the tickets it would be still be okay,that’s life,

    Take it easy in your life , don’t worry, be happy and don’t blame other people especially not Mr. Gilmour. In Dutch we say: soms zit het mee en soms zit het tegen!

    Maybe the best thing to do is ignore this kind of negative thinking.

    To all the real fans , if you still have to go to a David Gilmour concert, enjoy it.Its a pleasure


  175. i was listening to the dutch interview ( could i ask any dutch bloggers here could one of them do all us non dutch speakers a huge favour and translate the questions and maybe do a transcrpit ? please and thanks 🙂 it would help in interview make more sense !)

    david said his vioce was cracking a bit on the odd note . well take pleanty of honey and lemon ( yeah i know i said this about fet ed’s cold as well !) just squeeze some lemon juice into a glass . add some hot water and honey to taste . good for the voice apparently 🙂

  176. Re: Claude

    Good morning FEd your honour
    The Crown will plainly show
    The prisoner who now stands before you
    Was caught red handed showing feelings
    Showing feelings of an total inhuman nature
    This will not do

    Call the Ruddmeister
    I always said he’d come to no good
    In the end your honour
    If they’d let me have my way I could
    Have flayed him into shape
    But my hands were tied
    The bleeding hearts and artists
    Let him get away with murder
    Let me hammer him today

    Crazy…toys in the attic I am crazy
    They must have taken his marbles away

    Call the defendent Claude
    You little shit, you’re in it now
    I hope they throw away the key
    You should’ve talked to me more often
    Than you did, but no you had to
    Go your own way
    Have you broken any homes up lately?
    Just five minutes FEd your honour
    Him and me alone

    Over the rainbow he is crazy

    The evidence before the court is
    Incontravertible, there’s no need for
    The jury to retire
    In all my years of judging
    I have never heard before of
    Someone more deserving
    The full penalty of the law
    The way you make yourself suffer
    You doofus Canadian brother
    Fills me with the urge to deficate
    Since my friend you have revealed your
    Deepest fear
    I sentence you to be exposed before your peers
    Tear off his balls!

    [If you’re reading, Mr Waters, please don’t sue. – Features Editor]

  177. Caption Contest:

    Guy and Phil get news that Claude turns his anger around and becomes a happy camper after finding a ticket in Toronto at the last minute.

  178. I love this open forum for discussion and opinion.

    Interesting how there seems to be such a variety of us Gilmour fans. In any language, music is universal.

    Thank you, Mr. Gilmour for persuing your talents, honing your skill, and urging us to “keep talking”.

    I am forever a fan of your music and feel a certain link with all of these fans through you.

    Look forward to sharing the Theatre with you and feeling the positive and inciteful words from you and your guitar.

    B. Slater – Bay Area, California

  179. Today, March 30 there is a nice article in the Long Island, NY Newsday, about David, the new album, and his affiliation with Pink Floyd. The concerts at Radio City get a mention, and as I am going next Wednesday night I am very excited to see the promotion of the shows and his new album. I have been telling everyone I know about it! Here in NY, there was only minimal press to date about the album and its release. Most friends had no idea that he had an album out and that he was touring. I’m sure after his opening US dates in NYC next week that will all change. Looking forward to going to the great Radio City Music Hall again for a concert. It’s ben a long time for me. It is a beautiful theater in the heart of Rockefeller Center. I hope I can get out of work a litte early so I can get into the City at a reasonable “preparty” time. Will report back after the show!

  180. [David, PLEASE PLEASE please play a show on MARS!! We love your music so much! Us martians have been fans of pink floyd since the early days! Come on David, don’t you appreciate your extraterrestrial fans at all?? One show on Mars, I swear you won’t be disappointed!!]

    No not possible. If Douglas Adams is right, then David would blow up that planet (sorry, hitchhikers guide insider joke).

    RIP Douglas.

  181. (Ah yes… but French Canadians are about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit outside of Quebec anyway…)
    Posted by: Paul Martin – Canadian Prime Minister at March 30, 2006 06:35 PM

    Mr. Martin.I am French Canadian and proud of both parts…French and Canadian….And Oh, didn’t anybody tell you yet that you lost the election and Mr.Harper is now our prime minister.

    Salut mon ami

  182. @ Clemens
    I vote for Venus…i mean that´s where women come from…

    how about that Features Editor ?

    [Sounds good to me. He has to do ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’, though. – Features Editor]

  183. [I vote for Venus…i mean that´s where women come from…

    how about that Features Editor ?]

    [[Sounds good to me. He has to do ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’, though. – Features Editor]]

    Haha you guys are hilarious! LOL… But im not sure I like this blowing up of the woman supply…

    No I’m definitely against that.

  184. CAPTION: Mark Brickman did not get the reaction he had hoped for when he asked Phil and Guy to wear a hairpiece for the next show, so the glare from their heads would no longer ruin his lightshow


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