Thanks for keeping yesterday’s blog ‘On An Island’-free to allow as many birthday greetings as possible. Quite a few, weren’t there? Thank you all very much for your well wishes. David was touched by the staggering number of messages posted and would like to thank you all.

Some parts of the world are still waiting for the release of ‘On An Island’ (you poor, unfortunate people), but most of the planet has now heard it and we’d love to know what you think of it.

David and his band are, of course, performing tonight at the Mermaid Theatre in Blackfriars, London. If you will be there, then have a terrific night. We would appreciate it, however, if you could keep details of the concert to a minimum. The tour starts in its own right in Dortmund on Friday, and although we have no doubt that fansites will spill the beans before then, we won’t.

So enjoy, but please don’t spoil it for the many fans who, for their sins, like being kept in suspense. Thank you.

Don’t forget that BBC Radio 2 will have exclusive video footage of the Mermaid Theatre gig on Saturday 11 March. Please visit the website for further details. You will be able to replay this as many times as you can manage courtesy of the ‘Listen Again’ feature, which allows you to replay any programme a week after it is first broadcast. We’ll remind you of this on Saturday so that no one misses out.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

274 thoughts on “Well…?”

  1. hi,

    I just want to express how much I enjoy the new cd. I have to admit, at first I was skeptical but, it is truely an amazing piece of work. Thanks Dave for putting this cd out! I just want you to know that you inspired me as a young boy to get into music. My only regret, is that I will probably never get to see you live.

    thanks again,


  2. Hi, Fed! Well, i didnt see my birthday greeting on the “Happy Birthday” blog yesterday, so I sent David an e-mail! Hope he got it! Wish him all the best tonight and on his tour starting in 3 days from now. About the release, I want to ask you, if you know, when the album is going to be released in Greece? It is being released here as EMI not Columbia. I went today at, probably, the biggest music store in Athens and the employee said that he didnt know a thing about the forthcoming release!!! Anyway, hope you will reply. Goodnight…

    [I’m afraid I don’t know when it’s being released, Chris. I will try to find out for you. The blog wasn’t updated last night, but all posts should be online now. – Features Editor]

  3. It’s an honor to be the first to say that this album is fantastic! From beginning to end, solid work and absolutely beautiful. I expected nothing less. Bravo!! Thank you for this masterpiece.

  4. Hello!

    Is it okay to mention this, but please note that Sirius satelitte radio has been celebrating Mr. Gilmour’s birthday and the release of his new CD all week on their channel 16. In addition, an interview with Mr. Gilmour will be played today at noon and replayed at 6pm (Eastern U.S. time).

    You can sign up for a free 3-day trial to Sirius if you care to hear this on you computer (no, I am not affiliated with Sirius, I am just another fan of Mr. Gilmour.)

    [Just spreading the love. I hear you, brother. – Features Editor]

  5. WOW! I, like many other lifelong fans, have waited too long for a new offering of music from Mr. Gilmour. The CD has finally hit the shelves here in North America and in my shaking hands I hold the cover and liner notes as I listen to the well crafted tunes from “On An Island”. I feel like a minister who must spread the gospel to not only my friends but strangers I will meet on the street about this CD. We have hungered for new music and I have lived to experience another release from one of the most talented guitarists in music history.Thank you Mr. Gilmour for allowing us another peek into your life thru your music. I am enjoying the music profoundly as I try to accomplish my tasks at work. Like the previous two solo works, I will most likely play this CD until it will not play anymore and have to buy another. Have fun on your tour.

  6. Awesome!

    listening to On An Island for the first time was the shortest 50 minutes and 36 seconds of my life – gleeful. I listened to it three times through yesterday, such a geek. but it’s beautiful, and the hapiness and joyousness is positively tangible! the swooping guitar on The Blue… mmmmmmmmm! and the lyrics to This Heaven make me glow. anyway, enough rambling!

    Manchester on the 26th of May will rock, I’m so looking forward!

    I hope Mr. Gilmour had a glorious birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday David!!! From what I’ve heard of it, your new album is great. My kids, 20, 23, and 27 are very excited you are touring as they have been very jealous that Mom and Dad had seen you tour back in the 80’s. Am going to catch your show at the Rosement in Chicago. See you there!!

  8. On an Island is getting great reviews in all the norwegian newspapers! Congratulations!!

    Here is one example (click my name):

    Im very pleased with the album, Im sure it wont dissapoint other fans either!

    Thank you!

  9. What a wonderful change to the norm. OAI consists of such beautiful music and lyrics that tug at every forgotten romantic, joyous or even slightly sad recollection in your distant past, bringing it right out into a crisp 360 wrap around image in your consciousness once again. The music just sweeps you gently along in such a moving, thought provoking way. Heck it nearly even bought a tear to my eye….nearly! This is the best album I’ve heard in along, long time. Congratulations David and Polly! Now I’m off for a manly pint! Cheers FEd!

    (Love the packaging)

  10. Happy birthday David from a through lasting fan back from the Meddle days. The new album sounds really great.

    Keep on – we love you!

  11. Salut mon vieux David !

    Joyeux anniversaire , happy birthday sir.David
    from Montréal.I am a great fan of your music and so are the people of french Canada . I consider your creativity in music to equal those of the great impressionnist artists and classical composers as well. Thank you for a great new album . S.A

  12. I just bought On An Island at Best Buy in America.They have an exclusive bonus disc which has the song Island Jam which isn’t on the On An Island CD.

  13. My opinion on the album… hmm well lets just say it kicked an album from my top 10 desert island discs. Just take from me that it is quite an achievement, that top 10 has been solid for a long time…

    The album struck a chord. That is what I like to see in an album and David delivered. Its great, thank you David, for giving us another part of your creativity.

    I hope the tour will be an enjoyable experience on everybody’s part. See you soon!



  14. Ok, Tonight is Mermaid Theatre gig, and what about yesterdays Birthday (private) Gig. May fans from all over the world count for some brief insights.

    Thanks a lot.

    Shine on in the next 60.

    [What’s all this about a private birthday gig, then? – Features Editor]

  15. Happy Birthday Mr. Glimour! I was so excited to find out that we share the same birthday! Thank you for all you your musical talent and your beautiful work. Words can’t even explain how I feel when I listen to your albums. Truly you are the blessed with an extraordinary gift of music.

  16. I never thought that the opening of a concert with Shine On could be bettered but it’s my guess that DG will do Castellorizon and On An Island… We’ll see…. 🙂

    Caption Competition:

    DG: Some git is setting off fireworks in here…just missed my head!


    DG: Look sunshine… yours may be bigger than mine but it’s quality not quantity.

  17. This is one of those albums that get better and better each time you listen to it. It grows on you. Actually you can say the same about most of David’s music in the past, PF and solo.

    So far “Take A Breath” is the one I’m connecting with the most. Great slide guitar. Absolutely fabulous. But “Smile” is growing more and more on me (even though I’ve already heard that one a hundred times on the DVD, but good gosh doesn’t Polly sound sweet), and actually all of the last half of the album seems to be growing more and more on me. It’s not the “rock” music we grew up listening to, but it’s damn good stuff. Easily David’s best solo album.

    It looks like we’re working on day #2 at #1 on Amazon (US site). We should have an impromptu blog party when it hits #1 on the Billboard 200. BTW, when I went to billboard.com just a minute ago, guess whose mug was the first to pop up on their main Flash app. Hint: It wasn’t Roger Waters.

    And BTW, the marketing for this CD has been fantastic, and the website and this blog have been spearheading the campaign, so the FEd and the main webmaster deserve an “attaguy” from us the fans and David and his band.

  18. Hi Gents,

    I´m Cesar Santos from Brazil. I would like to know if there is a chance to David Gilmour does some concert in Brazil !



    [Not this year, Cesar. If there is any news, it will be here immediately. – Features Editor]

  19. I’m on my second day of listening to 24-7 David and Floyd on Sirius while at work. I have avoided all meetings and inturputions as much as possible!!! The incredible interview with David just ended a bit ago. At Approximately 8:05 AM I had the CD in hand from the local B&N. I’ve also played it several times already! Life is grand!

    David, the much anticipated OAI CD is brilliant, ingenious, breath taking, awesome, relaxing, soothing, inspiring, intelligent, transforming, deep, insightful, engulfing, satisfying, revealing, encapturing, fresh, touching, driving,…Need I say more? (Because I can keep going!)

    Congratulations on such a stellar accomplishment…but most of all…THANK YOU!!!!

  20. Fedmeister:

    This may join the outstanding questions queue as opposed to the daily Fan Fare…

    Was any thought given to making an SACD version of the album? Or is this something to look forward to or shall I just shut up now… :-#

    [We get loads of these questions. Is the regular album not super enough for you?! – Features Editor]

  21. Well even though I ordered a copy of amazon, I still went out first thing this morning to get a copy at the store. Driving home in my car I couldnt help to put it in the cd player. I had goosebumps, the album is brilliant. After doing a few things that needed to be done, I brought it home and cranked it up. Things were falling off the walls and the neigborhood was staring at the house. I couldnt be more happy with the album, thank you david, i hope your birthday was great, and I will see you in april

  22. Hi!! Happy birthday genius!!! Thanks God for people like David Gilmour in the earth!!!I can´t say any more…y have no words to explain…my admiration and love for David, his guitar, voice and all he do!!!! Wonderfull de new album…and please…came to Argentina….all the people die for a David Gilmour Show!!!!


  23. Caption Competition:

    DG: Is that a glass harmonica in your hand or are you just pleased to see me?

    [Rudders, your captions are so risqué! – Features Editor]

  24. Hi,

    Just listening to the cd now, wishing I was at the Mermaid theatre. My first impressions are that the music is both haunting and beautiful – I thought ‘On an Island’ and ‘Take a Breath’ were the two standout tracks – the opening of ‘Breath’ certainly harks back to a previous era. I thought the cd presentation was superb and felt really drawn to read the lyrics. Look forward to seeing David in London in May.

    Cheers, Iain Walker

  25. Do to an illness I usually sleep past 3, but my body woke me up at 9 excited to get the CD, still i had to wait a couple hours for a ride to the store. The CD seemed to fly by, and I’ll probably burn it out today.


  26. How can one 60 year old man have so much talent. To have come up with such a brilliant album is testimony to David being uniquely iconic. I haven’t been able to stop playing it all my waking hours since it’s arrival yesterday, it simply gets better and better with every play… it’s truely heavenly.

    The orchestrations are sublime.

    Was David’s saxaphone playing inspired by David Jason’s “FROST” theme?? (Of course not, I know I’m being a “plonker” – but it is reminiscent of it).

    The 29th of May can’t come quick enough… please play the WHOLE ALBUM, it’s exquisite.

    Thank you David for sharing your magnificent gift with us lesser mortals on this planet….

    [You’re right about ‘A Touch of Frost’, mate! – Features Editor]

  27. Bought OAI first thing Monday. Played it once on the old CD Player and first impressions were…good but! Then I listened to it again and again. It really is a grower and, I know I’m gonna be flamed for this, but I put it right up alongside Darkside. It is a phenominal work..so much depth and vibrancy! If you really want to give it the ultimate test, then listen to it on a set of decent headphones in a darkened room…Awesome and takes me right back to ’73 when I listened to Darkside for the first time.

    Congratulations to David and the band foir producing a stunning piece of music. By the way FEd whe’s it coming out in SACD format?

    P.S. Weeing myself waiting for Manchester..it’s gonna rock!!!!

  28. Dear Fed Ed & David,

    I got out of work early today for a home appliance repair and on the way I picked up my copy of “On An Island.” Well 2 copies to help make it the #1 spot. Good Luck and I have it cranking right now. Thanks once again. Your NY friend.

    By the way, I hope you enjoyed your b-day yesterday.

    God Bless.

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

  29. Ok… I’ve finally decided what to wear!

    I’ll be in the HRC, Yonge Street on April 9th before the concert and I’ll be wearing a black Fender T’shirt… don’t panic Fedmeister it’s not your 50th Anniversary Strat one! 🙂

    I would love to put some faces to names so if any of you can be there… the HRC is just North of Massey Hall on Yonge St.

  30. Bought a copy yesterday and I gave it a few spins already. Thanks to the blessings of the internet (this site) the surprise was partly gone, but with my headphones on…I was totaly in awe. A brilliant piece of work in many aspects. It sounds really great!

    One point though: I feel there is something missing in the lyrics. The lyrics used to have more depth and meaning, not only on the Pink Floyd albums, but also on Davids solo albums.

    But hey…times change, don’t they!

    It seems like Mr. Gilmour is a very happy man these days, having a different view on things in life and that is good.

    But for me, I am more in songs with frases as

    “The sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land. Plumes of smoke rise and merge into the leaden sky:
    A man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers,
    But awakes to a morning with no reason for waking” (Sorrow)

    But still great music!!

    Can hardly wait till 19 march!

  31. Hello, David.

    I just purchased three copies of On An Island first thing. I feel it is my duty to spread your work to everyone I know. I am just listening to track 6 (This Heaven) as I type this. I love how you are implementing various instruments in your new album…the harmonica, the soprano sax, did I even hear a banjo in the beginning of this track??? Your use of the Digitech Whammy in The Blue was absolutely beautiful. You definitely mastered that effect!

    Ok, now Smile is playing…I love how you have added the slide guitar & did I read correctly that Polly is singing with you on this track?

    I cannot wait to see you on April 19th at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. My only regret is that I didn’t buy tickets for your Oakland, Universal city, and NYC shows as well. But then again, I am not greedy. Yes I am!

    Thanks for sharing more of your music with me.

    Dan Punch

    [Hi Dan. Polly is indeed singing on ‘Smile’ and the banjo-type sound is actually a cumbus. – Features Editor]

  32. absolutely brilliant…thats all i can really say im too busy listening to on an island. it is a great cd and you should be very pleased. keep it comming like this and we may forget about floyd…

    [Surely not! Floyd fans forgetting about Floyd? If Fan Fare is anything to go by, then I think there’s more chance of a Floyd fan forgetting how to blink than forgetting about Floyd! Still, that’s quite a compliment. Thank you, Greg. – Features Editor]

  33. The new album is great. I’ve listened to nothing else since picking it up yesterday morning. David’s guitar and vocals sound as sharp as ever and Zbigniew Preisner’s orchestrations deserve special mention; they add a wonderful sense of atmosphere to the music.

    It’s been a long 12 years since David last released new material but the wait has been worthwhile, On An Island is fantastic. Please don’t leave it so long next time!

  34. I am listening to “On An Island” right now. Wow! I am completely blown away by the beauty of this music. My favorite upon first listen is “The Blue”. I have always loved Mr. Gilmour’s music, but this is one of his best. I am even more bummed that I will be missing his tour when he passes through Chicago next month. I would love to hear live performances of these songs. Oh well, at least I have this wonderful new release.

  35. I just listened to the album…wow! Very thoughtful, mellow, and beautiful. It really takes me back to some older material from Meddle and Obscured by Clouds.

    Can’t wait for Radio City Music Hall, and now I have something to carry me through!

  36. I received my copy in the mail yesterday. As many people do, I put the headphones on and listened to the CD from beginning to end. I must say it is awesome.

    Happy Birthday Diamond Dave. Thanks for the music, especially for The Blue!

    See you in LA.

  37. I listened to it straight through this morning and I was really struck by how Un-Floyd it is. I think there will be some Floyd fans who are expecting same Floyd/different name – and I think they are going to be disappointed. But I think it’s great.

    I’m going to get a little high-falootin’ here, so forgive me. The album gives off the feel of an aging rocker who has decided to leave his old life behind, open a little straw-top bar “on an island” and jam with friends until the wee hours. There were some sections that I didn’t like, but as a complete work it’s great. Because you can feel the personal satisfaction that David got out of it – free from the constraints of being part of a big monster called Pink Floyd. It was what he wanted to do, the way he wanted to do it and that’s what comes through in the music. I would have been disappointed if it was Division Bell Part 2. Instead it feels like the next logical step. The ghosts and shadows that he seemed to be putting to rest on the Division Bell are gone. He took one last look back in “High Hopes” and this is where his life is now.

    Really great. Sorry if I sound like a pretentious art guy, I’m really not. I swear. This is the gut reaction that this album brought out in me. And that’s an awesome feeling.

  38. Wow! I am blown away by “On an Island!” I was at the store as soon as it opened today (first song they played as soon as they opened was “Take a Breath”. Discman in hand I payed for it and gave the album to full listens. I am in disbeleif, every time I listen it gets better and better and better. It’s hard to pinpoint my favorites, but the second half of A pocketful Of Stones just gave me goosebumps. David, thank you so much for the music, and Im really looking forward to your shows in Toronto!

  39. I was fortunate enough to receive the new CD on the 6th in the US because I ordered it in advance through Sony. All I can say is that after reading the many articles regarding On An Island, it still exceeded my expectations. It isn’t often that one gets to experience for the first time a landmark recording like this one. I shall truly treasure the entire evening which was spent listening to On An Island, as well as the multitude of times that it will be played.

    I anxiously await David’s arrival in Los Angeles, as I shall be in attendance both evenings.



  40. This morning there was an hour long VH1 special on Pink Floyd and Mr. Gilmour, here in the US as means to promote the release of David’s new album. What a great way to start my day! After it was over, I went straight to the record store to get my copy of On An Island. I got late to school, but it was worth it. I love it!

    Thank you Mr. Gilmour for this wonderful gift to your fans.
    Can hardly wait to see you next month in Toronto!

    Your giddy fan,

  41. I have refrained from commenting on here but I have been reading through on a very regular basis since the site was originally set up. I just wish to thank David for the amount of music that has genuinely moved me which he has been a major part in since I discovered the Dark Side of the Moon five years ago. The latest album is no exception to this, indeed as an University student, will be something to which I can relate and keep me going during the arduous time that is coming.

    Many belated happy birthday returns and here’s to the brilliant relaxed guitar style that I have come to admire and love. I just wish I could play my old Strat as well as “Stravarious can play his Ukelele” (to adapt the words of a famous producer).

  42. You never let us down, the album is stunning in every way. I had to wait until today for the release in the states as well, it was so worth the wait. I can’t say it any better than Hobie (above) but thank you so much for your work on this album and your willingness to include the US in your tour even for a limited number of nights. Waiting with bated breath for Radio City Music Hall…

  43. just bought the new album today— one word: BADASS. it’s the greatest one of all… happy birthday fellow Pisces & hope you’re having a wonderful party.

    P.S. PLEASE COME TO OKLAHOMA— i’d probably sell my soul on Ebay to be there [as would many, most likely].

    [Not to mention all the tickets that would be for sale on there… – Features Editor]

  44. Happy b-day David from Fort Collins, CO- USA. The new album is awesome!! See you in Chicago!

  45. I had pre ordered the album but when it didn’t arrive on Monday morning I could not help myself and ended up buying it on the way to work. It played all day and then again in the car on the way home (all of a sudden my half hour drive to work has become sheer bliss). Arriving home it was there on on my mat (wahoo, two copies are now in my possesion).

    Well……as you pose the question! – Its absolutly fanbloodlytastic! A sheer masterpiece if ever there was one. I can’t decide on a favourite track, I just love it all.

    Really can’t wait until May to see David at The Albert Hall, to hear the album live with the aucoustics in the hall will be mind blowing.

    Thank you Mr Gilmour.

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a dvd of any of the live shows??

    [No one knows yet. We’ll let you know if there is to be one. – Features Editor]

  46. Album is brilliant so well done David an’ all on all fronts. Very much looking forward to the RAH – even more so now.

    Hope your tour goes well. Lap it up matey!!!!

  47. I am pleased to be sitting at my PC listening to the first run through “On An Island”. The bits and pieces I have heard on radio sound even better from the CD. Thank you David for putting out yet another classic piece of work! I hope this album hits numer one on the charts. The fellow in front of me in the small music store in New Hampshire (USA) bought four copies!!

    Now I am even more pumped for the April 5th show at Radio City Music Hall!

    Well done David et al!! Gracious thanks also to the FEd for running such a great interactive blog.

    Steve Drebber

  48. I just finished listening to the CD it is absolutely fantastic, my hat off to everyone involved in its creation. When I close my eyes and listen to the cut On An Island I feel as if I am on an Island, which is my favorite place in the world to be, it is so beautiful and peaceful. I will be catching the show in Toronto on April 10, 34 sleeps to go!!

  49. All I can say is wow. I just listened to the CD on the way home from Best Buy and in the driveway, and I am in awe.

    This has to be one of the best albums I’ve heard in my life. It’s so beautiful words cant even describe it. During the stronger part of Smile, my eyes welled up with tears! It was with out a doubt one of the happiest moments of my life.

    I want David to know this is the inspiration I have been searching for to get my GED, go to college, and get on with my life!

    Thank you David, Polly and everyone else that worked so hard to make this album possible. You really have no idea how much this album means to me. I didnt get a chance to score tickets, but hey, I still hope you all have a wonderful time on the tour.

    Happy belated birthday as well, David!

  50. You Still got what it takes, ya Happy Birthday trouble.




  51. Happy Birthday Mr. gilmour sorry this is a day late but better late then never. Today “On a Island” goes on sale, I called my local store which will sell this and had them pull one for me at 7:oo this morning, I wanted to make sure I recived one, they only recived 13 copies. My wife and I are looking foward to your April show in L.A. at the Kodak. This will be one show we will never forget. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your music with us, and sharing your music with world. We need it!!

  52. Had the album for about 36 hours, we have been absolutely stunned by it’s sheer beauty. 10 tracks is just not enough should have been a double album.Wonderfully presented in a unique cover,fantastic production with a contribution from so many. A big thank you to all involved, life just got a little sweeter.

  53. David, I hope you’re not too hung over today. Time to get ready to hit the stage my friend. Break a leg on the tour.


    ps: still wating for that e-mail from amazon that says ‘your order has shipped.’ This is a p*sser.

  54. on an island is a lovely album , a nice mellow listen !! can’t wait to hear it and see David live.

  55. I wasn’t sure what to expect after reading the various reviews, but of course, you have to make up your own mind!

    My initial reaction after the first listening is…superb!

    David’s voice and guitar have never sounded better. My favourite (always subject to change) is The Blue.

    Congratulations on a fine album!

    I was very pleased, entering into my cd shop in small town Ontario, to see a prominent display that was right out front! You couldn’t miss it!

  56. The new album is just awesome. A feast of audio delights and technically brilliant too. loved every second of it, thanks to Mr Gilmour for making it

  57. Hey Fed,

    Just recieved my CD, UPS second Day, What an awesome piece of Davids work, let alone if all CDs were packaged as beautifully as this one I wouldn’t miss buying albums.

    Fantastic job, and hope you had a great Birthday.

  58. I was going to wait until after work today to stop at the Tower Records near my house to pick up the CD but couldn’t stand the anxiety so I went out on my lunch break and got it instead. My truck doesn’t have a CD player so I ran home after that and downloaded it onto my IPOD and listened to it in the truck outside of work in the parking lot!! Even just listening to it once all the way through I am truly impressed. I know that in a very short time I will develop favorites that I hope will be on the setlist at Radio City Music Hall. I like the way that some of the songs are smooth and rolling where others have them sharp biting clean guitar screams that make me smile on the inside. Can’t wait to leave work so I can listen again, and again, and again,….

  59. I hope the people lcky enogh to get tickets to the gig at the Mermaid (5 minutes from where I work) have superb time. I am sure they will.

    I have now listened to the On an Island CD many times and it grows on you.

    The production quality is outstanding and of course the music is sublime.

    As I have mentioned before, I have great tickets for the RAH gig and I and more excited now than before.

    Good luck to David and the team for tonight and the rest of the tour, see you in London.


  60. Been listening to the CD and my first impressions are that it’s really terrific and quite moving. I’ve read a few reviews and many mention the over-riding sense of contentment. I get that, but there are certainly strains of melancholy and even though much has to do with love and affection for another, I also get feelings and associations of what Huck Finn would perhaps refer to as “lonesomeness.” It’s not a negative feeling, more like an intuitive, emotional sympathy with the vastness of the universe and the fleetingness of our time on this planet (hunh?). For me Pocketful Of Stones and The Blue in particular lend themselves to this state of mind.

    Been following the Floyd and your solo career over the years and though I’ve very much enjoyed the music you’ve made in the 80s and 90s (including the Final Cut), this is my favorite since the Wall.

    Have to say, I believe it’s the first time I’ve ever heard a song about a lighthouse!

    Village Vanguard

  61. wow!!! and even thats an understatement. I love the album, David! I bought a few copies for myself and some friends at the midnight release last night and didnt go to sleep untill about 4 am just listening to your album over and over again. It fills me with great joy and happines that a young fan like myself had an oppertunity to listen to new music from you. Thaank you so much for everything David!

    Arthur Shchiglik
    Los Angeles

  62. In North America, the retail chain of Best Buy is selling the CD and it comes bundled with a promotional disc that has the track “Island Jam” on it.

    Don’t know if that’s common knowledge or what, but there it is.

  63. Best Buy has “On an Island” for $9.99 (the label reads $13.99, but it rings up as $9.99) with a BONUS DISC featuring the “Island Jam” song. I think thats the best deal out there. So anybody who hasn’t bought it yet, go out and get it!

  64. Just got the CD today, excellent!!!

    Best Buy includes a bonus CD with Island Jam.

    One suggestion; Pull a Pink Floyd and play the whole new album start to finish to open the show.

    Then a set break and come back and blow our minds with an assortment of older stuff.

    See ya’ll in NYC.

  65. I live in America and just picked up Davids new album from my local store when they opened at 9:30am, and I love it. From start to finish the whole cd sounds great. The guitar solos are amazing and David Gilmour still has a great voice. I don’t play guitar or know much about it but there is just something about Davids style thats so good. There is not much new music that I can listen to. I think instrumentals are the best parts of songs and most of the music that comes out today dosn’t have enouph. Davids new album is amazing, every single piece of it, and I really hope that this is not his last album.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful new music.

  66. My seven years old kid has told me he likes your new songs very much, and is looking forward to see you next Thursday in Paris…

  67. I’d just like to say the new album is one of the best things David has ever done in my opinion, I love it.

    Thanks for the great new music

  68. Tears realy run down as I heard the new On An Island CD….wonderful: THIS IS A MASTERPIECE!!!!

    I am playing it VERY loud over and over again and I’m loving it!!

    Mr Gilmour, this is the best (“solo”) album to date…absolute fantastic!! Thanks so very much for making it, as I too was hungry for some REAL music. GREAT!!!

  69. Hi gang,

    After yesterdays celebrations I’m sure there are a few sore heads in your immediate vicinity so I’ll keep this brief. I have been listening to the album non stop since last thursday and I have to say I think it surpasses Divison Bell and MLOR. It is so well crafted from Castellorizon to Where we start its crazy. Castellorizon will definately be a show starter . Very much in the Shine on / Marooned mood it’s perfect. I think Pocket full of stones would stand alone on any Floyd Album regardless of who is at the helm. On an Island could easily slot into the Wish you were here album and thats a bold statement I stand by. In other words this album is an instant classic .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy

  70. Happy belated birthday to you, David. may I wish you many more and express my sincere gratitude for this album- just when my faith in music starts to slip, you come out with this masterpiece.

    As a life-long Floyd fan, I’m very excited to be attending the Aussie Floyd gig (Waterfront, Belfast) for the third time later this month. I only wish you’d come to Belfast too!!!

    Again, thank you so much for this album- rest assured there will be plenty of in-depth discussions about it tomorrow at work.

  71. The sensuous nature of the album is disturbed midway with a couple of heavier raucous pieces that, on their own are fine, yet I’m tempted to edit out tracks 4 & 6, re-burn & create an occasional alternate-mood version of 8 superb pieces, in particular ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ …… Robert Wyatt’s delicate cornet playing is lovely in this very unusual and standout track. It wins it for me.

    Technical Dept.
    Approx 15 seconds into Smile, I can briefly hear, on headphones, very faint scuffing noises. I took my first disc back as I could see physical scratch marks on the surface of the disc, yet the replacement disc, which is spotless, has the same faint scuffing noises in the background. Should these be there?

    [….. Earth wobbles on it’s axis as everyone moves to check their CD @ 0.15 into Smile…..!]

    Superb package. Would’ve liked to see more studio recording shots but would’ve perhaps not complimented the ‘feel’ of the album. There I’ve answered my own question.

    I can hear harmonica on The Blue [not credited] & yet can’t hear harmonica on Then I Close My Eyes [credited]. Am I listening out for the right sound in the latter? There is a lot in there. Surely not an issue for the Error Dept.?

    Curious Coincidence
    CD sleeve notes thank ‘Neil Warnock’ and just below, Design & Artwork, by ‘Blade’. The nickname of Sheffield United FC is ‘Blades’ and their manager is a ‘Neil Warnock’.

    Hmmm…still a bit unsure of This Heaven & perhaps Take A Breath.

    Dave Carlin, Sheffield

  72. Fedmeister!

    The blisters on my finger from pressing F5 repeatedly to refresh this page are fine ‘onest!

    ‘Twas only at 10:30 p.m. (your time) that I realised you were at the Mermaid shakin’ your thang! It was a busy day at work and I was having a blonde moment (That’s Germans, Americans and now Blondes he’s upset – I was going to mention that I thought Liverpool was the European Capital of Hubcaps but that was taking it a bit too far so I didn’t)

    Fellow Bloggers – Read the entries in the Fan Fare and you’ll know what I’m going on about 🙂

    I’m definitley one of the “please don’t tell us anything and let it be a surprise” brigade but I’m lucky enough to have a ticket so I wonder if the next Fan Fare banner should be “Don’t look if you don’t want to know” so then at least you can tell our ticketless brothers and sisters (How’s the foetus going to gestate? In a cardboard a box?) some snippets of info…

    And I promise not to look… well…. maybe just to do a Caption Competition but I wouldn’t read any text… ‘onest! 8-}

    [We do need to reach a decision on this. I honestly haven’t been to the Mermaid Theatre tonight, though. – Features Editor]

  73. Just got back from Mermaid gig – stupendous. Won’t give too much away as requested but be in no doubt that the new album works really well live as do the reinterpretations of some Floyd classics as well. Really knocked out by the band. Fab. Thanks so much for running the competition it was a privilege to be there. Our European friends are in for a real treat.

    [Glad to hear that you enjoyed! – Features Editor]

  74. Dear FEd,

    I’m gutted beyond words – I arrived at the Mermaid at 7.30pm to be told by the doorman that I wasn’t allowed in because there were no seats left, despite having my name on the list. Apparently 60 seats were used by the BBC for their cameras, and a number of us were turned away at the door….we weren’t late, there just weren’t enough seats for those that had tickets/were on the list.

    I can’t tell you how bad it feels, especially having come back especially for it from Holland. My plane was delayed 2 hours in Amsterdam, so it was a mad dash from Luton Airport to Blackfriars, in the rush hour and miserable rain. We made it in time and then were still refused entry! At first it was disbelief, then anger, then pure disappointment and depression.

    It’s not like these are seats that I paid for, but to charge back for it in the pouring rain as excited as one can get, only to be refused entry – well, it was literally heartbreaking. So, instead of hearing my musical idol performing I caught the 2nd half of the Chelsea Barcelona game 🙁

    From being the luckiest guy to the unluckiest guy, in nanoseconds. It would have been better to not have had any tickets at all, rather than to have my hopes shattered at the door. I know it’s not anyone in particular’s fault (esp. not you FEd – this is just an outlet..had to say something), and they were a total gift, but it just hurts so badly… I missed a unique opportunity to see DG in as small and as intimate a venue as I’m ever likely to. I’ve still got a ticket for the RAH show, but I so badly wanted to hear the new material BEFORE the new album, and in that tiny venue. The frustration and sadness is palpable.

    The time is gone, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say 🙁


    [Oh Nick, I am so sorry to hear this. I can’t comment any further tonight, because I don’t know the facts and can’t get any answers at this late hour, but I will find out what’s happened. For what it’s worth, I am so very sorry. As you say, it would have been better not to have had tickets, rather than have your hopes dashed in such a cruel way. We will get to the bottom of this, I guarantee it. Not that it can compensate for the disappointment caused. – Features Editor]

  75. hi DG fans

    well the household has listened to the album to death for the last 2 days and the verdict is excellent save for 2 songs – take a breath and This heaven, the chants on the former being a bit naff and the latter a bit too far removed from what we pastoral Gilheads are used to!!! love the return to floyd 70 styles, and also love the occasional Bjork like flourishes with the big orchestra!!! very mature listening.

    3 years Dave and you’ve gotta go again for us!!! too much talent not to big fella

    top 4

    On an island
    The Blue
    I close my eyes – gorgeous humming!
    Pocket full of Stones

    [I’m not having that! I won’t have a bad word said about ‘Take A Breath’ or ‘This Heaven’, thank you very much! – Features Editor]

  76. Evening FEd,

    Just had to say tonight was absoutely amazing. David and co were on fine form and the concerts are going to be brilliant.

    Thank you so much for organising thme and i heartily recommend everyone listens to it on Radio 2 as you” love it.

    Thanks for a wonderful night


  77. Hello,

    Hearing the whole album every free minute since friday. It was awesome the first listening turn and it grabbed me more and more. The whole album breathes out that relaxed Castellorizon feeling… and that voice and those guitars. Lovely… Well done you all, thanks!

    So I try to imagine that I’m lying on the Castellorizons beach, music all around, my hand in my wifes hand, the children playing and lauching at the background… sun shining and slowly the moon slides slowly before the sun…

    Enjoy it!

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

    PS1 March 29th 2006 could be that day. (…and the sun is eclipsed by the moon…)

    PS2 Thoughts from a crazy Dutchman: I almost wrote: “maybe it could become a new DSOTM” (the best album in our history…), and maybe that would become reality (so as I can speak for myself). DSOTM has more bombast, that belongs to the concept of that record: a young musician that reaches fame and is running in the wheel of fortune, an artist that must catch up with the sun… and then 30 years later, he is on age, he can put things in perspective, now he knows what is really important. What would he write; “On An Island”, no more no less.

    It becomes time for a beer and some fantastic music “OAI” I guess.. cheers…

    hope the gig was fantastic.

  78. i love it. my favourites are ‘on an island’, ‘the blue’ and ‘this heaven’. the lyrics are so personal, which is such a brave thing to do, but it just goes to show how happy david is with his life, which makes me feel so glad. david, you deserve every happiness! this is a happy album, but not in a sickly cheery way. it’s real and it’s bare. i love that. hats off to david and polly.

  79. Dear Features ed,

    I know it is not your fault, but when I arrived at the mermaid tonight I was turned away at the door, no one was interested that I had won my tickets!

    I`ve just arrived home from London, and the feeling of dissapointment is overwhelming,it took five and a half hours to get there(through traffic), and I`ve lost half a day`s pay and the cost to get down to London, just to be told I`m not welcome!

    I`m sorry to moan.

    [Moan away, Adrian. I’m so desperately sorry to hear this – and very surprised. I can’t comment further, because I don’t know what’s happened and can’t get answers at this time of night, but I will find out why this has happened to both you and Nick. I truly am sorry. I can’t begin to imagine how disappointed you’re feeling and no token words are going to help matters. We will investigate, I assure you. – Features Editor]

  80. The album is awesome. It has a laid back, classical sound to it, which is not the type of music I would normally like. However, my taste in music has been improving and I think this is an excellent piece of work.

    I can’t wait until April 10th, Massey Hall, Toronto (but I guess I’ll have to.) I was 12 years old the last time Pink Floyd toured and I didn’t know what good music was yet. I have never had the opportunity to see David solo in concert either so this is very exciting for me.

  81. Fantastic album and happy 60th, man.

    Who are the people on the beach in the photograph, on the page with the “On An Island” lyrics??

  82. Wow, I’ve just got in from the Mermaid concert and I was totally blown away! Thankyou so much FE, and to the BBC for putting this together. I was about 5/6 rows from the front, dead centre, so close to my hero! I wont give away the set list, but the new stuff sounded out of this world, and the ‘golden oldies’ were spectacular as you would expect. The band that David has put toghether is amazing. Rick Wright was getting into the music in his usual way ( I hope I can headbang like him when I reach that age! well, its more of a backwards headbang, if you know what i mean!). The overall sound was PERFECT, and his guitar sounded immense. We all sang happy birthday to David at the end, which was a nice touch, and a lady in the audience gave a cake to him! All in all, it was a spectacular evening, the greatest night of my life so far, never again will I see my hero in such an intimate venue. Thanks again! I’m never going to forget this…

    An added bonus, Polly and a few of their children sat 3 rows behind me! And after the concert I managed to get her autograph on my On An Island album! How cool is that?!

    [I’m really pleased to hear that you enjoyed it, David! – Features Editor]

  83. We have just returned from the Mermaid Theatre after a 90 minute set from the Birthday boy + 1 day.A good mix of both the new cd and some Floyd classics.Happy Birthday was played by the band and sung by us the audience!

    Please listen to this show on Saturday.

  84. Happy belated birthday David!

    Seattle, Washington, USA based radio station KMTT 103.7 will be airing the entire disc tonight at 8PM Pacific Standard Time.

    Can hardly wait to get a copy tonight at the store and see you in California next month!


    Seattle, WA, USA

  85. Well what to say? Just got back from the Mermaid and, respecting the wishes of the good old F’ed I’ll say absolutely nothing…………except, thanks David for a great night!! Waaaay too short but one assumes that the set will be somewhat longer out in the ‘real’ world……and enjoy your birthday cake!

    Thanks to all here for allowing us lucky peeps the chance to be there tonight – it was a very special evening.

    Now wheres that cd………


    [Glad you got in and could enjoy it, Pudders. – Features Editor]

  86. En lisant les commentaires d’hier, quelqu’un a dit qu’il n’y a pas beaucoup de commentiares en français. Donc pour vous, Sylvian, j’en écris en français (je suis un anglais à Paris). Le nouveau album est super surtout “On An Island” et “Smile”. Je suis vraiement désolé si mon français est nul mais c’est la vie, n’est-ce pas?!? Alors, à la semaine prochaine (Le Grand Rex, le 15 mars).


  87. Had the day off from work and got a copy right away this morning. Absolutely love it, it brings back memories of an Island vacation..except for us it is Madeline Island, apostle Islands of Wisconsin. Just as beautiful and relaxing a place. Cannot wait to go camping there again.

    Congratulations David and a very happy (belated) birthday!

  88. Ok, so I was WAY excited when I saw Best Buy is including a single CD of Island Jam… I had been very disappointed when I heard this song wasn’t on the CD. Yeah Best Buy!!! I’m glad I cancelled my pre-order from Amazon!!! Now I have the CD in my hot little hand… ok m-u-s-t s-h-o-w restraint… m-u-s-t wait until Wednesday morning when no kids are around and I can listen without interuption! Do you know how hard this is to wait when I HAVE the cd??? Can’t wait to be able to write my own review! Til tomorrow!!!

    P.S. I did my part to make OAI #1! I picked up 2 copies- one for me and one for a buddy at work!!!


  89. Hi Fed,

    Once again a big thank you from the wife and I for the tickets for tonight’s show. Just got back from a ‘pinch me’ evening – phenomenal seats being the result of 2 hours freezing outside, a small price. Got my OAI CD signed by David, Polly, Guy and Dick afterwards – how nice of them to do that – and how nice too that the gig was so very intimate and ‘chatty’. I feel so bad for the guys that were turned away and hope that they’ll enjoy the RAH or other gigs. I hope they’ll forgive this guy’s enthusiasm for what was a memorable evening. No doubt the tour set list will be considerably longer – can’t wait. Fed, you do a phenomenal amount of work here, and it shows. Thank you.

    [Thanks, Robert. Sounds like it was a great night. – Features Editor]

  90. Mermaid gig in a word…Fantastic! My lips are sealed as regards the set list. Polly and her family sat in front of me and was touched by the fact that they were as excited as I was!!

    Thank you for giving me the chance to go (my mate was knocked out too!)

    Having had such a fantastic evening am only wishing I’d managed to get tickets for the tour. Is there any chance that there will be any additional dates? Do you know of any further ticket sales (OK it was a stupid question!!)

    Cheers, Paul

    [Glad you had a good night, Paul. There are no additional dates, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  91. it was a fantastic concert. very possibly the best I have ever seen. thank you.

    I could say a lot more, and I have done elsewhere, but I’m not going to plug a website, that would be a tad cheeky.

    Sometimes there are no words. If words were enough, we wouldn’t need or want music.

  92. My Best Wishes For You Today!! My Husband And Son Who Also Play And Sound Just Like You Also Wish You A Great Day!!I Just Wish We Could See Your Show But The Only Way To Get Tickets In Brooklyn Is To Pay 2500.00 Dollars a Ticket From E-Bay or Sclappers.And To Get Your C.D.Is Now A Wait of Over A Month And Get On The Best Buy List For It.

  93. Day 2 with OAI…I’m speechless. WOW is all I can say. With Division Bell ranking at the top of my list of favorite albums…it makes me wish that Polly could have worked with Pink Floyd sooner. Her lyrics are beautiful, sometimes uplifting and sometimes haunting…and they absolutely work so magically with David’s soulful music.

    Also…David…well done with your saxophone on “Red Sky At Night”. Reading thru the credits on the album…I did not realize how many instruments David is able to play…Amazing talent. You continue to inspire me to develope my creative talents and live my life doing the things I love with meaning and purpose. Happy 60th again…Hope your day was everything and more! See you in Chicago!

  94. Off work at 4pm. First stop..my favourite record store. Second stop…pick up wife at her place of employment. Third and final stop..Home…Rush to stereo and join David on his island and ignore wife all night. Awesome David. Thanks so much!!!

    Just kidding about the ignore wife part. She loves David as much as the rest of us and didn’t mind that she came second to the record store.

  95. Nickster!

    I’m sending you a virtual hug from Toronto (a manly one of course!)… I read your blogs about the trip, the train stuff and then I saw your name on the winners list and it didn’t happen…

    Fedmeister… If you organise a whip ’round for a t’shirt or something I’ll chip in!…

    [I’m feeling gutted for both Nick and Adrian. I’m sure it’s nothing compared to what they’re feeling, but what a huge disappointment. We’ll find out what’s what today, don’t worry about that. – Features Editor]

  96. Caption…”Biting my nails cause I can’t keep up with you on this 9/8 version of Chopsticks.Can we go back to 4/4.

  97. Dear Features Editor

    You may not wish to post this yet so please hold for the right time. Not wishing to spoil others weekend listening and viewing.

    I had the privilege of meeting David after The Mermaid show and He and Guy Pratt both autographed my CD.
    Totally loved the gig thank you –

    Well – sorry to all -The Mermaid gig was AMAZING

    Very small stage which was totally filled on the right with Jon Carin and Richard Wright’s keyboards set up.

    David Gilmour was centre stage with his various guitars and lap steel and other slide (electric acoustic I think)

    Then the left side of the stage housed Steve DiStanislao Drums with Phil Manzanera front left and Guy Pratt towards the centre of him.

    I don’t wish to spoil it for any fans who are tuning in on Saturday evening to BBC RADIO 2 at 20:30hrs.

    So I won’t spill the beans re setlist.

    The sound was incredible and lights and effects minimal as expected in a tiny theatre.

    More soon but please respect the fact that others are waiting to see David live later this week.

    cheers Over The MOON – dave keyte

    [Sounds like another happy punter… Glad you enjoyed, Dave. – Features Editor]

  98. David,

    My dad has been a fan of you since the 70’s and because of him he is what made me begin to listen to Pink Floyd when I was only 7 years old and I can’t tell how much I love your music as Pink Floyd.

    I live in North America and your new CD has come out today and I got it right after school. I’ve already listened to it and I love it! I’m thirteen years old but I’m the hugest fan of Pink Floyd than any of my friends. I even have the entire set of every album that comes with that book.


  99. Got my copy at noon. Listened to it at work and I must say…..I absolutely love it. I am in awe. Rich instrumentation and soo tasty. Happy. Uplifting and inspiring. Very positive karma. Thank you for a great piece of work.

    Everybody, Keep listening!


  100. Hello again,

    My ears are the luckiest parts of my body:

    Just heard the album again and yes it grows to a DSOTM…
    Read some reviews at the Press Page (“Bright Side Of The Moon” 😉 … yeah nice reviews, but i miss the passionates ones.

    Great to read that the Mermaid gig was a success. Looking forward to see it by myself.

    I hope that Nickster and Adrian will overcome this tragical misunderstanding. Hope some more joyfull things will happen to them.

    Nick from the lovely South of the …

  101. David, first off happy birthday; I expect you are in good health of body and mind! I hope your familly are doing great as well!

    Second; I just picked up the new album today at best buy(thank god your cd was there because I was told the new Sepultura disc will be another week and thus my trip to the store was not in vain.) . I listened to the bonus disc with “island jam” in the car on the way home from work and just let it repeat; great tune in it self! It was hard to tell the start and finish of it and I was amped to hear the full album at home! Well, “red night at sky” just started and I have got to say so far so good…VERY good in fact! This album seems even more laid-back than the mighty “division bell” and I know it will get toted around with me everywhere I go for a long time! I was very impressed with the cd packaging,too; a bit like the new sigur ros album but with that nice binding and I like the idea of foam to hold the cd in place rather than those pesky plastic “teeth” that would always break off and scratch the disc in the case,or a slip-pocket case that can still scratch the cd.

    The album is something special in all truth and if you tour the states(minnesota specifically,he-haw!) I will be there staring in awe!


    [David is touring the States. Please see the Live Dates page of http://www.davidgilmour.com for details. – Features Editor]

  102. Hi Dave, happy birthday¡ , and let me tell you that i sang for you the last saturday 4th , well actually it was the 5th around 1:00 am i have a band and we play a Pink Floyd´s tribute so i dedicate the concert on your honor , let me be your friend , i really really wish to know you, i´d like you could listen my tribute ,i love your music the sound of your guitar , i am the guitarrist and the singer of the band so , you could imagine it

  103. David,

    You have done a great job on this new album! Thanks for your hard work and happy birthday!


  104. Well, picked up the CD at lunch today. Not disappointed. Loved the orchestral work in it. Though, still classic Gilmour guitar sound. Great!!!! Congratulation Mr. Gilmour. Well done. Indeed.


    A touch of About Face & The Division Bell with more charismatic music! Shine On Sir David!

    My current charts:

    1. On An Island
    2. The Blue
    3. Then I Close My Eyes
    4. Where We Start
    5. A Pocketful of Stones
    6. Castellorizon
    7. Red Sky at Night
    8. Smile
    9. Take a Breath
    10. This Heaven

  106. Took a 50 mile drive in my new Mustang tonight- local stores had sold out by this evening…I could listen to ‘Island Jam’ in an endless loop for years…I think I like it as much as ‘echoes’-

    Got home and took the disc out, it was cookin- guess I had it cranked up a bit 🙂

    please consider releasing the rest of it(sounds like it was longer at one time- EXCELLENT music!)

    the rest of the album itself actually is not at all what I expected, but has some great stuff on it, the sax song was suprising to me on a Gilmour album, but I really like it a lot. Was really expecting stuff more along the lines of ‘no way out of here’, ‘murder’, ‘out of the blue’, all my favorite tracks from prior works, but this is totally different- still very enjoyable 🙂

    Again- gotta say a million thanks for Island Jam- thats the distinctive DG signature sound throughout- good thing about length, I think it can actually get some radio airplay (unlike the original Echoes due to length). Keep up the GREAT work!

  107. Wow! Very nice work David. You should pat yourself on the back. The album is better than I imagined. I love Polly’s lyrics. She really has a way with words. Thank you for making your fans so happy. Dan Brockert

  108. Well i’ll keep this short and sweet.

    Having had the album for some 4 days now, i can only come to the conclusion that it is absolutely amazingly beautiful, a piece of work that would stand up against any Floyd album in my opinion. For that achievement alone, David (And of course not forgetting Pollys input!!) should be very very proud, even if its just one fan who thinks that, im happy to be that one.

    A shame i wont get to see him perform it live, but absolutely nothing can get me away from listening to this album. The Blue is one of the most magical sounding songs i have heard by any artist at any time, and this isnt ass kissing because to be frank if i thought the album was poor or shoddy i would have no problem with being honest. But the album is simply gorgeous.

    Congrats David and thank you, you found that bit of magic yet again on this album.

    With Total Respect and Gratitude


  109. So there I am standing in line to buy “On An Island” and low and behold Im surounded by seven other people doing the same thing. So naturaly a conversation breaks out about DG. Then I come to find out Im the only one out of us that are going to see dave on his tour. (both nights in chicago)Moral of the story…try not to brag about seeing dave on tour. Lots of people couldnt get tickets and they want to hurt you!

    Awesome album. Expected nothing less. See you in CHI-town!! Happy B-day from all in Cincinnati!!

  110. Bought the album today in New York City at Best Buy, which included an “exclusive” bonus CD of the Island Jam.
    “Wow” is the first word that comes to mind. The sound of this CD is breathtaking. What a tremendous piece of work. I can’t wait for the Radio City shows. 7th Row first night!

  111. I LOVE this new album!!!

    I hear from a highly reputable source that the two older solo albums will be remastered and released in early April!!!

    Best of luck to you and the band on the tour!

    Barry in Cleveland…

    Check out my tribute to On an Island on my url…

    [That would be good, wouldn’t it? – Features Editor]

  112. I would love to show David and Rick my DSOTM tattoo. Is there any way for me to get in touch with them? I will be at radio city april 4th and 5th.


    [If I gave you an answer, how many other people reading this would decide that they also want to meet David and Richard? So the answer, sorry, has to be ‘no’. – Features Editor]

  113. Hello FeatEd, id just like to start off by thanking you for all the awesome work you have been putting in for all us fans. I have been following this site from day 1 and although this is slightly off topic, id just like to comment on something i have noticed in a number of previous posts. It seems people are quite critical of what they call ‘greatest hits fans’ and some have gone as far as to say that they would not mind if the tour consisted of only David’s solo stuff. I can see where they are coming from and but heres the thing: a majority if not all of these ppl have been lucky enough to see Pink Floyd in their prime. Then there are the younger fans like me for whom that was obviously not even possible. So although i understand their point of view and i absolutely love the new album, id be lying if i said im not absolutely dying to hear some Pink Floyd classics. I know, its a bit off topic..just my two cents! What do you think?

    [I think that’s one of the best posts we’ve ever had, Mikael. The music David has helped make, both with and without Pink Floyd, is special to people of all ages. Isn’t that something? From my personal point of view, I want to see people introduced to this wonderful music for the first time, and new fans formed. Above all, I want everyone who attends these shows to be completely respectful of David, his band, and the music they choose to perform – be it solo or Floyd. You don’t have to have followed David’s career from Day One to be a “big fan“ – it’s not a contest – but you should have the decency to appreciate whatever he chooses to play, even if you’re itching to hear such-and-such a track. Itching to hear such-and-such a track is very different from shouting out requests for such-and-such a track. I have far more respect for ‘Greatest Hits’ fans who silently hope to hear a certain song than long-time fans who think that, because they’ve been fans for a long time, they have a right to dictate proceedings. Anyway, I hope David plays a few of your favourites. – Features Editor]

  114. This is probably going to sound gushingly sycophantic, so I apologize now. I know David could release 50 minutes of self-absorbed noodling and I would buy it and rave about it and love it. But he hasn’t – On An Island is an expertly crafted slice of restrained excellence, with no tune outstaying it’s welcome and every note thoughtfully placed. And yes I bought it, I’ll rave about it and I most certainly love it 🙂

    David’s subtle guitar playing first awoke my love of music 35 years ago and the album reaffirms my belief that good music beautifully played surpasses all the synthetic chart-pop that egotistic producers dish out to make a fast buck. This is the quintessentially spellbinding album of the decade for me and sits happily alongside Aerial, 6pm and Cuckooland as something I can listen to and be entranced and enthralled by from beginning to end.

    The album is already a stonking success (and it’s only day 2! – congratulations) and I hope this continues.

    Number one next week? I should bleedin’coco.

    PS: the artwork is in perfect harmony with the music – I am immeasurably envious of the artists at Blade.

  115. I’VE GOT IT!!!! EUREKA!! I rushed out after work and purchased the new CD. WHOOOPIE!! No more wait. I can go on with my life now. I thoroughly enjoyed and savored every note, chord, riff, lyric, etc. I especially enjoyed The “Island Jam”. What a pleasant surprise. Very Pink-Floydesque. I could listen to it forever…awaft and submerged in the endless reverberation of serene resonance and cascading cadence……Oh, where was I? I’ll try to contain my unbridled enthusiasm from now on.

    Anyhooo, even though I don’t celebrate holidays or birthdays I would certainly like to wish David, Polly, family and friends peace, happiness, success and good health. I wish I had a smiley face to insert but I don’t. So I’ll just have to borrow something from Karin. ‹(•¿•)›(thanx Karin).

    Incidently, I also purchased the Aqualung Live CD which Ian Anderson says the money will go to various charities benefiting children and the homeless. This has prompted me to take more of an interest in the charity that David is involved in.

    Have a good or great night all. And have a blast at the show. When I’m done here I shall toast thee from afar!

  116. i need 2 tickets for chicago april 13th PLEASE!!!

    i am going to chicago from north carolina and really want to see both nites since i will be driving halfway across the United States to see him. if anyone can help please let me know. i cant afford tickets from anywhere else otherwise i would buy them, so if anyone can offer me 2 tickets for the second night in chicago i will be forever in your debt.

  117. sorry . . . but . . . I wanna know what he played !!!!! I may be in a minority (or perhaps not), but . . . . I WANNA KNOW !!!!


    You’re present to us is breathtaking. I love the whole album, it gives me goosebumps. THANK YOU, it was, {is and forever will be} WONDERFULL, as I said to you tonight! You responding (albeit only 4 words} has left the most stupid grin on my face – you thanked me! I’m lost for words – that’s a first!

    BREATHE – I must THANK YOU, Polly, too, you have reignited the spark, that ignited us, 3 decades ago, what a special lady you are!

    Enough all ready! I’ll sip my wine and press play. Can’t help it, THANK YOU, both, just the once, again!

  119. Nickster…How did Chelsea get on against Barcelona? You didn’t say…

    And try and cheer up… something good will come of it I’m sure…

  120. Wow, I feel sick for Nick and Adrian. What a rollercoaster of emotions. The night at the Mermaid sounded like a once in a lifetime, eyes wide open dream. …Would’ve given my right arm! (FE, you are truly a class act. Your “token” words of apology clearly come from the heart)

    Me, I was so happy to receive my pre-order a day early, yesterday, on David’s birthday. There are so many favorite parts and pieces of this album. After having heard so much of the album on this website, my first listen impressed me as to how familiarly Pink Floyd it was. Even an animals feel to the OAI track. The drums, bass and guitar tracks draw individually attention like so many other PF songs. The music feels comfortable. At least on my island.

  121. In Los Angeles a local FM station debuted the album several days before the general North American release. I must say that I was astounded. David Gilmour has delivered everything his fans have come to expect over many fantastic years. The title track from ‘On an Island’ ranks with “Comfortably Numb” as one of David’s more lucid and melodically impressive solos. I have already purchased a copy for a young friend, as this new album seems an ample opportunity to expose the next generation of fans to David Gilmour’s timeless music. ‘On an Island’ truly is an island of light on record shelves that have alienated far more artists than they have inspired. Jolly Good Show!!

  122. Well, our biggest music store in Victoria B.C. was sold out by 2pm this afternoon, RATS……….off to another store….oh no, SOLD OUT there too! Off to store # 3….a little out of the way place….BINGO ..got it!

    Bloody hell Dave my long time friend….it’s brilliant. You are brilliant, and what a seamless and beautifull piece of work this is. You and all involved should be very pleased with the results. Well done and thank you.

    Thank you seems hardly enough to say to you for almost 40 years of enjoyment you have given me….but that’s all I’ve got for you. Unless you want to come to my place in Victoria, British Columbia for a cuppa and a chat!

    Cheers from,

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

  123. Great Album!

    My favorite track: Take a breath
    My favorite line: “I never got to you by being kind.”

    A different view on the art work for the cover, looks like David sitting on a mountain top above the clouds, watching for pigs on the wing.

    Kick A$$ on this tour David.

  124. David, a masterpiece, a pure masterpiece. I went to the store 2 weeks ago, and made sure they would hold a copy for me. I went there today, with my name taped around it.

    I am only 21, and discovered Pink Floyd only 2 years ago, but I now have all but 3 albums. I even have an acoustic version of Comfortably Numb on my demo CD. I have listened to them over and over again, grabbed all the DVDs I could get. I even got David Gilmour’s first studio album, and his second . . . I downloaded it, but will buy it when it gets re-released in april, as well as the new copy of David’s first solo album.

    First, I looked through the pages, and it is one of the best cd covers/sleves/booklets I have ever seen. The only one I can compare it to is the CD version of Pulse. This is more natural though, unlike Pulse. So beautiful, so pure, so delicate, and shaping it like an actual book, brilliant, just brilliant.

    Then, I put in the CD a few hours ago, and immediately I was feeling the guitar tones flowing through my soul. The music is so pure, so beautiful, and so full. It has such a large sound, a sound of an orchestra, a “wall of sound” if you call it that. But unlike Phil Spector’s “wall of sound”, this one is very gentle, and flows through you, and not hit you. Then when you just hear the acoustic and vocal come through (Smile), it feels like David is in my livingroom, so close, and so stripped down pure.

    The songs are what I expected, which is a good thing. I was hoping for a nice softer feel than David’s past 2 solo albums (not including Momentary Lapse of Reason and the Division Bell), and more smooth, but still retain his voice, as well as his just wonderful guitar playing. And I am very pleased. I can tell by listening to his voice, he is in a good place, and a happy time in his life.

    I am a avid guitarist, and have never tried playing lead guitar, just never felt right to me. After listening to Gilmour in Floyd, David made me want to learn a little bit about guitar theory and playing lead. Now this album, I just want to pull out my Gibson Les Paul and just playing along with the solos and lead parts.

    Thank you David, thank you so much. For a belated b-day present, I will donate money to one of the charities you support.

  125. THANKYOU Mr. David Gilmour!!!! On an Island is an absolutely FANTASTIC album!!!!! I have been waiting for a long time for a record like this from ANY artist…period.

    You are truly a master of your craft of musicianship in every respect. There has been no other artist who has brought forth such quality in music and audio production. This record is both a musical and a sonic masterpiece.

    Happy Birthday!!! All the best wishes and many years to come!!!

  126. Woah…I bought the album today and my head is swirling a bit trying to process it all.

    It’s going to take a few posts to get my full reaction out of me, but my first impression (after listening to this all day mind you) is that everything, from the special packaging to the art work-photography-musical/lyrical content, feels like a David Gilmour autobiography.

    It is obviously a deeply personal piece that speaks of the truth that is David Gilmour today. It is not lost on me that Sandra Kamen, who has a photography credit, is probably the one who took the picture on the “Castellorizon” page of David, Polly, and three others one of whom looks like the late Michael Kamen (“Michael, Tony, here ever after”)

    That is touching, and for me, sets the tone for the rest of the album.

    “Where We Start” is for me the most classic-Floyd sounding track on the album (and there are a quite few). That sounds so More/Obscured/Meddle era that I think “Pillow of Winds” and “Fearless” would make nice complements on the tour to the new material. I surprised myself by being movied to tears by “Where We Start”!? His voice, the lyrics, and the music just moved me deeply….wow, that’s never happened to me before…

    Features Editor, you may remember that I love digging deep into the material and uncovering all the nuggets to be found. “On An Island” is going to keep me busy for a long time…..!

    And Mr. Gilmour, you may never fully realise the gift you gave your fans on your 60th birthday. Bravo!

  127. The opening chord reminds me of Close Encounters of the third Kind crossed with a stallion’s blow after running. My new favorites are Take A Breath and This Heaven, but A Pocketful of Stones is just a nose behind. the whole album is magnificent. Thank you musician deluxe! As a fan since your first solo album, a fantastic touch then is supernatural now.

  128. Well…I’m affraid that here in the states it is more about ‘where is the blessed album’ more than ‘I can’t beleive the show!’—-Dave, if you are actually reading this for your own personal enjoyment and peace of mind after a very anxious and well deserved spotlight for a change….you must remember and know that fans like me will never go away-we will just anticipate your will to write the melodies and music that inspire us all—the whole world-whether they like it or not!!!!!

    You are a man today who is very close to my mother’s age and yet your music is not dated and still touches all of our souls…..

    “On an Island” perhaps but in Country is to Heart…My Heart is in that Country–I wish you the BEST of 60 years and hope that in 60 years MORE, we should find the same humanity and love that you have shared with us!

  129. A thought: Who could the subject of “pocketful of Stones” be? I can’t shake the image of Syd Barrett? Could that be a little too Floyd-centric?

    What do other people think?

  130. God, I feel terrible, I hadn’t listened to the CD yet (I’m one of that poor, unfortunate people!), I don’t know exactly.. when is it arriving to Argentina?, but I’m happy because i’ve just listened to a song from On an Island on the radio, and felt really excited. It was so beautiful…

  131. Still listening to “On An Island” before I go to sleep. It’s wonderful! Terrific work David!! Thank you for sharing your music. It’s the best CD I’ve listened to in a very long time. Made me “SMILE”!!! :-)))

    See you at the HRC Rudders April 9th. I’ll look for your black Fender T’shirt. Just think…only a month away now.

  132. Date: 3/8/06 @ 12:14am on Wed. & I just came home from working a 12 hour shift at the hospital. All the way to the hospital and all the way back home I muse have listened to the new CD at least 5x’s back and forth and I can not pick out for the life of me a “song I really don’t care that much about”..I know from being a one time avid music lover and i have a great range of music that I do enjoy that everysingle cd, cassette and 8 tract as well as the old fashioned LP’S–there were always at least 1 0r 2 songs that were, ‘so so”..Not on this cd. IT IS UTTERLY FANTASTIC AND ARTISTIC AND TAKES ME AWAY FROM MY EVERYDAY WORK RELATED PRESSURE AND STRESS AND TRAGEDY AND SETS MY MIND THINKING OF A BEAUTIFUL ISLAND! Every single song has it’s own uniqueness to it. It truly is beautiful. Someone please tell me that Polly does something or anything that is not perfect —please. My god she sings ( beautifully), Plays the piano, writes/lyricist, a young mother and wife and a writer. She is stunningly beautiful for being my age of 43yo and after having 4 children. How does she do it? Please ask her if it would be a possible option for me to interview her even if it is over the website or in person or via e-mail. God so many unanswered questions…it is driving me mad and my time unfortunately is limited r/t health issues..SO MANY QUESTIONS AND NO ANSWERS UNLESS I BUY THOSE AWFUL CELEBRITY MAGAZINES AND COLUMNS AND QUITE FRANKLY I REALLY DON’T PUT MY CONFIDENCE IN THEM. ( IT IS JUST ME)!

    Good job to all the players and artists on this wonderful cd!! I did get another one just like I said…because my words and promises mean ALOT TO ME!..I hope your birthday was extra special and it should be everyday all year round..I’m wondering if any of the questions I have asked will be answered?

    Mr. Gilmour, you have a winner in this new ‘On an Island’ Polly you play the piano and sing beautifully also…I always follow my ‘gut’ feelings and I have a feeling more ” SURPRISES” are on there way at this wonderful site…Talk to much don’t I? Believe me if i was face to face with anyone I come across as very shy and reserved. To know me I guess is to love me ( Maybe)…

    Keep it all coming and Polly please get some photos of yourself with the tour and the making of this wonderful cd. You are the heart of this CD in my mind and you should get due recognition.

    Thank you Polly for making David one happy man and father..He is an absolutely great guy and no doubt that you have brought out the best in him. THIS IS NOT A PART 2 OF THE DIVISION BELL. The both albums are great but two totally different feelings and emotions in this new cd.

    Linda P

  133. I love it, david I love it. you did it AGAIN !

    I want to be HONEST, a s real fan of you and pink floyd ( I know this is not about pink floyd in here)

    This album is 10 times better than your first 2 solos but I have to critiques for you:

    1)The management made a BIG BIG mistake by putting 2 minutes clips on yor website, making this CD less surprising as it deserved.

    2)Although its AWESOME, its already in my list of favorate tope 20 albums (probablly after all the floyds works, after amused to death but better than radio K.A.O.S (although Im not sure if i should call it better than ammused to death and the reason is that its only 10 songs and 1-2 of them are short, first track could have been 1-2 minutes longer following the same pattern)…its AWESOME BUT not consistent. Some tracks are easily as good as some pink floyd big hits while some are abit weaker. also the moos of the album is not consistant.

    The solos are ALL unbelivably beautifull while I belive poly did a better job in the devision bell, lyrics wise.

    all in all If I give 10/10 to The wall and 9.5 to the devision bell and 7/10 to the echos (the best of CAMEL album) and 6.9 to best of led zellepin, then I would give on an island 9.25/10.

    I just gave diffenret ratings to different groups to make my rating more meaningfull.

    bythe way, Tell david that the SAX part is AWESOME ! not because of the fact that he is such a great SAX player, no, honestly he is not, BUT because of his taste of music, his medicre skils in playing sax made that peace of music one of the most lovely SAX solos of all time. its short but its simply AMAZING. WHERE YOU GOT THAT TASTE OF MUSIC, david ? just HOW and where

    Love you from bottom of my heat and will see in in toronto. I dont care if days of my life go by in a blinckle of an eye, I just wanna see david.

    One good thing: when I got your album today from HMV ( in montreal ) I realized that pink floyd managers were also very keen and smart. the pink floyd section was more organized as it used to be with FULL RANGE of pink floyd albums and T-shirts ! it means that they/we all know that On An Island is so great so that it makes every one wanna listen to the rest of it. any thing with david which happens to be pink floyd. Even for the irst time they had roger solos, david solos and all everything pink floyd related in special shelves beside each other, they even had count down for pulse dvd !, the only thing which was missing was ” WET DREAMS” by rick. I’ve been looking for that album for over a year, I cant find it and they keep saying that they are not producing it anymore. HOW CAN I get it ? thats a master piece. Itll be appriciated if some one emails me and let me know how can I get that one too.


    [We can’t win, can we? We give you goodies, yet then it was a mistake because we ruined the surprise. We don’t give you any goodies, then you ask us for them and complain because we don’t give you enough… – Features Editor]

  134. wow its killing me, hearing all these fabulous talk about the CD. I have to vent though, I pre-ordered a copy about a couple of weeks ago. Then a day or 2 later I went back to Sony and pre-ordered another one for my friend. Well my friend received her copy YESTERDAY, and my copy isn’t here yet. She did comment on the nice packaging though. So hopefully mine will arrive tomorrow. VH1 classic tonight had a Pink Floyd hour block, but it was really in honor of the man of the hour and OAI. They played On the Turning Away, TIME, Eclipse, Learning to Fly, money, Comfortably Numb and Brick in the Wall pt 2, oh yeah also Welcome to the Machine. They ended the hour with On an Island. I’ll take any David/Floyd I can get, so I enjoyed it. Ok then, David hope you had a nice birthday.

    I know those at the Mermaid show are in heaven right now!

    Love to you David, and fellow fans, and see ya in Chicago,


  135. I am just now listening to ” On An Island ” in it’s entirety, what beautiful music you have created! I can simply close my eyes and wander to far off places. This music puts you in such a happy, peaceful state. The guitar work is no less than perfect and all the talented musicians on this album add to what may be the best CD released in quite some time. Thank you so much for this jewel!

  136. David, I just got your album today. After listening to it while driving to work, I am convinced — you have a grammy here! It’s the perfect music to listen to while driving a two-lane highway. Can hardly wait to see you in Oakland, California on April 17th. Stevie G. in Napa Valley

  137. I had been listening to the title track of “on an island” being played on the local radio station and was completely blown away by it! I have been a huge Pink Floyd fan for about 16 years now and I am happy that I finally have some fresh material from my favorate guitarist, David Gilmour. I picked up my copy today and I have to say that this album is a fiery demonstration that the true creative behind Pink Floyd was undoubtledly David Gilmour.

  138. What I did on my half day off

    I was surprisingly productive at work in the morning but arranged the afternoon off, as although it is possible to get into London fairly quickly from Cambridge I wasn’t going to take any chances on a day like today. The rain was falling pretty hard as I arrived at the station but it was not going to dampen my spirits on a day like today.

    Reading the new edition of MOJO on the train as the stations passed me by I slipped into Floydian mode. We passed through Knebworth, a place that made my wedding shortlist as I thought it would be cool to get married where Pink Floyd had played, although in the end another venue staged that particular event.

    First port of call in London was the Pink Floyd exhibition at Redferns Music Gallery. This is about thirty pictures, all but one of which are early Floyd photographs, some in performance, some staged publicity shots, and some relaxed backstage or at home. A great way to idle away the time before seeing Mr Gilmour play. Was the UFO really that small? Only having read about it I had imagined it bigger? Did Syd ever finish painting his floorboards with those tins of Dulux?

    Next I made for the venue for a little bit of reconnaissance. Coming out of Blackfriars Thameslink my heartbeat faster when the exit sign indicated the way to the Mermaid Theatre, even though it was just after 16:00. A quick circumnavigation indicated that it was going to be a small intimate gig, and that the BBC Radio Outside Broadcast van was round the back along with a TV van proclaiming its High Definition services, interesting. A few hardy souls were already queuing, but I wanted to make some more of my time in London and wander over the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern. I lost myself amongst the white boxes of Rachel Whitehead’s installation, and the somewhat disturbing experience of Ishi’s Light by Anish Kapoor. I also found myself disconcerted by the staff whose uniform makes it look like they have been transplanted from the nearest branch of Sainsbury’s.

    Wanting to join the queue before winning Londoners made it out of work I headed back via a sandwich shop and found the competition winners line, and waited enjoying the banter of the happy winners explaining to each other how they won, how far they had come and what they expected of the evening. After the event, I don’t think any of them would have left disappointed.

    The weather wasn’t going to dampen my spirits but One Railways tried by not running any train services north of Stevenage, and laying on a bus whose driver when asked when we would reach Cambridge answered: “Dunno mate, never been there before”. I eventually made it home.

    [Thanks for sharing, David. – Features Editor]

  139. David and everyone involved, what an amazing CD.

    Brought tears to my eyes. I love the fact that Polly helped so much and she sounds fab in Smile. You two have a relationship that is special and you’re so right for each other.

    Also congratulations on the design of the CD booklet, very nice indeed.

    Thank you once again David, you truly are a beautiful person.


  140. I have played the entire album 20+ times since i got it a few days ago, needless to say…its great! fantastic!

    In fact, i think its so great..that i`m sure i`ll still be listening to it when i`m like 100+ years old, its an instant classic.

    applause for great work to david & the crew (and once again, happy birthday) 😀

    good luck with the forthcoming concerts


  141. Grrr!! My copy still hasn’t arrived in the post – I suppose I’ve fallen foul of sleeve production delays. However, I have been listening to it at the AOL Listening Party site so am not completely deprived. I’m loving it so far – but can’t wait to hear it through decent speakers or headphones.

    I’m also feeling a little better about not winning tickets for the Mermaid – though gutted for those who couldn’t get in – as we would have only got there by the skin of our teeth had we gone, and would probably have missed out too. Glad everyone who got in enjoyed themselves.

    I am thrilled by your note FEd that On An Island will be available on vinyl! I still prefer the feel of a 12 inch disc in my hand – the smell of a newly pressed record, and to be actually able to READ the sleeve notes and lyrics! CD sleeves are no good for us oldies with failing eyesight!

  142. Congrats on On an Island it is the best solo album you have done since your 1978 self-titled effort. Please, do another Rockline appearance. Happy 60th Birthday David and to many more!

  143. Hello FEd, David & Family,

    I’m among those who had pre-ordered “On An Island” (3 copies — the kids have needs, too) and then, finding myself out of town on release date, got up and went to the nearest music store this morning to get the long-awaited gem! I am so impressed with the whole album (right now I’m getting pleasantly mellow to “Where We Start”)and was going to comment on a couple of favorites that caught my attention on first listen! Strangely enough while scanning through previous comments I noticed more than one person naming these two as their least favorite songs! It must be hell trying to please the masses — good thing that’s not your driving force. We do all have our different tastes and I would’nt be surprised if those songs grow on them after a few listens.

    Anyway, as an artist, musician, writer, or just as an inhabitant of planet Earth, the only really important and meaningful ‘job’ that you/we have is to be honest, caring, and sharing of whatever it is that we have to offer our ‘community’ be it small (like most of us) or large (that would be you). And I think you’re doing your job splendidly!

    That was kind of the long way around, but I just wanted to say that I’m so pleased with what your music, David, has meant to me over the years and it continues to move me today, as does your generousity of spirit. You’ve made a difference in the world with your music and by example. I’m sounding a bit nostalgic again tonight, some sad things happening, but I must say getting lost in the sound of your sweet guitar, voice, and all the other great musicians offerings, has made this day much better and I thank you for that!

    Happy belated birthday! I hope it was spent with your loving family and friends and was spectacular!

    Yours very truly,
    Gabrielle from Washington State

  144. Dear All

    The gig last night was brilliant. I would like to thank you F Ed. for a fantastic evening.

    I am with you, I will not hear a word against Take a Breath & This Heaven, brilliant songs. I would love David to do some more bluesy numbers.

    Again thanks again & I won’t spoil it for anyone else, but what a show you have to look forward to.


    [Hi Richard. Thanks for that. Glad you enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  145. I still haven’t received my CD through the post from a certain supplier beginning with an ‘A’………………major sulk ! But I expect that is due to the huge demand. I did, however, get to hear the album courtesy of A*L on Monday night, and it’s brilliant ! Congratulations to David, on what I hope will be a chart topper ! P.S It was also nice to hear the lovely Polly’s cameo in ‘Smile’ ! P.P.S Cheers to the hard-working FeatEd !

  146. Really sorry to hear about those who couldn’t get in last night – first we knew about any possible problems was the comment on the back of the ticket stating that doors would be closed at 7.30. Just glad I managed to get there early enough to queue up in the rain!

    Quite a few seats were occupied by film cameras and their crew though – shame that couldn’t have been factored into the ticketing by the BBC prior to releasing tickets.


  147. Hi Feature Ed.

    I Just wanted to thank David and the Team for a truly memorable gig last night. My wife and I had a fabulous evening. The guys obviously thoroughly enjoy what they do and it really shows in the music.

    The album is Magnificent. Beautiful lyrics, stunning guitar work and great listening for any mood. From the uplifting and foot stomping “Take a breath” through the laid back soulful “Red Sky at NIght” to the classic blues of “This Heaven” – Absolutely magic!

    To all of you who have tickets for the show – you won’t be disappointed.

    Do you if there are plans to record the show onto DVD? I hope so ‘cos I’ll be first in the queue. Good luck with the rest of the tour and thanks again.


    [Glad to hear that you and your wife enjoyed, Ken. No news on the DVD front as yet. We’ll keep you posted. – Features Editor]

  148. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…

    Thank you David Gilmour and thank you BBC Radio 2 for making last nights Mermaid gig such a special moment for all who were able to attend. I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets from this site (thank you again)after having failed to obtain tickets for any of the RAH shows through legitimate means. The intimate nature of the venue suited the new material perfectly, and the jaw dropping beauty of David’s guitar work remains undiminished. I cannot think of anyone who can extract so much passion and emotion from a guitar as DG and last nights performance exceeded all possible expectations. I cannot wait to see the footage from the show, as it looked absolutely stunning from where i was sat, next to a BBC Camera in the third row.

    All the very best of luck with the tour, you should have a lot of fun as you are playing some absolutely wonderful venues… and to those lucky ticket holders for these shows, you will have one of the most enjoyable evenings of your life.

    [Good to hear that you also enjoyed it, Gavin. – Features Editor]

  149. Hope this gets to you as my album appraisal did not appear to……..

    First of all it was an honour, privilege and delight to be there last night. If you heard some big mouth shout out ‘Happy Birthday David’ just before ‘Shine on’ then that was me. He did reply with ‘yes it was’.

    Other magical moments were, as the audience was leaving someone began a chorus of ‘Happy birthday to you’. This prompted the band back onto the stage who began the chorus again. At that point they encouraged an, in my eyes, embarrassed David back onto the stage again.

    Maybe you have to be a parent for this one. A row of seats just behind me had been reserved for, I guess, Davids family. Davids children were really enjoying it all. At one point I noticed on of his boys on Pollys shoulders waving away. They were very obviously absolutely proud of their Dad. At the end of the show the house lights came on and David caught sight of his family and gave one of those ‘special glad to see you’ waves to them. – Priceless.

    Pete – COVENTRY

  150. I just wanted to say the biggest THANK YOU! I was lucky enough to win tickets for the Mermaid Theatre. All I will say so not to spoil it for others is this is going to be an amazing tour.

    A huge Thank You to David and his band and of course yourself F’ed.

    Very best wishes


    [Glad that you had a good night. – Features Editor]

  151. Brilliant night. Heard the complete run through outside at 430pm for about an hour. Sat behind Polly and the family who seemed to really enjoy the show and signed the CD. Great music, Rick was excellent. After the concert spoke to David who signed a couple of items and very friendly and chatty.Also got Rick to sign as he left.Not sure I want to wake up !! THANKS a million.

    David Gaylor

  152. Just surfaced after getting back at 1am from London – what a gig! Sure, there were a few tech issues I feel, but it was such a rare treat to be in the 2nd row watching David and his band of great musicians perform. The empathy between them is clear for all to see, the humour in the exchanges between the audience and both David and Guy, particularly, was heartwarming. It was also fantastic to see Richard get such an ovation. All in all a lovely, intimate evening.

    I won’t spoil any of the surprises which listeners to the concert will have come Saturday night, nor those fortunate enought to be going to any of the full concerts as from this week, except…of course, we all finished off with a chorus of Happy Birthday to David. One day late, but hey…

    Thanks again for the tickets, ye mighty Features Editor – and thanks especially to David for the music.

  153. Wow, the gig last night was awesome, cosidering i think that was the best night of my life, the music was awesome and me and my dad were sat in the front row only about 15 feet away from the legend that is David Gilmour. Rick Wright was fantastic, bopping his head up and down like there was no tomorrow, then we got to sing happy birthday to David at the end which was a lovely touch.

    Cheers FED for such a wonderful night and my condollences to those who were turned away at the door. I must confess i got there about 3 hours before the show to make sure i got a good seat!

  154. Dear Mr Gilmour, Dear F.Ed,

    I won’t be politically correct and I will say the truth. On an Island is a good album but I feel a little bit disappointed. There is something missing. The tempo of each is songs is very slow and sometimes that can be boring. Anyway, There are some beautiful guitar solos (as usual), but I have the feeling the songs will be much better on stage like it was the case for learning to fly or sorrow in 1988. Nevertheless, I’m not that kind of person but one song reduced me into tears : Smile.

    Well, I don’t believe that Mr Gimour will read that, (He’s too much busy).

    I would love to write an article more complete but who am I to judge his work ?

    PS : My english is horrible !

    [Your English is far from horrible, Antoine! – Features Editor]

  155. ‘Ning all,

    Have heard the album a few times now, and am loving it more with every listen. Particularly into “Take a Breath”; and “The Blue” is just sublime.


    To Nickster & Adrian & anyone else who was turned away at the door last night – I’m so sorry to hear that, my heart goes out to you.

    The venue staff were frantically scanning the seating five minutes before show-time, looking for any single, spare seats, but it never crossed my mind that anyone would be refused entry.


    I’m not sure I want to review the gig last night, partly out of respect for those who didn’t get in, and partly for those who are going to see David play in the coming few weeks, and don’t want the surprise spoiled. Suffice to say, the band are in fine fettle, and if the set-list is only to be expanded upon, rather than changed, there is at least one surprise tune in there…

    FEd, thank you again for the tickets. My dad and I had a great time; thank you so much. It just doesn’t seem very fair on those who didn’t get in…


  156. Just want to say thanks for the tickets to what was a great evening at the Mermaid. So sorry to hear that some people got turned away…I can only confirm that there were definitely no spare seats as far as I could see. There were even people stood at the side much to the annoyance of the theatre staff!

    I won’t reveal much but it was a great set in a great setting.
    I must admit I was a little upset to see Polly hounded at the end for her autograph when she was quite clearly busy with her children and family but I guess she could always have said no.

    Thanks again for the opportunity F’Ed 😎

    [You’re welcome, Chris. – Features Editor]

  157. Just to say a big thank you to everyone involved in last nights concert at The Mermaid Theatre in London.

    We started to wait in a very cold and wet line from 5pm and for the next 90 minutes watched as 10 police officers arrived and removed 2 very drunk men,a 2 car crash at the traffic lights and a man falling off his bicycle at he same spot!

    During all this mayhem our concert tickets arrived via a BBC agent and her minder. Just after 6.30pm the doors opended and we entered the venue,but instead of goingin to the auditorium a member of staff told us all to wait in the bar and not to wait by the stalls entrance. A big protest started and somehow I was picked on by security staff to move to the bar or be removed!

    I commented that after waiting in line for over 90 minutes to get a good up front seat, a free for all will happen when the doors evently open, this fell on death ears but after other people joined in the debate the security man walked away and within 2 minutes the doors opend up and we made our way to the 3rd row with centre seats.

    BBC DJ Bob Harris started the show off with some nice comments about David and the Pink Floyd. I will say no more except please listen and watch this show on saturday on radio / tv /computer.


  158. Dear Steve Bartin,

    Can you please contact me!

    I think the F.Ed. will give you my e-mail adress.


    [No, the F.Ed. will not give out any e-mail addresses. You have to include it in your post, sorry. – Features Editor]

  159. From Chantilly (France) You know this Place Dave you were here in 1995 for PULSE… I enjoy your knew CD..now i’ve got a big problem..i was listening all day long the DVD concert..but now..a have to share my time with this new one.

    see you soon a Olympia on 16th.

    Very “useful” music for life

  160. The album is amazing!!! Than you!!!

    Right now “Where we start” is my favourite song.

    I’ve listen to the album about 10 times and it’s getting better each time!!!!!

  161. The thing about being a computer neanderthal is that, as I wasnt sure what to do, I left the downloads alone. Therefore, apart from the superb ‘Island Jam’ I had heard no snippets. 51 mins and 44 secs of pure bliss. Lovely heartfelt songs and never far away from that trademark guitar solo. Without analzing each track I would like to mention ‘Where we Start’ which, personally, flung me back to the Meddle/Obscured by clouds period. Nice one – Peter, Coventry

  162. Hi Ed and all,

    Got the new album…stunning. Seems we have another Gerry so now Gerry (UK). Feel really sorry for the people turned away even though they had tickets for the Radio 2 show, someone at the BBC has a lot of grovelling to do to these people.

    Finally, why is it only one place has an extra CD with the release?

  163. Hi Dave,

    hope you actually read this or someone reports you this…The new album is terrific, I think (I am sorry to say that) is much more inspired than the division bell album. to be fair with R.Wright the most inspired piece in that collection was his track.

    I also think that this is the most “Listenable” album you did since Animals: I intend that all the tracks are matched in a perfect way, no boring moments, no fillings, a good structure. I could listen it two times in a row (I done it) and flows perfectly…flows perfectly like water!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE , thanks. And when the new one? I WANT MORE!!!!! See you on 25 of march in Milan.

  164. I had the most wonderful time last night at the Mermaid Theater thank’s to my great friend Adrian and you Fe/Ed for my ticket :o)

    I was shocked to read about those 2 poor guys who were refused admission :o( I feel so sorry for them.

    Thank you agin Fe/Ed it was so great, Oh and thank you Polly for signing the cover of my On an Island single :o)
    now the silhouette of David on his island is looking up at your name written in the sky.

    [Glad you enjoyed it, James. – Features Editor]

  165. Dear Mr. Gilmour,

    I have just received my copy of ‘On an Island’ from Amazon and have just listened to it intently for the past 3 hours. It’s depth and thoughtfulness are an inspiration and having been a long time fan of all things Floyd, and your guitar playing in particular, it has been the most enjoyable and exhilerating listening experience ever. I’m just sorry that I haven’t been able to get tickets for one of your concerts. I will be listening on Saturday to the Radio 2 concert. Will there be a DVD of this concert or perhaps one of your tour in the near future? Please God,I hope so.
    I hope you had a really good birthday and I wish you all the very best on your tour.

    Thank you and best wishes to you and your family,

    Peter Brooke

  166. OK guys.Help!!!!

    I’ve waited patiently for Amazon to deliver OAI and it finally arrived this am 3 days after release. I eagerly opened the wrapping studying the cover and a few of the lyrics and AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….there’s no CD in the pretty folder.

    Has the evil Lord Waters cursed DG or Me. Whats a man to do? HHHEEEELLLLPPPPPPP!

    PS This is a real case of crocodile tears ‘cos I end up losing patience with Amazon and popped over to ITunes Monday morning!

    PPS A belated happy birthday old chap and that is one seriously good album eve if I havent got an album as such if you know what I mean!!!

    [Oh Ian, that’s a nightmare. Sorry to hear it, mate. – Features Editor]

  167. Great, wonderful… album I don’t know words which can describe how I love On An Island… I don’t know words which can describe how I love and how I feel when I’m listening your music David… If there, high, above blue skye is a heaven, I know that there are playing your music..

    I’m impatiently looking forward to see You on Friday in Dortmund Konzerthaus:)

  168. Nick, Adrian and all you others that didn’t get in – i’m so gutted for you! I cried when i realised i had no chance of getting tickets but that was nothing compared to what you poor guys went through! Nearly made me cry again! Especially cause your names are always up here bloggin away!

    Vicky – so glad you had a fab time!!!

    Album is fab! On an Island is still my fave i think – makes me want to cry!!

    Gosh, what an emotional girlie i am today!!!

  169. Good luck with the tour. I hope you can include the Island Jam in the setlist. I think it could make an excellent encore amongst others

  170. Just like to add my thanks for the excellent gig at the Mermaid last night. The intimate nature of the theatre and being seated the row in front of Polly and her family (play this one Daddy) made it all the more special (if not slightly surreal!) and where else would David stop mid intro for a toilet break? (it’s radio after all!!) – wonderful, thank you to David, yourselves for the tickets and a special night to remember. Without giving anything away Davids reworking of an old classic was mesmerizing.

  171. Thankyou so much for the tickets to the mermaid, it was absolutlutely fantastic! my dad and I were in the front row. It was AMAZING!! david kept on looking me in the eye, was like having a gig in my living room (its not that big, but you know what i mean!) also met polly after the gig, she was lovely and wrote a nice birthday message for my dad on my ticket for him (Happy 50th Tom, best wishes, Polly Samson) it rounded off a fantastic evening for me and my dad. I’m going to have to go some for my mum’s 50th next year!! haha thanks again Fed

    Lewis McInnes

    p.s. just got the album in the post today and am listening now, it is fantastic, well done david and polly and the band, the first two tracks will forever remind me of the mermaid.

    [Really pleased to hear that you enjoyed it, Lewis. – Features Editor]

  172. hi,

    something completely different: I’d like to send my demo-cd to mr. gilmour. where can I send it to? thanx for that very special info.


    [Sorry, Christian, but now isn’t a good time what with the tour kicking off on Friday. – Features Editor]

  173. Sorry, FeaturesMeister! You weren’t hung over…you were sifting through more than 1170 messages. Sacre bleu! My apologies…..

    Love the album…will love it even more, the more I listen to it. My nifty independent CD store guy gave me two OAI posters…nice…..

    [Well, maybe just a little hung over. 1,206 at the last count… – Features Editor]

  174. OMFG!!! WOW!!!

    Just woke up after a big sleep (long way back to Plymouth), and I can’t believe what I witnessed last night – it feels like a beautiful dream!

    So, then. I can confirm that all the OAI tracks played sounded absolutely fantastic and work really well live. At the end of the performance for an encore, David wanted to play two of these tracks again, as he wasn’t happy with them for broadcast (a total perfectionist)!

    David played roughly six PF tracks, and I won’t spoil the surprise, but it was nothing short of magical – especially a reinerpretation of a fan favourite, that if he plays the same way on the tour WILL BLOW YOU ALL AWAY!!!

    There was quite an informal atmosphere in the Mermaid – at one point David ran away to visit the loo, leaving Guy to try and amuse us! I was sat fairly centrally, three rows behind Polly and David’s family, and about four seats along from ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris!!! Which was nice!

    And then it was all over, and after singing Happy Birthday to David we were all ushered into the wet London night, our jaws dragging on the floor! A big thank-you to David and the band for a night I will never,ever forget – and a bigger thank-you to you and your team Fed, for making it happen!

    “This earthly Heaven is enough for me!”

    [Sounds like a brilliant night, John. Glad you enjoyed it. – Features Editor]

  175. oh, and I’ve got to say that the Sax on Red Sky is beautifully played, which is not a surprise, since a genius is a genius.

    There’s a moment during Pocketful of stones that sounds like your singing on ummagumma. In some places on the album (?) it’s the change from one verse to the bridge that’s the transcendent moment.

    And I really feel personally gifted by ‘then i close my eyes’ being from america, and that guitar sounds yankee to me….until it blends into the perfectly Cambridge expression.

    On the ffep of the CD book (Man, I love that the packaging is a little book) the line drawing with Mistah g placed inside is SO GREAT.

    This is fun.

  176. Hi,

    Belatedly, I just wanted to add my thanks for the wonderful gig at the Mermaid last night – it felt like my very own private ‘Gilmour gig’ such was the intimate and relaxed atmosphere. I took my 17 year old nephew Chris, a budding guitarist himself, who having heard David’s guitar playing on ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, fell in love with ‘that sound’. He skipped his afternoon music lesson at school to be there – I really don’t think you could hope for a better music lesson than being at one of David’s gigs! (I wonder if attending one of David’s gigs could be put on the National Curriculum?).

    Needless to say we both thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the whole experience and Polly and David both autographing our ‘On An Island’ CD’s was the icing on the (birthday) cake!

    Thank you so much!

    Kevan and Chris.

    [I’m really happy to hear that you enjoyed it. Oh, and the National Curriculum definitely needs some changes. You could be onto something there… – Features Editor]

  177. Mermaid Theatre 7 March

    What a show!! Thank you once again for the tickets and this unique opportunity to see David live.

    The band were in top form and David was marvellous. What a stickler for perfection!! David was not pleased with the first two songs so played them again – to our great satisfatcion (to my ears they sounded great the first time round David.

    It was great to see Polly and David’s children enjoying the show so much – now I know how to get my kids attention infurter – become the worlds best guitar player!

    I am please to say that I was fist to the Gents during Davids toilet break (luckily for those sitting by me)

    Once again many thanks for this once in a life time opportunity.

    To anyone goinf to see David elsewhere this year – you will NOT be dissapointed!!!

    Love Matty

    [Bless you, Matty. Glad you had a good night. – Features Editor]

  178. Thank you David.

    I am in the US, so I picked up the cd over my lunch yesterday. I rushed home, grabbed a beer, and began listening to the album. I have to agree with another members post, that it was one of the quickest 52 minutes of my life. I had to listen to it again, this time with my wife. I can not wait for the Radio City show on April 5th!!!!!!

  179. “On An Island”

    I liken to an Onion having many layers which made my eyes water as I removed them.

    Im kicking myself for not putting it into my Mp3 player last night, Its going to be a LONG day!

  180. Fedmeister:

    Do have any idea why it seems that Best Buy are the only outlet with the bonus CD? I’m lucky because I have a Best Buy within a few miles of me and will go and get a copy but, on behalf of t’other bloggers, can it be ordered anywhere? Or is that a question for the record company?


    [It seems it’s for US fans only and Best Buy won’t deliver outside the US. – Features Editor]

  181. Just bought the CD. Went home, and removed the plastic cover. I was ready to listen some great music from mister Gilmour… But what is this! There was no disc inside the covers. Just a black button with no disc around it. Bugger.

    Well, I have to wait for tomorrow to get the disc. So far I have to settle for the cardboard package :). Just wonder if there is more of these covers without disc inside of them. Or was this just a single occasion? Hopefully so.

    [Sorry to hear that, Kim. Of all the copies sold to date, we have heard of just two cases of missing CDs, so it doesn’t appear to be a widespread problem. – Features Editor]

  182. Well what can I say,

    Awesome gig! Naturally, I won’t give anything away but everyone’s in for a real treat once the tour gets underway.

    Absolutely brilliant to see Richard Wright getting so involved with the show.


  183. I have the CD, but would like to also get the LP. Does anyone know how to get the vinyl version in the U.S.?

  184. Nick and Adrian (and any others that might have been turned away at the Mermaid) big hugs to you guys…What a nightmarish and devestating experience. My heart goes out to you guys.

    Sounds like an incredible evening last night…I’m green with envy! All I can imagine is a venue full of people without right arms!

    Hmmmm…Looks like I’m going to have to go out and get another copy of the CD (at Best Buy) since Island Jam wasn’t indluded as a bonus where I bought it! Thanks for the heads up commenters!

  185. Hello

    Like many people have already stated who made it last night it was fantanstic and I would like to profess my gratitude for the tickets.

    I really enjoyed it and the new material is fantastic, however, I would like to lend sympathy to those not admitted as I too would have been gutted. To add salt to their wounds it is a travesty that the bloke sitting next to me blatently wasn’t intrested in David at all and he had been admitted with a guest ticket. What an injustice to have real fans outside and the usual ignorant VIP’s inside.

    All in all, a fantastic night and I can’t wait until May when I go to Manchester.

    Thank You


    [Thanks, Alex. Glad you liked it. – Features Editor]

  186. I’ve given On An Island a few good listens and have enjoyed it. I find it to be a very lush and mellow head phone album. I will have express dissapointment in the addition to the bonus track for the release at Best Buy. I pre-ordered my CD expecting to get exactly what I was told. The only edition of On An Island. Why give people incentive to purchase your album from Best Buy? Do studys show that your biggest fans shop there? What about those of us counting down the days of the release since this summer, and purchased the album at first chance? I’m glad that you feel confident in your work and have that “I make music just for my pleasure” attitude…but don’t forget your fans Dave. We’ve been very loyal to your for many years. Next time you include a “bonus” track, just let us know before you have to puchase two copies of your alubm.

    [I do love how it’s David’s fault! He doesn’t make all the decisions, you know! It’s about marketing and getting the album out to as many people as possible. Stores compete with one another and they want the edge on their rivals. Best Buy have something extra to offer and you can take it or leave it. This is yet another case of us not being able to win, because fans want exclusives, they’ve raved about ‘Island Jam’ since Christmas and now you can have it, that’s wrong as well! Remember that you can only get it in the US and lots of people all over the world would love a copy, but they can’t get one. But above all, you don’t have to buy it! No one made you pre-order, just like no one decides which store you get your copy from. It’s your choice. So please, be reasonable and drop the “loyal fan” act. – Features Editor]

  187. Why does it seem like i’m the only person that didn’t think the album is the best thing on CD? It’s alright, but i guess i expected a bit more. I guess i still like Floyd too much to move onto Gilmour’s next stage in life. Maybe if i were 60 i would like it a little more. But i still have a craving for rock, and i didn’t feel that this album satisfied it. There are some good areas, but most of it seems like background music at a party. Not something everyone can get into. But who am i to judge, i couldn’t create a song 1/1000th of what Gilmour can produce. I still have it in the CD player and waiting to see if it grows on me a bit more. However, can’t wait to hear the tone in concert. Good luck and i’m sure it will be a great tour.

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