Number One in UK


We are delighted to announce that David’s new album, ‘On An Island’, is officially Number One in the UK. Congratulations, David!

It’s already Gold in Poland and Canada, with tremendous sales all around Europe and North America promising high chart positions worldwide.

We’d love to know what’s being done to promote the album in your country, so if you’ve seen anything interesting, do let us know.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

168 thoughts on “Number One in UK”

  1. Congratulations to David on his UK Number One Album very well deserved!

    Best wishes


  2. I saw an ad on msnbc-cable tv friday morning…..almost blew me away. I already have 2 cd’s but went to “Best Buy” to try and get their exclusive release of OAI….they didn’t have ’em. But they did have a big “empty display”.

  3. David thank you for over thirty years of giving to me artistic inspiration~~~~even as of late, with in the last few months you are still a muse to me. You have inspired me to shine on in my own style.


  4. David got a fiver when the norwegian newpaper rolled the dice for “on an island”. “An extremly good record from a man who knows what he is doing”

    Click my name for the review.

  5. Dear Mr. Gilmour!

    Congratulations on reaching no. 1 on the UK charts! You and your new record deserves it. It’s good to see there is a chance for real quality music to go high on the charts…

    As for the live shows, the reviews I have read so far says it’s amazing. I must say reading the set list I’m so much looking forward to this.

    Only a few days now…..Paris and Amsterdam here I come!

    Best regards


  6. I have a question….I was listening to the BBC show and it reminded me of something I observed many years ago. It seemed to me that audiences in England and Germany were much more “reserved” (ie: polite,calm) than lets say an American audience. Is that still the case?

    [We’ll have to wait and see, mate. – Features Editor]

  7. Although I totally new that it was going to be number 1 but, wow! Listening to charts usually depresses and scares me so I don’t listen, thanks for letting me know, perhaps there is hope yet. Me and my freinds resorted to hiding that Chico cd in HMV today, in the hope that no-one would buy them. It sickens me when tacky cheesy popstars sell loads of records and true musicians, don’t but today they have prospered! Yey!

  8. Im absolutely chuffed to bits for David, so deserved and also it has reinstated my lost faith in todays charts!!

    The more i listen to the album, the better it gets – a dream 12 months for fans of the Floyd and David.

    congratulations David!!

  9. Of course…everyone that hears to this wonderful work knows that this album will be very successful…its great…very calm and the best so far from gilmour…and in some aspects much better than some floyd works

  10. Hi,

    Please pass on many congratulations to David on his number 1 album.

    Kind regards, Iain

  11. This morning, 12 March, at approximately 9:00 am, the promotional commercial for David’s new record ran on VH1. Promoted as “The voice and guitar of Pink Floyd . . . ”

  12. Yeah… Echoes live… Wow! Am I realy going to see this coming Sunday in Amsterdam? Can’t believe it… And then the ‘On an Island’ album. David has clearly risen above himself. I personally don’t need nothing no more… This is the end of music! There is no greater experience left… Wot’s… Uh The Deal?

  13. Knew it would be! Had sold out in most places I’ve been into this week. Congratulations, sir. See you next weekend. Am very excited!

  14. I saw an advertisement about one week ago on cable television station CNBC. It had the now familiar animated drawing of Mr. Gilmour standing in front of the microphone playing guitar, as well as the white birds flying against a blue background.

  15. congratulations, david. i knew it would. just goes to show what good taste some of us have.

  16. Wow! had a few Freinds round last nite,for a first listening,Radio First then again with visuals,via the Net …reminded me of Dear Old Wembley Stadium MLOR 88ish? August. Im sure. wonderful!.

    Still think the album smells of Autum though.

  17. congratulations at being number one in the charts david . at last something in the charts is worth listening to πŸ™‚


  18. Album promotion! What do you mean? I’m walking around with a sandwich board just like you, Ed/Edwina. πŸ˜‰

    My local NPR station (link below) is merrily playing cuts from OAI almost nightly on their Evening Music show featuring Tommy Cotter, plus they recently broadcasted Steve Lilywhite’s OAI special featuring David discussing the making of On An Island (which was very interesting and a good listen). And it’s still being tossed around, but after the Radio City Music Hall show in NYC I may go on air and talk about My Great Concert Experience and Mr. David Gilmour. Not set in stone but we’ll see. Should bore the pants off the unsuspecting public in my opinion but who am I to argue?


  19. Congratulations to David (and Polly!) on hitting the number 1 spot – up there with the best -Pussycat Dolls, Simon Webbe and who can forget Ne-Yo. I’m just trying to imagine the scramble for Simon Webbe tickets in 35 years time!!! Is there anyone out there that, after almost 40 years in the industry, is going to cause the same, or even half, the amount of commotion that David has? D.G.- have a few weeks off after the tour then get writing again ‘cos there’s almost bugger all else for the rest of us to look forward to musically . Chicco Time – the Album Nooooooooooooo!!!!!! Oh yes – whilst I’m here – who the hell gave permission for Scissor Sisters to record Comfortably Numb??? They obviously were!!! What next – Carol Thatcher doing a charity version of Mother, Pete Doherty – Brain Damage, Monica Lewinsky – Have a Cigar.

  20. When you’ve exhausted this site check out Guy Pratts site – he’s doing a one man tour – google it – some great reviews so far. He’s the exception to the joke – What do you call a man who hangs around musicians? A bass player.

    Sorry F. Ed thats it for today!

    [We all love Guy here, so do as David says and pay his site a visit. It’s funnily enough. – Features Editor]

  21. Best promotion?

    My 7 and 5 year old humming to ‘The Blue’ as I have been playing the album most of the weekend (snowed in here in North Wales).

    Fantastic to be No. 1, the live show on Radio 2 was brilliant. Well done David!!!!!!!!

  22. I heard the album is going to debut at #6 in the US as gangsta rapper Juvenile is set to hit #1 in the US but we shall see.

  23. For the moment in France, There are only TV spots. I don’t remember very well but we can hear something “discover the magic of the sound of Pink Floyd on the new album of David Gilmour”.

    Very usual of course.

    I’m looking forward for the Olympia Show on next thursday. The waiting is hard !

    PS: Dear F.Ed, I know I’m not the only one to ask but do you think it might be possible to have my On an island’s copy dedicated before or after the show ? (I am at the 2nd rank)

    [I’m afraid I really don’t know, Antoine. It depends on the venue and how David is ushered between stage, dressing rooms and the like. – Features Editor]

  24. All this week on Sirius Satellite radio, Channel 14 has been playing nothing but Gimlour and Floyd music 24×7, most of it being the stuff you’d never hear on FM radio (click on my name below to see the link). Also, Howard Stern has been reading a live commercial for Gilmour’s new album all week.

  25. Excellent news, just what I have been waiting to hear, David, you deserved it and now you’ve got it, thanks for releasing a great album and I look forward to your concert on 29th May at the RAH


  26. Hi, First of all, this is the least thing this beautifull piece of music deserves. Its just GREAT ! although charts these days doest not neccesarily show “good music” and all those stupid singers like ” I dont wanna name them” are there but still, being number one among them means that there are still a lot of pl who value good music.

    congradulations david. again, cant wait to see you in toronto. The selection of songs is so great, I was so surprise seeing that ECHOS is in the list. Hope the track list is the same for all countries. cause I really dont wanna miss echoes.

    I have a question now, where can we see this chart which shows david is number 1 ? I tried but couldnt see it.

    any help mr Feature editor withh be appriciated.


    [It’s the UK album chart, not the US. Have a look here instead: – Features Editor]

  27. Many congratulations David

    A total masterpiece

    Best wishes
    Linda and Steve Formoy

  28. [PS] Sorry Ed,Big Thanks! for the Mail …..And! .Number One Fantastic ! bet thats making a Few People Smile..

  29. Well done David, with an album of this quality it was only to be expected. It’s heartening to know that there are still many discerning music fans out there who appreciate timeless compositions from true musicians who can ply thier trade ‘live’ as well as on CD and don’t have to rely on ‘in your face’ hype and publicity to get them where they are today. David and Polly – take a bow!

  30. Fedmeister

    Other than the Toronto Radio Station Q107 playing OAI frequently there has been very little advertising especially on television.

    Maybe DG should re-record Springsteen’s track and re-name it 550 channels and still nothing on!

  31. Caption Competition

    DG to DP: Quick… get down….Mulder’s coming and Scully is not too far behind him…


    DG to DP: Damn… are you wearing a Hawaiian shirt under your jacket?… those aliens are back again for another autograph. (read the previous blogs..)

  32. well done David on making it too no1 in the album chart show its a brillant album with beautiful songs i love it i playing it as i write this by the way. i still cant belive i met you last tuesday a dream come true.

  33. Congratulations on reaching number one in the UK! long may you stay there…

    I’m trying to find out where the album is on the Billboard site but there must be about 300 different categories!

    Whatever happened to just Album Charts and just Singles Charts!

  34. I’m listening “on the island” with earphones… and I’m flying… πŸ™‚

    Congratulations David!!

    Best wishes

  35. Hi David and Polly

    Amazon has started a very agressive TV add campaign for “On An Island” here in the U.S. They were late getting our pre-orders to us and I think they feel a need to compete with the Best Buy special addition. I now have both. Just wish this old school teacher had tickets. Job well done to the both of you. Thanks for the hard work

    Bob Baker

  36. well done dave. I knew it would get to the no 1 spot (a foregone conclusion you might say). Thanks again and see you in may.ALL THE BEST Jon and sha

  37. Dave and the whole crew of you.


    Wow, it’s a great album and deserves this recognition. Hope it makes it to #1 in Canada and the US…..I know it went gold here within just a few days.

    Cheers again

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  38. A late Birtday Present for David! Number 1 Album in his Homecountry! Great News!

    I think thats the first time that a soloalbum from one of the floyds reached number 1 in the uk – or anywere else?

    I checked a few more On An island entries into the chartworld:

    germany 8
    Netherlands 3
    Ireland 16
    Germany 8
    Argentina 18
    Poland 5

    Still have to wait a few more days until i see david and his wunderful band! my friends and people who saw him in dortmund and hamburg – all went nuts and are very impressed – its a thrill. he also got some really fine reviews in the german press!

    all the best and thanx again!!


  39. Well, I think my shirt from the ’84 tour is a bit small but its not worn out at all.

    I might need to wear it at the show but it might need a washing. It hasn’t seen the light of day in 22 years (one wife and three kids ago).

    I wonder if the “Black Knight” or “The Fishermen” are thinking of playing before the US shows?…. perhaps the “White Knight and the Beachcombers”?

  40. Congratulations πŸ™‚

    We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Best wishes!

    When are you going to visit our country? πŸ˜‰

    Karolina, Poland

  41. I know Dave is a very modest man, but he’s finally cracked life with his deserved solo success and is now surely in line for that talked about nighthood (several music forums and now Mr Wogan) I can’t honestly say any other human has been so successful across the spectrum, maybe we should promote this title aswell as championing this saviour of music known as ‘On an Island.’

    Lets sum up The man we all know as Dave, and see if it’s deserved of Sir Dave…

    Qualified Pilot.

    Former Model.

    Taught Syd Barrett a large part of Syd’s Guitar knowledge.

    A millionaire.

    Worlds number 1 Fender player and possibly greatest electric guitarist of all time.

    Pivotal member in arguably the finest act of all time, Pink Floyd.

    Biggest selling albums and number 1 solo album.

    An undisputed wonderfully nice man with delightful family …a rarity these days.

    Introduced the world to the hugely talented Kate Bush!

    Competant Drummer, Saxophonist and Harmonica player.

    Has one of the most endearing male voices on earth.

    Huge influence on todays finest original acts – Radiohead, Blur, The Orb, Mostly Autumn, Archive and many, many more.

    Donated more than enough money to charity, and supported so many causes and people.

    So lets all have a word with Guy Richie and get his missus to take the sword to our beloved Brian Dehenny lookalike.

    Well done Dave!!!

  42. Congratulations to David and everyone who has worked on the album, but then any fans of yours knew it would be a great hit anyway. Watched snippit of radio2 today, we so wished we could have got to see you on tour but every where had sold out.No surprise really. :o(

    Take it easy

  43. I’m quite intrigued that David’s standing is so vast that he can decide to restart his career after more than a decade and immediately top the charts. This is truly a stunning achievement. Who, in 12 years time, will even remember that Britney Spears ever existed at all?

    And all this without resorting to use of the brand name that some seem to think David is nothing without…

    Meanwhile I’m just trying to imagine how well I’d go down at work if I turned up after 12 years MIA. I doubt I’d be number one with anybody.

    Congratulations David, on all fronts. Now I know you’ve got kids’ exams and all that, but do please consider turning up for work again sometime reasonably soon.

  44. After hearing This Heaven on Pink Floyd week on Sirius satellite radio I had to buy the album immediately!

    Awesome album and congrats!!!

  45. I just watched the BBC video of the Mermaid show. They were a little off key and raggedy, but it’s early so as time goes on they’ll surely tighten it up. I like the way it’s a stripped down sound and not the overblown Floyd symphonic-sounding machine. Great also to see Rick out there.

    Regarding the setlist, I’m a little disappointed. How many thousands of times will we hear “Shine On”? How many thousands of times will he play Comfortably Numb? Of course he can’t ignore the Floyd legacy, but I’m certain most fans would appreciate a surprise. I sure would. And when the Features Editor of this site keeps scolding us for not appreciating all Dave has done, and how he can’t please us no matter what, how we give him such a hard time, I say whatver. For a guy who puts out an album every ten years, at least he could avoid playing the same Floyd songs over and over and over and over and over.

    And a surprise was definitely “What’s…Uh The Deal.” That is an excellent choice. I thought “Pillow of WInds” would be a really fine inclusion, but oh well. “Wearing The Inside Out” is my favorite from Division Bell, so that’s great too. It’s just that he has a lot of great material from “About Face,” and his first album, as well as many, many gems from early Floyd. “Breathe?” I mean come on.

    [Well, you could moan to the BBC about their choice of songs shown. – Features Editor]

  46. It’s been the number one top selling album updated hourly on in the US for at least 4 days. That’s the best selling album in any genre!!!

    And PLEASE make a DVD out of that wonderful Mermaid Theatre show that I got to see on the BBC internet.

  47. hey,

    with respect to all concerned and the enormous amount of work, i have to say that the dortmund show i witnessed was a disappointment. please allow me to explein how i come to this conclusion. having been at the meltdown gig, all 5 subsequent 2002 shows as well as various charity shows (leiber & stoller, fender anniversary) and even live8 in person, i’d become a big big fan of david’s new musical phase in which pink floyd was a treasure of the past which allowed him to do what he liked more: stand on his own in a more easy going pattern. his music only grew from that. the 2001/2 shows were rich, with stunning arrangments, new insights to songs, new people. dortmund was in that path a step backwards in my perception. back to the grotesque approach of 1994. it was a stadium gig in a 1,500 seater if you know what i’m saying. gone was the beautiful intro to shine on, the delicate yet even more powerful approach to comfortably numb. much of the power of the intensity of the recent shows wasn’t present for me in dortmund.

    i’m glad to see that people who hadn’t seen him perform since 1994 or even never before really enjoyed the show – but i’d hoped for better. i’ve got tickets for several upcoming shows and decided to keep ’em anyway. by all means, good luck with the site and log. communication is essential.

  48. ‘kin right too

    No1 David Gilmour On An Island

    No1 David Gilmour On An Island

    No1 David Gilmour On An Island

    No1 David Gilmour On An Island


  49. I have of course worked my but off promoting Davids album on my website. I have been talking about and promoting the new album before most people even Knew he was working on one. Most of the main page of my site is related to the album, and I have a full page dedicated to the wonderful album. Also to contribute my part as a consumer, I have bought not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4 copies from different locations. Would love to be added to the link list on this site, and I hope Davids album breaks the top 3 in the US, which would be a great accomplishment with the travesty that is todays music scene in America. Thank you David!

  50. Proud to say I contributed to nr 3 in Holland (and rising I hope, we cant stay behind the English of course :)…)…

    Well done David, you and ‘on an island’ deserve it!

  51. Well I’m happy to say that we (the gunners dream) are probably the first Pink Floyd tribute band that gives a tribute to Mr Gilmour’s On An Island album, by putting a few of great numbers of the album in are play list, and will hit the road in Sweden by great new and fresh material such as the title song On An Island, Take a Breath and A Pocketful of Stones.

    If you want to have more information about The Gunner’s Dreams gigs pleas do not hesitate to contact us,

  52. Of course it’s No 1!!!!

    (Due in no small measure to the bass playing on tracks 2 and 4…..Yeah right..)

    We’re having a ball out here, so a big thank you to everyone who’s been at the shows for making them so warm and squidgy..Keep it coming.


  53. Excellent news of course ! I must say that I’m surprised at that as I didn’t think it would reach the top ten sadly but that’s a real surprise and good one of course. Well done all !


  54. Congratulations David! Well done all around!!

    I’ll do my level best to spread the gospel here in southern California to make sure the album climbs to it’s rightful place atop the Billboard Charts!!

    The Mermaid show was wonderful! Steve absolutely rocked the kit (what a find he is!!) & it seems the band is already in great shape!!


  55. Why do I keep posting at the end of the old day rather than over here at the beginning of the new day?


    Congratulations, David! Not only on the Number One thing but on many things, including knowing how to live. That’s quite an esoteric art.

  56. many compliments, David!

    but….I don’t want to be boring….when you’ll decide to come out Pulse in DVD…..I am sure that that concert will be considered tha best concert of the history of the music! try to think about it……

  57. Hi Feat Ed,

    I haven’t seen anything to interesting advertising On An Island. I’d like to suggest having Don Imus plug it on his radio show. He certainly can sell books and salsa. Just send a donation to his charity in New Mexico and I’m sure he will help out.

    NY, USA

  58. I work in an independent record shop in leamington spa and have been telling everyone who buy’s Floyd back cat now and leading up to the release of OAI that David’s new album is coming out. I do my best to talk to all customers who buy PF product and check whether they are aware of this great now No.1 record. Thanks for all the great coverage you’ve given us so far and lets hope these sales continue, it’s by far been the biggest seller in my shop this week.

    Thanks Dave Berry

  59. I`M NOT SURPRISED, it is No.1,it is a brilliant album, and it`s chart position is, in my opinion well deserved!!

    I`ve worked out the concept, of the album, and that is David`s love for Polly and his family life, and feeling very comfortable with it.I hope I`m right and not talking jibberish?

    [Sounds good to me. – Features Editor]

  60. Promoting? Here where I am in central West Virginia, USA, not a damn thing. No airplay, nothing. All we get here is country crap, rap, hiphop, death metal, and pop crap.

    Help us here, please! I’ve told all my friends and some radio stations i thought would know and play it, but to no avail.

    What can I do to help?

  61. I read in some publication that On an Island is going to open at #6 Stateside as some violent rapper with a childish name Juvenile plus some other rappers and kid pop trash will hold David from US Top 5. OaI is a great album but it’s a shame that my fellow North Americans have been brainwashed by MTV and so forth that music is garbage now!

    I pray by a miracle, DG lands at #1 in the US.

  62. Congratulations!!!

    I won’t rest until I see OAI at #1 on the Billboard chart. I remember the feeling when The Division Bell and Pulse reached #1. Only this time since we have the internet we won’t have to wait 3 weeks to find out if it did reach #1. Anyway if Amazon is any indicator things are looking good.

    I also saw a 15 second promo on VH1 (Thursday I believe, during the I Love Toys show). Also the national USA Today newspaper had a full page article on David this past Thursday. He talks about his sadness of knowing just how many friends who attended his 50th birthday are no longer with us for his 60th. Click my name if you want to read it online.

  63. Dear David Gilmour,

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful album, and it is lovely to see you receiving so much positive critical attention. I’ve just watched the BBC performances and I’m amazed by your music and your band. What a lovely performance! It must be deeply satisfying, for you, on an artistic and emotional level. You’ve had such an influence on our modern ears, and the music you’ve made has filled so many of our lives – in the beautiful and the bad, and in the sublime and the mundane. But it’s a soundtrack without whose rhythms my life would have kept time on a slightly different beat.

    Thank you so much!


  64. Can someone who knows guitars help me!

    What is it about David G. that makes him stand out above all most everyone else on the planet? I constantly hear about his ability to “bend a string”. Is that really what he is doing? And if it is, is it really hard to do this? I also know by listening to him for 35 years that no one else can get that incredible tone out of their guitar like he can. Is he a master of electronics or is it all a physical style of playing that hardly anyone else can achieve? Please answer my post if you really know somethig about the subject of guitar technique and style. Thanks!

    Dave Hollingsed from Ft. Wayne In.

  65. Congratulations David and team on the early success in the charts! The excitement continues to build for the concerts!

    FE, will you have correspondance with David, Polly or others in the band during the tour?

    Also, does anyone know what was written on Guy Pratt’s t-shirt in the pictures from the first night at Dortmund? It looks like “Didn’t they do w…”

    [Why, what have you told them?! Guy’s T-shirt reads ‘Didn’t they do well?’ – Features Editor]

  66. i will have to get into the office tomorrow to check the print edition, but David has made Newsweek mag online in the U.S. [click my name for link]

    in response to ‘alternate gilmour’ – i’m afraid we Americans are often perceived as “loud, rude, and cheeky” until you get to know us individually and then we are often perceived as “ebullient, irrepressible and open-hearted”. well, okay yes, i speak from experience. my parents taught me before my first european trip to listen before speaking, use the correct fork/knife, eat left-handed, and to sit down in a chair softly without plopping like a horse. in other words, make an effort to fit in, not to make a spectacle of myself.

    Americans can be deeply embarrassed by other Americans. i hope the less polite ones are the minority at David’s concerts. that said, i promise to weep SILENT tears of joy when i hear David hit those first notes. (IF i can contain myself: no guarantees.) i just hope there are no loud whistlers or shouters in the audience at RCMH. be forewarned: if you are within arm’s reach, i may deck you for earsplitting whistling.

    in a reserved way, of course.

    – laurie

  67. I live in Connecticut in America and there definitly has not been enouph said on local radio stations about Davids wonderful new album and world tour. Only one station that I know of has played his new single and its not one of the most popular stations. There was a commercial on VH1 that advertised his new album but I didn’t see it, my brother told me about it. Maybe after they realize how good it is and how good its selling they’ll start playing it.

  68. I’m sorry, I forgot to say congradulations on reaching number 1 in the UK. I hope your album reaches number 1 in America to, you definitly deserve it.

  69. David, I have tremendously enjoyed your work since my eleventh birthday (the day “Animals” came out, and someone gave me that album because it was in the store, and I loved every note). I am 40 now. It is my opinion that this is by far the best work of your solo career, and better than MLOR or TDB. From a fan for the past 29 years, this is really saying something! Thank you for this album. And congrats on reaching #1. I’m sure it’ll get to #1 in the USA as well, even if not this week. We Americans are sometimes a little slow to recognize genius, but we usually do so eventually.

  70. Caption Competition:

    DG to DP: “You!! Yes, You!!! Play that sax, Parry!!”

    Congratulations, David!!! It doesn’t surprise me, to be honest, that you’re number one on the charts.

    What’s happening in the US? I couldn’t tell you. I haven’t listened to music on the radio recently….to much Gilmour and Floyd on cycle on my iPod…..


  71. US Fans:

    Question for those of you who picked up a Best Buy OAI copy with the “Island Jam” bonus CD. I’d consider it a favor if you could post who are playing instruments with David on that track…

    I wouldn’t want to irk our intrepid Features Editor with another mundane question for the closed and overflowing FAQ…..


    [Bless you, Angelo. – Features Editor]

  72. Congratulations on #1. Dave, you and everyone associated with the album should be proud of yourselves. Everyone who bought the album has added a great piece of art to thier collection.


    Will the live show be released on a live album?

    The stuff on the BBC is not of sufficient audio quality, but it’s great as a taster.

    [There are no plans for a live album. – Features Editor]

  74. Hi,

    Congrats on the UK chart position. Here in Dublin I must say I have tried and tried all the major radio stations to get them to play the single alas to no avail so far. I think the album is number 16 ( which is actually not a bad new entry spot for Ireland) I have bought 6 copies for myself the Mrs and friends and I urge my Irish compats to ring all the stations and lets give this album the coverage it truly deserves .

    Rgds Geoff

  75. Great seeing David at Number one, pressume we (UK) will hear this on radio 2 at 7-8pm Album show. There cant be two UK Album charts can there ( rad 1 and 2!.

    Hers a way to promote Album – some of us are on e mailing groups that have nothing to do with music or David so accidentally reply to one person but instead of sending e mail to one person send it to group describing how great the OAI is. I did that to a glassblowers list ( I am one of them)which there are about 200 world wide and got a few interested enough to buy album

    Ian Pearson

  76. Congrats David, Polly and band on the beautiful album! It’s certainly #1 in our home here in Northern CA.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Oakland!


  77. Congratulations David !!

    i can’t wait anymore to see you at l’Olympia πŸ™‚

    i have a question about Polly: Which film camera does she use to take those beautiful pics ? ^^

  78. David Gilmour number 1, I am feeling rather hip today. Long time since that happened.

    Cheers, Pete – Coventry (who won 2-0 on Saturday and who are edging near to play offs. Play off final 29th May when I have my ticket for RAH)

  79. Congratulations David!

    It was just about time music like yours went up the charts all the way to nr.1

    You are, and will always be a great souce of inspiration for millions of musicians around the world…

  80. well it was my b’day on sat. Was in bed with ther flu probably a bit depressed, then at 8:30 something very special happened….

    That mermaid theatre show was really really REALLY good.

    On an island, the blue, Shine on and wearing the inside out were all amazing, not to mention the rest…That concert has turned my dad into a dg fan over this weekend (he has finally seen the light)….

    I bought the album wednesday last week and its almost burnt out….

    David Kenyon – its them feckin bords again. Dick Parry and Jack must be related!!

  81. Many warmfelt congrats David.On an Island was released here in New Zealand today…Waited at record shop with the other fans.Thanks for releasing this amazing album.

  82. No doubt that on a island sells go well. Simply an optimum album, so beautiful instead the rest of the music of today!!!


  83. Quick note – 2.00 minutes into Smile must be one of the most beautiful bridges / middle 8’s in a song I have ever heard – wow evocative…………….

  84. Congratulations, David – you deserve that number one spot! Long may it stay there…. and meet the same amount of success worldwide.

    Knew you could do it!

  85. Congratulations to David on achieving Number One in the UK album charts ! It is truly deserved, as the album is a masterpiece, and I am certain it will reach number one in many more countries !

  86. Features Ed – Can you find out and let us know “Downunder” here why this awesome album is not being promoted at all? – No radio play that I am aware of, no TV adverts and no posters in music stores. Wot’s The Deal…?

    [That’s not on, is it? – Features Editor]

  87. A deserved number one spot for OAI – must be incredibly satisfying for David, Polly and all concerned.

    Well done fella!

  88. CONGRATULATIONS to David NO 1! much deserved I expect we’ll see many more NO 1’s worldwide very soon :o)

  89. Ha ha! knew he would do it..well done Dave!…Its a brilliant Album and I havent stopped listening!…..

    The BB2 concert was magic by the way!

  90. Hi Guy! thanks for posting. I knew you were out there somewhere.

    Your bass playing certainly did assist in making OAI shoot up the charts. Don’t let anyone tell you any different, lad. Love your t-shirt btw…

    I’m sure we’ll also be “warm and squidgy” in NYC so look forward to it!


  91. [There are no plans for a live album. – Features Editor]

    Pity. From what I heard of the live broadcast, it sounded good.

    On An Island is selling well, so perhaps that might help things along?

    [You never know, but it hasn’t been discussed. – Features Editor]

  92. What did Guy Pratt’s T-shirt read?

    [The answer is already on the page, but… Guy’s T-shirt reads ‘Didn’t they do well?’ – Features Editor]

  93. Well done, David – a great album and your guitar playing has never been better.

    You inspired me to pick up a guitar and learn in the first place. Thanks for that!

    I’m delighted with the new album. You deserve every success. Best Wishes for you and your family!

  94. Cogratulations from Poland.

    On An Island is No 1 at (polish equivalent of with no major competitors around.

    But yesterday I heard a new staff of Mick Jagger’s brother (forgot his name). I heard David’s guitar solo in one song. What a surprise, very good indeed.


    [It’s Chris Jagger, Tomasz. Atcha’s ‘Act of Faith’ was also released on 6 March and David plays on the tracks ‘It’s Amazing (What People Throw Away)’ and ‘Junkman’. – Features Editor]

  95. For Angelo Ortiz…

    “Island Jam” US bonus CD lineup:

    DG – Guitar
    Paul “Wix” Wickins – Keyboards
    Guy Pratt – Bass
    Ged Lynch – Drums

    Produced by DG
    Recorded by Andy Jackson
    Mixed by Andy Jackson and DG

    Hope this helps.

  96. Many congratulations to David and everyone concerned with the production of this fine new album. It has really taken my breath way – I haven’t been so excited about a new release for sometime.

    I understand the radio 2 mermaid show may not be released as a live album but are there plans to release a dvd of one or a combination of shows from this tour?

    [You’d have to ask the BBC that one. – Features Editor]

  97. Talking of promoting the album. Posters.. just been trying to find some on the net but had no luck. Any idea if there are going to be any FEd.


    (still awaiting right arm collection. i would offer to send it through the post but it might upset the sniffer dogs. :D)

    [Good idea… Posters, I mean, not cutting off your arm and sending it by Royal Mail. – Features Editor]

  98. Hi,i am a fan of yours from Izmir-TURKEY. On An Island have been released here on March 9.I don’t know what it is doing in charts but i hope it will sell so much here too,because this album deserves it.Thank you Mr.David Gilmour,i hope you come to Turkey one day.

  99. fantastic news cant wait to hear it live at the royal albert hall,i am promoting the album on our rock night website ,so everyone knows why i play pink floyd numbers on a sat night, youv,e got to play the best,ps if david wants to extend his tour,we can only dream !

  100. Afternoon FEd,

    Congratulations to everyone involved on getting the album to No 1 where it deserves to be.

    I was going to ask how David thought the shows had been going so far, but luckily Guy has already answered. Thanks Guy. I’m glad the band are enjoying the tour as much as the fans.

    Keep up the good work but make sure you don’t wear yourselves out before the London shows!! LOL : )


  101. James! Thanks, man…now I feel complete πŸ™‚

    Guy: Thanks again for a cool post from the Road. May an internet connection follow you through May 31st!!!!

    So, a DVD has been discussed but there are no plans? Hmm. The “About Face” tour was released on VHS. Then “Thunder” was released after the “Momentary Lapse”tour. “Pulse” followed the “Division Bell” tour. Then there was the DVD released after the 2001/2002 dates.

    It would break the pattern NOT to release something after this tour. I do understand, however, vaguness if the ink is not dry so to speak.

    “Search your feelings Lord/Lady Fed. You–will–know it to be true….”


    [There have been discussions about a DVD, but not a live CD. We will tell you if anything is confirmed, honest! – Features Editor]

  102. Congratulations to DGF for being number one.

    We can now add to his many talents making me feel years younger as it’s been a while since I owned a number one chart album!!

    Still great listening and I’ve taken some advice offered recently and purchased three copies which I’ve handed to non fans, all three agree it’s a stunning piece of work and want to hear more DG.

    Expect his back catalogue to do well in the coming months.


  103. Will there be more singles with extra material?

    [Not that I know of, but I’d love some as much as you would. – Features Editor]

  104. Hi to all of us,

    Back to Italy: happyness= OAI is number one of the week!

    The sweet, pure sound is on the run!

  105. Hello friends!

    David is #1 in italian Radio Capital poll too! GREAT!

    …phew! I have to wait 13 days yet! So near, so far! And I still fear there will be some problems with the tickets! If they will say me there are some problems, I’m going to climb up the Auditorium’s walls and stay on the roof ’till someone promise me I will see David show! Do you think they’ll leave me there?


    Ok! HAve a great day!

    Peace & Love


  106. Congratulations David! Your album is a welcomed breath of fresh air from the usual sub-par commercial-fabricated music out today.

  107. What a night it will be at Massey Hall in Toronto April 09th. Starting the night off at the Hard Rock Cafe. They will be blasting Pink Floyd/David Gilmour tunes all day. Then a short walk to Massy Hall knowing you’re going to get a thrill of a life time. A couple of real stand out tracks for me is Shine On & Echoes. Rudders, I’ll see you there. Can’t wait for the show. I got the itch so much right now, I need a hack saw to scrath it! David, Thanks for including Toronto!!

  108. i had a lot of trouble in my local record shops today trying to find on an island . both have sold out . music city will be getting some more in tomrrow , so they say . god i am loosing my patients , i did’nt realise there were so many irish gilmourites πŸ™‚

    anyway what i really popped in here to say was that was an amazing interview david gave to mojo magazine in their april edition . for someone who does’nt like talking about himself in public it seemed to be very frank and open . for anyone who has’nt read it yet it is well worth getting and having a read of . i can’t find it posted on this site yet . features ed i hope you can get premission to post it here for those who can’t get mojo magazine


  109. Congratulations to David on his UK number 1. I’m doing my part to see if it can be the same in the US. The Mermaid show sounded fantastic. Hope the whole tour goes well.

  110. Congrats, David, on your commendable charting positions, concert success, everything. It’s great that you can be that successful. The best thing is that you have done it under your own name, without That Name and all the baggage that goes with it.

    Guy, of course it’s the Bass that played such a huge part in the success. It always is πŸ™‚ (of course, this is coming from another one of those guys that hangs around musicians, the fat guy [at least in my case] that stands in the back) Good work, Guy. Glad you are having a great time.

    Caption Competition:

    DG: Like this?

    DP: Yeah, sounds good, for a rookie. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

    David, Best wishes for the rest of your tour, and continued chart success. (and thank you, Fet Ed, for all your work and dedication to making this blog he enjoyable experience that it is. πŸ™‚


  111. Dear David,

    I am so happy, today I popped into Tesco and managed to take the last copy of On an Island! I love it I love it I love it! plugged my Strat (not quite a Fender, but a Squire) and joined you in one of the best solos I have heard next to Confortably Numb and Time… On an Island is suuuch a good song and it means a lot to me that you have come up with such a brilliant tune. Thank you for the music.
    Of course the rest of the album is superb as well… but like On an Island and Smile… its hard to get better than that.

    I’ll see you on wednesday buddy… congratulations on the album and how its doing in the charts! very well deserved!

    I’ve got this sort of dream… that some day I’ll be at the Astoria recording an album… I will be doing the playing *laughs* but you can.. help me out …. some tips *eye rolling*

    Take care David… and Thanks a lot!

  112. Congrats on a well deserved No. 1, Mr. G!

    Please release a dvd of the tour to tide us over in case there’s another 12-year wait for the next album. πŸ™‚

    Caption –

    Dick: “See, I told you it works as a bong.”

  113. Congradulations on a tremendous album! I’ve been playing it over and over since last Tuesday when it came out in the states. It’s #1 in my books. And should be here soon. This album far surpasses anything on the charts here. This is the most relaxing, easy listening piece of music I have! I can’t wait to see David in Chicago and see these pieces live! How about a live cd? Thanks for the music. Congradulations on U.K.’s #1 spot. See you on the 13th!(april)

  114. Congrats to David and everyone who had anything to do with the album. Hopefully the success of On An Island will spur some creativeness elsewhere in an otherwise, generally bland industry these days!

    Also, congrats on the tour. I heard the Mermaid show on the radio the other night, andit sounded awesome. It was a good substitute for not having tickets for the rest of the tour.

    Thanks for everything, guys

  115. [at least he could avoid playing the same Floyd songs over and over and over and over and over.]

    I appreciate what you are saying, but as someone who saw, and more importantly, heard him for the first time ever at the Mermaid Theatre (damn I love that F’ed person) I’d be happy if he played the same set list for ever as long as I could listen to it live. Heck, he could play Three Blind Mice for me, I’d have no complaints!

    I feel like he is playing what he wants and enjoying it, and is gracious enough to let us come along for the ride.

    Helen – still on cloud nine!

    [Yet still talking a lot of sense. Cheers, Helen! – Features Editor]

  116. Hi

    No shows to go to, no free cd to get – i’m feeling left out…..

    Still well done to us for making OAI No. 1, oh and congrats to David as well!


    Back to sleep now…….

    Love to you all


  117. Hello,

    Here in the Netherlands and the lovely South things are going a bit laid back, no fuz and no hysteria in the streets. Althrought the two gigs in Amsterdam were sold out in wink of an eye.

    There was a nice big article in a newspaper, my favourite recordshop has a done some good business, but not much radio airplay (I heard it only once, but I’m not a frequent radio listener), a few commercials, nothing on TV. I saw only one friendly guy who painted his face like the cover of “On An Island” during the carnaval, we celebrate that only here in the South. My wife did kissed him a few times!!! ;-X

    Our newspaper will do a review this Thursday (the chief editor promised me).

    Maybe after this weekend (the 2 gigs will take place then) more people will get aware of the beauty of the album.
    And that is just what I see, but maybe the South is a bit isolated: we spent the weekend with some scouts in the hills, (just across the border of Belgium) no mobile connection, no radio, but happily a cd player and a few new fans of OAI.

    And David didn’t liked scouting (?)… mmmm… strange maybe he should come and have a walk down here.

    And of course congratulations with the number one chart position in the U.K., more countries will follow.

    For me it doesn’t counts what the chart position will be, the Music counts. And with some help of advertizing and the name “David Gilmour” people will buy. It’s a bit weird, there are bands out there who are making unbelieveable good Quality Music too, but don’t can pay good advertizing consultancie and stay un-known.

    Apparently “we” are not willing to search and explore those pearls too, but we are watching TV and buy…

    By the way, OAI is more as good Quality Music, it is Top.

    Good to read that the band is having a good time too (thanks Guy!).

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  118. Excellent news and long-deserved. I’ve enjoyed the previous albums which seem to enjoy a particular longevity.

    Congratulations to David on this achievement – a good way to start your seventh decade. (Looking forward to the next one in 2086). Thanks.

  119. Congradulations on the new album!!! It is better than I could ever have hoped for. The news of it is getting around here in Colorado and all the comments are fantastic. Please keep the music playing forever.

  120. Guy said

    “Of course it’s No 1!!!!

    (Due in no small measure to the bass playing on tracks 2 and 4…..Yeah right..)

    We’re having a ball out here, so a big thank you to everyone who’s been at the shows for making them so warm and squidgy..Keep it coming.


    Posted by: Guy Pratt at March 12, 2006 10:48 PM

    You just keep slappin’ that old bass mate – Enjoy Paris

    regards dave

  121. Way to Go David! Ive been listening to CD and BBC Set non-stop! FAN-tastic. Your website with so much dynamic content is fabulous, as is your accepting of this mechanism(internet) to reach out to us. Brilliant.

    Setlist looks fantastic, although if you did change up a few songs in set2, i dont know if we’ll all be mad…except Echoes, WYWH, Shine, CN…etc…you can’t go wrong. Your Island is one hell of an island!!!

    Big Al (San Francisco CA in da house!)

  122. I’ve always loved Pink Floyd, and i mean when Sid Barett was in Pink Floyd, when Roger was still there, and of course post Roger Waters. This isn’t easy when you’re 18 years of age and your favourite band formed 22 years before you were born. Hearing David Gilmour had an album out was soem of the best that i’ve heard in a long time, and i sincerely hope that it will not be long (thanks to young and old fans) before it tops the Australian charts here down under. I am excited.

    That’s all.

  123. I heard about “On An Island” last week on National Public Radio, the review was very positive and I just had to hear it for myself. This album truly rocks. At 60, David still has a relevant sound and an important statement to make as a recording and performing artist. Longevity is inspiring (especially for those of us who may not sound good before we turn 60)! As a bass player, I truly enjoy the grooves and find it instructive too. The lyrics are from the heart, and the vocals demonstrate David’s vitality.

    So far, my favorite tracks are the title track, The Blue (nice job Richard Wright), This Heaven and Pocketful of Stones.

    Well, thank you David for another fine work, it may end up a timeless classic. And thank you for your musicianship! You set a good example that younger artists would do well to study.

    Too bad David will not be touring in Florida, I think I’m sure record sales here are not stellar, but hey! time will tell. I live in Tampa, and would drive to Miami or Atlanta to catch this show.

    For years I’ve been a fan of Pink Floyd and Roxy Music, I love the fact that members of the two bands have worked together for years. Anyway, from what I’ve heard, David Gilmour sounds like a very cool cat, as a bassist, I’d love to gig with the man – that would be a gig of a lifetime.

    Happy 60th David, I wish you and your family all the best in the future.

    Rick Voss
    Tampa, FL

  124. Re – Features Ed – Can you find out and let us know “Downunder” here why this awesome album is not being promoted at all? – No radio play that I am aware of, no TV adverts and no posters in music stores. Wot’s The Deal…?

    I am down in Melbourne Aus, no promo for the record at all that I have seen (no wonder David’s not coming to Aus – grumble, groan etc !)

    [That is very disappointing. – Features Editor]

  125. Congratulations to the godness of music Mr. David Gilmour
    I want you to know how much we love you & how much fan you have in our country.

    there is only a man on an island and guess who he is?!

    a guitarist from Iran.

  126. Thanks Dave for your music. Your guitar sound and feeling has been an inspiration in my life for many years.

    Best regards from Catalonia!!!

  127. Very little information or air-time seems to be on the menu here in Belgium.

    A few newspapers touched the topic though

    1. De Morgen
    2. De Standaard (article is in the paying section)
    3. Gazet van Antwerpen (dating back to the tour announcement){044271CA-7B4F-4232-AFE7-1FAD91C6D1B0}&check=archief

    But then again, Mr. Gilmour’s work does not need all that much of promotional riff-raff, I think.

    Simply the word that it is out there is sufficient to have us rushing to our local music store.

    And to Paris and Amsterdam, for the gig of course.

    Quality stands out by itself.

    Mortsel, Belgium

  128. From the first listen of the title track, I was so profoundly moved by the level of feeling and emotion, not only in the guitar lines, but the vocal harmonies which connect at the soul level. Thanks David, you’re an inspiration !

  129. To all you lovely David Gilmour fans,

    I am writing to you in sheer hope & desperation.

    The problem is, i didn’t have the oportunity to purchase any tickets to watch David in concert when they went on sale. Another slight problem is that i don’t own a PC so couldn’t buy online either. I’ve researched various ticket outlets & i’ve even written to the Features Editor but have had no luck. I’m a HUGE Floyd/Gilmour fan & am so desperate to, at some point before i die, see David live in concert! I have been lucky enough to see Roger Waters at Glastonbury festival a few years ago, but i won’t sleep peacefully at night until i’ve seen the mighty Gilmour play!

    My friend & i have entered a competition to win tickets, but in all honesty i have never won a competition in my life, (oh, apart from the wet T-shirt one i entered whilst on holiday last year).

    Anyway, is there ANYBODY out there that can please PLEASE help a sad desperate fan get my hands on a couple of these things that are made of gold dust at a reasonable price, (i’d consider traveling)?

    For any fantastic, kind, knight in shining armour, fairy god mother type; any Hogwarts graduates, or people that can do magic, if you can help me, my email address is:

    My fingers are crossed.

    Many thanks
    Laura. (Devon, G.B)

  130. Congratulations to David and all his support in their no. 1 success. (My partner & I did not doubt this would be anything other than brilliant)

    Looking forward to seeing you in Glasgow Auditorium in May…. A dream come true for my partner Ian & I.

    Can’t wait

    Angela & Ian Whyte

  131. Hi from New Zealand, a small (western) country at the bottom of the world (south pacific) Which, I might add, hasnt released on ‘an island yet’ !!!!!!! whats going on!!!!!! Ive checked local music stores everyday- no luck Being a fanatic (like us all here) Im massively jealous of everyone who has a copy I bet it just great oh well my turn will come sooooooon I suppose good listening guy


  132. Dear David, we came from Denmark too see you in Hamburg 11. th march more than a great concert it was twelve years ago we last saw you in Copenhagen 94. I have heard you have been played three times in danish radio and iΒ΄ve also seen a tv commercial in the danish TV2 for “On an island” We shurely hope that you change your mind and visit us in denmark or sweden so we can have the pleasure too see you again. Good luck one rest of the tour everyone who have a ticket are very lucky and have a great show too look forward too.

    Best regards
    Jan Wendelboe

  133. congratulations david on your no1 spot, sorry I will not get to see you on this sell out tour maybe next time

    take care

  134. Very mellow, very thoughtful. Hoping the dark side of the moon won’t be obscured by clouds on the island on the 29th.

  135. having bought On an Island yesterday here in Sydney Australia, I can only say it is great to hear the music again, well worth the wait, the album is brilliant!


  137. Please keep the set list for the North American Tour. I can’t wait to hear ECHOES!!!!!

  138. Dear David, I have been a tireless and dedicated fan of yours and Pink Floyd since 1972. Your new album is stunning, thank you very very much. As only a veteran fan can say with some authentisity, “On an Island” is truly a gift.

    I will be traveling to NYC soon to see your show on April 5 at Radio City, words can not not describe my excitement to see your performance.

    As a small token of my sincere appreciation, my San Diego based company will be running a video advertising promotion for your new album through the end of your North American tour. This promo will be run throughout our installed base of elevator screens in office buildings and hotels in Hawaii, San Diego, CA and Orlando, FL. Our installed based reaches many thousands of business people and tourists each day.

    Thanks again, David

    j. fayette

  139. Love you – love your music – very happy for you.

    I do hope to be able to see you “live” again one day.

    Now, I have a *small* favor to ask (embarrassed grin) you know how we fans are so stuck in the past? Always going on about what was, way back when. . .

    Well I had me this T-Shirt. . . Got it in Indy, in 94. Had a golden sun-dial on the front; and a ball, split, with light beams shooting forth on the back. Black shirt – naturally. It has finely become to much of a rag to wear. I want another one. Been spending lots of time on the net trying to find one. Ebay has one now and then – But I already have one thats worn out. . . So – why not re-issue it?

    Its a good looking shirt – I know lots of people would buy it. . . πŸ˜‰

    But in any event – As I said – LOVE you!

    [Well, that’s alright then! Assuming you’re not just taking the p*ss… Sorry, no. You’re talking about a 1994 Pink Floyd tour T-shirt. This is 2006 and we’re talking about David Gilmour, not Pink Floyd. Contrary to popular belief, there is a difference. You’ll be asking him to get the Blu Tac off your ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ pyramid poster, next. – Features Editor]

  140. David is no doubt a living guitar God in his own right..his new album OAI and the appreciation it’s getting from all around the globe just emphasizes that fact.Even in Calcutta,India On an Island was sold out within a week’s time!

    That’s how much respect David commands!!

    Hope David gets to know our thoughts somehow and continue to make more wonderful,melodic music to make us “smile”.


    a constant fan

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