Night Two: Hamburg


The opening night of David’s ‘On An Island’ tour at Dortmund’s beautiful Konzerthaus last night seems to have gone down a treat, with lots of compliments flying in regarding the sound, lights and surprise setlist. Thank you very much to all who shared their experiences.

Tonight David and his band are playing in Hamburg. Again, we want to hear all the lovely details, so do let us know how it went if you were in attendance.

The setlist will, naturally, be mentioned among the fan comments below. If you don’t want to know what was performed, then please don’t read on. We don’t wish to spoil the surprise for you if you will be seeing David on tour at a later date.

Don’t forget to check past entries for features on each of the theatres that David is visiting on tour. We have already covered Dortmund and Hamburg.

More importantly, do remember to tune in to BBC Radio 2 tonight from 8:30PM (UK time) for exclusive footage of the Mermaid Theatre gig from Tuesday night. Full details are on the website.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Caption Competition:

    DG… I hate playing these St Patrick’s Night parties with the green lights and the green Guinness!

  2. Caption Competition:

    I know you like singing in the shower, David, but did you have to BUILD a recording studio in one?

  3. have a good time everyone who is in hamburg right now. wish i were with you all. hope you’re having the best time, david! all the best to you. i can’t wait to hear the mermaid theatre gig. i hope the bbc site can cope with all the visitors.

  4. tick-tock..Mermaid show soon..Just in case you missed it, click on my name for a David Gilmour B-Day Greeting!

  5. Set list sounds fabulous. Very excited about the NYC show on 4/4.

    (But alas, I suppose this means no special guest visit from Dick Van Dyke?)

  6. Wow, “Wots….uh, the deal?”, “Dominoes” and “Echoes”? Nice! Not that the other stuff isn’t exciting too, but you have to love having one very good, but obscure song, a Syd Barrett song and, of course, Echoes.

    Too bad I couldn’t score tickets to Rosemont. Maybe I can figure out a way to have an out of body experience and send my spirit to the show while I sit at home in the lotus position?

  7. David,

    je vous en prie, ne modifiez pas cette setlist de rêve!

    J’espère qu’un DVD est prévu.

  8. Listening to the Mermaid show here- truly lovely so far. And reading the interview on the BBC2 site, where David is quoated as saying, “I could put out a version of this album three months before we finished and it would have an awful lot of qualities and it would be very different. I’m tempted to do it in fact – go back to the versions of these songs before they were anything near the finished stage and put that out later as an ancillary release. We’ll see if I get to that.”

    I for one would love this, should David still have the gumption and energy at the end of the tour.

  9. God this is wonderful stuff altogether. NOte perfect as usual. BBC came up trumps with the sound quality “albeit a poor 2nd for thoses that were refused entry”. This is magical, cant wait to watch it live tonight . Once again Amazing!!!!!!!!.

    Rgds Geoff

  10. i’m also listening to the mermaid gig, but on digital tv. sounds great. hats off to you, mr gilmour. that was a great version of ‘take a breath’.

  11. This is awesome. Great to hear some of the On The Island songs: it must be great to hear this album in full at the beginning of any concert. Shine On You Grazy Diamond is excellent: I enjoy the variation and development of this songs from the Wish You Were Here album to the Delicate Sound of Thunder to In Concert. This is up there with any version I have ever heard. Fantastic to hear Wearing the Inside Out – the seemingly forgotten track from the Division Bell. And then the ubiqutous Comfortably Numb. I guess I will be listening to this stream for the week now.

    Thank-you again David.

  12. just heard the bbc radio 2 broadcast and all i can say is wow i am really really impressed . from the on an island section castellorizon and take a breath blew me away . (i bet i am the only person posting here who has yet to buy the album as i have been away for the last week and could’nt find it on sale in the canary islands so to hear a little taster of the album was brilliant. i am looking forward to buying it as soon as i go shopping on monday , if the 2 local record shops have it here otherwise i will have to wait and go into the city later in the week!)

    combined with the beautiful on an island material was some classic pink floyd which i really enjoyed . especially the best pink floyd song ever shine on you crazy diamond and the unexpected wearing the inside out , rick wright is still singing and playing very well! i hope all of you going to the gigs enjoy them as much as i enjoyed the broadcast . drink an extra beer for me 🙂 as bob harris said we heard a master craftsman at work !

    peace and good wishes
    Linda the crazy diamond 🙂

    p.s please please please x a million convince david to release a dvd and cd of the tour . sadly i won;t be able to see him live stuck in dublin as i am i would love to see or even hear what the whole show sounds like as i know tonights boradcast was just a little taste of what will be on offer .

  13. Just listened to the Radio 2 show – excellent can’t wait for the 27th May at the Clyde Auditorium.

  14. Hi F E (maybe I can call you John or Jean?)

    I guess there can’t be anybody else minding the shop?

    Still coming down from the Mermaid Gig on Radio 2 – Thank you BBC for wonderful sound quality and for not editing me out at start of Wish You Were Here.

    The Dortmund setlist looked amazing – but I am happy to wait for the final night at RAH London for the last gig – and who knows the final surprises.

    Can’t get my red dot to work on Sky to view Mermaid footage.

    Will try again – maybe it’s just me and the Shiraz – Comfortably Numb again ?


  15. Just heard and watched the bbc show and it was fantastic!!!!! i really liked that version of shine on!!!

  16. Feat Ed,

    Thanks for the heads up again! I just finished watching the mermaid concert and I am so psyched for the NY shows! It was excellent! The new songs are great live. Musicianship is fantastic!

    Thank you David

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

  17. Just watched the broadcast on the BBC2 website. Absolutley brilliant!!!! Look forward to May 27th at the Clyde Auditorium. Thank You David for the album and the tour

  18. Wow!… thank god for technology!

    I’d wired my laptop through the surround system and listened to the Radio 2 broadcast and then watched the concert footage on a 55″ television…

    As it’s only 17:30 here in TO I’ll be taking a leaf from Jesse’s book (The Fast Show) and tonight “I will mostly be watching The Meltdown Concert and PULSE on DVD”

    The kids and wife get back from the UK tomorrow so I’ll enjoy one more night of peace(!) and quiet…

    Looking forward to the feedback from the second Hamburg concert…

    [In keeping with the Fast Show tradition: “Weren’t David brilliant?!” – Features Editor]

  19. Listened to Radio 2, and now halfway through watching the web transmission and all I can say is congratulations.

    Congratulations to DG of course for putting on such a splendid gig, congratulations to his crew for such superb music.

    Congratulations to DG also for bringing Richard W “back to life” as last time I saw him at the RFH he looked terrified, this time he looks happy, and sounds great.

    Such is DG’s generosity that he seems happy to share the limelight.

    Finally, congratulations to the BBC, possibly the only organisation in the world that would out out such high quality stuff without request for payment or adverts.


  20. Don’t forget folks that 3 songs from the Mermaid show are now streaming on BBCi digital. Press the red buton and be amazed the sound and picture quality are amazing – also you can clearly see the back of my head (i think) in some shots!

    I hope everyone is enjoying the shows so far – good luck to the band and hope to see you in May – fingers crossed that something will turn up!!

    (thanks F’ed for the reply to my questio – i think now you have reminded me – that the last floyd album was also carbon neutral. This has set me thinking and I and going to set my cub pack (St Peters, Pedmore) a challenge to plant 13 trees each this year thanks for the idea!!)

    love all


    [Great stuff! You’re right: I think the ‘Echoes’ compilation was carbon neutral. – Features Editor]

  21. the setlist looks so amazing!!!!

    please DON’T CHANGE IT until the Paris gigs 🙂

  22. Hello David, i´m from Argentina, we love you and so many people are fans of you and pink floyd here. You have to visit us. This year played u2 and the rolling stones, but we need that you came here and play your great tabs in your guitar. Happy of know about your new album.


    Thaks a lot!!

  23. listened to the mermaid gig and then wathed it straight after….take a breath was cracker…the rest wasnt bad either..rick wright looked as though though he was getting really into it…flying from liverpool to paris on wednesday for the le grand rex gig…and i really am getting excited now…ill give a full report when i get back….isnt it great that dave is back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. just watched Daves BBC gig on freeview (press the red button now and get see it looped), and I have to say brilliant, Dave really goes for the solo on Comfortably Numb and its nice to see him under the directional lights again! Rick struggled with Vocals at times but his presence was heartwarming and he appeared to be very happy!

  25. I managed to get “Wearing the Inside Out” and “Comfortably Numb” from the Listen Again feature, and then I caught the half-hour video streaming.


    I really had high expectations for this album (because of the free clips of each song that we got to hear during the 10 pre-release days. I pre-ordered the album long before it was released, and unfortunately had to wait until this Thursday (it was released on Monday) before I could finally listen to it. It’s definitely David’s best solo album, and it’s also becoming one of my favourite Pink Floyd/David Gilmour albums. Delicious music!

    I don’t know if anyone else got the same feeling, but upon listening to the track “Then I Close My Eyes” I got this “Meddle” feeling. That track sounds so much like something which could have been on the album Meddle. Something about the sounds of the instruments and the tempo of the song.

    I’m also hoping for a concert DVD to be released, as I’m living in Norway (you know, across “The Blue”) and David isn’t coming here. Roger Waters is coming to Norway in the summer, but unfortunately, I didn’t get tickets for his show either. On Roger’s fan site it was mentioned that he was going to play an extended version of the Dark Side of the Moon album on the concert. Said something about it not being possible to record the extended version of the album in the early seventies. Hmm, sounds interesting, but right now I’m more into David’s music than Roger’s (even though I’m a big fan of both).

  26. wow. bbc2mermaid gig. what a performance. that’s the way shine on is supposed to be. perfect. can’t forget about little sydney. anywho. sounds great, and very tight. can’t wait. see you in toronto. thanks.

  27. Don’t change the setlist?! Are you crazy?!?? What made this setlist so cool is that it was a real surprise! If he doesn’t change the setlist, it won’t be a surprise anymore. Even though I agree that last night’s setlist rocked, it could still be changed and be very cool… Imagine if “Wots…Uh The Deal” were replaced with “Childhood’s End” and “Wearing the Inside Out” were to be replaced with “Yet Another Movie/Round And Around”. I think the setlist would kick just as much if not even more ass than it already does. Case in point: wait your turn–I’m sure Dave won’t disappoint you guys! 🙂

  28. Hello all

    I listened to the BBC2 website radio show and then I was pleased that the 55 minute show can be seen as easily as the video clips on David’s website. I thought I would have to hook it up to my tv somehow, but no, it’s there and quite easy to play. Comments: wow, I couldn’t wait before for April 10th, now not only can I not wait but I am extremely pleased that I spent the money and will be sitting in a quality seat.

    Take a breath – can no one else here the references back to the style, sound of David’s first solo album? David, I would never raise your rent!

    Smile, I love it absolutely totally solo. I think the lyrics make more sense without backing vocals.

    Shine On-marvelous, while I was listening/watching I was thinking of all the brilliant but quite mad homeless folks I know that are fascinating to talk to but quite lost.

    Comfortably Numb: the end solo changed again, this one makes me think that David is expressing the memory of pain, but quite glad not to go back to that unhappy place again. David, you’ve still got it, never lost it. I am truly looking forward to the 10th, my first time seeing you live, but not the first time lost in the vibrations. My thoughts on your set list, do whatever you like and I will be floating in the wonder of it all.

  29. Well I listened to the audio recording, then watched the BBCi Program. Awesome!

    Haven’t read David’s interview yet, but I for one, would love to hear the premature version of On an Island as I am sure it would be a lot different. Please do release that.

    Once again David, you have produced a masterpiece!

    Ed: Thanks for your help earlier re: the realplayer set-up. It worked a treat. It also took me a while to realise what you meant when you said you had to delete a sentence from my mail because you ‘can’t do that’. I realise now what it looked like, but I all I had meant was help regarding the audio set-up, nothing else!!

    I’m just so glad everybody seems to be having a great time of it at the concerts.

    To one and all….. Enjoy!


    [Glad you enjoyed it, David! – Features Editor]

  30. Just watched the web-rebroadcast of the Tuesday BBC show, and just have one word to say about it: DAMN.

    With David, Rick, and Dick Parry it’s like the good old times. And those good old times have returned just getting to see that re-broadcast.

    Since I won’t be seeing one of the US shows.

    PS: It seems the radio stations here in my neck of the woods (Central West Virginia) have no clue. I’ve contacted a couple, listened, and some DJ’s haven’t even HEARD of “On An Island”. I’m a stranger in a strange land here.

  31. Mestre David,meu nome é Beto,tenho 16 anos, sou do Brasil e acho muito foda, ouço suas músicas desde que nem me lembro. Preciso e quero muito ver um show seu ou do Pink Floyd aqui no Brasil, por favor faça um esforço e venha para cá, ou se preferir também pode me buscar para eu te ver tocar. Valeu Jonh, tenha amor no seu coração e faça uma pessoa ou um país feliz com a sua presença. Muito obrigado !!! Por favor pensa com carinho………..Beto

  32. G’day all, Well finally On an Island has been releases downunder!

    I’m lost for words.. it is simply briliant. From the first echoes of Davids guitar on Castellorizon through to the beautiful lyrics of a Pocketful of Stones and Where we Start.

    For those of us not lucky enough to live in one of the cities Mr Gilmour is playing there will be “atleast” one DVD from his shows, right?

    May I be so cheeky to add a request for the Radio City Show…?

  33. Master David, my name is Beto, I´m 16 years, I´m from Brazil and I think you are best guitar player, I listen your music since nor I remember. I need and I want a lot to see your show or of Pink Floyd here in Brazil, please make an effort and come for here, or to prefer also can me to look for for me to see to play you. Thank you Jonh, have love in your heart and make a person or a happy country with your presence. Thank you very much!!!

    Please think with love………..Beto

    If this translation is bad, is because I don’t know English

  34. I think this tour should be documented in DVD form. If not the final three nights at The Royal Albert Hall, you always have the Mermaid show already.

    Thanks for the hard work you put in.

  35. Just returned to Denmark after a fabulous evening.

    Dear in my more than 50 years I have never had a better musical experience. It was marvellous. Thank you so much for this concert.

  36. Great that “Wearing the Inside Out” is in. Please, please produce a DVD of this tour as I’m in Australia and we miss out on this tour. Meanwhile, I’d just have to buy the “On An Island” (and the “Broken China” CD from Rick Wright).

  37. Anders, you lucky b*stard 🙂

    I so envy those who gets to see David live. I was lucky enough to see Pink Floyd live in Oslo (Norway) in 1994, and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing David in concert again.

    I think there will be a DVD of this tour. If no DVD is released, then the reason won’t be the economics. This album is a top-seller on all the lists that I have come across, which it totally deserves! I can’t remember the last time I was so looking forward to a forthcoming album, and I have been humming the tunes, and watching and re-watching the video clips on this site again and again for the last two weeks.

    When I bought the Meltdown DVD in 2003, and I heard the new song, “Smile” (which is on the new record), I thought to myself: “Man, he’s still got it, I hope there will be a new album.” But to be honest, I didn’t think there would be another album. After all, 12 years has now gone since “The Division Bell.” I’m glad he proved me wrong.

    By the way, I haven’t noticed anyone commenting on the CD layout, and the design of it. It’s a really delicate and nice design, and it has a nice feel to it.

  38. Caption:

    David thinks ” Cant believe those bloody Germans dont know what I mean when I say I want a green room for the gig”

  39. Just watched the Mermaid theatre video. Very good, and that Royal Albert Hall-esk version of Shine on was great! Thanks David.

    Ps. I have a theory that the Features Editor is David Gilmour!

    [That is a good theory. – Features Editor]

  40. You know, that looks like a shower curtain behind David in the picture. I guess musicians sing in the shower, too. I’m just not sure an electric guitar is the best thing to shower with.

  41. To the Blog Editor:

    First off, I just wanted to send compliments on the great pictures and updates regarding DG. I have the album, love it, and I am sorry I can’t see any of the U.S. dates on the tour (too far away from me unfortunately).

    Second, I have a question regarding the track “This Heaven” and figured this might be the best place to ask it. I noticed that this track has drum samples from Jack Johnson and his drummer, Adam Topol while Andy Newmark is credited as the drummer on this song. My question is, did Andy play electronic drums on this song triggering the Johnson samples? If he did, they sound terrific! If he didn’t, could you find out from Dave where I can hear the samples in the song? As a MIDI enthusiast, this is something that has made me curious since I first read the liner notes!

    To Dave-congrats on your album, it sounds wonderful!

    [It’s certainly one for that FAQs page. I’ll see if I can find you an answer, Adam. – Features Editor]

  42. This is getting bigger by the second, since Christmas, we were teased and now we’re tickled Pink. Gold in Canada, UK and Poland. Platinum next David , Richard, Guy, Jon, Phil and everyone. You too FED, you’ve earned it, no question MATE. Can’t wait to hear David’s new addition to Comfortably. On my strat, it includes pieces of all the bits added througout the years. He is so unique that way that the song and others by the way keep growing. No one else seems to duplicate his style Thank You.

  43. Was the setlist the same for Hamburg as it was for Dortmund? Maybe I’m daft but I don’t recall seeing it being mentioned in any of the posts, other than various songs being commented on that were played.

    Since I didn’t read about a different song being played from the opening night’s setlist, I will assume it was the same. Maybe the Features Editor could comment on the setlist for each show, whether it changed or not. Thanks!

    [Keep reading through the comments, Mark. It’s on this page. – Features Editor]

  44. David has said that his song writing skills were difficult for him or something to that affect. Let me tell you something Dave, I have enjoyed everything you have ever done before, but you have outdone yourself for sure. I am a 35 year fan, and you are a great song writer, absolutely love every song on the new album….. I would like to know more about some of these songs, like the blue, take a deep breath and even smile. My wife and I have different takes on them, we would like to know what some of the songs are about…(exactly)…not that we don’t have an idea.

  45. With all do respect, are citizens of Hamburg known as Hamburgers?

    Just wondering

    Can’t wait for the setlist.

    [Yes, and you have to be a Hamburger for three generations in order to be a true citizen of Hamburg, I believe. – Features Editor]

  46. Just watched the BBC concert and woke up the whole house. Almost all the solos were superior to the studio versions! How can you stand being that good, David?
    Can I pleeeeease request Poles Apart at some point (Toronto, maybe??)


  47. Marvelous comments, marvelous concerts.

    Please David : Echoes at the Olympia-Paris too !!!


  48. Ok, guys and girls…just back from the gig in Hamburg…Excellent show, songs, lighting and of course the sound of his guuiiittttaaaarrrr was just fantastic (That will be ringing in my ears for the next few months I expect).

    Overall a very convincing performance from Mr Gilmour with only a few minor glitches reaching the surface.

    Looking forward to Roger in Berlin on the June 8th 2006!

  49. I listened to the BBC broadcast…This is so great…Richard’s vocals were perfect.This was an hour long journey into the other side of David.I really enjoyed the first part, all songs were performed exactly the way they sound on album and the atmosphere was nearly the same.And Shine on!!Hey, this was so original – first, everything sounded like original version, than only David and his guitar…And that familiar feeling, when Dick Parry came with his sax..And Comfortably numb – God, this is one of the best versions I’ve ever heard…

  50. David,

    Thanks for this evening. It was a magical experience. I even had some tears in my eyes during the CN solo.

    The sound, the light, the setlist… everything was simply perfect.

    I has the luck to see PF in 1994 in Hannover at the age of 16, yesterday was the greatest musical experience since then.

    Echoes was the highlite… unbelievable, you just have to witness this.

    Thanks a lot, I hope you enjoyed the concert as much as we did.

    I am still shocked.

  51. Hi Fed and all,

    German’s shows done … I can’t wait anymore Paris shows now (i have to take a cold shower till that 16th march)

    Once again, i second Geneviève opinion, i hope some
    variation in the setlists. We are hoping and waiting for more surprises 😉


    [Hi Bruno. I hope you have a terrific time. If anyone has tickets to Frankfurt, don’t worry, David hasn’t forgotten about you! – Features Editor]

  52. Setlist:

    1. Castellorizion
    2. On an island
    3. The Blue
    4. Red Sky at night
    5. This heaven
    6. Then I close my eyes
    7. Smile
    8. Take a breath
    9. A pocketful of stones
    10. Where we start


    11. Shine on you crazy diamond (very different from what you heard before… don’t want to spoil it for you)
    12. Wots the deal
    13. Wearing the inside out
    14. Breathe
    15. Time
    16. Breathe Reprise
    17. Dominoes
    18. High Hopes
    19. Echoes (They will not take this one off the setlist, this is by purpose the highlight of the show, best lightshow produced since 1994)


    20. Wish you where here
    21. Comfortably Numb

  53. Last night in Hamburg was absolutely great! Setlist hasn’t changed from Dortmund, but as I have not read it before, Echoes in full length was a real surprise. And the sound of DG guitars – perfect!

    All of you who will see one of the next shows – congratulations. I wish I could see one more.

  54. WOW! That was just an amazing show! I never got the chance to see Pink Floyd, but yesterday in Hamburg was pretty close I guess. The setlist is great, of course the older songs are the ones most people have been waiting for. Echoes was exellent, thanks for playing that one. All the best and I hope to see you again… be it solo or with that OTHER BAND… ;o)

    P.S. I might need to get a candy apple red strat now… 😉

  55. Hello Fed, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed re-living the Mermaid gig again on the radio and the TV. It is a shame the BBC did not show more than three songs on the TV as the quality was excellent! The internet is ok but the quality can’t match the telly.

    Also by reading this blog daily it looks like the demand for a DVD of this tour is pretty high! I hope there is one, these performances are just stunning:o)

  56. Great concert. Perfect sound and light. super band and the line up: wonderful. thanks 100000000times for ECHOES. One of my great lifetime wishes became reality. THANKS BOYS. A special evening for all of us in Hamburg. Great work. Have all of you a nice time during the tour and stay healty!

    Go on Diamond Dave……………………………

  57. The BBC broadcast was stunning with Wearing The Inside Out and Rick taking Comfortably Numb lyrics a great surprise and lovely to see. Normally footage we see of Rick is fleeting or obscured or dark, or all three, but this was excellently shot. I feel so pleased for Rick.

    The signal-to-noise ratio on the BBC digital broadcast [both Sky & Freeview] meant there was significantly audible hiss on the very quiet pieces, when played loud eg. beginning of Shine On. Anyone else notice this?

    [I did. – Features Editor]

  58. From the heart?

    It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, so I thought I would give my honest and constructive opinion of On an Island.

    I simply love the first 3 tracks they are exactly what I was hopeing for, but Take A Breath is a song I rather dislike. I feel it lacks the warmth of the frist 3 and alters the mood somewhat of the album. I don’t like the way David’s voice has been processed and the song is crying out for some harmonious girls singing in the background. At first it sounded a bit Barrett like, but it is rather more Sorrow in style with it’s marching, though nowhere near as good. However I will freely admit it does seem to be a favourite of many out there, as I say, this is simply my opinion.

    Red Sky at Night returns to the theme laid out by the first 3 songs and is excellent and very brave of David to put out such a beautiful sax song.

    “This Heaven” I’m afraid is not one of my favourites either, and again for me breaks the mood and feel.

    Thankfully “Then I close my eyes” returns the listener to the peaceful Island, again a beautiful instrumetal, though I must say a little spoilt by the sound effects in the intro, is that car doors shutting or just my ears!

    Smile is beautiful.

    Pocketful of songs seems a little disjointed to me between the verses and I’m afraid Where we start kinda fizzles out.

    I love the feel of the album though I guess some of the songs lack a definite chorus and I feel that the Floydian girl backing singers would have added some additional warmth to several songs.

    I’m looking forward to seeing David Live, his broadcast BBC2 concert sounded amazing, including the video footage shown, plus it will be great to hear some alternative versions of Floyd songs and little played tunes.

    For me On an Island ranks 7/10. A beautifully crafted record but maybe lacking a little of Bob Ezrin’s push. At very least it was wonderful to return to a Meddle style era where things were all together happied, and I guess this is more than enough for me. Thanks David, can we have the follow up album a little quicker 🙂

  59. What a wonderful show at the Mermaid. Thanks to David and the BBC for making this all available to us poor ticketless fans :-))

    And thank goodness for Listen Again, as my family were watching TV so I couldn’t listen on the living room stereo, and my broadband went down half way though the live broadcast, so I couldn’t hear it live on the PC.

    The songs translate beautifully to live performance and having watched and listened to the show all my stresses and worries have flown away for now.

    I enjoyed the re-working of Shine On – very different but simply beautiful. I guess David can’t quite hit all the higher notes any more – but then who can? I certainly can’t reach those high C’s I found so effortless 30 years ago!

    So thank you once again David, BBC, FEd and everyone involved. You’ve made a grumpy old woman very happy indeed.

  60. David,

    happy birthday from another fish and it is a great thing to here and see you again.

    I got my nicest birthday present ever to see the show in Hamburg where I saw you first time just round the corner in the “Ernst-Merck-Halle” back in 1971. Sitting here now between fans who weren’t even born that time tells you something, doesn’t it?

    Keep going David.

  61. Well i listened to the Mermaid concert on the radio then watched it online later. What can i say it was just typical David Gilmour excellence in every way. So enjoyable every time. Nice to see Rick too, (we didn’t see anywhere near enough of him at Live8). David you’re a national treasure, thank you for everything you do!! Love the new carbon-neutral CD!

    I must say though that the webcast audio quality was utterly dreadful! Worse than long wave and that’s going some! Not that that’s any fault of the band or crew obviously.

    Can i also add my voice to the call for a “tour DVD”? That would probably go platinum worldwide too 🙂

    Good luck with the rest of the tour! Hoping to get returns for manchester but will probably have more luck seeing George Formby play Take That covers. Ah well, such is life!

  62. Well? where are all the Hamburg reviews, people? Did you all sleep in? I see lots of BBC program comments but nothing about the recent show. I’m keen to hear how it went.

    And I realize Guy is VERY busy being on tour and all, but I’m hoping he will still squeeze in now and then with some anecdotes for us.


  63. I just hope we get this set list at the RAH on 29 May.

    I’m so looking forward to hearing Take A Breath live. Sure I caught a bit of Interstellar Overdrive in it last night whilst watching the Mermaid show.

    Wearing The Inside Out was fabulous on the BBC Broadcast and I’m particularly excited about the prospect of hearing Wot’s … Uh The Deal and Echoes.

  64. sounds like another great show. keep shining, david. you’ve earned three nights off! btw, the mermaid version of ‘shine on’ was wonderful. that was a highlight for me, along with ‘take a breath’ (great song, great vocal).

  65. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Delighted to hear the same setlist was adhered to for Hamburg, saying that David could read the news on stage and I’d be impressed. Watched the BBC footage , great stuff. As other bloggers have mentioned Rick was in fine form on vocals for wearing the inside out.

    On another note saw a grainy pic of the tshirts from the first night and I must say they look great . I have my credit card at hand and await the new addition to this site.

    Rgds Geoff

  66. Well, as a 31 year old New Zealander living in Australia, I have never seen either Pink Floyd or David Gilmour live, and it looks like I never will. However, Pulse, David Gilmour in Concert, and Live in Pompeii have kept me going. Hopefully David sees fit to continue the recent trend of concert videos and produce one from this tour, nicely mixed in DTS 5.1.

    I think On An Island is great, some very nice stuff. There are a few parts where David really seems to be expanding on both his vocal and guitaring abilities (did I hear a brief finger tapping lick in one of the solos?) Like Marooned, The Blue makes excellent use of the whammy pedal without sounding like a gimmick.

    A question for the Features Ed, does David still have a warbird collection at North Weald? I’m a pilot and used to be involved with a bit of warbird stuff back in NZ.

    [I don’t know, Jonathan. I don’t think so. David sold Intrepid Aviation. – Features Editor]

  67. Listened to it then watched it about 5 times. the guitar playing was magnificent and it was just great to see Rick Wright happy and playing the hammond beautifully in his trademark style. The drummer was buzzing too. MORE! (pardon the pun)

  68. Hamburg… a splendid night

    The setlist is allready there. Part one of the show were the new album complete. In my opinion only a few artist is able to make live better than studio – with less possibilities to mix, remove, sample – but David can. On an island were given minor twists and a bit “harder” guitar – and that worked. Specially “Take a breath” were actually breathtaking – best sound and lights in the first half.

    Second half… uhh… what a deal…

    Opening with “shine on” in a special edition with the usual opening and the usual guitars – but the lyrics being performed closer to the Meltdown concert – very quiet, nice and beautifull – I would have come here just for this song.

    “Wots the deal” a lovely song which really is somewhat actual – “and I thik I,m growing old”.

    Rick singing “his” song “Wearing the inside out” gave a feeling of a bar filled with smoke in the middle of the night – one of the new crooners.

    Time and breathe like allways welcome, but the end was really exceptionel.

    “High hopes” were carried out from an acoustic guitar from David which just got lower and lower – with total silence in the CCH, making it extra enjoyable – just sheer beauty.

    Echoes…. HIGHLIGHT…. Sound, number and lightshow was the best I’ve seen and heard since 1994 (PULSE). I would like to descripe how mirrors in the lightshow were used to illustrate a visual eche – but it’s getting to hard to descripe – but go the – it’s worth every Euro.

    Only two small thing were irritating – during the show one of the right speakers did scratch from time to time when the guitar were played loud.

    And… when we san your birthdaysong, David, you answered in German… BUT WE ARE DANES 🙂 – when you don’t come to us, we come to you.

    Thanks for a rememmorable night. Even though the speaker disturbed 3-4 times I’ll rate it 6 stars.

  69. Danke, Hamburgers and Hamburgerettes for the concert news. I’m glad Echoes is still hanging in there on the setlist.

    My favorite track on OAI is Take A Breath. It seems to be Astronomy Dominé’s second cousin twice removed (listen to the guitar – the sound is VERY similar) but with a strong message. Great tune, David! Very pleased it will be played live – it rocks.

    (now playing: BBC 2’s audio of the Mermaid show)


  70. I knew the setlist would have shown up eventually, I just should have been more patient.

    About the setlist – I think it is GREAT!

    I know Chicago is a little ways off, but I’m hoping to see the same setlist played their also.

    I really enjoy listening to On An Island. Congrats to everyone involved with the new release.

  71. I’ve just looked the Mermaid Theatre gig over the internet, and cry (really), thinking that i will probably be unable to see the show cause i live near Montreal. No show in Montreal (If id believe in god i would pray but that’s another issue, i guess…).

    The new and old songs are fabulus. The new arrangements of Shine on petrified me, and the hard-aerial version of wearing inside out, man! My most stable favorite song on The Division Bell (By the way, Rick is probably the cause of me playing keyboards, if i can say so)…

    Honestly, i dont miss the lately kinf of broken voice of Roger on confortably numb cause Rick and Dave do just fine.

    So, that’s it for now. I’ll go blast my ears with On a island in my car on this nice sunday afternoon (pure joy).

  72. This is a question for Phil Taylor

    I’m trying to find out what pedal David is using on “The Blue”. I use a Boss Pitch Shifter and I can take the note up slowly 2 octaves, (if requird to go that high) in much the same way, but the return to normal is instantaneous, whereas whatever David’s using lets the note come back down at the same rate it went up.

    Can you let me know what he’s using?

    Many thanks

    Mike Ticehurst

    [We are not taking any additional questions at this time, sorry. Please send it to the FAQs page when details appear there. Thanks. – Features Editor]

  73. I had a brilliant time in work last night. Walked into the office and Radio 2 on the DAB was blasting. Later, it was meal time. WOW press that red button baby!!! Must have watched 4 times on the run. What a great facility.

    PS. I too noticed the hiss sounds, pity.

  74. I am waiting for the concert in Milano next 24 march, I am sure that it will be a great concert, i was in Modena in 1994….unforgettable moment of my life, I thank God to have create David that is the soundtrack of my life!
    I have an only question…I asked to Mr Mason in an interview online last year a date for Pulse concert in DVD an Mr Mason answered ” surely for the second half of 2005″, is it possible to know an official date for the DVD Pulse?

    [I’m afraid not. That’s nothing to do with us. – Features Editor]


    David uses a Whammy pedal on “The Blue.” Read it in the current issue of Guitar World.


  76. Doesn’t anyone care that this is a David Gilmour SOLO tour and yet he is neglecting his two SOLO albums??? “david Gilmour” and even more so, “About Face” have some of his best solo material to date. Being that I didn’t get to see his ’84 solo tour, I was SO excited at the prospect of hearing those songs live at Radio City but instead he’s only playing his NEW album and (with the exception of 3 songs) the same Floyd songs I’ve heard live 10 times over. How ’bout a little “Murder” or “Until We Sleep” or “Mihalis”??? or “Blue Light.” Oh well. Hey Dave….How ’bout an “About Face” at Radio City…..Just my thought. PUN intended 🙂

    [And if he neglected Pink Floyd, then that would be wrong, too. Yet another example of the poor bloke not being able to please some of you, no matter what he does… – Features Editor]

  77. Tears in heaven

    We are just back from Hamburg 500km from us and the trip through very bad weather was worth every inch of it what a great show !!!

    I’ve seen the Floyd a few times and waters but this was like everybody in Hamburg says DAS CONCERT! that sound was perfect and the licht show amazing it was so cool to see these guys preform in such a small venue for the first time .

    Well I’m looking forward to see david once again in Amsterdam on the 19 &20th of march ! David cheers your still the best!!!

  78. omg i am so crazy mad about chicago now…

    to david gilmour:

    bloody brilliant cd and shows, i will be in chicago for the first night and hopefully the second, and am counting down the days. your music has ment so much more then you could realise to me, it has gotten me through some very rough times in my life, and i thank you. all your time and sacrifices you have made in these last 41+ years you have been sharing your music with us will never be forgotten. (i just listened to the “jokers wild” cd i have you did in 1965 after i listened to the bbc2 concert and must say you havent lost a thing!)

    to FE :

    you have done a great job here and i look forward to each new entry. david gilmour himself couldnt do better…. ; ) i think you know what i am implying as i have read your comments and hmmm… i wonder if i dont have a couple of your cds….

    to anyone here:

    PLEASE I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO GET 2 TICKETS FOR THE SECOND NITE IN CHICAGO. I DONT WANT TO HAVE TO PAY EBAY PRICES FOR TICKETS IF I DONT HAVE TOO. PLEASE HELP! i am traveling to chicago from the east coast of north carolina just to see the show. i bought my mom a ticket to the first night so she could babysit my daughter for the second nite so me and my wife could have a “nite out” without the kid. if you can help or direct me to reasonably priced tickets please let me know. i would be forever in your debt. my email is […]
    and thank you!

  79. Unfortunally Amsterdam was sold out and had to go all the way to Hamburg. It was well worth it.

    I Was last night in Hamburg and had some very good seats in front of the stage.

    The new Album ‘On an Island’ sound much better live (as aspected). The highlight of the evening for me was ‘echoes’.

    The band was very good and you can see they had a good time playing with each other.

    Had a great time. Thanks David…. Hope to see you again very soon.

  80. Just watched the Mermaid theatre video. Very good, and that Royal Albert Hall-esk version of Shine on was great! Thanks David.

    [Ps. I have a theory that the Features Editor is David Gilmour! – Mark]

    [That is a good theory. – Features Editor]

    Hmmm. How do we get to test this theory??

    My wife got me On an Island for my birthday (coincidentally on March 6th…..). Very nice, listening to it as I ramble on here…..

    [Go on, pass me a guitar and ask me to sing something. “Je crois…” – Features Editor]

  81. OK, I’ll admit it. I’m WAY behind on my blog-reading…those 1200 birthday wishes really messed me up. (Bet they messed you up a bit too, Saint FEd.)

    OIA is really stunning. The music is ethereal and I really like the book format…all so wonderful. But has anyone mentioned how easy the CD package was to OPEN? Now we’re talking real genius! (I’m kidding of course…but many thanks to whoever designed it to open with so little effort.)

    Now downloading (an authorized copy of) Echoes to the iPod as a prelude to hearing the real thing in NYC. Effin’ A! I can’t wait.


    PS: “my flash began to greep !!” What does that mean anyhow?

  82. thank you, David and your brilliant band for this unforgettable evening in Hamburg !!!!!!!!!

    regrettably we are unable to put our feelings about this great experience into words.

    Never heard a better live performance especially
    the full version of echoes was amazing.

  83. hallo everybody!

    i was in hamburg and it was the concert of my life!

    amazing version of ECHOES and and very very magic moment at the end of HIGH HOPES – Gilmour acustic solo – the sound was so pure! and everyone was just sitting and listening like hypnotized.

    wow! Wots The Deal surpruised everyone (exept Anabelle – she knew the setlist from Dortmund ;o)

    and fans! at the end of the concert everyone was standing and singing Wish You Were Here. you had this beautiful feeling of emotional explosion you’re part of.
    Miguel and girls! thanks for great evening together after Diamond Dave Gig! i love you! and i miss you already! :o)

    Jack (or if you want Jacek;)

  84. Thank You, Thank You Very Much Indeed, David, Rick, and other genius people, for making me feel so special..

    I’d like to write all of my feelings here, but I could not find adequate words for now..

    Thank you again..


  85. Why didn’t I figured it out sooner, FED is the same person behind:


    [Wow, that’s very good! – Features Editor]

  86. Ginfire:

    “Being that I didn’t get to see his ’84 solo tour, I was SO excited at the prospect of hearing those songs live at Radio City but instead he’s only playing his NEW album and (with the exception of 3 songs) the same Floyd songs I’ve heard live 10 times over.”

    Congratulations on having seen so many live concerts (10) where the PF golden oldies were played.

    But, a lot of people won’t have been so lucky, and in any case I doubt many have seen the songs performed live in such wonderfully intimate surroundings.

    The setlist looks fantastic exactly the way it is. This is the ‘OAI’ tour after all. It’ll be fantastic to see the whole of ‘OAI’ performed live and the Pink Floyd selection in the second half just couldn’t be better.

    I just don’t see why any individual should expect David to fine tune his tour simply because they’ve been so lucky as to see him 10 times.

  87. Thank you David and band for the wonderful, unfogettable concert – it was an AMAZING evening, like a dream…especially when for wish you were here and confortably numb the whole audience was standing, also many of us, including my friend and me, just in front of the stage…there are no words to describe the emotions. After singing happy birthday at the very beginning, David thanked us saying “ausgezeichnet” (excellent)in perfect German and funny was when at the beginning of the second half one guy shouted “Wish you were here” and David (just a little irritatet :-)) answered: we are here…

    Thank you also to Miguel and Jack for the wonderful time we had afterwords – it is so nice to meet people feeling the same about David and PF. And you really did post here, Jack 🙂

    It was a night I will never forget…

    Everyone having tickets have something really great to look forward to, it is actually a bit sad that it is “over” for me, but I will treasure these memories forever.

    I cannot thank you enough David and band and enjoy the rest of the tour (hopefully it won`t be not that snowy and cold as in Hamburg).

    Thank you Fet Ed for your hard work making this site and the fan fare so special!

    Y muchíssimas gracias a tí Miguel…:-))))))))

    I wish everyone a great week! (sorry for my English)

    [I’m so glad that you enjoyed, Annabelle. I have to criticise you on one point, though: Your English is excellent! I would like to say to everyone for whom English is a second language that I think you are wonderful to leave messages here. Your English is far better than that of many English speakers, so please don’t be so hard on yourself. You don’t get many English speakers attempting another language, so be proud of yourselves! – Features Editor]

  88. Hamburg Show: Well, first set was quite laid back with the exception of a thunderous ‘Take a Breath’. The audience really seemed to be waiting for something harder. They felt kind of relieved to finally feel the adrenalin pumping. For the first set I wished I had bought tickets for the first row. The second set does’t need much words. I simply couldn’t believe my eyes, watching Rick Wright, David, Ion Carin, Guy Pratt and Dick Parry playing all the Floyd stuff – while I’m not standing in a 60.000 people stadium. Man we got the Floyds here in a seated 3000 Hall in Hamburg, and so many people don’t know it on the outside!!! Great Shine on Arrangement! Rockin ‘Time’ with a slightly different solo. Beautiful classical outro on High Hopes. Lovely. Echoes was such a surprise! Clearly the highlight of the concert. Wish you were here like 1994. Comfortably numb was beautiful, the solo quite short, and a bit different to 1994, but very nice and powerful as well. Overall, the show was really special. But did anyone understand the flyers outside the hall that the management would record/tape this show (TV/DVD: This show will be recorded…bla bla..) I asked the guys at the mixing desk – nobody knew anything about it) But there were indeed mics hanging from the ceiling?!) I guess some audio footage will find its way as overdub for the live album or DVD sometime;-)

  89. I was there… in Hamburg, I mean. In the concert, I was in many spaces, but mostly in many different times. The concert was one amazing journey through memories, wishes, fantasies and tears of Joy.

    My dream came true, thanks to that wonderful red strat. The set was pure alchemy and the performance was magical, taking us back to pre Dark side days. Echoes was out of this world!

    Flew that day from Portugal. Small trip, small price, for what was to come…

    The concert of my life has arrived.

    My everlasting thanks to Anna Belle…

  90. Great setlist!!!! WTIO, The Deal, ECHOES!!! Don’t change one single thing for the Milan nights!

    Another thing: a DVD is absolutely required, it would be CRIMINAL to miss the chance!

    See you in Milan, David and Richard!

  91. Hi,

    I’m looking forward to the shows in Amsterdam. Is it allowed to make pictures?


    [No. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  92. I had a feeling David was going to surprise us with song selection. Echoes… I didn’t even think to request that one. Wouldn’t have thunk it. Thats awesome, unbelievable. If a live release of any kind is available, I’d love to see that included. Can’t wait to see what you guys do in ChiTown!

  93. Hello, just want to add a few things;

    1.thank you Fet Ed for your very nice, flattering comment!

    2.really great newspaper reviews here in Hamburg, things like: …the music is still shining…a holy mass with PF monument David…people with tears in their eyes in the audience…PF lives without Waters…they compare David with a knight in underpants, coming to a (knight) tournament and winning it nevertheless (it sounds weird translated :-)), and so on….really good stuff. and 3. I forgot to thank for ECHOES…20 Minute version and for Dominoes!!!!! PHAT!!!

    BTW in Hamburg a LOT of people had their cameras and took pictures all the time (with flash as well); I found it quite annoying and David probably too; but there was no one who stopped them. Outside the hall there was just a sign not to use videocameras…I totally agree that people should not be allowed to take pictures, because it really disturbs audience AND band!


    [It’s extremely annoying. We’ll make sure that these people don’t spoil the other shows, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  94. Reading the comments and seeing the photos and the setlist of the concert in germany just made me want more to see David live here in Brazil.

    I hope you have good news for us sometime in the near future … be sure that there’s a LOT of people here who would love to attend David’s concerts … a LOT of fans.

    Thank you!

  95. Thanks for the music and the tour David! The new album is stunningly beautiful. I’m not going to make it to one of your shows, but I have fond memories of seeing you on the MLOR tour in ’87 & ’88!

    I became a fan when a school mate brought in the 45 of ABITW Pt. II to our third grade class! Our teacher was cool and she let us dance and sing along while we played the record! That’s when I got hooked! 😉

    I’ll add my voice to the multitudes asking for a dvd of one of the concerts! Cheers!

  96. My 3 Friends & I came over from Glasgow to be utterly awestruck on Saturday night at the CCH! (We were the Noisy Young Scots getting carried away singing along in front of you at the start of Wish you were here! Sorry!) HeHeHe!

    Thanks David for sharing your Music with us! You gave us an experiance that will stay with Me until I`m the Wee Old Man that stands & has a wee giggle to himself as he drinks his Wee Whiskey at the corner of the bar & passes his time with his fondest memories & the occasional game of Doms!

    By The way the hairs on the back of my neck still haven`t gone down since Echoes & High Hope….. SPECTACULAR!!

    Congratulations on the Birthday & the Fantastic New Album!!

    Thanks Again!
    A Humbled Bigbmf!!

  97. Is Dave going to make these shows available for download like in FLAC format so we can buy the concerts we attended and not have to download crappy amature bootlegs? Please do so Dave.

    Many bands are doing this nowadays. Dave seems to be on the leading edge of technology so why not?

    Hell I’ll buy the whole tour.

    [It’s something worth considering, but there are no plans as yet. – Features Editor]

  98. Hi there,

    I was in Hamburg and the show was very fantastic, especially because I’m young enough to have the first chance in my life to hear this wonderful set live!

    Someone asked about the record flyers – the sound engineer told me that he records every evening for David, but he said it’s only for Davids personal stuff

    Greetings to all of you!

  99. This looks like an awesome tour. I love the new album and I am so excited to hear David and the band play Wots…Uh The Deal. It is so ironic that just a few days earlier I was telling a friend how great of a song it is and how they should by the Obscured By Clouds album. What a treat! Please keep this song on the setlist. I want to hear it in Chicago. Dominoes and Echoes are two other keepers. This is going to be great!


  100. Concerning the setlist: It is worth mentioning for those who place setlists of the shows on the internet that he’s indeed playing the whole ‘On an Island’ album in the first set, BUT that the song order is a bit different to that on the album. David is playing ‘Take a Breath’ closer to the end in the first half (after ‘Smile’) – at least in Hamburg he did. On the album though, ‘Take a Breath’ is number 5, I think.

    [It’s the fourth track on the album, Alec. – Features Editor]

  101. “On An Island” has moved me to take the time to say Thank You!! What an enjoyable listen!!

  102. Hi, just to quickly share my impressions from the Hamburg show. Since all the congratulations, excitements and thank-you-David type of comments are already there, I’ll try to stick to some impressions that might be helpful to those not lucky enough to see the show.

    So, first, knowing the last 2002 (I think) Dave’s live performance, I was afraid I would have to experience another „Pink Floyd Lights“ type of show. Hell, it was not!

    The choice of venue is something one might complain about. It is not that there is anything wrong with CCH by itself – the problem is in consuming a decent Dave Gilmour gig sitting on your ass. Unnatural, isn’t it?

    David had some problems with the lyrics on “On an Island” part of the show. I wander if Polly noticed it. If she didn’t, I hope she is not reading this. After all, the guy is in his sixties. I can understand the poor guy because I have tremendous difficulties in remembering what my wife is telling me in a pretty simpler form than a song.

    I’m 37 and I can hardly remember a show where I was not among the oldest in the audience. In Hamburg, I was among the youngest. Thanks for that, David.

    The show by itself? Echoes alone were good enough reason to take 1200 km flight from Zagreb to Hamburg. (Thanks to Germanwings for making it cheap)

  103. Dearest David.

    I hope you read some of these comments yourself when you have the time.

    I 1994 my dad and uncles went to Gothenburg, Sweden to see you in concert. I was 14 years old at the time and was told that I was too young to go.:-( I’ve been guilt-tripping him for 11 years now and alas he took me to Hamburg to see you as a father/daugter trip. I’ve only partly forgiven him though… (In theory, I could have had both ;-))

    Considering the fact that we were all left in the dark regarding the possibilities of any more tours for a good decade, I must say that I’m more than content. I have been a fan since childhood. It started as a fascination with the Pink Floyd album covers and evovled from that into a deep love for the music. Nothing touches my heart and spirit more than listening to the music you have created over the years, and I thank you very much for sharing it with us all.

    At your show in Hamburg I cried the whole first ten minutes and again several times during. Especially during the songs from the Division Bell album which is my all time favorite. I’ve already worn out my first copy and bought it again recently. It has gotten me through many tough times. I know every note by heart. It opens a door right to my soul and gives me serenity, as does the songs on your new album which in my humble opinion is a masterpiece.

    After the concert I was dazed from taking it all in. I memorised everything.. the lights, your voice.. where you all stood on the stage during every song and the expressions on your face (let me just say that even at sixty you’re still very easy on the eyes :-)). Absolutely one of the most fantastic and emotional experiences of my life. PLEASE don’t let this be the last time we get the chance to see you live!!! You do it so well! And try to convince the rest of the band to go on tour again. We are so many who are too young to have had the honor.

    As you all can see, I had a lot on my mind – and I’m not even sure I’m done.

    Finally I have to say that it is forever mindblowing to me that so much beauty and wisdom can come from the mind of one man. I would like to some day get the chance to meet you in person.

    -forever in awe, Pia from Denmark

    P.s. Also thanks to everybody in the band for a memorable night in Hamburg. You tend to realize when you are in the presence of greatness – and I don’t think anyone there had any doubt. You are very obviously all the best of the best at what you do. Thank you.

  104. Hello Fet ed..

    Did you remove my comment? and if so. why?


    [No, I don’t think I did. There’s one further up the page. Is that the one? – Features Editor]

  105. Ok sorry 🙂 I was looking last night and it wasn’t there anymore. Made me wonder. But it is back now I see. Thanks for a great site

    [That’s OK. – Features Editor]

  106. Great to hear Echoes is in the set.

    Cant wait to see the band at Royal Albert Hall.

    Good luck with the tour.

  107. Can’t wait for the last gig at the RAH next week. The set list sounds fantastic. Dave singing Echoe’s again must truely be the highlight. Is this the best Floyd song ever? The new album gets better every time I play it.

    To everyone going to London, enjoy a master musician at his best. Hope to see you there.

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