Night Three: Paris


David is playing at Le Grand Rex tonight. If you are going along, please let us know how excited you are, what you’re hoping from the evening and, later on, if you enjoyed it.

We want to know all the details, so do share your experiences with this bunch of rabid fans and give them something to talk about!

Please note that the setlist might well be included with the fan comments below, so if you want to be kept in suspense, please don’t read on.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

145 thoughts on “Night Three: Paris”

  1. Bonjour mon braves.

    I ‘ope you all ‘ad a verry gurd nite twonite at ze Rex in Parry.

    Just wanted to add that I caught the Mermaid snippets on the Beeb red button service today. Absolutely knockout. I can’t wait for the gig in sunny Manchester.

    PS Many Thanks Monsieur Fed for the chance to buy advance tickets on this site. Top Man.

    [You’re very welcome, mate. Hope you have a great night. The way time is going, May will be here before you know it. – Features Editor]

  2. Sorry dear Editor, this is not a direct answer to your question, but I had to write this down.

    Hello dear David,

    What are you doing to me? Every free minute I must play your fantastic new cd, in the car, in the living room, during diner, before I close my eyes, behind my computer, when I run behind the hoover, everywere. Visiting this fantastic weblog, take a look at your news breaking site. On my work I answer the phone with: “Goud murning, this is David Gilmour speaking…” Our kids are singing lines of On an Island…

    Besides that, you made me cry at the parking place of a supermarket, just some airplay on the Dutch radio and my mascara wiped out 😉 ? I’m trying to run a website about Quality Music, but the only thing I do is making updates about you.

    On this way I neglect my my other dear friends. I need a Breathing Space (excellent album Iain J. from York). I had plans to fly to Mexico & visit Mostly Autumn, but then I would have missed the launch of your album (or was there an other reason?). Had ideas to write a review of the new Jadis album; Photoplay, (Garry your album is a beautiful picture, well done! See you soon with Steve Thorne & Pendragon!). Guy Manning made “One small Step”, (no Guy you made a big step, excellent prog!)(he did covered Hushabye Mountain too).

    So this afternoon I forced my self to walk to my dear mother. A five mile walk thru the moors and woods of the lovely South. Took my mp3 player with me, which I hadn’t loaded with On An Island !!! So finally other Quality Music: RPWL (a German band, did some covering but after the death of a dear friend they made a wywh-stylish album; “As God Has Failed”; breathtaking…), Magenta, Blackfield and Heathers Findlays wonderful Carpe Diem, with the unbelieveable Troy Donockley on his Ullian Pipes and Candles in the Sky (another song that could make me crying). Two deers in the moors… beautiful, a woodpecker laughs 😉 no not really just two deers. And just before I arrived at mums place, “All around the World” of ProgAid reached my ears. Arjen Lucassen giving away two great solo’s (he did an interview with you, David) and all the other 50 artits involved freaking out on nice gentle English way.

    [ Some appartements in the eldery home were fledded, don’t ask me how that could happen, it is not funny… holy Moses what a mess. ]

    When I finally came home I put a Wet Dream of Richard Wright in the player! Yes I can play other music! But guess what’s playing now?

    Thanks David and all you musicians out there!

    Take Breath, take a deep Breath now … and please play your music you believe in, it is worthed, no matter what some people say, and no matter which chart position you’ll achieve (but again; congratulations with your top 1 position!).

    See you soon,

    4 nights to go 😉

    Nick from the hilly South of the Netherlands,
    where we try to speak Dutch, German an a bit English…

    Hope the gig in Paris was a great success and everyone had a life time experience.

  3. I’ve discovered why the BBC Radio 2 Mermaid Theatre broadcast was so hissy during quieter parts.

    Taking ‘Shine On’ as an example, the audio levels of the quiet opening had been significantly boosted to match the audio level of the loudest part of the song, so that the song was all at virtually the same loudness level throughout.

    So subsequently, boosting the music of the quiet part also boosted the hiss levels which came through in the radio broadcast.

    This was not the case with the audio of either the BBCi Inter-Active video footage or the Broadband video footage.

    Of the three sources, the BBCi audio was the best audio quality.


  4. Does David plan on changing up his set at all, or will it stay the same? Don’t take that the wrong way. I think the songs he has chosen are great. I just thought he might try some different stuff as the tour progresses.

    [Hi Dan. He might well make some changes, but he’s keeping them secret. – Features Editor]

  5. Caption Comp: s’il vous plait ou est le bar!!

    Another day nearer May 29 – wahooooo!!!!!

  6. Caption Competition

    Polly to DG: Will you please stop wearing black t’shirts!

  7. Not from France, or in France…but still excited to see what gets played, how people love it…cannot wait@!

    Big Al,
    SF, CA

  8. After Pinkfloyd in 1994, it’s been quiet a long time to wait for a concert of David. Hopefully, i will see him at the Olympia tommorrow, can’t wait!!

  9. I’m going to Chicago to see the show, 12 hour drive for me, I don’t care if he has a single lightbulb and an acoustic Guitar,it will be a great show. Thanks for touring again, it gives my daughter a chance she did not think she would get, to see the best.

  10. This new stuff is mesmerizing…cannot wait till Kodak and Universal amp in LA. I will be alone but oh well ………..

    PS I maybe have a xtra

  11. Set list

    I love the current set list but I do hope that David shuffles a few tracks around – keep the band fresh – its about time ‘sheep’ got a an airing.

    PS on checking the Mermaid clips I CAN be seen in the audience – will have to take a few screen caps to prove I was there.

    Hope all goes well in Paris tonight.

    Best wishes

  12. Hello F.Ed, Antoine again

    Less than 24 hours to wait now. As I can read now. There might be some changes for the Olympia ? Great, but I hope Mr Gilmour will keep Echoes on the setlist.

    I promiss you a complete chronicle of the show on friday.
    Congratulations for the site, it’s a real pleasure to read it.
    Antoine Meunier

    PS : Alright no more excuse for “bad english” !
    PPS : Really impossible ?

    [Never say never. You’ll have to see what happens on the night. I wish you luck with that and I look forward to hearing about the Olympia show. Have a great time! – Features Editor]

  13. Hope any changes is not REMOVING a song and adding something else, Im keep having this nightmare that me may omit ECHOES from his list since its a long song. PLZ DAVID PLZ dont remove echos. ( and since im pretty sure that he will never remove high hopes and comfortably numb, then im not that worry for them) Ah one othe thing, when I saw BREATH in the play list I was so so so surpriced and HAPPY. plz dont remove that one either. all in one word, the play list was PERFECT.

    One last thing ( lots of one last things)

    MOTHER, from the wall is such an amazing song. David has NEVER played it but Roger did play it couple of times and filled davids place with some one else, apparantly the other version of it (in the flesh’s) was really good too, but not as good as the original one. It’ll be GREAT if david plays that to show that there is no one on the planet who can sing “Hush now baby baby dont you cry…” better than david.

    My dear Feature editor, plz plz plz pass the comment to him. maybe he decides to reveal his talent (once again) and surprise THE WORLD !

    cant wait till april 9th, Canada is waiting david.

  14. hi features ed . first of all thanks for responding to my last comment . i always feel albums are not as well promoted here as they are in the uk . i suppose ireland is a tiny market compared to countries in the rest of europe .

    well i finally got my mucky paws on on an island ( or should i say my mom picked it up on my behalf in town today !) what a cracking album . i played it in my car as i went around the city doing my homebrew deliveries although both my parents were with me and they talked all over it was not as easyt to hear as i would have liked . it was a great cd to listen to in dublin’s traffic jams nice and relaxing just what you need for combatting road rage ! castellorizon and take a breath are my favoutires so far . my god i am used to listening to some amazing guitar work from david as i have been a floyd fan since 1989 but caslteorizon blew the socks off me :0)

    when i go to bed tonight i will stick it on my diskman and give it a more serious listen to . well done david polly and all the colaborators on this album . you have a cracker on your hands .


  15. The hiss levels in the radio broadcast and due the compression which has to be applied before AM or FM broadcast – digital signals don’t have these requirements which is why the website was so good.

    I’m not sure about DAB but I think it’s usuall compressed as well.


  16. un petit mot pour michèle de france. chanceuse…. vous etes présentement en train de savourer le spectacle de david. je suis sylvie de montréal et j;ai lu vos commentaires et je pense comme vous….david est un artiste formidable et j;ai très hate d;aller le voir a toronto. j;aimerais avoir vos impressions toutes fraiches après le spectacle s.v.p. merci . bonjour features éditor see you soon. sylvie de montréal.

  17. (nothing whatsoever to do with the French concert)

    Dear David, here’s the same old boring people posting on your blog again…I apologize profusely.

    Okay so I’m stupid – Guy, could you please explain the deep hidden meaning behind the “didn’t they do well” t-shirt David wore years ago and that you have so elegantly brought back into fashion? Or Ed/Edwina, of course, if you have the answer.


    [It could be a complete coincidence, but it’s one of Bruce Forsyth’s famous catchphrases from his time hosting ‘The Generation Game’, which ran from 1971. He’s a popular entertainer-cum-comedian-cum-gameshow host and one of Britain’s best-loved television personalities. There could be nothing more to it than that. Watch out for T-shirts emblazoned with “Good game, good game” and “Nice to see you, to see you, nice” as the tour progresses. – Features Editor]

  18. If there are any Scots who have bought too many tickets for the concert in Glasgow in May, please give me a shout! Im sick as a parrot, I was dreaming when the tickets went on sale.


  19. There it goes. Back from the first Parisian show, at the Grand Rex.

    Great show. David played “On An Island” first. New arrangements for some tunes, great ! Then went the “old” songs from “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” to “Confortably Numb”, through “Dominoes”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Breathe”, “On the run”, “Time”, “Wearing the inside out”, “High hopes”, one song from Obsured By Clouds and of course… “Echoes”, better part of the show.

    Great, great, great. Just a little voice for Rick Wright.

    I’ll see tomorrow if the setlist’s another one or not…

    Thanks you David

  20. Hi there you all at! Thanks very much for keeping me updated every day! Splendid site! It’s the first thing I do after I get home from work or university.

    I’ve seen David last weekend in Hamburg, and wow .. I’m still flabbergasted! What a show! I’m really looking forward to hear David and his band again in Amsterdam upcoming Monday.

    BTW: I love Guy’s ‘Didn’t they do well’ shirts. Where did you get them, Guy?! I’d love to get one myself … You seem to have a shipload of them, so can’t you miss one ;-)?

  21. On the run? that one would be interesting to see live.
    By the way features ed you missed one of bruce`s other catch phrases from later editions of the show “what`s the score`s miss ford”, Rosemary Ford had great legs, and yes back then she would get it!

    [I remember it, plus “What’s on the board, Miss Ford?” -Features Editor]

  22. Congrats to Gilmour on an awesome album and Tour, Great setlist… pretty much a dream come true .Glad to see that some people still like good music SEE YA IN CHICAGO THE 12TH!!

    sure would be nice to see pigs on there, or any song from animals… maybe dogs….

  23. Dearest David, you’ve travelled many paths over these years of playing, composing: arranging and producing “Music” – and at last – On an Island. You’ve assembled a group of friends, old good friends, whose musical talents I consider to be God-Given. It is a traverse musical boundaries. I’m grateful. I hope you may all be blessed enough to continue to enjoy such passion and intensity as this album shares with us.

  24. Could only get to see him in Paris – what a hard life.

    Show superb, highlights being David and Rick taking the vocals on Comfortably Numb, although high hopes was magnificent.

    Light show understated but bang on for the set and the venue.

    Dick Parry magnificent on Sax.

    What a night!

  25. David, FEd, and gang,

    It’s really comfy at my lurking depths but had to surface again to tell you how much I am enjoying the new album. I had it pre-ordered from Amazon – natch! – but did not receive it until Friday. Aaarghh. Ah well.

    I have to say that my reaction to the music has shifted again and again since I unwrapped the plastic. I absolutely love, love, love the way the first three tracks work together. At this moment in time, ‘The Blue’ is my hands-down favorite. ‘Take a Breath’ was a challenge in the beginning but, what do you know, it really is growing on me (it feels/sounds so familiar but not?? – not sure about the chanting, though :-)). Given some of the reviews of the German shows, it seems that many have been completely won over by the live version of ‘Take a Breath.’ Why does that not surprise me? I also love ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ with the funky intro giving way to a lovely instrumental with such a fantastic melding of instruments (great coronet part). Where We Start is quite lovely too!

    I am still on the fence with the other tracks, but I have no doubt that they too will give up their own particular magic and grace with repeated listening. In the end, though, when you kick in with the main electric guitar parts, basically, all is well with the world. Happiness cannot be measured. I cannot wait till it gets warm here in DC so I can put my feet up on the porch with a glass of wine and thou (in spirit of course).

    Flying in to see you at RAH on the 29th with hubby and teenage daughter. I truly hope that you are enjoying yourself on this tour, and, in some tangible way, feeling the love, awe and appreciation that is beaming directly at you from all of us admirers.


    PS – I know this is blog and not a discussion board, but if any of the dedicated DG readers have a suggestion about a nice hotel within blissful stumbling distance from RAH, I’d love to hear it.

    [That’s fine, Karima. I’ve added a website for you. Click on your name below to see it. I dealt with them recently and had no problems at all, so would recommend them. There are plenty of hotels to choose from. – Features Editor]

  26. Greetings F.Ed,

    You’ll no doubt be heartened to learn that at the conclusion of the Reds 5-1 demolition of Fulham at Anfield – the legendary George Sephton said a few nice things about DG then proceeded to play ‘On An Island’ over the PA.

    A crushing victory (even tho’ we were better in the 0-0 drubbing of Charlton the other week!) followed by the sweetest of sounds – life doesn’t get much better my friend 🙂

    [Oh, that’s great news. I don’t think David could ask for more than that, could he? Never mind being Number One in the first week of release in three countries and Top Ten in nine others, on the Radio 2 A List, the top-selling album on iTunes UK and all the rest of it. His single being played at Anfield. Wow. Not a bad result, was it? Good to see Robbie and Nando scoring. – Features Editor]

  27. Thank you David !!!

    Thank you for this amazing concert !

    Thank you for having chosen and played ECHOES (after our “vote” here), I had lost my hopes about it ! My best sensations, in all the concerts I went to !!!

    Thank you for your amazing final solo of Comfortably Numbs (the best I heard of your parisian concerts of 87-94-2002-2006) !

    Thank you for all your songs, and congratulations for A Pocketful of Stones and for your saxo playing !

    Thanks to Rick, Dick and the crew !

    Good luck for your tour, and see you later in France !

    Sylvain (38 years old, french)

  28. Dear FEd,

    Here in New Zealand OAI has finally hit the shelves, in most places sporting a $NZ34.99 price tag, which is about standard for a new release CD. I checked Amazon and was able to order OAI and Donald Fagen’s “Morph The Cat” and get them posted to me for the grand total of $NZ50 – a saving of around $10 per CD, postage notwithstanding!

    Now I’d like to support the local shops, but with Amazon so cheap by comparison, and with sterling service to boot (most titles reach me within a week) the question becomes a no-brainer.

    Obviously somewhere between the recording studio and the shop somebody is making a nice tidy earner on CDs such as David’s. But who can account for the considerable difference between what I pay on Amazon (remember postage takes up a considerable chunk of that eventual $50 I paid for the two CDs) and what I pay locally? Who’s being greedy?

    What can David expect to see in his pocket from each sale of OAI? Who am I hurting by buying from Amazon instead of the local retailers?

    I lie awake at night worrying about these things…

    [Hi Warren. You make a very good point. I think most people shop online these days because the savings, including postage costs, make it the far more sensible option financially. It would be interesting if we could work out exactly what David earns from each album sale, as it would surprise people and perhaps even stop some from insisting that he owes them something! Anyway, I’m glad you got the CD and hope you like it. – Features Editor]

  29. Trivia fans…I had the “Didn’t they do well?” T Shirts specially made up as a gag for true fans, although I thought it just related to Bruce Forsyth’s catchphphrase on The Generation Game , David informs me it’s related to Arsenals’s amazing double victory in 1971, which FA Cup Final was actually the first football match I ever attended!

    And no you can’t have one, but well spotted.

    Love to you all

  30. “It did enter the Canadian charts at No. 2, just 2,000 sales behind James Blunt.”


    [Isn’t it? I’ve been having recurring nightmares since I heard that. In each one, I’m in HMV admiring David’s CD, and they’re playing one of James Blunt’s songs. That’s it, really. But it still wakes me up in a cold sweat, shouting between sobs, “Stop! Please make it stop! I can’t take anymore!” It’s terrifying. I’m going to give hypnotherapy a go so that maybe, just maybe, I can move on with my life. I just hope I’m not too traumatised by it all. I can’t walk past HMV without having a panic attack. It’s awful. – Features Editor]

  31. I want to take my fiance to see david in NYC, but have been unable to obtain tickets. I saw the BBC clip, now I really want to go. EBAY has really ruined it for alot of us fans. I really can’t afford the prices they are asking, nor can I afford the brokers prices. I tried to get tickets through the normal routes, but they where snapped up by EBAY profiteers. I saw DG solo when I was in high school. Saw RW, saw PF, now I guess I will have to sit this one out. I guess I will wait for the concert DVD.

  32. I love the set list!! Changes could be good too, but don’t remove Time or Echoes, PLEASE!! I can’t wait till April 17. Still waiting to see something about the Paramount, in Oakland, California. I’ve never been there.

    The more I listen to the new CD the more I like it! Take a Breath and This Heaven are my favorites.


  33. Caption Competition

    DG: So according to that blog yesterday from Mulder the Fedmeister still owes me money for those strings!

  34. I am a little upset that On An Island came in at No. 6 in the U.S. It seams as though Americans don’t know what good music is anymore. With the acception of people like me that is. I still have faith that it will keep climbing the charts to No. 1. God knows it should be.

  35. Dear FEd et al,

    “He might well make some changes, but he’s keeping them secret” – I love these kinds of secrets. Especially TNWOOH secrets…oh yes…crossing fingers, toes, eyes, braincell…

    – definitely rabid (heh, sounds like it should be an Oasis album title…)

  36. p.s. FEd or Ali,

    Is David a liverpool fan? There’s the ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ on Meddle just before St Tropez, but I never really thought anything more of it. I’m one of those rabid fans who has listened to everything David has played, and listens to most of it regularly – I’m not one of those read-every-unauthorised-bio types, but I do read his interviews (e.g. this month’s excellent interview in Mojo Magazine). So, what’s the connection to Anfield/Liverpool?! 🙂



    [No, sadly David doesn’t have such exquisite taste when it comes to football, being an Arsenal fan. Nice to know that his new material is being played at football grounds, though. If anyone hears it when out and about, do let us know. – Features Editor]

  37. Hi FEd,

    How about a Phil Taylor interview for us guitarist nerds? It would be great for Phil to talk about what he is up to on this tour and a bit about about David’s Guitar, Amp & FX rig for the tour, dont you think? Pete Cornish’s web site by the way has a wonderful photo essay on Davids new pedal board construction for those musio’s interested!

    All the best – Mike

    [A great idea. Phil is incredibly busy, but it’s something to consider. – Features Editor]

  38. Caption –

    David: Let’s see, there was the BMX, the toaster, oh and the cuddly toy!
    Brucie: Didn’t he do well?

  39. Like Karima I preordered from Amazon and received the goods on Tuesday here in Tasmania (bottom of Australia). The album is not released here till next Monday. I just love The Blue and I believe it goes close to the best guitar work I have ever heard.Well done David and also to all the supporting musicians. I will be there on the 29th and 30th at the RAH with my kids who I keep telling that it wil be an important part of their education in life. It certainly will be to me even if they do not see it that way.

  40. I think the current set list is great; however, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Sonnet 18 to appear on the set list in NYC.

  41. Un spectacle hallucinant !

    La musique, la lumière, les effets, la fumée !

    Première partie plutôt calme. Public chaleureux et attentif. Certains dans la salle semblaient découvrir On An Island et rechercher des accords connus, des dénominateurs communs avec d’autres titres. David et sa formation très appliqués, pour un résultat parfait. Ahh Castelhorizon.. Le “bonsoir !” de David était très attendu. Il a commencé à électriser la salle.

    Seconde partie: Shine on.. et quelques “classiques”. Changement de registre. Les acclamations se sont faites plus fortes. Pour les titres qui ont suivi, grosse charge émotionnelle. Public totalement acquis et convaincu.
    Et puis, il y a eu Echoes. Alors là… nous avons été totalement bluffés, transportés. Fureur du son et des effets MAGIQUE !
    Pour les 2 titres joués en rappel, la salle est restée debout. Respect pour David, Richard, Dick et eux tous.
    Merci Monsieur Gilmour pour la générosité de votre concert. Je suis encore sous le coup de l’émotion.
    Personne n’a crié Pink Floyd. Il était là, devant nous. Depuis toujours.

    Après le Rex, nous serons nombreux ce soir à être à l’Olympia. Pour un nouveau miracle.

    Bien à vous, Gilles.

  42. Hi all.

    In a big flash of non-publicity David’s album was released here in Australia at the end of last week (I think). Bought my copy a few days ago, and it’s sublime, etc 🙂

    It’s a shame I haven’t come across any promotion for it in Brisbane at all. No airplay, no posters in cd stores, etc. I suspect SonyBMG are too busy pushing their Australian Idols.

  43. Come on then features editor. As you started this set my mind at rest. Another Bruce saying. I cant remember fully but went something like ‘you got a pair but you cant have a pair not in this game’. Too many words for a t shirt.

    Pete – Coventry

    [From Play Your Cards Right, wasn’t it? “You get nothing for a pair, not in this game.” – Features Editor]

  44. Ali, my friend, seems you have a kindred spirit in our revered F’Ed mate!

    PS: Still loving OAI despite getting played at least twice a day, every day, since release!


  45. Wohoooooooooooooooo ! Awesome, incredible, chanmé, hard to express my feelings now… I can’t belive i’ve seen the full version of “ECHOES” ; the set was excellent, new songs are great !!! Good surprises… thank you David to play “Dominoes” ; I (we) appreciate that, a very very beautiful homage to Syd .

    Thank you very much indeed ! 😉

  46. wohhh, pas le tempps de tout dire ( le ferai + tard!) car je repars maintenant même à Paris pour l’Olympia, mais hier, au Grand Rex, terrible, énorme, monstrueux, à couper le souffle ! Et qui ose dire que la France n’aime pas suffisamment David? une ovation monstrueuse, ts les gens debout, qui chantaient avec lui, pas seulement sur wywh, mais aussi Com.Numb et un “echoes” décapant, une version prodigieuse, à couper le souffle!!! Vivement ce soir…..

    A plus
    Michèle. Et je l’ai vu arriver au Gd Rex…Ohhhh… le rêve…..

  47. Hi David,

    I remember one of your interview some years ago, in which you mentioned about your creativity that “THE TANK IS EMPTY”. Hopefully, with your new album and your current shows, you give us the evidence that you were wrong.

    I was yesterday night at Le Grand Rex sitting at the first row. Your show was extraordinary, as every of your show. For me, it was the 5th show after Versailles 1988, Paris 1989, Chantilly 1994 and Paris 2002. Of course for me, yesterday, the shock and the emotion were less strong than the first time in Versailles, but you’re at the top!

    I hope there will be a DVD of your show. ECHOES WAS TREMENDOUS. Many thanks also for playing the wonderful track WEARING THE INSIDE OUT and for giving us so much!

    I’m one of your biggest French fans. I started listening to you 20 years ago with “Atom heart mother”, “The Wall” and “About face” at the age of 15. But yesterday, I discussed with a bigger fan than me, who will be at l’Olympia tonight. I wish I were here …

    Nicolas Jacquenet

  48. FANTASTIC!!! That’s the only word that come to my mind when I think of yesterday’s concert. It just Blows my mind.

    Can’t wait for tonight!!!

    Thank you very very much David!!!


  49. Want to say congrats again to David on how well his album is doing. So far his tour really seems to be a big success, really cant wait to see him.

    Do you not really hate James Blunt though?

    How can a guy with so little talent or musical ability sell so many albums, total farce.

  50. My note about the Grand Rex concert is done. Click my name below (in french…)

    Thank’s for the music ! Especially for the “Echoes” version which proudly stand up more than thirty years after… And the “dominoes” version where Manzanera brings on its own originality on guitar.

    Congratulation for your last CD . With the high and pleasant surprise to discover a new group :

    C. N. & G !

    great idea to combine your composition with my favourite chorus section : crosby/nash !!!

    Hi ! Ptilou

  51. Ed/Edwina:

    “Is that your final answer?” 🙂

    Thanks for clearing up the possible significance of the “didn’t they do well” t-shirt. Speaking of t-shirts, do you think when David plays RCMH he could get that black t-shirt of his emblazoned with something like “of course we’re not – you can trust us”?


  52. “I don’t think David could ask for more than that….His single being played at Anfield”

    Oh I don’t know, how about his single being played at Goodison, Red FEd? See you managed to squeak a fluke against Fulham.

    Anyway back onto the proper reason for this post, Brucie’s other famous catchphrase….how could..

    “Give us a twirl” be missed out?

    [Bruce is a walking, dancing catchphrase machine, isn’t he? – Features Editor]

  53. Guy wrote:

    David informs me it’s related to Arsenals’s amazing double victory in 1971

    Ah! thanks a lot, Guy & David! Though I can rattle off the sayings seen on most of David’s photographed ex-shirts, this Yank needed some education.

    Hope the tour is still bouncing along nicely.


  54. To Ali the Liverpool fan. Do you think that you will ever hear ‘The Blue(s)’ coming out of the PA.

    Pete – Coventry

  55. Hi all,

    Today is THE DAY :The legendary David Gilmour and is band plays at the lengendary Olympia hall. I will drive more than 600 km “just” for this show. So, i ask to the audience of toonight show to do the greatest standing ovation after (before too) the first encore and make a request: a second encore…it could be so nice to have one or 2 more songs. Remember that, it is maybe the last time you’ll see David and his band live…

    Transmit the message to the audience!

    I know, i’m dreaming but i have high hopes.
    See u toonight

  56. re: Blunt – personally I’m with Murdoc of Gorillaz who called him “scruffy, helium inhaling dwarf” and his music like “porridge”. I called the talent police but so did 50m other people, so it may take some time 🙂



    It was a fabulous gig. A wonderful evening in a nice theatre on the Grands Boulevard. The set list was the same as said before on the site ( I read something that is a mistake : the band didn’t play On The Run).

    I’ve been stuck by the sound quality and the light show. And the mix between new songs and old songs has been working perfectly well.

    David has been warmly acclaimed when he entered the stage, the theatre was full of fans.

    David played On the Island album during the first part of the show. Wonderful songs. It was great (and fun) to see him playing saxophone, to see David and Rick sing together, and to feel that it’s a real band playing together and not just David playing with musicians on the background. He didn’t talk very much but introduced the musicians before Take a breath (great version with strong guitars). The audience has acclaimed Rick Wright strongly just before David has introduced him. Dick Parry had the same warm applause. It was emotional to see the 3 of them playing together after all these years.

    For part two of the show, the ambiance was electric. A new version of Shine On (quite different from the 2002 gigs) : it wasn’t acoustic but David alone with electric guitar on the “Syd theme”. After the band joined him for the rest of the song. Dick Parry played wondefully his solos with two saxophones.

    Polly Samson was seating in one of the private balcony of the theatre (not opened to public usually, it’s part of architectural decoration of the theatre), watching the audience to see how people were reacting to the show, and taking some photographs of David playing. Old and new songs were played and it was great. I’m not a fan of Division Bell period but Wearing the Inside Out and High Hopes were absolutely fantastic.

    The must was certainly Echoes played entirely. Wow, David played very very well, the sound was very loud and the light show absolutely astonishing (like a Floyd concert).

    Before the Encore, the people leaved their seats and went closer to the stage to hear WYWH and Comfortably numb. It was magical…

    2h30 of music ! That is really generous. This evening, David is playing at the Olympia (not far from the Grand Rex) and I’m sure it’s going to be greater. Olympia is a theatre of legend in Paris : all the greatest stars have been there (beatles, stones, bowie, etc etc etc, and all the most famous french singers – Piaf, Brel, Aznavour, Gainsbourg…). And Olympia is known for its great acoustic. So I’m intersted in people comments of this concert.

    Sorry for my english

    Enjoy your city concert

  58. Dear David,

    Day after the show! I must say this was nothing like i had dreamed. It was way better!!! The setting and staging was superb… and indeed the sound! totally mind blowing! I’ve never been to a Pink Floyd fan (SAD FOR ME!!!!) so with the show you put on… this is the closest I will ever get… and for me… it was a dream come true… I loved particularly the lighting for Echoes and indeed the playing.
    But most of all.. as many many members of the audience… the climax was of course Confortably Numb… which I’d be playing right now… if it werent because I’m still in Paris!! LOL Would I be accurate in assuming that you improvise on the spot??? or that… you try and do it differently every night… because if that’s the case… that;s just cooool… Rocks…

    Anyway… Thank you again for your music! Means a great deal to me…

    Good luck with the rest of the tour and hope you continue to blow peoples minds with your amazing shows!!! Keep it up!!

  59. to frank par: you’re lucky. hearing of him is not as bad as actually hearing him. sorry to be a bitch, but he does my head in. and people accuse the floyd of being depressing?!

  60. hi again . sorry for makkng 2 posts in the one topic . just want to pop up and say the following : to david and polly,their family , band , crew and also to everyone posting here i wish you all a very happy st patricks day tomrrow . i am not sure where david and band are plaing tommorow but after the gig i hope you will raise a beverage of your chioce in honour of the irish 🙂

    it is snowing here in dublin now and on an island is on my stereo . it is brillaint to listen to while watching the snow storm . wish me luck trying to driver in it later though 🙂

    [Drive safely, Linda! – Features Editor]

  61. I hope the setlist always include at least ECHOES and WOT’S UH THE DEAL…

    I’m waiting to hear those song live from to much time…

    BTW any other old song (the narrow way? let there be more light?)including the first DG album (mihalis?) is welcome.

    ciao Davide

  62. Hey… caught Guy’s post this time. How cool is that? The band reads the blogs (lol)!

    The excitement for the Chicago gigs keeps building with all of the tour news pouring in. I saw David with and w/o Floyd live a few dozen times over the years and the man keeps getting better. Sitting 1st row with David directly in front of me in 1984 was a religious experience : )

    Just a few more weeks until we get to see the greatest Pink Floyd cover band in the world. And, when you come to think of it, how close is this to seeing Pink Floyd live? Look at all the players in this group… Wright, Carin, Pratt, Parry, Gilmour. The most replaceable players in Pink Floyd (and most bands for that matter) are the bassist and drummer. Sorry, I love Nick and Rog but they’re no Moon and Entwhistle… its pretty easy to reproduce their parts. You couldn’t say the same when Roger went on his solo tours as the key ingredient, the heart ‘n soul of Pink Floyd was always missing. So except for the times when Roger would be doing the vocals (and I think they avoided those numbers), its basically Pink Floyd out there. So remember, if it looks Pink and sounds Pink, it probably is Pink : )


  63. Sounds like a wonderful setlist to me…

    Don’t know if it’s already been posted, but the concerts of Sunday and Monday in Amsterdam are LIVE broadcast on the site of the Heineken Music Hall

    [I’m afraid it isn’t. I’ve just had confirmation and it’s not happening. Sorry to disappoint you, guys. – Features Editor]

  64. Well,

    quelques heures, et…

    en fait, nous sommes tous en train de penser à nous, fans invétérés et égoïstes, en espérant avoir un show fantastique… il le sera, de toute façon! pas la peine de s’inquiéter…

    On devrait peut-être aussi se demander si David sera heureux sur scène ce soir, et les autres soirs. Parce qu’alors, oui, il nous rendra heureux, nous aussi.

    Merci d’avance.

    Ikkar, with love.

    PS. Pardon, mais en français, c’est plus simple…

    [Vous êtes toujours très bienvenu pour écrire en français, Ikaar. Il est bon que je pratique votre belle langue… parce que j’ai besoin de beaucoup de pratique! – Features Editor]

  65. Great!!! This DG’s tour is absolutely fantastic!

    Can’t wait till the 26th of march to see him live.

    I hope that Echoes will remain in the setlist.

    I would enjoy even Any Colour…(maybe like the Wembley 74 one) 🙂

    Anyway, whatever the setlist I will enjoy it in sacred silence.

    Thank you Dave!!!

  66. I saw the video on BBC2. Great show. I hope the editor or David can comment on a future DVD concert of this tour? Pleeeeease!

    [Only to say that it’s being considered, Shane. – Features Editor]

  67. ‘The most replaceable players in Pink Floyd (and most bands for that matter) are the bassist and drummer’. Yeah, I’m afraid you’re right about that! The heart and Soul are David and Richard! 3 more days for me… Pocketful of Stones, that’s one hell of a monster!

  68. Sorry, but I immediately HAVE to add that GUY PRATT is an amazing bass-player. I saw him in numerous cities across Europe during the Pink Floyd Tours in 1988 (venice in 1989) and 1994. This man is 10 times Roger Waters. Listen to ‘Yet Another Movie’ Live among others and you’ll know what I mean. Slapping and improvising; a heavenly experience!

  69. So here we are, just back home from Paris.

    What can I say ? It was simply magnificent. Playing for us in a small venue, David and Richard, well almost the 1994-tour Floyd, with Guy, Dick and Jon.

    Instant electricity with David opening with Castellorizon. The emotion expressed through his guitar is so intense. To me personally, almost as touching as “Cluster One”. First part of the show covers OAI, with a spectacular “Take a Breath” and a lovely “Smile” and David changing his guitar for the saxophone for “Red Sky at Night”.

    After a 20-something-minute break, it’s time – the noun, not the song – for some Floyd stuff. David starts off with Shine On Your Crazy Diamond, in an exquisite mix of the full Floyd-sound and just David singing and accompanying himself on guitar. Goosebumps and spinal shivers.

    We got Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise, High Hopes, Wearing the Inside Out, Echoes, Wots uh The Deal,
    Dominoes and the encores, Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb.

    More on that later today, as we have a couple of things to do now and I could probably carry on for hours.

    Thank you Mr. Gilmour, thank you Mr. Wright, thank you Mr. Pratt, Mr. Parry, Mr. Manzanera, Mr. Carin and Mr. DiStanislao and to everybody involved for a wonderful evening in Paris.

    Ralph & Marit,
    Mortsel, Belgium

  70. ‘The most replaceable players in Pink Floyd (and most bands for that matter) are the bassist and drummer’.

    That is a completely stupid observation. Roger wasn’t just the bassist. PF was a better band with the original (ex-Syd) members and it is a disservice not to acknowledge that. When I saw Roger live, I couldn’t help but wish David was singing “David’s” parts. And I know I’ll wish Roger was there when David plays the old Floyd numbers. As for Nick, he is the lynchpin that held all that talent together for as long as they were one.

    But in terms of style, David has his own wonderful sound and this puts him is in a category of innovators that very very few musicians can aspire to. And I’m looking forward to seeing him soon.

  71. I just want to say its superb to see Guy Pratt posting on here. Another true legend!

  72. Novocom –

    Thanks for the great write up of last night’s Rex show. Your english is WAAAAY better than anything I could do in french! 🙂

    Great to hear that they played Echoes in it’s entirety – what a treat. Also interesting to hear of the different Shine On version.

    Ticking away those RAH minutes…


  73. Rant Time!

    Over the years I’ve dipped in and out of various PF fan sites and posted comments etc… But I quickly became disillusioned with them as they always lapsed(!) into the:

    – DG v RW debate
    – The “which era was best” argument (Barrett/Waters/Gilmour)
    – Will they tour again

    I think we all agree that as a band the sum of the parts was most certainly greater than the whole and that DSoTM, WYWH and The Wall are classic albums that will n’er be repeated…

    Let us enjoy the fact that all four of the band are out there playing and touring and let us not forget Live8! Who would have thought that would have happened huh!

    Please don’t get hung up on who’s replaceable and who isn’t… the ingredients were mixed together and something magical happened…

    And just one more thing…. will any of today’s disposable “popstars” like Jimmy Obtuse still be releasing albums and touring when he’s 60? I don’t think so!

    Nuff said!

    [Nice one, mate. – Features Editor]

  74. Pink Floyd or not Pink Floyd….? I’ve seen two Roger Waters shows in 2002 (Cologne & Hanover) and was pretty much surprised how original that stuff sounded. All songs from ‘the Wall’ and a few others sounded totally like Pink Floyd (thanks Jon;-)). Having seen David’s show at the CCH in Hamburg I must say that all the Floyd songs played there also sounded totally like the original.

    I mean Wots the deal, Echoes, Breathe, Time, Wish you were here. Even his solo songs Castellorizon, On an Island (some guitar parts here remind me of the Animals album) and Where we start (a mix between High hopes and Wots the deal) go into a Floyd direction. Maybe these days we find out, that there always have been two original Pink Floyds. I mean all the Pink Floyd songs David used to push in the old days were basically his music taste – Rogers taste showed itself to perfection within ‘the wall’. So when both of them tour seperately, we always have original Pink Floyd before us. How can you reunite a band that never really was in unity in the first place? When they did Live8 last year, you could see how excited Roger was. But David looked a bit pissed off at times. Roger is clearly the reuniting force at the moment. He has even asked Richard to join his tour in 2006 (Richard – please answer him and tell him that you only join when he gets David to join – good luck). A reunion only makes sense to me if the four guys get together again and make a completely new album. That would be a real sign of life – a sign of life of an honest band. But a reunion based on the old songs would be something unnatural to me. You cannot glue something together that never really sticked. The Brand is stronger than the truth, these days – if you know what I mean. If Roger is the driving force for a reunion at the moment, then I would like to see his face when Richard or David bound their ‘ok’ to the production of a new album, without having Roger being the boss. A completely democratic musical contract should be signed. Ricks songs from the drawer, Daves songs from the drawer and even Nicks (if he has some) should get the chance to be put to life by all of them. Everyone had the same vote for what should be on the album. That would be a real test of truth of Rogers offer, wouldn’t it?

  75. great reviews, thank you for sharing. yet we still seem to be talking about pink floyd reuniting. how many times does david have to say it? he doesn’t want to! if this were the official floyd site, it wouldn’t be half as disrespectful to keep on about it as it is here, knowing that david’s reading. come on guys, let the man enjoy his solo success.

  76. Gilmouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr play Echoes In Brazil please

  77. Alice…..The Solo success of David Gilmour is soley and exclusively the result of his days as a member of Pink Floyd. Get it?

    [Hi Dave. You’re entitled to your opinion and very welcome to share it with the rest of us, but you don’t have to be so rude. – Features Editor]

  78. Warren from NZ was wondering about the cost of CD’s. I’m not sure how accurate this is, but according to a website called the price of a £15 CD is broken down as:

    Retailer £3.77
    VAT £2.63
    Distributor £3.75
    Publishing royalty £0.73
    Manufacturing costs £0.50
    Label’s cut £3.12

    Which leaves the grand total per CD of £0.50 for the artist’s royalty – to be shared out amongst the band.

    Makes you think doesn’t it!

    [It certainly does! Thanks for that, Jane. – Features Editor]

  79. Shine too
    I Love you song,please play in Brazil,Please

    Shine tambe
    Eu adoro as suas musicas, por favor toqueas no Brasil, por favor

    Your disc is much beatiful
    Shine Is very beatiful too
    Echoe,wots,High hope

  80. The Anfield thing has got me going now. I want to hear ‘The (Sky) Blue’ at the Coventry Arena.


  81. he’s out there rumbling a mean bass nightly and still has time to post and answer questions. what lovely interaction mr. pratt. thanks for the scoop. see you in toronto. is your conscience at rest if once put to the test?…

  82. If Dave changes up the set list, PLEASE don’t remove “Echoes” and “Wot’s Uh the Deal”. They are two incredible songs that have not been played live in a very long time. If anything, please add more obscure stuff like “Fearless”, “Childhood’s End” or “Pillow of Winds”. I’ll be happy no matter what however, because Dave is my favorite performer of all time.


  83. Q107 is our classic rock radio station here in Toronto and they are promoting David Gilmour’s new album tons. “Take a Breath” is on right now. What a great track! My favorite so far. Counting the days to April 09th at Massey Hall. Starting off at the Hard Rock Cafe for a huge party! Can you say Echoes!!

    Nick from Toronto

  84. In reply to Alec’s email, how can you say Roger is “clearly the reuniting force at the moment”? He would have asked David on the tour, as well as Rick and Nick!!

    Please don’t call him Dave!!!


    [I think about 75% of the people posting call him ‘Dave’, don’t they?! – Features Editor]

  85. Can we please get back to the tour and hear more of the concert reviews!

    – What was the atmosphere pre/post concert like….
    – Did you meet any fans who travelled vast distances?
    – What’s the merchandise like? is it good quality?
    – Any funny/embarrassing moments?
    – What were the live versions of the OAI tracks like?

    there’s a lot of discussion around the old stuff but how did tracks 5,6,7,9 and 10 come across? I like them on the album but to be honest I’m not sure how they will transfer to the live stage…were they different to the album?

    C’mon chaps/chappettes we have a superb outlet here to share so let’s use it 🙂

    And you need to go and kick some butt Fedmeister 🙂 The News and On An Island sections haven’t been updated for nearly a week…

    Deep breaths…. and relax now….!

    I could have said Big Breaths?… Yeth and I’m only Thixteen…. but that would have added female teenagers to the insulted list and I didn’t really want to do that…

    [The list grows ever longer… The News page is actually an archive for old news. The Latest News is on the homepage and that gets updated daily. – Features Editor]

  86. Please any chance of ‘No Way Out Of Here’ on any of the live gigs ? I think it’s the best song David has ever played.

  87. hi, mr. gilmour, im a real big fan of your one band and of pink floyd. i realy love your music, im brazilian, and i have 14 years old and i whant so mutch to see your new show toor: on an island, but i can´t go to another country to see you, becouse i don´t have money, so i realy whant to you to come here to brazil to play on an island toor! please i rtealy whant.. becouse my dream is be soo good like the pink floyd( is impossible, but i realy whant), to change the world like you, with the music! thats it thaks and see you! ^^ heheheh


  89. “…..The most replaceable players in most bands are the bassist and drummer….”

    Try telling this to Yes fans. They’ll thump you. Bill Bruford [Ex Yes] & Chris Squire [Yes] are very much an exception to this generalism.


  90. Please, please, please do not remove Echoes from your setlist. It’s an old favorite among your U.S. fans!!!

  91. I notice today’s audio clip [16th] is very similar to / the same as the one on Sunday [12th March].

    How many different audio clips have there been to date, as I only started listening to them AFTER the CD was released to avoid spoiling the surprise.

    [You pay more attention than I do, then. Who just said I was ‘attentive’? I’ll find out for you, Dave. – Features Editor]

  92. Can’t wait to hear the new version of Shine On. A friend of mine related a PF trivia question to me yesterday. What song from the Wall was not played in the movie “The Wall”? Answer: Hey You. I didn’t know that.

  93. Just dropping to let you know OIA is STILL the top selling album on US as of a few minutes ago 🙂

    [That’s what we like to hear. Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  94. Merci David !!

    Grand Rex Gig was fantastic !! Beyond all my expectations…On an Island was played beautifully and the second set was incredible !!

    Many people had tears in the eyes when we heard the first note of Echoes..Please,don’t remove it for tonight’s show !!

    Only regret :David speaks fluent french but don’t use it !!

  95. I so agree with Rudders in Toronto, and I’m grateful for his/her posting. I, too, find it tiresome that our conversations often degenerate into debates about which was the best band, and the relative merits and contributions of the members and players.

    No one has ever changed anyone’s mind about any of these issues; we all know where we stand and we remain firmly there.

    That we hold our opinions so strongly speaks not to our closed-mindedness so much as it speaks to the passion with which we love the music. My preference is that we make every effort to remain in our shared passion and leave the debate elsewhere.

    Waiting impatiently for Easter in Oakland…

    Dave Warner

  96. I just looked at the tour schedule again and noticed he’s in the midst of doing 5 shows 4 different venues in 6 days. Aside from being upset that I’m not going to any of them, I can’t help but wonder why he’s keeping such a busy schedule. I thought he wanted to be more laid back. Maybe he just wants to get back to cooking mac ‘n cheese for the kids that much sooner, I dunno. (What DOES he cook for them anyway? I have to remember to post that to the FAQ once it gets reopened.) All I do know is he will be well rested (and hopefully well adjusted to jetlag) for April 4th, which is less than 3 weeks away!!!

    [I’m sure he will be, Michael. But you are right: Five shows, four different venues – in three different countries, no less – in the space of just six days. And it’s still not good enough for some people! Just take a look at how many people are asking for more in the above posts and tell me why we even bother. Please? – Features Editor]

  97. Caption Competition

    “I can’t beleive I forgot my razor…I wish it would stop itching!”

    Please, please don’t ruin a great place by starting up the tired old ‘Which One’s Pink?’ garbage again. Go to a fan site and hash it out. This place is for people to talk about DAVID’s tour, album, ect. I, for one, enjoy reading the experiences of the fans who made it to see him live, because I am unable to, and see people like Guy who I’m sure has a busy schedule as it is, take time to share with us his input. I can only speak for myself, but I don’t want to see this place turned into a wrestling pit. Opinions are like noses, most people have them and they usually pick their own, and when it comes to the DG v. RW or whomever, pick’em somewhere else please.

    (sorry, F. Ed, I had to get that off my chest)


    [Quite alright, Mike. That bit about noses was very nice! – Features Editor]

  98. Dear Lesley, Roger Waters said himself that he asked Richard to join him for a DsotM show in summer. Roger doesn’t leave a chance out at the moment to say how great the feeling was to be back onstage with the guys at the Live8 gig. It was his ‘highlight’. I think he has regained so much self confidence because of the enourmously successful tours in 1999, 2000 and 2002. And also, without him taking action, they wouldn’t have layed in arms on stage at Live8. He initiated it. I think David is not really happy about all the fuss about reuniting because he feels that it diminishes the respect for his solo-effort. He is really happy right now. Thanks to Polly for her great unvaluable effect on him. She must be wonderful. David knows exactly that Pink Floyd is the big shadow behind it all. But isn’t it a lot more satisfying for a person to get credits for ones own stuff than for hiding behind a legendary brand which is an automatic selling machine anyways. Ok, I won’t talk about all that anymore. I wish I could go to another show. Hamburg was great, but as always, the shows are usually getting better the more the tour progresses. So, happy italians and happy people who got tickets for the Albert Hall. By the way, look out for a box on the last night. Nick has obviously reserved one.

    [You make some good points, Alec. Just to innocently throw something else into the mix… David asked Roger to join Pink Floyd in 1994 to perform ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ at Earls Court. The reunion could have occurred 11 years earlier than it did. – Features Editor]

  99. not trying to stir it up here, but alice was making a fair point. david has made it clear that he isn’t interested in the idea of a pink floyd reunion, yet people still post stupid messages asking for him to reunite! i know that many of the people here are too lazy to read anything unless it’s spoon-fed to them in small pieces, but alice was only pointing out that it’s disrespectful to keep on about a floyd reunion when we know that david and polly read these messages and have said time and time again that a reunion wouldn’t make david happy. sorry to snap ed, but you’ve been saying that all along and a lot of us happen to agree with you. if other people don’t like it, then f*ck off and keep this blog for people who care about what david wants instead of only caring for themselves and what they can get out of him. too many of you are using this blog as a place to be spoilt brats with greedy requests. who do you think you are? you should to be ashamed of yourselves because it’s embarassing to read some of your whiney little comments. the david versus roger thing is entirely different and there’s no place for it here. but i have to stick up for alice because she didn’t deserve that. i’ve been reading for a while now and she’s spoken a lot of sense. it’s a pity too many of you don’t know the meaning of the word and are too quick to snap with your small-minded views. it’s not a war. it’s not about sides. try to read and learn. it will make you a better person. don’t let them get to you, alice. there are obviously a lot of fools here. sorry ed.

    [No need to apologise, mate. There’s a lot of truth in what you just said. It’s just a shame that the people who should hear it probably won’t read it. – Features Editor]

  100. [And it’s still not good enough for some people! Just take a look at how many people are asking for more in the above posts and tell me why we even bother. Please? – Features Editor]

    Those of us that don’t do it love and appreciate that you bother! My day after work doesn’t start till I pop in here and read the news,posts and your comments.

    I can skip the ones I don’t like, hats off to you for having to read them all and still stay so sane!

    (by the way, I’ve decided my local radio station must be too poor to replace its collection of 6 CDs, so I’m contemplating taking pity on them and sending them a copy of On an Island. Maybe they’d actually play it then!)


    [Bless you, Helen! I was thinking of doing the same with my local radio station. I think they’ve got seven CDs. – Features Editor]

  101. I agree about the constant rehash over who is better in Pink Floyd. I made a point in an earlier post that they worked the best when they were a true team. ALL members did their bit when they were firing on all cylinders. And I think their individual contributions went past who played what instruments.

    So lets give it a rest…

    Cheers, Howard

  102. Dear Alec

    Roger regaining self-confidence, don’t make me laugh, that was his problem – too much!

    And to Features Editor, well said, David asked Roger to his 50th birthday too and was ignored!!

    [But we’re not going to fight about it, because we’re all big boys and girls and can agree to disagree. That was just a little reminder to the Roger fans who have posted quite vociferously today. We don’t want any trouble, ‘onest guv. There’s a time and a place for reunions. Live 8 was a very good one. 1994 was good for David. 2006 not so. That should be the end of it. – Features Editor]

  103. Good evening David

    while i’m writing to you, you are playing your beautiful music in the Olympia. I was at the grand rex yesterday Just in front of you on the balcony. The show you made with your band was just fantastic. I m very happy because there were not place left in 2001 when you came and in 1994 at Strasbourg, i was just discovering your music : i didn’t appreciate as i should do. But yesterday was a great moment for me and i regret that i m not at the olympia. Great respect for you because you made a marvellous album with a lot of sounds i’ve already heard in Pink Floyd album like Meddle. A great respect for your show because 2h30 it’s very long and today, not a lot of shows are like this and with so much intensity. And Echoes ppfff… .

    I hope we will see you again in france because we are a lot to hope that.

    Thank you again and good night

  104. Amazing !!!

    Thank you David, Thank you Rick, Thank you too all musicians. The pink floyd sound is still alive and it’s still the best sound of the world ! Echoes was a great, great moment.

  105. Why do people have to talk all the time about …PFreunion. It’s history, you can better spend your time listening that music, enjoy it! But let’s not forget this is Mr. Gilmour doing his own thing,the On an Island album is a masterpiece, I’m very happy he will be playing the complete album and the Floyd stuff he is playing , see it as a present to his audience and we’ll thank him for that!

    Enjoy the moment, the present and look back on a wonderful history. The 20th of March I’m so lucky to go to Amsterdam,whatever Mr. Gilmour will be doing ,I will enjoy it , don’t forget it’s David Gilmour giving a concert accompanied by Richard Wright, and other great musicians

    See you, Marianne

  106. Hi,

    I’m a young 22 year-old french fan. I was at the Grand Rex yesterday… No use to say it was unforgetabble, fantastic ! I’ve never seen a Gilmour Concert (or Waters, or Pink Floyd as a matter of fact) before and I will never forget this one !!! I didn’t know something about the set-list or the musicians playing with David : how can I be more happy when I saw David, but also Richard, John Carin, Guy Pratt and Dick Parry. I have to add that Manzanera and especially the Steve DiStanislao are awsome (what a show on Echoes for example !)

    First Part : excellent. I had just listened the album twice before going to the concert. I have to say that songs like The Intro Castellorizon – On an island, Take a breath sounds very good in concert (fantastic guitar solo on On an Island). Good job from David with saxo too.

    Second part : awsome. When David said “we’re having a 20 minutes break”, the band already played an hour and I thought there would be more 45 minutes for the second part… How surprised was I going to be !!!

    David taking his guitar : Shine on… My best Pink Floyd Song : what better song to start second part ? A good version indeed, with Dick Parry on saxophone for our great pleasure.

    Wot’s…Uh the deal : astonishing choice of song but very good ! Wearing the inside out : a way to hear Richard Wright singing. A bit tired Richard in fact. But perfect in keyboards of course. Breathe – Time : a great pleasure for me ! These songs are belonging to my top5 of Pink Floyd songs (with Shine on – Comfortably Numb – Echoes and Dogs). High Hopes : very emotionnal. Echoes : unbelievable. When I heard the beginning of this very familiar song, I couldn’t believe it. Echoes Live !!! That can justify the price of the ticket ! Moreover : this was the complete version, not a short one. Fantastic, the all fans were more happy than they could have thought ! The concert could have ended there…

    But no : two classic songs to begin during the encores. Wish you were here, and Comfortably Numb. My first (and I hope not last) Comfortably Numb guitar solo live by the amazing David Gilmour ! I’ve heard this song so much, that it was very emotionnal to me (also because after the concert would end for sure…)

    1 hour and a half of Floyd songs, further more than I expected. Added to the perfect first part, it seems to be the best concert I’ve ever seen… I can’t stop thinking of it by the way. Standing Ovation for David and his fantastic band.

    In two words : fantastic and unforgettable.

  107. Just for good measure, here’s another Brucie Bonus:

    “here they are, they are so appealing, come on dolly’s do your dealing”

    Try fitting that on your T-shirt Guy !!!
    (only available in Mr Creosote size and above 🙂 )

  108. Since David and Roger each have titled themselves “The this and that of Pink Floyd”, Richard and Nick need titles too.

    Richard – “The Heart and the Beauty of Pink Floyd”
    Nick – “The… er… drummer of Pink Floyd”

    [For the record, the marketing men titled David the “Voice and Guitar of Pink Floyd”. – Features Editor]

  109. To Jane A:

    Thankyou for posting that rather interesting info on the breakdown of a CD cost.

    Obviously every link in the chain has its overheads and cost structures but it hardly seems fair that the label, the distributor, and the retailer account for the bulk of the money and leave the artist with such a paltry amount. I will feel less guilty about buying from Amazon instead of the local stores because it’s evident that the artist isn’t losing out by my choice, and the other links will need to look a little sharper to remain competitive now that we the consumers have more choice as to where we buy our products.

  110. So many thanks to Guy. His comments make it make it a joy to read past days comments. Thanks for the insight you continue to give, and your humor. You know what true fans want. Can you get David to throw us a bone?

    FE, I’m glad to see you are keeping on top of the rude comments. I enjoy reading peoples opinions and such, but mean people suck.

  111. I found out about David coming to Toronto the day his tour was scheduled, I bought two tickets to the show two minutes after going on sale, followed by a round trip flight from Vancouver (where I live) to see the God of Guitar live in Toronto… Quite honestly, a flight across Canada is nothing for such an experience. I’d fly to Europe if need be. Can’t wait to see you David!

  112. Great album. Next project – biography. I can suggest a title to: “Wish I were there”.

    Good luck with the concerts (truly wish I were there…)

  113. Mr. Gilmour and band: Northern California can’t wait to see you! is their any chance Graham and Nash will show in Oakland? We also hope that next time you can stay out and enjoy some good wine, golf and great weather. One side note, you and your wife are always welcomed at my place. Again, we’re pumped up, and hope you keep the set-list, your new album is unbelievable. Maybe the best of any of yours or PF records (OBC, MD, DSOTM, About Face).

  114. Simply the most beautiful concert of my life …

    I can’t believe what I’ve seen,

    Pink Floyd changed my life 10 years ago, and the last night’s show changed my life a second time…

    Thank you Sir David, I will never could find the words to say you how your music touched my heart…

    Jérémie, Lyon, France


    thank you so much for echoes in full length (seagull noise included)

    THANKS A LOT DAVID, but I was very near to die. Too much amazing.

  116. I’ve been lucky enough to see PF live twice (1988, 1994) and Roger Waters (2002). Couldn’t make it to the Live8, though I was in London at the time (for a Nine Inch Nails concert, BTW). How could I miss the opportunity to see Gilmour and Wright alive? I didn’t, of course.

    I flew from Barcelona to Paris on Wednesday, went to the concert and came back home the day after. Now I’m tired and sleepy but it was worth it!! There are no words to describe the experience at Le Grand Rex. I loved the place, the setlist (Echoes!), the performance, the audience… plus, hearing Mr.Parry play still gives me goosebumps.

    Big thanks to all the band. Please keep giving us chances to hear these songs -we all love so much- live, and bring us new ones – wich we will sure love.

    Sou els millors!

  117. I just wanted to clear up my previous post that seems to be misinterpreted. Just to state the obvious:

    – Yes, Pink Floyd was always greater than the
    sum of its parts

    – Yes, Roger is a genious and was the driving force of the band through the 70’s

    – Yes, I loved Roger’s solo tours.

    The point I was trying to make was that Waters, in the roll of a “bassist,” is easily replaceable. How many times did David play the bass parts for him on Pink Floyd albums? Aside from his missing vocals on Comfortably Numb during these performances, his live contribution in the roll of bass player is easy to miss. The personality and nuances of David and Rick’s playing are not so easily replaced. That’s why the current performances of Wots the Deal, Wearing the Inside Out, High Hopes, Breathe, Time, and Echoes sound like Pink Floyd are performing these, especially with the supporting players.

    Also, not ALL bass players and drummers are as replaceable as Roger and Nick. Entwhistle, Tony Levin and Guy all kick ass (to mention a few). Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, Carl Palmer, Bonham and others made significant contributions to their band’s sound as well.

    And that’s all I have to say about that : )


  118. Thank you very much Sir. David 🙂

    I’ve traveled from Barcelona to Paris with my wife and a friend just to see the concert, and we have received more than we expected: Echoes, High Hopes, Breathe, Time….

    Thank you very much for a wonderful and magic night.

    A negative comment for the sound techinicians: at the place where we were sitting (just in front of the sound table) the sound of the Bass Drum was terrible loud and aggressive all the time, and the sound of Wright very low (specially at Echoes).

  119. David Gilmour et Richard Wright sont bien les piliers du Floyd. Et que de sublimes versions des anciens morceaux :

    – Shine on : sublime avec cette version guitare voix
    – Echoes : quelle version extraordinaire… un vrai retour aux sources. Sans oublier les incontournables du Floyd… Que de bonheur. Il n’y a que Gilmour pour jouer la guitare du Floyd.

    Et le nouveau disque “on an island” est le plus abouti des 3 projets solos. A chaque écoute de nouvelles découvertes. Certainement un grand disque de l’année 2006.

    Merci pour ce spectacle inoubliable… en attendant le dvd…

  120. Dear David,


    I was at the Grand Rex and that was by far the best concert I have ever seen and the best I will ever see… until your next gig 😉

    I really enjoyed OAI played live. So much musical diversity was great. Every song of the show was rendered masterfully. Especially during the second part, how emotional to hear Richard’s playing and singing. Thanks for including him in your band.

    But I’ll never thank you enough for playing Echoes live and in full length. That was the most intense moment of my life, honestly. Now I can die in peace 😉

    Once again, THANK YOU for giving so much happiness!

    Vincent from Brussels

    PS: As I read it is considered, I already can’t wait for the DVD to be released!

  121. We just got back to the UK from Paris. Five of us travelled over to see DG at Le Grand Rex as we couldn’t get tickets for London. I’m glad we did. Firstly because we got to see the show 2 months earlier and also because it made a great 3 day break (even though beer is over £6.00 a pint).

    On the who’s best debate all I can say is that RW has certainly got his work cut out as the bar has been set pretty high. I am sorry to say we took a cheap snipe at Waters as we all went wearing “oh by the way which one’s pink?” on our T-shirts.

    Lets hope there will be a DVD as I feel really sorry for anyone not able to get to see the show.

  122. It was the best night of my life… I cryied a lot, it was so beautiful…

    Please a CD and a DVD!!!

  123. The concert at Grand Rex was fantastic. I brought my children with me, who loved it, both the new songs, and the pink floyd classics. Thanks a lot David!

    PS is there any chance the tour will be engraved on DVD??

    [A DVD is being considered. – Features Editor]

  124. Eternelle!

    Certaines musiques ne durent qu’un été. D’autres un peu plus longtemps. J’ai 31 ans et cela fait 31 ans et 9 mois que ma vie est rythmée par les Pink Floyd et Gilmour. Ta musique est éternelle et elle traversera les générations futures. Cette soirée au Grand Rex est déjà inoubliable!

    Continue de nous faire rêver.

  125. Just got back to my computer after my stay in Paris, first chance to comment on the Grand Rex concert.

    What can I say, it was fantastic I have never experienced anything quite like it, had tears rolling down my cheeks as the first guitar chords were played and again with the openning of Shine on.

    My boyfriend is a long time fan and I bought the tickets for him as he never belived he would see David Gilmour live, the look on his face as he saw who else was playing was priceless what amazing musicians, thanks for all your energy. I loved Smile. The lights etc were perfect for the venue.

    Thank you all for a memorable night, wonderful!!


  126. Hello…

    Retour à Genève après le concert du Grand Rex…j’aurais voulu aussi participer à celui de l’Olympia…faute de temps et de billets surtout…

    Connaissant les Floyds depuis maintenant 32 ans, c’est toujours avec une grande joie et excitation que j’attends leurs album et concerts.

    Jamais un autre groupe ou chanteur ne m’a fait le même effet. J’ai regardé autour de moi pendant le concert, 4 générations sont réunies dans une même salle pour un même groupe…c’est extraordinaire..!! Les plus vieux (30-70)avec leur petites larmes de grande émotion et les plus jeunes (18-25)scotchés sur leur siège, ouvrant grand les yeux et les oreilles pour ne pas en perdre une miette…
    Tout comme moi la première fois que je les ai vus (versaille 88) on doit se pincer régulièrement car on croit rêver…tant l’émotion est forte.

    David et/ou Pink Floyd….je voudrais que cela ne s’arrête jamais…j’en veux encore et encore et encore et encore….

    Bisous à tous

  127. Hey Mister Gilmour

    Wednesday evening, i was on the first “balcon” with seven friends. My girl friend was beside me.

    I am 23. I saw you in 2002 at “le palais des congrès”. This night i saw the most beautiful concert of my life. Because of your way to play “Shine on”. But last wednesday was… Oh! Thank you, David, Thank you.

    Come back again.

    wednesday THE 15 OF March 2006 was one of my most beautiful days on this earth. danilo from France

  128. Saw David at Le Rex in Paris.Great show!The second half was phenomenonal.I thought that Echoes worked really well and Rick Wright made a good contribution on that track.The atmosphere was excellent and everyone looked happy and it was a very good show.I think the Parisians really enjoyed it and David did a great job!

  129. Went to Paris with 5 other friends for the express purpose of seeing David Gilmour at Le Grand Rex. I had been given my ticket as a Christmas gift and it surpassed all my expectations (which were pretty high) Magnificent show! Especially the 2nd half, but that’s a very personal take.

    We all got back to Portugal in a kind of a transe from sheer exposure to superb music. “On An Island” is 4th on the portuguese charts for the 3rd consecutive week and about to reach Gold status.

    Wish I could have been at the Olympia, too…

    Unforgettable experience!

  130. Thanks for this beautiful concert à the Grand Rex in Paris, I’m french and I have spent a lucky moment, with my fiancé, it was a dream and it become reality… From an island to such great songs as Echoes, we were not sure we could be able to here Pink Floyd songs but we were exauced. A unforgettable moment. Lucky.

  131. Raté plusieurs fois…

    C’était le concert à ne pas râter.

    Du bonheur, et encore 15 jours après j’ai du mal à revenir sur terre… à reprendre mes marques !

    Est ce qeu R.Waters ety le génial Nick Manson seront à la hauteur à Nevres Magny-Cours ?

    Là je me questionne ?

    Et une petite réunion à quatre à Lille, dans le Nord de la France, au carefour de l’Europe !!

    .. ça ne serait pas une bonne idée, juste pour faire plaisir aux quadras, quinquas et plus !!

    A bientôt !!

  132. Thank you for such a compassionate, humane warm album. what a gentleman. May you and yours be well and happy.

    John Randall, Wiltshire UK

  133. Hello David and all band.I am from Czech Republic an I was there – in Paris 15/3/06.It was fantastic koncert!Thank´s!!!You are best!

  134. Very quiet attendance at the exception of a jerk on the mezzanine who decided to sing loud and on wrong tone from start to finish.

    Hoppefuly I was NOT next ot him or I would had killed him for spoiling the show.

    Sound was superb as the light.

  135. Hello

    Or should that be Bonjour? We went to the Olympia show in Paris back in March which was totally amazing. I could not clap, cheer enough. The evening was just magical. That guitar… that voice! Phew, it left me quite exhausted! I would love to be one of the lucky people going to the Albert Hall gigs later in the month but my bank manager said “Non!” I am very jealous of all of those people who have tickets… they are in for a treat and a half!

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