Night Ten: Rome


Hasn’t time just flown by?

It’s already the final European show, so we want to hear all about it from those lucky enough to be in Rome’s beautiful Auditorium Parco della Musica tonight.

We are all enjoying reading about the concerts from a fan’s perspective and thank you once again for making such an important contribution to Fan Fare. It would be nothing without you lot.

As always, if you don‘t want to know the setlist, don’t read the comments below!

So here’s to a brilliant end to the European leg of the tour. Have a great time if you’ll be there and do let us know how it goes.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Can anyone tell Me if Richard Wright is working on a new album ?

    [I’m afraid I can’t. The last time I looked, this was David’s site. – Features Editor]

  2. Caption competiion:

    “I wish David would let us wear something besides black t-shirts”

    Hello from St.Catharines.Ont. Canada (about 1 hour south of Toronto.(and Rudders)

    Now I know what it’s like to be a crack addict. Every day since December I can’t function till I read the daily blog

    Thank you Fed.Ed for your time spent sorting through all of our random thoughts,complaints and hopeless wishes.

    Just a thought, maybe you should put all of the repetitive requests (for shows in peoples home towns, certain songs, Pulse DVD release etc.)into one post so that we can skip through them to get to the real important posts like spelling competitions and the like.

    We will see you all at Massey Hall on the 10th and at the Hard Rock Cacfe for cockails before hand

  3. To David and the entire band/crew…Have a safe trip over the pond!

    If you get anxious to play before the NY shows, just let me know and drive up to CT. I can order pizza or chinese food and you set up in the basement or backyard..just let know so I can rent the generator as needed!

  4. Holy Cow Fet Ed!!!! This is the last show of the European leg? Time DOES fly! Only 9 shows til April 20th at the Gibson! Woo Hooooo! I can’t wait! Very exciting to see some shows have had both Coming Back to Life AND Wearing the Inside Out!!! Both fantastic songs!

    Hey I have an idea for the Gibson show to help ID all the bloggers… we could wear little stickers and write “Zaphod Beeblebrox 4 President”! Only TRUE bloggers would have read the reference!

    So long and thanks for all the fish!

  5. Richard!..Your photo at the top of this forum page has just made my day.The expression presented coincides with my vision of you performing while I listen to your albums.(vinyl,the good old days)So So soothing, enabling you to forget all that is troubling you.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto on par with David.Thanks for the comfort.

  6. I am glad all of the Euro shows were so well received.

    Now it is our turn over here in the USA!

    See you in Chicago!!

  7. Hello,

    Comming in North America without a stop in Montreal and Boston make no senses!

    That’s it that’s all!

    [There are a lot of things going on in the world right now that make no sense, Claude. That’s life, unfortunately. With respect, these things are all far more important than a concert. Besides, at least citizens of both the US and Canada get an opportunity to see David. Think of David’s many fans in South America, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Spain… It’s impossible to visit every country, never mind every North American city. – Features Editor]

  8. Oh FEd, such sarcasm is unbecoming…

    [The lowest form of wit, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  9. This is what was played tonight. What do you think?

    First Half: Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Take A Breath, Smile, Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start

    Second Half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wearing The Inside Out, Dominoes, Fat Old Sun, Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), High Hopes, Echoes

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb

  10. Aargh time goes much too fast when you are having fun… Hey, all you US peeps, you must be getting pretty excited now eh? Have a great time!

  11. I can’t beleive the European tour is already done with. 2 weeks today until I get to see David’s 2 shows in Toronto.

    Crossing my fingers that David will play some material off either one of his previous albums at some point during the North American tour. Or maybe Childhood’s End or The Narrow Way??

    – Mike

  12. Free DG tix for North American show!

    The wonderful KFOG radio station in San Francisco, where I won front row seats for the Oakland show, will be giving away tickets 15 times this week for an assortment of shows in North America. One of these shows is DG. The prize includes airfare to and from the gig. The only catch i believe is that you have to fly in and out of the Bay Area in CA. Check out the KFOG website for full details!!

    what happened to wot’s?

    mike mack

  13. Can anyone tell Me if Richard Wright is working on a new album ?

    [I’m afraid I can’t. The last time I looked, this was David’s site. – Features Editor]

    Hey now, Ed/Edwina is sick with a cold (and testy as hell it seems). Ya’ll lay off for awhile, ya hear? 😉

    Dearest David, please come to Piddlesquat, Alabama for a concert. There’s a nice bar on the corner of the town square and the owners say they’ll let you have all the Pabst you can drink plus tips if you’ll promise to play “Have A Cigar.” Call BR5-49 and ask for Lester.


  14. Thank you for thes fine shows. I do hope you will be back soon with new shows.


  15. This is what was played tonight. What do you think?

    First Half: Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Take A Breath, Smile, Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start

    Second Half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wearing The Inside Out, Dominoes, Fat Old Sun, Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), High Hopes, Echoes

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb

    Posted by: Features Editor at March 26, 2006 08:55 PM

    What do we think?

    I think this is the best version of the setlist so far with Dominoes & Fat Old Sun.


    A complete Dark Side of the Moon at the RAH show(s) would be nice:-)

  16. Hi F. Ed

    European tour over. I foolishly thought the UK is part of Europe, or are you an anti EU kind of Guy.

    Only Joking!!

    Time flies when there are so many wonderful things to keep us entertained.

    I hope David & the gang have a good rest before they embark on the North American leg of the tour. But please save the best ’til last.


    [I was waiting for that! The final part of the tour is the UK leg from our point of view, so the European leg ended tonight. I’m not a Euro-sceptic, honest! I love Europe. Haven’t you noticed my, er, great French? – Features Editor]

  17. Evening FEd,

    I hope your cold is better – that kid in the supermarket definitely seemed the culprit.

    So the Euro tour is nearly over- time definitely flies wherne you’re having fun.

    just out of curiousity do you know why there was such a long gap between the last US show and the first UK ones? i’ve been wondering for awhile.


    PS. It’s good to see the mighty Man U reclaiming the second place spot (AND with all those games in hand). We can’t let you Scousers get used to those dizzy heights you know 😉 LOL

    [Hi Vicky. The Mighty Reds are going to catch you, you’ll see. You’ll slip up soon. Anyway, there’s a gap between the last US, and first UK, show because one of David’s children has exams to sit and David doesn’t want anything to interfere with his preparation. – Features Editor]

  18. Hi, dear Fed.

    Hope you had a nice week end.

    I’m sorry for my blog, yesterday. It didn’t work. I hope it will today.

    So, again: would you accept to see my space, and look at some drawings I’ve made? as I said, I’ve done the drawing of SYD in 2005, and the drawing of DAVID is the first I’ve ever done (in 1981…c’est si loin…!). In fact, during 20 years, this portrait was named “Christ”, because all the people who have seen it, said to me it was the Christ… Until the day someone said: “Oh, but it’s David Gilmour!”… you can’t know how proud I was… Can I ask your opinion about them? do you think David would like? I hope. Maybe… (I’ve made the covers of some “best of” PF I’ve made for me, with those drawings. Good idea?)

    Sorry again.
    Ikkar, with love.

    [Hi Ikkar. I’d be glad to take a look, but the link doesn’t seem to work. It says “The space you are trying to view might not exist or access to it may be restricted” so I don’t know how I, or anyone else, can see them. – Features Editor]

  19. Caption Competition

    Richard suddenly had two regrets…one was buying Polly the telephoto lens for her camera and the other was leaving the cubicle door open in the restroom…

  20. thanks again for posting the setlist, ed. i’ve been staying up to see it, but it’s hard going and it’s back to work tomorrow. good to see it’s here before the fans are even back from the concert tonight! thanks also for saying what many of us are thinking about these bloody awful requests for more north american shows. ffs, how much more do you greedy people want? i’d much rather see david go to brazil or australia than give the usa and canada one more thing. i’m not being mean for the hell of it, so please don’t snap at me. i have friends in both the usa and canada. but many of you (not all of you of course, just some of you) are the most unreasonable, pathetic, childish people posting at this blog! face it, you are! you’re getting on a lot of people’s nerves with your constant suggestions for more shows across north america. don’t forget that you’re already getting more than europe and you seem to have long forgotten that there are lots of fans in other parts of the world who can only ever dream of seeing david and the guys in their home countries. so please, on behalf of all the reasonable and respectful people here (and i include many good people from the usa and canada in that), think before you start typing all the things you want next. thanks.

    [Any request of this nature is pointless, as there are not going to be any extra dates. – Features Editor]

  21. About the setlist:

    Drop Dominoes and bring Wots back!

    And whatever you do – do not, I repeat, *DO NOT* drop echoes!

  22. * Oh FEd, such sarcasm is unbecoming…

    [The lowest form of wit, isn’t it? – Features Editor] *

    and i always thought puns were the lowest form.

    [I like puns. And limericks. We haven’t had any, have we? Wait, maybe I shouldn’t have said… – Features Editor]

  23. 10 days until I see David and Rick (and the rest of the band) at Radio City Music Hall. Can’t wait.

    I hope Wots…Uh, The Deal makes it back onto the set list. Ever since Echoes made it on, I’ve been playing the Pompeii version of that song (the definitive version, IMHO). Seeing David and Rick exchange solos in the middle will be outstanding.

    Can’t wait, can’t wait…

    Brian from Upstate NY

  24. ask and yeeeeee shall receive . . . .

    On the breasts of a barmaid from Wales . .
    were tattoed the prices of ales . .
    and on her behind . . . for the sake of the blind . .
    was the same information in braile . . .

    (that one’s in honor of our Welshman – Rudders)

  25. Just back from the two shows in Milan. First and second best concerts in my whole life.

    Incredible. To all of you that are waiting to see the band live: you’ll love every single second of your waiting and the shows will be so great and total that you won’t be able to remember that you waited for so long.

    I love music, I love Pink Floyd, I love David Gilmour solo career and his enormous talent, in the past, present and future.

    Thank you, with all my heart.

  26. Brian from Upstate NY wrote: “the Pompeii version of that song (the definitive version, IMHO”

    Yes, definitely. David’s guitar is much more ballsy (ballsier? erm, I doubt it’s in the dictionary) in the Pompeii version of Echoes. Ths sound he gets out of it is unbelievable. I have the Pompeii version in my iTunes and can’t leave it alone.

    (Ed/Edwina – have a nice hot toddy before you turn in tonight and feel better soon. We harass you but only because we love you.)


    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  27. There was a young plumber called lee, who was plumbing a girl by the sea, she said plumber stop plumbing I think someone`s comming, he said you`ve got good hearing that`s me!

    And that`s one of the clean(ish) ones I know.

    P.S. I`m sorry to read you are under the weather, hope you are feeling a bit better, features ed?

    [OK, I think we’d better stop with the limericks now! – Features Editor]

  28. Hi our dearest friend, Mr editor,

    Hope all is going good and again we cant wait to see david in toronto. Fever of seeing david is everywhere in canada.They r keep playing on an island in HMV, master piece.

    I’ve been notied that david has played Comming back to life in one of the shows in the recent tour and then he has droped it, you have no idea how popular those 2 songs are: commin g back to life and lost for words. If he adds anyof these 2, then I have no other wishes in the world of music (+ not dropping echos and seeing pink floyd WITH roger)

    Also wanted to appriciate the fact that you keep this blog alive by actually reading all the postings and communicating with us. We all like you like how we like david. keep up with the good work buddy


    [Thank you very much. I appreciate that. – Features Editor]

  29. Hi,

    Just back home from Auditorium : the show was a jewel of international music.

    David and the band were perfect,but…Richard has been a big surprise because was deeply involved,warm,… wonderful!

    Tomorrow (among few hours) other comments and some translations from italian papers.

    Have a good night

    [Thank you, that would be wonderful. We always welcome interesting things for the Press page. – Features Editor]

  30. I hope you soon feel much better, Oh Exalted Features Vizier!

    [Thanks very much. – Features Vizier… I like that…]

  31. you have ‘outed’ yourself dear F’ed . . . your last few comments were the final clues I needed . . . . . . . . .

    I shall only say that I have loved ‘your’ restaurant for almost 40 years now . . .

    keep up the good, good work . . . your dedication to this blog could not be appreciated more . . !

    [Eh? I’m not bloody Ronald McDonald, before anyone asks! – Features Editor]

  32. wow. those set list demands are getting a little silly, don’t you think? just be happy you can experience the magic. mang. (shakes his head) exactly two weeks till show time, i can’t wait. whenever i feel a cold, i wash it away with whiskey and hot cider. trust me. i’m an apple farmer. feel better. much better. you’ve got a lot of work coming up.

    [Thanks for the tip, Don. – Features Editor]

  33. Hello all, I’ve been following since the top 100 songs poll but this is my first post. I’m in New York City and couldn’t be more excited for April 5th! A couple of points compelled me to post…

    Andrew is certainly not a pillock; after careful sleuthing I’m convinced that the ping at about :48 into Castellorizon has to be from Echoes. A hint about the touring setlist, maybe?

    Also, in Today’s New York Times, Anoushka Shankar (daughter of Ravi) says some nice things about David’s vocals in “On An Island.” Click my name.

    Get well soon, fearless Fed!

    [Thanks, Alex. – Features Editor]

  34. Fedmeister

    Try and have a good rest before the North American leg kicks off… with the time differences you’ll either be pulling some “all nighters” or we’ll see the reviews the following day… either way it’s not long to go 🙂

    [Yep, it’ll be just like university all over again. – Features Editor]

  35. I really hope David Gilmour will release a DVD from this tour, and that it will include Echoes and Wearing the Inside out. Also hope they will release the 1984 tour on DVD. But my greatest wish is to see the hole of Pink Floyd back in the studio again 🙂

    I love Pink Floyd !

  36. Anyone familiar of the whereabouts of Sir Gilmours Ferrari F40, is it still there?

  37. Now I know what it’s like to be a crack addict. Every day since December I can’t function till I read the daily blog

    i know what you mean . i can’t function til have have written some rubish and sent it to our honourable and esteemed fet ed !

    i am sorry to hear you are ill by the way fet ed . try the irish cold cure . as many hot whiskeys as you can handle without falling over 🙂 failing that try hot lemon with honey or lemsip and honey ( i presume you are english and can come across the items i just mentioned !) .it does work ! although if you are taking paracetamol tablets just take fresh lemon juice in hot water with honey .

    by the way i think it may have been oscar wilde who said sarcasm is the lowest form of wit not puns 🙂

    if guy bothers to ever read a post like mine tell him that i congrautlate the band on the sucessfull conclusion of the european leg of the oai tour and wish them all the best in america . brace yourself for more american posts fet ed 🙂

    thats my missive for this evening . it is 00-57 tie to hit the hay ! take care fet ed . have a good week my fellow bloggers 🙂


    [Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  38. I really love the new album. The guitar tone on The Blue is incredible, and I only have a little boom box. There is one particular moment on “Then I Close My Eyes” where the guitar hits a two note (Chord) that sounds minor, but shortly after turns into a Major 7 chord without changing the 2 note Chord. Awesome. Ohh well, too much musicain talk,….Soon the Chicago show will be upon us.

    I very rarely take any time off from my guitar lessons, but in two weeks, I will be the student. Thank you David for a wonderful album. Looking very much forward to the show.


  39. I too am hoping and praying that Echoes doesn’t get dropped!

    Just got in from work, and had OAI belting out at ear splitting volume. My fav track has just got to be “Take A Breath”

    The guitar work on Castellorizon reminds me very much of a piece Eric Clapton wrote with Michael Kamen for a TV Mini series a few years ago called Edge of Darkness. I’m not comparing or anthing it just reminds me of it.

    Question for DG about the Saxaphone. Did he write that on the sax, or on the guitar and record it with the sax?

    Once again please don’t drop Echoes!!!!

  40. Hi FEd, David, Guy and anyone else reading this message.

    Red Sky at Night is a beautiful track. I absolutely love that sound and have been looking for music of a similar style. Thing is im having no luck finding anything. Unfortunatley most people i know are into current rubbish and have absolutley no idea what good music is so theres nobody i can ask. Ive had a look back at januarys post about sax songs and am checking some of those out. If anybody knows any i would be really greatful?


  41. Hi all

    Disappointing first week entry here on the Australian charts at #29. Although a national radio network played a David Gilmour/Pink Floyd special last night (with recent DG interview!), along with the full version of On An Island – so fingers crossed for next week!

    You can hear the interview by clicking my name.


    [Thanks for that, Ben. – Features Editor]

  42. Take a well deserved break David and rest up that voice for the upcoming Toronto Massey Hall gigs.

    I cant wait , only 2 weeks to go.


  43. Still savoring the anticipation of Radio City one week from Tuesday, and hoping, too, that Wot’s…Uh, the Deal makes it into the set–although David could play anything at all that he likes and it would still be the best show I could imagine.

    Amazing to learn that he’s taking time off for his child’s exams. How does one who is so brilliant stay so grounded? Perhaps that’s part of the brilliance. Get well, FEd, we all appreciate you!

    [Thank you, Gus. – Features Editor]

  44. Dear Fellow Bloggers going to the NYC shows,

    Does anyone have a plan to meet for a pint before the shows?

    NY, USA

  45. I agree with Brian from Upstate NY (“Upstate”…only those of us that live here call it that…lol), I hope “Wot’s” makes it back to the setlist for the NYC shows.

    And my minute campaign for Sonnet 18 continues.

    Sonnet 18…Sonnet 18…Sonnet 18…

  46. Fedmeister

    I’m really surprised at the ebay comments under the “Latest News”! The price of the legit copy of the CD is very reasonable (even in the UK)…

    And be truthful now… how many times a day do you say “Would you like fries with that?”…

    [You can’t prove anything, Rudders. Just because I have a pale complexion, very high eyebrows and a fondness for bright red wigs, doesn’t mean a thing. And so what if I wear yellow jumpsuits? Doesn’t everyone? – Features Editor]

  47. I’m sorry to see that Wots . . . Uh, the Deal? has not made the last two shows. After Echoes, Comfortably Numb, and Wish You Were Here (present in every show so far), it’s definitely the PF song I most want to see in Chicago. How can you complain when every set list has been so good? I’m just glad I’ll be there!

  48. Just back home from The Auditorium,too…

    David,there are not enough words…you’re great…

    Thank you,thank you,thank you forever……goodnight…

  49. You know… I’m getting tired of everyone asking for David to play this, or for David to play that… Or for David to play here… How bout this everyone… David, could you just play us whatever you want or where ever you’d like, just do what you do best and play from your heart. If we could just get to hear your flow. Bless us with some of your insights. I couldn’t be any happier to hear anything else but that. The honesty and love that comes from your heart when you play… Can anyone possibly ask for anything more?

    Thank you Mr. Gilmour

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond!!!

  50. Photo caption:

    I’m not sure about this blog thingy….

    Marmalade… I like marmalade

  51. Dear Features Ed.,

    I have but a small favor to ask…could you please click my name and check out the venue we have here in Fort Wayne, Indiana? The photoshot of this grand old theater’s interior is right there on the home page…built in 1927, is quite acoustically sound and seats around 3,500 people. AND…I’m already aware that there are no plans for David to deviate from the pre-planned excursion of North America. HOWEVER…I want you to know that I did in fact contact the management there and tried to persuade them to at least make a presentation to try to lure David and company here, and as one might imagine, I was treated as some kook with a far off dream. Well, that may be partially right, but I have seen the Floyd 3 times…in ’73, ’77, and ’94 so I already know what people would have to look forward to in being able to witness who I consider to be the most outstanding, accomplished guitarist of our time. Oh Well…at least I tried and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that seeing him again remains pretty much at the top of my “to do” list…but guess I…like so many others…will be left out in the cold. Sometimes life just isn’t fair at all!

    Ron in Fort Wayne, Indiana

    [The tour schedule was finalised months ago, Ronald. Sorry! It looks like a nice place, though. – Features Editor]

  52. European tour’s over… I guess this means RADIO CITY’S NBXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Oh hush, I’m allowed to get excited…)

    And you know, I don’t care what the setlist is. It’s going to be the best concert I ever went to no matter what. I admit I’m kinda hoping for “Wots” on the 4th, but even if they don’t play that one there’s not a song they’ve been playing that I would not love to hear. And with the mini-hiatus David may even fancy adding another song to the list, and I love surprises.


  53. Just responding to victor, I read this blog every day and I cant recall seeing to many requests for more North American dates, although I know it happens (a few today more then normal) it cant nearly be as annoying as all the Brazilian requests. On that topic I live in the US and although David is not coming very close to me, I am Flying to go see him and have yet to voice a complaint about it. I for one am very thankful that David is even headed this way, because If I lived in Europe I surely would have seen the meltdown shows and Live 8. David has alot of fans here, and I want to THANK him for giving us a chance to see him for the first time in 12 years. See you April 5th!

  54. Caption:

    “You ain’t seen me, right!?!”

    …doin’ my homework on you Brits…

    Anyway, that Guitar World article is just the kind of interview I like: all full for tidbits and insight. Reading all these fan reviews of the live shows and getting my hands on press stuff is cranking my up really high that I might camp out with Deborah in front of Radio City for a 4/4/06 ticket!!! (Should I bring my guitar, Deborah? That and a hat to raise money for the three months of rent it’d cost me….)

    Seriously, these last four months have really been an inspiration for me. I’ve been so bogged down with work, but this blog and Gilmour’s album have been like an adreneline shot for me.

    I just wish I had more time to post more stuff about my thoughts on the album, others comments, and the reviews so far….

    Question for those who’ve attended the gigs: How’s the harmony on Echoes? I’ve read that Echoes is “da’ bomb”, say we say here, and I’m looking forward to the Gilmour-Wright vocals!!!

  55. Hmmm, beautiful picture of Mr. Wright there. Between the pic and the setlist posted here tonight, I am so totally groovin’ on theGilmour thing tonight that now Apr 13 seems to be further away instead of closer! My kids have been home all this past week for spring break, and a couple of them had the pukes. Needless to say its been a loud, nervewracking week, and I am so totally looking forward to being home alone tomorrow that I just may stay up half the night and watch Pompeii and DSOT. Fea. Ed.! – So when is PULSE coming out? HaHa. Seriously I am only kidding, but I might add that Comfortably Numb from PULSE is absolutely my fave version, it really curls my toes.

    Who from here is (are) going to the 4-13 Chicago show? It would be cool if we could all meet up together backstage—what do you think David? FEA. ED.-won’t you let David know what an awesome idea this is?

    See ya in Chicago—


  56. Loved the photo from Nacion’s press today. The “Guitar” interview also. For David and children. A+ for being there. You passed on my report card. Please keep Time on the setlist, for me, it was how I had tuned my guitar to jam on Dark Side before there was a tuner, ie. the opening note is E. From there all was well. I remember a while ago,that my brother John, in our first band, knew that I was always a Floyd fan big time, to this date. He nicknamed myself, Frank Floyd. Cute. Fed, keep well. What would we all do without you mate?

    [Aww, shucks. – Features Editor]

  57. Hey there Fet Ed. Just a little amusing observation, it seems as though your “true” identity is becoming a puzzle with the likes of the infamous Publis Enigma fiasco with The Divsion Bell. for one I don’t care who you really are but it so very fun to watching my fellow bloggers ponder. Ha Ha Shine on you crazy diamonds. Oh and Fet Ed. I do hope you feel better soon, colds are one of the more nastier things in life. Cheers Mate!

    [Josh, what are they like?! Mad, the lot of them. – Features Editor]

  58. The double entedre limerick.

    There was a young lady from Bude
    Who went for a swim in a lake
    A man in a punt
    Stuck a pole in her ear
    And said you can’t swim here it’s private

    Ah, you have opened the flood gates now!!


    [That’s the last one! No more! Really, I won’t publish another. – Features Editor]

  59. [Eh? I’m not bloody Ronald McDonald, before anyone asks! – Features Editor]

    Of course not! you’re Ainsley Harriot aren’t you? lol! or are you one of the hairy bikers?

    [Veronica, I would gladly throw myself off a bridge to spare the world from more of those annoying washing-up liquid adverts and cookery programmes if I was! – Features Editor]

  60. Rome is my hometown, even if I live in the Netherlands now and I was at the Heineken Music Hall on 19th.

    I just miss not being at the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

    I saw David live first time in Rome at the Stadio Flaminio during the Momentary Lapse Of Reason tour in 1988.

    Maybe I’ll try to go to London end of May even if I doubt there will be still tickets.

  61. Is it too late for a deserved THANK YOU to David Gilmour, Richard Wright and the band which in Milan performed a great and truly unforgettable show? I was there on Saurday 25th and it has been an incredible night of music. They all played incredibly well, every guitar solo by David was top notch, Rick as usual played with unparalleled class. Only David’s voice was a bit broken during certain songs but that really doesn’t matter. The setlist was awesome, with the highlights being A Pocketful Of Stones in the first half and Wearing The Inside Out, Fat Old Sun and a mind-blowing Echoes in the second!!! There are really no words to desribe the emotions of such a moving experience. Thank you all and a special thankyou to Guy Pratt who we met outside the hotel after the gig and he is indeed such a nice person. Was your wine good, Guy? 😉

  62. Have you ever read any interviews with David where, what he has said has actually annoyed you slightly.

    It happened to me 10+ years ago at about the time of the ‘Division Bell’. I know at the time I put pen to paper and wrote to him. Not sure though if he ever recieved it.

    He began to mention the ‘Ummagumma/Atom Heart Mother’ period. I cant remember the exact words but he was very dismissive of that time. The word ‘noodling’ cropped up, as it has done again lately. That was the period that I first got into Pink Floyd and those comments hurt a little. I understand that the idea of Pink Floyd is ‘all in the psyche’ but I genuinely love the music from that period. Yesterday morning I played Ummagumma end to end and David (re: recent mojo interview) give ‘The Narrow Way’ another listening to. The last part especially is very very good.

    Pete – Coventry (who, as a result, cant stand the word noodling now)

  63. “I need no blessings…” – from “This Heaven”

    “I never had faith, But I have respect for the idea. There’s no joy being an atheist.” – Randy Newman

    I’ve been absent for a while, and I knew this album would grow on me – as they all do through the years. The biggest “shock” for me, through this interview/promotional process for the album, was David as “The Happy Atheist”. Given David’s academic heritage and brain power passed down from his all too capable parents, it’s not too suprising a revelation all on it’s own. It’s just so hard for me personally, juxtaposing all that feeling and emotion from the heart and hands of David against this “new” info.

    Agnosticism I understand – where agnosticism holds that you can neither prove nor disprove God’s existence. That last step into atheism, to me at least, is dangerous and unnecessary, but obviously works for David and others…a kind of disbelief on steroids. In a perfect world, I’d like to see C.S. Lewis (deceased) and David square off. Just my humble ramblings, forgive me!

    …live and learn I guess.

    Rock on David!!

  64. Happy Monday,

    I do love ‘Island Jam’. If I was totally honest with myself, and don’t get me wrong because I really enjoy ‘On an Island’, I prefer it in many ways it is a wonderful bit of music. If you remember Woodstock, Hendrix goes into this incredible ‘Jam’. I would love to hear a David Gilmour album of this type of thing and of David being totally self indulgent. Anyone else agree or is it just me?.

    Pete – Coventry

    [I think you’ll find that many people will agree, Pete. – Features Editor]

  65. Hi Ho All,

    1] Regarding chart positions … No29 in Australia in its first week.

    2] Regarding the new section, “The Important Stuff”, I am wondering if Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear” will get a mention? Let alone Darwin’s “Origin of the Species”?

    3] Australian press on the weekend said that negotiations for a DG tour to our sunny shores was in the pipeline … I take it that is bollocks?

    Rock On

    [So the press in Australia likes to make up stories, too? Let us know who said it and I’ll get my angry mob onto them. We’ve got really pointy sticks. – Features Editor]

  66. Hi FEd!

    I come back! Are you happy?

    Yesterday I was in the Auditorium for David’s concert…just a word: WONDERFUL!!!!

    Now I’d like to greet you…then I’ll write more datails about the concert….FANTASTIC!!!



    [Hey mate, welcome back. Do tell us all that you can remember. – Features Editor]

  67. Dear Features Editor

    Not sure if this is appropriate for posting on the blog page, but I’ve been given a pair of tickets for David’s show on 29th May at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

    I’m running a contest on my site to give them away… a mysterious benefactor gave them to me as they aren’t now able to go, and they wanted to give someone the opportunity to see a wonderful show. They had no interest in selling them on eBay!

    I know on the main DG site page there is a contest to win a pair, but this is another chance for a pair of fans to get along to a show…


    [Then we’re happy to give you a free plug, Matt. Click on Matt’s name below to visit his site and the best of luck to all who enter. – Features Editor]

  68. Hello,

    Indeed the first leg of the European is closed. Thanks to this blog, all the comments from fans all over the world, the enjoyable comments of the Features Editor, the appreciated look insides from Guy Pratt and the lovely pictures I’ve enjoyed it a lot (todays Richard Wright is a beauty again!).

    The time that I’ve spent on reading and writing to this blog is uncountable…

    The band has a holiday for one week… Will they be on Castellorizon and take a look at the Eclipse?

    Nevertheless, I hope they’ll have a place and time to chill out.

    Dear Features Editor hope you are feeling better. If not please stay out of the neighbourhood of David Gilmour and his band, we don’t want that anyone of them will get a cold. On which shows you’ll be present?

    Have a nice day,
    Nick from a sunny lovely South of the Netherlands.

    [I’m going to be at the final show, Nick. Cold-free. – Features Editor]

  69. F’ed, you asked about the places we live. Not very exotic but I live in Coventry close to Birmingham. I have been here for all of my 50 years. Despite rumours it is a lovely place steeped in history.

    A couple of musical memories include a Chuck Berry concert from 1972 in the ‘Locarno’ nightclub (now the central library). If anyone has heard his song ‘My Ding a Ling’ well that was recorded at that very concert. After that show the audience had to leave the room to que up again for the next show. The next act on was a certain band called Pink Floyd who went on to play the then next album to be released……….Dark Side of the Moon (although I dont think it had a final title at that time).

    I was always envious of one of my older brothers who was a member of ‘the Mothers club’ in Erdington. Pink floyd played there several times. Part of one of those concert being captured on ‘Ummagumma’.

    Another Coventry concert that springs to mind was in 1975 when Tangerine Dream played at our cathedral. What a wonderful night that was.

    Football wise, Coventry won the cup in 1987 during which one of the best goals to ever grace Wembley was scored.

    Pete – Coventry (who still cant stand the word noodling)

    PS: Coventrians are obviously not good at spotting clues. I am no nearer at knowing wether yo are male or female let alone the restaurant.

  70. Hey, hey. Am I the first Italian to leave a comment to the yesterday Rome’s gig? Well well .First of all good morning Fed and all of you folks!!

    I slept only four hours after having driven back from Rome to the place where I live (Palma Campania, around Naples. 250km).What can I tell you abuot the show: breathtaking? wonderful? there are no words…

    Great the first half; I really enjoied OAI,Then I close My eyes(poetry!!!) an Take a Breath (let’s rock!). Then… Shine On, played mostly by David and his voice; hats off to Mr. Wright on Wearing The IO. Fat Old Sun ( yeah,very tasty!), and the long waited,whole Echoes ( rightly a bit shortened) Pure extasy, mates!! There were people in the audience screaming: ” David I love you! “.

    I say they were right. Mr Gilmour you have a gift: to make people happy and to inable them to forget for a bit the troubles of everyday life. You used and use it well.Thanks. A thanksgiving also to Rick and all musicians.Finally thumb down to the corner men and to everyone who made business on tickets. You can’t profit on the dreams of people!!! I truly wish David to read this lines and I hope he come visit Naples one day. Now, dear Fed I ask if you can add pictures of the Rome’s gig on the site in a resolution enough good for printing them. Please!!!

    Thanks and have a nice day. Ciao

  71. Apologies if this has been asked before (it is a bit of an anorak question!)…

    On David’s site when the music comes on there is (occasionally) a version of Smile with his guitar going through a tremolo effect (similar to the volume going up and down quickly). This isn’t the version on the album. Any ideas what it is?


    [Just think of them as goodies. We’re not saying more than that. – Features Editor]

  72. Vicky asked about the momentary lapse between the US and UK shows and our beloved FEd replied “Anyway, there’s a gap between the last US, and first UK, show because one of David’s children has exams to sit and David doesn’t want anything to interfere with his preparation.”

    Now that’s something that (together with the mood, lyrics and booklet of On an Island) says everything about David’s current feelings. He’s found the love of his life, has some young kids and since he doesn’t need to listen to/owe anything to anybody besides Polly and himself he choses to have a blast during a few shows (and boy did we enjoy it !) and then give all the attention to his family when needed and start over again when time permits. And give Guy the opportinity to shine of one of his witty solo performances as well.

    Reminds me (although that is more serious) of the reason U2 cancelled the last few dates: there are much more important things in life than a few gigs and although fans will be disappointed, it’s understandable.

    David (Mr. Gilmour CBE, great photograph), if you’re reading this : thank you for making such a lovely album. Again, when paying full attention to A Pocketfull of Stonds and Where We Start, I get tears in my eyes. The way your guitar playing and voice (and saxophone and xylophone playing) reflect and project emotion is irreplacable. It never ceases to amaze me how much emotion is projected with just a few notes (and hundreds of hours to pay them until they are perfect). Thank you for giving me the opportunity to listen to such beautiful music and to even see and hear you and your magnificent band twice (in Amsterdam).

    FEd, I think it should be stressed that ‘his’ preparation is that of David’s kid to excell at the exams, not David to perform top-notch (as he almost constantly does). Or am I wrong ?



    [You’re right. David doesn’t want anything to hinder his son’s exam preparation. Some of the people who are calling out for more shows – at a time and place that suits them – might care to note that this is one such example of a concert being of far less importance than matters concerning David’s family. – Features Editor]

  73. Although it’s so sad that it’s the final show show of the european tour, sniff, it means that he’s one step closer to coming to ……….. England!!!! Whooooo! Ahem, must stay composed, to all those who are seeing David tonight, have a nice time.

    Mr fed, may I ask whether you are a southener or northener or some place between, you fondeness for some old words steers me one way then the other, you do intigue me so.

    [England and Scotland, you mean. I’m a southerner, but of which country? Hmm, the plot thickens… – Features Editor]

  74. Stephen wrote: Does anyone have a plan to meet for a pint before the shows?

    I think we should meet somewhere near Radio City if that’s possible. Know any place good? How many of us would that add up to I wonder – we might fill up the entire bar!

    David, have a good rest-up if you can. Good luck to the kids with their exams. Guy, behave yerself while you’re off and please come visit when you have time.


  75. Angelo wrote: I might camp out with Deborah in front of Radio City for a 4/4/06 ticket!!! (Should I bring my guitar, Deborah? That and a hat to raise money for the three months of rent it’d cost me….)

    Bring the guitar – we’ll do our rendition of “Where We Start” and panhandle madly.

    BTW, I’m traveling a “fur piece” (a long way) to see David, from Tennessee to NYC. I had an email from the promotor of the Bonnaroo Festival (in nearby Manchester, TN) and he told me they had wanted David to play the festival but wasn’t successful in getting him. I suppose an outdoor festival setting wouldn’t be the type venue David would want to play at this time but the proximity to me would have been nice. Oh well…I’ll pack my bag and come to YOU without kvetching (much).


  76. Unfortunately, I can’t understand the enthusiasm for Coming Back to Life….IMHO, it’s one of the most overrated PF songs ever. Similarly, less well liked PF tunes such as One Slip and New Machine often get slated – but I think these are both very good tracks from the DG led Floyd era.

    I find it interesting to see how various DG and PF songs are particularly liked, or disliked, by fans. However, dare I say it, I’ve never met a fan who doesn’t like Comfortably Numb, Wish You Were Here or Echoes. I’m particularly looking forward to hearing these great songs and also the new DG album at the RAH, as we keep hearing from those who have been to the concerts that OAI is better live than it is on CD….whilst the OAI album has grown on me, I find a couple of the tracks are a little weak….something that I can’t really say about DG’s 1978 album, as I believe all of the tracks on that album are either very good or excellent. Not listened to DG’s 1984 album for some time, as I only have this on vinyl….sounds like a good excuse to buy the CD on its re-issue.

  77. Hi F. Ed

    Sorry I couldn’t resist typing that limmerick out. No more. Promise!!!

    Sorry to hear you are not well. As I have said before you do a brilliant job. Looking after this bunch of delinquents (I include myself in this) is definitely worth a knighthood.

    Have a few days off, we’ll be alright without you, we won’t muck around or anything like that. You know you can trust us. Honest.

    Only 60 days to go to see David.


    [Get a cover supervisor in to take care of you all, eh? – Features Editor]

  78. “Veronica, I would gladly throw myself off a bridge to spare the world from more of those annoying washing-up liquid adverts and cookery programmes if I was! – Features Editor”

    Which proves you couldn’t be that annoying creep beyond doubt, or you’d be saying things like “Ah yes, and the money I make from annoying washing-up liquid adverts & cooker programmes helps me pay for the really sharp pointy sticks we use to get our own back on naughty press people who make up stories…”

    Hope the cold is subsiding rapidly. And also that everyone on that side of the pond enjoys the concerts at least as much as everyone on the other side of the channel seems to have done!

    Oh, and for anyone who ever listens to my shows on Pipeline Radio, listen out for a track apiece from David’s debut album and “On An Island” in the next show, which should be on the site from Wednesday sometime.

  79. Hi FEd!

    Here we are! I start to speak about the fantastic David’s roman concert! It’s not easy to explain in english…but I try to say you what I felt!

    Before, I read you (FEd) had the cold. Me too! Terribile! My beautiful blue eyes became really like two baloons! Awful!

    However, think about David!

    As I wrote before, the show was FANTASTIC!!! I can’t believe I really saw David Gilmour in concert! David and all the band were really really really energic! Sometimes Guy jumping on the stage too! Good boy!

    David was wearing his mythical black t-shirt! (Black is always a glamour colour!). He said no many words, but he spoke us in italian language too! Very good, David!

    When the show started, all around was dark and just a spotlight was point on David: WONDERFUL! I’ve always said David is a very beautiful and charmed man, especially when he hugs his guitar!

    After Castellorizon the light were dim but we started to see all the band!

    The setlist was the same you wrote here:

    First Half: On an island album. Very sweet, very warm! David played sax too! GREAT! I loved especiallly On an island, This heaven and Take a breath. During take a breath the light become very strong: red, yellow, blue spotlight played and run everywhere. GREAT ENERGY! FANTASTIC!!!

    It was very strange, because I (and I think all the fans) would had like to scream David how much we love him and his music…but there was something like a religious silence…because I didn’t want to lost just one note David played!

    So, when the music stopped the applauses started, but when David played, we listened enchanted!!! hope David doesn’t think we weren’t warm! We didn’t want disturb the music!

    David and the music were the kings of the night, not fans and their scream!

    But we couldn’t resist during the second half! Because when David come back and start Shine On You Crazy Diamond the fans exploded!!!! Too much wonderful!
    Great Rick in Wearing The Inside Out. Then, David celebrated Syd with Dominoes.

    When I listened Fat Old Sun I almost cried! I love Fat old sun! It is…or rather, IT SMELLS SO SWEET! It is a very fascinating song and David sing it in an enchanting way!

    Time was fantastic! The High Hopes’ final guitar solo….WOW!!! And there was the division bell too!

    Echoes…oh my god! Echoes…in the Live at Pompeii version….OH MY GOD!!!! Maybe the most beautiful moment of all the show…GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!!!!!! really exciting! David and the band were perfect and the lights’ plays too!

    Wish You Were Here…if I could write in italian I can describe better what I feel…the truth is that every moment was very exciting and there are no enough words to explain! I love Wish you were here. Maybe the most beautiful song and lyrics I’ve listened (thanks to Roger too!)
    It was fantastic because we sung it with David! We can’t resist! Magic!

    Comfortably Numb….it doesn’t need words! I feel the shivers along my back! David’s solo….WOW!

    Finally, The concert was UNFORGETTABLE!!!!

    Thanks Rick, thank Guy, thanks Phil, thanks Jon, thanks Steven, thaks Dick


    Came back in Italy soon! I’ll wait for you!!!

    Good luck for the others tour’s dates!

    With love!


    P.S. At the end Steve throwed his sticks! Funny! I couldn’t grasped them ’cause I was too far…but fot the future concerts, my friends, get ready your hands!

    After the concert, I hoped to have a dinner with David and the band…but it didn’t happened! Sigh! It will be for the nest time!

    I hope my english was good enough!

    Have a great time!

    [That was wonderful, Lucia. You described it so well, I could really imagine being there myself. Thank you for that. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. I hope your cold goes soon. – Features Editor]

  80. Caption Contest: Richard reads yet another of Rudders caption suggestions on the Internet.

    “TEN” (that’s for the fans of the Animals tours)…days to go in this case ’till the show on the 5th.

    I’ve decided not to live in the past and wear my tour shirt from 1984. Instead, I’ll be wearing my “GUY LOVES New York Giants FOOTBALL” shirt”..after all, getting to meet an angry member of the band is still meeting a member of the band 😉 (Of course, I run the risk that the European board members find me first..)

    Seriously, the band sounds fantastic from the reviews and the few audio snips I’ve heard. To weigh in on the setlist, my strong preference would be to keep Wots’s AND Fat Old Sun.

    Lastly, after listening quite a bit to the new album I have to say its a great piece of work. It’s also easy to see the David is at a great time in his life and enjoying his family & friends. Thanks to you David, Richard and a fantastic Band!

  81. i have seen your concert yesterday evening in Rome: thank you David for the performance, simply fantastic!!

    Thank for your music, the soundtrack of my life since i was thirteen old (now 48)!

    You are, for me, as an elder brother! Thank you! (Sorry for my english)

    marco sauro

  82. Stephen in NY,

    My friend and I will be attending at Radio City on the 4th. If you name a place, I’ll buy the first round.

    Tim B.

  83. Good Morning all . . .

    Hope you’re feeling better dear F’ed . . .

    o.k. once again, you’re lifting your veil of anonymity by your telling comments . . . . .

    here’s another little clue . . .

    quit thinking Ronald McDonald . . and start thinking Woody Guthrie . . .

    am I warm . . . ????

    [I have no idea if you are or if you aren’t, mate. Please explain, I’m intrigued. I’m not really into folk, so please excuse my ignorance of Woody Guthrie. – Features Editor]

  84. -pour Ikkar:

    Ok, nous devons tous (grands et petits) faire quelque chose pour notre planète (pauvreté, sida, couche d’ozone, tolérance…., surtout tolérance, tout le monde peut !)
    Pas moyen d’accéder au lien ?

    -pour Sylvie:

    Assisteras-tu à un concert de David? je ne sais pas s’il passe par Montréal;

    -pour tous:

    difficile d’admettre que la tournée européenne est déjà terminée…,sorte de malaise: sentiment mêlé de bonheur, de fierté et de frustration, non ?

    pour notre dear Fed:

    congratulation to you, for speaking and answering in french,we are very proud of you, your french is very nice. continuez, s’il vous plaît, et comment pouvez-vous ainsi répondre à tout le monde de façon si personnalisée ? vous m’impressionnez !

    – and good luck for David and his band in the USA !

    [Merci beaucoup, Michèle. Beaucoup de mots français laissé ma mémoire, parce que j’ai cessé de servir la langue chaque jour (la langue allemand était plus facile pour moi à l’école), mais il reviendra à moi avec pratice. Communiquer avec vous ici est bon pour moi. Je suis sûr qu’il y a beaucoup d’erreurs stupid dans ma français simple, mais vous comprenez… C’est assez bon pour moi! Aussi, les seuls concerts au Canada sont à Toronto, malheureusement. – Features Editor]

  85. Well done on the tshirts . Nice one with the stratpack picture on it. Are the tour dates on the back when ordered via this site?

    Rgds Geoff

    [I don’t think so, Geoff. I’ll find out for you. – Features Editor]

  86. o.k. F’ed . . . .

    I was trying to give these little clues to my fellow bloggers who are also enjoying this game, but I’ll give in and just tell you . . .

    Woody Guthrie had a VERY famous song named “Alice’s Restaurant” – released in 1967 . . . .

    how far off am I . . .????

    [Ah! I’m not one of David’s children if that’s what you think. Good guess, though. – Features Editor]

  87. [Veronica, I would gladly throw myself off a bridge to spare the world from more of those annoying washing-up liquid adverts and cookery programmes if I was! – Features Editor]

    Thank goodness for that, now I won’t have to tell you where to shove your fairy liquid bottle! (other brands are available)

    [Indeed there are. Some even care for the environment! – Features Editor]

  88. [I think you’ll find that many people will agree, Pete. – Features Editor]

    LOL – If David did ever make a totally self indulgent album of jam sessions I wonder if he would title it ‘the noodling album’

    Pete – Coventry

  89. Dear FEd,

    you are always very kind! Thanks a lot! I’m happy you love my concert’s summary…but if I could write in italian you can believe my summary was really better! Please, say David that the concert was fantastic and that he made me dream! He is a great man!

    This morning I phoned to my friends who were with me yesterday…and we were still excited!

    I hope your cold goes soon too! You are a great man too!

    Bye bye!


  90. I visit this site on a regular basis to look/listen/watch any thing to do with David Gilmour & have been very impressed with everything this site has to offer……however

    Your recent new addition THE IMPORTANT STUFF i find a bit worrying.I come to this site to find out about David Gilmour & his music. I am not sure what this new tab has to do with Mr Gilmour?am i missing something?

    thats my moan over with….sorry but i had to say it.

    continue with the good work re David


    [Hi Graham. This new page has everything to do with David, in fact. Obviously it’s David’s site, so he says what goes on it. Any additions to this page, therefore, will be there because David and Polly think they should be. – Features Editor]

  91. Stephan…I’m with the others about a pre-concert meet up on the 4th…I’m not from the NY area, so if you can suggest a good place next to RCMH for us fans to get together…I’d be more than happy to tip my glass with you all!

  92. ”Woody Guthrie had a VERY famous song named “Alice’s Restaurant” – released in 1967 . . . .”

    You can get anything you want in Alices restaurant…

    I thought that was his son Arlo Guthrie

    Pete – Coventry

  93. Thanks editor!

    Strangely enough I do use that stuff myself, it is very good.

    [You know what they say about great minds and all that. – Features Editor]

  94. drat . . . . . !!!!

    I really thought I had it !!!!

    that’s allright . . . . still fun . .

    you really should check out Marillion though . . . try “This Strange Engine” . . GREAT record.

    pleasant day F’ed . . .

    [The same to you, mate. Back to the drawing board, eh? – Features Editor]

  95. Hiya :o)

    don’t know if this is the best place to post or not – but does anybody have any idea when the trinitystreet tickets will be sent out? i know we’ve got two months till the royal albert hall, but i like to covet my tickets well in advance :op

    Also does anybody know what the camera policy will be at the RAH – i’d love to bring mine, but i don’t want it taken off me at the door, like some venues in london…

    Thanks :o)


    [They’ll be sent out sometime next month, Ila, and there’s a very good chance that you’ll have your camera taken from you at the door, so we’d strongly recommend that you leave it at home. – Features Editor]

  96. Radio City Music Hall Meet-up:

    I’m scouting the area today. I’ll see what looks good and post later……..

    I’m also going to bring a camera. Even if we can’t post here I’ll throw a link on my name to the pictures (if that’s allowed?)

    [Fine by me, Angelo. – Features Editor]

  97. EBAY classic – having just read your recent warning curiosity got the better of me. I have just spotted a one such CD offer. On going into the description of it it mentions the fact that the CD is a new 10 track release by Roger Waters.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Proof, as if it were needed, that many eBay sellers are a bit dim. – Features Editor]

  98. OK, so far we have the following clues from the Feat Ed regarding his/her identity:

    1. We now know the Feat Ed is not Polly or one of David’s older children
    2. Feat Ed is a Liverpool supporter
    3. Feat Ed is pretty much fluent (or is that fluid !) in French
    4. Feat Ed admits to being ‘a southerner’ – but of which country ?
    5. Feat Ed is a party-goer – puts on a Liverpool accent at parties

    I can now confidently state, that I still haven’t got the bloody foggiest idea who the Feat Ed is….but they don’t call me Sherlock for nothing ! Come to think of it, they don’t call me Sherlock at all…..I’ll get me coat again ! Cheers !

    [I think the word you’re looking for to describe my French is ‘flukey’, mate. – Features Editor]

  99. Hi fellow fans been a week since i saw David in Amsterdam and I still cant get what a great gig it was out of my head,guess i’ll have to though so I’ll keep watching Meltdown and your free concert off Radio 2 🙂 Please do a Dvd from one of these shows? I’ve just got to see that lighting during Echoes again.

    Thanks again David hope to see you again sometime soon.

    Ps Did any fellow bloggers get a ticket for the Arrow festival while you were in Amsterdam?

  100. Hello to everyone from Rome,

    Daily press,today,has no comment about DG performance because it ended too late to send articols to editorial staff ( They stop at midnight!!).RAI,national TV,realized a significant interview with DG on the air h.8pm (03/26/06)

    SYNTHESIS-“No more interest on playing again with PF”…”Live 8 was really a wonderful experience but…it is not repeatable”..”Now my music is exactly what I am in the life and as musician..”My sound is made with heart,brain,and guitar..”

    Yes,yesterday night there was a lot of heart,brain and guitar..some comments in the hall

    1- First part was perfect,but second part was the heaven,with rock and heart.
    2-No nostalgia for PF but people love really “that” sound, and hope to hear it again…once a year..with Rog and Nick.
    3-Complements to Mark for “the lights” so apt and in tune with the notes.
    4-Standing ovation to Rick Wright: back to the “old”,envolved,brilliant sound.

    I was “inside” with “Echoes” (..I lived in London…)it had a sound more magic than 1971!!Every part of concert was “pure” and the band was very “compact”.Tomorrow I’ll post some translations from italian press and musical blogs
    (I saw a lot of journalists in the hall!!!)

    Ksss diana

  101. thanks for replying to my earlier post im still not sure what “the important stuff” has to do with David Gilmour’s music. Unless they are David & Polly’s View’s on what is important to them? in which case i apologise.

    Having said that im about to ask a question that has nothing to do with David’s music except to satisfy my curiosity.

    Does David follow a football team? if so, which one?


    [He does. He supports Arsenal. – Features Editor]

  102. Great evening in Rome, I still can’t believe it happened.

    Lucia described very well, if it is possible to describe what we felt last night.

    I did not know the setlist before going but I had a wish (Fat Old Sun) and a dream (Echoes). My dream came true! (and the wish as well) Thanks David ( and Rick) .

    Now I read there use to be Wots,

    instead of Dominoes, I’m sorry I missed it, one of my favourite songs. Please David play it again, I hope to see it on the DVD !

    Ciao Marina

  103. [You can’t prove anything, Rudders. Just because I have a pale complexion, very high eyebrows and a fondness for bright red wigs, doesn’t mean a thing. And so what if I wear yellow jumpsuits? Doesn’t everyone? – Features Editor]

    Oh Wow!! Then this must mean you are

    “Carrot Top”

  104. quite right Pete . . . . . I had it correct in my head . . . . perhaps I should take some of my own advice (reference to an earlier post . .)

    thanks for the correction !!!!

  105. Its been a long wait!!!!!!!I am so excited that David is crossing the pond.I have tickets for the 12th. in Chicago…I am flying from florida and meeting my sister from utah and another on e from florida.If thats not fan support.I have read all the posts daily and real excited now.Love to meet any fans before the show to get ready for what promises to be an amazing night.

  106. Lucia –

    GREAT review! Many thanks 🙂

    Your english is SO much better than most of our italian I’m guessing. Really lovely to hear of the almost worshipful silence during the music and then rapturous applause at the end…that’s (imho) exactly the way it should be. What’s also so nice is that you’re love for the music shines through your post…you’ve got me even more excited now!

    Thanks again


  107. Hi F.Ed,

    If you don’t think the following is appropriate, then let me know what you think would be more suitable.

    As thoughts turn towards the next stage of the tour in North America and the eventual culmination at the RAH at the end of May, I had an idea that I wanted to run past the various lunatics..erm, I mean fans.. that frequent this blog.

    Click on my name to go to my own blog where you will find my suggestion, along with my own personal review of OAI.

    F.Ed, I know you aren’t attending the RAH until the 31st but if this idea comes about and you are in the London area on that date, a place will be reserved especially for you. In addition and as a ‘thank you’ for all your efforts, your part of the bill is on me. Please note, that is the F.Ed’s bill only 🙂

    Thanks for listening.


    [That’s really kind of you, Colin. Thank you. I think it’s a great idea. I hope lots of luna… I mean, fans click your name to see what we’re talking about. – Features Editor]

  108. Only 24 more days….until I see Mr. Gilmour at the Gibson In Los Angeles. I can’t wait. Although I will be going by myself. (I only bought one ticket) Any chance of meeting any fellow bloggers there? the setlist looks great. Funny how some people are making requests for venues still. Sheez. I also enjoy reading the caption competition, thanks for making me smile. Thanks Fed Ed for keeping us in line, you rock!!

    I am definetly in Gilmour heaven.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  109. Please bring back Wot’s Uh the deal for the Toronto shows. Also, I know that Run Like Hell and Sorrow don’t exactly fit in well with the other types of songs you are playing but I think it’d be awesome if you play them atleast at one concert.

    Oh and for the toronto show, be sure to make comfortably numb as long as possible. =D

  110. Fedmeister

    Now that we have about a week to go before the North American leg kicks off the angry crown with pointy sticks may focus on your identity

    [Ah! I’m not one of David’s children if that’s what you think. Good guess, though. – Features Editor]

    Hmmmm…. did you ever play on a track called Mihalis perchance? or

    Do you have a wife called Incontinentia Buttocks? which would make you…

    [No musical past, no wife… – Features Editor]

  111. Hi FEd, David and all,

    Hopefully you don’t agree that all of David’s fans here in the States are ingnorant, demanding, and unappreciative of the 10 North American gigs that will be such a gift. If you consider the size of the North American continent I think that 10 dates isn’t unreasonable. Let’s face it, probably half of the people attending these gigs will have dropped serious change to travel from far and wide to be able to be part of the experience! And don’t think that we don’t know how freaking lucky we are!! That’s all on that topic.

    Does a person’s belief structure (as pertains to religion) really have to be questioned and dissected here, too? Listen to the music, feel it, get lost in it — this is all about music, not religion. The current state of our world should be an indication that we need to put more emphasis on what we all have in common and less on our differences, especially as pertains to religion! Music is universal, it moves people, centers them, and I for one find it very uplifting at a time when it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    And it was Woody Guthrie’s son Arlo that wrote and sang “Alice’s Restaurant” — Woody Guthrie being sort of the American folk music patriarch. Bob Dylan set out from Minnesota en route to New York City with Woody’s (and many other early folk singers, including the Clancey Brothers from Ireland) influence being a prime motivation in his early days of songwriting.

    Looking forward to the shows on April 17 and 19, but I’m trying to slow time down a little in my head — it seems like only yesterday that I stumbled upon this friendly site and somehow came up with tickets (balcony, but I’m not complaining at all)!

    Thanks for everything FEd — looking forward to your messages each day.

    Washington State

    [Good stuff. Thanks for all that. I still haven’t forgotten about your tickets, by the way. – Features Editor]

  112. Caption Competition

    Richard wasn’t impressed with David’s new line of black t’shirts with one long and one short sleeve…

    or should that be sleef… Agghhhhhhhh!!!

  113. Hello Feat Ed,

    Greetings from sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!! Not long now until I head to Chicago for the 4/12 show. Words cannot describe my level of excitement to see Dave play again. I am a very long time fan of Pink Floyd, attending numerous shows over the 80’s and 90’s. My girlfriend is attending with me and has no idea of what she is instore for. She has heard me talk of Dave and the magic he creates with a guitar since we have been together and is just as excited.

    For the folks attending the same show, I hope to meet some of you. Maybe get together and have a cold one.

    Feat Ed, thank you for this site (blog) and allowing us to share experiences and excitements for Dave, Rick, and all the band. Can’t wait for April 12.

    Shining on,

    Bill Hayden, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    [You’re very welcome, mate. Enjoy the show. I know you will. – Features Editor]

  114. to lucia: that was an amazing review, thank you for sharing your thoughts. your english is brilliant so don’t be so modest! most europeans put english-speakers to shame. and to randy: there have been more requests from north america than south, i’m certain of that. they’re disguised by birthday greetings and album praise, but they almost always end with a repulsive request of some sort. comments from brazilians (which bug me too) seem more noticeable because they are often outright pleas, that’s all. considering the language difference, that’s understandable. i imagine they don’t read the ed’s frequent requests to cut down on the whining. but people in north america really have no excuse. i’m not saying it’s everyone from north america because that would be stupid. no offence is intended to anyone who, like you, isn’t nagging on here on a daily basis. it just takes one rotten apple, you know? there have been plenty of requests from all over the world really. it gets annoying after a while.

  115. Unfortunately, I am one of those that will be unable to see David on this tour. Are there any plans to release a DVD of the concert(s)? I am dying to see Echoes!!

    [There have been discussions about putting out a DVD. We’ll tell you here first. – Features Editor]

  116. Going to NYC, can’t wait. Just tried to put on my About Face tour shirt (not even close!) I hope Echoes is on the set list for good. My fiance will be with me(It’s her Birthday that day) She has only been to concerts with the kids, Hillary Duff, Ashlee Simpson, Fallout Boy. This will be her first REAL concert. See you there! EBAY SUCKS!

  117. Thats it! That was the clue I needed to figure out who you REALLY are Fet Ed!!! Has a “fluky” grasp of French… You are Prime Minister Chirac!!! Seriously fet Ed… are you going to be revealed or stay annonymous forever? Are you someone whose name we will recognise?

    Hope you feel better Fet Ed… I was sick all weekend starting Friday- and worked 10.5 hours Friday and 12 hours Sunday (went in at 3 am both days- certainly didn’t help me feel better).


    [I’m just a fan like everyone else, mate. Hope you’re feeling better after a rough weekend. – Features Editor]

  118. I’m looking at Jon’s clues and I’m ready to venture a guess…

    Robert Wyatt?

    [I could never grow a beard as impressive as his, nor can I play the cornet. – Features Editor]

  119. Carlos Z. stated
    “Are there any discussions/plans with Fender Guitars to create a David Gilmour Signature Series Fender Stratocaster”

    I read in a recent Guitarist mag that Fender is trying to persuade David to do something like this.

    I’m sure that many guitarists would be interested in buying one of these. If some of the proceeds went to charity, so much the better. The question is which guitar would it be based upon? Red? Black? other? (My vote would be for his black strat, it looks and sounds killer!).

    Andrew S. in Toronto
    See you on the 10th!

  120. (If David did ever make a totally self indulgent album of jam sessions I wonder if he would title it ‘the noodling album’-Pete)

    If that happened you would no doubt hear from the anti-noodling contingent.

    [And lots of people from Montreal and Boston would demand a noodling tour… – Features Editor]

  121. Hello to all!

    For Tim Taylor, I think that’s a great idea about the stickers at the Gibson Theater so we can recognize each other.

    Click on my name and you will find an internet business that is selling Zaphod items including stickers and shirts (no benefit to me, however).

    Cheers to all…

  122. F. Ed,

    No more limericks? and not one of the Man from Nantucket. What a sad day….

    The guitar world interview was very nice. Kudos for putting family first. The little snippets about how stuff was written was good reading, too. ( speaking of interviews, one thing that I haven’t seen anywhere is David’s opinion on whether he would be OK with Nick and Rick wanting do do something with Roger as a PF project, seeing that David has been one of the loudest voices for allowing others to continue on even if one person doesn’t want to. Is his view of this on record somewhere?)

    Isn’t e-bay the greatest place on earth? I thought about buying OAI there and putting it on my shelf of e-bay’s finest, like the Grilled Cheese image of the Virgin Mary and other fine specimens.

    Why the questions about the important stuff page? This is David’s site, and as hard as it is for some people to comprehend, David does have a life outside of the studio. It’s about things important to him. Global warming and environmental concerns are important to him, hence the Important Stuff page.

    Good luck in the States, David, I sincerely hope you are treated with warmth and hospitality everywhere you visit here. Us Yanks have our fair share of whiners, but there are a few of us that are warm and fuzzy, too.


    [I forget where I read it, but David did say something along the lines of there possibly being a Floyd reunion at some point in the future… It just wouldn’t include him! I can’t possibly imagine that David would have any objection to there being a reunion. Anyway, I’m sure it’s on the Press page somewhere. – Features Editor]

  123. Andrew Stevens said
    “I read in a recent Guitarist mag that Fender is trying to persuade David to do something like this.

    I’m sure that many guitarists would be interested in buying one of these. If some of the proceeds went to charity, so much the better. The question is which guitar would it be based upon? Red? Black? other? (My vote would be for his black strat, it looks and sounds killer!).”

    Yeah, that would be brilliant. They could design the guitar like a Mr. Potato head, where you could mix and match all the components to simulate alll of the modifications he’s made over the years.

    I do love the off white Strat with the gold fret board he owns (might even be the one with serial # 0000001). That one is beautiful, but, David’s black strat is the king of strats. If you think of the songs that were written, recorded and performed with that guitar….it blows the mind. That would be the one to replicate IMO.

    2 1/2 weeks and counting.



    Thanks for responding to meeting up prior to the NYC shows. My tickets are for the 5th. It seems that all of you are going on the 4th. I guess I will abandon my job early to join you for a coctail. Angelo, any suggestions for a place to meet up?

    Also, we can meet again on the 5th.

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

  125. Great review, Lucia. It sounds like the lighting was quite something. Must be like stepping into a world of colour :o)

  126. This is Dan (cough, cough) with the flu (sneeze sneeze) in beautiful sunny Upstate New York, USA (sniffle, sniffle)…

    Alice’s Restaurant WAS, indeed, done by Woddy Guthrie’s son Arlo. Arlo is as American as Ronald McDonald (but a lot more cool). Ed/Edwina in my mind’s ear sounds like a Brit. This eliminates Michael Stipe, Debbie Harry and Janis Joplin as potential IDs for the Ed/Edwina. (They were the first three American names I could come up with that an international crowd would recognize.)

    I think Ed/Edwina is John Cleese. Or Tony Blair. Maybe Billy Idol. (No rhyme or reason here, these are the first three Brits who came to my mind.)

    Maybe you’re Yoko Ono. I’m gonna stop before someone sues me for illegally using their name.

    In the same vein, I’ve got one small itty bitty teensy weensy favor to ask of David Gilmour… A deluxe two-record set of brand new Pink Floyd music with Roger back in the band, and an over-the-top world tour that hits every single little town where anyone has ever uttered the words “Dark Side of the Moon”. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Oh, by the way, could they play every song in Floyd’s back catalog (and a few from Ca Ira as well)?

    Don’t laugh. This is how the site sometimes looks. C’mon all, David has given us a Floyd reunion already (at Live 8) and an album of wonderful music. What more do we want from him?

    (The humorous rant ends here. Honest. No, really, it does!)

    [Well, the next time you have one to share, share it with us! That was great. But don’t you want a DVD to accompany every night of the aforementioned tour? You can’t be a true fan if you don’t want a DVD! – Features Editor]

  127. “I read in a recent Guitarist mag that Fender is trying to persuade David to do something like this.”

    I gave up playing the guitar decades ago, but if Fender were to release a ‘Gilmour’ Strat, I would be straight down TinPan Alley and buying one.

  128. Caption Comp: Under the intensity of a carefully poised angle lamp, Richard confessed he did not know the identity of FEd.

    [That’s a good one! – Features Editor]

  129. [Ps Did any fellow bloggers get a ticket for the Arrow festival while you were in Amsterdam?]

    Yes, After the show in Amsterdam I could not resist and I am going indeed. See The Dark Side of the Moon!!

    David Gilmour is great, but the same goes for Roger Waters!

  130. Agree with Peter totally on the dim ebayers.I know its offensive to call David Dave but I’ve just noticed an On an Island cd by Dave Gilmore on the uk site now surely this is punishable by death or slow torture lol 🙂

  131. Hello Sir David Gilmour,

    Yes of course there’s many unsenses things everywhere around the world but you know Montreal is the most selling place for CD per capita..anyhow

    Obviously, i dont have my seats for anyshow and i am quite desperate so i would like to know if:

    QUESTION: IS THERE A CHANCE THAT YOU’LL ADD SEATS BACKSTAGE FOR MASSEY HAL SHOWS AS YOU DID FOR ROYAL ALBERT HALL (i dont my to where i can be sit i want to hear you play guitar…)


    [Unfortunately not, Claude. – Features Editor]

  132. Fedmeister…shock horror….

    “[And lots of people from Montreal and Boston would demand a noodling tour… – Features Editor]”

    Are you adding Bostonians and Montrealers to the “offended” list….tsk, tsk.

    [We get a lot of requests for David to visit Montreal and Boston. Maybe you’ve noticed. – Features Editor]

  133. I’m flying from an island in the Caribbean to go see the On an Island tour, Ironic?!… Well not really, since I’ve been wanting to see David live for quiet some time now and thanks to him now I can!…. Like other have mentioned, it costing me an eye so please, to whoever is sitting in front of me, please remember that I’m half blind! (just kidding!!)

    I’ll be attending the April 4 show, so I was just wondering, if someone would like to get together before the concert and grab some drinks, basically to share our thought on what we are about to presence, do let me know!…

    Hope everyone has a GREAT time, I know I will…


  134. What about an oficial PF Videography DVD??? – I bought one from ebay a while back with a copy of The Dark side of Oz synch and both are absolute Fkng Shte (serves you right I hear you say) but the videography apart from loads of really poor quality videos also contained things like TV adverts of up and coming Floyd albums and concerts and for that part was quite interesting! – an official one would be bloody fab!!! – some profits could even go to one of the many good causes the band feel so strongly about!!!! AND what about The Wall live show (I did hear some rumours that this might be considered for release) – I’ve had the cds playing in the car now for ages (alongside OAI of course) and it really is fantastic!

  135. David Gilmour is great, but the same goes for Roger Waters!

    I totally agree with you Mr or Mrs Hoogebeen and I’ve heard a rumour Nick Mason and Richard Wright may join him could this be true? Who will take Gods role on Fender though 🙁

    Anyway hope to see you there and more of you cool bloggers too 🙂

    [Rumours, rumours, rumours… – Features Editor]

  136. Brad- I looked at the gear and its cool, but I’m sure shipping would cost as much as the button itself… but it is official for the Gibson (April 20 show)!!! If you are a frequent blogger and want to run into some other frequent bloggers, wear a button/name tag that says “Zaphod Beeblebrox for President”. Of course my wife will think I’m nute, but thats ok.

    Speaking of wives (notice the correct use of the plural form!), you don’t have one eh Fet ed? Well assuming you are male, you can borrow mine if you like and I’ll take over your editing duties for a while… give you a break mate! Just tell me where to ship her and I’ll get her boxed up and in the post!

    Lucia… your English is great. The word order you use is not “standard” but comes off sounding quite poetic! Quite nice actually. We Americans in general are not too good at learning other languages. Yo hablo pequito espanol y je parles les francais und deutch, muy malo tambien. I think I’ll stick with English… er, “American” to those of you across the pond.


  137. Those of you familiar with “Napoleon Dynamite” will get this…those who are not should do some reasearch.

    Caption Contest…

    “Is there some kind of vest that I can wear?”

    (Sorry Richard…lotsaluv!!!)

  138. Rudders: why have you got a picture of a young Robert Wyatt with Eamon Holmes standing next to him on your last post?


    Yes, the king of the strats is the black one, but the “001” with the gold plating is precious to David, the red one is so sweet. I guess Fender should offer all the colors. I would pay a premium for Davids signature model and portion of the proceeds to go to David’s choice of charitable organization.

    Can we talk David into doing it?

    NY, USA

  140. C`mon over!!!

    SEE YOU IN 8 DAYS !!!!! RCMH

    To those of you gathering at the Pre-show pubs….don`t sit in my area if you are going to be running to the little boys room every 10 minutes.

  141. The Fedmeister said….”This is what was played tonight. What do you think?

    First Half: Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Take A Breath, Smile, Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start

    Second Half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wearing The Inside Out, Dominoes, Fat Old Sun, Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), High Hopes, Echoes

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb”

    What do I think? Excellent set list but here are some thoughts which aren’t necessarily my opinion but may prompt some discussion…

    The reason, we have been told, that DG isn’t playing his old solo stuff is because of his previous solo tour so could we not apply that criteria to several songs in the second half? especially when six of the eight second half and encore songs are on the DG In Concert (Meltdown) DVD…

    At the Strat Pack Concert he played Marooned, Coming Back To Life and Sorrow which don’t get as regular an outing and are all post Waters productions so DG is willing to break the mould when he wants to…I’m sure he could quite easily have played Comfortably Numb, Shine On and something from DSoTM and everyone would have been more than happy…”pant-wettingly happy”

    Including Wot’s…Uh The Deal is an excellent choice of song as it blends into the “style” of OAI but I wonder if there are other gems like it that could be re-worked and played… for example (and I know I’ve said it before) a semi-acoustic version of Brain Damage and Exclipse or A Great Day For Freedom…or A Pillow Of Winds…

    This is my opinion now…. I would hate not to hear Echoes, Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here live as I’ve never been lucky enough to see PF live but when (if!) I have the new DVD sat next to DG In Concert and PULSE I would love to be able to listen to either re-worked songs or lesser played songs…

    These suggestions may all be in vain as the tour is in progress and I guess my main hope is that the second half isn’t a sort of farewell to the fans…ne’er to be repeated… DG has done so much for Music and for Charity and now he has a family life most of us probably dream about so I do believe it actually may be…

    [First of all, David not playing any of his other solo material because he’s played it before is my guess. It’s not an official reason from David. The songs from ‘About Face’ were played in 1984, and this tour is only happening now because David has put out a new album. So only the second half being Pink Floyd songs is open to debate. My view is that David has spent his entire adult working life in Pink Floyd as singer, guitarist and frontman. He wrote much of the music. He has every right to pick just about any Pink Floyd song whenever he fancies it, and he knows what the fans want to hear. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, many of the people with tickets to see David are Pink Floyd fans primarily and not all of them know every song that was ever released or at which shows ‘Echoes‘ was played. They care more for the well-known Floyd songs than they do the new ones – as we’ve seen here in some of the reviews. If David played his solo songs and obscure Floyd songs only, these people would not be happy. The bottom line is that David’s playing what he wants to play and no matter what, he can‘t possibly please everyone. That said, by the look of the setlists, he’s done his best to please everyone… and yet some people still whinge! Oh, and the more familiar Floyd songs that you mentioned were played very differently at Meltdown, don’t forget. That was a different kind of show and featured the songs played in a way that they had never been played before. So there. Hope that helps ruffle some feathers, Rudders! Now we sit back and see what happens, eh? – Features Editor]

  142. One of those moments!

    My four year old son, Dylan has just rushed down to my office because he heard music playing… (Coming Back To Life)

    He rushed in and asked “Is this Pink Floyd…?” when I said “Yes”… he smiled and said “I love it”…

    Bless…. 🙂

  143. “a version of Smile with his guitar going through a tremolo effect ”

    What?? David stole my idea! I recorded my cover of “Smile” months ago and added tremolo to the guitar bit in the middle. Spooky.

    Hey, I like the limericks. Can I post the one that goes:
    “There once was a man from Nantucket…” ?


  144. I’m becoming very proficient with using eBay’s Security Centre to keep reporting the bootleggers selling copies of DG’s concerts!!!

    My pointy stick is sharp and being used!

    [Good on you, mate! – Features Editor]

  145. Very much looking forward to the Oakland Paramount show on April 17th. Whatever the band decides to play that night will no doubt be greatly appreciated by all. One question, Mr. Fed, if you can tell me: Is my old pal Phil Taylor on the road crew? Okay, to be fair, I’d only met him briefly in Oakland during the Division Bell tour in ’94, having done some electronics work for him, but it was an absolute pleasure talking shop with him. ‘Til the 17th, Cheers!

    [I think he is, Bill. – Features Editor]

  146. And here is another one that could not resist to buy tickets this week for the Arrow Rock Festival ! 🙂

  147. [We get a lot of requests for David to visit Montreal and Boston. Maybe you’ve noticed. – Features Editor]

    I could be moaning and groaning that David’s not coming to Philadelphia too. But really nobody who is within a half a day’s drive from a venue on David’s tour has any complaints coming.

    No… that’s not right. David shouldn’t be EXPECTED to tour at all, especially with his family commitments (his son’s exams ARE a big deal, his future depends on them). Honestly I was mildly (and quite pleasantly) surprised when it was announced he was coming to the States at all. NOBODY has any complaints coming. But those within a half day’s drive not only don’t have any complaints coming, but should be thankful they have the opportunity to see David in concert should they choose to make the small sacrifice of missing a day or two of work. When David’s tour schedule came out and Radio City was on it, I did not whine that Philadelphia was left out, I was thankful that a venue was within a couple hours’ drive. And if Boston had gotten David rather than NYC, guess what? I’d be in Boston on April 4th. That’s more than a couple hours away, but I would have gladly made the drive (well maybe I would have gotten some cheap Southwest airline tickets, but you get the point).

    [Well said, mate. When you consider that we’ve heard from fans who have, or soon will have, flown from Russia and Australia to catch a show, it makes you realise that some people put their energy into making things possible instead of moaning about the unfairness of it all. What is fair, anyway? – Features Editor]

  148. [No musical past, no wife… – Features Editor]

    You lucky bugger, I`m not married to her in the pant`s although I`ve lived with her for five years so I suppose it`s the same thing(good job she don`t read these blogs!).Note to myself- life would be so much easier!!!

    Anyway just read the interview in Guitar World on this site and I have to say I really enjoyed it. What an honour the great man himself, sharing his secrets about guitar effects, alternative tunings and chords.

    With regard to David taking time off from the tour to support his son with his exams is without question, admirable, I only wish I could spend more time with my kid`s, but work commitments and the bloody mortgage prevents me from doing so.

    Hat`s off to you sir!

    good night all,

    P.S hope you are feeling better features ed?

    [Much better today, thanks. – Features Editor]


    Stephen, I think it is only fair that you knock off work early and join the fun! Who knows, maybe you will even stumble across a ticket for that night! Angelo thanks for checking out places. I saw that there is a place down the street from RCMH called Heartland Brewery. Don’t know anything about it but they have a website…And imagine that, they have beer!

    BECKY…Are you out there? I saw your post yeterday with a note to me…Are you up for meeting before hand too? (name badges! ha ha)

    There’s a couple other’s going on the 4th out there too…Gus, Randy, Michael, Deborah to name a few! Don’t be shy, hope you will all be able to join us for a beer.

    FEd…Sorry to have forgotten to mention it earlier, but I hope your feeling better real soon! Lord knows you will have to get some good rest to keep up with us wanks on this side of the pond!

    [Thank you. I think now’s the time to have a cold, definitely! – Features Editor]

  150. Caption:

    Rick is crestfallen about missing the ‘Band on the Run’ photoshoot by a mere 33 years…

    With the lads now having a well-earned few nights break before the North American jaunt – I was just wondering whether David and Guy are off to Highbury to watch the gooners tonight? (I expect Roger’s also got a ticket)

    Good luck to the Arse’ anyway – but if they do dispose of Juve, make sure David/Guy exhibit none of Thierry Henry’s arrogance.

    For as you know as well as anyone, me auld FEd, a simple reminder of:

    ‘Where were you in Istanbul’ and
    ‘We’ve won it 5 times’

    should put them back in their place!

    Allez les Rouges 🙂

    [Quickly followed by a round of “We are the Champions, the Champions of Europe!” – Features Editor]

  151. will be going to the april 13th concert. I’m a new(but older)fan. Can’t wait to see Mr. Gilmour. His singing and guitar are superb. Loved Dimming of the Day, but don’t care what he sings or plays, just as long as he will. Am flying in from Minneapolis and will the first time I have seen any of the Floyd and now am going to be able to see the very best. Thank you so much for touring here, Mr. Gilmour. Hope the U.S treats you well while you are here.

    [So do I, Janice. I’ll be over there with my pointy stick and rotten vegetables otherwise. – Features Editor]

  152. That’s a really good point – why isn’t there a Gilmour edition strat?

    Can someone more technically knowledgeable on David’s setup enlighten me as to his preferred strat setup?? My wild guess for a lack of a Gilmour strat is that he plays a stock US strat – and the rest is through a combination of David’s feel and an array/rack of effects. If this is the case, it would be a bit pointless putting the Gilmour name on a standard piece of kit? Just a guess…

    I’d also be one of those down Denmark Street ready to remortgage for one, although truth be told, owning a guitar with the Gilmour name on it doesn’t mean that anyone can make it sound the way David does! (boy, I wish it did…I could noodle myself into a state of bliss).

    Classic example – was at the RFH to see Carlos Santana a few years ago as part of the jazz festival. Carlos had just finished a tune and someone shouted ‘you’re sh!t’ at the top of their lungs! Complete comedy considering Mr Santana is a legend – but what was incredible was that Carlos invited the heckler down onto the stage, in front of a packed house. Heckler arrives on stage, and Carlos takes off his Yamaha and hands it to the heckler. Of course the ENTIRE audience is completely gobsmacked and you can literally hear a pin drop. Mr Heckler takes the guitar, straps it on and lets rip an absolute torrent of technical shredding. It’s clear the the guy can play and I have to admit to being surprised and impressed by the guys skills.

    However…Carlos gives him about 3 minutes (which is a LONG time for a total stranger to be playing your guitar at the RFH!) and the guy does his thing. Carlos waits and nods appreciatively at the end of a shred-a-thon that Eddie Van Halen would have been proud of.

    He then quietly says ‘nice man, but the thing is, you have to make it sing’ and plays maybe three notes, holding the last in that trademark Santana sustain way. Mr Heckler’s hammer-on fest all of a sudden looks like a child showing off every single technique in the book, and then a few.

    Basically, Carlos absolutely destroyed this guy publically with the grace and humilility of the complete dude he is – but the point was that only Carlos can make his guitar sound the way it does. I’d guess that only Mr Gilmour can do the same to a stratocaster, Gilmour edition or otherwise…


    (but I’d still buy one anyway!)

  153. I could not get a ticket for the US leg of the tour when they were (briefly) available. I am not going to sweat it though. Who knows, perhaps I will have a lucky streak. I used to have incredibly fortunate connections to some great rock shows in my youth. Once a friend waitressed for Roger Daltrey (on tour with the Who), and he was kind enough to reserve two tickets for her at the will call window. She shared the tickets (very close to the stage)with me and we had a blast! I am keeping my fingers crossed, eyes and ears open for any opportunities to attend (not holding my breath though). However if I can’t go I can always enjoy the new album…and work my angst out by supporting a up and coming cool local band in my town.

    I like to compare the difference an artist with a long career makes in their work from when they begin to where they are at now. I came across some of the old Joker’s Wild tracks recently and play them in contrast to David’s current album 40 years later. The old songs/covers are charming, energetic, teen pop oriented and entertaining. Boy, he could hit those high notes! Then OIA comes on and the depth, mood and maturity is a beautiful contrast to that postadolescent party band.

    (BTW…If I could ever find that old album reissued on CD, either alone or in a compilation I would not hesitate to purchase it. I don’t know if David would find that early work embarrassing or feel nostalgic about it, but I bet many Gilmour fans would enjoy it..perhaps it could be re-released to raise additional funds for other charities he supports.Just an idea, not a demand or anything…)

    (To the Fed Ed,

    After the tour winds down and everyone is settled with their families again, perhaps you could host a little online contest of your real identity.

    Maybe it could be done in the form of a online scavanger hunt for clues..huh? huh? How ’bout it?

    P.S. For your cold: take several grams of vitamin c throughout the day as long as you can stomach it, and zinc nose spray or tablets in between doses, and saline spray to flush the gunk out. Feet up, relaaaax…that’s it.)

    [Thanks for the pointers, Jeanne. I hope you get that ticket. – Features Editor]

  154. That’s splendid David is playing ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’, ‘Fat Old Sun’ & ‘Echoes’ but how about adding ‘All Lovers Are Deranged’, ‘Until We Sleep’,’There’s No Way Out of Here’ or ‘Young Lust’? Actually, I’m just thrilled to be seeing David regardless of what the tunes are so I apologize for the above remarks. Mojo

  155. Hi !

    Was amongst the lucky ones to be at the Roma show 🙂

    Have never heard something like this in my life… more than 2 hours of orgasm… Loooooooooooooved Echoes… and all the other ones of course

    You have any idea if a CD/DVD is planned after the tour? can’t wait to listen to it again and again…


    [Maybe a DVD, but not a CD. – Features Editor]

  156. I am from boston, but moved to Ohio. Ohio is farther away from New York then Boston is, but im having no problem going to the show. Why? Because I planned ahead of time instead of waiting for the last minute to moan and complain on a blog.

  157. what is your favorite acoustic guitar? Would it be the Taylor 712 CE that you played at the Meltdown concert?

    Thanks and see you in Chicago!

    [David won’t answer questions here. They need to go to the FAQs page. However, David did say once that, were he ever shipwrecked on a desert island and allowed just one luxury item, then it would be a Martin D35. – Features Editor]

  158. Mr, Features Ed. I love the Italian people, why I even married one, but I still have a little trouble reading Italian. Anyway you could get someone to interpret the reviews from all the newspapers? Would be great for all of us unlucky English speaking folks. I knew I should have studied more in my Italian class back in high school!

    Thanks, Dave from Fort Wayne, IN

    [No, because I’d end up doing it and my Italian stretches to names of pasta shapes only! – Features Editor]

  159. Today’s caption: Guy!I’ll be watching you, and I’ll be watching your every move.Take goodcare of my daughter.

  160. The lowest form of wit it is, so they say FEd. But in my case I’m not capable of the higher forms so I’ll just concentrate on improving my sarcasm.

    Still no answer from anybody on my “Then I Close My Eyes” question? Are there any well-informed concertgoers out there contributing to this blog?

  161. I love the idea of getting together for a pint before the show. If anyone going to the Oakland shows is interested, let me know. 3 WEEKS AWAY!!

    (Can you tell I’m excited)


  162. I have been a David Gilmour, Pink Floyd fan and company for many years, It all started when my MOM took me to see Roger Waters, Pros and Cons tour with Eric Clapton. Never really heard of Pink Floyd before I was too young, knew of The Wall and Dark Side a little bit. What caught my eye was my brother went and saw David Gilmour at Massey Hall About Face Tour I asked him for the album it was FANTASTIC, quite a flip side to the Black Sabbath I was listening to.(Hey I Still like Sabbath and Ozzy by the way). Too bad I missed that concert, but anyways I bugged and bugged my MOM to take me to see Roger Waters, she did and complete addiction from that day on.
    Thank you guys for being such a part of my life, I saw Pink Floyd in Toronto 6 Times and once in Detroit, Roger Waters 5 Times, went to Berlin for The Wall got a ticket, what a party, went to Live 8 last year, found a ticket, went to the concert was at the front and cannot explain the feeling it was great, THANK YOU GUYS, on top of the concert at Live 8, got the opportunity to go to AIR Studios, which George Martin owns (producer for The Beatles, I love The Beatles), went to the studios at the converted Church and had a tour, it was awsome. All because of Pink Floyd, Thank You Guys for the great life experiences, they have been incredible.

    Now the ultimate of all, I finally get to see David Gilmour Live Solo, with Rick Wright, and the the rest of the great musicians he brings in his company. See you in Toronto.

    The sets look great, the reviews look great, this site is great, keep up all the good work and thank you to to all.

    Oh by the way, I have been reading this site from the day it came out missing some days now and again. Awesome site, lots of reading, can you fill me in on this caption stuff, and when this FED guessing game started. I think this FED guy might be Vernon Fitch am I right.

    Gotta go talk to you soon.

    [Bzzt! Wrong answer, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  163. [ caption ]

    [ From a Late Night with Conan Obrien skit ]


    “Back in the day when Lennon caused an uproar with the comment that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus”……I said: “Yeah but we got a guy that thinks he IS f*king jesus”


  164. To Stephen
    (Dear Fellow Bloggers going to the NYC shows, Does anyone have a plan to meet for a pint before the shows?)

    I will be at the April 5th Show (AND CAN’T WAIT – I DON’T CARE WHAT THE SET LIST IS, I KNOW IT WILL BE GREAT!). I’m going with a buddy of mine AND we will definitely be having a cocktail before the show.

    One I’ve found so far is (since you said “pint” I looked under Irish Pubs – there are enough of those in the Big Apple (RCMH is 52nd/6th):

    Pig n Whistle
    165 W. 47th St.
    (between 6th & 7th Ave.)
    New York, NY
    (212) 302-0112

    Now for you Fed (I’m sure you already know these, but I thought since I hadn’t seen any pics up yet this might be of interest):

    A couple point of interest about Radio City:

    The Great Stage, measuring 66.5 feet (20 m) deep and 144 feet (44 m) wide, resembles a setting sun. Its system of elevators was so advanced that the U.S. Navy incorporated identical hydraulics in constructing World War II aircraft carriers. According to Radio City lore, during the war, government agents guarded the basement to assure the Navy’s technological advantage.

    The Music Hall’s Mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ is the largest theater pipe organ built for a movie theater. Twin identical consoles flank both sides of the Great Stage, 144 feet apart. As it was installed in 1932, the instrument, the largest produced by the Rudolph Wurliter Manufacturing Company of North Tonawanda, New York, was not built to accompany silent movies, but rather to be a concert instrument, capable of playing many styles of music, including classical organ lilterature. Its 4,410 pipes are installed in chambers on either side of the proscenium’s arch. A restoration of the historic organ was undertaken that was completed in time for the theater’s restoration in 1999.

    PS: I hope you feel better Fed…I am also under the weather…my iPod is fully loaded only with David Gilmour and Pink Floyd – I feel a full recovery around the corner 🙂

    [You get well soon, mate. I’m not too bad. Music definitely helps. – Features Editor]

  165. O.K. So I just wanted to say I can’t wait to see the show. As a child I would listen to Animals while waiting for the kidnergarden bus to arrive. Hmmmm. Yet another piece of the puzzle falls into place. Anyhow, I think it is so great to have Richard on tour. That in itself certainly opens a floodgate to The Pink Floyd chatter. To be honest I lost my mind when I heard Wots.. was on the setlist. I have waited so long to hear some gems like that and to be truthful, never thought it would happen. With a proper Floyd show there seemed to be so many must plays. However on the last tour when you played Astronomy Domine I was so impressed that it brought me to tears. I am equally impressed that Fat Old Sun, and Echoes have made it on this set. I know my thoughts are not with the masses. In fact, I should be kept guard by a white balloon at Portmeirion. I think having an opportunity to hear, say, Paintbox/(hint,hint,hint) Summer ’68/ Fearless/ Cymbaline/(Please Sir) Green Is The Colour/ Point Me At The Sky (might cause the rapture)/ Fearless, would be a life changing event. I think these are all standout tracks and to hear “If you survive till 2005” is really a testament to how great these tunes are. It must be really hard to plan a setlist that you think will please all. I guess I am the fan that wants the pie but with the crust’s cut out….Thank you for so much great music. Thank You Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Wright for all the work on Madcap Laughs and Barrett. I look forward to the show.

    [I saw a Floyd tribute band do ‘Paintbox’ the other week, as it happens. It was great. – Features Editor]

  166. Dear Fet Ed. I can sympathize with you and David for having to hear all of the extremly needy fans who demand quite too much. However I ask from you do be gentle with them. I am a realist and I know that the mega Pink Floyd tour is never going to happen and who knows if David gets the itch to tour by himself again, but you must realize how much David and Pink mean to a lot of people, and besides Live 8 this is the first signs of life from David since The Division Bell. It’s very difficult to contain oneself and not beg, plead, cry,moan, and complain when their city gets passed over. Not to say David should feel the slightest bit bad because after all family is the most important thing and I am extremly glad that he is focused on that. So to wrap up. I am not begging David for anything what will happen, will happen but I do ask that you give mercy to those poor souls who can not contain themselves. It will be difficult but I am sure that you are enough of a fantastic person to persevere through it. Thank you kindly. Cheers Mate!! and I do hope your cold has lifted.

    P.S. good luck to David’s children on their exams, all the best!

    [Yeah, we know how much the music means to people. Good post, Josh. – Features Editor]

  167. Hey,

    Is Shine on You Crazy Diamonds Parts 6/7 being played? I love the guitar there! I hope it gets played in Toronto! 🙂

  168. Dear Feat. Ed.

    I’ve been away from the blog for some time traveling on business, and notice the new website content –“The Important Stuff”. This is great for David’s and Polly’s fans to see what issues are important to them (and speculate how these issues may affect the music and lyrics they compose). I’m amazed that some people write that this is irrelevant to the site (Graham Knight) or suggest that opposing fringe viewpoints should be presented (such as Crichton’s denial of global warming, thanks to Christopher from Australia!!). As you said, this is David’s and Polly’s site and if someone is offended they should just go elsewhere.

    Seeing the recent “Important Stuff” reinforces that David’s music shows a love of the natural world — from “Fat Old Sun” to “Sorrow” to “Where We Start”. These are all lyrics by David himself and they’re tremendous. I read in a recent interview (perhaps in Guitar World) that Sorrow was one of the songs in which the lyrics came first and the music was built around them. (Who says that Roger is the better lyricist!)

    Now for my own brief “plug” in support of “Important Stuff”. Everyone can do their part to reduce global warming by switching to solar electric power. I installed a solar roof on my house and 100% of my electric power now comes from the sun … no greenhouse gas emissions at all. It’s a bit expensive now, but considering some of you are flying halfway cross the USA to see David — I’m sure you can afford it!

    Finally, I know everyone on this site hates requests, but I did read from an interview that David reads this site with an open mind. In the USA, we would absolutely love to hear “Sorrow” added to the set list (along with my all time favorite “Fat Old Sun”). This would be an appropriate song considering the US govt. denial and inaction on global warming (even though its most northernmost state is melting).

    I was glad to see that the “Important Stuff” posted by David and Polly — my favorite musician and lyricist — is my own. I’ve been a solar electricity researcher for 30 years and this technology is finally here! It’s been a long time coming… hopefully not too late. Sorry for the seriousness but considering the “Important Stuff” added to this website, David sometimes deserves a little variation in the input beyond some limericks and clever captions (although I do admit these are entertaining, thanks to Rudders and friends).


  169. The Setlists are beginning to get a bit predictable, with no surprises. I’m hoping David will change some of the songs for more music from Obscured By Clouds and Meddle that have never been played before. It was such a wonderful surprise to hear Wots Uh The Deal, please please can you play some others from that album, Stay would fit perfectly, also why isnt David playing Marooned, which again would be most appropriate.

    Finally any chance of adding “Island Jam” to the end of the first set?

  170. You know, I was thinking about an interview I read the other day talking about Nick. Why do a lot of people think he’s a horrible drummer? He’s not the best, but I think it fits Pink Floyd. Just my thoughts….

  171. [You can’t prove anything, Rudders. Just because I have a pale complexion, very high eyebrows and a fondness for bright red wigs, doesn’t mean a thing. And so what if I wear yellow jumpsuits? Doesn’t everyone? – Features Editor]

    Thought I had you figured out from this F.E..Either Dame Edna or Maggie Thatcher but the wig colour doesn’t fit.Would have to be see thru blue.

    You’re right.I also wear yellow jumpsuits, along with high heels and pushup bras but only on Saturday nights and special occasions.We’ll have to flip a coin to see who gets to wear this at the last concert as it would be so embarassing being seen in close proximity wearing the same thing.

    [OK, but I call heads. – Features Editor]

  172. Hi all Eclipse here, i am just wanting to say that I’m so glad Rick was apart of On An Island,Rick is my second Fav Floyd band member ,DAVID BEING NO 1 of course.I’m wondering if you’d be so kind to please let me know if rick has any other solo albums I’ve got 2( B.C & W.D)

    Thanx so much,Bye 4 now. I LUV YOU DAVID X P.S Polly You are so lucky,I envy you, As most women do, so pol look after him as many women would snap David up.I’d Marry him in a hearbeat.

  173. Having followed, with amusement, the comments about your identity I have come to my own conclusion. I have always thought you are female. This coupled by the list of clues I blagged below leads me to think that you could only be……

    1. We now know the Feat Ed is not Polly or one of David’s older children
    2. Feat Ed is a Liverpool supporter
    3. Feat Ed is pretty much fluent (or is that fluid !) in French
    4. Feat Ed admits to being ‘a southerner’ – but of which country ?
    5. Feat Ed is a party-goer – puts on a Liverpool accent at parties

    ……Cilla Black

    Sussed you and dont try and wriggle out of it wack.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Nice try, chuck. I did say that I’m a plastic Scouser, though. – Features Editor]

  174. oh dearest editor!

    i’ll be at the Paramount, Oakland, the 16th of April, balcony. I’ve got an original photo of Dave autographed by the photographer from the infamous Floyd show (montreal?)… Any chance of a pass, so that I may bring it to have autographed? I’m a transplanted Scot in SF, guitarist, and massive gilmour fan

    [Sorry, I don’t have anything to do with the shows. – Features Editor]

  175. I saw Australian Pink Floyd two nights ago, and I must say they did an excellent job.

    Sorry, I know this is a DAVID GILMOUR blog, I’m mentioning the Aussie Floyd show because I know they played at David’s birthday, and that David has said “I still think we’re better”.

    Come 30 May I’ll be able to assess that comment for myself (pressure’s on David!!). I truely hope David’s show IS better, because it will be one hell of an evening if they are!

  176. [Ps Did any fellow bloggers get a ticket for the Arrow festival while you were in Amsterdam?]

    Yes, After the show in Amsterdam I could not resist and I am going indeed. See The Dark Side of the Moon!!

    David Gilmour is great, but the same goes for Roger Waters!

    Me too! I’m gonna be there!

  177. Will this be David’s first trip to New York (Manhattan) since the attacks of 9-11? I am returning to my old hometown of New York for the first time since 9-11, to see and hear David and the band perform at Radio City Music Hall.

    For, David’s songs have power to quiet
    The restless pulse of care,
    And come like the benediction
    That follows after prayer.

    As I retrace the steps of my youth, and ponder on those I love so, I plan to pay my respects, pause, sit quietly, and reflect, at Ground Zero…where silver has faded to black. And, it is here, where I shall walk myself weary through this strange corridor of time, only to be soothed later by David’s heart warming music on opening night at Radio City. Home, home again, indeed.

    And if you sit
    Don’t make a sound
    Pick your feet up off the ground
    And if you hear
    As the warm night falls
    A silver sound
    In a tongue so strange
    Sing to me…sing to me.

    There will no doubt be souls higher than the mezzanine, finding peace in your heavenly music, only just a whisper away. And…

    When the Day Is Done, and the darkness
    Falls from the wings of Night,
    As a feather is wafted downward
    From an angel in its flight.

    Then read from the treasured volume
    The poem of thy choice,
    And lend to the rhyme of the poet
    The beauty of thy voice.

    And the night shall be filled with music,
    And the cares, that infest the day,
    Shall fold their tents, like the Arabs,
    And as silently steal away.

    Bon Voyage on your trip across the pond.

  178. David supports Arsenal! will he be glued to the telly tonight! as i will be. Now you that you have told me, it rings a bell (not a division bell) i remember an old black & white photo of a floyd football team & they looked to be wearing an Arsenal strip.

    again thanks for the reply.


    [Didn’t they do well? Sorry, couldn’t resist that. – Features Editor]

  179. [A couple of musical memories include a Chuck Berry concert from 1972 in the ‘Locarno’ nightclub] Posted by Pete

    I noticed your post last night and I was at that concert (not the Chuck Berry one, the Pink Floyd one) and was one of the poor sods who queued up till one in the morning just to get in!!! But what a gig! I think I would be right in saying that it was the first gig that the track ‘Eclipse’ was played which completed the piece. However the GGITS was called the ‘Mortality Sequence’ and didn’t feature Claire Torry’s sublime vocals. It consisted of a bible passage being read out over the music which, incidentally, is very similar to the track on Animals. Anyway, to cut to the chase, the highlight of the gig was ‘Echoes’ and I hope that David keeps this in the Set List for Manchester. Can’t wait.

    P.S. Message to Pete (Coventry) As regards the Coventry FA Cup Final..I assume you are talking about Houchin’s diving header!!!Awesome…..or could you mean Gary Mabutt’s og 😉

    P.P.S. Best of luck to David’s son in his exams, my son will be going through the same this summer.

  180. Why u don’t come to Ireland?? I’m going mad I can’t travel to attend a date…

  181. Hi, I posted Earlier but forgot to ask is David putting On An Island to dvd (I hope so)

    Luv Eclipse from Australia x

    [I’m going to forget to answer… Oh, alright. Yes, it’s being considered. – Features Editor]

  182. Hi, Graham again.

    i have just looked at the “important stuff” again did i miss the line “what David & Polly consider to be The Important Stuff…” am i going blind!!

    also i keep adding messages in this section, i am aware they are just general comments not related to David’s live shows (i wish i could comment on at least one live show mind you) is there a general fanfare “bit” so i dont clog this bit up with my ramblings.

    [We’re all rambling, my friend. Don’t worry about it. – Features Editor]

  183. OK now I’m REALLY getting excited. I have a tix for the April 9 show at Massey and reading the setlist after each show is killing me! Can’t wait, less than 2 weeks. Please don’t take ECHOES off the list for MASSEY, please, please please………

    Thanks for all the great music DAVID.

  184. Dear friends and dear FEd,

    I’m very happy you liked my review…I feel very honoureded that so many expert fans like you think that my review was good! All of us know how much difficult is describe this great feelings!

    I still haven’t believe I saw David Gilmour’s concert!

    Last night I watched for the 100 times Live at Pompeii because I need to listen and saw David playing Echoes. He is incredible! I love his biceps pumping up while he’s playing the guitar stronger scores! 😉

    And when he played Echoes in Rome, two nights ago, DAVID LOOKED LIKE HE WAS STILL 25 YEARS OLD!!!

    Really fantastic!!!

    Have a great day!


  185. Hello again, just one little disappointment about Rome concert.

    At the end of the show there were some people waiting for the band at the buses, to see them nearer, take
    pictures and thank again for the beautiful show.

    Some people gave up, some had to drive far so they left, some where “sent to another door (they changed mind…, will go out that way”)”, after 40 minutes there were around 20 people near the cars.

    The security came out, and told us to go away, otherwise the band would have not come out. So we had to leave without seeing them, also because the car parking was closing (it was 1 a.m.).

    I hope it was a decision of the security and not of the band.

    What could have happened? Fans just wanted to show David and Richard how much they love them, I think we deserved this possibility.

    Some people insisted saying, “tell us where to stand, we’ll stay there without annoying them”, no way.

    I’m also surprised of this decision, since David was seen strolling around Rome in the afternoon, without any problem.

    I heard rumours about a new show in Venice, in July, can you confirm ?


    [That’s news to me, Marina. It’s quite likely that it’s just another rumour created by the press. If David is playing anywhere, we will let you know here first. – Features Editor]

  186. Educated Peter here. Did anybody else wonder what a glass harmonica was. (cant remember now which track on OAI it is used on). Well now I know:


    ”Invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761, the glass armonica (or glass harmonica) was one of the most celebrated musical instruments of the eighteenth century. Its name is derived from the Italian word, armonica, or “harmony.” It’s ethereal beauty and magical sound continues to capture the attention and love of musicians around the world.”

    There was also a picture and it look piano shaped.

    You learn something every day. Pete – Coventry

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