Night Six: Amsterdam


Five shows down, 20 to go and it’s Amsterdam tonight.

If you are spending your Sunday night at the Heineken Music Hall, let us know. As always, we love to know how you’re feeling and how the concert went. We’re such a nosey bunch.

So please feel free to share all the details when you get home. We’re enjoying your thoughts, memories, highs, lows, and all that comes in between.

If you don‘t want to know the setlist, then please don’t read the fan comments.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

147 thoughts on “Night Six: Amsterdam”

  1. Caption:

    Listen, I don’t mind being frozen for 1000 years for the best of the millenium charity concert, but if you don’t get me to the loo I’m going right here.

  2. okay Fed..this has been bugging me for a while and I was going to wait for when you cover Massey Hall but I can’t wait much longer! I have a major concern about my seating..although I am in the fourth row, it is left side floor (LSF) and is labeled ‘obstructed’. I have been told that I will not have an enjoyable experience at all from where I am sitting but have also been told that the only reason they are labeled obsructed is because of a sound imbalance since they are off center. I am not sure what to believe and what hopeing that you or anyone else familiar with the venue could answer my concerns.


    [Hi Mikael. First of all, I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the venue, so let’s see if anyone else comments. Anyone? – Features Editor]

  3. How come Mr. Gilmour is not going to visit Poland ? His album have just picked number 1 position on the chart, plus it would be a perfect idea to have a show featuring L.Mozdzer and Z.Preisner. Surely it’d be a sell-out. Think about it.

  4. Caption…

    “I gotta get me some more sleep.Just gonna slide em a few more notes than I’m outa here!”

    (Just kidding.I know that David would never think that way but it just seemed to fit.)

  5. Okay, I may..just may have an extra ticket for the Toronto Sunday April 9th show. It is not the greatest seat in the house..LCB row I but it is a seat. It is not with me..I am on the floor and that seat is not for sale ;-)) I bought it through ticketmaster for a friend so it is not scalped. I would be willing to sell it at face value $127.43. I have 2 stipulations, the first is that the buyer must be living in Canada and secondly be a contributer or follower to this website. I think the buyer should be a real David Gilmour fan not a Johnny come lately. So if you are interested e-mail me at

    Cheers, Howard

  6. Damn,

    Amsterdam and David Gilmour / PF tunes, it does not get much better than that.

    Burn one for me Amsterdamers!

  7. If that chap jce comes on to tell us it was a bit flat – I might just believe him – Amsterdam tends to be a bit flat.

    Sorry Features Ed and all loyal viewers

    I will get my coat.

    It’s been a long weekend.


  8. looking forward to hearing what was played tonight. will david cover another syd barrett tune, i wonder?

  9. Caption Comp: OH MY GOD! the ufos have abducted Richard!!!

    Hi everybody, looking forward to another great week checking in on this fab little site!

  10. “If you are spending your Sunday night at the Heineken Music Hall, let us know. As always, we love to know how you’re feeling and how the concert went. We’re such a nosey bunch.”

    You say nosey, I say caring 🙂

  11. Would love to be in Amsterdam for the show tonight. But I’ll have to settle for a quiet evening at home with homemade tacos and The Sopranos.

    But soon, very soon….

  12. Wow. Truly awesome, and better than I could have imagined. The sound and lights were perfect. David’s guitar playing was outstanding, and full of emotive phrases all night long. The arrangements of Echoes and Shine On are quite powerful. The band proves it’s full worth, and then some, during Echoes alone. The versatility David shows in playing solos on three different types of guitars during High Hopes is also quite remarkable. What else can you say but this band delivers. New and old, this band plays with passionate precision. What else can you say but, “Didn’t they do well?” 🙂

    Set List:

    I: On an Island
    II: Shine On, Wot’s Uh The Deal, Wearing the Inside Out, Breathe>Time>Breathe Reprise, Dominos, High Hopes, Echoes
    E: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb

  13. On An Island is the most amazing collection of music I have heard in many years, and I wish Mr. Gilmour would come to Boston.


  14. David Gilmour…Pop culture icon of OUR time, destined to becoming classic (direct quote )

    john is right apart form one thing …… david already is a classic icon of the guitar esepcially the fender stratocaster !

    there are only 2 guitarists that can play anywhere near as good in the genre of rock music in my book . steve rothery from marillion and brian may from queen . i have never heard any other guitarists bar those 3 get so much emotion from thier imsutrments . if you have never heard steve rothery play click my name and check out their album from 2004 marbles.

    sorry fet. ed. i hope you won;t give me a verbal kick in the rear end for advertising another act . won;t do it again honest 🙂

  15. What a good show! And how nice to not only hear On An Island in full, but also such classics like Time and Shine On. And of course the surprises: a fresh new take on Shine On, Wots Uh The Deal must have been out of the repertoire for years and Echoes is one of my all-time favourites, thank you so very much for playing it, in full length! And real fiery playing too.

    Hint: I would love to see a DVD or CD recording of one of these live shows…….

  16. I read a warning that the tour includes strobe lights. I am attending the April 4 show in NYC. This could cause an adverse reaction with girlfriend

    What song’s are stobe light’s used?
    How often in the show are they used?

    It would crush her if I told her she could not attend the show!

    [There are not strobes as such, but there are quick, flashing lights during ‘Take A Breath’ and a portion of ‘Echoes’. – Features Editor]

  17. I just arrived home from the show. And what a show it was!!!

    I have been to quite a few concerts, but this one was farmost the best I ever have seen. Everthing was alright. I had a evening that I will never forget.

    David and friends THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and I will see you tomorrow, same time, same place.

    Have a good night and sleep well.


  18. Hi there,

    just came home from the concert in Amsterdam….
    echoes…. high hopes… what to say? It’s all said with the music!


    …I missed a little bit, let’s say “the back vocals choir” But that’s personal,is it?

    Thanks again!!!

    Cheers, Oliver

  19. Just got back from the first Amsterdam show. What a treat!! A fantastic band backing a legendary musician playing classic songs (and soon-to-be classics), what else could you ask for!?

    (Maybe one thing though: the experience was slightly spoiled by an intoxicated man sitting one row behind me. Not only was he constantly shouting to his friend how wonderful he thought the show was – great, but shut up then and enjoy it instead of shouting how much you love it – but also was he loudly attempting to sing-along to all the songs he knew and didn’t know, not just the lyrics but also the solos. Now that’s annoying!)

    Anyway, still had a great time. The new tracks were extra powerful in their live versions, I especially LOVED the melancholy of Where We Start finishing the first set, and the fierce rendition of Take A Breath.

    Second half was outstanding. Loved the new arrangements on Shine On and the gorgeous acoustic outro to High Hopes. And as stated before: yes, Echoes was something special. Mr Gilmour going all out with his guitar in the mid-section, accompanied by an eye-splitting lightshow hitting you at full force.

    In short: an amazing evening. A huge thank-you to Mr Gilmour and his great band for treating the fans to such a fine performance.

    [I went to a concert the other week and had the same problem, Jeroen. What is it with these morons, eh? Luckily he vanished towards the end of the show and never returned. I’m hoping he either a) fell down a hole and hasn’t been found yet or b) was abducted by aliens who are still carrying out sick experiments on him as I write. That’ll teach him. – Features Editor]

  20. Fantastic concert and sound.

    Couldn’t imagine he’d play Echoes basically in its original extent, it was so great and intense.

    Great to see and hear Richard Wright and Dick Parry too. Not much space left to Phil Manzanera though.

    Thank You David again

  21. P H E N O M E N A L

    Thank you very very very very much.

    Guy was that you who sang the last line of High Hopes? Sexy voice.

    The first half of that show was David Gilmour. Exceptional. The second half was Pink Floyd onstage. P H E N O M E N A L.

    Echoes! WOW! Time! EEEEEK! Perfect setlist.

  22. Just at home after the concert in HMH….

    still inpressed… driving home no music from my car audio needed. Thanks guys.!

  23. This is in response to Mikael’s post about Massey Hall. I saw David at Massey Hall for the “About Face” tour, from what I remember Massey Hall is such an intimate setting that every seat is pretty good.

  24. Awesome show, highlights for me:

    “Take a breath” felt like being at a underground club in the late 60’s.

    Wot’s uh deal: Only white lights and beautifully sung by Dave.

    Echoes: Brrrrrrrr……..

  25. hey

    just got back from amsterdam. david and band we are speechless, it was fabelous.altough echoes in paris also was very very good, tonight comfertably numb was magic.

    thank you fore a beautiful evening and can’t wait to see you in Londen!!!!

  26. Caption:

    ‘Well if I look below this photo and concentrate very hard, I’ll be able to catch up on the latest musings of FEd and those mentalist bloggers!’

  27. It was incredible.. the sound was just brilliant, but then we were sitting dead center in the ‘black box’.

    And when they played Echoes the tears were just rolling down my face. Couldn’t stop them and didn’t want to.

    Too bad the audience was a bit tame though. I was the only one actually moving to the music.

    I owe a biiiiig thank you to the person who did not only point out the show to me (which I would have totally missed otherwise) but got me a ticket as well..

    You know who you are and YOU ROCK! 🙂

    (It was so cool I may actually just jump on a train back to Amsterdam tomorrow and just see if I can get in again.. :-p)


  28. Hello,

    Just back from a wonderful show in Amsterdam.

    I never did used drugs but:

    we had trip to the Bright Side of the Moon, half way to the stars and back to this earthly heaven….

    Gonna take a shower and a cup of coffee.

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  29. Who is the Numbnutz that post a setlist at 10;30 pm? The show is still going!

    [That was the time in the UK, Dave. Mainland Europe is an hour ahead. – Features Editor]

  30. Hey Mikael, I’m going to Massey also. You have much better seats than I do. I have right side gallery (almost all the way right). It’s okay though. I feel privileged just to be going to the show. I’m not sure if the board supports this, but I’m going to try to post a pic of the inside of Massey Hall. Click my name.

  31. Can’t wait until Radio City. Features Ed.–thanks for keeping me going until David comes to town. The set sounds incredible!

  32. Hello,

    What must I write down in my bad English? That it was an outstanding show? Yes it was, it was more as…

    The lightshow was worthed an standing ovation to the crew and Marc Brickman. Well done.

    What more… the same set list as the previous shows (no Fat Old Sun and of course no Great Gig, maybe tonight ;-)). After the intro David is there with his guitar… yes he is the guitar of Pink Floyd… great.

    The fabulous keyboard- landscapes which were made by Richard Wright & Jon Carin is an other trademark of Pink Floyd.

    On Red Sky At Night he plays sax like he plays his famous melodic guitar solo’s. A warm applause from the crowd.

    Highlights: The bluesy This Heaven. An awesome Take a Breath (David: “You all must be awake now!”, what a powerful song. With a nice guiter solo of Jon Carin!

    Playing A Pocketful of Stones without a plugged guitar and making fun out of it.

    Shine On you Crazy Diamond Davids intro on guitar was marvelous. David voice in the second half was absolutely perfect.

    The slide on Whot’s .. Uh the Deal.

    Richard Wrights voice on Wearing the Inside Out, including another great sax solo from Dick Parry.

    Phil Manzanera with special guitar effects in Syd Barretts Domino’s.

    Time… the lightshow… the song. Awesome. And please don’t forget Steve DiStanislao, he should get a medal
    for his soulful & powerful drumming.

    High Hopes is a classical and was played excellent.
    Ping, Ping… Echoes… what a great choice, what a great performance from all. And again the light show is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.

    And there was Guy Pratt groovin’ al around and doing some backing vocals.


    Standing in the first row just before David Gilmour… could see his eyes twinkle.

    Wish You Were Here… did I hear David singing or was it the crowd?

    The last one Comfortably Numb… the ultimate PF song and the ultimate guitar solo.

    His fingers touching the snares… no words…

    The song ends, applause, madness, hope this star event is carved on the inside of my skull, but think my brains are to small to get the whole sence of this all.

    A Top team. An unforgetable night.

    Another beer at the bar, chatting with my friends and wife, trying to realize what was happening.

    Thank you crew, band and all at one fifteen (best regards to Andy) you all did a splendid job, we will not forget.

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  33. PS T-shirts!

    Guy Pratt was wearing his “didn’t they do well” t-shirt again tonight. Nice humor.

    Did you liked my “Eclipsed On An Island” shirt too Guy? I was standing under the nose of David Gilmour during the encore.

    Maybe we can switch?

    After the show I met two fans from Wales! I spotted them because they were wearing both T-shirts I got too; Mostly Autumn shirts. And that’s my favourite band after the gentleman who did a impressive gig tonight… fun…

    Hope they have a save trip back to Wales and hopefully we meet again.

    Maybe in London 29th of May?

    Nick From the lovely South of…

  34. Everything began in 1994, when adiquiri the first disk of Pink Floyd(Delicate Sound of Thunder), ever since I am trying to know everything on Pink Floyd and atragetoria of your members.

    I like su work David Gilmour a lot and I am your fan, I am from Brazil and it would like you a lot to enter in contact with me, to know plus, and if you will make show here hereafter in Brazil.

    At once I thank, and I apologize for my English, I await your answer thank you. . . Ronaldo.

  35. Caption –

    Inexplicably, David starts doing ‘the robot’ during Shine On.

    [Now that’s a good one! Nice one, mate. That’s tickled me. – Features Editor]

  36. Could anyone please tell me if “Echoes” is being done full length?

    I was fortunate enough to have seen it done in 1973 at Olympia Stadium (that building has since been demolished) in Detroit during the “Dark Side of the Moon” tour and it remains the greatest piece of work I have ever seen! It lasted close to 45 minutes and totally blew me away…truly a masterpiece. I am one of the millions of unfortunates who will not be able to see this current tour unless an act of God allows it so if someone could be so kind to describe what it was like I would be forever grateful.

  37. Good news. OAI has topped #1 Sunday in Canada, hope all goes well in the Netherlands. Dear Fed, how can you play guitar and be in charge of all this. HEE. For Mikael, if you are in the the fourth row at Massey Hall. What can be wrong with the view? Unless Guy Pratt is in the way. You’ll be fine.

  38. Dear Features Editor, are David’s previous two albums going to be rereleased?

    [Yeah. – Features Editor]

  39. Dear Polly,

    Great photo Polly – I really like this one a lot. All of the elements really come together nicely and for me it’s a great black and white shot. David’s hair sidelit and shining white, set against his black t-shirt and guitar. His posture, his looking down, all adds to a beautifully moody photo.

    I’m really enjoying your photography, but this one stands out for me as one of my favourites so far. When you’re back from the tour and life returns to relative normal, is there any chance that I could buy a print? Otherwise a lovely book of your photos would I’m sure sell v. well 😉



    p.s. Caption competition: “Fender award eh? I’ll show ’em…” 🙂

    [It’s one of the best, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  40. I have to say I’m UNCOMFORTABLY NUMB. I’ve been watching and contributing to the site (with enthusiasm) since its inception. An awesomr site, with an awesome host in Fed. Just as jealous as can be reading all the posts on the tour. If anyone has an extra Chicago ticket Pleeeaaase let me know. I would just give both of my arms to see it. Can’t give my legs or I wouldn’t be able to get there. I had thought I had a ticket but it fell through. Please anyone. Guess I’ll go listen to the CD again. Simple pleasures. Thanks for listening.

    [Awesome, am I? Now I feel like a Ninja Turtle. Thanks anyway, mate. I hope you get that ticket. – Features Editor]

  41. Caption Competition:

    “I said a razor, not another damn guitar, I’m growing a beard here!!!”

  42. Hi David

    I would say my chances of you reading this are pretty slim.
    Please if you are considering a South Pacific tour of On An Island,come to Wellington,New Zealand.

    I and many others would love to see you down here.

    Regards Steve

  43. Hello Howard, I’d like to buy the ticket as a surprise birthday (April 16th) present for my brother who lives in Burlington. I’ll email you.

    John in Vancouver

  44. hello

    i spending my night in the heineken music hall

    great show ,but i also love to know what you fined off it are the shows the seem for you ,where ever you pleay so please let my no this

    thanks krijn (terneuzen)remember 68 david do you remeber it ???????

  45. Reassuring to see some subjective and constructive views on Davids work. All this adulation and idolising was making me think he isnt human! Concerned on his voice – dont over do it David, take care of yourself.

    Looks like it will be a good summer of bootlegs-I know, mustn’t promote such thoughts but even David accepts this, re comments before “Smile” to audience at “Meltdown”

    As for DVD, well of course there will be one, this year next year, who knows, there will be one. For what reason could there ever NOT be one? Technical-I dont think so, not with todays equipment. Artistic, no way, not with any “public” performer. In fact if there isnt a DVD then I will strip naked, tie myself to a stake at John O’Groats playing “This Heaven” on the bagpipes whilst eating a raw haggis!

    Good idea to ask about fav tracks “OAI”. Mine is “Take a breath”. What about least liked? Mine’s “Smile”

    Ian Pearson

  46. I agree with all the gushing, and I can’t wait to see David on the last show in London in May. But…

    Isn’t this a “David Gilmour” tour? It seems more like a Pink Floyd tour with OAI thrown in the beginning. Same band, same songs, mostly same lights, smaller venues. Even David says he’s tired of the Floyd machine, there are so many other things to be happy about like his new album, of course. So why play so much Floyd? I think he loved Floyd, the playing and the songs, he was just tired of all the marketing commotion around touring with Floyd.

    About Face was a tremendous album, I personally would love to hear more material from it and his first album. oh well.

  47. I was playing On a Island and i thought about my resent trip to Saint Tropez, France

    I spent some time on the beaches and now i see where david was coming from at least from a theortical point.

    on a island (DG)
    zarbriskie point (crumbling land)
    meddle (fearless) (saint tropez)
    more (wots the deal) (cirrus minor)

  48. i saw the “obstructed seat” warning and opted for the ninth row on the floor. i hope it’s alright. i’m sure just being in the building will be enough. cheers. see you in toronto. you awake with a start…

  49. Last night was outstanding. Shine on, Echoes and wearing the inside out were played beyond imagination.

    Now the right thing to do for all mankind is to make a live album!

  50. Thanks David, Richard, Jon, Phil, Guy, Steve and Dick for a great evening last night in Asterdam.

    Great sound, great balance.

  51. Great concert, better than I even imagined before.

    Speaking for myself Echoes was the high light of the show. Excellent interaction between David and Richard and in the morning I have watched the DVD Live in Pompeii where they also played this number. One of the best numbers I have ever seen live. I only missed a little bit the intro keyboard of Shine on you crazy diamond.

    I also find it really remarkable that the crowd was silent until the last notes of every song, GREAT. Thnaks David and band for this magnificent concert!

    [Sounds like you had a good crowd. Doesn’t that make a huge difference? – Features Editor]

  52. Wow, was this show in Amsterdam great or what? I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat all evening with goosebumps all over!!! The music on it’s own is great, but the way it was played yesterday evening…awesome! There was so much passion, which for me came to a climax in Echoes (intermezzo lasted at least 9 minutess!!!) and Comforably Numb. Only downside was that the silence between some of the songs played was sometimes a bit long. One would expect it to flow more smoothly. But hey, that long forgotten now since this concert was one of the best I’ve been to. Not only was I surprised by the quality of David’s voice ;-), but it was a nice surprise to see Rick on stage.

  53. 19 march Amsterdam: it was truly unbelievable!

    What a show, what a band! We have seen the master at work, and a master he is! Same goes for the other members of the band. They are building a fantastic atmosphere.

    The lightshow is really amazing, especially in Echoes, wich in itself is a higlight.

    There was a “minor technical glitch” as Mr. Gilmour called it: “lost a bit of guitar”. At the end of A Pocketful of Stones all went suddenly very quiet: Mr. Gilmour had unplugged himself somehow! A little bit of Brittish humour and the show was on the road again!

    What stikes me: in the quiet parts of the show 3500 people are completely silent! Great!

    Fat Old Sun was traded in for Dominoes: great song.

    I have never seen Pink Floyd or David live before and the opening tunes of Breath/Time/Breathe Reprise brought tears in my eyes: I had a long time ago given up hope to hear that ever live on stage. And High Hopes and Comfortably Numb (“you might know this one…” Mr. Gilmour said) and… the list goes on.

    I can only quote Mr. Gilmour at the end of his fantastic show: “Thank you very much indeed!”

  54. Ever since I heard and saw Echoes for the first time on the Live at Pompeii film I have been waiting for the moment to experience it Live. It never happened in all the shows I’ve been to in the past and …. tonight it did !!!! In it’s full length!!

    It was so incredibly touching to hear the vocal harmony of David Gilmour and Richard Wright and then the pumping baseline definately made me think about Roger Waters. It was truely a very very special moment for me.

    Thank you Mr. Gilmour, Mr. Wright and the whole band for creating such a meaningful event.

  55. My good friend in Germany told my this weekend that in Germany on the 31st May at 21.30hrs a live pay per view of the 3rd night from the Royal Albert Hall show will be broadcast live from London.

    Is this true, or his he winding me up?

    The first 2 shows in London both start at 19.30hrs, while the 3rd night starts at 20.30hrs in London.(time in Europe 21.30hrs)


    [He’s winding you up. That’s not happening. – Features Editor]

  56. I was there last night. One word “brilliant”

    Thank you David, Bandmembers and Crew.

    I hope that their will be an Island tour DVD

    Gr. Sven

  57. What can I say more…. Absolutely wonderful

    The setlist was the same as in Hamburg. No special guest this time.

    David had from time to time problems with finding the right tone, both for the vocal parts as with playing the guitar.

    Echoes is the absolute highlight of the show.

  58. Great great concert!

    I expected something like this and I got it so I am fully satisfied. But there’s a few things I gotta say-slash-ask:

    – During the concert, David announced it was the last song before the break. People started to leave the room. Okay with that. But after the break people just did not return. It’s such a shame for those people who couldn’t manage to get tickets.
    – Is it anywhere or is it just dutch people that have to yell at the stage? They should know that it was not a live request and with a little of brains they would easily figure out which songs where still to come… Anyway, if you’re planning on doing this during the next shows, you might just leave it…
    – Why do people have to film the concert on their cell phones (which is forbidden btw), and not concentrating on the concert? Are they big fans of the PULSE video team and want to approach the video quality?
    – It was clear already with PULSE but some of the higher tones are hard for David to reach. Why did he include similar parts in On An Island, knowing that it might go wrong live? Or why did he not play the songs in a lower tune?
    – Also big applause to Phil and Steve for performing so well in the pink floyd songs, although these were all new for them.
    – At times I had tears in my eyes. Not because I was that emotional but because the light effects were over the top. I don’t have bad eyes at all at times it was very hard to watch…

    But it was worth the 2 hour drive (single) very much and so much thanks again to the person who cancelled his/her ticket(s)!


  59. The highlight of the evening was definately ‘Echoes’ (Full length)! What a trip!…

  60. sounds like an amazing show. wish i’d been there. can’t… wait… until… may…

  61. I DO love today’s photo. It’s nice and grainy, the range of tones is perfect, and it’s consummate David Gilmour.

    Thank you kindly, Polly.

  62. Thx David,

    it was a great concert, first your new album that i like very much and then after the break the old songs. What a night, Echoes one of my favourites.

  63. The keyword for this evening to me was guts. (or just saying this is my show and i’ll do what i want).

    To start out the first part of the show with just playing On an Island showed some considerable guts. I knew that some songs would be included but i had reconned they would be intercut with a ‘Greatest Hits of Pink Floyd’ show.

    To take the first part of the evening to showcase the new album was amazing. Especially the song Take a breath. Allready one of my favorites of the album really kicks in hard in the live show.

    After the break: i can only concur with the rest of the posts here. Echoes Full length. AMAZING. Comfortably numb: AMAZING.

    The people fliming with their phones were bloody irritating. No respect what so ever. Too bad on what was bassicly a great evening.

    [You’re right, Dimitri. No respect whatsoever. – Features Editor]

  64. Dear,Gilmour

    I don’t know maybe you will read this note or not, but this is important for me and for a few my friens. we have been shared your music,soul of love ,feelings, to act with solidarity our lifes, sometimes on an island, sometimes on an lighthouse, foot of a mountain, or on open country, whatever you imagine. Years has gone, you and your music remains as most valuable for us. I wish for you that you will continue as you want, bye Nejdet Avci from Turkey

  65. …just checking in to see if Echoes is still on the setlist…okay. Good. Getting nervous about that.

    (heh, David doing the robot during Shine On! Big larf over here.)


  66. Nick from .nl – great review, many many thanks!

    Raises an interesting discussion point – how does David feel about having an entire auditorium singing/shouting/chanting the lyrics to WYWH?

    On one hand I’m sure it’s amazingly flattering, touching and possibly connected to the audience…but on the other it can divert attention from the performance. I know this sounds a little uptight, because most people in the very least can’t help mouth the words!! (that’s me – I’m a mouther – probably us introverted Brits!) I just find it interesting… Guy, any thoughts?

    Also, I’m not sure that I’d like DG to be described as a ‘pop icon’ as I think someone posted. Michael Jackson, imho, is a ‘pop icon’, and DG transcends ‘pop’ by infinite degrees! I like to think of him more as a legendary musician, with far more range/talent/ability than just ‘pop’. Besides, ‘pop’ is SO hard to define.

    Personally I put David in with the likes of Clapton, Page, Hendrix, Green as one of the greats of our time. Rock? yes…. Blues? yes…. Prog Rock? yes… Pop… no chance! 🙂


    [Well said, Nick. I agree with you on both counts. A stern “No!” to fans behaving like banshees when mouthing the words or singing along quietly will do, and a rather worried “Hell no!” to David being labelled as a ‘pop’ icon. – Features Editor]

  67. … To me it felt like going home… and ‘Echoes’ was breathtaking!!

    To David and the band: THANK YOU so much for the amazing experience.

  68. Dear Mr. Gilmour, Bandmembers and crew.

    Just like MLK I had a dream….

    This dream was to hear once in my life the songs Breathe, Wish you were here and Comfortably Numb in an outstanding performance of Mr. Gilmour.

    Thanks everyone, for making my dream come trough!

  69. Alien captain speaking to alien crew member after abducting unruly drunk concert-goer: “Pull on it harder! It MUST be a dipstick to check its’ fluid level!”


    [Exactly! – Features Editor]

  70. Ok then, a quick review of last night’s concert (march 19th). I’ll skip over the set list (no surprises here, same as the other concerts in this tour – read the other reviews!) and about how brilliant it was. That speaks for itself. I’m so glad I was there!

    What amazed me was the presence of Rick during the whole show. Not just for a few songs, no special introduction… not like a special guest, but as part of the band. Please understand that I’m a great Rick fan, but sometimes I wondered what he was doing there, especially during the PF songs. All the keyboard intros and sounds that I thought were typical for Rick were in fact played by Carin, while Rick was frantically fiddling with the buttons of his keyboard, guided by the flashlight of a road crew member. This happened on several occasions during the show. They even had to pause in between songs because he didn’t manage to start the pre recorded Breathe intro.

    David’s voice was surprisingly good during the whole concert. No problems during the first songs like in previous shows as I’ve read.

    The Great Gig In The Sky was not on the set list, nor was there any surprise guest. Although the appearance of the one and only Dick Parry was a very nice surprise for me (I didn’t read any of the other reviews before I went there).

    Right before starting the last song of the first half David’s guitar strap came loose from his guitar. A road crew member looked at it and simply walked away, leaving David to put the screws back himself, by hand, joking “It’s hard to get decent staff these days”.

    The sound was only so-so in my humble opinion. Too much focus on the mid range frequencies, which sets the focus very much towards vocals and guitar. Nice for the people who like David and wish to ignore the rest of the music, but not well for the overall soundscape. In addition a loud humping bass and bass drum. I could hardly hear the bass melody, or Manzanera’s guitar. And Dick Parry deserved a lot more volume. Overall it wasn’t bad, but not perfect either.

    The audience was tame and reserved. No standing ovation when he came on, just a mild round of applause. I was dumbfounded for this weak reception for such an artist! Very mild applauses in between songs of the first half; could it be most of the people didn’t even listen to the album before hand? only a few German drunks roared up the place by shouting names of PF songs, cheerfully ignored and parodied by David. People got more excited in the second half, with a standing ovation after the last song, before the encore. Af the two encores people gave the musicians a hand for a dozen of seconds and sped of towards the parking lot.

    Nevertheless, for me this was a great concert (I just skipped al the positive stuff, it’s covered well enough in the other reviews) and the first (and I’m afraid last) change to see David perform live. I can’t tell you how good it was to be there. Please share your thoughts if you were at the same show.

    Echoes rule(s)!

  71. Live sound

    As The tour goes on, it’s interesting to see the way the songs are played during the concerts. Some of them are played in another way. Some others are sounding differently. During the Olympia show in Paris, I’ve noticed that “Take a Breath” had a faster tempo with a heavier sound. In fact the whole songs of OAI were revisited, except maybe (if I remember well) Castellorizon, Red Sky at night and Then I close my eyes.

    But the differences between the stage and the studio version were felt.

    I’m currently listening Fat old sun (played last thursday). This was really a different track with the original : faster tempo, heavier final with two guitars and also a “dancing David Gilmour”… Very fun !

    And what about Shine on you crazy diamond ? The mix between the original live version and its accoustic (with David alone singing and playing the guitar it is really beautiful). I think it is renewing the song.

    And at last but not least. We have Echoes. Probably the most expected song to be played. Not different from the album (even if it was shorter), but it was the case of the atmosphere it gave into the Olympia. In live, this new version was sounding different and like the other songs, it was much better. This is the secret : simply sounding different than the albums.

    Hello Dear F.ed,

    And you. What is your opinion about the live sound ?
    And by the way, how do you do ? Not to much work ?

    PS : Still four days from the Olympia show, my god ! Time flies

    [Hi Antoine. I’ll give you my opinion on 1 June! I’m afraid I can’t comment until then, as I’m waiting for the London shows. This version of ‘Shine On’ is very nice though, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  72. Hi editor, Soon after i came from the show in Amsterdam , I could’nt wait much to post into this great site.. So I post with the mindset from the empty spaces , maybe like 12 night. ( just hardly 1 hr after the show) did’nt see the post though! but peace out .. “cos itz floyd and Gilmore that matters to me.. Happy days of my life..

    [Hi Noby. You left your post at the Heineken Music Hall entry. I’ll add it below for you. – Features Editor]

    Wow ! Just came from the DG concert in Amsterdam. Too good.. the songs and the lights. the first half from the the new album and the second from the good ‘ol floyd. Echo rocks.. After the show the whole crowd was comfortably numb! Peace to all Knobz ” And who knows which is which and who is who. Up and down But in the end it’s only round and round”

  73. Hello,

    can anybody tell me how late the concert started yesterday. Did it start exactly at eight or later. As tonight I am going to the concert and I would like to know when I should be there.

    kind regards,


  74. I have tickets for both glasgow and the royal albert hall 🙂
    can anyone let me know if speak to me is done, leading into breathe??

  75. Somewhat off topic, but hey…

    Saturday morning, my new washing machine gets delivered and as the two guys struggle to get it up a flight of stairs and into my flat, my iTunes (which is on shuffle mode) begins to play ‘Castellorizon’. 2’16 into it and as we know, the remarkable guitar sound of David kicks in.

    Delivery Man #1: Wow!!! Who is that? It sounds like Pink Floyd….that guitarist…what’s his name? Gary Gilmour isn’t it?

    Me: (Spluttering after nearing choking on my cup of tea)…Erm, David…David Gilmour actually.

    DM#1: Yeh, that’s the one. I like the sound of this, I think the wife will too so I’d better buy one on the way home then.

    So hopefully he managed to find the correctly named CD and that he and his wife are enjoying the new album as much as the majority of us seem to be.

    Favourite Track: Castellorizon (Goose-bumpingly fantastic)

    Sees ya’ll on the 29th May.


  76. It was a great show last night! I really liked the way ‘On an Island’ sounded live. And than an awesome performance of ‘Echoes’ and the cherry on top…’Comfortably Numb’. David’s playing was marvelous…so was his voice. It was great to hear Rick sing ‘Wearing the Inside Out’.
    I hope there will be a DVD of the concert (just not with the guy who kept asking for ‘wish you were here’).

    Thank you David and all the others, who made this a mesmerizing show!!!

    Greetings from Holland

  77. Thanks Jess for the photo of Massey Hall! We’re driving in from Cleveland for the April 9th show, and had no idea what our seats would be like! I think we’re up in the gallery, but after seeing the photo, it looks like a great place & all seats are good!

    Any suggestions from anyone as to what else we should see while in Toronto would be appreciated, as we’re coming in Saturday. So excited to see this show!

  78. The Amstdam show was great!!!! Just wondering why he didn’t play Fat Old Sun, which was on the setlist. He played Dominoes instead. Echoes and Numb were amazing, as was Richard Wright on Wearing The Inside Out. Wish I could go again tonight!!!!!!!!

    [It’s good to have a change every now and then, that’s why! The setlists are not revealed beforehand, so no one knows for sure which songs will be played. Fans are reporting on the shows as they see them, so you probably saw a setlist for a previous show. I believe ‘Fat Old Sun’ has only been played in Frankfurt and at the Olympia, Paris. – Features Editor]

  79. Dear Editor, I got a question.

    I was at the Frankfurt concert, but missed the chance to buy one of these working shirt.

    Do you know, where to get the merchandise beside the live shows??

    Any help would be great! Thank!

    [Those very shirts will soon be available to buy online at, Sebastian. As soon as everything’s set, I’ll be sure to let you know. – Features Editor]

  80. Dear features editor,

    Normally I would agree with you on my question why Fat Old Sun wasn’t played last night.

    Fortunately for me, I have a copy of the setlist of last nights show, which was given by someone from the productionteam to one of the photographers, who happens to be a good friend of mine.

    But that’s really the only reason why I was suprised that they didn’t play the song. It’s not a bad thing that they didn’t play it, the show was amazing no matter what.

    [In that case, good question! – Features Editor]

  81. at the risk of having my head bitten off like the last time i posted, i’d also add that it’s much nicer to be in a quiet crowd than a noisy one. everyone has paid for their ticket and wants to enjoy the show. the majority of people want to be able to hear the songs and applaud at the end. they don’t want to be surrounded by drunken idiots wailing and whistling and waving their cameras about. above all, there’s no need to shout out pink floyd titles! i hardly think david and his band would drop their plans and fit in a request or two for these morons! to do that is so rude and disrespectful, not only to the musicians on stage, but to the people in the audience who just want to enjoy the show for what it is: a david gilmour concert. if anyone wants to bite my head off for saying that, then go ahead and bite me.

  82. [I’ll give you my opinion on 1 June! I’m afraid I can’t comment until then, as I’m waiting for the London shows – Features Editor] – Awww FEd, will this mean we won’t have the pleasure of your company at the Manchester show. Such a pity that I won’t be able to buy you that beer I promised a few months ago (you will have to send Guy to pick it up for you!).


    [I’m afraid not. More beer for you, by the looks of it. – Features Editor]

  83. I did have high expectations. But it was even better than I expected. Thanks a lot for a brilliant show. Brilliant guitar-playing!!!!

  84. David,

    It has been a fantastic, amazing, unforgettable, great concert!!!!

    A big THANK YOU for sharing your music with all of us!

    Hello Polly,

    I’m looking forward to more pictures of the concert as I didn’t take my camera with me yesterday. I saw you taking some pictures while I was standing just a few meters from David.

    Thank you! Luciana

  85. Reading these comments on Dave’s shows is really starting to build my excitement even more. I am attending the Chicago show on 4/12 and hope to talk to a lot of the folks who have been submitting.

    The set-list looks fantastic; some old classic with new. For those who have seen Floyd, I think you will agree that one of the great live songs is “On the Turning Away.” Dave’s guitar solo at the end is fantastic!! Would love to see it in Chicago.

    Can’t wait to see you Dave!! Congrats on a fantastic new album and tour.

    Billy, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

  86. I can’t believe how diverse, disrespectful and negative some of these comments are about the concerts.

    I do hope David is enjoying his tour, despite all this.


  87. I have mixed emotions when reading show reviews. I am upset that I am missing these brilliant shows, but also excited that soon I will see David in New York and get the experience.

    I am a VERY amateur guitarist, just can strum some chords. But I have a 9 month old son who reponds very well to the song Smile. Both when the CD plays and if I sing it to him. Since, like I said, I have no real musical knowledge, might someone help me out and give me the chords to Smile? I would love to strum the guitar while singing to my son. The smile he makes when he hears it melts my heart.

    Can’t wait until April 4th.

    BTW my wife never really understood Pink Floyd, but once I made her listen to OAI, she now has her own copy in her car. (hehe) Well done, David.

  88. Hey Folks,

    The spare ticket has gone. Thanks for all your interest.

    Cheers, Howard

  89. [quote Hello,
    can anybody tell me how late the concert started yesterday….
    Alwin end quote]

    Excately at 20:00 hours, so make sure be there on time, it’s not nice when people are walking in an out when the Castellorizon starts.

    Echoes had a full length run, and is worthed a stand alone dvd version… really madness. It’s coming out the speakers now, but sorry no yesterday was much more impressive, I must close my eyes to look at my skull and experience it again.

    Ron a nice critical report, I don’t agree with everything, but nevertheless well written. And good to hear that your overal opinion was GREAT.

    Nickster from London, thanks. Maybe we should meet in London 29th of May?

    Echoes an epiloge, the day after.

    Impressive show last night… I wrote before that I didn’t like the sticker, voice and guitar of Pink Floyd, but yeah I must admit it is true, astonishing the whole show that amazing guitar playing, not over the top just the right level the right amount.

    But the funny thing is I’m singing “Wearing the Inside Out” over and over again. Rick voice was so amazing, I love that cultivated English, his pronouncing his feel for rhythm.
    Looking in Davids eyes during the encores, that was unbelievable too.

    A tear is sitting in the left corner of my eye the whole day… sun is shining… kids and wife are coming home…
    … this earhtly Heaven is the Place for me.

    Thanks x!

    Nick from the lovely South of the….

  90. “Still four days from the Olympia show, my god ! Time flies”

    C’est vrai, Antoine. And it’s a real tragedy. Time flies…

    By the way, there is one thing I did’nt say about the Olympia show. Et j’aimerais savoir si vous avez la même impression que moi: David ne jouerait-il pas encore mieux qu’autrefois? Pas seulement techniquement. Il doit avoir encore plus à dire (l’âge, sans doute, l’expérience, la vie..), comme un peintre, un écrivain,… , un vin,… , se bonifient avec le temps. Ai-je tort?

    Ikkar, with love.

  91. I watched the Meltdown Concert DVD over the weekend and watched the Miscellaneous Extras section which I had never watched in its entirety before and was completely kocked out by Sonnet 18! “Don’t” was pretty good as well!

    If DG is looking for songs to swap in and out then Sonnet 18 would be a beautiful song to use…

  92. Heineken music Hall comment: I would have paid double the price of the ticket just to hear echoes. Best performance I have ever seen!!!! Outstanding concert, outstanding musicians. Don’t have the language available to describe David’s musical capabilities. Lost for words…

  93. I’ve been reading for a while now but this is my first post.

    I wanted to echo the sentiments of Lesley, who said she cannot “believe how diverse, disrespectful and negative some of these comments are”. I agree.

    Although I think it’s quite right that the Features Editor gives a mix of good and bad reviews, some people are being most unfair. The thing that irritates me most (apart from the selfish requests for more of everything from the country that already has more than anyone) is how people seem to think it’s Richard Wright’s show. Although I obviously respect and admire Richard a great deal, he is a mere part of David’s band like the other musicians. I don’t feel he should be singled out for special praise. What of Guy, Jon, Steve and Phil?

    People have no right to expect to hear Richard’s songs, just as they have no right to keep discussing Pink Floyd’s future here.

    Like David, I would imagine Richard feels lighter with the Floyd load off his shoulders and is enjoying playing in a good band for the sake of good music. I feel the constant reference to Richard shows that people, no matter what, can’t let go of Pink Floyd. I feel this is quite sad because there is a time and a place for Pink Floyd and a time and a place for the members of Pink Floyd to be free from that heavy burden. The time to be free from it is now.

    Thank you for letting me have my say. I shall now go back to reading other comments until I next feel the overwhelming urge to speak out against something that has bothered me.

  94. It was magnificent yesterday in the HMH!

    Music,sound,songs…need i say more???

    Thanks for a wonderful evening.hope to see u again!

    Wouter (Poortugaal,Holland)

  95. I have a major concern about my seating..although I am in the fourth row, it is left side floor (LSF) and is labeled ‘obstructed’.


    Mikael – What I was told by the staff at Massey was that the reason these seats are listed as obstructed is because of the angle. They are considered a roadhouse, meaning that the bands bring all their own gear and the Massey staff never know if the band is going to have a lot of amps in the way. Gilmor isn’t Godsmack so its probably going to be fine. I was told that in 99% of cases seeing the main feature ie. Mr. Gilmour, will not be a problem at all. You just might not see the drummer if he is deeply backset. No worries – if it is – hey man, just close your eyes and soak up the killer music. At least they are not playing behind a wall eh?

  96. Wow I’ve been quoted.I’m tickled. Hi Linda..There is no doubt that David is a master,however my interpretation of being classic is not something that you achieve during your tenure.It is something that is bestowed upon you much farther down the road by the musical savants of the time much like sainthood is bestowed upon you in Christianity.Anybody else have any ideas about this?

  97. Can someone who has seen David’s show help me! I know I should wait to see for myself in Chicago, but what kind of guitar does he play for the amazing solo on “The Blue”? Also during “Take A Breath” there is a very spacey interlude right before he blasts away with the fantastic ending solo, does the band somehow recreate this special effect with their instruments or is it on a tape played by a sound engineer? Thanks for letting me know, I can not wait to hear these two tracks performed live!

    Dave in Fort Wayne, IN.

  98. I consider myself incredibly lucky. I have been to both shows in Paris and yesterday i saw David in Amsterdam.

    It seems like he is swithing between Domino and Fat Old Sun. I also noticed that Echoes was extended yesterday in Amsterdam. In Paris it was twice 15 minutes while yesterday it was 20. No complaints here 🙂 They added the bit in the middle were it went back and forth between Dave and Rick.

    Yesterday i went with my brother who i gave the ticket for his birthday. He did not know where we were heading for until we got at the venue. “Best birthday present ever!”

    Royal Albert Hall, here I come.

    PS I am pretty sure the Paris Great Gig in the Sky was a once of since Sam Brown happened to be in town.

    [Indeed it was. – Features Editor]

  99. i was looking forward for this a long time…now, almost 24 hours later i’m still feeling the vibe of the night. Thank you david (and band) for this. Highlight..? definitely Echoes…wauw what a performance…another place in my heart was filled yesterday..the man’s know how to play the guitar!

  100. The only way to get the proper dosage (self directed amount) of Pink Floyd, and the mastery of David Gilmore is to become a roadie for the band. I cannot do that at this stage of my life as I stay at home with my two boys ages 5 and 7.5. They are exposed to select tracks of any Pink Floyd CDs I own. On Tuesdays I take my youngest and his classmate to preschool, as we drive the 14.5 minutes we crank ‘I’ve Got A Bike’ and we all sing, and we play it over and over again! Thanks, seeing the boys emerge out of their shells and grin is a blast. Whats even funnier is this little boys moms face as he requests the tune, she says what song? I say to Chris, come on, sing it for her, the mom who’s taste is Neil Diamond, has no idea how much more Chris will want Pink Floyd music.

    I enjoy All of the bands music and in so much I wish I could be a roadie. Instead, I am writing a script to a movie(3-4) with imagery from my imagination set to various tracks of Pink Floyd music. I plan on getting the sample trailers done by the end of 07-08. I hope soon the music for this series of live concerts will be available on CD, as I would like to reset the sound track. I purchase all my music at music stores, as I respect the talent, and the music industry, and laws protecting the musicians.

    Rarely do I listen to other music, if I do its usually classical-Mozart-(another master) or Stevie Ray Vaughn (GRHS).

    Keep playing for ever and ever and ever. DLB

  101. Having been to the Hamburg show, where David’s voice was unbelievably good, I hardly can imagine people complaining about his current vocal performance. If it was bad, then he had definitely a cold. His voice is in better shape than ever. In hamburg he sang ‘A pocketful of Stones’ just like on th album. It was amazing!

  102. On the topic of Richard Wright being “just another one of the band”: One of the reasons why Echoes is so special and why it was the highlight of the show is definately the contribution of Richard Wright in the creation of this masterpiece, his singing and his work on the organ. It’s not the technical complexity that makes someone great (how many keys can you play in one second?), it’s all about hitting the right key at the right time.

    By the way, when someone is enthousiastic about Mr Wright, this doesn’t mean that the quality of the other band members is neglected.

  103. i was there as well in the HMH amd this was the summum, i found it very amuzing when he introducing the band, Dick Parry and Dick was nowhere to be found, but he later corrected it afther a brilliant sax solo in shine on you crazy diamond, and High Hopes and Echoes where from an othere planet

    Thanks David and Bandm My mission on earth is fullfilled afther last night

    many greetings from Almere Holland

  104. Angela – Visit to Toronto

    Things to see… I’m assuming you’re staying pretty centrally so here goes:

    – CN Tower – You can’t miss it :-)(and the glass floor is always a good cure for constipation!)
    – Hockey Hall of Fame on Yonge and Front St. (About 20 minutes walk East from the CN Tower)
    – St Lawrence’s Market – bit further East on Front along from the Hockey Hall of fame
    – Eaton Centre – North on Yonge (it’s a 10 minute walk or short taxi ride from the HHoF)
    – Hard Rock Cafe – Just opposite the Eaton Centre on Yonge (plus its close to Massey Hall so it’ll be worth checking out in preparation for the concert)

  105. I’ll be at both Oakland shows on the floor. I haven’t seen David since with PF in 73. I am so excited after seeing setlists and reading reviews. “On An Island” has immediately become my most listened to cd. But set 2, oh my God!! If I don’t live to see another show this is the one I waited for!

  106. I was wondering what one might do. If they were holding on to one extra to The Kodak Theatre and One extra to Universal( Gibson) Amphitheatre in Los Angeles???????????

  107. Angela

    The Eaton Centre is a huge Shopping Mall by the way… That’ll cheer hubby up! 🙂

  108. In response to Ernie from Boston, David Gilmour is coming within FOUR HOURS of you! If you wanted to go badly enough, you could find a ticket to see him at Radio City Music Hall in New York (although I assure you the ticket would be very expensive)! I’m flying all the way to Chicago from Houston, Texas to see him. If I can do that, you can drive four hours (or ride a train… I hear you folks have great public transportation up there).

  109. Guy,

    I was at the HMH at the 19th and it was amazing! I still can’t beleive it! ECHOES was such an unreal experience… actualy the whole gig was unreal. One day after the concert I’m getting the feeling this was real.

    One question for Guy…

    Sitting at the 2nd row I noticed you had the eyes of someone who had been using some of the green herbs… Since it was holland where it is legal. Was this the case?

    [What a rude question! Poor Guy has had a stomach bug! – Features Editor]

  110. I agree that shouting song titles, taking flash photos or screaming and whistling during songs must be very distracting for some performers. However, I don’t care what anybody says, I’ll be singing along to WYWH at the RAH…..just like I’ve done at every other concert that I’ve been to where it has been performed in the 30 years that I’ve followed PF, DG, RWa, RWr and NM. I’m sure if DG didn’t want folks to sing along to WYWH (my daughters have been singing that song since they were two years old!), then the great crowd ‘sing-along’ version of the song wouldn’t be the one that was chosen to feature on the live Pulse CD. If the crowd can’t sing along to their favourite tunes, why bother having an audience at the concert…just film the show in an empty arena, put it out on DVD and charge the fans the same price as a concert ticket to buy it.

  111. The first half was better than good, even a small part of the crowd came only for PF songs. Highlights are Smile and Take a breathe. The second half……… David Gilmour just has to look at a guitar and it’s starts playing itself. It was special, very special. I have several no 1 PF songs (is it possible to have more than one no 1 song?). I’ve got one more: Echoes. The way this song was played…… I realy hope this evening will be on DVD.

  112. i agree with luis. some people seem to think it’s half of pink floyd they’re seeing. rick is great and i mean him no disrespect, but it’s david’s show. this album and tour is david’s and everything rides on david’s back. rick is playing the organ and singing. he’s doing no more than guy or jon or any of the others in david’s band. they are equal. there’s nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia, but it’s the same thing with dick parry (who is also a great musician). get a grip! i love floyd but it’s pathetic the way some people whoop with joy for rick and dick in their reviews. i also noticed it was the same with sam brown the other night. they are all great in their own right, but how rude it must seem to them (if they cared enough to analyse it) to be getting all this acclaim because they are somehow “pink floyd” and by being there on stage with david is giving brain dead fans a “pink floyd”. i bet most of you know nothing about dick’s work with other musicians or about sam’s solo career. you just want pink floyd so you make an extra fuss over anyone who is associated with pink floyd. i’m not trying to start something but think about it. that’s so false.

  113. Last night’s concert was ….. (I haven’t got the words to discribe it, but I’ll try)… Pure emotion, shivers, goosebumbs all over (ahum, and wet eyes, ahum), a perfect audio-visual trip!!!! MANY THNX to all the great artists!!! I only regret one thing… that I didn’t buy tickets for tonight’s show!!!!

  114. To all visiting Toronto from out of town,

    If you click on my name below you will be brought to a page that outlines a wicked deal to see/experience 6 venues including the CN Tower for an extremely low price.

    I have to give a personal review of On An Island as yet, but here it goes. I must admit that it took a while to digest the album in its’ entirety. The title track was an instant winner though. It’s funny ‘cuz a similar thing happened with “Division Bell”, I did not like it at first and now it is one of my all time favorites. As such, Davids new album has found a comfortable place in my “favorites” as well.

    Thank you all for providing such interesting posts and of course to the features editor for his tireless work ethic and professionalism. This journey has been and continues to be a fantastic gift to us fans. And last but not least a big HUGE thanks to David, Polly, Richard, Jon, Guy, Phil, Dick, Steve, and all the others who made this album and tour a reality.

  115. The show was marvellous. Songs of the new album as Take a breath, Smile and Blue were fantastic, but Echoes gave me goose-skin and a tear of emotion. Please make a DVD to give me that feeling again! Thanks David for a wonderful evening.

  116. Oh my, what a response, Luis and Victor. I wrote I was amazed that Rick was part of the band and not a special guest. Now some of you seem to trip over that little remark.

    I never said he should have been treated differently. I was just amazed. In other other solo tours of other artists this is just treated otherwise. And even by David Gilmour – have a look at the Meltdown DVD, where Rick is appearing and welcomed as a special guest – and even gets to play one of his own songs. And let me point out that Dick Parry did make a sort of guest appearance, being only there at special moments, instead of playing along all the time.

    Off course I wish I could have seen Pink Floyd live. But I do know this was a David Gilmour concert, and I appreciate it for it (now that is exactly why Rick should be only a guest and not part of the band hehehe). But seriously – I am not trying to make this into a PF concert. But what about David, playing PF songs more than half of the concert? As for me I would have appreciated more work from his previous solo albums.

  117. thanks alot for de show david i was very pleasd and also thanks for de set list a get sunday a had to give the girl next to me a list and get wone for my self thanks i have somthink to remind thanks again hope to sie you by next show

  118. what a show super a enjoyed very motsthanks alot mister gilmour and a lot of thanks for the roadie who give me a set list a was very pleased with it in one word amazig

  119. Hello to FEd and to all.

    I am trying to imagine the joy and happiness that is being spread around Europe in the last few days. The fans are like the fathers of young men who went off to war and then experienced the joy upon their safe return. Every time David Gilmour has gone off to his own life and left the followers, his return is always something to be celebrated whether it be with PF or in a solo venture.

    When I first heard the entire OAI collection, I felt strange. I wanted to be so in love with the music as I was with DSOTM, The Wall, AMLOR, DSOT and Division Bell. I wasn’t right away. It didn’t have many of the same hard bites that the others had. “Take a breath” was an instant interest. “A Pocketful of Stones” & “On an Island” quickly grew on me. “Castellorizon” could probably fit on DSOTM.

    But I debated with myself as to how much I liked it and whether or not I could come to love it as much as the rest. Over many days I continued reading here, compliments off David Gilmour and FEd. I developed a viewpoint that I hadn’t before.

    With no disrespect intended, I had been approaching this work as that of Pink Floyd and not that of David Gilmour. It was an easy trap to fall in to seeing as how David really makes up the most significant part of what Pink Floyd is…or was….or whatever. Plus there are so many previous Floyd collaborators working with David on this creation. You think of David Gilmour – you think of Pink Floyd. It’s not automatic to think of David Gilmour and think of David Gilmour.

    Then it hit. This wasn’t Pink Floyd. I mean I already knew that with my cognitive mind. But my emotions and deeper thoughts had not been convinced. After I released the expectations that would be natural of a new Pink Floyd collection, I was able to be more clear of mind and be responsive to this work as that of David Gilmour. It all made sense. The new love began…


    “Fine, Fine, you can have it. Don’t beg! Take this guitar and get off your knees.”

  120. TO: Dave in Fort Wayne, IN. (and other interested guitarplayers)

    The glissandi in “The Blue” are not produced with a slide guitar (as mentioned somewhere else on this site), but with a Digitech Whammy WH1.

    This guitar effect uses a pedal to shift the tone up or down an octave or two. Other pitch-shifts are also possible. Besides that it has some other functions (detune etc.)

    David uses this pedal extensively; you might listen again to “Marooned” on “The Division Bell” with this knowledge.

    Digitech produced a small serie of the original WH1. After that 3 more issues were produced, but as you’ll read in reviews on the net, they are not as good as the original.

    Feel free to send me an e-mail for further info.

  121. Nickster and F.E.,with all due respect my use of the word “pop”is not intended as meaning pop music. It is just a general term meaning pleasent to the masses of the day which I think applies here.But having said so,I can see how you may have misinterpreted my meaning.Sorry if I offended.

    [No need, John. You are right and it was a nice thing to say. – Features Editor]

  122. Ivo,thanks so much for the guitar information. In your humble opinion, what makes David stand out from most guitarists? Could Clapton create the sounds David gets out of his guitar? I know Jeff Beck can, because he did a lot of Floyd like guitar sounds on Roger’s last cd-Amused to Death. One last question, is it tough to play the sit down steel guitar David plays on the Division Bell?

  123. to ron: i wasn’t referring to your post. sorry if it looked like i was having a go. i was really referring to posts from weeks ago and the post by luis g got me thinking. as soon as it was announced that rick would be part of the band, i feel some people went over the top. i love rick and agree with everyone who says that he contributed much to pink floyd and is no doubt contributing much to this tour. but i stand by what i said about people wanting pink floyd and not getting it. i can’t say everyone is the same, but some people clearly are. no hard feelings, i hope.

  124. Just recovering form the great show on sunday. It was the 35th time I say David live on stage (“old” Pink Floyd fan) but still the same hight quality as the past. The On An Island album is a nice replenishment of my collection (no. 29).I hope this was not the last time that we see you on stage because you can play like this for many more years.

  125. To Rudders: Thanks for the suggestions when we visit for Toronto! Looking forward to spending time in your fine City!


  126. Well, what can I say, what can I add ? It was mind-expanding, although I was getting pretty ill that day. Still managed to cope with it and boy what a show it was.

    OaI in its enteirity was a real treat. Very silent audience, which was great, esp. for the first half and the song before the encore ! Maybe you name it tame, but maybe I call it appreciative ? I know David appreciates that even the people at the far end of the venue can actually hear every nuance in guitar and voice. And we did !!!

    The audience on monday was a bit faster in applauding and cheering, but the sunday had almost every song listenable from start to finishing note, even the last few tunes from echoes and then the buzzing sounds kept the audience mesmerized. Kudos to that audience !!!

    The last time I heard a live version of Echoes was in Japan in ’72 where the audience was so silent and polite towards the band. Cheering, shouting and clapping can also be done AFTER a song 😉

    Shine On was great, Dominoes had Rick puzzled, cause David (as far as I remember) told Guy (who told Phil and Steve) and Jon, but NOT Rick in the last few seconds of the song before that he would swap Fat Old Sun for Dominoes (with a great freaky solo from Phil). Maybe because of his voice ? He sounded way better on monday. And FOS on monday was the highlight (aside from Echoes). Wot’s the deal was another treat to hear live (this year for the first time EVER in Floydian history).

    Well, Echoes was the true epic. A shame you couldn’t see how David was making all those sounds in the middle part, but the misterious lights added to the atmosphere. Rick’s Wearing the Inside Out was great and sorely missed on monday. Monday it was a spot at the far back of the hall for me but in the middle whereas sunday I was on the 12th row from the front at the far right. Really preferred monday because of the sound (which was also better balanced by the mixing desk). Truly two nights I’ll never forget (please, a DVD to relive this experience). Floyd in ’89 for my first time was very special, DSOTM in ’94 too, but this topped it all. It topped EVERY single gig I’ve ever witnessed before.

    For those concerned about the appreciation for Rick: I know he’s rather shy and still lacks a bit of confidence 9who can blame him ? I don’t), so any support from us may help building confidence. Rick truly appreciated the cheer (now what about another solo CD ?). On monday the interplay between Rick and David in Echoes was amazing to witness.

    And about David being labelled as the voice and guitar of Pink Floyd. Well, as he stated, why not advertise and use what you are. He deserves all the support (and supported he is judging from the sales of his record and gigs). And as people said before: listen to any song he contributed to (We got married from Paul McCartney, Brother Where You Bound from Supertramp, etc., etc.) and you recognise his sound.

    To those of you lucky enough to visit one of the upcoming shows : ENJOY !!!

    And the best part of this tour: the band is really enjoying being on stage and playing and it shows and helps building a special and intimate atmosphere ! Please David, do such ‘small’ tours once in a few years. Record an album with your friends, do a few shows and for the rest of the year enjoy your freedom with Polly and your children. You’ve greatly earned it…



    Hi Dave.

    Personally I think David is an outstanding guitarist because of his ability to ‘speak’ with his guitar. Using his skills when playing (string bending etc.) and choosing his effects wisely (talk-box, WH1, slide-guitar), he creates an extroardinary sound and ‘feel’.

    I reckon all the super-guitar-players can recreate a certain sound on their guitar. It’s a bit like reproducing a painting: anyone can use teh technique and style of Van Gogh, but these painting will never be exactly the same as the original, because the paintings are made by different persons!

    Difficult to explain, but I guess David certainly has a kind of ‘fingerprint’-sound, yes.

    Well, playing the slide guitar.

    If you want to have a go at it yourself: go to your local guitar shop and buy a slide (metal or glass, I prefer glass).

    Go back home again and put your guitar on a table or chair. Crank up your gain and use quite some delay and reverb.

    Place the slide on the strings (do not push, it just touches the strings) and pick the strings with a plectrum just like normal playing.

    Now move the slide and listen to the wonderful sound.
    Once you’ve mastered the technique it’s time to tune the low E-string down to D.

    Tuning of the lower three strings is D-A-D right now.
    Now try to pick the three strings at once and slide gently with your slide (touching the three strings). This sound should revive memories of the start of “One of these days”.

    When you are completely happy with you slide-playing and think you can make a living out of it, you could go to your guitar-store once again and buy a ‘real’ slide-guitar.

    To answer your question shortly: no, it’s not that difficult to play slide-guitar. Use your ears wisely, its like playing a violin or trombone: they sound lovely when played in tune (which is difficult), but will scare cats and dogs away when played out of tune (not that difficult).

    If you have any further questions: please mail, otherwise we might give the Feat. Ed. the impression that this is a chatbox instead of a highly appreciated weblog on one of the greatest guitarists in the world.


    [You’re alright, Ivo. Very interesting and surely useful to many. – Features Editor]

  128. What a great show at HMH,and Echoes live !!! Wow. Thanks guys you´ve made my day,month,year…


  129. hullo, back again.

    in catching up reading these posts [ill a few days] a lightbulb went on. David has drawn so many of us to this musicblog. we’re from Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, New Zealand, Brazil [how could i not mention Brazil?], Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Africa, everywhere in the UK, at least a dozen US states and half the provinces of Canada – oh, Australia and Scandinavia, too. Probably more – forgive if i’ve omitted!

    i guess i could have just said ‘continents’ to save space but all these countries now have individuals whose ‘voices’ i recognize as i read, and i am happy to see them post, like friends.

    we may rant and quibble, but we are all here because of our love and respect for David Gilmour and his music. our differences fall away when we write about the tremendous effect David’s music has on us all, and has had on so many of us, for DECADES.

    i just wanted David to know that his talent has a unifying effect… a rare thing in the world today.

    15 days to go…


    p.s. i dedicate all these quotation marks to Dr Phang, wherever you are…

  130. I came all the way from Bosnia (yes that godforsaken Bosnia) to Amsterdam just to see the David Gilmour concert on the 19th. It involved quite some planning to organize tickets (from ticket scalpers through ebay) the flight, accommodation and other bits and pieces and try not to spend my annual salary. It was an amazing experience. Messrs. Gilmour, Wright, Carin et al were truly amazing.

    The highlights, which are very difficult to pinpoint since the whole concert was awesome, apart from the impeccably performed songs from the new album were brilliantly fresh and powerful Echoes, Wearing the Inside Out, with Mr. Wright in full form, and of course the encore Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb.

    A few things – not related to the actual performance – really pissed me off. Firstly, it seems to me that even though the concert was officially sold out a portion of tickets was available on the day of the concert – not fair having in mind people like me who had to organize their trips from far away and could not rely on obtaining tickets on the day of the concert – be it legally or from ticket scalpers. I went through the same logistical ordeal of organizing a concert visit in 2002 when I went to Copenhagen to see Roger Waters live in Forum (also an amazing concert – if you do not have it already the In The Flesh tour DVD is a must). On that occasion, tickets were not available on the day of the concert as it was truly sold out.

    Secondly, apart from the moron who kept yelling “Wish You Were Here for Syd Barrett”, when it was obvious that Mr. Gilmour was not going to leave the stage without having played this classic and Comfortably Numb, the locals (or natives) were getting on my nerves as a significant portion of them perceived this superb and unique musical voyage, and possibly the last opportunity for many of us to see David Gilmour or Pink Floyd live, as just another opportunity to get pissed on beer and stuffed with pizza and kept popping in and out during the concert to replenish their stocks of beer. I understand that people for whom concerts are taking place just a couple of subway stations away from home view these events as just another night out on the town but they should nonetheless pay heed to the people who had to sacrifice great many things and overcome many obstacles to come and see such a concert.

    After the concert I was overwhelmed with joy of having seen this amazing concert, mad at the people who failed to appreciate the uniqueness of this event and sad that my return flight tickets were not refundable for otherwise I would have stayed for the concert on the 20th even if it meant spending my annual salary on the tickets. I am considering a trip to London for one of the 3 Royal Albert Hall concerts (end of May) even if this adventure might involve giving both of my kidneys to ticket scalpers (it was that great a concert)

    In the end a word of advice to all the people living in all the great cities in Europe and North America – use wisely the fact that some of the greatest musicians in the history of humankind are coming to your doorsteps to play their music, and in the case of DG and PF their masterpieces, as this is not just a chance to have fun and hear amazing music performed live but also the material verification that your country or nation belongs to the circle of civilized nations. Enjoy this fact whenever you can. Just thinks of all those less fortunate people, or people from less fortunate countries, and things they have to go through to see a concert of such brilliance while for you it is just 50-60 euros and couple of subway stations away.

    For all of you in possession of tickets for one of the coming DG shows – enjoy it as it is second to none.


    [Very well said, Damir. Thank you for that. I hope people think about what you’ve said, because you’re completely right and make a very good point. I also hope you can get to London if it’s possible, because you’re the type of fan I’d want to find myself sitting next to, not the loud-mouths who have no respect. Thanks for posting, mate. – Features Editor]

  131. Hey i was in Amsterdam and it was so fantastic. Everything was perfect: Accustic, lightshow and davids voice was brilliant. I can’t believe how good this gig was. Thank you very much dear David. You are the greatest!

  132. Damir…

    Your post should be published every day for people to read!

    I completely agree! Well said…and Bosnia can’t be godforsaken because it has you…:-)

  133. I was there in Amsterdam and I loved it! I got the ticket from my dad. It was so good ^^! Everything was perfect! I believe I was the youngest there. I wish I could go to London to see a concert again. But all tickets sold out 🙁

    Good luck with the tour :-)!

  134. RealShemp, that has to be one of the funniest captions so for!!!

    Damir, I’m with you…if anyone get’s loud around me April 5th I’m likely to grab a real pocketful of stones!!!

    Hey, two weeks to go for me…. David, I’d like to personally invite you and the band to a good restaurant in the Inwood section of Manhattan. I have no financial stake in the place, but whenever I have a guest from out of town I take them to Caridad Restaurant on 207th Street. Great home made Dominican Republic food with plenty of tables for you and the band (and away from the hustle and bustle of midtown).

    Our house is your house…seriously, I mean that…

  135. I’ve seen the show in Amsterdam. It was great, fantastic, amazing! Never thought that this would happen. I’m glad I’ve seen it. Thank you very much for doing this!! My dream came true.

  136. Dear Mr. Gilmour, Band members and crew. A really great show in Amsterdam !!


  137. I flew from Upstate New York, USA to Amsterdam to see David Gilmour and his wonderful band, it is definatly a night I will never forget. I had seats off to the side of the 6th row, but I did get to stand in front of him for Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here. I will see him in Toronto and in London, HOW DO I OBTAIN A BACK STAGE PASS???????

    [You don’t. Sorry! – Features Editor]

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