Night One: Dortmund


Well, we’re all dying to know the answer to the all-important question: How was it?!

If you were at the Konzerthaus tonight for the first night of David’s ‘On An Island’ tour, please let us know how you enjoyed it. We want all the details.

We can exclusively reveal the setlist, which is below with the comments. If you don’t want to know it, don’t read on.

Please also note that merchandising is available at the venues. There are T-shirts (sourced from reputable Fair Trade suppliers), as well as a beanie hat, jacket, badge and 28-page tour programme (which is printed with vegetable inks on recycled paper, no less).

This merchandise will shortly be available to buy online, so you can be properly kitted out should you be seeing David on tour. More details when we have them.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

208 thoughts on “Night One: Dortmund”

  1. Dear Features Ed

    Please can you find out whether there is a different programme for European leg and USA and Canada leg of tour. This was certainly the case for Division Bell tour in ’94.

    Presumably the trucking,sound and lighting etc. changes from one continent to another.

    Many thanks

    [Will do. – Features Editor]

  2. I can hardly wait the 15 days til David plays Radio City Music Hall- and I can’t wait to hear about the first show! The album is incredible, I didn’t think David’s playing could actually get any better, but I think it has! And the tones are really amazing… I’ve enjoyed seeing the info on Pete Cornish’s website about David’s gear but I’m always hungry for more- Features Ed, there should be some official gear info on David’s official website! And someone please get some gear pics from tonight’s concert if you can 😉

  3. It was so amazing!

    Never saw a Concert like this, all the new Songs (they are getting better every day) and all the old Classics. The Light, The Sound, everything was just great. Thank you David, for coming to my hometown.

    All the best….Jens

    For all Fans with tickets for the next shows: You will love it.

  4. Yes, please tell us how awesome it was. I wasn’t there, but I will be at Massey Hall in Toronto on April 10th and I am having a hard time holding back my excitement. I can’t wait to hear the broadcast tomorrow so I can get an idea of how great this show is going to be.

    By the way, I’m not sure if this is an appropriate place to post this question, but I can’t find anywhere else to post it. Are there any plans for a DVD release from this tour? This will be my first time seeing David in concert and I would love to be able to watch a show from the tour over and over again.

    [We’re thinking of it, Jesse. – Features Editor]

  5. Please, let us all the spanish people konw if we are gonna have the chance to see you live here. I saw you once 10 years ago on that unforgettabke concert at Hyde Park.

    We’d also like to know if you could release some pictures or videos of your concerts.

    Good luck mate, you are the number one!!

  6. More kudos to David for using recycled and fairly traded products – especially since this is Fair Trade fortnight.

    Great to see someone who genuinely cares about this planet and the people on it who are less fortunate than we are. And who does it quietly and NOT as a publicity stunt…

    The more I read about David, the more I admire him as a person and as well as a musician.

    I may sadly not be going to any of the gigs but will certainly be buying the t-shirt – if only to support the cause.

  7. As promised, here is the setlist from tonight’s show:

    First half: All of ‘On An Island’

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out, Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise, Dominoes, High Hopes, Echoes

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb

    Interesting stuff, eh?

  8. Think about going to this concert twice, cause after that you can’t see any better.

    Don’t know how to describe, but I try to give you a few more details.

    First up was the new Album then a short break and then Pink Floyd Classics, for me “breathe”, “time”, “comfortably numb” and of course “Wish you were here” were the best. It goes from 8 pm till nearly 11 pm (including 20 minutes break).

    I still can’t believe, that I was there….

  9. wow, what a set! sounds absolutely amazing. ‘wot’s… uh the deal’ is a real surprise! hope you enjoyed it as much as the audience must have done, david. you rock! can’t wait to see you in manchester. x

  10. Well, I had to do it, I just had to look! Thanks for listing the setlist and comments, everyone…so happy Castellorizon is being played (love the whole albums as a set execution).

    Can’t wait to hear the live arrangements of the new songs, and old classics.

    heaven sent the promised land
    looks alright from where I stand
    ’cause I’m the man
    on the outside looking in
    waiting on the first step
    show where the key is kept
    point me down the right line
    because it’s time

  11. I see we have another Jesse on the board, so Ill go ahead and switch back to using the “B”. Hi other Jesse!! I made sure not to read the set list, but Im dropping a word in to say how much I LOVE todays picture!! Now thats a mug I would like to see on my T-shirt! Also Im sure it will become evident as the online sales begin for the T-shirts and such, but any advance knowlege as to how much the whole kitten caboodle will cost me? I dont want to sound like too much of a product hound, but this new matterial means a whole lot to me and I would like a these trinkets as mementos of this dream actualized. As always, with love….

    [We’ll be listing everything that’s available, including prices, very soon. – Features Editor]

  12. It was great!

    I’m 28 years old and it was a dream since my youth to see Pink Floyd or especially David Gilmour live.

    The sound, the light… excellent!

    According to the setlist: I like the new cd, so the first part of the set was very good. In the “Oldies, but Goldies”-Part I missed some more known Pink Floyd-titles. “High Hopes”, “Wearing the inside out”, “Wish you were here”, “Shine on…” and especially “Comfortably Numb” were great, but instead of the other songs I would prefer songs that are more known to the audience, like “Learning to fly”.

    However – the show was absolutely great and I hope it won’t be the last tour!!!


  13. He plays Echoes live? What a GREAT surprise!

    I can’t believe to hear Shine on and Echoes on the same show… I was sure he didn’t want to play it anymore after the attempt in 1986 Momentary lapse tour.

    Hope he will play it even in Milan…

    Thanks David for these gift.

  14. Hello,

    Thank you Fet. Editor for this “best of best” setlist. It is awesome, “Echoes”… I’m really surprised, I’ll not be disappointed if David will keep this setlist. And else? I think I’ll not be disappointed any way at all.

    If I’m correct, then we’ve another birthday party today: Arnold Layne saw the daylight in 1967. Congratulations Arnold.

    Hope everyone had a good time tonight, looking forward to see more comments and reviews from my German neighbours.

    Keep smiling,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  15. wow the set list looks awesome. Really, really special selection of songs. Unless I find something gold in my Wonka bar I’m desperate for a DVD of the tour!

    Ed any chance the superstars in concert performance of Careful with that axe eugene can go on the bonus features? provided there is a DVD release…

    [I don’t have any say in whether or not there will be a DVD or what extras are chosen, mate. That is a good version of ‘Careful With That Axe’, but it’s quite unlikely that it would be considered. Isn’t it a CBS recording? – Features Editor]

  16. I know, I know, I know, I know, I’m supposed to respect anyone’s wish to see some of the bigger Floyd hits on this tour, and I do. I swear. I’d be ecstatic to see David play any of their/his music.

    Having said that, I do sincerely hope that this set list makes it to Oakland. I would loooove to hear Wot’s..Uh the deal, Echoes, Wearing the Inside out and Dominoes. Those are all great songs, and some of them haven’t seen the stage much if at all. Hell, throw in a Childhood’s End, Fat Old Sun and Gigolo Aunt while youre at it.

    Anyway, sounds like those who went had a great night which is great news. One question I’d have for you, if our FetEd thinks it’s alright to ask: did Phil Mnazanera get any chances to solo at all? I’ve never seen him play live, and I’d love to see him get a few minutes to add his 2 cents.


    [Not that I know of, Peter. Maybe someone who was there can comment on this. – Features Editor]

  17. ECHOES!!!! I dont believe it!! I cant wait for this , bring on 27th and 29th of May.

    What a great and very interesting set list.

    Didnt even think we would get to hear the full On an Island album!

    “Wot’s… Uh The Deal”, I never thought he would choose something like this. We’ll also hear Rick on lead vocals for ‘Wearing the Inside out’.

    But Echoes!!!!

    Can it get any better?

  18. Holy smokes….just read the set list and the comments. PLEASE PLEASE do not change a thing for the US tour. Sure glad I am going both nights in Chicago. Way to go David!!!!! This will be AWESOME! Also, have had the new CD for a few days now…great album front to back!!!

  19. Hi Folks.

    Me and my wife just came back from the concert and all I can say is: AMAZING , PERFECT , WOW !!!!!!

    Thank you David for this unforgettable evening.

    Hope to see you again.

    By the way, the concert took 3 hours 😉

  20. WOW! I’m going to see him in Chicago on April 12th (I’m flying up there from Texas). I am most shocked that they played “Wearing The Inside Out”–one of two tracks from the Division Bell that had never been played until tonight (the other track is “Cluster One”.) I always wondered why throughout the entire ’94 tour they could never get around to playing “Wearing The Inside Out”. That and “Wots…Uh The Deal” lead me to assume that Richard Wright must have performed with Gilmour tonight… otherwise he wouldn’t have done those songs! I’m looking forward to seeing them on April 12th in Chicago!!! 😀

  21. Dear FetEd,

    Please thank David for the excellent choice of songs. I was hoping that David would play the OAI disc in it’s entirety, just like Floyd used to do in the 70s. I can’t imagine what it must be like to hear that music flow from one song to another in a live setting. The song choices in the second set are brilliant. It’s fantastic that he included something from Obscured by Clouds and also from Syd. Would it be too much to ask you if David plans to change the sets a little in each town? It would be so amazing to hear a song or two from AMLOR or from either of his first two solo albums. If that’s not in the cards, no worries. Just curious.

    Thanks again for everything. This is a great forum.


    [If David fancies a change at any point, then there will be changes. – Features Editor]

  22. I have absolutely no words to express how excited I am to be seeing David live on April 10th after reading that setlist!!

  23. ECHOES????????????????????


    Was it a “full” Echoes…. or a shortened version?

    [A full version with all the glorious ‘spacey’ stuff in the middle, Spence. – Features Editor]

  24. a bit off topic, does anyone know exactly how we can hear or see Davids gig at the Mermaid Theatre on the radio 2 website

    [Go to and you’ll see a picture of David. Click it and you’ll see details of the programme that’s on tomorrow night at 8:30PM (UK time). At 8:30PM, just click the LISTEN LIVE button that’s in the top right corner and you’ll hear the programme as it’s aired. If you can’t listen at that time, go to the same page and click the purple LISTEN AGAIN button that’s to the right of David’s picture. – Features Editor]

  25. Ok my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw, firstly, Wot’s… in the setlist. Then it fell right through the floor at Echoes!

    Any idea if Echoes included Dick Parry’s solo from the mid 70s?


  26. Wow, having seen the setlist I am even more excited about seeing David in the RAH. Thanks again for running the pre-sale which enabled me to get a ticket

  27. Brilliant set list!! I’m sure he will change things once in a while, just hope he plays ‘Wots….’ when I see him in May!

    Working late tonight then F’Ed?

    [Yep. I’m as interested in hearing how the night went as everybody else! – Features Editor]

  28. Yes, he played Echoes !!!! In unbelivable quality. Really perfect !!!

    He played “Shine on..” something different from other concerts. A few parts of it, just Dave + guitar, no other instruments. New, but GREAT !!!!

    I have never seen such a fantastic light show in such a small theatre. Perfect sound !!!

    In my opinion, the best song from “On an island” was “Take a breath”. The power of this song in a live performance is just great…with amazing light effects.

    And…….he played “Echoes” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t explain how much pleasure I felt. I’m a Floyd fan for over 25 years. And this was my first live experience. All I can say is : GREAT !!!!!

    I wish all the people, see him live in the next few weeks, the same great show, I saw today !!!!

    Best regards

    PS: Did I told you yet, that Dave played “Echoes” ???? ;-)))

    [It’s good to know that you enjoyed it so much. – Features Editor]

  29. I will be in Chicago on April 13th…can’t wait.

    Hey Ed. is there any way you can get word to David, that I would like him to sign my 2006 Harley Davidson Road Glide, that I designed a paint scheme that pays tribute to the Dark Side of the Moon. I know the chances are slim, but being a lifelong Pink Floyd fan, it would really make the bike special for me. If Richard Wright is with him in Chicago, I would definately want hime to as well. I think they would appreciate the rolling tribute. Thank you.

    [David and Polly read these messages, so you’ve just done it yourself. – Features Editor]

  30. @Spence
    It was a full Echoes !!!

    The show was recorded with some TV cameras. Maybe after the tour a DVD is released.

  31. Wow, what an awesome show that must have been. I really hope that setlist stays intact for Radio City.

    I think a dvd is almost certain with Dominoes being part of the show (royalties for Syd). Just a hunch..

    [Not necessarily, Bill. All of David’s 2002 Royal Festival Hall shows were filmed as well… – Features Editor]

  32. OK!!! So thinking the excitement level would plateau now that I have the album, I read the set-list and that sends my excitement to a new alltime high!!! I hope David stays with this set-list for the US (Gibson!) or at least the core of the set-list (all of OAI, Wearing the Inside Out, Echos!!!). If he maintains these and just mixes it up from the back catelogue for the rest I’ll be way happy (now if he worked Marooned in somehow then that would really be it!!!). Anyway, very exciting set-list.

    By the way… my buddy and I played OAI 4 times straight thru at work today. Everytime the CD ended one of us just walked over and restarted it. We never even considered the idea of playing anything else. I’ll tell ya… that is an absolute FIRST for me. I might play a really great CD a 2nd time, but never 3… then another buddy from work gave me a ride home today (truck broke down) and we listened to OAI on the way home. He is from Albania and liked it so much he is going to get it and tell his brother in Germany to get it. What a wide range of appeal already! Oh and another guy at work said he rarely ever played music anymore, but said Floyd was his all time favourite group. He stopped me to ask what the great music was that I was playing! This album should be #1 in the US soon (or is it already?)


  33. Bravo on the set David!!!!

    While I’m sure you are playing what *you* want to play, the choices especially Echoes would seem to indicate that you’ve also considered your biggest fans dreams.

    Thank you VERY much…see you in Toronto, Chicago, Manchester and Glasgow.

    Best regards,
    Robert from Toronto

  34. Ed/Edwina wrote:

    As promised, here is the setlist from tonight’s show:

    First half: All of ‘On An Island’

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out, Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise, Dominoes, High Hopes, Echoes

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb

    PLEEEEEEZE tell me you’re not pulling my leg! WOT’S UH THE DEAL??!! ECHOES??????!!!!

    If this setlist is only for the European shows and not for the States I will eat my head. And probably slit my wrists. At the same time.


  35. Wow, can’t wait to hear some more comments on the arrangements 🙂 Can’t say enough how fantastic the setlist looks! David has proven many times over that he has exquisite musical taste in his setlists and arrangements (not to mention guitar playing).

    Thinking about the show, some people’s comments, and listening to Obscured by Clouds just now made me imagine this ficticious scenario: what if after the first set’s performance of OAI, the lights stay down briefly, and we get a mini “set1-encore” of Rick Wright performing “Stay”, solo at his piano. I suppose it could be looked at as brief intermission entertainment, as well 🙂 It could also remind people that there’s a second set still 😉

    Just California day-dreamin’, as they say 🙂

    And many thanks to the FeD for staying up late-ish and posting the setlist, and show comments as they stream in…providing sweet relief to the Gilmourites 😉

    and help me to end the day
    and if you don’t mind
    we’ll break a bottle of wine
    stick around
    and maybe we’ll put one down

    [Not for much longer, though! They’ll all be posted here tomorrow morning, so keep commenting and have a good night, all. – Features Editor]


    Although that song probably has more meaning to him now that he is older, so I’ll keep that in mind to keep my head from getting too big. And I was also the one who said Echoes wouldn’t work so well without all the Floyd. But in my defense, this was before we knew Rick would be coming along, and that makes a huge difference. You NEED Rick for Echoes, Roger and Nick would have been great to have but realisically they could be replaced with good musicians. And of course David only brings the best along with him.

    I like the idea of playing the whole album to open up. Just like the good old days. And OAI certainly holds up to those other albums PF used to play in full.

    I’m mildly shocked that High Hopes and Wearing The Inside Out are the only post-Roger PF songs on the setlist, although if there’s only going to be two HH is certainly the one I’d have picked first, and I’m excited about the prospect of finally hearing WTIO. I’m surprised Learning To Fly and Sorrow are off the set list, but not disappointed because I did hear them in ’94 after all. I’ll take Wots and Echoes over those.

    All in all I hope we get the same exact setlist at Radio City. There’s nothing I would change, although Dominoes could be exchanged with a dozen or so other Syd (PF or solo) songs and I’d still be just as happy.

  37. looks like we are in for a great tour with these songs..

    how about? Murder and No way out of here?

  38. Just can’t wait to be in Paris and listen to David playing stuff ftom Obscured by Clouds, one of my favorite records….Maybe in Paris he’ll play Childooh’s end..and Ill be 15 again


  39. Last year I saw Cream at the Albert Hall and thought that I would never ever see a better show. I even spent a small fortune on travelling to Madison Square Garden to see them again.

    I sense that this is going to eclipse (yes I know!) those gigs just from looking at the set list that has been so thoughtfully put together. But then you wouldn’t expevt anything less from David and these gentlemen.

    I haven’t even seen the show yet (May 30th i will thanks to the presale) and I am sad that there aren’t any more dates after May!

  40. I would love to see David Gilmour live, but it looks as though all US tour dates are sold out. Congrats to all of you who got tickets! LUCKY! I love the new cd and I listen to it over and over again. David Gilmour is my all time favorite guitarist. Hope everyone has a good time seeing him live.

  41. Ok. I think it’s time some Australian dates were booked…….Roger came here a few years back!

    A DG concert is the only show that could knock Roger’s show from my BEST CONCERT EVER position.



  42. **quiet little in-awe voice**

    did David really play echoes?? am I going to get to hear echoes live?

    Feat. Ed/Edwina! I could kiss you for this news! And then kiss David for playing the song!!

    I’ll get no sleep between now and April 5th just thinking about it. Echoes. Cannot fucking believe it. I think this calls for a drink or two, don’t you? Excuse me; I’m blithering now…


  43. It’s great to see some of the old classics in the set list. Incidentally, after listening to my brand new copy of On An Island a few times, I couldn’t help but feel how David seems to have come full circle with his taste in music. a lot of this great album reminds me of David’s compositions on the “More” soundtrack (Cymbaline, Green is the Colour), and of course Echoes (Fearless, Pillow of Winds).

    David’s voice is in fine form, and the recording itself is excellent. I’ve always felt that too many recording artists try to fill up every moment of a song with sound. With OAI David has captured perfectly the mood of contentment and seems to be at peace with himself.

    At 45 it’s fun to be excited about music again !

    Enjoy the tour David !

    Steve from Montreal

  44. The set list is amazing, with the Incredible new stuff and classic PF!

    mike mack has extremely good tate with his faves, murder and no way out of here, but he misses out so far away and out of the blue, which is david at his best!

    By the way features ed, do you think anyone would mind if I ducked out of the radio 2 broadcast tommorrow night, as I still have raw feelings about missing out tuesday night, and certainly raw feelings towards the BBC for giving my seats to someone else, Bastards, that`s it I`m not paying my license fee from now on, that will teach them!

    [I’d feel exactly the same, Adrian. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I think of it. – Features Editor]

  45. This is trully a gift to his fans. Having the chance to see that in very small concerts halls is nothing but amazing. I will be in Toronto April the 10th and honnestly I just can’t believe the set list I saw tonight. The new album is nothing but excellent, so we are in for a huge moment. Thank you Mr. Gilmour to giving us the chance to appreciate your great music somewhere else than monster stadiums…

  46. WOW! I can’t say more than has already been said! Not normal for me Fedmeister eh?

    Let’s hope the bass strings on Echoes weren’t an old “flat” set because the roadie sent out to buy new ones went AWOL as happened on the original! but I’m sure GP had a new set! 🙂

    And what an encore, WYWH and then Comfortably Numb! and along with the Michael Kelly who suggested Wots..Uh The Deal I posted that I thought the opening songs would be Castellorizon and then in On An Island…. as they say in the Bronx *uckin’ A!

    April 9th can’t come quickly enough now but when it does it will pass oh so quickly I’m sure…

    And thank you Fedmeister for being on-line at such a late hour to keep the rest of us up to date… you’re a good egg!

  47. Caption Competition:

    I’m glad the Fedmeister wasn’t here in Toronto… this Fender t’shirt Rudders left for him fits me quite nicely!

    Yeah! As if DG isn’t short of a few Fender t’shirts… DG has done as much for Stratocaster sales as Rossi & Parfitt have done for Telecaster sales… Oh dear… let the flaming begin! 🙂

  48. OK!

    Sounds like a excellent set! Obscured by Clouds is a very under rated album – I think taht that the ‘live studio’ feel of that album is relected in David’s current work – just my 2p worth.

    Love all

    Matty (slightly psd)

  49. Caption Competition:

    DG thinking… c’mon then big man! you struggled over the caption for the Heineken Music Hall so let’s see what you can do with this!

    As if he would ever mention my name! 🙂

  50. The new album’s stunning and improves with every listen. I’ve had it since Monday and am discovering new depths in each and every track. It’s a very mellow listen but it has darker moments and provokes some thought. On An Island is a beautiful love song and the line ‘Dreamers may leave, but they’re here ever after’ says everything about the album itself. OAI is one of those rare albums that plays over in your mind even when you’ve stopped listening.

    Good luck with the rest of the tour, David.

  51. “This merchandise will shortly be available to buy online, so you can be properly kitted out should you be seeing David on tour.”

    Oh dear! don’t tell the wife…

    “What’s this credit card charge?”
    “No idea! I’ll find out”

    and then it will be..

    “I haven’t seen that t’shirt before! you’ve got a drawer full of t’shirts which you never wear.”

  52. Wow, I read the set-list! It sounds awesome! And songs from Obscured by Clouds! AWESOME! I love that album!

    I would’ve loved to have been there!


  53. I was just testing my fellow Bloggers when I said that Echoes had the flat bass strings… ‘onest…. 8-@

  54. PLEASE don’t take Echoes off the setlist!!! I would get my money’s worth if that was the only song he plays on April 13th at the Rosemont!

    I love the new album as well. Can’t wait, I’m going crazy.

  55. Dear FEd, David et al,

    What a great setlist! What absolute treats to hear (a) the whole of OAI (b) some rarities/connoisseur picks (Echoes and Wots) and (c) classics like WYWH, Time, Comfortably. Really can’t wait until the RAH shows now… 🙂

    I’m still digesting OAI…have been listening to it since Wednesday morning and loving it. Still too early to share a full opinion, but there are some parts that bring me out in goosebumps – Red Sky at Night is fantastic and a real surprise, and not long enough! The sound for me is vaguely Supertramp (no, i’ve not finally lost the plot!) and is incredibly moody. David, if you ever want to record a whole album of moody sax soundscapes, I’d love to hear the outcome. Have tonnes of thoughts, but with the tour underway I’ll save them for another time.

    Like I say, am still getting to know the album and becoming familiar with it as a piece of work, as well as individual tracks. I love that this is still something of a concept album, comprised of different parts each documenting a different emotion/aspect of the Island (well, that’s what it means to me so far). It very much feels like a journey to and from this island, and the fact that the CD is presented in an apparent book-binding just serves to reinforce this ‘tales of the island’ feeling to me.

    Happy belated birthday David – and thanks again for all the music, even Dogs of War 🙂 Wishing you a fantastic tour and looking forward to seeing the set at the RAH. If you feel like breaking out ‘There’s No Way Out of Here’, you’d make my millenium….(but not at the expense of Echoes!).



  56. That’s an incredible set list!!!!!

    Now I’m even more upset that I don’t live in one of the cities David will be going to.

    Request to David… Please please please release a live recording of this tour!!!!

  57. David and Polly,

    What a partnership. Thank you both for delivering an album that reminds us what life is really about; family and friends.

    It is admirable of you to include Dominoes on the set list, not only to pay tribute to Syd, but to generate royalties for he and his family.

    It is a powerful set list, and April 13th in Chicago can’t come soon enough!

    One of your many fans from accross the pond,

    -Jon, Nebraska

  58. Dear Features Ed,

    Can you help? I have a ticket for Toronto Sunday Night that I would like to trade for a similar seat on Monday night.


    [If anyone can help, please reply to this blog… and be sure to leave an e-mail address. Thanks. – Features Editor]

  59. Not taking anything away from that setlist, but it’s a little too Floyd-heavy for me (this coming from a guy with a DSOTM tattoo).

    I fully understand and appreciate all of OAI being included, but unless the arrangements were VERY non-Floydian, having those “classics” makes the second half seem like a Floyd show (again, to me).

    “Wot’s” is a GREAT addition as is “Dominoes” (though it’s on the DG DVD), but I would have loved to have seen any these solo tracks on the setlist:

    Short and Sweet
    There’s No Way Out of Here
    So Far Away
    Out of the Blue
    All Lovers Are Deranged
    Let’s Get Metaphysical

    From the early Floyd days:

    Green is the Colour
    The Narrow Way (some edit, I suppose)

    [For full disclosure, I thought the same thing when Waters came through NYC and hardly anything from Pros and Cons, KAOS or “his” early Floyd was played.]

    Just my two cents/pence.

  60. David why didn’t yoy scheduled a concert here in Greece?We are dying to see you here!We’d like to pay a visit in Italy for the concert but unfortunately there’s been a sold out!Pls come sometime here!

    Best regards
    Spiros from Athens

  61. For those of you who saw “Echoes” done live…THAT would have to be the pinnacle of this show! I seen it done in 1973…as part of the “Dark Side of the Moon” tour. That particular night it lasted better than half an hour! The greatest song ever written…in my opinion. It overshadowed everything else, and that’s a pretty strong assesment considering the entire second half of the show that night was the entire “Dark Side of the Moon”!

  62. I can’t wait, my wife and I are flying to NY for the second Radio City show. We LOVE the new cd, we each purchased a copy to have in our cars (so we would not fight over one copy). Can anyone who was at the show in Germany tell us if David had a girl or girls singing backup?

  63. I just saw the setlist,…. very happy with it. Looking forward to April 12. It would never happen, but wouldnt it be nice to hear him play somthing from Animals, like Pigs (three dif ones)

  64. I just saw the setlist and I can not believe it. I was hoping he would play his whole album but I was certainly not expecting it. I’ll be seeing David on April 5th and I can not possibly explain how much I am looking forward to it now. This setlist is absolutly amazing and I have to say I was not expecting it to be this long. I’m honestly speachless right now.

  65. WOW!!! What an incredible setlist! David….please, please, please spend more time in the US and come to Omaha or Kansas City. We want to see you and the shows closest to us sold out already. Everyone, even younger folks, at my workplace LOVES the new album, by the way. Good for you…have fun. I’ve followed you since the fall of 1972, listening to Echoes, tripping, staring at the stars from my VW Beatle. What fantastic music you’ve given us!

  66. In my wildest dreams I never imagined I might someday experience David Gilmour performing Echoes live. Thank you so much everyone for sharing this information tonight with fans in the US. I was thinking of you all today and wondering what the experience must have been like. I’ve been a fan for over 20 years, and April 4th is going to be one of the most memorable nights of my life (July 9&10, 1994 at RFK, Division Bell are up there too =)). Thank you David and Polly for making this trip for us!!

    [And fans all around the world, Lisa.. – Features Editor]

  67. always good to get off to a great start. the first one out of the gate is always important

  68. With “Wearing The Inside Out” on the setlist, is Rick Wright touring in the band with David?

    I would give my left………pinky finger to have been able to get a ticket to one of the US shows.

    And playing “Echoes”. Just fantastic. My favorite, along with its predecessor “Return of the Son of Nothing”.

    [Yes, Rick is in the band. We’ve been discussing it rather a lot. And there have been pictures. – Features Editor]

  69. suscpicions confirmed. i think i spelled that wrong, but i read what i thought might be. can’t wait for that. wow.

  70. I am just tickled to read the set list. I hope that if David fancies a change, it comes after the Chicago shows. The list is perfect.

    I’ve been looking for a caption competion for todays picture? (nice picture). How about “Did you think I could leave Echoes out of the show? Now will you believe that I read your posts?”

    Thanks David

  71. ok, its possible that I may die from a heart attack tonight, after seeing ECHOES on the setlist oh my God, can it get any better than this? Well yeah actually if stage passes arrived in my mail box, I guess that might be a little better. Seriously, I love the new album, Echoes has been one of my faves since my high school days…I am just so freaking excited right now that I feel like a giddy schoolgirl. David, thank you!!!!!!!God but April 13 seems like an eternity. Please, please don’t change the setlist!!!!!!

    Elizabeth, a happy fan who will see you in Chicago

  72. After reading the set list I’m even more excited about the concert in Oakland in April. I can’t believe . . . .ECHOES!!


  73. The setlist leaves me speechless!

    And thanks to David (AND Polly) for the new album. Although our musical taste tends to vary, my wife and I both really enjoy listening to this album together. The 1st time I played the CD she was instantly taken by it and asked in disbelief, “This is the new Gilmour?” … I just had to laugh. Thanks… its brought us closer : )


  74. Listened to OAI with my wife for the first time together today. She adored it. I’m so pleased to hear Echoes is on tour along with Obscured. Play those in Toronto, please. Childhoods End also if time allows us all. I’ve got to say that Take A Breath and Then I Close are incredibly soothing to the ears. David took his time to reflect on his wife,and children, and us fans all over the planet. Please , if Shine On performed, play the missing searing guitar solo as well. FED, where are you seeing any of the shows? Curious.

    [London. Can’t wait. – Features Editor]

  75. Just woke up at 6 am (!!!!) and I’m on an Island again.

    So relax, you just read the setlist but you haven’t see the light and hear the sound. Your expectations will be fullfilled, I promise.

    By the way, I also missed Learning to fly or Us and Them with the original sax. But it doesn’t matter, it was brilliant.
    I also waitet for 17 years to hear these Songs and David (also Rick) live!!!

    David, please write if you enjoyed the show here in Dortmund, so I could hope to see you again here in Germany!!!

    Jens … don’t know how I could ever get OFF an Island. :-)))

  76. WOW!!! Echoes??? I don’t think anything more needs to be said after reading that so I’ll leave it at that. I just hope this is the setlist for Radio City Music hall and the US shows. Thank you for a great sounding setlist David and looking forward to April 4 and 5, 2006

  77. Amazing setlist and I could not think of a better one..David you’ve made my dreams come true and I hope this set stays in tacted for April 5th at Radio City. You’re my hero.

  78. im here in front of my comp listening to take a breathe completely in heaven and in total envy of everyone lucky enough to have a ticket to see the the man the voice the legend oai is by far the greatest thing since…. well… the division bell. david your gift is the iron that will never turn to rust your legacy will out live all the proud men that turn to dust….

    shine on……….

  79. Dear Ed,

    A bit of topic here, but can you check with David if there are plans to release On an Island in SACD or DVD A formats. Obviously a lot of effort has gone into making this record, it would be great to hear it in the highest audio quality (by the way the std cd sounds great in anycase !)

    [A lot of effort has gone into making this record, but sadly not much has gone into reading the blogs! – Features Editor]

  80. Goodmorning,

    Is there anybody who can tell if there were backing vocals of some girls? And if Caroline Dale & Lucy Wakeford played some tunes too?

    Echoes… played it this night again… wonderful.

    Have a nice weekend & have fun in Hamburg!

    Nick from the lovely South.

  81. I live in Oregon and waiting to see if David will be comming here or up in Seattle,Wash.Does anyone know.


    P.S. I met David and Nick many years ago while racing my 52 Chev in Mexico. They are good people and David is a great Guitarest.

    [Sorry Thomas, but the tour schedule was finalised long ago. You can see it at We honestly don’t expect any new dates to be added. If new dates were to be added, then we would let you know. For the many people who still try, requesting places for David and his band to visit doesn’t make any difference whatsoever. Please give up! – Features Editor]

  82. Hi Fed and all,

    I second Geneviève (Hi Geneviève 😉

    Can’t wait seeing theses Paris shows, Obscured by clouds was/is a fine album and Childhood’s end would be great to hear.

    Personnaly I’m waiting a stunning Cymbaline version… (David if you read this 😉

    Anyway, I’m waiting for OaI and the rest.. any-thing !


  83. [First half: All of ‘On An Island’

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out, Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise, Dominoes, High Hopes, Echoes

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb]

    OMG! Fantastic!

  84. Wot’s Uh…the deal….I hope..I hope..I hope he plays that one at the Kodak!! I absolutely love that song. Getting very anxious for this show!!

  85. What an amazing setlist! I hope Echoes stays! I hope Wots the Deal (or SOMETHING from Obscured by Clouds stays!) I just wish I could see this show. Dave, if you have a really great time on this tour and feel like doing a few more shows, please come to Japan!!!

  86. What an absolutely fantastic setlist.

    Well done David, you’ve striked the perfect balance between your solo career and Floyd highlights. 🙂


  87. This is great! I can’t wait to see David in Oakland on the 17th! This set list really has something for every Gilmour/Floyd fan for every part of his career. I can’t wait to hear the new album live, and I am very excited to hear “Echoes”. I used to play it in my old band, and it was always the highlight of the night for the crowd.

    And a special thanks to you Features Ed, for consistently updating us every day. This is a great outlet for all of us fans.

  88. Echoes?!?! That’s it. I am going to have to throw a sickie and go up to queue for returned tickets at the RAH. The kids can get themselves to and from school and make their own tea. Some things have to take priority 🙂

  89. PLease, don’t change that wonderful set-list….

    Please don’t touch Echoes….fantastic.

    can’t wait….

  90. Hi David,

    I read many enthusiastic reviews and comments about the Dortmund concert. Congratulations! The setlist could not be better; please keep it for the Franfurt concert which I will visit. Thank you for your great Music! Wolfgang

  91. Wow, I can’t believe David and the band played “Wot’s…uh the deal”!!!

    Hopefully the setlist will vary a bit, especially when they play the same venue two nights in a row. But even if this is the setlist for the entire tour, I will be extremely happy. 😀 😀

  92. WHOAA!!!! ECHOES!!

    Man that is brilliant!! Cant wait for the Amsterdam gigs!! *just a few more days!*….

  93. P.S. Was “Shine On” all nine parts? Just the first half? Or similar to the arrangement on “Pulse” or “Echoes”?

  94. Hi,

    Went to Dortmund yesterday. Not such a nice city but what a concert!!! I din’t have much expectations to be honest but David blew me away. I was crying half the time. And Wot’s…Uh The Deal and Echoes!!! Didn’t think I’d ever hear this live.

    I’ve got tickets for six other shows and before the show I was thinking that was maybe a bit too much. But now I’ve seen the show one can only say that you can never have enough chances to see these concerts.

    FED, get me some more tickets, please. I’ll give my left arm and leg. 🙂



  95. I was 6th row, middle – eye to eye with David… and I can tell you it was one of my top 3 concerts ever (about 200 since 1978) – never expected a setlist like this… sound, lightshow and setlist… my words running out to describe this… just like they played in my living room. Still running showers over my back when I now think about this evening. It was absolut fantastic, great… thank you david and Co

    Sorry for my bad english and lots of fun for those of you who`ll see this show today and in the next time (I think I`ll have to make the way to frankfurt next week too….)

  96. i went to yesterdays show, and i can barely say how awsome it was.

    the first half they played “on an island” (take a breath was a rocker!!!, nice slide guitar solo from john carin, and an amazing light show) the second half began with shine on you crazy diamond (much like the 2001/2002 acoustic version, but with electric guitar), after that they played “wot´s .. uh the deal”, who could have guessed that!! than guy pratt starts play some deep bass notes, they play “wearing the inside out” nice to hear rick wright sing.after finishing the song the “HEARTBEAT” starts. what an amazing feeling to hear that live. Now they play a “dark side of the moon” set, including breathe/time/breathe reprise. WOW! i liked that alot! like in the acoustic shows 2001/2002 dave played “dominos” – a tribute to syd – with a great guitar solo by phil manzanera followed by “high hopes”, but after high hopes the show turns from really really great to AMAZING! the first notes of ECHOS start, combined with a great visual performance! the now audience is treated with the full 20 minutes version! for me this was the climax of the show. after the final notes are played the audience honors the song, or in fact the complete second half with standing ovations! as encore they play “wish you were here” and of course “comfortably numb” what more can you ask for? it was one of the best shows i´ve seen! dave and the band were awsome. the setlist was amazing. thank you for this great experience!!! by the way, the audience did a great job,too a really nice atmosphere.

    cheers, mario

  97. A truly beautiful setlist. The RAH & Mark Brickmans wizardry. It doesn’t get any better than that. I’m sure I’ll shed a few tears on the 29th May.

    I’ll give you a review of On an Island next week; when it will have had a fair hearing

  98. Unbelievable!!

    I could not imagine a better set list.

    But Echoes??? That is a life-long dream come true – my all time favourite piece of music and the piece that made me become a musician. I was too young to go in the mid 70s, but have seen them several times latterly in the UK, so have never seen Echoes live.

    If I was to add anything? Well, pretty much anything off the first 2 solo albums particularly ‘Near The End’ (the ’84 tour was incredible!).

    Anyway, thank you very much indeed and very best wishes for the tour. See you at the RAH.


  99. In a way I wish I hadn’t seen the set list as the surprise tracks are wonderful and to hear them not exprecting to would have been incredible. However I am also glad I did see the set list as I now am so excited about going to the Manchester show to catch those tracks.

  100. The King’s English doesn’t have words for what I feel right now!!! Absolutely astonishing set list for the ages!! It works!! Holy Moly!! Please don’t fix it – The MLOR tour dropped “Echoes” way too early!!

    If “Echoes”, and this set list from last night, is on this tour all the way through, this tour DVD sales will make everyone else in the music business want to quit – end of story!! No one will have time to buy, or watch, anything else!!

    All conflicts & world wars will stop as they will be judged to be not worthy in their all too feeble attempt to distract one from this observance of David’s career defining moment that will send us all frantically planting trees in an effort that will ultimately eliminate all excess carbon dioxide that are the bad by-product of the manufacturing industry and all bad things except this run on sentence.


  101. Je viens de découvrir la setlist et je n’arrive pas encore à y croire. Le nouvel album est superbe.

    Time, Echoes live !

    Je ne vais pas tenir jsqu’au 16 à l’Olympia.

    Merci David!

  102. this is going to be fantastic!!!!!!

    going to see david in glasgow with my husband at which point i shall be seven months pregnant just hope i dont get too excited on the night

  103. Great setlist! Having gone to a number of shows with prior lineups, listened to all official releases and even “gasp” lots of tapes of shows, I love the idea of doing the entire new album then doing selected older “rarer” items. Obscured by Clouds never got much (if any) press/airplay in the US but its always been a favorite album of mine. Hmm I will miss Dick Parry on the Money solo though…

    [Now if I could just add David’s signature to my BB King autographed guitar that I never learned to play…]

  104. Brilliant setlist! Wots…uh the deal is my favourite song from Obscured By Clouds, and Echoes is my overall second favourite Pink Floyd song. I’m really looking forward to hearing these. I hope David keeps them on the setlist until May 31st when I will be seeing him. Can’t wait!

  105. Here’s a question: How is “Castellorizon” pronounced? In my mind’s ear I hear a word that rhymes with Castle Horizon. Is that anything like the right way to say it?

    [I believe it’s more like CASS-tell-OR-izzzon, Dan. – Features Editor]

  106. yes, a fantastic setlist but the same rude fans asking for more all the time are spoiling this blog. don’t you ever get tired of nagging? who do you think you are?

    i’m sorry ed, but it gets on my nerves. no matter what david plays, they still want more and keep saying how he should add more dates. these people have no respect and are greedy. it’s embarrassing to read and i’d like to apologise to david and polly who may be reading. not all your fans are like this!

  107. Jeez, cant wait for the BBC 2 thing tonight. Looking forward to the live version of Take a Breath. As for Echoes and Wots…uh the deal. Jeez, marvelous, bring it on.

  108. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a setlist, It’s absolutely perfect . Wot’s uh the deal, inspired. Shine on and Echoes plus all the new Album and if thats not enough WYWH and C.Numb . My god , my god MY GOD , PINCH ME SOMEONE . Fantastic.
    Come on the 29th,30th 31th of May Greedy I know but I cant wait.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy Dublin

  109. No, there were no background girls singing. I didn’t missed them.


    —you will love the show—

  110. My God. I’m speechless.

    I have to share the sentiments of everyone else posting here: that’s an amazing setlist. Two songs from the Floyd catalogue previously unplayed live? The whole of On An Island? Excuse me while I pick myself up from the floor.

    Some of the pictures I’m seeing of the show look amazing. I really can’t wait. I’ll be watching out for the merchandise, both at the shows I’m going to, and online.

    I assume David won’t have the time available to sign personal items? I’d be willing to cart my On An Island disc down to London if I thought for a second I had a chance of an autograph. Hell, I’d be willing to cart my guitar down if I thought I had a chance.

    Keep up the good work on the site and the blog!


  111. It will be worth every cent of my airfare from Australia to see and hear David (and Rick) perform Echoes at the RAH in May. Please keep it in the setlist!

  112. As one of no doubt many many people who will not be able to attend any of the shows, I’d like to throw my voice into the ‘please let there be an eventual DVD release from this tour’ hat. Cheers!

  113. Fedmeister… just a thought…

    Will you get to see any of the concerts?…

    [Yes, the last one. How good is my willpower, eh? – Features Editor]

  114. Yes, a fantastic set list!

    Add dogs and we’re all in Heaven.

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

  115. was comfortably numb the full electric version as floyd used to play it or was it more like the meltdown 2001 version?? (fingers crossed for the old version!!!)

    [The full electric version with Rick singing the verses, Brett. – Features Editor]

  116. ‘Sheepish look’

    I commented a couple days ago about the Mermaid gig and perhaps the lost opportunity to play rare Floyd tunes. Well I take that back after looking at what we have to look forward to. I also was a long time advocate of Wot’s.. back when we submitted the top five songs we would like to hear. I would have said Echoes as well but considering the song’s length figured there was no chance to hear live on this tour. Boy have I been proved wrong.

    Roll on April 9th in TO

    Cheers, Howard

  117. That is a top quality setlist isn’t it. I’ll echo everyone else’s sentiments about, er, Echoes!

    Although the Mermaid was a brilliant and unique experience, it will be great to hear all of OAI live plus the extra tracks from his back catalogue that were not played on Tuesday. It’s a shame I won’t see the band again until the end of May but at least we have today’s Radio 2 stuff to look forward to, as well as reading and enjoying the blog entries from people who have now seen the show.

    Seeing as other people have now said the same I can confirm that ‘Take A Breath’ is an absolute stonker live!

  118. How am I going to function until April 10 after reading all the above? David,can you help me pay for therapy to get me through until then?

  119. i agree with the comment about the nagging. it should stop. i also agree with the praise for considering a track from ‘obscured’. that’s a classy decision by a classy guy. can’t wait to see you in london, david. may seems like so far away. i don’t care what you play, though. it’s your show, so you can play whatever you like. i’ll just be glad to be watching and listening. all the best with the tour. enjoy it and we will enjoy it. well, the ones who aren’t greedy brats will, anyway.

  120. Thanks to David Gilmour, his band and the rest his crew for this wonderful concert yesterday. My English isn´t good enough to describe how great it was – sound, light and of course the setlist unbelivable. Echoes —I´m still dreaming.

    The OAI album is really good – but live it´s fantastic. I really hope there will be a DVD one day, I would like to order it right now.

    Thanks again

  121. ….. echoes ……

    Now that sent a chill down my spine I’ve never felt before! “Wot’s….” is not as much of a surprise for me because I’ve dug through the old catalgue and that song was on my short list of tracks I’d thought would be on the set list. It fits the sound and feel of the new material.

    But Echoes, wow…thanks again Mr. Gilmour! I almost feel spoiled…



  122. Hi,

    Just downloaded the podcast to the Old Ipod yokimajig . Great quality I must say , Its the first time I tried it .

    Anymore planned Ed ??

    Rgds Geoff

    [Not that I’m aware of, but you never know. – Features Editor]

  123. @brett roberts.
    Relax your fingers, it was the old Pink Floyd version. Total electric!

  124. i’m sorry to have been rude back there. now i feel bad. but come on! listen to yourselves! ed is right. you don’t even read the posts. i doubt many people will even read this. it’s the same questions all the time, the same cheeky requests. i now see why some fans i know aren’t here. the blog is only as good as the people who post. sorry for all the good guys. i don’t mean to knock you. i just cringe reading some of the greedy demands knowing that david and polly could be reading them. it’s so embarrassing and shows such little class. it makes all floyd fans look like selfish little brats. so please have some respect for david and his family and stop acting like david owes you something. he owes you nothing.

  125. I’ve got good tickets from the Toronto 2 nights. I’m a very big fan of Gilmour’s heaven.

    I’m playing a PinkFloyd Tribute band in Montreal. If someone can help me to meet David Gilmour himself on april in Toronto, please let me know. I’ll have a lot to discuss with him.

    Let my dream come true.


    [Sorry, Pascal. As we’ve said before, we’ll never help with these requests because they will only encourage more and more. If we were seen to help one person with a request such as yours, then we would have to help everyone. So sorry to disappoint you, but we can’t help. Good luck with your tribute band. – Features Editor]

  126. HELP!

    I will be tuning in to Radio 2 tonight to listen to the Mermaid gig, and hopefully watch it too. Got broadband yesterday so I can listen to it.

    Can anybody please give me any advice on the best way to watch it. I believe you can use Realplayer but is that the best option? Not an expert with all this downloading stuff. Anybody any ideas??

    Many thanks,

    PS. Dave, I have tried to stop listening to the album for fear of wearing it out, but I can’t so b*****s to it! It’s staying in the car with me!! I love it…….

    Mr Ed. I hope you don’t mind reuests like this on the fan page.

    [Hi David, I hope I can help. I had to delete one sentence, which you’ll have noticed. You can’t do that! Anyway, if you don’t already have RealPlayer on your computer, then you can download it for free. It’s easy and shouldn’t give you an problems, even if you never use it again after tonight. Then you want, where you’ll see a picture of David. Click it and you’ll see details of the programme that starts at 8:30PM (UK time). At 8:30PM, just click the LISTEN LIVE button that’s in the top right corner and you’ll hear the programme as it’s aired. If you can’t listen at that time, go to the same page and click the purple LISTEN AGAIN button that’s to the left of David’s picture. I’m sure full details of how to view the video footage will be posted on the same page later today. – Features Editor]

  127. Amazing, Echoes, I hope David keeps this on the setlist throughout the tour and plays it at the RAH. Look forward to seeing you David on May 29th

    I’ve listened to the album about 50 times according to my computer, cheers for such a wonderful album

  128. can t wait to see this show in toronto.i must be dreaming to be so lucky to have tickets in my pockets. echoes…….! fabulous. on se voit le 10 avril . merci david . sylvie from montréal

  129. It’s wonderful to see David has played “Echoes”. The song is a legend to me. I hope he brings in other old tunes like “Set The Controls” or “One of These Days” Oh by the way how did wot’s sound like?


  130. The set list is like a gift from God!

    Wot’s The Deal and Echoes!

    I’m besides myself with excitement!

  131. While VERY excited to read about the set list, I must admit I am a little disapointed that he isn’t playing anything from his first two solo albums, this after also not playing any of those songs on his last tour a couple of years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I will never complain about anything David does, but tt almost seems that he doesn’t feel his first two solo albums are worthy, since he doesn’t choose anything from them. Hopefully he doesn’t feel that way, as they are worthy, and a number of songs from his earlier solo albums would be appropriate on this tour. Hopefully later on the tour he’ll add a song or two from his own albums.

  132. WOW! This week gets better after the fantastic concert on Tuesday ive just seen the setlist from last night, ECHOES unbelivable please dont change this setlist David its perfect.

  133. Dear Feature Ed.

    I was wondering if david will play the same Pink Floyd classics here in the US too…I definitely want to listen to Shine On, Breathe, Comfortably Numb, Wish you…,Time Etc..that he performed yesterday. Please do let us know.

    I am very happy for all those who heard David Live yesterday, I can sense the excitement…I am very much looking forward to Apr 12th show in Rosemont IL USA.


    [I’ve no idea, Raj. David will make changes if he feels changes are necessary. Keep checking the setlists for each show and we’ll see how often certain songs are played. – Features Editor]

  134. Reply to ‘Alice’, some people do read all the comments, thats why I now need glasses and made the text bigger for this site on my PC. I understand people asking for there own requests. Free country (it is here, sort of), right to express etc. David and gang can read and feel free to do as they choose. They can chop, change or Let It Be. Yes, it does get boring sometimes when the same things crop up, but lets compare this blog to a ‘Robbie Williams’ one….

    ‘I love Robbie’ by Chantelle 12 years

    repeated all day long

    This blog has been brilliant and very well moderated 😉

    If I lived in a country off the beaten I’d feel frustrated, people love this guys music and wish to express, before the thought police take over life!!

    Ps. ‘Murder’ would be nice (The song)

    ‘Green Is The Colour’ is another or is that just me, not being able to go to all these shows!

    Delighted with ‘Echoes’ please keep for UK dates;)

  135. I’m trying to think what to type, but I just keep getting blown away by the setlist to this show. I really thought that Fat Old Sun from the recent acoustic shows was an anomaly, and would have never guessed anything from before Dark Side would get chosen for this tour. Just the standard hits that no one really minds seeing, but have been done already.

    But Wot’s Uh The Deal and Echoes? Dominoes, Wearing The Inside Out? All of On An Island? Damn… I would have loved to see something from David Gilmour or About Face, but if there was a way to make up for this, then I think this is it.

    Everyone try to keep the complaining to a minimum, because this is something special. I feel a little left out not being able to see this tour, but excited for everyone who will. Enjoy!

    Congratulations on the fantastic new album and what I’m sure will be a great response to the rest of the tour.

    And yes, DVD please! 🙂

  136. Thank you David for the great performance yesterday in Dortmund. I was there with my two brothers and uncle. My brother Jan and uncle Leo have cancer and most of the old numbers you played brought tears in there eyes.

    It was a night i never will forget.

  137. Oh my God!!! Echoes, I gotta see this show!!!

    COME TO BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. forgot to ask something. is there a symphoical orchestra with david to play on an island album. merci. sylvie from montréal.

  139. Saw the show in Dortmund with a friend (our wives don’t like Pink Floyd or Gilmour). Both of us are (or better were) Roger Waters Fan. We saw Roger with his in the flash tour in Koln. So of course you compare both shows. The answer is easy, Gilmour blows Waters easily away. Live is Gilmour unbelievable. He sings en plays stunningly live. I’ve never seen anyone play guitar live like this before.
    We were lucky to sit almost in front and here the sound was great.

    During the Waters concert I missed Gilmour but on this performance I hardly missed the other Floyd members.
    Echo’s was absolute stunning. Wonderful Guitar work and Richards Wrights voice doubled with Gilmour’s and his typical keyboard work made the perfect Floyd experience possible.

    Echo’s was the highlight of the show but beside that song I liked Shine on, Breathe, Time, Breathe Reprise and Take a Breath the best live.

    Echo’s alone was worth the ticket price already and I liked the live performance even better than any other live
    (recording) or studio performance of the song.

    This song must be heard during a concert as it seems much more heavy and emotional when you hear it loud, but also can feel it. This song was the most impressive performance I’ve ever seen.

    The rest of the concert was good to (also his OAI stuff) but echo’s somehow could impress me much more than
    my album favourites like Comfortably Numb and Shine on.
    I am sure already this concerts will be one of those I will tell my kids many years from now about time after time.

  140. i had the great pleasure yesterday evening to see the concert in my hometown dortmund. I have only one comment: Well done and keep on playing the oldies and goldies – as you have mentioned yesterday evening…

  141. Dear features Editor!

    The set list is a dream come true! The complete On An Island + Echoes, High Hopes, Time etc etc…… sounds lovely!

    I’m glad I don’t have to wait to May to hear and see this. Just a few days to go now to the Paris and Amsterdam shows.

    Really looking forward to this!

    Best regards


    Thanks for the really good job you are doing!

  142. Yesterday night I went to the David Gilmour gig at the Dortmund Konzerthaus, and I just wanted to say it was an absolute wonderful show. Hearing the new album live made me wonder why I ever thought this was a quiet album. David played and sang like he was still the young 25-year-old, his voice being a lot better than what I had expected after seeing the ‘David Gilmour in concert’ DVD. The charisma and energy with which this man owns the stage is truly inimitable. Combined with the multi-instrumentalist he has become over the years this concert is a treat for every music enthusiast, whether you’re a rock’n’roll fanatic, a Floyd-fan, or not. I had a ticket for a balcony seat and when I looked down people were going wild (fortunately I could stand up from my seat while they had to remain seated), banging their heads and waving their arms around on Comfortably Numb (which invited David to say: “so you like to rock, don’t you?”). Apart from David I loved the way especially Richard Wright and Dick Parry (the latter being given a loud standing ovation) gave the show so much extra flair. You could tell they loved being on stage again, and they are as much a legend as David is. Also lots of credits to Marc Brickman for the fantastic light show (coloured triangles on Shine On and wonderful, dreamy black-and-white curled figures on Echoes).

    I was brought up with Pink Floyd music and I had never attended a David Gilmour gig before, but this was a real thrill that I will never forget.

    Thank you very much (indeed :D), David, for this brilliant show! Hope to see you again anytime soon!

    Liza (Holland)

    PS. I would LOVE a dvd from this tour…

  143. I’ve been reading some comments and all I would like to say is let’s not “Meddle” into David’s choice of his relics. I think he has an excellent selection and let him perform it. If we keep on requesting other of his works, he may not want to tour and his thinking will be “I cannot please everybody”. For most of us who are unable to attend his shows, I would like to see a DVD video and CD live released sometime in the near future.

  144. It was the best i’ve ever seeing!!!! This was my first concert in life; my first concert with a floyd member. It was fantastic. I can’t imagine seeing a better concert like this. A perfect Live Show.

    David, you play the Guitar like a god… . Dick, Guy, Jon, Phil, Stevie and specially Rick, you’re great musicans.

    The first hour it was a David Gilmour-Solo-Tour, but the last two hours it was like Pink Floyd. When you play Echoes, I got tears in my eyes! After the concert i was voiceless.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will never forget 10.03.2006, the best day in my life.

    David, i wish you a long life, many albums and concerts like this. Thank You!

    Michael from Germany!

  145. to the dude: i know what you’re saying and i really don’t mean to make trouble, but not all of these comments are coming from people who live in countries where david isn’t visiting. that’s what’s bothering me. it’s ungrateful and greedy, not to mention disrespectful to those who can’t see him because they live in a country that has been overlooked.

    anyway, i just wanted to say that ‘on an island’ is number one in play’s top sellers list, so well done, david!

  146. I’m very happy David decided to “support” the album on tour. Half the show OAI is fantastic.

    Nice 15-20 min break to empty the pipes and get a refill…

    Hope the rest of the European tour goes without a hitch.

    Jeff in Chicago

  147. Hey Feat Ed,

    Finally got my hands on Island Jam! I’m glad to have it. It took some searching of Best Buy stores in NY. It was worth the extra searching. For the others in NY, poughkeepsie,ny best buy still has a few left.

    NY, USA

  148. On a slightly different tack, and one I haven’t seen mentioned on here up to now (apologies FeEd if it has and I have missed it, I have read most of the posts honest!)there is an interview with DG on the Radio 2 website, and in it he alludes to the fact that we might not have too long to wait for another album, albeit the current album but in a rawer state from some months ago.

    Be very interesting to hear how they have evolved.

    And on a much sadder note, I have just compiled a setlist out of my various DG and Floyd recordings so I can hear the concert before hand!

  149. Bonjour à Geneviève, Bruno? Dominique sur ce blog et à tous les fans français, serai aussi à Paris les 15 et 16 Mars, attente interminable ! … mais on sait que ce sera merveilleux….. Total respect, David.


  150. I heard too late about his new album and tour so I hope to have the chance to see and listen to him on stage.

  151. I’m a little bewildered that people would complain about the set list, but maybe that’s an individual taste thing perhaps influenced by what era you first got turned on the Gilmour/Floyd?


    I’m trying to figure out chords for “Where We Start” and I’m stuck. Has anyone had any luck with this one? I’d share what I have but I’d be too embarassed to be wrong…


  152. Wow, I just saw the setlist, and Echoes, Wots uh the Deal, Wearing the Inside Out?? WOW!!! The anticipation and excitment continue to grow. I hope the set list doesn’t change, it’s nice that there are some unexpected surprises in there. I can’t get over how great the new album is. You’ve really accomplished something fantastic. I bet Roger Waters sat in a dark room and listened to the album, and probably cried when he heard Take A Breath (“I never got to you by being kind. If I’m the one to throw you overboard, at least I showed you how to swim for shore…”) and Smile…I think he’s fantastic as well, but lately I’m feeling that he deprived us all of about 20 years of music (not to mention he lost 3 friends, as well as bandmates). If he puts out an album now, it will most likely pale in comparison to the beast that is OAI, and I’m sure he knows that. Now I will go listen to Meddle, Wish You Were Here, and esp. the Division Bell, mourning a bit for the Floyd I knew and loved, but I’ll listen to On an Island and be happy and grateful for Gilmour’s continuing contribution to realm of awesomely fantastic music. Thanks a lot!

  153. Great album David..Love it .Wow what a play list Echos too!, I can hardly wait for the 31st of May. I made a CD of the play list also. I sure there will a few surprises being the last night and all!

    I am long time fan having seen Floyd do Dark Side of the Moon in Cobo Hall Detroit with that quad system and large explosion they had on stage at the time! Wish You were Here , in the old Olympic Arena in Detroit, Animals in Cleveland, and The Wall in New York, Now again ,, David Gilmour in London at the Royal Albert…I am Comfortably Numb! I am taking my children so they can experiance one of greatest guitar players of our time, Please David turn around and look at the choir section now and then as that was all could get but am happy to get that!

    If You see four Canadians waving at you that will be us!

  154. David – Hi – it’s Nance – Happy Birthday a little late, a big one for both of us this year – Please email me!

  155. Brilliant setlist !

    Only song I miss is There’s No Way Out of Here. Maybe a swap for Dominoes 🙂

  156. Well its been said before but…. “Echoes” wow. Please keep it in forever. Glasgow and “Echoes” I cant wait, looking for a time machine now!!!

    Ian Pearson

  157. Hallo guys!

    The news about first David’s show are fantastic!!!

    Echoes…GREAT!!! ANd the others too…the setlist is very good!

    I’m very very exciting and I look forward to seeing him in Rome! Please, don’t wear himself out with the shows before!!! But I’m sure he gives a unforgettable show to all of us!



    P.S. I love On an island!!!! The album and the title track…and I have another favourite song from On an Island. HEAVEN!!! I LOVE IT!!! It is blues…isn’t it? I LOVE IT!!!

  158. Island Jam?

    Searched Best Buy and found the CD but the packaging had no listing of the bonus CD or track? Is it a seperate package or is it just part of the regular packaging?

    mike mack

    [There should be a sticker that says ‘Best Buy Exclusive! Free Bonus CD Includes Rare Non-Album Track “Island Jam”’ on the front. Apart from that, it looks identical to the regular CD. Maybe they’d sold out? – Features Editor]

  159. My review will be short – great show indeed ! Truly wonderful performance (especially ‘Echoes’ and ‘Wot’s Uh a Deal’), beatuiful guitar work and stunning light effects. I never thought that I will hear ‘Echoes’ live – once again thank you very much David! Hope to see you live again !

  160. Alice: I know how you feel…but I have to agree that this blog/website is pretty well moderated regardless.

    It is fun to tease brats, though….


  161. the set list is amazing, but im dissapointed that there isnt any other solo songs like murder (about face), or just about anything from the first one (david gilmour). i am impressed with the addition of wot’s the deal tho

  162. Dear David, dear Richard!

    The time Pink Floyd started to write music-history wíth every new album was the time I started to listen and analyse music. First time I heard “The Dark Side of The Moon” was the day I started to play music myself – only to play this amazing stuff. Now, more than 30 years later time stands still for a moment everytime I hear some of these songs.

    Yesterday evening was a unbelievable experience – be shure, I will tell my grandchildren about this night: All the fabulous stuff from some of the greatest heroes of rockmusic. Time stood still for more than 3 hours – this show was a prayer to the soul of rock’n’roll.

    Thank you so much! Congratulations!

  163. wow . . . . I must also convey my GLEE over seeing the first ‘official’ setlist . . . the entire new record and SO many fabulous classics . . . . . . little snapshots from other times . . . . great memories of seeing those songs performed live in the past (7 times over 30 years to be precise . . ) . . I can barely contain myself – TRULY !!! In exactly one month, I will be sitting so close . . . no one in front of me but David and his fantastic friends . . . . I feel faint . . . . wine . . must have wine . . . .

    Let me say that I will be a puddle on the floor no matter what David chooses to play for us . . but seeing Echoes and High Hopes would surely be THE dream of all my dreams come true.

    April 12th . . . . Chicago . . . . life is goooooooooooooooooood . . . .

    Enjoy the shows David . . . . the love will be crashing up on that stage from the audiences in every single city . . . . drink it in . . . . you deserve it !!!

  164. David

    Use that set list in Chicago!!!!! I think everyone out there would be happy with that list.

    See you on April 13th!! life is good.

  165. I saw Floyd in 1975 at Ivor Wyne in Hamilton when they took a break from recording WYWH and went on a mini tour…

    1st set > You’ve Got to be Crazy (Dogs), “new” stuff from WYWH
    2nd set > all of DSOTM!!
    encore > echos!!

    Lucky enough to be going to the Massey hall show in Toronto. Hope David keeps the set list intact (although… Childhood’s End would be nice!). Should be great seeing DSOTM tunes and Echos performed live over 30 years later!!


  166. Lots of warnings about not reading the set list if you want to be suprised but WHERE IS THE SET LIST? Am I being particularily thick or is it missing/obscure/secret…

    [Dortmund’s setlist is included in one of the first comments posted, Vic. I think it’s the seventh one. – Features Editor]

  167. I saw Floyd do Echoes back in 1987 in Philadelphia during the Momentary Lapse tour. It was quite a shocker, as in that day you didn’t know full set lists before you went to concerts, not everything was spoiled ahead of time on the Internet.

    They LED OFF with that. First song! Most of the people around me were bored stiff, as they were teenagers who had no clue what that was (they knew Another Brick, and maybe Money or Wish You Were Here or something), but definitely not something odd like Echoes!

    Glad to see it brought out again!

  168. F.Ed., what a blast to read today’s blog! [later than i usually do] so many ecstatic people; so many exclamation marks… i am so excited that i only have three more weeks to wait.

    reading all the setlist comments, i realized – David can play whatever he wants, as he’s never released anything i didn’t like. i have listened to OAI many times now, and i have to agree, it gets better with each listen. i think it is destined to be timeless. very complex. i love it. i love it!


    p.s. actually the Dortmund setlist did sound very nice…

  169. Hi David,

    Please please please please please please….

    Release a full DVD of a concert – the RAH tickets sold out instantly and I’m bitterly disappointed not to be able to go plus the setlist looks mouthwatering. PLUS… I don’t really want to have to buy a bootleg if that’s all there is. Would much rather have the genuine article.

  170. …. The Show was… (speechlees..)… my dreams came true.. I hope, that I’ll see David One Of Theese days once again…

  171. Yeah, “Echoes”! I hope the setlist is similar in Los Angeles!! Actually, that brings up a question: will the setlist be close to the same in all cities?

  172. Forgot to mention earlier I saw Dave solo as well back on the About Face tour in Philadelphia in 1984.

    That was great, because of the venue he played – he played a 5,000 seater. I don’t know what the seating capacity of the places he’s playing this time are, but back then he had I think 3 or 4 nights in Philly (the Tower Theatre if anyone reading this knows Philly concert halls).

    Was one of the greatest live shows to date. For an artist of this magnitude to play a small place like that was great. He also had about 4 or 5 encores, including one after the house lights had already come up, and 2/3 of the people had left!

  173. Wow wow wowwow Wow!!!

    F.Ed, apparently your setlist spoiler warnings were met with utter disregard! Not only have I spoiled the element of surprise for myself, but consequently, my patience to see him here in Los Angeles is growing much thinner by the second now that I know what I’m going to hear. The kicker for me, as with many others I’m sure, would be to see Marooned being rotated in. Such a beautiful instrumental surely could not go unplayed!!

    David’s CD: $10
    Tickets to see David: $90-100
    Misc. Merchandise: $50

    Seeing David perform in person: Priceless!

  174. I’m still hurting at the fact that i missed out on the Toronto tickets even thou i tried so hard, and now that the reviews are coming in and everyones excited i feel even worse…..SOMEONE SELL ME A TORONTO TICKET!!!

  175. OMG!!!! glasgow cant come soon enough. thanks david for doing dominos,(hats off to syd) and for the old stuff. on an island blows me away,cant wait to see you. thanks again.

  176. hi everybody in the world wide web,

    i can´t believe it. great wonderful and amazing.

    i´m working for the concerthouse dortmund. and on friday i´m a stagehand the whole day. to work with the crew ( nice guys like lars,simon, aaron, phil, and dj and the other boys )was fantastic. at 5 o´clock i saw and hear the soundcheck with the whole band. and it was flash began to greep !! thank you david!!!!!!

    i saw the gig from backstage. and it was an experience to feel it on this way.

    the setlist was great.i personaly like ” on an island “. and the new numbers going better everyday. the ” oldies and the goldies ” like david explain to the crowd sounds the real “division bell ” at ” high hopes” david come back, and for you readers, go to the show and hear the great david with a great band!!!!!!!

  177. Dear David, dear Richard

    i was with my best friend on his birthday in dortmund! this was the best day of my live!!years long, i wished, i can see david in concert!!! the setlist was very beautiful!!! the new album and songs how echoes, dominoes, high hopes in one concert….great, great, great!!!!!

    i will never vorget this evening!!!!


    P.S: sorry…my english isn`t so good….

  178. Dear Mr. Gilmour,

    first time, I had the chance to see you and Pink Floyd was in 1981 in the Westfalenhalle Dortmund. I was thirteen jears old and deeply impressed about your performance and show at all.

    This time I’m thirty-eight, seeing you again standing in spotlight at the solo of Comftably Numb but not on the top of the wall, but on the stage of the Konzerthaus Dortmund.
    This time I am also impressed about your experience and about how got it works in a place like this – it has been marvelous, that I still can`t believe what I have heard and looked at last Friday. To me your Music has always been very important, because it helped me to find my own way.

    Best wishes for your tour. Hope you will enjoy us in Dortmund again! Michael.

  179. Set list looks awesome.

    Can’t believe I missed out on tickets for the UK shows, still trying though!

    Does anyone know if there are plans for a DVD release and/or live album of the tour??

  180. Anyone mentioned the beautiful CD-booklet (can’t find these lines again – there are so many…). Yes, praise to the art of bookbinding! I really love it! A designer myself, I was totally impressed by its whole concept – and, by the way, the wonderful emotional music! :-)) Can’t stop listen to it…

    As a citizen of Dortmund I must admit, I heard about Dave’s gig here too late to get any ticket. 🙁

    I’ve been lucky to experience Pink Floyd on tour in 1986 + 87 in Dortmund and Cologne and their music – specially David’s fabulous guitar playing (and also lyrics) always touched me.

    Well, there were still tickets available on March, 10th – but I couldn’t afford the 150 EUR, for which they were offered… I’m really sad I missed this concert pearl. But, so I’ll have to wait for a DVD release from the show, as many other fans, too.

    And hopefully David comes around again one day!!!

    Thank you for years accompanied by such great music, Dave!


  181. Very glad to read the great reviews of the Germany concerts. I had a chance to see ‘ Pink Floyd ‘ several times back in 1987( I was selling tour books for the band ) and I saw them in 1994 and all of those shows were incredible. I love the new CD and I have to say that I am really looking forward to the April 10 Massey Hall gig.


  182. Wots…Uh The Deal ??? All the groundwork laid ..” not Pink Floyd…solo artist…” this sort of thing and somehow seeing the set list, it seems to be a Floyd Lite show.

    Please don’t take what I’m saying amiss, or misunderstand at a time such as this. I have been the most angry at all the ignorant & selfish ideas that David owes us all something. I do feel quite honored to be one of the few on 04.04.06 in NYC to see him (I know this is a great privilege and have waited 22 years to see him solo again and would not trade my tickets for anything…in fact, canceled Bermuda for my 10th anniversary and booked New York instead to be there !!!)

    Some of us are standing, some are waiting in the rear. As if there were something that we thought we might hear. For instance, what would be wrong with a little “Cry From the Street”, or “Raise my Rent” I dream of hearing the old solo stuff and am delighted to hear On An Island in whole. I just love this album….every note

    It’s just a matter of opinions. It’s not a simple fact. I think “Wots…Uh the Deal” is a superfine choice! Can’t wait to hear it. “Wearing the Inside Out”…what can I say.Richard & Dave..Of course I love it !!! on the edge of my seat for Dominoes. However, Echoes…maybe it will drop early like the 87 tour & will add three or four solo songs…I would like that!

    In closing, sorry to annoy anyone as I have no doubt. I never do this posting thing, but felt so strongly that I just had to write. I do love On An Island and can’t undersand how anyone doesn’t?? I guess these people just haven’t really listed to it yet.

    Please everyone, buy a copy for you friend who just won’t go and get it ( I bought three )and if you are going to the shows – enjoy.


  183. Oh, I hear you Tom. I tried and missed out too. Gone before I could even blink. From what I see on numerous site listings and auctions, I’d say that the tickets that would have allowed quite a number of us to rightfully see David and company at Massey Hall sure are there, along with the “shameless profiteers” (as they are so aptly described here in other archive news) holding them for ransom. My curiosity got the better of me so I had a look. Felt like I was going to have a stroke my blood-pressure was so high.
    I would have happily accepted even one legal ticket from ye olde Ticketmaster, gladly paid any amount they asked for, given my arm AND my left leg too if required (need the right one to press the gas pedal and brakes), taken my son to the door, ask someone to guide him to his seat, made my way to the hospital for stitches and a quick transfusion, waited in a parking lot with coffee and pain relief, so at least he would have had the opportunity to be there.
    Hurtin’ here too, and thinking that we are getting a pretty good idea of what that “gutted” feeling is like.

    Thanks FED for letting me blow off some steam…I’m much better now.

    P.S. Our consolations are;
    – we do have David’s fantastic On An Island to listen to…SO FINE!!!
    – hopefully, a DVD to look forward to soon…Yesssss pleassssse!

  184. After listening to OAI a few times today, had to get some work done… went up to my office and put on a rarities compulation. When Wots uh the Deal came on I had to stop and play it again. The quality of the vocals as well as the instrumentation were marvelous, it shouldn’t have been surprising but somehow it was. So long since I’ve heard it perhaps – So, I put it on again.

    Work done decided to take a minute to catch up on the latest here, what a glorious surprise to see Wots..uh the Deal on the set list! Don’t know if it will change by the time the show hits LA, but either way my fantasy life has been given a needed infusion of wonder.

    And, Compliments to the Photographer on the fab snap of David in Dortmund- the coy smile, scruffy beard, and HAIR, LOVE IT! He looks Great!

    Thanks, Cheers.

  185. Mr. Gilmour,

    the Dortmund show was awsome! I liked the performance of the new album´s tracks (which is, like a german newspaper wrote one of the best Floyd albums PinkFloyd never did)

    I really enjoyed the intimacy of the concert, and enjoyed the marvellous lightshow that was in fact -if you like to hear it or not- Pink Floyd. Between gloomy and light moods, spectacular at times, always on the point.

    If you are afraid that the “Floyd-“Thing” ist too heavy you have proven that there are other ways to perform this material.

    And, of course, this stunning performance of an 35 Year old Piece of Music, dealing with seabirds, coral caves and stuff.

    I really hope there will be a DVD from this tour and even more that you will come back with some encore shows.

  186. there is nothing like ECHOES…it was a full live version, unbelievable. I also did some fotos -no flash, I did not want to disturb David,- I was in the first row, just 2 meters from David, I feel the super lucky blessed guy…

    thank you David thank you Richard, best gig in my life (I have seen more than 120…).

    [Sorry, Niko. Flash or no flash, it’s still a distraction and we would urge people not to take photos of the remaining shows. – Features Editor]

  187. I can only Echo the comments about keeping Echoes on the set list. I first saw the Floyd at MSG in July of 1977, and have seen every tour since, as well as David’s solo tour in 83 (Blistering “Near the End”!). I used to work in a factory on the overnight shift with a lot of metallic clanging ambient noise, and the radio station piped over the loudspeakers went through a phase where they would play “Echoes” to while away the lonely hours during the graveyard shift. When the first ping of the piano would hit, I was never sure if it was the machines or the music. What a treat when I discovered it was the music. And what a thrill would erupt from the NYC crowd if that song is played.

    Please, David, I’ve been attending your shows for 29 years now, and would be a very very VERY happy man to hear this live…

  188. I’m near Vancouver, BC, Canada. I am too far to see David on this tour. 🙁

    There has to be a DVD from this tour right? Any city (or cities) planned for filming?

    Forever lost in the Blue.


  189. Oh My God

    What a setlist…

    And about the old, timeless work: indeed: Echoes, shine on, confortably… A-ma-zing

    See you in Royal Albert Hall 🙂

  190. zackman, uv been attending davids shows for 29 years????? dont u mean floyd! after all, floyd wasnt a one man band!

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