Night Nine: Milan


It’s the second Milan show tonight, so do let us know if you’ll be at the Teatro Arcimboldi to see David and his band performing a mixture of new and old songs.

We’d love to know how you’re feeling ahead of the concert and what you thought about it upon later reflection.

It’s quite likely that the setlist will be revealed here, so please don’t read the fan comments below if you don’t want to know what was performed.

It’s been interesting to discover where in the world you are all from, and it’s wonderful to see so many nationalities represented here, united by an appreciation for good music. Please keep posting. We value your input.

If you’re going to the concert tonight, we hope you’ll enjoy it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

149 thoughts on “Night Nine: Milan”

  1. Question:

    Is there a seagull on a wire that goes flying over the heads of the audience and crashes onto the stage?

    (so sorry…I’m having a humorous day dream…)

  2. I’m from Brazil… i really want to see this show in my county, will Gilmour give us a gift like this???? Or he don’t want to know a third world county??? I understand, but when he see the energy of this place, the rock n’ roll that beat in our hearts, man, the brazilians will make him cry… i’m waiting, waiting a long time to see a crazy diamond shining… making our heads fly in an island… c’mon David, take us in a music trip, we need…

  3. It really was interesting to see where everyone was from…Great idea! . Of course, I was one of the few yesterday that didn’t say where I was from…duh…I know I’ve said it in previous posts in the early days of the blog. David has a huge fan here in Alexandria, Virginia. Or as we Northern Virginians and the lower Maryland people all just say here in DC, the Nation’s Capital, or “Inside the Beltway”…Which truly is like being on an island of it’s own.

    But in 9 days I’ll be trekking it up to the “Big Apple” and sitting stunned in audience that is filled with a few of you fellow commenters!

  4. wish I was there in Italy, however I will be going to both shows in Chicago while I’ll be on a week long vacation. To me, that beats being on any Island. (I’ll also be squeezing in a Chicago Cubs baseball game the day before the shows where maybe David could sing the 7th inning stretch! Hey, why not? Jimmy Buffet Does it. By the way, any chance of David playing on T.V., ie. David Letterman, SNL etc.? Those venues fit in perfectly with what he is doing now. One last thing, to the ticketless out there, you still have reason to smile because you just know that David will do all of this again soon based on his smile alone from the shows so far. Shine On…

  5. Caption Competition

    David never ceased to be amazed at this phenomenon when Guy bent over to adjust his pedals……


    Vincent Vega sat in the front row of the audience and accidentally dropped his suitcase which popped open…

  6. Fedmeister

    How am I feeling?… I met up with Howard (Howie) Bayliss (A regular blogger) last night for a beer and unfortunately I had to leave the pub early but I think we would have been there until closing time! 🙂 (Howie – we’ll do it again soon)

    I’m obviously looking forward to the concert and I’m especially looking forward to meeting everyone at the Hard Rock Cafe before hand…

    Would you ever consider uploading pictures from the fans of pre-concert meetings? it would be so nice to put faces to names… (and Becky… please wear the outfit!)

    [I don’t know about that. It would have to be considered. Glad to hear that you had a good time, though! – Features Editor]

  7. Hi Feat Ed ! I think that the On An Island CD should carry a ‘Do not drive whilst listening to this album’ warning……….I get so chilled out listening to it, that I almost ran into a car in front of me a few days ago !! I also like the look of the new On An Island merchandise…… where did I put that credit card !? Cheers all !

    Jon from Corsham, Wiltshire, UK

  8. Caption Competition

    David’s audition as a Jedi Knight stuttered somewhat as he became awestruck when Yoda unveiled his light sabre…

  9. Gah! It has been 5 days since the last Amsterdam show. 29th May is so far away. The wait has already become intolerable.

    This simply will not do.

  10. The setlists are looking great so far!

    I hope when I see David in Glasgow on 27/05 and then in London on 29/05 he plays Fat Old Sun, maybe in place of Coming Back to Life which has had more live play!

    Does anybody know if David is playing that really heavey guitar part in Comfy Numb with all the delay? You know the bit where he Waves his guitar while the mirror ball opens in the Pulse Video (my favourite part)? This bit of the solo is amazing and I would love to hear that sound Live.

    On another note, Feat Ed, ill paypal you £20 to get rid of all the sh*t captions…..

    To anyone seeing David in Milan tonight, I hope you have a great time.

    Kris (in Glasgow)

  11. Hi,

    I was curious about the music being played while on this website, I love it, what’s it from? It reminds me a little bit of early Floyd. Keep playing this stuff it’s great!

    [They’re goodies from David, Mark. – Features Editor]

  12. Great photo, i’m counting down the days till RAH on the 29th

    P.S Hi John Wainwright I’m from Corsham WIltshire too!! (Rudloe Estate to be specific)

  13. Great Job on the site Feat Ed!! I am an avid reader, but only occasional poster to this blog. I cannot wait until the Chicago show on April 13th. I live in Katy, TX which is 30 miles west of Houston. We are flying up to Chicago just to see David. I have seen hime solo in 1984 in Dallas, and of course in 1987, 1988, & 1994 with Pink Floyd.

    John Fortier
    Katy, TX USA

  14. Hey so im from southern florida so first off i geuss there is no way to buy tickets this late rite? and how much would good seats be and why the hell doesnt gilmour play near florida cmon i cant aford to fly to newyork hello hurricane wilma my whole house was ruined i geuss i’ll never get to see gilmour live.

    [Our advice is to keep trying Ticketmaster for returns, Eric. – Features Editor]

  15. Caption Competition:

    DG: Shine on you …….. zzzzzz.

    GP: Rehearsal is over, it’s nap time everyone.

  16. Dear Guy Pratt!

    You have earlier stated that you’re not answering questions, but I hope for one more exception….

    I had already bought plane tickets etc for May 29th to go to the RAH shows when I found out you were going to have a show on the 28th. That was bad luck as I would love to attend one of your performances. So my question is will “My Bass & Other Animals” be released on DVD ?

    Thanks for answering (and no problem if you don’t). Love your performances with Mr. Gilmour in Paris and Amsterdam, no doubt you enjoy it…

    Best regards


  17. Caption Competition:

    No! I am not rehearsing for a Kraftwerk video…

    Cheers, Howard

  18. mmh…dear Fed, french people have no talent with foreign languages…: what does “pillock” mean ?

    sure, you are laughing at me …

    [You are too hard on yourself, my friend. I very much doubt it’s in your English dictionary. I make a mess of simple, modern words that are in my French dictionary! It’s an old word that means ‘idiot’. – Features Editor]

  19. There are some great new photos on Ross Halfin’s site.

    P.S. This delightful blogger is from Cardiff in the United Kingdom.

  20. David

    I am a fan of you from long time, when i was 4 years old i remenbered “Another Brick in the Wall” being launched and soo on.I have a Fender Stratocaster red and white like you, made in america too. It was a great idea for the site to have interviews about you sound, not to copy but to learn something as you learned with the great Blues player’s in your time.

    For moust of us who play guitar you are our “Muddy Watters”.

    Thank you for you music
    Hare Krishna

    Rui Monteiro

  21. “Does anybody know if David is playing that really heavey guitar part in Comfy Numb with all the delay? You know the bit where he Waves his guitar while the mirror ball opens in the Pulse Video (my favourite part)? This bit of the solo is amazing and I would love to hear that sound Live.”

    He’s not, unfortunately. I adore that part of the solo too.

  22. Hello,

    Rudders “mapping the stars” is a nice idea.

    Yesterday I tried to get an Italian feel and took a listening to some Italian prog bands; Mars Volta, (influenced by Pink Floyd, but no sorry not my daily cup of tea) & NoSound (related with Porcupine Tree, and real good!). NoSound did give me a relaxed Castellorizon-feeling. Mangala Vallis is a band I gonna see live soon. Don’t know them.

    Why does the Italian public always get so big compliments? Are they so polite and enthusiastic? Indeed the crowed in Amsterdam was not overwelming joyful. Maybe a good reason to visit Rome, maybe there are some leftovers?

    Hope you had another excellent show in Milan.

    Giancarlo, that is the only man in Rome I know, have a good show tomorrow & please let us here if you liked it.

    Nick from the lovely hilly South of the Netherlands.

  23. Caption:

    David shaking his head “Tssk, tssk…I warned Rick about wearing those fluorescent Y-fronts”


    (BTW FEd, may I take this opportunity to offer heartfelt thanks to Phil Neville for enhancing his family’s reputation on the Red side of Merseyside today LOL)

    [Oh, I did laugh. For about ten wonderful minutes, in fact. – Features Editor]

  24. caption contest

    (Eat your heart out Mcdonalds, THEY are loving it almost as much as I am.)

    Bet they don’t get it, the bunch of slubberdegullions


  25. Caption,

    Must stop rehearsing in this sun tanning booth.

    Gary Hurley

    London England

  26. While attending PF-related sites&forums for years, this is the very first time when I decided to leave a message. And (could I believe that?) to support those who don’t like new DG album. I’m 30 now and it’s 16 years as I’m a huge Pink Floyd fan. For at least 10 years it was almost a religion for me. I’m even able to write this just because I’ve learned english by translating PF lyrics. But the time seem to bring only disappointment. Of course Live8 was miraculous, Broken China was a pure pleasure (Thank you mr. Wright, if you read this !). But from DG me and ,I think ,a lot of people expected after 12 years of creative silence something more special. I very much like David’s first solo album, there’s some strong songs on second, there’s nice pieces of music on TMLOR and especially on Division Bell. So I tended to be realistic enough and not to expect a masterpiece… but not so far. 52 minutes of a deadly rest. The only feeling it leaves in me – ” the tree is planted, the children have grown, the house is built, life’s gone well – now it’s time to lay down and die”. I have a great respect to mr. Gilmour. He’s the man I’ve started to play guitar because. He’s an author of music that changed my life. I even still use strat though playng much heavier music now ! I don’t want to abuse David anyway, indeed I’m writing songs myself and often got a feeling to say “piss off ” to everybody who don’t like them 🙂 But it’s so suffering to to see such a pathetic coda. If it’s a coda, of course:) I mean, maybe this stuff so obviously unsuitable for PF because there’s already other music to be recorded?


  27. “Is there a seagull on a wire that goes flying over the heads of the audience and crashes onto the stage?” LOL, Rudders! (No hotpants outfit for me, dude. I’d look like an old, washed-up hooker.)

    Howdy to Frost, Chris and Warren.

    Shelley, are you going to the April 4th concert? How about if we bloggers going to the NY shows wear those stupid “Hello My Name Is ______” name badges? We could recognize each other in the crowd and, who knows, maybe people could get sort of creative with the badges. We could even pretend that we’re there as some goofy convention group: Greater Poughkeepsie Proctologists for David Gilmour. 😀

    Hope you all (including our hard-working Features Editor) are having a great weekend. I do love the musical goodies on the main page. Thank you!

  28. Hello FeatEd, just follwing up on yesterdays post where you said you would like to know where everyone is from..thought you might be interested to know that I am all the way from Pakistan..not sure how popular David’s new album is over there just as yet but Pink Floyd certainly has a great following in Pakistan. Will do what I can to spread the word about OAI and look forward to seeing David in Toronto, even if it is from obsructed seats!

  29. Gem

    Many thanks for the link to Ross Halfin’s site, there’s some great images of David and the band on there.

    Eeh bah gum, there’s some reet good “gurning” shots for Rudders to ponder over…

    I do hope he gets to meet up wi’that Becky lass and post some photo’s of her in her gear…

    “I used t’ dreeeaamm of girlies in t’ ‘ot pants”, such a change from all these sheep up ‘ere in t’ bleak Yorkshire Dales…

    Tomorrow I’m actually gonna be “On An Island”, (over there….Tenerife) so I’ll be able to chill out for a whole week listening to the timeless music David (and Pink Floyd) has bestowed on us over the years, what bliss… then a week of blogs to catch up on events when I get back.

    Keep up the great work F.ed, I’ll be thinking of you slaving over a keyboard, while I slug a few ice cold beers… KenF

    [Cheers, Ken. Slug one for me. I’ve got a cold, so all I’m slugging is hot lemon drinks. – Features Editor]

  30. good evening fet ed . i have’nt been here in a couple of days ( i bet you were glad of the break from me 🙂 ) i was up to my ears in work and meeting some friends .

    i am just reading the interview form guitar world . it is very interesting apart form all the guitar terms i don;t understand !

    i just wish the press would stop bringing up pink floyd reunion roumours every time they interview david . don;t get me wrong i love the floyd but it is time to lay the rumours to bed . talk about his time in the band for sure but we must get over the fact that pink floyd will not reunite . lets remember the good music how it was . i wish i could have seen them live but i know it is not going to happen . at least the pulse show is comming out on dvd in septemer acordding to david in the interview

    i have to say i don;t find on an island too hard to listen to when driving . pity the poor blogger ( as in preson who has conributed to this blog !) who nearly crashed his car because it relaxed him too much . the music keeps my temper down when stuck in traffic . today , apparently due to an accident , it took me an hour to go between 3 junctions on the m50 which at normal speed would have taken me about 10 minutes . thank god for on an island as i was ready to pop my top in frustration 🙂 then my back started protesting too . o well i survived in one bit which is good .

    one more thing . i hope all the people won;t forget to out their clocks forward this evening . summer time ofcially begins . although with this weather you could have fooled me 🙂

    anyway i hope you are having a good weekend fet ed .

    take care

    linda from dublin ireland in case i have’nt already said .

    [Thanks for the clocks reminder, Linda. – Features Editor]

  31. Dear Fed,

    Is David playing comfortably numb at a slower tempo, like on Pulse? If so, so you know why he does that? I am looking forward to seeing him in San Fransisco. Thanks

    [I’ve only heard the one he did at the Mermaid Theatre, so let’s see what the others say about the 2006 ‘Comfy Numb’. Anyone care to comment? – Features Editor]

  32. “Does anybody know if David is playing that really heavey guitar part in Comfy Numb with all the delay? You know the bit where he Waves his guitar while the mirror ball opens in the Pulse Video (my favourite part)? This bit of the solo is amazing and I would love to hear that sound Live.”

    He’s not, unfortunately. I adore that part of the solo too.

    Nope. Not so. He definitely is playing that part of the solo. David has said on the record that he unequivocally does not augment his live recordings with added overdubs. Actually he played that part of the solo on the Thunder tour as well. You can get a close look at what he’s up to during that part of the solo form the Delicate Sound video. If I’m not mistaken, he makes that cacophony of sound with some good old fashioned multiple string bending on the high frets, some tremolo bar whiplash and a hell of a lot of volume. I agree though, it’s a very dramatic part of that solo, and actually, I kind of miss it.

    If anyone is a guitar gearhead here, does he not use that phrasing in the solo anymore because he’s reverted to his trusty old black Strat w/ the single coil pickups rather than those ceramic jobbers? Or more likely, is he just tired of that riff?

    Anyway, all that just to agree that I love that part of the solo.


  33. hey,

    hello italia what about the concerts??? as good as in paris and amsterdam? must be i guess. nice music on the site today. f.ed keep up the good work and rudders also. it’s getting an addiction to read all the commands at this site. can’t wait to go to the final show in londen!!!!!!david, polly and the band take good care of your self!!

    and f.ed i still have the question fore you, i have asked before….

  34. Well he didn’t play it at Amsterdam… Am I thinking of the right part, 7:49 – 8:12 on P*U*L*S*E?

  35. btw this is the most beautiful picture off them all and they were all beautiful.. very good polly!!!!!!! (wish my english was a bit better)

  36. I can confirm that tonight’s setlist was as follows:-

    First half:

    On An Island
    The Blue
    Red Sky At Night
    This Heaven
    Then I Close My Eyes
    Take A Breath
    Pocketful Of Stones
    Where We Start

    Second half:

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Wearing The Inside Out
    Fat Old Sun
    Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise)
    High Hopes


    Wish You Were Here
    Comfortably Numb

  37. I was thinking about it, and the one song I would be happier to see than anything else would probably be Us and Them.

  38. “While attending PF-related sites&forums for years, this is the very first time when I decided to leave a message.”

    Well Oleg, I’ve got to say I find it more than a little rude that your decision to contribute now was in order to tell David that you don’t think much of his album. He does read this blog, you know. Would you offer the same critique to his face?

    Don’t get me wrong, ladies and gents, I’m not suggesting that people should only post wholly complimentary reviews. There’s just something a bit off about only piping up in order to slate David’s work, I think.

  39. Hi, dear Fed,

    thanks for your answer in french. It’s so kind. And, you know, your french is so nice… I like your humour… and, malheureusement, you’re totally right when you say “que [les politiciens]veulent être sauvés au lieu de sauver notre planète!”.

    Well, would you accept to see my space, and look at some drawings I’ve made? I’ve done the drawing of SYD in 2005, and the drawing of DAVID is the first I’ve ever done (in 1981…c’est si loin…!). In fact, during 20 years, this portrait was named “Christ”, because all the people who have seen it, said to me it was the Christ… Until the day someone said: “Oh, but it’s David Gilmour!”… you can’t know how proud I was… Can I ask your opinion about them? do you think David would like? I hope. Maybe… (I’ve made the covers of some “best of” PF I’ve made for me, with those drawings. Good idea?)

    to Michèle: non, vous n’êtes pas sortie du cadre du blog. Et je suis d’accord avec vous. Mais peut-être, pour une fois, les politiciens pourraient-ils cesser de dire “Passez devant, je vous suis…” (encore heureux quand ils suivent!).

    Ikkar, with love.

    [I’d be delighted to and have just sent you a request. – Features Editor]

  40. Caption thing;

    DG: I love playing the solo`s to comfortably numb.
    ME: I love hearing them as do many fans worldwide! How do you do it?

  41. Gem- I have to disagree with you! I’m also going to the Glasgow show and although I’d love to hear Fat Old Sun, I would far prefer to hear Coming Back to Life. I’m delighted that this has finally been added to one of the sets and thought it was a strange ommission to date. CBtL is (IMHO) the best Post-Waters PF track and has a wonderful transition between heart-felt, slow, bluesy guitar to rock-inspired soloing. And the lyrics are very touching too!

    CBtL for Glasgow!

  42. Hi FEd,

    Hope you didn’t catch your cold from Dan or myself — a true computer virus! Hopefully you have a cozy, comfortable nook where you can do your work (reading, editing, and generally being kind enough to make all of us feel ‘included’).

    And thanks to Mike for giving me a nod with regards to Gary Moore — much appreciated.

    It’s going on 5 p.m. here on the West Coast so I imagine tonight’s gig must be over. I hope everyone (those attending and those performing) had a great time!

    Take care of yourself, FEd, and thanks for doing such a great job. Keep up the good work!

    Peace and happiness to all,
    Washington State

    [Thanks! – Features Editor]

  43. “Well he didn’t play it at Amsterdam… Am I thinking of the right part, 7:49 – 8:12 on P*U*L*S*E?”

    Thats the bit Gem! Its such a powerful sound, I actually find that bit is the hardest bit to play on comfortably numb, I can get close to it though, having a 3ft tremolo arm doesnt help though (seriousley though, I would love a shortened one like David’s, the tremolo arm)

    Maybe Guy can persuade him to play this part, heh

    At the end of the day I’ll be delighted to hear this solo whichever way he plays it, it always knocks me out.


  44. photo caption:

    The snake-like eye of the reconnaissance camera hovered for awhile, beaming the strange images to the Aliens back on board the mothership who were deliberating on whether to invade this Earth.

  45. Ah, the Features Editor posting the setlist for tonight.

    And again, since I can’t see this event, I thank you for this. I’m keeping track of all of them, so I can make up my own concerts here in my domicile, shut my eyes, see the music, and and “Wish I Was There”.

  46. And another one from me: is the “Fat Old Sun” playing the longer concert version from the early 70’s?

    Sorry (?) to be asking, but I’ve got to know. Like I said, I’ll burn my own concert out of one or more of these, and go “see” it here at home.

    I said in an earlier post I “see” the music. Yes, I do. I always have. PF (post-Syd) and David’s music I could always “see”. Sorry about the post-Syd remark, while he was a genius in his own right, when David joined is when the slow, dreamy, soaring, orchestral music began.

    The London Sympnony playing PF is an example. And “On an Island” falls right into line, especially with David’s extensive use of an orchestra. And if any of us closes our eyes while listening you can’t deny that we really can “see” the music.

    Anybody else out there agree? Who else out there can “see” the music?

    Or am I just nuts (I am certifiable!)?

  47. Photo caption:

    I thought you guys liked me and the band… Oh, well …. still got my guitar…

    Marmalade… I like marmalade

  48. Hi all I’m Eclipse.Really great site And adore that you have it set out as on an Island cover.

    Just want to say Ive been a fan of David for like ever, I absolutly love floyd I have every album including all solo’s from David Rick Nick & Roger I only have 1 of Syds though,All you fans who are lucky enough to se David live Mate treasure and remember it I know I would if I could see David live as I can’t get to Europe So David if you read this pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease can you tour Australia as my UNDYING wish is to see you live as I totally adore you .YOU are the GUITAR GOD & SUCH A MAGICAL VOICE NOT TO MENTION GOD GIFT TO WOMEN.I truley loved you debut on sax you played beautifully as I knew you would it doesnt matter what you sing or what instrument you play its beautiful. I really loved On An Island.BYE 4 NOW Eclipse

  49. I just came back from Milan!!!

    I was very pleased with “Then I close my eyes”! Really wonderful in the live version. Fat old Sun made everyone stand and cheer.. David was really into it. Echoes!!! Oh my… the seagulls bit is something I will never ever forget for my whole entire life. It’s a visual and sonic experience that transcends all barriers!! What a masterpiece… Comfortably Numb … how many times and how many versions have I heard of it?? TONS! but this one was REALLY aggressive! Especially in the end.. David simply outshone himself.

  50. Man, whatever David and Band plays at the Chicago shows is going to be amazing!

    I have never seen David or for that matter Pink Floyd live in concert. I am so exited after reading the positive reviews of the shows so far!

    Thanks David for making so many people happy with the release of OAI and the subsequent tour. OAI is an amazing colletions of songs, and everytime I listen to it I just get lost in the music, with memories, thoughts and feelings flooding my brain.

    I know it must get old for the Features Editor and David to read all of the requests to play in this city or to play this song or to release this or that on DVD or CD.

    I am guilty myself of asking David in one of my first blogs to play Fat Old Sun. I feel ashamed for doing that. I mean who the hell am I to ask David for anything. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I feel blessed that David and Polly have given us such a personal cd of new music to listen to.

    This is such a great site to vist. I really enjoy reading all of the comments (whether I agree with them or not) and the respones by the Features Editor. It’s a trip let me tell you!

    Keep up the fantastic work Features Editor!!!

    P.S. Guy, your comments and thoughts are so appreciated also.

    Mark in Rockford, Illinois, USA

    [Cheers for that, Mark. – Features Editor]

  51. wow. what a setlist. can we call it perfect? probably. hope you had fun. i’m from rochester ny, and more recently from charlotte nc, but my brain resides in some other place alltogether. let me know if you find it swimming up the thames or something. cheers.

    see you in toronto.

    he probably plays the solo differently because he wants to. he changes what he does over the years, even if he plays some of the same material. it matures. you get it

  52. merci michèle. je ne savais pas non plus ce qu était pillock et je n osais pas le demander. sylvie de montréal

  53. Wot’s Uh The Deal is gone???? Wot’s The Deal with that!….. Personally don’t like dominoes at all… But, great setlist! Can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks from today David! Have Fun Till Then!

  54. I think there should be a set list link for every night instead of having to scroll through the blog section. Not that I don’t enjoy all of the great comments that are posted here {particularly Rudders}. I just think it would be a nice addition to the site.


    [With so many people stealing our content for their own fansites, I say, let them look for it. – Features Editor]

  55. I’m a big fan of yours & PF. I really enjoy your new cd On The Island.I think i’m going to buy another one before to long, this one is just about worn out. I have it in my truck, wifes van, and on the computer.I live in Kanasas City, MO., U.S.A. You are going to be in Chichgo next month. I was wondering if you can put K.C. or St. Louis on your list of cities to visit. Once again THANK YOU for so many hours & years of music, solo and with Floyd. Thank you once again.

  56. david you are a legend,

    thank you david

    for me it as been the consert beautifurl and moving of my life,
    grazie mille david !!

    a presto

  57. Aaarrrghh…. No Wot’s…Uh The Deal Features Ed. Have you missed it out or is it dropped?

    [Just passing on the info. David is mixing it up a bit, don’t forget. Maybe they’ll play it tonight. – Features Editor]

  58. F-Ed, sorry to hear you’ve got a cold. Hope you didn’t catch it from me.

    [No Dan, you’re alright. I suspect it was this little brat in the supermarket who was coughing and spluttering over everyone and everything whilst his mother was oblivious to his suffering, pushing him back and fore in his buggy like that would shut him up. I’ll get him for passing on his germs, don’t you worry about that. – Features Editor]

  59. Hi everyone, I was at the show yesterday evening in Milan and I don’t know how much time I need to pull myself together. It was absolutely fabulous.

    Teatro degli Arcimboldi is a nice venue with very good sound so it was a very good choice.

    The performance was excellent, with David really inspired, with great solos and many improvisations but I had the feeling that the entire band was playing with great involvement, enjoying the show. Rick was repeatedly cheered (you deserve it!). Everybody was superb.

    Shine on you crazy diamond was an unexpected really unbelievable intimate version.

    At the beginning the flashes from the cameras were irritating, but fortunately they stopped quite soon. At the same way I have to say thanks to the audience, the magic silence during the acoustic ending of High hopes and Wish you were here, with all the audience singing, were unforgettable.

    My hands are still suffering for how much I clapped.

    Thank you David, I’ll never forget.


  60. Hi, I went over to Paris for the show at the Rex – Superb!!!! Comfortably Numb was performed at the same tempo as at Live 8 to my ears, which is a good thing as I’ve often thought it was played too slow on other Floyd tours. 1st solo exactly as on the record, and 2nd solo pretty much the same as Live 8. He didn’t miss a note, the first note pinch harmonic was spot on!!

  61. Will give you that win FEd,

    We were awful, even when you went down to 10 men.


    [I did fear the worst when Gerrard got sent off. What was the referee like?! Too many bookings and not enough common sense. I didn’t think van der Meyde deserved to go, either. – Features Editor]

  62. The sound tonight was better….. Echoes sounded great !!!!

    less “stardom” outside the “wall” please…you don’t need that…and so to you…Barry….


  63. Sugestions for set list

    1st half
    Show me the way to Amarillo
    Bob the Builder
    The lion sleeps tonight
    Two little boys
    Augustas Gloop

    2nd half
    Tie me kanagroo down, sport
    Shudapa your face
    Mr Blobby
    Amarillo (reprise)

    What do you reckon?

    [Sounds good, especially if Rolf Harris will agree to be a special guest for ‘Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport’ and there’s time for a lengthy wobble-board solo. – Features Editor]

  64. Fat old sun … great version. powerful … inspired… the best version ever

    ciao Davide

  65. it’s great to see that david is mixing things up. i’m dying to see and hear ‘take a breath’ live. from what i’ve read, this is a real highlight of the show and the sound and lights are supposed to be amazing at this point. it’s hard on the band in a way, because people are always going to get excited over ‘echoes’ (especially the ignorant morons who think they’re seeing pink floyd) because we’re all more familiar with it, and hearing it live after such a long time is a real novelty. i hope that david doesn’t take that as a criticism of his new material. besides, what certain cynical people (morons) should remember is that the floyd songs wouldn’t have sounded anything like the way we know them to sound without david. he made those songs so great with his voice and guitar, so he has every right to play them as part of his set as and when he chooses. we’re just incredibly lucky that he’s playing them and should accept whatever he decides to play without grumbling about the ones he didn’t play. thanks a lot, david. i write this just so you know that your fans are not all greedy whiners with their hands out for more!

  66. thanks for posting an official setlist, ed. there have been quite a few errors when fans have posted it. not that i’d be able to remember it perfectly unless i wrote it all down during the show! i’m intrigued by the choice of playing the first half in a different order to how the songs appear on the album. i love how ‘red sky at night’ sits between ‘take a breath’ and ‘this heaven’ on the album. that seems so perfect to me. makes you wonder how these songs come across live. like alice, i can’t wait to hear ‘take a breath’ because everyone seems to be raving (and drooling) about that one.

  67. Caption Competition

    DG: Next time I’m bringing Roger so he can spit on all those idiots submitting lame captions to go with Polly’s beautiful photographs.

  68. This is maybe my ideal setlist!

    Although do you know what I would love to hear?

    Keep Talking, great song and it would be good to see David using the Talk Box.


  69. Hello to everyone,

    here in Rome it’s a sunny spring’s day…waiting for the performance in the Auditorium.

    Thirty years ago I was twenty yo and I was living in I am a fifty yo girl,living in Rome with husband and daughter,managing a press office… waiting for the same emotion…I’m going to tell you everything about the sound,the guitar,the songs and the heart!

    ksss diana

  70. I agree with Alice in that we should just soak in the new CD live and remember it- because in a few months when people begin to finally realize what a superior piece of music it truly is, David will be done with his tour. As someone who has made this mistake myself with many great albums, it takes time to apreciate gifted works. I remember in 84 when David released About Face and went on tour and played most of it, people kept yelling for old favorites and I was one of them. Now I wish I could remember how he performed some of these masterpieces but I never will because I was so consumed with the classics we know so well. So please enjoy all that he plays because some day you will look back and wish you had! Dave in Ft. Wayne

  71. I was there. Both night. But More important I met the man himselfe on via della spiga at lunch time. Walking with the beautiful Polly like any other uk tourist in Milan…

    Consider that I am a fanatic I am quite surprised by my fulll british approach. The couple was walking in a way that made me just think at “where we start” a song that I am learning to love – expecially live. I could just walk to him and say ” great show last night” I received a good smile back and a polite “thank you”. Then again, “I am coming back tonite”, another look, “very good”.

    Thats it. But I consider funny the fact that even if fanatic I respect a lot the privacy of my heroes, I tend to think that you get the best of them live no?, and have never waited outside an arena to meet gilmour and co…and then, he just walked my way in a regular street in milan.

    The show. 24rth, great but not perfect. a few big mistakes…the start of breathe, the intro in time ( pratt was a little fast and the band lost the sense of direction). All small things received with a smile from the the band members…

    25ft, a TERRIFIC SHOW. great, perfect, magic.

    Both of the nights we gave a deserved standing ovation to Rick Wright, but all the band was magic.

    Gilmour, well, what can we say….I am just sorry I saw just two.

  72. yep. i forgott the audience. very, very competent, we were expressing our feelings of course, and sometimes really LOUD! but as someone else wrote, the magic end of high hopes, showed a total involvment….that minute was magic…

  73. Wish I was at the Milan shows, I was lucky enough to attend the second night in Amsterdam. Absoloutely wonderful, anyone who has tickets for the upcoming shows, you really have something to look forward to. I have another set of tickets for night two in Chicago, can’t wait.

  74. By the way, is the “in” thing buying David’s apparel and wearing it inside out? And are the logos visible when you wear them inside out? It would be a shame if all these people bought all that DG gear and the logos aren’t visible when they wear them. On the other hand I do want to be fashionable when I go to the concert.

  75. “Well Oleg, I’ve got to say I find it more than a little rude that your decision to contribute now was in order to tell David that you don’t think much of his album. He does read this blog, you know. Would you offer the same critique to his face?

    Don’t get me wrong, ladies and gents, I’m not suggesting that people should only post wholly complimentary reviews. There’s just something a bit off about only piping up in order to slate David’s work, I think.”

    Dear Gem, the reason itself to contribute was the fact that David can read this. So yes, I would offer the same critique to him personnaly, as would tell a many thanks too if I could meet him. From my opinion ,”there’s just something a bit off” about only sayng “wow!” to the new David’s work. Looks like a kind of self-cheating. The long waiting should be rewarded and here it is!

    I clearly understand that there’s a many different people with different taste and that David doesn’t have anyway to be associated or compared with Pink Floyd all the time. But I believe that there’s good and not good music. And
    the fact that most of David’s music was always very good and now he’s saying that OAI is his best work ever, made me to write that message.

    May be, of course, David shouldn’t be worried about opinion of a few single “morons” (thanks Alice!)from middle of nowhere but if he is reading this blog, I think he’s doing it not to gladly recieve only ecstatic compliments.

    I believe he’s a better kind of a man.

  76. Hi Fed and other fans

    The good news is, it getting closer to the April 20th show ( Night 20 ) at the House of Blues, Gibson Amphitheater in Hollywood. I got my tickets as an earlybird, and will be having nice drive through the desert to see the show. The bad news is, I can’t stop peeking at the set list…I was warned… And then someone has to say they think Dominoes sucks…mmmm…,my. Thats just not right, the Dominoes thing…that is a great song! I look at it like this the second half of the show is like a slot machine were you can’t possibly lose, but if you get “wots, echoes, dominoes, and fat old sun you hit the jackpot!

  77. Late good morning Ed/Edwina, David, Guy and anyone else peeking in…

    I see Becky’s got some of the boys all wound up with visions of her in hot pants. We now know the level of the room, don’t we? 😉

    Alternate Gilmour wrote: Is there a seagull on a wire that goes flying over the heads of the audience and crashes onto the stage?

    LMAO – I think that seagull should be riding on the back of the third reincarnation of Algie the Pig and the pig should be wearing a t-shirt proclaiming: “The Porcine Genius of Pink Floyd.”

    And here’s my latest discovery: On An Island sounds even better while in the bath, surrounded by candles.

    Thanks for sharing the Italian concert reviews, everyone! Though the excitement of it all is beginning to make me a little sick, I still stupidly read them all like the idjit I am (“idjit” is southern-speak for “pillock”).


  78. Finally I attended the show!!

    Not much to say, everything has already been said: everything was perfect. I just want to add my personal feeling. I knew that I would have felt good during Echoes but not so good. For 20 minutes I was shivering, trembling, cold ice on my spine. And For some minutes I was away on outer space, with eyes closed. I was time travelling and the band did the magic. No need of fantasmagoric Lights and flying pigs to drive us in Interstellar Astronomy…….. Wow, more than I expected, what a beautiful Ending!!!!

    You have to realease this show and I suggest with all the songs you mixed up (domines, wot’s uh the deal etc.).

  79. Hey, my 5 week old daughter Sophie Irene is digging the On an Island album.

    I bought a turntable, the 30th anniversary vinyl lp of DSotM, vinyl 4 disc lp of Echoes, and I have my dusty on the shelf unplayed PULSE lp. She’ll be schooled well in my music room. Check out the pic by clicking my name.


  80. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport happens to be my very favorite song in the entire world, I’ll have you know. “ALL TOGETHER NOW!”

    Rolf forever…


  81. Two quirky items to relate: I decided to watch the film Europa Europa this morning and was delighted to see that the composer was Zbigniew Priesner! Maybe I should have known this but I did not remember.

    I have a friend in Iran–I’ve known him for 20 years–and we chatted on instant messenger today. I told him that I was going to see David Gilmour in NY next week. He told me that he saw Pink Floyd in Atlanta in the late 80s. SHUT UP!!! I did not know this about him. Now I’m quite cross with him for not inviting me to go with him all those years ago…and at myself for missing all those concerts over the years…. What the hell was I doing??? 🙁

  82. hey Mr.Guy Pratt! thanks! I’m the boy in front of Principe Di Savoia Hotel in 24 and 25 march!!! you’re very nice and friendly with me and my family! thank you very very very much for the photos!!! good luck!!!

  83. Caption….

    “Damn those flash cameras!”

    Just one more concert over there for now.Next stop..North America.Hooray!!!!Waiting with unheard of anticipation.

    Kingston Ontario Canada

  84. Ciao,

    yesterday I saw David In Milano. It was great, excellent sound, a fantastic theatre, perfect lights, a great band and one of the best guitar players in the world.

    The first set was very good: On An Island is certainly the best David solo album with some of his best work. The audience was respectful but very hot like always in Italy where Pink Floyd are still the most popular rock band with U2 and Bruce Springsteen. Richard Wright received a standing ovation and for an old Floyd lover like me it was fantastic to hear That hammond behind That guitar.

    But the second set was terrific. Fat Old Sun was mind blowing with a stunning solo, Echoes…well… just a dream to come back in the best rock era and the final solo in Confortably Numb was one of the best of the hundred I have heard from many shows.

    Thank you Dave for the show, for coming with Richard and a great band.

    My dream is to see a Pink FLoyd show in an intimate place like a theatre…I know is a dream but what would be life without dreams?

    Paolo from Torino, Italy.

  85. THANKS THANKS THANKS DAVID AND RICHARD!!!!!!!!!! Ciaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Flora from Milano.

  86. I was there… I felt so emotioned and fallen in love with all the songs and music!

    I believe this was one of the best concert I could ever stayed!

    Italy loves u, David!

  87. Someone had the fun suggestion of coming up with something visible for NYC (Or any venue for that matter) that would ID all the people writing in here to others doing the same.How about it reading:

    (2) I’M A PILLOCK BY NATURE -or-

    Of course then we have to decide what the “IT” should be…..A sticky label, hand designed t-shirt, baseball cap….Or perhaps it doesn’t matter. We’ve got the message and the media is irrelevant.

    I am so-o happy in reading the daily performance reviews as they get more and more exciting!

    Enjoy the moment,
    Nance (From New Jersey in the 40s & 50’s / California in the 60’s & 70’s / Connecticut ever since

  88. What’s the short track playing at Dave’s site today? From which song is that taken?

    [The sounds you hear on the homepage are goodies that David has been good enough to share with us. They’re not necessarily from any songs as such. You’re just supposed to enjoy them! – Features Editor]

  89. It’s Sunday morning here in Washington DC (and yes, people actually do live in the city limits; it’s not all gubment (Bushism) buildings, monuments and office suites of policy wonks :-)). (Did you know that 90% of DC residents voted for Kerry in the last pres election – a little factoid I thought I would throw in there). The weather is pretty blah – typical for March. Time to sit with a cup of tea and the DG blog.

    Bland, boring or blah is most definitely not what this blog is, though. My surfing habits have morphed from the occasional “check-in” every now and then, to every few days, to the current level of once, twice, thrice a day. Ouch. Just a tad obsessive, I think.

    Let me echo the thanks for the ‘Important Stuff’ section. I haven’t read the suggested items but will certainly add to that list of must get/download/borrow … As with many of us, the subject of our interactions with/on the environment is of major interest and concern. My daughter will be starting university next September where she plans to major in environmental science. She wants to do something with international maritime issues so the joke in our household is whether that means Greenpeace or Exxon. You can guess which way her ex-hippie mama wants her to go :-).

    I wonder if the important stuff section will expand to include recommendations/pointers/suggestions about music and fiction as well.

    OAI is still in heavy rotation on the old ipod and cd player. I’m finding all sorts of new things in the layers and mix that keep the music very interesting. Some of the songs are very much heading to be included in that limited category of songs that can be depended on to do their magic and change, lift or banish a mood.

    Love the reviews of the concerts, keep em coming. There are some seriously wacky bloggers making seriously wacky suggestions. Love them!

    Regarding Craig’s post on promotion ideas from March 23, Wow, redux. Hysterical. Can I get on the wait list, or is there a sign-up sheet going round for some of those positions? Where do I send my resume for consideration? I’m good with turning the pages of sheet music. I know my Evian from my Fuji water. I can do the human microphone stand thing. Sure I can! :-).

    Karima from DC

  90. FEd,

    It was one of the worst refereeing displays I have ever seen. VDM didn’t really deserve a red, yellow at worst, why Stubbs and Kewell were booked I haven’t got a clue, the first booking of Gerrard was harsh, but the tackle for the second meant he had to go. Ferguson got booked , I think, for being called Duncan, it was a litany of errors from start to finish.

    But hey, lost both derbys but still have Gilmour in Manchester to look forward to. Can’t wait.

    Again, many many thanks for your sterling work on this site.

    Oh, and who designed the T Shirt? It is awful! Reminds me of those T Shirts you see in markets with wolves heads on them, or native american faces. Hope they are purely for the US market and us Brits get a different design.

    [Hi Tony. I’ve no idea who is responsible for the T-shirt, but there will be more on the site shortly and presumably there will be different designs. Just be aware that the ones on eBay are fakes! – Features Editor]

  91. floyd0987: the “seagulls bit”? wot’s uh the deal with that? no one else has mentioned seagulls. except Alternate Gilmour [Rudders?] asking if one flew over the audience and then crashed into the stage…

    kris: re: the caption comments: it’s worth wading through 30-40 of them to read one ‘David auditions for the part of Zaphod Beeblebrox’. [love you, Rudders] they can’t all be gems.

    sylvie: je ne savais pas non plus ce qu était ‘slubbergegullion’. vous n’êtes pas seul, mon ami.

    ikkar: you make me work hard at my French – merci! i especially appreciate your comments about politicians…being an American. i tried to go to your site to look at your drawings, but i couldn’t. how do i get there?

    Veronica: setlist = LOL!!!

    Becky: can’t wait to meet you in NYC – i lived 13 yrs in ATL. would love to ‘e’ you. click on my name if you’d care to send me your address. (p.s. i think Guy should wear yr dream hotpants)

    FEd: i too have a cold, of Unknown Origin. better now than April 5 in NYC. i would hate to be blowing my nose and have Guy shout “Here, then – if you can’t tune it, don’t play it!”

    btw i really enjoy your offsides comments about the footer matches. your football is much more entertaining to me than stateside football. not that i understand either too well.

    i wonder – if David had used a stage name post-PF, could he have spared himself having his current work always compared to the past? (notwithstanding his playing is SO recognizable) i know i hated it when i’d run into an old school friend and they’d ask, ‘are you still with {first boyfriend}?’ history is hard to escape. especially when it’s a legacy; you don’t really want to escape a legacy…

    tennessee, usa

    p.s. i love the setlist change-ups. i know what i wish for, but don’t know which i’ll get. no way will i be disppointed!

    [Hope your cold goes away soon. They’re not much fun, are they? – Features Editor]

  92. To Gem,

    Disregard my previous post. I totally misread what you said (quite how I’m not sure). I think the only part of my response that relates to your question was the last part re: the pickups.

    Anyway, sorry about the confusion. I must be getting old.


  93. I was in Arcimboldi’s Theatre friday night with my girlfriend (she is russian and she has never seen David or Pink Floyd in a live concert) we are still dreaming …thank you David (my girlfriens is still lost for words…and so am I) are there any hopes for a DVD? Thanks!

  94. About David’s message to save the earth. The world as we would like to know it is finished. The rich figured out there wasn’t a god and that they should cash in and have the best times of their lives while they are alive. The big wheel will turn and life on this planet will slowly disappear. The End. Good riddance to the ridiculous human race. Like good termites we are doing exactly what we are supposed to do. The universe will continue and somewhere another form of life will evolve with a more complete makeup. There must be billions of life forms in the infinity of space and surely they would want nothing to do with our pathetic species. I’m just glad I’ll be one of the last generations to see something that resembles some form of beauty.

    Humans are pathetic. We are made from the stars and we will return there.

    Hysteron proteron

  95. Hi fans & FEd !

    I just come back from a ride together with my daughter (two years old). Since the show in Amsterdam she had to listen to OAI every time I take her with me in our car. In the begin she told me to turn down the sound, but today she tried to sing along the lyrics !! Her favorite song is “Take a breath” – I think, a new fan is born !

    Maybe it was really a good idea that I didn´t choose for a traditional musical box to lay on my abdomen while I was pregnant with her, but put on headphones with sound from the Division Bell…. 🙂

    Best wishes to David, his family and his fantastic band !!!

    Mel & family
    Venlo, Netherlands

  96. “About David’s message to save the earth. The world as we would like to know it is finished. The rich figured out there wasn’t a god and that they should cash in and have the best times of their lives while they are alive. The big wheel will turn and life on this planet will slowly disappear. The End. Good riddance to the ridiculous human race. Like good termites we are doing exactly what we are supposed to do. The universe will continue and somewhere another form of life will evolve with a more complete makeup. There must be billions of life forms in the infinity of space and surely they would want nothing to do with our pathetic species. I’m just glad I’ll be one of the last generations to see something that resembles some form of beauty. Humans are pathetic. We are made from the stars and we will return there.”

    Whew, I would agree 100 % if I was a pessimist. Im not. There are a lot of good initiatives and developments going on. People have been moaning about the destruction of their culture/life for a long time but life and culture only change. I know, Im confronted with dead cultures all the time (Im an archaeologist).

    In the long run we probably wont make it, but that is no reason not to try 🙂 Who knows we may surprise ourselves yet. Anyway if we sit down and do nothing we are doomed for sure. Im betting on the little chance we will be ok (haha isnt that what life is about all the time?)…

    In the meantime, I applaud all initiatives (however small) in the right direction!

    Just my 2 cents here!



  97. wow . . Hysteron . . .

    you need to spend more money on your weed . . . . some things just shouldn’t be skimped on . . . . .

    but seriously . . . . while I CAN appreciate where you’re coming from . . . you only have to turn on any news cast – any day of the week to be frightened and angered by what is happening in the world . . . BUT . . . hope is still a choice . . . and life is precious – don’t waste it surrounding yourself in such a toxic cloud Hysteron. the human race is far more resilient than you seem to be giving credit for . . .

    in any case . . . . . puff more . . . think less . . . . turn the stereo up a little bit louder (DG / PF playing of course . . ) and try not to be so damn fatalistic about it all . . .

    and for Dear “F’ed”, one small query . . .

    as an American . . please tell me WHAT is it about Robbie Williams . . ????????

    (sorry . . . )

    xxoo anyway

    [Speaking as someone who has had to listen to his dull music and watch him posing his way through life for what must be a decade now, I was hoping that someone might be able to let me in on the secret! I really don’t know, mate. The word “lucky” springs to mind. A few other words also spring to mind, but I’d best keep those to myself for legal reasons. – Features Editor]

  98. DG: Next time I’m bringing Roger so he can spit on all those idiots submitting lame captions to go with Polly’s beautiful photographs.

    Come on F.E. Share some of the blame for this atrocity with us idiots like a good old bloke. As I believe ,very early on you encouraged we pillocks do so.

    Sorry Madcaplaughs!!!no offence intended to anyone.Especially Polly.It’s just our way.

    [I like the captions. I still chuckle at the robot one. – Features Editor]

  99. Just read the set list from day 8 and I love how Mr. Gilmour is changing the one song in the set, now I don’t know what we will hear, could it be Dominoes, or Fat Old Sun, or Coming Back to Life? What ever is played I will be happy. I also noticed a comment about Jeff Beck and our dear FED mentioned how Mr. Gilmour really likes Mr. Beck’s playing. Well now you all why I’m “smiling” I have tickets to see Mr. Gilmour twice 4/19 and 4/20 but I also have tickets to see Mr Beck on 4/5 Los Angeles and 4/6 San Diego. I can’t believe it the two best guitar players of all time and I’m seeing them both in the same month! Woooo Hoooo! Now if we could only convince Mr. Beck to join Mr. Gilmour on stage in Los Angeles and I would truly be in This Heaven!

    P.S. I bet by now you’ve realized that I’m in Southern California

  100. A bit off topic. April 4th is the release date for Alan Parson’s “A Valid Path” dual disc which includes commentary by David.

    I’ve been listening to the first track time and time again since it was released late ’04. Of course it has a great guest star Mr. Gilmour.

  101. Ho assistito al concerto di David il 24/03. Sapevo già che avrei assistito ad un evento memorabile, ma non credevo che fosse cosi bello.

    Ascolto i Pink Floyd da quando ho 4 anni e questa è stata la prima volta che ho ascoltato i brani dei Pink dal vivo. Voglio dire solo un’ultima cosa, in inglese e spero di scriverlo correttamente…..Thank’s David for the great concert. I don’t have word for descrive my sensation………..Thank’s……….

    Mirko Italy

  102. Dear Fet Ed… je nes pas parles les francais tres bon! Wish I remembered my French lessons… too long ago!

    Hysteron… Fortunately I don’t subscribe to your point of view about God etc. Personally I think if I really felt the way you do I’d just have to cash my chips in now… very bleak outlook. I guess I’m one of the “fools” who still believe that there is an order to the universe and a God in it. All that stuff about evolution and billions of forms of life- its amazing that life exists on earth… if it didn’t have the moon to stabilize its’ orbit… if it wasn’t tilted 23° on its’ axis… if it was further away from the sun (or closer)… if it had a higher concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere (or lower!)… if it didn’t have a magnetic field… and a whole bunch of other “lucky breaks” we’d all be screwed and wouldn’t be here to talk about it. There may be other forms of life out there in the vast expanse… but even top scientists today are starting to question if such conditions exist anywhere else in the universe. So yeah, I think there is a “god” out there. Besides… if there isn’t something else out there beyond what we can see, taste and smell, then why should we care about music or anything else that “resembles some form of beauty”? Where does the capacity to appreciate beauty come from? I can certainly think of no evolutionary advantage to the perception of “beauty” that would make an animal that could appreciate it more viable than one that couldn’t. Especially when that “advantage” would have to translate to a chemical signal (i.e. DNA) in order to be preserved and passed on.

    Fet ed if you decide not to post this I understand… this is after all a site to promote David and his music. I just couldn’t leave that post alone… forgive my compulsiveness!


    [No problem. Knock yourself out, mate. I enjoyed that. – Features Editor]

  103. Who are the band members for the US Tour?

    [It will be the same band, Stan. – Features Editor]

  104. Milano, 26/03/’06

    I was there (with my girlfriend, of course… she went crazy when she saw David take his guitar!)

    Absolutely great.

    David & his band have played an inspired show… full of emotion.

    Great version of FAT OLD SUN and ECHOES.

    We really liked the show.

    Please David, come back soon!

    Italy is one of the most beautiful country in the world and it always waits you with arms wide open!

  105. Ero li..25Marzo..teatro Arcimboldi…I was there.

    I cried while was listening to Confortably Numb solo..really!So beautiful..

    Tnx David….BUT 2 things:

    1-I think you have to study better the “on an island’s album” solos.. 😉

    2-We were only some fans out of the could say a “Ciao” at your fans that were waiting for you all the time…FOR YEARS!!


  106. Hi Fed & everybody

    Milan, last saturday: David Gilmour on stage!

    I have been there, with my wife and my elder son: simply BRAVO BRAVISSIMO! I do know this is good to say.

    I have seen a great performance of all the members of the band and nevertheless I have been inside ECHOES with its sounds, feelings, moods and much more …

    I have seen almost 40 years of my life passing by in a lifetime of minutes … at the end I got that strange feeling to have crossed the stargates.

    This happened on 25th of march 2006, and still the GRASS IS GREENER …

    thank you, David
    GRAZIE 1000

  107. firstly . . . AMEN Tim Taylor! not that everyone isn’t entitled to their own views and way of life . . . but it just makes me sad to see someone so down on it all . . . so hopeless . .

    then to my dear F’ed . . . THANK YOU for your unvarnished honesty re: Robbie Williams . . . I laughed my assssss off !!!! (I believe that would be arsssssse to you . .?) HOW funny that you used “posing” in your comment back . . . I almost used “poser” in my original question, but I didn’t want to be too rude . . . !!!!! TOO FUNNY !!!! I shan’t censor myself again! I liken him to our own beloved Britney Spears (PLEASE don’t banish me for putting those 2 names on this venerable blog . . ).

    a small story in an attempt to redeem myself . . . I’ll tell you that I am a HUGE fan of Marillion (another musical non-phenomenon in America – although undeserved in this case) . . I was lucky enough to catch them a few times the last 2 little tours they made here . . even was lucky enough to buy dinner for Steve Rothery before the show one night in Cleveland (he wandered into the restaurant where we were having dinner . . sat right behind us . . . we tried to be so cool . . . we almost succeeded . . . great moment . .) I tell you this with the presumption that you (being of exceptional musical taste – obviously . . . wow . . that was pretty shameless . . . ) are most likely familiar with their music and could quite possibly be a ‘fan’ . . . .??? I know I’m going out on a limb . . . but hey . . . . it’s all in the spirit of the love of the music isn’t it ??

    anyway . . . I’d love to know what you think of them if you’re inclined to offer an opinion – it’s always such a delight to have a comment back from you F’ed !

    I’m still working on your true ID . . . . I am ever gleaning little tidbits . . . tiny clues . . . such a fun little fascination we all have with you . . . .

    pleasant evening!

    [Er, I don’t really know anything about Marillion. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  108. Gem- my mistake! I misread the name of the person whose post I was replying to. I seem to be unable to grasp the concept of the name coming after the post, even though the post was signed! It was actually from Kris…

    “I hope when I see David in Glasgow on 27/05 and then in London on 29/05 he plays Fat Old Sun, maybe in place of Coming Back to Life which has had more live play!”

    I was basically saying I’d prefer CBtL over FOS.

    Sorry for the confusion!

  109. I was in Milan, last saturday night. It was the first time for me.I’m 26 and I was waiting this moment for 16 years. It was unbelievable, you were in front of me.I decided to start playing guitar when I heard you for the first time.Thanks David, hoping I’ll see you again…

  110. I have no words to explain how I felt when David starts his concert alone on the stage with his guitar…the sound at arcimboldi was wonderful the vibrations of the sound catch my heart…I cried…

    A wonderful stunning Echoes in the second part makes me feel as i never felt before…

    the 25th of march is been one of the most important days in my life…..Thankyou very much David for all this emotions…

    Someone know something ’bout dvd release of the tour????Bye to all the fans like me

    Luca, Milano

  111. I wish to thank David and his great band for all moments they have given to all fans in Milano saturday (I was there). I hope that they will come back soon in Italy for other dates.

    I know that it will be very duifficoult but I wish… 3 dates are few for all the fans you have here, don’t forget us.

    Excuse me for my bad english and…
    good luck.


  112. Great concert today!!! The tour si completely sold out!

    Please come back in Italy as soon as possible!!


  113. To Richard Hansen posted 26 march 11:52 PM:

    Have you hear the “assolo” at the end of Fat Old Sun?

    Sure not.


  114. Hi to all of you, I’m Veronica, from Italy. I was saturday in Milan, it’s fantastic concert.

    Thanks David and all musicians and particulary to Mark…Thankssssss Mark!!!!!!!


  115. geez guys, fans won’t eat you! I can’t understand all this haughtiness to us. We were a couple in the artist entrance. No one out for an autograph, No one! Ok, you are tired because of the tour, but dunno, lower the black glasses of the car and thumb up! Nothing else. How much does it cost? The show was great, however.

    Shine On…

  116. Tim, we evolved from the earths environment; the planet didn’t conform to the human race. People that believe that the earth was created for the human race believe in god. Everything on earth evolved from random chemical reactions that took place because the given chemicals and factors were conducive for any given specific reaction – animals, plants etc. Religion is just a basic code of conduct learned over many generations who found out that following this basic set of rules will make life bearable for those not within the worlds privileged ruling class. Religion is just a tool that the power people invented as a means of social control; it creates the foundation for a social structure that the rich utilise to advance their wealth/power. God is a brilliant psychological construct used to control society; it allows people to rely on a dream for all the things they’ve missed out on earth. Enjoyments and a state of existence that only the rich believe they understand. God believers think that their reward will be reaped in heaven….spiritual/psychological redemption for all the misery that they may have suffered on earth – working their lives away for the system etc.

    Without god/religion and the infrastructure created by the ruling class; people wouldn’t be controllable. It prevents anarchy for the powers that be. That’s why education is doled out in small dabs and based on career path. It’s not about enriching your mind. Education today is just a formatting tool used to divide people into work categories. Ask yourself why war takes priority over education. A dumb society poses no threat to the system. Thinking people make waves for the system. The powers that be don’t want a smart society; they want a doing society. Five percent of the rich control ninety fife percent of the world.

    Death is a broken light globe. There is no after life. Death is just a simple transfer of energy from one state to another. Energy can neither be created or destroyed. Energy is the consciousness and currency of space and void of any human notions of intelligence/ego. The decision has been made. The powerful people who are destroying our planet with their systems are well aware of these facts and are cashing in for a lifetime of pleasure and power. Why else would the world be in such a sorry state? Working class people don’t own the industries that are causing our environmental disintegration. We are just the robotic tools of the worlds ruling class – pedalling their bike to oblivion. It’s in our makeup to destroy ourselves – both as leaders and followers of this mad system. The destruction of our fragile life support system is irreversible. There is nothing that can be done to stop the death and destruction that our earths changes will reap. It will end the human race as we know it. Truly DNA distorting stuff.

    Who said other forms of life need the same conditions that life on earth does, Tim? You are limiting your ideals to carbon based life forms. We couldn’t even begin to understand the forms, environments and ‘chemistry’ of the myriads of life forms that exist in the INFINITY of space. No beginning and no end. Anything is possible when you have chemical reactions taking place on an infinite scale.

    We only care about music and beauty because it’s a conditioned reaction/stimulant for our nervous system that evolved over many generations. We are just chemical reactions with a limited shelf life; it’s all a chain reaction. Our understanding of our environment is limited to what WE can perceive – a very narrow band. Whose to say that there aren’t millions of other life forms on earth with greater powers of emotion and understanding than us? A colony of bees may be existing on a higher plane that we could fathom. Humans are an ego based life form, nothing special. Maybe all the other planets in our solar system were once inhabited by life forms similar to ours…thus my termite theory.

    Thank you Features Editor for allowing me to express my views.

    Hysteron proteron

    [It’s my pleasure to read your views, mate. Very interesting indeed. – Features Editor]

  117. Wow Hysteron proteron that was some post, you have expressed your thoughts beautifully. I thank you for sharing them.

  118. Hysteron proteron,

    Well you depict the view of science in general. Interesting, but inconclusive nonetheless. So far science has not been able to answer a lot of intriguing questions (well not yet perhaps, or we humans are simply not smart enough to understand our reality. As an analogy, try explaining quantum mechanics to a dog.).

    Science is very good in explaining the ‘how’ questions, as you demonstrate by ‘deconstructing’ very complex phenomena such as culture, religion and human emotion/thinking. Phenomena which by the way have not yet been explained sufficiently because of that complexity.

    Science is extremely bad in explaining ‘why’ questions from the human point of view.

    It seems to me that you try to ‘normalise’ life and the beauty it has by speaking about it in terms of chemistry and physics. Saying something like “Emotions are ‘just’ a chemical process” is not a satisfactory description of the phenomenon. Actually, its an insult to its complexity.

    No much remains to be discovered, which is of course one of the exciting things about science. When you think about it, the simple fact that we EXIST (unless you are a follower of extreme philosophy) is mindblowing. There is a molten rock floating in infinity (I dont like that word, chances are it is not even true. Its a “lie to children” told to simplify something we dont know much about and replace it by a concept which may be far removed from the truth) and some ‘observers’ developing on that is a pretty intersting fact in itself.

    Even in science (and mankind perhaps) there are glimpses of the beauty and elegance of our reality.

    We should not look as these things and say we are not special. Each of us IS special, complex, elegant and has a potential (unfortunatly many people leave that promise unfulfilled).

    We are (well as far as we know) the highest developed intelligence on the planet to this date. Now its time to start to use it wisely.

    Human kind has come far. Just look at how far science has progressed since the enlightenment (although Plato nearly killed the first greek attempt). Luckily the Dutch resurrected it again (sorry couldnt resist including that)…

    Now that knowledge is used to improve the human condition (yes we still have a long road to go) and society. Our standard is much higher then it ever was.

    You cant take that for granted. We are not yet at the end of that road. That road IS going somewhere. The question is, are we wise enough not to take the wrong turns?

    History will tell. History will judge.

    Sorry ed, but if you allow posts of this nature you can expect reactions to them…

    [Oh, I want reactions to them! That’s when it gets interesting and people think. – Features Editor]

  119. Water is a giant computer. All water is linked, all water is mixed, water unites all life, without water there is no life, we are intelligent water. I sometimes wonder if humans are merely creatures brought forth from water to explore the terrain. We are cradles for water, it penetrates our every cell, it makes up 75% of our brain! 75%! So all the water there is has passed through every brain of every carbon based creature.

    So, water knows what the seemingly infallible ruling classes are doing at any given moment and if it wants to it can probably stop them either through its absence or through its extreme presence. Life is a strange thing and I agree with Hysteron Proteron that we percieve a narrow band, but we also have imagination and given that things are infinate, everything we think is as real as everything we see and touch, the same for dreams.

    There is a magic at work in water that we don’t understand, maybe it contains all knowledge from all life and someday someone will find a way to communicate with it. Maybe through water there will be telepathy. Maybe our souls live on in water and are reincarnated into an appropriate vessel such as the human form to continue ‘exploring’ (for want of a better term), furnished with a brand new ego but the fundiments of your soul are retained.

    I can’t help but think that water has a purpose in the same way as a plant has a purpose. The purpose of the plant is to reach towards the sunlight from where it recieves the energy it needs to live. Humans building spacecraft, sending technology and eventually themselves to distant planets, if one assumes water is the primary intelligence to which all life is a servant and equal participant, why is water reaching out into the void? To create more life? To spread life? Considered this way, the human race becomes a giver of life rather than a destroyer. Life follows water. Water is, like a plant, serving essentially the same purpose – to propagate life beyond itself. We are it’s servants in this regard. Maybe all culture has sprung up as a part of this complex process, each aspect of it creating the necessary conditions by which life might take itself to every corner of the universe in the same way as water has filled every nook and corner on the earth with life.

    Or it could be equally be something completely different….

    I could continue for a long while more….but I won’t, I just had to chime in on Hysteron proteron’s bleak assesment of life the universe and everything.

    The album does have a watery theme, if that goes in favour of this post not being deleted!

    [I was wondering if you’d mention it! – Features Editor]

  120. Hi Hyperon,

    Interesting, if bleak, perspective you have on the world. To give credit where it is due, to put something like that in print takes a certain amount of conviction, if nothing else.

    I’ll buy the part about us being chemical reactions. I do DNA analysis for a job, so I’m familiar with the building blocks. We may be ‘just’ chemical reactions, but it is a highly ordered and intensely complex set of reactions.

    Which doesn’t necessarily call for the existence of a Creator. Doesn’t rule it out either. Certainly, many people throughout history have thoroughly abused religion to suit their political ends. But I struggle with your assertion that spirituality was created expressly for that purpose.

    Also, if you are willing to say in one sentence that “we can’t even begin to understand…” and “anything is possible”, and go on to posit hyopothetical bees on a higher plane, how can you be so unequivocal about the impossibility of a creator or an afterlife?

    Seems to me that both could be possible, and at the same time have absolutely nothing to do with the organized religion mess that has you so fired up. By the way, I don’t subscribe to an organized religion, so I’m not trying to convert you…

    One last thing, regardless of how we got it, appreciation of music and beauty is, on the average, a good thing, right? If nothing else, it has drawn together here a crowd of interesting people, the majority of whom likely have a genuine interest in the world around them, and in doing what they can to help. And like your bees, it is equally possible that there are connective aspects, on an electro-chemical level, to music that we don’t quite comprehend either.

    At any rate, I thought your posts had some interesting points, and I’m not trying to pick a fight. I think what gets people defensive is when you make very definitive statements about things that are essentially unknowable. Otherwise, it was an interesting break from the “will you come to my town and play…?” sorts of posts.

    Listen to “The Blue” some more, maybe you’ll feel happier–

  121. what a night…a night to remember for ever! i saw people crying on Confortably numbs and other that couldn’t stay seated on hausband was completelly crazy for that..couldn’t believe it was happening! the whole place became one voice for wish you were here…terrific!David was great, couldn’t stop staring at him..and Richard was magic as usual! Such a great feeling! i wish i had another date ticket!

    THANKS DAVID AND RICHARD for this great moment! that is the best birthday party i’ve ever had!

  122. Hello’ Dave,

    I’m one of the unappies who lost all of Your concerts in Italy. It was impossible to find the tickets. I hope for new dates added in future, or a return…..not only the pleasure to see You in DVD!

    Love from Maury

  123. Hysteron- I would love to respond to your rebuttal (I think it could be quite an interesting dialogue) but don’t think this is the place for it… it was kind of the Fet Ed to post them, but I don’t want to abuse the priveledge. If you want to continue this email me at that would be cool.

    To make this a David Gilmour post… it sounds like the European audiences were for the most part great! Let’s hope the American audience can maintain the quiet atmosphere while the songs are being played and save applause/yelling for the end of the songs… and no cameras!


  124. I was at the concert in Milan

    it was a great show, one of the best of my life

    during the second part of the show they played pink floyd songs, it was great especially my favourtite song ECHOES

    LORENZO from MIlan

    bye bye

  125. Just wanted to say, David, I’ve been a fan of your work for most of my life, and I love your new album! If the touring doesn’t seem so bad to you, then try to hit Japan, please! I’m sure that a lot of people would love to see you, and you could also hit Australia while you’re at it.

  126. Hysteron,

    A narrow band– I agree…. Our perceptions of the universe around us are limited by our primitive sense and cognitive capicity. As higher order thinking evolves, I would like to think our understanding of all things will advance as well. As a species, we have barely begun to walk and talk, and our society and attempts to “master” our world have advanced faster than our ability to understand it and maintain balance/harmony.

    To me, its the equivalent of watching a toddler try to run. My daughter fell and messed things up (including herself) quite a few times before she got the nack of it. As a species, we are the toddler equivalent.

    Thad C. said sience does not necessarily rule out a creator, which is true. I’m content to just leave it at knowing there are things greater than me I have bearely begun to fathom.

    Life as we know it, when conditions are right, is tenacious!! Right outside my groundfloor window there is some type of…plant…growing through the cracks in the concrete sidewalk!!!

    Life, paranormal experiences, the order of the universe…it’s all so much to take in…

    On An Island–look up at the sky, walk down a wooded path, watch children play, think of friends long gone–contemplate your existence and feel in your place as best as you can, because all that matters is the contentment and the balance you can bring to yourself and to the people and things around you.

  127. Hi all!!! Glad the site is back up. It took a while but I caught up on all the posts.

    Gee… it really seems as though hiperions’ post struck a nerve. I will say with all this talk about us just being a bunch of chemical reactions, although I choose to follow an organized religion(and no, I don’t feel the slightest pressure from my government to do so- all my choice. If anything, my government impedes that freedom of expression), I’m not trying to convert anyone to this or that religion. But to state with so much certainity that this reality is all there is seems awefully out on a limb. When I took my B.S degree in biology they pushed the idea that only theories that are testable, falsifiable, etc are truly “scientific”, thus both evolution and creation fall outside the realm of science (no they didn’t admit that evolution was outside science- they made an exception to the rule- but they REALLY pushed the rule on us). Anyway, I agree with another poster that the reality we are able to perceive is extremely limited (for example we see in color, whereas the aforementioned bees see in ultraviolet- same “reality” but very different perception of it). I have heard it said that we share 98% of our DNA with chimps, but at the same time we share 98% of our DNA with watermelons too (don’t hold me to this- just something I heard). So who do YOU resemble???

    Anyway- there was a fascinating little book published back in the 1800’s called “Flatland” in which a “Flatlander person” gets the opportunity to see life from other perspectives. He meets people from “Lineland” and “Pointland”. After being elevated to the 3-dimmensional world and meeting a 3-D person, he is convinced that there must be many more levels. But of course the most blind person in the book is the 3-D guy who believes there is nothing beyond the 3-D world. Very interesting book!

    Thad- you made a lot of sense in your comments. I have a friend who designs drugs at a research company. He says (and I’m on board with him) that it takes a LOT of hard work and intellect to design drugs (yes, I subscribe to “intelligent design). So to the person with cancer, do you want researchers to put intellect and work into designing a drug that might cure the cancer, or put a bunch of chemicals in a vat, shake em up and see if anything goood comes of it? Personally I believe the second law of thermodynamics is going to work against the idea (I started to address you Thad, but think I got off track and started globalizing… back to you). You do DNA analysis, so you probably have a pretty good grasp of protiens and protien synthesis. There have been experiments (i.e. Urey/Miller) where amino acids were spontaneously generated. Unfortunately there are 20 amino acids required for life and they have only been able to synthesize like 12 of them, and once the AA’s were synthesized they had to be protected/removed from the environment in which they formed, lest they should be immediately degraded. In the “primordial soup” there would not have been anyone to remove any AA’s that happened to form. And what of the other 8 AA’s needed that we can’t form even by trying (I mean by trying to replicate evolutionary processes as I’m sure we can synthesize all 20 AA’s in a very controlled environment). Even if nature could create all these required AA’s by random chemical reactions, then they have to be assembled into functional protiens- that is protiens that do some kind of “work”- and protiens don’t “work” by themselves… they “work” in conjunction with other functional protiens, which have to already exist. In fact many metabolic pathways (the “work” of protiens) are assumed by evolutionists to have had all their protiens evolve concurrantly. Take the human blood clotting process- bunches of protiens in the pathway. Take any one out and you have problems (no clotting at all, you bleed to death with the slightest cut or nothing to stop the clotting process once it starts and you die because all your blood clots- Yes, I read “Darwins’ Black Box”). So you can’t have protien A evolve, then sometime later protien B (actually many evolutionists say d was first, then c, b, a- backwards).

    Anyway- I think I’ve said too much already. There are many books/articles on the subject. A thinking person should read both views and decide for themselves which makes more sense. A good book on Intelligent design is “Darwins’ Black Box”. A good book on problems with Darwinian evolution (written by a staunch evolutionist) is “Evolution- A Theory In Crisis” by Michael Denton. There are many books supporting evolution- though I don’t recommend my Molecular Biology of the Cell textbook- I recently reviewed it and discovered it makes many claims which sound very “religious” in their zeal for evolution, yet present very few facts to support such grand claims. I actually laughed out loud reading some of the dogma.

    Dear Fet Ed- please indulge me and post this one… its long and overblown, but I’m posting on a old post (March 25th!). And hopefully its at least a little interesting to ya!!!


    [Oh, it is. – Features Editor]

  128. (Question:

    Is there a seagull on a wire that goes flying over the heads of the audience and crashes onto the stage?)

    No, but I’m told that there is a large porcupine floating around the stage with every intention of crashing into the audience if that’s what they want.

    Personally, I prefer the music, but..whatever floats your boat, mate.


  129. Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink…

    Magnificent!!! Hysteron proteron is the most content person I know…

    Some of you have a very strange way of interpreting his post…

    The “feeling” for “today” is “On An Island” and “Meddle!!!” Enjoy!!!

  130. Hi Tim (and all others of course),

    The lack of new shows and the Fan Fare page being non-responsive had many people thinking about other issues. How many band/music blogs will have such discussions ?
    Interesting to read, although a few words are too difficult for me to understand (English is not my native language, but the flow of the sentences usually gives me an idea about certain words).

    Anyway, you wrote about the book “Flatland”. Interesting summary you gave. Who do we resemble most ? The 3-D person who doesn’t want to know there might be other levels (it indicates he/she is not at the top level and that might not be what he/she wants to hear) ? Or the flatlander, who finds out there’s more in his world than just a flat surface ?

    I hope we are all flatlanders in a way and continue to amaze us of what else this world has to offer us. Other views, opinions, thoughts, etc.

    To keep it within boundaries of this blog about the music of David Gilmour (note: the folowing is of course my view; I never discussed anything about this with anybody, let alone that David an I had a chat about it) we can see him finding other ways of making music (other bandmembers, other instruments), other period in life (for the most part ha seems much happier), other priorities (family first), other people surrounding you, other world around you (both in your country and global).

    Where possible he tries to aid people and organizations if it helps (like Crisis, the whole 94-Earls Court charity donations, the greater good of Live 8, etc.)

    In the end one of the best messages for Floyd fans is NOT that we might have another tour or a real reunion (we WONT), but if people like David and Roger can put things aside for the greater good, that’s the message we all should think about. Do we have a big quarel with somebody and can we do anything about it to settle things ? There might be a way to (as David said) come to closure with certain things in life.

    We should cherish people like him. If we all could make our lives more about caring for others than caring for ourselves, we might have a better world (as others care more for us too). Anyway, back from deep thoughts to the music. Just listened to a great Gilmour solo in ‘Brother Where You Bound’ from Supertramp. Now it’s time to pop in On an Island once again 😉


  131. I can’t explain my feelings with words…

    I say, simply: the best show that I saw in my life.

    David & Richard, thanks for all!

    I hope you’ll come back in Italy soon!

  132. Thanks so much for the beautiful evening david, surely not to forget.

    My preferred song has been “Take to breath”, it remembers me “The Piper at the gates of down.”

    we don’t forget Echoes,Wish You Were Here, Confortably Numb, Shine on, Time, High Hopes.

    I dreammed this day from Sept. 13th 1994. Do you remember?

    Thanks to all David, Rich, Guy, Jon, Dick, Phil and Steve.

  133. I am from Zimbabwe and I went to the Milan concert on Saturday! I am just sorry I could not get onto the site earlier to put my comments in but I have been travelling for what seems like ages.

    The concert was, without a doubt, the greatest event I have ever seen. I was in row 4 and I could not help crying out lous when he came out in the beginning on his own and began his solo guitar. David Gilmour has to be the greatest musician of all time! He has poise and grace and just walking out onto the stage he commanded the stage. He has enormous presence and then he starts playing and the world disappears. I felt like I was there and nothing else existed except the sound of his silky voice and beautiful guitar.

    The night was spectacular, the music was spectacular and it was really a great treat to have Richard Wright there and Dick Parry who was awesome.

    I will remember that night as long as I live and everyone in Zimbabwe is just going to have to get used to getting bored of hearing about it. This is something I never thought in my entire life I ever thought I would be able to do but the dream was made a reality by the kind gift of a friend in the UK. I will be forever greatful to him!

    David Gilmour – you are truly a gifted and monumentally talented musician and I think the new album is the best you have done! Well done and thanks for the best concert I have ever seen and for the chance to have the biggest dream of my life come true – hearing you play comfortably numb live!

    You are awesome!


  134. Just wanted to express my excitement to see the guys play on Easter Sunday in S.F. Anyone else out there going to the same show?

    Question for you, FED, Does Polly play or sing during any of the live shows?

    [No, she doesn’t. She takes some cracking photos, though. – Features Editor]

  135. David, Richard, thank you for the beautifull show you gave us, I was in Milan on 25 March.

    It was the concert I was waiting for a long time, Some tears have sleept from my weary eyes.

    It was very emotional to me.


  136. I am 50 now and I have been a fan forever. I was excited to see that David was touring until I saw the ticket prices. I was just wondering if you can tell me wether Mr. Gimore plans on doing a tour of not so POSH spots where the more common FAN can afford to see him in person as well. I think the nice places he is playing are great and all, but i’m sure I am not the only fan that saw the ticket prices and gasped. Unfortunately not everyone prospers along the road of life at the same rate. I too turned older this year, but I don’t think I can afford these ticket prices regardless. I love David’s music to know end and I would love to see him in person. I think it is also important to have respect for your fans, and not just the few who can afford the high ticket prices. Please try to include everyone in your tour plans. Thanks for listening.


  137. Me and my husband were in Milan on 25th March. It was great, I can’t explain, so I want to thank David, Richard and all the musicians for the beautiful music they played.

    Is it true that Mr. Gilmour is planning to play summer gigs in Italy, ’cause this is what I saw in different web sites. Thanks, we love you.

    [Not true, I’m afraid. Other websites have rumours, we have the truth. If it’s not announced here, then it’s best not to believe it. Fansites can be as bad as the tabloid press in getting hopes raised, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  138. ten days passed by from 25/3; “echoes” of that day continue to beat in my heart; this will be 4ever I think….

    grazie David..alla prossima…

  139. My wife and I are from Australia. We were at the gig on 25th. The music was great, the atmosphere was terrific and when David stopped singing (to listen to the crowd) during “Wish You Were Here” I think he was then the only person in the room who wasn’t singing.

    Grazie mate.

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