Night Four: Paris


We are enjoying your anticipation for, and memories of, David’s shows very much. Please keep it all rolling in.

It’s the fourth night of the tour tonight and David and his band are still in Paris, this time playing at the famous Olympia. If you will be there, do feel free to pour out your thoughts. We hope you have a fantastic time.

As usual, if you don’t want to know the concert details, please don’t read on.

Don’t ruin the surprise, but right now David is being presented with a saxophone by the president of Henri Selmer & Co., the legendary French saxophone company, who is a big fan of David’s.

A couple of things that you might not know about. Just humour us if you do.

First up, we have to squash the rumours of the Amsterdam shows being broadcast online before they get out of hand. That’s not going to happen, unfortunately.

Secondly, we are delighted to announce that ‘On An Island’ has topped two more charts. As well as claiming top spot in the UK, Italy and Norway, it also now occupies the top spot in the Czech Republic and on the Billboard European Album Chart.

Well done, David!

Check out the Latest News at for more on that.

And last but not least, have a listen to David Jensen’s terrific Capital Gold interview with David. There are seven interviews, each lasting approximately four minutes, so be sure to click them all. David touches upon why he’s putting out his new album on vinyl, how he’s been influenced by the likes of Elvis and Hank Marvin, his plans for his guitar collection and reflects on the joys of married life. He even quells yet another Pink Floyd reunion rumour…

But will it make any difference, we wonder?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Caption Competition

    The audition for the role of Zaphod Beeblebrox didn’t go as well as David thought…

  2. Fedmeister…

    Fantastic chart positions! Not many artists have that level of global impact!

    The next “big one” will be being the half-time entertainment at the Super Bowl next year! arf arf!

  3. Forget ‘Even Cowboys Get The Blues’….in this case it’s ‘even Rudders doesn’t read the News’… I fell sorry for the poor sod that writes it, to be ignored so..

    [He works so hard on his news stories, too. It’s very sad. – Features Editor]

  4. I absolutely love this album, but my friend doesn’t think much of it. After talking with her, I think I know why we hear this album differently. It’s because we are in different places in life. My friend is young and single, in a place of discovery and possibility, as I was at that age. She likes to liven things up, to find new things that excite her. I just turned 40, I have a family and a career and all the trappings that come with that territory. I enjoy this album because it’s relaxing, it brings me to a place of peace and calm which is increasingly hard to get to. My friend thinks this album is “like David Gilmour on Quaaludes.” It’s not exciting enough for her. She doesn’t have the same need to chill out as I have. She likes to rock-out with “Money” and “Comfortably Numb.” I think that if she enters a more stressful life, she may come to love “On An Island” and its sense of inner peace.

    To those who have been asking if they got the same disk that everyone else did, the answer may well be that people listen to music for different things, and that your place in life may have a lot to do with the kind of music that appeals to you.

    [Another fine post. Thanks for that, Dan. – Features Editor]

  5. Fedmeister

    I’m not enjoying my walk of shame…cast out into the wilderness!… I’ll try and make it up to you… ‘onest!

    [Aww, you’re alright. Keep the captions coming and all will be forgiven. – Features Editor]

  6. Dave Warner

    Most definitely a Welshman in Toronto… 🙂

    “I so agree with Rudders in Toronto, and I’m grateful for his/her posting”

  7. Just a quick greeting from Toronto…

    We’re readying ourselves for his Massey Hall shows by endlessly playing the new CD. (It’s growing on me.) From what I’ve read, I’m pleasantly surprised by some of the songs in the set list. I would prefered more David Gilmour material instead of the overly familiar Floyd tunes, but hey…I’m not complaining. He’s touring again! And that’s more than I thought we could have hoped for.

    Incidentally, last night I spotted a TV commercial for OAI so…welcome to the machine! Cheers.

  8. Quick! Anybody! What does quell mean?

    [Am I making up words again or getting my French and English muddled up? It has been a long day. No, it’s a word. It means ‘put down’ or ‘squash’. Ask Rudders, he’ll tell you. Just don’t ask him about the plural of ‘roof’. He’s got no idea. – Features Editor]

  9. OK Rudders, I just got pizza sauce all over my shirt because of that last Caption Competition.

    I won’t get a chance to listen to the interviews until after work, but is there REALLY another PF rumor? Or is it the same old one that comes up week after week? We need to give it a rest guys. It’s not like we’re influencing the future by putting out lies. David’s going out on tour and so is Roger, so let’s just enjoy both.

    [It was the same one, really. Terribly dull. Would David be playing at Hyde Park in the summer? We all know the answer by now. – Features Editor]

  10. Ben/Fedmeister

    You don’t need me to check your spelling… with one exception of course but we have settled our differences and agree to disagree…even though the Concise Oxford etc etc…….. 😎

    And here’s a thought….This weblog would make a really funny booklet….!

  11. Haha Rudders, you would think David needs another head for that…

    @ ED

    Great chart positions!! I’m sure you must be a more then a little proud too! Cheers to all involved with On an island!

    [I’m dead chuffed. David thoroughly deserves it. – Features Editor]

  12. caption contest:

    ” I should have an answer to that question by April 1…..”

  13. Rudders-

    I’m with you on the caption buddy! I just bet there are a lot of people out there wondering who zaphod might be. I often confound people who ask me questions by responding “the answer is 42!”. Ah such an odd breed we are!


  14. What what what? TIME! David’s been playing Time? AND Echoes? EEEEEK! By crikey that’s exciting news!

    Pink Floyd have been my mother’s favourite band since she was a teenager. It was David’s PHENOMENAL playing on Time that did it. Consequently, as far back as my memory goes, there is Pink Floyd. And David in particular.

    I’m ridiculously excited now the gigs are so close. I’m going to both Amsterdam shows, by myself (I’m such a big brave girl).

    On An Island is wonderful. Can’t wait to hear it live. And I am elated that the wonderful Mr Richard Wright is in the band. And Jon Carin! And Guy Pratt!

  15. Fet Ed

    might I make one last post today? I actually have a question (I know you are inundated with questions, but…). I see on Amazon they are advertising a Classic Albums Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here DVD to be released on Tuesday the 21st. Is this like the Dark Side of the Moon classic album DVD (which I enjoyed immensely!) and is it a release that is sanctioned by David? I only ask because this comes as a complete surprise- I had not heard anything about this and just stumbled on it.


    [You know, I also stumbled across that. It’s not official and has nothing whatsoever to do with David or anyone closely concerned with Pink Floyd. It’s an unauthorised collection of old clips, with nothing new, so be wary of it. – Features Editor]

  16. Caption comp:

    OOOOOh me nipples. Anybody got any calomine lotions ‘cos my left ‘un is getting right uncomfortably numb.

    PS Mr FED….Keep it under your hat but I heard it from a mole on the inside today that there might just be a Floyd reunion being planned.SSSHHHHH. Walls have ears.

    Toodle pip;)

  17. My wife Helen is still on cloud nine (or is it cloud cuckoo land?) since the Mermaid gig – she hasn’t been herself at work since…

    Helen phoning me at work: ‘Hello, is Paul there?’

    Some Bloke: ‘Sorry, I think he just left for the day’

    Helen: ‘Oh, I think he just phoned me, but his wife died’

    Bloke: ‘?’

    Helen: ‘I mean I’m his PHONE, and I think his WIFE died!’

    Bloke: ‘Um, ok?’

    Helen: ‘Oh, I give up! Goodbye!’

    This happened today and we’ve been ROFLing ever since.

    David, what have you done to my wife???

  18. Congrats on your birthday and wonderful album!

    I wish I had the opportunity to see you onstage…heard that broadcast off BBC…Marvellous….

    But…Why don’t you tour Scandinavia? We’re kind and mellow – And Danes especially seem to take a liking to you and your music. So why not Denmark or Sweden?

    The album though is wonderful. You can hear the hard work you put into it! I find myself going around town humming “smile” and “Take a breath” and thats only after having had the CD for a few days….THat is a powerful impact!

    Alex / Scandinavian

  19. merci david pour ce merveilleux concert d’hier soir au grand rex.

    Fabuleux d’entendre ECHOES et la superbe version de DIVISION BELL !!

    vivement le 31 mai, a LONDRES

  20. Really looking forward to the April 19th show in LA. I am flying from Houston. The last time I got to see DG in concert Floyd was rained out and they didn’t even finish Run Like Hell! Heres hoping it doesn’t rain indoors at the Kodak Theater!

    Love the new album, should have debuted higher on the US charts though.

    Thanks Fedmeister for all the info and for putting up with the PF reunion stuff!

    u rock!

  21. A big hello to the fabulous Features Editor, groovy Guy Pratt and anyone else reading this. The dashing David Gilmour, perhaps? 😀

    I’ve been hard at work making my own slogan t-shirt for the first NYC show. I think this concert is going to be the most fun one I’ve ever been to (and seeing Paul McCartney was really big fun).


    PS–Whew. We made it through the Ides of March.

    PSS–I think I forgot to say that the setlist is BRILLIANT and, in addition to having great fun seeing David and Co., I’m going to be weeping and thanking my lucky stars, all at the same time. I’m trying to figure out some way to snag a ticket to the second show in NYC. I know: I’m dreaming. See you tomorrow, everybody!

  22. Happy St.Patricks day! I love the new album,David can work wonders in the studio as well as guitar.The flugal horn adds a Miles Davis feel to the hole thing. My ear senses essence of Animals as well as elements from his solo works.

    On the title track, Are there two lyrics ovelaping?
    David: “Let it go”
    Crosby-Nash: “Let it Grow”?

    Beautiful mix on The Blue, the pedal steel sounds perfect!!!

    See ya in Chicago next month
    Thanks F-ED!!

  23. Caption Competition:

    DG- “I like that Rudders. Makes me laugh that fellow! Zaphod Beeblebrox!!! …”

    There has been some posts critiquing the new album. I’m just reading, absorbing, and giving the album quite a lot of hearing before I give my two cents on what’s being said. Dan had a very good post (was it yesterday?) about one’s mindset upon hearing the album. Perhaps Trey could be more specific in his/her critique?

    And most improtantly, the DG vs RW debate. I have been saving this for a long time and I just can’t take it anymore. Let me preface by stating that what I have to say is quite frankly the only answer any Pink Floyd Fan must arrive at when entertaining such thoughts about DG vs RW. That said, what I have to say about the debate is this….


    End Scene: Fade to black as Angelo walks towards the horizon with “Bob Klose is Pink Floyd” printed on the back of his black t-shirt….

  24. Caption:

    David in hushed tones to the audience:

    ‘D’ya reckon Rick realises he’s bein’ buzzed by a coupla UFO’s?’

    As the weather is that nippy fellow Red F.Ed, I’ll quite willingly get me coat 🙂

  25. Tim

    “[You know, I also stumbled across that. It’s not official and has nothing whatsoever to do with David or anyone closely concerned with Pink Floyd. It’s an unauthorised collection of old clips, with nothing new, so be wary of it. – Features Editor]”

    Completely agree!

    I wouldn’t touch that DVD with the Fedmeisters! It’s a pile of cr*p! Unfortunately I bought the “Inside Pink Floyd – A Critical Review 1967-1996” and it’s a bunch of people you’ve never heard of bollocking on about Floyd…this DVD is from the same bunch of profiteering newarks!

    I’ll let the Fedmeister explain “newark”… 😉

    [I’ll just say that I also had the misfortune of buying that DVD and was not a happy bunny when I saw it. Another one to avoid. – Features Editor]

  26. Lots of posts on football teams but from my seat, aren’t all these teams actually playing SOCCER?

  27. Hi

    Please David, come to play to Spain!!

    We love your music!

    We can´t wait anymore!!

  28. Hi

    It is great news to hear that the album is doing so well. It is well deserved.

    I have now been listening to On an Island for 10 days & I must say that it is number one with me.

    I must congratulate David on this superb album, David has produced the best album I have heard since Wish You Were Here. Now that the shackles of the Floyd have been lifted from his shoulders, then his beautiful song writing ability has come to a peak. This album is so good!!!!!

    Now I never thought I would say this, but I do not want to see Pink Floyd reform, because I believe the music that they would make could not surpass what David has produced with On an Island.

    I saw with interest in the MoJo interview with David, that he had narrowed his 150 music clips down to 40, enough for a triple album Phil said. Can we expect the other 30 to be made into more albums? I hope so.

    Good luck with the rest of the tour David & see you in Manchester.


  29. Thanks for the link to the excellent David Jenson interview. It was good to hear a proper discussion about the new album rather than childish questions about coming back as a monkey or a fish (or whatever it was).

    I know we fans have already suggested a long list of projects to keep David busy but how about another. He mentioned in the interview that he might sell his guitar collection one day; before he does how about doing a coffee table book like the one Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen did a few years back? All profits could go to a charitable cause. I could never afford to buy one of David’s guitars but I’d definitely buy a book.

  30. Hi Everyone,

    Since we’re on the subject of David Gilmour here I’d like to pass on the the current issue of MOJO Magazine has Mr. Gilmour on the cover and the issue contains a must-read interview with him with some great rare photos as well. There is also an article on Syd Barrett’s last performances with Stars so while we’re all enjoying On An Island we can do some good reading as well.

    As for this nonsense about DG vs.RW, there has rarely been a better pairing of musicians than these two players. The musicianship of Richard and David has complimented itself incredibly over these many years. These guys always give each other the needed space for the music to work and they never get in each other’s way. This discussion is really a non-starter because all one has to do is listen to any Pink Floyd track to hear me out on this. It’s a rare occaision that a guitarist and keyboardist can work cooperatively in the same band without killing each other but these guys have managed to do just that.

  31. Sam Brown joining in for Great Gig in the Sky ?

    Remember what I said about goosebumps and spinal shivers ?

    Suddenly I get the feeling we came home one night too early …

    Ralph & Marit
    Mortsel, Belgium

  32. Just a quick not to say that I would have loved to be in Paris tonight (or anywhere but here come to think of it – snowing, cold and dull up north!) but Sam Brown performing the Great gig in the Sky with David! I bet that was unbelievable for all unsuspecting fans a la audience.
    I have just had to put the Pulse DVD on to listen & see it again, and as well as having a great figure, what a voice!! 12 years on I wonder if she still sounds as good?

    Mr Editor: will there be any chance of seeing or hearing this anywhere?

    For those who haven’t seen or heard it on Pulse you don’t know what you’re missing. Am I a wimp if I said it brought a tear to my eye? (If I am, then it didn’t… honest)

    Do you reckon Sam would assist on backing vocals for that nice gentle track ‘Not now John’? I suppose not, after all that track was from a predominantly Waters’ album wasn’t it?!! David would never approve. (When I was a kid a friend copied me a tape of the Final cut and I was certain that song was called ‘**** all that’. It was only some years later when I could be ar*ed to buy the CD I realised I was sadly mistaken! In my opinion the best song on that album or certainly the most fun, and DG is on vocals for most of it)

    PS. Doing my bit to plug Mr Gilmour’s masterpiece – hope everyone else is doing the same!

    I’m now currently up to ‘Any colour you like’, shows how fast a typer I am.

    Watch Gary Wallis go on them drums…………

    [I like to think so, because I also want to see/hear it! I really don’t know, Dave. – Features Editor]

  33. Caption…

    “Glad indeed that you could make it Roger.As you can see behind me Richard thinks so too.Shine On my friend!!!”

  34. Angelo,

    That was the best thing someone has said in a long, long time about the debate. Thank you.


  35. here is the setlist of tonight’s show :

    set #1 :
    On An Island
    The Blue
    The Great Gig In The Sky
    Red Sky At Night
    This Heaven
    Then I Close My Eyes
    Take A Breath
    A Pocketful Of Stones
    Where We Start

    set #2 :
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Wot’s… Uh The Deal
    Wearing The Inside Out
    Fat Old Sun
    Breathe Reprise
    High Hopes

    Encores :
    Wish You Were Here
    Comfortably Numb

    that was amazing. thank you David!

  36. I just read the Love of my life Sam Brown dropped in at the Olympia Theatre in Paris….

    (SAM,please come to NYC,plz,plz,plz…)

  37. Back from the second Parisian show ! Fa-bu-lous ! Better than yesterday, I didn’t think it was possible !

    “The Great Gig In The Sky” in the middle of the first set (OAI), wow !!! David seems a lot less crispated tonight than yesterday. Great solos. And Richard got his voice back ! 😉

    Second part of the set : excellent too. Quite the same set-list than yesterday but “Fat Old Sun” in spite of “Dominoes”, great ! And it seems to me very more beautiful !

    Thanks and see you soon in Paris !

  38. Hello,

    Sam Brown doing the Great Gig In The Sky… you people in the Olympia must be extremely lucky. Awesome!

    Sam is touring, with Jools Holland:
    17th March Brussels Belgium Ancienne Belgique
    18th March Amsterdam Holland Paradiso
    19th March The Hague Holland Paard van Troje

    After that she’s touring solo in the U.K., check her out she’s worthed! So we’ll miss her… (got tickets for 19 March).

    Is there anyone outthere who has some leftovers for 20 March, also in Amsterdam? Sam is free that night…

    Great Gig… unbelievable.

    Band and tour personel have a nice weekend!

    See you, 3 nights to go!

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

    Check Sams website for more dates, click on my name.

  39. When The Floyd toured through Los Angeles in 1987 I was aware they were playing ‘Echoes’ during their opening gigs in Europe. By the time they reached L.A., it was no longer on their set list. I’m just hoping that is not the case this go-round. Hang in there with the ‘Echoes’ David! L.A. is waiting for it! Best Wishes!

  40. David played Fat Old Sun????!!!

    (bouncing up and down in my chair now – the dog is looking at me funny)

    hey rudders – since you’re in the Beeblebrox mindset, what does Marvin say about roofs vs rooves? I think he would have the deciding vote.


  41. Dear Fed,

    Thanks for bringing us the news of Sam Brown popping in on the show in Paris! Great stuff. I hope when David comes to NYC he can ring somebody up to supplement another song. I think it would be great if each venue had a guest and an additional song. See what you can do for us.

    Secondly, please keep us posted on the album sales. There are some of us that are interested in knowing. Do we know what the world wide sales are after a week? I am pulling for David to hit the 10mm mark. It does seem a little high though, we’ll take 5mm or do you think that target is low?

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

    [Let’s aim high. – Features Editor]

  42. Great to see ‘Fat Old Sun’ making an appearance! And also great to see the sales still being racked up around Europe and the rest of the world – thoroughly deserved.

    And Sam Brown!!…..wibble!


  43. This is the best setlist i’ve seen so far as Fat Old Sun is my fav PF song, and TGGITS is one of my favourite instrumentals of all time, although I dont see it’s thematic connection to On An Island exactly, but oviously David and Rick know better than me!

  44. I just listened to the Dave Jensen interview. It was great to actually hear Dave’s responses rather then just reading them. But dave overall bad interview, Dave could you sign that boxing glove before you mail it to me. lol


  45. Hello FEd,

    I’ve seen some talk of online purchases of PF music and DVD’s. I would like to caution readers to make sure they read all of the reviews of an item before they buy it and if there is no review, don’t buy it. The reviews should reveal frauds for what they are.

    Now for my questions…I am already pre-ordered for the Pulse DVD release which I think is now expected in September. Is that date going to stick? What has been the hold up all this time? I know that’s really not your thing but I am guessing you know more than I do…

    Secondly, years ago I bought the VHS Delicate Sound of Thunder video. Is that ever going to be released on DVD? The video and sound quality would be so much better.

    Now on to David (those that continue to call him Dave know nothing about him!)…

    I hope this tour is all that you expected and more. I pray for your safe travels and for you to have peace in knowing how well you have done. All of your fans are proud of you man…

    Thanks to Polly for taking care of, inspiring and tolerating one of our favorite guys…here’s to you both…

    David, could you please consider putting something from A Momentary Lapse of Reason into your set list? That is my favorite album of all.

    [I honestly don’t know anything about ‘PULSE’ or any possible future Floyd DVD releases, I’m afraid. Sorry! I echo what you say about reading reviews thoroughly before buying things that purport to be Pink Floyd items, though. There’s such a lot of rubbish out there. – Features Editor]

  46. I think we have the answers, subtle changes will occur from time to time. I think that David should be highly complimented for his ability to listen to suggestions and be open to change.

    My daughter had to explain the references to Hitchhiker’s Guide to me, she thought it was pretty funny.

    I hope we will be able to see/hear the Sam Brown addition to the effort, it would be sweet. Have I said how much I’m looking forward to April 10? can’t say it enough!

    Anyone have a favourite picture from the photo Gallery? My personal favourite is page 5 photo 14, -it’s my new wallpaper. Now this is a debate worthy of the blog.

    My daughter says: “So long and thanks for all the fish”

  47. I was at tonight’s show in Paris (16th) which was amazing! I’m from the US but came to Paris for my 50th birthday – and had the unbelievably good fortune of being able to see tonights show. (A couple from England had two extra tickets to sell; I now have two wonderful friends!). I couldn’t get tickets to the Rex on my birthday but as it turns out, I’m glad I saw tonights show instead. Coincidently, the crowd sang Happy Birthday to David tonight (his 60th?). Only on the biography page of his website, it says he was born the 6th. Does anyone know? I have now seen David Gilmore in each decade: 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s and now 2000… he only gets better!!

    [David’s 60th birthday was indeed Monday 6 March. – Features Editor]

  48. Fat Old Sun????

    Amazing!! This is one of my favourite songs, can anyone tell me if he did the guitar solo at the end??


  49. If I see one more stupid PF reunion, RW v DG blah,blah post on here I will stop posting. There are a zillion sites for that sort of nonsense. Capiche?

    I also don’t want anyone writing on a site for an English Artist daring to suggest that Football is called “Soccer.” Yuk.

    Are we clear?

    ARE WE CLEAR????

    Echoes was only ever played once on the 87/88 tour, David says Ottawa, I say Montreal…

    Tonight was fab by the way, Sam Brown is a rare delight.

  50. bonjour features éditor ou david ou polly.can someone help me PLEASE. WHO performed the great gig inthe sky in Germany. Did david skipped it or someone else than sam brown sang it.i want to hear it in toronto s.v.p.

    Features éditor vous pouvez me répondre en francais puisque vous semblez assez comfortable dans cette langue et que c est ma langue maternelle.

    A demain. sylvie de montréal.

    [Il n’était pas inclus en Allemagne. – Features Editor]

  51. Gilmour my sr,you need came to the Brazil, many Brazilians are waiting so that its shows arrive until our country, then gilmour understand this, you anger to congratulate Fans its of a country that you never play shows

    Thanks of its great Fan Toflon

    Gilmour meu sir,você precisa vir ao Brasil, muitos brasileiros estão esperando par que seus shows cheguem até nosso país, então gilmour entenda isso, você ira felicitar Fãs seus de um país que você nunca fez shows

    Obrigado de seu grande Fã Toflon

  52. Reading your posting features ed, about the president of Henri Selmer&co, made me think. If my name was Leo Fender, I would present David with a “Broadcaster”, sorry, the good ol` tele, and a “stratocaster”, In the hope David would play them, and might even make a living out of it some day!

    Sorry to bring it up again, Thurs night is my night in the pub with my dad Gordon, and the “rooves” debate kicked up again, and I`m proud to say, features ed, your spelling is bang on, and that came from the crossword queen Pauline! (Bang on means- correct for U.S fans)

    Sorry Rudders!

    [He’ll tell you that the dictionary says otherwise. I’m still having none of it. Hats off to Pauline, I say. – Features Editor]

  53. Hi FEd, David, and all the rest!

    I’m back to my daily reading of comments after being out-of-town for a while. Very interesting stuff. Funny how so many comments have been made about OAI being too mellow, like ‘elevator music’ or ‘David on ludes’ and such nonsense. I’m listening to “A Pillow of Winds” and “Fearless” from Meddle — what in the f*ck is so incredibly different? In my history of listening to PF/DG I’ve loved 99.9% of all of it, but have especially always loved that exquisite mixture of mellow, hypnotic, zenned out (yeah, I know that one’s not a real word) music/lyrics blended with flat-out incredible string-bending guitar work by David that just sends chills up your spine! “Echoes” is playing now — need I say more?

    “On An Island” is David at his best, aged to perfection, mellow but still with an edge. Don’t mean to make him sound like great cheese or a fine wine, but what the hell, it’s all good!

    Thanks again for all the up-to-the-minute information and all the amusing musings from such diverse people and places, and could you please define ‘chuffed’ for me — at first I thought it meant ‘pissed’ (as in angry), but now it appears to mean something more along the lines of ‘stoked’ (as in happily excited). It’s amazing how the English language varies so much depending where on the planet you stand!

    Peace and happiness to everyone out there and enjoy the music!

    Washington State

    [Hi Gabrielle. ‘Chuffed’ just means ‘really happy’. – Features Editor]

  54. Thanks for the setlist, lejoker. Interesting that Great Gig in the Sky took the usual position of Take a Breath.

  55. Hello again…I am so excited to read all of the info from the different performances. I am especially excited to see Echos on the playlist and am hoping it stays there for the Chicago shows. Believe it or not it was just last year that I saw David and the Floyd in Live at Pompei…let me say it sent me on a mission for more David…which led me here and now to the concert. Echos holds a very special hold on me and I am thrilled that he has chosen to perform it again and that Richard is with him to do it.

    I also can’t wait to hear all the OAI music (now my favorite cd!…play it over and over) as well as Time and High Hopes…who am I kidding…he can play anything he wants and I won’t mind. Glad to hear all is well and that everyone seems to be having a great time at the shows. See you soon!

  56. Wow!!!

    I just came back from this show!

    AMAZING!!! i saw yesterdays show in the Grand Rex, and i just thought it would be the same gig, with more or less the same solos etc.

    And… totally different!!

    Of course the set list remained largely the same, except from The Great Gig in the Sky (what a great surprise to see Sam Brown on stage, as David manage to get her come and sing!! Thanks a lot!!! David) and Fat Old Sun instead of Dominoes!

    I pray until the last chords of accoustic guitar to see if David would take his Strat… and he did!!! Beautiful!!!

    A really good show, David was really enjoying himself, more than yesterday, as far as he talked much more today than yesterday.

    Someone shouted “Happy birthday” in the crowd, it was, of course 10 days late, but we wanted to put a unique touch to the gig, I think the show in itself was unique, due to the appearance of Sam Brown, and to a technical problem on Shine on you Crazy Diamond.

    Don’t know what happened, a sort of Larsen effect, David had to stop playing, made some jokes, and started again the song. Do you know what happened exactly during SOYCD, Fed?

    Well, all these ligns to say THANK YOU to David and all his bandmates, Phil, Guy, Steve, Jon, Dick, and last but not least, Rick!!!(and Sam for the occasion)

    These two night were my first David Gilmour/Pink Floyd-related concert, and I can say it know, these will remain the best concerts i’ve ever been to!!

    Thank you so much!!!

    (And of course, thank you Fed, for bringing us news of the tour progression, and other informations!!!)

    Hope we’ll see David again, one of these days (as he told us at the end of the show!!!!)

    Good Night!!!


    [I haven’t heard anything about it, Ludo. That’s the first I’ve heard of it. – Features Editor]

  57. To all my fellow bloggers…

    Thank you for making this site such a joy to read.. I work from home and I’m in front of a computer all day so I have a link up to this site on t’internet all the time hence my regular postings…

    Fedmeister… I’ve said it many times before but you do do a super job and it’s a shame you have to wait for the last concert to see them… please have a few beers for me after that show!

    I look forward to tomorrow’s caption competition and my apologies to those of you who have spluttered out various food items and beverages over your clothing…

    “My that is a tasty burger…do you mind if I try some of your tasty beverage to wash it down..”

    It’s Miller time now…

    [Thank you, Rudders. It’s very kind of you to say that. – Features Editor]

  58. I think my life would be complete if he play “Dogs” at the Radio City show in NY in which im attending April 5th…

  59. so, i just got the cd and i’m incredibly impressed with it…it’s everything i hoped for in david’s album.

    it actually reminded me a lot of another recent album i’ve been into…it’s the debut album by public symphony. just wanted to share. 😉

  60. Actually, I personally own… ahem… I mean, I’ve heard two separate “live” performances of “Echoes 1987” from Ottawa and Cleveland. I believe there were 3-4 such performances, but who the hell am I to quibble with a man who was onstage??

    Does anyone know the approximate running length of the current “Fat Old Sun”? I’d love to hear the good ol’ 14-minute version from the 1970-1971 live shows; it was mostly Dave and Rick, after all.


  61. So.. Guy.. do you think there may be a Pink Floyd reunion? Where would that leave you then? Playing soccer?

    Now stop being so evil to these poor kids and go to sleep so you will be nice and rested for the Amsterdam gigs 😉

    Hugs, Bianca

  62. i can’t believe david’s playing “wot’s… uh the deal” [one of the five songs that i’ve asked]. i’m not in this world anymore. i shoul do a lot of things… and the only thing i do is thinking about the concerts. -8 and -10.

    [i have always been here…

    it feels like more than a lifetime
    feel like more than a lifetime]

    ten years of waiting become ten days. good.


  63. It’s nice to see “Fat Old Sun” and “Great Gig” make an appearance in the setlist. It keeps getting better and better.

  64. Hi,

    A bit of clarification regarding Echoes and the 1987 Floyd Tour:

    Echoes was performed for only the first handful of gigs on that tour with Shine On….not being performed at all until about the 5th or 6th gig but as either an encore or closing the first set. After those first few gigs Echoes was dropped entirely and Shine On…. replaced it as the opening song in the show and the remaining gigs retained this as standard procedure. By the time the band reached L.A. on Thanksgiving (happily I was at that gig) Echoes was a distant memory but Shine On…. was an amazing opener. David’s performance of Echoes marks the first performance of it since 1987 unless Roger did it on one of his tours since then.

  65. The news of Fat Old Sun is amazing, and Great Gig in the Sky must have been incredible…I’m counting down the days to Radio City Music Hall. Features Ed., thanks for making this site a daily treat!

  66. I’m also very interested to learn whether or not David played the solo at the end of Fat Old Sun. Anyone?

    April 12 & 13 can’t come soon enough…

  67. Is it just me or do the people in Brazil need to come to the conclusion that David is not going to play there. Every single day its the same comments, listen to toflon “you anger to congratulate Fans its of a country that you never play shows” First off im not 100% sure what this means, but it does not sound pretty. Its time for these people to stop this, or just be completley censored, its getting old.

  68. Echoes was played at these shows as the concert opener before being dropped:

    9.9.87 – Lansdowne Park Stadium, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    12-14.9.87 – The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    16.9.87 – Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

    17.9.87 – Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

    19.9.87 – John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

    21-23.9.87 – Canadian National Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    25.9.87 – Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, Chicago, Illinois, USA

    I don’t know if the above information is accurate or not. Maybe somebody who knows could respond.

  69. Back when I was in college, I was lucky enough to see David’s solo tour, several nights of Rog’s P&C and KAOS tours, and a few of the AMLOR shows. Got miserable grades in school, but wouldn’t give back a one of them. David or Roger.

    By the way, didn’t they play Echoes at the Sept ’87 show in Philly? Or was it just playing inside my head? Would love to see it again, or for the first time, depending…

    Regarding OAI, as someone said earlier, I never would have thought that at 40, I’d be this excited about music again. Or get to see David play again. Can’t hardly wait for the April 10 show in Toronto!

    Great job on the blog, FEd

    [Thanks, mate. 19 September 1987… They started the show with ‘Echoes’. apparently. – Features Editor]

  70. Chris:

    …my pleasure and you’re welcome…


    …let’s hope EVERYONE read your post….


    …would you mind re-posting Guy’s most recent comments on tomorrow’s feature?…

    [Wouldn’t that spoil the surprise element somewhat? If people are missing Guy’s posts, then it only proves that they don’t read! These are the same people who keep asking about DVDs and merchandising when it’s been answered several times previously. There’s only so much spoon-feeding we can do before we get tough, scatter a few assorted packets and tins, and say “Find your own bloody food!” I’ll think about it, but only because I like you. – Features Editor]

  71. The new album is incredible. Haven’t been able to stop listening to it since it came out. Can’t wait for the California shows. David, if you ever decide to play something off of Momentary Lapse, ‘On the Turning Away’ would would be a great pick. Or ‘Coming Back to Life’ from Division Bell. Those are definately some of the greatest tunes of all time in my book. Thanks for sharing your masterful guitar playing, singing, and song writing with the world!!

  72. wow. great gig with ms. brown and the fat old sun. the anticipation grows as the time moves quicker. can’t wait. as always, thanks for the post guy. right on mang.

  73. As I read all the posts on all the pages here on this site, I cannot help but ponder the joy David Gilmour and all those associated with him have at receiving this kind of praise for their work. OAI is a masterpiece and after many listens, I am utterly astounded at the quality of David’s musicianship and his composition. There are layers and layers of interesting musicality in there. Carefully layered under simple and beautiful melodies. Polly and David’s lyrics are superb and uplifting.

    To you David Gilmour I wish to say a heartfelt thank you for all the years of listening pleasure you have given me…..and continue to give me. I know it’s been said to you a million times but that doesn’t make my thank you any less. I mean it.

    Cheers from Bob Mitchell, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

  74. Cette nuit à L’Olympia.

    C’était encore plus grand, encore plus beau qu’au Grand Rex.

    Public rassemblant de vrais connaisseurs, d’authentiques fidèles, contemporains du Floyd mais aussi de plus jeunes qui ont été “contaminés. J’y étais avec mon fils de 16 ans.
    David connaissant son public et Richard, son complice, avec sa petite touche d’humour so british. Notamment lorque la technique a fait un petit caprice.

    Magnifique atmosphère. Connivence entre scène et salle. David a paru plus détendu et a été plus causant qu’hier.

    Musique, voix, lumière, tout est dans mes yeux, in my head, pour toujours.

    T-shirts superbes, programme qualité De Luxe (bravo à Polly pour les photos, c’est géant). Cher F’Ed, please, pouvons nous espérer un DVD de OAI Tour.. pour Noël, par exemple. Ou même avant.

    Merci encore, et bon Tour.

    PS Quand reviendrez-vous?


  75. call it “wishful thinking” call it “jumping to conclusions” call it whatever you want, but it would be great to see/hear Sam Brown perform in Amsterdam as well.

    Her touring schedule seems to go in the right direction, haha. Great gig matches perfectly with the songs of OAI and it’s a great choice to add this wonderful song to set 1.

    An excellent swap in the set is “Fat Old Sun”. Being a bit of a “post-Wall” Floydie, I never heard the song before David sang it in the Royal Festival Hall. It gave me the goose bumps when hearing the first notes, right away.

    Oh..oh… I mentioned “post-Wall”. I hope I didn’t upset Guy by this choice of words 😉

    Wouldn’t want to miss his comments right here!

    And Mr./Mrs./Ms. Feat.Ed.: keep on doing the good job. I love your patience while answering some questions over and over again (gave up on the “please come to Brazil!” shouts lately?) and I also love the side-discussions on spelling, shirts, etc. etc. Tops!


    [Bless you for that, Ivo. I understand people in Brazil, and other countries, wanting David to visit. I also understand the language barrier and many of the people posting not reading any of the other messages and just using Fan Fare as a chance to have their say. It seems rude, but it also seems rude to ignore them. It is a complete waste of their time, though. If anyone reading this is thinking of requesting a visit to such-and-such a place, I’m afraid there’s nothing to be gained from it. – Features Editor]

  76. Way to go Guy, as David and Polly stated on OAI, ebb and flow, let it go, sums up the huge ongoing debate here. Sam Brown, wow. This is a good beginning of things to come. Truly this is David’s journey, let us bask in it and enjoy whatever he feels ,to express himself ,to all of his fans around the globe. Thanks FED.

  77. Great post by Guy, thanks and I agree 100%, no more mails about DG/RW or reunions-surely the FeD can edit and delete such rubbish, he has the power( must be a “he” as the constant use of the word “mate”) I hope others read Guy’s comments and take heed. It should be as clear as a glass harmonica!!!!!!!!

    Ian Pearson

    [Editing and deleting is a last resort. All of these points are perfectly valid. It’s when people retaliate that it gets tedious. If no one snapped back in defence of David or Roger or whoever, there’d be no problem. – Features Editor]

  78. Hmmm,…. “Any colour you like” ; yes definitely one of my (and probably many others*) top three Gilmour/Wright moments.

    To hear that masterpiece after the serene beauty of the OAI tunes(at Massey Hall on the 9th * 😉 would be sweet indeed!

    …just a thought

    *(Rudders might even agree with me)


  79. I wish I was at the Olimpya! Wow, what a night! Absolutely amazing!

    Thank you Mr. Guy Pratt. We won’t ask about Pink Floyd anymore!

    I definitely love this band and this tour and I am really looking forward to seeing you all in Milan, the 24.

    Any surprise for that night? (yes I know, how can I have a surprise if I have been told before….)

  80. Sam Brown came on ?

    Wow – She is almost as good as Claire Tory – that was a treat.

    Does that lead us to think maybe David will invite David Crosby or Graham Nash to assist when he goes Stateside?

    Just wishful thinking.

    Nice to see young Pratt is still stirring things up too.

    Soccer it to ’em Guy

    regards dave

  81. Echoes was only ever played once on the 87/88 tour, David says Ottawa, I say Montreal…

    actually, you are both wrong. i have roio cds from 2 shows during the 87/88 tour where echoes was performed, serptember 16, 1987 and the very last performance of it by the band pink floyd september 25, 1987. i also have a copy of it being rehearsed in a hanger of an unknown date (that one i heve video and audio of). they are awesome performances of the song and im really looking forward to hearing it live.

  82. Dear Features Editor person,

    Tubbs and myself think Mr. Gilmour and band should come to ROYSTON VASEY. Les McQueen and his lovely band Creme Brulee could be his supporting act.

    But please, if he comes tell him Not to come to our shop. We’ll have no shouting here. This is a LOCAL shop for LOCAL people!!

    Yours truly,

    Edward Tattsyrup

  83. After Grand Rex,I was at the Olympia last night:

    It was again incredible and David was in a better mood, joking ( in french)with the audience, especially when the band had to stop in the middle of “shine on” because there was a problem with the keyboards.The band replayed it from the beginning !

    It’s impossible to describe this show with words ( and i’ve seen the Floyd live three times ):

    To European and US fans : you’re going to see one of the greatest gig in history ,as told me one of my friends who was there yesterday night,and was not before a great fan of floyd and Gilmour!!

    To Kris,who asked about “fat old sun”:Yes,David did the wonderful solo at the end,on his white pedal steel…

    And Sam Brown: a wonderful person,a fantastic singer who perfomed for us,and alone ( remember, on TDB tour there were three of them)”great gig” !

    I have a suggestion:I know that Sam Brown have an official website.If all the regular visitors of David’s blog leave a message on her site or just visit it,it coulb be a nice way to thank her.Perhaps ,you can help us, Dear FEd,by giving to everybody the link to Sam’s site?

    Sorry again for my bad english

    Merci du fond du coeur,David,pour ces merveilleux concerts parisiens !!

    Merci Cher Features Editor de permettre aux fans du monde entier de partager ici leur passion

    [Thank you for sharing with us! If you click your name below, you’ll see Sam’s fanclub. However, there is no guestbook, just an e-mail address. – Features Editor]

  84. Merci David,

    Un grand moment d’émotion hier soir à l’Olympia.

    Merci pour Echoes, merci pour Dark Side, merci pour vous être exprimé en français, merci de m’avoir rajeuni de 30 ans, merci pour ces moments d’intense bonheur qui nous ont fait oublié la tristesse actuelle de l’existance.

    Thank you for all.


  85. Dear Fed, Mr Pratt,

    Thank you for stopping, or at least trying to stop, this off-topic reunion/DG/RW stuff.

    Let’s enjoy what Mr. Gilmour and his accompanying musicians are doing out there today. It is simply excellent.

    To Miss Brown : Any chance of Mr. Gilmour returning the favour by joining in tonight in Brussels ? I guess the answer is “very unlikely” but I thought it was worth a try.

    Feature editor : Could you please tell me whether the sheet music of OAI will be available ?

    Best regards,
    Mortsel, Belgium

    [Hi Ralph. If there are plans to release it, I will let you know at once. – Features Editor]


    Just wanted to say one huge THANK YOU to FEd!
    (without him i wouldnt have my Gilmour Milan tickets in my hand right now)

    FEd, thank you mate! I owe you one!

    Cheers people!

    [No problem, Bran. Hope you have a great time. Is anyone else still without their tickets (not including tickets for North American and UK shows)? – Features Editor]

  87. Hi FEd, Hi everyones,

    this is the last time I write you…not exactly the last! But tomorrow I’m going to leave Rome to attend a course for a week…so…the next time I’ll write you, I would have still seen David!!! (26th of March)

    Fantastic! I’m very very excited! I’ll tell you every details about David’s show in Rome!

    Now…I have to work…grrrrrrr!



    P.S. I think this time my english was really awful! SORRY!!!!

    [Nonsense! It’s always very good. We look forward to hearing about the Rome show. – Features Editor]

  88. I have high hopes of seeing Sam Brown the 19th in Amsterdam since she is also moving to NL. Because Holland (not Jools) is the size of Paris she might just be able to do 2 gigs in 1 night????

  89. I second Guy’s post!

    Cut it out with the DG-RW controversy and the reunion and how much it is ‘owed to us fans”. Move on. Place your high hopes and demands somewhere else. Its tiring and boring to read about that all over the net.

    Plus, look how mad you got Guy…scary the bloke. Cover yourself for flying bassguitars…

    Hey, FEd, happy about the chart positions for DG and all those who’ve worked hard behind the album, and still do. I was just wondering what it entitles to have a gold record…or number 1 selling album. What’s that in numbers?? Just curious, wont change a thing, but do you guys actually know how many CDs have been sold worldwide??

    [We do have many figures and statistics. I try to avoid them – as they remind me of too many scary maths lessons at school – but we’ll be bringing you more on the charts soon. – Features Editor]

  90. No, Guy – don’t go. We like your postings, and i totally agree with you about “soccer”. (Although as a Man Utd fan, I feel very sorry for all of these poor deluded Arsenal and Liverpool fans.( One day you’ll learn 😉 LOL

    In future we all promise to refrain from pointless Floyd mudslinging. I think everyone agrees that they were/are all brilliant and it was the sum of all parts that made them great.

    Great news about Sam Brown (i love her voice) – but given Joolz Holland was on the album as well, do you think he might also be dropping in for a show?? We shall have to wait and see….

    [Note to self: Never speak to Vicky again. – Features Editor]

  91. Thank you David for this night at the Olympia.

    It was really a great moment of happiness. Your french is very well, the sound was big (perhaps except Shine On You) and the show will be unforgettable.

    This is the best show I’ve seen since Saint-Ouen 1972 (Dark Side of the Moon tour).

    So long David and thank you for all.


  92. “I also don’t want anyone writing on a site for an English Artist daring to suggest that Football is called “Soccer.” Yuk.”

    Well put, American football can have the rights to the name once they start using their feet more and their hands less. Bring on the world cup!


  93. Why Dave not played Comfortably Numb in the last gig??….

    Please Please Please….In Italy, we want to hear Comfortably Numb!!!

    P.S.:…instead The Great Gig In The Sky and Fat Old Sun are good selections for the set-lists.

  94. OK, troubled of Coventry here. I have been pondering all night over a one liner from Dave of Jersey who stated that Davids success was down to his time in Pink Floyd. At first an unrepeatable expletive came to mind as I felt that this was a slight on the British music buying public. Then I thought well maybe he has a point. So last night, believe me, I flicked through a lot of albums that I have bought over the last 40 years. And not many musicians from those bands have gone on to solo success. I remember a lot of bands, during the mid 70’s, taking sabbaticals whilst the individual members produced some superb music. But it did not guarantee success.

    At this point, If required, I could get into an awful deep debate. However just throwing in a few obvious names: John Lennon never got his first No1 till after he was shot. Robert Fripp, Mick Jagger, Keith Richard have made some cracking albums that never charted. Jimmy Page made one. Robert Plant has had reasonable success. Richard Wright never made it to No1. Even our Roger, as good as the albums that he has made.

    Music is very subjective and the British public do not grant you an easy ticket.

    So no, Dave of Jersey, I don’t get it. Pete – Coventry.

    [No one would dispute that being in Pink Floyd has helped, but to top the charts as a solo artist is a huge achievement. You’re right, Pete. Very well said, mate. – Features Editor]

  95. Yes Kris, David played the final solo on Fat Old Sun.

    All the concert was great !

    What a surprise to see Sam Brown or The Great Gig In The Sky !

    And David speaks french very well.

  96. Hi F.ED.

    Back in the early days of this BLOG when we had the 5 favorite songs you wanted to hear David play section it was discribed as abit of fun which it was. Having seen the recent setlists to me it looks like David has given the majority of the fans including me exactly what we wanted. ( i was the first one to put WEARING THE INSIDE OUT in my 5 so i like to think that ones for me )

    The setlist includeds a couple of songs that many of us could only dream of seeing played live and David is making these dreams a reality. Yet one thing i have realised over the time this website has been running is i can now see what David has had to put up with for years some people will never be satisfied what ever he does!

    OAI has only been out 2 weeks and already people are asking whens his next album.

    Guy is spot on this is Davids website lets keep it that way. I for one appreciate all the effort David and the band are putting in, and you ED for your continued efforts on this forum.

    P.S. Great gig in the sky how good is that i hope Sam Browns available for the RAH.

  97. Quel merveilleux enregistrement d’on an island, belles mélodies et sompteux arrangements. La personnalité de David ressort de ce disque et nous entraine dans les meilleurs souvenir du Floyd.

    Bravo et félicitation d’avoir pû nous offrir un tel spectacle d’une rare qualité. (Grand Rex Paris)

    Quel plaisir aussi d’avoir ‘enfin’ pû assister à un concert ‘trop rare’ de notre artiste préféré accompagné du membre fondateur Richard Wright. Très belle lumière et grande prestation des différents musiciens. Leurs très grandes qualités ont permis un haut niveau de prestation.Bravo spécial à Phil Manzarena pour sa prestation dans dominoes, et merci à David d’avoir joué ce morçeau pour son ami,hommage à Syd.

    Nous attendrons avec impatience le DVD de ces concerts en espérant que David invitera tous les participants d’on an island, David crosby, graham Nash, robert wyatt, La belle et talentueuse Caroline Dale, qu’il soient tous présents sur scène à jouer la plus belle musique Pop Rock qui soit. (c’est ça être fan)

    Peut être aurait il fallu ajouter quelques choeurs féminins, apportant douceur et romantisme sur ce show. Que nous sommes exigents!

    En tant qu’ancien du Floyd, nous aurions aimé que Jon Carin soi un peu moins en retrait, c’est un artiste de très grande qualité et une petite participation plus personnelle lors de la deuxième partie nous aurait fait plaisir.

    Pour cette deuxième partie, que du bonheur d’écouter echoes Fat Old Sun/Breathe/High…/Wish You Were Here/Comfortably Numb, pas assez 10 heures de concert n’aurait pas suffit. Une nuit entière de plaisir avec nos artistes préférés.

    Merci monsieur Gilmour pour ce que vous nous avez offert.

    A très bientôt

  98. Thank you David and all the fabulous wizzards for the marvellous night you gave us here in Paris at l’Olympia ; it was “this heaven” on earth …and despite some technical problems you did really manage well TO GIVE US THE THRILL !!!

    David you are a big man and we love you always and after …Hail to you sir .

  99. Fat Old Sun. Ahhhhhhh….beautiful. Any hope for Cymbaline to make an appearance?

    I too saw the “Inside Pink Floyd – A Critical Review 1967-1996” DVD and was perplexed and disappointed. The good news is that I didn’t buy it but rented it.

    Can’t seem to play the Capital Gold interview clips. It sez I need a Media Player plug-in but then I can’t figure out which one I need. Blast!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everybody! Pints o’ Guinness all around….

  100. well just a little thing about Echoes played live 87, it was played on 11 1987 shows. First Ottawa September 9th, last Chicago 25th. And all the shows between those 2 dates.

  101. How was the “Fat Old Sun” version? Was it like the one from the David’s DVD or did it have the amazing solo like it has in the AHM CD?

  102. Just to put a different story on how my listening of Floyd and David has influenced others, my mum was born in the same year as David, and when I was growing up (ok…rephrase…when I was at school and still lived at home all thse years ago) I played Pink Floyd on a very regular basis. Mum would often ask “who is that again?”…roll the eyes…”Pink Floyd Mum”. She would always respond with “I like that music”.

    Just a week or two ago mum was visiting me, and I was playing the new album. She said “that’s Pink Floyd isn’t it?” I didn’t have the heart to say “actually…no!” But on hearing David’s new album she announced “you know, after all those days listening to you play Pink Floyd, I’m going to go and buy some myself!!!”

    Never too old to start…it seems.

    On to lighter topics, has David mentioned which show he’ll be playing his version of Rainbow Connection yet FEd?

    The lovers the dreamers and me.

    [Funnily enough… No! – Features Editor]

  103. Thanks for the review Gilles – mon francais est plus mauvais, so I had to put it through Babelfish’s translator…posted below for everyone else’s benefit :

    This night in Olympia. It was even larger, even more beautiful than in Large Rex. Public gathering of truths experts, of authentic faithful, contemporaries of Floyd but also of young people who “were contaminated. I was there with my 16 year old son. David knowing his public and Richard, his accomplice, with his small key of humour so british. In particular lorque the technique made a small whim. Splendid atmosphere. Complicity between scene and room. David appeared more slackened and was more causing that yesterday. Music, voice, light, all are in my eyes, in my head, for always. Superb tee-shirts, program quality Of Luxury (cheer with Polly for the photographs, it is giant). Dear F’ ED, please, let us can hope for a DVD of OAI Tour.. for Christmas, for example. Or even front. Thank you still, and good Turn. PS When will you return? Gilles

  104. He did play the solo at the end of Fat Old Sun …. amazing ….

    The show was outstanding . I couldn’t believe Sam Brown was there !

    I mean we’ve had :

    The Great Gig In The Sky
    Shine On
    Breathe/Time ….

    If Dog had been played, i could have died without remorse .

  105. Hi! I’m Elisa from Italy 🙂

    I’d love to see David live here in Rome on march 26th… but like thousands of Italian fans who are desperatly searching for tickets online, I found everything sold out. Many people bought some carnets to resell them at double or triple price and it’s very sad… I know this happens everywhere around the globe but here in Italy people from center and south are always damaged because the best concerts are almost always and only in Milan and in Milan there’s almost always more than one tour date. Italy it’s thin and long, Milan it’s @ north and has 2 dates… 2 more days in Rome would make happy more preople from the south and center… please… add at least one date. I’m sure it will be sold out in a few minutes because we love David… my friend Francesco (14 years) simply loves David, it’s his favourite musician and it could be his dream coming true… please add one or two dates in the marvellous Renzo Piano’s Auditorium… I don’t mean now in march, but maybe after all the dates already planned… Please please please 😀 Thank u for this space.

  106. I knew the soccer comment would bring out some thoughts! Just kiddin w/you Guy! Can’t wait to see the show…Album and reviews are fantastic! …Now if I can get just get my wife to stop thinking about that Carin fella that works w/you…

  107. Pour Sylvie de Montréal et tous les fans francophones….

    Le 15 au Grand Rex a été formidable, une première partie impeccable et très “classe”, et une seconde partie monumentale avec des morceaux de bravoure comme la version apocalyptique de “Echoes” et une ovation de toute la salle…

    Mais, moi, j’ai encore préféré la nuit du 16 à l’Olympia, pas à cause de la salle mythique, mais à cause de l’ambiance toute particulière de cette nuit:

    D’abord, David a beaucoup communiqué avec nous,en français, beaucoup plus que la veille, il avait l’air très “zen”, très cool, avec baucoup d’humour aussi dans ses réparties. Il a été très chaleureux.

    Aussi, les gens ont spontanément entamé le happy birthday to you et il a dit avec avec son léger accent (quel charme ! ) “vous êtes trop gentils ! “, donc, nouvelle ovation…

    Puis son nouvel album a été beaucoup plus acclamé encore que la veille, ça a dû lui faire plaisir !

    Puis Sam Brown est arrivée, en plein milieu du nouvel album, on ne s’y attendait pas du tout !

    Après, il ya eu l’incident technique de Shine on, avec une réaction de David très “funny”, avec humour il a entamé à la guitare une sorte de “sirène des pompiers”, comme si il appelait “au secours”….très bonne ambiance et formidable ovation de la salle.

    Autre surprise, il a entamé une superbe version de “Fat old sun”, mais pas comme en 2002, cette fois-ci, ça a été une version beaucoup plus longue, un peu comme dans les concerts des années 70 (long et superbe solo de guitare)

    Donc, toute une série de petites choses qui ont vraiment fait de ce concert un concert unique qui restera toujours gravé en moi…

    Ah oui, j’ai oublié, il a même esquissé quelques pas de danse sur …???….. je ne sais plus quel titre (peut-être “smile”), c’était la première fois que je le voyais faire ça !

    Sans compter bien sûr cette sublime interprétation de “echoes”, elle va en faire couler de l’encre cette version, tout le monde en parlait déjà.

    La salle, complètement hypnotisée ou déchainée, ça dépendait… David en faisait ce qu’il voulait…

    Je vais quand même m’arrêter, je pourrais en parler des heures…

    Total respect, M.Gilmour.

    All apologizes for those who can’t understand me, but I’m not able to express myself in English !

    Dernière chose, il n’est pas possible que “on an island” soit n°19 en France, il est en tête des ventes ds ttes les fnac et virgin, il doit y avoir une erreur quelque part !!!

    Dear F.Ed, excuse me for posting in French and Thank you for all that you do for us.


    [Vous êtes toujours bienvenu pour écrire en français, Michèle. Merci pour la revue fantastique. – Features Editor]

  108. “STOP” the press !!!!! Sam Brown doing great gig . That must have been wonderfull. A nice surprise for our French friends and then fat old sun .

    Anytime frame as to when the t shirts will be available on line as I want to be fully kitted out for RAH.

    Rgds Geoff

    [Shouldn’t be much longer, Geoff. – Features Editor]

  109. What are the odds that Vicky Custerson doesn’t live in Manchester? If she did she’d be a City fan for sure… 🙂 Has Taggart retired yet?

    “Wanna buy some pegs Dave? I got pegs.”

  110. sounds like another amazing show. sam brown was always the better of the backing singers from the last two pink floyd tours for me. she’s produced some great solo work, too. thanks to everyone for writing such wonderful reviews about the paris shows. i can almost imagine being there. how i wish, how i wish i’d been there… ok, back to work.

  111. Well said Guy!! 🙂

    IMHO any ‘fan’ that makes demands of their favourite artist fundamentally misses the points of artistry and musicianship, or progress for that matter.

    I’ve always loved Sam Brown – as a spotty teenager I bought her version of ‘Stop’ and I still have it my singles box. Great to have her in the family, so to speak…

    Thanks for your posts… I love having an inside view from our man on the ground, and in the band 🙂



  112. p.s. Am a Spurs fan – I can’t believe David supports the Arsenal! Why can’t he support Grantchester FC or someone else – he has such impeccable taste in so many other areas!! 🙂


    [Well, at least he doesn’t support Manchester United or Chelsea, I suppose… – Features Editor]

  113. OMG!!! Sorry to post like a loon – but I’ve just re-read the setlist from last night…..TIME!!

    What a fantastic setlist – OAI 1st set(and Great Gig, but it seems to fit in so well with the mood of OAI that I can see why it’s up front) and classic DG/PF 2nd half….but Time, Fat Old Sun and Echoes…then WYWH and Comfortably…. I think I might overload and melt into a puddle of blissed out nickster!

    Here’s hoping 🙂


  114. Becky from Atalanta said: “Fat Old Sun. Ahhhhhhh….beautiful. Any hope for Cymbaline to make an appearance?”

    Now if Cymbaline had been performed, I would definitely employ a babysitter to look after my baby daughter. Another one of my all time favourites.

    As a matter of fact, I have named my daughter Imogen after the character in the Shakespeare play entiteled Cymbeline. The play is fantastic.

    Now, I would definitely be “green with envy” if Cymbaline were performed. ;-))

  115. Woooooo Hoooooo!!!! Echoes AND Fat old sun with the electric solo at the end included!! I’m freakin excited. Can’t wait till Chicago. Keep em both in man, especially Echoes-the greatest song ever!!

  116. Good to see Guy speak up and quash this pink floyd reformation nonsense once and for all.

    Personally I really enjoyed the Live 8 reunion and I accept that this was fitting end for Floyd.

    David is forging ahead with his solo career and shouldnt be constantly hounded by reformation questions. He should write a clause into his interview agreements that prevent such questions from arising.

    I for one enjoy David and Rogers music equally and am very much looking foward to seeing David in NYC as a SOLO artist.

  117. Hellò Dave!

    This is a very sad post.

    Unfortunately, I had not found tickets for Your forthcoming shows in Italy. I hope for new dates added in future, or the release of a DVD from this tour.

    You don’t how this tragedy hurts me!

    If You take a look on my website You’ll understand! All the Very Best, Dave!!!!

  118. Love the idea of Fat Old Sun and Echoes being in the set (2 of my favs), but has no one commented on the lack of David’s earlier solo material yet? Also I notice Guy is doing a talking tour later in the year, did anyone catch him at the Edinburgh Festival, is he worth watching??

    ps – As everyone seems to be posting their colours to the mast, for my sins I’m a Bolton fan!! (instant guarantee NOT to get this message posted!)

    [Bolton, eh? You took Dioufy off our hands, so I’ve no grumbles with Bolton! – Features Editor]

  119. can I just say that the picture from The Mermaid show on Radio 2’s web site, is possibly one of the best DG photo’s I have seen. If only I was a student again and it was in a poster….

  120. I will be in Milan to see David together with around 55 other fans from the Island of Malta. The set list is excellent and I wish he plays it all, but is there a chance that he includes “On the Turning Away” which I thing is one of the most underrated songs of David with Pink Floyd. Please David include it in your set for your fanatic fans from Malta, we payed a fortune to come and see you so please !!!!

    See you there

  121. [Note to self: Never speak to Vicky again. – Features Editor]

    “What are the odds that Vicky Custerson doesn’t live in Manchester? If she did she’d be a City fan for sure… :-)” [Papa Lazarou]

    [Well, at least he doesn’t support Manchester United or Chelsea, I suppose… – Features Editor]


    I’m kind of getting the impression from the above posts that you’re not a fan of the Mighty Man U! How can you be so enlightened in the ways of music yet in the dark when it comes to footy. ; )LOL

    And Papa, EVERYONE knows that Manchester is just a small suburb of London, that’s why we support them!! 😉

    In my defence, though, I have:
    a. been to matches at Old Trafford (unlike the other 99.9% of fans


    b. been a supporter since 1984, long before they became fashionable, when everyone in my school (down south, nowhere near Manchester, obviously!) supported the Scousers as they were successful.

    [shameful small voice] I fell for the accent of the sexy Scottish manager that they had….

    Does this mean we’re not friends anymore, FEd?

    Vicky AKA vickyc007

    [I’ll forgive you on account of your fine taste in music and you being a fan since 1984. – Features Editor]

  122. Happy St. Patrick’s, all

    Some people just don’t get it, do they, Guy? If you give any one goup of bloggers too much rope, and they’ll… (wait, that sounds too much like another person’s song) Please ignore those folks (especially the ones going on about bassists and drummers being the easiest to replace- we know better) and continue to update us on how things are going. It’s cool that Sam Brown was there doing Great Gig. That is an awesome song, and she has a great set of pipes to sing it with.

    PS- Glad to see you, Nickster, posting more, many bloggers were concerned for your well-being.

    Have a good day, all.


  123. If only A Pillow of Winds and Fearless accompanied Echoes and Fat Old Sun in Chicago, my life would be complete…

  124. I am very happy that Guy and obviously Jon are reading all this which shows their respect for the fans. I apologize for having posted some thoughts about the reunion topic here. Let’s focus on this tour and on this album – which is indeed a gem. I wonder if there are some topics the band would like to read about? I mean reading 280 positive reviews of a show will get tiring someday. We fans would like to get some insights from the band, rehearsals or how the band thought about a certain gig – or song version at a gig. If you need some feedback on which songs should be put in the pipeline for this tour (fitting to the atmo) , that’s an easy one: pillow of winds, sorrow, astronomy domine and embryo. I’d love to hear Dogs, but having Echoes as the hero in the set, I hardly believe in a switch. I’m sure Jon doesn’t want the job to update the band on the arrangement;-))

  125. Wowwwwww !!! Great Gig !! With Sam Brown !!! I think I might have exploded had I been there ! It is the best song in the entire universe, ever, by anyone ! I hope it is played at the RAH.

    I am totally addicted to ‘On an Island’, it is going round my head all day and night. Utterly fantastic, could be his finest work. Superb solos. I even like the ‘take a breath’ bits in Take a Breath now !

    How about Golden Hair for a Barrett song ? (Anyone remember Slowdive’s version of this ?)(Anyone remember Slowdive ???)


  126. Can’t wait to hear Guy’s funky BASSSSS in echoes! Wow, is this guy funky or what!!??

  127. The Hero’s return

    8:40 PM. The lights are down in the Olympia theatre, we can hear the first notes of Castellorizon coming throw the Baffles. 2,000 screaming people are waiting for the guitar hero who arrives taking quietly his stratocaster. The shox begins. Then comes On an Island. It’s perfectly performed. All the musicians are in great form, especially, Guy Pratt, Rick Wright and Jon Carin (particularly happy to be on stage).

    First hello : “Bonsoir et bienvenue. Nous allons vous jouer tout le nouvel album On an Island en première partie et nous aurons une petite surprise… Et voici une chanson triste et aussi joyeuse, qui s’appelle The Blue. Je sais pas comment la traduire en français” All in french of course. During the first half, David and his band had reverse the order of the song which gave vitality to this part of the concert.

    After the blue, Richard wright started to play something not unknown. For the pleasure of the public, David has invited Mrs Sam Brown to perform The Great Gig in the Sky. An unexpected song but most of all a deligtfull moment of the concert maybe a litte bit earlier. Anyway, it took us back in in the mid 90’s.

    But the audience also had a gift for David when some people started to sing “Happy Birthday to you”. He seemed to have appreciate. The contact was made and it was the most important. His answer was as followed : “c’est déjà passé ! Merci, vous êtes trop gentil.” It’s because, the french fans appreciate you for so many years Mr Gilmour!.

    One hour after arrives the 20 minutes break.

    Second half with old tracks. Shine on you crazy diamond is performed in a new version. A mix between its accoustic and its original live version. Interesting, new, until… A Larsen effect that makes stop David Playing. But he asks(always in french) “Qu’est-ce qu’y a ?!” He didn’t loose his sense of humour. And Sir David (Don’t forget he is CBE), the Guitar Gentleman has started the song again for the happiness of the public who have had ten more minutes of concert.

    This second half was also the occasion to hear again Fat old son with new orchestration and a “dancing David Gilmour”. Other surprise : Wot’s uh the deal from the movie soundtrack Obscured by clouds never played live since 1973. Of course there were the classics : Breathe Time/ breathe reprise High hopes expected by the public. There was also Wearing the inside out sang by Rick Wright. Rick Wright was still present on vocals during the last song Echoes which was a pure moment of happiness for the aficionados. Echoes Gives to Guy Pratt the opportunity for great improvisations. The bass section is still the favourite moment of the fans.

    Unfortunatly, all good things must have and end.

    here came the encore. Wish you were here was performed by the whole Olympia and during Confortably numb, David offered to the public the usual ending solo which was memorable.

    Time to say goodbye maybe a little bit faster.

    For the youngest, it was a discovery. For the older, that remind great souvenirs.

    Everybody’s head is full of images.

    PS: Dear F.Ed. As promissed, my review of the Olympia show. Hope you’ll appreciated. And if Mr Gilmour reads this chronicle, (but I don’t believe it so) I hope he will appreciate it to)

    [Thank you very much, Antoine. I’m sure David will appreciate it, as will everyone else. – Features Editor]

  128. Thanks for clearing that ‘Fat Old Sun’ query up for me Stephane.

    Cant believe he even played the solo at the end. David, if you’re reading this, I beg you to play Fat old Sun at either your Glasgow show on the 27th of May or your first Royal Albert Hall show.

    Im sure he will be realizing how popular it is by now anyway, cracking song.

    While on the subject of football, im a Rangers fan, shite in the league this season but we got to the last 16 of the champions league so who cares?

    I dont know about Liverpool though, they let Celtic get by them a few seasons ago when they made it to the UEFA cup final, It was still entertaining though, especially with Diouf grogging on a 17 year old fan 😛


  129. Thanks to all the band last night for the great show. it’ll be one to remember. Apart for the slight technical problem on ” shine on” it was all perfect with Sam Brown putting on her best voice on “the great gig in the sky”. see you all soon I hope.

  130. Ok then features editor. Remember the old Pink Floyd first eleven photo. I have just suggested to Guy Pratt that a new first eleven picture is due. And, there are enough footy fans here, wouldnt it make a great challenge match vs the fans blog eleven.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Some of you just crack me up. – Features Editor]

  131. Gentelmens, I have a question.

    Can I bring my photo camera to the concert? Can I take photos at the concert?

    [We’d prefer it if you didn’t. Cameras flashing and clicking are a source of annoyance to the musicians on stage, and no doubt the people you’re sitting near. Many venues have a strict no-camera policy and if you’re found to have a camera or any recording equipment, it may be confiscated. Best to leave it at home. – Features Editor]

  132. 1973/4 or thereabouts. not v good with dates

    Floyd Edinburgh

    1st set Wish you were here before it was released.
    Second set Dark side of the moon
    encore Echoes with full surfing film backdrop

  133. Great Setlist: how about adding “there’s now way out of here” or “childhoods end”?? And Echoes…………it’s hard to imagine to see that live!!

    Sunday the 19th……………..a dream comes true.

  134. Hello from France,

    I was at the Olympia yesterday evening and I have a great and wonderful time really! it was magic, powerful, beautiful 🙂

    I enjoy the new record playing Live, it was so soothing…and after Pink floyd titles. Great! you got a beautiful way of playing guitar, sweet melodies and a soothing voice. You have class Mister Gilmour ! 🙂

    Take care,


  135. If I recall correctly, I read PF performed Echoes once or twice at the beginning of the ’94 North American tour. That was during the good old Usenet days. I was hoping to hear it live when I went to all three shows in CNE but no luck.

  136. Hi Guy, nice to have you on board again! I second your post. Being a user on a PF forum, I really get very sick of all posts about possible reunions. Oh, and by the way, I loved your quote from an interview “well, they hired another bass player for Live8. Roger what’s-his-name”.

    Sam Brown on vocals, that would be great.

    But looking at the tour of Jools Holland, I found some things. He plays in The Hague Holland this sunday. After that, there is a huge break until the end of april. That means that Sam could be able to sing next monday in Amsterdam .. Wishing waiting ..

  137. I did see Floyd play Echos in 1987 at JFK in Phil. It was raining. It was one of the biggest highlights of all the shows I’ve been to and can’t wait to see it again in NYC on April 4th.

  138. what a great night! it was really terrific, and we had the chance to see a miracle: David Gilmour SPEAKS !!!! At the end of the tour, he will certainly have spoken more than during his whole career!!!

    It was amazing to see how he is at ease with the audience now… And thanks Guy, we have loved your humour all along the show 🙂 (by the way, what have you eaten before the show? choucroute or something as light????)

    the only negative point was the security service, before the encores there were too many people who came in front of the scene, pushing and pulling everybody, and above all, they didn’t let us appreciate the wonderful end of this wonderful show… moreover, it’s really dangerous for the whole band to let someone climb ON the scene…

    except for this, it’s been THE greatest night for me since Division Bell tour. Thanks david, guy, nick, dick, phil and the wonderful sam brown

  139. “”What are the odds that Vicky Custerson doesn’t live in Manchester? If she did she’d be a City fan for sure… :-)” [Papa Lazarou]”

    Ha ah! See! I was right! As Kryten would say “Smug Mode!”

  140. Can you imagine the John Motson commentery though. Pratt to Carin, Carin to Wright, Wright to Gilmour who, oooh, slices it wide. Momentary lapse of reason there.

    This is getting silly now isnt it.

    Pete – Coventry

  141. Classic quote from Mottie….

    “Brazil – they’re so good it’s like they are running round the pitch playing with themselves”

  142. Hi David. Hi Fed.

    Not sure if you already knew, but, a Friend, Pawel wrote me that in Poland “On An Island” is now the new number 1 Album!! Fantastic News!

    Thanx for all the paris reviews, my friends! I will see David, Richard & Friends in Amsterdam!!

    Hopefully David will not retire after this Tour!

    Keep on rocking!


  143. Dear Fet ed,

    Thanks for the info on the Wish you were here DVD… I actually pre-ordered it from Amazon just in case it was authorized (wishful thinking- loved the Classic Albums for DSOTM by VH1… was hoping this was the same for WYWH). I’ll cancel that order. I actually steered clear of those other DVDs you and Rudders mentioned- I had heard they were garbage. Glad I didn’t waste the money (see??? Sometimes the reviews on Amazon ARE useful! LOL).

    And it must have been a great surprise to have Sam Brown walk on and do Great Gig!!! Very cool!

    By the way… bought my 2nd personal copy of OAI with the Island Jam CD yesterday at Best Buy, so they still have em. If any of you folks outside the US trust a complete stranger (well not COMPLETE as I’ve posted a bunch of times… just ask our beloved Fet Ed!) as long as Best Buy has em I would be willing to buy copies for you poor unfortunate souls and send them to you if you will pay the cost of the cd and shipping (my copy cost $11.99 yesterday so I guess the 9.99 deal is over). Anyway- you pay my costs to get em to you and I’ll send em. Of course you would have to send the money to me first, but you could then report to our Fet Ed that I did in fact follow thru. Just an idea. They had a lot on the shelf yesterday so we’ll see how long they last.


    [Glad to be of service, Tim. That’s a kind offer. It would have to be strictly between you and the buyer, though. We can’t get involved, so nobody write to ask if they can send the money to us to pass on. The answer is ‘no’. – Features Editor]

  144. Dearest Ed:

    Sorry you didn’t like my last post about my shirt (since it wasn’t posted). I could see how it could be taken wrong. I’m a blunt person. Hope you don’t banish me forever.

    I didn’t mean to affend David or any of you hard working individuals at

    Lots of Love

    [No worries, mate. It made me laugh, but no doubt someone would have read it the wrong way. Sometimes it’s just not worth taking the risk, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  145. Thanks Guy for checkig in with us again. One thing you though. You’ll have to let David know his memory is slipping. You played Echoes in Cleveland Municipal Stadium as well in 87/88. You opened the show with it.
    I know this because after the lights went down, and the birds stopped chirping, and bees stopped buzzing, and tractors stopped puttering around, and the opening solitary ‘PING’ of Echoes pierced the night, I did one of the stupidest and bravest things I’ve ever done. I was seated among about 50 fall down drunken, loud, obnoxious and belligerent Hell’s Angels, and when I heard ‘Ping’ I stood up and yelled at the top of my lungs, “SHUT THE F*** UP!” They didn’t. And I have never done anything so stupid since. Needless to say, seeing Echoes performed live has always been a high light for me.

    Have a great rest of the tour Guy. The Bay Area awaits you all with open arms. See you then.


    [I can see how you’d remember such a detail, Peter! You get a belated bravery award from me for that. – Features Editor]

  146. Dear Fet Ed- I just cancelled my amazon pre-order of the WYWH classic albums DVD. I looked more closely at it and it is produced by the same bunch that made all those other DVDs you mentioned that were so bad. Just wanted to let you know in case you want to warn others who may not realize this is not sanctioned by David or Pink Floyd.


    ps… your written French is beautiful- not that I know what it says or if your grammar is good- I studied French for only a year back in…. ummmm…. 1983!!!

    [Anyone want to form an angry mob with me and hunt them down? We’ll make them pay. Maybe that would sound less psychopathic in the beautiful French language. Um… Voulez-vous… une foule… avec moi et… No, I can’t do that one. J’obtiendrai mon manteau. – Features Editor]

  147. Hey Guy. Calm down ; )

    We read you loud and clear and love your posts. But you old codgers definately have memory lapses from time to time. Echoes was indeed performed several times on the 1987 North American tour right through to the 1st stop in Chicago. I was there and I can prove it (lol)!

    Kiss kiss

  148. Email now sent to BBC Radio 2 requesting the Mermaid show be re-broadcast without the hiss turned up on the quiet bits AND, whilst I was at it, I thought I’d request all 55 minutes of video broadcast on BBC TV as well.

    Perhaps we all ought to send in a similar request. No harm in asking

  149. Dear FeD,

    Hopefully this can help someone out. Unbeknownst to me when I purchased “general admission” tickets to the March 19th gig at the Heineken Music Hall through (using the english language menu), the tickets were actually in the ‘rolstoel/begeleidersplaats’. This is apprently more aptly translated to English as “Handicap Accessable Seating.” Not being handicapped myself, I’d rather not take someone else’s ticket.

    Perhaps someone on this forum could use handicapp accessable seating? Of course, I simply want the same price I paid for the pair from (Rang 1).

    If anyone can use these tickets, feel free to e-mail me at to make arrangements.

    Thanks and sorry to interrup to glowing news about the second Paris show. What a brilliant place in the set to break out Great Gig in the Sky. As noted above, for those already in Amsterdam, Jools Holland and his band, with the very same Sam Brown will be at the Paradiso Club on Sat (georgous venue, that used to be a church).

    Shine on Gilmourites!

  150. Childhood’s End…

    Played it last night and realized how relevant the lyrics are even today. You can’t say that about many songs like this that stand the test of time. How bout a live performance?

    Also, I don’t know if it was me, but I was at JFK in Philly 87 and don’t remember the Echoes, but remember it in 88 at Vet Stadium in Philly. Anyone remember?

    Maybe it was my intake of goodies. Ahh youth.

    Can’t wait for Sunday in Oakland…Front Row!!!

  151. Recording of gigs.

    Anyone in Germany or France see any signs of video recording crews on hand at the shows?

  152. Rudders,

    I dunno. Fet Ed has our e-mail addresses. Perhaps he/she could email one of us the other persons’ e-mail address so we can contact each other outside this forum (wouldn’t want a flood of people asking- want to help but not be overwhelmed!). I could find out what postage would be on a cd to wherever you live, email you the amount. You send a check or money order for the postage and cd and I’ll buy it/send it to you. I realize this requires a large amount of trust on your part but hey, I’m not gonna stiff you as I’m sure the disdain I would earn would be great (and certainly not worth the 14 or 15 bucks I could “steal” from you). What do you say Fet Ed? Wanna send him my e-mail or send me his??? Tell ya what… if Fet ed helps us out and you say Go Rudders I’ll go buy it ahead of time to ensure I get a copy before they sell out again. I’ll hold it til I get your money. If you fall thru I’ll still have a spare to share with someone else, so not a total loss.


    [Sorry, Tim. We get a lot of requests to act as a sort of middleman in ticket trades and the like and, for obvious reasons, we have to decline. Put simply, it’s not our problem and takes up far too much of our time. So I can’t help. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  153. Hmmm this day started off with an H2G2 reference, and then I saw mention of a Red Dwarf character. Are David Gilmour/PF fans all into British SciFi series or something? Or is it just me?

    Anyway, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Capital Gold interview. I guess fans are often guilty of putting their favourite musos on a pedestal. It takes a candid interview like that to remind us that David is just an ordinary bloke – (albeit an extremely talented and comparatively well-off bloke) who adores his wife and children and who does the mundane day-to-day chores like the rest of us.

    Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast….

  154. DAVID – It’s NANCE! – Please contact me!

    Greg’s 16 and wants to see the show SO-O BADLY. Being sold out and available tickets being scalped for way too much money leaves me in a quandry. He’ll be away at college by the next tour!?

    I’ve never missed a tour since ’68 thanks to you.

    A hug to you, Rick, Phil T. Dick and anyone else still hanging in there!

  155. Dear All, especially Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Wright!

    Here is the first chapter from my ”life on the road” this spring…..

    I’m just back home in Norway after a small trip to Paris, and what a trip it was!

    With high expectations and excitement we were getting ready for the first night in Paris (Le Grande Rex) and after a quick dinner we took a look at the venue from the outside. After a short while Mr. Gilmour turns up to do the soundcheck, he’s greeting all standing outside with a polite ”bonjour” and goes straight in. I was taken by surprise, but at least managed to take one picture.

    Afterwards I was shaking like a leaf – I’d just been standing 4 feet from the man himself…Wow! Could this get any better?

    The concert was as amazing. First the complete on an Island and the second set was one classic song after the other and the band was fantastic. There’s not much that beat the duo Gilmour/Wright – Wearing The Inside Out, Breathe, Time, Echoes….need I say more?

    The arrangements was perfect, and Echoes was like being at Pompeii…..

    Day two in Paris startet with a hangover, but with the knowledge that we were going this night as well made it easy to get up.

    And now for the most amazing happening in my life – After a long walk through the streets of Paris I was on my way back to the hotel and by coinsidence I just walked by a hotel where I saw 4-5 people standing outside and I recognized them as the same guys that was outside the Rex the night before…. Why were they there? Of course this was the hotel where the band was staying. So I also stayed for a while, and it really paid off… Now I am the proud owner of On An Island signed by Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Wright!

    And the concert was even better than the night before, with Sam Brown (wow!!) and also Fat Old Sun, beautiful!!


    Thanks to Mr. Gilmour for signing my copy of On an Island (I would have loved to have my old Pink Floyd records signed as well, but as Mr. Gilmour put it ”Not that old stuff”) and a special thanks to Mr. Wright for coming out just to give autographs and talk to us. We all love you!!

    See you Amsterdam on Sunday and Monday!

    Best regards from


  156. [Anyone want to form an angry mob with me and hunt them down? We’ll make them pay. Maybe that would sound less psychopathic in the beautiful French language. Um… Voulez-vous… une foule… avec moi et… No, I can’t do that one. J’obtiendrai mon manteau. – Features Editor]

    Angry Mob? Sign me up! What a better way to spend the weekend than making those profiteering, scamming people making money off of someone else’s hard work and reputation pay dearly….And then on from there to the Which One’s Pink rabble rousers, we can recruit Guy for this one, and then take the ones demanding David perform 500 shows doing every song he ever was remotely involved with…..Angry Mobs are cool. F. Ed rocks.

    Had to have some fun with that one, it’s been one of those days lol.

    Have a good weekend all.


    [The same to you, Mike. Take it easy. – Features Editor]

  157. Not only Sam Brown was at the show (on stage), but also Ron Geesin (in the audience) who wrote the major part of Atom Heart Mother. Ron met with David and Rick at the after show reception.

  158. HAHA… Well said Guy!

    So excited, in 48 hours the show will be starting… He might play Time! He WILL play tracks from On An Island! He might play Echoes! HE MIGHT PLAY TIME! The wonderful Sam Brown might turn up and belt out The Great Gig In The Sky! However, if she’s unavailable, I’ll be happy to offer my services. I sing it just as well. Ahem. Please see that Mr Gilmour receives my generous offer, F Ed. Thanks.

  159. Hello there,

    so it definetely looks like The Olympia was the place to be last night!! Great gig in the sky with Sam Brown…well, that was a pretty nice gift to the french audience!

    Listening to all the reviews from bloggers, makes me realise that I really should try to find a way to see one of the gigs of this tour(even though I was so lucky to be at the Mermaid!).

    Anyway, thanks to all of you to tell us about the gigs you’ve been to.

    Baptiste, Cambridge

    PS: Mr (or Ms, or Miss) FEd, your french is more than just good…spent some time in France or a french speaking country in the past??!!

    [Hi Baptiste. I spent some time in France many years ago. I had a good teacher and an even better phrase book! – Features Editor]

  160. Fedmeister…

    They work you hard! it looks like you do twelve days on then one day off! Do they make you lick road clean wit’ tongue and eat cold gravel as well? 🙂

    Thanks… 😉

    [You always make me laugh, Rudders. This is the best job I ever had! How many people have a boss whom they genuinely admire and respect? – Features Editor]

  161. For the record:

    I am West Ham, The Hammers, blowin’ bubbles in the City by the Bay.
    3-2 o’er the Arse at Highbury. Quite enjoyed that one David.

  162. Jane A!

    Using my catchphrase eh! At least it’s not as bad as Rudders who’s computer starts up with “Welcome to the machine” playing and then shuts down with “Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast”

    Anyway all I can say about me is “What a guy”

  163. To the features editor, is David Gilmour’s two previous solo albums still being re-released or no. On the Columbia Records contest it says winner receives tickets to see DG in Los Angeles and all three of his solo efforts(David Gilmour and About Face are currently OOP and sounds like will be re-released)

    [Yes, you can expect them to be re-released. Details when we have them. – Features Editor]

  164. Ahhhh blessed relief from the Caption Competition today methinks!

    It’s 10:15pm in the UK so lets stay quiet and not wake the Fedmeister up… Shhhhh….

  165. [You always make me laugh, Rudders. This is the best job I ever had! How many people have a boss whom they genuinely admire and respect? – Features Editor]

    Not to mention all the great people on this blog, right ED? 😉

    [Of course! – Features Editor]

  166. Good evening, Dear F.Ed,

    I Had some ideas this afternoon.

    At the end of the tour you should make a “best of” the reviews of the concerts. That could be interesting to have the differents points of views of the fans illustrated with photos by Polly Samson like a virtual book. But this is just an idea of one simple fan. What do you think ?

    Have a good night.

    PS: But this is your site not mine (even if I have some other ideas)

    [A good idea. I like ideas. – Features Editor]

  167. [quote [You always make me laugh, Rudders. This is the best job I ever had! How many people have a boss whom they genuinely admire and respect? – Features Editor] end quote]

    Dear Editor,

    You don’t know my wife (and she has a big adventage above David Gilmour) … lol

    have a nice weekend,
    two nights to go,
    Nick from a dark South of the Netherlands.

  168. Deborah…

    I think you ought to know I’m feeling very depressed…

    Posted by: Marvin at March 17, 2006 01:35 PM

    It’s nice that you allow non-human, clanking hunks of junk to post on David’s blog. Quite an open-door policy you have there.

    Now I hope I didn’t hear that David or some of the band members were ill or under the weather? Everyone! Please take very good care of yourselves. Eat lots of garlic. BUSHELS of garlic. And get plenty of rest. No, this isn’t your mother talking but mind me anyway. We want all of you to make it through this tour unscathed and healthy. If everyone onstage collapses with exhaustion the minute I hear the first notes of “Echoes” I don’t know what I’ll do.


    [A private joke? – Features Editor]

  169. Ahem ! I have a theory, and my theory is this……. Some of our wonderful bloggers are obviously delighted, as they have discovered ‘clues’ as to the identity of our beloved Feat Ed, based on the following assumptions:

    1. The Feat Ed states that he/she is a Liverpool fan……this does not imply that the Feat Ed is a Liverpudlian. Most Man U fans haven’t been within 100 miles of the bloody place !

    2. The use of the expression ‘mate’ in a sentence obviously means the Feat Ed is a ‘bloke’ !

    Hadn’t you lot thought that our Feat Ed might be leading you a merry dance ? Ahem, again my theory is this…….DG likes to keep things close regarding his personal world/band etc. Given that the great man is obviously too busy to do the Feat Ed job himself (but he probably keeps a close eye on things !), and the fact that David and Polly want their children to grow up with a proper family life and education (bear with me on this gang !)…..Polly and the children probably aren’t following David around on tour, allowing the children to stick with their schooling…………ergo, the Feat Ed is the lovely Polly !! Now, watch as the Feat Ed points out that I missed some crucial blog comments from earlier on, and shoots me down in flames……bugger, I’ll just get me coat !!

    P.S In support of the Feat Ed regarding the argument re ‘roofs’ or ‘rooves’, the Illustrated Oxford Dictionary lists both definitions as being acceptable…….stick that in your pipe Rudders !

    P.P.S Apologies to the Feat Ed if you are a true Liverpudlian !

    P.P.P.S I’m probably wrong about the Feat Ed being Polly……….but it’s nice to keep a little mystery in life isn’t it ?! Cheers all !

    [Hi Jon. You’re right and you’re wrong. I’m not from Liverpool, I am indeed a plastic Scouser. I can, however, maintain the accent all evening and convince people that I am genuinely from the 2008 European Capital of Culture. It’s great fun at parties. – Features Editor]

  170. …almost a month until we get David in Oakland!

    Hi Gilmour freaks…features editor. It is so hard to work lately…so much blogging to read, so may time listening to Mermaid Theater set…so much excitement, and too much tmie to wait.

    I am trying to keep up with actual setlists, and I have been able to note them from 3 of 4 shows except the actual setlist from 3/15.

    I think I could maybe piece it together from all the comments and reviews, but can someone put it together here? Where did they play ‘On The Run’ and Great Gig the 1st time?

    Seemed like they could have been in 2nd set near Breat/Time/Breath? Who knows.

    Did I miss the setlist from this show?

    Thanks. This blog rules!

    BigAl or biGal (I am from San Francisco!)

  171. Since I was bold enough to joke with the europeans with my soccer comment, I thought I’d now turn myself to the states on a serious note.

    I’ve seen great concerts become less so due to incessant screaming, singing, etc. Let’s make the US shows great for everyone by limiting the loud behavior during the songs…its going to be fabulous if you let yourselves hear it..

  172. Well we’ve had a day off and although some of us were laid low by a tummy bug, it was impossible to resist the amazing dinner David treated us to this evening. Hot topic was just how many times did we play Echoes in 87, and I’m afraid a few of you are either pretty deluded, or just better medicated than you perhaps remember. There is absolutely no way we played it in either Cleveland, Philly or Chicago.

    So there. Tomorrow we start a 3 in a row run, and we’re hot for it baby.

    [What’s that I hear? I think it’s the sound of hundreds of Pink Floyd books being angrily flung open all over the world, pages being torn out and scribbled on, bonfires being lit… – Features Editor]

  173. merci michèle pour vos commentaires si pertinents. je croit que vous avez un léger béguin pour david ( moi aussi d ailleurs ….) today i think that features éditor is david.someday i think it s polly and someday i think it s someone else. but today i give you a big hug ( don t worry i have a husband and two lovely boys…) one s name is david…and i respect too much polly…f.é. are you touring with them or staying comfortably in your living room in london… bonne nuit et bon dodo tout le monde. sylvie de montréal.

    [I’m very happy to hover in cyberspace with all you lovely fans, sharing experiences of the tour. – Features Editor]

  174. Don’t forget, fellow UK ploggers, to reciprocate the favour and catch Sam ‘the fox’ Brown on her upcoming tour. I’m hoping to see her at Birkenhead Pacific Road (a converted tram shed, top venue) on the 29th of this month.

    Of course the musical cognoscenti out there will immediately recognise Birkenhead as the hometown of another great British musical institution, Half Man Half Biscuit. The more I listen to OAI, the similarities to the Biscuits’ classic ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Road’ become ever more apparent LOL

    Talking of other bands, I was just thinking of other tracks that I’d love David and the lads try a version of. For instance, with David’s melodious singing style and guitar mastery – I’d be intrigued to hear a cover of the Blue (aaargh, that colour again!) Oyster Cult’s ‘Then came the Last Days of May’ or ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’

    Keep doin’ the business FEd, just like the Redmen – we’re all grateful of your sterling efforts!

  175. The end of that Philly 87 show was unbelievable. It started raining cats and dogs (possibly pigs and sheep) by the end of Run like Hell. So when the lights went up, most of the crowd in the stands started leaving in a hurry. We were down on the field where there was still a bunch of people and couldn’t get out for a while, so we stood in the rain and talked about what an amazing show we’d just seen.

    Then the lights went back down and they came out and played Shine On. You could literally feel the wave of “Is this really happening?!!” go across the stadium. Epiphany might be too dramatic a word for it, but it was something real close to one. Those things make mad searching for tickets and driving crazy distances to faraway places seem like a small price.

  176. Dear Fet Ed,

    I understand your position- thanks anyway.

    Rudders you have Yahoo available? Could send message through Yahoo messenger right? If you do, tell me your name on Yahoo and will see if we can make contact.


  177. I’m excited about the play list. I never thought we’d be able to hear “Echoes” because it’s 20 minutes long. It’s good to be wrong! I’ll be seeing David in Chicago on April 13th. Unfortunately I could only get one ticket, so it’ll be just me & David. (And a few thousand others) Also I’d like to give my opinion that “Confortably Numb” is one of the all-time greatest Classic Rock songs. It only gets better and better as it goes on, rising to great heights after the lyrics are over. All thanks to David’s guitar! I really love “High Hopes” and am happy that it’s on the list, but where oh where is “Sorrow”??? Talk about emotion flowing right out of the guitar!! I read in Nick’s book “Inside Out” that David brought Sorrow to the rest of the guys almost 100% complete. It is totally his creation, his ideas, not a collaboration like other songs, and it never fails to blow me away. Any chance David? And by the way for you posters who think Nick Mason could have been replaced by any drummer, I don’t think David would appreciate the disrespecting of his friend on his own site.

  178. Whew…long day & week!!!

    Time to unwind with some OAI here across the puddle.

    Can I just say that the one guitar bend at 3:16 on Castellorizon is going to give me cathartic release every time I hear it for years and years…..

    Thanks FEd for considering my little suggestion. I’d miss Guy’s posts from the road…

    Have a great weekend to all here on this great blog!!!

    …and Rudder’s, man, you’re a trip!!!

  179. I bought David’s eponymous 1978 CD and About Face at an HMV outlet here in Canada at the same time I picked up On An Island. (back on March 10th) I had bought the two LPs back when they were first released, but I sold them with about 300 other albums 5 or 6 years ago.

    Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to see them both on the rack in the same display as On An Island. They sold for $6.99 (CDN) each! What a deal!

    Steve from Montreal.

  180. It’s nice to hear that Fat Old Sun was played. I wonder what “surprises” could be in store for Chicago!?!

    Speaking of Chicago, does David like deep dish pizza? How about Guy, or yourself, Features Editor? Has anyone had any of the famous Chicago pies during their visits to the Chicago area over the years?

    Just thought I would ask as Chicago is known for, among other things, their deep dish pizza. I won’t say what my favorite is as I don’t want to start a debate. Just curious thats all.

    P.S. If I should have asked these questions using the FAQ, I apologize.

    [Mmm, I do. The more cheese, the better. – Features Editor]

  181. First off, CONGRATS DAVID !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait for the 4/20 show in good ole’ SO-CAL !

    I expect your light man won’t be needing to use the fog machine much that night (It being a special holiday 4 us in the know !!)

    I also must say that it will be an 18th anniversary 4 when I partook in the show at Hugh’s Stadium Sacramento, California 4/20/1988!!!!

    Michael “Pink” D.

  182. To be honest…I do like the whole album. I trusted David Gilmour to stay true to his heart and give us an album that reflected that. IMO he did exactly that. It’s a lighter album, not so full of darkness and the painful/sorrowful/contradictory sides of the human condition. I always felt that Dave needed to do more music like this. I love the composition of the music, the guitar solo’s and the lyrics and the sentiment of the material. All in all it’s a 10/10 for me. And as all of his material has in the past…it grows on me as I listen to it more. An often used and overused term comes to mind as I look for my words to describe OAI….it’s relevant for me in the now of today. It speaks to me today because I too am not as dark and intense as I was when I first heard Pink Floyd some 38 years ago.


  183. I can’t wait… April 4th.. My parents are going to see David in Amsterdam on the 19th, and I’m going to see him on April 4th in NYC. I’ve been listening to the album every single day and have been getting all my music buddies here (Boston) into the new album.. And they are all loving it.

    Thanks very much for the new music David, been a Floyd fan since I was a kid, and am a huge fan of your playing. Once again, can’t wait until the show, am counting down the days on my calendar..
    Thanks again!

    Iakov – the Russian in Boston

    PS: Great comment Guy!

  184. I get so jelous when I hear about the Island Jam disc at Best Buy because the store I called on march 8th said they don’t have it and I e-mailed them and they responded…….
    “Unfortunately the On An Island – CD by David Gilmour does not include a bonus disc.”

    I’m now going to call every location near me to see if any have it.

    Thanks to everybody for posting reviews/setlists for the shows, I really look forward to them. I would love to see Fat Old Sun, especially with the end solo but I will not be disapointed with anything that David chooses to play.

    It’s wonderful news that “David Gilmour” and “About Face” are going to be rereleased. I got the first used for $5 and the last decently priced “About Face” off Amazon at $20. After On An Island came out, Davids first 2 albums started selling real good on Amazon and there are now some rediculous prices, the rereleases will stop these people from highly profiting off of David Gilmour fans.

  185. re: Angry Mob

    I’m in. Will bring pointed sticks.


    [Fantastic! We need plenty of pointed sticks. We also have to shake our fists and throw rotten fruit and veg at the people who have written books professing to know the setlists for every Pink Floyd gig ever. They lied to us about ‘Echoes’, damn them. – Features Editor]

  186. Mr. Gilmour:

    I will be attending your show at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on April 4. If you are able to include “On the Turning Away” on your set list, I would appreciate it. I think it is an extraordinary and powerful song and still socially relevant 19 years later. It’s always been one of my favorites.

    Congratulations for “On an Island,” which is well on its way to become a classic.


    Bronx, NY

  187. Terrence Reardon et al

    Re: “DAVID GILMOUR” and “ABOUT FACE” (David’s first two solo albums) – according to the current edition of Record Collector magazine (UK) these are to be re-issued on 28 March, but they are now being listed by Amazon (as Re-masters on Sony) with release dates of April 10 in the UK, and May 2 in USA. Hope this helps.

    [We’ll let you know the dates when they’re confirmed. – Features Editor]

  188. going back to a comment about the `pulse dvd’I pre ordered and have been told its put back until november.

    I must admit OAI is growing on me everyday and I love the live version of `wearing the inside out’.cannot wait to see concert at RAH may 30th

    well done David,great to see you back

  189. At the CNE on the Momentary Lapse starting tour, the band played Echoes, I remember vividly because of the blonde strat of the tour. The second leg of the tour in Toronto, David played his infamous Red strat for Delicate Sound and Echoes was ommitted, not surprising though. The huge audience failed to comprehend what was at hand. We won’t ,I guarantee at Massey. Please play it there

  190. Dave youve givin so many people such incredible memorys over the years it looks like its happening all over again! OAI is like a sequel to Obscured by Clouds with “More” and Atom heart thrown in. My favorite period.
    Seeing floyd in 75 in Milwakee opening with two songs from Aminals that sounded more like early floyd than the 77 album of two years later.. Starting Shine on part1 only to succomb to a monsterus severe thunderstorm. Did that stop them..No!! a tarp went up and dark side was played in the pouring rain only to have the moon come thru the clouds at the very end to the

    ((( ping ))) of Echoes right after. When you play Echoes in Chicago those memorys will be with me again.

  191. At the risk of being lynched i thought i would post my views on the new album and the tour;

    I’ve been a longtime Floyd fan and spent rather too much time and effort over the years buying related merchandise and going to the various shows etc.

    I really dont think the new album is upto much – in fact, apart from Smile, i think its a VERY poor effort and relies on too many cliches and to be honest sounds like the outtakes from the Division Bell. Other than that one song nothing strikes me as anything new and interesting – i think its a very personal album to David and his wife but it didnt merit being released to the wider world. Most fans i have spoken to that aren’t overawed by their obsession with Floyd or in some way on the Floyd gravy train have said that they are very disappointed.

    Nice as it is to have new material i personally think that the wait really wasnt worth it – and i feel exactly the same about Roger Waters recent efforts – tired and cliched. I think that both have reached that point in their careers where their best is certainly behind them

    Quite a few people have said to me that i would revise my views after hearing the show live – and having just been sat on planes for 26 hours to get to the second Paris show i was reserving judgement.

    I admit that the musicianship was superb but the content of the first half at the Olympia (excepting GGITS) was as dull as the album and i was thankful for the break. The crowds reaction was also i thought cool when compared to that of the older material and i though that was clearly shown by the applause after GGITS on which Sam did her usual magnificent best – a true highlight of the night

    The second half was superb and the addition of Fat Old Sun was well placed and a great version. Echoes was magnificent and worth the entry fee and the trip i made to see it.

    BUT – its not a show that i think merits attending more than once and i certainly wouldnt recommend the first half unless you want to be lulled into a deep sleep. I also thought that Phil was woefully underused but at least David has chosen a great drummer for the Floyd material – he is the best replacement Nick for a long time – soft when he should’ve been and just the right amount of clash bangy on Time, although Guy is a bit fast on the tick tock at the beginning – playing it more like the live 94 shows than on DSOTM. I think the slower version is far better and leads to a more satisfying delivery to the vocals

    I did also notice that there was no other solo material included in the set and that the first half is the new album and the second is just Floyd – if this is a David Gilmour tour then why no other solo material? Does this highlight teh paucity of good dolo material?

    For me the live experience was very mixed – poor first half due to the material and a great second half – again due to the material and thank goodness that Money or Another Brick wasnt played!

    For me that reiterates that i think each of the members solo are long past their best and are having to rely on material from the 70’s – and thats now over 30 years ago!

    Before the brick bats are hurled take a good non obsessed listen to the album and try and be objective? If it didnt have the DG moniker on it – would you buy it? And why are you going to the shows? To hear the new album or to hear longtime Floyd favourites?

    Although the ed and the band members are always saying that there is no reunion i think that the only way that they can all collectively end their careers on a high is now to do one last greatest hits tour, otherwise their lasting legacies will be of poor solo albums and poor shows only saved by decades old material. Live 8 finally confirmed that.

    [Fair enough, mate. Your honesty is appreciated. There’s no need for anyone to respond angrily… – Features Editor]

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