Night Five: Frankfurt


David and his band return to Germany tonight for a show in Frankfurt.

As always, we want to hear all the details, so do let us know your thoughts if you were lucky enough to be there.

If you don’t want to know which songs were performed, please don’t read the following comments because the setlist will no doubt be revealed.

If you’re in the UK or can access the UK’s Channel 4, you can see the ’On An Island’ video tonight, plus the EPK, both of which we have been showing on the site for some time. That’s on at 1:40AM UK time.

If you don’t receive Channel 4, then you can still see both EPK and video here.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

113 thoughts on “Night Five: Frankfurt”

  1. I finally figured out who FEd is…duh. Best wishes from SF CA on a great night!

    waiting (im)patiently…


    [And…? Don’t keep us in suspense! – Features Editor]

  2. David and crew,

    You have created quite a stip by playing Echoes again. I beg of you not to remove it from the setlist as in 87. I attended the second Rosemont show in 1987 the first one after Echoes was dropped. I am taking no chances this time I will be attending both Rosemont shows.

    Thanks for the new album and tour!

  3. I wish I could have got tickets for one of the US shows. Are there any plans to release a DVD of the concerts?

    [It’s being considered, Don. We’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  4. Caption Competition

    The rehearsals for the new encore, “Duelling Banjos” was not going well…

  5. Caption Competition

    Guy’s new checked suit made him almost invisible against the curtains…

  6. Hello Polly,

    Please forgive me my impatient question, but the fact is that the adrenaline is getting to higher levels they’ve ever reached… one night to go. Happily I’ve to work tonight so I don’t have the problem that I can’t sleep 😉

    I’m looking forward see your daily photos and the Gallery. Is Bob Klose giving you a hand by making them? They’re wonderful.

    But… I was hoping of a gorgeous picture of the lovely Sam Brown (and while I’m writing this the live version of Pulse is coming out the speakers… oh….). Is that possible?

    Hope you’ve a wonderful time too.

    x Nick from a lovely South of the Netherlands.

  7. just want to say thanks for the music david for another reason . today i slipped in the office in my house and ripped muscles in my back . after the acident i managed to drag myself screaming in agony back to my bed . i keept yself calm by grabbing a hold of my diskman and listening to on an island . the calm relaxed sounds really helped my forget the pain i was in and relax until i could get to our local hospital accident and emerency department . 4 hours , an examination by a nice doctor , 2 valium tablets with an anti inflamatory and a cortizone injection later i am back in one piece . thanks for your music again david it really helped me get through a crappy day !

    a rather grumpy and still a bit sore in the back linda

    [Ouch! Sorry to hear about your accident, Linda. Get well soon. – Features Editor]

  8. Featues Ed + Plastic scouser = It must be Paul O’Grady !!

    Or someone from Skelmersdale (the plastic scouser capital)

    Roll on Manchester !!!

  9. OK, FEd, I won’t.

    I have been listening, reading…listening, listening, etc. I appreciate all the comments for and against OAI, and thankfully more comment for it. I know thats my opinion. I LOVE IT!

    Last night, while watching some of the NCAA Basketball here in ‘Cali’, I had on the Mermaid Theater set for some friends. They have heard me discuss it numerous times, some have listened to the CD…but after a few songs a mate turned and asked, ‘what more can a Gilmour fan want than this? This sounds incredible.’

    I just read MOJO Interview this morning too…good stuff, very enlightening in to somethign i already appreciated!

    I hear a song like ‘Take a Breath’…makes me think of Astronomy Domine meets Dogs of War, as do many of the songs, old meets new, very new meets very old, add in some very original, some beautful sax, bass, keys pieces…some of Roxy Music dreaminess, the Island Theme, Life, Death, Alone and with Partners, Friends, exploration, peaceful dreaminess…

    ‘what more can a Gilmour fan want than this’?

    Nothing, aside from GETTING TO OAKLAND FASTER!


  10. Free OAI Poster Offer.

    They gave away some very cool OAI posters with purchase here @ Virgin Megastore in SF. I got 2.

    First USA, non-SF, ‘Gilmour Blogger’ who wants it, email me offline, postage on me. If your in SF, they have more (they dont really TELL People they have em, so you gotta ask), go get one.

    Peace from a finally sunny SF!


  11. Seeing David at the royal albert hall on the 30th will be a dream come true for me. For years now I have watched various dvd’s and listened to cd’s in the hope that I would one day see the man himself. I really hope that you play Shine On when I’m there. That would be magic. Cheers.

  12. I dont know why the U.S. charts are not that good. It is hard to get through to the radio stations to have them play it. I also don’t see too much avertisement for it, so I simply have to believe that most people dont even know it’s out.

    This is a fine album, much needed in a world full of destructive musical gooble-de-gook. I’ve got some friends going out to buy the album this weekend…hopefully we can spred the word that way.

  13. FEd, you are the best kept secret… an incognita. Thats all why we are here, really. To try figure out who you are… 🙂

    Anyway, nice pic that one! Is that another one baring Polly’s signature??? Was that during the recording of the album or now in Frankfurt?

    Have a nice weekend!

    [It certainly is one of Polly’s, taken during the rehearsals. You have a great weekend, too! – Features Editor]

  14. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep until i know who Fed is…

    -hanging on in quiet desperation…
    Chris McKay

  15. I’m sixteen, and just letting you (David) know that you are my idol. You are a HUGE influence for me and my guitar-playing, and I’m honoured to be in your presence on April 9th. Counting down the days (literally)!

    P.S. I’m sure you absolutely hate when people tell you what songs to keep, but Echoes would be nice 🙂

  16. have fun to everyone going to the show tonite, and on the rest of the european leg. with these new twists on the list, i don’t really know what to expect anymore, but you have proved my predictions correct so far. mostly.

    another glass and this will sound great

  17. I have to agree with you Big Al. I have no clue as to why so many people are sitting on the fence regarding “Take a Breath”. I’m blown away by it.Such an infectious beat with sizzling guitar. I can’t get it out of my system.One of those songs that linger on and on in your head.By the way F.E.,do you happen to know what the time signature is for this song?I try to count it out as 4/4 but it just doesn’t seem to work…LOVE IT!!!

    [Haven’t the foggiest, John. I’m sure there are potatoes with more musician know-how than me. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  18. “Guy’s new checked suit made him almost invisible against the curtains…”

    LOL, Rudders!

  19. [Haven’t the foggiest, John. I’m sure there are potatoes with more musician know-how than me. Sorry! – Features Editor]

    There we go folks.Guess we can now eliminate Mr.Mason as our cherished Features Editor.

  20. Caption Competition

    General Gilmour and his right-hand man Wing Commander Manzanera or “Zany” as he was known by the men awaited the return of their batman…Corporal Pratt!

    They had realised that the monster from alien was hiding under the table and they needed Pratt to eject the bounder from the mess hall…

  21. I haven’t come down yet after the great shows in Paris and getting autographs from both Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Wright…… and now it’s only a few hours till I’ll be on a plane to Amsterdam for two more shows 🙂 This is a really good week!

    I am, as many others, curious about who’s “hiding” behind the Features Editor title. There might be a clue in the tour program even though it only says “Special thanks to the Features Editor” (and deservedly so I might add). Or maybe we should just check the UK phone book if anyone is listed under the name Features Editor? My guess is that you are just the luckiest guy/girl in the world regarding your latest career move…

    Anyway I hope that at least on the last show in London in May Mr. Gilmour will bring you (and your team) up on stage and let us give you a standing ovation for a job very well done…

    But first – Amsterdam here I come!!!!

    Best regards


    [You are the closest yet with your last suggestion, JT. – Features Editor]

  22. Pitchforks , we’ll need pitchforks.

    and we will need a demented man with one eye at the front to shake his fist ( Rudders?)

    Demented… yes… one eye? unfortunately not but does a hunchback work? and maybe I could borrow the Fedmeister’s wooden leg…

  23. FEd, you are the best kept secret… an incognita. Thats all why we are here, really. To try figure out who you are… 🙂

    Some people need to read my profile of you Features Editor… or maybe I should re-post it…

    [As fantastic as your profile was, people really need to focus more on David’s album and tour. All I’m doing is moderating the comments and giving you the chance to have your say. That should be all that matters. – Features Editor]

  24. Foxsports played “Take a Breath” as an outro during the WTA tennis coverage in Australia this week.

  25. hey

    just been to paris 16-03 super!!!!!!!!!

    despite the fact the music stopped by crazy diamond….. its forgiven, it all was just… i am speechless and tomorrow again in amsterdam i’m looking forward to see the whole band again!!! to see you all play echoes again wow!i’m now listening to oai, but to hear and see it live it’s so …uhm real.. and david what is the story about terneuzen? where you there also there in ’68????

  26. re:
    made the same mistake, pointing out that apparently ‘Echoes’ was played in Philadelphia in 1987. Trusting books is always a no-no. Such wicked things. And we thought the internet was bad! – Features Editor]

    I didn’t read books, but I listened “Prism” roio from Philadelphia gig. Amazing bootleg with wonderful live atmosphere. And Echoes goes first, where Richard has forgotten his words in the first ans second couplets. And I know, that there is video from crowd of that moment.

    Where the true? :-))

    and of course biggest THANKS to Polly for her photos!!! Especially for that one from about 2 weeks ago – where David teaches Richard to play on Kurzwell :-))) very nice.

  27. Caption Competition

    DG to PM: How long is going to take at the bar?

    PM: He’s probbly p*ssed off like he did when you gave him money to get those bass strings years ago!

  28. Caption Competition:

    French Cafe Manager to Waitress: Mon Dieu! there are two of them busking now! go and tell them to stop…

    Fellow Bloggers/Bloggettes – you really need to go back and read previous captions… 🙂

  29. We have just returned from the Frankfurt concert. It was a really great show with the new songs and all that well known stuff like Echoes and Fat Old Sun:

    part 1 :
    On An Island
    The Blue
    The Great Gig In The Sky
    Red Sky At Night
    This Heaven
    Then I Close My Eyes
    Take A Breath
    A Pocketful Of Stones
    Where We Start

    part 2 :
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Wot’s… Uh The Deal
    Wearing The Inside Out
    Fat Old Sun
    Breathe Reprise
    High Hopes

    Encores :
    Wish You Were Here
    Comfortably Numb

    David, thank you for this wonderful evening!

  30. Maybe the Features Editor is the Publius Enigma!


    Note to David, dropping Dominoes for fat Old Sun was brilliant. Now if you could just find away to give us Dogs…or anything from the long neglected Animals album you would truely be a GOD…hmm God spelled backwards is Dog…c’mon David, gives us Dogs.

    It all starts for me April 9…can’t wait.

    Robert from Toronto

  31. The first half of the concert is getting more and more interesting… inserting Great Gig and moving Take a Breath further back…

    A lesson learned here I think because it seems that constructive feedback whether positive or negative is good because some bloggers had posted comments being critical of the first half as being too laid back and almost soporific!

    This blog seems to be a good litmus test of the shows and it seems DG really does look and listen…

    So maybe now we’ll all realise why the Fedmeister wants our feedback…

  32. I’m deeply impressed by tonights show at the “Alte Oper” in Frankfurt. All I can say is Thank you David, Polly and everybody involved in the OAI Tour. Like many others I wish that there will be a DVD of this great show…

  33. I saw a post about recording the shows and it sparked a thought. I saw Metallica in 2004 and they recorded each show and made them available for download at their website for a reasonable fee. It would be awesome if you guys did something similar. You could make a few dollars and give us fans someting that we would cherish for a long time. It would be absolutely cool to be able to listen to the April 10th show that I have tickets to over and over again.

  34. Caption –

    Polly: “For the last time, if you two don’t set the table, the dinner’s going in the bin.”

  35. O dave, I cant wait for the CHICAGO show! The one april 13 mainly because I’m turning 21 on that day……..Ill be there a little drunk cheering you on!

  36. Will someone kindly inform us as to who sang The Great Gig In The Sky in Frankfurt.

  37. I know I just posted, but I forgot to ask something. I was wondering if the Great Gig In The Sky was just a special occasion or if there is a chance that it might show up in the U.S. shows? I really like that song. I think it is genius and would like to hear it (along with many others).

  38. I can’t understand why some people are complaining about Take A Breath. I happen to like the track for a couple of reasons: the song reminds me of Barrett-era Floyd with it’s treated vocals and the experimental middle section that harkens back to the old days and secondly–it’s the only real rocker on the album!! After this track we get an acoustic blues and then the album gets really pretty and stays in that vein. Take A Breath reminds me a little of what Floyd might have been had Syd not taken ill and the band carried on as a 5-piece. It’s a great track and a nice diversion on an otherwise pastoral sounding album.

  39. OK, caption time. I don’t think this is a good idea Phil. Let’s play dueling cumbus’. That’ll get them going.I heard the full OAL video,WWWWWOOOOW. I think the the first solo is still incredible compared to the final. Usually it’s always the final that does me in historically. Switching from Gibson to the beautiful Black Strat on this solo is unbelievable. My question is how the hell will you switch guitars that fast on stage. LOL. Just finished a novel by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler, entitled, Who Built The Moon? Incredible research not involving music. However, there is a chapter in it titled Childhood’s End and some quotes from David’s friend Stephen Hawkings in it as well. Hope David and Polly read it on an island after the tour. Anything by Laurence Gardner is exceptional also, he’s up and coming big time. Lastly, to Fed. Please show up in London so we can all see you for all you are truly worth. The gig is up , later mate. Thank You again.

  40. All these posting are really making me anxious to see Mr. Gilmour in concert. April 20th just seems so far away. I am so excited. Once again I must say OAI is great. I really like “Take a Breath” That is probably one of my faves.

    Well See ya’ll later

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  41. Hi every one, sorry for not writing for couple of night (although I’ve read almost all of the comments), I was REALLY busy with LISTENING to an island. iI could not even do my homeworks(yea, student)

    First of all you guys/gals have NO idea home much blessed I am with the ablove list (the play list) CANT better than that, seriously, If I had a bottle with a jenie in it who could make 20 wishes of my LIFE come true, One of them was to see that play list being done by david ! (I can say that I’ve spent AT LEAST 8 hours a day listening to david, Pink floyd or recently On an island, not just as a voice in back ground of my room, but just listening to it and repeating it)

    Neweyez, again, I have to say that canada cant wait.

    Now my suggestion to F.E: How about running a pol hear and asking everyone theyr 3 favorate tracks from ‘on an island’ and then you so some statistics and let us know which 3 are THE MOST popular ones ( I know I know its really hard to eliminate any of those magical pieces from a favorate list, but try your best 😉 )

    Then maybe in a seprate or same pol we can also ask for 3 favorate Pink floyd songs.

    Thank you for editing these huge amount of posting everyday. you are great, who ever you are 🙂


    [I was thinking of asking for everyone’s favourite ‘On An Island’ track, funnily enough. Maybe in a week or so when there’s a gap in the tour schedule. Cheers, Kasra. Great minds think alike and all that. – Features Editor]

  42. Well the price has reached $2,000.00 Canadian dollars. That’s right…that’s the price I’ve been offered for my two David Gilmour tickets for Massey Hall in Toronto April 9th. Incredible!

    It’s a shame really though that people are so desperate. David has so many fans around the world and there just isn’t enough time for a mortal man like himself to make everyone happy.

    There just has to be a DVD come out. Even though I am going to see David (cause I’m not giving up my tickets for any amount of money) I’d certainly buy a DVD of the show in a heartbeat. And for those not fortunate enough to be able to see David in person it really would be the next best thing. There are so many bloggers on this site from all around the world that like the CD itself, I think that the DVD would be number one in no time at all. 🙂

  43. Hi FEd and all,

    First off, thank you for the ‘extra’ info. Much appreciated!

    Is it just me or does it seem, now that the tour has begun, time is just flying by! These months of anticipation, speculation, juicy tidbits, and all the great posts from so many people (Guy Pratt, that was cool!), and now all the excited fans’ reviews of the gigs.

    It sounds like the shows are just fantastic and I’m soo looking forward to sharing April 19 with my 20-year-old son. Music has always been such an important part of my life (it bookmarks the best of times and it can save you during the worst of times). My children have been listening to ‘my’ music, whether it be Pink Floyd, Dylan, Andres Segovia, BB King, etc., and it’s now a part of their lives, in addition to Metallica, Nirvana, NIN, Dre, Snoop. I’ve made a point of taking them to every concert I possibly could (we live in a pretty remote area of Washington State)… we’ve seen Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, BB King, the Stones, and Metallica, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Eminem to name a few. So I shared my life through music with them and they’ve shared theirs with me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m just so pleased that my son and I will be sharing such a special event … it’s not like David tours every year like a lot of other musicians! Anyway, enough of this rambling — I’ll write it off to the fever that I have with this damned cold!

    I just want to once again express my deepest gratitude to David (and all the musicians, techs, and of course you FEd). After all, he could have just released the album and then kicked back with his family, satisfied with a job well done. To tour when you have the luxury of just ‘being’ with your loved ones and enjoying life is quite a gift for all of us, and I thank you for that. Now I’m going to drag my aching body off to bed! Goodnight.

    Peace and happiness to you all,

    Washington State

  44. hello frankfurt. you said the great gig in the sky. was it sam brown again who sang in there any chance to have this song in toronto. please say yes … please god ,please santa claus ,please rudders ,( you can help me here because f.é. already said that you are his favorite fan s fare ). bonne nuit. sylvie de montréal

  45. Dear Features editor/ Any news on the merchandise? Im really looking forward to getting some On an Island T shirts and whatever else will be available

    [It should be on the site soon. There are just a few things that need to be done. There will be T-shirts, there’s a nice hat, a great tour programme… More details very soon. – Features Editor]

  46. PLEASE DAVID SELL THE SOUNDBOARD RECORDINGS TO PEOPLE WHO SEE YOUR SHOW! maybe a copy of the ticket stub and $10 would get you a copy! woiuld you think less of me if i were to buy it? im a fan and would enjoy hearing ALL your shows from this tour, but would prefer to buy them from you!

    [There are no plans to put out any live CDs, Greg. There will be bootlegs doing the rounds, no doubt, and if you really care for David’s opinion on this, then he doesn’t like sub-standard recordings. These bootlegs are certainly sub-standard. So it’s up to you. – Features Editor]

  47. polly,

    i would just like to say sorry for doubting your lyric writting. i am totally in love with the new album and hope to hear more of your incredible writting in the future! and please, please, please, sing smile with david in chicago!

  48. Hey F-Ed and Guy,

    We don’t need no books. We have the recordings to prove it!!! : )

    Anyone get a picture of Sam performing GGitS? I hear she was dressed to thrill ; )

    Hot topic was just how many times did we play Echoes in 87, and I’m afraid a few of you are either pretty deluded, or just better medicated than you perhaps remember. There is absolutely no way we played it in either Cleveland, Philly or Chicago.

    So there. Tomorrow we start a 3 in a row run, and we’re hot for it baby.

    [What’s that I hear? I think it’s the sound of hundreds of Pink Floyd books being angrily flung open all over the world, pages being torn out and scribbled on, bonfires being lit… – Features Editor]

  49. Dear, Features Editor, not to sound like a broken record but I think it would be spectacular,awesome, spectaculary awesome? to release a DVD of the concerts of David. The reasons are quite obvious, one: To let those lucky individuals who actually got to attend the concerts to relive them again and again. Two: To let us unlucky individuals who could not attend any of the concerts to still be able to join the fun and pretend we were there.

  50. Following a disappointing for appointment in Dortmund, i must say that Frankfurt was excellent – the band were so much tighter than in Dortmund, Richard was singing excellent. Fat Old Sun was stunning, maybe even better than during 2001/2. Echoes clocked in at 20+ minutes was an enjoyment all the way through. Hats off to Phil for his part in this. We did sit back relax and enjoy ourselves. Looking forward to Amsterdam tonight and tomorrow.


    note to the guys in charge of the lights during echoes: it’s Echoes, remember, not your average night at Studio 54!

  51. I’m listening to a recording from the show in Hamburg march 11, and it sure sounds like the finest rendition of “Echoes” I’ve heard since 1972 (although the recording is a bit distorted). I wish David would come to Sweden and play.

  52. Hi,

    I was there in Frankfurt, and it was great, but… the first half was not so good as it could have been . The spaces between the songs was quite a bit too long, I’ve had the feeling, that there were some technical problems, the sound was “develloping” during the first numbers. Less time for soundcheck? Take a breath had so start two times, because David’s guitar was not in tune. (this should not happen, the guitar was given to David, so start the song, but after the first cords he had to stop playing, cause it sounded terribly).

    The new Album ist wonderfull, but it’s obvious that not all of the songs are perfect für such live events.

    The second half was much much better, the sound was very good, and the band played very good together. Funny was that david startet wot’s a deal with the wrong words. (When playing live I can’t perform without my textbook, I only remember the words of “whish you were here”, so I found it OK that David hangs only one time with the words).

    “fat old sun” and “echoes” where absolutely fantastic, and of cause “Comfortaply numb”, David hit every note perfectly.

    His voice was very good, better than at the BBC2 radio concert, I think he’s in training now.

    At the and, I wanted to go to the back of the opera, to have a look wether David and the band is going home, but then decidet to take the car do drive home (I’ve had a long way home). And then, waiting on at the street ligts (don’t now wat “Ampel” is in english) and, there was David standingin the dark, talking, laughing with two or three fans. No way to park the car, arrgh. the chance of my livetime to shake the masters hand gone…. Now I had to cry every night for the rest of my live that I’ve NOT taken this opportunity.

    So that’s enough written.

    Thank you all for this great evening.


  53. Are there any plans on making a DVD of this tour . I know many poeople that couldn’t get tix but they truely would love to see it. Can’t wait for 4-4. See you there

  54. Having taken a meer peak I see Echoes is a part of the European repetoire. I am extremely pleased and as this is my favorite Floydian epic I am anticipating this in Toronto Canada too 😉

    I did hear/see it performed 4 times as it was the opener of the MLOR tour as I witnessed the Ottawa, and then 3 nights in the old Montreal Forum.

    All the best to the band as you move ever closer to us your North American audience.

    Cheers, Brent Ingalls

  55. Hi all –

    Just a note to say hi, and thanks for all the show reports. I’m not as witty as Rudders and co, so can’t come up with a suitably amusing caption comp.

    A friend has just pointed me at a country and western cover of The Wall by Luther Wright and the Wrongs. Ordinarily I’m pretty open minded about listening to new music, but the thought of David’s solos in Comfortably Numb, or Brick in the Wall, played on a banjo….well, in truth I find it scary! Has anyone else listened to this? To purists (of which I’m borderline) this is sacriledge! Would be willing to give it a go if any of you can endorse it, otherwise I’ll not risk it… 🙂

    Happy Sunday everyone…


  56. What a night. Thanks to Mr. Gilmour and his friends. Wow, the show was amazing in Frankfurt. My favourite song? The highlight of the concert? Well, “Echoes” was incredible and “Take a breathe” was insane. It was such a pleasure to see this “old man(s)” on stage.

    Thank you for a very special evening.

  57. Hi David,

    thank you for such a wonderful album, in fact i think it might be your best work in over 30 yrs. too bad you are not going to visit berlin this time….or are you going to?

  58. thanks to oliver mayfarth for posting the setlist to last night’s show. i wonder who sang on ‘great gig’. anyone care to share? btw, the alte oper looks beautiful. definitely one of the nicest venues so far. hope everyone who was there last night enjoyed the show.

  59. Nickster, I have “Rebuild the Wall” by Luther Wright and the Wrongs – great stuff. I know it’s difficult to imagine “The Wall” done bluegrass style, but it’s good tongue-in-cheek fun. I mean, “Another Brick in the Wall” just SCREAMS for a banjo, doesn’t it?

    Well I have my ECHOES PLEASE t-shirt all made up for April 5th with letters that glow in the dark. I thought about stringing up flashing lights on the letters as well – do you think that would be overkill? I mean, I really don’t want David to forget to play “Echoes.” I’ll do what it takes.

    (everything between “herring” and “marmalade” is missing from my dictionary)


  60. With regard to an On An Island DVD, I heard David mention during an interivew last week that they will be shooting and recording for a DVD during the Royal Albert Hall shows. Can the Features Editor confirm this?


    [No, I can’t. These are all ideas only. We’ll confirm it when it’s a solid plan. – Features Editor]

  61. [quote; Who sang “The great gig in the sky”?

    Posted by: Eyal at March 19, 2006 06:32 AM end quote]

    Claire Torry, Sam Brown, Durga McBroom, Rachel Fury, Magaret Taylor, Claudia Fontaine, Carol Kenyon, Michelle Carol; they all did the “Great Gig In The Sky”. Dear Sam Brown did the last version in Paris and maybe tomorrow in Amsterdam again (?).

    Have a nice Sunday,
    We’re heading to Amsterdam, now,
    See you there,
    Nick from the lovely sunny South of the Netherlands.

    [And I can confirm that it wasn’t performed last night in Frankfurt. – Features Editor]

  62. Caption competition:

    David: ‘I’m still struggling to get to grips with this new encore’

    Phil: ‘Well, I did warn you to steer clear of the Goombay Dance Band’s “7 Tears” ‘

  63. Can someone who has seen the show tell us about the “Echoed” performance in terms of what has been cut out? I heard it had been edited and assumed the band were playing the same version they did in 87 with Mason (ha!). That version, for some unknown reason, cut out the short guitar run between verses 1 and 2. Is this what they are doing now?

  64. Caption

    David to Phil: Quick, put 50p in the electric meter……….the light’s about to go out !

  65. We traveled Yesterday Evening from Basel to Frankfurt, to realised our Dream, to see Mr David Gilmour, and His Band, with Mr Richard Wright, … wow, what beutifull suprise!!! And it was like in Dream.

    Thanks Mr Gilmour and Band for this unforgetable Konzert, for all this wonderfull Work and Musik,( Echos , Shine…), for new exellent Album Perfekt Performance, Sound and Light Show we are very proude on this Expirience. Plese, stay on this Way, you will allways have Support and loyal Fans.

    Milica & Andreas , Basel, Switzerland

  66. Hi. Good news to hear the powers that be are considering a tour DVD. For those of us not lucky enough to have tickets, these show descriptions are making us crazy:)

    Thought you’d like to know about a local chart position: The local Sunday Philly paper has OAI as the 4th best selling cd in the region and 6th nationally.


  67. I’m not sure if it has been already pointed out, but Great Gig was NOT played in Frankfurt! Who has started this rumour? It was the usual first set with Take a Breath after Smile, just like in Hamburg one week before. Fat Old Sun was exellent, with a powerful guitar solo just like back in ’71. Very good idea indeed to drop Dominoes, it was out of place in the second set and didn’t seem to work well (at least in Hamburg).

    The Alte Oper was a beautiful location, you could walk over to the balcony at the side of the stage, I could have almost touched Jon Carin’s shoulder!

    Thanks for a great concert!!!

  68. I hope it isn’t too controversial to say that ‘Dogs’ was by far the most popular song at the three concerts I attended during Roger Waters’ last tour. Jon Carin is obviously familiar with the song…

    Thanks for creating new music and touring, David!

  69. Hey David, I am seeing you on April 12 at Rosemont and the setlist is awesome. I’m only 18 so I never got to see you or Pink Floyd in concert but I’m a huge fan of all your work. It’s awesome to see that you haven’t forgotten songs off Obscured By Clouds or Meddle. I can’t wait for Echoes. It’s going to be awesome.

  70. The albim is great. What about your other solo stuff? I am a big fan of that as well. Will any of it be played? I think it is excellent………..

  71. sorry ed. don’t mean to be rude, but as we’re on the topic, i’d also like to hear some solo stuff. of course i’ll take whatever i’m offered and be very, very glad of it, but i would dearly love to hear something from ‘david gilmour’ instead of some of the floyd songs. personally, i’d drop ‘wearing the inside out’ myself.

  72. 1. Yeah, I’d like to know who sang “Great Gig” too, and if it was Sam Brown I’d like to know whether or not she was invited to join in the rest of the tour.

    2. Yeah, I’d like to cast my vote in favor of a DVD release of this concert tour. If that makes any difference in the decision making…

    3. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing David and Phil playing a battle of the dueling cumbuses in between sets. (Or is it cumbii? Or just plain cumbus? Maybe some of our resident pluralization experts can shed some light on that.)

    4. As far as having a best OAI song pool, great idea, but be prepared to count hanging chads. You ever notice that every review you read, good or bad, lists a different track as the best one on the CD? Boy, you weren’t kidding when you said there was something for everyone in this album.

    5. 16 more days!!!

    [There has only been one ‘Great Gig’ performed, and that was at the second show in Paris. It was not played in Frankfurt. Sam was a surprise guest in Paris and will not be joining David’s touring band due to other commitments. – Features Editor]

  73. I was at the show in Cleveland, OH, 1987 and Echoes was indeed played ….it was the opening piece.

  74. thank you david

    for the wonderful record and a great night in frankfurt!!

    greetings from switzerland

  75. Hi Patricia!…I was offered $1500 for my 2 tickets to Massey Hall.(About 300 miles away to the venue from here. )As if I would even for a second consider it.Seeing David and Friends perform live is going to be priceless.

    Bach,Beethoven,Brahms…Pop culture icons of their times.

    Elvis Presley…Pop culture icon of his time.

    Beatles…Pop culture icon of their time.

    David Gilmour…Pop culture icon of OUR time, destined to becoming classic as all of the above became.

  76. I hope TGGITS with Sam Brown was shoted for feature DVD? or there’ll be another performance somewhere. Or recorded for future David’s Live album.

    Otherwise no more words that ROIOs or videobootlegs are too bad 🙂

    IMHO that’s perfect in absence of high-quality official stuff. We are fans and eat everything. Need that money go to right pocket.

  77. Thanks so much for another great album! My husband and I have been waiting YEARS to see you live and are finally getting our chance this April in New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You for sharing your talents with the world! Looking forward to seeing you!

  78. For Toronto shows

    Thanks FEd for the last post but I try again. I’m still looking for a trade of 1 ticket at Massey Hall RSB Sunday night for a similar seat on Monday night. I don’t want to go to the scalpers. Can anyone help?

  79. Robert from Toronto –

    FEd as the Publius enigma?! Now there’s a theory 🙂

    I wonder what happens if you cue up OAI synchronously with Wizard of Oz? hehehehe 🙂


  80. Hi,

    I have to post again, after reading all the new comments. Yes the setlist ist great but.. (yes Im starting this in the same way as above…)

    I would have been very glad to hear some older Gilmour stuff too. I am an absolutely fan of David’s “ricky ticky” things like he played at “run like hell” or “give blood”, so I hoped to hear “Blue Light” perhapps with a drum solo in the middle? (Does anybody remember “Blue Light” performed in the 80th in Montreux together with Pete Townshend’s the “Deep End Band” with Simon Phillips on drums? Next day I ran into the shops and bought my first delay effect…

    Sadly nobody sang “great gig in the sky” in Frankfurt…

    Echoes was played completely, Mike asked for it…, nothing was missing, nothing!! It was absolutely fantastic to listen to it. If you are going to the concerts: Fasten your seatbelts!!!!

    The lightshow was very good, just the flashlights are too strong.

    Somebody mentioned the last Roger Waters tour. That was a complete different performance (it was great too), Roger running around on stage, posing and heating up the crowd. David instead, calm, shy, standing on stage concentrating on the music, but also very present.

    And now, good night.


  81. Just listening to David’s first solo effort and Damn!! it is mighty fine. Heads and shoulders above the other 2 and much better than some PF albums. Not sure why it is excluded from the tour. The guitar playing is superb..solo from Raise my Rent is on now..Yowsa!!

    Cheers, Howard

    PS Hope the reissue is remastered.

  82. In Frankfurt I saw the most importent concert of my life. After 30 years Pink Floyd / David Gilmour the second time to see the show.

    Tank you David for your music through the years and with your new album.

  83. PLEASE PLEASE David…play I Can’t Breathe Anymore..Just listening to this now..again it ROCKS!! I could see you extend the instrumental ending for several minutes. Oh the delirium of it all!!

    Cheers, Howard

  84. Thank you very much David, for yesterday´s evening, it was the best day of my life and it was worth every cent that I spent for the trip from the east of the Czech republic. The bad thing was that whole evening I couldn´t realise that I´m realy there and I was just sitting and staring at the stage and didn´t give a chance to my emotions:-)I was in the 27th row and I have to say that it was quite far from the stage, so I really apologise to all people that I went through and over and whatever when I was getting infront of the stage during the first encore:-)

    And Echoes? No comment…

    PS: was I blind or was it Polly sitting next to the light technicians during the first half?

  85. We travelled from Antwerp (Belgium) to Frankfurt to see the show and it was absolutely fantastic. Echoes was the absolute highlight of the evening. I also confirm that Great gig in the sky was not performed. Thanks to David and the band for a memorable experience.

  86. you’re funny fed and guy. people just don’t listen, or read i guess. whichever. good luck. light em up.

  87. Thank you, David! It was the best concert I´ve ever seen. The sound and the setlist were fantastic.I really wish there will be a DVD of this tour. Thanks also for the new album. I´ts great, too. Especially I like the opener, on an Island, where we start and the excellent Take a breath (which is in my opinion very related to the early Pink Floyd/syd Barret songs like Astronomy Domine)

    Best wishes, Stefan

  88. Great Gig In The Sky was not in the setlist in Frankfurt. The list above must be the one of Paris. The first part was the new album as usal. I agree with the setlist of second part.

    See you in Toronto David.

    Thanks for the amazing night.

  89. Hi David and to all other,

    I seem to hear voices that the band an the crew was down with influenza in Frankfurt. Is that only a rumour ?


    [Quite a few people had upset stomachs and felt a bit poorly, but they soldiered on like true pros. – Features Editor]

  90. All I can say, thank you David, for the great concert in Frankfurt!. this was one of the best concerts I have been in my life.

    We drove from south of Munich to Frankfurt- we that is me, my daughter and our dog Kessie. And it was well worth the journey.

    Sadly only 2 of us could go to the concert,as Kessie is an absolut fan, who will either relax totally or sing/howl along to David’s Guitar and singing (better than we do, anyway).

    Once again, thank you and I hope to see you in such a concert again.

    Judy Ann

  91. Thank you for this incredible concert in Frankfurt. The best 3 hours I`ve ever seen (and heard) in a concert. Thank you David, thanks Richard. Pink Floyd forever.

  92. STOP PRESS!! David Gilmour cures woman’s fear of flying!!!

    Four of us flew from London Stansted to Frankfurt, one being my wife who almost decided not to fly even on the morning we were leaving. She made it though, and sat entranced with us through the Alte Oper performance. Since returning home, all she wants to do is get tickets for New York – she’ll fly anywhere as long as there’s a David Gilmour show on the end of it.

    As for the concert, there is no way to express how I feel about the experience. David’s rapport with an audience, built through his music first and then his relaxed and friendly approach on stage seemed to make everyone feel he was playing for them personally. It was an emotional high to see Rick Wright alongside, as well as Dick Parry, Guy Pratt, Jon Carin. Practically the whole Pink Floyd “Pulse” tour band… just two highly notables missing.

    Comment: why so much fuss about “when will PF tour again?” when there’s no need for that to happen? Any member of that band might generate just as much emotion and satisfaction by fronting a performance of the material as David does. For me, I “got into” PF via David’s Guitar work, but everyone will have their own preference!

    Every performer could learn something from the way two mini problems were handled on stage. David’s way was to treat those niggles as if we were all best mates .. i.e. “Talk amongst yourselves for a minute.. we’ll sort this out..” then within seconds, a perfect performance. The new material has already benefitted from gaining impact as the band hones and further develops the live versions. I listened through the album many times before the concert, but I hear it very differently since – the concert was an education in how this music should be felt.

    We should have gone to the stage door, but we didn’t. Instead, we walked for an hour and a half through Frankfurt looking for Chinese food. We found it, and talked endlessly about the concert until 3 a.m. over the best Chinese we’ve ever had. Maybe it only tasted so good because nothing could spoil our enjoyment that night.

    Did anyone other than me remember to thank the sound engineers afterwards? I hope so. They did a superb job, and so did the lighting crew who were not so easy to reach to give thanks.

    I personally took a lot away from this. AS someone who plays PF repertoire as a tribute, I learned so much from watching the real deal. It will be much harder to feel I’m doing it justice, my standards have got to rise to justify the privilege of playing Pink Floyd’s and David Gilmour’s material to an audience. Someone please convey the message – Sincere thanks for developing it, David.

    There’s no sensation to compare with this!

  93. Was at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt for the concert this weekend.

    Truly the strongest musical experience of my life. I CRIED during the first minutes of Echoes just because it was so darn good, and that I was so extremely happy to finally hear that formidable song in it´s wholeness, performed even better that on the Meddle-album.

    Thanks, I will never forget that evening.

  94. Fellow Tomas Valent told everything, so I add just a word or two — thank you! Thank you for the happiest day of our lives. And by the way, Echoes were absolutely stunning!

    When the first part of Echoes was getting to the fortissimo, I thought it would be the end of the song but my fear was useless, you started the funky part and that moment — knowing you would play it all and play it really GOOD — really kicked my ass!

  95. Thank you very much for the fantastic night on Saturday.

    I’m only 17 and I’ve always begrudged my father who has seen Pink Floyd live in Prague in 1994. I love the Pusle video so much and it was such a pleasure for me to see almost the same instrumentation in Frankfurt.

    I’ve sat in the second row and it was like Wowww, seeing David only about seven meters in front of me. I realised it only yesterday.

    I didn’t mind that they had to start Take A Breath and Wot’s… Uh the Deal again, quite the contrary. For me, it makes this great show a bit more human and I found it a little bit funny, too.

    The sound was great, every note sounds like on the CD. And the light show… no comment. It’s impossible for me to choose my favourite song because they were all so good.

    Anyway, I know that I will never forget this evening and this great venue in my life.

    thank you once more, it was really worth the long way from Saxony

    One day hope to see David live again

  96. unforgetable evening in Frankfurt

    This was one of the best concerts, I’ve ever seen!

    After the show, we were so impressed, that no one could say one word for half an hour!

    My biggest respekt to the soundmixer, which managed – very shortly – the problems at the beginning!

    Thank you David & Co for this experience…

  97. Echoes was indeed the opening song for both the Cleveland and Philly shows in 1987.

  98. I love the way David is playing ever so slightly with the setlist , e.g. swapping out Dominoes for Fat Old Sun for Paris show.


  99. What a night. Many Thanks to Mr. Gilmour, Mr. Wright and his friends. Wow, the show was amazing in “Alte Oper” Frankfurt. My highlight of the concert? Well, “Echoes”!!! It was such a pleasure to see this “old man(s)” on stage.

    Thank you for a very special evening!

    I hope that i can see Pink Floyd complete everyone!

  100. Thank you David for this great night at the „Alte Oper“ in frankfurt. My father and I enjoyed your show very well. We had been waiting for so long to see you playing live. For us a dream came true. Echoes an Comfortably Numb were – for me – the highlights of the show. But: The concert was from the first until the last song a great experience. Wonderful. Thank you so much and please think about playing with Pink Floyd again…

  101. Hey David thanks for all the wonderful years of music you have provided as a member of Pink Floyd and a solo artist. I’m going to the Rosmont show and can hardly wait. I saw Pink Floyd 3 times in 1994 in Europe. I was stationed in Germany and was able to catch the tour. It was great!!! I am looking forward to this upcoming show and wish you well on all other tours, records and future projects.

  102. David and gang: Thanks for a wonderful evening in Frankfurt. I was very impressed with the new CD, and congratulate you all. Very soothing, interesting twists and turns that make you the greatest. The genius resurfaces. As for the second half, well, I sang my head off, and I don’t believe I stopped smiling until sometime the next morning. So thanks for the memories, I hope to see you again. Auf Wiedersehen. Bill aus Kiedrich.

  103. Hi!

    Thank you for a wonderful concert in Frankfurt. It was amazing to hear you playing live!

    Had anyone made pictures and could send them? Or post more live-pictures on the website!

    This would be great!!!!
    Bye, Magda

    [We do have more for you, Magda. Keep an eye on the Latest News page for details. – Features Editor]

  104. Hi,

    I wanted to say thank you to David and his band. I have seen his concerts in Dortmund, Hamburg and Frankfurt and those were the best concerts I have ever seen in my life. Thank you for these wonderful memories. I think the setlists were very well chosen, and in my opinion it was a great decision to play the full “On an island” album. I hope I can see you again.


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