Night Eight: Milan


David and his band are playing the first of two concerts at Milan’s beautiful Teatro Arcimboldi tonight. If you are going to the show, do let us know how you’re feeling.

We want to know all the details, so please tell us all about it when you get home.

As always, it’s likely that the setlist will be mentioned among the fan comments below. If you don’t want to know which songs were performed, please don’t read the fan comments!

Have a great time tonight, everyone.

Also, out of interest, we’d love to know where in the world you are. If you’d like to tell us, please include your country in your post. Any addresses and telephone numbers will, of course, be deleted.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

171 thoughts on “Night Eight: Milan”

  1. Caption contest: Hello, oh hi Phil. No, no thats fine I’ll just go ahead and play Both the acoustic and pedal steel tonight while you catch up on your sleep. I mean I do have 10 fingers!

    Love the site, keep it up! See everyone at RCMH on the 4th!

    [My apologies for the poor quality. It will be included in the Gallery shortly, so you can see the picture in its full glory then. – Features Editor]

  2. Am I dreaming?

    I got a ticket!

    I was preparing for an unhappy weekend because David is playing in Italy and I had no ticket. Months ago, when I tried to got one it was too late, already sold-out. I tried the Mermaid competition….yes, I’m Italian but my wife is English so I asked to my parents in-law to participate but we were not lucky. But yesterday …surprise: more tickets available by ticketone and so my brother and I will be in Milan tomorrow.

    Why was It sold-out for months and the day before the shows ticketone sell more tickets? It is not good for the health of people.

    I have seen Pink Floyd three times and they were fantastic, but I’m not going to compare those shows with this one, it’s different. Different time of my life, different situation, and maybe different way to feel the music. I don’t want to say which song I’d like David to play. I have no preference, really. A new album and a tour are more than what I was expecting just few months ago. It’s not fair to ask more, I am very lucky. Whatever songs David plays will be amazing!

    On cloud nine, I can’t wait.

    See you in Milan. Yes I’m not dreaming, a dream come true.


    p.s. my wife asked me if I kissed the girl who sold me the ticket….

    [Congratulations, Roberto! Good for you, mate. Have a great time and be sure to tell us all about it. Let this be a lesson to all of you who haven’t got a ticket. Tickets really are returned! Keep contacting our authorised sellers – as shown on the Live Dates page of – and ask if any tickets have been returned. They will want to sell them, even if it’s the day before the show. Don’t go to eBay! – Features Editor]

  3. Just here in manchester, guess what though…………it’s raining! How novel, although my post may be boring I’m interested in where others are and feeling envious of all those who have seen David, before me.

    Lovely picture today, goodnight all and mr fed, whom we all adore.

    [These kind comments are going to make my head swell! – Features Editor]

  4. Still waiting for the Tour shirts, jacket & such to go on sale on the site. Lol. Will the shirts have U.K. tour dates on the back only? Or U.S. as well.

    Thx again.

    [I’m not certain, but I do believe the T-shirts are the same for Europe and North America. I’ll confirm as soon as I can, Mike. All will be available on the site shortly. I know I see to have been saying that for ages, but… – Features Editor]

  5. Greetings FED,

    I’m posting from New Jersey. I’m 46 and going to see David for the first time, on April 5th. I’m taking my 13 year old son who is a huge Floyd Fan. I dutifully bought OAI on the way to work on the 7th – took it out of the stock clerks hand before it hit the shelf! I read the blogs every day. I think it’s very cool that Guy is posting. The set lists so far look exciting. I too hope Echoes stays in. My two cents for a different tune in the set would be So Far Away.

    [I hope you and your son have a great time at the New York show, Michael. It’s great hearing about new fans. – Features Editor]

  6. Caption from New York State: “Watch out, David! The place is on fire!”

    I’m home sick with the flu, thinking about David’s music and wishing I were going to the show tonight. I’d rather be in the company of appreciative music lovers, and particularly those whose music taste I agree with, but instead I’m sacked out on the couch watching Oprah.

    Then I think about those people that David is helping through Crisis, who would love to have a couch in a nice living room. Really, it’s all relative.

    I’m considering donating today’s sick pay to Crisis. I didn’t earn it, after all, and maybe that small gift will make the difference between someone having a warm home tonight and sleeping in a doorway. And, in the absence of a concert ticket, what better way to honor David than by contributing to his favorite cause?

    [That’s very kind of you, Dan. Hope you feel better soon. – Features Editor]

  7. Hi everyone!

    I’ve just spent the best part of two hours reading this latest blog (scuse my ignorance wot’s blog mean????)

    I had a text message from my 14 year old son, who lives with his mother, saying he’d just bought DSOTM and he couldn’t believe how good it was. Filled me with pride:-) I managed to get a ticket for the RAH show on the 30th May when they went on sale for the second time & my lad is desperate to see David live and reckons that the PF section of the Live8 DVD is the best bit of it. (how right he is) Unfortunately living in the Midlands (UK) he can’t come as he’ll be at school. So I’m phoning the Bridgewater Hall every other day for 2 returned tickets as it’s a weekend and he can go. No luck as yet.

    I last saw the Floyd on the Animals tour at Bingley Hall, Stafford 1977. I had a sweatshirt from that gig with a nice pink velour pig on the front. No idea where that ended up, (probably still in my student flat in Liverpool – I’m sure that’s where Mayall & Edmondson got the idea for “The Young Ones” but I can’t recall them ever visiting our flat) but there is no way on earth that’d fit me now!

    One final thing FEd, what is the legal position on photographs at gigs? Photography is one of my hobbies and I’d love to be able to take my camera, not for commercial use but for my own personal pleasure. Obviously I’d not use a flash but set the ISO setting to a high value

    [Hi Mike. I hope you’re lucky with those Manchester tickets and can take your son to the show. We have to make sure that youngsters get to hear good music! Keep trying. As for cameras, then we would prefer no cameras at all, as they seem to be bothering both band and audience. There have been several comments from fans complaining about people taking photos and filming the show on their mobile phones. – Features Editor]

  8. I will be at the Arcimboldi tomorrow for Saturday’s show. That will be the third time I have the privilege to see David and Richard in concert, after the 1989 and 1994 PF tours. It’s something very special, you know… It’s also going to be very different from the previous events, but for sure another “night of wonder”, and, after all these years, maybe even more moving, more moving than ever for me… Well, no more words, I hope everyone’s going to have fun, the fans, obviously, but also the artists on stage!

    Shine on.

  9. Greetings from Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

    Making the trek to NYC on April 5th. Can’t wait!

    Saw David in 1984 at Merriweather Post Pavillion, Floyd in 1987 at Capitol Center, ’88 at RFK and ’94 at RFK.

    See you there!

  10. David, F.Ed,

    Where in the world am I from?

    (you would be surprised by how many time I get asked that question….)

    For the record, Battle Creek, MI USA. It’s also just about 2 hours +- north of Dan? from Fort Wayne IN

    Thanks, have a good day.

    Mike (from the lovely Southern Michigan 🙂 )

  11. hello from lancaster,pa

    i have listened to pf and david gilmour so much over the years,my 2 teenage children have become huge fans also.we will be at rcmh 4/5 and our favorite oai and division bell.

  12. I’ve just spent the best part of two hours reading this latest blog (scuse my ignorance wot’s blog mean????)

    Hello Mike Ticehurst,

    A”blog”is an internet slang term meaning “web log”

    (No need to post this F.E. if Mike’s question has been answered prior to this post.)

    [Nope, your answer is very welcome. – Features Editor]

  13. Caption Competition:

    Guy’s change of shampoo really had a bad effect on his dandruff which really put David off… (I’ve used that one previosly but it was tucked away)


    David’s metamorphosis into Eddie Izzard was almost complete…

    And if you haven’t been reading previous blogs I’m a Welshman living outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada…

  14. Mike’s story is great about his son. I remember way, way, back when I got out of college, I part-time worked as a waitress while looking for a “career” job. There were a couple of very young high-school students that worked as prep cooks and were always playing DSOTM on a CD player in the kitchen. After my first week of working there and passing through the kitchen always singing along, they finally stopped me and asked how is it that I knew all the words to every song. I had to laugh, they really thought they had discovered something absolutely brilliant from the “old days” that no one else knew about. My what a great time it was teaching them “all things Floydian” that summer. I think back and smile knowing that they now probably have kids and have passed it on down…Just as my father and Uncle passed it down to me.

    Long live the music!

    (…But short live the days until April 4th and RCMH!!! The anticipation is killing me!)

  15. Caption Compertition:DG Anounces to the Audience,”un aware of the Pigs testicle winging its way towards him”,. Any more flash bulbs and I am going to push this button!.

    PS thought my tickets would be landing on my door mat this week for the Albert? I am getting twitchy.

    [Not yet, mate. You have to wait until April. – Features Editor]

  16. Here is a P.U.L.S.E question for you. No, not the date for DVD:

    Does your little LED still blinks? Mine has consumed 3 pairs of AA’s so far.

    [You can change the batteries on the North American one, can’t you? You have to cut the packaging open with a knife to get at the batteries of the European version. – Features Editor]

  17. Great idea; having us note where we’re from. Here I am in the beautiful (if rainy at the moment) Sonoma County wine country; 50 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

    In addition to the multi-geographic, I’m enjoying the multigenerational quality to this group of bloggers. We’ve had postings from those who were with PF in the 60’s, and postings on behalf of one still in the womb… what a family we have here….

    I first saw the band in April of 1975, and I feel like a newcomer compared to Nance and Robert, Dick, Ron, Louise, and others. I’d love to hear the stories…

    Not that I’m complaining; I’ve been blessed to have seen at least one show from every PF, DG, and RW tour to come through California in the last 30 years, and I’ve been present for some very special moments, like the world premiere of The Wall, with the fire (“remember the bit with the moon, and the clouds…?”).

    And, the most special of all, being there in May of 1977 when, having been told that we were “the only audience so far that seemed to be paying attention,” we were treated to Careful with that Axe, Eugene as a truly spontaneous encore, the only time it was played on the entire tour. (OK, I read in a book that it was the only time. It may not have been, and I’m sort of grateful that the Echoes debate died down, if you get my meaning…)

    That was in Oakland, people! We were silent as the grave during songs and then we absolutely combusted in rapt appreciation at the end! And if we could do that in the then-15,000-seat Oakland Arena, we can certainly do it come Easter at the Paramount, don’t you think?

    I anticipate being bowled over by the set list, no matter what. With a book like David’s, we can’t lose. This is a rare and wonderful treat.

    Have fun tonight in Milan everyone! Oh, and can someone please tell me if they are playing all nine parts of SOYCD, or just 1-5?


  18. Caption contest: “darned cell phone goes off at the worst times possible!” or “I told you never to call me when I’m at work…”

    I’m Tim in beautiful San Diego, California! We had two winter storms in two weeks dumping a ton of snow on our local mountains making them gleam white while it’s in the upper 70’s (mid 30’s for you Europeans) at work and home… clear skies…. ahhhhh San Diego! Great beach weather!


  19. I’m in the USA, unfortunately with no chance of going to any of the concerts. But maybe Mr. Gilmour and his touring band might appear on television to promote On An Island while he’s in New York or something? Possibly on Letterman or Saturday Night Live, or something similar, perhaps?

  20. Is that Murdoc? The gorrila Taking a peek from backstage, on the right? You can see him. May be he launched the Bollock!.

  21. [These kind comments are going to make my head swell! – Features Editor]

    Careful mate!! In a while you may need a bigger cellar!

    Anyways Im near Amsterdam, Holland. Already had my show, it was brilliant!

  22. A bit off-topic but I just returned from Cleveland where I had a chance to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… some cool Floyd artifacts but the big surprise was to see David’s new CD prominently displayed in the giftshop : )


    [Thanks for letting us know! If anyone spots David’s album when they’re out and about, do tell. – Features Editor]

  23. Oooohhh the merchandise has arrived all I need now is a credit card, darn. Just have to wait until the show or pursuade someone to lend me theirs, yer right. Mr fed your head should swell without my fix of blogs, gilmour news and pictures my life would have no meaning, I would have to do other things to occupy myself such as homework and venturing outside. I’m just not ready, sorry.

  24. Hey FEd and all…

    Great links added in the new section “The Important Stuff”. Nice that you are all trying to bring awarness about such important issues, apart from bringing news and good music 😉

    As for where in the world I am, Im now living in The Netherlands, however, Im originally from Argentina, South America. Love gave me a one way ticket to this latitude and somehow I ended up living under RAIN!!! all year long RAIN!!!!

    Sorry…had to get it out. 🙂

  25. Ok, here’s my story:

    1970, 16 years old. Working for my father as the overnight “security” guard in a textile mill in South Carolina. (Cheaper than giving me an allowance!)

    3 am, trying to stay awake, twisting the am dial up and down from end to end when I hear…these sounds.

    Static…melody…fade out…static…sounds…

    I’m mesmerized.

    The station was in Kentucky. I called. The DJ answered (apparently trying to stay awake as well). He said: Echoes, Meddle, Pink Floyd.

    Next day I go to the record store: No band named Echoes. None named Meddle. Ahhh..Pink Floyd.

    Went home and, in the words of the poet, “put on the album and I went into a dream”.

    Spent the next couple of years (pre Dark Side) being the evangelist…”you’ve got to listen to this…” Over the years I’ve had it on: LP, Master LP, 8 track (the one with the halves of Echoes reversed!), cd, master cd and yes, the odd bootleg.

    I’m 50 now. I’ve got MS.

    On April 5 in Radio City Music Hall, NYC I’ll be in the 5th row center (yeah, the expensive seats).

    With the love of my life next to me. I’ve got NO complaints.

    Please. Echoes?

    More importantly, please keep making music as it suits you to. Ignore w*nkers such as I. Just make music. No one else on the planet can make David Gilmour music. Be well.

  26. Rompa stasera i tipi del piedino!… you should be on in a few minutes…

    Here’s an idea… have The Wall as a backdrop, the lights dim, heartbeat starts… DG walks up to the mic and says “Just kidding” and straight into OAI…

    No?… ok…. I’ll get me coat…

  27. Hmmmm….I was looking back “again” on the blogs, reading, dreaming…. and thennnnnnn….. this crazy… which sticks out most in my mind starting ..with OAI and the its charting around the world, 1 here and 2 over there and 6 here,(as far as this writer is #1..great extradinary work…without any dreams)…..while that may have been weeks ago and things change ..i could not get out of my mind, James Blunt and some of those comments made on those older blogs concerning the charting of the 2 albums of DG & JB… But my dream was not about James “Blunt” but about a moment when I said to DG,PS, RW & the boys…”hey after the show tonight and things settle in — lets hook up, smoke a “blunt”,drink a little italian red wine ……talk about some of the old and new ..spend a little time on the greats..Neil young, Muddy Waters, Elvis, Ringo & Paul and god knows who else…what a wonderful dream that was

  28. Dear FEd thanks for your comments. Any chance of getting in the press pit then?


    [If I only had the power, mate. – Features Editor]

  29. To Michael Goodhand

    I think that it’s great that both you and your son will be seeing David for the first time together. I predict this is something you guys will remember and revisit for the rest of your days.

    Have a great time!

    To Sr. FeatEd’s request: I’m originally a NY’er who has lived in San Francisco CA for the past 13 years, which now makes me a San Francisca who used to live in NY. Sounds stupid, but Septics will understand the ‘which coast am I from’ routine.


  30. Good day to everyone. It is so nice to see the concert pictures of David on his tour. I am not reading the reviews only because i am still hoping to obtain tickets to his show here in North America. ( wishful thinking)…IT is hard not to read the reviews but I have no doubts that the concert is fantastic..My thoughts are with David and the artists with him every single day. My thoughts are also for those lucky ones that received tickets at a reputable ticket place. I am still missing some of Polly’s pictures and really she should be seen in this blog..She has so much to do with the making of this great cd and the tour she should have a small site here. I am a fan of Polly Samson as you can tell.

    Just bought the newest issue of Guitar World out here in the US and the issue is great and so are the pictures of David. There is also a poster of Pink Floyd in the issue to those who are interested. I am wishing for at least a chance to purchase the On an island tour programme…I did go to the site that you have posted and there is no tour programme available…..I would love to see and have the 28 page programme with pictures…I live outside of Buffalo, New York. A place called Williamsville. It is very near to all the bigger cities and i am just a jump away from Niagara falls. No pun intended there. As a matter of fact, I pass the falls everysingle day just about..I also go through Grand Island to get to Niagara Falls and over the Niagara River. No coincidence here but i do believe that Grand Island is the largest island that can be traveled in the world….and Mr. Gilmour’s new cd is on an island…..? That is about how close i will come to seeing Mr Gilmour..but i still have hope…i welcome anyone who wishes to correspond on this again wonderful site..Keep up the good work…The pictures and news are great.

    ps: dear feature editor: What are my chances in purchasing the on an island tour programme book(s)?

    Linda Penner

    [I believe it will be added to the merchandise – which, as of today, is available via the site – as soon as the North American leg of the tour gets underway. A link to our merchandise is on the homepage. – Features Editor]

  31. Caption:

    David “Look folks, as I’m well aware of what’s goin’ down with the kids (he says whistling the Streets new single), I can categorically deny the existence of pedal steel ear syringes!”

    Audience “E(a)rr, behind you!!!”

    Ali from Liverpool – home of the Rafatollah, a Flock of Seagulls LOL, the Icicle Works, the Bunnymen and another beat combo whose name currently eludes me 😉

    [It has to be Gerry & The Pacemakers, right? – Features Editor]

  32. An observation…seeing all the photos of David while on tour – he sure looks like he’s in his element and enjoying every second of it!!!

    He looks great!

    Cheers from Lisa – Toronto Canada

  33. Fed,

    Wow – brilliant. At last, a chance to get some perspective on this, and perhaps do some good. Wot? ……. the new section ‘The Important Stuff’ of course. Although I have posted on here a number of times, one thing that has always concerned me, and held me back somewhat, is the sheer insularity of it all. Whilst I appreciate that we all have a right to spend our hard-earned cash however we wish – and, god knows, over the years I have uselessly squandered far too much – it has tended to highlight the imbalances in the world. On the one hand we have millions of people starving/homeless/dying of AIDS etc, political oppression, rabid urbanisation, destruction of natural habitats (particularly rainforests) and resources, species extinction, global warming …….. the list seems never-ending. On the other hand we have people prepared to spend thousands of £s, and travelling thousands of miles, to see as many of David’s shows as they can cram in (aside: is there a competition nobody told me about?) and happily boasting about it.

    I guess most of us contribute to ‘charity’ (or similar), and sometimes make a big deal about it, but it’s nothing really is it? A few £s once a month as a sop to the conscience maybe. How many of us are actually doing something positive? Giving something of ourselves? I applaud the guy who said he would give his sick pay away: while I would be moaning about earning less while off sick, his attitude was that he hadn’t actually earned it anyway. Made me think!

    There is a big world out there and it’s in trouble. My own particular area of concern is the environment – it needs help and it needs it fast. Somebody has to start positively DOing something, and on a big scale, before it is too late. We all know it needs doing, and have known for many years, yet still the rainforests are being cut down at an astonishing rate, still we pump harmful gases into the atmosphere.

    It would be nice to think that the introduction of this section could perhaps help us all to realise we do not live in a vacuum. Perhaps we could do something as a community? How about adopting a charity or cause? We, here, are united in the love of David’s music – wouldn’t it be nice if we could channel some of that into making a real difference somewhere?


    [Great post, mate. Hats off to you. – Features Editor]

  34. To Ikkar:

    [and even if artists have always ” montré le chemin “, don’t you think it’s inadmissible that politics let artists make their job ?]

    I totaly agree with you, Ikkar, but I also think it’s easier for an artist to use his name and celebrity to defend such causes than it is for politics who have the responsability of “concrétiser” (french, I don’t know the english word) their action, which is very difficult (even if they have the desire) because of the pressure ( of money, for ex.)

    Alors je comprends et apprécie la tentative de David d’attirer l’attention sur les lourds problèmes qui pèsent sur le monde, parce qu’il suggère, voire informe sans imposer quoi que ce soit, au contraire d’autres artistes, comme Bono par ex. qui fait un tapage monstueux dans ce domaine, se mêlant de ce qui est en dehors de ses compétences; en fait il abuse de son image, de sa notoriété, et se fait régulièrement des gros coups de pub.
    Désolée, je crois être sortie du cadre de blog !

    Forgive me, dear F.ed

  35. Hi FEd, David and all,

    Like Dan I too have spent the better part of a week with some horrible flu. Luckily I have been able to spend my down-time getting to know some of the dvds that have been patiently waiting for me. Generally when I have some time it’s the video of “Delicate Sound of Thunder” or “Pulse” concerts (I wonder how many times tapes can be played before the wear out?), a little “Live at Pompeii”, David’s Meltdown gigs 2001-2002, DSOTM, you get the picture?

    This sick week I finally got around to opening that Gary Moore Live at Montreax dvd only to find Mr. Guy Pratt playing on three songs from 1997 (not only playing but doing some great ‘Celtic rock/blues meets James Brown in white shoes’ moves!!). By the way, what a great find in Gary Moore! I take it he’s very well-known on that side of the pond.

    Back to Mr. Pratt — up until today my knowledge of his musical contributions were limited to the aforementioned PF concert tapes, and great contributions, I might add! Love to watch that guy, no pun intended, really.

    I also caught a bit of a documentary (Guitar Legends ? Expo 92 or ?) which had been put together by and/or featured Phil Manzanera as well as some other known and unknown incredible musicians (including Phil). I’m searching the channels hoping it will be on again.

    I’m really finding it fun, informative and musically satisfying getting to know each of the musicians who will be playing the gigs and contributed to the album. In fact, I’m more excited to see a blended group made up of the best of the best than beating the table demanding another serving of PF or else …

    While I’m at it, if some of these commenting posters (can’t bring myself to use the b. word) were playing “The Wheel” (of fortune, y’know?) they would be bankrupt by now from buying those f*cking vowls (as in ‘pleeese’ and ‘sooo’)!!! GET OVER IT FOR CRISSAKES! And since I’m on a rant, stop asking ‘can David please sign my second-cousins poster’ oh, and ‘can he please dedicate a song to my ex-husband’, and NO he can’t change the set list for every city to accommodate the thousands upon thousands of requests for particular songs in a particular order … breathe … how many times do you, FEd, have to respond before it sinks in? And why should you have to respond? Maybe you should just post the answers to the five most asked and most annoying questions at the beginning of each days’ comments under the photo and leave it at that!

    Okay, that feels better. Keep up the great work, goodness knows that most of us couldn’t handle the stress coupled with the redundancy of some of the posts and questions!

    Peace, health, and happiness to all!

    Washington State

    [Hope you’re feeling better, Gabrielle. I haven’t forgotten about your ticket query, by the way. How could I possibly ignore someone who speaks so much sense?! We’ll be in touch soon. – Features Editor]

  36. Caption contest:

    “Can you hear me now?……Can you hear me now…”

  37. I am afraid I took a few pics at the Hamburg show. I had my flash off and there is no way David or anybody say it. However, I am sorry if it bothered anybody.

  38. caption contest:

    “hm maybe the extra guitar pick is in my RIGHT ear after all…”

    – laurie

    p.s. if i had but one wish, it would be that i NEVER hear any of David’s work converted to elevator music

    – – only 12 days more to wait…! rest well, David and company – and you get some too, FEd – we’ll be posting like mad after the NYC shows.

    [My fingers are in training, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  39. I’m 22 and live in Michigan, I’m taking my Dad who is 50 to Massey Hall and we are driving the the 9-10 hours to Toronto. Can’t hardly wait to see and feel the concert.

  40. Still VERY excited to see David and the guys play in Oakland on Easter Sunday. I haven’t been able to listen to anything else since OAI was released here in the States. It is a permanent fixture in my CD player. The days seem to get longer…

  41. Hey there Features Ed, most of us bloggers have mentioned our favorite tracks of PF/DG at one time or another but I was just a wee bit curious about your favorite tracks.

    P.S. To all those planning on buying the reissues of “David Gilmour” and “About Face” (I bought mine through third party sellers on Amazon) check out “There’s No Way Out of Here”, “Cry From the Street” and “No Way” on DG and “Murder” “Love on the Air” “Blue Light” and “All Lovers are Deranged” (that last one is a bit ironic isint it) on AF, these tracks will be right up there with your Floyd favorites and of course the classics on OaI.

    P.P.S. To you lucky scoundrels who get to go to the show all I have to say is…. Have a great time! and count your blessings because they are indeed great. Cheers!

    Josh, USA

    [I think I’d need an hour, several different coloured pens and some graph paper before I could give you an answer, Josh! It’s not an easy question, is it? I was very mean to expect you all to pick just five back in the blog’s early days. I’d struggle to keep it down to 25, I reckon. – Features Editor]

  42. To Mike Ticehurst – “blog” is internet-speak for “web log.” And I’m glad you’re bringing your son up properly, listening to DSotM. 😉

    I received a very nice 55% hemp CD case with David’s name and the Wire Man log embroidered on it with my ticket; pretty kewl. The also sent a strange laminated thing that looks like a backstage pass but isn’t – it hangs around the neck and has no use whatsoever. Baffling, that. Hey Ed/Edwina! do you think I could use my “pass” and be the band’s “water girl” while they’re onstage? I’m pretty fast for an old gal and I don’t fall down, well not too often anyway.

    Rock ’em hard in Italy, lads! Awaiting the reports…

    (Tennessee, US of A)

  43. I can’t believe it: I’m just fifteen and I’ll be in Rome on sunday…Am I dreaming?? There are no words to describe how do I feel now…Last two days…

  44. (scuse my ignorance wot’s blog mean????)

    I reckon a blog is a safe place to put our feelings and thoughts into words.


  45. hi, dear Fed,

    thanks a lot for your answer about the Important Stuff… and excuse me if I didn’t find the good words to say what I mean (ah, my english is so bad!!!).

    In fact, what I mean is: HEUREUSEMENT, artists dare speak loudly, express what millions people only think. Things are often changing because ONE artist rises up… Soljenitsyne is one of the most famous…

    BUT, nom d’une pipe, what are the politicians doing?! N’auraient-ils aucune idée pour sauver notre pauvre monde, qu’ils attendent que les artistes leur montrent la voie? Ou bien (pire!), ne tiennent-ils pas à le sauver…?

    In any case, thanks again to you, dear Fed, and to David. We all love him for his music, of course, but also, because he’s (just) a MAN… (it’s better than a god, and much more difficult!).

    Ikkar, with love.

    PS. Please, excuse me for writing in french…

    [Aucun besoin d’être désolé, mon ami. Vous savez que je dois pratiquer mon français! (Mais peut-être pas en vendredi-nuit après la bière!) J’aime la langue français. C’est toujours bienvenu ici. Vous êtes correct au sujet des politicians. Ils sont incroyables, n’est pas? Particulièrement le chef qui ressemble une singe. Vous savez son nom, je suis sûr! La singe stupide avec le petit chien anglais? Je ne dis pas plus. Ils sont trop égoistes pour faire la bonne chose pour notre monde pauvre. Ils veulent être sauvés au lieu de sauver notre planète! Pardonnez mon français simple et prenez mes meilleurs voeux, s’il vous plait. Bonne nuit! – Features Editor]

  46. Caption for photo.

    “Sounds like a ringing in my ear,like a fire truck or something”

    Gary Hurley
    Lodon England.

  47. hi david! i have a question to you, why do you come to mexico city to play,ande remember old times like the carrera panamericana and the p.u.l.s.e. tour, many fans in my country loves your music and your new project is sensational please…..

  48. Dear Editor

    I jut came home from two amazing nights in Amsterdam! David and the band played wonderful and On an Island worked remarkably well live!

    I see that a lot of readers/users of this blog are interested in what guitars, amps and effects David is using on the new album and tour. I have collected a comprehensive guide on my David Gilmour tribute site. I hope it will help many fans in their quest for THE tone. (click my name)

    Thanks for a wondeful blog and site!

    best regards Riis/ Norway

  49. The Tour of the Fan

    Good evening Dear F.ed,

    It’s incredible to read this blog. When I see all these comments, I only realize now that with the web I can follow the tour myself. Even if I’m sad that the Olympia Show is now behind me, (and I didn’t get my autograph on my cd’s booklet ! but never mind). I feel I’m like on tour myself !!! But you know what, I feel confused. it’s great to be connected, but it’s better to live the event. Don’t you agree dear F.ed ?

    PS : Cher Webmaster, petit compliment en français puisque vous parlez ma langue. Tout simplement bravo pour ce superbe site que vous animez sur un grand musicien que j’admire depuis longtemps et avez lequel j’aurais aimé joué de la batterie (but I know there must me two or three million starting musicians like me who would love to !). Always a pleasure to chat with you. Good night.

    [Antoine, j’essaye de parler votre langue… Je ne sais pas si c’est avec le succès! J’aime beaucoup la langue français. C’est beau et c’est toujours bienvenu ici. Prenez mes meilleurs voeux pour la weekend, mon ami. – Features Editor]

  50. [You can change the batteries on the North American one, can’t you? You have to cut the packaging open with a knife to get at the batteries of the European version. – Features Editor]

    You can carefully squeeze the box obviously with the c.d booklet out, and the LED compartment folds out(but you are not destroying the packaging!) and then access the circuit board, to change the battery, you have to use double sided tape to fix the circuit board back to it`s origional position, then fold the compartment back in. My copy is on it`s fourth battery now.

    It does work trust me!

    Adrian, Birmingham(origionally from Solihull)U.K.

    [Maybe I’ll try it one day. Thanks for the tip! – Features Editor]

  51. I have to say thank you whole heartedly to David Gilmour for his masterpiece “On An Island”. This album has not left either the cd played in my house or car since I bought it. It is by far better than anything released within the last 15 years.

    The emotion one feels when listening to this album can not be put into words. Beginning to end, it has my full and undivided attention.

    Meanwhile, Dave is still THE single best guitar player alive today. Maybe of all time, that is my vote at least.

    I was for awhile a die hard Roger Waters fan believing that he was the SOLE voice of the bands accomplishments, but now I know better. I actually look up to Dave’s abilities as a guitar player, inspiring me to play all those years ago, and as a songwriter and as a gentleman. His work with charity and such is something not to go unoticed.

    This album has restored in me faith that good music can still be made. Thank Mr. Gilmour. This album is truly one of the best of all time.

  52. Hi Fed

    I picked up the new copy of Guitar Magazine with David on the cover. Great article from David I am so Proud of him, he seems to have his feet on the ground… fact, they are flat on the floor. His direction is right on course, I think it is great he is doing so much to make world a better place. Putting his family before his music is a great quality…and it is never to late in life to try and get it right. There was another article in “Guitar Mag” with Roger…it was interesting….but, I started to get defensive about something he said ( and I think the quote came from the past )about us fans not getting the difference between “Dark Side of the Moon” and the “Division Bell”. I guess all I can say is, I don’t really care…I’m on an Island!

    [I’m on that very island, mate. The view is quite something, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  53. Logging on to this blog has become a daily pleasure as I wait patiently for both Radio City shows, with the added pleasure of all of your previews from Europe. Today’s post from PJ struck a nerve, spoke perfectly to what I know we all feel–that from the talent of David Gilmour has emerged something that has been life changing… something that my simple words can’t quite capture…but THANK YOU! I’m in Connecticut, United States–first saw The Floyd on the Division Bell Tour, Foxboro, Mass, in 1994–

    FEd.–thanks so much for all of this. You do an amazing job.

    [Aww, thank you. I just edit amazing comments. Some rubbish ones, too. – Features Editor]

  54. Hi everyone, I’m back and I’m not going to have a go at anyone.

    The audience tonight were just fabulous, so give yourselves a big pat on the back Milano!

    We’re just all sad that because of the Orchestra pit you’re so far away.

    Onwards and upwards!

  55. Hi !

    I just write this comment to say that you (David) are amazingly creative… I really like your style of playing. I play the guitar for 10 years now, I studied in Jazz, all the complicated stuff… and I still think you are the “one” I like the most ! I listen to Pink Floyd since I was 8 years old and I’m turning 26 now… so this proves how much I like your music !

    Finally your last album “On an Island” is simply BEAUTIFUL ! IT’S A MASTERPIECE !!!

    I hope to see you soon in Canada… (Montreal) Because I was not able to purchase tickets for your shows in Toronto… and I really like to see live someday… it’s one of my dream ! maybe one day !

    So that’s it !

    Take care and have a nice tour… and have a nice life !


  56. Hello, bloggeroons and Blogmeister and all those in the David Gilmour tour gang. I’m Becky B. and it goes without saying that I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, a strengthening outpost of liberalism in the sea of the conservative south. I’m on an island, as it were….

    Becky (the Pillock) in Atlanta

    [Bless you, you’re the first person to use that word today. – Features Editor]

  57. Hi Y’all,

    In response to the ‘where are we all from’ question–

    North Carolina, USA

    My British co-workers across the pond are quick to remind me that like some of the writers here, I also don’t speak English. Apparently, I speak “American”, and with a distinct southern drawl. Can’t really help it though; my ancestors escaped the tyranny of the Motherland in the mid 1600s. 🙂

    I am, however, grateful that I can read a bit of English, since this blog’s one of the most entertaining things going.

    Thanks everyone for making it that way,

  58. staying up late yet again to find out the setlist… i really need to get a life. btw, i’m still from wales in the good old uk.

  59. Fantastic web site.

    what are the odds of David playing anything from ” about face” like cruise or love on the air on this tour? New album is fantastic. I can hardly wait till David comes to Toronto in early April. Massey Hall is a fantastic venue for any kind of music, but it is really going to ring true where we hear the likes of “on an island” and especially “blue”.

    Only 16 more sleeps!!!!

  60. Wow, congrats to all of you who got tickets!

    I’ve listened to On An Island more and more and it gets better every time!

    Have fun at the concerts!


  61. Dear Features Editor. I have been going to your site almost every day since December last year. You do a fantastic job in both representing and, at times, protecting Mr Gilmour and his family. Your site has an inviting “feel” to it and I’m sure everyone feels as privileged as I do to be included in the world of this amazing musician. I am in Perth, Western Australia, the most isolated capital city in the world, and finally got hold of “On and Island” yesterday. The release date was the 18th of March, but it has been worth the wait. I sat down with a beer, put the CD on, and seriously chilled out. Thank you so much.

    [Thanks very much, Ruth. Glad you like David’s new album. – Features Editor]

  62. Hi again,

    Just checking in to see if there were comments on tonight’s show in Milan (it’s 6:45 p.m. Friday night here in beautiful Washington State, USA). Imagine my surprise to see that Guy Pratt has checked in already after the show — what a sweetie! It sounds like it was fabulous, as usual! Plays a great show, checks in with ‘Us’ on the site before he hits the sack, what a man!

    Guy, did you do any ‘Celtic step-dancing / James Brown moves’ tonight? Can’t wait to hear!!

    Sorry to be so crabby earlier — I must be getting over this bug, I’m starting to feel guilty about ranting earlier. Ah, what the hell, it’s good to unload occasionally isn’t it?

    Best to everyone,
    Washington State

  63. Isn’t this blog entry suposed to be about the show?

    I thought for sure the setlist would be posted in 64 posts.

  64. Caption Competition:

    ….. if you listen closely you can hear the ocean…..

    Mark in Rockford, Illinois (80 miles from downtown Chicago and 60 miles from the Rosemont Theatre)

  65. As i have no ticket for any upcoming show i always get a feeling of being left out everytime i read the blog (which is everyday :D). Im so jealous of those who have the chance to see David in the flesh but thats life i guess, the album has been on repeat since i bought it.

    As for my location, im here in the gloomy town of Dundalk, Rep of Ireland – right on the border with Northern Ireland. Maybe im being a bit harsh on my town and the people 😀

    Keep up the good work on the site Fed

  66. Caption:

    “David Gilmour made it back to Brazil. Unexpectedly, a UFO abducted Gilmour before the concert began….” [Cue X-Files Theme]


    “The Close Encounters Theme jam was not going well…”

    Those were for you, Rudders, live and direct from the Bronx, NYC-USA.


  67. Hey FEd,

    That banner on the merchandise link is pretty creepy. The one with the extreme close-up of a portion of David’s face with the flying birds. Reminds me of the poster from the recent Russian horror flick “Night Watch.” Click on my name and see what I mean : )


  68. I cannot wait to here the likes of Blue and Now I Close My Eyes live. What a fantastic album. The music industry is putting out so much junk right now. It’s nice to have a breath of fresh air. Ironic that it comes from a legend.

    Thank you, David!

  69. I just can’t believe how great On an Island is! I can’t wait for the two Oakland shows in April! If anyone out there is going to be at the Oakland shows, email me!!

  70. Hi There,

    Any chance some of these great outtakes or remixes, that appear on the www site will be released to us lucky fans at some point?

    – Mike

    [I don’t think there are any plans to, Mike. – Features Editor]

  71. Okay, here we go again, Caption: Okay Polly, I’ll be home in a sec, right after Comfortably Numb. Sorry, bit tactful,I must say. Thanks Guy, glad it went well. As for the David and Roger debate…….Take A Breath………… It’s David’s tour. Doesn’t that feel better? I’ll definetely buy a T shirt this time round and add a Tour memento to my others. Good Night, or Day wherever you all are. To Riis, wow, you the man!!

  72. I finally went out to purchase OAI at Best Buy. My boyfriend looked through the row of the CD’s and found the very last one in stock that had the bonus Island Jam. Yay!

    The album has been on heavy rotation at home. I just love it. It has some of the sonic feel of the Floyd, but definitely more intimate.

    I am “on an island” standing out from the rest of Texas…that’s Austin. A pretty liberal college town with a big music scene. SXSW music and film festival just wrapped up for 2006.

    I think I could speak for many who have their own dream setlist, that it is just a sharing of personal favorites. I have my faves, but I like to hear what David chooses, because song choices has meaning too during different times of an artist’s career. Don’t get too exasperated with message postings of song requests.

  73. Isn’t it great to see fans of David’s work throughout the entire world?

    From Paris, to Rome, to New York, to small town Nebraska, and back to London!

    “Just a world that we all must share…”

    It is not only a dream.

    See you all in Chicago, April 13th!


  74. Hi everybody!

    Now I’ve come home from Teatro Arcimboldi in Milan and can realize what an extraodinary concert I’ve seen… I need more nights like that to see, that was not enough for me!

    After each song there was an ovation (and also during some “important” parts of some songs 🙂 ) and Wish You Were Here (interpolating “Alé oh oh”) sung by the audience as you can hear in Pulse…

    Fantastic light effects and sound precision as usual…

    Perfect and unique David’s solos: a lot of improvisation, so that maybe I like more those live solos than the studio ones (about “on An Island”)…

    Echoes taking anyone directly to Pompeii…

    The setlist was:

    PART 1:
    Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Take A Breath, Smile, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    PART 2:
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 1-5), Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out, Coming Back To Life, Speak To Me, Breathe, Time/Breathe reprise, High Hopes, Echoes, Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

  75. Can’t wait till the Chicago shows.

    Are there any discussions/plans with Fender Guitars to create a David Gilmour Signature Series Fender Stratocaster? I’ve noticed that Fender produces a large number of guitars for artists such as Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, Robert Cray, and Buddy Guy (to name a few).

    [Not that I know of, Carlos. Not sure that it would be David’s thing. – Features Editor]

  76. Hi Fed and all,

    So it’s our coming out ? hu ?

    ok…. I’m bruNo living in France, in the near south of Paris.

    Back from Olympia almost 10 days ago, some good souvenirs will be now for ever in my mind :

    Seeing David, Rick and the band “live”, was a real pleasure. The second pleasure was, to meet few peoples before and after the show to continue speaking about music, David and all.

    By the way, my daughter Cymbaline is still waiting (as his father) for her gift ??

    Ha ! Do you remember dear Fed ? Hmm ?

    Hoping fun to all that are still waiting for their show!


  77. I was in the cocert in Frankfurt and i can tell you it was worth every cent. It was so great i need some day’s to understand what i see.1988 in Munich,1994 Munich again and 2week’s later Mannheim Hockenheimring and now 2006 Frankfurt I am soooo HAPPY THANK YOU ALL I hope this was not the last time too see you Life!! I wish everybody a very good Time at the concerts (and i know they will have it!!!!!!! Christian R.

  78. Caption Contest:

    “This pager is going off again?!! Polly must need me to bring home some milk and eggs…”


  79. Hi there I have just bought Davids new album and am truly inspired once again, I have just put in a order for his self titled album David Gilmour which i once owned and am truly keen to listen to it again.

    I would love to know if David and his band are going to come to Australia. If any one knows id love some feedback.

    many thx

    Seymour the Psychadelic Mouse

    P.S Im from Sydney Australia.

    [Not this time, mate. All tour dates are at – Features Editor]

  80. Just an egocentric fantasy: Nick Mason guesting on one or two songs at a gig of this fabulous tour; wouldn’t that be …. Don’t dare to think this thought fürther….

  81. A personal question for David G. himself. Did you ever listen to Amused to Death? What do you *honestly* think of Jeff’s guitar work on that album? I think it’s awesome.

    Cliff from Amsterdam

    [David is a big fan of Jeff Beck’s playing, so he was probably as impressed by it as you were, Cliff. – Features Editor]

  82. All I can say is…Oh my God!!!! What a wonderful night! It was like living in a dream world for 2 and a bit hours, the second part of the show was amazing . During one certian song (it wasnt shine on..)I was expeirencing insane body rushes I just melted in my seat.

    A really huge thanks goes out to David for giving me/us a really wonderful night, and I hope he enjoys the rest of the tour.

    And David, please dont leave it too long before the next record.

    Thanks again


  83. *~0~*
    I am officially…
    …On an Island ~

    *best surf album…color us blue…
    …see you in s.f…

  84. For the FEd – I’m in Christchurch, New Zealand. So far away!

    Can anybody tell me how the band is tackling “Then I Close My Eyes” in concert? On the album it’s such an ensemble of strange and interesting instruments that I can’t figure out how the guys are doing it justice live. Since I won’t be at any of the concerts I’d love it if somebody could tell me.

  85. “beautifully written”

    …I truly enjoy hearing the way David’s guitar strings harmonize with Polly’s voice on “The Blue”.

    I am star-crossed and colored blue.

    Thank You, David, Polly, and all the gifted musicians who have contributed to these masterpeices that have found their way into my heart.

    …still marooned…

  86. Dear Guy,

    Don’t give up on us or stop answering questions. It’s often difficult for us readers to keep up with all the blog entries coming in, and yours sometimes get lost in the onslaught. I’m learning that deft use of Google’s advanced search options help considerably though.

    And I did read your comment on Mr DiStanislao. Pass on all of our regards to him won’t you?

  87. For Becky from Atlanta:

    I’ve moaned about this several times already, but I am really On An Island – the South Island of New Zealand, and because of that I won’t be making it to any of David’s concerts…. 🙁

  88. Joolz, I raise my hand and say that I live a life of charity and hope. I will be here if anyone needs a helping hand or a brother to share confidence. Let us all take note that progression is not only in our nature, but a necessity to discovery and self worth.


    …we’re all you’ve got…

  89. Photo caption:

    I can play guitars of all sorts, bass – including fretless, cumbus, piano, keyboards, harmonica, drums, saxophone, and even the kazoo. How about you?

    Marmalade… I like marmalade

  90. Good morning to you all, it’s Diana from Rome.

    Here a couple of articles from italian papers about the “EVENT” in Milan.

    “…there is PF smell in the air…” This new tour is really a “triumphal ride” for DG and his band…and the result is a rich,warm sound…great David,great band,and great (a lot of claps)Richard Wright (as a crooner).

    The atmosphere is perfect when “memories album” is starting:memories,tears,heart,dreams ,all of these parts of soul in “shine” and….”Paradise came with 20 min performance of “Echoes”.Really wonderful and”Hey Nick and Roger where you are?Did you hear this music?..”

    To the next

  91. Hi David….great show!!

    Coming back to life was a beautiful surprise, one of my favourite of Division Bell. All the songs were well played, apart the intro of Time…where the “time” was a problem 🙂

    Compliments to Richard too…in the theatre all of us have encouraged him during the band presentation!!

    What can I say about Echoes…it was fantastic to see David, Richard & co. playing it…it was a dream

    now I’m going to search a ticket for this evening



    [Good luck to you, Marco. Glad you had such a good time last night. – Features Editor]

  92. Finally I’ve seen David Gilmour in concert!!!! Yeah!!!! Awesome!


    P.S.: Hello Guy, please click my name and look at the photo. Do you remember?

  93. Hello,

    this is a synthesis from an article of italian npaper “Il Tempo” about 24 night in Milan.

    Title:David Gilmour-the guitar goes into the Antini

    ” …the voice is unmistakable and the riff of the guitar is unique: here is DG…with the sweet “OAI”and the atmosphere is more and more magic with the first notes of “shine” and the perfect mix of some tracks from PF masterpiece DSOTM.

    PF nostalgia and…high hopes for the future BUT D.G. now is into the legend,passing through the “best” entrance!

    …waiting for tomorrow in Rome…


  94. Dear F. Ed,

    I’ve not been at Milan’s concert, but I feel I have to share my story with all the people here, as it’s about friendship and mutual help, something that the world misses more and more.

    Weeks ago, I had been lucky enough to get a ticket for Arcimboldi’s first night. Suddenly, two weeks ago, my little son fell ill with flu. He got hospitalized, with breathing troubles.

    He left the hospital yesterday, after fourteen days there, being now fine. Meanwhile, realizing I couldn’t make it, I returned my ticket. I told to myself that even if my son and wife would be back, I hadn’t seen them for quite two weeks, so it was much more important to stay with them, than attending the show.

    Yesterday night, the joy for having them back home was raised even more by the kindness of my friends Mauro, Nicola, Alberto, Rolando and Alan Power (all involved in the making of the fanzine “Hey You”, and in the “If” tribute band), who kept texting me from the show.

    Thanks to them, I learnt in real time of “Coming Back To Life” making the set-list and of an “Echoes” rendition which would have put goosebumps also on a wall.

    I feel proud to walk through life with such great friends, and I want to state publicly my gratefulness to them. As for me, I’ve been one of the lucky ones who could buy RAH tickets prior to the public sale thanks to the draw, so I still haven’t lost my (high) hopes to attend a David show.

    Thanks again to everyone, and congrats to Mr. Gilmour for some stunning performances.


    [Thanks for sharing that with us, Chris. I hope you have a brilliant time in London and, above all, I wish your son the very best of health. These episodes make us realise that, at the end of the day, a concert is just a concert. The health and happiness of the ones we love is always far more important. – Features Editor]

  95. Thanks for your kind comments, Joolz, that my earlier post had made you think. That was what I hoped for. As I said, it’s all relative. I will miss the money, which is sorely needed around here, but I think that “David’s people” might need it even more than I do.

    To put it all into perspective, I am a fulltime GED teacher and I attend Grad school at night to become certified as a teacher for children. I’ve also got a family. Time and money are both limited resources for me, which is why I’m not able to attend David’s show this year. When I talk about donating a couple days’ wages, it’s a sacrifice. I am guessing that David must be very proud of his fans’ willingness to make these sacrifices.

    I don’t pretend I can solve all the world’s problems. If I’d been running the show, we’d be at a very different point in world affairs by now. But in reality, I think that if we all made the sacrifices that we were able to make, our world would improve dramatically. That’s why I love to be a teacher. And, I’m sure, that’s why David loves his work with Crisis.

    This site is about David’s music, but I applaud David and his team for providing access via this forum to “the important stuff.” Hopefully, the large number of people reading this blog will be inspired to get involved. THEN things will change for the better!

    (For those who don’t know, GED is a degree for adults who did not graduate high school. And Grad school is where you get a Master’s degree, which is the step between regular college and a Doctorate. American schoolteachers are required to have a Master’s degree.)

    Wish me well. My flu is getting worse, not better, and I really just want it to be over.

    [Get well soon, Dan. – Features Editor]

  96. “And if you haven’t been reading previous blogs I’m a Welshman living outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada…

    Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at March 24, 2006 07:01 PM”

    And since I just met him for the first time I can confirm that he is not a figment of the Fe.Ed’s mind ;-)) Sorry Rud just couldn’t resist. :-))

    Cheers, Howard

    PS Will send the address today

  97. Hi, i’m Teddy/Federico from Monza, about 10km to Arcimboldi’s Theatre. Yesterday I was there, of course.

    The gig was simply great! Thank you David! Magic atmosphere! Big enthusiasm for Rick, all the theatre was shouting “richard! richard!” for a few minutes. Difficult not to be touched. I hope to see you again David!!! Unfortunately not this evening 🙁

    Fantastic preformance of Steve di Stanislao!!! also a little hammer for the bell in High Hopes!!!

    Thank you again.
    Federico (italy)

  98. Caption Comp.

    The future is bright , the future is pink.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

    On a different note while I wait for the RAH I find myself attending the Aussie floyd tonight. Any bloggers going I’ll be wearing a wish you were here t shirt and sitting front row.

  99. BTW…I live in beautiful downtown Mississauga Ontario in a most amazing country called Canada.

    Cheers, Howard

  100. For the first time in my life i can say that the sound wasn’t at the top…i was in the center of the upper gallery….it wasn’t so good.

    In our opinion (my brother is an italian sound engineer) it’s strange because we were in the front of the PA.I think also that in this theater it would be better to remove or cover the reflective panels that were projected to expand the sound of the classical orchestra.

    I know that the 2002 RFH concert was so acoustic but i can say that we are under the standard. I hope that today’s concert will be better.

    As an italian fan i can say…too much “stardom”… black cars….police on motorcycles…very, very far from the “line” that we feel from the starting of this site/record/tour.

    I know that it not depends on you directly…but you can give us the dream of 5 minutes of authographs or photos (like on 2002 rfh).

    Sincerely yours
    Alberto from Venice, Italy

  101. Hi all – physically I’m in London, but I spend the vast majority of my time living either on the dark side of the moon, or on an island.

    Guy et al. – good luck in Milan, getting v. excited for the London shows…


  102. Guy wrote: “We’re just all sad that because of the Orchestra pit you’re so far away.”

    I’m worried that will be the case at Radio City as well. My “7th row seat” will be more like a 28th row seat since there’s an orchestra pit; I’ll be far away from you too. At least my seat is close to the center so the sound should be good, right?

    Won’t be long now…


  103. Well, I’m from Norfolk – that’s the county of NORFOLK, UK (waits as all the British bloggers get out their Collins Schools Atlases – Q: where’s Norfolk, A: “erm …… it’ll be in the index”; Q: what do you know about Norfolk? A: “very flat, Norfolk”!) – and I am still waiting to hear the announcement that David is to come and play here in Dereham.

    We have a lovely big new hall specially built for the big event. Well, it’s new-ish, or at least it was when it was specially built 350 years ago. But, it is big: it can hold at least 200 on a good day – February 29th 1903 I think it was – and we can easily relocate the goats and chickens to make a bit of space in the stalls (oh – we might have to have a think tank about Jesse, the 29 year old Friesian who normally occupies the stalls – though she might be too big for a tank).

    And we have learned our lesson now – we have no wish for a repeat of the tragic events that occurred when we had booked the great Sid Kipper performing his mock opera ‘Crab Wars’. [Oh what a night that was: a huge audience turned up – final official figure was 59 – poor Vera on the ticket booth (don’t know why she sat on it – must have been very uncomfortable) couldn’t cope with the demand and went home with a migraine (she still hasn’t returned it). That fateful night the hall was shared with the Over Eighties Old Time Rock N Roll And Bingo Club (Mons, Weds, Fris and Sat/Sun on alternative weeks – membership only) and it was going well until there was a complaint about the noise – yep, Mr Kipper moaned that he couldn’t hear the audience applause because of the racket being made by the old dears. Well, the old dears arose as one (not sure one what? – table leg maybe) and it was handbags at 8:49 pm. It was a rout. Mr Kipper and his audience were never seen again.]

    But, as I said, we have learnt our lesson and there should be no worries of a repeat – the local constabulary has agreed that, for the good of the community, it will throw it’s full might (or, was it ‘might throw it’s full’?) into any future venture, by detailing Constable Stan Cornerstone to attend (after East Enders of course).

    So pleeeez David come to Dereham like your former band did many years ago before you joined. Though, come to think of it, THEY didn’t go down too well, and were sent packing by a ‘militant and beligerant’ (ie awake) crowd (ie a few yokels) looking for trouble (ie they were lost as usual). It seems the hay-heads thought Roger’s lurid striped trousers were too bright (or was that ‘too tight’?). Or perhaps they were just bored.

    Oh, oh aaaand ……. Norfolk is virtually an island too. We are surrounded on 2 sides by the North Sea, and on the other two sides by rivers (I use the word ‘river’ very loosely!) (usually). So, it could be said I live On An Island. I rest my case – I don’t know why I’ve been holding it all this while because it’s quite empty. A bit like my brain.


  104. Another Gilmour-themed dream last night. It was about the young David and, alas, he succeeded in keeping his distance from the sycoFANt (me, in this case). It seems whenever I read an interview with David before I go to sleep, I dream about him. Let’s see…what can I find for tonight’s bedtime reading?

    Happy Saturday, y’all. A little more than a week to the big day in the Big Apple!


  105. Joolz,

    Thank you very much for your post. In your words, “it made me think.” I do think it’s amazing on what people gripe in their everyday lives about when in reality, they seem to be better off. If we just took one or two things out of our life to make the world and our communities a better place. For example, if you enjoy seeing a movie…don’t go for a week and use the money that you would use for a movie; but instead take a homeless person out for lunch. Or buy them some cereal, fish ‘n chips, whatever. I personally would rather help someone survive than go to a bar or club and get trashed out of my mind. Thank you Joolz for getting the word out. We are united here, under a special kindship, utilizing music as our medium. Lets not forget the people that can’t afford music or a concert ticket, or DVD’s, CD’s…and guess what, even the people that don’t know who David Gilmour is.

    Music is not just the notes you hear. It’s a feeling. It’s a movement. Music is motion, energy, love, and warmth. Lets channel this engergy. Lets show the world how to love, through life giving. Thank you David for your music, your energy, and your contribution to making the world a better place.

    Gilmourians…it’s time to do our part…

    Chris McKay

  106. I’m in tiny Celina, Ohio. Unfortunately, I was unable to get tickets to the Chicago show, so I choose to bide my time playing “On An Island” and trying to get my Gilmour chops down on my Strat. Oh, and I just ordered 2 shirts from the offical store.

    A question for Fed: Does David ever read the blog?

    [He does. – Features Editor]

  107. Hi!!!

    I saw half of Pink Floyd yesterday for the first time in my life and I cried…….

    It was the best gig I’ve ever seen…. better than Stones, Lou Reed and more others.

    I’m sad because I know maybe it was the last chance to see David and Rick playing live but I’ll keep the memories of yesterday in the deep of my heart forever….

    …. anyway I hope in a DVD soon….

    Today I’m going to playing guitar with my friends with the thought of Echoes in my head…. I would like to play only for one minute in my life like David yestarday night!!!!

    Thank you so much David, Rick, Guy, Jon, Phil, Steve and Dick (and obviously Roger,Nick an Syd) for your fantastic music.

    Nick Baracchi

    Azzano San Paolo (BG)

  108. Hello from the fine city of Cambridge, beautiful day here.

    Been reading the blog for a while but haven’t posted before.

    Please excuse any bad spelling, having a spot of bother typing since an incident which involved a prematurely closing door and my fingers.

    Good to see the ‘important stuff’ section, I think it does us all good to emerge from our bubbles from time to time and think about what we are doing to our world.

    Great album David, hope you are enjoying the tour.


  109. dearest F’ed –

    salutations from the Motor City – Detroit, Michigan, USA (just outside actually) . .

    what a bright spot this site is . . (Thank God Al Gore invented the internet – ay?). . it almost makes the wait until April 12th bearable . . . and I’m so enjoying reading where everyone is from – (another good idea from our prolific “F’ed” (Doctor “F’ed” – wink, wink . .))

    TO BECKY . . THANK GOD !!!!! (and that’ll be enough about politics) but you’re NO pillock sister!

    and to you Rudders . . . I’m considering moving to Toronto just to be closer to you . . .

    and THANKS to Guy for once again checking in (ALWAYS such a special treat)!!!!

    NOW . . . to you my dear F’ed . .

    I do believe I have figured out who you may really be . . . the intellect . . the breadth of knowledge . . the wry wit . . the sheer ability to sit for the HOURS it must take to manage all the flotsam coming from all of us . . . AND patience . . . not to mention locale . . . . . I’ll keep your anonymity . . but let me just say that your “Brief History of Time” is one of my favorite reads . . . and of course you saved Lisa’s brain . . .


    [Oh dear. That’s a fine compliment for me, but I think Professor Hawking might have other ideas. Also, the idea for everyone to reveal their location came from Clemens, so hats off to Clemens if you will. – Features Editor]

  110. David dear, thank you for The Important Stuff section. Our thoughtless presence on this earth is killing us and the planet. Be informed and do your bit, everyone. We all have to live here.

    “She could take it back, she will take it back some day…”


  111. Hey F’ed, where is the photo taken on top of this item? Was it taken on the second night in Amsterdam??

    Nice weekend to everyone all over the world.

    Bas from the Netherlands.

    [That one’s from Frankfurt, I believe. – Features Editor]

  112. Hey Becky B,

    Im in Columbia, SC. I have posted a few request of a Atlanta show even though I know it is just a dream of mine. Unfortunately, Atlanta and Charlotte are the only places we can really see any good shows. Not to bad of a ride though. For Mr Gilmour, I would proablly walk it. How about that Dave? If you play just one night in Atlanta then I will walk from Columbia to Atlanta just to prove a point. If you play Dogs then I will even do it naked. Keep this between us blogsters please. If word gets out then every lady in America will be in a frency to get a chance to see me. On a serious note, all you lucky people with tickets enjoy the shows. Im accepting more and more that I just may never see any version of Dave or the Floyd in my lifetime. I know, poor me. Thanks to Mr Gilmour for Comfortably Numb. I played an acoustic version in a competition recently and won. Nice! Enjoy everyone.


  113. Not to be weird or anything, but since I’m not able to see any of the shows, I’m keeping track of the setlists, and no one has posted last night’s yet. Could somone please post it for me?

    Please? It would make this earthly heaven even more enough for me. I’m even ready to order from the store.

    [It’s on the page now, James. – Features Editor]

  114. Thanks to all those who answered the question!

    Now I don’t feel such a pillock as I know “BLOG” is short for Web Log.

    BTW Gabrielle, Gary Moore is well worth checking out, I know this is a “David Gilmour” site but I’m sure there’s no problem with extolling the virtue of other guitarists, and besides Gary Moore & David Gilmour have totally different approaches to guitar playing, both of them equally valid. There’s a DVD, just been released in the UK, of a tribute concert by Gary Moore, to the late great Phil Lynott, of Thin Lizzy.

    Speaking of Lizzy – Snowy White was once a touring member of Lizzy and also with PF, if memory serves correctly, so there’s a tenuous link.


  115. Here I am in Galesburg, IL. I just can’t wait for April 12th to get here forward to the show in Chicago. I just introduced my sweetheart to David Gilmour and she is absolutely hooked. She has been sheltered for 35 years. It is going to be wonderful to see her eyes light up during the show. She has only been to 1 concert before and that one will not be even close to the show we are going to see.

    I paid top dollar to be in row 7. I saw PF in Madison Wisconsin in ’94 and was about 15 yards away. But that show solidified me as a PF/DG fan. Keep up the great work and thanks for the blogs!!!

    “Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air.”

  116. Tim B. from Long Island, New York checking in. I flew to London for a weekend to see David’s semi-acoustic show at RFH. I had back row tickets but at the last minute, met a chap in the street selling a 2nd row center seat. Although I don’t approve of scalpers, I was able to trade my ticket plus the rest of my cash for that great seat. I had traveled so far and thought it may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see my favorite performer. It was well woth it.

    I now look forward to seeing him on April 4th at Radio City. This time, my good friend, Steve, who could not join me in London, will be at the show. I have been peeking at the setlists, and I am very excited. It is going to be absolutely amazing.

    Thank you FEd for this wonderful blog. I have been follwing since it started. It is a pleasure to read everyday.

  117. Caption Comp:

    After some warm fuzzy reminiscing regarding the early 1970’s live performances of Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast, David whips out his electric shaver for an impromptu reprise only to discover the personal trimmer attachment is now playing the lap steel all by itself.

  118. Hi Bloggers and blogettes

    just got my home internet connection back on. just incase I miss some important news over the weekend. I tell you its quite bad when you actually look forward to work on monday to catch up on the gossip!

    oh and by the way i pretty much have grown into all of the tracks on the new album now. Takes me a while, but I’m fully on an island now….and its gonna take a tidal wave to get me off it.


    Ripper (n. ireland)

  119. Dear FEd,

    See what you can do to get the tour program on the merchandising page. I’d love to order so I don’t have to worry about it during the show.

    Still counting the days til NY!

    As always Best Regards,
    NY, USA

  120. Mr. Gilmour was not in form, it was not well…a slight cold??

    Echoes…really fantastic!!!

  121. F.Ed

    Was watching Pompeii last night and wondering what that box with the dial that David is turning in Saucer full of Secrets?


    [I don’t know what it’s called, sorry. These are all for the FAQs page, not me! – Features Editor]

  122. Fed,

    Is that an Echoes ping I hear in Castellorizon before the guitar solo or am I just being a Pillock?


    [I hadn’t noticed it, Andrew. Seems like a good reason to put it on right now… – Features Editor]

  123. a dream come true… i have no sleep all this night and my stomach is up side down…tonight my God is coming in Milan…..I dont know if David will ever understand what rapresent to me…

    this will be a unforgattable day for all my life..

    David I’m going married in 1 months please do to me a present..

  124. I’ve been in Milan yesterday : the first part (On a island) was not so good, very slow , big mistakes, something gone wrong, but after the pause , there were all the FLOYD spirit (and Rick contributes to this) and it was UNFORGETTABLE show with lights and music i’ve never seen or heard before. Really magic Echoes , great Comfortably Numb ,thanks to the great theatre acustic. 1.30 hours of dreams !! Really a good night! Thanks to all musicians !

    PS the merchandising is too expensive !

  125. I’ve been at concert in Milano, I have dream for it for months and after a long time I found two tickets from a couple of friends.

    It has been simply……like a dream. It’s hard to remember all the moments, because all the moments in this concert had been fantastic.

    I feel full of joy and I feel Dave’s sounds inside my soul.

    I will always remember these moments, now it’s too soon for me…..I’m still in the dream…oh I mean a real dream.

    Play for us again…and slide your notes for us.

    Massimiliano – Torino (Italy)

  126. As I read these very interesting posts by fans that seem much like myself, I can’t help but remember how my kids used to make fun of me when I listened to my fav music in the car or at home. Having virtually everything Dave Gilmour and Pink Floyd have ever done in my collection including two completely worn out DSoTM LP’s….and here we go again with yet another stunning piece of music called “On an Island”. My son in his later teenage years used to like to sleep until mid afternoon on the weekends (you parents know what I’m talking about!!) and I used to listen to Pink Floyd on the stereo and disturb his sleep…much to his annoyance. Ahh….it’s so funny looking back, I’d wait until about 11am on Saturday morning and then turn it on. He’d get fed up and think I was being rude or unreasonable……and I’d laugh. Now at 22, both my son and daughter are huge Floyd/Gilmour fans. Especially my son who loves to go to a certain tribute Floyd show with me (the ones that played for David’s 50th birthday)

    David continues to make timeless music with such wide appeal. Truly he is one of Rock music’s greatest treasures.

    In a day of what I consider endless factory made, assembly line, formulated pop music, it’s such a treat to see that somebody is making fantastic music like this. On an Island is a joy to listen to in every way.

    Bob in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

  127. Could you please provide us with the set of songs David played last night?

    [The as-yet unconfirmed setlist was: All of ‘On An Island’, followed by Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5), Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out, Coming Back To Life, Speak To Me, Breathe, Time/Breathe (Reprise), High Hopes, Echoes, Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb. – Features Editor]

  128. I am from Atlanta, but will be attending both shows at Radio City Music Hall. Not surprisingly, I cannot wait for April 4 and 5 to arrive. Also, I am enjoying the way Mr. Gilmour continues to tweak the setlist. One thing I admire about David is he is continually striving for excellence. See you in New York.

  129. Pink Floyd in my eyes is the best band in the whole world. I want to thank every member of the band for many years of listening enjoyment provided to me. As a student of classical music through the accordion when I was young, I have an ear for fine music. No other band (as far as I am concerned) has combined rock, classical, and jazzlike music together like these four guys. Their solo efforts continue to prove that with great albums like On An Island. The accompanying musicians also deserve great recognition. When I play my floyd CDs (and their solo stuff) I follow behind them on my organ (unfortunately not a hammond due to money constraints) and my 4 and 7 year old children sing the words. They are already on their way to being great fans.

    I have seen the floyd a few times and am really looking forward to my 3rd. row from the stage seat at Massey Hall April 9th for David’s show. I hope they continue to make music and tours in the future as they are very much loved and respected.

    Amedeo from upstate New York
    (I have a terrible back and when I work it hurts me)

  130. From James to the F. Ed.: I found the setlist. Thanks. Is it the same person who posts it after each show?

    From Poca, West Virginia, where not a soul even knows that this beautiful, haunting CD has been released. All we get is pop, rap, thrash metal, and oldies (oldies are good of they include PF!).

    And I love that Guy Pratt blogs here. Like to see a blog from David himself. Then I would feel that I have almost actually met him!

    [It’s left entirely to the fans to reveal whatever they wish upon returning from a concert, James – including the setlist. – Features Editor]

  131. As it seems there is another “Brad” that has shown up here on the site, I have chosen to identify myself as Brad N from now on. BTW, I am the Brad that has been posting for many weeks now.

    Welcome to the “other” Brad. A word of advice, if you wish to communicate with the rest of us here be careful about complaining too much when you are still brand new here.

    I believe this is more about positive experiences, appreciation and positive thought provoking rather than making demands, shouting disappointments and rattling cages.

    Cheers to you and welcome. I just had to say something since we share the same name and I do not want anyone here attributing your comments to me and vice versa…

    Hi FEd. Hello David. Sorry about the distracting nature of this post…

    [Not at all, mate. Making demands, shouting disappointments and rattling cages is a definite no-no. It seems to be bugging a lot of people, so well said. – Features Editor]

  132. (Isn’t this blog entry suposed to be about the show?

    I thought for sure the setlist would be posted in 64 posts)

    OK, set your heart at rest, here is THE setlist!!!!

    Three Blind Mice
    A spoonfull of sugar
    Oh holy Night
    Purple Haze
    Ave Maria
    Wearing the inside out
    Blue Suede Shoes
    The wind cries Maria


    God gave Rock and Roll to us
    I’m dreaming of a White Christmas

    And the reprise

    I’ve got a brand new combime harvester!

    Hope you feel better now, knowing the ultimate set list!


    [What a show, eh? I was shouting out for ‘Never Smile At A Crocodile’ from the Peter Pan soundtrack, but no luck. I waved my mobile and flashed my camera, but still he wouldn’t do it. I’ve a good mind to return my copy of ‘On An Island’ and ask for my money back, I’m so disappointed that my wish was not granted. After all, I’m a big fan and have all of David’s albums and more bootlegs than you can wave a big stick at. That’s gratitude for you. Oh well, at least he did ‘Three Blind Mice’ with an extended xylophone solo. – Features Editor]

  133. Confirmation of the 24/03/06 setlist:

    First half:

    On An Island
    The Blue
    Red Sky At Night
    This Heaven
    Then I Close My Eyes
    Take A Breath
    Pocketful Of Stones
    Where We Start

    Second half:

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Wot’s… Uh The Deal
    Wearing The Inside Out
    Coming Back To Life
    Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise)
    High Hopes


    Wish You Were Here
    Comfortably Numb

  134. Caption Competition:

    “I seem to have something in me ear, is that corn growing in there?” “Somebody get me a Q-Tip please!”

    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    Home of the Fort Wayne Komet Hockey Club

  135. Caption Competition:

    “Can you here me now?……Good”

    Anyone outside of the US get that one?

  136. Good point Brad N. I have seen 2 other Brian’s posting. So far, nothing from them to give us a bad name (you know, calling David Dave, demanding David to come to wherever…

    I’m the Brian from Iowa, USA. I think it’s time to be Brian H. Welcome many more Brians/Brads. Keep the setlists and comments about the shows coming. I am counting the days to Chicago.

    I’m excited to see the t-shirts and the sweet looking stocking cap on the merchandising link, but man it’s not cheap to look like you’re a David Gilmour fan.

  137. The concert was extraordinary, the setlist excellent, wonderful theatre and audio.

    The band is fantastic (thanks Rick) and Dave the same genius as always!!

    Thank you for all….hope to see you again and soon, in Italy.

  138. I can’t wait to see David in NYC! From everything I am hearing it will be a great time!

    I have a question for the editor…

    What will happen to this site when the touring is over? Will it remain up with updates on what Mr. Gilmour is doing next?

    [Yes, it will. – Features Editor]

  139. Yes I’m glad theyre sticking to that setlist! As to where I’m from, Mexico City but right now in TOronto Canada where I just graduated top of the class from Recording Arts Canada, any chance Phil Taylor wants an assistant at Astoria? I’m also a musician, have a degree in communication science and speak 4 languages. PLEASE! I DREAM OF WORKING THERE! 🙂

  140. Andrew,

    I had noticed that ping too! As a matter of fact, there are other Floyd musical references I picked up throughout that piece. Did you notice those others, too….?

  141. Remember me, FEd?

    Well…it is hard to describe the feelings that i had in teatro that night… The whole concert whas beautifull…i have now a completely different image of on an island album…magnificent…

    Pink Floyd part whas like a dream come true…i cant find the words…

    But echoes is a completely different story…those where the best 20 minutes in my life (i hope my missus wont hear that)

    Holy mother of God….i heard Echoes live…i can die happy now.

    FEd, thanks mate…you are a part of that too!

    [I’m so glad that you got there, Bran. – Features Editor]

  142. I was able to attend to the 1st David’s night in Milan, Teatro degli Arcimbldi. It has been really exciting: good lighting and very good sounds, I didn’t think David could play also the full version “Echoes”!!!

    I hope to see David in Kastellorizo this summer; it will be my 9th time there, but I never saw David on this small greek island… CIAO!

  143. Great show in Milan on March, 24.

    My three friends and I came all way from Croatia, city of Rijeka (about 600 km from Milan) to see the show.

    That tells you how much we love David’s music!

    Maybe some day he will be closer to us (on holiday in beautiful Meditteranian sea!)

    To the next tour, greatings from Croatia!

  144. Dear Fans… the show in Milan was fantastic… I have no word to describe the event. Great David… Great Richard… Great Band…I was at 35 meters from David… in the lower places… the sound was terrific… the light show very simple but at the same time very particular… I’m not very able with English language… The first half was very softly… with some exciting moments during the song Take a breath… Then, in the second half… a real Pink Floyd show… and a dive in the past with Echoes… the best song of all the evening… Thank You David, thank You Richard…

  145. Hi dear fellow bloggers, FEd, Guy, David and other people close to my heart,

    Caption : [Hi Polly, yes I know they want me to play “Red Sky At Night” again, but right now I can’t remember if I’d play acoustic or lapsteel in this next song]

    From Helen :
    “OK, set your heart at rest, here is THE setlist!!!!”

    You’ve just made my day. I even recognized one of the tunes as a PF one. The rest is from the second -unknown- Jokers Wild album ?

    And you mentioned “The wind cries Maria”. I think (it’s in the Echoes-FAQ) it actually was “And the wind cried back”… Just kiddin’

    FEd: about the phone, b^%tl*gs and the extended xylophone solo : And you added a “some people are crazier than me” below one of my posts ? 😉

    Did David play that xylophone ? He truly is multi-instrumental (as if that’s news for us).

    Great to see the actual important stuff on David’s prime site. And great to read that this blog will live longer after the tour. Can we already order the “I am a Gilmourian blogger” T-shirts ? Reminds me a bit of Marillion’s slogan “Find a better way of life”.

    PS. Did David help you with the French answers 🙂

    Piet, from Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands (close to Rotterdam)

  146. I don’t have any word to explain how I felt during the concert last night in Milan

    Simply the best David, I hope you will continue to surrond us with your emotions in musical notes…

  147. la più bella versione che abbia mai ascoltato, in assoluto, di Coming Back To Life!!! ONORE A RE DAVIDE!

  148. I am from Malta and the nearest hotel we could find was in Lugano Switzerland!!

    The show was really nice. The sound of Dave’s guitar was brilliant.

    Looking forward for the next show!!

    Thanks David and all your band..

  149. WOW what an expirience.

    It’s my 4th time I saw David. First was Earls Court London 1980 ( I Think) second was at Cine Citta Rome 1994, third was last July Hyde Park London and now at Milan . We were a group of around 50 persons from Malta, and their we met at least another dozen Maltesers. It was a memorable day for me and my friends. The first section showed that the album sounds much better live then the original does o on my expensive HIFI equipment. DAVID is the best guitarist in the world and Rick was briliant as were all the other guys in the band. Second part Faboulous. ECHOES was out of this world. Hope we’ll have a DVD soon as it was better then the pompei version . Thanks and hope you come to MALTA one day !!!!!!

  150. I just picked up a copy of “On An Island”. Besides being a wonderful piece of musical work, I’ll say this for David Gilmour: he puts his money where his mouth is. He is no hypocrite. The CD is “carbon neutral” and I think he should be commended for doing his part for a solution to global warming.

    Thanks for a great product!

  151. I find it very interesting, the many comments alluding to the fact that so many parents can share their love of Pink Floyd and pass it on to their children. My two, aged 11 and 13 also share my fondness of the music. David, you and your mates have created a body of work that transcends generations. Not many musician’s can say that.

    Living in northern British Columbia, Canada, I’m not close enough to make any of the Canadian dates. I do have great memories of seeing the band in Vancouver and Edmonton though.

    I’d just like to give my heartfelt thanks to David Gilmour and everyone involved with the making of On An Island. The CD lives up to the high expectations us fans have come to expect.

    Dave Murphy
    Fort St John, British Columbia, Canada

  152. Great concert. This was my first time of David and I hope this will not be the last.

    Thx David and all his band

  153. I’ve been viewing the On an Island video and the press release today…. brings tears to my eyes the emotions that come through 6 strings. I am anxiously awaiting the 2 shows in Los Angeles where I live. Luckily, I will be able to attend both shows. Back in ’84 when I saw David’s solo tour, I couldn’t imagine a better tour…until now!!

    The new cd is beyond my expectations. The soft fluid melodies, the tone of the brilliant guitar work and imagery behind the vocals all make for the most remarkable recording of the year. I believe this recording will in time be regarded as a masterpiece of David’s career.

    To David, you are a blessed man of many talents and I’m grateful to have my life parallel your gifts of music.

    robert smith
    redondo beach, ca


    [That’s great news, Simon. Good for you. – Features Editor]

  155. well would be nice to see david perform on Govenors Island york city..maybe in the future….its a real ghost town…at the moment..have a fun tour the USA..JOEL

  156. I’m 19 years old, I’ve received the passion for PINK FLOYD by my mum, about 6 years ago… and I went with her to the concert, friday 24 march…


    fantastic… love you…

  157. Thank you so much David for that wonderful evening.

    Thanks also to Richard and all the other guys. When you played Echoes it was really like going back to early 70’s.


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