Mermaid Theatre exclusive


It was great to hear that our competition winners had such a good time last night at the Mermaid Theatre. We asked them to keep quiet about the setlist, but you won’t have to wait much longer to discover what was played and how it sounded.

Tune in to BBC Radio 2 right now, because the first live version of the ‘On An Island’ single, recorded last night, is coming up within the next half hour on Johnnie Walker’s show. Don’t miss it.

If you do miss it, don’t worry because you can ‘Listen Again’ as many times as you like for a whole week.

Video footage coming on Saturday 11 March.

So drop whatever it is you’re doing (as long as you’re not holding a baby or small animal) and tune in your radio to 88-91FM.

Alternatively, get online and enjoy!


Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

108 thoughts on “Mermaid Theatre exclusive”

  1. I posted a message earlier on but thought I’d do another in the right place.

    The Mermaid was fantastic last night and I must offer my gratitude for the tickets I was granted.

    Hearing the new material live was excellent and the atmosphere of the event was tremendous.

    It was sad to hear that some people were not admitted as I personally would have been gutted. As mentioned earlier, the person sat next to me was obviously not a devout fan and merely a VIP there for the sake of it. Its a travesty that the real fans are outside and those with less interest were taking seats inside. I must offer sympathy to those as they were robbed of a great night and experience.

    All in all, the night was fantastic, as is the album, and I am eternally grateful for the oportunity to see David for the first time. It was also nice to see Polly enjoying the night within the audience as well.

    Thank You


  2. Hello,

    I bought the album yesterday when it was released in the USA. It is of course exactly what you would expect from Mr. Gilmour, PERFECTION. Thank you sir for giving us something wonderful and thought provoking to listen to. That is so rare in this day and age.

    Sincerely from a life long fan,

  3. Hey Feat ED.!

    Thanks for heads up about BBC 2. I heard the live version of On An Island. It sounded fantastic!

    Was it a little bit short on time?

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

    [Yes, it was a shortened version. The BBC people are clearly teasing us so that we all tune in for more on Saturday. – Features Editor]

  4. Just saw your post in time & I am listening as I type.

    It was great to be there & be part of this unique event.

    It was very upsetting to hear that some fans did not get in last night. I must say that the checking of details was very lax, I just gave my surname & 2 tickets were thrust at me. I could see the typed list & could have easily picked a name of that list. It would have been very easy for someone to blag there way in & therefore deny the rightful people entry.


    [Well, that irks me because a lot of work went into our handling of the competition entries, deciding the winners and keeping all their details in order. Can’t say more than that, though. I don’t want to get sacked! – Features Editor]

  5. Happy birthday David and thanks for the gift.

    On An Island is yet another master piece!!

    We’ll be the couple dancing at the Rosemont in Chicago on the 12th.

  6. Are you saying it’s ok to drop medium and large sized animals?? lol

    I am really looking forward to the 11th for the broadcast!! 🙂

    [Well… Dropping medium and large sized children is not so bad, I suppose. But not animals. Never. Oi, Rudders! Add that to our list of groups that we’ve offended, will you? – Features Editor]

  7. Well,

    Think i like it more the live version than the (fab )studio one. it’s a pity that they edited the ending guitar solo.

  8. Hi Ed. / Mr David Gilmour,

    Just got to listen to ‘On an Island’ on BBC Radio 2 and it sounded excellent. (Or as good as it could possibly sound on a ‘pound shop’ portable radio whilst at work).

    I can’t wait to listen to the full show on Saturday night!

    I have now listened to the CD about 3 times and it is getting better every time I listen. As usual with Dave’s work (and Floyd’s) you start noticing things that weren’t there the last time you listened to it. At first I thought the album was a little on the slow side for me, but I am now enjoying the mix of moody guitar solo with the slightly louder bluesy numbers. (Not the best analargy from me there I’m afraid).

    You know a great album, when you get to the tracks that make the hairs on your back stand on end!

    I am feeling a depression coming on now, knowing I won’t make it to any of the gigs!! At least I still have memories of Live 8….

    ‘Wish I was there’…..

    Great stuff David, hope to see you again.

    PS. Cracking website Ed!!

  9. I heard it on my way home from work and it was fab. You guys must have had the time of your lives last night. So sorry for the chaps who were turned away, I’d have cried my little heart out! Have you found out why yet Fed??

    [A simple, yet very annoying, case of too many people and too few seats. I can’t say more than that, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  10. Our IDs weren’t checked last night either, which really surprised me. I’d loaded my handbag with more ID and proof of address than I’ve ever carried before!

    (They didn’t take my right arm either, but don’t tell anyone)


    [Well, now I’ve heard it all! At the very least I thought we’d get our right arms! The words ‘p*ss’, ‘up’ and ‘brewery’ spring to mind… – Features Editor]

  11. I’ve been to several BBC recordings over the years and have heard before that the BBC ticket office do sometimes issue more tickets than seats available because they don’t always expect everyone to turn up (well if you don’t go to a free recording, you’ve not lost out have you). In fact it used to say on the tickets that even though you had a ticket you were not guaranteed entrance to the show and that it was on a first come first serve basis.

    I guess they didn’t realise how dedicated David fans really are.

  12. Just so you know, you’ll soon be able to replay Johnnie Walker’s show at by clicking the purple ‘Listen Again’ button and choosing tonight’s show. Make sure it’s Wednesday 8 March, otherwise you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the BBC to update the site. Johnnie played a live version of David’s single – which is, of course, available in all good shops right now – at about 5:45PM, so you need to jump roughly 45 minutes in to the programme.

  13. The mermaid has spawned a new creation
    The alchemist has forged a new musical alloy
    Its beauty floats and soars with hope and comfort
    And I saw it all,through tears of pure joy

    THANK YOU for the tickets-an evening to cherish and remember.Congratulation to David and co.on the concert and the CD.The bar has been raised.

  14. Thanks Ed! I was just in time! Although I can’t stand them chopping up great solo’s grrrrrrr!!!!!!

  15. Thank you thank you thank you for last night. Me and my dad drove down to London during the day, and then straight back up north after the show on cloud nine. The gig was amazing and we both really appreciated being there. Thanks once again F’ed, and thanks to David – good luck with the rest of the tour!

    [You’re very welcome, Nick. It’s so nice to know that you enjoyed it. – Features Editor]

  16. I purchased my copy of On an Island last night.

    I’m afraid this will have to take the place of seeing him live 🙁 sigh…. It definitely is signature Gilmour (at 60) and it certainly reflects his state of being these days. His contentment is so evident in his lyrics (and music) – beautiful stuff. It was a real treat and a nice surprise to hear “Smile”. The first time I heard it was on his DG In Concert DVD that was done in London a few years back. It’s such a haunting number! (Also, referencing the DVD, there was a French number he did, which was equally touching – is it his own?)

    Anyway, congratulations David on yet another masterpiece – you have the birthday and we get the gift.

    Love and happiness,

    [The French song performed in London and Paris a few years back is by Georges Bizet. It’s called ‘Je Crois Entendre Encore’ and is from the opera ‘The Pearl Fishers’. – Features Editor]

  17. Greetings from Canada!

    Just picked up the album yesterday (after such a long wait!) Exceptional! Definately one to listen to on a warm Summer’s night under the stars. David & Polly (and the many other musicians involved) have really created a work of art. As with all the works that David has been part of creating, it’s best uninterrupted, each piece flowing into the next. Thank you!

    Chris C.

  18. Happy Belated Birthday –

    Not looking bad for your 21st birthday! Ha Ha!

    At any rate, I’m in the US and I caught a portion of a show regarding your new album on this past Sunday evening and it was very well done. You are getting some buzz from the Dallas, TX area. I received the cd in the mail yesterday and I absolutely love it!

    I wanted to say thank you for again showing me why I love music and want to become a musician!

    Best wishes!

  19. Not been back from the Mermaid long (been reading through the other posts – there were a lot!) but still buzzing from the experience… 🙂

    It was an amazing show and all the more so for being in such an intimate venue. Helen managed to grab us 4th row centre seats as I dashed for the loo. The new material plays really really well live, especially Take a Breath which blew me away – anyone not liking that track should turn it up to “11” on their amp and try again! The whole show totally rocked! Still can’t believe we were there!

    Really sorry to hear about Nickster and Adrian – I’d have gone balistic if that had happened to Helen and me (we’ve never seen David or PF before) – my heart goes out to you both.

    F’ed – an infinite supply of thanks for gifting us the tickets, seeing David for the first time ever was an amazing gift to give us – THANKYOU!

    Finally – an apology to Polly for being like a giddy schoolboy after the concert and queuing up for her autograph – I was still dazed by the concert and wasn’t really thinking that you were there as a guest – sorry!

  20. Very happy to hear that everyone who went to the Mermaid last night saw such a great show. You definitely have been privileged as there aren’t too many people out there who can say they saw David play in such intimate confines. Ithink it’s very cool that you got to go. Sounds like a hell of a good night.

    I’ve been trying to listen to the show on BBC2 via the listen again button, but I cannot access it. Is anyone else having this issue?


  21. Two words for the album – Mental Hottub. Makes your mind all nice and warm and bubbly.

    The packaging reminds me of a photo album from vacation.

  22. Hi Guys,

    I got one of the first imports of the album I could find in Australia yesterday (because I just couldn’t wait for the 20th March release date here) and the album is wonderful.

    Thanks for another great album David, and I ope you had a great birthday.

  23. Caption Competition:

    DG: DUCK! That idiot is still setting off fireworks in here!


    RW: I know you had gravy over your chips last time David but try these with the mushy peas…

    Reading the previous Captions will help you understand these better!

    DG: Honestly Richard I didn’t put the Super/Krazy Glue on the keys but I’ve got a sharp knife you can use…

    And I still love that classic:

    DG: Yes I know you have a lovely organ Richard…

  24. Fedmeister

    The album is wonderful and I’ve been trying to buy a second copy from Best Buy to get the bonus disk but they are sold out after one day! My local Best Buy only has another 4500 on order! so hopefully the second batch will have the bonus disk… (The local Best Buy had it listed as David Gilmore!)

    And if what has been said about only getting the bonus disk in the US is true I may have to tap my bro up in Clearwater, FL again!

  25. Congratulations Dave! Your new album is ranked #1 in music sales on USA!

  26. Come on Ed. Have poll to see who wants to know the set list!!! my vote a YES PLEASE and what about the other suprises – did syd jump out of a massive glitter ball??

  27. ps I’ve just had to stop listening to the album to listen to the Johnnie Walker bit as I missed it earlier because I was listening to the album!

    Sounded bloomin fab!!!

  28. Having a litle difficulty finding the replay, but I’m sure I’ll get there in time…in any case…a little anecdote – my wife, who will be attending RAH on may 31st with me is a Gilmour/Floyd listener by osmosis. She listens when I play the music and really loves it, but is not really a fanataic in the way I am. Today, I show her the cover of the new CD and she says, “the font is strange…looks like it says, David *Ginger*” I point out the curious fact that David’s first wife was named Ginger. And then I mention that his current wife, Polly did most of the lyrics and sings and plays on the album as well. And, with no irony and not even knowing the name of the record, she says, “Ginger and Polly? Sounds like he should be on an island…” The Gilligan reference noted, I pointed out the title of the CD…She hit the brakes and just stared at me. Then she said, “well, I’ll bet you’re running off to tell *that* story somewhere on the internet, aren’t you..”

    And indeed I am…


  29. Hi Team,

    Thanks for the On An Island extended version video clip that you sent. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Keep it coming!

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

  30. “(to those who got into the roofs/rooves debate, I don’t want ANY comments! LOL). RUDDERS feel free to comment! You always make me laugh!

    Tim… I rest my case knowing that the Concise Oxford English Dictionary backs me up…’nuff said…

    Maybe the bootleg of the live concerts which will no doubt appear on the PF Fan sites will be entitled: On An Island Without Rooves/Roofs.

    I’m listening to the album again and getting tingles… damn he’s good! as are the rest of the band 🙂

    And Fedmeister please tell Guy we’re missing his updates…

    [I never thought the Concise Oxford English Dictionary would sell the English language down the river… I’m sure they know they’re wrong. – Features Editor]

  31. FINALY~!! I got the new album yesterday and it blew away my expectations! Anything I could say about it would just be repeating what others have said, but I simply MUST respond to how Wonderful David sounds on the album. His voice and soaring guitar are in their top form, and the lyrics are inspirational and heart felt words of wisdom whos impact will be realized for years to come. If I had to choose my favorites from the album so far, it would have to be “The Blue” and “This Heaven”, and ofcoarse “smile” which makes a wonderful goosebump inducing addition to this eclectic studio masterpiece. Ill keep my synopsis to a minimum becuase I could talk about this album all day long if allowed to, but I must say that “This Heaven” strikes a cord with me. In much of Davids/Pink Floyds work there is a spirituality strongly running through that has always been a cornerstone in my own personal faith and strength of heart. No matter if David was being literal or figurative or both, “When I see the faith in my children’s eyes” is interpreted in my mind as a thank you not only to his blood relatives for making life heaven on earth but also to his exstended family that is his fan base for keeping the faith in music and love alive and thriving through even the darkest of times. I know Im going on a bit, so for the sake of the feature editors patience I will end this post by thanking everyone involved in the creation and promotion of this fabulous new avenue of musical expression & composition. It will be an honor to stand (or sit) and witness this album in its entirety both nights in chicago, and to be quite honest I am no longer concerned with which if any Pink Floyd tunes they decide to play.

  32. I have to register my thanks to and Radio 2 for putting on the Mermaid Theatre gig last night, it really was fantastic and such an intimate venue. My friend & I were in row M, I think, just about stage centre and under the sweep of the crane camera – the video on BBCi should be stunning.

    Aside from the music, it was a real pleasure to see his family enjoying it so much – they were a few rows in front of me and Charlie (I guess) was one of the first in the audience to their feet with applause on more than one occasion. The couple beside me were (obviously) thoroughly enjoying it, she seemed so delighted that her partner was so entranced by the occasion. Like many of us the reality of the evening was nearly difficult to take in. The “comfort break” interlude was pretty funny, those settling beers a lot of us grabbed after an hour or more in the queue were just starting to cause discomfort and I was glad to take 5th place in the dash so was back to row M before the next song started. The Happy Birthday finale was just magic, these moments of spontaneity really made the gig add up to something very special.

    I’m so looking forward to the weekend when we can experience the concert again.

    Commiserations to Nick and Adrian, I had my own heart stopper on the way to the airport (I travelled over from Belfast on Tuesday afternoon) as I pulled up to a junction & found my normal route totally closed for resurfacing. After a moment of panic I worked out an alternate route and got to check-in with about 10 minutes to spare. Finally, to round the trip off, just as I pulled up at home today returning from the airport Johnnie Walker played the live recording of On An Island on Radio 2 – I’d just enough time to get in, get the hifi on and enjoy a few minutes more.

    … and, yes, I’m the “Don” who’s text message JW read out (worried now that I’m turning into a media tart!).

    Thanks again to

    [You’re welcome, Don. Glad it went well. – Features Editor]

  33. Just received my album from Amazon (USA). I am sitting here like a kitten in catnip. My ears are throwing a party for my brain.

    “Thank You” doesn’t even begin to express my appreciation for this incredible music!!!

  34. Thanks again for allowing us to attend the concert at the Mermaid last night. It was fantastic experience.

    How disappointing for the two guys that didn’t get in even though they had tickets.

    Somebody who didn’t have a ticket joined the queue just behind us, he thought he might have won but he wasn’t on anybodies list. He was behind us until we got to the entrance but not sure if he got in.

    The queue on the other side someone mentioned was for VIPs and wristbands.

  35. What an amazing night. Truely awesome!

    I was sat infront of Polly and theyre kids!

    Was really good.

    I have to say though. Take a breath was amazing live. The lights and everything was fantastic.

    Cheers guys.

  36. Thanks for the heads up on the Radio 2 broadcast of ‘On An Island’, just ‘listened again’ and it sounded great. My 10 year old son has been giving me grief all day because I didn’t take him to the gig last night….but t’would have been a late night for the little fella I guess. He’s been practicing Floyd tunes on his guitar all evening, bless him!

    Still smiling at the memories of last night……


  37. Hello,

    just to say another big thanks for getting us tickets for the Mermaid gig which was a real special event; I’ve seen Pink Floyd some years ago in huge places, or David Gilmour at the Royal Festival Hall and to see him doing a gig like he was in my living room (well, actually, ok, my living room is a bit smaller, I must admit) was a really nice experience, which did not even cost us our right arm in the end (bargain!).

    So again a big Cheers to you guys, sorry for those who could not get in.


  38. Just got back from Mermaid concert-yes I must have been the most travelled member of the audience-1600 mile trip, 30 hours of bus, car and trains. Plus snowed in at Inverness for one night. Several hundred pounds lighter but was it worth it-You bet. Heres my highlights without giving too much away FED!!!


    Crying with emotion when a certain long tune was played plus the new track realting to a place above.
    Seeing Rick playing with pure gutso
    Seeing David smile as if he was enjoying himself.
    Lighting was great for a radio show!
    Shaking hands with Guy Pratt as he entered the theatre a couple of hours earlier.Seeing him go in wrong door was fun!
    Getting Pollys autograph – she said that I should have got Davids but he walked must me, I did say “Hi”


    I got to Mermaid at 4pm and was 3rd in line, but as someone has already commented, this didnt count as the doors opened on the outside but not for the auditorium. There was a panic rush to get through and on safety grounds alone an explanation of why this happened should be given. I know of people that just turned up on the night and got a ticket.And what is a “VIP” and what has that to do with wrist bands????

    Couple of other lowlights was that on one or two songs words were drowned by the music a bit.

    All in all though it was a unique night and one I wont forget ever so thanks FED for letting me win!!!! Where were you sitting on Tuesday????

    Ian Pearson

    [Hi Ian. After all the effort you made in getting there, I’m so glad to know that you had a good time. I wasn’t there, but it sounds like a great night. – Features Editor]

  39. Nick, Adrian and anyone else that missed out on the “Mermaid” gig — you have my sincere regrets. However, I’m sure that Features Editor will try and make things somewhat “righter” for you… Features Editor, you summed things up rather well about the way the “Mermaid” handled things at the door… Chin up!!! Tally ho!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “On An Island” Enjoy!!!

  40. On an Island is just what I expected: amazing!

    Just wondering, does David know Brian Wilson?

    I have always been a huge Brian Wilson fan, and noticed how he and Pink Floyd/David Gilmour have often used very similar musical treatments. They use harmonies in similar ways, and their instrumentation and arrangements defy expectation, and they often use what I call “cacophony” to wonderful effect.

    I think a David Gilmour/Brian Wilson collaboration could produce some unexpected and amazing music. Has anyone ever suggested it to David?

    [Interesting idea, Bob. David is a fan of Brian Wilson’s work. – Features Editor]

  41. Please tell me I`m right, Is a pocketful of stones a mixture of pillow of winds and perhaps a bit of fearless, with a slant. It is a wonderfull tune!

  42. The Live Performance of On An Island is great! Superb job Dave & “the gang”!

    It´s such an awesome track … 18th March Frankfurt – there we go!

    I surely will cry like a little girl when I can hear and see David live. OMG! Some things doesn´t go very well in my life right now, but Dave´s music still takes me away to another place for quiet some time. Thanks for your music, man! I wish you all the best.

  43. “David, you’re already singing, playing guitars, percussion, bass and sax – you can sod off if you think you’re playing my keyboards as well”

    David is actually one of three triplets – sadly the other two, Darren and Daniel (left and right as you look at them), are co-joined and rarely make public appearances. Mainly due to constant arguing about going to France so that Daniel can drive for a change.

    Re concert: wow! – thats all I need to say.

    Broke my heart not to be able to take photos (see my website) though – the lighting was superb. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to be there – I was the normal one sat with my mate with pink and yellow hair! He’s just done a punk gig at the cavern in Liverpool – hence the hair do – just shows not all punks hate Pink Floyd! He was blown away with Davids technique – pity his hair wasnt blown away as well – I had to walk round London with him looking like that!!!

  44. Rudders wrote:

    DG: Yes I know you have a lovely organ Richard…

    Appalling. I for one am shocked you would let such a double entendré slip past. Really, I had more faith in you, Ed/Edwina.


    [It’s a man thing, isn’t it? I’m waiting for toilet humour to creep in. – Features Editor]

  45. Damn, what a horrible version of “On an Island”.

    Seriously, David was recently quoted as saying he didn’t like it when people complemented him after a poor performance…so let me be the first to say that this effort is shoddy and disappointing. The solos are cut shorter than the radio edit! He’s singing like he thinks he’s in a stadium. I truely hope this isn’t indicative of how David intends to treat the songs of his latest masterpiece. “On an Island” may be the best album I’ve heard in ten years and I’ve spent the last couple of days dreaming about how good it’s going to come off live…now I don’t know what to think.

  46. hmmmm, after reading a post above from our wonderful Feature Editor, it seems the BBC may have chopped up the live version of “On an Island”. I hope thats the truth, and if it is, I apologise for the critism David!

  47. Finally picked up the album today. Listened to it all day at work. Fantastic, fantastic album. Job well done. Plus an added suprise was the Island Jam bonus disk.

    This album is flying off the shelves. It will be interesting to see how it finishes this week.

    Thanks David for all of your efforts. See you in Chicago in little over a month.

    Jeff in Chicago

  48. David, Your music and we and you have all grown together over the years. The music echoes our own evolution together. I’d hate to use the term “matured”, but there you go.The piercing, haunting riffs and the lyrics let my mind paint pictures from times spent near the sea. The same sea, the life-giving oceans that join us all. The lap of the waves keeping time with the beating of hearts. On an Island already feels like a classic work. The cycle is complete. Good job, Dave. Wish I was there. Joseph

  49. A few people were saying how Best Buy was selling a limited edition of Davids new album with a bonus disc that has the track “island jam” on it. I called the Best Buy that is closest to me in Meriden, Connecticut and they didn’t know what I was talking about. They said there is only one version of the cd and it is one disc. I remember you stating on this site that there is only one edition and not to believe anyone offering anything special.

    Do you know if there is any truth to this bonus cd?

    [It does exist. Maybe they’d just sold out? Best Buy do have the only ‘limited edition’, which includes ‘Island Jam’. You can only get it in the US, but I believe they do deliver. Have a look at their website. – Features Editor]

  50. What a satisfying, enriching experience it is listening to ON AN ISLAND! I was going to say the music and words are otherworldly, but rather they are very intensely this-worldly. I think they resonate at a very deep level, far beyond the ordinary. With every listen, the music soaks in deeper and deeper.

    Thank you, David, for this wonderful gift.

    (BTW, the two major electronics/entertainment retailers in several Toronto-area locales were sold out of the disc on the first day! Amazing!)

    See you in Toronto!

    Peterborough, Ontario

  51. Caption Competition

    DG: Richard… don’t look now but someone has pinched most of Guy’s guitars from the rack…

  52. For all those who want to see the Mermaid setlist, and/or read about all the gory details of the show, it’s as simple as visiting one of the many Pink Floyd message boards on the internet (look for the David Gilmour forum) 🙂

    No need to bother the F to the Ed w/ tallying more polls or accomodating the multitude and conflicting wishes, desires, expectations of us Gilmourites 🙂

    By the by: the new album is fantastic…Castellorizon, This Heaven, The Blue, and Smile are all instant classics, imo. The guitar parts and sound collage segments are out of this world. Thanks for the gift that keeps on giving!

  53. Just out of curiosity, what does David think of Nick joining Roger in July to do The Dark Side Of The Moon?

    [I’ve no idea, but I can’t imagine him having any problem with it. The members of Pink Floyd have always been free to collaborate with other artists. – Features Editor]

  54. Dear David, & Supporting Cast

    Thanks for the great new DVD, “On An Island”!!

    O.K., the video is missing for 50 minutes plus, but I can’t find fault with the the “visual content”, because when I put on the required hi-def headphones, and closed my eyes, it was all there!!

    Breathtakingly beautiful and rewarding beyond all measure!! The gift that keeps giving, and all from the birthday boy himself!!

    Warmest of wishes! Come to L.A. quickly!!

    tom from san diego

  55. Wow… Great album! Happy Birthday as well. Looking forward to seeing Mr. Gilmour…I have tickets to both shows in Los Angeles. I too would love to see the set list from Tuesday night!

  56. David or whomever,

    I was worried that I was setting my expectations too high with this album, that in the end you can’t top what you did before… now that you’re 60… After hearing the album it’s embarrassing to admit having those feelings because On An Island just blows me away. I am seriously shocked. The only album in a long, long time that gave me shivers and tears to my eyes.

    What an insanely beautiful masterpiece. I bought it last night and blasted it on my stereo twice in a row. The song On An Island easily holds its weight as perhaps the greatest song I’ve ever heard you play in studio. Crosby and Nash should also be rightfully proud. The whole album flows so smoothly, with such a variety of style yet always having that poignant David Gilmour touch. I’m really at a loss for words as to how much I love what you do. There is an honesty and directfulness in your playing and singing… just can’t describe it, but I know I’m in love with it and I’m not alone.

    Can’t wait to hear you at the Rosemont. A belated Happy Birthday to you, David Gilmour.

    BTW-this album only cost me $10 plus change brand new? Plus a bonus disc? (Lucky I went to Best Buy I guess) I didn’t know such a thing was possible. You could of charged 15 easily without much, if any, loss to sales. I guess I’ve blown enough smoke, but David you’ve really litten me up with this. I honestly feel the need to say “Thank you, David, and God bless you.”

  57. I loved the BBC2 live version of On An Island even more than the one on the album. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the concert Saturday. I guess I’ll just have to play the CD a few times to get my DG fix until then.

    Excellent job on the album to David and all involved! May you enjoy the shows as much as the fans.


  58. Got the CD, 3 times heard, gets better all the time. It seems to me that David has captured some distant memories very subtlely throughout the album. The solo on Where We Start reminds me of Near The End. LOVE THE BLUE, my favourite for sure. Will listen to Mermaid on the weekend. No short cuts for me. Full feature only. Thanks All. Hey Fed, you comin to Massey? Roofer Rudder and I will treat you for a pint for sure.

    [Unfortunately not, Frank. Make sure you both have one for me, though. – Features Editor]

  59. Hey Guys…

    Just wanted to drop some info that I found to be very exciting.

    While listening to a show here in the US called Rockline, on which David was the featured guest, Bob Coburn, show host and legend interviewer out of LA, inquired as to whether or no Dave would be doing any videos for OAI and if he was going to be doing any recordings of the live shows… well…

    Indeed, he is.

    According to David, he will be not only releasing a live CD of this tour, but also a DVD. Sweet!

    Hearing that made my night.

    Ok, all, take care, and we’ll see you somewhere On An Island.

    [Well, David has said that a DVD is certainly something to consider, but plans are by no means fully finalised and we will let you know when we reach a decision. There are no plans for an audio CD at all. – Features Editor]

  60. Caption:

    RW: Listen, see I told you we could drop the orchestra by pressing this button and then these keys.

  61. I had such a fantastic time at the Mermaid – I had not seen David or Pink Floyd before so it was a real thrill, and I got to meet David and Polly – fantastic! I don’t think a musical evening could be any better than Tuesday was.

    [Glad you enjoyed! – Features Editor]

  62. Just had a listen to the live version of OAI from the Mermaid theatre. Loved it! It comes across brilliantly live, with its slightly heavier sound. So my minds maid up. I’m not going to hang on till May. I’ll be glued to the radio on Saturday. It must have been fantastic for the people who were there, (the lucky buggers!)

    I haven’t listened to an Album so much as I have to OAI in years. The album works as a complete piece, which is probably why the 50 minutes goes past so quickly. You really do get to appreciate OAI even more with each subsequent listen.


  63. Hi ,

    Just listened to Johnny Walker’s snipet from the mermaid , Fantastic , note perfect as usual .

    I have seen the setlist on another website ” I wont be disclosing it ” and it’s great I can’t wait till saturday night to see it . I know it was for BBC I was wondering will the tour contain a larger setlist .

    Rgds Geoff

    [Yes, I think so. – Features Editor]

  64. Ed/Edwina (kinda like Victor/Victoria I suppose) and all the rest of you lot:

    (This post is devoid of toilet humor btw)

    I sat up very late last night to hear David on Rockline (my local radio station chopped it up and edited it very badly unfortunately). For those of you who missed the interview, David said there will “definitely” be a DVD coming out of this tour. There’s something exciting to look forward to!

    (getting a little jealous now hearing about the Mermaid show. is it April 5th yet?)


    [As we’ve said many times before, when any plans are made, we will let you all know. – Features Editor]

  65. [Unfortunately not, Frank. Make sure you both have one for me, though. – Features Editor]


    [Oh, alright. Four or five. – Features Editor]

  66. Quick geographically review of “OAI”.I listened to it through 6 times on train form Inverness to Kings Cross.

    Castellorizon – great for pulling out of stations esp Inverness and Edinburgh.
    On An Island – strange to hear whilst looking at snow capped mountains at Aviemore, but oh so heart warming
    The Blue – Goes well with open spaces around Perth and Stirling
    Take A Breath – my favourite and superb soundtrack for arriving at Newcastle Central
    Red Sky At Night – Gotta be saxy Berwick
    This Heaven – best lyrics especially faith in my childrens eyes” A level crossing songie. Whats the difference between “Gilmour/Samson” and Gilmour/Gilmoursamson”?????????
    Then I close my eyes – Not enough glass music,a bit coastal
    Smile – For some reason find this too raw with words driving direction and not music so good for York
    A Pocketful of Stones – A bit dark i places so ideal for tunnels
    Where We Start – Peterborough, and Hertfordshire, trees and fields

    Best DG Album by far and helped by reading great interview in MOJO


  67. My first time at a computer since the amazing Tuesday Evening…Thank you so so much. It was agreat evening, especially when David’s confidence grew. I sat there open mouthed (which is not going to look too attractive if I was caught on camera!) from beginning to end. What a night!!!!!! Thank-you so, so much. It was worth the night in the cheap and appalling hotel!It was even worth missing my return train home for, which I managed to do. What a night! I’m only 19 and to have seen one of my idols at this young age means alot to me.

    [Bless you, Lyndsey. – Features Editor]

  68. [I’ve no idea, but I can’t imagine him having any problem with it. The members of Pink Floyd have always been free to collaborate with other artists. – Features Editor]

    I certainly don’t want to perpetuate this constant debate around DG/RW/PF who said what etc. I’m just dipping my toe in with a fact rather than an opinion

    I like some of Roger Waters’ solo stuff – he has a gift for lyrics and tells an interesting story BUT he has a narrow bandwidth on what he can sing! If we took a poll of who would you rather have singing WYWH then I’d guess a good 90% would opt for DG. I know that is an extreme example but I don’t believe RW would do justice to DSoTM.

    I bought RW’s In The Flesh DVD recently and as nice as it was to see it I was disappointed because he can’t carry a concert as the lead vocalist.

    One thing that RW did which I thought was very good was bringing in different artists for The Wall Live In Berlin… I thought Van Morrison singing Comfortably Numb was wonderful (although he was reading the lyrics)

    Anyway the header on this website says David Gilmour so I’ll zip it about RW and throw away the key…

  69. Hi Fded, I see and I understand that you don’t want to show the setlist until 11th march when everybody will see it on bbc, but I will not be able to watch that show. So if you can please, please, send me an e-mail with the setlist that David played at Mermaid Theatre, because I will be at Olympia on 16th but I don’t want the setlist to be a surprise because I would like to listen those tracks again before the show.

    Thank you very much for everything you did on this blog.

    My e-mail address…

    [Sorry, mate. If you want to see the setlist, then I’m sure there are plenty of fansites that are being far from subtle about it. You‘ll have to look for it, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  70. REALSHEMP… I had to respond to your caption fot this pix. I laughed my arse off!!!


  71. To Darren Gander: I can understand your anticipation but personally I’d MUCH rather find out what David and company play while I’m there…in the moment. Going in knowing the set list (or even POSSIBLE set list) isn’t as interesting to me.

    FED: If enough people request a set list, perhaps it can be posted under it’s own subject heading? That way the rest of us won’t bump into it by accident or worse, feel we need to avoid this site until AFTER our respective shows! What do you think?

    [I’m with you, Phil. We’re not posting a setlist. We like surprises and we’re not spoon-feeding anyone. There are plenty of fansites which are, as usual, falling over themselves to be the first to announce the setlist in the boldest and brassiest ways imaginable. Let’s give them some purpose and make the more curious fans seek out the information if they want it. – Features Editor]

  72. I couldn’t find another route to ask a question – checked FAQ’s…anyway.

    I was wondering what David’s set up is on the Black Strat’ with white pickups and what back line he uses – I’m assuming it’s valve-state? I have a very similar looking set-up, black strat’, two Seymour Duncan JB Juniors and an SD Hot Rail on the bridge. Currently running through a Peacemaker 60 via Boss Compressor, Overdrive, Phase, Carl Martin Chorus and Wasabi Echo/Delay.

    I’m getting some fantastically Comfortably Numb-soaked sounds! Interested to know David’s choice of Amp’s and effects too.



    [We removed the address from the FAQs page because we don’t want any more questions at this time. Sorry! It’ll be back soon, so please hold onto your question for the time being and send it in when we ask for more. We’ve got loads to get through first. – Features Editor]

  73. Deborah

    “Appalling. I for one am shocked you would let such a double entendré slip past. Really, I had more faith in you, Ed/Edwina.”

    My apologies for not giving the original author to the “lovely organ” caption full credit – it was the Nickster… (haven’t seen you for a while… you ok?)

    And if anyone is interested when I get the time I’m going to put the pictures and captions into a document…

    Fedmeister – wouldn’t that make an excellent calendar? It could be sold through this website and the monies raised could go to a charity…

    [It would. It would cost you a fair bit, though. – Features Editor]

  74. Rudders and Fet ed… just read your posts where you mentioned my roofs/rooves comment. Come on gentlemen… in this world of tolerance and accomodation, let us come to a compromise. I submit to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (the title kinda defies it’s claim to brevity, doncha think??) that they change the spelling to ROOFVES… gives it kind of a German flavour yes?


    [They can spell it however they see fit. It will always be ‘rooves’ to me! – Features Editor]

  75. Well,

    of course, this new album is great, each note of David’s guitar is a miracle…

    but, something is amazing me: all the fans who write here are so different (age, sex, countries, professions,life,…), and we all are moved (how do you say “bouleversés” in english?)…!

    David, how can you be so universal? how can you make us (nous tous!) cry like you do, just with ONE note?

    So, thank you…

    See you in Paris, at the Olympia, in a week. Une semaine? déjà…? encore!

    Ikkar, with love.

  76. The concert was amazing. Thankyou so much for the opportunity.

    On entering the theatre we we’re conveniently positioned right next to the bar. When i eventually decided it would be a good idea to risk remortgaging for a couple of bottles of bud, other than being pleasently surprised that they were £3 a bottle (i didnt expect much change from a 10er to be honest), they open the bloomin doors. Was quite a good thing though as everybody downing their drinks did seem to lighten the atmosphere somewhat.

    Deciding that leaping across people to get seats at the front of the house wasnt the best option we parked ourselves in some seats in the middle section just behind some reserved seats. Which turned out to be a pretty good call as despite being used as target practice by the boom operator, we ended up with Bob Harris a few seats back and Poly & the kids infront along with a load of other people who i imagine were family and friends of the rest of the band.

    The whole experience was very relaxed and personal, I can see why David only wants to play small venues these days, although this was a very small venue with about 600 seats or so. The atmosphere was great, everybody enjoyed themselves.

    Without explaining too much about the setlist, i thought id mention some of the memorable bits from the night. Guys musical interlude while David popped to the loo halfway through the set. 3rd time lucky for one particular song we all know and love, because some twit left the acoustic switched on, he he only joking david, was quite funny really. Not to forget the timeless rendition of happy birtday and one of the littlens on the eldest kid’s shoulders waving to dad, ah bless.

    I’ve got to wait till friday for my copy of the album but i cannot wait! Cheers FEd for a wonderful night.

    [I’m pleased that you enjoyed it so much. – Features Editor]

  77. Hi. I’m a bit late on this…I was cathing up on my sleep…. but I would just like to say that the Mermaid gig was fantastic and a rare…once in a lifetime experience to a guitar master only metres away from you. I managed to grab a seat in row 3, centre. I great view of course and it was briliant to see so much detail. I won’t start going on about as I’m sure other people have told you all how it was and from what I’ve read they’ve said it all 🙂 But I can’t resist saying that I managed to meet David very quickly before the gig and after the gig….I also got a signature….just amazing. I also got talking to Jon Carin and Polly who were both very friendly people

    But I’m so sorry for those who were turned away…I can’t believe that happened and I can’t imagine how that feels…:-(

    Thanks a lot to everyone behind this competition….it was an amxing and interesting experience and I can say that anyone that’s going to see him in the next few months will enjoy it immensely.

    Andy 🙂

    [Good stuff, Andy. – Features Editor]

  78. After work I drove over to Target and ran in the store and snatched up my copy of “on an Island” (of course I payed for it)

    Got in my car and turned up the volume. All I can say is Muy bueno!! This album ROCKS!! I think my family is growing tired of me listening to it. Although I am not.

    Gosh I can’t wait for APril 20th. It can’t come soon enough.
    Thanks Mr. Gilmour your album is heaven.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  79. Firstly, I would just like to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to be at the Mermaid, it was utterly fantastic !! Both myself and my friend really enjoyed it. Having never seen David before it was a really surreal experience being in such a small venue. In fact, through some kind of optical effect, I had difficuly getting any depth perspective of the stage and it appeared a couple of times as if it was on a cinema screen ! Very odd ! The performances were fantastic. The lights were excellent. The only bad thing was that the sound levels spoilt a couple of songs in the latter part of the show. There was a nice atmosphere, both on stage and in the audience. Rick particularly seemed to really get into it ! So thanks again, it was a very special night. I can’t believe people were turned away. That is awful. In the bar beforehand, I put my bottle of foul tasting Becks onto the marble bar top and found that the resulting sound was like the beginning of Echoes !! It was a good omen.

    Secondly, the album is excellent ! Castellorizon reminds me of the music for Edge of Darkness, which may be deliberate, as it is dedicated to Michael Kamen. Take a Breath is also excellent, although I have to agree with a previous poster that the beginning ‘take a breath’ bit isn’t – although it might grow on me ! Pocketful of Stones also is fantastic and obviously Smile, On an Island and The Blue. Excellent work !


  80. Finally got CD today – bah internet shopping – could have got in Sainsbury’s on monday where it appears to be the Album of the week!

    Will bore my kids with it when i see them at the weekend – i am slowly coaxing them away from just listening to Greenday

    As always a slightly more contented Matt


  81. Thank’s for the tickets – we really enjoyed the show, but were very grateful to come out with our right arms still attached.

    Again many thanks for a wonderful evening – all our friends, and our kids are insanely jealous.

    Steve & Jane

    [Glad you enjoyed it! – Features Editor]

  82. My goodness, I don’t like the new CD all that much, but I’m afraid to post a negative review amidst all the gushing and glow.

    I’m sure the live shows will be great and worth, er, um, every penny of the $350 asking price for a seat at Radio City Music Hall here in the greatest city in the world.


  83. To Phil and F.Ed. Re Set list:

    I appreciate your comments and do understand where you are coming from, no doubt the set will change anyway for the full concerts. I like many many others am a massive Floyd/David/Roger fan and just like to get all the low down on all things happening.

    After all these are very exciting times and you just can’t help getting over enthusiastic when it comes to all things Floydian!!!

  84. Rudders, if you are able to swing the caption calendar I suppose you’ll be shouting from the ROOVES with unbridled excitement. I’ll buy one but only if you’ll mark out any caption that could in any way be deemed insulting, mocking, lewd or good fun. Hmm, now what does that leave? :-/ Oh yeah, just the boring stuff.

    And the proceeds would go to what charity? The Home for Wayward Floydians?


  85. My daughter, 19, is a fan of bands I’ve never heard of, like Slipknot, Crossfade, Soad (System of the Down?) and other equally scary and unknown names .

    But she LIKED Comfortably Numb

    she said “Wow – I didn’t know they did music like that!”

    I played “Take a Breath” for her at FULL volume and she LOVED it. – Thank you for giving me a bridge across the generations.

    At the Mermaid concert I met a punk rocker who introduced me to the Sex Pistols (interesting name, I’ll have to investigate that a bit more)

    I loved his pink and yellow hair and it was damn useful when I took a loo break and needed to find my seat again!

    But when I said I had no idea what punk rock was, he said something special, (and I hope he jumps in here soon and corrects me)

    Paraphrasing, he said “it’s about the music”

    I also met two young men who weren’t even born when I first collided with Pink Floyd. Their excitment at being at the concert was brilliant. I expect great things of JH and his friend Sylvestor. (Still waiting to hear their views on the concert)

    The music we all love crosses generations to speak to who we really are.

    Thanks again for allowing that to happen. 🙂


  86. Just a quick note to say thanks for the tickets, we really enjoyed the show at the Mermaid theatre – what an experience!! Loved the intimate atmosphere, family, friends and fans together. Best moment (for me) was hearing that black strat fire up when DG was circled by pools of white light. Watch out for it on Saturday!!

    Tom Byars

  87. I’ve been a dedicated Floyd/Gilmour fan since the release of The Wall (I was 9 years old at the time and remember hearing it for the first time as if it were yesterday). It crushes me that I have never had the pleasure of seeing either the Floyd or David perform and that I probably never will. There is no music that affects me the way his does… well, I’m sure there are millions out there that know what I’m talking about. I just hope that some of these moments are put out on DVD in the future for those of us who cannot experience them in the flesh – hopefully we may at least do so vicariously.

    Belated birthday wishes from a lifelong fan in the US (and please note, I am not in any way responsible for our current political administration).

  88. To Billy: Hi Billy, fair play to your post but surely if your are a Floyd Fan there must be something in the album you like.

    What don’t you like about it?

  89. Replying to the mermaid post:

    Ahh, im well jealous of you Andy. I had no idea, David and co we’re going to meet some of the fans. Id love to have a chat with David, Rick and Jon and Phil for that matter, infact all of them. See what they are like in real life, my first impressions of people are usually pretty accurate and they all seem like really nice genuine people.

    Thumbs up to you David for making your album carbon neutral. Thats my area of interest and the area id like to work in when i graduate, well renewable energy anyway, i figure we’ve messed this planet up enough allready.

    Im still waiting for my copy of On an Island, get it later today when i go back down south for the weekend to go to sounds expo in london.

    I wish i knew more people my age (21 on 20th) who we’re into davids music, most people i know listen to that american pop, punk rubbish whatever they call it, sum 41 etc. It especially annoys me when groups like that cover some classic songs. Some fools done a version of What a wonderful world by louis armstrong for some car advert at the moment, thats just wrong. Does that annoy anyone else as much as it does me? Not to mention the scissor sisters.

    P.s. my spelling seems to get worse the longer im at uni.

    [I’m with you all the way, Mike. I personally encourage lining people up and shooting them for crippling classic tracks. With paintball guns, obviously. – Features Editor]

  90. Just a update for you all, checked the US itunes best selling album chart and David is at #3 position as of 3/10/06. Congratulations!

    [Come on then, let’s get him up to Number One! – Features Editor]

  91. Darren,

    I love Pink Floyd and DG’s first two solo albums, but the final two PF records and now this new one leave me cold. For various reasons.

    My review of On an Island if posted verbatim would get me in a lot of trouble here, and I don’t want to be one of those people who stirs things up just for the sake of it, which is my job as a journalist.

    Suffice it to say, I think the album would benefit from Mr and Mrs G having a good old fashioned row every now and again. I also feel that Messrs Gilmour and Waters are far better together than apart. Bit like gin and tonic. I’ll leave it at that.

    Peace and much love to all,

  92. Hello Dave,

    I received my copy of “Island” via the pre-order and have listened to it religiously every day since Tuesday. This is one instance that I am thankful I have a long commute to work. I must say “The Blue” is astonishing!! The guitar work in that song is what makes you a legend and pray that you play it in Chiacgo on the 12th.

    I am a long time fan of you and ‘The Floyd’ having seen the band numerous times in ’87 and ’94. For the folks that have not seen either, please allow me to comment they are in for the treat of a lifetime to see you play.

    I am very anxious for my trip to Chicago to see your show. Please give my best to Polly and thank her for the contributions to this masterpiece. See you in Chicago Dave. I’ll be the one standing with my arms in the air bowing.

    Bill Hayden
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

  93. As one of the very fortunate and extremely grateful Mermaid ticket winners I would like to thank you (Features Editor), David and everyone concerned for making the gig on Tuesday so memorable. It was a privilege to be there. The effortless fluidity that we recognise from the master craftsman Mr Gilmour, was there in all its glory and the support the group of brilliant musicians gave, created an extremely cohesive sound (except for a couple of amusing false starts). Nothing felt forced or sounded contrived, no flashy gimmicks, no music by numbers just musicianship at its very finest. I’m sure the main problem Radio 2 will have is how to edit the show to one hours air time. As for everyone with tickets for the upcomimg shows, you are in for a real treat.

    Whilst 12 years has been an extremely long time to wait for new material, as we all appreciate David’s music is all about quality and not quantity. The naturally high hopes (sorry) I had for On an Island have not only been matched but actually exceeded. Having seen the show and bought the CD (unfortunately there were no T-shirts to buy at the Mermaid) it is obvious why most of the venues on the tour are relatively small. There is a great depth to the record, every note has a purpose (nothing new there), the lyrics have a real meaning and I can assure anyone who has not bought it yet they will not be disappointed. It feels like a complete piece of work that creates an atmosphere of warm contentment. Like all great Floyd records it sounds timeless and will hopefully remain a favourite and be appreciated for as long as music is played. Just like Mr Gilmour it oozes natural class; the man is a national treasure.

    Again, thank you for Tuesday.

    F. Ed; is it true that a DVD of the Mermaid show may be released some time in the future? If not will it be possible to buy/obtain a copy of the show in any format?

    Also; are there any plans to sell any merchandise via the website, such as the limited edition lithographs?


    [Thanks for that, Jeremy. It’s nice to see people ‘getting it’, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I know nothing about a DVD of the Mermaid gig, but presumably that would be up to the BBC. As I wasn’t there, I’m all for that! The merchandising is coming soon, certainly next week. I know there will be T-shirts, beanie hats, jackets, badges and a tour programme. Not sure about the lithographs. – Features Editor]

  94. Just saw an unverified setlist of David’s first show…gee should I repost it…….

    Lets just say lots of On An Island and three of my requests from December.

    See you in April David!!

    [Read the seventh post of the ‘Night One: Dortmund’ blog for a verified setlist, Mark. – Features Editor]

  95. Hello!!!!! David

    I thanks to the translator cheered up to write you I am from Argentina, I am an admirer of yours, you are the better guitarist of that of the world and I like very much what [componés], you are my inspiration is a guitarist and I say you again you are my idol.

    I would like many come to see a recital of yours or I of Pink Floyd saw one report some years ago that you maked and you said that they felt like touching in south america, I hope in this life to could see.

    It is called Alejandro and I am 42 years old.

    Whis you where here.

    I hope to come or that Floyd comes.

    I invite you to eat a roasted fact for my, to the Argentina.

    A big hug

  96. Dear FEd, since I was on the other side of the globe at the time and have had to make do with the Listen Again facility, can you (or anybody else on this blog) tell if that was Rick singing the verses in Comfortably Numb at the Mermaid gig?

    My apologies if I’ve missed the answer to this question already somewhere in the blog.

    [It was. – Features Editor]

  97. Happy belated birthday Dave! I purchased “Island” the very day it went on sale here in the US, it hasn’t left my CD player since I placed it in there!

    What a warm & stunningly beautiful album! it is SO gorgeous! I can’t help to be a little teary eyed on some of these tracks…it’s like a warm embrace from an old friend…

    Wished the band was coming here to North Carolina but if there’s a DVD coming out of the tour I’ll forgive ya! 😉

    THANK YOU Mr. Gilmour for this beautiful CD!!!! 🙂

  98. To those lucky stiffs who were at the Mermaid –

    How about a set list now the cat is out of the bag ? Did DG play a ‘full’ show (ie. the complete set as listed for the Dortmund gigs etc) ?

    Looking at the BBC coverage, there were obviously instruments there not featured in the bradcast set (the big bell for ‘High Hopes’, DGs steel slide guitar, acoustic guitar – presumably for Wish You Were Here ?)

    Anyone else find the BBC a bit unadventurous, just teasing us with three songs in 25 minutes ?

    Wish I’d ben there – and, by the way Ed, lots of coverage over the Albert Hall shows (eBay monitoring, competitions for tickets etc) – any chance of a competition for the Manchester show ?

    By the way David – thank you for continuing to play Syd’s songs. He deserves it.

  99. I think the BBC have been a bit unadventurous too!

    The set as chosen by David is the music he wants to play and wants us to hear. I think it would have been better if the Beeb had broadcast a whole concert – even if it was in two parts. They must have taped the whole show and so it seems odd that half of the show is just going to be shelved for no one to hear.

    Maybe it was a management decision not to allow the BBC to broadcast all of it. The remaining shows are sell outs however so broadcasting a full show wouldn’t have stopped people going but I suppose a cut version of this gig has left the surprise element for those who will be attending future shows.

    I just look forward to seeing a dvd similar to the 2002 release with it’s simply outstanding sound quality – preferably taken from the RAH 31/5 which I’ll be at. Just can’t wait!


  100. I think that David will shoud come the Brazil…

    Please Dave put my country on the Live Dates!!!

    i can make a ask??? And Brazil???

  101. Just watched the Mermaid concert one last time before it’s taken off the R2 site tonight…wanted to say thanks so much again FEd, you made my day/year/life ;->


  102. a bit late comment here sorry. But that was the best experience of my whole life ever i managed to meet David, Polly, Jon Carin, Guy Pratt, and Dick Parry after the concert i managed to shake all their hands all very nice warm people was an honour to meet them.

    The show was mindblowing i had tear in my eye during Shine On and Comfortably Numb i was 3rd row eye level with David i think. Lightshow was great and sound was top notch.

    Thanks for the experience David and co and David i playing my guitar more then ever after getting your blessing your my inspiration and my favorite guitarist ever.

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