David Gilmour In ConcertIt’s hard to believe that there have been seven shows already and many of you have been lucky enough to attend some of them. The comments you’ve left have been absolutely amazing, so thank you all very much for sharing your experiences with us. It’s vastly appreciated and has helped torment those fans who are waiting for the concerts in Italy, Canada, the US and UK just perfectly.

Lots of people are avoiding these comments, however. They don’t want the surprise to be spoiled. So, I thought I’d remind you at this point of David’s last shows in London and Paris in 2001 and 2002, as lots of people have written in asking about the nature of David’s ‘On an Island’ shows, but don’t want me to say too much.

As well as long-time fans, I’m delighted to welcome new fans who may not be as knowledgeable about David’s career and work. If you fall into this bracket and will be seeing David for the first time on his ‘On an Island’ tour, then you might like to know that you can see two full tracks and four clips from his last solo outing – at London‘s Royal Festival Hall in 2001 – online.

This was the annual Meltdown festival, which kick-started a short, but highly successful, residency in London and Paris the following year.

Have a look at the Discography page for that.

These shows were semi-acoustic by nature and featured an orchestra and gospel choir. This time, it’s just David and his band. David is playing some of his favourite Pink Floyd songs on this tour, as he did in 2001 and 2002. Add to that the new songs from ‘On an Island’, which you are now familiarising yourselves with, and what have you got?

You’ve got a great show to look forward to, that’s what!

The next show’s not until Friday, so what better than a little ‘David Gilmour In Concert’ to keep you going until then?

Hope you like it and, as always, I welcome your comments.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Caption competition:

    Inexplicably the inflatable drummer had been punctured and was deflating…

    (Sorry Nic…)

    [Good one, Rudders! – Features Editor]

  2. Fed,

    Okay, so we know that there’s no truth to the Pink Floyd rumors, but what I think we all want to know is; when are Jokers Wild going to get back together?

    [Now that one’s allowed. Why is no one nagging David to do ‘Beautiful Delilah’? – Features Editor]

  3. Meltdown Concert DVD

    I’ve mentioned it before but in addition to a wonderful concert the miscellaneous extras are excellent especially Sonnet 18. DG’s voice is at its best on Sonnet 18 and the footage of the Astoria houseboat is well worth seeing…

  4. Howdy,

    I love the extras to that dvd, with the sonnet, so beautiful. Is it true that David’s previous albums are being re-released, sorry if you’ve answered this but I couldn’t see it on any posts. I saw the meltdown dvd in some cruddy commercial music shop last week and it was double the price that it had been a month ago! Double! and they had sold out, just shows that people may well be developing taste in the world, but we’ll see. I do hope that there will be a dvd of this tour as so many people aren’t going to get to see it, she says with a grin as she holds a ticket in her hand, of whom I feel for, really. Are you going to be attending any shows mr fed man?

    [They might be. As for shows, then I have to wait until May. – Features Editor]


    One thing about the David is that he’s evolved over time as do to his mesmorizing creations.

    If you liked David and the boys in ’68 (I was lucky enough to have toured w/ them then, when they played in small clubs and halls in the US – NOT huge stadiums – It was as heart felt then as it is today) or during the 70’s or 80’s and you still love them today, then you have evolved along the same path….Looks like most of you have, but please don’t feel bad if you didn’t, just go back to when you enjoyed them the most and play their music. PLEASE don’t complain because they aren’t stuck in the same space for the past 40 years…Celebrate and enjoy the change. I think Polly has added many wonderful additions to David’s creations.

    I turn 60 this year as well and only wish I’d known they were touring before a few days ago so I could be seeing them in NYC.

    Nance & Robert Steele
    Portland, CT

  6. Anxiously awaiting the April 4th show at Radio City! I have seen David perform before – once on the About Face tour, three times on the Momentary Lapse tour, and twice on the Division Bell tour. Every show was completely mesmerizing. For those of you who have yet to see this man perform, you will come away knowing, without a doubt, who the true Master of the Strat truly is.

  7. I notice that several people have commented on seeing Polly at the shows, and the FEd has mentioned that she’s very supportive and attends all David’s gigs.

    This begs the question – who’s home looking after the kids?

    Are the young Gilmours on tour with David and Polly, or has a grandparent been drafted in to babysit?

  8. Is there anyone who can inform us about the solo of Comfortably Numb (Duration? any improvisation).


  9. Looks like there might be something to Amazon’s listing of the reissues/remasters of David’s first two solo albums after all. The current issue of Sound + Vision magazine mentions that:

    – A surround sound mix of OIA will be forthcoming

    – David Gilmour (1978) and About Face (1984) will be reissued with bonus tracks!

  10. Meltdown Gig 2002

    I can recommend this gig in DVD format to any fan.

    I had the pleasure of attending the concert and also managing to get the set list from David’s guitar area (mid stage).

    The list of songs played included the very unexpected “Je Crois J’entendre Encore” from Bizet’s Pearlfishers.

    I have to say I am no classical fan – but David’s voice on this with the late Michael Kamen accompanying on english horn was superb.

    I was privileged to meet Michael on several occasions – he is sadly missed by music fans and I hope all of David’s fans will remember him during his tour.

    I managed to meet David after The Mermaid Theatre performance where I got the Meltdown setlist autographed.

    enjoy the tour

  11. Meltdown is yet another fantastic Gilmour production but what was all that reading from a scrap of paper by a certain Mr Geldof for the words for Comfortably Numb?? tut tut

    Anyway on another matter, sorry if this has been mentioned already but what sort of merchandising is on sale at the concerts??? can we see some pictures on this site? can we buy some from this site???

    Best wishes for all concerned on Friday

    [There’s a programme, T-shirt, beanie hat… I forget what else, but it will be on the site soon. You can purchase this at the gigs or via the site. We’ll let you know as soon as that section is ready. – Features Editor]

  12. I was fascinated to read the interview with David in Sound & Vision which was obviously conducted a while before the tour started. His comments about his preparation for Live 8 were interesting. I sort of assumed that David would be able to sing Comfortably Numb et al in his sleep, but of course if it has not been performed for a while one would need to brush up and rehearse. This, coupled with an odd incident of forgetting words at a recent gig, is to me, a wonderfully human and endearing thing. Richard Thompson (who’s song The Dimming of the Day David covered at the Meltdown Concert) often seems to get mixed up in the middle of a verse, and at his last tour at the Barbican London, when about to play Crazy Man Michael said “if someone dies in this song, then comes back to life, I’ve got the verses mixed up again…”! 🙂

    Also I bought Obscured By Clouds after it was known that “Wot’s … Uh, The Deal” was in the setlist. Now I know why so many fans requested it earlier in this blog. What a great, beautiful, simple song, and I hope David keeps it in until the Royal Albert Hall..

    Good luck with the rest of the tour, I look forward to the (inevitable) DVD, and maybe not so long a break before the next album??

  13. By some strange coincidence I was just watching some tracks from that video, and I was struck by how terrific Breakthrough was, how the late Michael Kamen was jamming on Dominoes, the enthusiasm of the bass player and Geldof’s lack of it 🙂 …among other things.

    But saying that there’s an orchestra on it might be overstating a bit though.

  14. Caption Comp: Nic took Davids comments completely the wrong way after David said “let’s face it – we need a bit more on symbols in this song”

  15. David, this comment comes from a new fan.

    I grew up listening and playing classical music, admiring J.S. Bach, L.V. Beethoven, Chopin and Rachmaninoff, but thanks to my super body Armando (who introduced me to your music, you know, the one who lost his marriage because he’s going to your concerts in New York and LA) I now have the pleasure to get as excited with your music and without having to go back so many centuries.

    See you in New York, row 7th. Am I lucky or what ?. Yeah !.

    Eres talentoso y extraordinario.



  16. good afternoon F.ed.

    It’s early afternoon in CA USA and I’ve again just finished listening to “On An Island” after “Meddle”. Wave after wave of body rushes pass through me as I close my eyes and await April 16 & 17 to finally arrive for the 2 Oakland shows. I can’t help it. I missed David and PF all through the 80’s and 90’s gigs. It’s been maybe 35 or so years since I saw PF, and I was quite young (15 or 16)and wasted on LSD so I really don’t remember much except it was a lot of Dark Side of the Moon. I do remember though that the crowd was silent to the point you could have heard a pin drop. It was in awe and respect for the show. I think a lot of people were tripping that night in Chicago. I believe it was 1972 or 73. I’m not even sure of that anymore, but concert crowds were different back then. I think the Bay area fans will know how to act for DG and band. I’d like to see the promoters make people leave cell phones at the door. Can’t help but put Echoes back on again. And David, for us old Yanks, we’re real happy with your setlist just the way it is, if the kiddies are disappointed, too damn bad!!

  17. Dear Mr FEd, whilst there is a lull in proceedings would you share with us a few facts! How did you come by the roll of Editor, is it part of your normal job, do you have a normal job, have you been suprised at the popularity of the site and is it taking up more of your time than you thought? what nationality are you and what is your real name? Do you get to see David in person? Did you know David prior to starting this site? Have you been a long time PF/DG/RW fan?……erm that’ll do

    [Blimey! Don’t use your supply of questions all in one go, for goodness sake! – Features Editor]

  18. A propos Meltdown, someone asked for the chords to Smile. Here they are.


    C Cmaj7 C Cmaj7 C Cmaj7 C Cmaj7
    Dm Em7 Fmaj7 G Dm Em7 Fmaj7 G


    C Cmaj7 […]


    Fmaj7 Am Fmaj7 Gsus4 G Gsus4 G C

  19. And with bated breath I read the whole blog after avoiding this site since the tour began….

    I will bring my tissue and my binoculars.

    Ahhhhhh the power of music 🙂 🙂 🙂

    so excited!!!

  20. The Meltdown concert is great. I love it. Is it on cd?

    [No, unfortunately not. – Features Editor]

  21. Dear Mr. Gilmour,

    Thank you indeed for your concert yesterday, 20th March in Amsterdam.

    It was perfect !! My first concert of Pink Floyd was in the summer of 1980 in Earls Court in London. You were performing The Wall.

    I was 21 and so impressed. Now, 26 years later, I’m still impressed. I sat on the 4th row in the Heineken Music Hall, and it was super!

    Thanks again.
    Marian Driessen

  22. i thought the 2002 shows were wonderful and i was honoured to be able to attend all of the london shows. i also met the late michael kamen and he was so nice to all the fans. everyone spoke so highly of him. it’s great that david’s latest version of ‘shine on’ is similar to the semi-acoustic one from meltdown. that has to be one of my all-time favourites and i can’t wait to see how it’s performed (assuming it is performed) in london in may. great extras on this dvd, too. i thought bob geldof was quality on ‘comfortably numb’ even if he did need a lyric sheet. i didn’t like robert wyatt doing it, to be honest. my only grumble was that the one with kate bush was not included on the dvd. that was absolutely fantastic. think i’ll go and watch the meltdown dvd right now, in fact…

  23. Being a life long fan of the Floyd and thus David. It is a source of extreme sadness that I have never seen him/them live. Please come to Ireland ??

  24. Live sound Part II

    I remember theses shows. In 2002, David Gilmour went to Paris at Le Palais des Congrès to perform the same set than in the Meltdown Festival. Unusual and almost totally accoustic. I remember when he sang Shine on alone just with a classic guitar. It was quite impressive. It’s amazing to see the difference between a show with lazers and keyboards, etc.. and just a man and his guitar. Again, I will repeat myself and I’d say that the emotion was there with the guitar play. But It was not simply a concert most some friends who were jaming together, playing there favourite songs.

    This concert was a real pleasure for many reasons but especially because I’ve heard live Shine on Pt II. But it’s hard to believe that it was 4 years ago.

    Good evening Dear F.Ed

  25. I got the album asap after the 6th (happy birthday David ) It was worth waiting for and the show at the Mermaid only served to make me feel even more deprived than ever that I can’t get to see the man live. BTW both album and show were excellent and way too short!

  26. [As well as long-time fans, we are delighted to welcome new fans who may not be as knowledgeable about David’s career and work]

    If I had a few million quid, I’d nominate you for a peerage for that comment, mate. (guess my sex, I called you mate…..)

    I’ve been to three concerts in my lifetime – Jimi Hendrix, ELO, and David Gilmour. I was never knowledgeable about any of them, but I knew (and still know) what I like.

    I’m definitely one of those who didn’t know about David Gilmour or his work until I found this website, after watching Live 8.

    So, for anyone who is new to this site, or new to the music…

    welcome home!

    It’s not about the concerts, it’s not about hearing him live, it’s not about what the set list was, or is, or will be…it’s not where he will play, or won’t play, or what the best song is, or what should be played or what shouldn’t be, it’s not about PF…It’s about the music, and for that, I count my blessings.

    Hats off (again!) to F’ed for understanding.


    [Cheers, Helen. We don’t all consider ourselves to be real aficionados who can tell you each time ‘Echoes’ was performed, after all. – Features Editor]

  27. Hope David won’t cut “Coming back to life” from italian shows. I’ve never wait for anything as I’m waiting for Friday 24th in my whole, entire life. This is not rethoric, this is truth. See you in Milan..

  28. Greetings David.

    First of all, let me thank you sooooo much for stopping in Chicago during your abbreviated U.S. leg of your tour. I am truly looking forward to seeing you in Chicago on April 12th. In fact, my entire band will be in attendance on 4/12 because not only are we all huge fans, but we are also an up and coming Floyd tribute band (imagine that?!?) called Think Floyd USA. (Y’know, its funny. One of our favorite songs to do is not a floyd song, its one of your solo songs: No Way Out of Here). But anyway, the last time I was at the Rosemont Theater was to see Aussie Floyd, who I understand you know several members of. After their performance, we were lucky enough to be invited backstage to meet the membera of the band and we still converse with them regularly. Also, our lead guitar player is in the process of purchasing a Pete Cornish board similar to the one you use.

    Shine On

  29. Caption Competition:

    Richard’s teeth whitening procedure caused havoc with the lighting…

  30. I bought the meltdown concert on video a decision i regret now(but I didn`t own a dvd player then!) and used to watch it over and over again whilst looking after my son jack gilmour kavanagh as a baby while his mother was on numerous night`s out!

    Apart from a brilliant show, one of the highlight`s for me is “Spare Digits”, so that makes me one of the anoraks watching David`s fat finger`s at work, to quote David! LOL

  31. My apologies to Richard for targetting him in the caption competition…

    Follow the link under my name… here’s one for Guy

    Caption Competition: Guy’s change of shampoo caused havoc with his dandruff…

  32. rudders.i have the impression that i will miss you. i am going at massey hall the 10 th. will you be there. f.é. are you the person who write the latest news .if yes ,are you on vacation or s beenalmost a week that there is no latest news.the last news was sam brown first guest of the tour .do you mean that there will be more guests to vous embrasse et vous laisse pour aller donner les bains aux enfants. bonne soirée. sylvie de montréal

    [Does it look like I’m on vacation?! I must work 12 hours a day! I’m just kidding, Sylvie. I don’t mean to be rude. There will be news today, you’ll see. Nobody working on the site has their feet up, trust me on that one. There just hasn’t been anything to report. All the good stuff is here, thanks to you good people. – Features Editor]

  33. RFH2002 was quite an experience for me…flying to London for a long weekend with my best mate…to catch all 3 gigs. It was my first time to England…and had a grand time, hanging with Gilmour Freaks from all over the world. I had seen PF before in 89 and again in 94, but David ~solo~…priceless! (the side trip to battlesea station was cool too, not to mention the drinking, the fish & chips, …)

    It was amazing to see Michael Kaman in action on piano there, he did enjoy that…we were right in front of him in row 3 that night! I also have his signature on my ticket stub from night #1, which was the only thing I had for him to sign! I remember saying hello to him and having him excuse himself due to a phone call from his daughter. RIP Michael.

    Lets see the Kate Bush version!

    Another question FEd: is the woman playing Cello in 2002 shows, Caroline Dale, the same as the woman playing Cello during the sessions with orchestra that were posted on this site in the daily video clips weeks back?

    Good memories all around!!


    [It sure is. Caroline plays on ‘Take A Breath’, ‘Red Sky At Night’ and ‘Then I Close My Eyes’. – Features Editor]

  34. The Meltdown DVD is one of my faves nowadays, almost up there with Pompeii. David singing “Hushabye Mountain” always amazes me; it’s a nice little quirky touch that I love to hear and see performed – David talking to the audience about getting zapped across the stage all the way to the drumkit (“I felt rough.”) when he played the same venue back in ’69. David’s guitar solo on “Breakthrough” is luscious. The concert has a nice personable feel and anyone who doesn’t own the DVD should rush right out and buy it pronto. I miss Michael Kamen. He did a lot for the music world during his stay on this planet.

    And now for something completely different – anyone know the significance of the title of “Wot’s…Uh the Deal?” Why is the song called that? I mean, wot’s the deal with that anyway?



  35. Dear David,

    Happy Birthday!!!

    I am praying for you and your family every year since DEC 1971. I was with Mr. Adrain Maben in Paris in 1973 ( I was 16 years old) looking to bye the rights to exhibit PINK FLOYD IN POMPEII in my country. We had been together some minutes with your wife, Rick Wright and Nick Mason, during the Italy shows in 1994 with our dears Steve and Neil and my partner Fran Tomasi. Almost 35 years asking everytime to GOD gives you all the necessary health and a lot of happy moments, hoping that one day we can promote your concerts in my country EXCLUSIVELY to call the attention to many children and young boys in need, living in great risk, dying for drugs… I was a friend of our dear Steve, who always gave me a lot of respect and all attention. I am still a friend of Neil, who also gave me a lot of good words and as I always said and write to him: Nobody can offer you a better promotion, fee and the BEST reason to come and play in my country. By the way, today, inside the sea and looking to the sun, I sent my best wishes to you, as I use to do in all the good moments of my life. I would love to see you and your concerts again, maybe in New York or California, who knows? GOD bless you, your kind wife, your family and friends. Please send my big hug to Neil. Sorry my English and my way to speak, but, my name is Franco and I am a latino man, full of real emotions and a man who live by the heart, only.

  36. GP

    I’ve yet to see a concert on this tour but if Stevie D’s playing is anything like it is with CPR and CSN then you’re bang on…

    As the drummer does he keep you in line?… does he sir…Oooohhh! Oooohhh!… does he? Oooohhh suits you sir!

  37. I know you probably wont answer these questions but I have one nonetheless.

    So the question, how do you guys experience this? As a lack of interest? Or more as a silent appreciation of good music (which it was in my opinion)? What do you guys prefer? A silent listening audience or the ‘blind’ and loud adoration?


    Ideally we like a crowd who are as silent as the grave during songs and then combust in rapt appreciation at the end, perhaps cheering for particular standout moments, wouldn’t anyone?

    A couple of weeks ago someone asked about the box on David’s rig (his tuner) and I gave a detailed explanation, now I see the same question and incomplete answers appearing(It’s a Conn Strobotuner), so that is why I don’t answer questions as a rule, it seems to be a waste of time.

    Thanks to everyone for their sympathy re my tummy upset, I realise it could be perceived as a cheap shot for the sympathy vote….

    It’s a shame noone has responded to my complimenting of Steve DiStanislao, who is doing such a great job especially considering he’s coming into a tight knit group of people who have played together for years and got the vibe immediately.


  38. Exceedingly overdue comments on my part…

    First off, Happy belated birthday, David! Yes, I’m two weeks late- but better late than never! (I’ll assume I’m off the Christmas card list this year…)

    Second, I cannot wait for the NYC shows!!! With the setlists and reviews floating around, the Europeans are definitely successful in their attempts at tormenting their friends in the US… Not complaining, just twitching with excitement!

    Lastly, as excited as I am to hear the old material, I am even more excited to hear OAI live. It is a beautiful, rich album. Thanks for sharing it with us, David!

    Best regards,

  39. After last night’s result, on Friday in Milan may I humbly request David and the chaps dedicate ‘the Blue’ to Steve Bruce’s ‘Big Fat Head’ (copyright ‘the travelling Kop’) 😉

    I am pleased to report FEd, that not only was it an evening of unparalleled sporting success (the Reds record away FA Cup win in history) but an ex-workmate, who now resides in Boca Raton, managed to secure me a Best Buy ‘Island Jam’ bonus CD 🙂 Result!!!

    [Get in! Good idea about Friday’s show, Ali. Up the ‘Pool. – Features Editor]

  40. “Are the young Gilmours on tour with David and Polly, or has a grandparent been drafted in to babysit?”

    Polly… do what I do… leave a pile of sandwiches and videos and they’re fine…..gotta go! Social Services are at the door…

  41. I’ve owned the Meltdown DVD for some time now, and I have also wondered why it wasn’t on CD. I don’t know how many times I had “Je Crois Entendre Encore” and “Smile” running through my head at work. I would much rather hear them fresh in Honda Hybrid on the way to work, so it would be more clear in my mind through the day.

    I’ve got an Idea (as if you need more…HA) maybe David could put out a live cd after this tour and combine tracks from Meltdown and On an Island.

  42. Dear Mr. Gilmour,

    I think it’s too hard I would play with you some day.

    But some of Pink Floyd’s songs and almost all the solos on those songs made my life better.

    I am a guitar player too. I am a guy with 54 years old. I am a medium guitar player, but I practice your solos and all the people of bykers groups invite me several times to play on their meetings.

    I am happy to find your site and I think I wont could play with you never if I wont ask you about it. So, I am telling you this exactly how I know to say: It will be one of the most important things to me: I will wonder to play with you some day, even if I could record from Brazil and you there in England.


  43. Big huge thanks to Knut Arne Vedaa for posting chords to Smile.

    I tried it and sounds great and my baby boy absolutely LOVES it.

    OAI is the only CD I ever bought and listened to over and over without ever changing the CD. It is brilliant and beautiful.

  44. High-end audiophile/home theatre publication Sound & Vision have just posted a fascinating interview with David Gilmour on their website. In the chat with David, he confirms a rumour about – a surround sound mix of his new album, On An Island.

  45. Meltdown Show

    I’ve had the DVD for almost 3 months now…I’ve watched it at least 50 times. I WILL buy it this weekend.

    The Wall was the first Album I ever bought as a kid and I was lucky enough to see Pink Floyd four times during the Momentary Lapse tour. Before one of the shows, on my birthday, my girlfriend at the time gave me an autographed Wall poster with David’s autograph – my most prized possesion for the last 18 years!!!

    The other night my kids were watching the Meltdown show while playing with their trains and my 4 year old looked at me and said, “I don’t want to be a pilot anymore, I want to play guitar and sing like him.” It was a proud moment for me.

    Anyway…I can’t wait to see the April 5th show at Radio City. On An Island is a fantastic piece of work and it’s amazing how many new “friends” I have all trying to get the other ticket. But I’m going with one of my best buds…who was sitting next to me at all 4 shows 18 short years ago.

    PS: The meltdown DVD has made my mom (5 years David’s senior) a fan…she is now e-mailing me with updates of the tour! 🙂

    Again – thanks for all of the music…and I enjoy reading the set lists. There are so many great songs…Echoes is one that was not played at any of the 4 shows I saw…it would be nice to hear it (hint).

    BTW: how come no songs from Momentary…like Sorrow, On The Turning Away or Terminal Frost…just curious – it seems like nothing ever gets played from that album…

  46. Caption Contest:

    Nic France thinking to himself, “Oh pony…why did she make me wear these shoes again?”

    Cheers to all…

  47. Hi,

    This is my second posting ever to a fansite – the first here about a month ago – when anticipation was running high. One of the things I mentioned was just how preposterous the entire notion of writing like this seemed – after all – there are more movies out there in the dvd bins with my name on them than I can remember, I raised two kids as a single parent, and all of that.

    But what has become clear to me over the past month of reading this blog is how alive and vibrant it is. There is a real community out who truly are connected by this music. A lot of it is due to a guiding hand and sensibility; some comes from the kinds of people who gravitate towards David’s music.

    You are not likely to see gang warfare at a David Gilmour concert!

    David’s music has been encouraging me in my own creative endeavors for longer than 3 decades and now the influence has leapfrogged into the next generation. My 23 year old son got his graduate degree in digital production and has been playing with his band for 3 years – mostly in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    The influence is clearly there – though it is music exploding with the exuberance of youth rather than the wisdom of age. Does David have a policy about listening to unsolicited music?

    If at all affirmative, I would like to get him a disc (I will be at the Gibson Theater concert in LA) or email him an mp3. It’s a crazy notion I know and definitely circumvents normal channels, but the world is changing and what are normal channels anyway in a time when we are all connected by a blog such as this?

    Feel free not to post this if you think that it could open a floodgate to receiving zillions of unsolicited songs you don’t want to hear. Or if it presents legal problems.

    Blog on!

    [Hi Les, thanks for posting. You’re always very welcome. As for the CD or MP3, then I’m afraid we are discouraging people from sending material to David at the moment, as he is obviously extremely busy with the tour. Do enjoy the show in LA and we wish your son continued success with his band and career. – Features Editor]

  48. I agree. The DVD is worth buying just for the Sonnet 18 track. David’s voice is amazing. Simply beautiful, timeless and soulful.

    I shed a tear everytime I watch it.

  49. Caption…

    “Not much to do on this song.Think I’ll just count the ants walking by while David is doing his thing.Be something to talk about at intermission.”

  50. Caption Competition:

    I will tell you one more time, drop the cell phone and back away slowly.

  51. Just had to pop in here and say hello, David.

    Congratulations on this beautiful album. I’ve listened to ‘On an Island’ (in its entirety) now perhaps 10-11 times and it still somehow seems better each time I hear it. Your music is a wonderful gift and I’m grateful for your sharing. I think I speak for many of us yanks here when I say we’re really anxious to hear this band…

    The set lists are looking great! Love the willingness you guys have to change it up some from night to night. Wots…Uh the Deal, Fat Old Sun…Echoes! Alongside your newer classics, this must be one incredible show indeed.

    When was the last time you sang Green is the Colour? That scat-type singing at the end…you could really do something special with that one yet. If I had to pick one…well, Fearless would be nice too…


  52. Photo Caption:

    Still upset over the catering crew using his favourite cymbal as sandwich platter, he decides to discretely lick the traces of corned beef and mustard while David isn’t looking.

  53. I like how “On an Island” doesn’t only cater to the slower more melodic side of Gilmour’s style as I expected. “Take a Breath” shows that Gilmore still has the edgy style that I believe Pink Floyd became most famous for. His guitar solo’s always seem to hit that perfect note at just the right time and what I am most impressed about in the album is the overall freshness of style. I wish I could make the New York show, but hey, if Gilmour keeps it up I am sure I will have another chance to see my favorite artist perform.

  54. i just have one small request for the show on the 4th in NY…

    Absolutely Curtains (best instrumental all time) fitted nicely between wish you were here and comfortably numb.

    that’s it from a fan who wants to see you make the guitar sing as only you can.

    can’t wait until the 4th!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  55. People recording with cell phones?… or getting more than their fill of drink and singing along?… and GOD, do I hate that. That happened to me at the last show I saw. That and he was “dancing”, as we all were, and he would just SWING his head aroung, very nearly bashing it into mine… and this was peaceful music… And always people shouting nonsense-to-be-ignored at the stage… Man, oh man the shame. I DO hope I have an audience that appreciates the music enough to let it flow without selfish disturbances. You hear me Chicagoans? This ain’t late night at the Kingston Mines… keep it cool and easy-breezy, please.

    Hoping my fair city will treat you guys right come April 13th. I’m sure we will. My brother and I, both long time Floyd fans… (though I am the better 😉 are very eager to see whats really in store for us. As others have said: it could just be David, a guitar and a lightbulb, and it would still tickle me to no end.

    SAM BROWN! GAAA! Oy. And now shes touring with Jools, I know. Y’know what? Bribe her. And bribe Jools. Everyone has a price. Get her over here! I’ll front the expenses! (not really… but I would if I had them)

    The Meltdown show was great. I’m saddened to read about Michael Kamen as he seemed like the absolute perfect gentleman and I don’t know many people who can tickle my ears with an English horn. In fact he is the only thus far. (Maybe I don’t get out enough) And there was a great sharpness to his piano playing… like David’s guitar work in that, to me, it was really unique (which is a rare thing for a pianist IMO) but still absolutely top-notch professional. I liked the way his head bobbed and jerked as he played… I guess thats strange but thats the memory of him that kind of sticks for me.


  56. I bought Meltdown immediately when it came out knowing that David was playing the concerts a year previous. My good friend borrowed it for 2 months. Then I gave up and gave it to him for his birthday and purchased a new CD for moi. Now,my good friend and others invited me to go to the first gig at Massey. See you all at the Hard Rock Cafe on Yonge St. Angela, there are some sites to consider. The CN Tower is usually requested, nice view at the top. Okay Guy, are you using your 1951 Fender Precision on this tour. Nice relic. Be Well.

  57. Caption Competition

    “News-Flash, man gets cymbal stuck up nose creating new movement-smellody!”

    Whats all this I hear about OAI being released in 5.1 and surround sound????? Whatever that is????

    AND bonus tracks on releases on earlier solo releases! So next year for the “best of album eh?

    I know FED cant commnet and no blame ( honest-I dont do blame)for that. Hope the band is resting well

    Ian Pearson

  58. Todays caption should read “It’s an idea someday, through my tears my dreams…”

  59. Great interview David in “Sound and Vison”. So YOU DO read these comments. We should all be chuffed and best wishes for rest of tour

    Ian Pearson

    [And you didn’t believe me when I told you… – Features Editor]

  60. Photo caption:

    Another day, another disappointing comment from Rudders….

    Marmalade… I like marmalade

    [Cheeky! – Features Editor]

  61. [ “..lead your life the way you think is best. I would even have peace with your retirement from music …you fully deserve it…any true fan should realise this.” Clemens , March 21 ]

    I totally agree mate. Anything David has done presently, or in the future if he so desires, is absolute extra icing on an already incredibly delicious cake. In indelibly and emphatically stamping his mark on some 17 (!) studio albums he has given us a lifetime of music and emotional landscapes to savour.

    His choice of career; his calling, has affected all of us in ways I’m sure most of us would never be able to adequately express. The best way we can all thank him is to consume his latest hearfelt offering, to support him and friends (if fortunate enough) in concert, and to just try and understand and accept where life has taken him, …and indeed us all.

    We should just be glad for his hard-earned happiness.

    He deserves to enjoy his sweet icing.

    🙂 Tom

    [Some of you are so nice. Bless you. Are the whiners and graspers converted yet? – Features Editor]

  62. [Carlos: I grew up listening and playing classical music, admiring J.S. Bach, L.V. Beethoven, Chopin and Rachmaninoff, but thanks to my super body Armando (who introduced me to your music, you know, the one who lost his marriage because he’s going to your concerts in New York and LA) I now have the pleasure to get as excited with your music and without having to go back so many centuries.]

    Are you serious about Armando?? Has he really lost his marriage because of attending these concerts?? Well, at least he will be seeing two wonderful shows, I guarantee!!

  63. I’ve got a bootleg DVD of Dave playing his 1978 solo work. In this he plays an awesome MIHALIS – real hair standing on end stuff. Can’t wait ’till the Albert Hall gigs!

    What’s Dave’s view on such bootlegs? Us genuine fans love them – we own ALL of the Floyd related releases anyhow! Such recordings (when traded freely) really fill in the gaps.

    [How long have you got, Tony? – Features Editor]

  64. Dear FEd,

    Is there a chance to see on David’s official site chords or transcriptions of the songs from ‘On an Island’ ? Or maybe from the other solo albums too ?

    [There are no plans for that sort of thing, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  65. Hey, instead of replacing Wearing the inside out with Coming back to life, it would be better, if David simply included both of them.Wearing the inside out was never performed during DB tour and all must have chance to hear that song live..Even if DVD comes later.

  66. I totally agree with the comments above from Bob & Nance Steele. Now, I love tracks like “Careful with that axe, Eugene” and “Saucerful of secrets.” But that was nearly 40 years ago. At some point, an artist has to find new things, to develop new interests, in order to avoid becoming the self-parody that The Rolling Stones have become. I am right there with everyone who is thrilled that David is playing “Echoes” on this tour, but I disagree with those who want David’s music to sound just as it did when Floyd were playing tiny clubs. David has progressed as an artist since then, and I delight in hearing something new. If David wants to play a classic in a new way, that gives me something to look forward to.

  67. Being a life long fan of the Floyd and thus David. It is a source of extreme sadness that I have never seen him/them live. Please come to Ireland ??

    i second that sean . it is horrible to be stuck in dublin and hearing about all the good gigs david is doing thourghout europe (and hopefully in the uk and america when the time comes ) . same when the floyd played in 1994 .

    teaches me to run out of cash if i could have i would have been at all the gigs in the royal albert hall in a heart beat .

    please x 40 million relase a cd and dvd form the tour .

    the melt down dvd was briilliant . i wish it could have been released on cd as i would love to have had the ability to listen to it all especially breakthrough and je crois entende encore (please excuse my spellings i am dyslexic in english never mind french 🙂 ) in my car or on my diskman when relaxing .


    p.s morning feat ed . i hope you are to be found well .

    [Hi Linda. I’m very well, thank you. How’s your back? – Features Editor]

  68. Hi

    The David Gilmour in Concert DVD is definately worth purchasing. I was lucky enough to go to the one of the 2002 gigs at the Royal Festival Hall.

    I loved the acoustic Shine on You Crazy Diamond. It was also great to hear Dominoes by Syd & Breakthrough from Richard’s last album.

    Also having been very lucky to see David at the Mermaid, I love the way he now plays Shine on You Crazy Diamond, it is a great way to play such a superb piece of music. I have read several posts here talking about the way David has changed over the years. I have to agree with all those comments, he just gets better.

    Long live David, The Guitar King!!!

    Seems ages to wait until May & Manchester, but reading all the experiences on this blog just makes the build up even better.

    F Ed., you do a great job & deserve an honour for your work, so from now on I will campaign for you to be knighted. Sir F Ed.!!!


    [You’re too kind, Richard. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  69. Hi distinguised Features Ed, fellow bloggers, and avid readers!

    Good to see some quality comments/humour/debates kicked around on the blog as always. I’ll add my agreement to the “please don’t use cameras, especially with flash” comments.

    Mainly posted this time, though, to quote from the Sound & Vision interview with David which has just popped up on the press page – for anyone who doesn’t believe David reads our witterings…

    “Q: You have your own Web site now, Do you like it?
    A: I do like it. I particularly like the blog thing, which changes every day. I pass messages to the Web masters constantly to change this or do that. I really like it if it keeps moving. I can’t stand these sites that stay absolutely static”

    I hope anyone who didn’t think this was an active site/blog – or worse thought it was a cynical marketing plan – will be heartened by this. It might ALSO discourage certain people from posting the less than helpful/polite comments which have cropped up from time to time, and no doubt driven F. Ed to throwing screwed up post-it notes at people in the office…

    Keep rocking good people!

    [Titus, they didn’t believe me! They thought I’d made it all up when I said that David visits. I asked ever-so nicely, said many a time that it was rude to keep nagging for this, that and the other… All completely ignored. The crumpled post-it notes that I’ve thrown… Monitors and chairs, too. Anyway, let’s hope a few people have egg on their faces now and start showing a bit more respect. Cynical marketing plan indeed! – Features Editor]

  70. Me again,

    I just want to point something out, I don’t think it’s been mentioned before…

    having only recently seen the footage of the mermaid gig on bbci and indeed the solo of money at live 8, I have noticed that David has begun to pull some cracker ‘Gurns’.

    I think there should be a best gurn poll. Im sure the quiet bit in the solo of money on live 8 is by far his best, but I think the mermaid ones are also whoppers. Perhaps it helps him playing, perhaps its reflex, but it sure is great entertainment.

    p.s. a gurn is a type of facial expression for those who don’t know what i’m on about.

    Anyone know if he pulls any on the live in concert dvd? (I plan to buy this DVD next time i’m in town anyways).

    Long live the gurns

    [Oh yeah, there are loads of good ones! – Features Editor]

  71. Goose,

    “Dear Mr FEd, […] and what is your real name?””

    I can answer that, it’s Publius Enigma 😉 😉

    “Do you get to see David in person?”

    Yes, as stated he/she will be a the final Royal Albert Hall show (I wish I was too, with my wife)

    Sorry, had to take some load off the FEd with all those questions 🙂

    Just finished listening to On an Island (second time this morning). Will give it some extra spins this day … and “Obscured By Clouds” in between.


    [Thank you, Piet. I’m glad that someone is paying attention. – Features Editor]

  72. traveling from ireland on friday morn to see dave play in milan friday night it’s like christmas in the middle of march
    boy can i not wait

  73. About The Meltdown festival

    Hello Dear F.ed,

    After my yesterday’s post, I realize I have forgotten something. The 2002’s concerts were also the first time where David Gilmour performed “Smile”. But I don’t see who was the first female singer (not Sam Brown. Katie Kissoon maybe ? I’m not sure of her name) before Mrs Gilmour. And When I rewatched the video, Mr Gilmour said “This is a new one, so you can start you recorders…”. But I can’t remember if he did this same little private joke in Paris.

    And there was just One thing that I did not like in the concert… It was to short !

    [There were a lot of singers, weren’t there? Apart from Sam Brown, there was Chris Ballin, Pete Brown, Margo Buchanan, Claudia Fontaine, Michelle John Douglas, Sonia Jones, Carol Kenyon, David Laudat, Durga McBroom, Aitch McRobbie and Beverli Skeete. Aitch McRobbie sang with David on ‘Smile’. – Features Editor]

  74. Hi all,

    Helen – you saw Hendrix? Wow, I’m insanely jealous. In a parallel universe I would have loved to have heard Jimi’s interpretation of some of David’s music, especially Comfortably Numb, or maybe SOYCD in that Little Wing style. Yum…

    “It’s about the music, and for that, I count my blessings.” – amen to that, brother/sister/whatever you are! 🙂

    Also, to everyone interested in the Meltdown concert on CD – in the very least get the DVD because David’s version of the Thompson song, “Dimming of the Day” is amazing. Lyrically it sounds so much like a David song…a lovely choice. I was at that concert at the RFH and it was fantastic – highly recommended stuff. I don’t know how good/bad/illegal this is, but in order to get this stuff onto my iPod I extracted the audio tracks from the DVD and converted them to MP3. Now I have Meltdown on the iPod, and it’s a beautiful thing 🙂 As long as you own the DVD, I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. FEd… sorry if this is inappropriate.


    [That’s perfectly legal and I’m sure your iPod thanks you for it. Strictly speaking, commercial releases of recordings are not designed to be copied, but alternative copies for personal use by legitimate purchasers are looked upon as part of fair usage by rights owners worldwide. (Not for giving away, swapping or selling to third parties though!) – Features Editor]

  75. Each and every time I saw Pink Floyd live and the occasion I saw David solo in ’84 has always been very special. However, nothing prepared me for the 2002 shows. I was at the Royal Festival Hall the night that Kate Bush guested. (She must have known I was going). The show began with, what I thought, was David tuning his acoustic guitar but more and more the chords became structured and familiar and transformed into ‘Shine On’. It was an astounding version. From then on it was just shock after shock as David played a stunning set of favourites and lots of surprises. The obvious and the non obvious was covered during those shows. I saw people, me included, filling up when he played ‘Hushabye Mountain’. It was indeed a wonderful night. Captured on DVD with all the extras but never released on CD.

    Pete – Coventry

  76. Hey Guy/ED, you are double posting!! Haha since I feel I should respond to this one (at least to say thanks) I’m afraid I must follow suit…

    “Thank you Guy. I understand that it would not be practical (you have accumulated far too much fans over the years :)) at all to answer individual questions.

    On mr DiStanislao: he is playing brilliantly! You say you had never rehearsed “Coming Back to Life”? Well hats off to him then! I had the privilige of hearing that live. Since I’m paying tribute anyway I feel that I should mention Dick Parry (although I have great respect for all of you, you cant blaim me for that, Im a fan :)). Sometimes I get the impression he is one of Floyds unsung heroes…”

    Best to you all!


    [I think we should allow Guy to double-post, don’t you? – Features Editor]

  77. G’day David

    Is there any possibility that you can get down to our Floyd starved country Australia

    We caught Roger here April 02 in Melbourne he was brilliant and we know you like Oz from the time we saw you and Nick at the Adelaide GP

    Please come down cos there’s heaps of Floydians here

    Fan since 13y.o. 1973 Dark Side
    John from Oz

  78. if you don’t have this dvd, then you should get it because it’s fantastic. it’s a perfect introduction to david’s music if you’re a new fan. how brave was it of david to tone down these grand pink floyd numbers (bearing in mind how ridiculously obsessive pink floyd fans are, thinking the songs belong to them and demanding how they should be played… i mean, you only have to read half a dozen posts on any fan fare page to spot them) and to play them in a small theatre with no flashing lights or any of the stuff you associate with pink floyd? it’s amazing that, four/five years on, people still don’t understand why he’s playing in nice venues on this tour instead of selling out and playing in arenas. i pity those who don’t get it and i wish their tickets could be given to those who do get it instead. it would make for far better shows without all the gobby idiots who are too wrapped up in themselves to try to understand. anyway, this is also the first time we got to hear the lovely ‘smile’ and the best ‘shine on you crazy diamond’ ever in my opinion. ‘je crois entendre encore’ is a delight. i love this dvd and have played it to death! look out for it.

  79. I had a major Gilmour dream last night:

    I won a ticket to a very small, private concert in London. I was all in a tizzy getting my airline ticket, finding my passport, figuring out what to pack. Inexplicably decided on multicolored leather hotpants, sheer black pantyhose and high heels…not “me” at all. SO wrong!

    I took some sort of weird lounge shuttle to the airport and either Cloris Leachman or some other aging character actress helped me and told me that everything would be fine and they’d even hold the plane until we got there. The flight lasted no time. I got a cab with some other people and the driver (seated on the left like in the US) drove with no headlights and kept coming close to hitting pedestrians. Finally got to the outdoor venue and had a front row seat. It was a beautiful night. David had on a dark shirt, jacket and pants (there’s a surprise) and stood on the lawn right in front of me. He played a very small, computerized gizmo that he held like a guitar…it looked like a tiny, strummable walkie-talkie. He smiled and joked a bit and was totally adorable. (Sorry, Polly!)

    I dreamed this after reading the Mojo interview last night. Any pseudo- or authentic psychoanalysts want to weigh in on this one?

  80. In response to Guy saying “There is absolutely no way we played it in either Cleveland, Philly or Chicago. “

    According to an unofficial live CD which is supposed to be from a soundboard recording of John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on 19th September 1987 the first song that was played was “Echoes”!!

    Anyway, it was great to hear the new rearrangement of Echoes, but however much I like Echoes I cannot help feeling that it would have been so much better if Dave had played 3 or 4 other songs that we haven’t heard for so long. Maybe like in 1987, Echoes will only be played for a limited number of times, so as to make way for more of the golden oldies, like more from Obscured by Clouds (Wots … uh the deal – was fantastic) and Meddle (Fearless & San Tropez) that have never been played live.

    Finally please consider making these shows to be able to buy later like so many other bands are doing these days, namely The Who and Peter Gabriel where you can buy every show from the last few tours. Making these shows available to download would not require any pressing of CDs or printing of artwork or packaging, and I am sure some of the proceeds could go to the various Charities that David is associated with.

  81. Following on from Alternate Gilmour’s comment on the Sound & Vision interview with DG.

    Follow the link under my name… he talks about 5.1, setlist and this blog…

  82. ‘What’s David’s view on such bootlegs?’

    I seem to remember, and correct me if I am wrong F Ed’ but as a band Pink Floyd had an open book on bootlegs. They didnt seem to care. In fact I clearly remember at Stafford Bingley Hall 1977 people were not even attempting to hide their tape recorders.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Well, just because it’s possible to record/film/distribute copies of an artist’s performance, doesn’t mean that the artist has sanctioned it or endorses it. We extracted an answer from David’s management on the issue of bootlegs and here is their reply: “David Gilmour’s management does not endorse bootlegging, which is the offering for sale of unapproved performances. David has made available various of his copyrighted performances in the past, free, (such as ‘Island Jam’), but the principle should always be that the owner of the copyright controls the distribution. Artists have a right to ensure the quality of the reproduction and broadcast of their art, and that right is not ceded to a third party just because the technology exists to do so. It’s understandable that concert-goers want to record the experience for themselves, but this shouldn’t extend to sharing poor quality pictures or recordings with the rest of the world.” So there you have it. Hope that’s straight-forward. What they mean is, just because photocopying exists, it’s not OK to photocopy the daily newspaper for your friends, whether you bought the newspaper or not. It’s even less OK to distribute bad photocopies… Don’t get me started on the annoying, distracting and disrespectful practice of “fans” spoiling David’s shows by shoving their mobile phones in the air and flashing away – because this answer is already very long! – but there have been plenty of comments here from fans saying how annoyed they were to see so many people doing this. The concert is, at the end of the day, about the event itself. David is the only one who has the right to capture it and broadcast it – no one else. Notice that he could have banned cameras completely, but has relied so far on fans’ sense of responsibility. It’s just a shame that some “fans” don’t appear to know the meaning of the word. I hope that answers it, Peter. – Features Editor]

  83. Tom, Clemens,

    I agree (as stated in one of my posts before) on the fact that what we get now is extra icing on the cake.

    But an hour ago it dawned on me while reading the beautiful On an Island lyrics and especially David’s personal notes during my meal-break and I broke into tears realizing last sunday and monday were maybe my last changes of seeing David and Rick live (and my wife had to stay home for our youngest boy (6 weeks)). And thus I never have the chance to look at my wife and share this experience. Hopefully a DVD will help me to explain that vibe to her.

    Still silent.

    “So much behind us
    Still far to go”


  84. A question for David,

    Is there any chance of the Pompeii soundtrack ever appearing on CD. Are the rights owned by others or is the sound quality not the best? It sounds great on the DVD.

    Cheers, Howard

    [Sorry, Howard. David reads the posts, but he’s not about to start answering questions… especially not Pink Floyd questions. – Features Editor]

  85. [quote; It’s a shame noone has responded to my complimenting of Steve DiStanislao… .

    Guy end quote]

    Dear Guy, (with the lovely shirt),

    This is what I wrote about Steve “…And please don’t forget Steve DiStanislao, he should get a medal for his soulful & powerful drumming…”.

    I know this is enough to praise the man in charge, but the start is made.

    You all were great! The whole band, Polly’s lyrics, the light show, the crew, the technical staff (with a plug more or less). Think everyone at this blog, who saw you life, will agree that.

    You’ve guts to play “Coming Back to live” unrehearsed… that says something about the abilities of this band and is it a way of making clear that not alone the perfection counts, but making fun, taking risks, trying new things?

    Compliments what ever the reason was.

    Have fun,
    Nick with a lovely shirt too.

  86. Further to my 2002 appraisal (well it was lunch time and I was rushing) I forgot the choir who were quite breathtaking.

    Pete Coventry

  87. In response to Guy’s post, I can’t really comment on the drummer. I have to wait until May to see the magic of the show myself.

    In addition to F-Ed’s post, ‘In Concert’ deserves regular airing in any houshold, and at last count FIVE people have gone out and bought their own copy after watching it in my living room.

    Might I add that David’s blistering performance of ‘Marooned’ on the Strat-pack DVD is also a very under-rated effort from the catalogue. ‘Marooned’ sits quite nicely beside the ‘Island’ stuff in my opinion. It would probably slot comfortably into the current set…with Rick tinkling away on the keyboard parts.

    Roll on 30 May. Can’t bloody wait.

    The lovers the dreamers and me (couldn’t leave that bit out, now, could I)

  88. [There’s a programme, T-shirt, beanie hat… I forget what else, but it will be on the site soon. You can purchase this at the gigs or via the site. We’ll let you know as soon as that section is ready. – Features Editor]

    – How about an official “I’ve been put in my place by the Features Ed!” t-shirt so us bloggers can easily recognise one another at future gigs? (to go along with the club badge, ID card, secret handshake etc!). I assume there is already an “I’m Rudders. . . and so is the wife!” shirt!

    [Hmm, I think there’s a gap in the market… – Features Editor]

  89. Do you think that David can be at South America? Brazilians are waiting for this moment for years…

  90. Sylvie

    We will miss each other… I’m at the April 9th concert. You enjoy and have a good time 🙂

  91. Dear Ed,

    RE: Pompeii CD

    That’s fine as long as he sees the post.

    Cheers, Howard

  92. Talking of t-shirts, as 1 or 2 are, I still have my Animals 77 one. I tried it on recently. I must have been a lot slimmer in my youth. However, I felt quite hip in it as it showed most of my stomach and thats a fashion nowadays isnt it.

    Pete – Coventry

  93. Hey David !

    I dont know if you read this personally

    Just listening to your new album on my head fones

    its great ! its awesome that you are still making music and giving it to the world, for as long as i can remember pink floyd and your solo albums have inspired me, ive been writing music since i was 3 or 4 playing the piano, and have been performing for over 15 years now !, just wanted to say thank you mate !! your awesome. what you have done with your carrer and music has inspired me to do the same ! just keep going. no matter what.

    good luck on the tour and i wish you all the best !

    Much Regards and Respect
    Jeramiah Ross
    New Zealand.

  94. “[I forget who sang with David on ‘Smile’. Maybe someone who has watched the concert recently will be kind enough to tell us. – Features Editor]”

    ’twas Aitch McRobbie, so far as I recall. And the whole concert was spine-tinglingly wonderful, both whilst in the audience and each time I’ve watched the DVD. I really like the way David’s combined some of what was referred to as his “Chamber Rock” sound with the more “traditional” rock sound in this new live outing, (he says, no doubt provoking a torrent of additional comments about changing musical styles…)

    [Aha! Thanks for that, Titus. – Features Editor]

  95. The little video clips with Pink himself, Sir Bob Geldof singing the “other” parts of Comfortably Numb reading the lyrics as he was singing, well, he doens’t remember the lyrics? How could ANYONE forget them? But it didn’t take away from the concert at all.

    I saw one of the Cleveland shows on the Division Bell/P.U.L.S.E. tour, and was completely blown away. The only time I ever got to see David perform, but I hope to see him again in the future. Sadly, I don’t have a ticket to one of the US/Canada shows, so it will have to be next tour (hint hint).

    David, you are a musician deluxe. “Take A Breath” is one of the best, along with “Until We Sleep”. Thank you very much for everything.

    I humbly bow to your greatness.

  96. I’ve found a new way to enjoy “On an Island” – play it for someone else. It takes on a new thrill to throw a buddy in the car and say, “we’re going for a ride..this will take about an hour…” and turn up the stereo…last night, I played OAI for a good friend who hasn’t gotten around to purchasing it yet and he was blown away…and so was I by feeding off his reaction. Has anyone else commented on the line in “The Blue” – ‘Still, marooned’ Clever…for a man who likes to disavow his old band when talking about his solo work, he manages to make oblique musical allusions to it on the albums…About Face had a few in there as well…

    And is it just me or does anyone want to know more from Bob & Nance Steele about “touring with the band” back in the old days. Please speak up! Maybe one of us can manage to get you a seat for Radio City…sounds like you’ve earned it!!!

    And FEd? You simply rock…looking forward to the grand unveiling on May 31st..I’ll be there!


  97. Guy wrote:

    “So the question, how do you guys experience this? As a lack of interest? Or more as a silent appreciation of good music (which it was in my opinion)? What do you guys prefer? A silent listening audience or the ‘blind’ and loud adoration?”

    My own personal preference is that when I go to a concert i want to sit and hear the music. If i want to rock and roll and party all night long I’d go see Kiss or ACDC. But I don’t.

    I hate it when people start yelling in the middle of the songs and just being a*seho*es.

    I can’t wait for the Massey Hall gig April 9 and I will cheer loudly after the songs; but hopefully I’ll be able to hear them too.

  98. Becky in “effin” Atlanta

    “I dreamed this after reading the Mojo interview last night. Any pseudo- or authentic psychoanalysts want to weigh in on this one?”

    Sorry Becky but my vision blurred a bit after the hot-pants, heels and sheer blac….

    Oh dear… it’s gone blurry again…

  99. Has anybody run across a site that has the tabs for the guitar for OAI. I really would like to learn to play some songs.

  100. To Guy:

    It’s interesting to see a prominent band member continue to post to this blog, and much appreciated. You’re right, Steve DiStanislao deserves recognition for fitting in to a group of musicians who, for the most part, have known each other for not years, but decades…!

    In response to your dismay at people not taking in your responses in the past: the internet is a wonderful resource, allowing both exchange of information and exchange of misinformation, and there’s little anyone can do about that! Thanks to the features editor, the signal to noise ratio here is pretty good, but I myself am often turned away by the prospect of reading 100-or-more comments, and I’m sure I’m not the only one! But does this make answering questions a waste of time? I would say not; for every person that comments on a post, there could be 50 others reading comments who chose not to post. And that’s 50 pairs of eyeballs catching your answer, as opposed to none if you weren’t to post.

    I, for one, applaud your continued postings to this blog.

  101. Hi F.ED

    I was at both the concerts at the festival hall that were recorded for the dvd and fantastic nights they were to!

    In reply to Guy,s comments.

    I thought Steve did an outstanding job when i saw him play for the first time at the Mermaid theater concert as did the whole band. The fact that not many people on this forum have commented on Steve,s drumming is not neccessarily a bad thing, as unfortunatly there are 1 or 2 people out there who seem to take pleasure in only picking up on the faults in the performances. Keep up the great work Steve, and keep the posts coming Guy it really is superb of you to give your views from inside the band.

  102. This is a utter meltdown for me, I have tickets for the April 5th show in NYC and have been checking the site practically everyday. Though seeing the setlists are a tease, they just make that much more excited for the show!!! Cant wait, Dave you rock and your the reason I picked up the guitar.

    Shine on forever,

  103. David, F. Ed,

    Thank you, David, for your kind remarks about us Bloggers. It feels nice to be acknowledged I, for one am humbly thankful.

    Hey Guy, what’s that thing David is messing with by his rig? (Whoa, hold on, put the chair down, I was kidding.)

    Does anyone else have the problem with having The Blue and Take a Breath stuck in their heads? Maybe it’s just me, but they are both in my head and will not go away (not that I really want them to, or anything).

    I used to think that sometimes bands and recording artists were rude to their fan base, with the way they acted put out to do interviews and autographs, ect. But now being a visitor here for awhile, I now have a whole new respect and understanding for wat people like David go through, with so many “fans” who act like they should be the center of attention and that David (or whichever artist) is there solely to cater to their every wish and whim, like some kind of circus act. Even seeing this little sample of this behavior, I can understand why people like Roger got so fed up with it to the point of wanting to build a wall across the stage. Although a little sad about it, I totally get it as to why David is doing this tour the way he is. I have a whole new respect for what he goes through, and my hat goes off to him for keeping his sanity and artistic integrity intact through 40+ years in the game. We need to respect David for who he is…David Gilmour. We need to be thankful that he is even touring, let alone having a site like this for people to interact so closely with what’s going on. Get off his back, people. It ain’t about YOU.

    (Sorry for the rant, F.Ed)

    Anyway, thanks again for this great album, web blog, and all.

    Have a great day, (OAI is currently playing on the radio… how cool is that?)


    [No need to apologise, Mike. Anytime you want to rant, be my guest. We’re all doing it. It’s especially enjoyable if you’re ranting about something I completely agree with. “Stop nagging David!” – Features Editor]

  104. Caption Comp.

    Mr Screen has his own mini me.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy.

    Regarding the Meltdown dvd , HAving seen Floyd Live and having gone to the London shows I cant speak highly enough for anybody that wants to witness David raw and unplugged its fantastic.

  105. Rudders,

    thanks for the link to the Sound & Vision interview. Good article.

    And David- I see your first two solo albums are coming out for re-release with bonus tracks. Quite unfair you know! I bought the first one like two months ago (to tide me over til OAI was released- I had never listened to the first solo album). Ya know a personal e-mail would have been nice. Or you could have called! How thoughtless of you. Well I SUPPOSE I’ll just have to buy the new one. Fortunately I didn’t buy About Face on CD as I have it on vinyl still. So when it is re-released I won’t already have it in my collection!

    Anyway- just foolin’!!! As to the meltdown DVD I hesitated to buy it because of some rather derogatory reviews I had read. But when I sampled the clips on I was shocked that people wrote bad reviews and rushed out to get a copy. It has had multiple spins in my DVD player! Also, the songs David does on the Strat Pack DVD make that DVD worth the money as well (Marooned live!!!!!! Doesn’t get any better than that… well I say that before going to the April 20 show and seeing Echos live, but you know what I mean). Anyway, anyone out there hesitating over those two DVDs needs to go get them! They are fantastic!


    [There are no extra tracks. The re-releases will have the same tracks and running order as the original releases. It’s always best to wait for our official news release before believing what you read elsewhere. – Features Editor]

  106. Does David take the family out on the town when he is not singing on tour?? Or does he lock himself in his hotel room?
    How about the rest of the band, what do they do in there free time on the road??

  107. A fan shouts out, ” When is the next Pink Floyd album coming out. Pause. David says ” Who gives a F###? Right on.

    Sylvie, see you at Hard Rock Cafe. Yonge St. and Dundas. There will be a bunch of us for sure.

  108. i was mistaken in my previous post. the best instrumental of all time is mudmen, not absolutely memory of song names is fading in my old age. just listened to the album and realized it and had to clarify, for myself more than anyone.

    so hopefully it isn’t too late to break this one out at some point live, it would be the shiznit.

    David’s guitar playing is divine!!!!!!! not too bad of singer either :).

    YOU DA MAN, David!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. F. Ed,

    Quick note, I see CNN has a nice little article online about OAI, nothing really new or different, but nice reading. Hopefully, it’ll boost sales a bit.

    Speaking of which, do you know, by chance, how the album charted this week?

    Thanks again,


    [Hi Mike. It is a nice article. If anyone wants to read it, please click Mike’s name below. No chart news other than that it’s Number Two in New Zealand and Canada. – Features Editor]

  110. Good Evening Dear F.ed,

    We finally found the answer about the duet on “Smile” for the Meltdown concert. Thought it was Katie Kissoon but she has only sang on “Momentary Lapse” as far as I can remember.

    Titus said that it was Aitch Mc Robbie but I had a look at my tape and I think it was Carol Kenyon. If Mr Gilmour watches my post. Maybe he could tell you.

    Otherwise, I have a question. As my instrument is the drums (Yes, it was me the idiot at the Olympia, in the second rank on Mr Gilmour’s right, trying desesperatly to imitate S.di Stanislao with stupid hands moving…) I have noticed that he was using two Stratocasters. A red and white and a black one. What is the difference between these two guitars ?

    [As I’m also prone to uncontrollable outbursts of air drumming from time to time, I tried to get an answer for you, Antoine. Whereas I wondered if it might be a simple case of each guitar being tuned differently for use on different songs, it seems that it’s more a case of the guitars being literally different, so they play differently even though they are the same model. One is newer, and I think they have different pickups. Hope that goes some small way to explaining the difference. – Features Editor]

  111. Meltdown is indeed excellent, anyone who doesn’t have it should buy it immediately !

    What did Kate Bush sing ? That would have been amazing. Shame it wasn’t on the DVD. Speaking of Kate Bush, anyone else think of her when listening to ‘Pocket Full of Stones’ ? Something in the way David sings it. Perhaps they should do a duet !

    I too have ‘The Blue’ going round in my head all day. And ‘Smile’ and the solo from ‘On an Island’ and those nice seagull like noises on Castellorizon ! Superb.


    [Kate sang ‘Comfortably Numb’ at the third London show, Martin. – Features Editor]

  112. [Some of you are so nice. Bless you. Are the whiners and graspers converted yet? – Features Editor]

    What a silly notion FetEd. How on earth can you expect the human species not to whinge, whine and be selfish. There maybe hope yet! I havn’t read every single blog but a good few of them. I do have to do some real work every now and then. The point is, that I have only seen one blog where the person seems not to have enjoyed a concert!
    Now that could be because the majority of people blogging here are dye-hard fans and you are not getting a representative view….. but who cares anyway? Or it could be the person was from another planet and they do not have the ability to detect good music even if they can travel for millions of light years.

    What is the meaning of life, thats what I want to know. 2.33454 rec is the answer!!

    Rock on all.

  113. The Meltodown concert is extrarodinary, as is the bonus footage, including the sonnet. On An Island has been in pretty much continuous play in my car and at home since its release…counting the days until Radio City, happy at the thought of Wut’s Uh the Deal, grateful, as always, for Mr. Gilmour’s work…

  114. it’s amazing to think that david really does read these posts. sorry for doubting you, ed. i just never imagined it would be david’s kind of thing. what must he make of all the pleading and begging, never mind all the songs people say they want to hear instead of the ones he’s already put a great deal of thought into playing? if i were him, i’d post a big F*CK OFF and play whatever i wanted to play. again, shame on all of you who have behaved like little brats. ffs, david’s reading! he must think that some of you are pathetic! i’m not sucking up. i’ve been saying it all along. honest! the ed will tell you.

    [Yep, you have. You’ve spoken a lot of sense, mate. – Features Editor]

  115. Hello,

    First time post here. I have to say that reading the posts here for over the past 2 months has been extonishing. I have been a fan of David’s music since I was 13 years old, over 30 years. Only got to see him one time in my life, but now my dreams are coming true. April 4th Radio City Music Hall here I come. This will be the highlight of my year. I have to take a moment to thank Sirius Radio (the vault) for playing PF and David’s music for 7 days 24/7. It never went off my TV the whole week. Now I have over 50 hrs of music to listen too, while sitting by the pool. On a Island is a great album. Hats off to you David, and many more albums I hope.


    Home of the world champion Pittsburgh Steelers

  116. In response to Guy’s comments about Stevie D – I have been stunned at the quality of his playing.

    It is incredible to think that he hasn’t been an integral member of the band for the past decade or two, as what I’ve heard of his work thus far has been absolutely on the mark. Even more impressive when some of the songs have been dropped in at the last moment, with little practice.

    What has impressed me is that he seems to get the mood just right, and has that important attribute: range! Loud and “crash-bangy” when the song suits, and subtle when appropriate. There are many other drummers who can’t seem to do this, and thrash their way through everything, regardless.

    For those with tickets to the forthcoming shows, I’m sure you’ll be knocked out (hopefully not physically) by Stevie – and of course, the rest of the band. They seem to work so well together, and are clearly enjoying the experience, based on the frequent smiles between them.

    And Features Ed? It was great to see that you received a “Special Thanks” in the tour book for your sterling efforts. Quite right too!

    [Thank you, Matt. Very nice of you to say so. – Features Editor]

  117. [it’s amazing to think that david really does read these posts. sorry for doubting you, ed. i just never imagined it would be david’s kind of thing. what must he make of all the pleading and begging, never mind all the songs people say they want to hear instead of the ones he’s already put a great deal of thought into playing? if i were him, i’d post a big F*CK OFF and play whatever i wanted to play. again, shame on all of you who have behaved like little brats. ffs, david’s reading! he must think that some of you are pathetic! i’m not sucking up. i’ve been saying it all along. honest! the ed will tell you.]

    Haha you are cracking me up mate… Although its sad actually that I have to agree with pretty much all you said in this post…



  118. In case anybody is interested, the CNN article is the top story on their Entertainment home page (click my name). Which, if for nothing else, is of interest for the nice little pic. You probably have to hurry to look at it before it gets changed over.

    I wonder what song he’s playing… (My guess is Castellorizon.)

  119. Victor/Fedmeister

    This blog is a good litmus test of opinion for DG and the team only because it’s being controlled so well.

    There used to be an official link from to a fan’s forum which wasn’t facilitated and was ruined by inane postings by a small bunch of pillocks.

    Unfortunately I’ve seen some of the same names posting here but having a Features Editor stops it turning into a latter day Orwellian Animal Farm.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    [Rudders, you are always going to be my favourite. I just love the word “pillock” and then there’s the Animal Farm reference and the kind words about the blog being controlled so well… I doff my hat to you, good sir. Now let’s all use this great word more often. Every day sounds good. I’ll tell you when it gets boring, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  120. I can’t remember if anyone ever asked why there wasn’t a cd version of “Gilmour Live”….This is my personal favorite and as I enjoy long drives in the country, I wish I had that to listen to…especially the solo choir part…

    Anyway, I hope DG is waiting for the “Blu-ray” technology before releasing or re-releasing anymore material.

  121. To search for Guy Pratt’s comments without reading all the blogs…

    When you are on the webpage, hit the Ctrl and F keys and this will allow you to search the page…just type in Guy Pratt and hit find next..

    Cheers, Howard

    [Maybe you’d also like to do the same for such gems as ”PULSE’ DVD’ or ‘Montreal show’ if you’re thinking of asking a question that is likely to have been asked several times? – Features Editor]

  122. >>Talking of t-shirts, as 1 or 2 are, I still have my Animals 77 one. I tried it on recently. I must have been a lot slimmer in my youth. However, I felt quite hip in it as it showed most of my stomach and thats a fashion nowadays isnt it.<<<

    I have my 1984 About Face Tour shirt still. Wonder what that will get me on EBAY. Wonder if any Pillocks will buy it? You know what they say, “four legs good, two legs better” and all that.

    [Good use of the word “pillock” there, Joe. – Features Editor]

  123. caption competition:

    “OWWW! damn that high hat – that’s the third time i’ve done that!”


    apologies to rudders; i’m an amateur

  124. Congratulations on the continued chart success! Let’s hope there’s enough wall space for the Gold and Platinum disks…


  125. Ok, for us Americans, what’s a pillock? (they say there’s no such thing as a stupid question!)

    [It just means ‘idiot’ these days. However, in medieval times, is was northern English slang for… well, something else. You can look it up. – Features Editor]

  126. Mentioned earlier in this thread, it would be remiss of me not to take this opportunity of thanking David for his perceptive support of a young Kate Bush, apparently beginning as early as 1973 or so. That support culminated in 1978 in one of the most original albums I’ve ever heard, The Kick Inside, produced by David along with Andrew Powell.

    Early the following year I was extremely lucky to be at the Liverpool Empire for the opening night of what has turned out to be Kates only tour (so far).

    Many gigs have passed in front of these fortunate eyes over the years, but I can honestly say that no more than half-a-dozen remain at the forefront of my memory. That was one & I will forever be grateful.

    Thanks David (and Kate, of course!)


  127. Listening to Steve DiStanislao live as I was lucky enough to at the Mermaid Theatre you forget that he’s new to the band. That’s just how good he is. A perfect fit.

    Its great to hear of your ‘Special Thanks’ in the Tour programme Features Ed. Very well deserved.

    Many thanks


  128. Guy, please don’t stop posting! we’ve only just begun to know you!

    btw, the Meltdown DVD is a must-have for any Gilmour fan. such an intimate concert – ‘chamber rock’ is a great description. David’s cover of “Dimming of the Day” made me gasp; it’s a perfect tune for him. i had heard Bonnie Raitt’s version, which is also excellent, but David made it his own. to me, that’s one mark of a real musician: cover a song, but make it all your own. “Hushabye Mountain” is brilliant – totally unexpected, and just beautiful. if you don’t have the Meltdown DVD, well just SHAME on ya.

    RANT ALERT: i don’t care WHERE you think you heard ‘Echoes’ in ’87. if you feel yourself about to mention a RoIO, please try to stifle yourself here. if you don’t understand why that would be disrespectful to David or Guy – consider:

    suppose you were performing, and you were very serious about playing well, and your parts were complicated. there is quite a large audience. you’re being recorded and filmed over several performances, and editing will be done for quality. during a performance or two, there is a flub, or a glitch, or feedback; you recover quickly, and thankfully the incident can be edited out of the final release.

    but some well-meaning fan is making another record of the performance on the sly. eventually it is freely shared among tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans, who in turn share it with thousands of etc. etc.

    you are quite pleased with the final release of this performance; everything is as you want it, from the sound to the packaging. it is successful, and you are justifiably proud. but then one day you happen to SEE the RoIO that said fan generously distributed. and your reaction is: (pick one)

    oh gawd that was the night:

    * my tuning was off
    * the caterer dropped that huge metal tray in the wings
    * my fly was open
    * the brass section got the wrong setlist
    * of the Screaming Child from Hell

    do ya get my drift? RoIOs are the elephant in the room that we don’t talk about here.

    – laurie

    sorry if i offend anyone. FEd, what can i say? it bothered me; i vented. countdown is TWO WEEKS FROM TONIGHT and i am unable to think of anything but the concert…

  129. There has been lots of chatter on this blog about the hope that a DVD be produced. Whilst I echo (nice pun) this desire call me old fashion but please let there be a good old live album. DVDs are great but require a concerted effort to sit down and watch. Cds can be played and enjoyed anywhere. I was really disappointed when our friends at Amazon indicated at the time of the DVD beinrg released that there would also be a live cd of the meltdown concert but alas it never appeared. Many artists are now packaging both together. If Snowy White can do it I am sure David can.

  130. I love the meltdown DVD. Whatever David wants to do is great for me, as long as I can hear it. I love the way both Shine On’s are perormed. Can’t wait for April 5 in NY. Nothing will ever match the first time I saw him (94, Giant Stadium, last show in US). I had never listened to ANY Floyd except part of the Wall and was blown away, it was the first time I ever heard Dark Side, Shine On, D-Bell, etc. It is almost a shame becouse no other concert I have ever seen (including Roger) has come close to that expierence, but I am confident april 5th will be special.

  131. Fedmeister

    Good thing I didn’t use those other Northern slang terms… “wazzock” or for the sweaties on the blog… “numpty”

    Ain’t English brilliant!

    Mental note… must add sweaties to the insulted list. (Sweaty Sock = Jock = Scotsman)

    [We ought to bring back all the good English words that are no longer in common usage. Words like “fopdoodle” and “pickleherring” are too good to be on the scrap heap. – Features Editor]

  132. Read or skimmed pretty much all of this site this evening (whilst listening to the masterpiece On an Island, in the background) I am so full of respect and in awe of the amount of pleasure that one man, his guitar and his friends can bring to so many. Admired from a far for many many years and mimicked very poorly.

    Despite the efforts of sound engineers, Leo Fender, Les Paul, the fabled Pete Cornish (max. respect) et al, underneath beats a heart so strong and a soul so marvellous to touch so many. Thank you to that man ‘DG’ for such great moments.

    [Although an original admirer from youth I have only managed one live concert, but memories linger long thankfully. Those lucky enough to see DG this time round please keep posting for those not so lucky, the buzz transfers in the words, accompanied of course with some gentle backing music!]

  133. Hello David,

    We made a huge research for a nice place here in Montreal for a late venue. Here it is: OUTREMONT THEATRE (click my name) have a look on the web site you’ll see that could be veryyyyyyyyy great for all of you to play Montreal (we’re top on the chart in Canada for On an Island new CD…)

    So very nice spot isn’t? HIGH HOPES HIGH HOPES


  134. Does anyone know the exact content and context of the words that can be heard at the end of “High Hopes” in Division Bell?

    I can hear a man talking to someone he calls “Charlie”. Does anyone have the story behind this?

    Obviously there is one because it wasn’t put there on accident. Being that I do not know the names (or even gender) of David Gilmour’s children I was wondering if it was DG speaking to a son of his. Might fit right in to the theme of the song…

    Thanks in advance for any info…


    [It’s a recording that was left on David’s answer machine. The man trying to reach David is Pink Floyd’s late manager, Steve O’Rourke. David’s son, Charlie, picked up and hung up. You hear Steve mutter “Great!” at the end. As the theme running through the album is communication – or lack of it, as is often the case – it seemed to fit. – Features Editor]

  135. (“It’s understandable that concert-goers want to record the experience for themselves, but this shouldn’t extend to sharing poor quality pictures or recordings with the rest of the world.”)

    And what is wrong with sharing live recordings some may find to be of “poor quality” as long as there are no profits being reaped~? If it is the only option available to those who want to experience as many past shows as possible from such an inspirational and life affirming band, then why not collect these unreleased gems for the sake of knowlege and historic significance?(having not been to ANY of these shows in person I will take what I can get as far as sound quality is concerned)

    So I guess my question (quite possibly rhetorical) would be why those of the “Pink Floyd” and “David Gilmour” management would want to keep those of us who treasure these live gems from practicing non for profit trading for the simple “fact” that the audio often isnt “up to par”… I love even the worst of my live recordings, for they offer a chance to travel back in time and experience music that was being played long before my inception, but still seemingly was sung for my very heart and soul to envelop in and expand upon.

    Thanks, and as always God bless…

  136. Hello everyone!

    Haven’t been posting any messages recently. Been really busy.

    Anyway, I was lucky enough to be at the Royal Festival Hall to see David that wonderful Meltdown evening. It was the best ever gig I have ever been to. The intimacy of the hall, the surprise of the stripped-down arrangements and the absolutely pure bliss of a powerful, honest and nearly sublime performance.

    The DVD allows to experience a little bit of this jaw-dropping performance. Very highly recommended. However, be warned. There’s no huge lasers, round screens or overly frilled arrangements. It’s simply a very cosy, accoustic, honest and beautiful gig. I’m so so so chuffed I had the opportunity to see him then.

    Now I can’t wait to see him again at the Royal Albert Hall!

  137. Becky wrote: “I dreamed this after reading the Mojo interview last night. Any pseudo- or authentic psychoanalysts want to weigh in on this one?”

    Yeah, I’m an armchair psychiatrist and well, sorry – you’re certifiable according to that dream. It was the Cloris Leachman bit that was the final deciding factor in my diagnosis, Becky. 😉

    (Won’t be telling anyone about MY dreams, David-infested or otherwise. No way.)


  138. I see my last post never made it. In a nutshell, the setlist is obviously incredible. Dogs would put this thing in the relm of superincredible. However, what we really need is an Atlanta date. Us southern folks can’s always make it out of the woods. I missed The Floyd up in Clemson in 94 because I was grounded (parents found my stash). By far the biggest regret of my life. Just one Southeast show Dave? Please, for old time sake.

    [Well, I can confirm that it wasn’t deleted. Seems we never got it. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  139. ChrisB wrote: How about an official “I’ve been put in my place by the Features Ed!” t-shirt

    HA! good one Chris! I’ve worked hard for mine. I mean, editing my loving birthday poem to David? I deserve at least a t-shirt out of that.


  140. Quite a bit of ranting on this blog page I see. About bootlegs, I’m all for them, as long as they’re shared and not sold. Why not let others enjoy a show that only a finite number can attend? I’d LOVE to hear the Amsterdam shows I attended again.

    I have bootleg audio and video recordings of shows from The Division Bell tour, including the P*U*L*S*E show, yet I’ll be first in the queue to buy P*U*L*S*E when it’s released on DVD. That’s the way with Floyd fans in my experience. We buy everything that’s made available officially, and share what isn’t.

  141. Dear Dan (3/22 7:46pm),

    I’m glad to hear that you feel like I do as far as feelings and music evolving – Whatever the direction!

    I don’t do old stories, they are best preserved in my memory, a special spot at a special time – I would feel disrespectful sharing them!

    If my son & I do get to NY I’d be glad to show you some old pic’s. Feel free to contact me.

    Enjoy your moment,

  142. A big thank you to Ali for reminding me of the incredible humilliation in the cup game last night, I won`t say any more cause I know I`m out numbered!

    But I wanted to say that it is such a shame that two names mentioned are no longer with us i.e Michael Kamen and Steve O`Rourke, I for one have the greatest respect for these two, LEGENDS in their respective fields!

  143. Hi,

    Just a note to say lots of great reviews of the last few shows – very jealous.

    i see that Coming back to life was played in Amsterdam – I do hope that David will play this on 30 May as it has become something of an anthem for me.

    Best wishs


    (hey Fed – I have now sourced trees to plant from the woodland Trust for my cubs- I now need to find somewhere to plant them….)

  144. Did I forget to say Birmingham City lost 0-7 to Liverpool.(DAMN!!!I should be on AOL football chat!)

  145. [Well, just because it’s possible to record/film/distribute copies of an artist’s performance, doesn’t mean that the artist has sanctioned it or endorses it]

    It happens, Features Editor person. It’s because the people who do it want to show that they were really there! I doubt that most of em even realise that they are in breach of any copyrite (wright?) laws.

    There are a lot of fans out there who are experiencing thia music for the first time.

    Some of them are young and demanding, and the best and most amazing thing about them is..

    they are young and demanding.

    I’m off to a concert next month. It’s not Pink Floyd, it’s not David Gilmour….I’m not exactly sure what it is, to be honest! Tickets are in abundance and there is no seating at all (gulps) I’m only going because I challenged my daughter to listen to DG and she loved his album….but promptly challenged me to give her music a try.

    (The band reminds me of a demented Jim Carrey with some really good guitar stuff in the background)

    I’ll be the oldest person there, and I’ll be SO tempted to turn on my fancy mobile phone and record it, just to say to my old fogey friends…. “Hey, I was really there’

    I’m not endorsing bootleg recordings here, just offering a little understanding and apology for those fans who inadvertantly spoil the enjoyment of others.

    And if you happen to read about some old lady who disrupted a live performance of an up and coming young rock band by filming herself dancing on stage and throwing her zimmer frame at the lead singer, it wasn’t me!


    p.s. Nickster, Jimi played guitar with his teeth, which blew me away!

    But he also split his trousers during a particularly energetic moment, and back then, if I’d had a cam phone, I sure would have used it with no qualms at all!!

  146. f.é.

    i was wondering what will happen when the tour will end.we will probably know who you are at the last show. what about us will you abandon us. you are the nicest virtual friend ( a kind of…) i have ever had…in a matter of fact you are the first one too… seulement 19 dodos avant toronto. au revoir. sylvie de montréalxxx

    claude de montréal: le spectrum ou le métropolis serait peut-etre une meilleure idée, non…

    [That’s very kind of you, Sylvie. Thank you very much. We’ll keep ploughing on after the tour, don’t worry about that. I don’t know why people seem to think that the identity of ‘The Mysterious Features Editor’ will be revealed after the final show, though. That’s silly. – Features Editor]

  147. Ahh…takes me back!


    As Eddie Izzard said to his American audience “you have no idea what I’m talking about do you?”

  148. To any one interested,I`ve just been listening to interviews with David, there is one interview from years ago, as he refers to Polly as his girlfriend(so before the division bell), where he is talking about a WHAMMY pedal that makes the note go up an octave, this same effect was used by Rick for his keyboards on Marooned. Spookily, he said this effect reminded him of `THE BLUE` sea!

    Is this whammy pedal made by Boss or what?, cause if so I want one!

    [David makes some great noises in that interview. You really think it’s the effects pedal. – Features Editor]

  149. Sorry to interrupt with more gratuitus(I know it’s probably not spelled right but I am even too lazy for spell checker)and probably thoroughly un-doable(if that’s a word)song requests: The whole of Obscured By Clouds minus Free Four(unfortunately I can’t picture that being done without Roger Waters) but with a 20 minute version of Childhood’s End, as well as Summer 68′, Fearless, Cymbaline(it’s high time)and finally and most definitely ‘The Narrow Way’-all three parts. In a tribute to Roger Waters they could have ‘Several Species Of Small Furry Animals…’ playing during the intermission, followed by Alan’s Pyschedelic Breakfast if they want to chill out a bit longer. Actually, in all seriousness, I completely agree with the post above which got to the point of supporting the artist in whatever output he wants to put out. To hear all the above songs would be an awesome tribute to years gone by but frankly I will buy the dvd and live disc should they be released, even though they have Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb on them, which have appeared on disc for the past 20 years. David Gilmour’s magic is that they’ll never get old and each time they’re played it’s still an outpouring of creative soul. His music seems to truly bring people together and for that I’ll always be grateful. You could probably and honestly dedicate a website soley for people who have gotten through tough times by drinking in that soulful guitar and peaceful voice.

  150. Or is it a digitech pedal? I can`t remember.

    [I believe it is, Adrian. – Features Editor]

  151. Or was is a Pete Cornish pedal, in which case I`ll sell the house and her in the pant`s and the kid`s if that`s what it takes!

  152. And will Cockney rhyming slang be next? I have to admit I’m fairly flummoxed by it…feel a right pillock indeed. (I LOVE words! As Hortense Calisher said: “The words! I collected them in all shapes and sizes and hung them like bangles in my mind.”)

  153. Hi Toronto,

    It’s me again.

    If you have a single for Monday nights show, and you really don’t care what night you go, then get on the ball and drop me a line, a one-for-one ticket swap might do us both fine.

  154. Im growing increasing impatient waiting for the NYC show. Kicking myself for not buying tickets to both nights.

    My two cents on the set lists:

    Although the lists that have been posted so far are awesome, I would love to hear “Murder”, “Out of the Blue” or “There’s No Way Out of Here”. (This is a DG concert after all…)

    Any reason why the other solo material didn’t make the cut?

    And if Rick were to sing something from Broken China I think I would just about die.

    OAI is just fantastic. I can’t stop playing this disk.

    Thanks David for providing the soundtrack to my life. I just hope i can enjoy the light show with all the tears in my eyes.

  155. Who says FED is a he? would Polly be FED? I can’t read this blog anymore….its killing me that I can’t attend any of the concerts:(

    will wait for the DVD.

  156. Did y’all read the interviews in Guitar World? I liked them. I did think it was kinda funny that in Roger’s interview, he refers to David as “Dave” each and everytime. What’s up with that? He played with David for how long . .? You’d think he’d know that he perfers David. Perhaps there was a time when he went by Dave??

    Can you enlighted us F.Ed or Guy? Also what do they (the band) do on the few days off between gigs?

    I hope the tour is going well for you all, and I hope you can enjoy it half as much as we fans do! (It would be near impossible for you to enjoy it as much as I’m going to enjoy the show April 17)


  157. On the setlist debate…Personally, I will be absolutely thrilled just to be under the same roof(there’s that word again)as David.His repertoire is so vast, and every one of the compositions that he has created or has had any involvement in are truly special, and has a special meaning to me.So David,I say to you,no matter what you choose to endow upon us that special night at Massey Hall,it will truly be a starry momment in my life!

  158. Hi Y’all,

    Re: The entry from Laurie…RANT ALERT: i don’t care WHERE you think you heard ‘Echoes’ in ’87.

    As I was one of the ones writing about that and this being the first and only blog I’ve ever written to, I’d like to reply a bit.

    My impression of the blog was that it was a very comfortable place to communicate with like-minded folks who share a deep and abiding interest in some dang good music and musicians. I have endless respect and admiration for all of ’em–any PF lineup and all of the solo bands.

    For what it’s worth, I get the thing about RoIOs. Also didn’t mention them in previous posts. I was just trying to share an experience with other folks who have also had, or might be interested in such things. Lord knows I wasn’t trying to start, perpetuate or otherwise contribute to a sh*tstorm. I’m not entirely convinced the other “Echoes ’87” writers were either.

    Still can’t wait for the Toronto show on the 10th, where, for my part, they can play anything they want to–nursery rhymes, German beer-drinking songs or old Beatles tunes. Whatever they play I know it will be, to borrow a phrase, “pant-wettingly brilliant”.

    FEd, keep up the good work, and please delete this one as you see fit. I just had to get that off my chest.


    PS I like nursery rhymes, German beer drinking songs AND the Beatles, so please don’t anyone crucify me for that.

    [Lots of people do care, so please feel free to say whatever you like. Obviously there have to be some rules, and I do edit phone numbers, addresses, website plugs, URLs, talk of bootlegging, anything deemed too ‘personal’… But honest, respectful opinions are very welcome. Debate would be if more people knew how to be respectful. – Features Editor]

  159. “Maybe you’d also like to do the same for such gems as ”PULSE’ DVD’ or ‘Montreal show”

    Why FEd, is there going to be a Pulse DVD release at a Montreal show?? 🙂 Had to be a pillock, it’s the theme du jour. Reminds me a little bit of that classic Young Ones scene “oh have we got a video?” 🙂


    [Now there’s a rumour! Let’s see it splashed across all the Floyd fansites. – Features Editor]

  160. Lots to laugh about today. The “I’ve been put in my place…” t-shirt idea is great. Reading what Guy wrote about redundant questions, and then instructions on how to use your browser to search for the Pulse DVD or Montreal show…priceless. The Fedmeister’s comments to the myraid of questions answered days (or hours) before, make it worth wading thru. Also, the insight given about the answering machine message is awsome. Thanks.

    The Sound & Vision interview was good stuff. Thanks Rudders.

    Thanks for those who post the reviews of the concerts. Keep them coming. The S & V interview and the changes David’s made in the setlist keep anticipation high for Chicago. Life is a like a box of chocolates…

    btw, my wife thinks I will be released from “the blog” post concert. We are both counting the days. I think that she is as excited for the concert as I am though… She called someone a pillock tonight. One doesn’t just come up with that word, in Iowa, by one’s self.

    [We’ve got a hold on you now, Brian, and you might never be free… – Features Editor]

  161. Some thoughts as the night I see David and Company draws near. Im thinking of making a sign simply saying “Thank You” because after all David did not have to do this at this point in his life and career, he has nothing to prove and I am so happy to know I shall see him again on April 5th. I am happy for David that he found Polly and she has been such a positive Influence on his life and work. This ones for you Polly, “Thank You!” After getting my 7th Pink Floyd related Tattoo yesterday, I wonder if I run into David after the show he would sign my arm, that would be wonderful to get that tattooed and to have his signature on me forever. I am so happy Davids album is doing so well, and for those that point out it has only reached 6th in the US well here is a fact for you, The Final cuts highest charting spot in the US was 6th. I bet that would make David smile, it made me. The album is great and im glad David is playing it complete so far on his tour. I wonder how many Languages is David Flued in? I noticed on the Floyd show in venice in 89 he spoke decent Italian and on his About face documentary he spoke great French. To the people in Brazil> Get over it! I feel sorry for you, I really do, but the non stop posts are annoying and making no difference. On a lighter note Island Jam is playing on the stereo system and I so wish it made the album, fantastic track. Well thats all for now, im counting the minutes.

  162. I’m sure that this question has already been asked but I haven’t seen any response,

    Is there any chance to see the “on an island tour” on DVD ?

    I hope to hear from you soon and read a positive response ;-))

    [Yes, there is talk of putting out a DVD… – Features Editor]

  163. I will promise to stop supporting the seething worldwide agenda of Roger “Dubya” Waters anymore if they could do a mere single performance of Childhood’s End and turning it into a twenty minute exploration of that Key Floyd riff and nasty funk in that tune. This song is key to the whole Floyd repotoire, The lyrics and guitar riff are classic Gilmour and therefore classic Floyd as well. I agree completely with the guy above who talked about the song’s relevance to today’s human condition, in fact to the all time human condition/situation.

    “- …who are you and who am i?
    say you know the reason wny
    some men are born and some men die
    beneath one infinite sky

    there’ll be war there’ll be peace
    but everything one day must cease
    all the iron turned to rust
    all the prowd men turned to dust
    so all things time will mend
    and so this song will end.”

    Then just keep jamming for twenty more minutes and get down with your funky selves. I know it can’t be played for probably technical reasons and general overall lack of interest. Oh well. Every Floydian should listen to Childhood’s End at least once a week.

  164. Good morning

    For the person that asked, Kate Bush joined in on ‘Comfortably Numb’. Each night had a different guest. One night it was Robert Wyatt, another it was Bob Geldof.

    Pete – Coventry

  165. Caption Competition:

    “White steps in the moonlight… they walked here too”

    (Morning F.ed, Rudders & all)

  166. You know, the man is an awesome artist but he’s not a God. I worry alot for these Maximum Overdrive Floydians who almost offer prayer when they blog. In Gilmour’s own lyrics he is ” just one man beneath the skies/just two ears/just two eyes”(from CHILDHOOD’S END).

    I mean these people pray to the guy’s FRIENDS, hell anybody even vaguely connected- maids, security. They would pant-wettingly(as is said)fry the server which hosted the great Blog of The Guy Who Sold Plain White Sox To David Gilmour. Someday I will buy these sox and put them in a reliquary. No wonder some great artists have gone over the hills and far away.

    I can understand if this doesn’t get posted.(it’s been one of those days and as such I get dammned cynical) Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to finalize my petition for the creation of the First Baptist Church of David Gilmour. I had to throw the Baptist in there to get approval from the religous right wing of the bush administration, so don’t worry-it’ll be a mix of Catholicism and LSD- one part to four,respectively, in fact. And now I’ve got many candles to light before I sleep. On an Island is playing as I begin to pray thanks first to The Landscaper of David Gilmour…

  167. Hello,

    Tuesday, trying to get in a normal rhythm of the week. Watching a movie on TV; “Hudson Hawk” with Bruce Willis and Andie MacDowell, an “over the top” action comedy. With music of Michael Kamen…

    Was a bit a sad day anyway, realizing that it was probably one of the last times that I saw the wonderful “On An Island” tracks played life.

    Looking forward to a show in London… but first let have the band and the rest of the world enjoy the upcoming gigs. And I’ll enjoy this blog, the CD and hoping that there will be a DVD of this tour coming out some day. Just like the “Meltdown” DVD it will be a precious “must have” and fun to watch and watch over again.

    Have a nice day,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  168. Roger Waters is comming to Norway this summer to play at Norwegian wood festival, I saw him in Oslo Spektrum some years ago also. But – what about David?? My ultimate dream is to see David play pink floyd songs.. Can this dream come true? Live at Valle Hovin – a huge outside stadio in Oslo in the summer – would have been awesome..

  169. To F’ed: Will there be pictures posted on David’s website of last monday’s concert in Amsterdam?? I was certainly not one of these ‘lunatics’ that were making pictures, but I sure would like to see some pictures of that concert. Taken of course by someone who was responsible for it during that evening.

    Greetings to everyone from (to use Nick’s words) ‘the lovely South of the Netherlands’!

    [We’ll see what we can do for you, Bas. Thank you for not taking pictures. We appreciate it. – Features Editor]

  170. I am going to see David in London on May 29th. It took me ages to get tickets, they sold out in 44 mins!

    Would it be possible for David to play maybe ‘On The Turning Away’ or ‘Sorrow’ at these shows? I know that the thousends of fans going between May 29th – 31st want these songs!

    I am too young to have ever seen PF live, but my Father saw them in Wembley in 1988. I have his tour book. It still has the ticket inside 🙂


  171. “For the person that asked, Kate Bush joined in on ‘Comfortably Numb’. Each night had a different guest. One night it was Robert Wyatt, another it was Bob Geldof.”

    Thanks for this Pete – I had no idea Kate had sung Comfortably Numb…I was at the Bob Geldof night. I love Kate’s voice…


  172. Bootlegs….

    OK so I started something with the bootleg question…

    My view on this is – I totally understand the frustration against people using mobiles to take videos etc – anything that has a negative impact on someone elses night is clearly unacceptable.

    The truth is that nowadays such concerts are recorded and made available to retailers which to me removes the need for such audience recordings (hopefully there’ll be a DVD for this tour!!)

    Where bootlegs are invaluable are for the old tours & gigs which we (the fans – well most of us) never saw and never will see – such as the Animals tour ’77 (how many people have the audio of the oakland coliseum gig?? – its awesome).

    It would be great if the Floyd would release all of their archived recordings officially (like the ‘is there anybody out there’ cd – btw, how bout a dvd of the earls court show?).

    I personally love the rawness of such recordings – walts and all, as I’m sure many fans do.

  173. Ed/Edwina and all the rest of the crazies:

    I have this premonition: a few days after David’s last concert he’ll put up a long post on the blog telling us it’s been lovely (mostly); good luck and goodbye (and good riddance to some of us!). Then the blog will magically disappear before anyone is allowed to answer him, never to be seen again.


    [Ooh, spooky! You never know. – Features Editor]

  174. Hi

    Just to add my tuppence-worth to the ROIO/bootleg issue ……. I certainly agree that an artist should have control of their performances, and I would much rather have a professionally recorded/mixed/produced product. These days, official live albums are common-place, and David has been particularly good in more recent years – his last three major outings in 87, 94 and 2002 have all been released in one form or another. But in the past, The Live Album was often an after-thought, sometimes perhaps a means of separating fans from a few more hard earned readies. Few artists looked upon live albums as an extension of their artistic output. David’s former band was no better than most others – eg we had to wait 20 years for the brilliant live version of The Wall (and still no DVD!)! In absence of official product, often the only way to experience those performances was via the bootleg.

    One further point though – [David Gilmour’s management does not endorse bootlegging, which is the offering for sale of unapproved performances] – ‘proper’ bootlegging does NOT offer anything ‘for sale’. It is an accepted principal of the ROIO community that no money changes hands. Discs are exchanged like-for-like and no-one profits financially. Once again, though, there are profiteers on Ebay who are sometimes selling VERY poor quality product at ridiculously inflated prices. For example – a number of people are selling CDRs of the radio broadcast of David’s performance a couple of weeks ago from the Mermaid Theatre. My contempt is not only for those doing the selling, but for the suckers who buy them. Did they not have the gumption to record it themselves?

    To be honest, I am not sure why the issue of bootlegs has arisen on this site. It’s more than likely that David will issue official versions of this OAI tour so there will be no need for any bootlegs, and I personally will be happy with that.


    [Some fair points. As is the case with everything in life, one or two people spoil it for everyone. Just look at the situation with tickets. There’s a lot of greed in the world and that greed prevents something from being quite a good thing. What’s that line about money being the root of all evil? Better not say it too loudly, or else people will want to hear it in New York! – Features Editor]

  175. “OAI” as a management tool. Played it to two members of staff in my offcie when I was carrying out apprasial ineterviews and all happy with objectives. Sales increase by two.

    Still a lot of demands from fans. Why? why? Must create a lot of pressure on David. He has been quoted as saying “not owing anyone anything”,. so then we shouldnt expect anything from him, other than he enjoy himself, is at peace with himself and gives pleasure to others.

    Off South again now, so its OAI on the train with snowy interuptions no doubt.

    Ian Pearson

  176. Hey FED got white stuff on my screen. Has that got anything to do with loads of seagulls flying across home page? Where they come from ? Have I got a virus?

    Ian Pearson

    [I hope our lovely seagulls don’t have a virus! – Features Editor]

  177. Nickster,

    You have liberated me from what I thought was a dirty little secret… I, too, have been able to transfer the Meltdown gig to my iPod. I wasn’t sure if it was ethical to do so, but I had to have those songs!!!!! Now, I’m a free man…


    I haven’t posted for a couple of days in part because I had to “re-balance” things a bit between home and work. I don’t want this to become a “guilty pleasure”….

    and Armando,

    Dude, you could not have lost your wife over David Gilmour concerts! Give me those remaining tickets and get back to your lady!!! ….ooops….

    English Word Competition:

    White House = Wazzockstan

    …sorry, couldn’t resist…

    t-minus 13

  178. Oh well, OAI went south on US charts 6-16. My fellow patriots are missing out on happiness. I’m still enjoying the music and will see you there on 4/5. I have also decided to try to get in on 4/4. Just because I’m worried about setlist changes. Well I do want to see the show twice in NY. I hope the cameras will be rolling at the RAH. I would love to be part of that momentous occasion.

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

  179. Rudders: Yes, us Yanks have no clue sometimes!! Hoping you can fill me in at the Hard Rock on the 9th….although my hubby does have a clue sometimes as he’s been fortunate to have gone across the pond a few times….

  180. [Stephan: Oh well, OAI went south on US charts 6-16. My fellow patriots are missing out on happiness…]

    Wait till David and his band mates start playing in the USA, OAI will go North again!!

    [I hope our lovely seagulls don’t have a virus! – Features Editor]

    Seagulls that have a virus???!!! That sounds like ‘Aviaire influenza’, aka H5N1!! But euh, I just checked those birds on my desktop and they look pretty ok to me. Although one of them seemed to loose altitude quite quickly!! I will observe him/her a bit more closely, you never know!!

    [Thanks, Bas. We can’t mess around with bird flu. – Features Editor]

  181. FEd,

    Wouldn’t it be great -if there would be a DVD, that’s a first- that it has a secret section (Easter Egg) where you keyed in some special code (FEd’s birthday : 27-01) and then got a short video of the RAH show revealing who’s the FEd and others behind the scenes and a complete mini-website containing all entries from this blog ? Now how about that ?

    Maybe even include David’s one and only public reaction about such a forum 😉

    And some special items : GGitS from Paris, some bloopers (like Frankfurt’s Wot’s : It doesn’t start with someone, it starts with Heaven. And then restarting the song with ‘Someone sent …’. Hilarious. Or the item in Amsterdam where a part of the guitar fell on the ground and David repaired it claiming something along the line “you can’t find decent staff these days”, at least that’s how I remember it)

    About a possible DVD : “… And I grabbed it with both hands”

    Hope the band had a few nice free days (or maybe hard studying for new songs ?). The weather in Holland improved immensely from the day David Gilmour played here (about 5 to 10 degrees Celcius warmer) ! Or did his playing simply give me a positiver view on things ? I know that’s true for a fact, although maybe not seeing them perform live again saddens me too.

    Well, I’ll sign off now. Currently listening to Wearing The Inside Out.


    [Some of you people are crazier than I am! – Features Editor]

  182. Can you please play Learning to Fly and my boyfriends favorite song mother on april 5th at the radio city music hall? we’d love to hear those two songs

  183. Hope the break is serving the boys well. Can’t wait to see you on the opening night of the States shows in NYC. The set list is great and think the new songs are very touching and take me as well as many others to a better place. Stay well and hope you are having a great time with all your doing.

  184. I’ll try to express myself in english:

    Ohhh! ” David, do this, do that, come in Brazil, play this, play that, make a DVD, reunite with PF…” what a pity !, I hope he dosen’t read too often, he would be very disappointed…

    I also wanted few years ago a PF reunion, but then I saw David in Paris at the ‘palais des congrès’ in 2002 and I don’t want anymore a PF reunion, because I understood it’s better for him to do what he wants (and so it’s better for us ) He had a great pleasure at this time ( easy for us to feel that) as he has a great pleasure to-day with ‘on an island’ (the album and on stage !)I also felt that in Paris this time . So, let us do what he wants, be respectful, and enjoy it…later we will regret it if we were not able to simply enjoy ! Thank you David, his friends on stage, and you F.ed. ( oh, what difficulties with the english language !)


    [Michèle, that was absolutely perfect. I hope people think about your words. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  185. The meltdown concert is great. I love the DVD, but any plans to release on CD? I’d love to be able to listen these tunes while driving in my car back and forth to work, which is where I do most of my music listening these days.

    Love the new album. Can’t wait to hear it performed live at Radio City April 4. I’m also extremely excited about Echoes!

    Mike from Connecticut

    [There are no such plans, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  186. Hi dave, hi all

    I frankly think it is somehow stupid and childish to ask David and the band this track or that track to be played live.A concert is a mechanism that must work well, you can’t stick in the show “POW R TOC H” just because one of you asks!! I am going to Milan on saturday to hear what David wants to play but yes, there is one condition: David, play inspired, play the pieces you feel more comfortable with and everyone will enjoy, but play inspired. Someone said that us Italians are difficult. Maybe, because In Italy it is FULL of Gilmour fans. And David knows as he is playing 3 dates here.

    So David, beware of us Italians!! BEWARE!! If you play as you played in Venice YOU WILL HEAR ME!! hahahaha

    Can’t wait…..

    [Have a great time, Piergiorgio. – Features Editor]

  187. i made my friend buy me the david gilmour live dvd to replace my copy of pure guava that he lost. it’s one of the most beautiful sounding pieces of art i own. it’ll hold me over till the bus hits massey hall. thanks for your tireless efforts and for keeping this community going. we love you too fed.

    [Bless you! – Features Editor]

  188. 2 days to go til David comes to Milan… I havent checked this site this week.. looks like my brain cannot bear the prussure til saturday night. I have to be distracted somehow. I’ll be painting walls pink… see you soon David.. I’ll be there 14 row on saturday night.. I can’t wait!!!!

  189. apologies, FEd, for the RoIO rant… i guess nobody saw the humor in the “not the night i had spinach in my teeth!” approach. we all – myself included – treasure EVERY piece of David’s old and new music, regardless of its origins.

    i would just prefer to read about David’s current work and the tour (now 13 days to go!), especially if he and Guy are reading this. i love reading the posts about the concert and the setlist changes – my anticipation is dialled up to 11!!

    btw, though i’ll be at RCMH april 5, i thought i’d surf for tickets for april 4. two different brokers have a couple dozen tickets advertised – some for OVER $1,600 each!! yowza! somebody be makin big bills offa that deal.

    i’m just glad to be going april 5th. all of his music is my favorite.

    um, do i have to wear a “i was a pillock on David Gilmour’s music blog” t-shirt to the concert? (chiz chiz)

    – laurie

    [Nah, no need. Just enjoy the show, mate. – Features Editor]

  190. Put on Meltdown today and browsed through. David’s rendition of “Don’t”, by Elvis is great. The familiar beat up Strat he uses sounds fantastic. Is he bringing it on tour also. Thanks Fed. Cheerio.

    [I don’t think David is using that one this time ’round. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong. – Features Editor]

  191. Hi from Italy,

    …waiting for 26 in Auditorium!!

    The hall has a pure, surrounding sound: great choice! This is a piece from a magazine of “Repubblica”(today)

    “DG sound and memories :OAI is the sound that remains for us PF lovers. There are songs like shadows of glory, are delicious cards from the universe so far from human things”

    I don’t agree completely…OAI is a real,pure sound…it’s a different style…may be PF it’over,but the sound,the heart and the magic atmosphere is just the same and it is not a memory…it’so real!!!

    ksss diana

  192. Morning campers,

    I was reading back over past blogs and have seen how many people who don’t speak english as their first language, speaking better than most people I know-myself included, how appaling ( on my part that is). David speaks quite well though, although he is rather middle class, bless him. I love it when he introduces Bob Geldof on the dvd and he puts on his northern accent, so wonderful, we all talk like that up here it’s great and wonderfully entertaining.

    Just thinking of the dvd makes me get rather dizzy with excitement! He he I also just found out that I have an A level exam on the same day as the concert, how will I concentrate? I’ll have his lyrics written all over my paper oohh how teenagish of me.

    Isn’t more fun now lots of people are blogging, it’s like one big family, sniffle, gosh I have a tear in my eye, must dash!

  193. On the bootlegging subject…

    I like the way DG assumes that the bootleggers in the audience of the Meltdown concert would only switch their machines on because he was playing new material (Smile)…. bless 🙂

    Many sleeps ago I attended a concert at the Milton Keynes Bowl in the UK and the headlining act were called “Six of the Best”… It was Genesis and Peter Gabriel re-uniting to raise funds for WOMAD and they couldn’t be called Genesis and Peter Gabriel for contractual reasons…. anyway…

    It was a landmark concert if you were a Genesis fan as, not only was Peter Gabriel fronting the band but Steve Hackett appeared which meant they were all there together playing on stage. A legitimate recording of this was never made as far as I knew and I looked for years to find one until I exchanged Emails with a very kind Genesis fan who burnt me a copy of the bootleg he had which was originally made from the sound desk so is a very good quality bootleg…

    So they do have their uses I guess…

  194. Angelo,

    Did the time away help? I can try to “rebalance”. I suppose that I will find out the rest of Armando’s story in time.

    It’s just that, you see, Fedmeister put this curse on me. (Feb 22nd, “I imagine few people read past entries. But you should! You don’t know what you’re missing! – Features Editor). I had this premonition (yeah, me too Deborah). I imagined the Fedmeister pointing at me and then winking. Something there to find? …Always.

    I’ll keep up the best I can. I love it. Thanks all!

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