As David’s next stop is Paris, here we have the famous Olympia – the city’s oldest music hall – with its famous red lettering.

Probably the most prestigious and well-known concert hall in France and famed for its striking red interior, the Olympia was founded in 1888 by Joseph Oller, the creator of the first cabarets, such as the Moulin Rouge.

Renamed the Olympia in 1893, it has housed various forms of entertainment, such as circuses and ballets. It served as a movie theatre between 1929 and 1954, until it was revived as a music hall by Bruno Coquatrix, whose name graces the impressive sign. It is he who built the Olympia into a hall with worldwide recognition.

Situated in a tree-lined boulevard, it has a modest exterior. Only when you get inside do you realise the luxury of this high-tech venue.

The hall itself is small and seats only 2,000 people. However, the atmosphere inside is said to be electric.

It has played host to legendary concerts by Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, Black Sabbath, The Beatles and Rolling Stones among many others.

No doubt one of the most historic and celebrated venues included on the tour, David and his band will be here on 16 March… Just four nights from now!

If you are going to this concert, please let us know and have a marvellous time.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

97 thoughts on “L'Olympia”

  1. France brings back memories of the two Pink Floyd concerts I saw in Chateau de Chantilly back in july 1994. That surely was a mindblowing experience!

  2. Curious – What’s the reasoning for playing 2 different venues in Paris on consecutive nights.

    I’d have thought logistically, either 2 nights at the same venue or a much greater distance between the 2 French venues.


    [There are just so many great places to play in Paris, Dave. – Features Editor]

  3. Hello F’Ed…hope you are well?

    I was wondering how many of the venues on this tour has David performed at before? I’m sure there are loads of Floyd geeks who can rattle off dates and times of all their appearances…but I’m not so clever!

    Anyway, great footage on BBCi and Radio 2 over the weekend…hope no-one forgot!

    [Will “several” do as an answer, Chris? – I’ll find out, although no doubt someone will beat me to it. – Features Editor]

  4. I was out of town and away from internet all weekend…It was driving me nuts to not see the setlist! Now that I have, I am just blown away!!! How fantastic and a treat for us fans!

    I do hope that none of these songs are deleted from the list for RCMH!!! Wots…? How incredible and surprising to pull out that one!

    No complaining…but I really was secretly wishing that the big surprise song for me would be “Fearless” off of Meddle. It is one of my personal favorites and what I call my “theme song.” I always thought it would be the most incredible experience to sit in a venue and hear the entire crowd around me singing along as David played those familar driving chords…gives me goosebumps even thinking about it.

    Of course, IF David ever even thought of considering Fearless…The thought of us U.S. fans attempting to tack on “We Will Walk Alone” at the end and bastardizing the Liverpool accent was probably enough to make him shutter and nix the idea all together! 🙂

  5. I’ll be there and it’ll be difficult to go to work tomorow and continue the routine.

    Early start on Wednesday to catch the train (in fact I’m closer to LONDON) and then first night In The Grand Rex, but after the show I’ll walk back around the Olympia to see if they start to fix the huge red letters.

    I really want to get a picture of that ” .David Gilmour à l’Olympia3 i saw them changing the letters but can’t remmber if it was late at night or at dawn.

    Hope David is taking a good rest after the first shows, because I think the audience will be very hot here.

    So see you in PARIS !

  6. I’ve been waiting all week for my copy of OAI to drop through that letter box. Yesterday I was tidying up a pile of junk mail my husband had moved to a table in my living room, ready for the recyling truck due this morning, when what should I find amongst the double glazing flyers and insurance offers?

    Yes, you’ve guessed it – my CD, still in it’s envelope. I was not best pleased – and I would not like to repeat the language I used on this blog!

    But at least I now have my hands on the CD and have finally got to inspect the package and hear the music through a decent pair of headphones.

    But I won’t let my dear husband forget THAT mistake for a while.

  7. Fedmeister

    I know you’re inundated with questions and I’m just adding to the pile to be answered later but this relates to my earlier request about tour logistics etc…. how were these venues identified? did DG list his requirements and then someone went off to find ones that fitted the criteria? Then I guess it was all down to available dates…?

    Maybe after the tour when things have calmed down (yeah right!)….

    Keep up the good work Fedmeister or is it Fedmeisters? I sometimes get the feeling there are more than one of you… the tone of the answer sometimes varies… 😉

    [There’s just one, but the tone depends on which side of the bed I choose to fall out of. And what kind of posts we get, of course! – Features Editor]

  8. Bienvenue à Paris David !

    Après avoir vu Pink Floyd le 24 février 1977 au Pavillon de Paris lors de la tournée Animals, je n’aurais jamais pensé (presque trente ans après) venir à l’Olympia assister à un concert de David Gilmour. Eh bien si !

    Et en prime Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Time, Echoes, Comfortably numb….

    David dans ce lieu magique ! Historique!

    Merci et à jeudi !


  9. Now that’s one I would have liked to see the inside of. Since I’m sure you tried but could not get any, perhaps we can get some of David playing in it.

    I missed Guy’s post yet again. I really need to get in the habit of doing a word search on his name every time I visit a blog page. Or at least a search on “xx”.

    But what he said worries me. He thanked everybody for being “warm and squidgy”, but we Yanks can be a rude bunch (especially the drunk ones) and I worry that when I go to Radio City there will be a big bunch of idiots screaming for Pink Floyd to reunite or something (like it’ll do any good) rather than let the rest of us enjoy the show. Am I being irrational? I hope I am.

    That’s also one big reason why I want OAI to be #1 in this country, because then I can always scream back at these numbnuts that he’s got the #1 album in the country, and that we’re there to hear it live. Not too many artists play their whole album straight through (then again, not too many can get away with it), so when the #1 album gets that treatment it should be something special.

    It’d be cool if it went platinum by concert time too. Something else I could throw at them.

  10. Fedmeister

    All credit to Marc Brickman for the light show… simple but very effective… and the pictures are all very, very good as well.

  11. I saw David in Brussels “Paul Emile Janson Hall” in 1984 (or in 1985 ?) for his “About Face” tour.

    I’m 42, living in LIEGE (BELGIUM), and we will be there at the Olympia with my best friend and my girlfriend, who is 28. (It means that she was 1 (!) when The Wall came out, and -3 when Wish You were here came out !)

    She loves David’s music, and we are very excited to see and hear him.

    [It would have been 1984, Benoit. – Features Editor]

  12. Thanks for the update Guy! The Mermaid show from the BBC sounded fantastic.

    On an unrelated note, that father-in-law of yours sure seems to keep a tight watch over you doesn’t he? I can’t imaging what is was like during the ‘courtin timeframe (just kidding)

    Meanwhile, I’m counting the days to the NYC show

  13. Does anybody know why David chose not to make “Island Jam” part of the album? It’s a great track and it fits the mood of album perfectly. (I cannot go to a DG concert, but at least I’ve got the “Island Jam” disk. Thanks for letting Best Buy include that with On an Island.)

    Incidentally, I happened to be at a mall yesterday and checked the record store to see if On an Island was there. It was not. That’s because the small store has sold out. The clerk told me that they have more on order, and that they have ordered DG’s other albums as well. She told me that Floyd is selling really well, too. What was on sale last month is flying off the shelves at full price.

    Right next door is a bookstore where David’s face was on the cover of Guitar World magazine. The entire issue appears to be devoted to all things Floyd, and it’s got a CD designed to show guitarists how to do the solos on “Comfortably Numb” and “Another Brick in the Wall.”

  14. i do a question to live to david gilmour!!!if you know he come to swizterland,say me when!!! please!!! scuse me to my english!!!

    your are so fine if you help me!!!

    see you!!!

  15. Good Day Sir David Gilmour,

    Don’t you know that we have very old prestigious theatre in Montreal, Quebec Canada too hey hey! Just a tip by the way…Have a Cigar my Friends and hope i’ll be able to sse you soon too…


  16. Another wonderful venue, and as our features ed has noted, a historic one too. Fans of red stratocasters will know this as a venue that “The Shadows” have played all through their career….. any Shad’s fans in the audience tonight ??

    (And did the red strat get another airing ??)

  17. Dear editor

    I tried this one before, but I didn’t get answered (I guess due to the fact that the album wasn’t released yet)…

    There’s a piano on Where We Start, but no one is credited in the booklet. Who’s playing?


    [I would assume it’s David. – Features Editor]

  18. Here, in North America we can’t wait to see “On an Island tour”!I’ve been a Floyd fan for 20+ years/but seen just a Waters concert/ and I’m delighted with the new album, which everybody believes carries the band’s spirit!Good job, Dave and please, consider another one in the near future/why not with the old coleagues,like last summer in London?/.

    In the meantime we’ll keep think PINK…

  19. first about the new album – then a REPORT FROM HAMBURG:

    after i have heard the album for a first time (expecting a kind of a new Pink Floyd-Album – realising it`s just a Solo-Album of one member of Pink Floyd) – i was first a little bit disapointed – especially because of the contrast of really melancholic songs and happy, harmless lyrics … this music could be perfect for a different kind of lyrics which i prefer … it`s nice for David Gilmour and his wife that they light campfires and hear woodpecker laugh – but it`s a kind of denying the potential of the music … only the lyrics of “The Blue” i liked from the beginning on very much – beautiful yin and yang of music and lyrics … anyway i needed some days to except that “On An Island” is just a Solo-Album … but now that i did – i have fallen in love with the music – it`s a very nice album and the best Solo-work by Gilmour in my opinion …

    BUT … two days ago i have seen Gilmour live in Hamburg … and what can i say – that concert caused “explosions in my mind” … so beautiful, so perfect the sound, so perfect the band and Gilmour, so surprising and really nice the setlist, so fantastic and groovy “Echoes”, so nice to hear Wright singing after all these years … so touching when Gilmour introduced his band and the audience gave standing ovations for Wright … and so overwhelming when everybody of the audience was singing “Wish you were here” at the end – that i could not hear Gilmour`s voice anymore – we were standing only 4 or 5 steps away from the stage – so that i could see every mimic of Gilmour and Wright – while they were performing “Wish you were here” and “Comfortably Numb” … i had some tears running over my face in this moment – very strange feeling … maybe cause i realised in this special moment that this was the last time in my life that i have seen Gilmour or Pink Floyd live in concert … was like a very sentimental goodbye … a goodbye to a important and nice part of my life … also a goodbye to story that started around 1966 …

    I hope that they will make new music again – solo or together – and they will still play concerts in the (near) future – but i don`t believe in it … so that moment during the last two songs in Hamburg was very special and sad though i still enjoyed the live-performance …

  20. I just found out that David will not be playing in the N.W. of the U.S.A..I felt sad because I had really enjoyed David and Pink Floyd since the late 60’s. I saw them play in L.A.1968(Jeff Beck Group was there)and in 71 in Portland,Oregon.At that time you didn’t need drugs to enjoy there music,For the high was there music.It was great. They didn’t have a great following at that time until Dark side of the moon. Then you couldn’t get tickets for a show,Because they would sell out within a Half an hour.Then a change was happening and the music started to change(during The Wall).It wasn’t Pink Floyd anymore.It was the Waters show and it was over after The Final Cut(without Wright).I was so happy to see David and Rick put out solo albums(Even Nick had one)That I bought and enjoyed.Then something really great happen. Pink Floyd was back(without Waters)and they were greater than ever.Then 94 Pulse came which I tried to get tickets for(It sold out within minutes).Then David and the band called it Quits.But I really respected that because it was time for David to hang it up and be there for his wife and kids.Thats true love.I really hope that a DVD will be put out for the concert he is doing,So that I and all the fans out there who couldn’t get tickets for the concert will be able to listen and enjoy it. God Bless, Thomas PS. The Island is a great album by David Gilmour and his wife Polly.

  21. Wow – looks a great venue. David really has chosen well hasn’t he?

    I’m really looking forward to this show. I guess, FEd, you aren’t going to this one? Would love to buy you a beer at intermission, as a thank you on behalf of us all for your hard work! Only the one mind, as you wouldn’t want to miss any of the second half by being in the loo!

    [That’s very kind of you. Enjoy the show. – Features Editor]

  22. Congratulations with the number ones David!!!

    I like to think I helped out a tiny bit here in Norway 🙂


  23. We are waiting for you David!!

    See you live twice this week, the best week since january 2002 …

    Congratulation for your masterpiece’s position in the charts : you really deserve it !

    Bienvenue à PARIS et pardon par avance si certains fans réclament en hurlant du Pink Floyd…

    “Still far to go..” ( a very moving end for this album)

    A propos, magnifique travail Mr( ou Mme ou Mlle?)Fed !!!

    [Merci! Mais mon titre est un secret, monsieur. – Features Editor]

  24. ooh, i would love to see the inside of the Olympia. what a rich history – and now David gets to make history there, too!

    “On an Island” is 29 on Billboard’s chart as i write this. until it breaks through the top 25 (shortly) you have to look for it, sort of – the genre is “Mainstream Rock”, and if you are not a subscriber, you must do a search on “On an Island” to find it.

    Newsweek magazine’s Lorraine Ali came up with a brand-new word in her favorable review of OaI – how many people rate that, eh, David – saying “these days Gilmour’s lyrics have lost their old dire heavyosity.” HEAVYOSITY. imo, she either is confusing David with, erm, someone ELSE he has performed with, or perhaps she was just a bit short on sleep when she wrote that.

    Rolling Stone’s website gave OaI a really super review, using words like ‘space’, ‘air’, ‘breeze’, etc. part of David’s unique guitartistry [see, i can do it too] is the ability to play not just the notes, but the space between the notes. so i thought their review was spot on.

    we can all help promote OaI on Rolling Stone’s website!! you can post a review and it pops up immediately. unedited! [silly Rolling Stone] F.Ed., note i have not mentioned their website, but if allowed i would say GO THERE NOW and POST YOUR REVIEW.

    enduring the heavyosity of my anticipation,

    [Not exactly a difficult site to find, either. – Features Editor]

  25. Hello, David and friends ! two days and I see you in Paris: Grand Rex and the Olympia, a wonderful venue, so intimate, with a big soul, exactly what you need and what we need..;Welcome in France !

  26. David, would you be free on the 1st July…there’s a couple of chaps playing in Hyde Park that need your help. And they need a decent keyboard player as well..!

    By the way superb CD, and you brilliant at the radio 2 gig, even though you had to have a loo break, but don’t worry about it David, its just an age thing.

    [Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey can manage perfectly well, thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  27. Hi

    Yes cant wait for the Olympia gig, Paris- flying from Newcastle the day before.

    After seeing the gigs at Hamburg and on R2/web i cant help thinking David and Gang are really enjoying themselves. The OAI album is a credit to Polly/David as writers and to hear/see this live will make an old rocker very happy!

    Question; Will the promo/maketing be available in England in advance of RAH concerts? Will post my review upon my return Friday night

    [Should be, mate. – Features Editor]

  28. Hi Fed and all,

    I’m still under my cold shower 😉

    Time is ticking…

    And now i’m sure i’ll get a very good time during this Olympia show – no needs to say MORE 😉

    I hope a sweet night at l’Olympia to all David’s lovers.


  29. Caption Competition:

    “Mount Olympia- Parisian home of Zeus Gilmour and other musical gods….”

    ..okay, that was brown-nosingly corny…

  30. David, Polly, Guy or anyone from the band reading. I hope you keep Echoes on your setlist throughout the tour, Its something alot of us have wanted to hear for many years. Also I hope you consider doing Marooned, Imagine fading out from Marooned into Echoes, that would be brilliant!! See you in April! Im counting the minutes

  31. Hi !!!

    Great reports from the first two shows !!!Can’t wait to be in Paris on the 16th…

    I’m from Belgium and I’m a long time Floyd fan, and obviously a big Gilmour fan, being a guitarist myself (but nothing compared to David, let’s stay humble…).

    I discovered the Floyd on 13 may 89 in Werchter, Belgium, the first gig of the 89 tour. Been a fan since. Obviously the first Floyd record I discovered at the time of it release is “A momentary…”. I was 14 years old at the time…

    Since then, I saw Pink Floyd again in France, Chantilly (94), then saw Gilmour at the Meltdown gig (quite a great experience), then again in Paris (2002).

    I wish David and the band all the best, thanks for the great piece of work (On an Island), and thanks too for the editors of this blog (So, what is it like to read 1200 birthday posts?).

    Regards to you all

    Pierre-Alain Bernard

    [It was good to see that you can wish someone well on their birthday in 1,000+ different ways! – Features Editor]

  32. Dear David, Guy (and any other DG band members lurking), FEd et al.,

    I’ve just watched the Mermaid show on the BBC site and am just so thrilled and excited to be a DG fan right now. The new material is fantastic, but your performance at the Mermaid was incredible – all of you. You looked and sounded as if you’d been playing together as a unit forever. I would give my left arm (we’re all out of right arms around these parts) to be a fly on the wall just to hear you guys jam on ideas…

    David – IMHO you are at your most majestic when your guitar is speaking for you. Whether it’s the new solos on OAI, or the classics played live at the Mermaid, when you solo, the magic happens and I feel such a strong connection to you and your music. It’s amazing to know that despite all that has happened over the years that the magic is still there and flowing freely. For people/addicts like me, it’s very reassuring 🙂

    That said, your voice sounds amazing and I was so impressed by the range and quality of your voice on the Mermaid recording. I don’t know if this is a left handed compliment, but your voice seems to have gotten better over the years, when many of your contemporaries have been getting worse! I’m struggling to contain a cheesy ‘fine wine’ analogy though…but you really do just get better and better.

    The OAI tracks played live came across fantastically. I have to admit I was wondering if the tracks would reproduce well played live, but when I saw the video any questions instantly disappeared. I also love that you kept the slightly bluesier version of WYWH (the Meltdown version?) – it’s far more in keeping with the new material and a kind of subtle revisiting of an old friend.

    Rick – Your keys at the Mermaid, and indeed on the new album are just amazing. I have always loved your contribution and it’s wonderful to really hear the Wright component louder in the mix – your keys really stood out in all the right parts and brought such warmth, groove and soul to the party. I know it wouldn’t have sounded anywhere near the same without you.

    Hope you’re having fun settling easily into tour life. After having seen the Mermaid footage I just can’t wait now to see you all play at the RAH. Echoes at the RAH. YEAH BABY!! 🙂

    Happy trails…


  33. Hi F.ed

    I liked the earlier comment from Nick Page:-

    “David, would you be free on the 1st July…there’s a couple of chaps playing in Hyde Park that need your help. And they need a decent keyboard player as well..!”

    WHO could he mean…

    Nick is certainly right though, they need David (& Rick) more than vice versa…

    Playing DSOTM without the “voice & guitar of PF”, (as well as Rick’s keyboard & vocal skills) to be frank doesn’t excite me right at this moment (Bad timing, me thinks – unless they’re on the Gravy Train).

    I wonder what RW & NM think of OAI…??

    David has moved on to (dare I say, better things – OAI)and doesn’t need to go there again, the “Division Bell” tour eclipsed DSOTM, even if it was 12 years ago.

    It’s great to see Guy still has time for the “odd” comment, twixt shows… do any of the other guys ever get tempted to add a word or two??

    It would be really cool to hear from Rick, great to see him taking on some lead vocals…

    Is there any chance that “WET DREAM” will be re-released on the back of the current euphoric wave of all things Floydian, I’ve only got a rather battered vinyl copy and can’t seem to find a CD version anywhere, just a thought….
    It’s strange to think that Rick’s “Wet Dream” is very similar in theme/mood to “On An Island”, even though it’s from way back in ’78.

    Has Rick ever mentioned this to David during the making of OAI or on the tour (Guy, Can you help out on this one )…

    P.S. Can’t wait to see and hear “Echoes” again… R.A.H. 29/05/06

    Ken Carter

  34. Hi gang,

    Just come back from a gig (DJ) sorry ….,

    I played pink coffee Brick2 remix and got a great response from a young crowd so i then played wish you were here as a last song . I then had about a hundred requests to play C Numb which I obliged. So it goes to show playing crap dance music all night and ending on some class can do wonders for the ” Education” of young minds.

    I have plugged the album on local radio in Dublin and I must say the fedback is all good.

    Lets make it no one in Ireland

  35. Just watched the BBC concert.Thank “YOU” very much “INDEED” David and friends!!!

  36. Caption…Orson Wells says..”Just below and to the left of the O, you can see the Martians beginning to attack.But low and behold, all they can do is listen to the glorious music of David Gilmour coming from within.”

  37. I can only add that I think it is about time that David’s work received the recognition it deserves. I have yet to hear the album as I am holding out for my Ticket*as** (however it is done to make it look like a swear) copy along with the mysterious “laminate” item. So glad it is laminated as I am prone to uncontrollable spitting. I no doubt will be compelled to write a review once I have listened compulsively to the CD.

    Now to the intriguing question of the identity of the Features Editor. The problem being that the omnipotent personage may not deign to give a response to the probing question asked, such as:

    How many guitars do you own? or can you play the kazoo? or has your wife ever written books for publication?

    [You’re right. No comment. – Features Editor]

  38. Since much of the tour is in cinemas and ex-cinemas, maybe Marc Brickman should be given the night off now and then to show a movie during the gig.

    The band playing Echoes while 2001: A Space Odyssey plays on the big screen in the Grand Rex would be a pretty good show, IMO 🙂

  39. I finally got a chance to see the Mermaid gig video. WOW. What an awsome show. Nothing beats the “Thank you very much indeed” as a live Gilmour show!

    So much to enjoy. My highlights were hearing how hard ‘Take a Breath’ rocks, how awsome David’s performance was of ‘Smile’, the “soft” version of ‘Shine on’, seeing Richard really headbanging throuought (Richard sounded great too), Dick Perry is truely talented and Guy Pratt held the whole thing together. 🙂 I really do love to see how much energy Guy brings to the stage, and finally, seeing the smile David gave to Guy (after the guitar change during ‘Smile’) is priceless!

  40. Guy…What do you mean by “squidgy”. I need to know since I’ll see you in Toronto and don’t want to disappoint. (Do you know F.E.?)

    [I imagine soft, soggy and squishy, John. Just be adorable and you’ll be fine. – Features Editor]

  41. Randy Ekstrom said:

    “I hope you keep Echoes on your setlist throughout the tour, Its something alot of us have wanted to hear for many years.”

    And I kind of just gotta second that emotion. And the suggestion for Fearless, or anything Meddle. This album OAI, if it be compared to anything Floyd, reminds me of Meddle the most. Sublime theme, poetic lyrics, with soaring lead melodies space nicely throughout. And Echoes has always been my Floyd anthem, best song from the best couple of years, in my humble opinion. As far as Floyd goes- On An Island could very well go down as one of the most memorable albums ever for me. Someone in the previous ‘thread’ of messages earnestly inquired about what talent David possesses in his playing. I’m still trying to find myself as a guitar player, but I can say this much: Its basically about grace and intelligence. And Davids got a lot of it, and for good reason, because hes obviously a good enough of a guy. Thanks for these concerts David!

  42. Fedmeister

    One day I’d love to buy you a beer! 🙂

    And on a different note my brother has just told me he’s bought me a copy of the US version of OAI with the bonus CD….

    Ain’t brothers who live in the US briliiant! 🙂

    [They sure are. – Features Editor]

  43. Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying OAI! Of course, the music is terrific, but I have to say…the artwork is lovely as well. I love the package design and I truly feel like I’m stepping into a little storybook each time I listen to the CD. I particularly like the image of David & Polly appearing opposite of the lyrics to “Where We Start.” A beautiful portrait to accompany a beautiful song and a remarkable album.

  44. Greetings David and Polly! You guys have put together a very nice album with ‘On An Island’.

    Having been a lifetime fan (36 years so far) of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour, it has been a hope of mine to someday meet David and just shake his hand to thank him for all of the wonderful music he has provided to us over the years. His music and innovative guitar riffs have inspired me as a hopeful blues guitarist as well. I’ve had the great fortune of seeing David and The Floyd live on tour in ’94, and my wife and I are really looking forward to the Chicago show in April. I’m sure you probably get asked this by millions, but what is the chance of meeting David, even if for just 5 minutes at the April 13th show in Chicago? I figured it never hurts to ask.

    Cheers David and thanks for the great music! 🙂

    [Sorry, Alan. It might not hurt to ask, but it would hurt to answer. Lifting fingers from the keyboard… now. – Features Editor]

  45. Love the pics in Dortmund. Keep em coming throughout the tour please. I still get the feeling a CD will be released by December, with David and friends, it will satisfy all fans around the globe for sure.High Hopes. Best wishes in Paris,all.

    [Oh, what the heck? We’ll put out a range of ‘On An Island’ camping equipment (including a flask that changes colour when it gets hot), ‘On An Island’ pyjamas, a couple of cuddly toys that say helpful things should you ever find yourself stranded on an island (such as “Don’t eat the purple berries”)… The list is endless. It’s going to be great. But no CD. – Features Editor]

  46. Dear Mr. Gilmour!

    I would like to congratulate you on being NO 1 here in Norway, straight in on the top despite tough competition by a couple of new releases from local artists (and they are in fact quite good). But it’s lovely to see On An Island at no 1.

    And tomorrow morning I’ll be on a plane to Paris for two nights in heaven!

    See you in Paris!

    Best regards


  47. Please pass our congratulations to Mr. Gilmour on OAI hitting #1.

    We were discussing ‘Echoes’ with some friends that came over the past weekend and I mentioned I would have liked to see it live. What shows up on the set-list the following days ?

    We saw the Mermaid gig. Speechless…

    Remembering 1988 Chateau de Versailles, 1994 Chateau de Chantilly and Werchter, and my very odd decision not to travel to Paris in 2002, we are having a very hard time waiting for tomorrow evening.

    Regards to all,
    Ralph & Marit

  48. Hey FeatEd, any idea when your gonna be covering Massey Hall or is this just sorta decided as you go along?

    [More or less. I was thinking Wednesday 6 April. – Features Editor]

  49. Well done David et Al for the number ones spots-its a good team effort. Great to see Guy posting. you wont remember me shaking your hand outside the mermaid but can I ask why you went in the wrong door and got chucked out?

    How many copies has OAI sold to get to number one?

    Ian Pearson

    [Loads and loads! Will see if I can find out, Ian. – Features Editor]

  50. See you tomorrow morning DAVID, in Le Grand REX in Paris, which is also a great hall.

  51. I go twice this week at L’Olympia. Tonight, there is the french rock band Dionysos. And of course, i’ll be there thursday to listen David and his band !

    The sound is amazing in L’Olympia so I imagine that this concert will be delightful !

    PS : I know that David use Kinman pick ups on one of his stratocaster. Does someone know which one is ?


  52. Hello again dear F.Ed,

    First of all, I want to thank you for your kind answer following my previous post on sunday (I was asking you if it was possible to have my Island CD dedicated). If it isn’t, never mind. But if there’s a chance…

    Let’s talk about the Olympia now.

    As you mentionned, it is precisely one of the most prestigious theatre in Paris. French singer Gilbert Bécaud did the opening in 1954 if I’m not wrong. During the sixties, many singers and bands came to play at the Olympia. The theatre is known to have the best acoustics.

    I saw many concerts, (I’m 34), but I really believe it’s the best theatre in Paris to create a great contact between an artist and his public. In 2000, my wife and I went to see Roger Hodgson at the Olympia. The atmosphere was so amazing that the public didn’t want to let him go away. So he had to play two more songs from the original setlist.

  53. je vais également à ce concert, j’ai vraiment hate car celle salle est l’une des plus magiques avec une acoustique incroyable 🙂

  54. Hey Guy,Loved that wrong note in comfortably numb on the Mermaid gig!!!!.Only Joking.

  55. Mr Gilmour, I just got my copy of On an Island, this is the sound I’ve waited to hear again! fantastic! I have just had the pleasure of recording my own albumn (due for release next month) and I have been constantly inspired by your music ever since my father bought me dark side, the wall and my first guitar. I hope you enjoyed your birthday, thanks again, It is quite uplifting to know that there are musicians such as yourself that still care about guitar solo’s and melody, you set the bar for me, I look forward to seeing a gig and many more albumns to come!

  56. Someone asked about the chords to Where We Start. Here they are.


    Gmaj7 F#m7 Gmaj7 F#m7 Gmaj7 F#m7 Am Em Am E5 E


    A Amaj7 Gmaj7 F#m7 A Amaj7 Gmaj7 C Cmaj7


    Bm Gmaj7 F#m7 D Bm Gmaj7 Am Em Am E5 E


    (same as verse+chorus)

    Last chorus:

    Bm Gmaj7 F#m7 D Bm Gmaj7 Am Em Am Em

    C#m Amaj7 G#m E C#m Amaj7 Gmaj7 F#m7 Gmaj7 F#m7


    Gmaj7 F#m7 […]

  57. Ohhh….”métro-boulot-dodo” dit-on en France à Paris,….pour rire .

    For me,I live in the north of France, and to-morrow, it will be “work” (forced!), then “car-trip” to Paris, then “subway-trip” to “Grand Rex”, then ” dream with M. Gilmour- waoh…”, then “subway-trip”, then “car-trip” to home, them, maybe “dodo” ..

    On the following day, the same: “work,car-trip, subway-trip, dream with M. Gilmout at the Olympia, subway-trip, car-trip to home and may-be dodo”, and after, work…

    Ohh… If only all the weeks could be the same, with “dream with M. Gilmour” between “métro, boulot, dodo”……..

    Does F.Ed agree with that?

    [Absolutely! Have a splendid time, Michèle. – Features Editor]

  58. Dear Ed

    Who play armonica in “the blue”?


    [Sorry, Fabrizio. I wasn’t aware that there is any. I would imagine it’s David. – Features Editor]

  59. “there’s a couple of chaps playing in Hyde Park that need your help.”

    [Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey can manage perfectly well, thank you very much. – Features Editor]

    Nice one, Ed/Edwina! For shame (I love it).


    [As The Who are probably the second-best band on the planet, I’m sure they’ll manage. – Features Editor]

  60. Thanks, dear Fed.

    This hall is “mythique” for all the musicians, and I’m sure that David will like it, as all those who came here (and not only Rolling Stones or Beatles…). And I’m sure that we’ll all enjoy this show… on l’attend depuis si longtemps…

    So… à tous ceux qui seront à l’Olympia (dont moi…), je souhaite une fantastique soirée, et des souvenirs pour 1000 ans…

    Ikkar, with love.

  61. Dear all,

    There’s been some discussion here about the Hyde Park concert in July, so I just wanted to add my opinion to the pile…if okay…

    I used an analogy in a previous post of serious fans as being music addicts. As such an addict, obviously I’d like the neat good stuff, but if I can’t get that I’ll take any substitute I can to enjoy the PF sound. For me, DG being the “guitar and voice of PF” is one of the purest extracts from the PF mix.

    But – if I can get the other half too, then the music addict in me just says yes! I know it’s methadone, but it’s live music from one of the people who helped create a sound that I love…

    …So, I’ve got tickets to Hyde Park. I feel somewhat disloyal, hence this post. I just love the music of PF so much that I’m happy to take it any way I can. The hardest part of Hyde Park is going to hear DSOTM without DG’s voice or guitars – it just won’t sound the same because it can’t sound the same without his feel.

    Mind you, the irony of hearing RW sing “Us and Them” should put a grin on the most cynical of faces 🙂


  62. Hey up FEd and David (if you ever get the time to read this lot) and Guy (cheers for dropping in every now and then, kinda justifys calling it a blog page.. lol).

    All this chat about CDs and DVDs, however much material is released, we always want more. I think people forget that these things take time to put together.

    A nice touch Rick Wakemans done a few times is to include “Official Bootleg” CDs with his DVDs. Plus it has the advantage of no extra editing. 😀


  63. Fed- Hey, camping equpiment and pyjamas are great ideas……how about pyjamas with “Don’t eat the purple berries” printed on them…?

    -that was hillarious 🙂

    Knut Arne Vedaa: Thanks for the chords! I kept alternating between using D or Bmin for that Gmaj7 chord and it never sounded quite right. I’ll try that G instead….

    [I don’t think you can go wrong with pyjamas, especially if they’re purple. – Features Editor]

  64. I cannot believe that I heard Mr Gilmour and Co played Echoes and Wots…uh the deal. Now I wish I purchased tickets to witness these songs. However,the title track On an Island has really grown on me and it reminds me so much of early Floydian (pre-Dark Side) music.

    I can just hear Gilmour and Wright singing: “cloudless every day you fall upon my waking eyes”. What wonderful lyrics; so poetic. Are the bickering rooks of Echoes included on this tour? Or is Echoes an abridged version?

    All the best in your tour David Gilmour. Let’s hope that you bring out a DVD with the abovementioned songs included. Not that that concept would be better than witnessing the live event itself, but that’s how it goes.

    [It’s a full-blown ‘Echoes’, Julie. – Features Editor]

  65. Hi F.Ed,

    Hi Each and Every of you all loving fans,

    Seems I was quite impatient when I posted a big piece couple a days ago, mentioning Olympia too. Now is the time. Yes, we – a group of 3 friends and dedicated adorers of Pink Floyd and David from Bulgaria – we will be there on 16 March night. I have already spoken with a number of people been lucky enough to see a show at Olympia – everyone said it’s fantastic in terms of acoustics and ambience, small, cosy and absolutely undiscribabale in terms of atmosphere. Even the farest of the audience – they say – is close enough to feel real “in” wahat’s happening and – someone told me – it’s as if the spirirts of John, Paul, George and Ringo, Mick and the Stones, Ozzy, Johny Holiday, Edit Piaff and all the celebrities having performed there – it’s as if all they are invisibly but sensually there all the time, somewhere in the air around, kinda a majic. I really can’t sleep anymore looking forward for Thursday night. I am back home on Sunday and will definitely post a review of how it was – only if I am stil sane and only if this happens to ME and in REAL. Since 10 years we have even stopped dreaming about seeing at least one of Floyd’s live and now in just couple of months I saw Nick Mason in Sofia and shaked hands with him (some month or so ago)and now – thank you God and have mercy so everything is fine untill Thursday -I’ll be seeing David playing live. How lucky I am! Wish something like that to everyone who is longing for this from the deep of their hearts! Believe me – even beeing in the same room with those guys is a real macig!!! And a very, very, very good and fancy one!!! Keep fingers crossed for us so it’s a reality and not just one of these thousands of dreams and hopes for all these years. Godd bless you all – love can only save this sinful world and it’s a true love what we all share in this site. Take care!

    Emil R. Botev and friends from Bulgaria,
    with all of their (more than 35 years old) love for David and his music

  66. Shame on you FEd!!! You could have told Ian that if he read the Press Section and clicked “Music Week (Monday 13th) [Album Chart]” he’d see that 83,060 copies were sold to reach #1.

    [Ian! Go to the ‘Press’ page, click “Music Week (Monday 13th) [Album Chart]” and you’ll see that 83,060 copies were sold. How about that? Thanks for that, Michael. Another post-it note gets crumpled up. – Features Editor]

  67. I think that Spain is between the five Pink Floyd’s Top sellers countries in Europ, even that, On an Island Albun is not being promoted here as well as it would deserve.

    I profit this comment to acknowledge your labour in this site.

    David P. Puig

  68. I am a fan of CPR – Stevie D’s band – and just wanted to say that I caught the BBCi broadcast of the Mermaid show and Mr DiStanislao did great! Well done, Sir!

  69. Hey David! how about adding some whammy pedal at the end of the CN solo? ;-)))

    can’t wait to see you in Milan on the 25th.

  70. [quote] Is there any chance that “WET DREAM” will be re-released I only got a vinyll copy…
    Ken Carter [end quote]


    Wet Dream is / was avaiable on cd, did try to find it, but didn’t, just used cd’s… the label was “one way records”. (And the vinyl version will be mentioned in my last will..).

    Strange you mention this one, this got that same lazy island feeling. Think Richard wrote it when he was at Lindos.

    Good luck with finding the cd!

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  71. Woah. Germany, Italy, France why dont you come to Greece David? :((

    We love you!!

  72. Fedmeister

    Jeezz…Anyone had a look at eBay recently?

    We’ve had the profiteering from Tickets… now it’s profiteering from the US Best Buy CD with bonus disk, T’shirts…Caps…. and probably many more fake items of clothing!

    [Isn’t it disgraceful? – Features Editor]

  73. hi Folks,

    It’s starting….

    I have fallen completly in love with The blue. What a seering, soaringly (real word?) bendy belter of a track. whoooah. Its definitely into my top 10 all time favourite tracks….and rising

    must go listen some more, take a breath and on an island are really growing on me too, also smile…..29th May is gonna rock out!

  74. Maybe, not to be edited, but, in France, ‘on an island’ number 5 (not 19!)

    Thank you.

    [That’s more like it! I always knew that the French people had excellent taste! Click Michèle’s name for proof. Merci, Michèle. – Features Editor]

  75. I will be at the concert!!!


  76. Halo fed ed

    Just been reading through the blog, please don’t take floyd0987 advice David! Although it may well be a good suggestion on another song, the solo is so perfect and beautiful it would be sadism to change it now. Just seen how the album is doing world wide, just keep truckin’ and it could be number 1 everywhere!! World domination is near.

  77. Massey Hall April 9th Attendees….

    Just a heads up for everyone going to the Massey Hall, Toronto concert April 9th. I’ve requested that the Hard Rock Cafe play OAI and lots of Floyd as there will be a load of fans in prior to the concert…

    If you want to eat there I would suggest you book as it’ll be busy I guess….

    Wonder what the collective noun for a group of DG/Pink Floyd fans would be…

    – A Meddle of …….
    – A Lapse of …….
    – An Echo of ……

  78. Thanks Ken and Nick. I had long forgotten Rick’s “Wet Dream”. I have to give it a spin when I get home after work.

    I actually bought the CD used over 10 years ago.

  79. Rudders, I will be at the Hard Rock Cafe April 09th prior to the show. It will be an amazing site in there. I always go to the HRC prior to shows and they really get everyone rockin’ and ready. I can’t wait to “air guiter” CF on the walk to Massey Hall. Seeing the Setlist from the shows in Germany really really excites me. It will be quite the experience to see David, Rick, Guy, Dick and Jon. I’m a big fan of Jon Carin on keyboards. Oh, did I mention, I have Floor seats!!! See you there!!

    Always a pleasure, Nick.

  80. Hi again,

    In approximately 24hrs my wife and I will be making our way along Boulevard des Capucines to L’Olympia to see, what I’m sure will be, the gig of a lifetime! That is because David’s concert that night takes place on my 44th birthday – what a gift!!! I can’t wait!!!

    OK, enough with the exclamation marks!!! (Doh!).

    Congratulations on the number ones and double congratulations on the fantastic set list that I’ve been reading about. I can’t wait!!! (Did it again). I’m so pleased that David and the band are performing the whole of ‘On An Island’ – I’ve been playing the album virtually non-stop since I bought it just over a week ago and it just gets better and better – what a show it will be!

    Bye for now,


    [Hope you have a great birthday, Kevan. All the best to you. – Features Editor]

  81. Ed/Edwina wrote:

    [As The Who are probably the second-best band on the planet, I’m sure they’ll manage. – Features Editor]

    Now FEd! You know which “couple of chaps in Hyde Park” Nick was referring to who may need help, wink wink nudge nudge. Certainly not The Who! 😉 Now, who could it be?


    [Indeed. But I’m sure they’ll be great. – Features Editor]

  82. Any pre-show gatherings planned for tonight before the Grand Rex show? I’d love to meet for a drink prior to what should be a dazzling experience! Also, does David usually start on time or wait a bit after the posted showtime?

    A bientot!

    [No pre-show gathering as far as I’m aware, but David shouldn’t keep you waiting. In spite of the chart position, everyone knows that French fans are huge supporters of David. You’ll get a great show tonight, I’m sure. Enjoy! – Features Editor]

  83. formidable et magique puis pure sont les trois mots qui me viennent a l’esprit lorsque j’écoute l’album. N’arrêtez jamais d’avoir ce chant et surtout ce jeu de guitare si particulier

  84. Can’t wait to see the show at the olympia!!! Can’t wait to be enough skilled to play David’s song with my guitar!!! Take a breath, a deep breath now… and listen to the guitar!!

  85. this is not how gilmours songs were supposed to be played it was played far to soft, i would not suggest wasting ur money i am a huge floyd fan they r prbly my favorites but this is not how it was meant to be played

  86. Deux dates à Paris…. Super ! mais le reste de la France ???
    J’habite à Toulon et pour nous, aucune chance de voir Gilmour sur scene cette fois 🙁

    Et le plus beau : que ce soit à la Fnac, au Zenith ou à la radio, personne ici n’a parlé de ces deux concerts 🙁

    J’étais près à aller le voir à Londres (si, si, je payais le voyage juste pour le concert) mais c’est complet avant même que l’annonce des dates soit faite dans la presse…
    Je suis dégouté 🙁

    J’ai vu tous les pécédents concerts de Pink Floyd depuis 1975, à un endroit ou l’autre du monde, mais là….

    SVP ! Informez nous plus tôt des dates et des lieux……

    [Je suis désolé, Jean-François. C’est pareil partout dans le monde. Beaucoup de gens demandent plus de concerts. Mais nous avons annoncé les dates sur notre website il y a beaucoup de mois et ils se sont vendus très rapidement. Excusez mon français simple! – Features Editor]

  87. Whaou,

    Ce fut extraordinaire. Merci David, Richard et les autres. Je suis allé aux deux spectacles, quel chanceux (En achetant rapidement les places qui partaient à vue d’oeil).

    Sur les deux concerts, je retiens celui de l’Olympia. Bien meilleur ambiance qu’au grand Rex. Bien que dans les deux cas les gens ont rendu hommage à David.

    Meilleur prestation pour les morceaux de son dernier album à l’Olympia mais la deuxième partie (Les morceaux de Floyd) était meilleur au Grand Rex, c’est mon avis.

    Etonnant ce petit imprévu de Dark Side avec l’arrivée sur scène de cette choriste dont je n’ai pas le nom.

    “Happy Birthday David …” ont chanté tout le monde. ça lui a fait plaisir. David est bien plus bavard à l’Olympia qu’au Grand Rex (En Français, on aime bien, cool) 🙂

    Incroyable arrêt de Shine On You C. D. sur me semble t’il un larsen qui a surpris (De façon amusante) toute la salle. On a eu droit à une deuxième (Mais pas au complet). David est à l’aise avec son public, petits échanges par moment.

    Superbe version d’Echoes et incroyable solo de Confortably Numb au grand Rex .

    Salle comble dans les deux cas et de somptueux souvenirs en perspective.

    Merci David et bon vent pour la suite.

  88. Like everyone knows, Dave does few concerts , but millions of fans would like to see him. It’s impossible to do it for real, but the dvd can be a great solution for everyone. Can we have confirmation of a dvd in preparation ?

    thx to be the best guitarist in the world, thx to ur wife to find so nice lyrics, and to your parents who made a so modest artist.

    best regards

    [You can’t have confirmation, but a DVD is something that’s being considered. You can have confirmation when the decision is made. – Features Editor]

  89. Waouh indescriptible quel musicien! j’ai encore comme toujours pleuré sur Shine on you Pourquoi?? nobody knows mais c’est comme ça;et puis la visite de Melle Sam Brown quelle voix!! je pense que ces deux shows vont resonner longtemps dans nos oreilles Merci Messieurs Gilmour et le dandy Wright et les autres See you soon

  90. J’étais au grand rex le 15 MARS:

    Ne connaissant pas cette salle, j’ai été ébloui par sa beauté.

    J’ai été surpris par la jeunesse du public, et aprés avoir parlé avec certains d’entre eux (de moins de 25 ans), j’ai compris qu’ils étaient pour la grande majorité eux même guitariste. Ils venaient donc admirer le DIEUX DAVID GILMOUR !!!

    Le concert:

    La premiére partie (on an island dans son intégralité )n’était apparement pas connue de tous le public. L’ambiance n’était donc pas au top et David a attendu plusieurs morceaux avant de parler enfin au public en français…

    La deuxiéme partie était de trés bonne qualité avec un “echoes” de MEDDLE d’exeption. Le public ne tenait plus en place et s’est entassé en avant de la scéne au rappel; les boules pour les anciens dont je fais partie qui étaient au deuxieme rang.

    C’est pour moi la troisiéme fois que j’admire ou David GILMOUR ou PINK FLOYD en concert et j’aimerais tant que celà se reproduise encore et encore….

    Ma femme qui n’est pas fan a vraiment apprécié.


  91. The Grand Rex show was unique. I came there with my best friend we both are Pink Floyd / Gilmour / Water fans and we had… no tickets…

    We thought if we can’t buy on the 15, we come back a day after at the Olympia…

    We’ve got 2 tickets for 100€ each, separated one on the floor the other on the 1st level. But we tried downstair and we’ve got 2 seats just behind the crew table and the crew row. Just terrific.

    David was very professional, a bit too serious however so dedicated to play as well than on the record, it was impressive. The whole record, just as part one.

    The secund part as said above was more a present for old fans, especially Echoes track (the first longest track ever put on an LP…).

    Richard Wright was there very calm, so good and sensefull. He looked as his was just one of the band fellow. He deserves much more.

    Having Dick Parry was very nice as well. Good old times of Dark side…

    Jon Carin was there too as for Water’s tour. Great guy.
    The lighting was great.

    Have a look on the Dortmund pictures, it looks like the same.
    And where ever you are if you have a chance to go and even with no ticket just try your chance, don’t miss the opportunity to say to your grand children one day, I’ve seen the big guy with blue eyes so good with his guitars.
    His music will last for ever.

    Thank Alex for this birthday present to invite me at the Grand Rex show.

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