Heineken Music Hall


Hailed as the venue with the best acoustics in all of Europe, the Heineken Music Hall was built especially to house live, amplified music.

Since it was opened in 2001, the likes of Jethro Tull, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Mark Knopfler have performed here.

One of the newest concert halls in the Netherlands, it is extremely popular with music-lovers and welcomes more than 500,000 visitors a year.

An ultra-modern arena, it can seat 3,500 and has parking space for an impressive 7,000 vehicles.

The sound and visibility is said to be excellent no matter where you sit. In fact, the sound in the Black Box (main hall) is apparently so good that the Heineken Music Hall was nominated for the coveted Pollstar Award for best international concert location in 2004.

David and his band play two nights here on 19 and 20 March. Let us know if youโ€™ll be there, too.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I can’t wait to see the mermaid show on the web on the 11th. Congrats to all who were able to go.

    I always wanted to play guitar (but never quite got the hang of it) so I had a belated b-day song written just for David…Enjoy!..Although I think it could use a bit of work

    If you would like to hear the complete song, then click on my name below.

  2. Finally something about the HMH in Holland. Looking very much foward to see David and his band play there.

    The new album is amazing and I am curious how it will sound live…is it the 19th already?

  3. Fedmeister:

    Heineken Music Hall – probably the best acoustics in the world…

    You are making the Caption Competition harder but here goes…

    Hall Manager… “Will someone get those Reindeer off the roof! Christmas is over!

    Thankfully there’s only one roof so I can steer clear of the roofs/rooves debate… damn!

    [I think we’ve flogged the roofs/rooves debate to death! – Features Editor]

  4. No problem Fed, I saw the setlist on a David Gilmour forum and I have to say it’s great but I hope it will be a little bit longer on tour. Thank you anyway and I’m waiting for the presentation of Olympia music hall from Paris on this site.

  5. I just bought the album this morning, from what I hear David must be living a very peaceful life… I love it.

    Please David come to Montrรฉal to play it live for us.

  6. I don’t wish to come over all pedantic but how exactly can the sound of the “Black box” hall be attributable to it being nominated for an award? Surely the sound is attributable to the design of the acoustics ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Album finally arrived from Amazon today so I shall be taking the long route home so I can listen to it in the car.

    May 30th seems such a long time away!

    [Yeah, you’re right. It sounds rubbish. I just changed it. – Features Editor]

  7. Hello,

    The HMH is maybe not the most beautiful spot David will apear this tour, but the acoustics are great. Visit it only once: Yes with the Magnification tour with Orchestra in 2002. It is a “far” ride for us in the lovely South ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Just went for the weekend groceries, and on the parketplace “On An Island” was on the Dutch radio. A tear in my eye… How is that possible that music can cause such a deep emotion?

    Had it before at the Pink Floyd gigs ’88 & ’94, the atmosphere, the sound, the music. Mostly Autumn live made me cry several times; they’ve a song about the lost of a dear one / (the father of the guitarist)… creepy… and then projections of famous people Einstein, J.S.Bach, Kennedy, David Gilmour and finally “his” lost father.

    Looking forward to the show, we are going with friends and we all are in love for 25 years (on the same persons ;-)(this mounth) so think I’ll have some tears in my eye again.

    … Without music, life would be a mistake. (Nietzsche)…

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.


  9. Nice Venue..

    Do they serve beer there?

    [I believe they do. I also understand that staff walk around with bags full of beer on their backs, so you don’t even need to go to the bar. – Features Editor]

  10. Yep, me and my wife will be there on the 20th. We are coming all the way from Norway for the show. ๐Ÿ˜€

    We can hardly wait, been waiting for so many years to se DG live.

    It will be great to see Wright, Pratt, Carin joining him onstage as well.

    They all play so well together, fantastic!


  11. I’ll be there on the 20th! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love the new album!


    The Netherlands

  12. Still eleven days to go,I can’t wait to see Mr. Gilmour in HMH Amsterdam the 20th of March. Play lots of On an Island album please David, it’s a splendid piece of music. See you, Marianne

  13. Outside the Heineken Music Hall Ticket Office at 9.31 a.m.

    Despite tickets for Roger Waters tour going on sale at 9.30 a.m., demand was surprisingly low.


    Just being controversial – hopefully will be going to see Roger in Hyde Park or maybe even Cork.

  14. It is great that Mr. Gilmour and band will be performing in the Heineken Music Hall with its acclaimed fantastic acoustics!

    I have never been in the HMH and I have never seen Mr. Gilmour live. So this will be a once in a lifetime experience. I will be there on 19 march! Can’t wait!!

  15. I’ll be there on the 19th and 20th with two friends. This must be something of a mystery venue as I’ve never seen a picture of the inside of the hall. I hope the acoustics and sight lines are as good as they’re touted to be. I can hardly wait!

  16. ‘If Heineken were to do a concert it would be something like this.’

    Well like the Mermaid anyway.

    Does that mean I now get a big wedge for product placement form the awfully nice dutch brewers???

    Worth a try maybe!!

    Sounds like the Mermaid was great and look forward to seeing and hearing at the weekend!

    Toodle Pip!

  17. Congrats,Dave. Spectacular CD. It’s been far too long.

    One quick question –

    Where was that beutiful shot of David and Polly walking hand in hand down the beach taken? (Which is now my PC wallpaper courtesy of your wonderful website.)It’s just heavenly – location and photo!

    Best regards,
    Steve Hayward

  18. The Culture Show on BBC2 just showed a very very short trailer (about 15 seconds) for the concert on Saturday. It was about 10 minutes before the end. The show is repeated tonight at 23:20 – 00:20 so the bit should be on about 00:10.

    [Thanks for tipping us off, David. – Features Editor]

  19. Oh, not only the music from On an island I love, but also the words David wrote on the book with the Cd: “My love and endless thanks to Polly whose love help and encouragement are central to my life and work…..Love to my children. Thanks to……and to Steeve O’Rourke who should have been here” ……. “Total respect” pour tout รงa, David !

    Help! dear F.Ed, I received a few days ago an e-mail from “David Gilmour.emi music” and I don’t understand (French!) what to do to see “The extended edit of the ‘On an island’ video” wich is now available ! and “the interview with David, talking about the creation of the new album” which can be downloaded ??? Shame on me, I don’t know what to do…. Thank you.


    [Shame on me, I haven’t seen that e-mail! You need the ‘On An Island’ page at http://www.davidgilmour.com. – Features Editor]

  20. Have had the album for two days and it has not stopped playing at work. Like most of his work it now growing on me fast. “This Heaven” is the most compelling at this point.

    Is there anyway to fit in a date in Washington DC?

  21. I was rather hoping for an inside shot of the Heinken Music Hall, as those are rather hard to come by on the web.

    Any chance of posting the seating chart for David’s show here, as all available seating charts reflect a general admission plan?

    I hope what they say about the acoustics etc. is true ๐Ÿ™‚ As always, a thousand thanks for your Fedmeistering.

    [If I had one, I would. Sorry, mate. – Features Editor]

  22. Deep Listen #4:

    Anyone hear the female voice pleading “Take Me, Take Me” at :33 into “Castellorizon”? The “Island” claims another soul? Interesting I thought.

    [Spooky. – Features Editor]

  23. I can’t believe how many request I still keep reading from people. Maybe there should be a request contest….

    Here’s my one and only request submission:

    David…please just come over to my house and entertain me. I can clear out the junk in my basement for the band and you&Polly can have the spare room.

    [Tell me about it, mate. And repeat requests that have been answered many times before, which just proves that people aren’t reading. Staggering. – Features Editor]

  24. “Biography” Page Photo?

    I know I have more questions than witticisms today but…

    Did we ever find out the identity of all in the picture? I might have missed the discussion.

    (Yes, I’m reminded of my faux pas with the Roger “right arm” submission ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s not get personal)

    Thanks for the help on this!

    [Sorry, Tom. I don’t know for sure. I recognise the late, and great, Michael Kamen. Pink Floyd agent Tony Howard and band manager Steve O’Rourke, perhaps? Both of whom are no longer with us, of course. – Features Editor]

  25. Will be there on the 19th and the 20th.

    I’m sure it’s gonna be beautiful! Saw dEUS there last week and it sounded very nice.

    I don’t wanna know about setlists beforehand… But still wanna see the webcast for the BBC show. Hmm dillema’s


  26. Can’t wait is an understatment. I am traveling from Orlando Florida USA to see him in the legendary AMSTERDAM (maybe I’ll run into david at a coffee house) Then if that is not enough I will be seeing him about two weeks later in New York City at the Radio City Music hall. Me and 5 other friends rented a 35 foot RV and will travel all through the night to see David at NYC then as soon as the concert is over right back on the road headed to Florida. Strange some might think, but not me, I flew to London in 2002 just to see him at the Royal Festival Hall (wandered into the Queens box there by accident)

    New CD is incredible…

    Thank you David so much for sharing your music

  27. AMSTERDAM! For the first time in my life (from the USA) i will have a smoke at the concert and not have to hide it. That alone is almost worth the flight

  28. I’m not sure how it would get much better.

    Great accoustics in a small venue listening to DG.

    People bringing you Heineken on their back!

    It’s tough living in the southeastern US

  29. The music hall is in fact a nice hall for a concert. I really hope david is going to perform someday at Paradiso at the center of Amsterdam..that would really be great!

    I’m at the Heineken hall on the 19th and i’m really looking forward to it. David always inspired me playing my guitar..we don’t hear such playing anymore these days.

    Regards, Rene

  30. Ok, I’m a long time fan and have purchased the new CD release On an Island yesterday, and I love it. I’m a long time fan, and I’ve got an interesting question that maybe you can clear up.

    I’m looking to buy some Pink Floyd CD’s and DVD’s so I can enjoy them in my home while I upgrade from tape cassette to CD and DVD technology, yes I am behind the technology curve, but my question is…

    Where would David prefer me to purchase these items as I shop for them? I want to honor the artists request and if he sells them directly, I’d much rather put the money in David’s pocket than in some corporate executive’s pocket or an online affiliate such as Amazon. Please let me know where and how I should purchase these items. Thanks for your time.

    Kind Regards,
    Angelo G.

    [I’m sure David wouldn’t mind, Angelo. Shop around and get the best deal! Have you a local, independent music store? It’s always good to support the little guy in this day and age. – Features Editor]

  31. Great news about OAI sales F’Ed…hopefully it will chart at #1 here in the UK as well as other countries.

    I have to admit that after continuous listenings on Monday and Tuesday (as well as at the Mermaid) I needed to listen to something else. I didn’t play OAI yesterday and only put it back on in the car tonight. And I tell you what, it’s improved again! A couple of the tracks I was not so keen on seem to have taken on new dimensions. I really am impressed with this album and, being truthful, that takes something special.

    Looking forward to Saturday’s Radio 2 stuff, it will be excellent!

    [It’s wonderful news, isn’t it? David thoroughly deserves it. – Features Editor]

  32. Does anyone know what time the Hyde Park Calling tickets go on sale tomorrow?

    I’ve been to their website but it’s not telling me anything ๐Ÿ™

    Anyone got any inside info?

    [I didn’t know that David was performing at that… Sorry mate, no idea. – Features Editor]

  33. Can’t stop listening to the album – it just keeps getting better and better.

    Since the Mermaid, I’ve upped the volume a few notches (sod the neighbours!) and it improves it no end (yes it is possible to improve it)! Totally brilliant.

    Still can’t believe that we’ve seen him live – you guys at davidgilmour.com are all stars! Cheers!

    [tips hat to David, Polly, family, F’ed and the band]

    [I tip mine back at you, Paul. – Features Editor]

  34. Just got the album. It’s beautiful. The music is beautiful. The packaging is beautiful. The lyrics are beautiful. It is a peaceful album, one which beckons me to join those lucky few who have found themselves on that island.

    I went to a large mall that happens to be in my town (Crossgates Mall, Albany, NY). There were three stores that carried the album: Best Buy, FYE and Borders. The best price was at Best Buy. Not only that, but the copies at Best Buy come with a bonus disc featuring the incredible Island Jam.

    Some music grows on me over time. Some music never does. Then there’s music that I love right away and continue to love. OAI is destined to become one of my favorite albums. This is proof positive that good music is not dead after all. It’s just harder to find good music than it used to be. When you find music that touches you, it means so much because it is so rare. People like David Gilmour remember what good music should sound like. Thank you, David (and Polly, and Guy, and all the others who contributed) for this gift.

  35. Orlando to Amsterdam!

    That must be the greatest distance a fan is travelling to see a concert on this tour!

  36. In my note above, I forgot to note that it was really nice visiting three different stores and finding On An Island displayed front and center. Reminds me of the days when The Wall was new and all the stores placed it in the same spot. I just know that some kid is going to think, “Oh that must be the new star from American Idol” and get a copy. That kid will play it and go, “WOW!” Then he’ll discover the back catalog with 40 yearts worth of music to discover for the first time. And so, a new Floyd/Gilmour fan will be born.

    [Let’s hope, eh? – Features Editor]

  37. Well I am on the 3rd listen of OAI and my verdict for what it is worth is that it is just…OK. Now that is not necessarily a bad thing. I have found all of the solo efforts by Pink Floyd to be not as good as when they work as a team..a real team. Some are downright bad. This CD is far better than the About Face release which I played once. Overall, I would have to give the edge to David’s first as his best.

    My favourite solo effort is still hands down Rick Wright’s Wet Dream. It is one of the few PF related records that I enjoy listening to from start to finish without skipping a song. I was hoping that Rick would be allowed to play a song from this album on the tour.

    I have seen the set list from the mermaid gig and I would have to say that I am a bit disappointed…

    Cheers, Howard

  38. do they serve only heinekin at the heinekin theatre?

    i know it’s a bit late for it & i’ll bet dearest ed/edwina is somewhere in snoozyland by now — but if anyone missed the steve lilywhite interview with david you can stream it tonight march 9 at 9:00pm eastern time at the link glowing from my name below.

    tonight the gin & tonic told me “to hell with boring capitalization.” my sincerest apologies.


  39. It was nagging me….Just noticed that the guitar at the start of Take a Breath sounds similar to parts of Astonomy Domine.

    Cheers, Howard

  40. Picked up the new CD one word “Masterpiece” or is that actually two words joined together I am sure Rudders will know. And Rudders if your listening will look for you at the Hard Rock before David’s Sunday Show at Massey Hall.Later everyone.


  41. Hello again F Ed, I have a question you might help me with. I see Adam Topol and Jack Johnson being credited for the drum samples for “In this Heaven”. How did this work precisely, were drums replaced with their samples? or was the main drum riff taken froma Jack Johnson recording? Just curious.

    thanks for everything!

    [Another one for the FAQs page, I see. – Features Editor]

  42. I can`t belive my dad gordon, posted to this site last night, I`ve been in the pub with him all evening and he did not say a word, THANKS DAD!

    And Thanks Rudders, I`ve never been offered a manly hug before, and I wont tell her in doors(the wife), as she is jealous at the best of times!

    I`m worried about Nickster, as he hasn`t posted anything scince the fiasco tuesday night, I just hope he is alright!

    Any way I`ve worked out the cords, Em,Am,c,and D(g) for the main verses of OAI, but can`t get the other parts. Does anyone know?

    In my house, with four kid`s time is short and the noise prevents me from from hearing anything. Please help as my daughter Emily loves the song!

  43. Third entry tonight… You’re gonna kick me off the site!

    Just wanted to say that I love the new animated graphic over on the home page.

    [Glad you like it. I wouldn’t kick you off the site, Dan. There are a few who tread a fine line, but not you! – Features Editor]

  44. I’m going to Amsterdam 20th.

    I’m looking forward to how David and the band will handle live versions of the songs from his latest album.

    I hope some of the live set will be performed in an acoustic/semi-acoustic way.

    I think “On An Island” is David’s best solo album. My favourite at this moment is the Castellorizon, but that will always change.

    Keep on Rockin’!!!

  45. Wow, will OAI go platinum in a week? That’s a lot of respect and serves this release honestly. What an album. No further requests.

  46. I’m not in the habit of writing to people in the public eye or whatever… but it’s such a nice thing to have David’s wonderful voice and peerless guitar once again accessible on this terrific album. It just washes over me; like a grown up mature version of Pink Floyd. Thanx David, you really have made a great CD. Bless you and your wonderful gift of creating music like this to share with the world.

  47. Can I just say that I can’t help but replay the last two songs on the album over and over again. They really call to me. “Pocketful” and “Where We Start” are haunting and touching at the same time? Melancholic yet strangely consoling….?

    Request Contest:

    David,…please, please, please come to Antarctica!!! We find your music so roovey….uh, I mean groovy….


    [That’s a good request! – Features Editor]

  48. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  49. Just want to wish David, Richard, Phil, Guy, Jon, Steve and Dick all the very best for the tour, which starts in earnest tonight in Dortmund.

    Thank you for going out on the road with this marvelous album, and of course, a few old classics too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great time, guys…

    And thanks, too, go to the Features Editor for keeping us topped to the very brim with Gilmourness over the last few months. Good work, fella – and keep it up!

  50. I’ll be there… So many thank-you’s to the person who had to cancel his/her ticket!

  51. For every one in the UK and Europe what is a Best Buy shop, and can you order on line to post outside of the USA?


    [Nope, it’s just for the US, Gary. – Features Editor]

  52. Morning F.ed and all,

    Nice touch to see David strutting onto the homepage in tune to “This Heaven”…

    I asked you previously if/when new features would be added to the Fan”FARE” page (28/03/06). You did advise me then, that things would develop after OAI was released…

    Can we now soon look forward to seeing some merchandise goodies becoming available???

    Do you have any plans for Steve Knee to develop a “Screensaver” to augment his “Wallpaper” designs, I do hope so… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Glad to see you’re keeping that Rudders in check with his wacky captions…

    How’s the campaign going to compensate for Nickster’s and Adrian’s traumatic experience at the Mermaid…

    I don’t suppose there’s a guy out there called Simon Oram, who used to be in the Royal Navy(HMS ASHANTI – 1972/3). I’ve got him to thank for getting me into PF and the saint that is David Gilmour…. If he is I’d just like to say a massive thank you.

    Thanks again F.ed for letting me drool on, I still can’t stop playing this “f***ing BRILLIANT” album. I suggest every “Blogger” buys at least one extra copy of OAI to loan out to their friends, to introduce them to this “Classic”, what do you think?

    I do hope you get some time off, to see our hero performing live somewhere soon.

    Hope tonights lucky people have a great gig(in the sky, on an island or this heaven) have a Heineken for me, cheers.

    Ken Carter.

    [Hi Ken. The merchandise is coming soon. There are a couple of things to sort out first. I haven’t heard anything about a screensaver, but it’s a good idea. I just wrote it on a post-it note, so it must be good. Another good idea is buying an extra copy of ‘On An Island’ and converting the sad people we see in our day-to-day lives who, for some inexplicable reason, aren’t already fans. Let’s bring them into the light, as it were. – Features Editor]

  53. Heineken Music Hall is on the edge of Amsterdam near the Stadium “Arena”, home of Ajax.

    It is located in Amsterdam South East. Not in Ouderkerk a/d Amstel.

    I’m looking forward very much and will be there on March 19.

    [I stand corrected. Thanks, Peter! – Features Editor]

  54. if you’re going, have a great time. it doesn’t matter what it looks like. you’ll be seeing and hearing david gilmour. anything else is just greedy!

  55. Hi all,

    Did anyone else see the TV advert for the album last night. It was promoting the album for sale at a certain big supermarket, stil if it gets the word over all the better.

    [Indeed! I’d walk around town wearing a sandwich board advertising the album. Anyone care to join me? – Features Editor]

  56. I have really enjoyed the new album but I think it was a mistake to omit ‘Island Jam’…save for the US version available from Best Buy(who will not ship items outside the USA). As with most things these days, US citizens appear to have been afforded special status. Does any know why??!

  57. I’ve listened to On an Island now countless time, iTunes on my PC tells me 8 but there’s in the car listening as well and it is simply superb.

    It’s dawned on me that it doesn’t actually matter who writes lyrics for DG, he just turns it all into stunning music. For example not many people out there could do equal justive to Bizet, Roger W, Polly S, Richard Thompson and Shakespeare!! DG can and has done so.

    Anyone who is going to miss the concerts should immediately buy the DVD of the Meltdown/Accoustic gigs. From this you’ll see and hear him singing Pearl Fishers, Dimming of the Day and Sonnet 18. None are his original work but all three show his talents so well. Finally on this DVD, look at the “spare digits” section and marvel at his guitar playing.

    On second thoughts, even if you are going to one of the gigs, buy this DVD just to whet your appetite!


    [Hats off to you, Peter. Top plugging! There’s footage from Meltdown on the Discography page of http://www.davidgilmour.com if you still need convincing. – Features Editor]

  58. hi all,

    my first concert in hmh was in october 11, 2005 dream theater. after the break they played a classic album. to my big surprise they played “dark side of the moon”, complete with female singer, sax and film projection!!!

    the hmh is really a nice hall. i’m happy it is now seated, that suited the music. i hope everybody is just relaxed and wants to listen to the music.

    and i hope all these people who come to drink beer and smoke will stay out. visit amsterdam city if you like that. by the way don’t smoke on your hotel room, like all the stupid americans do, the amsterdam firebrigade hates all these false alarms caused by smoking tourists!

    see you next week march 19th & 20

  59. Yes, I want to ask Phil a question. I tried in the FAQ section but couldn’t access the link.

    I wanted to know about tour shirts.Will they be available on this site? Thx

    [When we make up our minds, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  60. Quick question:

    Does anyone else think of “Rainbow Connection” when they listen to the album version on Smile?

    I’m not saying David’s voice sounds like Kermit the Frog (perish the thought)…just something about the waltzy beat of the acoustic guitar.

    No doubt I’m all alone on this one.

    “The lovers, the dreamers, and me.”

    [Congratulations, Pete. You’ve now ruined David’s surprise version of ‘Halfway Up The Stairs’… – Features Editor]

  61. Oh why is life so complicated?

    Having bought my first copy of “OAI” in Tescos for ยฃ9.99-easy just walk in on off chance, pick up and pay. Then a few days later collect my pre release date ordered copy from my local record shop and pay ยฃ13.99 which apparently is still cheaper than reccomended price of ยฃ15.49, then see same thing on Internet far cheaper. Not only that but there are versions with an extra track on when I was told there wouldnt. Then apparently I need to press a red button somehwre to see the concert at Mermaid, sure I was there and have memories but do I need to invest in a satellite and technology that could launch the next space shuttle????????????I am not moaning ( much) and not tight but…………it would be nice to see the big picture, the same picture that the marketing people see. I need to start saving now so any more clues on what is being released( another single with exclusive tracks blah blah???)

    Ian Pearson

    [The extra track is ‘Island Jam’ and it’s only available in the US, Ian. – Features Editor]

  62. To Jack Nicolson, thanks for your efforts through Paula( madbadcow etc.. BA) Glad you liked the concert-you going to Glasgow?

    Ian Pearson

  63. The new album is wonderful. The opening track is like an overture, with sounds that you will hear later…

    I have seen Pink Floyd 10 times from 1973 to 1994, but never got to see David on his tour of 1984-5. I will be at both shows in Amsterdam. I’m looking forward to this even more so now I have read about the acoustics etc.

    Will we be able to buy CDs or download recordings of each of the concerts like the Who, Peter Gabriel, Duran Duran and even UB40 make available? If so keep the price reasonable then many people will buy several shows.

    Most of all, for anyone to be able to buy the show they attended will mean so much to them.

    I’m hoping that he will include a live version of the Island Jam in his set, it would make a nice encore. Finally please make each show a little different in some way, for all those people seeing David both nights at the Heineken, it would be nice if each show was a surprise what he plays next.

    Best wishes from Nigel from Kendal,UK

    [Anything else? A complimentary foot massage while you watch, perhaps? – Features Editor]

  64. Hey Fet Ed!

    I am happy to hear the sales are going well. It’s time for your performance appraisal. Go get that raise you deserve!

    I am not happy about an exclusive “best buy” cd package. Especially, since you said there would be no special editions released. What’s up with that?

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

    [You’re not as unhappy as fans who live outside the US, trust me. – Features Editor]

  65. Hi again F.ed

    Many thanks for the response.

    I’ll waive my commission on all the extra CD’s that my fellow bloggers purchase(send it to Crisis)…

    Good to know things are in the pipeline…


  66. Hey there, F.Ed.,

    I posted yesterday without receiving an answer to this question. (I’m not bitching!) I was wondering about that beautiful shot of David and Polly hand in hand on a beach somewhere that you’ve offered as wallpaper on your website. Where was it shot? It’s absolutely wonderful – the pic and the location.

    Best regards,
    Steve hayward

    [Hi Steve. Sorry, I don’t know. It’s on my list of things to find out. – Features Editor]

  67. Oh, I also forgot to thank the Site-Keepers for bringing back Wire-Figure-David!!!! And now he’s animated!!!!!

    [Isn’t he great? We must thank Peter for that. – Features Editor]

  68. I guess the b-day song I posted wasn’t a big hit…oh well, I thought it was so cheezy it was funny…

    I’m counting the days to the NY show…My wife and kids are busy listening to the new album as well! I remember well watching David solo in ’84 and all the subsequent tours..I kick myself for missing the wall shows though.

    [Sorry, mate. I don’t remember seeing it. No problems when you sent it in? – Features Editor]

  69. Hi David,

    I finally picked up your album last night at Best Buy in Cleveland, Ohio. “On An Island” is selling fast. The version with the bonus track is already sold out.

    When I arrived home, I turned out the lights, lit a few candles, opened a beer, lit a smoke, and cranked my surround sound sterio to the limit and just sat there soaking up all the incredible music. I listened to the album four times in a row. Each time hearing new sounds.

    David, like a fine wine, you get better with age. I agree with you, this is some of your best work, if not the best ever. Congratulations! See you at Toronto and Chicago!!


    Pink Floyd, July 12, 1994, Soldiers Field, Chicago, IL
    Pink Floyd, July 14, 1994, Pontiac Silverdome, Michigan
    Pink Floyd, July 15, 1994, Pontiac Silverdome, Michigan (1st performance of Dark Side since Knebworth 1975!)
    Roger Waters, July 27, 1999, Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
    David Gilmour, April 9, 2006, Massey Hall, Toronto
    David Gilmour, April 13, 2006, Rosemont, Chicago

  70. Fedmeister

    I’m just about to buy my third copy! Second copy went to a neighbour who’s a “lapsed” PF fan so I’ve rejuvenated him… And the third copy is being bought for me way d’arn sarf in Florida by my brother who has a local Best Buy…

    And before anyone makes the comment “more money than sense” bear in mind that the price of the CD is approx. 20% cheaper in North America than the United Kingdom. (Ever wonder why I immigrated?) ๐Ÿ™‚

    [Good on you, mate. – Features Editor]

  71. David,

    Thank you for “On an Island”, your own homepage and the tour. The music is beautiful. No surprise it’s already gold. I’m hoping I’m the lucky one who wins the tickets to LA. I want to see you and the band perform. Your no doubt the greatest guitar player and front man that ever lived. God Bless you and your family and thank God for a talent of your caliber. Joe

  72. Fedmeister

    I’ve finished the deck of captions! I’ve used the background from the website on the slides and pasted the pictures in with the caption underneath. It looks good and in my opinion funny…

    I took on-board your comment about it costing me a lot so its all been done in MS PowerPoint therefore it becomes a DIY job so people can just print it out…how they get it from me I have no idea!

    I guess this will never see the light of the website as “copyright” stuff will kick in…

    [That’s the problem. Hold onto it, though. – Features Editor]

  73. I would just like to say best of luck to the band for the forthcoming tour. Thanks also to the features editor for his/her hard work. Finally, I work in a factory where I need plenty to smile about in this dirty horrible place. For those going to the forthcoming concerts, I say, let us know the news on all those magic moments you see please.

    Thanks Pete – Coventry

  74. Fantastic news that On An Island is doing so well! It must be really gratifying for David – especially after such a long gap.

    Sadly, my copy STILL hasn’t arrived in the post, so I went out to all the local supermarkets to try to get a copy. It was at the No 1 slot in most of them BUT no sign of a single CD. They’d all sold out :-(( SOB!!!

    Still, at least I can still listen on-line at AOL. Ain’t technology wonderful!

  75. Hi ,

    Any hints as to what form the mechandise will take. I think Davids squiggle logo would look good on a polo top and the OAI cover for tshirts.

    Will there be tour dates printed on the back. All questions I’m sure will be answered in due time. Bring plenty of mechandise because the last time I saw Mr Gilmour the tshirts sold out in ten minutes . ( Fender Stratpack ) .

    Rgds Geoff

    [They will all be answered, trust me. – Features Editor]

  76. Hello there!

    I have just seen the pretty pictures on the FAQ page, though they have probarly been there for ages, but still. Are you responsible? they look good please pass on my compliments, I also love the animation, I actually trie to recreate the wire thingy in my design technology lesson but upon reflection I think I’ll leave it to the experts, it was awful! Anywhoo i’m off to listen to my cd, I have bought my back up copy already and have loaned it to 3 people who have then gone out and bought it, I’m so proud!

    [Thank you, Chantelle. – Features Editor]

  77. Hello,

    Tonight the premiers show in Dortmund!

    Good luck you all and have fun, enjoy your world tour!

    Carpe Diem,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  78. George

    Masterpiece is one word… unless the Fedmeister has an opinion… :-O

    [Fedmeister completely agrees. – Features Editor]

  79. i will be there on the 19 of march. then it’s waiting on the 10 of june for roger waters. perhaps a small reunion then!

  80. Great album Dave!

    I especially like “this heaven” well done!

    I must say I just seen the set list from opening night and It leaves me wondering if it will be changed at all throughout the tour.

    I really expected to hear “WYWH” and “coming back to life” Both songs would fit great in the gig Dave so what do ya say?

    See you in Chicago!!

  81. HMMMM….

    Here’s another question for the FAQ – I note that the ‘record is CarbonNeutral(c).

    Ok so what does that mean clever clogs?

    [It means trees have been planted to offset the carbon dioxide produced in manufacturing the CDs. Trees neutralise the effects of carbon emissions by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. We should all be cutting down on the energy we use to reduce carbon emissions. Each citizen in the UK, for example, produces 9.51 tonnes of carbon dioxide on average per year. Each citizen would need to plant 13 trees each and every year to be able to call themselves a carbon neutral citizen. – Features Editor]

  82. Been living with the album for a few days now and as others have said before me, with each listen the more beautifully this piece reveals itself. The music is so simple and yet so perfectly composed. I don’t think I know of another rock musician who knows how to create and use space in his music so masterfully. Even in his simplest compositions there is always a feeling of expanse, an enveloping of sound but entwined with beautiful strands of silence. As he says himself, David is the master at knowing when and when not to play a note. He knows that leaving spaces in the melody can be more emotive and effective than assaulting the senses with a tirade of notes.

    It always amuses me when I read the occasional reviewer who claims David’s songs have no lyrical substance. How can anyone who listens to a Pocketful of Stones say that? Here is a song about David’s acceptance of his place in life and of his mortality and of his belief that at death the journey is over. It takes guts to proclaim that to the world, and it takes guts to reach that place in life. Anyway, back to my point: I’m thrilled with this album, and I’m thrilled that I’ll get to see it performed by the master in just over a month. As David says, I need no blessings but I’m counting mine.

  83. Okay then. I haven’t posted in a few days because my pre-ordered copy of OAI was slow in arriving and reading all the raves about it was driving me buggy. Well it did finally arrive and I gotta tell ya, as much as I love David’s voice, my real faves are the instrumentals. Excellent music and a new fave of mine.

    is anyone else irritated about the bonus Island Jam? I mean come on, we pre-order and then find out we could have had the extra had we waited? I’m not too sure if I’ll be doing that again.

    Still love ya David, and see you in Chicago,


    [Again, you can only get it in the US. Lots of people around the world would love the chance to be able to buy it. And, of course, you don’t have to buy it. – Features Editor]

  84. you go, ed! some people are only happy when they’re moaning. no offence intended to elizabeth or anyone else, but i’d love to be able to get the ‘island jam’ cd and lots of other people would as well. people have been bootlegging it enough and asking for david to play it on tour, so what’s the problem with best buy selling it? the only bad thing is that it’s yet another us-only offer. if anyone should complain, it’s non-us fans. as ed says, you don’t have to buy it.

  85. Completely off subject here but I feel I must share some thoughts I am having. Background; I grew up listening to PF starting after The Wall. I knew some of The Wall material and liked the stuff that was played on the radio. When A Momentary Lapse of Reason came out, I became devoted. Everything from Pink Floyd since then has been my most loved music. I even went retro and learned that the whole Dark Side of the Moon recording and other material had gone unloved by me. That quickly changed.

    Today, I spent a significant amount of time on the Internet reading every quote I could find from all of the members of Pink Floyd including Roger and Syd. I have gained at least a “what the public knows” understanding of what the band has been through musically and emotionally in the past.

    I am completely devoted to the music of David Gilmour and the direction that David, Nick and Rick took the band after Roger’s departure.

    But I am left wondering about some of the more personal things that happen to all of us with the passage of time. I am left hoping that somehow broken hearts can be healed and painful memories can be erased. I am hopeful that the things of the past could be left there.

    With Live 8 happening and Roger reuniting with the band at least for that one venture, I wonder if these great men of music could ever lay down their feelings of offense and despite their ages come together again to start a new Pink Floyd revolution.

    I say these things with no disrespect to the hurt feelings of any of these men and with no intention of minimizing what happened.

    I think of the old man’s voice on The Great Gig In The Sky saying “…and I am not afraid of dying, anytime will do, I don’t mind…” and I think of how one day the lives of these great men will come to an end. It is my hope that when this happens, there will be nothing left unsaid and no separation of their hearts. They created something together that has moved the world for a very long time. What a shame it would be for it all to end with people still grieving over the sins of the past.

    Even if these things never come to fruition, I will still be satisfied with my love affair for the Pink Floyd music and the music of David’s solo ventures.

    Now that I have said what I needed to, I will crawl back into my world but I will continue to dream of a better place where imagination is king and dreams really come true.

    Good luck David, safe travels on your tour and I will see you in Los Angeles on April 20th. Anxious anticipation sure is an overwhelming feeling at times.

  86. Orlando Florida to Amsterdam doesn’t win the longest distance contest. I’m throwing myself in the running for that prize by traveling from Washington state to see the Amsterdam shows.

    And thanks for your “nice” generalizations about Americans, Marco. Way to roll out the welcome mat.

  87. I just saw the TV advertisement for the album and noticed that it was, bucking an awful trend, actually no louder than the preceding programme – whereas as the other adverts were blaring out of the set. Was this a deliberate move by David? If so then hats off to him.

    [Oh, don’t you just hate that?! – Features Editor]

  88. Dear Mr. Gilmour and to the feature editors and all the people who are reading the entries on this wonderful site..The venue looks and sounds beautiful but nothing compares to how beautiful Polly must have looked celebrating David’s 60th Birthday celebration.

    Still no tickets, but I am enjoying the cd very much and have hounded all my colleagues to listen and yes ultimately buy the cd..I like the fact that some of my coworkers would say, “David who?” –After the hair on the back of my neck settled I calmly explained and then put the cd in and listened to the cd low on the units. I believe in a therapeutic milieu when dealing with my patients. Amazing, people who never paid any attention to the droning of the background music stopped and said WOW that is beautiful who is that? & Can i borrow your cd? Now i am a giving person–but ‘back off of my David Gilmour music and cd’s/vhs/dvd’s’..(laugh).

    Anyway Mr.Gilmour and Polly and to all and everyone who put together this cd -thank you from the bottom of my heart it is truly, truly wonderful from the first strings to the very end of the last chord. Polly if that is you singing on ‘Smile’ you also have a great voice and play the piano very well amongst other things you excel in. is there anything that the both of you don’t excel in–please say something that would be considered a flaw?

    I still don’t have a ticket to any of the shows anywhere but I wanted to thank the feature editors and staff for the opportunity and the information on Anthill Trading e-commerce site. I would love a tee shirt and the 28 page tour programme even if i am not physically able to attend…Thank You for the information and for the ‘first’ night of the tour and concert–my thoughts are with everyone in the audience and of course the performers and family members of Mr. Gilmour.

    One other thing, it is so cruel to give anyone “false hopes”& i thought i was about to get a ticket through a so called friend and that ‘friend wanted double the price that she paid’..Her motto,”Look out for number one.” oh, & ‘Come on Linda get real’ start to live….????

    Not at the cost of anyone else not would i ever give anyone any type of false hopes or a belief that someone cared if I did not. It’s cruel. That is my philosophy only and my opinion.

    Thank You Again

    Linda Penner
    Williamsville, NY

  89. Firstly the Album: Very Good! and getting better with every listen,strangely it does have a whiff of Autum around it ?. Secondly to ALL who took the day off on Monday hard luck!!..Same As Me! my copy doesnt have the cd: vcd: cdrw: dvd or “what ever” on it either,Brings to mind The Old saying, “First Horse past the post doesnt always win”!!!!..Typically English……… There you go.unlucky.

    Ha!Yippeee! Ows That!I am going to the Albert Hall in the chior…….Sorry…..um.

    [There’s not supposed to be anything other than music, Mike. – Features Editor]

  90. Hi there,

    While writing this, Dave will be performing in Dortmund.. I’m looking forward to the setlis… Can’t wait…

    10 more days till Amsterdam 2. ..Man, I’m so thrilled… I’ll be in row 9 and I’m really much looking forward to it..

    HMH is a fabulously, terrificly, splendly great concert hall with the best acoustics in Holland. Perhaps the Paradiso in Amsterdam equals HMH, but then again, the Paradiso is a small club…

    See you guys in Amsterdam..

  91. Good luck to the band and crew and for those of you going – enjoy…

    And DG…. don’t do what a lead singer of a well known 70’s band did when he came out on stage and ran up to the mic…

    “Good evening…. good evening….(turning to another band member but forgetting to cover the mic)…. where the *uck are we?

    You’re in Dorset… sorry Dortmund… ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. “[Anything else? A complimentary foot massage while you watch, perhaps? – Features Editor]”

    Now that would be lovely Fedmeister, if you’re offering (I’ll even clean my feet and put on new socks for you). That’s certainly what I call service, dear FeD!


    [We aim to please. – Features Editor]

  93. If you want to see HMH inside. put “heineken music hall blackbox” in a google search. One of the first couple of links is a 360 degree webcam AMAZINGLY small. Cant wait c u on the 20th

  94. Ok, so I said to myself:
    – “I won’t go through the setlist”….
    -“uhhh just a little peek”
    -“get a hold of yourself!”
    -“I have to post on the blog! Think of something smart to post….”
    -“Get a hold of yourself, Polly and David read through the messages, you dont want to make a fool of yourself!”
    -“You just did…”
    -“Pancakes deliver harmony!” (funny the random things that break my train of thought)
    -“I better shut up now and type I’m just waiting for april 9 and 10(front row this day!)to be able to die a happy man!”… and maybe have some pancakes!


  95. Linda Penner:

    If I come across anyone reputable with extra tickets, I’ll alert you. It’s the least I could do after how lucky I got with mine.


  96. Just listened to the new album and enjoyed it a lot. Look forward to see and listen to you on Monday 20th in HMH in Amsterdam. Good luck!

  97. Hi,

    I will be there in my hometown on the 19th and 20th… and on top of that I am lucky to go and see a show in London too.

    3 times the show I was looking forward to for a long time… Wow!

    After the last show I saw in London (I was there when Mr Geldof sang along) I can’t hardly wait for the 19th…

    (ps, everytime I listen to the CD it gets better and better…when does this stop?)

    A very happy Nick from Amsterdam ๐Ÿ˜‰

  98. Looking forward to the show on the 20th in Amsterdam. I absolutely love the new album and I’m pleasantly surprised the entire thing will be played at the concert.

    Having never been to the Heineken Music Hall (or Amsterdam) before, I am pleased to hear about the good acoustics. But the comments suggesting it is a bit of a drinking and smoking den have me slightly worried. Is it that bad? Maybe I should have planned to go to one of the evidently more ‘up market’ venues instead? Reassurances from those with experience going to the HMH would be welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. Posted by: Danny Manchester UK at March 11, 2006 02:12 AM:

    “If you want to see HMH inside. put “heineken music hall blackbox” in a google search.”

    Thanks a lot Danny, that did yield a good search result. Also, if you do the same search, but as a google image search, you get a lot of great shots from a Foo Fighter’s show there, that gives a good look at the various seating arrangements inside the venue.

    Thanks again!

    Shine on

  100. I’ll be there on Sunday, good to find myself in Amsterdam in such a good venue, finally meeting David again, last time was in Rome in 1988…a while ago isn’t it..?


  101. I’ll be there the 19th and 20th. Can’t wait to hear OAI live in it’s entireity. And the last song before the encores. Never dreamt I would hear that live from the two masters themselves ever ! Please don’t pull any songs from the setlist until the 21st. Additions always welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Album is selling well in Holland too as far as I know. Seen it in a lot of shops. Anything about a single with the Island Jam ? Or is that just at Best Buy in the USA ?


    [Only America got ‘Island Jam’, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  102. We’re coming from Ireland to finally see David live! Wonderful album, ranks up there with all of his Floyd work, can’t wait to see it performed! Best of luck with the album and the tour – and the next record…?

  103. The new album was a verry welcome gift and a good piece of music as we already known.

    Sunday 19 march i will be in the HMH to hear it life with my own ears and I will enjoy it.


  104. Love the album how about an Irish date we can’t get tickets here for RAH love to be there as I’ve seen David many times before and excellent each time

  105. Are there any plans to make the merchandise avaliable from the web site?I would love to have the new tour t shirt,walk round the shops etc and this would give some extra publicity for the Brilliant new album.And its no 1 great.Lets keep it a no 1. Absolutely fantastic.Keep up the good work. Robert

    [It will be available very soon, Robert. – Features Editor]

  106. A tip for everyone that is travelling to the HMH show on sunday the 19th by public transport:

    If you buy a book during this weeks Week of the Book, you get a Week of the Book Gift for free. With this gift you can travel by train for free on that sunday. So if you buy a book, you don’t need to buy a trainticket to go see David Gilmour!

  107. Dear FeD,

    Hopefully this can help someone out. Unbeknownst to me when I purchased “general admission” tickets to the March 19th gig at the Heineken Music Hall through ticketnservice.nl (using the english language menu), the tickets were actually in the ‘rolstoel/begeleidersplaats’. This is apprently more aptly translated to English as “Handicap Accessable section.” Not being handicapped myself, I’d rather not take someone else’s ticket.

    Perhaps someone on this forum could use handicapp accessable seating? Of course, I simply want the same price I paid for the pair from ticketservice.nl (Rang 1).

    If anyone can use these tickets, feel free to e-mail me at accouncil@yahoo.com to make arrangements.

    Shine on

  108. Wow ! Just came from the DG concert in Amsterdam.

    Too good.. the songs and the lights. the first half from the the new album and the second from the good ‘ol floyd. Echo rocks..

    After the show the whole crowd was comfortably numb!

    Peace to all

    ” And who knows which is which and who is who.
    Up and down
    But in the end itโ€™s only round and round”

  109. Well, just back from HMH… and have seen DG…

    Awesome performance. The audience during first half was very calm and mellow. The silence between songs was overwealming. New songs sounded well and besides a few timing mishaps it was just breath taking. Also nice to see that Richard and the sax guy are along with him.

    Just before the break after ending one of the new songs, a piece of his Gretch broke off, which almost caused the guitar to fall. Didn’t quiet get what exactly happened but I could see the thing (don’t know the name) on his shoulder which is attachet to guitar was loose. (He should have sticked to the fender and he would have been fine…just kidding) That Gretch sounds great!

    Also good to see that DG plays sax as most of u probably know. I recently read he is taking lessons along with his son. During the gig in first half he played the intro of SOYCD. Awesome atmosphere during that one.

    After break they sstarted with SOYCD, then 1st song of DSOTM (great gig in the sky?) and Time. WOW!

    Domino acoustic dedicated to Syd.

    I was most surprised by Echoes. OMG, that sounded great. Couldn’t believe they played the whole thing (Except a few minutes off from middle bird part) After that the roof went off… Everyone got off his seats and loads of people went to front of stage and stayed there for rest of the concert. Holland was singing and clapping along on Wish u we’re here and Ending with comfortably numb (ofcourse)

    Glad I boaght the tickets. A great experience and worth driving for 350 kilometers. I have finally seen one of my greatest heroes. (Make that two… Mr wright is also one of them)


  110. I was there yesterday march 19 and it was great. The performence was super, On the Island sounds very good live, also from the new album Take a beath is very good. After the break it really breaks lose with Shine on you crazy diamond and a great Echoes, High hopes, Wots uh the deal and lots more. And then as a gift Wish you were here and Comfortably numb.

    The sound, the light, the people made this for me one of the best concerts in manny years.

  111. Yep, really great show. Full version of “Echoes” was my personal hightlight of the evening.

    Second best: The Division Bell

    I’m becoming a bit fed up with the ‘standard’ Shine On.., Wish you were here and Comfortably Numb the audience is always expecting to hear.

    I did miss the older solo song from his previous 2 albums (but then again I heard them in Utrecht during his previous solo tour 22 yrs ago)

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