Happy Birthday, David!


Yes, ‘On An Island’ hits the shops in the UK today and you all have to rush out and buy at least one copy if you aren’t waiting for the postman to deliver it.

But, above all, it’s David’s 60th birthday today, so let’s have your birthday greetings from around the world instead.

As hard as it is, if you could please refrain from commenting on the album until tomorrow, when fans in North America will also have heard it, tomorrow’s blog can be choc-a-block full of album-related opinions and thoughts.

As you know, David and Polly check up on us, so I think it would be fitting to show our thanks, appreciation and gratitude for the man who has given us such great music down the years, not least such a personal and meaningful new album this year.

I’ll leave it to you to send David your birthday greetings, however you deem fit.

Please keep them of a reasonable length, if you can. The more individual comments we have, and the easier it is for everyone to read through them all, the better.

Happy Birthday, David!

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. My Chorus:


    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

    And all the best wishes to all other bloggers…

    Karin (next week in Hamburg)

    PS: SUCHE dringend ein Ticket für CCH/Hamburg! Kontakt, klick auf meinen Namen. Komme von Berlin nach Hamburg!

  2. Well, Happy Birthday David. It’s fantastic to hear you sounding so contented and at ease with the world – through the music of ‘On An Island’ and in the various interviews we’ve all heard and read. So looking forward to Tuesday at the Mermaid, as I hope you are!

    And a big ‘Hi’ to Polly as well, quite clearly the reason for all that contentment!

    Neil Pudney

  3. Happy 60th, David

    -Thanks for the music, it means a lot to your younger fans!

  4. Yeah, a very happy birthday from Holland David! I’ll see you in Amsterdam on the 19th. Love your guitar playing style.

  5. Happy Birthday David, I am not too far behind you. I am sure you will have a good one. I think I will have a pint in your honour. Look forward to your Massey Hall show in Toronto April 9th.

    From what I have heard from the album from your fantastic webb page and the tireless efforts of your Fed Ed, even rock and roll gets better with age. Thanks again David and Ed for making the winter fly by. Later.


  6. A very Happy Birthday to David, and many, many more! The time had come when we can all enjoy the fruits of David and Polly’s labour of love.

    To David: Thank you for enjoying music enough to share something so personal and special with the rabid lot of us.
    We will see you on Apri 10 in a state of bliss!

    Till then, good luck and all hopes for an auspicious tour!


  7. Happy Birthday, David ! Good luck to your new album and tour . I am looking forward to see you in NY and Toronto in April . My best wishes to the greatest guitar player of all time !!!

  8. “Thinking that we’re getting older and wiser when we’re just—”… ah, what the heck. Congratulations and best wishes!

  9. Dear Mr. Gilmour!

    I wish you a very happy 60th birthday!

    Thank you for giving us all this incredible moving music over the last 40 years. I’m very much enjoying your latest work, but I’m also looking forward to what you will create in the next 40 years as well…. :-))

    Enjoy YOUR day!!

    Best wishes from




  11. Happy Birthday, David!!!!

    Hey, Big Guy!!! Have a great 60th!!! And, from me to you, a big thanks for the years of inspiration and consolation your music has given me. I look forward to picking up my copy March 7th here in the Bronx, NYC, and to seeing you live April 5th at Radio City.

    I am really very happy for you and your wife, Polly. The wonderful family life that you have been able to create around you is obviously very special. Bless you and your family, and may the warm contentment you have found blanket you always!!!!

  12. Hi David,


    Being a teen in the 70’s thanks for the fantastic music, all of these years. Have a great day with your family. Life begins at….60!:)

    Steve Carr

  13. First of all I want to wish to you, David, an happy birthday.
    I want to thank you for all this beautifull music you gave to us in all this years, it helped me in a difficult moments of my life, it is like a white sheet of paper that helped me to fix my feelings in.

    Thanks also for this beautifull “On a Island”, I’ll hope to meet you on Milan Show…

  14. Happy birthday David – I hope you have a great day, I will give you your card on Tuesday as I have forgotten to post it (how many times have we said this eh?)

  15. happy birthday David – 60 years young!! i hope you and Polly enjoy another 25 years of marital joy – at least!! thank you for all you’ve created and shared with the invisble Us. you’ve become the backdrop and continuous thread for a couple decades of our lives – that makes you very significant to us.

    thank you, happy day, and i look forward to seeing/hearing you in NYC – –

    much love

  16. happy b’day Dave, and many more to come!!! you’ve brought me so much happiness through the morbid music I can’t thank you enough, and I still think The Narrow way part 3 is one of the greatest songs ever recorded! Look after yourself and that fine family and that white fender with the gold bits on

    lots of love Matt and Kelsey forever and ever xxx X 60

  17. Happy Birthday David, can`t wait to see you in concert on April 20th at the Gibson Theater.

    Best Of Wishes,

  18. Happy Birthday, David! Its still March 5th here in the states so I have two days until I can enjoy your album.

  19. All the best David – really looking forward to OAI dropping through the letterbox, think I’ll grab myself a vinyl copy as well!

    Good luck with the tour, see you in Manchester in May – it can’t come soon enough (although I hope I’m celebrating a sixth European Cup for Liverpool earlier that month 🙂 )

  20. We both wish you a special B-Day…Health,Chear,Music Lovers(of yours}together for 30+ years will see you in NYC

  21. Happy Birthday, David!
    Happy Birthday, David!

    Thanks for the new album and tour and oh yes, Happy Birthday, David!

    Best Regards-

  22. Happiest o’ birthdays to you, David. What an uncommon delight it is to be able to send you this message. (Many thanks to the groovy Features Editor and everyone who makes it possible.)

    I was able to make a small donation to Crisis in your honor…wish it could have been more. I hope Crisis and the other charities you support are overwhelmed with donations today.

    You’re my favorite, David Gilmour. Your music is always with me and I’m so grateful for it. Here’s hoping you have the most marvelous day and year.

    Becky Baldwin

  23. Dear David,

    Birthday geetings from NYC! Hope you have a very happy birthday!! My wife and I are looking forward to seeing you at Radio City Music Hall on April 5th. We are also looking forward to playing your new cd when it’s released on Tuesday.

    All the best! Ed & Vicki

  24. Happy Birthday David, I think that’s the first time I’ve ever personally wished a hero of mine a happy birthday,and by the counter I think I’m the first, cos it’s late and I’ve just got in from my gig! Which is why I couldn’t commit my right arm to last weeks challenge, cos I’m a guitarist. Perhaps you could see it in your heart to tell your webmaster general chappie to grant me 2 tickets for Tuesday’s gig, I’ve tried every other way, and failed miserably. I’ll be in the shop first thing tomorrow afternoon to get my copy of the long awaited album. Best wishes, have a good’un but don’t get too hammered we want a good show on Tuesday. LW.

  25. Happy Birthday David!

    From one DG to another, I would just like to say that you truly are an inspiration to me. Your music lights up my world. It goes without saying, you are one of the best guitarists ever. Nobody can put so much emotion and power into a solo like you do, and because of you, my guitar playing has reached new levels. If I can someday play my Strat with even half your level of feeling, I’ll be a happy man. Your singing as well, it just blows me away every time, its simply mesmerising.

    It was a dream come true when I won tickets to see you at The Mermaid on Tuesday (thanks FE!). I’ll be the half-Chinese guy with the black Pink Floyd t-shirt on!

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday, see you on Tuesday!

    PS. I agree with you mate, if I was to be re-incarcerated, it would not be as a goat!

  26. Happy Birthday David!!!!

    I truly hope you have a wonderful day- and thanks for giving your fans a present! Your album is absolutely beautiful- thanks for sharing your music with us. Can’t wait for the shows!!! 🙂


  27. Happy 60th Birthdy Mr. Gilmour!

    Thank you for all you have given to this wordl. Sooo much enjoyable music that touches the heart!

  28. happy birthday, your work’s given a little happiness to literally millions of people all over the world – not a bad way to be spending your life…

  29. Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday Dear David…
    Happy Birthday too you!!!!!

    Hugs and Love to you on your big 60th!!!
    Enjoy yourself!!!

  30. Happy birthday to David! Thanks for all the music and well wishes for the upcoming tour!

  31. Happy Birthday David!

    Thanks for giving the rest of us the birthday present – hope the album and the tour provide a pleasant distraction from turning 60 🙂

    The clocks are a tad slow here in Australia, so I’ll be celebrating in full force when OAI comes out on the 18th!

    Really looking forward to the next album on your 61st! 🙂


  32. Hi david Happy Birthday your the main reason i sarted playing Guitars and your tabb books have put a smile on my face thanks for some realy great music have a great tour and Birthday doo


  33. Dear David! Our DJ! However you will stay simply Dave forever for us. 60 times, no, 60 thousand times we shall cry out to you Happy birthday!!! I wish, that this nice smile never left your lips. That the guitar never left your golden & able fingers henceforth. Huge Love from Polly and us – your adorers. Wish you to celebrate your gold wedding at our life too. The seas and oceans of new music, silver tenderly voice and certainly health to you!!!And also mutual understanding of creative colleagues, from both parties. Perhaps recollect good old times. SHINE ON!!! GOD BLESS YOU!

    Max from Moscow, whom never watched you in real alive on scene. So wanna… indeed :-)))

  34. Happy, Happy Birthday Mr. Gilmour. On behalf of my son Erik and I, we want to thank you for the wonderful music you have put out there. May you enjoy this day with your family and may you have many,many more.

    Feliz Cumpleanos
    Love your Fans
    Erik B. 9yrs and Renee B. (His mom)
    Fontana, Ca USA

  35. We almost share a Birthday. I’m the 7th!

    May your 60th be as happy for you as your music has made me for all these years!

  36. To the administrator or any Gilmour fan. Does anyone know where the chords are for On An Island on the internet are? If not, is it possible to post them here? I would love to sit down and jam out “The Blue” on my piano…thanks,

    Chris McKay

    [Sorry, Chris. – Features Editor]

  37. Happy Birthday David!!!!! I really want you to have the best time of your life. I hope you enjoy every day of your life, and I wish this day was a very special day, with your family, your friends and your guitars! Keep making that fantastic music and art you do, because it makes a lot of people really happy.

    Thanks, and best wishes!

  38. Hello David!

    Happy birthday to the greatest musician I can think of. Today you’re 60 years, but I always say that: “age is just a number, and just a state of mind.” You are as old as you feel it inside you! Have a nice birthday, and congratulations for the new album due to be released today!

    (If you think my english is bad, I’m sorry. I’m from Norway.)

  39. David,

    Happy birthday mate! Wicked record (from what I’ve heard). No doubt you willl hear a lot form us fans over the coming months, so enjoy the day with your family. I’ve been listening to you for 30 years since I was a kid, & no one plays the guitar quite like you.

    Go well.

  40. Good Works Dave!

    The only thing, that’s outrageous to don’t have Montreal in your tour schedule!

    Fan’s will not appreciate it!

    So Dave, Have a Good Birthday!


  41. Happy Birthday, David! From Japan with Love. We are waiting for you and ‘On An Island’ .

  42. congratulations and many happy returns david. (mr. gilmour to me i suppose) thanks for a lifetime of music and happiness. i’m sure it has made its way back to you and yours. see you in toronto. happiest of happy birthdays. make a wish.

  43. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!! Wishing you the best on your special day and many more to come. Thought you should know that I have a little David Gilmour in the family. His full name is David Gilmour Crane. He will be turning two years old in May. He is definitely the littlest and biggest fan that you will ever have. His favorite song is Out of the Blue and his second is On an Island. He will come running from the other end of the house when he hears your voice. We hope to come see you perform in the U.S. but I do not have tickets yet. I’m trying to win tickets from the different giveaways and contest, I will give it another week and then I will have to look into buying some from ticket brokers. quick question f. editor, would it be an injustice to David to buy tickets on EBAY? Because I would love to take my son to see him live being his littlest but biggest fan which would be my biggest dream to see him perform this type of venue in such a personal way.

    [It’s really not for me to say, Robert, but the only way eBay sellers will ever be stopped is, obviously, if people refuse to bid on their auctions. That said, I see your predicament. – Features Editor]

  44. Happy Birthday David!!!

    What a way to spend your birthday, the official release of his AMAZING 3rd solo album and most importantly, he’s in excellent health.

    Best wishes for the future


  45. Happy Birthday David. I hope your day isnt to much of a spectacle. A pleasant Day with Polly your children, and friends is what I hope for you. I hope you have a nice simple little party with food, cake and drinks. Maybee a camp fire if its nice, send the children to bed and enjoy the night with your wife and friends. Thank you for the new material and tour. This day is yours, enjoy it!

  46. Happy Birthday David! Thanks for giving so much to us all throughout the years!! Im going to buy On An Island the second my record store opens! And im looking forword to seeing you in Oakland this April!

  47. Happy birthday Mr. Gilmour… A very special day 6th march.

    Happy birthday to Gabriel Garcia Marquez too!! Sorry, but i love both. 🙂 Mr. Gilmour more. 😀

    with love.

  48. I would like to wish David a very happy 60th birthday and wish him many many more years of making wonderful music! Thank you David for all of the years of sharing your talents with us. I applaud you for being able to do it on your terms now and for doing what makes you and your family happy.

    I will celebrate by going out an buying ‘On an Island’ on Tuesday (a day later than the lucky UK fans who will be able to get it on David’s birthday). The wait for it will soon be over!

  49. Happy Birthday Sir David! Instead of us giving you a gift you rewarded us with On An Island release.

    Thankyou so much!

  50. Happy Birthday from the States,David! I raise my glass to you and your bride. Thanks for being a part of my life.

  51. Happy Birthday David! Thanks again for all that you have given! I just left a donation at the Crisis web site for your birthday. It may be really big or really small, I looked up the dollar to pound conversion on google. Hope I got it right. 🙂

    Many more,

    Brian and Tanya Haase
    Denver, Iowa


    Congratulations on yet another year of fantastic and meaningful music that is so appreciated by us all.

    Good luck and have a blast at tomorrow’s show as well as those follow…We will be sure to!


  53. Happy Birthday David! As the years advance on us we reflect on past achievements and look forward to our future plans. I wish yourself, Polly and your family all the very best for this day and the future. Take care.

    Kindest wishes,


  54. A very very happy birthday to you David. For many years I have thought you to be the greatest guitarist alive…and that all came about after seeing you and the rest of the band on June 23, 1973 at Olympia Stadium in Detroit (you had HAIR back then). I am most fortunate to have seen you and the band also in’77 and ’94 at Soldier Field in Chicago and the RCA Dome in Indianapolis respectively.

    But it’s that show in Detroit that stands first and foremost in my memory…and is still the greatest performance I have ever seen, and trust me I have seen many over the years. So even though it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to see you perform this time around, I will always have the past performances locked in my mind forever and trust me I STILL discuss that Detroit show and can remember it as if it happened yesterday. That monstrous quadraphonic PA system and the crispness of the band just totally blew me away. The setlist as I remember it was:

    1) Obscurred By Clouds
    2) When You’re In
    3) Echoes (magnificently done)
    Band took a break
    4) Entire “Dark Side of the Moon” with Dick Parry on sax
    5) Encore: “One of These Days”

    Above my stereo hangs your picture (framed I may add) and I still have the ticket stub from that show. Hard to believe that the ticket price was $5.00…four of us attended for a grand total of $20.00.

    Again…Happy Birthday to you good sir and good luck with the tour and in the future. Wish I could be there just one more time!

    Ro in Fort Wayne, Indiana

  55. Hi,

    Happy birthday David. Looking forward to the album when it reaches New Zealand.

    I’ve been a fan since I was 10 (1975), you’ve done some great stuff over the years. You have a chance to do something even greater over the next few, don’t waste it.


  56. May you have as much Happiness on your Birthday as your music has brought me over the years.

    Happy 60th Birthday David!!!


  58. Happy Birthday, David!

    Remember… 60 is the new 40.

    It’s a truly beautiful album and I look forward to seeing you live soon. Thanks again for presenting the award to Phil with me last year.

    All the best, Mark Cunningham

  59. Congratulations David on yet again a remarkable album. It seems you planned this just right, not only to debut on your birthday, but having an interesting cosmos theme.

    And will David have time to watch the total solar eclipse aboard the Astoria in Kastellorizon? It looks that he has a week break from the shows in Europe, till he heads to the States. Enjoy!

    Happiest of Birthdays!


  60. Happy birthday David!!!

    There’s nothing on the Earth I can give as a gift to You comparable to the gift You gave to me/us in all these years: Your music, Your voice, Your sound, You… Maybe I’ll find it on (the dark side of) the Moon or… on an Island…

    But meanwhile I give You my presence and my emotions in Milan and exactly today the money I’ll use to buy Your new album (and with that You can buy “On An Island” dedicated from me to You hehehe!). I hope You appreciate this…

    “Thank You very much indeed” and see You very soon!

    Steve (from Majano (Ud) – Italy)

  61. Happy Birthday David! Funny you should be giving US a birthday present on YOUR birthday, but I won’t complain! I hope you get to spend a bunch of time with Polly and the kids and I hope you get to put on the big surprised face when the kids give you some homemade gift that only a child can give! Enjoy your day!


  62. David, have a wonderful birthday and best wishes for a fun and successful tour ahead. Looking forward to seeing the show in Chicago and I cant wait till Tuesday so I can buy my copy of the CD. The clips that have been posted sound great and I am so anxious to hear the full CD.

    Best wishes and HAPPY 60YH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    Bob Fasano….Worth,Illinois U.S.A.

  63. Thanks you David, and may Our God give you many years of pleasure with your love ones. Happy Birthday!!!

  64. Happy Birthday David! Thanks for giving us all a lifetime worth of incredible music. Best of luck with the album and tour old friend. See you at Radio City!


  65. Happy 60 years old Birthday David from ME and ALL Your Montreal, Quebec, Canada Fans and we are all hopping that you will add concert dates for Montreal after L.A. shows! Pleaseeeeeeeee

  66. happy birthday david from across the pond in delaware.as spock says “live long and prosper”

  67. Let me be the first of i’m sure many to wish the man himself Mr.Gilmour a happy and healthy 60th birthday. I Truly hope you enjoy yourself on this day, you deserve it! Just got the album, will post my comments tomorrow to be fair to others. Can’t wait to see you at the RCMH.


  68. David,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 60 years young. Enjoy your day. Hope you have a good time tomorrow. See you in Chicago.

    Jeff in chicago

  69. Thank you Polly and Ross from the gallery, WOW. Frost said it well in previous post WHO CARES, this is David’s creation. There are pictures of David by the way, 1984 About Faces Tour Program which includes 5 pics of David wearing a yellow tie with musical notes insignia. In short, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID, see you in Toronto again. Enjoy it well. Seeing the stage at the Kodiac theatre for the Oscars now. What a venue that will be in L.A. Peace all, and FED.

  70. Happy birthday David! My grandfather always told me that the best years of your life start at 60. I can’t think of a better way for you to start off your “best years” than the release of a new album, and a tour. Hats off to you my friend. Life has just begun. Once again happy birthday, and I will see you in Chicago. Dan Brockert

  71. Happy Birthday to the greatest guitarist who ever lived.

    Some may say Clapton is God, and he is one. But David is the Supreme Being that oversees the Gods. Or something.

  72. will i be the first to wish you a happy birthday from ste -adéle in canada. Dear David i am so happy to go to see you in toronto from all my family thank you for being what you are. we jus t love you and respect who you are . merciet bonne fete. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID, 60th is beautiful and give my regargs to polly and lovely kids… sylvie from canada.xxxxxxxxxxx

  73. Happy Birthday, David, and congratulations on such a fantastic album! I live in sunny South Florida and was fortunate enough to buy your album on March 4th (the head manager of the record store was nice to me). As I listened on my boom box and read along with the lyrics, my ears went “WOW!” Cheers to you, Polly and all your fine crew for a job well done.

  74. Happy Birthday Mr. Gilmour!

    Here’s to many happy years to come with your family. Each day is truly a blessing.

    Thanks for making your 60th a special one for us as well.

    Shine on!

  75. Happy Birthday, David, from your biggest fan in Canada! I hope you have a super birthday! It is so great that you are giving us all such a wonderful gift on your own b’day! (I have to wait an extra day, but….) I haven’t been this excited for an album release since April 1994….

    33 hours 31 minutes to go!

  76. I’ve waited until today to post but have been lurking since day 1. Today is a special day.

    Happy Birthday David,

    A person with the gift to touch people’s souls

    Wishing you many more.

  77. Happy 60th David! You are looking as hot and sexy as ever! I hope your day is wonderful!

    Love, and see you in Chicago,


  78. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!!! Somehow we got the birthday present thing backwards. I didn’t get you anything, but you gave us a new CD. Can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow! Hope to see you somewhere in the northeast of the U.S. in April or May.


  79. Happy Birth Day David,

    Congrats on another year and thank you for making more wondeful music for all of us to enjoy. i hope you enjoy your birthday…i cant wait to see you in New York!

  80. Happy birthday David! Your music has meant so much to me, and I hope you continue to craft it for many years to come. I look forward to getting your new disc tomorrow here in NYC and seeing you at Radio City on April 4th. I wish you the happiest of days, now and always.

  81. Happy Birthday, guitarist of dreams. You are the sweetest. See you in Chicago!

  82. Happy 60th Birthday David!!! I am so looking forward to listening to your latest solo release – On an Island – and to seeing you in concert at the Rosemont Theatre on April 12th & 13th. Best wishes for a very enjoyable tour. Thanks for all of the great music over the years!

  83. Happy Birthday, Mr. Gilmour!This year is going to be very interesting and may it bring to you more happiness with your family and good luck during your new concert tour.

  84. Dear Mr Gilmour:

    6 decades and still counting! (and, reading, and apparently even still playing music!) 🙂

    Congratulations on your physical fortitude, talented family, the release of your new album, and for maintaining your keen musical sense and application of solo technique to the electric guitar all these years and into the new millenium.

    Here’s to many, many more! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you on tour with the amazing On an Island Band you’ve assembled!

    Shine on

    “who are you and who am I
    to say we know the reason why
    some are born some men die
    beneath one infinite sky
    there’ll be war there’ll be peace
    but everything one day will cease
    all the iron turned to rust
    all the proud men turned to dust
    and so all things time will mend
    so this song will end ”

  85. David, Happy Birthday!!! I wish you a good luck on behalf of all russian admirers of your creative work!

  86. Glad we made it this far (I hit 60 in January). I still think “Echoes” is about as good a piece of music as has ever been recorded. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen Floyd in concert, money well spent. Keep doing what you’ve always done, no complaints from this lifelong fan. Happy 60th. Kind of a dubious milestone, eh DG?

    My best and thanks for all the great music over the years.
    R.L. Mullins- Tucson, Arizona

  87. Happy Birthday, Mr.Gilmour! Your music has brought pleasure to millions, and for that we are all in your debt. Take a day off from rehersals, drink a cool one, and enjoy it – you’ve earned it!

  88. Hi David,

    I wish you an happy birthday and a great tour. But Ed. for sure i won’t give any comments on David new album, just because I’ll prefer go to l’Olympia like a virgin 😉 You know it will be hard not to listen to it before the gig…

    Have a great day David, and thanks for the blog Ed.


  89. Happy Birthday David, many happy returns. I’ve managed to get tickets for RAH 0n 31st and looking forward to it tremendously as I’m taking my daughter and son for the concert of a lifetime.

  90. Happy B-day Mr. Gilmour… i only have words of gratitude towards you. You re-inspired me to play guitar again and i wish that all your wishes come true and i ask(politely and most sincerly) to have a wonderful time with your family and friends…

    see you on the road soon

    Love and Respect

  91. happy birthday, from a soul from the states, may you age like vintage wine, getting better with time.

  92. David:

    Happy birthday!!

    Thank you so much for your beautiful music, the new album is absolutely gorgeous. Best of luck on the road.

    With much love and respect,

    Kent Daniel Bentkowski
    Buffalo, New York USA

  93. Happy Birthday David!

    My first post after weeks of reading the blog and anticipating the new release. My way home from work Tuesday will be to buy the new CD. Your other solo works are prized in my collection and I always list the first s/t as my all time favorite, with Mihalis my all time favorite song.

    Enjoy your day as others enjoy the hard work you’ve put forth and I hope the coming weeks of touring are enjoyable, safe, and wonderful. Look forward to seeing you play in Oakland.

  94. Amazing… 60 years old and David Gilmour still sounds like he is in his prime!

    Happy Birthday David! I really appreciate all the excellent music you have brought us over the years, and when I thought I’d never get to see you in concert I read about the new album and it made my year! I can’t wait to see the Toronto show!

    It’s amazing how much you have accomplished, and it’s inspiring to see all you have done, and continue to do!

  95. “Happy birsthday !!” to M. David Gilmour. In many hours, i’ll go to the music store. A great day for fans so.

    Gilles, from Paris

  96. Happy Birthday David Gilmour! Thanks for giving us such a great gift on your special day. I hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy your big day. Thank you for all the great music you’ve given us over the years!

  97. Hello David,

    Great birthday on your island, at home, all over the world and beetween my ears !


  98. Happy 60th David!!

    You’ve given this some thought, and released this brave, very personal, and meticulously well crafted new album this very day. No accident I know! I’m very proud of you, & Polly, & celebrate your firm resolve to do things your own way!! Stay happy, focused, and enjoy this fantastic ride of the tour & album release!!

    Happy Birthday David!!

    tom & carol, from san diego

  99. Hi Mr.Gilmour,

    Wish you a very Happy and joyous 60th Birthday. I am looking forward to 12th Apr Chicago.


  100. Hey Mr Gilmour, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I think your music is great and really inspirational. You are an amazing musician and I can’t wait to pick up On An Island on Tuesday March 7th. All the best and I hope the album is a huge success as im sure it will be.

    -Tyler Moulaison
    Ontario, Canada

  101. Happy Birthday David!

    Thanks so much for the great tunes through the years! They’ve helped me through some tough times.

    Here’s to Many More!

  102. Happy birthday to one of my favorite guitarists! The new cd is great! (I live in America but have a friend at the cd shop who knows how much I love your music and let me buy it early). I hope you and your family enjoy your birthday. Can’t belive you are 60! I hope the new cd sells well. I know I will be reccomending it to all of my friends as the music is wonderful, and definitely trademark Gilmour Gold!

    Boca Raton, FL, USA

  103. David,

    Happy birthday. You have had a positive influence on my life on many levels. Shine on.

  104. HAPPY BIRTHDAY David. Today you turn 60 years young and still creating beautiful music. Hear is to more years of peace and happiness to you and your loved ones. P.S. Please don’t let “On An Island” as great as it probably is (I’m from the U.S.) be your swan song. After all you are only as old as you feel and with a new album and mini tour I bet you feel pretty young. Anyways, Happy Birthday and many more, Cheers Mate!

  105. I wish you a Happy Birthday!!! Tonight, I will have several drinks on you David and listen the great music that you’ve composed over all this past 60 years.

  106. Happy 60th Birthday Mr Gilmour! I wish you many long years of health, happiness, and music. Cannot wait to pick up your new album on the 7th. Cheers, and I hope that you, your family, and friends, enjoy this very special day

    Thank you
    Sarah (USA)

  107. Many happy returns to Mr. Gilmour from the damp Pacific NW coast of America. WISH YOU WERE HERE… or coming to perform nearby rather. Maybe a second US go around in the fall or winter with more dates? Can’t wait to hear all the new stuff!

  108. Happy Birthday Gilmour, ive been a big fan for a big while, ive heard some loops from ‘on an island’ and its genious. I will get it as soon as i can. I wish you could come to Mexico, there’s alot of people who love your music.

    Enjoy your birthday,

  109. Dear David,

    I hope you have a wonderfull birthday in the presence of Polly and the kids! I hope we will have you around for a long time, to marvel at your wonderous music.

    Best wishes,

  110. Happy birthday David! Sto lat(hundred years to You)- in polish. Poland loves You!!!

  111. David,

    A sincere thank you for many years of wonderful music and breathtaking live shows. I hope you enjoy your special day with family & friends.

  112. happy bday david !
    i wish u the best i think youre great and the best
    youre my favorite of all times
    here in mexico we like you a lot !
    wish u health and happiness …
    take care

  113. David,

    It was about 10 years ago that I had heard an album which eventually changed my entire life. You know The One. The soaring guitar, tasteful phrasing, and crystal tone combined with Roger’s lyric made me stand back and rethink everything that was going on at the time. And today, your music still resonates with the same base passion and energy. Your latest album asserts that. Thank you.

  114. wtg. classy move w/ daily vid clips.ty. ohh.. happy bday sr.dave enjoy ur day,but be careful.

    we want u in ny in april. peace

  115. Dear David:

    Happy birthday to you!

    Peace, Happiness, Health, Success, Joy, Love and all the best wishes for you!

    Congratulations, for beautiful On An Island! I’m not the one who tells something is great while it’s not! I don’t compare this warm and lovely album to PinkFloyd records, I say On An Island is beautiful album because I compare it to itself, when sth is great its value and beauty is not comparative to another great things, it’s another kind and shape of beauty.

    ‘Wish you were here’ is beautiful because it is ‘Wish you were here’
    ‘The Division Bell’ is beautiful because it is ‘The Division Bell’
    And ‘On An Island’ is beautiful because it is ‘On An Island’

    I hope you don’t remember the memories of discontent or take yourself back into the memories of some the worst times of the life, in your birthday! 😉

    “Fortune, faaaame
    Mirror vain
    Gone insane
    But the memory remains…”

    Have nice times with Polly, your eight children and friends,
    Shine on, God bless you and Thank you!

    (Sorry for my poor English ;P )

  116. The sun shines today, winter is over, and if I’m lucky I’ll get “On an Island” on my way back from work.

    Anyway it’s March 6th

    Bon Anniversaire David
    Tous mes voeux les plus sincères……
    Happy Birthday David


  117. David, I wish you a very happy birthday from France.

    As my 1st child (a girl) should born “one of these days” (this week), I hope your lucky star will shine on her all her life long. Sure I will help her sleeping by playing your music as much as I can, and make her love your pieces.

  118. just a line to wish david a very happy 60th bithday and best wishes for the new album

    from dan

  119. Happy Birthday David,and many more to come.

    Thank you for sharing your gift with all who have listened through the years,I have witnessed many a smile when your music is played, and to see someone smile is sensual in its self.[ps]dont get to sloshed.


  120. Happy 60th David!!

    Almost twenty years ago when I enrolled in art college, I went with my dorm mate to see P.F. in concert. I was blown away by the concert, even from stadium nosebleed seats and being surrounded by rowdy fratboys. I bought M.L.O.R., and continued to collect your group, solo, and guest recordings, and eagerly anticipated any new work from you. I always found the beauty and depth in your music an inspiration, and have hoped I could paint something as fluid and moving as a melody or solo you created.

    You continue to inspire me because you are still stretching and growing in new musical directions. You found a well matched partner you collaborate in art, love, and family life. Lastly, you are passionately involved in your music, yet grounded and socially aware. I see those beautiful photos by Polly, and I see scenes from a life well lived.

    Wishing you decades more of love, life, and music.

    Polly, give your man a big smooch from all his female fans!!!

  121. Hallo David,

    Happy birthday to my favourite guitar player!

    You gave me so many emotions through the years (alone and with the other three guys), with your infinite musical taste, your wonderful tone…if I met you I would like to ask you everything, but in the end I think I would just embrace you.

    See you in Milan!


  122. haaappyyyyyyyyyy Birthday, David!:D

    i wish you the best:D ,have a wonderful day with the people who loves you , and a great day for a Magical album,

    i wish you the best for you , your family and friends

    From Buenos Aires , Argentina

    shine on!!

  123. Happy birthday David! Can’t wait for the album (one hour till shop opening…!) and the concert (I will be seeing the last one in London, make it a special one please ;-).

    The Netherlands

  124. Happy Birthday David, 60 years young today! Still young enough to produce at least another….9 or 10 albums yet! But don’t let that thought ruin your day. 😉

    Hope you have a fantastic time today, and get to enjoy… at least a glass of wine or two with family and friends.


  125. Happy Birthday, David —

    Your music has been a constant companion for thirty-seven years of my life. Your tracks on the early albums were always my favorite music for the expressive voice and guitar (e.g., The Narrow Way, Fat Old Sun, Childhood’s End). I was ecstatic when you released your solo albums in ’78 and ’84, then continued as Pink Floyd for MLoR and TDB. On the eve of the release your new CD, I feel as if it’s my birthday as well — listening to this wonderful new music, fresh but with the familiar soul I’ve gotten to know over many years. Congratulations on your success … I’ll be seeing you in Toronto and Oakland! Have a great tour … and all the best to you and your family on your day.



    I hope that this is a remarkable and wonderful day for you. I have no doubts it will be.

    Regards from Zimbabwe.

  127. All the best to David on the day of his birth!! thanks for the great feelings, and music and love that will for ever leave a mark in our hearts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  128. Happy birthday, Mr. Gilmour! Take a breathe, then close your eyes and smile…

    I woukld like to be a small mouse in the corner to attend your family gig!

    Have a nice day, we love you and your family!

  129. Happy Birthday David.

    Hope you have a great day. Looking forward to your shows soon.

    All the best.

  130. Happy birthday big guy from Ireland!!!!…am gonna skive off work later to skip to the local record shop to pick up your new offering (can’t wait!).

    Cheers Jay

    PS when ya comin’ to Eire?????

  131. Happy Birthday, David!

    A hundred of these days,….including new album relizes:-)

    Greetings from Italy.

  132. Dear Mr. Gilmour,

    thinking of your song “This Heaven” it seams as there’s not much to wish you but keep this “earthly heaven” a pleasant and enjoyable place for you and your family. So I do.

    Hopefully you will enjoy the upcoming tour! I will be there in Hamburg and I’m really looking forward to this event.

    Have a great day!

    All the best,

  133. Many Happy Returns Mr Gilmour.

    May your Birthday week bring you a Number 1 album.

    We fully expect a list of all the things that the Birthday Fairies brought you ( not least so I can find out what a man who can have anything or has everything gets for his birthday!) 🙂

  134. Happy birthday David!!! I’ve bought the album yesterday, it’s a beatiful gift that David gave us on his birthday!

  135. Dear David,

    Happy birthday to you!

    I hope you have a nice day and enjoy the little show for friends and family tonight.

    Good luck on the upcoming tour. I’ll see you soon.

    Best regards,

  136. Happy birthday david !!! Thank you very much for all the beautiful music you’ve made!!!! I can’t use words to explaine how your music make me feel but it’s the best feeling in the world!!!! I wish you and your family all the best!

    Have a nice day!!!

  137. Happy Birthday David! Thanks for all the fantastic music so far, its of an enourmous value to me and all of your listeners and fans.

    And really, keep those albums coming! 😀

  138. Happy Bithday and Best Wishes for whole another year and the upcoming tour as well. Hope You’ll come to Poland in some time to perform live. Shine On Diamond David !

  139. Dear David !

    Yes, God bless You on this nice day !
    At Europa Radio Miskolc, here in Hungary we are faithfully yours !
    I have much pleasure in informing You that
    we have played all of Pink Floyd albums in 61
    parts week in week out.
    Naturally, including Your solo albums !
    So, Happy Birthday, and i have itching ears,
    how can be on an island !

  140. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite all-time guitar players.

    I was up late and had the chance to be the first U.S. fan to send greetings on the day.

    Maybe I will win one of the contests to send me to L.A. for the show.

    Many cheers to you!!

  141. I rarely list something as a must have BUT “On an island” will live on. From NC , Happy Birthday and we should be giving U a present not the other way around : )

  142. Happy Birthday Mr. Gilmour!!!
    If you (or whoever runs this website) are in good spirits. Perhaps you can attempt to begin the process of adding lyrical information to the discography.
    It would be much appreciated by many. Then, all could celebrate this wonderful day even more.
    Best Wishes

  143. Dear David

    Happy Birthday from a lucky pair !

    You wrote the music for our life – many thanks for that !

    We are so excited and happy to see you next saturday in Hamburg.

    Thank you for so many lucky hours and for “on an island” – it´s a huge gift !

    All the best for you and your family
    Brigitte and Andreas from Trier, die oldest town in germany

  144. Happy birthday,dear David! You are the best guitarist of all time! On An Island is magnificent album!!! I wish you a long happy life,your dreams will come true! See you in Toronto!;)

  145. Hello David!

    I just want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND CONGRATULATION with your new phenomenal album.

    I wish you god health and god luck on your forthcoming worldtour!

  146. Happy Birthday David and I thank you and Polly as well as the eminent band for “On An Island”.

    Have a great day and have a GREAT tour.

    Best Wishes
    dave keyte

  147. Happy Birthday David!!!
    May you live another 60 years!!!! You deserve it. You bring sunshine to me everytime I listen to your music. Congratulations for the new album it’s beautiful and I got it last Friday and haven’t stopped playing it since then.
    Thanks for everything. See you in Milan 24th March



  148. Many many happy returns, David on your 60th birthday today. I’m sure you’ll have a brilliant day, as OAI soars to the top of the charts.

  149. Many Happy Returns David! Hope you have a wonderful day and that you and Polly and family can celebrate in style.

    Hope that your album does brilliantly – and that we fans can help it to be a big hit as a sort of birthday present from us to you, in thanks for all the pleasure you have given us these past 35 or so years.

    Jane A, Bracknell, Berks

  150. A Very Happy Birthday To You, David, and many more to come! (mine follows Thursday – yeah, it’s Pisces’ party time 🙂

    THANK YOU INFINITY for providing a peek into the work involved behind the scenes, sharing the clips, pix and articles (the updated website & FEditor are both excellent) and mostly for the album and tour. You’re awesome!

  151. Dear David,

    your Music has been part of my life for over 20 yrs now and i am looking forward for your new album. Although the range of my musical taste expanded between me being 16 and me being 36 (yes, i have become a big lee hazlewood-fan e.g.) your songs are still something very special to me. It makes me happy to see that you seem to be a very happy person these days. I wish you and your family all the best for your birthday.

    Take Care

  152. Dear David, hope you have the happiest Birthday ever. We’re really looking forward to hearing your new album which should arrive later today, funny really, you’re giving us a gift on your Birthday and all we have for you is this message. Really looking forward to seeing you play on Saturday, it is our dream come true. You’ve given us both so much over the years with your voice and guitars, we are both very greatful. With much love respect and admiration, Lorna & Steve

  153. Best wishes for you to your birthday from Germany.
    On An Island is a great album between Astronomy Domine – Us And Theme and Shine On You Crazy Diamonds. Thank You for This Treasure.

  154. Happy 60th David. Can’t wait for the new album and really looking forward to The Albert Hall gig in May.
    Keep rocking!

  155. All the way from southern Argentina, I wish you a FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS, Mr G! I hope you have a fantastic day among family and friends.
    And thank you for the gift you are giving us on your birthday…

    Good luck in the tour!

  156. I am taking my floyd fan boyfriend to see Australian Pink Floyd tribute in Southend next month and so started listening to some of your music which has absolutely blown me away! Just stumbled across this site and will be buying your new album… i can’t wait! you are truely an inspiration both musically and personally happy birthday David Gilmour x

  157. Happy Birthday David. It’s most telling of your spirit that you are giving US a present for YOUR birthday. I hope you enjoy yourself immensely today and everyday. Thanks for the music!

  158. Hey David and Co.

    Happy Birthday and congradulations on the new album. It’s nice to see a young upstart like yourself break into the music business. Who knows? Perhaps one day you’ll make a name for yourself and earn a little money.

  159. very Happy Birthday, David!
    rendez vous au grand rex et a l’olympia pour écouter ton superbe “on an island” tu es un génie et tu nous surprendras toujours!
    désolé je ne parle aps bien anglais donc je préfére le dire dans ma langue natale!
    a bientôt david!

  160. Hi David,

    Thanks for the greatest music ever written.

    Happy Birthday.

    Peter (Dublin)

  161. hapy birhday david! i have my album at least 5 days from net!album sauds like pink floyd!!
    another masterpiece, from david!

  162. Happy birthday David!
    Been listening to tracks from your latest album this past weekend,and how amazing it is to be inspired and touched all over again.Because of the political state I grew up with in South Africa and all the ridiculous censorship of the 60’s to 80’s,The Floyd only got introduced to me around 1990,and I’ve been hooked ever since,that includes the solo works of all members.Thank you for the music-you are legend!

  163. Happy birthday David! I’ve been a professional guitar player for 10 years because I heard the intro to “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” off the “Delecate Sound of Thunder” some years ago. I’ll never give it up. Glad to see you playing that old strat again as well! Millie and Simon say happy birthday as well from Atlanta.

  164. Hi David

    Just to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope On An Island goes platinum world wide. The world needs more great music like this and not the crap that hits the UK charts. I’ve been a Floyd fan since the late Sixties and loved every minuet of the music. I couldn’t get tickets to see you perform On An Island which is a bitter disappointment. Hope you do some more dates.

    A Very Happy Birthday

    Luv ‘n’ Peace

  165. Morning All & Most Importantly……
    Happy Birthday To David

    Without going too much into the album…
    The mood is just perfect

    Hope he gets as much out of today as whats he’s given back to the fans – Happy Birthday

    …Can’t wait for the Bridgewater Hall/Albert Hall

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