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There was a phenomenal response to our Mermaid Theatre competition. Thanks to all who entered and made us laugh. Rather worryingly, we are still receiving entries, even though the competition has now been closed since midnight Tuesday. If you’re still trying, please, give up.

Could Nick Page and Don Thompson please let us know their full postal addresses immediately? If you cannot get this information to us by midnight tonight (UK time), then I’m afraid these tickets will be offered to someone else. We have people on standby whom we will notify first thing tomorrow morning if we do not hear from you.

As we have been told by many different people, you can still win tickets to see David at the Mermaid Theatre here. The competition closes at 2PM on Monday. The best of luck to those who missed out previously (third time lucky?) and thanks again to all who wrote to tell us about this final opportunity.

We should apologise to anyone outside the UK, for whom this past week’s blog posts must have seemed just a little cruel. We do hope that the extensive US radio play, which we have informed you of over on the Latest News page, goes some small way to compensate.

From tomorrow, Mainstream and AAA stations will be playing a one-hour special (please check with your local station for full details). Do let us know what you hear and where you hear it.

Just to put the Mermaid Theatre issue to bed once and for all (at least, until our lucky competition winners tell us all about it on Wednesday), please be aware that the BBC Radio 2 website will not only be playing, but showing, exclusive footage of the gig, which you can view regardless of where in the world you happen to find yourself.

There will be an hour-long broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Saturday 11 March at 8:30PM (UK time). You will then be able to listen to this whenever you get the urge thanks to their handy ‘Listen Again’ feature, which allows you to replay any programme a week after it is first broadcast.

Thanks to the wonders of digital television, you can see half an hour of the gig at 9:30PM – and you can keep replaying it until 14 March if you want to.

If half an hour just isn’t enough, then fans all over the world can see a full hour on the BBC Radio 2 website if their internet speed will allow them to.

This will be the first taste of what you can expect from David’s tour, so be sure to tuck in.

More tomorrow, but for now, here’s Phil Manzanera at rehearsals.

Needless to say, there are plenty more of Polly’s photographs to follow, not to mention video clips.

Keep telling us what you think. We love to hear from you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

160 thoughts on “David on the radio”

  1. Hi Fed and co!! Just a massive PLEA!!!! If you’ve already got tickets for the mermaid – please please please give us poor unfortunates who haven’t a chance!!! Polly’s photos are fantastic!! Love ’em!


    [There are no spares and I’m not even going, Kelly. But if you see the latest blog entry, you’ll notice that three of the competition winners might lose out if they’re not quick. – Features Editor]

  2. Hi Features Ed,

    Got my e-mail through this evening. I don’t why I was stressing out (weird), but it all seems ‘real’ now! Thanks again for a once in a lifetime experience!

    Just a quick question. I know I need ID and stuff but does my guest need to bring some too, and if so, do I need to supply his details to you? I’m pressuming not – but I thought it would be best to clarify things. I can’t let anything screw this up!!!


    [Your guest will be fine as long as you’re there and your ID matches what you’ve already told us, John. – Features Editor]

  3. She writes marvellous lyrics, authors novels, she’s the official (and prolific I might add) photographer and official chronicler, plays the piano, she’s a business partner, co-raises the kids (not to mention gave birth to 4 of them) and God only knows what else she manages to fit on her CV. I’m starting to think that Polly ought to get equal billing on the website masthead. Only joking of course.

    Many kudos to her, however, for clearly being the battery that energizes this whole operation. I’m guessing we wouldn’t have all of this (new music, albums, web sites, tours etc) without her.

    Also, a tip of the hat to the Samson-Gilmours for finding a way to work together so productively and harmoniously. I own a business with my wife, and I can tell you with authority – it ain’t easy.

    Days to go now. Well chuffed that this 3 month wait is near over. Thanks to all for keeping me amused and enthused.

    3 cheers!


  4. Thanks again for all your hard work.

    Now – have an early night. You’ve earned it.


  5. Been listening to the album on Clear channel / sneak peek – brilliant! Love David’s haunting & soulful sax on Red Sky. The Blue is knockout… Great music & lyrics throughout… looking forward to hearing them live.

    AND the track video clips that are posted here… maybe they will be available on a DVD of the concert?????

    As for the seagul that flies backwards on the “On an Island” link – what’s it been on?

  6. Hi to all of you.

    I ve just discovered the whole David’s new album on Sneek Peak website and I have to said that it is just WONDERFUL. I have a tremendous respect and admiration for this man and artist. Unfortunately I cannot see him in concert this year for professionnal reasons… and I have to confess that the idea of not seeing David, Richard, Guy, Jon and the others on stage to perform these songs will certainly drive me to nervous breakdown very soon. It will be a generous and good idea to release a DVD of the hows.

    Would you give us the opportunity to watch videos of the rehearsals ?

    Congratulations and thanks for this brilliant blog

    Laurent – Versailles – France

    [Well, you must watch the Mermaid Theatre gig online if you can, Laurent. That promises to give us all a good idea of what can be expected from this tour. – Features Editor]

  7. Another one to support the arctic circle rehearsal rooms. Can we club together to buy a gas heater for the band?

  8. just a quick and cheeky question – would it be ok to bring a nonflash digital camera?

    Thank you *very very very* much for allowing me to go. I will love you forever, as I promised. If nobody minds too much.

    [It’s not up to me, I’m afraid. The answer is still ‘no’. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  9. Video clips… Now I’m really interested!

    Any clues as to what the video clips will be, or are we going to have to wait just a tad bit longer to find out? 😉


    [You’ll have to see, but you can expect more on the ‘On An Island’ page of http://www.davidgilmour.com. – Features Editor]

  10. Cool!

    Just been looking at the train times. Cause I have a fair distance to go! It will be worth it.

    Does anyone have any idea how long it will take to get from the Mermaid to Kings Cross?

    Cheers in advance.

  11. Caption Competition:

    “I’d be able get this chord down if I could feel my fingers..couldn’t we have found a warmer rehearsal space?”

    Okay, it’s not Rudders…but he asked us to keep it going…and, man, are they in school auditorium or something without heat!… They always look bundled up!


    [It does look a bit chilly in there, Angelo. – Features Editor]

  12. Wow, the lead up to this album has been out of this world! Video clip previews of each song, competitions (really good ones as well!), radio specials, exclusive ‘competition winners only’ concerts…just amazing!

    I read on the BBC Radio website that David and Phil Manzanera will be appearing on the Jonathan Ross show on Saturday morning on BBC Radio 2! Any hint as to what they will perform?!

    With that in mind, will David be appearing on any tv shows such as Parkinson or Later With Jools Holland?

    Cant wait to buy the album on Monday!

    [No idea, sorry. You’ll have to tune in and find out. If David is going to be on television, then we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  13. (actually posting from work; hence the IPL)

    WE love to hear from YOU, too! :O) thanks for the radio tips!

    you’ve given us such a nice illusion of intimacy with the news and behind-the-scenes photos. it really jacks up the excitement factor! hey, is it really true that David himself has occasionally read this? (it was too funny to see Rog’s alleged posting… my jaw dropped a bit)

    countdown mode begins, as i pack my bag 30+ days in advance…


    [Honestly, he does. – Features Editor]

  14. Very very good evening beautiful people!

    If I sound distinctly cheerful today, it might have something to do with something that happened to me yesterday involving some tickets I won… He He He. I just can’t get over it yet!

    I’ve never really heard Roxy Music very much and therefore don’t know much about Mr. Manzanera. Well, apart from the fact that he’s a top-noch musician and has collaborated with the Floyd. I’m sure I’ll be delighted by his contribution to David’s awesome band.

    I’ve got On an Island melody going on in my head all day long, and I keep starting to sing beautifully… then I realize I can’t really sing at all and I’m just annoying lots of people. Mmm. Laa Laa. Oops! Sorry, there I go again. Listening to such beautiful music does have its downfalls.

    In relation to the plural form of “roof” I shall have to stick with our dear Features Editor who, of course, is always right. Not all this nonesence of definitions extracted from clearly totaly unreliable dictionaries. Insubordinate bloggers!

    By the way, anyone knows the correct plural of octopus?

    night night x

    [Good on ya, Carlos! “Insubordinate bloggers!” I like that. – Features Editor]

  15. my full address is…

    This info requested by the features editor tonight. Thanks.

    [Thanks, David. Enjoy the show. – Features Editor]

  16. Hi,

    FeD, I still haven’t recieved my email. What’s going on? I’m concerned!

    [You’ll just have to trust me until tomorrow, James. I’ll e-mail you then, I promise. You have won, honestly. As you say, we have two James Hamiltons, but you’ll both get a pair of tickets – I guarantee it. All the details that will be in the e-mail can be found on the previous two blog entries, so you’re not missing anything… except an e-mail that you can’t reply to, anyway. Sorry to make you panic, but I assure you: you are one of our winners and there will be an e-mail waiting for you tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  17. If the band needs a quite place to rehearse before the show on 5th, I know a quaint town with a stage/playhouse ~1hr from NY that holds about 150 people. It’s also right next to a police station to keep the rabble out.

    Out of mere coincedence, it’s near me as well!

    More seriously, how about some autograph giveaways for homeless/other charities in the US? You could go with a different local charity group for each show.

  18. Fed u poor thing! All this hard work trying to keep us satisfied and ur not even going yourself!! (BTW i didn’t mean i wanted ur tickets!!) Agree with u Peter, Polly sounds like an absolute star!! And agree 100% with Dave – GET AN EARLY NIGHT FED!!! I’ve been struggling at work myself and i’ve only put a couple of comments in!!!!

  19. FeD, my postal address again is…

    [Thanks, James. You can also sleep well. Your tickets are safe… Trust me! – Features Editor]

  20. You would think that between the six of them someone could afford to put a few quid in the old electric meter. Poor Phil looks frozen. Though I expect after a few hours rehearsal, the room warms up nicely.

    Congratulations to those who will be at the first gig of Davids tour, courtesy of the BBC (and Fed). I’m not sure if I want to watch the BBCs coverage yet or just wait until May for the concert I’ll be attending. At a guess, I’ll be drawn to the coverage – I’m far too impatient! It’ll also be interesting to see the differences in the performance after a couple of months worth of refinement.

  21. FEd – you’re not going??! Awww shame…was hoping to say thanks in person and put a face to the mysterious FEd…


  22. Hi to all of you,

    here, in Italy, OAI cd will be on market on 8 of March : waiting two days more…

    Congratulations for this blog: it’s just a chain with a little bit of your planet.

    Next 6th march it’s sixty.It was just yesterday in London at Camden… I know that PF “it’s over” but ,please ,Dave don’t leave your time of youth without YOUR GREAT MUSIC :it’s the sound of the life!

    Good night people

  23. number 3 on amazon.co.uk last night about 3am!!!

    all the 3’s!! Daves 3rd solo album, Number 3 on Amazon, my 3rd competition entry and my IQ 93 – is this an indication Dave may chart at number 3 with the single and album? Will Paul Gadd get 3 years? will I win 3 tickets for free via this site and the BBC compo?

    not sure about ‘this heaven’ yet, sounds a bit like a jazzy Dogs of war, which incidently I deteste, but it might be a grower

  24. Jack –

    Take a look at http://www.tfl.gov.uk – it’s the London Underground website with a journey planner to help. I’ve put in the postcode for the Mermaid and it’s coming back with anything from 15 mins to 30 mins at 11pm, recommending buses or tube. Buses in London can be a pain, and coming from out of town trains might be easier, although it’s definitely not too conventient (blackfriars to farringdon to Kings Cross, changing each time). You may just as easily grab a black cab for the sake of a £5-7 to Kings Cross…


  25. Roger Waters has invited Rick Wright to play keyboards on his 2006 Summer tour. Nick Mason will be playing drums on a few dates? Wondering if Roger is trying to reconstruct Pink Floyd without David? Could he even legally do that since he left the band and lost the lawsuit? Would he even dare? Roger could have Eric Clapton on guitar and the music would still not sound right.

  26. Jack

    Not an expert on the underground, but I’d estimate at least 30 mins if everything was running well.

    From my limited experience, I’d add at least an hour to that. Haven’t been to London that often, but every underground journey I’ve ever taken in the last few years has always taken longer than the estimates I’ve been given.

    Chance of a lifetime, give yourself as much time as you can afford to!

    Good luck 🙂

  27. Jack – Kings cross to the Mermaid is quite easy as the Mermaid is right by Blackfriars station

    You can get a Thameslink train – takes about 10 mins. The Circle line also takes you between the 2 but takes nearer 30 mins. There are also a couple of bus’s that go from Kings Cross past Blackfriars but i cant remember the numbers

    Hope this is of some help!

  28. For Jack Rodgers:

    Blackfriars to Kings Cross, trains every 15 minutes and it takes about 15 minutes to make the journey, includng a 5 minute walk at the end! Thats the Thameslink by the way…

    Hope that helps


  29. Hello,

    I am still enjoying just the fact that I did win the tickets for the Mermaid gig, until I actually enjoy the gig itself!!

    Thanks again, and I do wish you an earlier night tonite!


  30. I was just going to bed… when I checked out clear channel sneek peek.

    Awesome!!!! I will now have to play the entire album before I go to bed!!!!

    Can’t wait for for my CD so I can play it LOUD on the Hifi.

    dave axe work is awesome. :-))

    check it out, unless you would rather wait for the CD and just Listern to the clips on the website.


  31. Caption….”I have a new one David.I call it “Comfortably Numb”. Wait till you hear the solo!!!”

  32. (post or not, I’m sticking my toes in the water and having a go at this blog thing)

    I only just realised that Fed meant Features Editor! I kept reading it as Federal Express – doh!

    I hope that more people will jump in and post instead of lurking in the backgound, like I have done since I found this place.

    After all, if we can’t express ourselves here, where we all find common ground through the music that moves us, where can we?

  33. Congratulations! to all those who won! believe me guys you are so so so lucky!

    Encumbered forever by desire and ambition
    There’s an hunger still unsatisfied

    I wish I can get one more chance to participate just to see David! Wish I can be there! but…

  34. Hi FEd,

    Another busy evening, by the looks of things.

    I asked yesterday whether there would be any tickets available on the door i.e. is it worth me coming down to queue up on the off chance that someone doesn’t turn up as I only want 1 ticket, do you know whether there will be or not?

    If not, please can I be added to the reserves list, just in case half of the audience suddenly comes down with Bird flu! I’ll split a pair with Kelly, as she seems as desperate as me! ; )

    Also, Kelly – you haven’t explained why David was giving your mother fashion advice!?!

    I think it’s a shame that you won’t get a chance to see David at this gig, especially after all the work you’ve put in. We’ll have to think of a special prize for you, once this is al over.


    [Hi Vicky. I certainly will consider you. As you may have noticed, I’m waiting on two of the competition winners to confirm their addresses. Although it does seem very mean to offer something with one hand and take it straight back again with the other, we can’t wait much longer for confirmation of address. The BBC need this information soon, as they also have all the winners from the Radio 2 competition and will need to check that the people who win the 6 Music competition – which I hope you’ve entered – don’t already have tickets. So keep reading for more on that. David Haddock very kindly offered one of his tickets on the ‘Mermaid Theatre competition’ blog earlier. Maybe someone else would do the same for you? – Features Editor]

  35. Just a reminder for folks living near Kingston Ontario Canada.Krock will be airing the interactive premiere of “On An Island” tonight at 10 pm Est.(FM 105.7)

  36. Thanks for thinking of us US fans Feat. Ed! I’d be lying if I said I’m not envious of the UK folks and would have given my right arm…But at the same time, I have been so excited with everything that has been given to us so far, and all the interaction…I can’t be upset. I actually liked reading the responses and the frenzy of all the UK fans postings. I’d also be lying that regardless of living in the US, that I didn’t still think up my 30 words anyway and wondered if you would have made fun of my comment.

    I’m so humored with the modern day of tech; It has made it alot easier for us fans to access the info and “extras” we are craving. We have websites, podcasts, video…I remember the days of my youth–before the days of the home computers and the internet–when I would make my Mom drop me off at the library so I could sneak and rip out articles from all the magazines that wrote anything regarding Pink Floyd. What me, defacing public library materials?!?! Ummmm…never!

    I feel EXTREMELY lucky that I was able to get a ticket to opening night at RCMH. I think David and crew (and yes, that includes you too dear Feat. Ed) has made this one incredible ride. I am grateful for the info, the website, the radio/internet broadcasts (and hell yes I will be watching and listening to them all), the CD, the tour in the first place, David, Polly, the fantastic band put together, the music…Ah…just too busy enjoying it all to feel the pain…

    [That’s what we like to hear! Not the bit about the library, though. That’s just terrible. – Features Editor]

  37. Cheers for all the comments guys!! Apreciated!

    Well my brother is at the Royal Vet Uni in London anyway. So I think me and my dad will meet him before the gig, and have some food or whatever, like make a day of it. And he knows all about everything on the underground. So he’ll show us how to get to and from it.

    Cheers people! It shows Gilmour fans are the best.

  38. Dear FEd,

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to go, I think my wife is chuffed too….I can sulk for England!! (I never managed to get a ticket for the other gigs)

    It is 12 years since I last saw David playing at Earls Court. I really didn’t think I was in with a chance!

    Are you going to be joining the band on tour or are you going to be slaving away, burning the midnight oil, typing out your witty replies to the fans?

    Cheers, Paul

    Ps Due to the excitement, my right arm could drop off at any minute!!!

    [Well, if it does, you’d better keep it in a safe place ready for us on Tuesday! As for the tour, then I’m going to be hard at work, sharing all your concert stories, with a bit of luck – and I’m very happy to do so. We want lots of fan involvement and can’t wait to read your views. – Features Editor]

  39. “We should apologise to anyone outside the UK, for whom this past week’s Fan Fare must have seemed just a little cruel. We do hope that the extensive US radio play, which we have informed you of over on the Latest News page, goes some small way to compensate.”

    Dear FEd, you make it sound like David only has fans in the UK and the US…

    Consider how cruel life is for Gilmour fans in New Zealand right now. Even the local music retailers are increasing the pain by making us wait until the 13th for “On An Island” to appear on shelves here…

    [That’s very fair, Warren. My apologies. – Features Editor]

  40. Hi Fed…I have missed out on so much for a couple weeks. Had to lay my Father to rest. He died of brain cancer.

    Anyway, I love the new structure of the site at davidgilmour.com It seems to make things easier to get to.

    I wish I would have been around to know about the US contests when they were still open but bigger things had to be taken care of.

    To all of you UK fans who are getting in on the Mermaid, congratulations! Be sure not to take it for granted because there are many millions of people all over the planet who would sacrifice much to be in your place. (Go away ebay creeps!)

    What ever happened to Rachel Fury? Where is she now? Is there any chance of her touring with David Gilmour? Maybe even for just one show (Gibson Amphitheatre April 20th)


    [I’m terribly sorry to hear of your loss, Brad. My condolences to your family. As for your question about backing singers, then I’m afraid I cannot answer. There are no plans for any backing singers on this tour as far as I’m aware. – Features Editor]

  41. Hi David , ED, and gang,

    I have being playing the album non stop on sneak peak all day in an attempt to have every word and musical note ready for my three night stint at RAH in May. I must say it gets better with every listen very laired indeed. I look forward to Monday when I get the chance to add to my collection. As someone has said already ” The blue” is fantasic and I love the deliberate rawness of ” Smile”, but I think the first big cord in ” Castellorizon” is what I have waited 12 years to hear. It sent all those shivers up my spine yet again. Brilliant . Mind you I did get a fright with the intro to ” Take a Breath” I thought to myself here comes ” Dogs of war pt2″ This did not happen to my happiness it opened up into a nice rocky track that should play well live. I think the title track stands alone on the album as ” STAND CLEAR GENIUS AT WORK” Well done on polished product not that I ever doubted it wouldn’t be.

    Still no clues ED as to the setlist for the tour????????, go on give a little.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy Ireland

    [You can find out more on Tuesday, Geoff. Remember to check out the Mermaid Theatre show on BBC Radio 2. – Features Editor]

  42. Red sky at night is beautiful. As a guitarist myself I can put my talents to a lot of instruments, where I can see the note I`m playing, with wind instruments it is a different kettle of fish, where you can not see which note you are playing, yet David makes the sax sound like he is playing his beloved strat!

    This is probably why I`m a good electrician, and why he is a fantastic musician!

    p.s. I`ve been talking to my dad tonight in the pub features ed. regarding the rooves debate, and he is the next david bellamy when it comes to wildlife and a stickler for the english language, and he most certainly agrees that you are right! (oh and he would love it if you said hello his name is gordon and since I won last night is a fan of this site now!)

    Thanks again,

    [Gordon, I take my hat off to you, sir. The day I write ‘roofs’ will be the day hell freezes over. Er, even though I just wrote it. That one doesn’t count, of course. I now see where your son inherits his exquisite taste. I wish you both a very good night. – Features Editor]

  43. Oh I have it set on my phone as an alarm ED .

    Another question ” God I know i’m annoying ” . Will there be merchandice available at the gigs. I would love a tshirt with the album cover on it. Rgds Geoff Duffy

    [There most certainly will be. We’ll have details on the site next week, hopefully. – Features Editor]

  44. Ha ha…the vandalous nature of a 9 year-old. Hmmm…Do you think I can pay my penance by going back and taping all the articles back in the mags–I still have them all in an old scrapbook!

    (Yes, I just revealed my nerdiness in confessing all this!)

    [Nah, that would be stranger than cutting them out in the first place! – Features Editor]

  45. I live in Connecticut in the US and for some reason I can’t get any radio station to play David Gilmours new single. I’ve sent countless e mails and phone calls requesting it since I first heard about it being played. Theres people who mention him going on tour, or how you can go online and hear his new album but I haven’t heard it played once yet. They’ll play Pink Floyd and then talk about David though. I’ve actually choosen not to listen to your daily samples from Davids new album because I would rather listen to the who thing straight through, allthough I would like to hear “on an island” played. I do listen to the samples you hear on the homepage though, the ones that you said arn’t taking directly from his album. I think these are great and I hope they continue after his album comes out.

    I can’t wait until April 5th, I’ve never looked forward to anything as much as I’m looking forward to Davids new album and seeing him live at Radio City Music Hall.

    [Not long to wait now, Kevin. – Features Editor]

  46. Just to let you know I’m no fly-by-night!! Still here and hoping for something nice to happen.

    Hi Kelly and Vicky, let’s hear it for us girlies, cos it looks like the Mermaid do will be a close to all-male affair 🙁

    Fingers crossed for all of us XX

  47. Hot off the press – interview with DG in The Guardian (UK newspaper, for the non-UK amongst us)


    [Thanks, Nick. They’ll have to look for it themselves, though! – Features Editor]

  48. Then I Close My Eyes sounds absolutely beautiful. Very, very excited about the release and tour. I’ve got tix for the 4th of April in NYC – can’t wait.

    RE Carlos not knowing Roxy Music well. Do check them out, they’re fantastic and staggeringly influential. (Would it be too much to hope for Bryan Ferry as a guest vocalist for one of the shows? What about Kate Bush? Or even a little visit from Dick Van Dyke?)

    Roger Waters has invited Richard Wright to play this summer? What’s going on here? I was afraid something like this might happen after it was announced that Richard was to be a part of David’s touring band (which was fantastic news)… Have to say, being a Floyd fan is not unlike being a child of divorced parents; you love them both but…

  49. I agree with Features Editor… It most certainly is “rooves” … “roofs” is something my dog does when he’s hungry… He he he ha ha ha!!! Roofs, indeed… ;^’) Congratulations to all those that will be attending the “Mermaid” gig!!! I’m sure you’re in for a wonderful time!!! Good show!!! Tally Ho!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “Ummagumma!!!” Enjoy!!!

    [Looks like I’ve got another favourite… Features Editor]

  50. ok. first off, since it’s the topic of the day. WCMF in rochester ny will be featuring the David Gilmour On An Island special Sunday morning, the 5 march, day before the birthday and all. 10 am. so there’s that. can’t wait to get a little taste via the bbc site as the tour gets ready to roll next week. another 38 days or so till our show so let’s see some rock. i have my setlist speculations and i don’t want to spoil anything, but there are expectations of course, sure to be fulfilled. thanks for the wonderful music, good luck and be safe on the road. see you in toronto. you’ll be just in time for some great hockey.

  51. Fed,

    Can we assume that those of us that read this blog daily will be kept up to date during the tour. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without reading your posts and the comments each day.

    [We’ll get through it together, Mark. – Features Editor]

  52. Training or practicing in adverse conditions(as per comments made on clothing worn during rehearsals, suggesting frigid temperatures), only makes you bigger,better and stronger when it comes down to performing in ideal conditons.Can’t wait!This is going to be truly, unbelievably, sureally, fantasmigorical!!!!

    P.S. Sorry F.E. about the “mush” (as per one of my previous posts) but I just can’t contain myself any longer!

    [Gotta have some mush, John. – Features Editor]

  53. Now I am excited about the Mermaid gig! It’s another pleasant suprise to find out that video will be available over the web. I cannot comprehend the patience of those who say they would rather wait until they see the show for themselves. Is that why you will not be there?

    (Tell me FE, should I have been checking the remember me spot, or is that just for those who wish to include a URL? You remember me right?)

    [I remember you, mate. I don’t know what happens there, actually. Give it a try and let me know. – Features Editor]

  54. Congratulations to all you lucky lucky LUCKY UK peeps who won tickets to see David live. Please post back and tell us all about it.

    And Feat. Ed/Edwina! Is this right? – I read on the blog that somone saw the OAI video on VH1 Classics! Heh, I found the answer to my video question second-hand it seems. Too busy with your “rooves” I suppose. 😉

    By the way – anyone out there who is a Gorillaz fan like me and is going to be in NYC for David’s show, they’re playing The Apollo that week. I’m taking up a collection so I can buy a ticket. Please send your contributions to: Old Pink, care of the Funny Farmhouse, Chalfont.


  55. Bah humbug…this is driving me mad, I’ve entered more conditions than soft nick (not the real one) and I still don’t get anywhere. All I want is the chance to wear my well worn Gilmour t-shirt and listen to the master one more time. Anyway entered the latest comp. Everything crossed. Just one more comment, why do I get the feeling this is Davids last ever tour…..

  56. I may have not been paying attention to the blogs–But who is the fingers behind the features editor?

    [It’s a secret, Zach. – Features Editor]

  57. Lovely instrumental today. Very relaxing, I could very well use that when giving massages. Lovely.

  58. So many soul stirring sounds being played on this website. Just when I thought I had hit a peak with my anticipation for hearing this new album on my hifi system, that peak hits a new high.

    After reading the most revealing interview yet with Mr Gilmour in Mojo, and then seeing all these lovely candid momets on video clips on the website, I can only pray that all this great stuff will be enshrined on DVD to watch at high quality one day.

    Thank you David for giving so much meaning to the world of music.


  59. 10PM E.S.T.

    Live for one hour now interview and On The Island Premiere. Easy to sign up and listen to the stream.

    JP ( toronto , ont. )

  60. Is Phil Manzanera playing the same guitar that David used for the meltdown concert in 2002? I thought I read somewhere it (the guitar) was a prototype cutaway developed by Martin &Co. Is this true? (We all know how David enjoys collecting guitars and prototype item…or at least he used to.) I know, I shouldn’t ask the question here I should go to the FAQ page, but it pertains to the picture above.

    When did Roger post…did I miss that?

  61. So…

    Did anyone else catch VH-1 Classic the other day? Every time they aired the OAI video, they mentioned that WILLIE NELSON is on the new album.

    Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall Willie being listed anywhere on the credits. Could there be a secret hidden track of David and Willie performing “On The Road Again”?

    Then again…perhaps not.

    Eagerly awaiting the new album and the April 12th Rosemont show.

    -Walt L.

    BTW- are there any other bloggers out there who are headed to the Chicago shows from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan?

  62. I’ve been listening to the new album every chance I get for the last two days. This album went far beyond my expectations and trust me they were set 100,000 feet up. Some of the songs, espcecially A Pocketful of Stones is has such a timeless feel to it and so powerfully moving that I found my eyes watering.

  63. My attempt at the caption contest: Please G*d, if there is a G*d, please don’t let me mess up again or David will have Guy Pratt put me back in the meatlocker! -I just don’t know if this gig is worth the 2-4 (Canadian reference for a case of beer) that I’m being paid.

    I am striving to be understood by the cultural stew of bloggers we have here, sorry I am incapable of translations for our spanish, french and italian companions.

  64. Well, David’s 60th birthday is Monday, so it’s high time we talked about getting his present.

    Someone recently suggested a donation to Crisis when buying his album to show our appreciation, which is a great idea. And that made me think, there’s no tangible present we could get him that would blow him away, so really gestures of that nature (showing goodwill towards our fellow man) are the kinds of things he’d appreciate.

    So let’s try this:

    David is all of our close friend, even if we never actually met him, and he’s got a milestone birthday. So let’s all think of how about much we would normally spend on a present for a close friend or family member on their 60th, but rather than buy him something, take that money and donate it to Crisis on March 6th. And when making the donation, in the comment section (if you are doing it online) say something like “Happy Birthday David”, or if you’re writing a check write that on the memo line. Let’s try to get as many regular posters and regular lurkers we can get to do this. Give what you can, but don’t feel guilty if you can’t give as much as the next guy, because it’s the gesture that’s important.

    And keep in mind, this is a birthday present, which means we expect nothing in return for this gesture, except maybe one of his signature smiles. Also, don’t let that stop you from making another donation after buying the album the same day (or the next day in the Americas).

    And don’t say anything. It’s a surprise. 😉

    [A lovely idea, Michael. – Features Editor]

  65. Hi John from Kingston and son. And Roofer in Florida, don’ they have computers there? Hi to Brockville also. You mentioned Apr. 10th, is that correct?. Doesn,t matter anyway. After the Apr. 9th show with my friends, I’m going home and drive back to Toronto with my wife for her birthday present(Mar.8th two days after David Sir’s)to see the second show. The HRC seems the place to meet. Hope it isn’t crowded that we can get in. I’ll wear the same brown jacket. This is Lesley’s second time seeing DG and my 13th and 14th time.Then I Closed my Eyes, wow, so relaxing. Reminds me of being On An Island. Peace.

  66. For the first time I heard On An Island on the radio today! It was so special and even more beautiful on radio for some reason and the guitar solo was a little longer compared to the one on the video just beautiful…5 more days!

  67. Well done to all those going to the Mer maid, and well done FeatEd for sorting it all out. I missed out on the comp due to work commitments and didn’t really get to check the blog til 10 past midnight, but hey ho life goes on and I still have Manchester to console me.

    Mind you with all those one armed people going the applause is going to be a tad muted!

    One sad blip on the horizon, when does this blog shut down? When the album is released? At the end of the tour? Never ( hopefully)?

    FeatEd, consider my hat well and truely doffed for all your hard work and good humour. Thanks.

    [Thanks for that, Tony. You’ll have to put up with me for a bit longer yet. – Features Editor]

  68. Dearest FEd,

    good morning! First of all!

    I’m thinking…for all the poors italian fans who can’t win David’s shows tickets….could you organize a competition for let we win…I don’t know…something like breakfast cups, pens and pensils…or stickers for our cars!

    Thinking about this possibility!

    Have a great day!


    P.S. I say that just to say something…without a real goal….but the 10th of March is my birthday (just 4 days after David – happy birthday David!! …I hope you are going to prepare a great surprise for me!!! 😉

  69. Hi Features Ed.

    I know that I have tickets (‘cos there can’t be too many people out there with a name like mine!) but I never recieved an email. I do know the details about timing etc from your reply to an earlier post so presumably it isn’t too important.

    Anyway, just in case I typed it incorrectly I’ll give it to you again along with an alternative.

    Many thanks

    [Sorry to hear that, Ken. An e-mail has been sent to the first e-mail you gave us – the longer of the two – but I’ll just send one to your alternative address. Any problems, please let me know. – Features Editor]

  70. FAO Brad

    Many condolences for your loss, I know what you are going through as my Mother is dying from the same condition.

    As for Rachel Fury, as far as I am aware she has given up music as of 1995, and throws herself full time into Animal Rights so I wouldn’t hold your breath for her showing up at one of the shows!

  71. hi Fed, i still have not recieved my email about the mermaid theatre, should i be worried? i am!! please put my mind at rest!

    [An e-mail has been sent. Should there be an ‘s’ in your address? I’ll send you out another right now. Don’t worry, you will go to the ball! – Features Editor]

  72. Re:Photo – 3 captions

    “If anyone else asks if thats Al Pacino on guitar I’m going home!”

    “Calm down Phil! I only said isnt that scarf ace?”

    “What d’ya mean sounds o.k.? I’d like to see you play any better with a cymbal stand stuck in your shoulder”

    I dont care if you think theyre rubbish!! – nothing can wipe the smile off my face after winning tickets to the Mermaid.

    [My favourite yet, David. Keep them coming. – Features Editor]

  73. Quote: “Hi to all of you,

    here, in Italy, OAI cd will be on market on 8 of March : waiting two days more…”

    8 of march??? Diana, then this is news for you: in Italy the album is… OUT NOW! In fact I hold it in my hands right now. Later I will listen to it.

    Ciao 🙂

  74. hi everyone..just want to share my hapiness!!yesterday night I heard the new album in the radio here in Portugal..and I have to say I LOVED IT!!!cant wait to buy the album monday!!

    Just to show how big a fan I am of the pink floyd sound I am going today to a concert of the “off the Wall” here in Lisbon :),then i am going to travel with my girlfriend to Manchester on the 26thMay to see the real David Gilmour live!!(cant really wait for that), and afterwards when i get back to lisbon im going to see Roger Waters on the 2nd of June!! The best year of my life!!!

  75. Dear All

    I have just been listening to the Radio 4 interview with David that was broadcast last night on the Front Row show. It is very interesting listening to David talking about his new album, Pink Floyd, Live 8 etc.

    I thouroughly recommend you all listen to it.

    See all you chosen ones on Tuesday.


  76. Well,

    I know it’s not really the day, and it’s not the done thing, but, as I don’t work on Monday, I won’t be able to say it at the time (I’ve no Internet at home):

    Dear, so dear David, happy birthday! I wish there will be, oh, let’s say, 100 another birthdays… (not enough?, so, 1000…).

    And thank you to be in the world.
    Ikkar, with love

  77. Hi all! My mum and dad used to live in a flat owned by either david or his mum (i’m not sure which!, and david was round there one day when my mum had just bought some new jeans and a fancy new ‘tassley’ belt. I don’t think she’d been in london for long bless her and was trying to be all trendy but didn’t know how to wear the belt as it was so long!! So basically she was trying it on and asking the lads what they thought, and david suggested she ‘double it up’ and ‘wrap it round twice’!! Which she did and it looked fab! (Apparently!!) So there you go Vicky, the fascinating story of david’s belt expertise!!

  78. Dear Features Editor (our friend for life!)

    Thank you for our winning entry for tickets to the Mermaid Theatre next Tuesday. Perhaps the features editor will make a guest appearance on stage to reveal his/her self to all your loyal bloggers! Or will you will working on the hat/ coat and limb stand in the reception at the concert!

    The mermaid Theatre is next door to Blackfriars station on the Circle and District Tube lines and the Thameslink overground trains.

    For London main line trains use the tube for
    Cannon Street
    Euston Square (for Euston)
    Liverpool Street
    Tower Hill (for Fenchurch Street)
    Embankment (for Charing cross)
    Waterloo (take the Waterloo and City line to Bank/monument and change on to the tube.)

    For Luton Airport,
    Gatwick Airport,
    London Bridge,
    Kings Cross,
    Use the Thameslink Service.


  79. Dear FEd et al,

    On the roofs/rooves comments: what about “Poles Apart” from TDB – “The rain fell slow, down on all the rooves of uncertainty”. And there’s me thinking it was roofs of uncertainty 🙂

    Anyhow, you say tomato, I say tomato…

    I’m off to Holland early tomorrow morning, so I won’t be around to post over the weekend. So, have a fab weekend everyone (FEd in particular after a hectic week) and see some of you on Tuesday evening in Blackfriars.

    Maybe we should all wear something in our lapels to mark each other?

    Otherwise, I’ll see you all, passport and utility bill in hand, on the Dark Side 🙂



  80. I have the Album!! it was well worth the wait. David, thanks for a wonderful album and I look foward in seeing you on the 25th in Milan.


  81. quick caption entry:

    What Manzanera Plays When No-one’s Looking

    Phil (singing): “It’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere, I’m all alone, more or less”



  82. Mark Schutte wrote:

    “Roger Waters has invited Rick Wright to play keyboards on his 2006 Summer tour. Nick Mason will be playing drums on a few dates? Wondering if Roger is trying to reconstruct Pink Floyd without David?”

    It’s The Tea Set reunion that we’ve all been waiting for!

  83. Just to confirm in Italy “on an Island” is now on sale!! 🙂

    It seems that the requets are more than expected.

    The atmosfere and the music are absolutely fantastic. I am coming back to listen it. Bye bye!

    PS: Thank you David, you could have retired enjoying your family, but you didn’t and are still reserving few times for your fans. we all have appreciated it.

  84. Since the US folks missed out on the ticket giveaway, just few final thoughts on the charity idea

    1. Just have a local charity desk for donations in the lobby
    2. Promos (as available)could be provided with an easy to manage manage fixed price givewaway with tickets (all ticket $ going to charity) where names go in a hat. Auction ideas could include:

    -Normal promo items (posters, hats, shirts, etc.)
    -Backstage meet & greet

    Here’s some some bigger ones

    -Rights to watch (quietly in a corner) band warmups/reheasals on the day of the show
    -Signed guitar/other
    -Lunch or Dinner w/the band or any members thereof
    -Short quiet Drink/Coffee/Tea with David G. and/or others
    -Show introduction of the band

    It would be interesting to see which city could raise the most!

  85. Good morning to all. There is a difference in choosing “yes-remember me”. After choosing yes for the first time yesterday, now my name, email address and remember me settings have all been filled in. Membership does have it’s privileges!:)

    Birthday donation ideas, lapel pin identification(for insubordinate bloggers) and support for Brad (and TonkK). I agree, and please accept my condolences Brad.

    [Well in that case, it’s something everyone should do… assuming they’re not using a public computer, of course. – Features Editor]

  86. Today is my birthday and I just received the “On An Island” CD.

    [Happy Birthday, Robert! – Features Editor]

  87. Good Morning 🙂 Did the winners who didn’t provide their address get in touch at all? Or will their tickets be reallocated?

    Still not giving up hope!

    [I’m afraid so. There are not going to be any tickets reallocated. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  88. Hey Guys! (means gals too)

    Radio stations in NY are hyping OAI quite a bit now, can’t wait!

    NY, USA

  89. Just to echo Richards comments – the Radio 4 interview was very interesting and well worth another listen…unless you are harbouring hopes of a Floyd re-union that is…

  90. I think that the suggestion to give a donation to Crisis on David’s birthday by Michael Kelly is a brilliant one. I will certainly follow his idea.

    I have just been out to the newsagents & have come back with more than I anticipated. There is an article in today’s Guardian newspaper on David and MoJo has an extensive interview (I have not had time to read it yet), but the Guardian article is well worth a read.

    F Ed, will you be able to post them on the blog, so our overseaes friends get a chance to see the articles?

    Antcipating Monday for the album & Tuesday to see David play live again.


    [They should be on the site shortly, Richard. – Features Editor]

  91. Hi Features Ed et al

    I live in Dublin and a weird thing I’ve noticed over the years is that when albums are due to be released on a Monday in the UK they usually hit the shops in Ireland on the Friday before. I’m not sure why, might be to do with the charts???

    I was late for work again this morning. I dropped into my local musicstore to see if the new release was on the shelves yet. Lo and behold to my delight freshly placed copies of David Gilmour’s latest solo release On an Island were there in copious amounts.

    I immediately picked up a copy proceeded to pay for it and went to my car….. ooooohhhh the excitement, the anticipation. The wait was finally over. I peeled off the plastic covering carefullly, keeping the small black sticker in tact, ‘The Voice & Guitar of Pink Floyd!’

    I did promise to ‘review’ the album after just one listen. But who am I kidding I’ve never reviewed anything in my life…

    I had to come to work and do my duty. So here I am blogging …

    I don’t think it would be fair to spoil the surprise for eager fans outside Ireland but the snap shots we’ve been tantilised with, courteous of this tantastic website are just drops in the ocean.

    The package is very well produced, art work is as on the website – fits wery well with the over feel of the album. You can tell there’s been a lot of effort, care and thought gone into making this product.

    After the first listening I just wanted to hear it again but unfortunately work calls..

    Highlights for me are On a Island, Where we start, This heaven, Red sky at night oh – they’re all brilliant. I think this is David’s best solo record by a long shot, it is more open and personal than anything he’s done before. It’s very mellow with one or two faster tempo numbers and has some great solos which I’m sure we’ll be feasting on in the live performances.

    There’s some nice thank you messages and I get the impression that David really does care not only about the people around him but everybody (well there maybe a few exceptions.

    I’m going to drive my wife and kids mad playing this cd all weekend.

    I hope you all enjoy the album, I’m going to.

    Thanks to all on this site for making it happen and a big thank you to Mr & Mrs Gilmour for letting us share this with you. I’m now looking forward to May 30th. And finally a big Happy Birthday to the birthday boy next Monday!!! ‘Take a breath’

    Thanks Features Ed for your daily postings and comments…..

    [Glad to hear that you like it! – Features Editor]

  92. There certainly seems to be an exceptional effort to document the life cycle of On an Island. From studio recordings, through tour rehearsals, to (hopefully) the gigs themselves. I’m sure this is all a bit premature to ask, but what are the possibilities that a lot of this material (including the spectacular ‘Island Jam’ footage) is slated to appear on DVD? It sounds as if there’s more than enough to put together a great ‘Making of…’ style presentation somewhat in the vein of what Aerosmith did with their ‘Pump’ album some years ago. At the very least a lot of it could be used as great extra features to be included on a concert DVD. So Fed…what do you say? (I’m anticipating a polite yet inevitably vague “Too soon to speculate”)

    [Too soon to speculate, Phil. – Features Editor]

  93. Fedmeitser

    You don’t think I’d be able to stay away for four days! Flight was ok, beer was cold, slept like a log….

    Caption Competition: Try singing it with a bit of that Bryan Ferry vibrato…

    [Rudders! – Features Editor]

  94. Dear Bloggers,

    If you are going to the Mermaid Theatre next Tuesday please click my name for a site which has a very good venue seating map.

    The Theatre is just a single tier (STALLS ONLY) with just 20 rows of seats long with seat numbers from 1 – 38. The total amount of seats is 610 and the Theatre is air conditioned! This is small.


  95. Ummmmm!!!

    I’ve got a copy of Davids new album here right in front of me. Should I wait until Monday before I play it or should I just dive straight in?

    Its a lovely hardback booklet and completely Carbon Neutral, which is nice! Are you carbon neutral Features Ed?

    [Go on, dive straight in. You know you want to. – Features Editor]

  96. Not long till the album comes out, and then hopefully arrives on my doorstep. With the Radio 2 show coming up, I am wondering should I listen, watch Radio 2 broadcast, or wait till May. As for the large number of reviews we are bound to see here, do I read them? help!!!!

    Oh can it be that all reviews of the Radio 2 show are kept to one area, just in case I really decide to wait till May for my first experiece of the tour.

    [Decisions, decisions… – Features Editor]

  97. Love the jazzy, Careful with that axe eugene, fist full of dynamite and albatross pastiche ‘Then I close my eyes’ so many influences its unbelievable. come on Emi release now by popular demand!

    sure I heard a short electric guitar melody that Dave used on superstars in concert

  98. Hi FEd,

    Just had to say, Michael, that sounds like a great idea. That’s what I’m going to do.

    Kelly – thanks for the response. So, David is a fashion guru then? After seeing that Hawaiian shirt, I still have my doubts ; )

    Brad, I was sorry to read about your father – condolences to you and your family.


  99. Hi FeD and everyone, i just received the CD (by amazon Germany) and it is beautiful – it is like you said, Fed, but it is hard to imagine since I have never seen a CD in a “book” like that – great!! Well, I know what I will do now…I was not able to see clips or anything so I will really listen to it now for the first time!! I will attend Davids concert at the CCH in Hamburg in 8 days!!! Will you still cover the venue?

    I love this site, especially the fan fare and you Fed, for doing all this (I love reading your comments…and all those “familiar” people posting here so often)! This is a such good year for PF fans…. I saw Nick Mason in January presenting his book (very funny and interesting interview) and he signed my book and I also got a picture taken with him, now Davids concert on the 11th (the absolute best thing) and in June I will see Roger in Berlin – so what a year! I cannot express that well in English how I feel but I am really really happy…

    Greetings from a very cold Hamburg

    [Enjoy it, Annabelle. We will cover all the venues in time, so keep reading. – Features Editor]

  100. Hi all, and a big congrats to all of you Mermaid winners! I am happy for all of you! This website is the best and again I thank David and the Fea. Ed. for allowing it to exist. You know, at first I was really upset that David wasn’t coming to my town, but then my best friend asked me where would he be that was the closest to us. I told her Chicago, and she said, “Oh thats nothing, we can make it up there in a few hours.” So here’s my best friend totally willing to take a day off work and drive me 300 miles to see my fave musician, David Gilmour! Why is it such a big deal that she’s doing this for me? Well, in Sep 94 I had a stroke which left me paralyzed on my left side. I am not supposed to drive anymore. I was in the hospital for 6 weeksand my younger daughter, who was 11 at the time, brought a bag full of Floyd cds to the hospital for me, and she taped pictures of David up in my hospital room. Nurses asked if he was Brad Pitt. Make what you will out of that. Personally I think David is way more handsome than Brad Pitt. So, due to my paralysis, going to Chicago alone wasn’t going to happen. Husband would love to go, but he is staying home with the kids. Anyway, this will be my first trip alone (without husband-kids) in 25 years, I’ll be with my best friend from childhood, seeing the freaking best musician in the entire world, for the first time as I never made it to a Floyd show. I pre-ordered OAI for myself and my friend, am so anxious for it to arrive! So to anyone going to the Chicago show on April 13- see ya there, even though I won’t know who you are. Yeah I’m kinda stupid in the mornings. Oh and as always, perfectly willing to accept backstage passes or a tshirt or a baseball cap, or whatever. I know begging isn’t attractive but its worth a shot…

    See you in Chicago!


    [Have a brilliant time, Elizabeth. – Features Editor]

  101. WXRT (93.1) in chicago had the “exclusive” OAI-David Gilmour show on last night. Great stuff. I really like “Smile”. Its a beautiful song and stands on its own very well.

    Enjoyed the interviews. Looking forward to getting on BBC2 and watching/listening to the show next week.

    Jeff in Chicago

  102. Good afternoon F’Ed and fellow Blogites….it’s Friday at last!!!!

    Only 3 more days until OAI (well, for me anyway…sounds like some of you have got your presents early, lucky so and so’s!) and only 4 days until David performs some songs for me on my birthday 😉 I’m trying not to be boastful but it’s been a pretty good week to be honest!

    Anyway….I was wondering F’Ed….as you are somewhat of a mysterious character perhaps you are behind certain other ‘roles’ that famously keep their real identity unknown? I’m thinking of ‘The Banker’ from Deal or No Deal or maybe even ‘The Stig’ from TV’s Top Gear?? Who knows?

    Have a good weekend everyone 😎


    PS What is the plural of leaf Rudders? 😉

    PPS Did anyone else notice the number of male winners of the Mermaid compy? Would you say that DG/Floyd are more of a mans band?

    [I wouldn’t mind filling in for The Stig every now and again! There were far more entries from male fans, it’s true, but a lot said they’d be taking their wives along, so… – Features Editor]

  103. I have read a few reviews in the British papers that don’t favour On an Island at all. However, I won’t let this dishearten me as they both ramble on about everything but the songs themselves. Why is it so bad that David has chosen to do a personal, heart felt album & panned for it sounding like a Pink Floyd rip off? These are the same same tabloids that make Robbie Williams out to be a rock legend for gods sake. From the clips I’ve heard so far, I know I’ll be happy come monday evening.

    [Well said, mate. Some of these newspapers aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Am I allowed to say that, boss? – Features Editor]

  104. That’s wonderful news. I missed out on getting tickets but thanks to the wonders of modern technology at least I will have the chance to watch and hear at least some of the set.

    And I agree with Elizabeth – David is more handsome than Brad Pitt and far more talented!!

  105. “ROGER WATERS, the inspiration and soul of Pink Floyd, will be performing THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON – LIVE with NICK MASON as special guest star.

    (The soul of Pink Floyd? Don’t think so.)

    Since 2 July 2005, when Roger Waters was reunited with the other members of Pink Floyd on stage at the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park, we’ve been kept waiting.

    One year on, Roger Waters will be back, this time for the centenary of the Grand Prix de France. A momentous concert to relive The Dark Side of the Moon, the third biggest-selling album in music history, for which Roger Waters penned all the tracks.

    Nick Mason, the Pink Floyd drummer, will also be there, enjoying the opportunity to combine his two passions: music and racing cars.

    The founder and soul of Pink Floyd will be performing The Dark Side of the Moon in full, for the first time on-stage since 1974!

    (A founding member, not the founder. And it was 1975. And he’s not the soul. Maybe the brain.)

    Other tracks from the hit albums Wish you were here, Animals and the towering Wall will also feature on the bill. Roger Waters will perform some tracks from his solo albums, including Radio K.A.O.S.

    In short, it’s a concert you just can’t miss. It will be taking place on a highly symbolic date too: 14 July, Bastille day, as a reference to Roger Waters’ most recent work, Ca Ira (There is Hope), a three-act opera about the French Revolution.”

    [Interesting… – Features Editor]

  106. Hello, F. Ed, David, everyone.


    “How I wish, how I wish there was heat in here
    I’m just way too cold, the guitar’s hard to hold,
    Can’t feel my ears”

    Ok, I just gotta ask, please forgive me. So was the blogger from a previous entry actually In the Flesh? F. Ed, you were quick to point out a while back that we overlooked Guy’s entry, so for those that saw the contest entry blog, was it the real deal?

    RealShemp, it could be Tea Set (I think, or whichever name they used at the time) if Bob Klose comes along… That would probably be an interesting gig to see.

    Another question comes to mind… Does Polly prefer to be called Polly, Ms Samson or Mrs. Gilmour? I have seen her referred to in different ways, but which would be the best?

    Here’s to rooves,


  107. Just Curious,

    How will the show fare without a string section? Will Jon Carin be handling the string parts on keys?

    Can’t wait..Oakland..Easter Sunday..

  108. hey . . . . . I have a guess (o.k. a couple of them then) as to the identity of our beloved “Features Editor” – “FEd” as affectionately referred to by some.

    It must be someone with time on their hands . . . someone with enough clout to be ‘on the inside’ . . . . clearly someone with a superior command of the language (shameless ass-kissing, I know . . ) . . and someone with a love of ‘the people’.

    My guesses:

    1. Margaret Thatcher
    2. Bill Clinton (he just seems to be EVERYWHERE these days doesn’t he??)
    3. Guy Ritchie (well . . he’s local, he MUST have a good sense of humor, and he’s probably looking for things to do during the day . .)

    Come on Mags . . . . . fess up . . . I know it’s you.

    [You nearly made me spit chocolate all over my monitor! Rudders, you’ve got some serious competition here, mate. – Features Editor]

  109. “By the way, anyone knows the correct plural of octopus?

    Posted by: Carlos Arias at March 2, 2006 09:58 PM”

    You can say ‘octopi’ or ‘octopuses’ but really, it’s ‘octopodes’.

  110. So I can watch it on the internet, not the t.v ?please speak slowly and precisely, I’m special. Do I watch on the radio 2 website? I’m confussled.

    [If you’ve got digital TV or freeview and can view any of the BBC channels, then you can watch on TV if you want to. Otherwise, you want the BBC Radio 2 website. – Features Editor]

  111. Apologies about the address – I did reply to the features editor email address when I got the confirmation of allocation and didn’t think it prudent to enter it on the blog comments as I wasn’t sure if you were/are moderating them before posting.

    [Thanks for that, Don. Got it. Enjoy the show! – Features Editor]

  112. “…one thing is absolutely certain: Nick Mason will be playing. I have sent a message to Richard Wright to invite him, saying to him that he would be really welcome joining us on Dark Side of the Moon. I said to him that I would be delighted for him to play keyboards. However, I still have not received a response from him. That was made a month ago… I do not know, I wait. I know that he has received the message. Undoubtedly I’ll get a response before not too long”. Roger Waters.

    So if that happens, that’ll be 3/4 of the Floyd, maybe David to follow?!

    Although if you listened to David’s interview on BBC radio 4 yesterday, he said that a reunion tour is in no way appealing to him at the moment. But you never know!

    [If you read all the recent interviews in the Press section of http://www.davidgilmour.com, you’ll find that David’s been saying that quite a lot. – Features Editor]

  113. “But who is the fingers behind the features editor?
    [It’s a secret, Zach. – Features Editor]”

    Roger, is that you?? 😛 Secrets are meant to be broken and revealed! Now out with it! Just yankin’ your chain brother/sister, Im sure there are many good reasons to stay anonymous in this day in age. (although answering male or female may help to avoid being wrongly sexed on a daily basis..) There is one pressing question that comes to mind as the time draws nearer, am I one of the few when it comes to not wanting to hear any set list details? Even watching the BBC performance, as tempting as it may be, would seem to ruin the suprise of a lifetime for a overly enthusiastic fan such as myself. These things may keep me out of the features section out of fear of ruining the suspense, and possibly prevent me from viewing the site as a whole. Worst of all I would miss out on you and the other fans here! I have been checking this site constantly since early december and most likely wouldnt have gotten tickets if not for this site and its dedication to the fans. I feel as though I owe this site and its management a great debt of graditude for all it has done for us, but I cannot continue to view material that threatens to take away the mystery of this much anticipated event. That being said, will there be some kind of safety net in place for folks like me who want to experience their shows first hand? Or atleast give us fair warning so we know when to stick our fingers in our ears and begin sing “LA LA LA LA, IM NOT LISTENING! IM NOT LISTENING!” as loud as we can? Heres for hoping…

    [I think that’s a very fair point, Jesse. A lot of people want the shows to be a complete surprise, which is why I hope we’re not giving too much away. If there is anything of interest, we tell you about it but, unlike many of the fansites, we don’t ram it down your throat. – Features Editor]

  114. Hi FeD and everyone, I have listened to it now twice and I LOVE IT!! I think my favorites are Castellorizon, Take a breath and smile…Nice picture btw on “Smile” page – this could be one taken by David – the whole “book” is just amazing! My 6 year old son, who is PF crazy ( obviously my “fault”),wants to tell David that he loves his music, he is taking guitar lessons since 1 1/2 years and wants to be like him when he is grown up…I would not mind 8-). Like many kids I guess, his favorite song is Another brick in the wall part 2, which he keeps on singing in school in his english class – lucky he has got a cool teacher.

    I have also read a few reviews that are not the best and it makes me really angry, especially when people give reviews and they have not even listened to the whole album!!! I just ignore that stuff…

    David and Polly, thank you so much for this, you make my life brighter and happier, I just cannot stop smiling today!

    Just 7 days to go…

    I hope this site will still exist after the concerts!!!! I cannot imagine to start my day without it…

    All of you have a great week end!!

    Love & peace

  115. Hey Lucia!

    Happy Birthday in advance! My birthday is the same as yours. Cento Anno! I hope I spelled that right.

    Stefano (Stephen)
    NY, USA

  116. LOL Rudders!

    4. Lord Lucan – he went missing in 74, in between DSOTM and WYWH, and is back for OAI, masquerading as FEd


  117. Oh my, I just can’t stop commenting today…Need new CD to calm me down…

    Now that the subject has come up again in today’s post by Mark.

    Roger’s promoting he’s the creative genius, the heart, the soul, the brain, the founder…Heck, next he’ll be saying the real reason we haven’t seen Syd in all these years is because he is Syd!

    Poor Rog…

    Obviously he doesn’t realize that the music is an interegal part of Pink Floyd…

    And we know from Live 8 he no longer has the voice to pull off DSOM without butchering it. (Yes, I caught David’s smile to Nick too during that performance…coincidence in timing?)…

    Do you think he realizes how incredibly transparent he is in this latest stunt?

    There’s some coattails dragging across Europe right now.

  118. FEd,

    You’re not going to believe this – my boss managed to get me a ticket for the concert next week!!!! I was so happy, I practically screamed the office down! My boss thought it was hilarious, and is beaming that he’s made me so happy.

    Unfortunately, it’s just a single so I can’t take anyone else but if anymore come my way I’ll passs them on.

    Good luck to everyone who still hasn’t gotten one, keep your hopes up as you never know what might happen. If I win any in the 6Live contest I will hand them to FEd to re-distribute.

    See ya later FEd, I’m off to celebrate. This has totally made my weekend/year/life.


    [Nice one, Vicky. – Features Editor]

  119. Just joined

    Shame I’ve missed it.

    Any more small gigs like these in the offing?

    [I’m afraid not, mate. – Features Editor]

  120. Hey I have a question… is the whole Roger Waters Summer Tour thing rubbing anyone else the wrong way? Why is Roger all of a suuden doing a tour now? Why play the whole DSOTM now? Why invite Nick? Why invite RICK???? Wasn’t Roger the one who wanted Rick out of the band forever? So much that Rick had to tour MLOR as an employee rather than a band member? Is Rick sitting at home wondering the same thing (he’d BETTER not be… he has rehearsing to do!)??? Could it be that Roger is currently out of the limelight (and Ca Ira didn’t put him back like he wanted it to) and now that David is basking in it, he’s getting worried??? Is Roger reading this blog each day and thinking “buggers have it all wrong- I’m the soul of Pink Floyd!!!). Does anybody really care??? Hey only 4 days to lift-off!!!! Think I’ll take TWO days off work to listen!!! Have it all planned out… listen to OAI multiple times with back Gilmour/Floyd catelogue sprinkled between with NO CHILDREN/WIFE/DISTRACTIONS!!! Can’t wait!


  121. Dear David,

    Yes, it’s out now here in germany. I bougt my copy (two copy’s, one is for my best friend) of your new CD. throwing my “Dreamtheater” in the back of my car, put “on an island” in and: relax!!!

    Wonderfull, I had a realy bad day in my office.

    Tracks 5,6,7,8,9 absoluty, the best I’ve heard for a long long time. Nobody does such music nowerdays, exept David. Peter Gabriel has such moments some time, and yes Roger too, but this CD is exeptionell, perfect. I had to stop driving, and park my car, cause of the tears in my eyes. All the stress of my day was gone in a minute. Thank you!! I hope you will play all 10 tracks live. You can realy be proud of this masterpice of music.

    I wish you all the best, see ya in Frankfurt….


  122. Dear FEd, David et al,

    In light of these reports of DSOTM being played with various members of PF, my 2p:

    If, in the billion to one chance, PF were to play together again, I’d want to hear new material, not the back catalogue. For me, that would be the motivation – not a greatest hits roadshow, which I think I’ve said before, is way below PF…certainly DG.

    I’ll never hide the fact that I loved the chemistry between DG and RW – it was a truly magical mix, albeit unstable at times. I can’t ever help but think what DG solo albums would be like with the RW element thrown in, and vice versa – DG calming RW, RW energising DG. Two seemingly polar creative minds that were the perfect counterbalance to one another…and I would give anything to hear the results of a new creative collaboration. Anything. BUT – if I can’t have that, then I don’t want anything. Maybe cutting my nose here, but I’d much much rather hear the results of DG’s creative exploits than him spending time filling out supersize stadiums banging out the tunes of yesteryear. I think I speak for anyone who truly loves the essence of what is/was PF.

    Seems to me like these reports are media spin thrown in this general direction to coincide with the impending release of OAI, which in itself is beyond childish.

    There’s brand new, FRESH DG out imminently – that’s were the excitement is and should stay. David’s global credibility as a solo artist is about to through the roof and some people are throwing their toys. Shame 🙂


    [Very well said. – Features Editor]

  123. Hi,

    I’ve just checked my emails and I’ve got one saying that I’ve won a pair of tickets to the concert on 7th March. Can you please confirm this as I don’t know to believe it or not. It just seem real that I may be going to see Dave Gilmour, dream come true

    [It’s completely true. Have a fabulous time, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  124. In Italy the cd is already out! an I brought it…The package is very fine (like a small book) but there are some problems to exctract the cd.

    After all, the david’s new album is very good and I’ll very happy to see (and heard) these new songs with the other floyd’s classics in Italy (Rome) at 26 March.

  125. Hi all!! Just a quickie 4 you fed – can we assume all tickets have now been claimed???

    Don’t know what i think about the possible 3 of 4 reunion, i may be totally wrong, but it just feels a teensy bit ‘sly’ on Waters part? I am the only one feeling far to over protective of Mr Gilmour??? Gosh, get me being all controversial!!!!!!!!

    [I’m afraid the competition is now well and truly over, Kelly. I’m glad, because there’s no way I could give someone a ticket with one hand and take it straight back again with the other. But I am sorry to anyone who had their hopes raised. Have you entered the 6 Music competition? – Features Editor]

  126. Hi Fed and thank you for your incredible work,

    I’m very excited about buying the new cd tomorrow(if I can find it in a parisian store)

    Nothing can distract me of discovering David’s new work ( and certainly not the announcement of old Rog nostalgic tour : Dark Side without Gilmour’s voice, guitar and musical direction ?? HMMM…)

    Cannot wait to hear it live at Le Grand Rex on 15th March ( please don’t reveal the set list ,many of us would like to disover it live !)

    Sorry for my bad english

    Have a nice week end !

  127. I think this bit of news is on topic (they got his birthday wrong though):

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio will devote an entire music channel to the music of David Gilmour and Pink Floyd, beginning at 7 am ET on Monday, March 6.

    SIRIUS’ deep classic rock tracks channel The Vault, channel 16, will exclusively play the music of the pioneering rock band Pink Floyd and the solo music of one of its members, vocalist and guitarist David Gilmour, for one week.

    The Vault channel will also broadcast an exclusive interview with David Gilmour, a Pink Floyd member since 1968. On Tuesday, March 7, Gilmour’s 60th birthday, Columbia Records will release Gilmour’s third solo album, On An Island, his first studio recording since Pink Floyd’s 1994 multi-platinum album, The Divison Bell. Gilmour will discuss his new album track-by-track in the interview, which will be broadcast at 12 pm ET and 6 pm ET on March 7.

    [Thanks for that, Michael. – Features Editor]

  128. Hi Everyone, and especially FED,

    Just been casting around in my Obsessive anoraky way looking for Kastellorizon, When i found a place mark show ing the Island and Airfield/ runway and a note about aerial photograhy. A quick click and I find a servrice for flying you around Greece & taking Pix. But…

    The guy is using PF music on his site- Great Gig & Hey You to name but two. They are inferior covers, but some one should be getting abob or two for there use don’t you think ?

    By the way this “Genius of” & “the Voice of ” thing must stop. Don’t you agree? I can’t believe that my namesake can be that petty. Surely it’s just publicists & record companies stirring up the mud.

    Can’t /Must wait till Monday…

  129. and another thing good luck to David on the Johnathon Woss show tomorrow (Saturday) it should be enteratining in more ways than one… I hope David gives as good as he gets from Wossy


  130. Howdy,

    Here’s a anecdote for you which is ultimately and completely apropos to nothing.

    A week ago while sailing through Richardson Bay in Sausalito, I happened upon and took mental note of a very peculiar house boat clearly modelled after the Taj Mahal in India: pure gaudiness, and truly awful. Last night, while cleaning out the attic, I was rifling through an old box of magazines and found a copy of some sort of home design magazine dated 1984 or 85. The name of the mag escapes me for the moment, but more importantly, on the cover was this same Taj Mahal looking houseboat monstrosity I had seen while sailing. Go figure.

    Thumbing through the magazine further, I stumbled upon a pictorial that featured a beautiful and very laid back villa nesteld somewhere in the Greek Isles. This place was the polar opposite of the floating Taj. Thinking to myself, “now that’s my kind of place: a place designed for pure decompression and respite. Pillows everywhere, hanging vines, very breezy perched on a cliff overhanging the sea. Such peace. Very nice…”

    But wait a minute, who is that peeking out from behind the door? It looks like…it IS…our very own Mr. Gilmour. This is his bloody place!?!? Again, go figure.

    Clearly David’s been practicing this relaxation business much longer than his recent interviews suggest. Well, I say more power to the man and congrats to him for having such a lovely place, if indeed he still has it.

    Upon reflection, maybe there is a point to this after all, which is simply this: I read in a Guardian interview this morning that David’s eldest daughter is now 30! Coupled with the weird- sailing, magazine, Taj Mahal, villa convergence…….WHEN THE HELL DID I GET SO OLD! (subtext….I need to get a life, or get back to it anyhow)

    Apologies for clogging your wonderful blog with this silly story. Since the album is apparently en route from Amazon, you will likely be spared any more of my nonsense, and, my wife will stop nagging me for being so distracted.

    As you were.

  131. “The Dark Side of the Moon, the third biggest-selling album in music history, for which Roger Waters penned all the tracks.”

    Hmmmm, I guess Roger forgot that Rick Wright owns the sole writing credit on Great Gig in the Sky, and he recieved no credit for the instrumental, Any Colour You Like. Or the fact, that the majority of tracks on DSOTM have more than one person credited to them.

    Funny, Roger always seems to forget that he didn’t write EVERYTHING (and lyrics don’t count as everything, when music is involved).

    That said, it’s great to see Nick and Roger playing together again. Perhaps, when the moment is right, Nick will be (again), the bridge that connects all four band-mates.

  132. Well done Vicky. Good to see it won’t be an all-bloke audience after all 🙂

    SO pleased for you XX

  133. Thanks to TonyK, Vicky Custerson, FEd and all those for your sympathies about my Dad. He was a great man and I know he was proud of all his kids and how successful we have lived our lives and raised our families.

    Another thanks to TonyK about the info on Rachel Fury. Sorry to hear that she has given up singing. I think her voice was a gift to all of us and very well matched for the sounds of PF and David Gilmour.

    I have been listening to all of the tracks on clear channel and this assembly of music is stunning. The best part of it is I am so happy in the confidence I can have in knowing that David Gilmour’s live show will reproduce the same great sounds with all their clarity and intricacy.

    April 20th at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles will be a highlight in my life. I am cautiously hopeful that my seats won’t be dissapointing (Log 23)since I have never been in this venue before. The seating map has left me with some reservations… But I do know that I am one of the lucky ones regardless because there are so many that tried and didn’t get any tickets at all. Good graces and peace to all…

  134. You know your obsessed about DG and this site when…

    The wife points out a large inflatable easter bunny lawn decoration at the local store and asks to buy it for the front yard.

    My response..no way, that is a bit tacky..

    Her response: Well I guess if it was an inflatable lawn decoration of DG you would buy it now would’nt you?

    No answer from me…just the vision burned in my mind!


  135. Nickster:

    RE: DG & RW

    You voiced my thoughts very well. I’ve always imagined how each would have influenced the other’s solo albums and how different they would be.

    I’m not sure about how I feel about the possible 3 of 4 reunion….I find it amusing and would be curious to hear how it would sound, but I’d much rather hear what a 21st century full-collaboration would sound like.

    Unfortunately, that may never come to pass.

    In the meantime, I think having solo works from them (including Richard Wright) is filling the void where Pink Floyd used to be,

    But I have to admit, this new DG material is as satisfying as anything I’ve picked up from Floyd/Solo material since I became a fan at 15 years old (I’m 36).

    I’d have to rank OAI in the top five of all Floyd/Solo material released to date.

  136. Prezado friend, I know that these facing problems in its life, what I can say to it and that has a friend here in Curitiba in Brazil that desires everything to it of good

  137. A couple of these Roger posts are killing me. I always found it funny how once he decided to quit PF he was so sure DG’s PF would fail but they didn’t. I also find it funny how he manages to get over himself whenever there’s a camera or big publicity to be made. When I watched the British Hall of Fame show and he was there on video, I thought to myself oh look there’s Roger again. But I guess thats just nasty of me. Wondering if his concerts are selling out in 60 seconds? Yes he’s a brilliant lyricist, and DG and RW collaborated enough to create some of the most amazing albums of all time. I mean, come on, just thinking of DSOTM without David’s sexy soulful voice and instead hearing Roger’s squeaky, painfully out of key voice in there instead would be practically blasphemous to me. Anyway so what if DG’s OAI reminds some reviewers of PF? Could it be the amazing sound of the man’s guitar perhaps? People need to get over themselves, I mean DG was in PF for what…..20 years and now he’s supposed to be sounding like Sinatra? Whats up with that? I swear to some people DG will always be PF, no matter what else he does in life. He could find a cure for cancer and the hedlines would read “Former guitarist for the super-band PInk Floyd finds cure for cancer, or Pink Floyd guitarist David gilmour brings peace to middle east. The CD packaging sounds so elegant…can’t wait to get my copy. Well I guess thats enough babbling from me tonight.

    See ya in Chicago!


  138. Dear FEd, your apology (although unnecessary) is certainly accepted. It’s the luck of the draw, living at the far end of the earth. I must admit that our fair city here is frequently graced by top acts so I can’t really complain too loudly.

    However I do hope that David, not wishing to spend his life on the road these days, will address the imbalance by mounting the precious few gigs he plays in support of his next album exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere. Do suggest it to him, anyway.

    [Hi Warren. It is all “UK and US”, isn’t it? I do apologise for anyone residing in the world’s many other countries who feels excluded by the constant references to Britain and America here at Fan Fare. Sadly it’s the nature of the industry to gear everything to the UK and US. I do also hope that those who, no matter what they say, have had a very good chance to see David in their parts of the globe can remember that there are many people who have had merely the slimmest chance of seeing him the next time they call for more shows. – Features Editor]

  139. 92.5 KZPS in DALLAS TEXAS is giving you a trip to New York City to see the US concert date at Radio Music Hall! this weekend Im trying.

    thanks david love all your music and you will all ways be part of my life

    you are the best. happy birthday

    Features Editor thanks for all you do you have made my day each and every day i must check this blog site about 30 times a day and listen & watch WOOOOOOOOOW its a dream come true. hats off to you

  140. Getting sick and tired of people bashing Waters!

    We all know that when they were together (Gilmour, Waters, Wright, Mason) in a band called Pink Floyd, they were unbeatable! 😉

    And promoting Gilmour’s solo album- tour with “the voice, guitar of p….” is as stupid. we all know Gilmours part in Floyd and of course same goes for Waters “the creative…” is as stupid, It’s all promotion work in both camps to influence those people who wasn’t into Floyd in the first place anyway.THink both Gilmour and Waters should have showed more class than accepting that kind of promotion!

    Btw no one is more happy and exited for this new Gilmour release and the direction he’s taken. That doesn’t mean i don’t get as exited with news of an new Waters release! How would darkside have sounded without Gilmour?! how would it had touched you if the lyrics wasn’t what it is?! Case fu**ing closed….

    [Fair point. Mark my words, we are not going to have the kind of petty arguments that have ruined other forums here, but it is fair for people to voice their opinions. If anyone steps over the line, then their comments will not be published. So far, in my opinion, I wouldn’t say that anyone has. “Voice and guitar of Pink Floyd” is hard fact and is not open to debate. Some might question the words Roger is using and that’s fair enough. Besides, this is David Gilmour’s website. No doubt fans “bash” David at Roger’s website. It’s sad, but such is life. – Features Editor]

  141. wow . . . . . may we simply focus on what is meaningful in all of this (and always has been) . . . . . the music. Who cares WHO created it . . . . . who cares WHO performs it . . . . . as long as it’s great and it touches you . . . . isn’t that all that really matters?

    David, Roger, Richard, Nick (and for that matter – let’s not forget Syd) are ALL musical geniuses . . . . . . but also are ALL human (as are we all).

    Isn’t the world trite and complicated enough . . ???? Let’s come here to celebrate that which WE ALL share . . . . the LOVE of the music and those who gave it (and continue to give) to us . . !!!


    FRONT ROW . . . . Chicago . . . .!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW good is life . . ??!!

  142. Hi Fed

    Any chance of knowing when the Mermaid gig will finish? roughly.I know its probable non starter but we have to book a train time to return home the same night unfortunately.

    As you can imagine we don’t want to be caught out!

    Great site and forum for DG and PF fans all over the world keep up the good work.


    PS can someone tell me the time the Tube takes from Liverpool St to Blackfrairs?, been told its a half hours walk presuming you don’t get lost!

    [It finishes at about half ten, Steve. – Features Editor]

  143. It disturbs me that people out there put their feet firmly in either the Gilmour camp or the Waters, and defend it with all the pigheadedness they can muster. It is a debate without resolve, kind of like arguing whether red or blue is the better colour. I suggest that those who wish to persist in this pettiness go and set up their own website or forum dedicated to the issue rather than wasting space here, where we’re supposed to be celebrating David!

    David said in one of the interviews in the Press section something to the effect that the Pink Floyd thing exists in people’s psyches, rather than in reality. I couldn’t agree more.

  144. I love both Waters and Gilmour for their incredible, life-changing music. They both have their strenghs and their weaknesses, but you will never find me slagging either of them off. I think those bashing Waters on this site should stop acting so childish.

  145. I am just catching up on the weekends comments and I for one am getting pretty pissed off by some of the remarks/inuendos being made. For me personally David has made beautiful guitar based music, Roger makes thought provoking music, Richard Wright has made a couple of cracking albums, Syds albums are timeless. I also personally think that the politics are well left alone. Make me smile. Let me read happy, positive and interesting comments. Thanks Pete – Coventry

  146. david

    your on an island cd came out today and like a true fan i pre ordered. i just wanted to say thanks for putting out another cd my daughter and i will be at radiocity on the 5th of april we are both excited to see you play. My daughter kyana is only 7 yrs old and loves your music, its really stange it must be in the dna or something because thats when i fell in love with your music too. thanks again for the music and have a wonderful birthday.

    carla & kyana
    13th row Yaaaaaaa

  147. David. Sin más palabras solo quiero decir gracias por tu música, realmente es un deleite David,Roger,Richard,Nick son fantasticos, no paren nunca muuuuuuuuuuuuuchas gracias todo México te escucha especialmente desde San Luis Potosí……………..

  148. hi,

    I want to know when David Gilmour gone do a show in Montreal.

    thank you and excuse my english

    [Not on this tour, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  149. UPS here in Ohio just delivered “On An Island.” Have listended to it twice so far this evening. Wow! Mr. Gilmour sure figured out how to throw himself a fine 60th birthday bash. Happy b-day, Dave.

    Enough of the Roger vs. Dave. I’ve seen both on tour and both & their bands make for memorable evenings.


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