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17_blog.jpg‘On an Island’ is already out in Ireland, Germany, France and Italy, and it’s been wonderful to read your reaction to seeing it and playing it for the first time. Please keep sharing your thoughts and let us know how you like it.

Not long to go now… It’s out in the UK on Monday and the US and Canada on Tuesday. I’ll bring you details on all the other release dates shortly.

Tomorrow there is something you simply cannot miss, regardless of where you reside. David and Phil Manzanera will be guests on Jonathan Ross’ radio show, which is always very… interesting. It’s on BBC Radio 2 and it starts at 10AM UK time. You can all listen online, so you’ve no excuse to miss it, and there will be a live performance to look forward to as well.

Don’t worry if you miss it when it goes out live, because you can repeat the programme as many times as you like for a full week after the initial broadcast.

Speaking of BBC Radio’s handy Listen Again feature, you can still hear BBC Radio 4’s Front Row show from Thursday night. That’s another that you won’t want to miss.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

152 thoughts on “David on Jonathan Ross show”

  1. I listen to the album for the first time yesterday night, it was very special..is great to listen to a good album for the first time…unfortunately i wont be able to see any of the live perfomances…i know that mr gilmour doesnt have anyting to prove to anyone..but i also know that music is much more fun with him on scene…so please dont take another 22years to release a new album.

  2. Hi from Rome,

    OAI will be out here on 6 or 7.

    I’m leaving Rome for a week, but have reserved my copy of the album!!!

    A lot of wonderful wishes to Dave on Monday.

    Happy Birthday Great Man!
    Kisses from Diana

  3. hello y’all

    Front Row was interesting indeed, many insights that I think are essential to understanding our beloved artist.

    Hope your finger is better David!!!

  4. Hi,

    I’ve had any email saying i’ve tickets to the gig on tuesday but i dont believe its true. Please put my mind at rest and tell me some excellent has happened


    [It’s completely true. I hope you have a brilliant time, Andy. – Features Editor]

  5. I am not happy about some of the reviews posted on the press page but it really doesn’t matter what they think, it matters what we the listeners think. I am certainly enjoying the music.

    NY, USA

  6. Greatings from Poland

    I’ve bought this record today and i’m listening to it. Its realy great. I love soud of Davids guitar especially i like these long tones. I always liked. I like nostalgic climate of the album and the lirycs. Orchestation by Preisner is also very good. What more can i say? I can only congratulate. Im impressed.

    I wish to David Gilmour and his family and all who helped with the album all the best.

  7. I’ve got my copy! It’s more than I ever expected…out of this world…fantastic…words cannot describe. Thanks David…amazing!

  8. Nice one!

    I have to work tommorow anyway as to have my day off for the Mermaid gig!

    So me and my dad will be listening to Radio 2 as we do anyway, this will just be extra cool.

    Cheers man

  9. I just heard the clip of “Then I Close My Eyes”. Very nice. I thought the album was going to come out on Monday in the U.S. One more day to wait. This is killing me. Dan

    P.S. Does David have any big plans for his b-day. It’s a big one!

  10. in this moment i’m listening to on an island in my player. i really love this heaven and a pocketful of stones.
    wonderful packaging, a blue dream, beautiful work… out of shop, i walked in the street with album in my hands… smiling…

    thank you mr. gilmour.
    see you soon.

  11. Oh bugger!!! No chance of tickets now but a MASSIVE well done to all of you who did!! Nice one Vicky! I’m well chuffed for you!! Make sure you let us all know ALL the details!!!! I’ll definately be listening to the radio 2 thing 2moro!!

  12. Dear Features Ed and everyone behind the recent competition for tickets for Tuesdays concert.

    I just would like to thank you lot so much for giving me this oppourtunity to see David. It’s been all that I’ve thought about since winning and I believe it’s going to be one of the best gigs that I will go to for years to come. I’ve only ever been to about 3 gigs in the last few years so that’s how special this is to me 🙂

    It’s a shame you remain faceless on here features ed because I would buy you a beer ! Do you want to reconsider now 😉 lol But of course you’ve already stated you won’t be attending this concert 🙁

    I’ve been wondering too about what famous faces might be in attendance on Tuesday (since most people have been invited. Any clues features ed or anyone ? 🙂

    I’m sorry for those who weren’t lucky enough to win any tickets for this show or even any other show. I understand the frustrations and it’s a rotten feeling 🙁

    Hopfeuly one day you’ll see him or maybe not just him, if you know what I mean 😉 If anyone is still trying to get tickets then the best of luck to you and don’t give up even on the night of the show !

    Thanks so much once again 😀


    [You’re welcome, Andy. Have a good time and tell us all about it on Wednesday. – Features Editor]

  13. Just listened to On An Island and it’s fantastic! It all sounds so nice and … well, _nice_ – really really nice. The book thingy is lovely (but it’s hard to get the cd out!) Zbigniew’s touch gives the album a great cinematic feel and Polly’s lyrics make it feel personal in a way PF never were. This Heaven and A Pocketful of Stones were the high-points for me.

    I had it up so loud it shook a couple of tiles off the roove. 😉

    I’m going to listen again now and see how it goes with The Wizard of Oz.

  14. Gee, I wonder if Jonathan Ross is going to ask him if Pink Floyd is getting back together. I hope he does, I can’t remember how David responded to that question the last 500 times somebody has asked him.

    By the way, are Pink Floyd getting back together?

  15. I am the luckiest man on the planet today. My excitement began in December when I managed to purchase an excellent seat for one of the Massey Hall shows. Although for me, there was the additional cost of a plane ticket since I live more than 2000 km away on the island of Newfoundland. Attending the concert alone is of course no big deal, though it would have been great to have a companion come along and share the experience. Long story short, my phone woke me up this morning at about 6:30 AM with the news that I had just won a local radio contest which includes airfare for two, a hotel room, a thousand bucks and a pair of tickets to the Massey Hall show. Now I get to take my two brothers (who are also big fans) to Toronto to see the show. I couldn’t ask for anything better…this is a dream come true.

    [Have a wonderful time, Christopher. – Features Editor]

  16. thanks for the heads up that on an island is out here in ireland . i hope i can get it in dublin airport tomrrow . other then that i might try and get in when i go to las palmas . on an isalnd bought on an island 🙂


    p.s seeing as i won;t be online again until next saturday i just want to take this chance to wish david a very happy birthday on monday 🙂

  17. Just wondering how the album is already out in some parts of Europe but not UK yet. Is it to do witht eh chart listings? Just curious.

  18. I’m harbouring a hope that my copy of OAI will drop on the door mat tomorrow morning. Have to be up early to take young son to football bloody miles away so praying for a frozen pitch to intervene and allow me to listen to Jonathan Ross……

    Friday night….more wine vicar?

  19. Bought the album this morning here in Ireland, and all i can say is Wow. Pure magic from Mr Gilmour and i would sincerely like to thank David and Polly for giving me an album that is soothing, moving and beautiful on the ears.


  20. Hi FEd,

    you asked for views on the album. Well, I think it is an absolute CRACKER! A definite grower, it reveals layers as you get to know it (a little like an onion, if you get my drift!)

    For those who are yet to hear it, you are in for a treat. Can’t wait to hear how some of the songs are tackled live, as well…

    I’ll leave it at that. Go. Listen. Enjoy!

    Have a great weekend all!

  21. love you david !!!!!!!!happy bday sweetie ill be at the concert in hollywood.

  22. Good day all,

    Just a reminder that Canadian rock station Chez 106FM is having a special feature on David Gilmour and his new album this weekend. They have a streaming station over the net and the registrarion to listen to it is free. The details are as follows:

    CHEZ106 Proudly presents the world album premiere of David Gilmour’s On An Island.

    Saturday, March 4 @ 8am and Sunday, March 5 @ 8pm tune in for a rare, one-on-one interview with the voice and guitar of Pink Floyd, to talk about On An Island; Gilmour’s first solo release in more than 20 years.

    In addition to a performance of the new disc, David will be reflecting on the new album, last summer’s Live8 reunion and the possibilities for a full-fledged reunion of Pink Floyd.


    P.S. Congrats to all the Mermaid Theater winners. Please tell us all about it!

  23. I received my new CD today and I can only say great music. I love every song. Can hardly wait for seeing Mr. Gilmour live next Friday in Dortmund.

    Best wishes

    (Fed.Ed. you are doing an excellent job)

    [Thank you very much, Stephanie. – Features Editor]

  24. Ed/Edwina – thanks so much for the heads up on all the DG media blitz. I hope my dial-up connection will hold up through it all. Also would like to comment on the lovely photo of David gracing today’s blog. Very nice lighting.

    I must say I’m very excited that I’ll soon have a promo copy of On An Island and won’t have to wait for damned Ticketmaster to send my pre-order whenever they take a notion. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

    David dear, I hope this album is NOT your “de facto farewell to the world,” as The Times said in their review. Keep writing and playing. I don’t want to think of this tour and album as your swan song.

    Wishing a super weekend to: Angelo “I Can’t Believe I Have Tickets!” Ortiz;, Laurie; Becky from effin’ Atlanta; Kelly’s mom; Blog King Rudders; Matt J.; Marian (sistah Gilmo’ Ho’); Ivo the Guitarman; Feat. Ed. (my hero) and of course darling David, coming up on the big six-oh in fine form.

    Time for a glassahol!


  25. A fantastic picture indeed, and my favorite so far! Any word on the type of guitar being given away? I will be waiting at my local record store on tuesday morning to get a brand spankin’ new copy of On An Island! I was rather puzzled when I read that folks already had bought the album, any reason why it was released in other countries first? I would have thought the UK would have gotten the first taste of the album, but they are getting the most amount of concerts so I guess it all evens out. Im still floored about the up and comming shows, best of luck to David and crew in the final days of preparation for this most anticipated tour.

    Much love…

    [The UK getting the most concerts? I don’t think so! Five. And that’s including the Radio 2 gig. – Features Editor]

  26. Latest download, I nearly fell asleep!!

    Not in a negative way, SOOO relaxing,love it

    Can’t wait for Jonathon Woss!!

  27. Will definetley need to tune in for that!

    I just have to say I think this website is great, so good to be getting regular updates and news.

  28. Well I’ve heard the whole thing now twice through. We are rabid PF/DG fans but all agree this record is dreadfully dull.

    “On An Island” … more like “In An Elevator”, or “At the Dentist.”

    A great disappointment.

  29. From what I’ve heard on the main site, it will be amazing. I live in the US so I have a few more days to wait it out!

    AHH! I can’t wait! How does Mr. Gilmour create such beautiful, perfect, and harmonious guitar solos?

    It’s insane!

  30. Caption…”Hmm.Have to concentrate but can’t keep my eyes off that giant doobie!”


    “I wonder what Rudders is blogging now?”

    Not fair F.E. that some damn lucky people already have the album and I don’t.

  31. Yeah, the radio 4 interview was great. I wonder how long ago it was recorded? I hope his finger is better and in full working order for the upcoming gigs!

    It’ll be interesting to see how David handles Jonathan Woss ( i mean Ross…hehe). I have to say, I’m not his biggest fan…

    C’mon Monday, get here faster will ya!!

  32. Dear Mr. Gilmour!

    I have already commented On An Island a couple of times based on some pre-release listenings and I loved it from the start. I have now listened to the record twenty something times and it just gets better and better. I have to repeat what I have said before – IT’S A MASTERPIECE!!

    The variations of the songs, yet a complete piece, the sound, all the beautiful details, the production, the lyrics (a big thanks to your beautiful wife) and of course your voice, guitar and now also saxophone – IT’S ALL JUST LOVELY……

    I have been a lover of your music for almost 30 years (I’m 38) and I must say I rate this record as one of the best productions ever. I want to thank you very very much for On An Island and of course thanks for all your previous work.

    I’m really looking forward to hear the songs from On An Island live. It feels a bit like I will be ”stalking” you this spring as I’m going to the Paris, Amsterdam and London shows. Sorry! :-)) I just couldn’t let this chance go like I had to in 2001/02.

    You’re music have always ment a lot to me and helped me get through some really rough times, so I just had to go to as many shows as possible now that I had the means and opportunity.

    Again – Thanks for this record!

    I will also wish you a happy birthday on Monday, hope you’ll have a good time with family and friends, and all the best wishes for the tour!

    See you in Paris, Amsterdam and London!

    Best wishes from


    Also I want to wish a dear friend of mine a happy birthday today (March 4th)! He is, if possible, a bigger fan than I am and probably one of, if not, the world’s best guitarist in a Pink Floyd tribute band. Happy birthday Bjørn!

    And, as always, huge thanks to Features Editor and the whole team behind this blog and the davidgilmour.com site. You have all given all the fans so much, THANKS!

  33. Hey everyone,

    I found this and thought you would be interested. I made me stroke my chin!

    “On March 29th, 2006, there will be a total (100%) solar eclipse – that is, the sun will be eclipsed by the moon! As unusual as these events are, the really unusual thing is that the only European place to see the 100% eclipse will be a small Greek island off the Turkish coast, called… Castellorizon! Most of you will be aware that this island forms a central theme for David’s album, and indeed, the first track is named after it!”


    Sorry if this is a re-post (couldn’t see it).


  34. Hello again…Can’t wait!…I will be checking out the show online first thing in the Morning before I start a creative day behind the chair in my salon! My album is due to arrive no later than Tuesday. Already the bits and pieces that I have gotten to listen to as well as the articals in the press section have inspired me. Being 35 and in the middle of really pushing my career and opening my salon and stepping very far out of my box and out on a limb, “On an Island” is very much music that is already feeding my soul. Being a Floyd fan but most importantly a David Gilmour fan…I can’t express enough how much the music means to me. Being a creative person and someone who needs creative outlets…music has always been what drives me, moves me, and provokes emotions, thoughts, thinking and inspiration. So…thank you again and hope all is well with everyone and that in all the excitement they are all getting a little down time for themselves as well. Till later…thankyou!

  35. Great news, and thanks for the weekend update! Isn’t the internet a marvel? Looking forward to hearing David and Phil streaming over the internet.

  36. I am so excited about this cd! i havent looked forward to a cd this much since 1994 : )

    My mom took me to my first concert in 1987 it was pink floyd. I am now taking my daughter to her first concert…david gilmour. My wife has taken a week off of work and we are traveling to chicago to see him perform on the first night. i am was able to get tickets for my mom to attend with us so i feel very fortunate. i ask though if anyone has 2 extra tickets for the second night so my wife and i can have a “night out” please let me know we will be in chicago and i very much would like to see the second show.

  37. Fantastic radio interview (Front Row) – really loved it. David came across so relaxed and open. Particularly liked the “gravy train” comment and “with respect that’s bullshit” also made me grin.

    Good on you Mr G – tell it like it is 🙂



  38. DAVID



    “In the beginning god created the heaven and the earth … and DAVID GILMOUR with PINK FLOYD too”

    The Book of Genesis

    A great album, ok it’s not going to be listen in MTV but who cares ??? Bad taste for them 🙂 lolol

  39. Todays clip put a big “Smile” on my face. Polly has such a lovely voice. Will she be performing with David on that song in Chicago? I sure hope so. That would be a very nice treat. Dan

  40. The Sound is impressive !!

    Good,very,very good songs !!

    You give to us the “state of grace” you are living.

    Listen to it is like taking a great breath of fresh air.

    thank you again see you in Milano.


  41. Good Day All,

    I have been reading much since this blog began about a “Floyd” reunion and heard many thoughts. To each thier own; and here is mine….

    Diagnosed HIV+ and with AIDS at the same instance changed me. Luckily I had a life that tought.

    Last time I came close to death was the primary reason I am here (Today and back then). I knew I was dying and I asked my best friend to take me to the hospital. He played Comfortably Numb…

    Him and all I know are the reason I stayed…

    This is why it’s now… It’s the present… THE PRESENT… (Perhaps that’s why they call ot a Gift)

    Thank you…

  42. On a Island : Just one word..:It’s fantastic, but from David Gilmour it’s normal, it’s the best!

    Bye David
    Elia Salis

  43. Got my copy of OAI today here in Germany and have to say that I really do like its warm, mellow an very personal style, which is apparent in music, words and artwork. (only thing I didn’t get yet are the lyrics to “A Pocketful of Stones”, but I try…)

    As far as the Roger-Waters-topic is concerned: I think we should’nt allow to let a new Waters vs. Gilmour- (or: which one is Pink Floyd, or whatever)-debate creep up here on this site; IMHO this would be very sad, spoil the great opportuntiy for communication we have on this forum, and oly lead to needless bickering. Why not simply enjoy the fact that we can have both of them and that these two (or four, if you want) mature gentlemen are both still willing and able to share their music with us in a way only they have the right to decide? I don’t think we have any reason to demand anything from them or pretend to know what they (should) think or should do. We don’t have any fan- or consumer-rights here and they don`t owe us anything, that’s a thing totally in contrast with creative processes (btw.: which one of us would want go out and make an album and/or tour at the age over 60???) so: calm down a bit and simply let’s enjoy it!!

    [Well said, Georg. – Features Editor]

  44. Dear David

    Thank you for that phantastic, very beautiful album. Can´t get enough…

    It´s so great to see you in exactly one week in Hamburg.

    I´m so happy !

    Best wishes

  45. Hi everybody,

    Yes, I got it !!!

    Yesterday I ran out of the office to buy the new CD and I listened to it all evening. It’s great (no doubt about it). I had already listened to the track On an island so many times on the web and I’ve watched all the daily clips on the site and maybe I lost a little bit of the surprise as I already knew some parts of the album, but how could I resist?

    I love all the songs and on first listening I am very impressed with Red sky at night with David on saxophone.

    The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Proud to hear it was produced in Italy.

    Thanks David, it’s your birthday on Monday, Happy Birthday… but you are giving us the best birthday present. Thanks to everyone who worked on the album plus the FED and everyone else who contributes to the site for helping make this release memorable.

    Ciao Roberto

  46. A very good day to you Fe/Ed it certainly is for me :o) I have just heard the On an Island on CD for the first time WOW! You can report to David he has another very very happy camper.

    I loved all of it, the whole thing! David is and always will be my favourite musician it’s just wonderful to hear his guitar and vocals again, also some very nice sax too from David on Red Sky at Night.

    All in all a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to hear some of the album live on Tuesday as my best friend is taking me as his guest as you can imagine I am very excited.

    First I get the album unexpectedly a couple of days early (for the UK)and then my friend gives me the opportunity to see David next Tuesday at the Mermaid Theatre.

    Life is good at the moment thanks to my friend and David of course.

    Take care and keep up the good work

  47. Yeah, there is very good stuff in this album…nothing more to say.

    But, when can we know about the set-list of the coming tour?


  48. Just heard the Radio 2 interview live with David and thought it was brilliant. Jonathon Ross was his usual self, very funny and entertaining. Music sounded brilliant, especially ‘Smile’. Nice One!!

  49. Well – it’s here sitting in my hands. What a great idea it’s a little bound book and is a classy wrapper for what is lurking inside…..

    …. and inside, yes I have now had my first listen end-to-end. and I love it.

    Somehow David, Polly and the team have managed to capture some life events which are completley personal to me.

    My Wife and I spent 3 glorious years living on board a yacht – most of that in the Caribbean and Polly’s Lyrics “Let the night surround you, Were halfway to the stars, Ebb & Flow,Let it go……. and many other of her words definatley describe those days and nights perfectly.

    So that’s me satisfied – after 1 complete play this Cd is to me superb, with each extra play it can only get better and better.

    So one last question – was that a DSOT Moon moment?

    Nearly ! yes very very nearly

    Well Done to one and all

    (and by the way I vote rooves 🙂

  50. F.Ed

    “The UK getting the most concerts? I don’t think so! Five. And that’s including the Radio 2 gig. – Features Editor]”

    But isn’t there ‘Six’ shows in the UK not five……

    All these late nights taking there toll……

    [Pardon me, Dave. Maths was never my strong point and I couldn’t find my abacus. – Features Editor]


  52. David and Phil on Jonathan Ross’s show was great – if anyone missed it, I heartily recommend the BBC Radio 2 “Listen Again” facility…

    A lovely performance of two tracks from the new album (although was it just me, or did David’s voice sound a bit husky? Hope it’s OK by next week, for the start of his tour!) and some interesting conversation.

    you can even find out what David DOESN’T want to be reincarnated as!!

  53. All over yesterday’s blog, there are statements that Roger plans to play Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety with Rick and Nick. Aside from the fact that Floyd itself did the same thing over a decade ago (and released the results), there’s the question of logistics. Who’s gonna sing “Breathe?” Who’s gonna play the guitar solo in “Money?” If anything, I think it would show once and for all that classic Floyd without David Gilmour falls flat, like beer without the alcohol or a vegetarian beef stew. No offense to Rick and Nick in any way, of course, because they had a lot to contribute as well. It’s just that we’ve heard Dark Side without Waters, and we know that it sounded great, but I cannot imagine it without the inimitable David Gilmour.

    All of which is to say that Roger’s strength is in the lyrics, but David is the voice of Pink Floyd (in terms of his guitar work and also his singing voice). When it comes to the musicianship, it is my opinion that David was the one who made Dark Side truly special.

    One more thing. Everyone tells me that Ca Ira is nearly unlistenable. I’ve been reading here that On An Island is sublime. I have not heard a single note of either album yet, but three guesses which one I am dying to hear.

  54. Great pic today!

    I just saw the “smile” clip on the site. Great song.. I love the versatility of that song… when we all heard a couple of yrs ago was one thing, also great. But now, a whole new level… the arrengements are fantastic.Can not wait for the 8th (OaI is coming out then here in The Netherlands…).

    Well, great weekend to you FEd, Deborah (sistah Gilmo’ Ho’ hahaha), the Great man and Family and you all fellow fans!!! Only a few more days!!!!!

  55. Hi F, ED

    Just been listening to David on radio 2, that must take some bottle to play live on the radio.

    I thought it came across superbly! and he sounded so relaxed. Im glad he didn,t give to much away about Tuesdays concert at the Mermaid just the mention of it sent shivers down my spine. Once again im so gratefull to you for giving me the chance to be there.

    Have a very Happy 60th Birthday on Monday David!

  56. You guys are so lucky that u can actually go out and buy an original copy of the new release on the day of the release. Now put your self in my shoes and think of living somewhere in the world where there is NO release date and the only copy that you may be able to get your hands on is a pirated version, and even that will be like after a month or so after its released. Sux! doesnt it? 🙁 forget the cloth spine and the pictures and lyrics! all you get here is a CD-R with a copy of the cover printed on a thin leaflet.
    You people are lucky indeed. 🙂 dont mean to be a spoil sport or anything. I am just frustrated that I cant and wont be able to enjoy a release that I have been waiting for since forever.

  57. Hi all,

    What a beautiful day! This morning I bought my tickets for the Roger Waters concert at june 10 the Arrowrock festival. On the way home I bought my copy of On an island.

    I don’t need a Pink Floyd reunion. I love both Ca Ira and On An Island, these albums add something to the Pink Floyd catalogue.

    What a beautiful, warm and intimate album is On an island!

    See you in Amsterdam & London!

    And at Arrow rock as mystery guest ;)!?

    Marco, The Hague, The Netherlands

  58. I listened to Radio2 this morning. Jonathan Ross was funny as usual, both David & Phil sounded very relaxed. The music was great. I recommend you all listen to the show.

    Can’t wait ’til Tuesday.

    What a delight by a mile
    To hear that beautiful smile
    On listening to David’s singing
    The church bells started ringing

    Now to the subject of Roger. I am a Pink Floyd fan, I am also a Nick Mason, Richard Wright, Roger Waters and David Gilmour fan. I have bought all their solo albums including Nick Masons Ficticious Sports. I have seen Roger & David in concert playing solo. Of course Dark Side of The Moon will sound best with all of Pink Floyd playing, but that it IS NOT going to happen. It was great to hear the whole album played live on the Division Bell tour. Roger has as much right to play that music as any member of the Floyd have, he did after all compose all the lyrics & they are an integral part of the piece & without them it would not be the same.

    Please can everyone stop bitching about Roger on this site. This is a David Gilmour forum & as such we should all be concentrating on the great music that David has composed and be very grateful that he is still interested in making great music & touring again, giving us the chance to hear his voice & out of this world guitar playing.

    Rant over.

    Have a nice weekend & immerse yourselves in the music of the greatest living guitarist, Mr David Gilmour CBE.


  59. Wow. I just bought On An Island here in Germany. I am stationed here with the US Army Band… I feel so lucky to get this album a little bit early. It is amazing. It is honestly his best effort yet… I am amazed…

  60. Hello Everyone,

    I recieved my copy of the Album this morning and i am in the UK so was pleasantly surprised.

    Must say after listening to it a couple of times I think David, Polly and the rest of the team have done a superb job.
    Top Tip listen to it through headphones to get the best out of the stunning solo’s

    David you should and i would imagine are very proud of this album

    Thank you very much for sharing it.

  61. Hola David Gilmour y Polly:

    Soy de la Republica Dominicana, ojala esten todos bien en sus giras por Europa y Estados Unidos. David, fantastico álbum, increible, siempre con tu gran sentimiento musical, que se puede decir, que es el mejor album de este año.

    Polly es una fantastica mujer y escritora, y ademas muy hermosa…….. QUE FANTASTICO TODO ESTO……

    Vengan a descansar aqui en el caribe en la Republica Dominicana. THE CARIBEAN.

  62. ” FANTASTIC”.

    Just got my hands on a copy this morning and highly impressed with the whole package. Having listened to the album for two days on sneak peak I already knew inside out but now it sits proudly on top of my Floyd / Gilmour collection.

    Irelands David fans run taxi or bus it to your nearest shop and grab what we have been waiting for for oh so long and let me tell you folks impressed you will be .What a great day rejoice………….

    Rgds Geoff Duffy Dublin Ireland

  63. Spammythepig – OAI is “elevator music?” Okay, go have a few drinks (or whatever chemical form of attitude adjustment you prefer) and then listen to On An Island again.

    I’m still trying to get over how much I enjoy David’s saxophone playing. I was prepared to hear something throw-away (especially compared to his stellar guitar playing). Send me that sax teacher’s number! I wanna sign up for lessons too!

    (now back to frantically trying to sort through all this DG media onslaught…)


  64. I listen to the album since yesterday. I think it’s really the best solo album of sir David Gilmour. My favourite picks: A Pocketful of Stones, Then I Close My Eyes and Where We Start. These songs really reach deepest regions of my soul. The music is like a warm breeze on a sunny day – you just fill a better man when listen to the sir Gilmour’s art. All songs are very good, apart of the one – This Heaven, which IMHO doesn’t fit to the album. I have one additional thought, maybe you will disagre with me – I think this album has a lot of early Floydian albums (especially: When We Start, The Blue and Then I Close My Eyes). Now you can easily recognize, when Roger Water’s ideas started to dominate Pink Floyd albums.

  65. I heard on XM radio that Deep Tracks (XM40) is having a six hour History of Pink Floyd on Sunday, and they said they wil be playing some of David’s new album. Couldn’t find the times for the show though, sorry! Can’t wait to get my copy and see David & Co.in April!

  66. Just heard the album, and all that I can say is “what a wonderful piece !”

    This is a great album, it reminds me of Meddle, Obscured by Clouds and Division Bell. A very quiet, peaceful and simply beautiful album (and a bit of Rock’n’Roll with Take a Breath ! Love it !)

    Congratulations David, you made a fantastic job !

    Congratulations too, to your musicians (Guy Pratt, for example, did a great job !)

    I’m glad I’ll see you the 16th March, at the Olympia, Paris…

    Thank you for the music David !


    (please excuse my awful english…)

  67. FYI North America Fans…here in the US, Best Buy stores are advertising the album for $10 us with the “exclusive” track “Island Jam”.

  68. Today i called Ticketmaster in Toronto, they have informed me that the commemerative package that was to be sent out with the hot seat tickets, are suppose to be sent out by the David Gilmour Management. Can you please let me know as I already have the album, and CD on order and will have an aditional 2 cds from you.

    As you guys are very busy, this is not a priority, and I understand. I am sure I will not have a problem having 4 copies, I will not have a problem giving a copy or two as a gift.

    But, it would be good if all of us from The US and Canada know what is going on with this package.(Can you even tell us what is in it).

    Thank you very much, and keep up the great work, see you in Toronto, it will be awesome……..

    [That’s incorrect. We’re not sending anything out. I will, however, find out what you’re going to get, Gerald. Bear with me. – Features Editor]

  69. One month ago I sad I did not like Polly’s lirics too mutch.

    Now I have to apologize for that and, after listening to on an island, i have to say that the lirics perfectly join the music and David feelings.

    Once again, congratulation, very good job.

  70. Amazon.fr is unable to send the album the day they go out ! It makes me very hungry! In my poor little town there’s nothing, please this album !

  71. Regarding ‘Richard Allens’ comments, I totally agree. I am a big fan of the whole Floyd. The time for knocking others is over, life moves on (Look at Daniels comment at 9.10am). To me I believe Live 8 was a fitting end to ‘Pink Floyd’. Yes I would love to see a reunion show, but in some ways I don’t think it would be bettered. It was a magical moment in my life. Just over 24 hours to go…..tick tock

  72. I was very lucky this morning- I live in the UK and my copy of On an Island was shipped to me today! Everything got put on hold for 51 minutes and I lay down and listened to what I hoped would be a great album.

    This isn’t a great album, though. It’s awesome!! The guitar playing is, of course, exquisite, but the sax playing and all of the other instruments (ever considered forming the David Gilmour Orchestra??) was great. The writing was flawless- the textures warm, the vocal lush, remaniscent of the old Pink Floyd days. But this wasn’t Pink Floyd- it was most definately Mr Gilmour and friends reassuring us all that all is well with music these days, and that it didn’t die with Pink Floyd’s end (let’s face it, a reunion is out of the qustion).

    I do, however, have one request- make another album soon!! Please!

    Unfortunatley, uncertainty (well, not knowing at all!) over exam dates at uni meant that I couldn’t accept tickets to either the London or Manchester gigs, so I’ll just have to enjoy the album now and any recordings that come out of the tour.

    Congrats to David, Polly and the team- you guys have given us a fantastic album to enjoy for many, many years to come.


  73. [The UK getting the most concerts? I don’t think so! Five. And that’s including the Radio 2 gig. – Features Editor]

    I see what you mean, I should have said there are more “European” shows… Or is that “Your-a-peein'”? Im sure it matters little which region Im from, catching two shows would have been my financial limit regardless of where I live.

    Just thought I would let you know that I was offered a “leaked” copy of OAI that was likely attained from one of the countries in which it has already been released. I was afraid this would happen, and now tons of American fans are getting the album for free with no sense of wrong doing what so ever. Im not saying I have never downloaded my favorite music, but I mainly download music that is unavalable for purchase such as live performances and studio outtakes. Im sure this comes as no suprise to you and the Gilmour camp, but my point behind bringing this up is that I will not be taking this less than legal copy of the album no matter how hard I am pressed. I am proudly going to march right down to the store on tuesday and PAY for my copy. I think its bull plop that an artist cant have new material out for more than a day without it being offered up for free on some torrent site. I understand you may not be able to post this comment due to its subject matter being what it is, and trust me I dont want a single extra person to steal this album because of my comments. Just know that there are fans out there who will go to great lengths to be true to the music and its makers, especially knowing to whom the money is going to and how he is likely to spend big chunks of it on those less fortunate. Thanks for reading this and all my posts, I had you pegged all wrong awhile back and I wish I could take back some of the things I said to you. But alas, once words are spoken they can never truely be taken back; only forgiven or forgotten. Bless you for doing such a great job, and forgive those of us who get swept up in the moment and say things we know our hearts dont echo.

    [Hi Jesse. We all get swept up from time to time, so don’t you worry about that. Thanks for letting us know about the inevitable file sharing. It’s a shame that this happens, but it’s only to be expected. You only have to look at how many fansites have helped themselves to our exclusive content to see that people simply don’t appreciate that they can’t just take whatever they want when they want it. The artwork was leaked. The single was leaked. Now you can download the album before it’s even in the shops. Yet the people responsible for all this throw their toys out of the pram because they don’t feel that David is doing enough for them! Anyway, I digress. You’ll get much more satisfaction from owning a copy of this album. The packaging is something different and I personally feel that it’s something to really treasure. Although I don’t expect everyone to understand that, it’s nice knowing that many fans do. You’ll love the album. It will be worth waiting for, trust me. Not too long to wait now… – Features Editor]

  74. Caption Competition:

    B*stards! they’ve put Super Glue/Krazy Glue on the ***king neck again!…

    Fedmeiser: Hot here in FL… just on the way out for lunch… I’ll keep you posted 🙂

  75. Really enjoyed both Radio 4 and Radio 2 broadcasts. I do like the candid way David talks. And I can understand his viewpoint about not wanting to go back on the road with Pink Floyd. It’s been done, and there is no point in rehashing the past.

    BUT I have been lucky enough to see Pink Floyd a few times in the past. I can understand the frustration of people here who’ve never seen them though – as I am feeling the same myself because I wasn’t able to get tickets to see David.

    I am going to have to be late to work on Monday I think – as I am awaiting the CD in the post from Amazon….. What I’ve heard so far sounds fantastic so I am counting the hours!

  76. Greetings from holland!

    what a great record this is 🙂

    a lot of beautiful songs, it`s been a long time but it`s worth waiting for!

    Smile, On an Island and Where we start are already in my mind…yes, I love this album!

    Can`t wait for David`s gig in Amsterdam on march the 19th..(I got two of the last tickets!)

    Love to David and his friends and all the pink floyd/david gilmour fans out there


  77. Smile is great, lovely slide work David. Tuesday’s getting closer. Thanks Polly and FED. Good to see the network opened up finally. I’m all in. Question to FED, I noticed your referral to some bloggers as mates, this is a masculine form of address, or is it common in Britain for women to apply it as well. So I’m guessing male.

    [In Britain, everyone gets called ‘mate’, mate. That’s just the way it is. – Features Editor]

  78. Hello from Lausanne.

    I had a great pleasure to discover this new album on the 3rd of March. I keep on listening it all the time, especially “Smile” and “A pocketful of stones”. Another great masterpiece, that’s it ! I do hope we’ll have the pleasure to see Dave in live here very soon. I’ve still got in my mind his humour on stage in 1994 just after the end of “One of these days” as the inflatable pigs were still activated, he said : “on va en faire du saucisson ”

    Dear David, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Monday.

    All the best.

  79. I recived the cd today!i love it!but i dont understand song number 7?i hope there will be a dvd from Davids tour

  80. I was intrigued and fixed to the radio today for David’s interviews with Jensen and Ross. Quite good questions from the interviewers and some funny witty answers.

    I particularly liked David’s comments on favourite Floyd albums – choosing to comment on his least favourite- “The Wall”. No surprises there I guess.

    Loved the live tracks David and Phil did too.

    Can’t wait for Tuesday.

    Cheshire Cat (dave)

  81. “All over yesterday’s blog, there are statements that Roger plans to play Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety with Rick and Nick. Aside from the fact that Floyd itself did the same thing over a decade ago (and released the results), there’s the question of logistics. Who’s gonna sing “Breathe?” Who’s gonna play the guitar solo in “Money?” If anything, I think it would show once and for all that classic Floyd without David Gilmour falls flat, like beer without the alcohol or a vegetarian beef stew. No offense to Rick and Nick in any way, of course, because they had a lot to contribute as well. It’s just that we’ve heard Dark Side without Waters, and we know that it sounded great, but I cannot imagine it without the inimitable David Gilmour.”

    I’m with you, Dan. I have my suspicions that Roger has a rather insidious motive behind his decision to invitate Rick to perform, but this blog isn’t the place to discuss that.

    [You want the alleyway behind the car park. Half an hour. Bring all your mates. – Features Editor]

  82. First things first:

    I have to say I’m slightly disappointed with On an Island. David is obviously very content with life in general and his place in life in particular, but sometimes that gets slightly overwhelming. That said, I would LOVE to hear him do more stuff like “This Heaven”, which he described as a song about being content with one’s place in life…

    So while it’s not a bad album, there’s just this one hint at what he could be doing (bluesy guitar, organ and all), which frankly I find highly exciting whereas the rest of the album is QUITE different. Which is a bit annoying (in a teasing way), to be honest.

    As for the Waters vs Gilmour vs Pink Floyd vs the World discussion going on here recently:

    As some people have already said – in Floyd, they both contributed. DSotM (and even The Wall) needs both David’s voice and guitar and Waters’ lyrics; without both, it wouldn’t be what it is.

    As for nowadays: I personally think it’s kind of below both Waters and Gilmour to be advertising themselves as the whatever of Pink Floyd, because it appears such an obvious use of the media attention generated by Live 8 to plug their own shows.

    Other than that – reading the press clippings in the aptly titled press section you sometimes wonder… I mean both Waters and Gilmour have emphasized how “immensely” they enjoyed Live 8, not least for the fact that it helped put the past behind, but neither can quite resist adding who made what decision or who was being bossy or whatever.

    And then there’s for the first time I know a semi-official mention of a fall-out between Gilmour and Mason (documented in the Word magazine feature, see press section). You could’ve told already, I guess, as Gilmour repeatedly said he didn’t want to work with “the others”, while he actually had Wright, Pratt and Parry in the studio, adding Carin for the tour. So that basically leaves out, uhm – let me see… Strange, really, given how Pink Floyd re-started in 1986/87. Just goes to show things ain’t getting any less complicated. Now what if Richard Wright actually accepted Roger’s invitation to play with him in France? The mind boggles at the conceivable implications…

    It does appear just very remotely childish at times. Like “Stephen” said: “It’s not unlike being a child of divorced parents; you love them both but…”

    As for putting on a good show: Let’s be frank here. Both Gilmour and Waters know how to do that as they’ve proven in the past. Except both choose to put on their shows quite differently nowadays. Which for us fans is a good thing as we can see BOTH (and a bad thing because we need to buy tickets for both).

    So just chill out.

    [If I may throw one thing into the mix… ‘Pink Floyd’ has never been about individuals. It was always about the band, the music, the feeling. Subsequently, very few people actually know who David and Roger are. They have every right, as do Nick and Richard, to make the Pink Floyd association clear so that people know of their past work. Oh, and Roger was calling himself “The Creative Genius of Pink Floyd” before Live 8, wasn’t he? – Features Editor]

  83. Living in the Netherlands I bought ‘On An Island’ today. Travelling home I played the CD in my car and at home at least another 4 times. The music David and his great band created is just amazing and is touching me deep.

    Everything on this CD is just perfect. David and band: many many thanks for this masterpiece. I’m looking forward to your concert march 20th in Amsterdam!

  84. Dearest David and dearest FEd,

    yesterday was the great day! I bought On an Island…how much I have been waiting for it!

    It is fantastic! Today I had been listening the album during my car travel from Rome to the little city where my family live…what a wonderful travel!!! Anyway, I need to listen it more and more, to say what I like (and eventually what I don’t like…even if…I think there won’t be nothing I don’t like in David’s work!!!) THANK YOU DAVID!!! THANK THANKS THANKS!!!

    Now…I’m going to waiting in front of the screen…I want be the first to say HAPPY BITHDAY TO DAVID!!!!

    have a great night!


  85. From what I’ve heard so far…

    I’m deeply impressed already… listening to these clips, I feel like I’m having a lovely appetizer and a special glass of wine followed by the main course which is to come very soon when I can enjoy this album when it’s released here in the US next week.

    If I was a bird, I would let these songs by my soundtrack to my flight as I swooped my wings all over this beautiful world that God created. And during the more gritty guitar solos, I’d transform into a metallic bird or a fantastic spaceship and “swoop” through the universe exploring the endless worlds and dimensions that God created.

    That’s the only way I can describe your music, Gilmour. Well done! And I hope when I continue to release my own music through the years, people will feel as free as a bird and they might hear a little bit of your influence along the way.

    Take care and may God bless your days and shine his light through your talent…

    Craig, a.k.a. Timewalker Larsonic

  86. I’ve been sitting here growling at my computer all morning. I’ve been listening to the BBC2 program as best I can, but my Mac is suffering from a bad case of streamus interruptus, so I’m only catching tidbits of the show. I did enjoy ‘Where We Start’ quite a bit, or should I say, I enjoyed ‘Whe…e………..Sta….we………Star….”

    Streaming can be such a bugger.

  87. Really, really enjoyed David and Phil’s segment on Wossy’s show. They were both relaxed,funny and engaging. The perfomances of both “Smile” and “Where we start” were fantastic.

    Thanks very Much!

  88. Help ! would like to be alone with “on an island” ! cann’t stop playing it… what a delicious drug…


  89. I was delighted to find that here in Ireland we have been treated to the long awaited album a few days before our British cosuins…. Thank you, it is the most refreshing, delightful, complex, rich infectious and invigorating mix of sounds, lyrics, rhythms and harmonies. Thank you Dave (and Polly) for making my Saturday evening one of the most enjoyable in recent memory!

    I’m off to Amsterdam on the 19th, I can’t wait.


  90. Well said Richard Allen. They were all integral parts of the band and all have the right to play DSOTM. This site is about DG and shouldn’t be an opportunity to have a dig at RW.

    The album is fantastic and the tour is going to be the same.

    Happy Birthday for Monday, David!

  91. As Italians, we are honoured that the cd sleeve was produced in Italy… The book style is great, there’s Polly here I believe 🙂 I’m a big fan of Out Of The Picture as well, wonderful heart touching novel, hope it will soon become a movie.

    Ciao e grazie

  92. One word: Thank you Mr. David
    One place: An island
    One day: 25th March – Milano
    One dream: A photo with David,Rick and me 🙂

    Riccardo – Catania (Italy)

  93. Dave, thank you for a great album, surely one of the five best that have been released in the new millennium so far. The german newspaper “Die Zeit” wrote that OAI is “perhaps the best Pink Floyd-Album (sic!) for the last 30 years”. Please don’t forget to release a Live-DVD!


  94. Have yet to receive e mail re mermaid theatre comp.Would be grateful for confirmation, or was it all just a dream?

    Many thanks

    [Fortunately it wasn’t a dream. I’ll send you another e-mail right now, Malcolm. Any problems, please let me know. – Features Editor]

  95. The video clip of Smile is sublime. It’s awesome to see the acoustic lap-slide guitar that David’s uses in the song…absolutely beautiful.

    Is it really March already? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  96. I wish you a wonderful day, next monday.

    Monday 6th of march will be my birthday, too, I want you to know that I’ll love you and your melodies for ever. XXX

    love love love Irene

  97. Yeah my copy of it arrived at my doorstep this morning.

    Damn amazing. Just amazing!

  98. yes some good points, Live 8 was a fitting end to Pink Floyd. A superb and just finale for the greatest band there will ever be.

    …but from a fans point of view I think live 8 has only just brought Pink Floyd to the masses and I believe their biggest popularity stage is still to come.

    Enjoyed Dave on Mr Woss’ show this morning, apart from Dave telling Phil to play faster lol. About as professional as Ross’ questions!

  99. I was lucky enough to hear the album today – and I just want to say its beautiful! Thank you David for more wonderful music, I am very much looking forward to the Albert Hall Concerts in May : )

  100. Nice job, david. Im from italy, i bought your album today. I found an excellent job, the most interesting from the last years, in my opinion. The sound it is great, i love your guitars, castellorizon, the blue, on a island and a pocketful of stones are my favourites.

    But i m sorry if i say to you this: i prefer amused to death, i think it is more complete, especially i love the lyrics of this album. Sorry david but it is what i think

  101. if you love pink floyd then you love all 4 of them!!!the music that they made as a team.roger waters is great!!!i dont really know them so why put anyone down.all 4 made pink floyd great,and syd started the whole thing!!so that makes 5 sorry:-)the bike song rules,oh and julia dream.so love gilmour he is super great and fine super fine,but roger is great too.i have alot of respect 4 roger waters.they are all human everyone has fights .so much love for all of them!!!i got to say i always loved it when nick mason said “i want chips beans and a tea”and his apple pie .lol they all made the best band i think ever was .

  102. Hello David, Hello FEd!

    in Italy is 23.58…I think in England is 22.58…but I live in Italy..so, 1 day again to say to David

    60 times HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YOU!!!


  103. Je voudrais bien qu’on cesse enfin de ressasser ces vielles histoires de “gue-guerre” entre David et Waters, ça n’a aucun intérêt sur ce blog et ça ne fait que me mettre de mauvaise humeur (dois pas être la seule) alors qu’on devrait tous être ravis par l’album de David et moi je le suis totalement et suis sure de profiter au maximum des 2 concerts de Paris, vive la musique et vive David! A bas les “grincheux”!


  104. Spammythepig:


    …enough said……

    PS: Thanks Deborah for the shout-out. Great weekend to you and to all as we approach the long awaited release!

  105. Dear David,

    I listened to you and Phil Manzanera on BBC radio on the internet this morning and am inspired to send you my thoughts.

    You are one of the most influential musicians in my lifetime and I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays and welcome you on your CD release tour as you visit the United States. I think it would be a miserable shame if you were not able to see the great city of Seattle while you are here and I believe that you MUST have enough influential fans in this city to pull off a surprise visit, if nothing else for your own personal enjoyment. So, I hope you will consider my suggestion:

    I know that you will consider my opinion biased. I know that your publicist and producers have made all of the appropriate arrangements. I am sure that Seattle would be on your tour, if there were a reason for it. I just have to say that I believe it is a loss from the sense of the fine arts that you will represent forever.

    May I suggest that some of the most amazing contemporary musical influences in the world have haled from our great city? May I suggest that some of your most influential fans reside here today? May I suggest that you will be able to appreciate the beauty and splendor in a short visit and that it will be a gem in your memory of your tour?

    Thank you for your music and producing something new and exciting for the world to appreciate and enjoy. I am very excited to see you in Oakland.

  106. Pete Paphrides from The Times must be a fan of “The Wall” type Floyd/Rock tracks. His review is glazed-over cynicism, and I don’t think he gets it…

    Had to throw that in to cleanse my soul before getting on with my weekend.

  107. Just finished listening to David and Phil M. on Jonathan Woss. Very entertaining stuff – it got me laughing, that’s for sure. I think “Smile” translated a little better to the unplugged format than “Where We Start” did, but that’s a small complaint. Still worrying about the guy from Sudan who had to marry the goat…

    Hmm, I see you didn’t have the cobblers to post The Daily Mirror’s review of OAI in the Press section. Although I admit it wasn’t very complimentary I must admit I giggled a bit when I read it. Sorry. Must be the gin.


  108. “…as the inflatable pigs were still activated, he said, ‘On va en faire du saucisson.'”

    Poor sausage!

  109. Just a comment for all those talking about roger’s upcoming shows and how it compares to floyd’s(dave, nick, and rick) shows back in the early 90s. i really dont think it should be compared or even be dissected like the way it is in this blog. these guys are musicians who just want to play the magical music they created so long ago. and if i were going to one of roger’s shows this summer, i wouldnt compare or form judgement of the music created, i would just have the time of my life and i suggest anyone going to those shows to do the same, unfortunatly i cant living in america but one thing i can do is experience gilmour on the 5th of april, which i am very much looking forward to i might add 🙂 🙂

  110. I got BabelFish to translate Michele’s post and here’s what we got:

    “I would like well that one finally ceases re-sifting these hurdy-gurdies stories of ‘gue-war’ between David and Toilets, that has no interest on this blog and that makes that to put bad mood to me (do not have to be only) whereas one should all be charmed by the album of David and me I am completely and am sour to it to benefit the maximum of the 2 concerts of Paris, lives the music and sharp David! With bottom the ‘grumpy ones’!”

    😀 Laughing out loud and so on and so forth….

  111. Great show.

    We’ ve been determined to not listen to anything other than the title track until Amazon sends it out to us.

    But today we heard Where We Start and were very impressed. Was nice to hear Smile again as well.

    This album is sounding better all the time.

  112. Elizabeth, thanks for sharing your story yesterday. I will be in Chicago with my wife on the 13th and am counting the hours. I share your passion, but I have to admit that I shiver (fingernails on blackboard) each time I hear another reference to David’s “sexy” voice. I do, however, feel the powerful and familiar warmth of his voice (unchanged from Atom Heart Mother’s “If” to OAI’s “smile”). I have also learned from FE (undoubtably male) and our other friends across the pond that David and I could be considered “mates” (right).

    I did enjoy the Ross show today, especially the live performances. The press section has been interesting and good for a laugh too.

    Finally, I appreciate the discussion about Pink Floyd and it’s members. Such a good point made, that most people wouldn’t recognize the individuals without a reference. So many that I have met recoginze the big hits without even knowing the name Pink Floyd. It’s how we missionaries of David’s first introduce them to OAI.

  113. The UK paper The Mirror gave On an Island 2 out of 5 a few days ago.

    But don’t belive this. He said it was his second solo album…..he knows nothing.

    The Jonathon Ross show was awesome. His question “Would you rather be a monkey or a cat?” was reall funny. He gonna do any TV shows?

  114. oh dear! I still dont have a clue as to how I am going to get this album now… 🙁

    Dyin to hear Dave play sax….but.. when! how! where!

    you lucky blokes

  115. just caught Woss’s interview – amazing!- he never usually lets anyone else get a word in. David & Phil were great, so laid back. i smiled all the way thru, but then thats the effect Davids music has on you. Happy b’day tomorrow – can’t wait till tues we’ve got the train and hotel booked( not to mention 2 days off work!)

    love carolyn & dave

  116. Hello,

    When I say “On An Island” is a lovely “Comfortably Numb”, is that enough?

    Catches that the feeling and the greatness of the album? Afterall “Comfortably Numb” is one of the best songs of David Gilmours history.

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  117. Hi,

    Just like to thank you for giving real fans the chance to see David live – I didn’t win but,hey that’s life. I will be at HMV tomorrow morning and look forward to hearing the album especially after all the reviews and the Mojo interview.

    Very best wishes, Iain

  118. Got the album yesterday, it’s a masterpiece.

    Thank you David.



  119. Got up early saturday morning, did ironing, cleaned bathrooms, sat down to listen to david on Johnathon Ross – when DING DONG – bloody dorbell goes and miss most of the show – now off to Radio 2 website to listen again.

    Can’t wait to meet a few fellow fans on Tuesday at the Mermaid.



  120. I would like to wish David a very happy birthday and to say from the clips ive heard on here the album sounds amazing and by the time i get to see you on the 29th of may il be word perfect so my seat in the choir section will not be wasted lol.Best wishes to you,Mick

  121. Sorry David, but your album is just average. I’m givin’ it 5 out of 10 at best! You need the Floyd with you mate.Patch up your differences and give us an album for the 21st Centuary. Something like “The Final Cut”, hey I’d even settle for “Division Bell” and you weren’t part of that one….

    [Sorry, Brian. Either you’re trying to be funny or you’re just very, very confused. Fair enough if you don’t like the new album, but your comment about ‘The Division Bell’ is… well, flawed. Some say that ‘The Division Bell’ was very much a David Gilmour solo album, just as others say that ‘The Final Cut’ was a Roger Waters solo album. The point being that many feel that “The Floyd” weren’t really needed on either album. Highly contentious, of course, but I’m just pointing that out before others do. – Features Editor]

  122. It’s great living in Ireland when it comes to new releases. I got “On An Island” first thing Friday morning and not even the Broken Social Scene album can fight it off the rack. It’s excellent it has to be said, although David’s comforts of home and romance have left him a little numb to other themes. It reminds me a little of those “filler” numbers from the great “Obscured By Clouds” and “More” era, nice pastoral sounds, calm and collected. I’ll give it an eight out of ten.

  123. Dear F/Ed,

    I wasn’t trying to be funny re: comment made about The Division Bell. What I meant by David not being part of it was… well, exactly like you said. Many regarded it as a David Gilmour album yet it bore the name “Pink Floyd”, therefore it felt like Mr Gilmour played no part in its creation… See?

    Now, I don’t mean to ditch this album and offend anyone in any way. I just simply don’t like it. What I would say though is… David Gilmour has nothing to prove to anyone and, let’s be honest, he didn’t make this album because he needs the money. So, if it’s personal to him (And I’d say it is!)then it serves its purpose.

    Millions of people will like or even love this album for that reason alone! I don’t, but it wont faulter my loyality to Mr Gilmour as an avid fan. Whether he’s part of Floyd or not!


  124. Caption Competition”

    Cafe Manager to Waitress: No!… you go and tell him to stop busking in here…

  125. I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd since the early days. Saw them first at Dunstable Civic Hall (around 1968/69) where they played the whole thing in the dark, much use of the Azimuth Co-ordinator. I’ve seen them many times since. For me the best ever gig was at Wembley during Delicate Sound of Thunder tour. Watching as the sun went down, then Comfortably Numb with the giant Terry’s Silver Orange. Haven’t heard the new album yet, I’m getting it for a present (tonight I hope). For me the whole thing has been a continuous journey. Musical references for the highs and lows of my life. Thanks David. Happy birthday

  126. FE, Please don’t post this note if you find it as argumentative, but…

    Really, Brian, I am suprised that you find the album so disappointing and so disappointingly un-Pink Floyd. Although David has obviously not called this work Pink Floyd, I feel that he is doing what PF has always done, proving so much along the way. This time, he proves that at a point in his life where he has “nothing to prove”, he can continue to make music that takes people to another place. (For me, an island not unlike where the Animals album takes me to.) I also think that the tour that he has put together, at intimite venues, harkens to where he (and PF) started. He is doing what he wants artisticly with the best that he can surround himself with, like he has always done.

    I will not go overboard, telling you my interpretation of what many people think that “bearing the Pink Floyd name” has meant throuout the years. I have to assume though, that you can see that from ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ to whatever album you feel is “the last true PF album” a common thread is evolution. A progression of a band that encompasses a broad range of music (vocal “ballads” like ‘Fat Old Sun’, ‘Fearless’ and A Pillow of Winds (on Meddle) and songs that rock like ‘Young Lust’ or ‘Money”. It has evolved with culture, politics, relationships… This is the Pink Floyd Sound.

    What moves me to write, is that I am suprised that you do not hear The Pink Floyd Sound from “Fat Old Sun” in the new album’s “Smile”. I see many other examples in the rhythm, keyboard, bass line and guitar. In On an Island, David proves as any true artist that his creative brush is as sharp as ever. Should he be touring with PF, playing DSOTM? No. Yeah, I would like that a lot, but that doesn’t take an artist, just a musician.

  127. Just a few observations……

    Im gutted ive missed out on getting tickets to see David, I read with jealousy all those lucky people lucky enough to have tickets.

    I though I would pre order my CD via Amazon Im still waiting for it to arrive & to rub it in as I went shopping to sainsbury’s on Monday night there it was on the shelf in the no. 2 slot!!…cheaper than Amazon as well!!

    Its Wednesday & im still waiting, its torture I tell you!! At least I can listen to the snippets on this web site but in a way that’s making worse.

    Also an observation from my partner, she knew I was a Floyd fan but had no idea just how much until LIVE 8 when Floyd came onstage, I sat open mouthed she did n’t think I was even breathing at one stage(her observation), watching in awe probably bringing back memories of my youth when I sat in a field at Knebworth (who remembers the planes dive bombing the stage just before you started?) or at Wembley arena.

    It was a fantastic night seeing the 4 of you again even if it was for just a short while but maybe memories of my youth was all it was & maybe us Floyd fans are selfish wanting you guys to perform for us for all those wrong reasons. As the last notes of comftbly numb floated away the spell was broken. & the smile on my face was tinged with a bit of sadness I felt I had witnesses something special that was not going to happen again. Thank you for that special moment.

    Your music was never music that pandered to what we wanted & to continue to expect you guys to perform those songs even if they are still great in our eyes ( oh how I would love to see echoes performed again) is a bit selfish. I can fully understand why you might not want to get back together again.

    That was then

    This is now


    All the best David, good luck on your tour,

    wish I was there


  128. To Brian,

    Your comments are noted and some I would agree with and some I wouldn’t… What I would like to reply about is your comparing of this album to Animals. That’s like comparing Bushmills Single Malt to Ribena!!! Animals was an album with attitude, with political opinions and with more than a few memorable moments. On An Island has none of these! Also: Anyone, a PF fan that is, would hear comparrisons to On An Island with other Floyd stuff. They’re bound too. Gilmour was a big, big part of the Floyd build-up. For years, after their split, people compared John Lennon songs and Wings songs to those of The Beatles. It’s inevidable that this will happen to Gilmour & Floyd songs too. One difference perhaps being that David Gilmour has had other solo albums whilst still with Pink Floyd. So perhaps I should compare On An Island to his other Solo stuff… But I wont, because that will only open the door for further discussion and i feel that I’ve given the feature Editor of this web-site quite enough to keep up with… BDE


  129. On reading some of the comments.

    To Brian Elwood: I do agree with you that this album is less than I expected given the hype. But I’d suggest to you that you listen to it again. It begins, like a lot of other things, to grow on you.

    I’ve listen to it 3 times now. It’s still, in my opinion, not brilliant, but I’m beginning to appreciate it a bit more.

    To the other Brian: A question. You’ve been rather articulate in your reply about Mr Elwood’s comments but you don’t fully express what you think of this new album. Do you like it? Perhaps you’ll thrall us with your overweighted, graffic opinions!

    [Calm down, ladies! No need to be bitchy. – Features Editor]

  130. Thanks for your discussion BDE. I want to tell you, that more than a comparison to the Animals album, I intended to say I felt that the music in OAI sucessfully puts me into a mental state of relaxed enjoyment (like the Animals album does for me). To be a bit more specific, The guitar solos in track #2 on both albums mesmorize me (or enthral me). I find that I can listen to them both many times over focusing on different subtleties within, finding memorable moments each time. I am personally very satisfied with where David has gone with this album. I honestly feel that I relate to putting all else (politics…) behind for a while and enjoying the music. I may be getting old.

    I absolutely appreciate your comments about attitude and political opinions (it sounds to me like you miss them, or at least that you feel that they made the sound PF, right?), and I do not find them in OAI. I feel that the Pink Floyd sound that you spoke of includes Roger’s increadible lyrics. I have a great place for the attitude and politics (I have loved the late PF with Roger, and Roger’s solo albums (most especially Amused to Death) but I just didn’t expect to hear them on OAI.


  131. On An Island great cd got the chance to hear on Sirius happy birthday Dave best wishes hope see you in Toronto Massey Hall

  132. Hey David,

    Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun?

    You still do my “son”!

    Rock on!


    (ps. Before anyone else gets in there. I know that “Shine on” wasn’t about Mr Gilmour but rather Mr Barrett so don’t be a smart ass and post a message telling me that)


    im happy.

    My comments on the CD for what they are worth. There are some tracks which are “instant” there are others with more depth & substance that may take more than one listen to appreciate which in my view should make listening to the CD a continued fullfilling expereince in years to come.

    either way i put it in the car on the way to work & arrived relaxed & at peace with myself.


  134. Brian,

    This album must seem like a Godsend for you!

    You seem the type to be over-sensative and unrelaxed. So this album, if I have to say anything in its favour, is just for you!

    I see now why YOU really like it!!!

    Here endeth the discussion…..

  135. What an amazing album.. and its just great to hear that guitar tone again, instantly brings a smile on my face!!!




  138. The Gods are good to us. A new wonderous thing.

    And released on my birthday. You can’t ask for more than that.

    Great to see Mr. Gilmour amicable with Mr. Waters again.

    I pay no attention to pre hype or opinions. It can ‘taint’ your feelings on the first listening.

    Upon listening to the album for the first time. I was struck by the very first track, which seemed to start with a sound collage of previous works, then moved to a Bluesy finish. I liked It.

    And what followed was more Beautiful Gilmour, permeated with more guitar solo’s, that massage the soul and leave you wanting more.

    The way that Red Sky at Night used familiar themes we know and love to take us to another place. Excellent.
    Then I close(d) my Eyes. It is cold here in Lytham in March, but I was in summer fields, next to the ocean, with my Love by my side. With the Fat Old Sun in the Sky
    Smile. I did. Another familiar, in the bridge, that went another place. Beautiful. ( Thought I heard Roy Harper in there at one point? )

    More and Mour please.

    All in all A marvellous construction that takes you from past to present and back again. Without repeating itself.
    One Hundred Thousand Stars.

    The DVD is Fantabulous and most Magiclous.


  139. Just want to say the album is fantastic, really well thought about and every song composed beautifully..Well Done!!

    Im so glad of being introduced to pink floyd,Im a young fan and i adore every album!

    I cant wait till i see the great man in Glasgow…its going to be something else.

    Thanx for making brillinat music,its changed my life.

  140. Hi David

    My Wife just got me On an island, it is very very good,I can not stop playing it, I see in the sleve notes your comment about Steve O’Rourke, I agree its sad he can not share this special album with you, I met him through motor racing and he was a very nice man.I wish you and your family all the best.

    Jonny Lewis

  141. I love this cd! A friend who knows how much I admire DG’s music suprised me with it, and it has not been out of my car player since 3/07/06!!!!

    My 4 year old daughter has seen the David Gilmour Live DVD a few times, and when she heard his lovely voice on this cd, she asked if that was David!!! Thank you,David, for bringing such joy to our ears and our hearts.

    Julie and Leyla

  142. Hello features editor.

    I’m clutching at straws here.

    I know the tickets are sold out & i can’t afford to pay two hundred pound for a ticket from the various ticket outlets i’ve researched, but i am so DESPERATE to watch David in concert. The truth is i don’t have a PC & didn’t have the opportunity to purchase any tickets when they went on sale. I am a huge Gilmour/Floyd fan, i’ve managed to see Roger Waters at Glastonbury festival a few years ago & it would make a dream come true if i could add David to the ever growing list of concerts i’ve attended. It’s also my birthday in may & it would be the best present EVER if i could get hold of 2 tickets at a good price, we’d consider traveling as i think David’s well worth it! PLEASE please (x million) can u help a desperate dedicated girl fulfil her dream by somehow finding 2 tickets for me? I don’t know what else i can do or who could help me-please will u help? (or anyone reading this)?

    Could you possibly email me? I’m waiting in anticipation, everything is crossed, fingers, toes, i’ve even got my friends & family to cross theirs too……

    Laura, G.B

    P.s, I’ve got the new album & i’m loving it, good work David! Also, a very happy birthday.x

    [Sorry, Laura. As much as I’d like to help, if we were to help one fan with such a request, we would have to help every fan. Of course, this is impossible. If you want to post your e-mail address, maybe someone with a spare ticket or two can help. You are very welcome to do that. If anyone can help, please let us know and leave an e-mail address for Laura. Also, are you aware that there’s a competition to win tickets to see the final night of the tour over on the ‘On An Island’ page of http://www.davidgilmour.com? – Features Editor]

  143. Hi

    I have a smal question: Who wrote a text to the songs in a new album ON AN ISLAND?

    [David and Polly did, Adam. – Features Editor]

  144. To Features Editor,

    Thanks for your reply to my letter of desperation. As gutted as i am, i kind of expected it was going to be bad news. Yes, my friend & i have both entered the competition, but in all honesty i have never won a competition in my life,(oh, apart from the wet T-shirt one i entered whilst on holiday last year)!

    Anyway, is there ANYBODY out there that can please PLEASE help me get my hands on a couple of these things that are made of gold dust?? I would be forever in your debt!

    For any fantastic, kind, knight in shining armour, fairy god mother type; any Hogwarts graduates, or people that can do magic, if you can help me, my email address is: laura_mcmuffe@yahoo.co.uk

    Again, my fingers are crossed!

    Many thanks,
    Laura, (Devon, U.K)

  145. I am 47 1/2 years old (48, on 3/17) and I want you to know, that I have been a Floyd fan for as long as I remember. Everyone who knows me, knows that!!! 🙂 I was fortunate to see Pink Floyd at the Silverdome in Detroit in ’94. It was something that I’ll never forget….Please, please, go on tour in the states, please. I want my teenage children to witness such talent….I told my kids, if they don’t play “wish you were here” at my funeral, that I’d come back and haunt them…..sad, but true!! I bought your new cd, and track 6, this heaven, is my favorite (if I had to choose!) My email address for years was “gilmourgirl”, but since I’ve worked at this bank, it had to be changed…….dam……I hope you had a wonderful 60th birthday…..and hope to see you soon…….Juli

    [David is touring the States. See the Live Dates page of http://www.davidgilmour.com for details. – Features Editor]

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