David Gilmour In Concert


As you may have noticed from our Latest News, the 2001 Meltdown show at London’s Royal Festival Hall – which became ‘David Gilmour In Concert’ upon its release on DVD in late 2002 – could well be appearing on a television near you.

If you live in Portugal, then RTP will broadcast it on Saturday 22 April on RTP1, with a repeat following in May.

Contrary to reports elsewhere, the UK’s Channel 4 will not be showing this concert on Saturday 15 April.

We’ll let you know the broadcast times, and which other countries are going to be airing the concert, when we have all the details.

We’ve got two full tracks and four clips from this concert on the Discography page, by the way.

Can we also put an end to the endless questions about a DVD of the ‘On An Island’ tour by saying that a DVD is being discussed and we’ll let you know when an official decision has been made.

There are no plans, however, for a live CD.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. fet ed is this exactly the same show that became on the dvd david gilmour in concert or is this the meltdown show only 🙂 i thoutght there were 2 different shows oin the dvd


    [I believe it’s the same as the DVD, which was the Meltdown show of June 2001 in its entirety. The DVD extras were from the 2002 London shows. – Features Editor]

  2. OOhhh, David Gilmour on tv perhaps this is finally the way that some of my dimwitted friends will finally see the brilliance of the guy I ramble on about all day.

    How exciting!
    He he

  3. … as long as people can convert a DVD audio track to MP3’s, they’ll have a live album anyway.

    I am very pleased about this news, the show I saw was excellent, and it would be a shame to lose this period of live performance to unreliable memories.

    The Meltdown show was even better in person than on television.

  4. ed, didn’t channel 4 show this in the uk aroundabouts the time the dvd came out? i remember it was on late one night.

    [They did. The DVD came out the following day. – Features Editor]

  5. Hi FEd and everyone else… hope everyone is fighting fit and looking forward to the US shows coming up?

    First, great to see the blog back and firing on all cylinders (good work, Eric!). As some others have said, it has become an essential daily visit!

    An hour of the DG In Concert is being aired on the UK’s Channel 4, on Saturday 15th April, at 1:30am.

    Hope this helps…but then, everyone here has got it already on DVD. Right? RIGHT? If not, do yourself a massive favour and snap one up! It’s a beauty!

    [I second that. Thanks, Matt. – Features Editor]

  6. John

    “didn’t anybody tell you yet that you lost the election and Mr.Harper is now our prime minister.”

    Merde…Personne me dit quelque chose!!

  7. Hooray, yes as you say something good on tv shocker! Or rather something that dosen’t involve Z list ‘celebrities’ skating, singing (?) dancing, cooking or being shoved in a jungle.

  8. [I believe it’s the same as the DVD, which was the Meltdown show of June 2001 in its entirety. The DVD extras were from the 2002 London shows. – Features Editor]

    o i see . nothing really exciting for me then as i have had the dvd for a good while . i probably will watch it anyway as the concert is cool . thats if it come to english or irish tv 🙂


  9. Hi, dear Fed,

    Je sais que ce n’est pas le lieu, mais…

    Dites-moi, que pense-t-on de ce qui se passe ici, en France, quand on vit “ailleurs”? Oh, ne craignez rien, malgrĂ© ce que semblent dire vos journaux. Ce n’est pas la rĂ©volution. Vous pouvez venir en France, cher Fed, comme vous en avez eu l’idĂ©e. Nous vous accueillerons avec joie (et ce n’est pas seulement pour savoir qui vous ĂȘtes, dear Fed… non non…)

    – To Clemens:
    Avez-vous remarquĂ© que les guerres de religion ont toujours Ă©tĂ© dĂ©clenchĂ©es par des religions monothĂ©istes. Les polythĂ©istes se sont contentĂ©es d’absorber les dieux des pays conquis pour des raisons Ă©conomiques ou hĂ©gĂ©moniques…

    Bon, je sais, ce n’Ă©tait pas l’endroit. Pardon, dear Fed.
    Et pardon aussi pour le français (mais Ă  l’heure qu’il est…)

    PS. J’espĂšre que vous pourrez enfin voir mes dessins (si ça ne marche pas cette fois, je… je…!)

    Ikkar, with love.

    [Les journaux sont pleins des mensonges. Je regret, mais je n’ai pas les mots français pour dire ce que je pense. Mon professeur français Ă  l’Ă©cole dit comment parler Ă  la banque, la poste, la station, le restaurant, l’hĂŽpital… Beaucoup d’endroits importants, mais rien au sujet de la politique, ou le monde, ou la vĂ©ritĂ©… la substance importante. Ainsi, j’ai besoin de beaucoup practice! J’espĂšre que je peux voir votre art, Ikkar. Je voudrais cela beaucoup. Je vous souhaite un trĂšs bon weekend. – Features Editor]

  10. As many others have already noted, I too missed my daily read. Also like many others I am in the process of coordinating my travel arrangements to NYC for the 4/5 show. If all goes as planned I’ll see you at the telestrater. Six days and counting…can hardly wait!!

    I love Echoes but if I had to choose I’d rather hear David play two 8 minute songs than one 16 minute song. More the merrier!!

  11. Fed,

    Explain this to me. David put out a DVD of live stuff a few years ago, now they’re talking about putting out another DVD instead of a live album? That makes no sense. I personally find watching DVDs of concerts incredibly boring (though I don’t find going to concerts boring at all, go figure).

    “On an Island” is a hit worldwide, I’m sure some people would love to hear some of those songs live, as well as “Dominoes” “Wut’s…uh, the Deal”, “Fat Old Sun” and the other, more obvious fan favorites. Call David and tell him that I demand a cd and not a DVD. Or we can compromise and do both. Also, tell him I’m the president of Columbia Records.


    [When you write here, you are telling him yourself! – Features Editor]

  12. In response to those that have ‘replied’ to my views – March 27, 2006 06:22 PM. I think it’s wonderful to be fortunate enough to have escaped the psychological constructs of the system and be conscience of the magnificence and infinity of space. Our scientific understanding of space is inconsequential; a worthless quest for the human ego. We already have the answers inside us – we are united elements; part of the very process. Something we need not experience to understand. The language is not important. The ruling class will not define and conquer space. The human race is but a minute part of the ultimate recycling process that is the chemistry of space. Construction and deconstruction. Earth is but one reaction in the never ending chain that is space. This reaction is not governed by emotion/ego; it is governed by chemical attraction and reaction. Life will extinguish itself and so will out planet – that is certain. I merely express the power of applied pure logic – powers of the mind that most have been trained to use for other purposes. Our system is not conducive to reality. The system is a closed circuit that rellies on feedback and distortion – an implied psychological reality that is based on appeasement of ego. Our society is an ambiguous mass delusion supported by a carefully crafted support network of delusions; reinforced by steady streams of media induced non-realities. All devised to support and add false structure to the ruling class control system.

    Religion is but one of the mechanisms employed by the earths ruling class – it is the psychological foundation for many of the other systems and allows integration of given psychological constructs to be effectively employed. Most of these systems are installed over time with repetitive ritual/ceremony. These emotional disorders are installed from birth and accepted by the masses as evolutionary Trates of the human mind – as are many other constructs clouding the reality of the working class. These delusions are merely a common accepted reality imprinted on the minds of the working class by the power system that exploits our earth; abstracts that are utilised by our installed religious convictions and add a further layer of enslavement to the mind of the working class.

    Science is ego. It is a tool of the system; used as a means to advance and stabilise it’s power base. The ruling class utilises science as a means to create vehicles of death and destruction. Most advances in medicine, surgery and pharmacology evolved from warfare. The drug company’s aren’t interested in cures; they merely devise ways of extending life for a given duration post disorder diagnosis. Diseases that are reactions to environmental factors caused by science in the first instance. War is a tool used to reinforce the power class and to dilute and deplete the working class of certain personality types and Trates that the system sees as a threat. War diluted the healthy and strong from our population – a price the working class will pay forever. War disease and famine is used as a means of controlling the worlds population. AIDS and many other diseases are a product of the power system/science. All of these systems are a construct of the worlds ruling class. Science serves the purpose of enabling the use of the earths resources for the economic growth of the ruling class – merely another level of control for the ruling class/system.

    Tim, Clemens, Hypnoton, Thad, Angello etc. I accept that you believe what you are saying to be true, but as far as I’m concerned you are all just expunging rhetoric that has been programmed into you by the system – a defensive barrage the system has installed to protect it’s self from people that discount the ultimate value of it. I hope in the future that our final days on this planet will not be ruled by the power class and that the populous will wake and realise that we were driven to this point by a sector of people that has only their happiness and best interest at heart. Not that it really matters. Our propensity for self destruction is a flaw that lays at the very centre of our being. I will flow happily into the abyss when my time comes. I don’t fear death because I understand who I am and what we are. Anyway, I’m off to stimulate my nervous system with some of David’s album.

    Thank you for the kind words Features Editor, Veronica and of course Dr Phang.

    Hysteron proteron

  13. I got the cd for my birthday and I love it. Here is the review:

    This is the Pink Floyd’s guitarist 3rd solo album and it could have easily been a good Floyd cd. Its been 13 years since the last studio Floyd cd, The Divisional Bell. And its been 22 years since his last solo album, About Face. He obviously likes to take his time when it comes to making music. Coming off the heels of the Pink Floyd reunion at London’s G8 music festival last summer, Dave finally emerges with new sounds. The cd comes packaged in a nice book cover complete with lyrics and some not-too-artsy pics. Very nice package even if Hipnosis (long time Floyd design and artwork team) weren’t there to create it.

    The cd kicks off with some moody sound effects and orchestral score to kind of draw in the listener. It goes on just abit long but some tasteful guitar playing comes in. The first song is the title track, which sounds in tempo like a cross between Floyd’s ‘Breathe and ‘There’s No Way Out Of Here’ from his first solo album from 1978. Fellow Floyd Rick Wright is on Hammond organ and David Crosby and Graham Nash provide backup vocals. This song has a cool 70’s AOR feel.

    The next song ‘The Blue’ is a beautiful meloncholy song. One of my new fave songs. His voice is very effective, as it is throughout the whole cd. His guitar playing is fantastic and right on. There is no Stevie Ray Vaughen blues wanking here. Gilmour always plays along with the atmosphere of the songs. He is a good example for ALL guitar players to hear and understand what playing tastefully is about. Not even Clapton today can create the kind of ambience Dave gets out of his Strat.

    Most of the songs were written with his wife Polly Samson and she has been a good lyricist for Dave. She co-wrote songs on Division Bell and she has a good way of expressing human interactions, both postive and negative in songs. Roger Waters tends to go off into his own rant and finds targets for his songs. Polly is more connected to universal feelings regarding relationships. She helps Dave create a proper mood with her lyrics to match his music.

    The next song, ‘Take A Breath’, sounds like something that King Crimson might have recorded for their early 70’s album ‘Red’. This is a nice surprise to hear as He practically ressurrects the better aspects of Prog Rock on this track without it sounding pompous or bloated. Nope, no ELP here. It has a slight laid back feel for one of the ‘rockers’ on the cd.

    Next we have ‘Red Sky At Night’ and it has a similar Melotron intro like ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’. The Floyd comparisons are inevitable here. This track probably should have kicked off the cd.

    The rest of the cd has sound effects fading in and out and some musical passages seem to kinda go on for abit. This is down to how relaxed you are listening to the cd up to this point. The musical interludes will either enhance your mellow state or your going to hit the track select button on your cd player for the next track. Gilmour pretty much surfs laid back but the music is not lazy nor meandering. I take exception to Rolling Stone’s review of the cd when they call the cd too derivitive of adult ear candy. The point is that Gilmour/Floyd grew with its audience through the years. We have a very logical progression musically and Gilmour isn’t bothering to do rap songs or emo crap to suit Rolling Stone’s musical understanding. He is on his own musical island.

    And its a nice place to visit.

  14. [I am very pleased about this news, the show I saw was excellent, and it would be a shame to lose this period of live performance to unreliable memories.]

    I agree with you 100 %

    On the “David Gilmour in Concert DVD” I think I need to buy me a second copy already…

    Very nice concert, I liked the acoustic versions of the songs. Great band too!

    Best, Clemens

  15. This is a little off topic and I’m not sure if I should post it hear but I thought I’d give everyone a little advice about getting the “island jam” cd. I live in the US and i got mine through amazon.com but they do sometimes ship internationally. There is one available on the site right now under “collectible” and it is available for international shipping. It’s $24.99 and you get the On An Island cd to. I’m sure there will be more to come, I hope this information will help. Good luck picking up a copy.

  16. I’ve done it!!!

    I can play the first solo to Comfortably Numb note for note along with DG (The Live8 version)… Now it’s onto the second one…so if anyone knows a site with a good version of the second lead break on I’d appreciate it…

  17. I have already bought the meltdown on dvd. my question is will it be played in the states and will PBS carry it.If you find out will you lets us know. Thomas

    [We’ll certainly let you know. – Features Editor]

  18. I have watched the DVD a few times and it was good. It’s nothing compared to what I’m expecting to see at Massey Hall on April 10th though. I am really, really, really, really, X1000 excited to see this show.

    By the way…

    Are there plans for a DVD or live CD?
    How about plans for any more live US dates?
    When’s Pulse coming out and will there ever be a PF reunion?

    …Laughing out loud…that was just a joke. Please don’t ban me for it. Just some innocent humor about the questions that I have already seen like a thousand different times in here. People need to start reading before they post!!

    [Only a thousand times? Are you reading thoroughly? – Features Editor]

  19. Ah hell, we’ve all got that on DVD, don’t we? Plus we who have it get to see “Spare Digits” and the television viewers don’t, nyah nyah nyah.

    ps – I’m packing for NYC: Guy, do you like jelly babies?

    pps – David (I know you’re out there!), it would be nice if you’d consider putting some of your recipes on the website. Pick me out a vegetarian one, there’s a good lad.


  20. “An hour of the DG In Concert is being aired on the UK’s Channel 4, on Saturday 15th April, at 1:30am”

    That’s great news, but why oh why put it on at 1.30am? I know in this wonderous age of Tivo/Sky+ that the airing time isn’t a big deal anymore, but imho it deserves something the other side of midnight.

    I’d love to see DG and the boys on Later with Jools at some point when they get back from conquering the world, but I’m guessing this will happen in time 😉 Also, I rode past the Roundhouse in Camden today and the renovation work is really progressing. That’s another venue I would love to see DG play when it’s finished…

    Oh yes, and I listened to Meddle today for the first time in a while, and in the context of having listened to OAI a lot recently there are so many songs that I’d love David to play (not necessarily on this tour..!!). Fearless in particular stood out as one of those songs that begs to be revisited, or maybe even San Tropez.

    Caption: David wasn’t at all phased as the mothership landed stage right 🙂


  21. Just a note to say how much I love the album! I just can’t get enough of it…so beautiful (just like David!). It’s such a shame I’m going to miss all of the concerts in the U.S. due to all the sold out shows. A DVD is my only chance to share the experience, so please give it every consideration. Do it for the fans!

  22. got my ticket`s today for bridgewater hall, now it seems real, I just can`t wait!

  23. Hi, probably RTP will broadcast it is such late hours like 3 or 4am that most people won’t be able to watch this great concert. They usually do that with no comercials whatsoever, last week the Dire Straits ‘On the Night’ was on TV at 3am.

  24. I don’t get the whole “yes to a DVD, no to a CD” idea.

    If you’re going to produce one then you might as well do both. I mean, I know I’d buy them. lol

    Either way, I’m pumped for Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday! I can’t believe it’s less than a week away!!!!!

    WOO HOO!!! 😀

  25. Meltdown is so good! I have it and love it, however a DVD of this tour would be incredible—then my kids (fellow Gilmourites) could see it. Great idea!!! Think of all the unluckies with no tickets, zillions of people would be able to see this tour, which sounds fantastic!!!! OH AND I’M SEEING MY BELOVED DAVID GILMOUR TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!!!!YEAH BABY!!!!!!


    Elizabeth (USA)

  26. David has mentioned the Rah shows will be taped for a Dvd on a Interview he did. There is a link on the On an Island page of my site you can view by clicking the link below. I also totally agree that if you have not got your copy of David Gilmour live in concert dvd your missing a great piece. The way David stripped down all those songs to pure form was simply amazing. Besides how else can you view David Saying F- Georges Bizet then on the Home video extra? The extras section is loaded with goodies, my particular fav is when David Does Shakspears Sonnet 18, you get a wonderful overview of the Astoria. I just wish we got a Glimpse of Phil ….He does such a great job for David!

    Randy Ekstrom, extremley excited chap to see David in New York

  27. Hi!i realy hope that it will be a dvd from the tour,and that it will conteins all songs played on the tour! WHY? think of all that realy wanted to go to ON AN ISLAND consert but was not able to get ticket ,or like my living up in Alta ,North Norway,the cost just to get down where the consert was held,will cost me 1100 Pund alone just for the airticket.So pleace think about all of us that never had the chance!

    Pleace David Gilmour

    think about all of us pleace:)

  28. Sir David,

    The new DAVID GILMOUR DVD will certainly be record in Montreal….if a venue date is finally announced hihihi….



  29. As I told all of my co-workers today,

    “Five more days and I go to the big city…Yippee!”

    The anticipation is killing me, I hope it lasts.

    By Tuesday I should be driving them all crazy!

  30. Can I just say (in purely relative terms) that David is promoting his tour as the voice and guitar of Pink Floyd and Roger is promoting his tour as the creative genius of Pink Floyd, both of which, are arguable but(to my mind)fair appreciations of your work together(not ignoring Nick and Rick’s truly outstanding contributions for a second) The Live8 set was a dream come true for Pink Floyd fans and purely for selfish reasons, I’d love to hear what you fab four could produce in the studio again but I respect, without question, David, Roger, Nick and Rick’s right (seriously, no pun intended!) to pursue your own musical and artistic course. You guys (and Syd of course) are and forever will be, a major part of popular music history- Shine on.

    [I’m sorry, but I don’t see how anyone can argue that David was Pink Floyd’s voice and guitar. – Features Editor]

  31. I figure here in the states the show will be on Public Broadcasting as a way of raising funds for the freespeach forums of PBS and NPR, always a thrill to hear or watch a concert on television. They usually have some sort of gift when you pledge money, perhaps autographed copies of On An Island? Or shall I wait and get mine personally autographed by the man himself? (Ah… dreams)

  32. Strangely enough as I do read almost all the comments here, What are David’s plans after his 2006 Solo Tour?

    [I’d imagine some time relaxing with his family sounds like a good plan. – Features Editor]

  33. thanks for considering a DVD release of this tour, some of us just dont have the money or the proximity to see this event and this will have to do. It would be a nice addition to the Meltdown DVD & ’84 Hammersmith video.

  34. Why Doesnt David offer Soundboards for sale through his website? it would be a GREAT way to raise money for the charities he likes to promote, and give us fans something we want. it would fill the demand that the evil scalpers on ebay are filling, and help a good cause. I WOULD BUY ALL YOU OFFERED.

  35. I’m sure no one will pay attention to this, but here goes anyway. If anybody does read this and agrees, let David know along with me. I love “On and Island”! What a great album and a treat to all the Gilmour and Floyd fans out there. Thanks David! I’m happy it will be played in its entirety for the concert. But, I’m surprised that some of the older David Gilmour solo material isn’t being played.

    I love the setlist
don’t get me wrong. It couldn’t be better (well, maybe it could be just a teensy-weensy-wee bit better hearing David sing and play “Dogs” right after “Echoes” along with Richard Wright on the Hammond B3. We love you too Richard!). But how about hearing “There’s No Way Out of Here”, “Out of the Blue” or “Love on the Air”? Or my absolute favorite Gilmour tune, “Murder”.

    Is anybody with me? Let’s talk David into adding one for the North American shows! You are the best David!! See you in Rosemont, IL…


  36. If concert footage is filmed, please, please be forward thinking and record it in high-definition.

  37. Dear Mr Feated,

    Terrific. This concert was terrific. Just between the european and american tours, thanks to David and Richard, Guy, Phil, Jon, Steve, Dick for their private and very special jam on my studio-barge “The Agora”, near Monaco :

    -First half
    Fat old dark side of the moon
    Me, Alice
    Obscured by money
    The great narrow way in the sky (with Sam Brown)
    A pocketful of dominoes
    Coming back to hopes

    -Second half
    Where we breathe
    Until we smile
    Where we breathe (reprise)
    Set the controls for the heart of the island
    High times
    A great day for echoes

    Wish you learn to fly
    Comfortably eclipsed

    Frédéric BarrÚs
    (A french David Gilmour fan since 1968-A saucerful of secrets to 2050-Agay’s dreams revenge
and with the marvelous 2007-On an island Live)

  38. Excellent photo today, so surreal. Yesterday’s blog just dragged me down after awhile regarding you know who. It’s done, let’s get on with the show at hand here. To Kasra, well done. Maybe we will all meet at the Hard Rock. Hope we can get in, it’ll be packed for sure. Nice photo of Phil and Guy yesterday, what great Smiles. Thanks.

  39. Great to see David on TV. But 1.30am in UK can this be true? Right at peak viewing then! Bye the what what does “genre-busting” mean Fed when you described the concert in “latest News”? Is it anything to do with jeans?

    Have to say that the Mermaid concert was a millions times better than “Meltdown” due to more electricity in more ways than one!

    Ian Pearson

  40. Dear Fed,

    is David planning to add new italian venues for another 2 or 3 gigs? Most probably Venice….

    Sorry to borther you with such a question, but there are a lot of rumors in Italy.

    Thank you all!

    [A lot of rumours, but no hard fact unfortunately. If any were true, we’d tell you. – Features Editor]

  41. Very nice F.E., how these forums are inspiring debates other than our fondness for David (sports,politics,meaning of life,your identity,fraud,spelling etc.)but all the while still somehow being connected to David.Many great comments and a few that may be considered offensive to many partcipants,but that’s what makes the world go round.Thank you so much for being such a fine mediator and allowing us to vent one way or the other.David should, and I’m sure he is, proud of you.

    [John, you’re making me blush. – Features Editor]

  42. This composite photograph is exceptionally cool, so I thought I’d share. The combination of the Eclipse with the mention of Kastelorizo Island seems awfully coincidental, don’t you think?

    They only leave these pictures on the site for 24 hours at a time, and it just went up at 2100 California time Thursday (0500 Friday UTC), so check it out soon by clicking on my name.

    (Thanks, F”Ed)


  43. Caption…

    (Everybody sing along now indeed)

    “Shine On You Crazy Features Editor”

    Sorry about the bastardizaton(how’s that for a word?)of such classic lyrics and their meaning but it’s just for fun.I think we need more fun here today since yesterday was getting a little heavy.

  44. Hello everyone,

    when David Gilmour album came out (1978) I remember
    some private italian TV showing the videos of few songs. I’m sure there was at least Mihalis, There’s no way out of here and So far away, but probably it was the full album. There was David and the band, playing in a studio , I don’t know where it was recorded.

    I’ve never seen this videos anymore, it it possible to find them?

    Ciao Marina

    [It wasn’t the full album, it was a short promotional film featuring David in the studio performing five tracks from his first solo album: ‘No Way’, ‘There’s No Way Out Of Here’, ‘Mihalis’, ‘I Can’t Breathe Anymore’ and ‘So Far Away’. It was never officially released. – Features Editor]

  45. OK, further studying of the clues leads me to revise my conclusions concerning the identity of the FEd. I think we’re close to finally solving the mystery of Lord Lucan guys.

  46. Glad to see the blog back up and working……..I was freaking out, thinking I’d done something to my PC, and doubly freaking out because I couldn’t access the blog !! Nice to see that DG In Concert (The Meltdown Concert) will be aired again………it’s pure class !! And finally, a quick question for our dear Feat Ed – Would it be possible to number each blog entry on each daily page, as I’m not always able to view all the blog entries in one go. It’s a complete pain in the arse, having to step through each blog entry, to find the place where I left off ! It’s just that I don’t like to miss a single entry…….as we have such a bunch of nutters (in a nice way !) on here, and everyone usually posts something worth reading ! Cheers !

    [That would be good, wouldn’t it? I’ll see if it’s possible. – Features Editor]

  47. DG in Concert appears on a TV near me every single time I put on the DVD. I might even be needing a new copy…

    Hey, Ebay is being sued in the US… can we get methaphysical and say: KARMA!

    Have a nice weekend FEd!

    [The same to you, mate. – Features Editor]

  48. Hallo!

    Is there any chanse that the articles in the Press section can be translated into english? I think about the rewiews from Italy and France. Maybe some of all the devoted fans can help?

  49. *Sigh*….

    what a terrible feeling it is knowing that I will never see DG live in concert. Not now! Not ever.. unless i land on a million bucks and get visas to all the countries he’s touring in. sucks to not be in the western world 🙁

  50. Caption…

    (David thnking while singing)

    “I’m barely flexing my left arm and look at it!!Hope they are noticing.Sleeve could be a little shorter though.Oh well..pillocks if they’re not. Match that Guy..Oh well..doesn’t matter.Looks good to me though!

  51. Hey FEd!

    Today I’m wearing David’s tour T-shirt! I’m very beautiful!!
    I hope a lot of people see my t-shirt and decide to buy the album!

    Have a great day!


    [I’m sure it looks better than a sandwich board… and the cheap eBay fakes. – Features Editor]

  52. Happy Friday,

    We are back on air. And it was a technical problem. So tapping the top of my screen was never going to work then.

    I have almost caught up on the last few days bloggings and what has dissapointed me the most is the reaction to the quack from Quebec. Can we please ignore neanderthals like him and concentrate on the lovely reviews like the one recieved from Italy. Apologies to the reviewer your name escapes me now.

    Finally FED, for you, a question I like to ask people is ‘what was the first record they bought’ and (if into Pink Floyd) ‘what was the first PF record they bought.

    Honest answers please, we will not mock. If it helps I can give you my answers.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Oh, that would be telling. It would also be highly embarrassing. – Features Editor]

  53. Hi,

    Great news about the airing of the concert, know what I’ll be watching. Any news on the release of ‘on an island’ on vinyl as the date per amazon keeps changing and its already delayed. IS there a date set in stone?

    [Hi Andy. As soon as I’m told, I’ll tell you. – Features Editor]

  54. In fact, everyone, lets have a Fiday smile.

    Tell us:

    First record bought
    First record given
    First Pink Floyd record heard/bought

    Pete – Coventry

    [I’m thinking about it, mate. – Features Editor]

  55. Excellent News! I hope someone in Canada picks up this broadcast option.


  56. hi all,

    after the big stadium rock ’80 and ’90 tours, the “in concert dvd” was a big surprise. really exciting with the different arrangements, i love it! my favourite is shine on – part 2, (with the wind machine). the only minor is the gospol choir. after repeated listening they are irritating. it’s good that for the On an island tour these singers are left home!

    i bought a dvd player for this show!

    enjoy, Marco


  58. Portugal, Portugal, Always Portugal!

    Always pioneers with Pink Floyd: The beginning of the European leg of the Division Bell Tour, and now the broadcast of David’s concerts on National Television! I think we deserve at least a concert of DavidÂŽs tour alive! Maybe in Rock in Rio-Lisboa ?


    Pedro from Portugal


    Just got tickets today for Glasgow concert. Seats C 16 and 17. Couldnt be better. Am I pleased or what???????????????????????????????????????????

    Cant wait now. Hyper hyper. Who is sitting in seats 15 and 18? Anyone here?

    Ian Pearson

  60. Hi all, I myself own the dvd but having come to tv is great for the fans who don’t have it.

    And can I just put my words in I made up about David, as when it crashed I don’t think my post went through.


    Devine,Admirable,Voice,Indulging,Davids,Guitaring Inticing,Loving,Man,Oustanding,Unique,Rhythm

    Bye 4 now Eclipse x I LUV U DAVID X

  61. Caption Comp: Chooseing the New York Subway as a venue was a bad idea as the rest of the band lept out of the way leaving David infront of the incoming 2.30 from Manhatten!

    [It does look like an approaching train! Spooky. – Features Editor]

  62. Hysteron proteron -interesting opinions – too many words for me though. Remember “less is more” and “perception is the truth”. Thats why I like David’s instrumentals the best. At least one can sing along in tune to an instrumental. And I speak as Chairman of the British Society of Scientific Glassblowers who has just published our latest Journal with a name check to David. How do I send a copy to you FED?

    Ian Pearson

    [That’s very kind of you, Ian. I’ll e-mail you later. – Features Editor]

  63. Is Hysteron proteron the Architect from the Matrix ??

    Does that mean the Features Editor is in fact Neo ?? Has he drawn us to this web site in order to free us from our vats ?? What if David Gilmour doesn’t exist outside the Matrix ??? I think I’ll take the blue pill just in case.


    [Gosh, these guesses… – Features Editor]

  64. In response to Matt’s comments about DVD or CD….

    I kinda see where you’re coming from but, I guess DVD is seen as the ‘thing to do’ these days – and I will happily go out and buy a copy if one is released. But I have to be honest and say I don’t often get the chance to sit down and watch a DVD – certainly not right through – but that is probably down to my lifestyle/family circumstances. A CD is wonderful to just stick on in the back ground – only a few flashing lights on the hi-fi to watch!!

    But, like most people I’ll be grateful for anything that is released, in any format.

    Just one last thought, when Rush released their R30 DVD last year they also offered a ‘Deluxe’ version, which included the soundtrack on 2 CD’s…so there are ways it can be done.

  65. Jonas wrote “Is anybody with me? Let’s talk David into adding one for the North American shows! You are the best David!! See you in Rosemont, IL…”


  66. Well Done Rudders for learning the first Comfortably Numb solo, I myself learnt it a few weeks ago, it’s a cracking solo!!!!


  67. nous sommes tres tres tres tres dĂ©cus qu’aucune date de concert est prevu au quebec.

    des fans touchés profondément.

  68. I personally prefer live audio CD releases to DVD releases. For me, its all about the music and hearing the performance. Plus, the way my life is now, the only time I really get to listen to much music is in the car while commuting to and from work. DVDs certainly don’t help there!

    I vote for these live CDs: About Face Tour, Meltdown Concert, and On and Island Live Tour. If David doesn’t want to go through the hassle of creating, producing and distributing CDs for a major release,why not just make the music files available for download. Hot Tuna does this with live performances on their website. We can buy them directly from David and make our own CDs! It saves time, money and hassle.

    Just some thoughts from a greedy fan. Can’t wait to see the show at Radio City on April 4.

    Mike from Connecticut

  69. I Think the setlist is GREAT!… Please don’t drop Echoes.. Ping, Ping!!

    I think I’m about to break some Guinness records, cause I just can’t seem to put the On an island CD down… I listen and listen to it all day, and I just love the way that Gilmour plays that guitar! The feeling, put into every solo, just makes me go nuts!…

    Can’t wait for April 4th to come… See you all there!

    P.S. How about asking Sam Brown to come and sing the Great Gig again!… just kiddin’ but wouldn’t it be nice?!…

  70. that sounds nice. loving all the press accounts. is the new live echoes one of the greatest moments in music history? phil. phil. anyone. i’ll find out sunday next i suppose. if the dg live dvd isn’t enough for you, you may wish to explore live at pompeii, another great live set, with lots of explosions. kind of.

  71. Sorry if I didn’t make my personal view clear of David’s overall contribution to the ‘Pink Floyd sound’ clearer Ed. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he was the main voice of the band up until ‘The Final Cut’ era and that he was and remains, in my opinion, one of the most tasteful and talented guitarists and singers in rock music history, which is why I’m looking forward so much to the Glasgow gig- the tickets for which, arrived today, shine on indeed! 🙂

    p.s. on the subject of ‘The Final Cut’ I know David is on record as saying that this was a particularly stressful period for him personally, yet it’s a testament to his ability that the record contains (for my money) some of his best guitar work, especially in ‘Not Now John’ in which he seems to be channeling his frustration of the time into an absolutely blistering solo. I’m very happy for him now that his obviously current, blissful existence is reflected in ‘On An Island’ and the album is a joy to listen to.

  72. [Oh, that would be telling. It would also be highly embarrassing. – Features Editor]

    Right, as I suggested it I will go first:

    My mum bought me ‘Little White Bull’ by Tommy Steele and ‘My old mans a dustman’ by Lonnie Donegan. First album bought was ‘Revolver’ by the Beatles.

    First Pink Floyd album bought was ‘Ummagumma’

    First ever concert I saw was Procal Harum.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Did you know that ‘Little White Bull’ was written by Mike Pratt, father of our very own Guy? And frankly I’m outraged that no one has requested a version of ‘My Old Man’s a Dustman’ for the US leg of the tour. – Features Editor]

  73. I always like Fridays but today was even better than normal.

    My advanced Booking (Trinity street) tickets for Glasgow just arrived. I’m in the stalls, near the front and very happy I am too! Seems much more ‘real’ now that the tickets are in my sticky little hands.

  74. Glad to see the blog back up and running. I check out the latest entries every day and was lost without it.

    So many fantastic comments about how good the shows are and I still have two whole months to wait!! It’s getting totally unbearable.

    I was at one of the RFH shows in 2002 and it was stunning, the DVD is a great reminder and has been watched many times over.

    OAI was excellent the first time and has got even better with every listen and a DVD of this show is essential for those of us lucky enough to see it but also for the countless millions who missed out.

    I also agree with earlier comments about inclusion of songs from DG’s earlier solo albums.

  75. For the release of the dvd, if there will be a relaese, I hope there’ll be inside it more than one single gig. put also rome’s gig in it!!!! ciao everyone!!

  76. To SHELLY, TIM, DEBORAH, GUS, LAURIE, TONYA & of course ANGELO and other RCMH attendees,

    4 & 5 days to go for RCMH! I can’t wait to meet all. Angelo let’s try and get FED to post our group photo. What do you think?

    Jonas: I agree with the addition of Dogs!

    Regards to all,
    NY, USA

  77. Love the sound clips on the main site. That David’s a clever fella isn’t he.

    59 days to go before the first RAH show…

  78. First record bought – Status Quo – Hello
    First record given – Lindisfarne – Fog on the Tyne
    First Pink Floyd record heard/bought – Dark Side of the Moon

  79. Pete from Coventry –

    since you asked . . . .

    my first record was Moody Blues “Days of Future Passed” . . I was probably about 13 years old . . . . second record was “Dark Side of the Moon” – probably in the next 12 months . .

    first time I saw Pink Floyd live was in 1975 (Phoenix, AZ) . . . I had glitter in my hair, glitter blue eye-shadow and nail-polish . . . my Mom took myself and a girlfriend and dropped us off before the show . . . her Mom picked us up afterward . . . we were 15 . . . somehow we ended up on the main floor in the 3rd or 4th row, and when that damn plane came swooping down from the back of the auditorium and CRASHED in flames on stage . . . . I almost wet myself (imagine the flood of glitter . . ).

    and just so you don’t think I’m TOOOOOOO cool . . . . . . . I also owned a Bobby Sherman record around the same time (what can I say . . . I was a 13 year old girl . . . )

    how ’bout you Pete???

    How you feeling today F’ed? All better I hope . . . .

    [Yes, thank you. I’ve got two fully-functioning nostrils today. Oh, the thrill. – Features Editor]

  80. Now that the Glasgow tickets are out, any ideas when my letterbox may twinkle with the Albert Hall presale ones?

    I know. We’re all so demanding.

    [I’m waiting for mine, too. Soon, I’m sure. It was always going to be April. – Features Editor]

  81. Hey Ruds,

    Got time for a pint tonight? Same Bat time same Bat channel.

    Cheers, Howard

  82. Dear Fed & David,

    I really appreciate the effort required to maintain this site for the benefit of us fans. I wish you would add a tour date in Atlanta, GA, but I am sure we are well past that point.

    I checked the link you posted for DG merchandise, pretty skimpy, any chance you will be listing on this site? My 14 year old son is a bigger David Gilmour fan than I and he would love to now that the guitar tabs or any other guitar technique information is approved by David.

    Thanks for the wonderful work!

    [Hi Fred. There will be more merchandise added to that page soon and it’s all completely official/approved by David. Unfortunately we don’t plan to add guitar tab and the like, but many fans are hard at work trying to figure out these things. This has proved useful to many budding guitarists and you can find several examples of their efforts across Fan Fare’s many pages. – Features Editor]

  83. Pete from Coventry, Clever way of giving us an idea as to F.Ed’s age. Nice one.

    Single – Can’t remember but it might have been ELO.
    Album – A Trick Of The Tail, Genesis 1976
    PF – The Wall 1980
    Gig – Rainbow, Liverpool Empire 1977


  84. Shouldn’t you people be working……….

    Btw I’ve got an Atom heart mother live in Japan on DVD(1972 concert) how about airing that?!!

    Greetings from holland

    btw2: Amsterdam was great….chapeau!!

  85. Pete –

    First record – Off the Wall by Michael Jackson. Not that embarrassing, really – I listened to it recently and it’s not bad at all (pun intended!)

    First Floyd – The Wall. A friend at school introduced me to it. And we were in the same school that Bob Geldof went to.

  86. ”Pete from Coventry, Clever way of giving us an idea as to F.Ed’s age. Nice one”.

    I’ve been rumbled. But it is good to hears peoples 1st’s.

    And none can be more embarrasing than mine.

    Pete – Coventry

  87. [It wasn’t the full album, it was a short promotional film featuring David in the studio performing five tracks from his first solo album: ‘No Way’, ‘There’s No Way Out Of Here’, ‘Mihalis’, ‘I Can’t Breathe Anymore’ and ‘So Far Away’. It was never officially released. – Features Editor]

    Well what about releasing it, then? Or maybe putting it on the website? I liked it a lot!

    I guess the recording has not been lost.

    thanks Marina

  88. First record bought, ‘There Goes My First Love’-The Drifters

    First record bought for, ‘Masquerade’- The Skids (my Gran got that for me in Woolies on a day trip to Kirkcaldy, which I’m sure raised a few eyebrows in the store!)

    First concert, OMD (Junk Culture tour) at the Glasgow Apollo (sadly, long since demolished)

    First Floyd record heard/bought, ‘The Wall’

    I did know a lad who, when he was 16, went down to London with a bunch of bikers he was friendly with to see his first ever live gig. The concert was ‘The Wall’ at Earls Court, which he said was astonishing but kind of spoiled subsequent concerts for him, as there was no way that they could live up to that experience!

  89. Oh, I was very pleased and proud of you full answer in french ! thank you very much, a great attempt !

    Come in France, dear Fed, not for learning to speak in french, but for enjoying yourself, you are welcome, and don’t worry about “the events” (foreign medias are to negative with us, you know you don’t have to believe news-papers !)

    En ce qui concerne le message de Claude (hier), bien-sĂ»r je n’approuve pas du tout, mais je pense que les rĂ©ponses des fans manquent de tolĂ©rance, il faut respecter les idĂ©es de chacun (que l’on soit d’accord ou pas), en France, on n’aime pas la “censure”, on est pour la libertĂ© de chacun de s’exprimer. Nobody on earth is a “pillock” ! ( well said?, I don’t know…))

    Et puis, si les messages sont trop “filtrĂ©s”, cela risque de devenir ennuyeux de ne toujours entendre que des “louanges”.

    [David is promoting his tour as the voice and guitar of PF, Roger is promoting his tour as the creative genius of PF…]
    “la guitare et la voix de PF”, c’est un fait, ce ne peut pas ĂȘtre discutĂ©, c’est objectif, ce n’est qu’une information.
    mais “le gĂ©nie crĂ©atif de PF”, c’est un jugement de valeur, c’est subjectif, personne n’a le droit de l’affirmer ( ni Waters ni son management), It’s presomptuous, discutable, and to my mind: not true (of course!)

    hey, if David also invade the TV, what will my family do ???

    Have a nice and cool week-end, dear Fed.

    Et coucou Ă  Sylvie…


    [Les mĂȘmes Ă  vous pour le weekend, mon ami. Ne vous inquiĂ©tez pas, parce que j’aime la France. Parfois les journaux sont pleins de la merde! Je pense que les protestations sont fantastiques. Je voudrais marcher avec ces gens. Il est bon pour la dĂ©mocratie, n’est pas? Vous avez raison au sujet de Claude. Il n’y aura aucun despots ici. Merci encore pour les compliments. Vous ĂȘtes trop aimable. Mon professeur français penserait certainement que vous ĂȘtes trop aimable avec moi, je suis sĂ»r! – Features Editor]

  90. Howard

    I’ve had the In-laws here for a week and I seriously need to dry out!!! Thanks for the invite but this weekend I will mostly be sober… 🙂

  91. Hey Fedmeister…

    Didn’t you say you were thinking about a poll of favourite OAI songs?

    Today’s word is Esurient…. as in…

    “I was, sitting in the public library on Thurmon Street just now, skimming through “Rogue Herrys” by Hugh Walpole, and I suddenly came over all peckish.”
    “Peckish, sir?”
    “Eeee, I were all ‘ungry like!”
    “Ah, hungry!”

    [Ah, from the present participle of Latin “esurire” meaning “to be hungry, to desire eagerly” from “edere” meaning “to eat”, eh? Nah, it’ll never catch on. – Features Editor]

  92. I really hope a DVD from the Island Tour to come out. There’s no doubt everyone wants it, and it would be specially nice for us who live in countries where there are no plans (until now) for concerts. But … with or without the DVD, I (and many others) still hoping that David come to Brazil.

  93. Caption Competition

    When they discovered the Terracotta Warriors they also found out who Emperor Qin Shihuang’s favourite guitarist was…

  94. Fellow BloggBroxers… (I know? what is he on?)

    Do any off you have any good Music collectables/anecdotes?

    I have…

    – Signed vinyl copy of the Blues Brother soundtrack album and a hangover from the night I spent in the bar with them
    – 1962 Fender Jaguar
    – I’ve seen Peter Barden’s willy (He played in Camel)
    – I once asked Rick Parfitt of Status Quo for his autograph, he asked me if I had a pen, when I said no he said… well *uck off then… 🙂

    And that’s about it…

  95. Phew! I can’t remember the first record I bought…maybe Acthung Baby (U2)

    But I can say that the best records I bought in my life: Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Sigur RĂČs. The best way to spend money: music…and travels! Of course!

    And I can remember the first Pink Floyd record I listened: Animals. And I started loving Pink Floyd immediatly!

    Have a great week end!


  96. MichĂšle

    “Oh, I was very pleased and proud of you full answer in french ! thank you very much, a great attempt !”

    Don’t be fooled! BabelFish on the Alta-Vista website works well…



    “OH, j’Ă©tais trĂšs heureux et fier de vous pleine rĂ©ponse en français ! merci beaucoup, une grande tentative!”

    Ne soyez pas dupĂ© ! BabelFish sur le site Web d’Alta-Vista fonctionne bien…


    (Sorry Fedmeister you know you’re me mucka really)

    [Babelfish tells me I’m wrong all the time! It makes up more ridiculous words than I do! If I can beat the Oxford dictionary on the ‘rooves’ debate, then Babelfish has no chance, mate. – Features Editor]

  97. First record bought: Elton John – Love Songs (how romantic…)

    First record given: I can’t really remember…did I ever give any record…?

    First PF record heard: Animals (since I was barely 11 I must have grown up kinda distorted…)

  98. Hey FEd!

    How can you know latin? Did you study at school…or did you look up in a e-dictionary?!

    I thought only italians study latin at school! And, however, I couldn’t remember “esurire”! My latin’s teacher would be very proud of you!

    You amaze me everyday!


    [God, no! I wouldn’t dare to try. I looked it up. Possibly from the same place that Rudders gets all his big words. Click your name and you’ll see. – Features Editor]

  99. HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Shift is 1/3rd over, then its vacation until April 10th!!! Wooo hoooo! Grand Canyon here we come!

    Now back to the business at hand… yes the sound clips are great (the one from 2 days ago… kinda blusey was REALLY great!). David is definitely a “tallented fella”. So, David if you ever felt the need to put that stuff out… we rabid fans would pick it up in a heartbeat.

    Also, Mr Manzanaera was quoted in Mojo as saying that David has enough stuff that was workable for a triple album… could that mean David isn’t going to wait 12 years to put the next installment out??? I sure hope not!

    Have a great weekend all!!!


  100. First record bought=Jimmy Hendrix Smash Hits
    First record given=Led Zeppelin II
    First PF song heard=”Careful with that Axe Eugene”

  101. Great page! I’m going to save it in my favourites url! Very funny! Thank you Fed!

    bye bye


  102. If I had to choose between a CD and DVD for a live set of this tour, I’d choose DVD. Because if you have something that plays DVD audio, it’ll play the DVD. It’s not like you have to be watching the video on the telly to listen to it. And you can still skip over songs to get to the one you want to listen to.

    Oh it might be easier to rip a CD for the old iPod, but I’m becoming quite adept at encoding video for my video iPod (sorry Claude, I do not fileshare). Actually DGiC is pretty cool on the iPod, and I can either look at the video or not look at the video, depending on what I’m doing or what I happen to fancy at the time. Live 8 is even cooler. And yes, I have really good eyesight.

    Of course here I go assuming a CD or DVD will be released, when it hasn’t been decided one way or another that anything will be released. Well again, my HOPE is for a DVD, but I’d be happy with a CD. So David, do what you will with this vital information.

  103. First record bought: BachmanTurnerOverdrive-Not Fragile
    First record given: ELP-Brain Salad Surgery
    First Pink Floyd record heard: Pink Floyd-Dark Side Of The Moon
    First Concert: Yes, 1978

  104. Regarding collectibles:

    I have a t-shirt signed by all of Fleetwood Mac, except Christine McVie, (I’m sorry, I have to go make a phone call.) The rest of them were gracious.

    Ian Anderson also signed a copy of “Minstral in the Gallery” years ago.

    I have a backstage pass signed by Robby Krieger & Ray Manzarek (The Doors)

    I have a the CD “Deadwing” by Porcupine Tree signed by the whole band.

    I think that’s about it! Of course, my ultimate goal at the moment is to get “On an Island” signed at the 4/9 Toronto show!

  105. First record Bought – ELO Out of the Blue
    First Album Given – OMD Architecture and Morality
    First Single – Moody Blues Nights in White Satin
    First PF Album Bought – Dark Side of the Moon
    First PF Album Heard – Animals – it was a Sunday and my mates and I were in the School Bookshop after closing, ordering up Sven Hassell books when one of the guys pulled the tape out of his bag and said listen to this. Been hooked ever since.

    Shared drinks with Fish from marillion in Wolfies Bar on Oxford Street, Paul Weller and Style Council, motorhead, metallica and Oliver Reed all in the Intrepid Fox in Soho.

  106. caption: David’s night time concert at Sturges motorcycle rally seemed to go down a Storm.

    First record I bought was off the current egg and spoon champion of the time in my school.I asked him to take a dive and let me claim the title. Cost me a finger of fudge and a curly wurly bar.

    Rgds Geoff

  107. Hi Fe/Ed here’s an idea for those people who would prefer a CD instead of a DVD “TRY TURNING OFF THE TV” I bet you’ll never know the difference ;o)

    It’s my birthday today and I’m 32!! that means I’ve been a fan of David’s for 22 years now! I don’t suppose that if I asked nicely David might send me a nice OAI picture signed To James does it? lol.

    22 years is a long time The Wall was one of my first records I don’t think I have been a fan of anyone else’s music for so long.

    So Thank you for all the FANTASTIC music you have made Mr Gilmour :O) I hope it won’t be too long a wait before your next album.

    I only have one wish for the DVD and that is I hope it’s stuffed to the brim possibly a 2 disc set showing a version of every track you played on the tour that would be UNBELIEVABLE.

    I hope a fantastic time is had by all in North America/Canada I can’t wait to see you 30th May at RAH.

    P.S I keep having this nightmare there’s no Echoes played on the 30th I,ve wanted to hear it live practicaly forever pleeeeeease keep on playing it.

    [Have a very happy birthday, James! – Features Editor]

  108. I’m wounded…

    “[God, no! I wouldn’t dare to try. I looked it up. Possibly from the same place that Rudders gets all his big words. Click your name and you’ll see. – Features Editor]”

    Good website though…it appeals to my OCD… and while we’re on the subject of OCD could you do me a teeny weeny ‘ickle dickle favour?

    Just change the 10 on the “Night 10 Rome” header to Ten…

    Ain’t OCD brilliant!

    [Rudders, are you going to tell me that I’ve got the rule wrong? Do you write “ten” as a real word, then resort to digits thereafter? I always thought you stopped using letters after “nine”. Personally, being a tad obsessive-compulsive myself, I’d love all the numbers to be written as beautiful words, but when we get to “Night Seventeen: San Francisco” it just won’t fit. “Night Twenty-One: Manchester” is a bit of a pain, too. – Features Editor]

  109. Any news the moderators can give us about the reissue plans for David’s first two solo CDs??? We’re especially interested in possible BONUS TRACKS on the first (eponymous) record – always a great favorite.

    Really hope there will be an update on this site concerning the reissues soon!!!

    [I can tell you that there are no bonus tracks. Who told you that? – Features Editor]

  110. I like greg’s the idea of selling soundboard audio’s, even for just a short time. The fact that monies raised can go to the good cause’s David backs is also an excellent idea.

  111. Well,

    my first record bought: Happy Days soundtrack (please, my wife is still laughing)
    my first PF record : Animals
    my first concert: Eric Clapton, 1985

    Regarding a very welcome new dvd, I see that at moment nothing is sure, and at the end it will be David’s decision.
    Anyway, for those who would prefer a CD, can I suggest (as someone alse has done), you can use a dvd ripper that extracts audio tracks from dvd to mp3 files. You can find it in internet and it’s not expensive. You lose the 5.1 sound quality, but it works very well, and once you have mp3, you can make a cd . Now I can listen to the Meltdown concert and Live 8 in my car.


  112. Thank you for that Mr Fe/Ed I think I’ve may have had too much sherbert on my birthday.

    I meant I’ve been a fan for 27 years now I don’t remember The wall coming out in 1984 hic oh no the room’s spinning again.

    Cheers then I’m off for a lie down

  113. The numbers one through ten should always be written in letters, any number after 11 (and including)can be written in numerics. Of course, I’m sure you gentlemen know the rule that you ALWAYS write the number in letters if it is the first word in a sentence!

    Nope…no OCD going on here!

    [In which case, I am delighted to try and stop the incessant itching that’s going on around Rudders’ brain – and has been terrorising mine this past half hour – by making a simple change to the offending blog entry. Do you see it, mate? We can both sleep easy now. My favourite rule is the one to explain when you put a full stop at the end of an abbreviation and when you don’t. Basically, if the last letter of the abbreviation is the last letter of the full word, then you don’t put a full stop. So if you write “Dr.” or “Mr.” or “St.” for “Doctor“, “Mister” or “Street“, then you’re wrong. Why didn‘t my English teacher tell me that? I felt quite betrayed finding out all these years later. She taught me the correct plural of “roof”, to be fair, but how many of us get that one wrong every single day? Oh dear, the itching is now worse than it was before… – Features Editor]

  114. Fedmeister

    You’ve added value to my day… “Rudders, are you going to tell me that I’ve got the rule wrong?”… I didn’t know that… 🙂

    [Angela set us straight, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  115. First record bought: Pink Floyd DSOTM…I had to replace my Dad’s copy because I had worn it out and scratched it up so much. Ah, remember the days of trying to pick up the needle and placing it on the next playbable groove!

    First record given: (Don’t laugh!) The Everly Brothers…I was 4 and my Dad had two copies so he gave me one to play on my little pink suitcase type record player. He and I would sing ,”Wake Up Little Shelley” instead of “Suzie.” (Awwww)

    First PF record heard: Meddle…My Dad taught me well.

    First Pink Floyd Concert: June 1 1988, RFK Stadium…Sadly, I was too “young” (according to the parents) to travel to NY for the Wall Tour…and I missed out on 87 tix at Cap Center…But June 1, 1988 is still one of the best days of my life!!!

  116. [I’m sure it looks better than a sandwich board… and the cheap eBay fakes / and it’s all completely official/approved by David. – Features Editor]

    Excuse me for being curt, but I would rather wear a sandwich board than anything being offered in the merch section. The shirts are poorly designed, the tour shirt has one of the worst pictures of David on the front, and the long sleave has the most generic font possible. Dont even get me started on the beanie hat or the prices the management are charging for these dreadful, poorly planned out trinkets… It is a total shock to me that the simple yet classy baseball caps that were given away as prizes (which are now on ebay for insane prices) have yet to be released for sale, and the album cover never made it on a single piece of merch. Looks like I’ll be making my own tour shirt via my printer and some transfer paper, perhaps I should change the tour dates on the back to include Brazil. 🙂 Please dont take this the wrong way, the merch is the least important aspect of this musical venture. Im just disapointed is all, and I have seen others express their discontent about many things via this blog and wondered if I too could do the same without being censored for the sake of T-shirt sales. Heres for hoping they release other shirts at the venues, but no worries. I still will be purchasing the tour program booklet at the venue and if only they would set up a crisis donation booth I would certianly contribute. Sorry for the rant, it is soon to be followed by raves of the chicago shows as they will surely be my wildest dreams actualized.

    [Hi Jesse. That’s fair enough, mate. I will say that there’s much more available at the shows than what you see on the site, so you might see something that you like in Chicago. As is the case with the CD, neither David nor his management set the prices. It’s good quality stuff and is all environmentally and ecologically sound – which doesn’t come cheaply. The tour programme is really nice, though. I’m sure you’ll like that. – Features Editor]

  117. Rud….NP I understand how the liver needs to recover once in awhile..I will pick up the slack for ya…

    Cheers, Howard

    First record (notice I said record lol) given:
    Hard Day’s Night The Beatles 45 on Parlophone

    First record bought: Hard Days’s Night LP on United Artists label..I was 8..My Aunt bought it for me with very hard earned money

    First PF album heard and bought: Obscured by clouds

    First concert: Uriah Heep (ouch)

  118. I’d just like to add – for the benefit of anyone following the unconfirmed report that Channel 4 will be showing this concert in the UK – that this is incorrect. Channel 4 will not be showing an hour, or any, of the Meltdown concert on Saturday 15 April at 1:30am. We will let you know when further details are confirmed. The only official news is that Portugal’s RTP1 will broadcast it on 22 April, with a repeat following in May. Thank you.

  119. First Record Bought: Beatles Abbey Road
    First Pink Floyd Record: Dark Side of the Moon
    First Concert ever: Pink Floyd Animals Tour July 2nd, 1977 at Madison Square Garden in New York. Silly me, I thought all concerts were going to be this good.

  120. pity about channel 4 not showing it, ed. doesn’t bother me, as i’ve got the dvd, but it would be nice to tell all the people who i wouldn’t want borrowing my dvd that it’s on one night. channel 4 would have only gone and ruined it with their erratic adverts anyway.

  121. [….I’m sure you’ll like that. – Features Editor]

    You certianly have a way about you that seems to defuse negativity, and whats more you have shared information with me that has once more raised my hopes. Thank you brother, you are an invaluable part of this site and the tour its self. Best wishes to you and yours~!

    [No problem, my pleasure and the same to you! I haven’t seen the T-shirts to be able to comment further on their quality, so I can’t lie to you, but I do know that the fakes for sale on eBay are truly awful. I guess you get what you pay for. The tour programme really is a nice item. I believe everyone will want one of those. They will be available on the site soon, along with a few other things. – Features Editor]

  122. Firsts?

    First record bought…. can’t remember… maybe Boston “Don’t Look Back” as I was a huge Boston fan (still quite fond of em).

    First record given… My brother bought me the debut album by Boston for Christmas, was it in 1976? I think. Started me down this path of being completely hooked on records and now CD’s.

    First concert… the Who on their first Farewell Tour in ’82.

    First Floyd album… bought DSotM at the swapmeet for $.50. Of course I had to buy it again as that one was trashed… besides, buying it new meant I got the cool stickers and poster that came with it!

    First time seeing Floyd… ok, I only saw them once, at San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium for the DB tour in ’94. Best concert I ever went to!


  123. Rudders,

    The only memorabilia I have is Coco Montoya’s pick, which he threw at me at the end of John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers gig a few years ago 🙂

    I’ve still got my PF ticket from 1994, and I think I have 86 somewhere, plus I’ve kept all my other show tickets/stubs just for fun – but that’s a nickster musical history, rather than anything unique…

    I’ve got a 1981 Ibanez Artist which weighs a ton, has the widest fretboard known to man and looks like it has been used as excalibur…but it’s mine 🙂


  124. Good afternoon, F.Ed. (writing from a different place today, home w/a sick kid)

    First album bought- Garth Brooks, don’t remember which one

    First PF album- Delicate Sound of Thunder

    PF antic dote- When I was going into 4th grade in…80…6? yeah ’86, Brick 2 was being played on the radio alot. My 4th grade teacher was going to be my first male teacher, and I was terrified almost to the point of not going my first day because I thought he would be some old man shouting at me to eat my meat or I wouldn’t have any pudding. Fortunately, he turned out to be one of the best teachers I ever had. I still like to think about that story and laugh at myself, though.

    Anyways, all, have a good afternoon


    [The same to you. I hope your little one gets well soon, Mike. – Features Editor]

  125. Well, at last count I think there must be at least 14 of us “Fan Fare” bloggers meeting under the telestrater on April 4th and/or 5th. This has been really fun for me because 1) I owe this blog for getting NYC tickets through it, and 2) I know it’ll heighten our fun and excitement those days.

    Stephen, those pictures would be great!!! At least one on the Fan Fare would be cool..if the almighty Fed believes it is right to do so *nudge nudge wink wink*….I’ll have a link up as soon as I get them up for ya’ll.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you guys there! Anyone else interested in joining us can click my name for more info…


    Dude man, you took that post even deeper than the first! Now that you have thoroughly disconnected us from the Matrix, let me just make a couple of points…

    First, I’m no fan of institutionalized religion either. I don’t trust it nor how it’s been shaped and fastened through history.

    Two, have you entertained the notion that, as a fallible sentient being, your own concepts might be delusions as well? Our propensity for destruction is in our nature as much as our propensity for creation. If we were still apes, I’m sure we would be much more in balance with nature and the universe (whatever the governing laws maybe) than as egoistic sentients.

    I feel no defensiveness. Just reflection and observation from my humbly limited knowledge and experience which I’m sure you would agree is just as flawed as you’re own.

    As for this madcap, I’ll keep laughing in my delusions because these constructs have worked for me thus far. If the ruling class has got me under their thumb, well I’ll fight back as probably most of us would irrespective of how we perceive the world around us. The strategies to resist the ruling class, if we so chose to implement them, would be no different that if we realised we are just chemical reactions or not me thinks….

    I’ll just be sending stones skimming and flying, circles spinning out my time. Though the Earth is dying and I’m programmed with rhetoric to support and add false structure to the ruling class control system, my head is in the stars. Chances are this spark’s a lifetime…..

    Rivers run dry as the ruling elite plunder our planet and oppress the lower classes, but there’s no line on my brow. I don’t care who’s saved from this mass delusion. It’s just the dice you roll, the here and now, and I’m not guilty or afraid….


  126. how good does ‘money’ sound on the radio? did this really get a lot of us airplay, ed? i can’t imagine it.

    [I believe so. – Features Editor]

  127. First record bought – not really sure (that was a long time ago!); probably Meet the Beatles

    First record given – my grandparents gave me records from day one so I’m not sure. I remember listening to “All I Want for Xmas is My Two Front Teeth” a lot and Sousa marches (J.P. Sousa is da man). First rock record given was Introducing the Beatles

    First Pink Floyd record heard – Ummagumma at a friend’s house. Though “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” was memorable, I was more interested in the cover photo at the time; thought it was brilliant. I never got it out of my mind. Still love it. Thanks, Storm.

    First Pink Floyd record bought – DSotM (I still have my original vinyl from 1973 and I still listen to it). It has followed me every move I’ve made, from town to town.

    First concert attended – Chet Atkins, Floyd Kramer and Boots Randolph. It was awesome; I was 8. First rock concert attended – the crystal ball is hazy, but maybe Leon Russell.


  128. Hi, dear Fed, and all,

    It’s 2:30 in the night, and I just come home from my work… ouf… and the first thing I do is to read you. C’est bon pour le moral.

    To answer to Peter:
    my first record bought: Ummagumma (si si, that’s true!)
    my first show: PF (in fact, it was the Ballets de Roland Petit who were dancing on some tracks of PF ( there was MaĂŻa PlissetskaĂŻa…), and, fortunately ( mais pas par hasard!), I saw the only set oĂč PF Ă©tait “en chair et en os” (sinon, c’Ă©tait une bande son (Horreur!)

    Well, dear Fed, and all, have a good night and a sweet week-end (plaignez-moi, je travaille ce week-end!)

    Ikkar, with love.

    PS. please, dear Fed, tell me if you have seen my drawings… (la technique internet m’Ă©puise!). Peut-ĂȘtre me direz-vous si vous les aimez…

    [Une nouvelle page! Oui, je vois et j’aime beaucoup! Merci beaucoup. Vous avez un grand talent, Ikkar. C’est David dans le vent de Pompeii, non? Avec les cheveux dans son visage, pendant ‘Echoes’. Ou Christ, peut-ĂȘtre? (Ha!) Et Syd, le Diamant beau. Les yeux de Syd sont… Ă©tonnants. Ils sont profonds et tragiques comme l’ocĂ©an. Enfin, Mick Hucknall de Simply Red. On peut recognise il immĂ©diatement. Tous sont merveilleux. Je suis dĂ©solĂ© que je n’ai pas beaucoup des mots français pour vous. Fantastique, beau, intelligent, trĂ©s puissant… (Est-ce que c’est le bon mot? Je voudrais dire: beaucoup d’Ă©motion et avec l’esprit.) Je souhaite que je pourrais dessiner. Je n’ai aucun talent avec un crayon! C’est une grand talent Ă  voir la beautĂ© dans quelque chose et faire l’art. Comme faire la musique, peut-ĂȘtre? Merci beaucoup pour la page, mon ami intelligent. Je suis trĂšs impressionnĂ© avec vous et je pense que beaucoup de gens ici sont d’accord avec moi. Je suis sĂ»r. Merci encore. – Features Editor]

  129. First concert: 1960 or 61: The Platters
    First Album: Possibly Roy Orbison, Elvis ot The Clancy Brothers…. Too long ago to be accurate.
    Greatest Groups:The Pink Floyd by far – I also love: The Buffalo Springfield, The Eagles, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and the Beatles.
    Favorite song: Wish you were Here

    4 more days ’til bliss….

  130. Hi Y’all,

    Dang Hysteron. If you hadn’t mentioned me, I wouldn’t have felt obligated to reply. I thought I had even agreed with some of what you said. Whatever.

    I like reading your stuff. That last one was a beautiful sockdologer of vituperation. I especially like the parts that show how you’ve got some sort of clarity of thought that the rest of us bottom-feeders could only dream of. You’re a hoot.

    Whatever you do, keep writing. And let me add a little fuel to your fire and help you prove your point. I worked in a bank before I served in the army for a few years. Then I went back to school and got a science degree from one of those large, corrupted by industry, land-grant universities that don’t teach anything useful. So I could start working for the big evil multinational science company. If only I went to church regularly, I’d be a perfect poster child for your theory of everything…

    Yet somehow I’ve spent a lot of time and money enjoying Pink Floyd, David, Rog, and the Grateful Dead for the last 25 years or so. Lots of records and quite a few concerts. Ironic isn’t it? Or are they just more of that system that I can’t figure out I’m part of?

    Welcome to the Machine,

    PS Counting the days til Massey Hall. Hope to see some fellow blog pillocks up there before the shows. FEd, please don’t send the Angry Mob after me for also liking the Dead. I can’t help it.

  131. [To Clemens: You noticed that the wars of religion were always started by religions monotheists. The polytheists were satisfied to absorb the gods of the countries conquered for economic or hegemonic reasons…]

    Well, not when there was no monotheism. ‘Monotheistic’ wars where on a much grander scale and all across the globe. But polytheists are not exempt from religieus war.

    Well Histeron proteron,

    good post. I find myself agreeing with many of your views. Just not the way you personally interpret them.

    Like other have said, you practise in what we in holland call a circle argument. You say you see a kind of ultimate truth or reality and that our views are ‘flawed’ because we are ‘manipulated’ or ‘influenced’ by the ‘system’ (not a nice way to judge anothers knowledge and experience by the way). All your knowledge is based on your human experience and progress made by science. Just like all the rest of us, you are biased simply because you are just another (thinking) observer. Your knowledge is based on the current scientific achievements (at least for a part). But you deny that and say you have found your own truth, while you formed your opinion being influenced by science and culture. That is flawed reasoning.

    You explain to me how you could possible escape that situation. I would like you to show me, the square (somebody used abbott, I liked that :)), what the third dimension looks like…

    [Science serves the purpose of enabling the use of the earths resources for the economic growth of the ruling class – merely another level of control for the ruling class/system]

    This may be true, but its not the whole story. I think you may have misunderstood the nature of science.

    You only talk of its apparent misuse, but that is not the core.

    Anyway, thanks for the interesting discussion mate. Im glad you have found your peace in this world.

    Best to all,


  132. Great idea from Coventry Pete (btw pal, has ‘the Blue’ been aired at the Ricoh [Wright] Arena yet?)

    First single bought: either Lindisfarne’s ‘Meet me on the Corner’ or Don McClean’s ‘American Pie’

    First album bought: ELP ‘Brain Salad Surgery’, as a 13 year old at the height of Punk

    First Floyd album bought: Dark Side, a couple of weeks after the ELP

    First gig: Rush at Stafford Bingley Hall, Sept ’79 (when they played 2 ‘works in progress’: Spirit of Radio and Freewill 🙂 )

  133. First record bought: True Blue by Madonna (I know, I know…I won’t live that down)

    First Single: “Dream On” by Aerosmith

    First Pink Floyd Record Heard: “Final Cut” believe it or not, and I was hooked ever since…? I wonder what David would think about that?

    First Pink Floyd record given: Dark Side of the Moon

    First Pink Floyd Record Bought: Meddle

    First Concert Attended: U2, 1987 in Stamford, Connecticut I think

    First Pink Floyd Concert: 1988 in Madison Square Garden (then twice on the Division Bell Tour at Yankee and Giant Stadiums)

  134. OK! Enough sulking around. This ought to get everyones attention! FED… ask DG if he can do a fund raiser for the people affected by the massive earthquake that hit Pakistan late last year. If there is anything that we can do from our side, please let us know. It would be something collosal and i know DG is a very kind man. Great interview on GW. Great Sax effort on Red Sky. Sadly, the copy of the cd i got skipped all the way through all the tracks. Sadly, there is still no original version available here in Karachi.


  135. I just got home from the David Gilmore concert at Radio City Music Hall is NYC! The experience was so profound I still haven’t quite prcessed it yet. I have loved everything Pink Floyd since I could appreciate music. I am a sculptor and Pink Floyd’s music, most specifically David Gilmore’s guitar sound and voice, have inspired at least 5 pieces directly and many more indirectly (many pieces have screaming or weeping guitars). After tonight I am thinking of doing a highly detailed “tribute” sculpture. I wonder if there’s a way for me to at least send a picture of it to David? Tonight’s show was not only inspiring to art, but to life itself! All of the noise of the world fades away, and one can just reflect on the moments of beauty and unity through his music. The events of the day were filled with serendipity as well! I bought his new CD yesterday, listened to it about a dozen times or more, went on the website today, 3 hours before the show(that was well over sold out, with only tickets costing over $1000 remaining), but I was determined and a mere hour and a half before the show, I made it to Radio City and had a ticket within 4 minutes but an inexplainable fluke! And what an experience! If anyone is questioning going, go by all means! It is truly a prolific and life-altering experience!

  136. I have been looking for footage of live concert by Pink Floyd in which they play “WELCOME TO THE MACHINE” but cannot find any

    Does anyone know know of a concert were a live version exists, and why does David Gilmour not play this track in concerts?

  137. My comments to the “still looking and sounding good”, Mr. David Gilmour:

    “Wish You Were Here!” in Shreveport, La.

  138. Stop Press!

    Belated Caption: In a recent spot-the-ball competition, someone had a hunch about David’s guitar strap!

    Nothing like a bit of footie nostalgia, eh FEd? Jumpers for goalposts etc

    To Tony the bluenose, looks like your boys mightn’t get in the Intertoto after all (cue uncontrollable weeping from that luvvie Kenwright). Fear not, it’s not a real trophy, yer know 🙂

  139. Is a DVD of David Gilmour In Concert circa 1984 going to be available?. Pink Floyd in Concert(Delicate Sound of Thunder) DVD ? Pulse DVD? Need more Floyd/Gilmour on DVD.

    [A defiant “No!” to the David Gilmour question and a rather tired “You’ll have to ask Pink Floyd’s management!” in response to the other two, Gary. Pink Floyd matters have nothing to do with us, sorry. – Features Editor]

  140. Why do you have this forum if you’re telling fans to stop asking questions about a DVD release of the On an Island tour, especially at a time when such information is so sketchy? THAT is the time that the questions are GOING to be asked! If you don’t want people asking questions, DON’T offer a forum!!

    [We don’t offer a forum. We merely offer fans the chance to pass comment on our daily news item. – Features Editor]

  141. Have just recieved my tickets to see the great man himself in Manchester, dont care that they are restricted viewing! I did not believe I would ever see him perform again, taking his age into account and the fact that PF will not tour again. Having first seen PF at the age of 14 on the Animals tour and seen them on every English tour since, I feel this is going to be Davids swansong when it comes to live performances.Thank you David, you have played a huge part in my life.I know there will be tears of joy and sadness when I see (thats if my seats permit!!) you in manchester.SHINE ON.

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