Congress Centrum Hamburg


One of Europe’s – if not the world’s – largest and most modern congress centres, the Congress Centrum Hamburg hosts approximately 200 social and cultural events each year, welcoming some 400,000 visitors annually.

It boasts 19 air-conditioned halls (a combined total of 10,000 seats) which are used for a variety of purposes, ranging from conventions, presentations and annual meetings to celebratory banquets and concerts.

Neil Young, Brian Wilson and Eric Clapton are just three of the big name acts to have performed here since the CCH opened in 1973.

Hall 1 is the largest hall, and this is where David and his band will be performing just seven days from now. This 3,000-seater auditorium has, as you can see, tiered rows of seats and is light and modern. It is equipped with up-to-the-minute stage, sound and projection facilities, making it ideal for concerts of all kinds.

This is the second venue that David will be visiting on his ‘On An Island’ tour, and he will be in Germany’s second-largest city on 11 March. Let us know if you will be there, too.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Hey all…I’m going to be at the Hamburg show. If any Gilmourians want to get together before the show and have a beer or something, send me an email. I live in Magdeburg and am traveling three hours for the show…can’t wait! So if you’re going…let me know. BTW- I’ll be in row nine…can’t get much cooler than that!

    -Chris McKay

  2. Hi Features ed and all,

    I was wondering if that is Polly singing backing vox in the clip of smile? If it is she has a beatiful voice!

    And thank you features ed for saying hello to my dad the other night, he loved it! And for the brilliant complement for me, it really does mean alot. Not long now till tues, I just can`t wait!

    [It sure is. And your Dad is welcome here anytime. – Features Editor]

  3. I cannot believe the tour kicks off in just six days~! Back in December it felt as if David would never release US dates, and now all Davids labor (along with that of his faithful “minions”.. :))is finaly coming into fruition!

    I was thinking of just how interactive this site is and how far it has gone to make things right with the fans, while at the same time offering entertianment and information often on a daily basis. These things I have taken for granted of the past several months, and I realized just reciently that I have NEVER been to a fan site that had nearly as much interaction with the fans aside from maybe a few underground bands attempting to gain a fan base. David didnt need this site to promote his tour, tickets would have sold out regardless. Infact without this site many of us wouldnt have tickets at all and the intimate venues would be filled with the “greatest hits” fans screaming their heads off wanting to hear “another brick in the wall” for the billionth time. These precious gifts you have in no small part given us through YOUR time and efforts, Features editor, and credit should be given where credit is due.

    Thank you x1,000,000!

    [Bless you, Jesse. Move over, Rudders! – Features Editor]

  4. I know this is completely unrelated to the entry of the day, but I just read the Mojo interview with Mr. Gilmour, and I’d just like to say thank you for creating more beautiful music and going on tour. I’m only 20, so I never would have had the chance to see Floyd live, which I’ve always been sad about. But I’m seeing you on 4/19, and I’m exstatic and grateful. Because of you, I sit and play my guitar for hours a day, in hopes that one day I too can vividly express my emotions through my music. The song “Echoes” gave me a new perspective on the emotional power of music. Well, thank you again, I’ve heard the title track to your new album and I’m eagerly awaiting the moment that I can go pick up new material from my guitar idol. Thank you!

  5. Well i want to thank you features editor for this website. i used to rush home everyday from work to check the website for more news,but now i have internet on my phone so i can read when ever i 37 and i’ve been a fan of davids, probably all my life. the day live8 aired,i was stuck in traffic on my way home from work rushing to see him live on tv.i made it just in time. i cried the whole time. that was the closest i ever seen him live. i never imagined he would ever tour again,but my greatest wish in the world was was true david is back.god answered my prayers. so when i found this website i was able to get tickets to see the greatest man alive. thank you david ,from the bottom of my heart, for taking time to make this great album. so ill be seeing you in new york. ive never been, but its worth a 12 drive for you. see im from a little town called shallotte n.c. So be looking around row oo orchester. because making i contact with the greatest legend alive is all i wish for. good luck and becareful on wishes to the family,and you polly for marrying the greatest musiction have inspired him to make such beautiful music,i can only imagine how beautful you must be. your fan tracy hickman

  6. Greetings!

    I’ve been waiting for the coverage of Congress Center Hamburg for a while now. Me and some friends will go from Sweden to attend this show. I’m certain the trip will be a nice one and the concert will be amazing, ofcourse. I really can’t wait to hear the new songs live and see what surprises David & Co will have for us. On the 31st og May we’ll be at RAH too, which I’m sure will be even more amazing.

    The new album is great. I really love it. Lots of different styles on the album. Some really beatiful tracks and lots of great guitarwork by David. So a big thank you to David and everyone else involved with this great album.

    Also, although this is my first post, I’ve been here since day one. So a big thank you to you, Feat Ed and all the nice people who post here.



  7. We will see David and his band in Hamburg just within a few days. We will be there with our whole family, together with my 4 sisters, one brother and a few brothers and sisters in law. We will come all the way down from Holland to be part of this venue with the 12 of us!! We can’t wait…..

  8. YESSS

    I will be there – row three – and i´m so happy.

    See you in 6 days 🙂


  9. I leave Wednesday the 8th for the concert on the 11th. 4,697 miles to sit in the last row @ the CCH.

  10. We will be travelling to Hamburg [from Bristol] to see David perform songs off the new album and hopefully some “classic” Floyd [could we request Fat Old Sun to be included on the set list please?]

    Can’t wait to get the new album on Monday, and Happy Birthday Mr Gilmour

  11. This looks to be a great venue, as are all the theaters on this tour. I wish I could be in the audience.

  12. Yes we will be there we are realy looking forward to see david again live after almost 12 years(5-9-1994 Rotterdam)and next weekend we will see him twice in amsterdam and I was lucky to be able to buy two premier class tickets for the albert hal on 29/5 what a year 2006.

    I love the new album heard 5 time last weekend. it is very strong right form the start.

    mr Gilmour happy birthday tomorrow .!!!


  13. Received my copy of ‘On an Island’ yesterday. I’m positively delighted on first two listens and I look forward to when I get a chance to visit David’s dreamed-of world.

    It’s very interesting that I can enjoy and relate to the lyrics also, whereas I know that the 39 years of age between David and I have ingrained in them a vast amount of experience and wealth of retrospect – something which makes my eyes pointedly stare at the horizon.

    Thanks for the work David and band, look forward to hearing the new album live.

  14. WARNING!

    On an Island may cause a pleasant drowsiness. Do not listen to the album while operating machinery, driving, piloting aircraft or while standing at the top of a ladder.

    Sweet dreams.


    In addition to sending heartfelt birthday salutations to David . . . I have also sent $100 to 3 local charitites – Humane Society, Special Olympics and Haven (for battered women). while I know that not everyone can afford $100 a piece . . . . . why not give whatever you can – to whomever you choose (maybe even give an hour or two of your time), and do it in celebration of Mr. Gilmour’s milestone. Even if there’s only a few dozen of us on here, and only if a few of you check in . . . . even a little bit of money or time can make a difference . . . .

    just a thought . . . I mean . . . what else ya gonna do . . ? . . . . get the guy a tie . . ???

    [That’s very kind of you. You’re right about ties. I mean, how often do you see David wearing a tie? – Features Editor]

  16. Dear Feature editors and Mr. & Mrs. Gilmour and to all the fans of this wonderful web site:

    The venues are again absolutely breath-taking. I can imagine what David’s concert and all of his entourage will sound like in these wonderful, beautiful arenas. I heard again ( total of 2x’s), ‘On an Island’ and i can only imagine what that will sound like live in the smaller theaters/venues. Well here in Williamsville, NY it is 10:16am and it is Sunday 3/5/06. I wanted to take this moment to wish Mr. David Gilmour a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    I hope your dreams and wishes all come true and may your birthday as well as all other days of the year be filled with happiness and good health and wealth. I wish you alot of love and support.( though my support i am sure you do not ‘need’)….I will be praying that your cd makes number one in the charts all over the world and you get the recognition that you so do deserve! I will always be a great supporter of you and all of your endeavors and I believe in you and in Polly…I saw a beautiful, picture of yourself and Polly in a place that would appear to be Abbey Studios or perhaps the Astoria or home. It is very small and in black & white..The picture should be on THIS website. It appears as a picture of the both of you sitting down and Polly having her head and leaning to the left of her onto your shoulder. The picture screams out a lot of messages to me however one thing is clear, she looks safe, warm and very content. Mr. Gilmour you look absolutely wonderful and happy yourself. It’s a picture that says to me, ‘just how close your life partnership, love and respect that the two of you certainly have for each other. It shows tenderness without being to ‘sweet’ and shows class and totally ad lib without any posing etc….I can see why now “SMILE” is such another appropriate song for this cd that will be out on MARCH 7, 2006!!!!

    Again have WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY AND MANY MANY MORE AND MR. GILMOUR YOU LOOK FANTASTIC ( YOU ALWAYS DID & WILL)….MR. GILMOUR, “Don’t forget to make that important wish when you blow out the candles…” I have alot of heartfelt wishes for you and your wife and family as well as to the feature editors and their families and all the fans out there

  17. This is a tad off topic, but could Phil tell us what Fender Amplifiers and speaker cabinets David used with Bryan Ferry during Live Aid? It didn’t appear to be the usual HiWatt setup.

    Just curious. Thanks.

    [I’ll pass your question on, Dave. However, please don’t expect a prompt answer, as we are not really taking new questions at this time and there are many still waiting to be answered. – Features Editor]

  18. Just listening to “On An Island” for the second time and through my headphones. A lovely piece of work and musical entertainment. Thank you David & Polly. Have a great Birthday tomorrow, you deserve it Sir.

    I wanted to send you a very small gift for your B’day but as there is no way of sending attchements, I can’t. I hope you will be satisfied with the thought and intention!

    Thank you.

  19. After reading some of the ruffled feathers about the the mere discussion of the Roger Tour vs. David Tour, I felt disappointed in some of the direction of comments. Part of the reason I didn’t post as regularly in the beginning of this blog is because it seemed like there were many commenters that took it upon themselves to demand conversation, opinions and be culled to only what they felt should be said or discussed. That’s what I thought the job of the Feat. Ed. was.

    Everyone should be able to present their opinion and observations without other commenters telling them that their thoughts are not welcomed to be mentioned. If there are persons that don’t agree with it, so be it. They can state their case for a differing opinion or pass the comment on by. But I think it is in the wrong spirit to tell commenters to only post what you want to read here at this site. (Well all but you, FEd.!)

    No doubt, my comment here might well draw some fire, and really isn’t meant start something that I have no desire to get into. I just feel that there are whole lot of people that probably would be contributing to this forum if they weren’t so worried about being chastised for the fact that they shared their thoughts and opinion at all.

    [Hi Shelley. Unfortunately there will always be someone ready to snap at the bait. If we could all give our opinion without fear of somebody else countering it in what is perceived to be an ‘unreasonable’ way, then I wouldn’t have to read each comment before publishing it. So please remember that: one, this is not a forum; two, we don’t have to allow any comments at all; and three, this is the tiresome argument that killed off the official Pink Floyd forum. If anyone wishes to debate ‘Which One’s Pink?’, then there are plenty of fan forums that owe their very existence to this dispute. Because it’s not happening here. – Features Editor]

  20. Hi FeD and everyone,

    I will attend Davids show with a friend in the CCH and that is in just 6 days!!!! I have been at 2 concerts in the past in Hall 1 and you do have an excellent sound and also a great view from all seats – compared to some other venues where David is playing it is maybe not as beautiful regarding the interior design, since it is quite plain, but with the right lighting the atmosphere is absolutely nice and with David playing it is wonderful anyway- we are really looking forward to next saturday!!

    Thank you again FeD for the great job you are doing with this site!! I have listened a few times now to OAI and it is getting better each time…Thank you David for coming to Hamburg,I cannot believe it is only 6 more days. I am looking forward to the comments after the Mermaid concert and wish everyone going a great time!!

    Happy birthday to you David, enjoy your day tomorrow!!!


  21. Nice to meet you.

    I’m writing this from Japan.

    Happy birthday to you!

    Is only the amount of the time difference early?

    It is at March 24 that ‘On An Island’ is put on the market in Japan.

    I have reserved it. It is very the enjoyment.

    Please come to Japan.

    thank you!

  22. Happy birthday mr.Gilmour,thanks a lot for this music.
    And thanks for not appear at Sanremo…it was not for you,I think.

    Good work

  23. Hi Fe/Ed Mr Gilmour Polly and everybody :o)as you me and a few other lucky people have heard On an Island I was wondering what your favorite tracks are Fe/ED?.

    Yes I know they are all great! but you must have some tracks you can’t get out of your head like me.

    I don’t even have to put the cd on at the moment as they play in a loop in my head and keep me up at night.

    I didn’t know the title track ‘On an Island’ would turn out to be so catchy.

    I can’t wait to hear which ones are blissing you out at the moment I expect you first heard the album way before us though.

    P.S Tuesday’s almost here ;o)

    [Gosh, that’s a hard one. I love the whole album, but the title track and ‘This Heaven’ are my favourites. – Features Editor]

  24. David,

    Happy birthday tomorrow!

    Thanks for this beautifull new album “on an Island”. Your music is such an inspiration for many many people! I will see and hear you in 6 days in Dortmund!

    Cheers, Ernest (The Netherlands)

  25. Hi All,
    Just heard the J Ross show nice acoustic versions of both songs well done. I must say is it just me or did it seem more like a Phill and roxy music plug rather more than a David Gilmour interview , no disrespect to Phil ” I thought your version of 3pm at the Stratpack was marvellous ” bur Mr Ross did seem to ask Phil more questions than David. Anyway roll on the RAH.
    Rgds Geoff Duffy Dublin Ireland

  26. Hello all,

    For the Rotterdam shows of Pink Floyd in 1988 and 1994 I managed to get tickets easily.
    Now 12 years later  Couldn’t get tickets for the On an Island tour in Amsterdam. Sold out within less then a day. . That same day I was talking with a college from Hamburg through the telephone. Told him the story and that I was unhappy I couldn’t get tickets. One hour later he called back! He arranged tickets for me and my wife at the CCH! I booked the Hotel next door which is part of the CCH.

    Can’t wait. Even it’s a 5 hour drive one way. But Hamburg is a great city, so it will be one great weekend with a great concert.

    Bought the CD Friday. Put it on this weekend at least 10 times. Great record.

    Marc Boer
    The Hague

  27. I’m upset.

    In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, there is a review of On An Island by Jim DeRogatis. DeRogatis is a well established critic in Chicago and not well liked. He is renound for panning basically every well established artist (with the exception of Wilco, because he has an intense habit of kissing Jeff Tweedy’s a$$), and if the artist/band is 40+ in age, look out…Well he followed his m.o. Click my name for the review.

    I have a favor to ask Mr. Gilmour or his road managment organization:

    When David makes to Chicago for the shows on April 12th & 13th, I assume that local press puts in requests for tickets and reviews the show. When Mr. DeRogatis puts in his request, inform him ‘His ticket was given to another party as we figured “a paint-drying-dull example of New Age snoozak” was something he was not interested in’

    If you can make this happen Mr. Gilmour, all of Chicago would be greatful, and I would owe you a favor.

    Jeff in chicago

    ps: I do not have the album yet as it does not come out here until Tuesday, but from what you have graciously supplied on your website I think its great.

  28. Slight off topic, I’ve just discovered a podcast of David Gilmour on iTunes, how come I didn’t know this before!!!! 6.4MB long with music and talk.

  29. Dear David,

    Wishing you all the best on your 60th birthday. My sincerest wishes for a joyous day with your family and friends!

    NY, USA

  30. Feat. Ed:

    My mistake for some of the choice in wording that might have been taken the wrong way…and certainly my comment was not based just on the “Which one’s Pink?” argument. I was just using the comments from that one as example of some that I’ve seen here since the blog’s beginning. (I too would hate to see the blog comments turn into a back and forth on that argument, expecially since I see each member of PF having valuable talent and contributions to the music.)

    I think you have done a fine job at directing (and editing) the comments and conversation and certainly understand your points given and haven’t thought anything otherwise.

    I guess I was just hoping that since we are all fans here of Pink Floyd, Roger, David, Rick and Nick that there would be a more thoughtful way of presenting disatisfaction with a subject matter brought up (which most have been thoughtful) rather than some of the ways that have been chosen by a few commenters.

    But then again, maybe I’m contridicting my own comment by hoping people to express their discontent with subjects or comments in a different way instead of the way they choose themselves…polite or not!

    [No need to explain, Shelley. I agree with you. It would be nice if we could all have our say and everyone else agree or disagree in thought only, if unable to be rational in words. It would make for interesting reading. Discussion is healthy, but some people can be a bit too quick to snap and the next thing you know, everyone is squabbling! – Features Editor]

  31. Hi F’Ed and Happy Birthday David for tomorrow!

    I’ve just realised the terrible mistake I have made. I asked for OAI for my birthday (Tuesday) so I’m gonna have to wait a whole day longer than everyone else (well, apart from our North American friends) to get to listen to it! I can sense some begging coming on!

    Hope you all enjoy the album and I’ll see some of you on Tuesday 😎


  32. David

    Will be a concert from “On an Island” tour recorded for a DVD ?

    Many of us who can not go would apreciated …

    Happy birthday David

    My dad died in 7 of March of 1999, thank you for the gift of your music. My dad introduced me to Pink Floyd, he was a great fan. Its a nice tribute for him to play your record …

    Thank you

  33. I guess I’ll wait for tomorrow’s blog to post happy birthday wishes to David.

    OK…sitting quietly. Waiting. Whistling now.

    When’s your birthday, F.Edster? Happy birthday to you whenever it is.

    Is anyone gonna watch the Oscars?

    Right. I’ll come back later. 🙂

    [October. And you? – Features Editor]

  34. Glad you finally got to Hamburg (a bit short, no? 🙂 )
    As I’ve been “lurking” around on this blog from day one, it’s a good opportunity to say hi to the great Fed and other stuff of this magnificent album/tour/website experience.
    Being 24 years old and getting into Floyd only in 1995 (I have a tendency to being late) after hearing the absolutely wonderful High Hopes, I assumed watching any of the band members live is something that’s just not going to happen.
    Which was a shame since their music really helped me through some rough periods of my life. Going back on the entire floyd catalog and solo material I found the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. David’s talents, of course, stand in a higher level above all else.
    And then, out of nowhere, the Live 8 concert. I had the privilege of attending the concert, which has to be the happiest day of my life (for real this time). Emotions were running as high as they can, and David played especially beautifully (Rick too!) and made it clear it’s the ever natural position for him. CN with Roger was definitely the best ever version, and for me gave a warm sense of closure of a chapter. On the one hand sad, but on the other peaceful and optimistic.
    And of course, now we get this delightful treat from Mr. Gilmour. Such beautiful, melodic, personal piece of heavenly music. No doubt he can only sore higher in his work, as unbelievable as that may be. I’ve heard the title track so many times that I’m afraid my IPod is gonna show a message “come on, man! Play something else for a change!”. With each listening I find it’s getting better and better.
    A word in for the amazing job done at this website. We got more than we ever wanted – a supporting, caring, informative F.ed which knows how to be a great tease and wind our nerves! Fantastic work.
    Polly’s pictures were wonderful, and made a special experience of watching the videos – seems as if those images awoke to life.
    Same as the sound clips, which when I heard the entire album on sneak pick (waiting impatiently for the vinyl) molded so nicely into this masterpiece.
    I’m extremely lucky to attend the Hamburg concert this week (can’t believe it’s here already!) and David’s last concert at the RAH (thanks to your wonderful priority booking contest). It’s a long way from Israel and a bit hard in the middle of my studies, but I’m positive these are going to be the best concerts in my life.
    Thanks again for everything and Happy Birthday David!!

  35. Hello uncle David! Happy birthday! “a pocketful of stones” is a GREAT SONG! THANK YOU! THANK YOU DAVID! Great voice! Great guitar solo! Great feeling!

  36. 6th march 2006

    Happy birthday Mr. Gilmour…

    … I’m listening to Then I close my eyes. Good.

    Thank you!!


  37. here we go. thanks for the pictures. they are beautiful. really. the onanisland special on the radio was quite nice today, and made a nice soundtrack for making cider. can’t wait till midnite tomorrow to get the cd. happy birthday and many happy returns. good luck. be safe. thank you.

  38. I believe it’s after midnight across the pond, so I believe a “Happy Birthday!” is in order. Can’t wait to see you in April…

  39. Hello.

    Looking forward to the release tommorrow.

    I do believe it is Davids birthday tommorrow so since i wont be around then (‘cos I’m on my way to London for Tuesdays performance…can’t wait) I would like to wish him a happy birthday.


  40. i have a ? when i was reading a pink flyd book it said that syd had put some gel in his hair ,and the lights made the gel melt.the book said it looked like his skin was melting off his the movie the wall when pink is in the car and he’s going crazy it looked like his skin was melting off his face do the 2 have anything in common?i always wanted to know:-)

    [You’re asking the wrong person. It’s got nothing to do with David, so… Sorry! – Features Editor]

  41. Just listened to woss`s show from yesterday,I could not listen to it live as I was correcting the wiring on some gentleman`s central heating system, and judging by the mat in the hall with a picture of the holy bible on it, getting my radio out of the van seemed inapropriate, I do have to say wossy was leaning more to phill and roxy music`s new venture than david`s new album!(though i`ve never been a big fan of johnathon ross anyway)

    That said it was a great programme, and the part`s of it that stood out for me(apart from the tune`s themselves), was David`s “direction” as in “D minor”, and “Faster”, absolutley brilliant!

  42. hello david

    all your fans of mexico we want that you come

    that is what we want and is what there are been hoping from roasts 12 years we will hope to you with the open arms

  43. Amazing pices of music, DSOTM, WYWH, OAI All tied for number one in my list. I can’t say enough, sitting 8 rows away at the first Radio City Show.
    There going to be quand sound? It would complemete the Album quite well

  44. Venue looks great. We will be there on Saturday – in row 5!! fantastic. Getting REALLY excited now!

    Chris, you asked if anyone would like to get together for a beer before the show to send you an e-mail… what’s your e-mail address??

  45. hello david i come from holland it my brirthday to 6maart i like you muiziek:> but 10juili you co noht?? 🙁 🙁 i play guitar i kan play..wish you were here ist cool :> :> im am 15 jears old..ant hoe old are you..? but i must co.
    i hope you read it..:>:> bye

  46. He he :oD you’re right Fe/ed that shuffle on This Heaven is great with some predictably excellent guitar it’s one of my favorites too.
    David was born to play guitar and when he does I believe he makes the some of the most beautiful sounds mankind has ever created.
    He has the best sound and lyrical technique of any guitarist ‘and I’m a Jeff Beck fan!!!

    P.S you will never guess what I’m listening to wile I’m typing this lol I’m so predictable ;o)

  47. Fed, how do I email Chris McKay to meet up for a drink prior to the show on Saturday? can you give him my email address perhaps? Many thanks for your help you lovely thing you!


    [Afraid not, but you can both post your e-mail addresses. – Features Editor]

  48. I wish I would be going. I’m living in the most beautiful citty of the world (as many inhabitants of Hamburg would agree), but sadly I’m in Oslo right now. It’s also a beautiful place, but sadly not on the tour plan…
    I wish David a successful show anyway!

  49. Dear David,

    Happy bearthday and all best wishes to you and your family.
    We are looking forward to see you in the heinekenMusic Hall on March 20.

    greetings Marcel and daughter Marlies

  50. Hi David,
    happy birthday to you!
    I´m very happy to see (and hear 🙂 ) you and your band in Hamburg at saturday.
    “On An Island” is great music. Thanks for it.
    Thanks for all!

  51. Me and my girlfriend will travel from Norway down to Hamburg to see the show at the Congress Centrum. I have just bought the great album, and I really, really look forward to this concert! Thanks Dave! Hope you have a fantastic day today!

  52. High folks,
    I`ll be coming from Switzerland to the show in
    Cant wait…
    Hope to see you all there.
    Happy birthday David.
    Daniel from Winterthur,Switzerland

  53. Hey Lorna and others…sorry, I forgot to post my email address. Anyone who wants to have a pre-Gilmour get-together in Hamburg on Saturday, email me at: I think listening to some tracks from On An Island and a beer or two is a nice way to prepare for the delightful show we will see. Hope to hear from you all.
    -Chris McKay

  54. yes, i will be there.
    saw brian wilson at his pet sounds tour.
    it was a very emotional event.
    i´m shure your show at the 11. will be in the same league!
    Happy Birthday (nachträglich)!

  55. I think I may have added my voice to the “which one’s Pink” debate without even realizing I was doing it. I was trying to pay David a compliment by saying that Floyd’s music contains so much of him… Then I went too far and began writing about my dislike of Roger… Some comments followed, stating that this is not the place for that debate. And they are right. I had momentarily forgotten that we’ve got new music from both of these artists, which is a great thing for everybody involved. I do not have to listen to Ca Ira if I don’t want to, but the point is that it’s out there for those who would like to hear it. One can very easily get sucked into what has been a very contentious debate; the more challenging thing is to never forget that we’re all brothers and sisters in the big family of humanity. Looked at through that lens, the “Which one’s pink” debate seems really petty. I am sorry to have added fuel to that fire.

    [No need for that, Dan. As Shelley said, we should all be allowed to have an opinion and voice it. – Features Editor]

  56. Caption Competition:

    Hall Manager: Sorry Mr. Gilmour sir but seats are extra…


    Hall Manager to DG: Ze fans vil all stand to de attention and salute you when you come on ze stage


    Manager to DG: And don’t mention the war or do one of those funny John Cleese walks…

    Fedmeister: Hmmmmm… may want to delete the last few!

    [Hi Rudders. If there are any complaints, they’ll be deleted. It is a popular joke, after all, and it’s a shame not to have a sense of humour. I know we’re not supposed to have one in the current political climate, but still. – Features Editor]

  57. [Hi Rudders. If there are any complaints, they’ll be deleted. It is a popular joke, after all, and it’s a shame not to have a sense of humour. I know we’re not supposed to have one in the current political climate, but still. – Features Editor]

    Fedmeister… completely agree! Humour should transcend politics… George Bush manages that well enough… ooppss is that another nation I’ve upset now!

  58. Rudders and FEd:

    You can’t upset too many of us across the pond with any Bush jokes…After all, 49% of us were in on the “big joke” and weren’t laughing about it. And according to the Shrub’s latest approval rating, it’s obvious some (almost half) of the other 51% never got the joke in the first place.

  59. just 4 days…

    can’t wait to hear the new material on saturday, and maybe some older stuff.


  60. Wow, so much to comment on today. First to you Mermaidians who got in and saw the show—-sounds like you all had a fantastic time and for those who actually got lucky enough to speak to David and get your CD signed….that is so cool! And yeah I am so totally envious of you, but I think if I ever ended up in speaking distance to him, I would sputter out some completely idiotic nonsense and hate myself forever. I would feel so unworthy of speaking to this man. I would be like a schoolgirl or something, and here I am on the tail end of my 40s and a mom with 3 kids! Oh well, the man just makes me weak in the knees, what can I say?

    Also, I am waiting for the freakin’ mailman to arrive today and my cd better be in there or Sony’s going to hear about it. Yes I’m impatient. Sony did send me an order shipped letter so I guess its on its way.

    Hi to all the fans!

    See ya in Chicago,


  61. I won’t be there, but I’d love to see Dave live.

    Unfortunately, this tour is very small. I hope that Dave will come to Poland or Czech Republic sometime :). Regards

  62. only two days of waiting….

    have heard ON AN ISLAND 10 times or more since monday. Great stuff!

    Have my seat in row 3….btw, I’m looking forward to June 8 to see Roger in Berlin!

    Shine on from Munich!!!

    [Have a great time. Be sure to tell us which show was the best. Only joking, of course. – Features Editor]

  63. Hi F.Ed and congratulations, you’re doing a great job. Honestly, just a couple a weeks ago the site looked a bit doomy and dark in these greyish brown-and-green. Now it’s open, dreamy and shiny and – the most importamt – interactive – it’s great! All those totaly dedicated and loving fans deserved it and – above all – David deserved it! Thanks indeed!

    Hi, David and Hi all you true David’s fans! Do you know where Bulgaria is? I come from Bulgaria. Some 15 years ago it was just a small dot associated with the Soviet Union Empire, a By-God-forgotten place behind the “iron curtain”. Of course the old fat sun would regularily appear upon us always “same in it’s relative way”, but the real light, air and hope were comming only through the music made by guys like David and Roger, John,Paul,George and ringo, Mick and Stones, Jimmy and Janis (God bless the souls of all that left us bound for some better places!), and also Genesis, Purple, Kansas, Styx, CCR – all of them. Listening such music was kinda forbidden around here at that time, you know. It was a kind of danger to declaire you adore Rock or anything comming from the West. Thanks God – these times are gone forever. But they were – and can you immagine how many millions tourtured souls and minds had been deprived from the simple things they loved. For no reason, just like that, because someone decided it’s kind of dangerous and ruining minds of the youth! Can you imagine millions in love with their favorite music and bands living their lives fully convinced that they can and will never be able/allowed to see real live show of their idols and even having pronblems to buy and listen to their music free of fear. Can you? Well, I am one of those. Now I’m 45 and ever since this was over (in early nineties) the most important thing in my live is to try to never miss an opportunity to see a live show or to get closer (in the real live, not in my drerams as milion times before) to some of our heroes. Many of them passed away before 1990 (Jimmy, Janis, John, Paul Kossof of Free,David Byron and Gary Thain of Uriah Heep and how many others). Many bands reached their pick and/or dismantled before 1990 and/or stopped touring and working and among those – Pink Floyd with Roger above all. Many bands and musicians were and are still touring occasionally never getting closer to Bulgaria – and again Pink Floyd as first to mention. All that was and is still killing all of our last and least “high hopes” and possibilities to fill in the deep and long lasting hole in our minds and souls. Some other bands and artists, however, came on tour in Bulgaria and they are the only ones to know what it is to play infront an audience of many thousands that’s been waiting to hear and see this particular show for their entire lives, with their hopes entirely lost and still not believing that what actually happens is for real.

    If you’d had the chance – ask David Coverdale and Whitesnake about that, ask Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Yes,Jethro Tull, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, Paco, Al Di Meola and McLaughlin, and also Roni James Dio and Scorpions – ask whoever of the Great-ones (in their web sites and forums probably?) that came to Bulgaria and played here what is the feeling. They’ll probably explain – I have no words for that.

    Now can you picture me in late Jan. this year, totaly excited by the live meeting and talk with Nick Mason (who visited Sofia to introduce his “Inside out” and he mentioned that David’s preparing a tour and I was lucky enough to enter one of the closed for public meetings and here that), and an hour after visiting this web-site the very same night,running in fever through all live locations of David’s only to realize that everything was immediately sold out in Europe and UK , and that about States it’s only uncertain hopes for tickets plus too far away to jump there for a show. Well – I didn’t sleep a wink couple of nights, seeing no thinkable chance but longing with all my heart to see “On an Island” live, truly believing that there’s no Unbreakable Walls for a soul in love and… … I did what I did, and God did what he did that today,now I am a happy man: writing on David’s web site and knowing that two tickets are waiting for me in Paris… Again having no sleep waiting to enter the mythic Olimpia – and Dave and Rick and Dick and all the fantastic band and crew will be there and probably an acoustic chords of “Shine on…” will kick the happiest end of the world off!!!

    That’s more than enough for today.

    David, please talk to Nick about his two-day visit in Sofia – he’ll translate the only message clearly – and it is: few hundred thousands long-ago Grown Up youngsters that’s been UNcomfortably numb for the bigger part of their lives are still waiting in fever (with their “hands feeling like two baloons”) for the ones that were playing and singing and speaking their minds and souls instead of them for so many years, they are really still waiting for you to appear on some real “irresistable grass” of some stadium, or in a small hall – whatever!!! – ONLY close enough and real enough to make a dream come true and to turn up their lives, sometimes considered lost and empty into ones that are full and sparcling, bound to fututre and open skies.. Just because every single tear and sigh in the past will prove worth it!

    God bless and preserves you, your family, your friends and crew, everyone you love and care for. And see you next week in Paris!!!

    Hey You, out there in the crew of David – You all take care, and keep it alive -there are so many people for whom what you all do is really very important! Thanx again!

    Emil R. B.,
    proud father of a 18 years old son who loves the art of David and Pink Floyd even more..

  64. Sir David Gilmour has touched my heart with this album that flows with “GREATNESS!!!…..Thank-you David & Polly for including myself with the phenominal audio & video tracks SIR!!!!

  65. soy de México y el concierto estuvo de poca madres!!! lo ví en Hamburgo y lo mejor de lo mejor fue Ecos, creo que nadie de los fans que ahí estuvimos esperabamos esa rola. Bien David..los años no pasan por tí, sigues siendo el Master.

  66. Thank you very much David and Richard for this evening in Hamburg!!! I will never forget it!!!


  67. Hi everyone,

    Would anyone know the co-ordinates of David Gilmours manager or his agent.

    I would like to get a 2 minute meeting with DG. I am making a short film and I want to share the story board with DG.

    Help is greatly appreciated

    [I do, but I have to tell you that your request will be declined. David is incredibly busy at the moment and we receive a great number of similar requests, all of which end the same way. Sorry! The best of luck with your film. – Features Editor]

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