Chart positions


Following on from the success of topping the UK album chart with ‘On An Island’, have a look at these glorious chart placings:

Number One in Italy, Norway and the UK.
Number Two in Austria and Iceland.
Number Three in Germany and the Netherlands.
Number Four in Denmark, Portugal and Switzerland.

We expect it to top the charts in Sweden, too. News the moment we get it.

We should shortly have both the US and Canadian charts, where we also expect high placings.

Alas, it’s not all good news. Ireland and France need to shift a few more copies pronto. 16th and 19th?! That’s not good enough. Can you honestly tell us the names of 18 current albums that are better than David’s? I very much doubt it.

So, on behalf of our fiery blog community, please don’t let the side down. David will be in Paris tomorrow, so let him know that his album will soon be rocketing up the French chart. 19th will not do. We’re counting on you, mes amis.

Don’t forget that ‘On An Island’ is still the top-selling music album on iTunes in the UK, not to mention the most requested order from both Amazon UK and US.

Not bad, is it?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Yo F & bloggers (sorry F’ed i’m getting lazy and am gonna call you F from now on – think of the bandwidth saving if everyone used it :p),

    I just want to point out something, I am from Ireland, but unfortunately my efforts get added to the UK as I am in N. Ireland. I am however a train ride away if you require any irish heads to be slapped into gear. Sort it out chaps! I really hope its top 3 at least in the US, they’re bound to be bored of all that gangsta (c) rap by now….

  2. Hi Fed.

    Fantastic news about the chart positions.

    Just goes to show, their’s still a lot of people with great musical taste right across Europe. Let’s hope the trend continues with the results tomorrow….

  3. Congratulations! I wonder if it also did well in my country (Poland).

    I regret I don’t have the opportunity to see David in concert. Someone told me that it is possible to watch one of David’s concerts at certain cinemas (!) on March 23rd (namely in Multikinos in some polish cities), but when I called the cinema they told me that the broadcast was cancelled, due to some problems with publishers. Dear editor, do you know anything about it?

    [I know nothing at all, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  4. In france, I think that there is not lot of promotion of the album.

    I will be at the Olympia and I hope that french people will show how much they love David music.

  5. David is the best…

    On an Island is the best album in Brazil…

    Please Play in Brazil.. Its is my dream.

    Thank you

  6. Well, not just a question of numbers of copies, eh ? David’s work is good, that’s the point (my guess). Third listening and I like it more and more.

    I’ll be there tomorrow at the Grand Rex and after tomorrow at the Olympia. French audience will show that we do love David’s work. Let fall statitiscs ! 😉

  7. Fedmeister

    The French fans haven’t bought the album because they’re still having lunch…. 🙂

    So that’s US and German fans, Liverpudlians, Small and Medium sized Animals, Blondes and now the French fans…

    So who/what’s next…. 🙂

    [I dread to think! – Features Editor]

  8. very well deserved indeed! come on guys, buy a second copy! mother’s day is coming up (26th march) and a copy for the car comes in very handy. 😉

  9. this beautiful record has been stuck in my player since midnight last monday. it is the best music out right now. so nice. i am really looking forward to hearing it live. see you in toronto. almost done with the sandwich board now, time to get dressed. hahah.

  10. I’ve read that OAI is expected to reach #6 here in the USA. Sadly, DG is a hard sell to an American youth that can’t get enough of 50 Cent. Still, I’ve played the album for folk my age and older (for whom Floyd is almost synonymous with God) who love it. That demographic doesn’t tend to buy new music the week it comes out, but those who want to have it are likely to get their copies in the next few weeks. There may yet be hope for OAI to reach #1 here.

  11. The French ranking baffles me the most. I always thought France had loads of Floyd fans. Is it possible that their cutoff date is different than the other countries, and thus we only had a day’s worth or so of sales to be counted for the whole week?

    And how does it work if someone from Ireland orders from Amazon UK? Does that get counted as a British sale or Irish? I ask because I would think Amazon got a lot of preorders, and if they get counted as British sales, that would explain their poor ranking. And I would imagine the UK could lose some of those 83,060 sales and still be ranked #1. 😉

    [Interesting. – Features Editor]

  12. Fedmeister!

    You’ve nearly beaten me! I’m struggling to think of one… but here goes…

    Caption Competition:

    DG: “I wish Polly would buy me more black t’shirts! I’ve had this one on for months”

  13. Hey Fed and all,

    Just thinking about the whole numbers game…
    think about it- an English album getting #1, #2, #3 in countries that predominantly do NOT speak English! I mean how many Italian or German bands get #1 albums in America or the UK? Especially if those albums are in Italian or German??? And it is the same story around the world! Just charting in these countries is amazing! Hats off to you David!

    Looking SO forward to April 20th! Can’t wait to hear the show!!! Just amazing so far! Another first for me… I’m anxiously waiting for each show David does so I can read about it- also I’m excited for the people attending them… never cared before about shows leading up to the one I attend. By the way- I believe April 20th at the Gibson is the last N American venue… how about a great big extra long blow-out show before going back across the pond David??? I know I know…. we all want so much!


  14. I’m just listening to The Blue… those harmonies are wonderful!

    Blue is a popular colour with DG… “Blue Light”, “Out of the Blue” and “The Blue”…

  15. dont worry david…..john and nicky are coming from liverpool to the grand rex…and well show you how much we appreciate you partner….no 1 eh mate…..roger never got near that did he …see you tomorrow night mate

  16. A little off topic, but something about the photo struck me (and BTW these photos have been great. I know a lot were taken by Polly. Is she a pro photographer in addition to being a writer, because these photos have been superb.) David is playing a classical in the photo, and I was wondering if he had taken to playing fingerstyle on the classical or was still playing with a pick (like in Division Bell).

    [I wouldn’t like to answer your question, but you would think that Polly is a professional photographer judging by some of these photos, wouldn’t you? – Features Editor]

  17. Mister Editor

    What is the Island Jam tune that I see for sale on E-bay & other sites? Thx

    [It’s a blues jam that David offered fans on his website at Christmas time. It was included as a bonus CD if you bought ‘On An Island’ from Best Buy stores in America. It’s not available anywhere else, which is why the inevitable has happened and American “fans” are now trying to cash in on it. – Features Editor]

  18. Im heading out to purchase another copy of the album so I can keep one in pristine condition..

    Its unfortunate that I will not allow myself to watch the germany or mermaid gigs for fear of losing suspense for the shows Im attending in the proccess. However this IS a wonderful thing for those fans who cannot make it to even a single show, and I hope you show them as much of the tour as humanly possible~! You guys are sooo good to us, and all I have to give you in return is my respect, love, and admiration. It wont pay the rent, but you can keep it for all eternity~! My question is : after their broadcasts and rebroadcasts of the two shows are over, are the recordings then to be gone without a trace? Will those of us waiting to view matterial until after our respective shows be missing out on a one time thing? Are there more plans to broadcast forth coming shows? Sorry for the flood of questions, Im just humbly enthused is all..

    [That’s OK, Jesse. I wish I could give you more answers instead of the usual lines. The BBC filmed the Mermaid Theatre show, so it’s entirely up to them what they do with it. As for anything that we show at, we can show it again at a later date if people want us to. They just have to ask nicely and we‘ll see what we can do. – Features Editor]

  19. Tell you what FEd (do you have a name or shall i call you Fearless Ed), if David will pay me to, ill go all over the world for him buying thousands of copies. 😀


    [It would be nice, wouldn’t it? Oh, and any name is fine just as long as it’s clean. – Features Editor]

  20. Today , 14-3 , the cd is SOLD OUT !!

    Anyway in Leeuwarden , north in Holland.

    It will be no 1 i guess………..

    See ya

  21. “On An Island” is on the top of the charts of Russian music store SOYUZ.

    David, please, come to Russia instead of France! :))) We’re really appreciate your work!

  22. We`ve had the great pleasure to be in Hamburg !!

    It was realy fantastic !!

    Thank you all !!

  23. Well done David, no.1 in 3 countries, can’t be bad lets hope for no.1 in Canada to

    Completely of subject, has anyone tried listening to “raise my rent” from David Gilmours first album and “What do you want from me” from Division Bell, there is an uncanny similarity! Try it

    [You’re right, Vince. – Features Editor]

  24. Good day David,

    In Montreal aera, i saw a TV Pub few time for the new ‘On An Island’ CD (played most often by night)…but nothing on upcomming venue YET…!?!

    David Remember Olympic Stadium FULL HOUSE…Imagine a small old Theatre my god will be amazing for sure….!

  25. Caption Comp: David trying to strike the right A’cord with the French!


    Come on you French, you claim to have such exquiste taste in Food, Fashion and Culture, what about Music???? you aint gonna get better than this!!

    Is it May yet?

  26. Dear FEd et al,

    That’s fantastic news – but after having heard the OAI single played on the radio before the album release I think we all had little doubt that it would be so well received…but the reality is really nice too 🙂

    Most of the french that I’ve met in my years have had great music taste (not the stereotypical europop) and a lot of very serious Floydians over there. No doubt the reviews of tonight’s show will spread the good word around…

    Am delighted that it has hit 1st in the UK, but I think we’d all really love to see it hit 1st on the billboard/US…and it will…


  27. i’m really surprised about france. in my experience, the french really love pink floyd and have always given david a lot of support. i’m sure it will get higher. i have my doubts about america though. too many of the people i know in america got it for free. maybe they won’t buy a copy because of this which really bugs me.

  28. David Gilmour in theaters?!?! Why the bloody hell not!?! 🙂

    Dear Fedmeister, if it hasn’t been considered already, one way to placate a lot of the fans missing out on David’s tour, is to broadcast one of the concerts to theaters (in real time).

    Regal Cinemas in the US has done this for artists such as Prince and Phish (twice, for two different sets of concerts, no less). Nothing like seeing your favorite artist in HD and 5.1 surround sound 🙂 Not sure if the infrastructure exists to do this in globally, as well, but you all might look into it…still plenty of dates left to arrange such a thing 🙂

  29. Dear Fet Ed,

    just to clear the air… I think Island Jam is an awesome song and can’t figure why it was left off the album. However, being lucky enough to have bought the cd at Best Buy I have the cd single of the track. Wouldn’t sell it on e-bay!!! In fact I’m really hping David will decide to play it on April 20th!!! Great song! Those who are offering it on e-bay are not “fans” at all!


    [Quite right, Tim. – Features Editor]

  30. For the first time ever I looked at the “USA-Charts” and did not recognize a thing. In fact, it all looked like gibberish as if someone had a massive typo meltdown. Or it could have been ethnic….just not sure.

    By the by, I went to BestBuy again trying to pick up my “third-cd”. I wanted the exclusive cd but they only had a couple cd’s remaining and they were not the “exclusive-island-jam” copy. So beware…

  31. Well I don’t really give a flying fig about chart postions. What I do care about is great music and DG’s ‘On an Island’ is a great album. Well done David, its a beut.

    With regards to the number one spot many a fantastic album never sells as much as it should.Kate Bush’s latest Ariel is a case in point (and as many a reviewer in the Uk pointed out it has the same contented feel as ‘OAI)

    David’s PR team has done an absoletely cracking job. The Radio 2/TV spot was a totally brilliant bit of PR. An unlike Kate Bush’s promotion for Ariel David Gilmour has appeared to speak to every journalist around the globe. Quite frankly with the great PR job around this album you would expect nothing but a number one.

    Oh and I musn’t forget this website which is possibly one of the best artist sites around and probably the most effective bit of PR of the lot. My only grip is that a furm is much easier to vew fans comments than this blog. I would love to see fan’s review of the album.

    Keep up the good work and don’t let the website die once DGgoes to ground again until his 70th!

  32. FED,

    I’ve noticed the absence of a certain gigantic inflatable pig in the pictures that have been posted of David’s shows. Naturally he’s playing small venues and the pig probably wouldn’t fit. Also, it’s David, not Pink Floyd. However, I sense that people may be disappointed not to see at least a small pig at David’s shows. That’s where I come in handy.

    For a large sum of cash, my own dressing room and a buffet table of my own, I will wear a pig outfit and walk around the stage grazing* like a pig at various points during the show. Maybe during “Take a Breath” I can walk around in a lung costume? Talk it over with the big man and get back to me.

    *Do pigs graze?

    [I knew there was something missing! Could you wear a giant ‘winking moon’ outfit during ‘Then I Close My Eyes’? And do you know any ballet? Someone prancing around the stage during that song would be wonderful, just as long as you don’t trip over any cables. – Features Editor]

  33. “still plenty of dates left to arrange such a thing ”

    And if you have a broom handy….!!! 🙂

    Now walk to the CD player, put the Division Bell on and select track 2 and sing along…


  34. I know this is probably more a question belonging to the Q&A-section, but anyway: Is there already a release date set for the vinyl-edition of OAI?

    Thanks for doing such a great and tireless job on this site, Fed., whoever (and wherever) you are!

    [I believe it’s 20 March in the UK. I’ll see if we can get some dates for around the world. – Features Editor]

  35. I don’t like David’s fans say that french fans don’t buy ‘on an island’, as I said previously,it’s not n°19 in France, but n°5


  36. Fedmeister

    Nice update to the FAQ section….

    [Thanks! Wll pass your message on. There’s more to come, too. – Features Editor]

  37. Hi Fed!

    Congrats to David on another great achievement with no 1 selling album.

    I’ve been doing my best to spread the word in Dublin, but I don’t see much promotion in the shops. I’ve only heard the single once on the local radio. RW is getting a lot of coverage promoting his tour (which is funny cos it’s Mr Gilmour singing Money & playing)

    I think there is a lot of the population under 30 in Ireland. These people would not have had much exposure to David or Pink Floyd I believe. I think PF only played in Ireland once – back in 1967 on the Hendrix tour at Belfast. David played in Dublin in 1984 on his solo tour which I felt was well received. PF did schedule a concert in 1988 for Dublin but unfortunatly dropped the date. The Live 8 gig was great and it did bring PF back to life in some respects.

    Maybe David’s management could arrange for a gig in Dublin’s Vicar St where Bob Dylan, Neil Young and many others have given legendary performances.

    Just a cheap attempt to get a ‘please play in Ireland’ plea oopps there’s another one.

    I think the website is great, the album is great, the radio2 listen again feature is great, the set list sounds great; I can’t ask for more – I’ll continue to spread the word according to David Gilmour.

    Any chance of seeing David wearing green at the weekend to celebrate Paddy’s day??

    Thanks for the blog & keep up the great work!

    ps word for today — great!

    [Great! – Features Editor]

  38. I love the new pictures on the website! Any chance David and his band want to perform at my 27th birthday party?

  39. Hello David,

    I’m writing you from Belgium. Do you know if “on an island” is also number one in my country ?

    Very nice album. I hope that the show is also beautiful – (I’ve the chance to have a ticket for the concert in the Olympia Hall in Paris)

    See you soon on thursday!!

    [We’re still waiting for confirmation of several charts, but we will add more soon. – Features Editor]

  40. hi features editor. would it be a nice idea to let us know the birthday s date of Polly.may be she would like to receive nice thoughts from around the world too.david would be jalous……..just write to say hello today. i am counting the days before toronto…. merci et a bientot.En passant features ,vous écrivez bien le francais. sylvie from montréal.

    [That would be a nice idea. – Features Editor]

  41. Dear F.Ed,

    The problem in France is that we have many CDs recorded by “singers” coming from the Real TV now in the charts. It has become harder to have some good music.

    But we have also some very good singers who diserve their place in the charts. So the competition is hard.

    As a fan of David Gilmour’s work, I wish his album to be the first.

    I have to say that I’m really happy to see him at the Olympia in Paris cause during the Floyd shows I saw in 1989 and 1994, I didn’t get very much contact with the band if you see what I mean (sorry, my english is bad).

    Ahh, I know, it’s the third I’ve been asking. If only I could have an autograph on my Cd’s booklet, I’d be really happy !!!

    [Have a wonderful time at the Olympia, Antoine… and no more apologies for “bad English”, please! They are really not required. – Features Editor]

  42. Yeeei..number one in from Norway and i love the new album. Hope there will be a few more of these 😉

  43. Dear Features Editor, Who are you? Who is this all knowing voice for eveything Gilmour? Please throw us a bone.

    [All-knowing? Are you taking the Mick?! – Features Editor]

  44. Nickster,I’m so glad to read your posts again 🙂

    F’ed person, in all my ramblings, I forgot to say how much I love On an Island.

    I’ve been listening to it since day one, and although I manage to get lost in all of it, my personal favourite is This Heaven….oh, and Take a Breath……oh, and The Blue as well!

    I’ve been bugging my local radio station to play the album – unbelievably, they’ve ignored me, (I’ll have words with them later, trust me)

    In the meantime, have fun, and enjoy the music!


  45. I sense anti-American sentiment. Sure our fans can be obnoxious and whistle and hoot in the wrong places. Sure we’ll E-Bay our souls (which has, in fact, been done I kid you not). Sure we listen to angry gang affiliates rant and rave about their gang-related activities to the same ol’ 4/4 beat and call it music. And, yeah, we (re?)elected border-line war criminals. But hey… some of us are, in fact, more sensible than all that. Suppose all of us ‘sensible’ ones just came over to Europe? A lot of us want to really. You guys would like that, wouldn’t you? More the merrier?

    All or most kidding aside- I’m saddened to see that France of all countries does not APPEAR to appreciate good art. But maybe there are some unknown explanations as to why the numbers don’t make sense. Does it matter anyways? David’s fans have always been there and this album has been a confirmation in our beliefs. And with his world-wide fan base I just have to be grateful that he DID decide to come to Chicago. I think its a shame that a fan from Brazil (to pick a place) will not have the same opportunities as I to see David, and its a shame people are pawning off their Island Jam bonus CD. But these things do tend to come down to logistics unfortunately. It’d be hard and out of the way for David to make such an international tour as to include even more countries from even more continents. And as long as Island Jam remains a Best Buy exclusive, I’m sorry but it really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that they’re being sold second-hand. Is that track not available any other way? In light of this, perhaps it can be webhosted a second time? (I’d never sell mine though, I know that much.) Thank you David, for doing what you can. For those who weren’t given the fortune I was given in all this (i.e. a pair of tickets), my heart really, really does go out to you. Lets hope they release a DVD of this tour. With all the new wonderful material and awesome setlists I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t.

    Thanks, kind sirs, for listening to me rant.

    [You’re welcome anytime, Kurt. I like sensible, interesting rants. Cheers. – Features Editor]

  46. As I’m using my real name I feel an embarrased urge to clarify. A lot of rap, IMO is mindless and uninspired, but some of it is actually quite soulful. The Roots, the Fugess… Outkast also makes something I occasionally enjoy.

    Granted none of it sports the musicianship of our man David… Just don’t want to come off as too much of a ‘hater’… Theres good music in all genres… I completely understand if you decide to ignore these posts Feat. Ed.
    It’s just been one of those days, y’know? WAACKED out crazy from work and I wanna go home. BTW, On An Island saved my life today. It stands as perhaps the most soothing music I’ve ever heard, kept me relatively calm when I wanted to explode. Peace.

    [No worries, mate. Anytime. – Features Editor]

  47. i am sad to see that on an island is not doing as well here in ireland as it is in the uk and other countries . however i am glad to see it has got in the top 20 . very few of the bands and artist that i like ( kirsty mc coll , marillion , the socttish signer fish ) shift huge amounts of records in terms of chart positions but they are still class artists and bands .david is still a musical genius no matter what !

    i have a copy held for me in hmv grafton street and if my mom goes into town she will pick it up for me tomrrow . sadly after a weeks holidays work has piled up and i can’t go in and fetch it myself . at least another copy will be sold in ireland tomrrow , hopefully 🙂

    one last question . was on an island promted here as extensively as it was in the uk . radio and magazine adds etc ( i don;t listen to any radio stations it would likely be advertised on as i tend to listen to the bbc radio 2 and 6 for music )i have put the word around to people that i think might be interested but most of them have it by now and are english anyway 🙂


    [I can’t comment on promotion strategies, but BBC Radio 2 were good to us. Not so good to Nick and Adrian when it came to the Mermaid Theatre gig, but that’s another thing. We should all remember that this is a David Gilmour solo album, without “Pink Floyd” stamped on the front, which almost guarantees high placings. As you say, Top 20 is an achievement in itself. We just set high standards because we know the album is so damn good. – Features Editor]

  48. Mr. Feat.Editor

    You said about BBC show “As for anything that we show at, we can show it again at a later date if people want us to.”

    I so wanna… and can we to watch High Hopes or WYWH or This Heaven from there??? or just to listen?

    I’m from Russia – we had new David’s album in stores and small shops already in saturday 4 March – no pirates, yet early, all originally… unfortunately without Island Jam, as in US. I asked sellers, they told, that ordered it in the Internet. So probably the disks sold in Russia are taken into account in charts somewhere in Europe ;-)))

    [I’ll have a word with our website team and see what they think. Maybe we should do another poll to see which was most popular? We haven’t had a good ol’ poll in ages. – Features Editor]

  49. What a result, it is confirmed by my brother in law 10yrs my junior that I have good taste in music, he watched some footage from the mermaid last night and although he`s not giving much away say`s it`s great music for guitar players, in other words(as he`ll never admit he`s wrong),enjoyed it!

    I was so proud to tell him the album went straight in at number 1.

    Another possible DG/Floyd fan in the making, I think.

  50. Loving the photo of David on today’s blog. Must be nice to be so damn photogenic AND have a top-selling album in the charts.


  51. Anyone know what the full Mermaid gig set list was, ie. the songs in addition to the 55 mins aired by the BBC?

    Did I read it was shorter than the full Dortmund show but longer than 55 minutes?


  52. I live in CT in America and once I heard about Island Jam (march 8th)I called my local Best Buy store and they told me that they do not have any special editions of On An Island with a bonus disc.

    So maybe it wasn’t every Best Buy store that had one. But hopefully sometime in the future it will be released officially so that all of Davids fans will get a chance to hear it, like me.

  53. Well my copy arrived in the UK via Hong Kong (CD-WOW, I had a voucher 😉 ) – buggered if I know what chart that sale will register on !!!

    However, I’ve got a vinyl copy ordered at my local HMV – hopefully it will be available on Monday.

    As for David’s obsession with the colour blue – I’m sure I read somewhere that the Floyd went to Goodison around ’74 to watch the bluenoses Everton take on Bristol City (the band were playing a few nights at the Liverpool Empire). May I take this opportunity to remind you all that the mighty Reds of Liverpool are still the reigning European Champions (at least until May 🙁 )

    So come on David, it’s high time a well-Red (!) man like yourself introduced the colour of sporting success into some song titles (after all, King Crimson’s Red, Bill Nelson’s Red Noise and Sammy Hagar’s affinity with said colour are all buried way back in the annals of rock history)

    If any of this post makes any sense, then this cider I’m drinking obviously isn’t strong enough!

    [Well said, Ali. David’s not a bluenose, thankfully. – Features Editor]

  54. “the inevitable has happened and American “fans” are now trying to cash in on it. – Features Editor”

    There ought to be tracking devices out for all DG’s online resale merchandise & concert ticket gougers where we could run these people down and out of their homes and neighborhoods, and treated like sexual predators. They are the lowest of the low – just awful behavior!!

    …On a lighter note – #6 in the U.S. – that that is a great and wonderful start here in the states!! The triumph of melody and true talent is always a heartwarming story in my home!! Go David!!

  55. Caption –

    After mastering dozens of other instruments, David suddenly realises he’s forgotten how to play guitar.

  56. Since no e-mail address could be found I am forced to use this, hoping, but doubting, that someone responsible will see this.

    I live in Iceland. I have been trying to keep up-to-date with possible concerts in Europe for quite a while now. I thought that I would finally get a chance to see David play/sing live when finding out that he was planning a tour, not only in Europe but America as well. But reality hit me with the capitalized “SOLD OUT” everywhere I looked. And this was actually months ago.

    I was eight years old during Pulse. At that time, hearing a Pink Floyd tune, I ran out of the house hating the music. I grew up with it but did not learn how to appreciate it until I was sixteen when I accidentally saw the video for High Hopes, hearing that wonderful wonderful lap steel guitar solo. It opened my ears and mind to music, not only to Pink Floyd and David Gilmour.

    So you see my problem here. It looks like I will have to accept the not even next best thing by buying tickets to Roger Waters (at least HE’S coming to Iceland, unlike some…) tomorrow morning who will be playing here in June.

    I know it’s not Pink Floyd Gilmour’s doing and I don’t care. It’s his guitar, his voice, his music that we’re all after, right? It’s a real shame that so few will get to enjoy.

  57. Just wondering, Is there a reason David is not including any previous solo material in his set? I think there are some great songs there. Is he not as fond of those songs?

    [Maybe he just feels that a lot of it was covered when he toured in 1984 and now is the time for his new material, with a few of his favourite Floyd classics thrown in for good measure. – Features Editor]

  58. Congratulations to everyone directly involved, and to the countless other fans, who have made On An Island where it stands today. Today marks the end of week one since the album was released, and it’s remarkable to see how well the album has shifted sales. Just shows that good music still has a fan base among buyers. I myself am 14, and can’t imagine listening to current “hip” music. It’s dry, unsavoury and uncompassionate. I hope David continues to make music for the rest of his life. Creativity of his calibre shouldn’t be wasted. I applaud all your efforts David. Dying for April 10th to come along, live at Massey Hall!

  59. I live in France, and I am the first to be sad that David Gilmour doesn’t appear in a good place, on our chart.
    Unfortunately, in France, television channels promote their own groups, that come from their real TV shows (Popstart, star academy…). The firsts places are squatted by them, and it’s hard to have some real good music in a good place, nowadays.

    The rock music isn’t as popular as it used to be. We have lots of calibrated variety songs, that comes from these TV shows.

    So, finally, there is not enough places to put advertising for real good music…

    It is sad, really. I hope we will be able to hear lots of good music in the future, but actually, it is like a desert, nothingness.

    Anyway, I have bought David Gilmour’s album, and find it really great. I am just sad that most of the people in my country don’t even try to listen to it… We lost lots of curiosity…

  60. Hi, Features Editor!!

    I´m from Brazil, of course, in my humble opinion I give a little help to David´s new CD arrive in the top, I ordered in Amazon UK.

    And David:

    I adored the new albun and I’m in love with the songs The Blue and This Heaven.

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english.


  61. Great news about #6 in the states!

    It blows my mind. In the past 5+ years the top ten is usually littered with hip hop, country or female solo artists (none of which truely write or create their own material) with an occasional boy band, one hit wonder or flavor of the month wanna be rock band. “Established” artists/bands just dont get up the charts anymore with the exception of U2 and Dave Mathews Band.

    A lot has to do with timing, excellent marketing plan, strong label support, an unplanned July 2005 live show that awakened a lot of fans, and lastly and most importantly an excellent album that showcases a great talent (rare for the music industry these days) that can write and create his own music, and his own unique sound.

    It also helps to be the best guitar player around.

    less than 1 month till chicago shows.

    Jeff in chicago

  62. Not bad is right!

    And with On An Island debuting in the US Chart at No.6, well that’s DAMN IMPRESSIVE!!!

    Congratulations again to everyone involved in the writing, recording and subsequent release of On An Island, especially David and Polly.

  63. Alrighty then….On an Island debut at #6 in the US……….onward and upward!

    James Blunt was invited onto the Oprah Winfrey Show just the other day (yes I watch Oprah!)So his sales will have gone crazy. He did a great job of his two latest big hits.

    I would love to see our man David get onto that show. Then the British Invasion would be making a serious comeback!

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

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