Auditorium Parco della Musica


Rome’s Parco della Musica is a vast multi-function music complex where three large concert halls, each with different capacities (2,800, 1,200, and 700 seats) are separated, yet joined at the base by a continuous lobby.

The fan shaped layout is formed around the central piazza, with lush greenery all around it.

Each of these structures, structurally separated for sound-proofing, are built of red Roman brick with lead rooves.

There is also a fourth concert hall, an open-air amphitheatre for 3,000 people.

The 2,800-seat concert hall, known as Sala Santa Cecilia, is intended for symphony concerts, with room for both an orchestra and choir. This is where David and his band will be performing. As you can see from the picture, the central stage guarantees perfect visibility, as well as natural acoustics.

If you will be in attendance on 26 March, then do let us know. We are confident that you will have a splendid time and look forward to hearing all about it.

Please note that the Mermaid Theatre competition is now closed. Winners are listed in the previous entry.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

151 thoughts on “Auditorium Parco della Musica”

  1. Morning FEd 🙂

    Another beautiful musical setting – I bet DG could sell out all 3 auditoria himself.

    Not sure if e-mails have gone out yet, but this certainly feels a lot like looking for a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket!! 🙂


    [No e-mails have gone out yet. I’m going to need another hour or so of tooing and froing before I whittle the list down. We had far more entries than we have tickets, so unfortunately quite a lot of people are going to be disappointed. That said, we do want the people who have supported the site since the beginning, and who have contributed to our little blog community, to get tickets ahead of those who only put in an appearance last night because they heard that we had freebies on offer! – Features Editor]

  2. David has definately picked some beautiful places to perform at. Any chance of seeing a picture for Toronto’s Massey Hall? I’m going to one of the shows there, can’t wait!

  3. Afternoon FEd,

    I hope we didn’t keep you up too late last night. I went to bed at 1am and am certainly feeling the effects this morning.

    That looks like an amazing place, it will almost be like playing in the round. David and his management have certainly picked some stunning venues.


  4. Dear FEd,

    Yes, Sala Santa Sicilia is just a wonderful concerthall!! I was there in November, attending Roger Waters Ca Ira opera. I think it will be a wonderful performance. I didn’t get ticket for that gig, but RAH is a good substitution for me, really.

    (Btw: Isn’t it quite a bit ironic that David – 4 months later – will play at the same stage as Roger? … What do you say, well respected F.Ed?)


    [A complete coincidence, I’m sure. David has chosen beautiful venues for this tour and, as you already know, this is certainly beautiful. – Features Editor]

  5. Good afternoon, Feature Ed – well I hope?

    Just giving my views on the Rome venue… all of those with tickets for this show are in for a treat. I saw Roger Waters’ opera Ca Ira get its premiere at the venue, and it is a wonderful place to hear good music. I could not find fault with anything, from the facilities, to the sound quality, to the sight lines. Even the seats are comfy!

    The place does look a little odd – from outside, you can see all three halls, all of which are elliptical. Inside, there are more of these funny bulbous shapes, made from wood, on the ceiling. All of which contributes to great sound quality.

    Enjoy the show those who are going to it – I am certain you will!

  6. What a day to not have Internet access…damn. Oh well, I’ve got tickets for the 31st at the RAH so I can’t be too disappointed (Mind you, I don’t think suggesting that David cover the Scissor Sisters makes me the most popular poster to this community so I probably would have been cut anyway!).

    Congratulations to all the winners, here’s looking forward to getting my copy of ‘On An Island’ on Monday and listening to the Radio 2 concert on the 11th.

  7. Hi Fed, i visit this site every day since you started the fan fare, or feature as it was called! i have just never posted, i entered last night for the competition but i have never posted before because i didnt have anything to add, but i do check this site all the time! im really loving the new stuff from david, glad to see he’s not lost it, i would love to go along to the mermaid theatre! please consider my entry Fed! you do great work here, keep it up!


  8. This place looks fantastic, and has a very warm feeling to it, would love to go there only I live in jolly old England, oh well there’s still the chance with the radio 2 tickets… must be optimistic after all

  9. Hi FEd,

    Hope your brain is isn’t too frazzled by choosing the lucky winners!

    However, I just wondered if you or anyone knows if David still gets nervous before a tour? Or even on release of a new record?

    [Yeah, he wouldn’t be human if he didn’t get nervous. – Features Editor]

  10. Another great venue. It’s obvious David and crew have spent a while chosing venues of the highest quality, rather than opting for the norm.


  11. When I listen to On an Island, I am in another dimension and not else matter. Thank you David.

    Finally, the song ended….and i suddently realized that I was driving a car!

    See you in Milan!

  12. Hey Rudders…I’ll be driving in with my son(passionate David fan) from Kingston for the April 10th show at Massey Hall.Is that the one you’re going to?If it is, and you’re starting off the night at HRC prior to magic time,how will I recognize you if I happen to make it there to join in on the celebrating?

    Posted by: John at March 1, 2006 01:04 AM


    I’ll be there on the 9th… shame! But I will be in the HRC on Yonge before the concert…

  13. oooo…. I’m sooo very gutted! I have just spent the last 10 mins kicking myself and have the girls in the office laughing at me! I CANNOT believe I missed the comp yesterday. Every single day I take a look at the site but I guess for some reason or other I didn’t yesterday – and now I’m paying for it! My bottom lip is protruding now!! Oh well, best of luck to all of you who managed to enter and I hope you really really enjoy yourselves. I’ll be thinking of you!

    Lorna xx

  14. Fedmeister… me old mucka!

    What are “lead rooves”?

    See third line of the concert hall description…

    [Hi Rudders. It’s the correct plural of ‘roof’, as far as I’m concerned, and my English teacher would be so pleased to know that I remembered that lesson. Do you think ‘roofs’ looks better? I just can’t bring myself to use that. – Features Editor]

  15. Haven’t checked in here for the last couple of days, choosing instead to work my arse off for uni, and I miss my chance to enter the competition! Typical! Ah well, the very best of luck to the rest of you.

  16. Fedmeister

    Back to the Roof question…

    “Irregular plural forms
    There are several other irregularities in the plural forms of English nouns. Here are examples:

    Man becomes men
    Woman becomes women
    Fungus becomes fungi
    Thief becomes thieves (note that not all words ending in “f” follow this pattern: roof/roofs)
    Species remains species
    Medium becomes media
    Person becomes people”

    Check the URL…

    “The force is strong with you but you are not a Jedi yet” 🙂

    [A smart arse, eh? You’re no longer my favourite, Rudders. I’m very disappointed in you. I’m still sticking with ‘rooves’, partly because I’m stubborn and partly because, if it’s good enough for Dickens, Shakespeare and the BBC, then it’ll do me. And I don’t care if Bill Gates wants to keep changing it, either! The English language is dumbed down far too much as it is, so I’m digging my heels in. ‘Roofs’ is just plain wrong to my mind! Irregular plural or not, if both are acceptable (albeit that my way is considered the archaic way), than I’m using ‘rooves’. So there! – Features Editor]

  17. My local HMV store in downtown Toronto has put up a big DG poster advertising next week’s release. Can’t wait.

  18. Hello David, Hello FEd, Hello everyone!

    This is “my” hall! I will be here the 26th of March…just 25 days!



  19. Mr Happy here again, I dont believe it. Its happened again. You do such a great job on this site but the day begins at 1 min past midnight. The latest feature (1 March)went on at 12 noon. No wonder I missed the competition yesterday. Is it me. Is the site operated from the USA where their is a time difference.

    Cheers Peter Clemons

    [We update as and when we can, Peter. Nobody works a regular 9-5 day, put it that way! In the case of the Mermaid Theatre entry, we had to wait for the list of winners from the BBC before we could proceed. As it happens, we felt that closing the competition at midnight would be better for UK fans, what with it being a week night. I’m sorry you missed out, but do hope you enjoy the RAH show. – Features Editor]

  20. Hi Features Editor,

    Actually, this isn’t a comment about today’s posting, but about a feature of the “Press” section of the web site.

    First off, let me say that I totally enjoy most of the site, and appreciate the opportunity to read about the progress David and his band have and are making. The whole blog thing is a great idea!

    But, since I have a visual impairment, I cannot access the articles in the “Press” section, as they seem to have been posted as scanned images of documents rather than as actual text files created using OCR software. (All right – I can’t access the photos either, but the captions are usually informative and descriptive!) So, my question is: Since i , and probably lots of David’s other fans, use screen-readers to read the daily blog, is there any chance that the “Press” section could be made accessible?

    Thanks again for what is over all a wonderful blog experience!



    [I’m sorry to hear that, Amanda. I will be sure to pass this message on to our webmaster and we’ll consider the points you raised. – Features Editor]

  21. Its like when David just starts the Comfortably Numb solo and then like, the lights go out man and the power to amp is gone man, and then he offers to play it acoustically and the strings go man. Totally gutted for not winning anything……(slumps in chair, about to go to work again)…(walks off to find The Wall album for cheering up)

  22. beautiful theatre. bring on ze massey hall! red sky at night…what a beautiful soulfull emotional piece. david is more and more amazing each day. i can’t wait to see what he has in store for monday. a birthday party and the release of one of the greatest recordings ever (i’m assuming). woooooooohoooooooooooo!!!!! i’ve been waiting 15 years for this man to hit the road (i’m 25, i know that’s crazy, but that’s the way it is). thanks ed.

  23. Dear Fet Ed,

    I think perhaps Rudders question was relating to the “lead” rooves… they made the rooves out of lead? What? Was arsenic to hard to manage??? Thats ok… sex drugs and rock and roll will do in your brain, so whats a little lead? So long as it doesn’t collapse from the weight!

    By the way… Davids’ sax playing was great! can’t wait to hear the whole track! He should do more of it! As expressive as his guitar playing!


  24. just checked out the newest press additions. very nice, very nice, double very nice. brings a little tear to the eye to see such great response, not that i’m surprised. it’s just nice. i have to finish that article. now.

  25. I followed the link to the album that Stephen Radovanovich posted yesterday and I’ve hooked my laptop up to my surround sound system… Wow!

    Now I can’t wait for the album to be released!

  26. after hearing red sky at night…i have a feeling this may be the new concert opener…what a great song…then the band burst straight into learning to fly…just an idea david….2 weeks today until le grand rex….cant wait

  27. Caption Competition:

    Union Representative to DG: Look Mr Gilmour pay them another $5 an hour and they will set up…

  28. Dear all,

    Am sitting here listening to Porcupine Tree as I work, and seriously loving it (“In Absentia”). Can I suggest a mini convo thread for today:

    Which bands/musicians do you think are in the same vein as DG/PF? Maybe they share the same influences, are influenced by, have a similar sound..that kind of thing. For me, Porcupine Tree are one of these, but I’d love to know what others favourites are…


  29. Hi, I don’t know if I can post this here, but there is a contest being done by Bell Sympatico here in Canada. The contest is for Canadian residents only and is for airfare and tickets to see David in London March 7.

    Click my name.

  30. Fedmeister

    Is there any chance of getting some information on the logistics of the tour? How many people involved, who they are, how much equipment is involved, travel arrangements etc…

    We all know you’re busy and you are doing a stirling job…. but remember if you do want to get through the Jedi trials…. :-))))

    [I’ll see if we can get some information for you next week, Rudders. – Features Editor]

  31. Hi, we hope and we wait for 1 more possible date in Rome on 27th of March….

    I hope……..

    Bye to all and to Mr David Gimour, the best guitarist!!

  32. I just had to surface from my lurking depths to comment on how fun it’s been to read the thoughts, wishes and pleas of the multitudes of David Gilmour fans. It’s been just as amusing to read the daily dose of information provided by the intrepid FeatEd. I think I can tell when the tone is amused, annoyed or teetering on the nice edge of sarcasm – would that be tongue in cheek? – but I’m not always sure.

    I’ve really been enjoying all the goodies on the site and the lovely, anticipatory build-up via press clippings, itunes, advance radio spots (thank goodness for internet radio), and other marketing ventures. How fun is this?

    I feel so lucky to have gotten a pair of tickets to RAH on the 29th through the pre-sale email contest. It’s actually a packed week for us as it is my daughter’s high school prom on the night before we fly out, and her graduation is the day after we return. How cruel of a mother am I to make her get up the morning after her prom and schlep it to the airport? But really, come on, how cool is it for a 17 year-old who has never been to the UK, to fly in to see David Gilmour. Ok, so I think it’s majorly cool (and actually, she does too – as well she should since listening to PF was present since inception). The only real dilemma left to decide is, do I have my daughter or husband sit with me in the good seats (we were able to secure one nose bleed seat, so at least we will all be there). Given that it is David we are talking about, I think I know which way that decision is going to go.

    Karima from Washington DC

    [I’m glad I’m keeping you guessing, Karima! Have a wonderful time in London. – Features Editor]

  33. Hi everyone again!

    well, after discovering that I didn’t win tickets over at the BBC Radio 2 to the Mermaid Theatre, and thinking that I had missed my opportunity to post my message last night (didn’t realize there was a deadline till I’d sent the thirty-word message and my watch read 12.01am!… Thankfully my watch was two minutes fast!) I feel absolutely emotionally exhausted. Couldn’t think about anything else at work. At work I’m driving everyone so mad that they’ve all agreed to buy “On an Island” if I stop going on about it. I’ve said to them, “When you listen to it you’ll understand why I keep going on about it!”

    Anyhow, I think I’ve learned my lesson about taking a more proactive appoach in the blog instead of just reading what everyone else says. I do have a lot to say, but sometimes I feel my thoughts might just get buried beneath the hundreds and hundreds of messages. Even I find it difficult to catch up and sometiems fail to read them all. I wonder how you manage, Features Ed.? Do you have a right hand helping you sort out all this mail or do you do it all by yourself?

    Now, more in relation to On an Island, I think I’ve succeeded in not listening/watching the daily videos so far. The reason for this is I really want it to be a surprise and I want to be able to listen to if for the first time on my sound system. I cannot wait.

    However, I have allowed myuself to see the On an Island promo video and I have to say that I’m comepletely spellbound by it. It’s gorgeous. It’s so sweet and it’s so well recorded. There’s layer upon layer of beautiful arrangements that pop in and out of the mix here and there, so as to draw attention to the right detail at the right time, instead of overwhelming the mix. Exquisite!

    And although I haven’t listened to other track I have read people’s reactions to them, which makes me more and more anxious to sample them. Not too long now.

    Thanks features ed. for all the hard work and the great pics! Thought yesterday’s was particularly excellent. It’s so weird so see this part of the 1986/1994 Pink Floyd line up again. Weird but certainly most welcome.


    [Hi Carlos. You can tell everyone about the Mermaid Theatre gig, OK? That can be your next mission. – Features Editor]

  34. Hi Fed, do you have any clue or do you know something about the set-list of songs that David will play on tour… because there are less than 10 days until the tour will start and we don’t know nothing about this not even a date when this set-list will be revealed. Can you say if this is gone be a surprise and we can’t get any information until 10th march???

    From today there are less than 15 days, and my dream will come true at l’Olympia in Paris on 16th march 2006, a day that I will remember all my life.

    Good luck Mr. David Gilmour & co.

    [It’s a big secret at the moment, but you’ll have a better idea on 7 March when David and his band perform in London for BBC Radio 2. – Features Editor]

  35. I have bubbles of excitement for the winners even though I live in the US. I just think it is amazing how much work and generousity has been streamed out to us all. There sure is no “wall” being built on David’s stage! Good luck to all you UK Fans!

  36. Hi oh Master of the Web, Well it’s been quite a 24 hours I bet. But thanks for all the hard work we all reeaaly appreciate it.

    But the reason for this little episode is to ask you to say a BIG thankyou to David – all the snippets from the new cd have had me rushing each morning to listen to the latest toon, and yesterday’s and todays with all those wonderful String sections providing a backdrop for David – Just got me inspired to get back into my own little Studio – 9ft x 7 ft not quite Astoria but hey its all mine!

    So today I recorded something decent for the first time in a month – so thank you again David to seem to have ended my “block”

    The results are on my Soundclick if anyone wants to listen. Click my name.

  37. Dear F Ed

    I tried to gain entry to the mermaid
    Even though I have not paid
    But I will go to the ball
    In Manchester at Bridgewater Hall.

    Good luck to all those who entered yesterday & I hope the most deserving got their tickets.

    I considered going to Rome to see David live, but my wife gave me one of those looks & I felt the life force being sucked from me. But the venue does look impressive. But I am sure that Manchester will be just as good. Will there be a feature on Bridgewater Hall. It was not built when I lived in Manchester, so I do not know much about it.


    [There will indeed be a Bridgewater Hall feature coming very soon, Richard. It looks like a cracking venue. – Features Editor]

  38. Dear Editor(s), & to Mr. & Mrs. Gilmour and to all the fans on this site: The venues are breath taking & elegant for sure. It is 3/1/06 and there is “only” 6 more days left I hope until ‘On an Island’ comes to the united states and my local record & book store.

    Congratulations to everyone who have won tickets both in the UK and US! A mermaid? I no doubt would give up just about anything within moral reasons to see Mr. Gilmour and team in concert. I would have given my heart & soul.

    Bless everyone and again keep up the fantastic work on this site.

    Linda Penner

  39. Hi!

    I don’t know from where to start….I sit here at my desk in my office… I really tride everything to get 2 thickets to David’s concert but everything is sold out.

    Please help me… I want to go to this concert.

    you can wright to me at if you can send to me 2 tickets.

    I’m waiting for your mail.

    Thank you


  40. oooh, another beautiful venue! bulbous wooden shapes on the ceiling would indeed make for great acoustics. can’t wait to hear reviews of this show.

    i am handing you an imaginary pan of warm brownies to get you through the night, F. Ed. it’s all over with but the whining and gnashing of teeth, eh, plus a good bit of jumping up and down, with yells and giggles. i have confidence; you’ll do well. then perhaps you can take the afternoon off.


    [Aw, bless you. – Features Editor]

  41. Am I the only one that thinks it’s funny that Roger checked in last night on an 11:25pm post?! An apparent shot over MLOR as I took it, but these things creep out again after a cocktail or two? 🙂

    I’m just tickled he has joined in along with Guy into FeD’s world with the rest of us nut cases.

    “Shine On” all!!

  42. Very nice concert hall. It looks fantastic! That should very nice for the acoustic stuff and the orchestra. If anyone here goes to that show, let everyone know how it was! I’d love to hear it!


    p.s: 5 more days!

  43. Please tell me that no, you have not finished sending emails to the winners yet, and yes, there is still hope for next week!!!??? Whatever the answers, thanks for staying up last night!


  44. Wow, last night was a little hectic to say the least!

    I can`t belive the response to one feature, the David Gilmour Blog community certainly grew in number!

  45. Re: Today’s video clip. I found it strange but at the same time fantastic to see David playing the saxaphone. Only a few days to go!!!!

  46. Hey Fed, I bet you tell us wrong date on David’s gig in Rome: actually is 26 March (25 days to go right now)….ah, the memory of a man in his old age…. 😉

    See you there Feddy boy and my best to David: maybe I’ll obtain a so long dreamed signature from him, can you place a good word to him for me??

    Cheers to all of you involved!

    [Pardon me, Alessandro. I will change it right away. I hope you have a wonderful time. – Features Editor]

  47. ‘Red Sky at Night’ is beautiful! Lovely to see and hear him playing a different instrument.

  48. Hi from Rome,

    The Auditorium in Rome is a really wonderful concert hall.There is a good surrounded sound and a sweet atmosphere.

    I think a lot of people is waiting for DG and his band.Here is the moment to “drink” the real music,the sound of a “clean” guitar and the occasion to sse a “human” musicist.

    Thank you Dave,for your sweet white hair,for your smile,just the same….many years ago,thank you to be so “real” in a particular,strange period based on imagine you are a man, sorry, a Man.

    Good night diana

  49. Oh, and HELEN, thanks for the support!!!! We both made the Dave not David mistake!! Surely they’ll feel sorry for us and want to educate us by givin us tickets so we can spread the word further!!!!!!! Just cuz we’re silly girlies doesn’t mean we don’t LOVE DAVID!!!!!!

  50. Folks,

    I’m really surprised nobody has posted a single comment about today’s video. Red Sky at Night sounds…. well, I’m out of words… simply fantastic. I was a bit sceptical after listening to On an Island for the first time, but the other excerpts are much more interesting (sorry, I reckon I don’t like a lot Crosby and Nash’s backing choruses). I wonder how the song will be like when performed live.

    Anyways, today I’ll be able to sleep much better after having heard Mr. Gilmour playing the sax… his lessons were worthwhile!

    Thanks F.Ed for the videos and the contests, although as a neither UK nor US citizen, I felt a bit dissapointed, well, until I managed to get one of the choir’s tickets for May 29th!.

    See you all in London!


  51. Dear Feat Ed,

    It looks likes things are slow today with only 15 posts, so I thought you might have time to answer a Pink Floyd question. I came across my old 8 track tape of Animals and it reminded me that Pigs on the Wing Part I & II are joined with a guitar lead. Why wasn’t that version on the CD and is there a way to get that version?

    Best Regards,
    Stephen, NY USA

    [Slow? Are you having a laugh?! I’ll save it for the FAQs page if you don’t mind. Unless someone else would like to answer for me? – Features Editor]

  52. Hey,

    I just got through listening to the entire album for the second time on a promotional site where they’re streaming it.

    Pretty laid back album. It sounds like it was written by somebody who didn’t feel he had anything to prove and just wanted to make a record just for the sheer enjoyment of it.

    Lots of these songs seem much better suited for a solo album than a Floyd album appropriately enough, though “Smile” sounds like it could have been off of Atom Heart Mother or some other early Floyd album.

    I like the title track, but I think “Take a Breath” is even better. David definitely delivers on this album.

  53. Fedmeister

    This is torture…. waiting for an update to the site!

    I think you need a Junior Assistant to the Fedmeister to help you with the mundane and repetitive tasks, to carry your bags and wipe your fevered brow leaving you to craft and sculpt the website and the blog you have so ably created and maintained…:-)

    [That would be good for busy days like today. Yesterday was hectic, too. In fact, it was almost like a chatroom in here last night! My apologies to everyone for making you wait, not least for the list of competition winners. Feel free to call me all sorts of horrible names. You know you want to. – Features Editor]

  54. The competition winners have now been announced. Please see the previous entry (‘Mermaid Theatre competition’, 28 February) to see if you are one of our lucky winners. Confirmation e-mails will follow tomorrow, but you’ll find all the details you need on that page.

  55. Caption Competition:

    Two guys bottom right: Yup… you’re right they did use this as the set for Close Encounters of the Third Kind… can you see the Alien spaceships at the back?

  56. Congratulations to the winners – good to see so many regulars getting tickets. Travel safely and tell us all about it…

    From the “out of favour” Rudders… 🙂

  57. Auditorium Parco della Musica is one of the best sites for music. It was projected by Renzo Piano, one of the world’s best and innovative architect. It has a coffee bar, a restaurant, a library with books and records. It’s in Italy as La Citè de la Musique is in Paris, France, where took place (october 2002 – january 2003)the “Interstellar” exhibition, dedicated to the Pink Floyd art (I was there, who was there?). Best music needs best places: Roger Waters Ça Ira = Sala Santa Cecilia, David Gilmour On an Island = Sala Santa Cecilia. Wonderful! I’ll be there! And all the Italian Pink Floyd Fan Club too!

  58. thank you so much FED, you’ve made my year and my Dad’s, it’s been a dream for my Dad and Me for so long now it’s going to become true

    Are we allowed to take a camera and also are we told our sitting position at the Mermaid Theatre

    thanks again

    [I hope you both enjoy yourselves, Vince. Sorry to keep you hanging on for so long. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to your seating question, and I doubt you can take a camera, but I’ll get everything confirmed tomorrow, OK? – Features Editor]

  59. I am over the moon features ed, thank you so much for giving me this once in a lifetime treat, I have never won anything in my life before and this is just out of this world!
    I`m so excited!

    Once again many THANKS.

    [You’re very welcome, Adrian. Hope you enjoy. – Features Editor]

  60. Just wanted to say thanks F’Ed….I’m going to have the best birthday ever!

    Will we be seeing you there?!

    PS…I’m a ‘rooves’ guy myself 😉

    [It has to be ‘rooves’, doesn’t it? That Rudders… What’s he on about, eh? Anyway, hope you enjoy. I won’t be there, so I’m counting on you all to let us know the details. – Features Editor]

  61. Great competition guys.

    Thanks at least for a day of happy hopefulness and anticipation, even if I’m feeling absolutely gutted at not being one of the lucky ones.

    Don’t know about us giving our right arms – I’d chewed my nails preactically down to the elbow!

    Congratulations to all the lucky winners – hope you have a great evening and have a pint for the rest of us 🙂

    [Sorry, mate. We could have given away twice the amount that we had to give away, and there would have still been plenty of disappointed fans. At least we can see some of it on the BBC Radio 2 website and the BBC’s interactive service. More details tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  62. The ticked-off Features Ed/Edwina wrote:

    A smart arse, eh?

    Oh dear, much ado about nothing ‘cept rooves! If you and Rudders are gonna have a barney, can I hold your coat. Ed.?

    having waaaaaay too much fun now…


    [That depends upon which side of the fence you’re on. I can’t have someone who uses ‘roofs’ holding my coat, you know. – Features Editor]

  63. Dear friend Terje,

    do you remember me? We met in Auditorium library waiting for Ça Ira premiere, with my friend Gianco… we spoke a lot about Roger Waters, about David Gilmour, about Live 8… And now we are speaking a lot about another great upcoming release: “On an Island” is an album out of time (in positive sense), coming from the heart and directed to the hearts…

    What a powerful thing is music: I love Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Roger Waters from South Italy; you love the same ones from Norway and so on, all united by these great, great musicians; all united on THIS HEAVEN!

  64. Evening FEd,

    Oh well, I didn’t see my name on the list so i guess it wasn’t meant to be. 🙁

    Congratulations to all who won, i’m sure you’ll have a great time – make sure you tell the rest of us how it went.

    One thing that interested me from that list of names is it shows that David obviously appeals to a male demographic – i counted only 8 women amongst the 75 competition winners. Obviously, guitar rock is still a male thing. I sense a dissertation in there somewhere, perhaps if i ever do my doctorate….

    Thanks once again for doing such hard work on this, FEd.


    [I’m sorry, Vicky. You shouldn’t have mentioned that you’re going to all three RAH shows! We really could have given away twice as many tickets as we had to give away. Maybe even three times as many if the competition hadn’t closed at midnight. We’re still getting entries now, in fact. – Features Editor]

  65. Hello everyone again…

    This is my second post of the day. I got home fairly late and I was expecting to confirm my darkest suspicions that I was not to go the the Mermaid Theatre on Tuesday.

    Alas, I was proved wrong! I jumped, punched the air and gave a shout that I am sure disturbed all the surrounding areas. Thank you thank you thank you so much.

    If people at work thought I would shut up about David Gilmour just wait till I get to work tomorrow!!!!

    No seriously. This is so good I’ve had to take some time and sit down and digest slowly the magnificent news.

    Features Editor, I love you!

    [Bless you, Carlos. Enjoy the show and do let us know every little detail. Oh, and give them hell at work tomorrow! – Features Editor]

  66. Hey Fed

    Gutted i didn’t win but sure the others were more deserving! My dad played with david yonks ago and david even appeared on some of my dad and uncles songs (sutherland brothers and quiver -gav’s my dad if u know them?) I missed out totally on any of my dads stuff (totally gutting)and thought i’d missed out on david’s stuff too till this comp! Oh well! I’ll keep pestering u and bbc 2 etc to see if theres any chance of tickets to anything!!!

    Thanks anyway

    [I’m sorry, Kelly. I wish I’d had more to give out. You’re not going to any of the UK shows? – Features Editor]

  67. ‘Ning all,

    I won tickets! I can’t believe it…

    I just called my Dad and told him we won, and he is quite possibly the happiest man in the entire world right now. And I am definitely the happiest girl.

    Congratulations to everyone who won, see you on Tuesday…

    Thank you so much FEd. I’m now going to spend the next few hours waiting for the confirmation email and hoping there isn’t anyone with the same name who blogs here..


    [Don’t wait up, ’cause I’m going to bed soon! They’ll be sent out tomorrow, promise. It is definitely you, so don’t worry. We’ve got all your details, so there’s nothing to worry about. I hope you and your Dad have a great time. – Features Editor]

  68. I too am over the moon! This is the first time I’ve ever won anything it feels like a dream!

    Thank you so much!

    Best wishes


    [You’re welcome, Adrian. Hope you enjoy. – Features Editor]

  69. No!! Tried to get tickets to the RAH, even the ‘returns’ etc that u guys told us about on here!!!! Not fair!!! My mum has very fond memories abour david!! Apparently he gave her advice once about how to wear her jeans!!! What a man!!! His music has been a huge part of my life (initiated cuz of daddy and stuff) and i just hope that everyone who got tickets REALLY appreciate them!!!!


    [So sorry to hear that. If any become available, we’ll let you know. Unbelievably, there are still people selling them on eBay… – Features Editor]

  70. Could be worse F.E…Our good American neighbours to the south from here in Canada verbally pronouce rooves as “ruffs”.

  71. The very correct Ed. wrote:

    That depends upon which side of the fence you’re on. I can’t have someone who uses ‘roofs’ holding my coat, you know.

    I take back everything I said about you. And Dickens has always known his ‘roofs’ from his ‘rooves’ in my book, so throw me that coat, dear…


    [Nice one, Deborah. I always knew you had fine taste. – Features Editor]

  72. I’m sorry, Vicky. You shouldn’t have mentioned that you’re going to all three RAH shows!

    What, you mean fan loyalty doesn’t get rewarded! Tch! Now you tell me! Me and my big mouth, eh ; )

    (Although, it is quite heartwarming to know you are taking note of the nonsense we write!)

    Anyway, as I’m already out of favour, i’m going to really cross to the Dark Side and am going to have to agree with Rudders, and say FEd, as a former English teacher, um, you’re kind of wrong about “rooves.”

    Both the Oxford English Dictionary, and the Cambridge Dictionary, those bastions of all knowledge, give the plural as “roofs” and neither recognise “rooves” as a word at all.

    I quote:


    • noun (pl. ROOFS) 1. the structure forming the upper covering of a building or vehicle. 2 the top inner surface of a covered area or space. 3 the upper limit or level of prices or wages.

    Sorry mate 🙁


    [Oh, don’t give me that! I should have deleted Rudders’ post, shouldn’t I? When did Oxford and Cambridge sell out? That’s just terrible. – Features Editor]

  73. Thanks you Features Editor for the excellent news about the tickets for next week. I look forward to my email tommorow!

    Next week is going to be an excellent week, Im going out to buy the album first thing Monday and now i have the chance to hear it live on the Tuesday.

    All i need now is the lottery numbers!

    [Well, in that case, you want 4, 6, 18… Enjoy the show, Julian. Let us know how it goes. – Features Editor]

  74. Trop coooool!!!! I screamed so loud I almost woke my baby up! She ‘ll be disappointed not to come with me (mind you, she is only two! so I’ll go with her mother instead!). Thanks a lot FEd, hope you have a night as good as mine!


    [You’re welcome, Baptiste. I couldn’t believe your bad luck, missing David in both France and London. I hope you both have a great time. – Features Editor]

  75. [Wayne’s World Mode]
    I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!
    [Wayne’s World Mode]

    But my wife is, so I’m SO VERY HAPPY that we have been offered the amazing privalege of seeing, and more important listening to, David live. You guys are simply the best [bows].

    P.S. I just saw David playing Sax – Helen tells me he’s only just learnt! What?! He plays like he’s played sax all his life! It ought to be illegal to have that much talent – but I’m glad it isnt! See you Tuesday!! OMG! [faint]

    [We all hope that you both have a wonderful time, Paul. – Features Editor]

  76. i know!!!!!!!! wouldn’t actually buy any tickets off ebay but must admit to looking!! they’re far too expensive tho! Serves me right for not actually writing anything on this blog sooner i s’pose! I even tried that bloody radio 2 comp bless me! Oh well, least i know i’m not the only one!!

    [Far from it. Keep your fingers crossed and I’ll keep mine crossed for you, too. Good luck! – Features Editor]

  77. Kelly wrote:

    My mum has very fond memories abour david!! Apparently he gave her advice once about how to wear her jeans!!!

    Erm, PLEASE don’t leave me an opening like that!! It’s only asking for trouble.

    not saying a word….


    [I won’t edit that, but I will have my coat back, thank you. – Features Editor]

  78. Ha ha deborah!!!

    Think it was to do with a ‘trendy’ belt she was wearing with the jeans! He advised her to ‘wrap ir round twice!’ or somethin!!

  79. I’m probably the only person here that doesn’t believe they’re the world’s biggest Gilmour fan, but my friend is (though he was wearing a Roger Waters Tshirt when I met him) and when he lost out on the first sale of tickets because of not being able to get regular access to a pc, I promised to keep an eye out on here for him. Been popping in and out for weeks and weeks, but never posted because I didn’t have much to say. Oh how I regret that now!!!!

    I haven’t let him down completely – he’ll get my choir ticket for his 40th – but I’ve been carried along on the adrenalin of the resales and competitions and I can’t believe how down I feel right now at having lost the chance of us going to see David.

    Maybe the last time I felt this bad was when my mate accidentally set fire to the caravan he was living in in 1980 and melted my vinyl copies of Animals and DSOTM, as well as about half of my entire record collection (but not including my precious Incredible String Band lps).

    If anyone hears of any other way I can get my hands on tickets for a UK gig, PLEASE let me know. Can’t pay/won’t pay ebay prices partly because of poverty but mostly because of principles.

    Just having trouble accepting it’s not going to happen for me.

    [Sorry to disappoint you. I would have loved to have given out 150 pairs instead of 75. Of course we’ll let you know if any tickets become available. – Features Editor]

  80. Hiya F’ed!

    Do you know – I never, ever win anything so I’m absolutely gobsmacked to see my name on the list – thanks so much for considering me worthy of this great honour! Strangely I’ve become an incredibly popular guy in the last few hours……but, hopefully I can pursuade my better half to have a night out – she’s had a terrible couple of days and this would cheer her up no end I reckon.

    Thanks again for all your hard work – it really is greatly appreciated by us all!


    [You’re more than welcome, Neil. You have a good night. – Features Editor]

  81. I`m singing “up on the rooves”(I know it should be roof), but i`ve had a few largers now to celebrate my tickets for tuesday!

    I do however agree with you features ed, and for standing up for the rights of the english language.

    [I knew you deserved a pair of tickets, Adrian. I just knew there was something about you that I had to reward. – Features Editor]

  82. Fed, is this ur full time job? ur such a busy chap!! If there are any more tickets available, i’m happy to let david use my ‘limerick’ comp entry in one of his new songs – free of charge! God i’m generous aren’t i??!!

    [Very generous, Kelly! Yes, this is my full time job and I meant what I said about those tickets. I can’t promise anything, but stick with us, OK? – Features Editor]

  83. Hi FEd,

    I’m hoping you can help me with out with a problem. I bought tickets for David’s Amsterdam concert from a broker for myself and some friends at a ludicrous price (no surprises there). Now my friends have pulled out due to financial reasons, we live in Australia and the costs just got too much for them to afford. As you can guess, trying to sell tickets for a concert in Europe from Australia is very difficult and I refuse to place them on e-bay or re-sell them to any brokers. My main concern is that there will be two empty seats in a sold out David Gilmour concert and that is not acceptable!! I wish to offer these tickets at the face value, I paid a LOT more but I don’t care, it was my decision to pay that price and being in Australia meant that a broker was the only way for me to see my favourite musician. If there’s anybody looking for 2 tickets to the March 20 concert in Amsterdam then I hope I can offer them to you.

    Thanks FEd, I hope you can post this, or else just pass my contact details on to somebody you know that is in need!


    [How about this: If anyone is interested, then they can post a message here and include their e-mail address. Then you can e-mail them and see what happens. Is that OK? – Features Editor]

  84. I can’t believe it!

    Just returned from a good night out – and i see my name on the list!!!!!!

  85. I’m getting so excited, all these contests, pictures of venues, and the continually evolving content on this page. Teasers like David playing Sax, the new “commercial”, and even the more detailed bird flying about the page all add to my growing anticipation of the new album and concert!

    Great job FEd, and all! I’ll be at Gibson on April 20th, seems like so far away, but worth the wait I’m sure!!!

  86. Dissertation, shmissertation! Since the ratio of males to females here in Davidland is so high, what someone really should do is set up an DG-based online matching service.

    Step right up, lads. Welcome to Women Who Love David Gilmour! Er, em, his music, that is.

    (Ha! I’m listening to talk radio–of the LEFT wing ilk–and right now the show is playing a bit of Run Like Hell as the intro music. Seems like lots of talk radio people use PF songs as intro and “outro” music…even a right-wing blowhard based here in Atlanta, I’m ashamed to say.)

    Congrats to everyone who won tickets! B*stards! (Can I say that?) 😀

  87. Caption Competition:

    The guy bottom left to his dyslexic imaginary friend: Did you know that the rooves here are made of lead?

    Dyslexic imaginary friend: KO

    Fedmeister – Ok..ok… the subject is closed 🙂

    [I like you, Rudders. You’ll always be my Fan Fare favourite. – Features Editor]

  88. From what I heard so far from “On an island”, it’s David’s best work so far and is excellent. I can’t wait till it is in stores. The new music you hear today is all “hip hop”, Brittany Spears, Hillary Duff, Miriah Carey, et al. They are all tooo boring and sound the same. With David Gilmour, his music is done the old fashion way; no techno-this or techno-that. Real musical instruments, a guitar, his voice and a microphone. Nothing else.

  89. Time to enter the fray with a caption for today’s blog-photo:

    “Wot’s uh, the deal? Where’d the pianist go?”

  90. I have been away for a few days and a lot has happened. I really enjoyed the creative entries starting with “Yes please, I’d give my right arm…” Now THAT is a fun way to have a contest.

    I also love yesterday’s pic with Rick and David. Was it taken by Polly? All of her pictures from the gallery are very good

    I have been listening for OAI in my car, but my timing is not good. Although the songs are being posted on the OAI section of the main site along with the video clips, I have chosen not to listen to them in that way. The reason is, I remember listening to classic albums like Wish You Were Here and The Wall for the first time, in their entirety, and would like to experience this new album in the same way. I know this will be a great album. And now we’re a week away from release in the US, the anticipation is great and I can’t wait to go to the store and buy it the day it comes out, like when I was a kid, and bring it home and play it loud. Haven’t done that in years.

    So thanks, David and friends, for the chance to revisit the ritual of my youth. For making music that (I’m sure) will be worthy of the ritual. And thanks, Features Editor (whoever you are) for an interesting blog.

    [Thank you, Dan. – Features Editor]

  91. Woah! I checked out the album preview today! How cool! David is the man! Seriously … I was really impressed with the new phrasing/articulation I was hearing in his solos throughout the album! Refreshing to hear rock staying rock without staying stale!

    Thanks for passing my other comments on, Features Editor! All you David Gilmour staffers are great!

    BTW … To all you blog commenters … Happy Rib Day – where I live, it’s the (unofficial) official start of the barbecue season as of March 1 every year! Enjoy great friends and good food, and have a great time!


  92. I just saw the video for ‘On an Island’ on VH1 Classic channel.

    It was wonderful!

    Can’t wait for the tour to start up and intersect with me here in Chicago!

  93. I will listen to the rhythm of the hooves on the rooves of the village. I am so torn, to shamelessly pander to FeatEd in the hopes of future consideration or to tell him the truth….

    Having studied linguistics in University, it is accepted that the English language will change with common useage and Dickensian spellings will indeed become archaic.

    However, in this case with this word and with you having the power, I say -rooves all the way.

    By the by, the little snippets of each piece on the album that I have managed to hear on the internet lead me to believe this is fabulous work. My only hope is that if David plays the bluesey piece at the concert he loosens up a bit. Perfection is lovely but the blues needs a little more down and dirty.

    [Things only become archaic if you let them. Fight the power, I say. – Features Editor]

  94. Only a week until the release. I am having a listening party next weekend, with corned beef and cabbage, chicken and Guiness, as well as other beverages. Only about a month until the chicago show. I cant wait!!!!! How about flying in for a few Pints, F.E? Just a short trek from the Windy city. Green is the Colour, and Guiness is the beer!!! Cory

    [Cheers, Cory. Have a great time. – Features Editor]

  95. Great track featured today, ‘This Heaven’. Very obvious that he is so much more comfortable with singing and playing on this solo album than on his past ones. ‘This Heaven’ is great. Very different from anything else I’ve heard from him.

    I’m getting quite antsy waiting for this album. I’ve already pre-ordered it but because that probably won’t arrive until 5 days after it’s release here in the states I have to go out and buy one on the 7th, thinking I’m going to miss out on something if I wait a few extra days, which I will. ramble ramble. bye bye

  96. This is For John and son, and Roofer Rudders. My friend purchased a bunch of tickets for the show and invited me along. They know my adoration for DG and PF. I thank them for the invite. We’re renting a limo to celebrate and will be in Toronto. Time is unspecified right now. Just meet at the HRC, and catch the show later. That makes 3 so far. Anyone else care to join? Leave a post. Thanks. I will be wearing a brown jacket that my wife bought for moi at Christmas. This is a similar jacket David wears on the About Face album Tour at Massey in 1984. I was there for two shows. How ironic is that?

  97. I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to listen to the song “On An Island” in advance of the albums release. However, I have been holding off from listening to the rest of the audio/video clips so I can experience the album fresh in it’s entirety as soon as I purchase it on the release date. I plan to listen to it from start to finish as a complete piece.

    So, I was wondering if it will be possible to still get the videos that are now being previewed on the David Gilmour website after the release date? Does anyone know? Or will they at least be available on DVD sometime? I would love to see them but I just want to wait until after I hear the album first in it’s entirety instead of short clips.

    Cheers, and thanks Dave!!!

    [Good thinking, Tony. Will have a word with our webmaster about that. – Features Editor]

  98. Can it be true that my name appears on the list of winners? I am speechless. Something like this has never happened to me before and I am scared.And excited. Are there two Ian Pearsons? And is Matt Pearson who I dont know a long lost relation???????????

    I am away tomorrow early 4am to Manchester and not back til midnight Sunday will I get confirmation before end of day today.

    [You’re a winner, Ian! Your e-mail will be with you soon, if you haven’t got it already. Hope you enjoy. – Features Editor]

  99. After being chilled out in the company of Snowy White last night I am now a lot calmer. Great website but I was very annoyed yesterday over the competition. It was not aimed at ‘earlybird’ readers. At the very least I would like to be put on a reserve list for any tickets for the Mermaid that are not taken. I do not own a mobile but you can email me anytime.


  100. Very happy bunny indeed.

    I had just finished watching the Classic Albums: Dark Side of the Moon when I came to check my email and saw the great news.

    Obvsiouly a lot of hard work sorting things out, so thanks for everything.

    Tremendously excited!


    [Enjoy the gig, Tom. Let us know how it goes. – Features Editor]

  101. HI F,ED

    Sorry for the delay in Thanking you but i didnt get in from work until midnight. i cant start to discribe what this means to me, but you can be sure next Tuesday at the Mermaid i will have the most fantatic night! i am so gratefull to you, Thank you so much!

    [My pleasure, Neil. Have a great night. – Features Editor]

  102. Apologies for the rants. I have just read through the posts yesterday and noticed the response to one of my submissions. It was thought provoking and did make me realise an apology was in order. I appreciate that I am going to see David at the RAH but I just tried so hard to see him in an intimate venue. You do do a wonderful job on this website and was unfair of me to go off on one like I did. Maybe my kids are right that I am turning into a grumpy old man. To all the winners – enjoy. But also, try to catch Snowy White while he is on tour.

    [No worries, mate. – Features Editor]

  103. Hello again!

    I’m waiting for your mail….I think you are my last chance…it may sound foolish, but i really dreamed last night that I was at one of David’s concerts…but was a dream…

    Please…help me…that dream, my and my boyfriend’s dream to get true…i really hope you can do somethingh.
    I’m 25….I never had the chance to go at one of Pink Floyd concert’s…and David was and is my favourite one. I think that this is my last chAnce to go to his concert, because as i heard, he won’t come to Budapest in Hungary…








    KISS YOU….



  104. I must say that all the clips off the album so far, have been fabulous……….such a wonderful mix of styles ! In particular, I like the gentleness of Red Sky at Night and the power of Take a Breath. There is definitely a touch of Floyd in there ! Congratulations to David, Polly and team for producing what I think will be a best seller ! I can hardly wait to receive my album on release day ! Cheers Feat Ed !

  105. Caption…

    ‘Is David INSIDE the piano?!’

    Many thanks to all who adminstered the Radio 2 gigs tickets – I’m on cloud #9. 🙂


  106. Fed., I know the FAQ’s have been temporarily suspended due to the number of questions, but can we please try to squeeze an emergency question in?

    “David, is it rooves or roofs?”

    An answer from the great man himself should put paid to the debate (and if he isn’t sure, Polly as a writer should know!).

    [Good point! That might help us all, never mind Shakespeare, Oxford, Cambridge, Dickens… That said, if you check the ‘Division Bell’ liner notes for the lyrics to ‘Poles Apart’… – Features Editor]

  107. Dear FEd,

    Been reading through yesterday’s entries, and it was one hell of a day!

    No doubt there have been extended discussions about the format of this section of the site, but I can’t help but feel that maybe there is a better way for either you (or us) to organise our replies better. A few weeks ago I think we were talking about the fact that many of us don’t read our own replies, let alone others….but I think this is not down to laziness or a lack of interest, but just due to missing something when scrolling downwards.

    I can see why the blog format works, especially for editorial control, but having a threaded forum may provide that little bit extra – and provide some room to grow. Your chaps at Pixelfury would need to customise one of the available forum apps out there to reduce a lot of the functionality so that you could still retain the ease of editorial control, but also have better information management. Anyhow, just a thought…and with OAI impending, I think we can expect a LOT of new faces around these parts over the coming months…



    p.s. Have I told you how much I love you today 🙂

    [Well, I never get tired of hearing it. Thanks for the recommendation. Always welcome. – Features Editor]

  108. Nice pick on the winners sweet feature ed.

    All very deserving, most if not all have given me a good chuckle over the weeks reading their posts. Heres hoping y’all have a great time and if ye get to meet David and Co. or the Ed i’ll be well envious!! Looking forward to hearing your stories on the 8th!


    p.s. just wondering but is it compulsory to have no hair / penalty spot to get into the Parco della Musica?

  109. Dear FEd et al,

    Having watched the video now, a few remarks:

    – I love the two line art drawings shown of David playing guitar. One is actually David, and another is I think one of the images used on this site before the reskin…a sort of abstract pencil outline. Anyhow, they’re both great – especially the David one…somehow really captures something about the music in his posture…anyhow, really liked it and hadn’t seen it before…

    – Is that David playing a Les Paul in one of the shots? Lots of black strat, but there is a shot about halfway through of what I thought was a Les Paul…

    – The shots of CGN (that’ll be Crosby Gilmour and Nash :)) are lovely, but I really like DG’s harmonies with himself, fading left and right on the screen. Really nice touch, so whoever came up with that idea, nice one – it works really really well imho.

    Ticking away, the moments that make up the interim between now and Tuesday evening… 🙂


  110. Just heard Red Sky At Night – it’s amazing how much David’s sax playing sounds uncannily like his guitar playing! Really looking fwd to the cd next week, the RAH shows, and the x hour plane trip here from Oz 🙂

    Features Ed – you guys have done such a wonderful job with promotion on this website! I’ll be sure to rip off your ideas for my next cd if that’s ok with you ..

    Any word on a surround version of On An Island?


    [Not a word, Ben. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  111. Dear Features Editor,

    I can’t quite believe I might be the ‘royston’ listed on the competition winners! If I am my full name is as above (royston vince). Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

    [It is you, mate. Enjoy yourself on Tuesday night. – Features Editor]

  112. Caption Competition:

    Three guys in the foreground – Members of the Peoples Front of Gilmour:

    Chairman: So what has the Fedmeister ever done for us non US and UK fans?

    Second Guy: The Press section..

    Chairman: Ok, besides the Press section what has the Fedmeister ever done for us non US and UK fans?

    Third Guy: The Fan Fare..

    Chairman: Ok, besides the Press section and the Fan Fare what has the Fedmeister ever done for us non US and UK fans?

    Second Guy: Controls the Blog so people don’t spoil it…

    Chairman: Ok, besides the Press section, the Fan Fare, and controlling the Blog what has the Fedmeister ever done for us non US and UK fans?

    My apologies to the very few of you who haven’t watched Monthy Pythons “Life of Brian” because you probably won’t find that at all funny…

    Go watch the film!

    [Rudders proves why he’s the Features Editor’s favourite. Or should that be ‘prooves’? 😉 – Features Editor]

  113. Sorry for panicing but havent had e mail yet confirming tickets for next week.

    I am away from tomorrow (3/3/06)4am until sunday midnight when I will catch up with e mails then to see if I am lucky. I will need to book train from Inverness to London.It will be worth the journey I know. My brother in law is coming with me. He cleared out a house recently to find a tour book form a Flyd roadies form the 1987 tour

    Thanks for your help Ed -you should be knighted!!!


    [Apologies for making you panic, Ian. All the e-mail says, if you haven’t had it yet, is that the concert starts at 7:30PM, with doors opening from 6:30PM… There will be a break in the middle of the show… The concert itself will last for an hour and a half, so you can expect to leave at about 10:30PM… There is a bar… The theatre is fully seated, so you can sit wherever you like… You will need to show photographic ID and evidence of your name/address (any utility bill will do) and this must match the information you have already given us… Cameras and recording equipment are not allowed and there’s a good chance that you will be searched on your way in… So that’s it. Oh, and we will be collecting the right arms during the interval. Hope that’s all you need to book your train tickets. – Features Editor]

  114. Fedmeister et al

    I’m jumping on a plane later tonight and flying down to Clearwater, Florida for a long weekend so won’t be back on the site until late Monday… so I hope the regular bloggers keep the Caption Competition going and hopefully I don’t miss any “goodies” over the weekend…8-O

    I’m sure the weekend will go well and the album launch continues to be successful

    And if you can have a few days off let me know what time you’ll land at the airport and I’ll pick you up 🙂

    [How am I going to manage without you until Monday, Rudders? Oh well, have a good weekend. Florida? I’m not jealous, honest. – Features Editor]

  115. HI EVERYONE!!!

    Yesterday I feared my dad could had a cancer…but the second clinical test, today, say it is not a cancer and he will be able to stay well taking just some drugs!


    I can stop crying!!!

    I LOVE YOU!!!


    Drink and celebrate the life!!!


    [Bless you, Lucia. – Features Editor]

  116. Woo Hoo!! Thank you so much for the tickets.

    With the exception of scooping a tin of hand cleaner and a biro in a raffle I have never won anything before. My wife and I are overjoyed and looking forward to next week.

    We are lucky enough to live a couple of minutes down the road from Astoria and we often walk or run (if we are feeling fit) past.

    We will make sure we give David and the team a thank you wave next time we pass (so, David, if you see a couple of idiots on the opposite bank grinning and waving don’t call the men in white coats – it’ll probably only be us).

    [You have a great time, Ken. – Features Editor]

  117. Hi Tom [Quinn] but surely you didn’t genuinely think my 11.25pm post [28.2.06] was from Roger?

    ….be touching though if Roger really sent a “break a leg” post in on 7th March for the start of the tour, assuming of course, he didn’t mean it literally.


  118. FEd, important question for you: I have floor seats for the Massey Hall show in Toronto. I would love to bring my digital camera for this once in my lifetime experience. Do you think this will be a problem? Are cameras allowed? If I don’t bring my cam and they are allowed… I will feel terrible. Let me know please. Thx!

    [Sorry, but they’re not allowed in any venue. – Features Editor]

  119. “Rooves” is correct to my way of thinking, and to reinforce the point I’ll be adding this lesson to my sophomores’ vocabulary quiz next week! If we enjoy The Floyd then we all appreciate style, one would think, and I’d say “rooves” is less archaic than “classy.” I’m an English teacher and this week I’ve been showing the kids clips from On An Island each day at the beginning of class. The happiest days of their lives indeed! Thank you very much for a really fun web site. It has been such a pleasure in these weeks leading up to the album and the tour…but thanks mostly to Mr. Gilmour for all of his work over the years, work that has shaped and explained a lot of what really matters to me…I wouldn’t want to imagine a life without Shine On or Raise My Rent or Comfortably Numb.


    And my local record shop has phoned me to tell me “OaI” SO i CAN PICK IT UP AT 9AM ON MONDAY WOW WOW WOW WOW

    I will write an article for the John OGroat Journal



    As you promised to give us your right arms in exchange for tickets, they will be collected during the interval.

    Nice on FET ED


  122. When will the confirmation emails go out, Fe.D? I’m growing anxious!

    [So sorry to keep you in suspense, James. You are correct and I can confirm that you will be going on Tuesday. Congratulations! Please let us know your postal address. – Features Editor]

  123. I see that John is heading to Toronto from beautiful Kingston!

    My son and I are coming in from Brockville!

    Hi neighbour!

  124. Yup! I’ve checked out the lyrics to Poles Apart and it does say “roofs”, but then again the words were written by 3 people (I assume David, Polly and Nick), so it could have been one of the others who spelled (or is it spelt?) it that way!!!

    Don’t suppose you could persuade the webmaster to put all your venue info and photos on one page when you have finished them (the live dates page would be good!), then we can enjoy the beautiful venues all in one place.

    [It has been suggested already, actually, but of course we’ll think about it. – Features Editor]

  125. Hi F’ed

    Just wondering…if Rudders is off for the weekend should I assume my usual forum nickname of ‘Pudders’…then again maybe I’d better not!

    Anyways….just got the email confirming the Mermaid tickets – fantastic! Can you just clear up a couple of things for us?

    First the timings of the concert – are you saying the interval will be 1 1/2 hours?…’cos thats how it reads at the moment, at least to me…though I could be losing it of course!

    Secondly, I assume the ID that has to be shown refers only to the applicant – in this case me. I ask because at the moment my better half will be accompanying me but, that could change at the last moment…

    Cheers again – sorry to be making more work for you….

    Neil (pudders)

    [Hi Pudders! No problem, I’m happy to try to clear things up. I don’t know how long the interval will be, but it won’t be that long. Probably half an hour or so? The show will start at 7:30PM and David and his band should play for about an hour and a half with a break in between. The estimated finish time is 10:30PM, but don’t forget that there is a bar there, so that still sounds about right to me. These are only rough times. As for ID, then as long as you are there with your photo ID and proof of address matching what the BBC has on file, your guest will be fine. – Features Editor]

  126. Fedmeister… I’m just on the way out of the door to the airport but had to reply…

    Frank Par! See you in the HRC on April 9th 🙂

  127. Hi, Features Editor!

    I know this is a little off topic, but I have been wanting to ask you… how can ask to add my website to the links page?

    I have a very nice David Gilmour message board and I was wondering, could I get it put on that page?

    I hope it’s not too much to ask…

    Also, how many instrumentals are there on the album? 3 or 2? Is it “Castellorizon”, “Red Sky At Night” and “Then I Close My Eyes” ?


    [Hi Christian. The sites on the Links page were chosen, not recommended. Unfortunately none of the sites that we are told about seem to be added, as everyone is too busy to check them out thoroughly. However, everyone should know by now that they can visit your site by clicking your name, so I’m sure many people will do that. Good luck with it. As for instrumentals, then there are three: ‘Castellorizon’, ‘Red Sky At Night’ and ‘Then I Close My Eyes’. – Features Editor]

  128. Ok, my right arm is ready for severing but its going to make any air guitar playing a little messy.

    Does this mean “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” or “One of These Days (I’m Going to Cut You Into Little Pieces)” are going to be played!

  129. FEd:

    You mentioned no camera at the events, which is perfectly understandable. But do you know the stance on cell phones with cameras? I certainly plan on turning the thing off when I arrive at Radio City, but I do need to bring it with me at least because I don’t live locally, and it’s not like I can pull the camera out of it before I leave home.

    I guess I could rent a locker at the Port Authority, but the thought of leaving a $300 phone in it kind of scares me.

    [As long as it’s switched off, there shouldn’t be a problem. – Features Editor]

  130. Todays Music

    Very ambient intro – I thought I had logged on to Radiohead site for a minute.

    Only joking – no probs – Ignore me it’s Wifey’s birthday and we had a bottle or six.


  131. If you missed the radio arts programme on BBC radio four which had a long interview with David Gilmour this evening you can go to “listen again” on radio four at the bbc site. Look for “Front row” 19.15 02 March.

    pete jenner

    P.S. Rooves (to rhyme with grooves) are used in Timber boat building. They are the correct name for the copper washers that form the inside part of the rivet through the hull planking and rib of the boat. They form part of the fastening that holds the structure of the boat together. You will need a little boat building knowledge to reach the Island.

    [Thanks for that, Pete. If you click Pete’s name, you’ll find the page you need. – Features Editor]

  132. Ohhh…in english, it’s too difficult for me, so to-day, in french, (excuse me!) Mon morceau préféré est “the blue”, extraordinaire, jamais entendu une telle merveille, et aussi “red sky”, (je crois) à cause du saxo, comment David peut-il être aussi doué ? toute l’émotion qu’il transmet dans sa guitare, il la transmet aussi par le saxo, et ça fait si peu de temps qu’il en joue! 2min… de pur bonheur! David est arrivé à me faire oublier totalement PF ! Comment aurais-je pû dire tout ça en anglais, j’en suis incapable et le regrette beaucoup, will you forgive me, dear Ed. ?


    [Of course I will! – Features Editor]

  133. The “Rudders & Rooves” sideshow has taken on a life of it’s own 🙂 I loved the “Life of Brian” takeoff. I think it is a prerequisite, is it not… that one can’t be a fan of Pink Floyd and not love Monty Python! (“…well we did do the nose… but she is a witch!! Burn Her!!)… and yes I did think Roger wrote the other night (I gotta watch more closely to my screen at 4 am, after my nightly gig, it seems!)

    Watching from the sidelines here in San Diego with the Mermaid competition – it has been so wonderful seeing all this excitement…at times this Fan Fare has had all the drama and excitement of a highly rated game show!! Carlos Arias winning those tickets – his co-workers might have to give him medical leave unless he can control himself better!! 🙂 But what would be the fun in that.

    Thank you (again!) Fedmeister for your labor of love here on our behalf! The hard work “yes”, but the genuine sense of caring behind the work -obvious to anyone following this column – makes it all the more special!


    [Thanks, Tom. Very kind of you. – Features Editor]

  134. Brilliant news to win, thanks. My postal address is…


    David Gaylor

    [You’ve got nothing to worry about, David. Your tickets are perfectly safe and in the capable hands of someone at the BBC, who won’t hand them over until you show photo ID and proof of your address. – Features Editor]

  135. Oh my God F.E.!…who will clean the blackboard for you at the end of the day while “Ruvvers” is gone.Guess you’ll have to find a temporary teacher’s pet during his absence.

    Hey Frank and Peter(Brockville)!!…Would be really cool to hook up at Hard Rock Cafe on Younge St. prior to the show.I have tickets for April 10th.Hope to see you there!!!

    [I don’t know how I’m going to manage in his absence, John. Maybe I’ll go back to being nasty. No one’s accused me of chastising them in ages. – Features Editor]


  137. To Stephen in NY, about the joined versions of Pigs On The Wing… the only official release of that was on a Snowy White compilation called Goldtop – Groups & Sessions 74-94, which came out in the mid-90s. For anyone who has grown up with the Animals album but never heard this complete version, it makes for fascinating listening. And it’s Snowy, of course, who played lead guitar. Lovely chap… I met up with him again recently in Koh Samui, Thailand.

  138. I have been a fan of Pink Floyd for years. David, your new release if fantastic! The title track is spiritual!! Thanks.

  139. David – I just wanted to say thank you so much for the decades of wonderfully unique and talented music. I so much enjoyed your live shows. I was privileged to see you a few times thru the years and am so disappointed that I could not get a ticket for the show in NYC. I have been a looooooong time fan and am so happy for your success and especially anxious to buy your new CD after work today. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us. God Bless you and Polly, and the rest of your family. Hope to see you just once more some day.

    Sincerely, Paul Castelli -Vineland, New Jersey -USA

  140. Sir Gilmour’s new disc is awesome. He answers the question: “ the way which ones pink?…” I used to buy into the whole Roger Waters is Pink Floyd but after listening to Water’s solo stuff and comparing it with Gilmour I realized they can’t be compared. David Gilmour is a true first rate musician and performer whereas Roger Waters is just a sort of high rent lyricist first and musician second. The lyrics in the last two Floyd albums might not have been all that high and mighty but the music was definitely better without RW. Roger was the concept guy but it’s evident to me that Gilmour and Wright put it together musically. Without DG’s guitar and voice mixed with Richard Wright’s keys and vocals, it couldn’t have been Pink Floyd. Anyway the new album ranks up there with classic discs like Wish You Were Here, Meddle etc etc. It would be awesome if DG would crank out some old classic tunes like “Childhood’s End” or “The Narrow Way”. Also it would be awesome if he would do a FUll ON North American tour instead of just the L.A, Chicago and NYC shows! Those shows sold out in ten minutes and a full tour would sell out in about 5. That’s how good the new disc is. Anybody still wondering ‘..which ones Pink?’ hasn’t heard “On An Island” yet. I hope there will be a ‘live’ disc release of the upcoming tour for the millions of us who won’t get to see it in the flesh.

    Sorry for the horrid grammar in this post. 😉

    [Don’t worry about the grammar, Aaron. The comments about Roger, and how other fans will react to them, is what I’m concerned about! Seriously though, can we please just have respect for other opinions, such as Aaron‘s? There’s no need for anyone to come to the defence of Roger, because I imagine the vast majority of those reading already know what a talented person he is and just what he gave to Pink Floyd. Most of the people here are Floyd aficionados, so you’re merely preaching to the converted. Besides, it won’t change Aaron’s opinion if he’s done his homework and made up his mind – and it sounds like he has done, so fair enough. Likewise, there’s nothing wrong with criticising David if you feel the need to. Just be honest and say what you think in a respectful way, with respect for differing views, and it should make for more interesting reading. How about that, Shelley? We’ll see how it goes… – Features Editor]

  141. Wow… David is a superb musician talented… some notable exitements in the best David & Polly style. Once again, the guitarist has done a brilliant job. I loved… :0)

    Best wishes,
    Me and my family.

    p.s. In my Country (Brazil)when the things are fine, we usually say “tudo Azul!”.(all Blue)

  142. To all you lovely David Gilmour fans,

    I am writing to you in sheer hope & desperation.

    The problem is, i didn’t have the oportunity to purchase any tickets to watch David in concert when they went on sale. Another slight problem is that i don’t own a PC so couldn’t buy online either. I’ve researched various ticket outlets & i’ve even written to the Features Editor but have had no luck. I’m a HUGE Floyd/Gilmour fan & am so desperate to, at some point before i die, see David live in concert! I have been lucky enough to see Roger Waters at Glastonbury festival a few years ago, but i won’t sleep peacefully at night until i’ve seen the mighty Gilmour play!

    My friend & i have entered a competition to win tickets, but in all honesty i have never won a competition in my life, (oh, apart from the wet T-shirt one i entered whilst on holiday last year).

    Anyway, is there ANYBODY out there that can please PLEASE help a sad desperate fan get my hands on a couple of these things that are made of gold dust at a reasonable price, (i’d consider traveling)?

    For any fantastic, kind, knight in shining armour, fairy god mother type; any Hogwarts graduates, or people that can do magic, if you can help me, my email address is:

    My fingers are crossed.

    Many thanks
    Laura. (Devon, G.B)

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