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As you will have noticed from the News page, it has been brought to our attention that London’s Royal Albert Hall, in order to challenge the reselling of tickets on internet auction sites such as eBay, will not be admitting anyone with tickets found to have been purchased from such sites.

But before you panic, read on. And please remember that this applies to the London shows only.

If you have purchased a ticket for any London show from an unauthorised seller, then it is likely to be invalid. In which case, you will not be allowed into the Royal Albert Hall with it. As we have stated previously, Royal Albert Hall staff know which ticket belongs to which person.

If anyone is found to be selling, or to have sold, a ticket for these three concerts on eBay, then this person will not receive their ticket when the Royal Albert Hall despatches them in April. This person will be notified that their ticket has been cancelled and they will be refunded the purchase price.

This means that the ticket the sellers have sold, or may be planning to sell, you on eBay does not exist anymore. Therefore the seller is breaking all sorts of rules and, we are pleased to say, can get into quite a lot of trouble as a consequence.

This strategy is designed to stop people from making money at the expense of genuine fans.

However, if you have indeed purchased a ticket from eBay for any of the London shows, this does not necessarily mean that you will be unable to see David perform. Neither does it mean that you have parted with your money for nothing.

First, you can request a full refund from the person who sold you your ticket. Remember that the seller does not even have the ticket that he is (re)selling, and wouldn’t have it for another two months even had he not been caught contravening the Royal Albert Hall’s clear terms. In any case, this ticket is now void and will not be sent out by the Royal Albert Hall, so you should be able to demand your money back with relative ease.

The eBay seller will get his money back from the Royal Albert Hall. He will get exactly what he paid for it, not a penny more. He will possibly face a reprimand from eBay for breaking the Royal Albert Hall’s strict terms and conditions.

This, of course, means that he has not profited from the sale. It also means that you will no longer have a ticket to gain admittance.

We did warn you of the dangers of purchasing tickets from eBay back on 27 December, when we said that there is a possibility that you may be refused entry should you purchase your tickets this way. In the case of the three London shows, this has indeed turned out to be the case.

We are glad that so many fans refrained from bidding in spite of the temptation, as the most effective way of stopping these profiteers is by refusing to bid on their auctions. However, we appreciate that many people still went ahead and purchased tickets against our advice.

Cancelled tickets and tickets that are returned to the box office are resold. If you are lucky enough to contact the box office at the right moment, then you may be able to purchase such tickets. There are no guarantees that those fans who purchased, and lost, tickets through eBay will be successful.

We advise you to directly contact the Royal Albert Hall, Stargreen and SEE Tickets to enquire about tickets that have been returned to them. Now that would-be eBay sellers are being caught out and their plans for profiting from internet auctions scuppered, they will be returning their tickets to the point of sale as one would return any unwanted item. The aforementioned authorised sellers will therefore have tickets available to sell at face value. You can keep trying up until the evening of the show to purchase tickets in this way.

We understand your unease, but hope you can accept that this strategy is designed to protect all fans from exploitation and to stop unscrupulous people from buying tickets that they only want to resell at a substantial profit.

As we seem to have agreed, this practice is unfair and immoral. Nobody should pay obscene amounts for a ticket and it is extremely annoying knowing that many people have indeed purchased more tickets than they needed, or tickets that they only ever wanted in order to profit from at the expense of desperate fans. The Royal Albert Hall is trying to stop this from happening, which can only be commended.

So if you were thinking of bidding for tickets to the London shows on eBay or any other internet auction sites, please think again. It is simply not worth the risk.

If you are thinking of buying tickets from eBay for any venue from now on, then please be very wary indeed. This is likely to happen more and more as venues try to clamp down on the highly irksome matter of ticket profiteering.

We have received many messages from people enraged at the way tickets are being sold on eBay, pricing out genuine fans. We have been asked to intervene and we have tried to play our part. We hope that this news will encourage you and that, above all, it will discourage potential eBay sellers from trying to cash in.

If you have tickets that you do not want, then by no means should you consider eBay as an option to get rid of them. Please return your tickets to the point of sale for an immediate refund so that other fans may purchase them at a fair price.

We have other ticket issues which we are trying to help you with. Please bear with us.

Thanks for sending us your questions for David. We are now swamped with interesting ones, so thank you very much for writing in. We won’t be taking any more for consideration for a short while, as we are working on other areas of the site and already have a substantial number to contemplate. We will let you know when (if!) our supplies start running low.

Also a reminder that if you post questions for David here, they will not appear. Don’t be alarmed. This is simply because we gather all the questions together and choose the best ones to answer and publish on the FAQs page. Questions for David should really be sent to the address on that page.

We also get comments that should be posted here (using the form that will appear at the foot of the page if you click the ‘Comments’ link below) sent to the FAQs address. So if you could please send things to the correct place in future, that would really help us a lot. We are absolutely inundated with queries and comments of all notions. If they are directed to where they should be, nothing will get lost. Thanks.

Another of Polly’s photographs and this time it‘s another of Ged Lynch, who plays drums on the album’s fourth track, ‘Take A Breath’.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Hi.

    I was, unfortunately, unable to get tickets for the U.S. show in NY. However, there is a website selling tickets for both NY shows. Are these valid tickets?

    David Gilmour is my absolute favorite guitarist and I’d really love to see the show but don’t want to get scammed. Can you please let me know.


    [Today’s blog is about London’s Royal Albert Hall only. Staff at this venue are trying to clamp down on those individuals who buy tickets from their box office to sell at inflated prices on internet auction sites such as eBay. Their policy does not apply to US ticket brokers who have purchased quantities of tickets to resell for shows in the US. This matter refers only to those people who wish to attend the shows at the Royal Albert Hall with tickets purchased through eBay. However, please remember that ticket brokers such as the one you are considering can charge more for tickets than you would have paid had you purchased your tickets from Ticketmaster (the authorised seller for the North American shows). This is how they make their money. They will have purchased their tickets from Ticketmaster, which is one reason why you were unable to purchase tickets direct from Ticketmaster yourself. If you are prepared to pay whatever they are asking, then theoretically you should have no problems. Of course, we cannot endorse anyone other than the authorised seller. There are so many brokers operating in the US, we have no way of knowing how they all operate or how happy their customers are. We have no dealings with them. Obviously you are taking a risk if you purchase from anyone other than Ticketmaster, but I’m sure that people in the same situation as you will post their experiences when they read your message. Many fans will have had no choice but to get their tickets from brokers. We will not, however, advertise any of their websites here, so please do not name them. For many, ticket brokers are considered to be as nauseating as eBay sellers, in that they are profiting from the desperation of fans and preventing the direct purchase of tickets. We have no desire to help them make money. – Features Editor]

  2. Excellent news! It’s good to see some integrity (rather than shameless profiteering) around the sale of these tickets. Sadly, for Canadians like myself, there’s been no such anti-scalping policy. I bought mine through the proper channels the second they went on sale. By then, the scapers had all the best tickets so my wife and I had to settle for “obstructed” seats. But at least we’ll be there.

  3. I am so happy that the crack down on Ebay is happening. Sucks for the people that did try to buy from these guys trying to make a buck. Well I guess what my mom always says is true, The early bird does get the worm. Only hope the US venues start the same thing.

    Thanks for all the pictures, I am really enjoying it and counting down the days to the concert on April 20th.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  4. How about copying and pasting this page url into the “Ask seller a question” bit on ebay to make whoever is touting theese tickets feel uneasy. Its not hard to pick out the ones that are touts. I salute whoever is finally taking a stand against this profiteering going on.And to all thoose real Floyd fans who missed out on tickets to the RAH i suggest you dont give up hope and see if you can get hold of theese returned tickets. With any luck this will be the start of the end of this practice on ebay.

  5. Thank you so much for your efforts in clarifying this. I still haven’t figured out whether I can go to the London show, but I’ll make a decision before the weekend is up and act accordingly. I am at least getting my passport application processed just in case.

    And man am I mad I missed 104.3’s broadcast! GRRRRRR!!!!

  6. I’ve never been brave/daring enough to try and do any ebay business….now I know I’ll never try and buy anything on their site.

    Prior to the ticketmaster presale there was a fan sign up link that indicated some kind of first pick…I of course signed up but never heard back or benefitted from doing so..?

    Just to make sure I wasn’t left out I went online the day/hour/min the presale started…. I sat there for four hours trying to get three tickets for me and the kids…no luck…..I filled out the request over and over and over again and hit enter but nothing….just for the hell of it….once I hit a request for one seat…guess what…..yeah,well…the kids will be staying with grandma a day or two….I’ll send them a picture of me standing in strawberry fields.

    I’m happy for the ticket I have but if I could share this moment with my kids…..I’d want another chance from any source…maybe even ebay.

  7. greedy ebay sellers make me sick. fair play to the albert hall for making a stand and shame on all those who have tried to cash in on david’s good name. i bet david is absolutely disgusted by this. i’m sorry for those with ebay tickets that cost an arm and a leg who now have to give them up, but you were warned and ebay is always a risk. i hope you’ll be lucky and get tickets that have been returned. keep trying and don’t give up. if it’s meant to be, it will be.

  8. Ha, Ha , Ha……damn profiteers. And thank god somebody has finally taken a step to stop the greed.

  9. That’s great that you make that information so clear. In my own experiences with the Grateful Dead there was nothing worse than seeing a fan who paid some outrageous price for a ticket that was fake. It’s wonderful that you guys are trying so hard to prevent that from happening with David’s fans.

  10. First, i would like to say as my pseudo lets guess it that i’m french. I will be on the 16th of March in “L’Olympia” for the second gig of David Gilmour in France. It’s the best gift i can havein 2006.

    So now that we have the line-up of musicians for the tour i want to make to comments :

    1- There is no female voice. Unless the chorist are not pointed, it’s an aspect of Gilmour and Pink Floyd’s music which is lost.

    2- Is there any musician able to play the saxophone during this tour ? Thanks to this site we saw a photo of David playing it in studio, but is he enough talented to stand in for Dick Parry ? If nobody can play the saxo, we can say goodbye to “us&them” and the end of “Shine on you crazy Diamond – part V”

    Everybody is waiting for the 6th march, and i’m now one of them !

  11. Return tickets to the box office or promoter eh? Well thats a bit difficult when the box office is in Milan and we live in North Germany. I mistakenly ordered 6 tickets for the Friday night concert in Milan instead of Saturday night. I managed to re-book for the Saturday but I still I have nearly 500 euros worth of tickets I cant use. Contacted, the italian agent and they dont want to know. WILL NOT refund me, any suggestions as to how I get rid of them?? never respond to emails and basically could not care less. My sister in law who speaks fluent Italian spoke to them and they will not refund, its in their conditions of service. I do not condone scalpers making big profits on ebay from punters, however, your actions in stopping the scalpers, is also going to prevent 6 pepole from having good seats in Milan for the friday night gig, and me being 500 euros out of pocket. Any advice would be welcome!! Bye the way, if David tours in Italy again, don’t let sell the tickets!

    [We’re looking into this, David. Bear with me, OK? – Features Editor]

  12. To the “Features Editor” (and is there not something wonderfully Orwellian about that title?)

    I totally concur with your view that ticket touts are wrong and your desire to crack down on tickets that have been sold on ebay, but I do find the rather schoolmasterly tone of your posts both disturbing and rather hilarious. My favourite line is “the seller is breaking all sorts of rules and, we are pleased to say, can get into quite a lot of trouble as a consequence”. Good grief! This is the sort of draconian tone I’d expect on Roger Waters’ website.

    Re: the Albert Hall. Having been to many shows there I have vowed never to go again. Mainly because they shut the bar during the gig itself. Sorry, but I’d like a couple of stiff drinks inside me before I bask in the majesty of David’s sublime guitar playing. Call me old-fashioned…

    [Disturbing and hilarious, eh? That’s not bad. I’ll take that. Cheers, Denny. – Features Editor]

  13. Dear Fet Ed,

    I hear that radio stations are playing the title track to On An Island. How about streaming it here so we can all hear it?????


    [Now there’s an idea… – Features Editor]

  14. As long as this ticket policy goes into effect before ANY tickets go on sale I’m completely behind it. Anything that prevents scalpers from grabbing up all the good seats just for their own greedy profit is an absolute necessity.

    However, it would be wrong to insert this policy after tickets have sold out to a show because some of us WERE forced to choose between going the broker/scalper route or passing the tour up altogether. Instilling this policy after the fact for shows that have already sold out would actually be doing what this policy is trying to prevent: screwing some of David’s true fans.

  15. Dear Editor,

    I purchased tickets from the link to ticketmaster on this site for the april 4th NY show. I DID get my tickets in the mail already. Just making sure I’m ok with these Ticketmaster tickets being valid. Please put my mind at ease! Thanks

    [You’ll be fine, Geoff. Ticketmaster is the authorised seller for all David’s North American concerts. Enjoy the show. – Features Editor]

  16. I agree with the desire to put ticket brokers out of business, but I am concerned about the fans that will be hurt.

    I’ve said this in other posts – I tried to “play by the rules” and purchase my tickets through Ticketmaster, at the exact moment that tickets went on sale. There were no tickets to be purchased.

    Now, I realise that the crackdown on brokers is only applying to the London shows, but my point is this:

    When you are a fan, and it is a show that you absolutely want to go to, is it “your fault” that there are no tickets to be purchased?

    It’s really easy to be judgemental when you were able to purchase tickets properly. Put yourself in the position of the ordinary fan who could not get tickets.

    I had to suck it up and purchase 2 tickets from a broker on eBay. I hated doing it, and this is the second show in a year that I’ve had to do it. These brokers are bottom dwellers. But seeing David play means a lot to me, and even more to my son.

    Real fans want to attend the show, and will find a way to get there. It is no different buying a ticket on eBay than at the street corner. The scalping has just become more sophisticated, and international.

    From what I can see, I have broken no law by purchasing my tickets from this broker. There are laws in Ontario which limit the amount over the face value that you can pay, and my purchase was within the limit. Resale of tickets is legal, as far as I know.

    The real problem, of course, is finding a way to stop the brokers from being able to get their hands on the tickets, so that fans could buy them through the correct outlets.

    It seems very unfair to me that this policy for the RAH should come down AFTER the tickets were sold. It is a far different situation where the rules are stated in advance. This way, people thinking of buying RAH tickets would hopefully know that the broker’s tickets would be cancelled.

    The intent is good, but you are going to hurt people with this.

  17. Thanks for doing what you can to foil ticket scalpers.

    So I can request a refund for the 2 tickets I purchased from SEE Tickets? They are aware and will comply?


    [You shouldn’t have a problem, Mark. The authorised UK agents are SEE Tickets, Stargreen and the Royal Albert Hall. – Features Editor]

  18. I applaud you for going after scalpers. I agree with you that the only one who should be profiting from David’s concerts is David. Artists have always gotten screwed out of their earnings in one way or another. Bands have been known to break up because of this, and artists have been known to stop working. How many years did we miss out on John Fogarty’s music because Fantasy records claimed ownership of John’s sound? It is incredibly sad that artists have to waste so much of their energy protecting their intellectual property, and so much of their time protecting their fans, because some talentless hack is trying to reap an ill-gained profit.

    I think that David is to be applauded not only for sticking up for his fans, but also for every other artist who is affected by this kind of thing. Fans love him not just for his music, but also for being the kind of person that he is.

  19. I bought my ticket off of ebay and seeing absolutely nothing wrong with the practice. Whether you are a true fan or not, a free marketplace determines what a “fair” price is. It is not an emotional issue, but purely an economic one. Tickets in the US were online way before the announced public issue. If you were a true fan you would have tuned to the fan sites and been aware of that and purchased your ticket then. Just because you’re too uninformed, lazy and/or unfortunate enough not to get the presale tickets then that is too bad. If scalpers are more resourceful than you are in obtaining tickets then they deserve to charge whatever price *you* are willing to pay. If it’s too much money then don’t pay it–watch the DVD in 2007.

  20. Great news! I totally approve this campaign, and should be for all concerts of all good artists! It’s the same principle of copying music. I never ever bought any duplicated cd in my life. If I want to save money I buy it secondhand, but original, as every piece of art should always be. Music will live better this way. Thanks.

  21. While I agree with the need for action against those who sell tickets on Ebay for vast profit, I think if venues are going to take action and cancel tickets then there should have been some notification before the tickets went on sale.

    Due to prior commitments I’d missed the initial online sale, therefore when the chance arose to buy a ticket for one of the non-UK concerts on Ebay from a ticket broker (at more than the face value but still not an unreasonable price) I took it. I am aware that the warning on the website applies only to the London shows, but I am now very concerned about problems regarding the other shows and the validity of re-sold tickets.

    As someone said, it’s easy to be judgemental if you managed to obtain a ticket through a recognised broker, but not all of us had that opportunity and it seems very unfair to penalise fans purely to prove a point.

  22. I heard via this site that the title track “On an Island” was premiered on the radio yesterday. I am curious as to why it was not premiered here first for all the fans?? I have looked online for a station playing it streaming and its a no go. I would love to hear the title track, and was wondering when we can expect to have a listen to it ourselves WITHOUT having to turn on the radio and listen for hours at a time. I do still enjoy listening to the radio at times, and to prove its worth one day I stopped randomly at a station in the exact moment a station was playing a Nick Mason interview about his new book! Unfortunately there are more negatives than positives these days involving radio and the monopolies therein. I hope this message reaches you in good spirits, take care my brothers and sisters, and most importantly take care of one another..

  23. I agree that putting off Ebay scalpers and allowing tickets to return to the box office is generally a good idea. Unfortunately, because it doesn’t apply to ALL venues, this has worked against me.

    I bought tickets for the Albert Hall before the date in Manchester was announced. My life would be much easier if I could go to the Manchester gig but I couldn’t get tickets.

    I have tried to swap, but without success. My only option would be to buy Manchester tickets off Ebay at inflated prices and sell my Albert Hall tickets on Ebay in order to fund this. As this new initiative only applies to RAH tickets and not Manchester I am, as we say up here, buggered. It puts me in a position of returning my tickets to get a refund only to pay £300+ for pair of Manchester tickets.

  24. No problem, your french is far better than my english ! thank you for your answer, i can now hear David’s music on the blog, life is so easier with his music ! it would also be nice to hear the new single… In france ebay doesn’t seem so powerful, we had no problem to get our tickets in legality, (bien-sûr il a fallu faire très vite!)

    Have a nice week-end, you, David, his family, his friends, and all the people involved in this blog !


    [Mon plaisir. Je vous souhaite la même chose pour la weekend. Je suis très heureux parce que vous avez des billets. Je vous souhaite un concert fantastique aussi. Il sera magnifique, je suis sûr. – Features Editor]

  25. well i feel really sorry for these people who have payed over the odds on e-bay for tickets for the RAH,because these people are back to square 1 (don’t know if there going), their getting done twice , by the e-bay seller and by the RAH,surely the RAH should have made this clear before the tickets went on sale?,you do get the people who want to make money on the tickets(touts)and the people who simply just can’t go, and all these agents clearly state NON REFUNDABLE, so to me this is unfair , and i’m not speaking on the touts behalf because that is wrong ,but yet again the fan is going to miss out on seeing their hero, thank god i’m going to Manchester, cause in my eyes the RAH are just as bad as the touts!!!! rant over , cant wait for the show

  26. Oh hell…people should have been required to answer 20 ever-changing questions about David/Pink Floyd before they were allowed to purchase tickets. And whistle “Dogs of War” after eating an entire package of crackers.

    All this would drive one to drink.


  27. Off topic…

    I may be late observing this, but…

    Have you guys heard the music on the opening page of this site. Stunningly beautiful, gorgeous instrumental! I keep triggering the “headphone icon” to keep it looping.

    …goosebumps… electrical current flowing from the base of the spine out the top of my head…this is awesome!

    tom from san diego

  28. Today’s blog is about London’s Royal Albert Hall only. Staff at this venue are trying to clamp down on those individuals who buy tickets from their box office to sell at inflated prices on internet auction sites such as eBay. Their policy does not apply to US ticket brokers who have purchased quantities of tickets to resell for shows in the US

    Ok, whats the difference between ‘US ticket broker’ and an ebay scalper? Absolutely nothing.

    US brokers buy then sell at inflated prices, same as the scalpers. But that seems ok?

  29. Looks like the song clip got changed in the last few hours. So that’s how it’s going to be, eh?

    We’re going to cat and mouse different clips of music on Dave’s site. Sucker that I am, you know I’ll be checking it now and then, but life would be much easier if someone were able to let me know which radio stations, where and when were going to preview ‘On an Island’ track. I heard that it was on XM deep cuts this morning, and I’ve been listening, but I don’t think I can handle hearing anymore John Mellencamp and Todd Rundgren etc.

    Throw me a life line, I’m begging…

  30. Fans and artists: 1
    Scalpers: 23,456,886,455,565

    Hey, it’s a start. Kudos to the Royal Albert Hall!

  31. I had been choosen by Trinity Street Direct Ltd for the advanced ticket booking on Dave’s website. Out of shock of being choosen, I proceeded to purchase the tickets for £143.50 (approx $250 USD) online. I had just the week before purchased 4 tickets to the rosemont show in Chicago 10 Row for over $1400.. I thought to myself, If I was choosen for London Show from the website, that I’d resell the tickets I had Won to get the extra cash to get me to Chicago, since I live about 400 miles away. I have since sold the tickets for the RAH show on an auction site, but have refunded the money to the buyer already since we have had good email communication since the auction end. After the fees for the auction, and payment fees to receive the money overseas from someone in the UK. My overall profit of the auction was $50. If that is scalping, I find that obsurd. So $50 to my gas tank to get to Chicago.. So what can I do? Any suggestions from anyone here would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks again. I can’t wait to see David live!

  32. As a post script to my previous comment: I’ve been listening to KFOG here in San Francisco in the past hour much to my chagrin, because it’s new release Thursday at the station. I stepped out of the Office for 10 minutes, and upon return, the last few bars of ‘On an Island’ were fading into Joan Jett’s ‘I love rock and roll’ .

    I can’t win today.

  33. Kudos to Royal Albert Hall – good job! I hope all venues follow suit. This is a very big step in the right direction. It’s high time we let scalpers know that they DO NOT have the upper hand.

    It goes without saying indeed, that the opportunity to see David Gilmour perform once more is priceless, and I would not object to paying a hefty price for that experience, HOWEVER, I certainly wouldn’t want to see the proceeds go to those snakey opportunists who have nothing on their mind but an easy, quick and big fat buck! I think all legitimate ticket distributors (be it Ticketmaster or independant venues) should clearly state on tickets “NOT FOR RESALE”.

    We in Toronto will keep our ears open for news from Massey Hall.

    This is fabulous!


  34. Thank god! This is the best news in ages, it looks like myself and others might have a chance of aquiring tickets at face value. Thanks must go to you guys and the Royal Albert Hall for intervening and sticking up for the man in the street, for too long these profiteering bottom feeders have had to ruin the fun for the rest of us, maybe this will be start of a better monitoring of the re-selling of tickets, something every genuine music fan can take a benefit from.

    Still can’t wait till the 6th! Like the music on the home page, is this a preview of the album or another unreleased jam?

    I’d just like to give kudos to you guys who manage this site, its a pleasure to get a chance to hear about the news and be kept up to date on everything leading up to the album and to get a chance to air our views all things Gilmour and Floyd related. The music this man has produced has truly been the most inspirational of my life and a great debt is owed to David for that reason alone. Best of luck to David with the album release and tour, I hope to still aquire a ticket for RAH, something that seems a little more possible thanks to this great news.

    Thanks again Dave Berry

    P.s Polly, love the photos too!

    [Thanks for the kind words and good luck getting that ticket, Dave. – Features Editor]

  35. Fet ed,

    I have a question I have not seen asked yet… can you tell us if the new album will have the lyrics to the songs printed? There is nothing so depressing as getting new music and finding the lyrics are not included (or what seemed pretty sad was Peter Gabriel putting the lyrics on-line… I don’t want to have to sit at my computer to read lyrics as I listen to a new album).

    [I really don’t know, Tim. I would imagine so. Check the FAQs page soon, OK? – Features Editor]

  36. Hello!! How cool are The Gilmours to give us these treats, the beautiful music on!! The spinning avatar is all animated now, what a tease! I love the music it is really beautiful! I hear seaguls or children when I turn it up also waves?! So egoless, humble, grounded and sweet you all are. Thanks xo

  37. Not sure that i totaly agree with the stance taken here. The UK/Europe/USA are free market economies and therefore where there is a demand and a supply then people will enter to make a profit. I’m sure the price we all pay for the new CD will not be the price that Dave gets for it – there are many middle men making money before it gets to the shops and it will be sold at vastly different prices in different outlets. Thats life in a free democracy. I also intensely dislike the hypocrasy of allowing US broker sales and seeking to stop ebay sales. I do hope that ebay looks into your actions as a possible restriction of trade and takes the appropriate action against you

    In order to fully achieve your aims to stifle profit making then your only real option is to increase supply and your attitude to that has been somewhat overbearing and condesending

    This condesending attitude now continues with the stance on ebay ticket sales. Given the growth and success of ebay then there plenty of governmental agencies that would restrict their operations if they were acting illegally

    Also – how are you going to stop people reselling the tickets outside the venue when they actually have the printed tickets in their hand? If you take no action to stop that then your hypocrasy is blatant and you clearly have a problem with ebay

    I’m just glad that i didnt buy any of the vastly over priced tickets in the first place!

    UKP66 for a concert in a notoriously poor sound and sight venue in London to see someone that hasnt released any new music for 11 years!!! Who’s the one profiteering?

  38. Thanks for settling the Ebay ticket fiasco. One pressing question.

    If a person bought advanced sale tickets for RAH as a birthday gift for another, will those tickets be honored? Since it appears that names might be cross checked with the advanced sale register (if there is one)…how can one go about making sure she (The Happy Birthday recipient) will not be turned away at the door?

    I’ve booked my airline and hotel for the last week of May just for the shows…please don’t make my BIG 4-0 a sad one!


    [I will check this out for you, Vickie. Please bear with me, OK? – Features Editor]

  39. I am one of those people who refuse to buy a ticket off of ebay and I do not feel sorry for anyone who paid an obscene amount of money on there because ‘they are a big fan’.

    Guess what, I am too. If people stopped feeding these monsters we would not have such a problem as this. Hopefully a week before the show I will be able to find something at face value, otherwise life goes on.

    [Good luck to you, Tracy. – Features Editor]

  40. I realise you cannot tour EVERYWHERE….but a tour of Sydney, Australia or even ANYWHERE in the southern hemisphere would be nice.

    You have a lot of paying fans down here David!

  41. Down here in New Zealand there is no chance of hearing David on a US radio station. How about that audio stream FEd? We’d love you even more than we do now!

  42. RE:Ok, whats the difference between ‘US ticket broker’ and an ebay scalper? Absolutely nothing.

    US brokers buy then sell at inflated prices, same as the scalpers. But that seems ok

    The only difference in America is that “it’s every man for himself”.

  43. So, the good people at RAH are searching for and invalidating tickets purchased on eBay, eh? I’m sure the “logistics” behind such a move would make James Bond jealous.

    To the true fans who paid exorbitant prices on eBay for RAH tickets: I hope you still get to see the show ALL of us have waited many moons to experience.

    To the others who think paying exorbitant prices to see Mr. Gilmour perform is a sin: Shame on you!

    Reading post after post, it seems pretty clear to me the lengths at which a fan will go to see David Gilmour perform. If they have the funds, let them spend it any way they see fit. Yes, ticket profiteers should have their “Humanity Card” revoked – that’s a no-brainer. However, if you couldn’t get tickets (either pre-sale or day-of-sale), and you are WILLING to spend your hard earned money, what other options do you honestly have? Wait until the day of the concert and hope you can get a newly released pair of tickets? I think not.

    We’ll see you at the show.

  44. I am pleased to see that the Royal Albert Hall is doing something about those who are trying to profit off of a limited supply of tickets to David’s show. These tickets should be available to fans who love his music and want to attend his show rather than those who want to auction tickets off for an obscene price. Hopefully other venues will start doing this and help put a stop to those who buy up a lot of tickets with the sole purpose of making money off of fans.

  45. Dear Features Editor:

    First of all, I think we all need to give you an electronic round of applause for the efforts on this site to keep fans in the loop and give access to David/His People in a way that I have not seen before. I can’t imagine how much your eyesight has been compromised by the hours in front of the monitor screening/responding to all these comments/questions!!! LOL!!!

    Secondly, I think the eBay crackdown happening in London is excellent. I’ve been checking everyother day how that eBay selling is going (yes, I like working myself up over this), and it seems like there is always about 300 or so Gilmour Ticket auctions going on at any one time. Tonight (in NYC as I write this) it looks like the Royal Albert Hall ticket auctions (9) are not meeting their reserve….the word is out….

    Streaming the track on this site is a great idea. I’d really look forward to that!

    [Thank you for that, Angelo. – Features Editor]

  46. All I know is this, tickets went on sale, I decided to buy two for my wife and I to attend. It was costly, however, I chose to purchase them at incredible inflated prices so that we would be able to attend, period. I emailed Ticketone to express my feelings that the TRUE FANS will not be able to see David’s tour. Their reply was standard, you bought what you paid for. Sometimes you just can’t win.

    Thank You Joolz for the reply about 1977 in Montreal, I was in the nosebleed section and couldn’t really see the stage. No problem with the music though.Today’s opening musical theme is so typical of David, it’s in F minor, different from his renditions in Bm and Gm chord structures. I can’t wait to hear the total package. THANK YOU.

  47. compliment for going this way!

    I think this is the only way to stop the black market. Ok it would be better if you practise this method for the other UK- Shows, too. But seems like, that this isnt possible right now.

    Now i hope that the real fans get the new contingent of tickets for RAH.

    Would be nice if you inform us constantly about new availability of tickets.

    [Would love to be able to do that, Stefan, but we don’t sell the tickets so we don’t know how many have been returned or when they were returned or to whom they were returned… As they could be snapped up at any given moment, by the time we hear from the three authorised UK sellers and get the news on here, the status on these tickets could well have changed. Then you’d be complaining because we misinformed you or didn’t give you enough warning! Fans will need to put the effort in by contacting the box office and asking about returns if they are to grab these tickets. – Features Editor]

  48. Dear Features Editor,

    I am very happy to hear that the RAH is fighting back but I would just like to clarify a couple of points if I may. My friend and I were both lucky enough to get priority tickets (a pair each) as well as 2 from the general sale for RAH. In the end it turns out that only two of us are able to go. I returned one pair to the RAH for resale and the other pair I sold privately for face value. I want to be sure that those I sold privately will be valid, any ideas?

    Also, in a previous blog entry you suggested that people could sell tickets on eBay and donate any profit to charity. If these tickets are cancelled will the charities not now lose out?

    [Indeed, I see your point. Leave it with me and I’ll get back to you with an answer soon, OK? – Features Editor]

  49. I bet the boys and girls at SEE tickets and RAH are loving the *flood* of phonecalls…

    Got any tickets yet, no…ok I’ll try back in another 5 seconds :p

  50. Hello David! Hello FEd! Hello everyone!

    Clicking my name you can read the interview to David pushished by the italian newspaper “La Repubblica”. It is in italian and it is fantastic! I think David is a great man! His answer are very kind, very clever and very moderate too! Even if he said that Pink Floyd band it’s over! What a pity!

    And I’m so envious..I’m a journalist too…but I write about health policy,,,,I hate health policy!!!

    I want to interview to David!!!!! David, when I will be a famous journalist, can I interview you, please?!!! I hope…one of these days…!!!



    P.S. FEd! Did you see I put the url in my name and not in the post! I’m learning and I became every day better!!!

    [Excellent. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  51. Just came across the rock photographer Ross Halfin’s website. Nice to know that your heroes are sometimes nice guys too.

    Click my name to visit it.

  52. Another fantastic prehearing (can I say prehearing!) of On an Island! Fantastic! I love this album! ….uhm….1 month yet It’s very hard waiting!!!

    Thank you David!


  53. Although I think people selling tickets at well overpriced cost is outragous. What I don’t understand how can the RAH actually know who is actually selling the tickets. Looking at ebay today most if not all do not have real names, you can only get an address from the person once you have bought an item. Or are the RAH going to ask Ebay for the personal information held on anyone selling David Gilmour tickets. Which surely they would need to get a court to agree for release of such information under the data protection act. I buy items of Ebay and have sold some and would be very concerned if some non official body could just get my details from Ebay without court approval. Just look at the recent issue when FAST in the UK had to get the courts to give permission for them to get information from internet providers regarding software piracy.

  54. “Il sera magnifique, je suis sûr.”

    C’est vrai, dude!!!

    I hope that those of us going to (either or both of) the New York shows can meet up outside RCMH. We can wear t-shirts with secret, identifying symbols or ” DG blog bitch” (can I say that?) or something. It would be fun to say hello…unless you’re a scary nutjob. I’M not one, of course. “You can trust us”….errr, me!

  55. The small clips on the main page are driving me crazy! I’m already just dying to hear this entire album, and you tease tease tease….it sound so incredible from just those clips.

  56. Hi,

    You’re saying that any tickets found to have been resold via eBay will not be issued (with-held) to the original purchaser so therefore will not go to the person who bought them on ebay. Both parties will be reimbursed. That’s fine, but the eBay purchaser thought they had tickets (at highly inflated prices) and now they haven’t. Would it not be possible for the eBay purchasers to buy the with-held tickets direct from the box office using the eBay confirmation details as proof? I would have thought so. That would be a double whammy to the scalpers and a blessing to the ‘ripped off’. Apologies if you’ve already stated this or someone else has already suggested it – I don’t have the time to read all the postings!

    By the way, I think it’s great that, finally, someone is taking a stand against this kind of thing… and for all those that have been involved in profiteering – tough!

    PS I love the musical snippet that launches the site. I take it it’s from the new album, which track is it from? As a loop it would make a great ambient background to preceed the shows.

    [Can’t say too much about the sound clips yet, I’m afraid. As for your eBay suggestion, then sadly it’s not down to us who gets to buy the returned tickets. To be fair to the authorised sellers, their job is to sell all the tickets. If eBay sellers are going to be beaten, authorised sellers need the help of the general public, who are asked repeatedly not to bid on internet auctions. That’s not to say that I don’t sympathise with those who have bought tickets from eBay, because I do. I fully understand their reasons. I’ll still get criticised, I’m sure! – Features Editor]

  57. After my last post I thought I would do a little looking around to see what prices are like for David Gilmour tickets. All the ones I looked at are for the RAH. Ebay most selling 2 tickets, around £200-£300. Now to just a search on google for RAH tickets. £328 for one ticket, price range per ticket £147 -£777!!, £325 – £495 a ticket. Even with some running costs these are making huge profits compared to ebay sales. Just shows there are worse people selling tickets than the ebay people.

    Just wondering if RAH are also targeting people who are selling tickets on ebay for all the other shows. Sure a few Neil Sedaka fans will be stunned.

    Hope everyone going, including me has a goodtime, and my mate who is living 300 miles away and whom I am sending his ticket once it arrives, as we all know how lousy british rail are so he isn’t waiting outside wondering where I am. Of course he doesn’t have the same name as me, is he going to be refused entry till I make it?

    [You and your friend will be fine, Gerry, but I’m going to check for you anyway. You make a good point about brokers, whose names I have removed from your post because I personally don’t wish to give them any free advertising. – Features Editor]

  58. Hi

    I have been following the blog for a while, but this is the first time I have decided to post a message.

    Today an Italian newspaper reports an interview with David. I’d like to quote the last question.

    Q: How would you like people to react to the new album?
    DG : I’d like it if the listener felt projected from their time into a world where there is only music. I wouldn’t like it to be listened to superficially, but that it would be listened to profoundly. I don’t want to be background music. I would like it if my music was the only important thing, at least during the duration of the album.

    This is exactly what I feel when I listen to Floyd or David’s music. The space around me is not just music, it’s pure emotion that not remains only for the song time but it will be with me forever.

    Thank you David

  59. So how does this impact on fair exchange websites who are only trying to make sure that the real fans can pass on their tickets for face value, people with genuine reasons not to be able to use the ticket, and just want to make sure another fan can go in their place. Seetickets policy is not to refund tickets once they are brought, unless a show is cancelled, so people are going to struggle to return their tickets if somethings genuinely happened.

    Whilst I love the idea of putting scalpers out of business, i don’t want it to be at the expense of fans.


    [Another good point for me to look into… – Features Editor]

  60. Dear Features Editor,

    First I really must do some work, even though it is Friday 🙂

    Just a small point about tickets, should I carry some ID with me to show I am the person who bought the tickets, like the email with the payment details I got. Or something like a driving license with my photo. Just I have never usually carry such things when away for a day.

    Oh also anyone know of a resonable priced place I can stop at thats near by. Don’t want to wander around London afterwards. Since British rail do not run trains up to my area up north after concerts as we found out at the meltdown show, had to leave early the last time.

    [It might be worth having something to hand, just in case. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. The card you used to buy the tickets might be a good thing to have on you. Hope you enjoy the show! – Features Editor]

  61. I hate to get redundant here since I posted earlier, but applying this sort of tactic AFTER tickets have gone on sale is just wrong. I’m in complete agreement with this policy BEFORE tickets go on sale for an event. It should be made clear to everyone going in that if you buy a ticket, you must be present to use that ticket. If something happens and you cannot make the event, you can then send your tickets back for a full refund. This should be posted VERY clearly on the official ticket source’s site (Ticketmaster). Furthermore, sites like ebay need to be made fully aware that this is the policy BEFORE tickets go on sale so they can filter out sellers. The idea after all is supposedly to protect the true fans from being shut out of such events. Applying these policies AFTER the fact defeats this completely by hurting these same fans twice: shutting them out of the show AND sticking them with a useless very costly ticket!

  62. Hi there you web-people of David!

    I like this new “turning Logo” and music !!!

    Ernest Peske

  63. I’ve just listened to the title track ‘On an Island’ on repeat for the last hour. And I can honestly say it’s some of the best music I’ve heard in ages.

  64. Thank you David, for 40 years of great music!!! Thank you for playing “Dark Side Of The Moon” for the first time in 19 years at the 1994 Pontiac Silverdome concert. I was there, 20th row, center, and it was a very special night indeed!!!

    Looking forward to your new music!!!


  65. I just wanted to post a quick note to congratulate Dave and Polly on their truly beautiful song On an Island. I heard it last night and was absolutely delighted: beyond my expectations. If the rest of the album plays out on this level, then we’re in for a superb treat.

  66. The two music samples when entering this site over the past few days sound brilliant!!! Can’t wait for the album.

    The ticket issue is a mare. I bought 2 for the RAH in May as I thought I did not win the draw on exclusive tickets…………..or so I thought. I actually did A DAY LATE. So now I have 4 instead of 2. I shall resist profiteering as it is not right, luckily I know several DG fans so they will have them. This ‘tinternet is great but can cause so many problems……

    Nevermind we’ll all soon be sat with a can listening to On an Island.

    Polly’s pictures are a fantastic record of the album being made. Seeing as she has contibuted are there any shots of her doing her bit? Surely David must have taken a sneaky shot?

    Have a good weekend.

  67. Here’s my two cents worth on the eBay situation… The actions that the RAH have put in place seem to be dealing with the “effect” of the problem. Why not deal with “cause”… which are the sites like eBay that allow re-selling.

    My suggestion is to agree with the re-selling sites that if tickets are sold on a site then the seller has to pay the profit or percentage thereof to a charity. Ebay seems to have sophisticated financial control mechanisms in place and could monitor this quite well. This would not only generate money for charities but allow the “honest” re-seller sell their tickets guilt free.

    I’m sure the sites such as eBay would respond to such a request as it would give them good press and an approach from someone like DG could make it happen. Look what Bob Geldof has achieved.

    Or what about a specific site for selling tickets with all profits going to charity… the ideas are flowing now! 🙂

    And one thing that is not clear to me. My name isn’t on my tickets (Toronto, Massey Hall) so how would they know I’m not the original purchaser? I can only assume that the UK tickets have the purchaser’s name on them?

    Ok… I’m spent now…

  68. I’ve stated my opinion a couple of times about the RAH and their approach to the ticket brokers. Like others, I support their intentions, but their timing is brutally bad.

    Responding to Phil’s earlier post, as far as we know, this policy is only going to apply to the RAH, and not to Ticketmaster shows in North America.

    My only option for tickets was to purchase off of eBay. I hear what is being said…keep trying, tickets may become available.

    The trouble is, people like me have to plan for these things, as vacation days from work and hotel bookings come into the equation. I needed something firm. I have no doubt that a lot of people who purchased RAH tickets on eBay were in a similar situation.

    So please, don’t be critical of those fans who purchased from the snakes on eBay. It is not their fault that legitimate tickets could not be purchased. We should be trying to help those that could be losing out on their chance to see David.

    I am now praying that Ticketmaster doesn’t get into this, or I’ll lose my tickets…

    One more thing – this new policy by the RAH will not do anything to the ticket brokers. Let’s face it – as excited as we are about David’s tour, it is a small event in the concert industry. These brokers make a ton of money off the big venue shows (U2, Stones, for example). They will continue to thrive on the big shows. (now if there was a Pink Floyd tour, they would get really rich!!)

    The only way to stop the brokers is to prevent them from buying tickets in the first place. This may be impossible. I almost yearn for the old days when you had to line up for tickets. At least you had a chance!

    [For what it’s worth, I hear what you’re saying, Peter. – Features Editor]

  69. I like “on an island”, but really this second sound represent exactly the dave’s music for me : it makes me dream ! and dreaming is essential. so go on, dave make me dream !

    about the tickets, just hope both I bought on seeticket will come not to late here in france, before i take my flight… and about black market, i think sellers will do the ancient way : in front of the theatre. it’s hard to stop black market but it’s a good point to try.

  70. Just heard title track ON AN ISLAND i have to say superb! cant wait to see David perform it live at the RAH. Thanks ed for keeping us up to date with the pre-sale tickets

  71. “We are glad that so many fans refrained from bidding in spite of the temptation, as the most effective way of stopping these profiteers is by refusing to bid on their auctions. [[However, we appreciate that many people still went ahead and purchased tickets against our advice.]]”

    This sounds a bit hipocritical? If you wanted us to refrain from purchasing tickets illegitimately, why are you appreciative that some did anyway?

    I feel as more I read from both sides of the coin, it seems to be more of a scare tactic than actual reality. That is still okay to an extent, I guess.

    I’m sure with alot of recent world events, RAH would want a better grasp who’s in the house. The more tickets that are passed down from the original purchasers, the more anonymity profound.

    [We are not appreciative of the fact that people bought tickets from eBay. We’re not selling them on there! We asked fans not to consider eBay before tickets went on sale. However, we understand that people still did. We appreciate this fact. People will get tickets from eBay no matter what and we understand their reasoning. But this is why eBay sellers continue to profit. As long as people want tickets, they will always be able to sell them. – Features Editor]

  72. Thanks for the good news concerning the tickets.

    However I am still worried about the Milan tickets.

    I bought tickets online for the 2 nights in Milan. The payment was already done with VISA card, but unfortunatelly I did not receive the Confirmation e-mail for TicketOne, yet.

    I am travelling from Brazil to Italy just to see the shows. I have sent e-mail for the custom and care billing of the TicketOne but I did not get an answer.

    Can you help me ? Thanks in advance.


    [I’ll see what I can do, Sergio. – Features Editor]

  73. These sound clips are such “beautiful torture”!! Disabling, hypnotic, transcendent, spine tingling……

    I’m sure I speak for many of us here, but I just know that I’m not going to have a life for at least a week after this album comes out!!

    tom from san diego

  74. Hi, I have two tickets for the Chicago show on April 13th. Unfortunatly something came up and we wont be able to make it. I would be very interested in trading our tickets for comparable tickets for the April 12th show. Our tickets are section 107 row R. If anyone is interested please PM me at […]. Thanks

  75. I personally tried to buy 2 tickets the minute (hell, probably seconds) after public sale began. No luck on the phone, no luck online. So I spent the day shopping around at online brokers, and even eBay. Yes, I am pretty mad at these people who buy and then sell these tickets for double or even triple their face value. I know that by buying tickets from these people that I’m only encouraging them, but I had no other choice. Making a point isn’t going to get me concert tickets.

    Needless to say, I ordered the tickets, at 1.5 times the face value, and they arrived in 2 days. I’m pretty certain they were genuine tickets, but I think I’ll have to actually go to my venue to double-check this fact. Otherwise, the company I dealth with was pretty good, they seemed like the least expensive of all the rip-offs.

    If anyone has gotten fake tickets, or has had any other problems with buying online tickets, please respond with your problems.

  76. My dial-up connection buffers the website’s sound clips of “On an Island” into oblivion and I can’t hear it. I suppose sweet-talking you into making it more lo-fi would be useless, right?

    It’s like Gilmourus Interruptus. And that’s not a good thing.


  77. what a lengthy post today. lots to say. this is unrelated, but then again, it works. i heard “on an island” today. the title track on our commercial classic rock station. i am very impressed, and very excited. i cannot wait another month to hear the rest of it. but i suppose i have no choice. thank you.

  78. Hello my fellow fans. I recently placed a little ad here 2 let fans in the glasgow area know that i had 2 spare tickets for the glasgow show on the 27th. I’d like to state that i was ”NOT” trying to gain a profit from the sale of the tickets & recently sold them at ”FACE VALUE PRICE”. I was only trying to give genuine fans the chance to purchase them as i know a lot of people missed out on the day. I recieved some e-mails from a few angry fans & id just like to put them straight on the issue.

  79. I got shut out for tickets for your show for the first time in my 34 years of of being a TOTAL fan. I wish you sold your own tickets for the shows. Its a shame that you had to have a American Express gold card to buy tickets early .I dont have one of these cards and when they went on sale at 1200 I was on my computer and I could not buy a single seat .Why is it that brokers have tickets and REAL FANS DONT I think the kick backs that they pay Ticket master is ripping the fans off I wish we could send them all to DARK SIDE OF THE MOON to not return As well as Ticketmaster. I dont want to let the brokers win we must crush them.I rather spend a day or two in line to get tickets than be shut out.Until artists like yourself stand up and sell your own tickets this practice will never end.Who gets screwed US your loyal FANS!!!!!!not them

  80. I must be drunk! I totally forgot to say “happy birthday” to Graham Nash who’s birthday is Feb. 2nd. Best wishes, Graham!

    “the army had my father/and my mother was having me” – “Military Madness” by Graham Nash


  81. Its too bad for those of you that didn’t buy legitimate tickets. I got the Pre-sale ones through this website, ala ticketmaster. It is kind of amusing, because now I feel like a character in WILLY WONKA, (The one with the golden ticket.) Booked my hotel in Chicago for the April show today. Hope to get a swim and a few cocktails in me before the show. Being from downstate Illinois, I havent been to Chicago in about 15 years. Looking forward to this event greatly. Hope all the ticket contraversy can be solved soon. Would like to see a picture of the Rosmont theatre soon if posible. Have a great Weekend Cory

  82. Tooling around on the net tonight and decided to go to ebay to see what is out there for Pink Floyd. Maybe pick up a vintage concert t-shirt? Decide to look under David Gilmour as well…

    Its ridiculous how many leaches there are out there hawking tickets for N. American shows! I wanted to puke.

    I believe Springsteen & The Who once cercomvented the leaches here in chicago by requiring proof of original purchase and id at the show.

    An idea. Why could’nt the purchaser’s name be printed on the ticket? The technology is definitely there to do it.

  83. I couldn’t find a ticket resale policy on, but on the rules are all over the map. Anywhere from “no more than face value” to “seller can accept bids without limit and bidders can bid without limit”, depending on location of the seller/buyer/event.

    How many ticket brokers should there be, between the artist and the concertgoer in the name of free enterprise? If it truly is no more than face value, then no problem…go for it. But when 2 tickets go for 1549 USD (a current listing for the Oakland show), I think eBay should reconsider their policies.

    If the profitability is minimised or removed for the scalper-brokers, then the rest of us have a much better chance of getting good tickets when they are initially released. Better for the artists, better for the people who go to see and hear them perform.

  84. I’ve been a fan of David since I was old enough to put the needle on the record without scratching it. Missing this show was just not an option for me. I ended up paying nearly $500 for two crappie seats to the NY show. So who’s the bigger jerk? The ticket ‘brokers’ for ‘earning an honest living selling unwanted event tickets’ or fans like myself who pay these ridiculous prices out of desperation? The whole ticket sales system in this country is way out of control. Thanks for doing what you can to remedy the situation, but I’m afraid that unless more recording artists make a stand this trend of ticket profiteering will not end anytime soon.

  85. This ticket business sadness me, I just hope that the people lucky enough and I emphazize lucky here, genuinly appreciate thier fortunes and desperatly want to go just as bad as the people who can not. This next comment is a little off topic but I just want to take time out to thank David for his musical talents and letting us hear them. My very difficult to track down copie of “David Gilmour” arrived a couple days ago and It is a masterpiece and I hope “On an Island” sounds just as good, I also purchased “About Face” and although certainly solid, my favorite of the two is “Gilmour.” Once again thanks David, blessing be upon you, Polly, and your children, I’ll be eagerly anticipating “On an Island.”

    P.S. To David and anyone lucky enough to go see him play, enjoy the show!

  86. The complaints about not being warned are naive. It was quite clearly stated in the T&Cs on the RAH site that the tickets were not transferrable. People who bought tickets in order to “pay for their petrol” are no different to anyone else trying to profiteer out of scalping. It’s parasitic. You have produced nothing of value, you are not providing a service – you are making life more difficult for other fans – you don’t deserve a penny.

  87. Dear Editor.

    This has all seriously gotten well out of hand! And proves yet again the serious might and power of the man that is known as David Gilmour, and his magic upon fans.

    From reading all the messages on this post it is clear to see that all this Royal Albert Hall ticketing issue is simply SCARE TACTICS (doesn’t take much to read between the lines), which has only resulted in the REAL FANS getting hurt, not the Ebay Scalpers getting dealt with! I hate Ebay profiteering, because it takes tix away from us REAL fans, but this is NOT the way to solve it.

    Why didn’t you have Floyd fans answer a 50 question quiz in order to gain tickets? I would have tickets now!

    A fan pays a huge amount for a ticket, then gets refused entry! Oh yeah that is really FAIR to the hard-core fans out there???

    And how do the Royal Albert Hall seriously expect to police all this? More importantly all this should have been made public notice BEFORE tickets went on sale! Huge LEGAL issues there folks! Especially for somebody buying their overseas son a nice birthday gift? Birthday now ruined by the RAH.

    I was going to try and get some tickets to some shows and fly to from Australia, but all this rubbish, lies and deception (by everybody concerned) has put me right off, and has certainly taken all the lovely shine off this clearly brilliant new album by David Gilmour. A huge shame!!!

    Clean up your act, and get together with the RAH, make a statement here on this site and tell the fans the real truth about all this ticket security rubbish, before some innocent fan truly gets hurt.

    Shining Off.

  88. Grazie Lucia per averci dato il link dell’intervista a David su Repubblica, commovente e sincera.

    About On An Island, I pre-bought the cd on Amazon long ago, I’m sure it’s a great work even without prehearings… I’m a fan since 25 years, so it’s just what I was supposed to do 🙂

  89. Hello features ed , your doing a great job there !!!!

    you must be sick of people banging on about this e-bay mess , but i was just having a look on ebay to see what all the fuss is about and found a seller selling 5 tickets for 200 quid a go ! and this was in the desciption part,

    Please note: All our tickets are supplied by debenture holders, who have the Royal Albert Hall’s full authorization to sell them on. The promotor has no right to refuse entry against any of our tickets.

    is this a case of double standards ???

    also i was wondering , what if , a mother bought some tickets for her son-in-law and he was taking his mate to the show , how would the RAH staff deal with this ,
    thanks for your time

    [The Royal Albert Hall would not authorise any individual to resell their tickets – especially not at that obscene price! I assume that’s the eBay seller’s desperate way of trying to convince people to bid, so I hope no one does. As for your question, then I honestly can’t answer. But we are in close contact with the Royal Albert Hall and every query that I said I’d follow up, I have passed on. As soon as I get answers, I will let you all know. – Features Editor]

  90. I’ve been reading and contributing to the comments about the ticket situation, and just want to add a little comment, but not about the tickets in particular.

    I appreciate that my fellow fans who are participating in the blogs share their feelings in a constructive manner.

    We may not always agree, but the overall tone of the discussion is always friendly.

    So…to my fellow bloggers…keep up the good work. You’re making this site an enjoyable one to visit and encouraging us to participate.

    In addition, congatulations to all involved for creating an interesting site. I have really enjoyed the regular features, and look forward to future instalments!

  91. I was lucky enough to get tickets for April 4 in NYC, but reading the Ebay problems, maybe it would behoove David Gilmour to consider this and sell a block of his tickets on e-bay himself. Start the bidding fo rthe normal ticket price, keep that money and anything above and beyond his listed price he could donate to one of his favorite charities.

    We all know how hard it is to get tickets nowadays, especially with the sharks circling the Island waiting for them to be released, then sell them for 300% over sticker price. The above Idea may stop that to some extent, give everyone a fair shot at a ticket…

    My 2 cents for what its worth

  92. I know that country singer Garth Brooks dislikes scalpers. What has he done to calm this unethical practise at his shows?

  93. I applaud the effort to put an end to the ticket scalping madness that’s become so pervasive. That being said, I suppose I’m part of the problem, having purchased tickets for one of the Radio City shows from a broker called StubHub. (Of course I had tried the legitimate Ticketmaster route first, without success.) While I confess to checking ebay first, I felt a little better about getting genuine tickets through StubHub, since they have a Better Business Bureau seal on their site. I’ve received the tickets, and they were printed on a home PC from an online sale. (I know this is possible, since I’ve purchased tickets for other events through Ticketmaster and printed the tickets at home.) I pray the tickets are good, since not only have I paid for them, I’ve also already paid train fare, and booked a hotel as well. Can anybody tell me about any experiences they may have had with StubHub?

  94. Leo, if you’ve got the answers, please let us know. Why do you assume that what you don’t want to hear amounts to “rubbish, lies and deception (by everybody concerned)?”

    In my opinion, selling tickets on the basis of a quiz on Floyd is simply not a good idea. If I know the exact date on which Floyd recorded “Point me at the sky,” why should this make me more fit than you to purchase tickets? And where would this kind of thing end? Next time you want to vacation in New York, do you really want to take a quiz on New York trivia in order to qualify for that elusive hotel booking?

    I do not have tickets for any David Gilmour show. However, every concert ticket I’ve ever seen bears a statement that reselling is prohibited. People who say the RAH policy should have been announced before the sale, may wish to read that fine print on the back of the ticket.

  95. With tickets purchased on Ebay being made invalid, can we now expect even greater numbers of fat ticket touts with horrible cockney accents outside South Kensington tube station offloading their spare tickets to the desperate ticketless? It’ll be just like the good old days!

  96. This whole Royal Albert Hall ticket thing is nothing more than scaremongering! first of all theres no way that the RAH can find out the name and address of the seller on ebay that selling the ticket, so theres no way they can not send them their tickets. Second of all there doing nothing illegal! i was unable to buy a ticket for any of the shows due to not being near a PC at the time. I went to ebay, my only choice, had it not been for ebay i would not be going to any shows!

    [I do hope that you get to go to your show, but you’re wrong about what the Royal Albert Hall can find out. – Features Editor]

  97. Like it or not, David is a commodity in the sense of ticket sales. In the states, ticket resale is different in every state. In California, there is no limit. If any venue was to not admit one with a valid ticket-resold or original-they would be committing a crime. They would not be pursued legally, but civily could be sued, and the plaintiff would win. The ticket is a commodity subject to certain laws.

  98. Anyone who thinks that they have not been informed in advance is wrong. Do not mistake it for anything else. Not reading the fine print is an act of ignorance.

    I applaud this decision. People who feel that the free market economy can dictate how much things sell are are the same type of people who feel that even though house prices are astronmically high, it’s the fault of the poor they can’t afford them, not a fault of an exploitative market. The exploitation of in demand commodities by profiteers is unethical and illegal.

    Personally I feel the presale tickets should have applied to every seat in the house and everyone who purchased a ticket should show identification to prevent reselling : and for every ticket to be collected on the night at the point of entrance. This may prevent you buying tickets as a present, but it also prevents this shameful profiteering.

    How much would pay someone for water, or bread, if they had bought it all off the supermarket shelf solely so they could charge you triple the price the manufacturer did? Or would that be OK with you? What about people buying all the gas and selling it you for $30 a gallon, because it was ‘in demand’, would that be OK with you?

    I applaud this decision. Touts are scum and the day they find themselves in jail is the day long awaited.

  99. I think the solution to this ticket issue is simple: eBay needs to institute a policy of “No Profit” on ticket sales, in other words: no ticket can be sold for any amount above face value, period…with a possible exception of listing charges and eBay fees, etc.

    this way, a person who has an extra ticket that they need to recoup their money on CAN sell it on eBay and get back exactly what they paid, and a fan who missed out on the original sales has a second chance, and the only people who make money on it are the people who are supposed to: The artists, and..well, eBay makes their listing fees.

    If EVERY single artist united on this, and fans stood by it, than the only ones hurt by it would be profiteers.

  100. This is a nonsense and clearly unenforcable. Are they going to are they going to trawl through every single Ebay auction and note down addresses? There are thousands of them so I think not.

    Also whilst the majority of people selling on Ebay are doing it to make money, there must be people out there who can’t go for some reason and are selling their tickets. I bought tickets through Seetickets and it clearly says in their terms and conditions that you cannot return tickets for a refund unless under exceptional circumstances (cancellation etc.) So what are you supposed to do, you can’t return them to the RAH box office since they were never purchased from there and also since nobody actually has the tickets yet!

    When the tickets went on sale I and several of my friends went online to try to purchase tickets. I was lucky enough to get through and bought 4 tickets for the RAH. My mates then gave me the money to cover the tickets, booking fees etc. for 3 of the tickets. If relling is not permitted then I must be in violation of the T&C’s. Yet surely there can be no objection to me getting tickets for friends in this way.

    It’s a load of nonsense. If they want to stop people reselling tickets, then they will have to do what Glastonbury does and print the name and address of every person on the tickets, then check them against ID at the door. But they cannot do that in this case since the only name they have is the person who the tickets are to be delivered to.

  101. Yet another post by me about the tickets. Check the BBC website today, big thing about that infamous net ticket agency. But what it does say is that ticket touting is not illegal, except in cases of football matches, and the olympic games coming to London. Till the law changes seems it is not illegal to sell tickets you have bought. Still they may change the law in time for David’s next tour, well hopefully there will be more to come.

  102. Mark, I certainly understand your rage for this whole scalper issue, but I have to say the comparison of “scalping” necessities to the scalping of a luxury item (concert ticket) isn’t accurate. I DO think that Tom has an excellent point with regard to ebay. As many of you probably know, an auction can be set up with a “buy it now” price with NO bidding. This means that the first person coming across that item and willing to buy it for that price gets it (like walking into a store). If ebay had a strict policy of allowing sales of tickets ONLY at face value, that would certainly help a little. The problem is, most of us here seem to be focusing on ebay when that is just a TINY part of the problem. Until a more universally fair method can be applied, I’m afraid scalping is here to stay.

  103. Why is it only London that has been singled out for special attention in respect of tickets sold on e-bay. Tickets for Glasgow are selling at / up to £300 per pair. I contacted the Clyde Auditorium and they said they were monitoring the situation. Everyone selling on e-bay should be identified, new tickets printed for the show, and they should not receive any, that would sort them out ! I have never sold a ticket for more than face value when I could not attend an event because I hate getting ripped off. Anyone got a couple of spares for Glasgow ?

  104. Gerry: And I agree with you as well, eBay is only PART of the problem. and why does it seem to me that the only people complaining about this whole deal are people who have “extra” tickets??? Seriously, if I had an EXTRA ticket to a show like David Gilmour, I garantee I could find a friend of family member more than willing to buy my extra ticket from me. And also as Gerry mentioned, eBay does have a “Buy It Now” at a set price feature, so why do fans who are “stuck” with extra tickets NOT list the tickets for sale at face value???…hmmm, does the word “greed” ring a bell?

    Listen,scalping, on eBay and otherwise, will only stop when every single fan of any band, artist, or sports event simply REFUSES to buy scalped tickets, period.

    As long as people are willing to PAY, scalping will always exist, so we fans bring this upon ourselves.

  105. I would like to know if I can be put on a list for the two Toronto, Canada shows. I was unable to obtain tickets thru Ticket Master. I am willing to pay the FACE VALUE and DONATE as much as $400 us more to a charity for a person or people who have tickets they cannot use or are willing to sell. I live in the US and am dying to see David again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will be driving to Toronto on April 9th with or without tickets to see if there are any at the Will Call window, or I may resort to outside scalpers as a last resort. PLEASE HELP… Anyone… I am a desparate Floyd/David Gilmour fan….

    [There’s no list and we don’t have tickets to give away, Bob, but if you want to post your e-mail address so that you may be contacted by fans who happen to have spare tickets, then feel free to do so. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  106. This is my email, I am looking for ANY tickets for the April 9th or April 10th shows in Toronto.
    Any word on any more US or Canada Dates to be added on the tour??

    [There aren’t going to be any new dates added, sorry. – Features Editor]

  107. Just wondering how come other places David is playing in the UK have already supplied tickets to people, but the RAH shows no one is getting them till April?

    Anyone want to arrange to meet up in a pub before hand for the 30th May show?

    [Presumably those people who have tickets collected them from the box office, Gerry. Nothing to be worried about. I don’t have mine yet. – Features Editor]

  108. This is a question for the Feature Editor. I live in Toronto, and I currently have 2 tickets physically in my hand for the Massey Hall show (that’s the venue). I bought them online from a broker (yes I know, shame on me. It was a rash move, seems too late to change that now though)

    Have tickets for the Toronto shows been released, or are they also going to be sent out one month before the show. Or is that just for “advanced booking”. I’d really like to know please, so I spare myself any embarassment of having fake tickets on the night of the show.

    Thanks a lot!

    [The only authorised seller for North America is Ticketmaster and I have no idea whether or not they have sent out their tickets yet. Many people do have their tickets, and that’s because they collected them in person from the relevant box office. Presumably the broker would have picked up a batch in person (to resell) and that’s why you have them now. Not knowing the broker in question, I really couldn’t comment on the legitimacy of your tickets, but Advanced Booking was for the UK only. Hope that helps. If I can find out anything else, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  109. Would I be correct in thinking it’s ok to be ripped off on tickets for the Royal Albert Hall as long as the tickets you are buying come from Debenture holders/private box/seat owners? I would be happier knowing my money is going towards keeping someone ‘in the style they are accustomed.

  110. As many before me on this site have previously stated very well, I, too, applaud the Royal Albert Hall for doing something about ticket profiteering. I am glad David Gilmour is concerned and working to take a stand on this. Even though my husband and I are avid (US) Gilmour-Floyd fans for 25-30 years (2 concerts, all the albums we could get—even wore out a few media and replaced them with CD’s), we sadly probably may not be attending a Gilmour “On an Island” concert event. We could not get tickets at Ticketmaster and do not plan to assist ticket profiteering persons in ripping off fans. However, blaming fans for wanting tickets to see and support their artist is not the answer in my opinion. I have been noting an increasing trend in ticket profiteering but the Gilmour concert tickets is the most poignantly blatant abuse of fans by profiteering practices I have thus far seen. Ticket selling by “brokers” or “resellers” is on countless Internet websites–as well as Ebay. Ticketmaster states a 4-ticket limit but some of these sites have hundreds of tickets per venue per date to sell—how is this not a violation of the “rules” of purchase (unless they do get these tickets under some other rule or from some other source or found a way to do this without somehow violating this rule etc.)? State laws are confusing at best and some restrict reselling and some do not (Ebay notes such rules by state).

    Airline and train tickets etc. have one’s name printed on them, so concert tickets could perhaps print names on their tickets, too.

    In my opinion, there needs to be a radical overhaul of these ticket-buying and reselling policies (and I am not sure if that would involve changing laws)—at the original ticket outlets. Since Ticketmaster is generally the primary identified original outlet in the US, this should not be that difficult to at least make a major curb in these now rampant and blatantly profiteering practices by “resellers”. Give each ticket a number and print names on the tickets and then have an on-line form at the primary ticket buying site to transfer them to someone else at face value etc–No “valid” tickets could be passed on by a reseller then that did not go through the original seller outlet.

  111. Not sure who reads these, but here goes;

    A quick message just so I can say ‘Mr Gilmour you are a living legend’ – (just in case you didn’t know!!). I was unfortunate enough to miss the Earl’s Court gig in ’94 during an ill fated college trip to London and missed DG’s 2002 solo tour but I got tickets to Live 8 which was gr8 (pardon the pun) and the moment DG strummed the first chord to ‘breathe’ I could have laid down and died right then! Amazing to see the 4 guys ‘in the flesh’ (again no pun intended), but that’s not to detract from the message that the day was aimed to bring I hasten to add. Hearing DG live was breathtaking.

    It looks like I may miss out this time though, partly thanks to all the touts who are selling tickets for the price of a premier league season ticket (Chelsea excluded!). Like many I guess I will be phoning the Royal Albert every day till the shows to see if I can get lucky. In the meantime I’m going to bid £1m on each seller who has tickets on Ebay just to piss them off – obviously I’m not that rich and they aren’t that interesting. These scabs want to get a life! But I suppose where there’s demand, there’s profiteering.

    I bought the new CD today, and I like it. I know it is a CD I can put on over and over and it will grow on me, never tiring like some annoying indie CD. Classic licks and THAT sound from his Strat that only David seems to be able to make. To me, I think it sent out a message, which I think I got!
    Enjoy the concert to all the fans who are lucky enough to go.

    Great to see you back David, and glad we haven’t quite seen the last of you, which I’ll be honest I was beginning to wonder. Look forward to the DVD,

    Bloody ‘ell, before I forget, Happy 60th David.

    Take care,

  112. Regarding touts,a possible solution is for venues to put in place a simple mechanism, for example a credit card reader, which will check that the credit cards used to buy the tickets on the Internet or by phone, match the card held by the fans attending the gig, in exactly the same way that automatic check-in terminals at airports work. The number of tickets for each card could then be allocated. This may cause slight delays to those entering the venue, but it will stop the reselling of tickets by touts on ebay. If venues are unwilling to provide these facilities then the bands themselves, if they are concerned, could contribute to the costs.

  113. Hi

    It is nice to seethat there are plenty of tickets still available on ebay. If you are really trying to stop this I would suggest yoy ask ebay to stop taking listings.

    Regards Pete

  114. I have two tickets for Manchester, but due to my university giving me an exam that day, I would really like to see David on the 31st May at the Albert Hall, didn’t know if there was an easy way to try and swap tickets, or if anyone wanted to swap for some side circle tickets for Manchester in exchange for tickets at the Albert Hall on the 31st?

    I really dont want to have to pay on ebay, but really don’t want to miss out on seeing David live.

  115. I am sad to say that I have once again been gravely dissapointed by ticketmaster.

    I have been a solid true fan of DG’s and PF since the beginning of time, yet was conpletely and utterly unable to find a reasonable ticket for the NYC shows. I can only find tickets for $200+ each, and unfortunately, I can’t swing that.

    The part that is most discouraging was that mear moments after the tickets when on sale, hundreds of them showed up on Ebay, and other “ticket broker” sites. There were literally hundreds of such tickets immediatly available on just one such site, now ranging in price from $200 to well over $2000 per ticket!!!

    How is this legal? I just don’t understand. Isn’t this scalping? How do these brokers end up with hundreds of tickets for an auditorium that seats only 6000 people? I just don’t get it.

    I wish there was a way to have tickets sold ONLY to fans, and NEVER to brokers. i liked the idea of a quiz to establish the true nature of the fan, and a limit of 2 or 4 tickets per transaction.

    Ticketmaster is a monopoly, and these profiteering brokers are just bottom dwelling leaches waiting for their next bloody feast on our bank accounts. It’s just wrong, plain and simple.

    I guess I’ll be waiting for this show to come out on DVD… again…. 🙁

  116. I bought my tickets from a broker for the Chicago April 13th show at the Rosemont Theatre and even though it sucks that I had to pay $200 bucks each I have come to terms with that and am looking forward to the show. I don’t understand some of the people on here getting angry at fans for doing what they had to do to see a very rare performance from a legend like DG. We did not want to pay this over-inflated price but these tickets were damn near impossible to get and day of sales lasted about 2 and a half minutes at my local ticketmaster window. I have personally witnessed (here in the Chicago area)ticketmaster employees take bribes from brokers to get first in line for many different concerts. That leaves the fans to pick and choose from the nosebleeds or get nothing at all. This problem goes a lot deeper than EBAY sellers, and I think if you go after EBAY then naturally ticketmaster should be looked into as well because they are the ones allowing the brokers in in the first place. I recieved them already FEDEX style. I have purchased tickets from them before for CUBS games and have had no problem in the past. I just wanted to know for sure that this new policy will only apply to the UK so I don’t drive 80 miles into the city and get turned away at the door? Today is the first day I have had in a while to check this site and have not read all of the posts so I wanted to have it made clear that my tickets are in fact valid.

    [You shouldn’t have any problems, Jason. Enjoy the show. – Features Editor]

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