Well, what do you think?


How do you like the new-look site, then? Do let us know what you think.

Stuart Maconie tonight announced, on BBC Radio 2, details of the competition to win tickets to see David and his band on 7 March. It will be an exclusive performance by David and his full ‘On An Island’ band at London’s Mermaid Theatre. The concert will later be broadcast on Radio 2 and we will let you know where you will be able to hear it around the world.

Clear details of how to enter the competition are available here, so have a look.

The very best of luck to all who enter and please remember that this competition is open to UK residents only. Unfortunately, overseas fans are not allowed to enter.

Another of Polly’s photos for you, with many more coming soon.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

125 thoughts on “Well, what do you think?”

  1. Love the new site and can’t wait to sign up for the newsletter as soon as it’s available. It seems a shame that Stuart Machonie didn’t play David but Whole Pink Floyd track.
    Bit of a prob entering competition at 5 PM – but managed to submit entry at 5:15PM.

    Thanks Fet Ed (sorry if that sounds like fathead)

    [I’ve been called worse, Dave. Good luck with the Radio 2 competition. – Features Editor]

  2. I really like the new look of the site. It ties up with the overall look of the album, more cohesion. And its also just pretty, ya know… Thumbsup…

    Not fair that us in continental Europe can not participate and win some tickets… *stomping feet as I type*

  3. I really like the new look of the site. I must say though I will miss the rotating David on the old site. I just can’t get enough of the On an Island single. In my opinion Davids guitar solos on that song remind me alot of the Animals album witch to me is some of Davids finest guitar work. March 6 will not come fast enough. The pressure is building.

  4. The site looks good guys! An improvement on the previous one IMO. I immediatly turned it upside down for new stuff…

    The Castellorizon picture now graces my desktop, very beautiful… Did David or Polly shoot that one?

    Good luck to everybody entering the competition!

  5. another winning photo polly! the site looks great. i was surprised and excited to see the new look and feel. well done. keep the info coming, we really appreciate the abundance of news, noise, sights, and sounds. wondrous.


  6. I’ve had On an Island stuck in my head for days; I really like that melody a lot. The site has got a good new look to it. And in other news I got tickets for Conan O’Brien for April 4th, the day of David’s show I’m attending. It should be a good time so long that it doesnt run an hour and a half late. David, you could be Conan’s musical guest that night! hah wishful thinking…

    Rock on DG

  7. hallo from Greece, there are “whispers” that david will play live in Greece. Is that true??

    [I haven’t heard these whispers, but if I do hear them, I’ll let you know the answer. – Features Editor]

  8. FANTASTIC DAVID!!! Can’t wait to see you here in Bay Area…Paramount Theater is beautiful…you music is beautiful, what a combo!!! Plus me and my wife and friends…priceless!

    Big Al

  9. Hey Features Editor. I just wanted to let you know there is also a Chance for people to win trip for two to Los Angeles to see David.

    The Grand Prize includes:

    -Two tickets to see David Gilmour’s April 20th sold out concert at GIBSON AMPHITHEATRE in Universal City
    -Two round trip tickets to Los Angeles
    -Hotel accommodations at the legendary Chateau Marmont hotel
    -Transportation to and from the concert – rock and roll style
    -An autographed David Gilmour Guitar
    -“On an Island” CD plus the David Gilmour catalog collection and DVD

    Second Place Prizes:

    Twenty five (25) Winners will receive a signed David Gilmour lithograph

    Third Place Prizes:

    Ten (10) Winners will receive a David Gilmour baseball hat and the On An Island CD

    Click my name to see the details about the Giveaway

    [Good luck to all who enter. – Features Editor]

  10. Hi,

    it’ Diana from Italy.New look site it’s perfest at the moment to inrease the diffusion of “OAI”

    Let’s change it after Summer,please!

    Best compliments to DG for the choic to avoid Sanremo Festival. Dave’s music is light in the brain and Sanremo is a…”dark” moment!

    I like very much Castellorizo!

    Sweet regards

  11. Looks great!

    I’ll see you in Milan,great band,gret new album,thanks for all the emotions you gave me in all these years.

    Good work,

  12. Ooooo I like!!! You know, now that I can see a bigger version of it, that does look like David’s silhouette sitting on that rock (or is that a tiny island?).

    And who’s in the picture on the bio page?

    [Let’s see if any clever fans can correctly guess. – Features Editor]

  13. Hi

    I know you said no questions at present, but I am desperate!

    It is my husband’s 40th birthday on 7th March 2006, the dat after David Gilmour’s 60th birthday. I am going to get On an Island for a present, is there any way to get one signed? Also I have entered the BBC Radio 2 comp. fingers crossed for that Please hjelp with any info I need a really special present for him.

    [Good luck with the Radio 2 competition, Rosemarie. Maybe you’ll be able to take your husband to see David in London on 7 March. Unfortunately we can’t help with autograph requests. – Features Editor]

  14. You sure took me by surprise!

    Very nice, indeed. I especially like the colours.

    The site was already very attractive, but this is a quantum leap.

    Congratulations! This is quickly becoming a favourite site for me.

  15. Unbelieveable!!!!

    I visit David’s website several times a day. This morning(20th Feb 06) it still was the older version. Close to 4 pm(Eastern Std. Time USA) I check again..lo and behold…fantastic jab.

    Looking forward to Apr 12th, Rosemont theatre, IL, USA.


  16. I love the new look. It has alot more to offer. ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS ‘TILL THE ALBUM. I am very excited!!!!

  17. The site looks great, nothing makes me happier that seeing a couple in harmoni holding hands… From what i’ve heard so far from the album, it’s going to be lovely… full of hope! Atlast the white is upon us!

    So happy that you want to share your love musically speaking. wishing you and Polly the best there is! (and of course anyone reading this)

    Btw had a listen to the infamous Montreal concert today, realizing how incredible you all sounded back then, that raw energy pumping out! You guys really were the team to beat 🙂

    For any grammatic error blame my parents they are french… 😉


  18. Hello,

    Well done! Nice looking site, easily to navigate and with enough information.

    The gallery is worthed a visit too, nice pics of Polly and a nice shot of “the Island”.

    Is this a preview of the booklet?

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  19. Caption Competition

    What were the chords to Wish You Were Here again… D,Am,G or was it G,C and D…

  20. Fedmeister

    Any chance of getting some good quality hi-res jpegs of the album graphics to use as desktop backgrounds…?

    [I’ll add it to my list. They would look great, wouldn’t they? – Features Editor]

  21. Good improvement on the site! The new layout has a more open feeling to it. It is also consistent with the album design.

    Polly has provided some excellent photos. I am looking forward to seeing more. Is there any plans for her to put out a photo book publication or gallery show someday?

    (…And of course eagerly anticipating the new album release! If the live DVD is any indication of the style and approach to the “Island” album I am in for a treat!)

    I am entering the American contest to attend a concert, (cross fingers)…….

    [Good luck to you, Jeanne. – Features Editor]

  22. Hi.

    Thanx for the great adventures around this Homepage! Never thought to get David so close – with all the Informations and Photos!!

    And who’s in the picture on the bio page?

    Well 5 people – hmm surley its Polly and David (with Hat), then Michael Kamen. Still two left sitting on the stone? No idea who they are.


    [Good work, Werner! – Features Editor]

  23. Love the new site! Beautiful and thoughtful layout.

    In anticipation of the new album it helps me get through those grueling countdown days.

  24. The new look site is fantastic, it certainly took me by surprise when i logged on earlier, well done all!

    However i have to agree with a comment left earlier regarding the radio 2 competiton, it took ages to enter plus i had to enter the answer and my details about twenty times, before my entry was submitted, although I know this is no fault of anyone related to this site.

    Anyway roll on a couple of weeks for the album, I can`t wait!

    p.s I saw the darkness live at the birmingham n.e.c last night and they rocked!!! next show I`ll see will be David and I`m sure he will blow them out of the water!!!!


  25. In regards to the American contest featured by Columbia Records, I’m having trouble with my entry never going through. I wonder if the site is Windows-friendly only and doesn’t like Macintosh. Anyone else on a Mac having the same problem?

    “Claiming that your operating system is the best in the world because more people use it is like saying McDonalds makes the best food in the world.”

  26. can i guess who’s on bio’s page?

    Well, David, Polly , Michael kamen, Guy Pratt and the first guy, sided by David can be Alan Parson.

    Tell me Features Ed.. am i right in at least one of my guesses?

    [You were right in several of your guesses… – Features Editor]

  27. Awesome!! That is all I can say. The site is hella cool. Keep up the good work!!

    Renee B. Fontana, Ca USA BABY

  28. The new site is gorgeous! Beautiful, dreamy, water-colory images & sketches which must be part of the long-awaited album art? (Regardless of how much better the sound quality supposedly is with the advent of the CD, I still sort of miss the old LP records with the liner notes, needle in the groove sliding happily ’round and ’round.)

    I love the bluesy riff today. And yesterday’s photo (grinning Stan Laurel) was my favorite so far. You gotta love that smile! David looks like he’s having a great time — thanks to this site and all of your hard work, so are the rest of us.

    Thanks again to all on that end for giving me a chance to get a glimpse at the creative process and tag-along for the ride!

    Best to you all,
    Gabrielle in Washington State

  29. Great website . Easy to navigate and so fun to read . I cant wait to see the greatest guitarist of all time in Massey hall . David is looking good , he`s in great shape huh !?!


  30. LOVE it! Nice On A Island theme. Really easy on the eyes. The updated news articles are great! Keep up the good work and thanks for caring about the fans.

  31. Great new layout, but there’s one small error under Live Dates. The April 20th show is at Gibson Amphitheatre, not the Kodak Theatre.

    [Slaps on the wrists all round. Thanks for pointing that out. – Features Editor]

  32. Exelent idea this propost to insert a forum hear! This is a oportunet to talk about David. Realy sorry my bad english … but


    It`s a realy dream for a many peoplee hear. The Rollings Stones they had made god show hear, in Rio. David brings its powerful Fender and its voice for here.

    Sorry about this

    Congratulations one more time for your site and mainly your talent to make the people to feel notes touching back in the deep one of the soul!

  33. -^= Site looks great -^= alot like the cd art eh?

    I would have been doing the same redesign before a contest like this to win tix!

    Dave Please film your show in High Def!

  34. just my luck about the bbc comp. i’m an employee of the corporation so can’t enter. how utterley crap is that. oh well. yes, this website is definately one of the best (of any band/artist) at informing fans of what’s going on especially during this time of activity …… and in such a brilliant presentation. i always get a nice warm vibe when i log on here. ta.

    amir – glasgow uk.

  35. Dear feature editors and all staff,

    The new site is fantastic to say the very least. It is as beautiful as i know in my heart that ‘On and Island” will no doubt be. The bacground and the images are beautiful, etheral and mystic.It excudes elegance and class ( just as Mr. David Gilmour and Polly do)…..I can not wait to buy the new cd which as mentioned numerous times is scdeuled to be out in North America on 3/7/06. I hope to buy 2 of these CD’S because I know i will run the hell out of the first one.

  36. Got to like the new site, change is good. Being an avid fan for so long, it is quite nice to communicate and hear everything updated. In the old days without computers, it seemed so hard to get any info about Floyd. It’s great to see David express his new work and give us this web site. It is very cathartic to say the least. Now I don’t have to send a letter or a book. This web has allowed myself to react and respond everyday. THANK YOU ALL. As to the group photo, Nick is definetly in it, with I believe to be the late Steve O’Rourke and possibly a band wife. Just guessing. I heard OAL and love the first solo. Can’t wait to hear the extended final solo in Toronto. Peace.

    [Interesting… – Features Editor]

  37. Great graphics on newly designed site but please bear in mind slow people like me who like to keep things simple, especially when visitors to site want clear directions. For instance if you want the “Latest News” you have to go “Home” so why not call this part “Latest News” on banner. Also the “Blog seems popular and what most visitors go for so why not reference it at top of screen from “Home/Latest News” – Its hard to describe a web site in text isnt it?

    I did enter the compettion but made a “pigs ear” of it as I was cut off twice during spelling my address so entered twice more before I realsied that it is only one entry per person. How do they pick the winners?


    PS Wil David be playing the bagpipes in Glasgow???

    “Home” = “Latest News”

  38. Forgot to say is David’s Radio 2 concert broadcast on March 11th/


    [The BBC Radio 2 website says that it will be broadcast on Saturday 11 March. We’ll let you know if this changes. – Features Editor]

  39. Here’s the bit you probably can, publish Ed…..

    Love the new site, fits in perfectly with the theme of the album.

    And here’s the bit you probably can’t……

    Just thought I’d share that with you Ed!

    [Cheers, Mike! You were right. I couldn’t. – Features Editor]

  40. “And who’s in the picture on the bio page? … Let’s see if any clever fans can correctly guess.”

    …not being a real student of the early days, and not feeling real clever, nevertheless I’ll risk a bad guesss so that someone who knows will correct me …and then we’ll all know!!

    I’m guessing this is around 1970’ish so I’ll say:
    Alan Stiles, John Aldiss, Nick Mason, Peter Watts, and Steve O’Rourke?

    Major guesses on a couple of these guys!

    [Another good guess… – Features Editor]

  41. Hi David, hi FEd, hi guys!

    I have not time to read the blog now, but I want to say that the new look site is GREAT!!!!!

    Very very very beautiful! I LOVE IT! Good boys!


  42. Hi,

    what a surprise this morning!

    The new-look site is really brilliant, nice pictures and I’m happy to find more press news.

    Once again thank you David and thank you FED for the good job you are doing for us.


  43. I love the new site and it’s very user friendly !

    Was disappointed that they didn’t play On an Island on Radio 2 last night, although it’s always great to hear classic Floyd ! Entered the comp too, so I’ve got my fingers crossed !

    [Good luck, Jon. – Features Editor]

  44. Nice site update, I assume the Ed has had a part to play…
    Hey if you are looking a job after the whole on an island thing, gimmie a shout :p

    also, what do ya call David’s black lab on the newsletter page? (I assume it’s David, though It may be Guy Pratt or Zbigniew Preisner or Phil Manzanera or Chris Thomas going by the hairline, not that I am one to talk!! Or maybe even Feature Ed! ;p

    Any chance of getting the dog down to the RAH on the 29th to fill in on a rendition of Mademoiselle nobs?

    [You make me laugh, Ripper. – Features Editor]

  45. Happy birthday and all of that, but how can somebody with David Gilmour’s talent, fame and fan base do anything but a bigger tour? How can it be anything but sold out when it is so selective.

    It strikes me that if you are that big (and come on, do I really need to stick the numbers up your beak), you don’t go out of your way to soothe the ‘am I relevant’ part of your ego by playing a very select number of gigs, in a very small number of places, to a very keen group of fans (who are probably about 1% of possible ticket buyers [think of the number of homeless people who would live plushly if DG did a tour representative of his fan base], AND try and get all of those people to move you up the playlists on radio. I don’t understand.

    Not very quid pro quo.

    PS – Make sure you read Ross Halfin’s diary to hear some very nice (inspiring) words about Diamond Dave..

    PPS – I think the hand-in-hand photo of the man and his wife is very nice. Not quite John & Yoko, but nice to see a portion of the person beyond the corporation. And obviously a co-writer. Imagine Rick Wright & David Gilmour walking hand in hand! No. As I said, very nice.

    Enjoy the shows. PS to my PSs (I know it’s not allowed, but can you come to New Zealand please…hahaha!)

    [I hear what you’re saying, Stuart, but if David did a tour representative of his fan base, he’d be on the road constantly and would hardly see his family or get to do anything other than be a performing monkey! How many times does he have to say that he doesn’t want to tour endlessly? He’s given the best part of 40 years to music, after all. Give him a break, mate. – Features Editor]

  46. Howdy, bloggeroons!

    Late Caption Competition entry:

    David sez: “Hmmm…the new GilmourCam.” [tap, tap] “Is it working, I wonder?”

    Like the new site….

  47. New look site is fantastic, a great job well done. It has a wonderfully calming look about it. You should now be patting yourselves on the back! I entered the comp this morning so fingers crossed eh!

    Keep up the good work, it helps my day go a litte quicker!

    Lorna xx

    [Good luck to you, Lorna. – Features Editor]

  48. Y a Chile cuando vendra Dave????

    [Now do you see what I mean? The answer is still ‘no’, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  49. isn’t functional

    it doesn’t correctly use the space

    it was better the old layout (but with the colors of the cd booklet)

    We will see us to Milan (March 24, 2006)

  50. Fedmeister…

    The new look is good. The Fan Fare section needs to be updated to reflect the same theme but you knew that already didn’t you… didn’t you…. didn’t you?… 🙂

    [Yep. We’re working on it. – Features Editor]

  51. Hi, i’m a super Italian fan of Pink Floyd and a very super fan of the best guitarist in the world David Gilmour!

    I’m very happy for the new work of Dave and his World tour but unfortunatly the 3 gigs in Italy ( 2 in Milano and 1 in Rome) are sold out……

    Do you know if there is a new date in Rome in March?
    I hope so…..

    Many thanks for the favolous music that you sing and that you play!

    Best regards
    Mr. Elia Salis

    [Sorry, but there’s no new date in Rome in March. – Features Editor]

  52. Hi Dave,

    Well its been a while, i have been in many concerts:

    Venice (i was young then), Chantilly, and of course live 8.
    Wanted to thank you for the feeling you generate in my soul each time i hear your melody. Its like a spell. I want to thnk you from the bottom of my heart for existing as i know you will be remembered for Rock as Mozart is to classical music.

    I hope you are well.

    Greetings from Finland where the ice is freezing my wings



  53. Hello from Montreal Canada – Just thought I’d share that one of the local FM stations here has started a contest to send two lucky listeners to the private UK concert coming up soon.

    I sincerely hope that David will not forget his huge fan base here in Montreal when he tours. So far only a Toronto date has been announced but there is a buzz in the air here about the new album and hopes are VERY high for a Montreal stop in April.

    Come on, Dave!


    [Good luck with the competition, Pete. There are no plans for David to visit Montreal, though. – Features Editor]

  54. Dear FEd, David et al,

    Long time no post….been lurking, but still a daily visitor. Personally I prefer the look of the old site, but then again I’m a bit boring like that. What I liked about the old site is that it was, as DG himself, understated and sophisticated – yet with a clean and simple elegance 🙂 (hmm..maybe simple is rude, you know what I mean…)

    The new site is okay and I can see the need for some synchrony with album releases etc…but personally I find the element I like the least is the font for David Gilmour. It’s somewhat evocative of Scarfe handwriting, a la Wall, and perhaps this was an intentional reference to PF…but personally I think it just looks messy and without style – everything DG isn’t!

    I can live with everything else, in fact the album artwork is fantastic and nigh-on perfect…it’s just the font on this website that for some reason doesn’t work for me. But hey, we’re all individuals with different tastes 🙂



    p.s. Bryan Ferry 🙂

    [Bryan Ferry indeed! – Features Editor]

  55. Really enjoying the site. The new Home page caught me off guard. I thought I made a mistake! Reading everyone else’s comments just adds to the suspense. I am so glad to know there are others that feel the same as I do about DG’s music. My wife thinks it’s silly that I am getting so excited about the release. Her loss!!

  56. My Prayers have been answered. David’s own website..(updated already),a new album…CD artwork beautiful..his choice of band members..need I go on. I’m only waiting on a Pulse DVD release as I’ve worn out two VHS tapes.

    Thank you very much indeed, David.

    All the best.

  57. i think it looks really, really lovely. hats off to the team! can’t wait for the album. pity we didn’t get to hear ‘on an island’ on radio 2’s drivetime show yesterday. i love ‘money’, but why a pink floyd song and not a david gilmour song? never mind. when that song (‘on an island’) gets inside your head it’s there to stay. i love it. david, i salute you.

  58. The competition to see David and his full ‘On An Island’ band at London’s Mermaid Theatre is open to UK residents only? That is so British. Great Britain and the world would be a much better place if the Americans took Churchill to the mat and made the UK part of the Untited States after WWII.

    [Now that is very interesting. Hmm. – Features Editor]

  59. Fedmeister…. don’t shout at me but what is the latest on the PULSE DVD and the 5.1 remix of WYWH?

    I laughed my parts off at the previous comment about making the UK a part of the Un-TITed States… I love those typo’s that give a whole new dimension to a comment…

    [I won’t shout at you, Rudders, but you have to promise not to shout at me when I say that I genuinely don’t know anything about either the ‘PULSE’ DVD or this alleged ‘Wish You Were Here’ remix. I’m not privy to that information. Those are Pink Floyd projects and I have nothing to do with Pink Floyd. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  60. I do like the new look but I also enjoyed the rotating line drawing (silhouette) and guitars.

  61. Great job on the new site! Keep it coming.

    [A far less controversial post than your last one, Scott? Thank you. – Features Editor]

  62. Ahem… Mr Rickard, in a parallel universe where the UK becomes the next Hawaii, only greyer, would we have heard PF at all? ‘Hanging on in quiet desperation is the english way..’ wouldn’t sound or feel quite the same sung as ‘banging on in loud indignation is the american way’ 🙂


  63. So, it’s me again! Well, ahem, you should change the title of todays blog to “Well, what do you think? Who’s in the picture at the “biography” link?” So, I say (from left to right) 1) Dont know, 2) David, 3) Nick Mason, 4) Steve O Rourke, 5) Polly. So, what do I win?

  64. Fedmeister…

    Thank you for your response regarding the PULSE DVD and I’d forgotten you’d already said you weren’t involved. I’ve done some research on t’internet and found out that the new date is September 18th, 2006, worldwide.

  65. Here’s a question that is totally off topic. Does anyone know if there is any appreciable difference between the UK version of Rick Wright’s “Broken China” released in 1996 and the American version released in 1997? I’m about to pick up this album (just in case Rick performs any of his songs in Chicago–so I’ll know the songs) and noticed that there are the two different versions. Any suggestions? Thanks! What a treat to get to see Dave and everyone all together!

  66. I’ve just been reading through the news section of this site and the news sections of a few other PF fan sites and DG must feel wonderful with the awards and recognition he’s receiving… I wonder if Mrs G brings him down to earth with such classics as:

    – Get your head out of your **** and don’t forget the bins need to be put out.
    – David will you please put your socks in the laundry basket
    – Why do you need sooo many guitars? surely one is enough
    – 5.1 surround sound? doesn’t sound any different to me…
    – Turn it down! It’s too loud

  67. I could not agree more with nickster. Great respect for Pink Floyd and the British people.

    Just very little respect for the aristocratic and supercilious nature of the British government. Since the 60’s the US government has become just as bad as a result of the horrific influence from British and Israeli leadership.

    Be sure that the Americans had little impact on the Italian, German, and Japanese ways. It is a shame that similar progress was not made in the Phillipines, Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, India, Sudan and elsewhere throughout southeast asia, the middle east and Africa post WWII.

    As for ignorance… try a history lesson linking the Rothchilds, Lord Balfour, Churchill and Truman.

    When you have all the facts, you may begin to understand how we wound up in the global mess we are in.

    Leave your pride at the border and enjoy what life offers.

    [OK, so we hereby close this controversial matter once and for all. Please don’t try to stir up trouble with posts like that again, OK? It was uncalled for and there are plenty of people reading who would very much enjoy countering your argument with all sorts of facts and statistics. Anyway, as this is supposed to be about David… You’ll find that the US has so far had more out of ‘On An Island’ than any other country, so please don’t begrudge UK fans the chance to see David play in the UK. There are many disappointed fans in Britain as well. – Features Editor]

  68. Evening all,

    I’d like to take the opportunity to say what a pleasure it is to have contact with people who are so influenced and touched by the music of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour. I’ve been a fan of Pink Floyd since I was 13, thanks to the fantastic music taste of my Dad. As a kid growing up in the era of rave and bad pop (late 80s/early 90s), it was never going to be cool to admit to liking PF. But now I know (I had always suspected!) that there’s an army of like-minded souls out there.

    I’m taking my Dad to see David play at the RAH on 31st May – I reckon we managed to get the last two seats in the house, right up in the gods! He’s also 60 this year, and I wanted to thank him for introducing me to the most amazing band in the world.

    Mr Gilmour, you’re absolute legend.

    Now winning tickets for the March 7th show would just be the icing on the cake…

    Love the new site design. And FEd – kudos to you for keeping the riff-raff under control ;-p

    Much love,

  69. I’d like to know why David doesn’t want to make a show here in Brazil, more specifically in Rio de Janeiro. I need to see David playing in live performance, and I don’t have money to go to Europe to see the show.

    Please, if anyone can contact with him, ask him to come here to Brazil.

    [David knows how strongly he is supported in Brazil and all over South America, Leo. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but he has explained his reasons. It’s very clear that he does not wish to tour the world. To everyone making more and more requests, please respect this. – Features Editor]

  70. I have just been reading over the past logs and had a brilliant idea. I can totally respect the fact that David doesn’t want to have signed objects on ebay for obscene prices, therefore I suggest that you give away loads of the same signed picture to us dedicated fans. That way they aren’t worth as much as they are mass produced and the evil ebayers won’t benifit just us loyal fans who would treasure it forever and ever. Please say yes, please please mr features man.

    [Nice try, Chantelle. We’ve seen how many “loyal fans” are selling their treasured tickets on eBay. One or two are even selling the complementary items that were given to those who attended the listening parties in the US. The sad fact is, these people spoil it for everyone. Besides, how do you decide who is “dedicated” enough? – Features Editor]

  71. The site looks great.. so does DavidGilmour.com. I really like hearing the music. Maybe we could hear a whole song every now and then. Or how awesome would it be to have a David Gilmour music player on the site so we could listen to some of his songs from his new and older solo albums? That would be great. Just a thought! God bless!

  72. I might be wrong, but the shot on Bio displays David, Polly and some of his sons, isn´t it?

    Congratulations on the new site layout. It´s really nice, tough I must confess that I agree with “Brian Ferry” about the DG type…

    Keep up the great work.

  73. On An Island the single seems to be available on iTunes (US) today, but not so here in the UK. Why is this? I gathered that the single and album were released on the same day!

    And just a quick note about the site. Can you make scrolling available on the text segments via the scroll whell on your mouse when you hover over it? Just a minor point, but people appreciate these things i’m sure 😉

    Thought i’d share these with you all.


    [Hi Ryan. You’re right: it will be available on iTunes in Europe on 6 March. Thanks for your site suggestion, which will be passed on. – Features Editor]

  74. Firstly, got to say I love the new site – and having the Press articles in PDF form is actually hugely beneficial…they’re a lot more legible!

    And secondly, to answer Rudders’ question about the Pulse DVD (sorry – I know it’s a Pink Floyd release not David’s new solo project, but…) the date I’ve been given is 18th September for the UK, and presumably 19th September for the US/Canada. Yeah, I’m as frustrated as anyone else waiting for this (especially as I’ve been commissioned to write the Record Collector review!) but I firmly believe it’ll be worth the wait. I’d much rather it came out 100% perfect than with the slightest glitch

  75. this new look is good enough …

    but “the rotating line drawing (silhouette) and guitars” … well, I loved them since the new site appeared on web few months ago (and the story seems to be restarted again)

    keep on, just put one more gif inside (the rotating david !)

    ciao from Italy

  76. Just a follow-up on my previous complaint about the Mac-unfriendly Colombia/Gilmour contest entry site – it is now working fine and I was finally able to get my contest entry to go through. If anyone here had a hand in getting that straightened out, I thank ye kindly (hey, I need the Strat in that giveaway! I had to pawn mine 2 years ago and it hurt BAD).

    Also the clips of David’s new tunes stream much better at the Columbia site than they do here so I’ve finally been able to hear album snippets without buffering interruption. David! Big thumbs up on your saxophone playing. Mackadocious.


  77. Hi again all… love the new look to the site! I can honestly say I have not been this excited about an album release in years! I’m sure a lot of that excitement is due to this site keeping it fresh in my mind. As far as the contest for tickets for the extra UK shows… as an American, yes I’m a little bummed that he isn’t doing it here in the US, but for those grumbling about it… imagine another highly sought-after artist doing it say in California… as a Californian would you be standing up calling “foul” for your poor frinds in the UK that were left out(thus increasing the chances of YOU getting a lucky ticket)? Certainly not! David is doing a cool promotion in his own backyard. Good luck all you citizens of the UK and have a great show! Me? I’m content with an album of new music coming. Going to the April 20 show at the Gibson is just spectacular icing on the cake (and yes, I’m gonna have my cake and eat it too)!


  78. HEY DAVID!!!…I´M FRANCO…I´M FROM ARGENITINE, AND IS MI FIRST VISIT TO YOUR “MUSICBLOG”. I must say to you that you are a singer and fabulous composer. Excuse me, my English is not very good. I have 17 years old and they are a fanatic of your music, so much as Pink Floyd. I say to you that I am going to continue resorting to this page, hope that you read this commentary. And I Dream To be able To speak with You. From Already thank you very much David. I leave my mail just in case the possibility of speaking exists. I wait on March 6 for the CD, wait that here in Argentine they have it. Again thank you!!! And forgive me for my English. Good-bye!

  79. Dear webmaster of davidgilmour.com

    No! No! No! No! No!

    What have you done?! Yes, it is a nice design (On An Island theme), BUT … very deprecated code! You really change the code from div-layout to table-layout?! WHY? Handicapped people cannot read this website.

    The Image of David Gilmour is: Never forget the people who have not so many lucky moments in their life. With this code, you forget them.

    “On an island” comes in march. And its time to promote the cd! But please NOT with this code.


    Karin (I`m a webdesigner and supporter for an opensource community in Berlin/Germany)

    PS: if I have time you got the div-layout for free! I wait for the quality hi-res jpegs.

    btw. Dear Fed.Ed. … I´m i banned now? *lol* I have no problem, if you edited by post …

    //an die Deutschen: Bin am 11. März in Hamburg. Suche Ticket fürs CCH!! Klick auf meinen Namen!

  80. I like the site! It seems it all has a “personal” touch to it…

    All those pictures, they seem not just to be of Mr. Gilmour but people/places that are close/familiar to him….

    It looks like it took some work to put together, does that explain the slow down in features last week? Ah-ha!!!


    Okay, with so many request for David Gilmour to play in their city, how’s this:

    Please don’t play anywhere else this tour….just keep making more music after a nice break when it’s all done and I’ll be happy…..

    …and, given the potential political weight you command, consider another major philanthropic jesture in the next few years….

  81. In response to Scott Rickard’s comments: There is another competition to win a pair of tickets to the Los Angeles concert, an autographed guitar, and a whole bunch of other goodies which is ONLY OPEN TO US RESIDENTS. Perhaps you should throw your name in that hat.

    P.S. you misspelled the name of your country in your post.

  82. Wow…..as the say in Yorkshire….”Eeeee bye gum lad….this site’s a bit of all-rite!”

    Well done on a great re-design of the site.

    Dave, you have friends all over the world and I’m one of them. I have been an avid follower and fan of your life’s work since about 1967. Don’t underestimate your popularity, you will sell out this concert tour PDQ (pretty damn quick!)

    Like millions of fans who wish you well….I do too.


    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada

  83. I have two sets of tickets for Royal Albert Hall. One for the 29 and one for the 31. They were won during the presale lottery and I cant make the show. The trinitystreet place said no refunds so I guess Im out of luck. Just want to know how to get these to someone at face value.


    [We’re on the case, Lucas, and will be in touch shortly. Please be patient. – Features Editor]

  84. Dear F.ed

    To Be honest, the first design of the site was good but a little bit boring. The new one is much better.

    Why don’t rebuilt The Pink Floyd Webside in this way ? I’ll be happy to help you (writing articles for example) if Mr Gilmour is OK.

  85. “Roger will play ‘Dark side of the moon’ at Roskilde Festival.

    But how do it without David’s vocals?”

    With David’s marathon exercise, and proven track record, in world class restraint in mind from 1983 on (“Not Now John” not withstanding), you realize that sometimes wielding real power in “getting the message out”, requires saying nothing at at all.

    Rest well, trust your instincts, and stop us dead in our tracks in L.A. David!

    …and good luck guiding a 16 year old into his own in this crazy world. I look forward to your (o.k. Polly’s) book on the subject!

    tom from san diego

  86. Sorry, I just don’t understand why someone would try to make this into a “USA v. Britain” site. This is a Gilmour site, and Gilmour’s music has nothing to do with international politics. In fact, Gilmour’s music is enjoyed by the good people to be found throughout the world. I believe that the reason some people want to politicize everything is because of the misguided hope that the world can be “divided and conquored.” Here in the US, we have seen far too much of that kind of thinking and it has had a chilling effect upon our daily lives. Why do we need more of that, especially on a musician’s blog?

    For me, the bottom line (regarding this blog) is that Mr. Gilmour is launching an album and a tour. For heaven’s sake, let’s all enjoy these things as they come and let’s take a break from jockeying for world dominance.

    [Well put, Dan. I deliberately posted a few of those comments which I would usually edit or delete. I hope they proved to some people that, unfortunately, moderating this page is necessary. – Features Editor]

  87. Did you mention “Merchandising” ????

    You are actually going to sell stuff soon ?

    Count me in – especially if it’s exclusive and only available on this site.

    No seriously – I can’t believe you haven’t yet realised the revenue this site commands without trying. We are all fed up with buying dodgy stuff from other places.



  88. There was no feature to leave a question on the FAQ’s! So I’m leaving it here. Well, two actually. 1) Why did Nick Mason not get involved in any songs in the new album, or have I missed a credit? Has he ran out of steam? Too busy racing cars? What????! I notice David plays some percussion on this album. 2) I have been a LONG time admirer of Floyd’s music but never really checked out the sites and missed the chance to see David and the band play this year. Everywhere he’s sold out. When do he next plan to come to England??? 🙂

    [Nooooo! That’s because we don’t want more, John! Hold onto them for now, OK? We’ve got so many and we want to get through the ones we have before we consider any others. – Features Editor]

  89. LOVE the new site!

    Good job to the web team! And David your music gets better and better every time I listen to it!

    I can’t wait for “On An Island” looking forward to more albums in the future!


  90. The new web site is much better than the old one. It’s more user friendly and less Arty-Farty than the style you find on the typical famous musician or rock star’s web site.

    Thanks for putting the video clip from On An Island on the site as well, ‘cos it’s good to see. I’ve already pre-ordered my On An Island CD and hope it drops through my letterbox the day after it’s released. Meantime, the video will have to suffice.

    As a footnote, may I say a big thank you to David for over three decades of his superb guitar playing, both in Floyd and solo, which I have enjoyed immensely. It’s one of the constants in life which lifts the mind up from the daily grind and helps it fly.

    I eagerly await the next installment.

  91. very good site, only one problem: it seems to me that is going a little bit slowly. flash problems?

    i really love booklet’s illustration and this site’s style… beautiful.


    – 7 days (only one week!!! for italy 3th march on an island)

    something of pocketful of stones runs in my mind, it tastes very interesting…

    thank you for all, see you in milan and then rome 😉 on tour with my favourite guitarist…

  92. Dave,

    Many many thanks to you and Nick for signing my Ummagumma album back in 2004.

    A big thanks to Nicks PA for making it happen also

    Hope to see you in Manchester in May



  93. Looks nice, good having a change too. What, no link to the WEM Watkins site? I am kidding, it’s a website, have fun with it. Good to see them around though.

    Have fun working with the new stuff. Looked interesting from the clips on the site, can’t wait to hear the CD.

    Always good seeing music in the world, a welcome sight.

  94. I (showing my age) have been a fan since “Atom Heart Mother.” You and The Floyd have given me some reflective and soul-searching times in those moments life throws upon us. God bless the lyricist, the vision, and the artristry of all of the Pink, but especially you. David. A stroke of magic using Crosby and Nash in your latest.

    Don’t ever quit.

    MAP… from America

  95. Having seen the trailers for the new album,I must say it sounds fantastic,and have it on pre-order.

    Looking forward to the RAH gig in May.

    Last saw David play with Floyd at Stafford in ’77 and Birmingham in ’74 (still got the comic book programme!)
    On the EPK clip he mentioned looking for nice provincial venues to play.When David tours again (fingers crossed!),may I suggest he consider Symphony Hall in B’ham,an excellent venue with the right ambience for his sound.

    Good luck with the tour and the album and (please) don’t leave it so long next time!

  96. The new site is very cool looking.I would like to comment that so far the new album sounds very delightfull as well. i cant see the tour due to the band not playing even close to were i live.Hopefully the band will reconsider playing more shows in the states instead of shows in Canada but i cant complain.

    [Hi Nick. Glad you like the site and are looking forward to the album. Not long to wait now. Sorry that you won’t be able to catch the band in concert. However, people in Canada would like more shows too, and don’t forget that David is actually doing more shows in the States than anywhere else! – Features Editor]

  97. “The site is just fantastic, that is really what I think”. I think that On an Island will have big success. You are my guitar teacher, thank you for exist. I will see you on March the ’24th in Milan, see you there. Bye

  98. Will the LP from david be released on Vinyl? has Storm had a go at the Artwork, the latter is coming up with some excellent work curently. I hope you issue some 7″ Vinyl too

    [It will be on LP. Please see the News story from Monday 23 January for clarification of formats. – Features Editor]

  99. Great site, I love it, and can’t hardly wait for the new album and to see him in concert again.

    Wish me luck in winning the grand prize to see David in Los Angeles 🙂

  100. this new site is brilliant and i am really looking forward to getting on an island . however i am wondering until it comes out can the sound clips from it be archived . castellorizon sounded amazing . i would love to be able to hear it again . i am impressed with the clips of the music that i have heard so far . pity that there is no on an island gig here in dublin but i know the band can’t play everywhere !

  101. Greetings from Czech republic. Is there any other tour going to be held in the future, please? I`m asking because I always wanted to see Pink FLoyd and especially David and I missed that. Now when I heard that a new album is about to be released and that David will go on tour with it I immediatelly started to search for a ticket, but without success…:-( I`d really love to see him playing live at least once in my life…

    Thanks a lot!
    Cheers, Tomas

    [Unfortunately there are no plans for after this tour, Tomas, but this is the only place for official news. If there is any news to report, then you’ll find it here. – Features Editor]


  103. and south america doesn’t exist?

    maybe only is a place where people live over the trees.

    great music for the pleasure of the people from the first world.

  104. Hi Folks,

    This is an excellent site, with plenty of informative features. Looking forward to seeing David and his band play at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester – thus didn’t need to enter competition for Mermaid show! One question, I have an aviation video clip (4.79 MB)I believe David would be interested in seeing – nothing sinister I promise, just a very impressive flying display by a Sukoi SU-30MK in Russia, it’s bloody awe inspiring…so, is it possible to send attachments to this site!

    Best Regards,
    Chris Hanley

    [I’m afraid not, Chris. If it’s online, perhaps you could tell us where to find it. – Features Editor]

  105. well done i love the new site

    very easy to look at all of it.

    would love to see dave when he gets to the states, but tickets are very hard to come by

    best of luck with your mini tour

    wish i can be there

  106. Hello David:)

    your new CD “On An Island” Is very popular In Norway. When could we expect you to hold a consert in our country as well?

    Please do come to visit us! Hugs and Love from Siw:):}

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