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88940027_blog.jpgThe title track of ‘On an Island’ is receiving good airplay in the US, where stations have been playing both the single edit and the album version. Apparently, radio stations are favouring the album version, so listen out for it.

Many people have written to ask why their local station hasn’t played it. Well, we don’t tell stations what to play. If you want to hear it, why not contact the station and request that they play it?

It will be gracing European airwaves shortly. I’ll let you know what’s planned soon.

One more thing for American fans… If you’d like to win a pass to an exclusive private listening party for ‘On an Island’ in either Boston, Minneapolis or Los Angeles, then go to the Columbia Records website and follow the instructions. You must be at least 21 and a US resident. Be quick because it ends today.

It’s been a while since we had another fun poll, so here’s one that was suggested by a fellow blogger.

Not including his Pink Floyd colleagues, can you name a maximum of three musicians whom, in Fantasy Land, you would like to see David collaborate with?

No more than three, please, and they can be musicians who are no longer with us.

Thanks for that, Craig.

More news on tickets as we get it and many more of Polly’s photographs, of course.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Is there a UK listening party planned? (if so, can we have a compo for some tickets too?? :))

    My 3 fantasy DG collaborations:

    1) Neil Young
    2) David Grisman
    3) Trey Anastasio

    Maybe cheating, but collaborations with Porcupine Tree and/or Archive would be beautiful…


  2. Certainly looking forward to hearing music from David’s album on radio over here…and once the album comes out giving it plenty of spins on my own programmes.

    As for the poll – top idea! This one really could open up the floodgates for imaginative collaboratons. I’m going to opt for 3 musicians who are still around, and with whom David hasn’t worked (to my knowledge) to any great degree in the past…who knows, we might inspire some future work!

    Robyn Hitchcock – David of course did perform “Astronomy Domine” with the re-united Soft Boys at the RFH in 2001, but I’ve often thought these two would work well together on new material

    Francis Dunnery – another excellent guitarist, of course, as well as a multi-instrumentalist and singer – and I reckon their styles would complement each other beautifully.

    Neil Peart – I’ve often wondered how Neil would sound playing with other musicians than Rush, as a side project of course. And thinking back to David’s About Face album, where the late and much lamented Jeff Porcaro laid down such a solid drumline throughout, I can’t help feeling it’d be a very interesting mix.

    And well done to The Features Editor – this blog has become thoroughly addictive and is always an entertaining read. Moderating the posts can be no easy task – if I were wearing one, I’d take my hat off to you.

    [Thank you, Titus. – Features Editor]

  3. Hi 3 musicians, only 3???

    Davey Graham , Davey on acoustic tuned to DADGAD, David on a Strat. where would that go???

    The Orb, I always thought some ambient beats behind Davids guitar would sound cool….

    Stephane Grappelli, I know theres a squeak of his violin hidden on Wish you were here, but how about a Django type thing….

    anyway just a few quick ones there….

  4. First of all, I’m glad the new track is getting some exposure. I’m also equally surprised. Unfortunately, I know what’s going to happen, at least here in Chicago. They’ll play it every so often (I still haven’t caught it) leading up thru David’s arrival, then it will drop off the face of the airwaves. They’ve done the same thing with everyone’s (then) new material including John Fogerty, Journey, Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, and Robert Plant.

    Speaking of Plant, he’d be the top collaboration I’d like to see, since he’s my favorite singer and all. Others would be Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, The Police, and maybe Jeff Lynne.

    Is David into funk? I’d like to see him with a band like the Ohio Players just to hear him pull it off……………….:^)

  5. My three musicians would be:

    1. Andrew Eldritch
    2. Richard D. James
    3. Lou Reed

    But that`s REALLY fantasy…

  6. Fact: I am the only person in the civilized world who still has not heard that song. And it’s not that local radio stations aren’t playing it, I know at least one is because it publishes it’s playlist after the fact its website. But I can’t listen while I’m at work, and while I listen when I’m home I always do the polite thing and turn the radio down when I’m on the phone, and from those playlists I know I missed it at least twice due to that. All I know is that one of my local CD shops better have the CD in the store on March 7th, because I’m not waiting the extra day it takes Amazon to deliver (like I did with the Live 8 DVD, but at least I’d seen that performance before). Yes, I am very impatient, can you tell?

    OK, 3 people in fantasy land. I won’t include people he’s already worked with because we already have those. 😉

    1. Jimi Hendrix
    2. Elvis Prestley
    3. John Lennon

    All no-brainers, I know. And sadly, none will ever happen, unless done by re-mix.

  7. Thank you for the lovely picture of David Gilmour kissing a rare black billed duck. Peta indeed.

    Okay my three Gilmour and…

    Aphex Twin ~ Richard D. James
    Squarepusher ~ Tom Jenkinson

    I could go on – sigh.

  8. Hello,

    Again a difficult restriction, just 3 people…

    So as I’m a great fan of Pink Floyd and a young promising band from York called Mostly Autumn, I will choose for:

    # Mr.Bryan Josh, the guitarist and lead singer of this band Mostly Autumn. The first time I saw him, I closed my eyes and thought it was Sir David Gilmour himself, playing and singing, but I must admit his voice has changed a bit;

    # Heather Findlay, also lead vocals, guitar, flute, bodran and percussion and of course also from this band. Hope they will play Comfortably Numb in the Mostly Autumn edition, or Mother Nature… think David will like that one too. As third I’ll recommend another fan of David Gilmour, and by the way he is used to play with Mostly Autumn;

    # Yogi Lang, keyboards, guitar and vocals of the German band called RPWL (they will perform at the Pink Floyd Day in the Netherlands (in May)).

    What a wonderful line-up that will be. And if if may suggest a perfect location? The Grand Théâtre in Verviers / Belgium, an old Renaissance-like Opera building. And the after party in the famous Spirit of 66.

    Take care,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  9. 3 musicians I would like to see David work with: First without doubt would be Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree/Noman. Then for some strange reason Nick Drake. Finally, and I know he appeared at the Meltdown concerts, but I think that David and Robert Wyat could make a special album if they had time together.

  10. Greetings from Fantasy Land…

    I only have one: I’d love to hear David handle the guitars on a Gerry Rafferty album. That would bring together my two favourite artists of all time on the same album. It would be amazing.

  11. Hi Ed.

    I think the following 3 along with David would by pretty good:

    Rick Wakeman, Peter Gabriel, Neil Peart.

    I’m not sure what the final product would sound like – but it would definitely be interesting.

  12. robert johnson and eric clapton with jonny cash all at the samw time, wow that would be so cool! why do the american fans get to hear things before us? that’s favouritism and it’s not fair!

  13. It would be interesting if David could pair his guitar talents with Jon Anderson’s vocal ability, and the two could collaborate on a single song or perhaps album. I also would encourage Mr. Gilmour to continue his foray, albeit brief, into the world of classical music, as his rendition of Bizet’s “The Pearl Fishers” in his meltdown concert was quite beautiful.

    So, perhaps a rock (guitar/vocal) interpretation of some of the more famous classical pieces – Ravel’s “Bolero”, Donizetti’s “Una Furtiva Lagrima”, Dvorak’s “Largo” from “The New World Symphony”, Mozart’s “Ave Verum”, in collaboration with presently living conductors such as Seiji Ozawa or others would be interesting.

    Finally, a new age collaboration with Vangelis, may add a unique blend of sounds for listeners. Coupling David’s unique guitar talents with Vangelis’s dreamy synthesizer music, with collaboration on songwriting, may prove quite unique and avant garde.

  14. Hi Features Ed

    Put me down for Grant Green, Diana Krall & Aaron Neville.

    see you at the RAH
    chin chin

  15. Re: Which guitar players I would like to see David work with. I could name many but here are 3 not in order.

    1 Steve Hackett
    2 Carlos Santana
    3 Pete Townshend (again!)

    On another note. I think it would be great if David would release his demo tapes. I am sure there are a wealth of studio outakes and experiments. I would give my left…. handed guitar to hear some of there gems!

  16. Hi Fe.Ed.,

    Here my suggestions:

    – Lisa Gerrard vocals, David Gilmour – vocals, guitars, Caroline Dale – cello
    – The Kronos Quartet, David Gilmour – vocals, guitars
    – Arvo Pärt/Composer – David Gilmour

    and me at the piano!°! (Greetings from Fantasy Land! – ok, just kidding) lol

    //to the germans: Ich suche immer noch ein Ticket für das Hamburg Konzert im CCH! Klick auf meinen Namen. Normaler Preis – NO ebay! PLLEEAASSEE!

  17. Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree, because there so similar

    Steve Howe of Yes because they’re both the best at guitar

    Ian Anderson…just because they’re so different

  18. I heard the new cut on the radio(edit)….I was sad because it sounds like the guitar solo was faded out. I can not wait to hear the full version.

    Three Players:

    1. Les Claypool
    2. Mickey Hart
    3. BucketHead

  19. anything with bob dylan would be good. or the late wilson pickett for a version of ‘in the midnight hour’. also jimi hendrix – just so that david can gloat about the guitarist/fender poll! haha!

  20. Hi all,

    My personnal wishes ..

    1/ Ian Paice (again) on drums
    2/ Peter Baumann on keyboard (ex Tangerine Dream member)
    3/ Noel Redding on bass (for the fun 😉

    BruNo. – waiting for Cymbaline live…

  21. Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree?! Brilliant!! I wonder if David has heard these guys lately.

    To see David & Jeff Beck “trading eights” on a blues jam would be a dream come true. It would be the stuff of legend!

    tom from san diego

  22. Hi,

    I have always been fantacising about a David duet with ‘Andy Latimer’ of Camel. So here is my three

    1- Andy Latimer (Camel)
    2- Roger Glover (Deep Purple)
    3- John Loard (Deep Purple)


  23. How about…. Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Robert Johnson. It would be the most amazing blues/rock experience ever!

  24. Musicians

    1 Kate Bush (since her RFH performance was deleted from the dvd)

    2 John Martyn (great Scottish singer song-writer who has played with David before both live and on record) -How about inviting him for a guitar duel on the Scottish tour date!

    3 Joni Mitchell – somehow I think this would work really well.


  25. mmmm

    What do you think about:

    Matt Cameron on drums
    David Bowie on voice
    John Entwistle on bass


  26. How about these three:

    Les Claypool
    Frank Zappa
    Dave Mustaine

    Of course in a fantasy land, a collaboration with Roger Waters again would be nice as well.

  27. Tricky One …

    How about

    Kjartan Sveinson (sigur ros) – Keyboards
    Trey Gunn (King Crimson) – Bass
    Pierre Moerlen (Gong) – Percussion

  28. ok, so I haven’t been able to catch On An Island on radio yet… but I read a comment by David in an interview recently where he said he would like the new album to be heard in its entirety all at once without distraction. So now I kinda hope I don’t run across it on radio so I can do that… listen to the whole album undisturbed. Anyway… dream collaboration?

    Keyboards/percussion: Kitaro!
    Guitar/bass/sax/vocals: David
    rythm guitar/anything else: Jon Anderson

  29. Id love to hear Daivd Play with

    Neil Young
    Bob dylan
    Neil Peart

    Id also love for David to collaborate with Peter Townshend again. Live Deep end was the best I have ever seen David in a collaboration. I also have a dream, here it is > David gilmour, Pete Townshend, Paul MCcartney, Roger Daltrey, Ringo Star and Nick Mason. We could call it Who are the Pink beatles!

  30. Three musicians?

    1) Jeff Buckley
    2) Neil Young
    3) Thom Yorke

    That should make for an interesting session.

    P.s. How about a picture of Le Grand Rex, Paris. 15th March, not long now

  31. 1. Toots Thielemans – No one plays the harmonica like he does… He´s an institution and one of the few greatest musicians alive.

    2. Nitin Sahwney – One of the most influential and versatile creative talents alive today. He has a unique hability to transcend cultural barriers.

    3. Peter Gabriel – Always in the edge of innovation.

  32. 1. Harold Budd
    2. Norah Jones
    3. Brian Eno

    (thats not that much of a fantasy, any one of the three could happen!)

  33. This Song is exactly that, what i have waitin for !

    It´s still a phantastic floydian Song. Have heard it more than 50 x.

    And when i hear the Soundfiles on – i think this will be a very floydisch David Gilmour Album . And that is really good !

    3 Musicans:

    -Zbigniew Preisner
    -Kate Bush

    See you in Hamburg

  34. 1. John Lennon
    2. John Entwistle
    3. John Bonham

    I know too many Johns, but all are remarkable.

  35. Hey I know polls don’t really mean anything, but just the same, it’s nice to see the Master Fender Bender finally get the respect he deserves. I’m sure after this album and tour, David will be topping a few MORE polls.

  36. Freddie King – Listen to Freddie’s version of Ain’t no Sunshine and you’ll kow why.

    Arvo Part – A composer who creates the kind of aural landscapes that would beautifully suit David’s playing.

    Aaaaargh – There are so many. Ok, for the third I’m going to say:

    Bill Frissell. I don’t care for all of his tastes, but he does produce some very lovely music, much of which would be well complimented with David’s touch.

  37. Alan Parsons-as co-songwriter,keyboards,guitar etc
    Chris Squire(Yes)-bass
    Phil Collins-as drummer and co-vocals







    [It’s fans of Liverpool Football Club singing their club anthem, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, David. – Features Editor]

  39. Oh yeah…

    1. Jeff Beck (to watch those two trading off liquid blue strat licks all night?? That’d be IT for me!!)
    2. Kenny Burrell (the David Gilmour of jazz)
    3. Miles Davis (imagine David’s melodic emotive guitar work all over Kind of Blue!)

  40. some of these sound great….I want to update my fantasyland band to:

    Jack Bruce
    Robert Plant
    Janis Joplin
    Peter Gabriel

  41. My idea is:

    1. Steve Wilson from Porcupine Tree!!!!
    2. Lech Janerka (great Polish independent rock musician)
    3. F. Chopin

    (I’m from Poland so I am very proud that David chose Zbigniew Preisner and Leszek Mozdzer to play with him on his new album)

  42. Rick Davies – Piano/Harmonica/Vocals from Supertramp
    Roger Hodgson – Guitars/vocals from Supertramp
    Freddie Mercury – Vocals/paino Queen

  43. I know you will delete or edit my post, but it does worth a try:

    Roger Waters
    Rick Wright
    Nick Mason

    [Oh yeah? Just this once, though. – Features Editor]

  44. -Jimi Hendrix (that would be I’m sure a fantastic one for David as well)

    -Leonard Cohen

    -Norah Jones

  45. 1.Stewart Copeland (drums of The Police)
    2.Billy Sheehan (bass of Steve Vai,Mr.Big,etc.)
    3.David Paich (keyboards of Toto)

  46. Here come my 3 cents:

    1- Jimmmy Page
    2- Paco de Lucía
    3- The musicians in the project known as “Liquid Tension Experiment” (bits of Dream Theater + Tony Levin, wow)


  47. Mark Knopfler
    Neil Young
    Jimi Hendrix

    Great pic once again Polly!

    Congratulations David, on nr.1 in ‘Guitarist’!! This first place is rightly yours!

  48. my holy grail band….one guitar, 3 voices

    dave with his sweet loving guitar and

    Eddie Vedder,
    Bertrand Cantat (french group leader Noir désir),
    Janis Joplin, with their skinned voices.

  49. 1. Geddy Lee
    2. Geoff Tate
    3. Eddie Van Halen

    Imagine the different styles from these musical geniuses blended in with the talents and genius of David Gilmour…

  50. First of all I would like to congratulate Mr. Gilmour on being named #1 on the U.K’S Guitarist magazine for his unique style of playing that ever loving Fender Strat. He has always been number one guitarist in my mind and heart. The three ‘fantasy’ musicians/artist’s that I would love for David Gilmour to do a trio with would be:

    1. Peter Gabriel
    2. Enya
    3. John Lennon

    You said only three and I will respect that.

    I have heard the ‘On an island’ single here in the U.S and it is beyond words. They say patience is a virtue? The last cd was the great ‘Division Bell’ and in my mind, nothing could beat that..I was so wrong. Thank the saints and gods above that there are still ‘magical moments’ in this mess up world and ‘miracles’ do happen..I am thankful that Mr. David Gilmour & Polly as well as every single person who has/had anything whats-so-ever to do with the newest David Gilmour CD did what they have done! You are the best..I mean anyone who had any influence in the production, the writings and the album cover should all get a big, HEART FELT THANK YOU from me. I am surely looking forward to March 7th,2006 so I can buy this masterpiece..and I no doubt will be ‘ smiling’ when it is in my hot little hands..Great picture of Mr. Gilmour…I keep looking at my e-mail like a total fool hoping for a miracle. How totally stupid. You see I still think that something wonderful would happen to me even beyond my wildest dreams when in fact ‘NOTHING’ wonderful is going to happen to me and i need to stop this foolishness…

    Mr Gilmour and feature editors and webmaster..thank you for allowing me to view and even write in this ‘blog’..I always left my address and e-mail and my stories. I know why? and it is dumb…I can’t afford to dream. I can afford to be appreciative of what David Gilmour is doing for his fans and the lives that he has touched such as mine in an indirect way..You don’t need to be a ‘rocket scientist’ here to understand exactly what my ‘personal fantasy or wish would be”…I am sure this part will be edited out also and that is okay…who wants to hear the ramblings of a 43yo nurse from Western New York anyway? When there are so many other important people and issues out there.?

    Thank you again to everyone and especially to Mr. Gilmour..God Bless and thank you for what you obviously did not have to do but are. I am going to work now it is 2:23pm on Monday 2/6/06.

    (minus any e-mail addresses this time).

  51. I’d love to see him play with

    1) Paul McCartney (voc, bass, gt, piano)
    2) Eric Clapton (gt, vocals)
    3) David Bowie (vocal, gt)

    My dream concert would encorporate songs from Floyd, Beatles, Stones, and Bowie; some of the best from British rock 🙂


  52. Hello,

    Another acoustic one:

    # Troy Donockley on Ullian Pipes, what a marvelous instrument;
    # Angela Gordon on flute, piano & vocals &
    # Heather Findlay, vocals, whistles, bodran and acoustic guitar.

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  53. David Gilmour fantasy bandmates would consist of-

    Ian Curtis (vocals)
    Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins, bass)
    Lee Harris (Talk Talk, drums and percussion)

    I’m sure David would be more than capable of handling any required keyboard duties! See you in Glasgow! 🙂

  54. 1. Van Morrison
    2. Phil Collins
    3. Wilko Johnson 😉

    And most of you will have no idea who Wilko is but he is one of the most unique R&B guitarists I’ve seen and heard…

  55. Hank Marvin, Those two would make some great guitar work.

    Billy Gibbons, Billys tone with Gilmours tone Look out!

    Mark Knopfler, I would like to hear these two just jam for a while.

  56. I’ve thought about this several times. Here are my picks.

    1.Brad Roberts{crash test dummies}
    2.Norah Jones
    3.David Gray

  57. David Gilmour has been voted No 1 in a vote of ‘Fender’s Greatest players’ in a poll in this month’s ‘Guitarist’ magazine in the UK.

    ‘Guitarist’ comments: “Gilmour has achieved what once seemed impossible: he’s usurped Jimi Hendrix as your favourite Fender player ever.”

    It’s about bleedin’ time David got recognised as the best! I have loads of Hendrix. He was undoubtedly magic on the guitar, but he’s nothing as good a composer as David. That’s what it’s about, not how fast or complicated the notes you can string together, but WHAT notes you string together. David does it best.

  58. My David dream team would be just that, a collection of Davids! Of coarse there would be David Gilmour along with David Byrne and David Bowie, with David Grisman as the opening act. And there you have it, thats four Davids for the price of one while supplies last! Void were prohibited…

  59. Hendrix
    Neil Young

    I know these 3 have been mentioned by lots of people, but what can I say? These are the 3 I came up with before reading the other comments.

    See ya in Chicago—


  60. drums : steve perkins, (janes addiction, the panic channel, porno for pyros, banyan)
    bass : peter hook, (new order)
    keyboards & guitar : moby

  61. 1. Roger Hodgson in LA
    1. Neil Young in Toronto
    1. Douglas Adams on an island

    Why an eight-pointed star?

  62. Not overkeen on twiddlers myself, I always like DG when he gets a bit funky, and minimal, so here are mine:

    Larry Graham (bass, Sly & The Family Stone)
    Jaki Liebezeit (drums, Can)
    Art Neville (keyboards The Meters)


  63. Still waiting for any sign of On an Island on the radio here, but then I’m not much of a radio listener anyways. As for the top 3 collaborations in fantasy-land, I’ll cheat slightly as one of my artists is actually a band than an individual artist. However, I’ll make up for that by only naming groups/people who are still with us (i.e. where an actual collaboration still has at least a theoretical chance of coming into fruition). So here goes, in no particular order:

    • Madrugada
    • Tom Waits
    • David Bowie

    Actually, I think David should immediately put all of those on his “need to call urgently” list if you ask me 😉

  64. I would love to see David work with:

    1. Steve Winwood
    2. John Entwistle (too late I’m afraid)
    3. John Lennon (very sad that it’s too late. RIP John)

    Also, ON AN ISLAND is amazing (the track, I mean). I just wish I could hear the whole last solo. Keep up the good work Dave (and Editor)!

  65. Well, let’s start simply.

    He’ll need a drummer. Let’s go with Carter Beauford, for that, since his drumming is amazing.

    He’ll also need a bassist. I’m thinking Geddy Lee for that (since in effect, he can double on keyboards).

    And one more? How about Ray Manzarek on keyboards?

    Sounds good to me 😀 and it could actually happen.

  66. Oohhhhhhh !David, congratulations for being the best!(fenderstrat…), congratulations for being what you are !

    and you, dear Ed, congratulations for your wonderful work! you seem knowing David so well !

    Thank you!

  67. What a wonderful question! The mind races at the possibilities. There have been a lot of great suggestions. A few of my potential choices have already been mentioned, so let me throw in three more.

    1. Gail Ann Dorsey on bass and vocals.

    2. Bill Bruford on drums.

    3. Brian May on guitar.

  68. Hey all you Gilmour freaks…Big Al from SF here, pumped for Oakland shows, and trying like the damnest to ‘call one in’ to friend in LA who works in the music biz…for that listening party in LALA land…

    If I had my way, I would enjoy seeing David trading licks and harmonizing with the following three:

    1 – Doyle Bramhall II (if you dont know him yet, look out)
    2 – Marc Ford (recently back with Crowes)
    3 – David Hidalgo of Los Lobos

    I’d be at that show for certain.


  69. Congratulations David! You are #1 and it’s great to see the ‘Guitarist’ poll substantiates that fact.

    To create an interesting single or duet, David would sound great collaborating with:

    James Hetfield, for an edge,
    Ray Davies, for nostalgia and
    Tori Amos, just for fun.

  70. Here is my choice:

    Of Course Mr. David Gilmour on Keyboards, Piano, Sax, Bass, Guitars and etc…

    John Bohan On Drums;
    George Harrison On Guitars;
    Andy Fairweatherlow On Bass and Guitars

    Arthur Romagnolo
    From São Paulo / Brazil

  71. Well, let’s see…

    Rick Wakeman on keyboards (yes)
    Chris Squire on Bass (yes)
    Neil Peart on drums (rush)

  72. Thom Yorke, of course! I think that hear David’s magic guitar and his wonderful voice melt with Thom Yorke fascinating and glamorous voice could be one of the most exciting thing in the world!

    David Gilmour, Pink Floyd and Radiohead’s music are my daily bread! I can’t live without their music and their voices!

    Good night


  73. Greetings poll-tallying Features Ed. (or Edwina) and everyone with nothing better to do than to contribute to online polls:

    cool collaborators for David:

    1. Al Green (ain’t nothin’ wrong with smooth and sexy, plus David can get down just fine for a white boy from Cambridge, so I say it’s ON)
    2. James Taylor (let’s get a bit folked-up)
    3. Gorillaz (call me crazy; I don’t care)


  74. Easy..

    Jimi Hendrix

    Jerry Garcia

    Janis Joplin..

    Okay so I am gonna add another (I cheat)
    Tool..or perfect circle..That could be unique!!

  75. David Gilmour – guitars and vocals
    Norah Jones – keyboards and vocals
    Gordon Summer – bass and vocals
    Phil Collins – drums and vocals

  76. I’d like to see Mr. Gilmour playng with Messrs Waters, Wright and Mason.

    Ever the optimist.

  77. naturally i would like to see MY favourite artists (musicians) work together … but MY favourites celebrate much too different styles of music – so that a collaboration of them is really something for an absolute Fantasy-Land (and maybe something that we are not quite sure of – if we really want to listen to it anyway 🙂

    But anyway – here my 3 musicians, David Gilmour could but (would never) work together with :

    – Boris Blank
    – Van Morrison
    – Donald Fagen

    Though David Gilmour (and Richard Wright too) already collaborated with Anthony Moore (“Dogs of war” for example) who already worked together with Carlos Peron who was a member of Boris Blank`s band for more than 4 years … So, anything is possible !

  78. Okay, THIS would be a killer band:

    David: Guitar, voice, sax
    Bill Berry (R.E.M): Drums
    Rick Wakeman (Yes): Keys
    Tony Levin (King Crimson): Bass, stick

    These guys are all capable of rocking the roof off the place, but also of atmospheric and moody stuff.

    I have not heard “On an Island” yet, but that just means I still have it to look forward to. In one month (here in the US of A) I’ll be able to hear the entire album (unless our commander-in-thief claims a David Gilmour/Al Qaida plot and censors it). The snippets I’ve been hearing on this blog sound great. Thank you, features editor, for an addictive and informative blog.

  79. Top 3 Gilmour Fantasy Collaborations:

    1. Trey Anastasio of Phish (w/their keyboardist Page McConnell)
    2. Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead
    3. John Medeski of Medeski, Martin, and Wood

  80. My three choices would be (but not all at the same time!)

    1) Roy &/or Nick Harper for a bit of acoustic Folk Rock.
    2) Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple) for a splash of Space Rock.
    3) Gorillaz just because I’d love to hear his guitar soar around their zombie trip hop!

  81. 1. Ibrahim Ferrer (Buena Vista Social Club)
    2. Howlin’ Wolf or Muddy Waters
    3. Jimi Hendrix

    Love the Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen suggestions. And Neil Young, Tom Waits, and Bob Dylan. And Portishead!

    Hearty congratulations to David Gilmour. YOU rock like no one else.

  82. My 3:

    – Thom Yorke (vocals, piano & computer)
    – Rory Gallagher (guitar)
    – Rolf Harris (wobble board)

  83. 1. Joe Walsh (The Eagles, Solo)
    2. Buddy Guy (Solo)
    3. Oddly enough..Brian May (Queen)

    Can’t wait until March.

  84. Apart from the obvious three who will always be David’s ultimate band

    David Gilmour Guitar,vocals,sax

    and the 3 would be

    Miles Davis Trumpet
    Bono Vocals, Rythmn Guitar
    Dave Grohl Drums

    The Emotion Of David’s Playing would be complemented perfectly with Bono’s passionate vocal delivery backed up by David. A Gorgeous muted Miles drifting over the top kept together by one of Rock music’s most talented drummers

  85. I have always been partial to the whole “poll” thing… ;^)) Nothing wrong with a “little” shameless “self” promotion!!! ;^’) I doubt that David would consider himself “better” than Jimi etc… “Good” is “good”!!! Horses for courses… I don’t agree with all this “best/better” business… It’s okay “if” you agree with “Guitarist” magazine though … those that voted in the “poll”… ;^) So many artists never got the “chance” to reach their full potential because of one thing or another… I “feel” that David was “wiser” with the people he “chose” to surrounded himself with… Anyway…

    Jimi Hendrix!!!
    Syd Barrett!!!
    Ringo Starr!!!

    Heh heh heh!!! Good show!!! Tally ho!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “Works!!!” Enjoy!!! ;^)

  86. I f***in love on an island track. The guitar work is defnitley among Dave’s best. Up there with Dogs, Shine On,Comfortably Numb, Near the End,On the turning away,Marooned and High Hopes. i cant wait to hear the whole album and still hoping to see Gilmour in NYC. Dave is my favorite singer and guitarists of all time!!!!!!!!

    People I would like to see play with other then Rick,Nick and Roger would have have to be Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Chris Cornell of soundgarden/audioslave.

  87. Firstly, congratulations on the guitar award, long overdue.

    Secondly, unfortunately I do not have hours to waste listening to “classic rock” that I have listened to before ad nauseum waiting for the odd Pink Floyd song, to now wait for new David Gilmour music. I have requested it from the station as suggested but my chances to be listening when it is played are nil. Hopefully your record company will market wider than just the classic rock circuit.

    Now to the fun. My three choices, although it does not have to be a group jam, it could be a series of duets.

    1. Sarah McLachlin
    2. Norah Jones
    3. Keith Richards (leaving ego and pharmaceuticals at the door- perhaps a 15 year leap to the past would be in order)

  88. mmmmmmmmmm….I’d pick 3 artists for their similarities in sound and musicianship..

    1. Steve Hackett (great sustain)
    2. Arjen Lucassen (they would complement each other very well)
    3. Jeff Beck (I’d bet they’d play some nice blues togehter)

  89. Here’s my fantasy list:

    1) Sara McLaughlin
    2) Alicia Keys
    3) Elemenopee or Ductaep (my bands…hey, it’s a fantasy. right?)

  90. okay here goes

    1. Johnny cash
    2. Dave Grohl
    3. Dave Matthews

    Thought that would be fun

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  91. I agree with Chris. The three musicians I’d like to see David with:

    1. Rick Wright
    2. Nick Mason
    3. Roger Waters

    But if we’re talking women… then that’s a different story altogether:

    1. Petulia Clark
    2. Vikki Carr
    3. Shirley Bassey

  92. An idea that i think everyone would like…

    How about making David’s tour available for digital download following the shows? A lot of other bands have started doing this and its a huge success. Fans will be able to get a copy of the show they attended, and people who didn’t get tickets will still be able to buy a copy as well. Perhaps a portion of the proceeds of digital download sales could be donated to David’s charity, Crisis as well. Phish began offering digital downloads a few years ago for each show of their tour. They donated all the profits from the downloads for the entire year of 2003 to a charity to restore Lake Champlaine in Vermont. Other bands saw what a huge success this was and followed suit. Bands that are currently doing this include Pearl Jam, Metallica,Dave Matthews Band, The Grateful Dead and many others. I would love to hear some feedback on this.

    San Diego, CA (USA)

  93. Still haven’t heard the new title track yet, a good friend has and told me it’s typical David on guitar. I’ll be patient and savour the moment. Congratulations to you also. As a fan said, The Master Fender Bender. My 3 picks would be Roy Orbison, Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Healey. I met Jeff before stardom in Toronto many times. Perhaps you could go on stage with him at his club. HHHHMMM. Thanks again FED and staff.

  94. I beleive that Mr. Gilmour has done great without needing a fantasy group of artists and musicians. He obviously has the ‘right team at this time’. Really that is all that matters.

    ps: the woman i took care of expired this evening. she hung on for as long as she could..No family ever came in and no friends..I had no one to contact that she did indeed expire. At this moment she is in the county medical examiners office and in the morgue there. It puts things in perspective for me.

  95. Only Three? Okay here goes, Eric Clapton, I think something with David Bowie would be interesting and one that I think would really be great David on gutiar and vocals accompanied by Bono. Also, as far as “Floyd colleagues” go according to the rumors that are running rampant, There is no more Pink Floyd so there can be no colleagues right? former bandmates would be more appropriate.

  96. I think it’s clear that Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) would be a great choice. After that, well, David Bowie would be an interesting partner, and how about Brian Eno?

    I’m thinking of Eno’s work with Robert Fripp: can you imagine something in a similar vein with David laying down some of his trademark guitar?

  97. Yo,

    A quick post just to say I CAN’T TAKE it ANYMORE. Will some1 please give Linda Penner a darn ticket already before I drop dead of guilt. Hell If you can make it over to the RAH on the 29th U can take mine! Seriously though, your rantings remind me oh so much of how i felt when I couldn’t get to the live8 concert. Your best option is to painstakingly trawl the internet and newspapers for competitions for tickets to one of his gigs in the US. Theres gotta be some competitions due to run for a few tickets?? help me out here features ed. Any danger of holding a website comp for a few of them returned tickets? eh? eh? nudge nudge, at least it will provide a back door for those unlucky enough not to get a set of tickets.

    oh and one other thing! You are really teasing me with these on an island snippets. I havent heard one guitar chord yet!!! puleeeease givvus a quick sniff at a riff! ah gow-an, ya will ya will

    [Regarding tickets, then if I could, I would. It’s out of our hands, I’m afraid. But keep listening for more sound clips. There are a few guitar chords on this album, honest. – Features Editor]

  98. Not sure about musicians but I’d really like to see David on a 70’s Morecambe & Wise show….. remember Andrew Preview (aka Andre Previn), I can see David as the (nicely) disrespected star guest! With Ern whispering “Don’t call him Dave” and Eric introducing him as Mr Waters… that would do it for me :~)

  99. CONTRATULATION, David, for having been voted No 1 of ‘Fender’s Greatest players’!

    WE HAD NOT DOUBT! David’s guitar moves the soul!

    I’m sure it will be how David said: when we will listen On an Island, there will no be anytihng else! Only David and his music!



    P.S. Fed! This blog is becaming a drug! I can’t stay one day without it! During my summer travel, I will have to search an internet cafè every day! thanks!

  100. This would make an interesting combination:

    1. Jeff Beck
    2. Bjork
    3. James Blunt


  101. Actually, here is my list of preferences:

    David Bowie – vocal
    Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
    John Bohnam – drums

  102. Hi FEd!

    I listened “On an Island” single track! IT IS FANTASTIC!!! I can’t wait for listen the full album!!! The melody is wonderful and David’s voice in very great form! I love it!

    WOW! I’m listening the track again…it seems a dream! GREAT!

    Thank you David!!!


  103. interesting idea, hmmm…

    Moby: Moby has always had a very “Floydian” sound, so I think it would be an interesting mix of Mobys electronica & techno beats with Dave’s soaring guitar licks.

    Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters: Ive always wondered how Daves guitar sound would fit in with a modern, harder edged band like The Foos. It would be different for Dave for sure but a neat experiment. Plus Grohl can write more classic rock orientated tunes as well, so perhaps together they could create a song to fit BOTH styles.

    Paul Mccartney: …simply for the historical significance of the joining of a Beatle and a Floyd.

  104. George Harrison
    James Hetfield
    Billy Idol

    Congrats on the #1 guitarist poll- No doubt in my mind!!!

  105. I have been told 1 new Blog a day. What about February 3 and 5?

    You know i need them….

    By the way, here are my three,

    Eric Clapton,
    Freddy Mercury
    Marc knopfler

  106. I think Rob from San Diego has a good point, downloads would not only let people who missed the shows find out what they missed, but it should also discourage bootleggers. If people feel they are being ripped off by touts to get to the shows, it would be nice to not then get ripped off by bootleggers with low quality recordings, and I’m sure the people helped by Crisis would do nicely from it too.

  107. I’d love to hear what David would do in collaboration with Beck (ala Sea Change).

    Don Henley

    Sara MacLachlan

  108. Fantasy Gilmour collaborations eh?…

    Peter Gabriel – Don’t ask me why…but somehow I think it would be a cool match.

    Keith Jarrett – ok…this is a long shot, but Jarrett is an extremely versitile musician comfortable with many styles. It would be an academic experiment…how’s that?

    Richard Thompson

    Thanks Mr. Gilmour for all the years of great music.

    Cheers Lad,


  109. i finally heard on and island on satalite radio. it is great. i cant wait till april in new york. thanks for this site,i rush home everyday just to hear the latest news on david. im 36 and this was my greatest dream.i never imaged it would come true. thank you editor for taking the time to read my comments.


  110. Right, fantasy land, yeah?

    Me, I can’t play or sing, but I would soon learn!!
    Peter Gabriel
    Mike Oldfield

    Hah! There you go!

    Great stuff Features Ed.

    [Credit to Craig, please. It was his idea. – Features Editor]

  111. cONGRATULATIONS ON BEING VOTED #1 David, of course you’ve always been #1 in my book, but its nicer to have it “official.” Also, from what I’ve heard of On An Island so far, it sounds FANTASTIC, just as I knew it would. Cannot wait to see you in chicago,

    Elizabeth, who wishes she was in front row.

  112. Thom Yorke
    John Bonham
    Roberta Flack

    Throw in a bass player and you’ve got one hell of a gig there

  113. Hard to choose three, but here are my top choices for producing something interesting:

    Trey Anastasio
    Stanton Moore
    Tom Jenkinson

  114. 4 weeks from today!!!

    Something for the suggestion box: How about a counter showing how many days are left? Just to increase our anticipation even more than it already is.

  115. [quote]Paul Mccartney: …simply for the historical significance of the joining of a Beatle and a Floyd.[/quote]

    David Played with Sir Paul, it is on dvd. Paul Mccartney live at the cavern club.

    [You’ve also got the ‘PETA Concert for Party Animals’ on DVD, not forgetting 1999’s ‘Run Devil Run’ album. – Features Editor]

  116. Dear Feature editor, Mr. David Gilmour and the entire team. I especially would like to mention here and to the entry from ‘Ripper’..Thank You again, for this fine web site, photos and the most accurate information on David’s new CD and of course his upcoming tour. Any entries I have placed in this blog and not edited by the feature editors have come from my heart.

    Congratulations Mr. Gilmour your ‘on an island’ is already being played on the stations here in the U.S & has harsh as some so called critics can be ” your title song and the upcoming album has received already rave reviews’..I knew it all along though.

  117. I’m searching high and low on for a ‘Classic Rock’ airplay chart, and came up empty. It must be one of the ones that only the subscribers get, so we’ll have to take your word for it.

    That is a remarkable accomplishment considering there isn’t even a record out yet. Congratulations on this one, David. And get ready for more congratulations once the CD is released, because I smell a bigger #1 on the horizon.

  118. In light of David’s recent victory as the greatest Fender player of all time, I thought I’d share this cool quote from Fender’s website.

    They have an area on the site called “Fender Player’s Club”. In there is a section called “Artist’s Lounge”, and in THERE a section called “Hall of Legends”. Here you’ll find little bio’s and musical lessons on roughly two dozen Fender greats. Of course, David Gilmour can be found here. One great quote at the end of the piece sums up his incredibly melodic, powerfully soulful fretwork perfectly:

    Asked whether he ever considers putting his guitar wisdom into book form, he replied simply: “No, I don’t, because I can sum up everything about playing guitar in about two sentences. Play what you feel. And ignore everything else!”

    Right on, David!! Click on my name if you want to check things out for yourself.

  119. Oh yeah. In the spirit of this whole “who would you like to see David jam with” thing, I have a question. About a year or so ago I read Roy Buchanan’s biography “American Axe”. In it there’s a section describing a jam that took place in ’88 (I believe) between Roy and David. I don’t have the details in front of me (book’s at home; I’m at work), but it was an after hours club jam and…based on the reactions of Roy’s associates…it was BLISTERING! Is there anyone out there who was lucky enough to have witnessed that earth-shaking event and wants to share some of the details with us?? Roy Buchanan’s Tele and David Gilmour’s Strat together?? Holy melted frets that must’ve been utterly astounding!! Does anyone know if any audio or video exists of this monumental jam???

  120. Interesting comment about Roy Buchanan. I was going to list him as a fantasy match as well, even though they’re very different guitarists. Dave is all about tone, using effects to modify that tone and about taking his time to sculpt an evocation. Roy used few if any effects, no tremolo bar, and he was a machine gun guitarist. He was a freak of nature with that telecaster with those lightning fast fingers. I’ve been lucky enough to see both these gents many times, and in Roy’s case close enough to be able to read the serial numbers on his Telecaster neck. If I were a guitarist, I’d be very intimidated to stand on stage next to Roy, however, Dave’s one of the few whom I think could have done it. Between the 2 of them, they could certainly paint the full palette of the electric blues spectrum.

    As for whether they did play together, I don’t believe they could have. For starters, Roy died in latter ’88, but more than that, I have to believe that I would have heard about this event, because it certainly would have been an event of monmental proportions. And if by chance it did happen………I can’t even fathom that.

    [It actually did happen in Richmond, Melbourne in February 1988. All the backing musicians from the Momentary Lapse tour (Guy Pratt, Jon Carin, Tim Renwick, Gary Wallis, Scott Page, Durga McBroom, Margaret Taylor and Rachel Fury) did two after-show gigs before about 200 people, calling themselves ‘The Fishermen’. Vanetta Fields, who was a backing singer with Pink Floyd in the Seventies, also joined in. – Features Editor]

  121. – Robert Plant
    – Peter Gabriel
    – Jeff Martin (solo artist and guitarist /singer from Canadian band The Tea Party)

    This combo would be divine and godly. Their lyrics, music and voices combined would tear straight through to our hearts.

    Love the new song…as expected hopeful and beautiful. It whispers to me and if a rainbow could make a sound – this would be it.

    David you always create material that is so pretty and powerful. My heart is bursting with this crush I have had on you for 35 years. Just had to share that and throw it out there cause it is too big to hold in my chest. Sorry Polly!! Hope it made you both laugh and put a smile on your face. (Don’t want to cheapen the board cause I know your demographic is more male.)

    I’ll see you from the 12th row in Toronto!!

  122. Terry Bozio on drums

    John Lennon, on piano and vocals

    Andy Fairweather-Low on bass and guitar

  123. Oh to dream…My top would be:

    1. Robert Johnson
    2. Bob Marley
    3. My husband

    It is dreaming after all..

    Oh, and Sirius Radio is giving good play of David…Channel 18 “The Spectrum.”

  124. David’s fantasy band:

    DG-guitar (of course)
    Chris Squire-bass and backing vocals (he’d be able to replace Crosby and Nash live with his blending ability)
    Herbie Hancock-keyboards and CD scratching
    Phil Collins-drums, percussion (and vocals too-why not?)
    “My people will talk to your people…”

  125. Oke,

    – Kate Bush (vocal – piano)
    – Paul McCartney (vocal – Bass)
    – Ernest Peske (guitar) thats me folks 🙂

    … let’s do this during the last show of David’s tour in London.

    Best, Ernest

  126. After reading the rest of the poll responses, I have to throw another DG supergroup possibility out there:

    DG-guitar, keys, bass, sax, vocals, etc.
    Maynard James Keenan (Tool) – vocals
    Tori Amos-vocals and keys (her piano would cover bass and rhythm)
    Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins) – drums

    If anyone’s ever heard Tori’s duet with Maynard on Tori’s “Live in New York” video they’ll know what I mean. Jimmy is one of the most superb, fluid, powerful jazzy drummers out there, and his work on the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex album gave me the idea for the minimalist sound this combo would transmit.

    Congrats DG on a fine album and the Fender award.

    Cheers, Mark

  127. Like most people here, it would be impossible to quantify the extent to which the the work of David Gilmour has contributed to my life and, indeed, how much of an inspiration it has also been for my career (and my family’s too).

    But, when trying to think of three additional members, I found it hard to settle on a single dream grouping.

    However (and I hope this is not cheating), I became embroiled in the idea of a pairing with Nat King Cole.

    Why? Well, there is very much a “clarinet” quality to Cole’s voice and, in a funny sort of way, I feel there’s a similar quality in a lot of DG’s guitar work. Not in terms of actual sound, of course, but in a particular quality. I think, therefore, that a pairing of Cole’s voice and DG’s guitar could be truly magical.

    Excellent site, by the way 🙂

  128. Dear Ed, and what about the idea of asking bloggers what are their 3 reasons to appreciate M.Gilmour ( except his guitar playing and his voice ) ? For me, impossible to take out 3 amongst 100 000 ! Oh, si,:sa capacité à résister aux pressions, son intégrité, sa classe, sa modestie, sa discrétion, son amour pour sa famille, son sourire … !

    Et voila que je ne sais même plus compter jusqu’à 3 !

    Excuse me for my english always so bad !


    [OK, maybe we’ll keep that one for later. – Features Editor]

  129. Trey Anastasio
    Steve Kimock
    Phil Lesh

    All from the “jamband” scene, although all have extensive compositional as well as improvisational experience. Trey is in NYC, Steve is in San Franscisco, and Phil is also in San Franscisco. Look them up…. They’d sound great with David’s sound.

  130. i reckon david could churn out something profound with the manic street preachers. there are three manics these days, so that’s my suggestion.

  131. My three picks are:

    Neil Peart of Rush on drums
    John Deacon of Queen on bass
    Dennis DeYoung on keyboards and splitting vocals

  132. Brittany Spears
    Jessica Simpson
    Christina Aguilera

    Just a little humour!!!I actually posted a serious choice earlier.Was just wondering if David might review all the entries and announce his favourite.(if any)

  133. There are a few numbers out there in classic rock of the ’70’s that are very good, but if David had collaborated on them, they would have been great. (As you can see, I’m still “living in the past”.)


    Renaissance, Annie Haslam singing: Ashes are Burning…I’d love to hear David do the guitar solo at the end of this.

    Justin Hayward, Blue Guitar: good voice, but David’s guitar could have make it great.

    Alan Parsons: Tales of Mystery and Imagination, Side 1 … sorry Ian

    Coming back to the present … “Return to Tunguska” on the latest AP CD has great guitar work by David. I put this first number on repeat on my CD player and have never got beyond it… some time I should hear what John Cleese has to say at the end! By the way … one can see how Alan Parsons closely follow David’s work. After David got astrophysicist Stephen Hawking on Division Bell, Alan had to get Frank Close on Time Machine… I’m still waiting for that call!

    It’ll be great to see David in Toronto (4/10) and Oakland (4/17). Can’t wait.

    P.S. Thanks, Features Ed. for the reference to “Concert for Party Animals” some time ago. Keep up the great work… wonderful upbeat discussions.

    [Cheers, Rob. – Features Editor]

  134. I suggest David to play with me and my band, that would be very nice…

    For us and … for him ?

    1 – Mark Knopfler
    2- Eric Clapton
    3- Ben Harper

  135. My dream team would be:

    Dave – Guitars/Vocals
    Tori Amos – Keyboards/Vocals
    Don Henley – Drums/Vocals
    Doug Pinnick – Bass/Vocals (This guy is from a band called Kings X if you don’t already know)

    Fantastic to see people saying Geoff Tate for vocals, Queensryche are awesome and Geoff’s voice is probably one of the best rock voices ever.

  136. What is spectacular? It’s Mr.Gilmour with 3 fantastic guitarists:

    Neil Young
    Eric Clapton
    Marc Knopfler

    P.S. and Lisa Gerrard…

  137. Well, let’s take a look on my imaginary band list:

    Dave +
    1. Peter Gabriel
    2. Thom Yorke
    3. myself

    + Syd & Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, orchestra and chorus

  138. How can I pick only three

    1. Rick Wakeman (keys)
    2. Chris Squire (bass, vocals)
    3. Phil Collins (drums, vocals)

    Wish you were coming here…. to Australia… I live on an Island….. Please visit one day…

  139. I can’t wait until ‘on an island’ comes out, by the way, what is the name of the song that is getting airwaves, is it just on an island?..also i think it would be cool if someday gilmour and waters reunite and make one final album with gilmour writing the music mostly and waters writing the lyrics, i doubt that would ever happen though, anyway my three musicians would be…

    1. Kirk Hammett(Metallica)
    2. Slash (Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver)
    3. Eric Clapton

    [Radio stations are playing the album’s title track, Sam. – Features Editor]

  140. I would like to see,

    Gavin Harrison on drums (porcupine Tree)
    Steven Wilson
    Trent Rezner electronic treatments

  141. People with whom David would gell with and give a hell of a show.

    1)Steve Winwood
    2)Pete Townsend
    3)and oddly enough I think that Davids work would sound great on any upcoming 3 Doors Down album

  142. Along with David on Guitar & Vocals

    – Drums: Phil Collins
    – Keyboards: Rick Wackeman
    – Bass: John Deacon

  143. My three people forming THE BAND with DG are:

    1)Peter Gabriel (voc + keyboards)
    2)Sting (voc + bass)
    3)Jeff Porcaro (drums)

  144. Here’s a dream combination:

    1. Bob James on keys (recently voted best Smooth Jazz keyboardist)

    2. Stanley Clarke on bass

    3. Lenny White on drums

    David’s versatility would meld very well with these musicians.


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