The boring stuff


Sorry to be boring, but there’s not much to report. It’s been a quiet week.

However, we are still receiving many questions for David each day. Unfortunately we are not considering any more just yet, as we have literally pages and pages of queries that we’d like to try to get through before thinking about any others. If you have written in already, then we have received your question, so there’s no need to send it to us again. We will let you know when we will be considering more, so please keep thinking of good ones and hold onto them for the time being. Thanks.

Also, if you find that your blog comments have been edited, then there is always good reason for our doing so.

We don’t care for rumours here, only facts. We do not wish to encourage the circulation of false stories (there are enough of those going around) and we seek to dispel myths as quickly as possible. This often takes time, so you might find that publication of your post is delayed until we can get an official answer.

We try to post as many comments as possible, so some simply have to be edited. First and foremost, we edit posts which contain your home addresses, telephone numbers and links to websites (particularly those containing copyrighted material). Anything deemed overly and unnecessarily offensive will be edited (if not deleted), as will lengthy, off-topic posts of a personal nature.

At the risk of encouraging yet more accusations of being ‘condescending’, one or two individuals are starting to take liberties and will find their posts edited more and more until they can either change their tone to one that’s more appropriate or are banned from posting completely. We know that seems harsh, but it’s how it is.

So please, let’s all be light-hearted, but remember that there have to be some rules. Thanks.

Now if you’re quick, BBC Radio 2’s Richard Allinson is currently taking ‘On An Island’ requests until 5PM UK time, so please let him know that you want him to play the full album version, not the single edit!

He will definitely play the fantastic title track from David’s new album in some shape or form, so listen online at BBC Radio 2 for details on how to text or e-mail the show.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. the same to you, ed. have a good one. have i missed the song on radio 2? bet i have. i’m desperate to hear it again. btw, love today’s sound clip. hope there’s lots of news next week! x

  2. Hi Fed. Ed.

    Hey, nothing is boring. Its very interest to read all the comments.

    And i smile, because for the webmaster of is every day thursday…. *lol*

    The last small teasers called thursday.mp3 but the id-tags show the real names.

    hehehe can`t wait for the album!


    PS: I continue to look for a ticket: in german: Suche Ticket für Konzert am 11. März in Hamburg, CCH. Bitte KEIN / NO €bay! Bitte auf meinen Namen klicken.

    Thanx Fed. Ed. Be strong! SMILE! ;-))

    [Karin, you’re too clever! Sorry I had to edit your post, but you are, of course, correct. It doesn’t mean the songs will sound exactly like the sound clips, though. The loops are extras. Good luck finding that ticket. – Features Editor]

  3. I realize that this has been a slow week, but I read on a music site on Wednesday that Legacy Recordings is re-releasing ‘David Gilmour’ and ‘About Face’ in the US on March 28… is there any truth to this report?

    [You can’t believe all that you read, but that sounds like a good story. – Features Editor]

  4. Yes, I believe in economy of words with extravagance of feeling.

    David’s tour is really exciting. I just got hired to be on The Who’s world tour. I hope they intersect at some point as I really would like to see David’s show.

    Keep up the good Blog work, I feel like I’m not missing a thing.

    [Congratulations, Justin! – Features Editor]

  5. The Brain Damage web site is reporting that Toronto based radio station Chez 106 FM will be airing the entire ALBUM on March 4th at 8AM local time (1AM GMT). 3 days ahead of the USA release. And apparently they do stream their broadcasts.

    So here’s to hoping my comment won’t need to be editted or deleted. 😉

    [Well, it hasn’t been edited and it clearly hasn’t been deleted. That said, the Brain Damage website says a lot of things… – Features Editor]

  6. heard it again on WCMF. regular and quick rotation, the full version. it’s my new favorite song.

  7. Hi-

    I am 56 years old, a successful producer of movies for television and documentaries for Discovery Channel, and a single father of two twenty something boys – one a talented guitar player and band member himself.

    The notion of one such as myself writing to a fan website is preposterous on so many levels that it daunts me to even watch myself write these words.

    Yet David Gilmour has had such an influence on my life and family – ranging back more than 3 decades, that it feels – a faux feeling of course – as if I know him – or at least have been touched in some way by him. I have 4 tickets to see David in Los Angeles at the Gibson Theater and in some truly modern way, it seems like going to the recital of an old and profoundly talented friend!

    David’s music stirred my soul back in the 1970s and inspired me to pursue my own artistic endeavors (along with my decidedly mediocre guitar playing!) and now, it is something I share with my two sons. My son the guitar player/producer can play all of David’s solos but still marvels at the elan, espirit, and grace that David brings to them.

    I recently bought a lap steel guitar thinking that if David tought himself to play so can I! Scouring the internet like a Crusader on an inspired mission, I found a full length version of ON AN ISLAND (rest assured, I have already purchased many copies of the disc for myself and friends!) and it is clear where the lyrical, soaring, heartfelt and antecedents of FLOYD reside.

    A strange fan letter I know – akin in some ways to writing a note to no one in particular, stuffing it into a bottle, and tossing it overboard from your boat and into the ocean. So, out into cyberspace goes this note. And if it finds its way to anyone who is close to David Gilmour, tell him Hello from a fan in Santa Monica Californa.

    My second son’s name is David. HE prefers to be called Dave!


    [Hi Les. Thanks for sharing that with us. David does read this, so your message won’t be hovering in cyberspace for too long. You must have a different album though. ‘On An Island’ hasn’t been released yet. It’ll be out in the States on 7 March. – Features Editor]

  8. To anyone who is interested, BBC Radio 2’s Richard Allinson show on Friday (today) played ‘On an Island’ twice! As the show is available under ‘Listen Again’ then it may be of use to know that the second airing was at 2h 7m according to the time on the playback.

    Also, this is the first time (and second, third and fourth!) that I have heard the track and I am completely blown away by it. It is so much better than I had dared hope! Congratulations David…if this is a fair reflection of the quality of the album then I really cannot wait!

  9. here is a suggestion……….

    How about having a podcast of David answering a selection of the questions sent in.

  10. Fedmeister…

    Agree with your comment about off-topic and inappropriate comments. Many PF discussion groups have been destroyed by complete newarks (substitute idiots if you can work out the anagram 🙂

    Just a thought… what happens to the features section of the site (along with the opportunity to post) after the tour? or will it keep going until the next album and tour! 🙂

    [I love anagrams. Can’t think too far ahead, though.- Features Editor]

  11. hi,it’s from Italy,

    Do you know if Mr Gilmour is considering a press conference before shows in Rome or Milano?

    Thank You very much!

    [I’m afraid he won’t be, Diana. – Features Editor]

  12. Heard ON an Island on Radio 2 today. Fantastic guitar and the vocal harmanies sound great,all sounds very Floydian. Very much looking forward to the release of the album and the RAH shows. DVD request for concerts please.

    David Duquemin

  13. Hi,

    OK it’s a quiet week, and it’s a bit off topic, but let’s talk about others who are planing to play “dark side” live this summer. I’ve got a newspaper article, only a fiew years old in which Mr. R.W. quotes that it must be boring for “the other band” to play “dark side” again and again. Now he is doing this “boring” stuff by himself. Did he listen to all the sound files at David’s homepage, realising which great kind of music he was able to do together whith David?

    By the way: I want to hear “on an island” in germany’s radio stations!! When will they play it? Here in Cologne is “WDR2” they are doing radio concerts, like the BBC… so what’s about a radio concert in cologne?? Ok, no time for that, but send them the single, so they can broadcast it. Please!!

    Have a nice weekend!!

    [Just keep ‘phoning and e-mailing the station, Werner. They’ll play it if you bug them enough. Good luck and let us know if they play it. – Features Editor]

  14. If you want to hear the radio edit, click my name. Then click on the friday link, and it’s played some time after 1h45 into the show. I can’t be more precise than that, they don’t do a jump 15 mins and jump 5 mins option (which is poor IMHO). If you go to 1h50 then you’l have missed the start of the song.

  15. Got to hear ‘On an Island’ today on Radio 2. What can I say? Brilliant. Reminds me of a fantastic trip to Tunisia in 2004. Well done David 9.9999/10 for that.

  16. Looks like somebodys bringing out the old “ban hammer”~! Give the old girl a good swing or two, and let the rest of us post our support and enthusiasm in peace…

    [OK, but mind your head. – Features Editor]

  17. D’oh! Just heard about your request to email or text Radio 2 to get them to play the full length OAI, Features Ed. Bit too late for me to play my part… does anyone know how it went? Was it successful and the full length version played?

    Have a great weekend all – especially you, FE! Keep up the good work!

    [Very successful, Matt. More on that tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  18. Not sure if this constitutes a question for David or not. But if not, just wondering who’s doing the mini-music mixes? I’m assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that these are remixes of the actual album songs. As I’ve written before, they’re really cool. They remind me a bit of the menu music on the live DVD from 2002.

    Certainly they’re doing the job of wetting my appetite for the album.

    [You can thank David for those, Stephen. However, they’re not lifted straight from the album as such. They’re extras from the recording sessions which may, or may not, be on the finished article. You’ll just have to wait and see… or hear, more to the point. – Features Editor]

  19. You can hear the radio show again,just push “listen again” the song starts at ca 3hrs 5 min…But that stupid f… cut of the last solo 10 sec into it….idiot

  20. I wish David was comming to Kansas City. He has a very strong fan base here. Thats ok though because I have a ticket for the Chicago show. That gives me seven hours of driving time to reflect on the fact that I am on my way to see the one person who inspired me to become a musician. I wish I could tell him that.

  21. I was very suprised and pleased to hear the single on Italy’s Capitol radio on wednesday. David, you have out-done yourself. see you in Milan.


  22. I finally had the chance to hear the single ‘On an Island’ on my local classic-rock radio station, Miami’s BIG 106 FM. I absolutely love it!

    Really looking forward to checking out the whole album. And more importantly, *really*really* looking forward to seeing David in concert. I managed to get tickets for the Toronto show on April 9th! Can’t wait!

    By the way, many thanks for keeping us posted with all the latest info on David. We really appreciate it!

  23. Hi again

    Sorry to return with the Milah tickets subject but now I am more than preocupated. I am scarring. TicketOne does not respond email concerning already paied tickets. I have bought air tickets from Brazil to Europe just so attend the Milan shows and until now TicktOne does not sen me the Confirmation mail in order to pick up the tickets at the venue.

    Can you help me ?


    [I’ll certainly try, Sergio. – Features Editor]

  24. Hey David,

    I finally heard the long version of On an Island, and I love it…its a beautiful song—it has a dreamlike quality to it. If this represents what the rest of the album sounds like, then this album is going to be fantastic. I cannot wait to buy it and hear the songs live in Chicago.

    Wow you are so talented…the emotions you stir up in your music give me tears at times, goosebumps at other times….some songs take me back to my wild and crazy younger years in the 70s, and all the 70s entailed. You are such an awesome musician. It must be good to be you.

    See you in Chicago baby!


  25. I can only imagine that it must be great for an artist like David to return to Abbey Road. It is bound to bring forth a lifetime of fond memories. So much of David’s classic work was created there, including almost all the Floyd albums predating “Animals.” It must be a wonderful thing for David to work there once again.

  26. The LA station KLOS is playing “On an Island”, the long version. They play it pretty often and I always stop what I am doing to listen. Even my kids know to stop bickering. 😉 The song is muy bueno!!

    Well Feature Ed. Thanks for editing the unwelcoming remarks. You so totally Rock!!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Maybe you’re taking the Mick there, Renee, but thanks all the same. I’m sure you rock, too. – Features Editor]

  27. OK, this is for the Olympians. Theme. Gold Silver and Bronze. Best Album. My picks, drum roll…………….1) Dark Side. 2)The Wall. 3) About Face. Combine all the the voting and choose our winner. 4) The Division Bell. This will decide the Nickel position. HHHHEE. Thank you all.

  28. Date: 2/18/06 @ 1:29am

    Dear feature editors this site on the ‘features’ are as the quote says, “Some Boring things”..Not much going on so I am hoping that David & Polly and their families are taking a much deserved holiday before the much anticipated release from David, ‘On An Island’..I also hope that yourself and anyother persons working and developing this website are also able to take a holiday.. Th pictures from Polly as beautiful as always but when are some of the newer pictures going to be enlarged?

    I believe I have seen and heard just the sample of ‘on an island’ & also have seen the ‘SPECIAL EDITION OF THE NEW CD INCLUDING THE INNER LINER NOTES..I just have the feeling that these pictures will be used in the cd because the theme of the cd and the tracks and the photos i have seen all seem to go very much hand in hand. Very Personable, etheral and mystic.

    I am so sorry that we the fans have been i guess sort of hounding you and the website for more and more news and pictures of David and I personally an waiting for a picture of polly from this website…after all she sings and plays the piano besides wrote the lyrics to alot of the new songs and she is also a novelist. I thik it only fair that we get to see Polly since she is a vital part of Mr. Gilmour’s life, songs and his ‘coming back to life’ not to forget that she is playing the piano and she is singing on ‘Smile’. I keep hoping for even the littlest thing like a picture of david and polly during the making and the producing of this MUCH anticipated cd by David Gilmour.

    Thank You
    Linda Penner
    Williamsville, NY

    [We’ve got something up our sleeves, Linda. I can say no more than that. Sit tight and you won’t be disappointed. But yes, the album artwork was leaked, so I’m sure you’ve seen some of it already. It messed up quite a few plans, so cheers to all those who flogged it to death. A week on and I’m still booing and hissing at you. You cost someone here a very nice prize, because I had something to give away that week, too… – Features Editor]

  29. I’ve loved your music for a long time. I have both of your solo albums and the DVD of the concert you did a few years ago. I have all the Pink Floyd stuff.

  30. Hi Features Editor,

    I’ve already sent an email with some questions for FAQ page, but now I think all of them were nonsense!!!

    Is there any way they won’t be asked from David? They’re not impolite or bad, just very boring I think! And he may think I’m silly 🙁

    Are you the one who read the questions?

    [I’m one of the many. Anyway, we like silly questions. We asked for fun ones that would make David laugh, so please don’t worry. We’ve had lots of really good ones. We just have so many, we’d like to deal with those before considering any more. Thanks again to everyone for sending in their questions for David. – Features Editor]

  31. Dear FEd,

    Can you give us a hint as to when some of the multitude of questions and their answers might appear on the FAQs page? It seems so long since there was last anything added here…

    [Soon, Warren. Soon. – Features Editor]

  32. It appears that you or we, are sometimes “condescending” as you say, so, for the fun:

    – Mr. Gilmour, you are a naughty boy, because I saw you smiling to Nick when R. sang so bad wywh at Live 8…
    – Mrs. Gilmour, you are a naughty girl, because I saw you whistling during PF performance at Live 8…oh…a lady…
    – Joe and gabriel, you are naughty kids because…I don’t know why…but surely…
    – your cats are naughty cats because they are european cats and England is’nt…
    -and you, F.Ed, you are a naughty boy (or girl?)because you said being bored with our comments…

    Don’t worry, it’s a joke of course, we love all of you !

    – and me, I’m a naughty girl, because I go to-day on holiday, for skiing, en Haute Savoie, where there is white snow, blue sky and bright sun, but no internet, so no David’s blog…

    Have a nice week-end !

    [The same to you, Michèle. Have fun! For the record, I’m the only “condescending” one here. I’m actually thinking of banning words that begin with ‘c’ instead of banning people. That way no one can accuse me of “chastising” them or of being “condescending” in any way. On second thoughts, I’m sure you’ll think of far worse insults to throw at me, so scratch that! – Features Editor]

  33. Hi.

    I have to admit that im getting pretty excited waiting for this album to pop out. After being a bit cool on the new track (On an Island) to begin with, i have found it has really grown on me.

    I wish there was a David Gilmour Signature series Fender Stratocaster. I have designed my own from info i found on the net, but the real thing would be great (please).

    Finally, what’s the general views on Pink Floyd tribute bands on here? I actually play in one, and find it’s a great way to show my love of the band, and to keep the music alive. There are some really good ones around. However, do the fans really like tribute bands? would you pay to see one? I wont tell you the name of mine (though we are very good, very well reviewed), but i can say that there is no money to be made from them, and it’s a lot of hard work, but very rewarding when it all works.


    [Well, I like them. Good luck with yours, Joe. You can tell us the name if you want to… – Features Editor]

  34. Dear David & Features Editor

    I cannot express enough to you how excited I am about the new album, the web site and of course the upcoming tour. After all of these years a complete new album from the master of guitar and melody! It’s just great. I have seen David in 89 in Nijmegen Goffert Park, 2 times in the Feyenoord stadium in 94 and now I have a ticket for Amsterdam Heineken Music hall on the 19th of March. I consider myself blessed indeed. I would like to thank David that he has chosen to share some of his precious time to his music and fans. Time that he otherwise could have spend with his rather young family that have every right on this. Thanks a million times!

  35. I’m one of those wacky bloggers who goes off-topic all the time (except today!). I’m so crazy about David and his music that I get carried away, I suppose. Je suis desolee, y’all! 😀

    I’ve said it before regarding other clips so, at the risk of being repetitive: today’s clip is amazing! Every little bit I hear makes me think this album is like nothing we’ve heard in a very long, long time. Ahhhh…thank you!

    [Becky, really, you’re not. Anyway, ‘repetitive’ is fine. I’d be out of a job if not for our daily dose of repetition! Keep loving the sound clips. There are more to come. – Features Editor]

  36. Another boring week?!How can it be? Today is not a normal day its a day that will only happen once….16 days!:P Great job with the site.I was wondering if anyone knew if Mr Richard Wright is working on anything currently?And if Davids new tour will be similar in tone to his Meltdown concerts in 2002?


    [Richard is fully focused on David’s tour as far as I know. Can’t say too much about the tour itself, but keep visiting the site and you’ll find out soon enough. – Features Editor]

  37. I’m really looking forward to listening to the whole album in high quality, with the headphones on (Yes I know! They’ll damage my ears, but heck! It has to be done).

    Then roll on the concerts!

  38. I listened to the new song via the Radio 2 website a few days ago, and it is absolutely gorgeous. The singing is brilliant and the imagery in the lyrics is so beautiful. At first listen, the song has a dreamy, soothing feel and it seems like a musical painting of a sunset.

    Thanks, Mr. Gilmour and your fellow musicians (and writers). I think you’ll soon be inundated with more requests to appear and perform than you might have planned in support of this new album, based more on this current work than on past accomplishments.

  39. Hi,

    You did edit it out then! So does that mean ‘it’s’ not official? I must say I’ve ‘used’ it a lot over the last couple of days and it makes me want ‘it’ all the more! You’ve got to post this, it’ll keep everyone guessing if nothing else!


    [OK, it can be our little secret. – Features Editor]

  40. Oh…… the earlier comment about the podcast, great idea, a few interviews with Dave would be superb. I’ve got the old BBC radio interviews over the years, and even a few vinyl interview discs. And how about a chat with Mr. Wright about his involvement.


    [These are some of the many things we are considering. However, time is obviously limited with tour rehearsals and the album coming out shortly. If there is to be a podcast or an interview of some sort – and that really is an ‘if’ – then we’ll announce it closer to the time. – Features Editor]

  41. Dear Webmaster,

    don’t worry to be boring. It’s the silence before the storm :
    16 days before the album and 20 before the Tour starting.

    In march, you’ll have many to report.
    Kind regards.

    [Bless you, Antoine. – Features Editor]

  42. I have this feeling that David and/or Polly is the features editor. That must be strange talking in third person. I could be wrong but if I am than who is this person who answers for David, and how do they know so much about him. hmmm. Just curios. Dan

    [Keep feeling, Dan. – Features Editor]

  43. Boring Stuff! Sorry features Ed. you must live in another world. at this time David and Rick(along With Jon,Guy, Dick and Phill) and practicing for the new tour and you say that this is time for boring stuff. maybe if you tell us something about the reaharsall (sp?) it would be less “boring”. and David playing, practicing with Rick could always mean new ideas for songs…

  44. Dear Fet Ed,

    so the album art/lyrics got leaked? Haven’t seen anything (and I’m not looking either). I haven’t heard On An Island yet… my computer is messed up so most of the time the sound clips don’t play… as we get closer to the 7th I’m more committed than ever to NOT hear this stuff or see the inner sleeve until the album is out and I can listen to it straight thru with headphones. In fact, I think once it arrives in the mail I will call in sick at work the next day so I can listen while the wife is at work and the kids are in school… ahhhhhh… it will be… how can I describe it? Like being… On An Island!!!!!!!!

    By the way… you keep mentioning that the clips are not necessarily from the album, but extras. With that in mind, along with the Island Jam song… Can we look for David to release more music in the future? I mean- if On An Island is already so popular and sought after before being released… I’m sure an album of out-takes etc would be quickly snatched up just like OAI! What David considers unworthy of including on OAI might be considered pretty fantastic to us… I mean I for one am disappointed that Island Jam isn’t on the album (that was such a cool track!). And what of these Division Bell out-takes and ambient tracks Nick mentions in Inside Out? Come on David… get em out there… we’ll buy them- I promise!!! If they are not on par with your standards release them and donate the money to charity… great idea doncha think???? I do… but then… I would, wouldn’t I???


    [Hi Tim. I for one sure hope there’s more after this, as the album is brilliant. You’d be right to take a day off work to listen to it on 7 March. Your secret’s safe with us. – Features Editor]

  45. Boring is one thing this site is not! One can sense the anticipation, of course my own anxious patience is not helping my sense of reasoning! A classic radio station “The Hawk” here in Ontario is playing “On An Island” nicely paired up with Floyd stuff, so I can call up someone and let them know too! My son called me when they first started playing it, he was sooooo excited, not like me though, nearly broke my neck rampaging for the radio dial. (I only broke a chair though.)

    I know how cliche` it sounds to say that the words seemed to speak to certain areas in my life of despair, but, I found solace and soothing in the sweet timbre of Davids sonic therapy. “Ebb and flow,let it go. Feel the warmth beside you”

    Inspiring to me!

    Best regards to the Gilmours and God bless.

    Of course you as well Features editor, our conduit to the Legend in OUR time. A fine job you do, and a fine one you have! Thank you.


  46. Boring is the way that the webmaster refutes some people who are anxious for a Gilmour’s performance in their country. What’s the problem of just ask? I’m brazilian, and in Brazil, David, such as the Pink Floyd, has a huge, enormous number of fans and all of us would like to watch him here.

    Just be more polite with people, you don’t need to be so agressive, considering that the opportunity to watch Dave for you is higher than for us, but I would not say the same about the desire.

    [“Boring” is reading the same requests over and over again when we’ve already made several very clear statements saying that David will not be doing any other shows and that, if this changes and more shows are scheduled, we will let you know immediately. I’m sorry if you’ve been offended, Bruno. There is, of course, nothing wrong with asking. It’s the way some people ask that bothers us – and the reason why we have not posted many of these requests. – Features Editor]

  47. I was checking out the site this morning and noticed on the live dates page that you have both of Davids LA shows at the Kodak Theater.I have tickets for the Gibson Amp. on April 20th.I am travelling from Texas to attend.Is this a typo? Please clarify.

    [It’s the Kodak on 19 April and the Gibson on 20 April. Apologies for any confusion caused, John. Hope you enjoy the show and will tell us all about it. – Features Editor]

  48. Hello,what a great job you have done with the site,looking very nice and easy on the eyes…..

    It’s a good day to be a David Gilmour fan….but then again aren’t they all….Thanks for providing us with this source for news and updates ….

  49. Little inside track for you…..

    We’ve been rehearsing for two days now, and I’ve never known David to be so focused and industrious.

    It’s going to be very good.


  50. Finally, David has done it! Please come to Las Cruces, New Mexico. The land of enchantment.

  51. Thanks for the update Guy. I’m sure someone would have noticed (without the help of the FEd) eventually…Honest! Great to hear rehearsals are going well. Just wish I was that fly on the wall!

  52. HI FED, well apparently I found it 🙂

    Guy thank you for your comment. Its good to know that David is so focused. Dont forget to tell him to enjoy himself too!

    So far, I think the album is brilliant.

    By the way I really think you did a great job on the last two Floyd tours. Keep up the good work!



    Ps Will you release your own show on DVD in the future? Im sure there must be a lot of people interested…

    [So you didn’t need my help after all! – Features Editor]

  53. Wow,the OAI steam video is spectacular. Every time David does an album, it never ceases to amaze me that he raises the bar and reaches higher heights. This album is HUGE. My only disappointment regards the Columbia Contest. Living in Canada should allow us faithful fans to enter as well. C’est la vie. My question today is,this. Has David agreed to appear on Saturday Night Live while appearing at the Radio Music Hall, and Jay Leno in Los Angeles??? HHHMMMM. Keep up the great work. Peace.

    [We’ll let you know if we hear anything, Frank. – Features Editor]

  54. Thanx for the comment, Guy. As a longtime Floyd/Gilmour fan, it is good to know that David is working on a project that is so personally meaningful to him. I know this album is going to be great.

  55. I sincerly hope this isn’t seen as an intrusion, but I wanted to let you know that my band All About Eve is having a retrospective release on Universal Records on March 13th and it’s called Keepsakes.

    I was delighted to be asked by the record company to help with the tracklisting and so I made sure that the two tracks that DAVID GILMOUR played on were definitely going to be on there… And they are.

    He did a glorious job on the songs. Really beautiful playing.

    Best wishes and thanks for your time.
    Julianne Regan.

  56. Julianne, I’m sure it’s no intrusion, I’ve read many times that you’re a big fan of David. I’m a big fan of yours too, my All About Eve albums have all but worn out(time to buy new ones), especially the track ‘Drowning’ which is both beautiful and very Floydian

  57. I remember reading in Rick Sanders book about Pink Floyd circa 1976 that during their rehearsals the band used to warm up by playing tunes that they liked; one of these was “How Long” by London band ACE, their guitarist Bam King he of the ’60s band The Action, and the superb Mighty Baby now lives in New Zealand, but he and I would be thrilled to find out if David can confirm this to be true. Pink Floyd may not have any plans to make music together, but Mighty Baby will be performing for the first time since their 1971 dutch tour at the Rocket Club Holloway rd London, they too were managed by Peter Jenner and Andrew King!

  58. Wow! Julianne Regan posting on this site? It only gets better…

    Yes-Really like the new look site and isn’t 2006 looking great so far? Album and tour from David (alas,he isn’t coming to our Irish shores and I wasn’t successful in getting tickets for anywhere but what the hey.) Even Roger is on tour this summer.And what about last years Live 8? Anyone who bought that DVD will have seen the Floyd rehearsal on the extras.New Pulse DVD on the way,and now the Syd and Floyd ‘Definitive Edition’.Yes,it’s a great time for fans…who know’s what will happen next…(dare we wish it???)


    PS.Julianne,if perchance you see this,I’ve recently replaced my old vinyl AAE album for the CD version and found extra tracks on it! Magnificent!(Love ‘Like Emily’…)
    Like I said…it only gets better…

  59. i like on an island a lot and think david’s talents are like a fine wine;they improve with age.

    i think it is a substantial turning point for david and believe his stock and standing will be raised further globally.

    i wish i could get to a gig but alas,no.

    enjoy the concerts everyone,bye

  60. Did David play the Gibson Les Paul on this CD, or the Strat. Or maybe a little of both? Curious in Texas.

  61. Dear FEd,

    Having first heard and loved David/Floyd the best part of 30 years ago, its great to hear him still in such great voice and sound with OAI. I love the site too, and since you say that David does read through the comments sometimes, I’d just like to repeat what someone else said and ask if it is possible to look forward to the release of any OAI [or Division Bell or any other] out-takes in the future ? I’ve always loved hearing David’s voice and his brilliant sound crafting and playing – and whether or not he releases anything in future or not , I’d like to say thanks for the music and all the very best to David and his family.

  62. I have a VHS version of David Gilmour in concert from 1984 during the About Face tour. This is really a great concert, and I was wondering if it will be available anytime on DVD. Incredible guitar work. Thanks

  63. I just don’t have much to say recently. Such is life. I’ve basically been doing nothing. Basically nothing seems worth bothering with. Oh well.

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