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Steve DiStanislao – also known as Stevie D. – is the drummer for David Crosby’s band, CPR. Described by Crosby as "technically and artistically the best I’ve ever played with", he has also toured with Supertramp’s Carl Verheyen, as well as playing with Joe Walsh of The Eagles. He has also produced independent film scores.

And here he is – photographed, by Polly, at rehearsals.

Don’t forget that the extra Royal Albert Hall tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. You can only get them from the Royal Albert Hall’s Box Office, but not in person, so please don’t make a trip to the Box Office, because you will come away disappointed.

The Box Office telephone number is 020 7589 8212. You can also order online.

Good luck and let us know how you fare.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Yes, please, more rehearsal news and pics!

    I don’t know if I’m the only one who’s noticed this… but for the last several days (maybe longer) OAI has been in the daily top 10 in music sales on Amazon. AND IT HASN’T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET! And I haven’t even ordered one myself, because I’m ordering from a local store since I don’t want to wait an extra day for delivery, and I’m sure there are plenty of others who are doing the same.

    All those presales get counted in the first week of release, correct? Could David’s first solo album in 24 years actually DEBUT at #1? Manilow’s new album was #1 for selling only ~156,000…

  2. The 10 videos in 10 days is awsome. Today’s “OAI” video is all David’s magical guitar work. Sharing his gift with my friends/family has been interesting. I have found that this work appeals to so many people. Here is hoping that radio stations will break out of their Pink Floyd comfort zone and play the new OAI tracks. I will keep calling.

    Looking forward to “The Blue” tomorrow will distract me from the excitement of the album release and concert.

    I’ve been keeping up with new comments on past days posts. I want to know what I am missing! Thanks for the reminder FE.

  3. As every day goes by I get more and more excited about this album and tour. I hope somone had a chance to pay attention to my post about ebayed items the other day, its food for thought if David has a real desire to stop people profiting on his fans. As for Steve I must admit im not all that familar with his work, but if David picked him Im sure hes fantastic.

  4. Hmmm.. it’s off in this thread, but now that I think of it, it saddens me a little that there will be no concert here in Cambridge where all this Pink Floyd stuff began… would be nice to end the tour at home.

  5. that’s a glowing reference from david crosby, so i’m sure that steve will do a great job in david’s band. btw, these photos are fantastic.

  6. Want to comment. Steve’s website, awesome music. Love it. Relaxing environment, will be in touch. 2) We saw the closing of the Olympics in Italy and brings back memories of DSOT Tour in Toronto. I saw an angel sing, Alicia??????. Wow. 3) For Linda, please, someone give her a ticket for N.Y. What a beautiful letter she wrote. Thank You FED and everyone. So much info, gotta love it.


  8. I just want David to know how much It means to me to see him live again. I have a ticket to the chicago show on april 13, and I am selling my new Talor T5 guitar to pay for the trip. I am sad about parting with such an incredible insturment, but to me it is worth it. David inspired me to start playing in the first place.


  9. Hey, getting a response like that was preety cool, eh. (Yea I am a Canadian eh.)

    Anyhow, I have been reading this website from the first day it came out on the web, it is GREAT.

    A lot of good hard work is put into the extras that you offer, Thank You.

    I have qiute a story to share of my David Gilmour, Roger Waters, and Pink Floyd experiences from over the past 30years with some very old photos from Ivor Wynne Stadium, in Hamilton, and Toronto, Ontario. As well as some from The Palace, just outside of Detroit.

    Lots to tell and qestions to ask, but can not find [ – Features Editor], can you explain.

    Thank you Polly, for putting your family life on a little bit of a hold could you say, and thank you to David and crew for putting this whole thing together. It is going to be great.

    See you in Toronto.

    [You need to type that web address in your browser’s address bar, Gerald. Alternatively, go to the Main page of this Fan Fare section and you’ll see, on the right-hand side, if you scroll down past all the Recent Entries, a link to the David Gilmour Official Site. Click that and then you want the brand spanking new On An Island page. Enjoy! – Features Editor]

  10. Totally off-topic, but since I cannot think of another place to put this:

    Without a doubt many musicians/DG-fans are trying to find out the chords of “On an Island”, so why not give it a go and try work it out together? So far I’ve found this:

    Part 1 (“remember that night”)
    Em – Am7 – Cmaj7 – Asus
    sometimes a Bm7 sounds nice after the Asus

    Part 2 (“we lay side by side”)
    Em – Bm – Dm – Am – Cm – Gm – A

    Part 3 (“let the night surround you”)
    still looking for these beautiful harmonies…

    Part 4 (first guitar solo)
    seems to change between Em – Am7 and Em – C
    the end of the solo is equal to part 2

    Part 5 (“Nananananana”)
    is equal to part 2 again

    Part 6 (second guitar solo)
    changes around Em

    If anyone has courage to tab the solos: you’re welcome!
    Corrections and additions are welcome too!!!

    And ow, feat. ed., please feel free to remove this post when you think it shouldn’t be here.

    Ivo (who will bring a telescope in HMH on march 19th to find out what the chords REALLY are)

  11. About tour band, who was the female back singer at Live 8 Pink Floyd gig?

    (Excuse me, Ed., this is for FAQ section, maybe…!)

    And why no female back singer in David Gilmour next tour band?

  12. I have to congratulate everyone at this site for a superb job. Great look, great information and this blog has been tons of fun. I feel comfy knowing there are many people from around the world who love this music.

    To Linda Penner, keep fighting. No matter how dark the day, a little light can shine into it. You did a good thing for that old lady and as I have observed in my own work, it is often hardest to help the ones who need help most. You must be aware that your work is important and necessary, don’t let the darkness win.

    To the operators of this site, there is no question in my mind that your expert handling of this release has contributed to the outstanding pre-sale figures. Carry on, it is wonderful for us who feel we owe so much to the music to feel we are contributing to success of new creations such as this album.

  13. Hi David! This music makes me very warmly, the right time for this cold winter! I heard just “The blue” and it was amazing, like all the other stuff incl. “On an island” / “On an island JAM” and others. I really like your new record and it was great to see + HEAR you soon on your TOUR in GERMANY + LONDON !! GREAT! Thank you for the music! PETE

  14. after seeing the first three tracks am i amazed at how good this album sounds…it is very pink floyd-ish and has an awesome tone. I am also glad to see that david is using a Strat….the sound guality is so much better than the duo jet or the les paul…..i cant wait to see him live.

  15. The Blue is fantastic. Thanx David, Richard, Guy, Steve, Z-big-nee-ev and Polly, what gems you all are. You TOO FED, INDEED.

  16. Can’t wait to hear the whole album. The end of today’s two minute dream ends so abruptly when the clip stops. Guess I’ll have to hit play again… This new work begs to be listened to on headphones with eyes closed. Love The Blue!

  17. Why Richard Wright is not seen in the EPK-videos at all … ?? Why every violinist amog others – but not Wright … ?? And why not even in the EPK-videos from the songs for that he is playing hammond and for that he is singing !!??

  18. As we get closer to release date of OaI, can someone (Ed?)explain the route of the album from recording to the average record shop. I wish to support local business in my town so have ordered the album here even though it will be dearer than on-line( dont know why?.) Buying indepently is for some reason more expensive than from larger stores, why? Also I was told that I might not get it on 6th march as I didnt order in time??? whats that all about? Is there a deadline? Who is making the profit here?

    A confused Ian

    [I’m as confused as you, Ian! I don’t have all the answers, I’m afraid. Buying online is always cheaper, often because items are shipped from Jersey and European Union VAT requirements do not apply in the Channel Islands, so companies based in Jersey can supply goods direct to customers free of VAT. – Features Editor]

  19. The Blue (today’s video clip) is awesome – dreamy guitar with sort of seagull sounds and flowing waves in the background.
    A wonderful isolation and feeling of being alone (maybe inspired by Desert Island Discs)????

    I can’t wait for my pre-order next week.

  20. Well I tried to get tickets on the 27th but the Royal Albert Hall computers were either down or jambed full. I also tried to call on my cell and land line but all I got was a busy signal. I am
    bummed. Please Please add another date.

  21. Hi David, Hi FEd!

    Thanks a lot for the videos! They’re fantastic! And Alasdair Malloy playing the glass harmonica is very cool!!! And as David explained, is the same instrument used for “Wish you were here”…what a strange instrument! They are genials!!!!

    I love seeing that David and so many artists have been working with so much passion, reliability (seroiusness? and don’t know how you say it) but with the smile too! Unfortunatly, I can’t undestand all the words David said, ’cause my english is not so good!

    Thank you to give us so many video! I watched them just once…now I need to watched again and looking for the most particular moments!

    My friends and I are really excting for the concert (26th, march, Rome)

    Have a great day!


  22. If this continues, I’m going to have to request from the boss to block my access to These clips everyone is talking about are driving me nuts!!!

    Ok ok I admit it. I ‘accidentally’ clicked the on an island clip last thing on Wed before leaving work….

    I thought hmm, not bad. Why is everyone getting so worked up about? Then I spent an hour on the train getting home…guess what was going through my brain over and over!! I had to get more MORE. Never have I been so glad to get back into work aaaaaaah.

    Had a bit of a wierd dream the other night…

    It was the last hurrah…. The boyz played 100 gigs simultaneously… how I hear you ask… simple. 100 venues with 100 Mr. screens… And the band playing in a studio (1 gig). The feed was piped to the 100 different venues…

    Pass my coat, its the one that fastens at the back…although to be fair, it would solve a lot of problems… ;p

  23. Hello again,

    Something completly unrelated today 🙂

    With the current trend of bands appearing on sites such as, are there any plans either by David, his management or label to set up a “David Gilmour” Myspace page featuring clips from the album?

    Speaking from experience, the MySpace setup has been good as a focus for online “street team” people (another concept that seems to be very “in” these days). It’s a good way of getting the word out in a “viral” sense (it must be Monday, I’m full of buzzwords today).

    Of course, the website’s wonderful, but some people out there really honestly won’t know that there’s an amazing new David Gilmour album out there. Possibly the same people who thought that “Another Brick In the Wall” was a novelty kids’ record about being too cool for school hahahaha

    Anyway, just a thought!

    Ohm and a quick one for the FAQ : why does Terry Wogan think that David doesn’t like him? He mentioned something about it after playing “On An Island” this morning (about 0845GMT on Radio 2 if its possible to re-listen via the BBC website?)….

    Warm regards to everyone who has worked so hard to keep this site so fun and fresh over the past few months!

    Only a week to go now!!!!!

  24. Hello, do you know whether David will be doing any tv interviews to promote his new album. I was thinking maybe Dick and Dom, that would be funny and he may appeal to 8 year olds, or perhaps he and Polly could take on Richard and Judy, couple v couple. Now I’m getting too excited and not enough sleep. I love reading these posts, they are very good fun. I bet you have a great time reading them.

  25. Just managed to book two Arena tickets for the Royal Albert Hall concert on the 29th of May – fantastic!

    It was worth waiting a little as they only had Choir tickets available when I first called them this morning just after 9AM. Better seating seemed to be coming available while I was on the phone to the box office.

    Can’t wait – I saw DG at The Royal Festival Hall in 2001 and 2002, but this is going to be even better.

  26. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! Due to your email I managed to get 4 tickets this morning, I spent ages trying to get through and then my phone battery collapsed and disconnected me from the RAH sales desk – I really thought I had missed out, but then managed to get through a second time..

    So David look up to your left on the Tuesday and see 4 very smily faces in the West Choir seats

  27. Dear FEd, David et al,

    I’ve not viewed the videos yet, but am saving myself for the album. Personally I prefer to receive new material as intact as possible – mainly to preserve the impact (for similar reasons that I don’t listen to individual PF tracks, or compilations). Am SO looking forward to the new album off the back of hearing OAI…it’s only a couple more weeks now so I’m sure I can keep the music addict inside calmed until then…

    Justin K – are you related by chance to a certain William/Bill Kreutzmann of the Dead? I couldn’t agree more with the need for a good drummer, and in special cases, two 🙂


  28. woohoo, i got a ticket on the west side of the choir, row 6, any ideas what the view is like from here


  29. TO IVO: thanks so much for posting your OAI chords; you rock. I already recorded my version of it on acoustic last week and it’s on my Mac. I think we came up with almost exact chords…not brave enough to tackle the solo over here though!

    re: “The Blue” clip – Oh my god, the guitar on it. How do you do it, David? why do you sound SO GOOD??

    Arrrgh! when’s my album getting here?…


  30. The venue where the rehearsals are taking place likes like the Old Servicemen’s club in Chiddingfold. Can anyone confirm that?

  31. trying so hard to get two tickets for the gig for me and my gf kelsey, but only single choir tickets are comming up. Think if a single front section ticket comes up I’ll after go for it alone, actually 1 did but it took me 10 mins to register online and I bloody missed it.

  32. Absolutotely loving what I’ve heard so far and can’t wait to receive my pre-ordered album!!

    I managed to get tickets the first time round for the Albert Hall for me a a couple of Floyd fans. Little did I realse that my new girlfriend on hearing lots of Floyd and DG stuff has instanly become a massive fan, and I have ever since been under immense pressure to get her a ticket. Tried this morning on the phone; no luck. Tried the website, no luck. Then tried at about 11.00…. hurrah!!..and finally she has a ticket; sitting in the choir section!! I can wave at her from the Circle!! Now here’s a question, is she going to get a better view than me…??

  33. . . .and I suppose we can take it as read that as well as no Mr. Screen, David won’t be using a choir on his tour as he has sold all their seats (at the RAH at least)!

    Does anyone know if OAI will be released with any new fangled anti-copying software attached, not that I’m an evil bootlegging music pirate, its just that I’m on holiday the day after it comes out and need to decide whether to buy the CD and copy it to my iPod or if I can’t, to buy the download instead (which means I will miss out on the wonderful sounding booklet). Any suggestions?

  34. I’m jealous….I want to play drums for David!! Oh well, maybe the next tour. 🙂

    Congratulations, Steve, on landing the best job in the world with the best artist ever! Hopefully you’ll get to play something from the “About Face” album on this tour….Jeff Porcaro rocked on that so much. Did you know Jeff named that album one of his favs that he played on?

    Anyways, this site is perfect. Kudos to the webmaster and Features Editor, and everyone else involved. I have spent more hours on this site watching clips and reading posts than actually working…shhh.

    Is there any chance of seeing some some more footage of Andy Newmark performing his magic in the studio? He was definitely the next best choice, with Jeff having left us way too early, and also the fact that he played so well on “The Final Cut” and Roger’s “Pro’s and Con’s” (I should have probably said Roger’s “Final Cut” too, but….)

    Thanks for everything! Counting down the days….


  35. I am not familiar with Steve DiStanislao’s work so I am accepting that he is fantastic. Maybe David can work in a small drum solo for us to see the magic.

    What about getting everyone’s opinion on a song that would offer a good break for a drum solo?

  36. Day by day I thank my lucky stars that I was able to snag 2 tickets for the Massey Hall show in Toronto. I was too young to see David with Pink Floyd years back. Now, I have this opportunity to see him and his legendary band mates in an awesome venue like Massey Hall. How sweet it is going to be!! It will be a thrill!

  37. Great! I got a ticket in the arena too! row 13, seat 9. I hope its a good place, but the thing is that I´ll be seeing David. Thanks a lot to the people that managed to rescue all these tickets, congratulations to the ones who got them, next time with Floyd for those who didn´t get any and good luck david.

  38. If anybody has any worries about the view from the choir seats, I can say this.

    I saw U2 in manchester a few years ago and had seats behind the stage and it was absoloutely superb.

    You get a real feel for what it must be like to be up on that stage performing as you can see the audiences response to the show.

    The new album is sounding superb and the epk brought a huge smile to my face.

    I’ll see you all in london on the 29th May

  39. I got a ticket in the choir too,,got it around 09.45 on the phone.. don’t know how the view is but i guess i’ll see a lot of gilmour’s back ,,, As long as i can hear the music i’m happy!! 🙂

  40. Dearest FEd,

    I’d like to inform you that I can’t visualize the FAQ page very well. The last ask I read is “Most fans know Mr. Mason collects cars. What does Mr. Gilmour collect? (David Wexler)”…but there’s no an answer! I think the page doesn’t work very well…but I could visualize it very well in the old site look…can you control if the problem is mine or your, please!

    At the end, I’d like to say David that a friend of mine have invented an instrument very strange but very very very good….nearly as your harmonica! I played it during the new years day night and it was really fun!!!!

    It’s not easy to explain the material and now I have not time to look up in the dictionary (or look up or look into or look … the dictionary….???) but when I will have time I describe you this magic tube! Maybe, David could find it useful for his next album!!!

    TschuB und kusse


    [Hi Lucia. Sorry to hear that you’re having problems. I can see the answer. Is anyone else having trouble with this page? We will be updating the FAQs shortly, so please let us know if this changes things for you. – Features Editor]

  41. I see there some of today’s RAH tickets for sale on eBay already! ****ards!

    Let’s hope the RAH people will keep an eye on the eBayers selling them!

  42. Please if any more tickets go on sale for David Gilmour can you please let us queue up for tickets at the box office. We missed buying tickets the first time around when the advertisement for the shows at the Royal Albert Hall was in the lunch time edition of the London Evening Standard 2 hours after the last ticket was sold! Why the advert was not placed the day before tickets went on sale is beyond me.

    We where so happy last Friday when you listed extra tickets for sale today only from the venue box office i booked a half day holiday from my boss and was looking forward to a early alarm clock call to make my way to queue up with other fans outside the venue.

    When you changed this on Saturday to calling and not queueing at the venue any old Tom Dick and Harry will once again buy tickets to sell at high prices.

    We spent 2 hours today trying to call the Royal Albert Hall and using the computer all we got was the message error and the telephone was never answerd.We both left for work at 11am empty handed.

    [I’m so sorry to hear this, Gary. Unfortunately, people getting tickets in person from the Box Office often tend to be the ones who put them on eBay, so the decision was made to only allow telephone and internet sales. I’m terribly sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment caused. – Features Editor]

  43. Thank you so much for the videos. I enjoyed them throughly, though now am sadder than ever that I don’t have tickets (yet).
    It’s so nice to peek more into OAI, and the more I hear the more beautiful it sounds.

  44. I’m thoroughly enjoying the videos.

    And what else did I want to say? Oh Yes

    GOT A TICKET!!!! Must’ve pressed re-dial about 200 times.

    Has anyone any idea what the sound (most important) and view is like from the choir area?

    I’ve only ever been to the Albert Hall to see Clapton and I was in the Gods on that occasion.

  45. My dilemma…

    Should i tune into the BBC 2 broadcast and follow sets on the tour or wait to be surprised and blown away from my front row seat in Oakland!

    Ahh decisions decisions…

  46. To all the Toronto fans…

    Where’s a good place to meet before the concert? It maybe nice to put some faces to names…

  47. Hi – I would also be interested in knowing how good the Choir seats are. I’ve managed to bag tickets for myself and a couple of friends.

    Mr Gilmour, in case you are reading this by some slim chance, I would like you to know that you are, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest musicians of all time. I have a great deal of respect for you and your work, and am looking forward to seeing you on the 31st of May. Oh, and you’ve also inspired me to start learning guitar. I’m going to purchase one very soon – in fact, I might do so on the sixth of March!

    Shine on.

    James Hamilton (a seventeen year old fan, bringing you another drop in the sea of over-elaborate pledges of adoration.)

  48. TO DEBORAH: did you figure out the chords for the rest of the song? Especially the “let the night surround you”-chords? Please sent me an e-mail if you did!

    I’m interested in your recording as well!

    Really love the clip of today, “take a breath”.

    I like the ‘sound’ of the album so far, it reminds me of the first solo album of DG.


  49. Thanks for the epk’s every day, unfortunately being at work means I have already missed The Blue epk. Any chance that you will have them all up on the site?

    Cheers Pete

    [We’ll certainly think about it, Pete. – Features Editor]

  50. TO IVO – Here’s my guess on the other OAI chords. If you (or David! where are you?) can polish them up closer to correct, that would be greatly appreciated.

    G (open last string on all Gs) A G A G
    Let the night surround you, we’re halfway to the stars

    G A G A G A G
    ebb and flow, let it go, feel her warmth beside you

    (I am not a real guitarist; I only play one on tv. And trust me on this, you DON’T want to hear me murder one of David’s songs, Ivo)


  51. the albums and clips are great thank you for letting us view them can not wait till the album comes out.

    a little of a tease but fun.

    thank you.

  52. just want to say how much i am enjoying the sound clips from on an island . i have just watched and listened to red sky at night . brilliant track almost up there with the power of castellorizon 🙂 it reminds me of an old black and white decteive movie where the lead charecter is in some seedy bar or walking down some seedy street . one of the reviews in the press section of the site mentions that david should not have bothered to play the saxophone on the album but i dissagree you hear the same emotion from it as from his guitar . david is a guy of dmany tallents but then again everyone here knows that !

    i hope everybody going to the gigs has a great time . being stuck here in dublin i am unable to go to any . let us know what they are like 🙂 though luckly enough i am just flying back form the canary islands on the 11th march so i will be home in good time to hear the radio 2 broadcast .
    anyway i said i would only type a short message and failed so i will let you alone now 🙂


  53. I luv everything Gilmour tryed to get tickets the day they went on sale, the closest place was Ill. But they were sold out 🙁 today was listening to On an Island single and clicked the get tickets link and the only tickets available to my suprise was the $1300 a person tickets? Luv Gilmour but cant afford that kind of money since my Plant closed and moved to Mexico. Hey all who were lucky enough to buy regular tickets Enjoy the show.. In 94 on the Pulse tour I had goose bumps from the first note to the last it was one of the best experiences of my life and hope to enjoy a live show again one day.

    Peace to all,

  54. soy de Argentina y realmente esperamos que David nos visite en gira somos miles de personas esperando ese momento.¿Tiene un sus planes visitar America del Sur?.

  55. I love david gilmour!!!!!!!!he is soooooooo handsome.i love the song pillow of winds!you rule david!!!

  56. I would just like pay tribute and thanks to all the people who are behind david gilmours site. From the way the tickets were allocated. For me it was refreshingly simple for i had applied, through the pre order ticketing system and managed to aquire a pair of tickets for the manchester gig quite easily. Hurray!! as for the build up for the album its been a real joy, coming home from work and enjoying all the video clips each day. Thankyou all at the david gilmour website for making this site great it’s deafinatley set a real great standard to all other sites of this nature. From Colin Freeland Liverpool

  57. Posting is not a pastime of mine.

    However… I feel compelled to deliver to Mr. Gilmour a heartfelt thank you for his music and to say congratulations on his exceptional new album.

    All The Best

  58. I missed one!

    Caption Competition:

    SD: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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