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_5A_0583_blog.jpgWe are still clarifying several points with regards to concert tickets, so please bear with us just a little longer. I haven’t forgotten about your questions and will answer them as soon as I have received answers.

Whilst on the topic of questions, I still get lots about the ‘PULSE’ DVD. As I have already explained, I really cannot answer them as it’s a matter for Pink Floyd’s management, not David’s. I’m afraid that these questions will have to be deleted from now on, as I simply don’t have the time to chase people for answers (more than I do at present).

Incidentally, can any of you think of some interesting questions? I’m absolutely swamped with really boring ones, and I’m sure that the witty among you can whip up something that would make David laugh. He’s getting a bit bored by the same old ones all the time, the poor chap.

Please send them to the address on the FAQs page. I don’t like getting long lists of questions, though. That’s too much hard work.

That said, I did get a good one the other day about the session work that David has done and the contributions he has made to the work of other artists, which got a few brains whirring. What do you think? Let us know your five favourite songs that David has contributed to.

That’s songs by other artists, preferably non-Pink Floyd members.

This time ‘five’ really means five. No second postings, please. Five per person only. Once you’ve named five tracks, any others are going to be deleted. Let’s get some more discipline here, seeing as you respond so well to it.

Yes, that was a joke. Forgive me.

Look, I’ll even start you off. Right off the top of my head:

‘Troubled Soul’ – Sam Brown
‘Love, Pain and Sorrow’ – Snowy White
‘No More Lonely Nights’ – Paul McCartney
‘Twelve Eight Angel’ – Dream Academy
‘Sasha’ – Michael Kamen

Today’s picture is another of Polly’s. Here we have David and co-producer Phil Manzanera, with the orchestra.

Another coming soon with news about tickets.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I think I’d have to go with ‘White City Fighting’ by David & Pete Townshend. That’s it. That’s my five, in one great track they wrote and performed together.

  2. Ok, here are my five top session “songs” that David has done as a session player:
    1) The entire Deep End concert (if I have to pick one song, it’s Give Blood–great riff)
    2) Entire Run Devil Run album (can’t pick one song)
    3) Running Up That Hill (Secret Policeman’s Concert with Kate Bush)
    4) Brother Where You Bound (very nice–too bad he didn’t play on the whole album…)
    5) Love, Pain, and Sorrow (I LOVE the sound Dave gets when he uses that “octave” pedal or whatever it’s called).

    Thanks for keeping us posted on the latest news. The pics are great too. 🙂

  3. Five ones?

    1. Brother were you Bound – Supertramp
    2. No More Lonely Nights – Paul McCartney
    3.Give Blood(live) – Pete Twnshend
    4.Always you – Phill Manzanera
    5.Return to Tungusta – Alan Parsons

    As for the Questions, i don’t know what you think it is an interesting question. i’ve post a few and.. no answers!
    By the way, there will be a sax players on this tour?

  4. All About Eve 1991 Touched by Jesus David plays guitar on “Wishing The Hours Away” and “Are You Lonely”

  5. (All right everyone; straighten up, wipe your noses…Features Ed., David, Polly and God are watching you. And probably your mother as well.)

    [ahem] Dear long-suffering Features Ed., delectable David and whoever else is reading this:

    My five (AND FIVE ONLY!) favorite songs that David has contributed to are as follows:

    1. No More Lonely Nights – Macca
    2. The Man With the Child In His Eyes – Kate Bush
    3. We Got Married – Macca
    4. Run Straight Down – Warren Zevon
    5. No More Lonely Nights – Macca (well, I REALLY like it! so here I go messing up your list of five)

    The reason I voted twice for “No More Lonely Nights” – you know how David’s guitar solo there gives you the feeling it could go horribly awry at any moment and maybe topple over into the toilet? You’re not sure which way it may go. I like that uncertainty.


  6. David did some work with Atomic Rooster in the mid-80s. The album was called Healine News. Sad to say that David was the one bright spot in an otherwise dismal album.

    He also worked with Kate Bush. I remember a version of “Running Up That Hill” with David’s guitar replacing Kate Bush’s singing voice.

    Okay, this is a Floyd member but it’s a rarity (at least in the US, where the Mason/Fenn “Profiles” album sold about three copies. I had one of them, and have yet to find anyone who knows where the other two copies are). David supplied the vocals on “Lie for a lie” from that album.

  7. top 5 session tracks

    This Feeling-Sam Brown
    I Put A Spell On You-Jools Holland & Mica Paris
    Live At The Cavern-Paul McCartney(DVD)
    I’ll Be In Love-Sam Brown
    We Got Married-Paul McCartney

  8. Hello David and Features Editor

    I can only name one: “Return to Trunguska”- Alan Parsons Project

    For other fellow readers of the blog. It is the first track on Alan Parsons’ latest (Valid Path)
    And it is a hell of a song with David’s signature Guitar.

    Thank you David for many years of great music, for your upcoming albume and for your upcoming tour. And thank you for playing in Chicago!
    See you April 12

  9. 1. You Never Listen To Me – Peter Cetera (Why is this a forgotten song? Guy was in top form too.)

    2. The Game – Roy Harper

    3. No More Lonely Nights – Sir Paul

    4. White City Fighting – Pete Townshend

    5. Boys And Girls – Bryan Ferry (Forgive me, but that’s the only song of his I know.)

  10. Hi Ed,

    How could you leave out ” Life in a northern town” and I accually like David’s reggae version of ” Like a rolling stone” . Now ” the stonk” however all I can say is Charity comes first so the motive was good . Anyway can’t wait for RAH and hearing the new stuff, mind you I would still love to hear ” Coming back to life ” if the mood takes David. Any clues yet as to the setlist???????????????


    Rgds Diehard Irish fan

  11. I put a spell on you-Mica and Jools
    Troubled Soul-Sam Brown
    Return to Tunguska-Alan Parsens
    all the McCartney stuff after that

    P.S. I Love Sam Brown…please bring her to NY

  12. first post, I cant wait for this album, im glad that dave added smile to the tracklist, love that song.

  13. A few contributions he has made come to mind…

    1) On the Elton John record “The One” David played guitar in the song “Understanding Woman”.

    2) David played guitar in a cover of the classic song “Smoke On The Water” for “Rock Aid Armenia”, whos album sales raised money to help folk affected by the 1988 earthquake in Gyumri, Armenia. For a good cause I’ll even forgive the fact that Brian Adams was in it~! 🙂

    3-5) The old Jokers Wild LP in which David plays in a number of songs, but in the spirit of discipline *Wink* *Wink* I will name only my final three favorites~! “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”, “Walk Like A Man” “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Beautiful Delilah”. Oh crap, thats six… Ahh well, cant say I didnt try!


  14. I have only but 2 songs that slightly fits with today’s question. 1: No Other Baby and 2: Shake a Hand with Paul McCartney.I would please ask of David and Richard. In Montreal, Animals Tour, what was the Bluesy number tune you played to end the show whilst you broke down the stage equipment and left David to play solo? I’ll never forget it, incredible show. Hi Ed. Edess?

  15. wow. i really wish people would stop asking about that and start asking about david. seriously.
    we all loved the song on the legend soundtrack,
    and running up that hill was pretty cool. but the greatest contribution to any artist would’ve been on the madcap laughs and on barrett. the live show included as well. so pick any from those, but it’s probably gigilo aunt, and dominoes.

  16. Here’s my tuppenceworth:

    1. I’ve just heard an advance CD of Chris Jagger’s forthcoming album, and there’s some lovely DG guitar playing on one track (can’t remember what it’s called!)

    2. DG’s bass playing on the “Barrett” album – OK, not strictly guitar, but it’s wonderful, lithe, athletic stuff!

    3. DG backing up Seal on a cover of “Hey Joe” for the Amnesty Big 30 charity bash back in 1991

    4. “Love And Anger” on Kate Bush’s “Sensual World” album

    5. DG’s great back-to-basics axework on Sir Macca’s “Live At The Cavern” DVD

    Am I allowed those?



  17. Here’s my top five tracks featuring the great DG:

    No More Lonely Nights – Paul McCartney
    Give Blood – Pete Townshend
    Is Your Love Strong Enough? – Brian Ferry
    Rocket’s Tail – Kate Bush
    The Fletcher Memorial Home – Roger Waters solo

    My related (really interesting) questions…
    What went wrong with David’s gear at Live Aid with Brian Ferry?
    Is there anybody that David hasn’t played with that he is too scared/in awe off to ask? (Bob Dylan perhaps?)

    PS. Thank Polly again for the pix, would this site have existed without them I wonder.

  18. Hey Fed – just been reading the FAQs, and in one you correct a fan who thinks the line in High Hopes says “There was a reggae band that followed in our footsteps”. Well, you know, he is right after all, because there was a reggae band followed in their footsteps – they are called the Easy Star All-Stars and in 2003 they released the Dub Side Of The Moon, which, not surprisingly, is a dub version of DSotM (pretty good stuff too)! Could it be that in 1994 (or whenever High Hopes was written) David had the ability to foresee the future? Does he often have premonitions of this kind and are there any other cases of this happening?

  19. No More Lonely Nights – P Macca
    Kiss (live)- with Tom Jones
    Running Up That Hill (live) – Kate Bush
    Is Your Love Strong Enough – Bryan Ferry
    Twelve Eight Angel – Dream Academy

    Not bad for 7:30 in the Morning if I say so myself. Zzzzzz

  20. You asked: Let us know your five favourite songs that David has contributed to (that’s songs by other artists, preferably non-Pink Floyd members).

    How about The Gunner’s Dream? 😉

  21. Dear Features Editor,

    A nice list of 5 sessions – three of which featured in a programme I did for Pipeline Radio last year which featured a couple of hours of the music David’s made as a guest for others.
    So, here are five of my other top tracks from that list:

    Berlin “Pink And Velvet”
    Propoganda “Only One Word”
    Pete Townshend “White City Fighting”
    Roy Harper “Short And Sweet” (though just about anything from The Unknown Soldier album fits the bill)
    Sam Brown “This Feeling” (why this wasn’t a massive hit single still makes my head spin)

    Of course there’s always….(no, I won’t add the other bunch of tracks…someone else will mention them and I don’t want my post to suddenly halt, partway through a sen

  22. Good Morning to the feature editor and to Mr. Gilmour & Polly Samson as well to the fans of this website. You bet I can name 5 songs that Mr. Gilmour has contributed to other song writer and performers that are non Pink Floyd related or considered one of David’s fine songs on his solo albums. I hope I am correct here:

    1. Kate Bush–‘Love and Anger’.
    2. Kate Bush–‘Rocket’s Tail ( for Rocket).
    3. Elton John’s–‘Understanding Women’.
    4. Pete Townsend’s–‘Give Blood’.
    5. Kate Bush–‘Running up that hill’.

    You did stress only 5 so here is my 5 off the top of my head at 2:41am on 2/1/06. I could go on but I have done so on other entries and you good, kind patient people at this site have been really tolerant of some of us. Another great photo by Polly!

    PS: In the last feature that you kindly printed that I submitted. The 23yo patient I was telling about is still on life support, her chances are not that great at this time. I am a firm believer that persons in comas can indeed hear what is going on around them though they can not respond, in fact I believe that the sense of sound is the very last thing that does go if the patient expires…I have no idea what kind or type of music this young woman likes and to this one has reported her missing. I by my nature, NEVER lend or give out any of my collections of music and especially David’s CD’S both his solo CD’S or with Pink Floyd. I put in David’s CD from the Division Bell. One of my many favorite songs on this entire album is ‘Marooned’. The truth is I love the entire Division Bell CD. Well I brought in my CD player from home and turned the music just enough that she could hear the beauty and the words to this album…I don’t believe in miracles but she did show some response that was DELIBERATE & not just an autonomic response that oftens happens in patients that are in varying stages of a coma. She turned her head just to the left where his music and voice was softly playing. David I can not believe I am saying this and with all due respect, I never thought of you as a GOD or a Miracle Worker or Saint but this is another one of my messages that I hope you do get and hear about–you are a great, gifted musician, songwriter and guitarist. Your voice is heavenly and I do believe I read somewhere that the song, ‘Coming Back To Life’ is your song to your beautiful wife Polly but it may also inadvertantly be the song for this 23 yo woman. She responded to your songs and your voice and I am sure your music/orchestration. Your work and how it effects some of us is beyond my command of the English Language…It’s a true gift and you are a true blessing. Polly, I wanted and hope you are informed that after my shift ends I do read excerpts from your book,’Lying In Bed’…Bless the both of you. You DO have impact to touch people’s lives and that is the greatest gift of all I would imagine.

    Linda Penner

  23. My favourite albums with David playing for other artists would be

    1.Brother -Where You Bound (Supertramp)
    2.Sasha (Kamen)
    3.Run Devil Run (Macca)
    4.Boys and Girls (Ferry)
    5.Hounds of Love (Bush)

    I really think Brother -Where you Bound ? is one of the strongest and best of Supertramp’s songs thanks to David and Scott Gorham.

  24. Dear Editor.

    You got an amazing top 5… 4 same names that jumped in my head too. So I try to choose something different. “No more lonely Nights” is an absolute marvelous song with an amazing powerful solo. “Always You” and “Sacred Days” of Phil Manzanera is missing in your list to my humple opinion, but yeah just 5 names, that’s hard isn’t?

    Think his contributions to other artists are worthed a triple cd …

    So here my second top 5, but I be honest, there are more great songs with excellent guitar work or vocals.

    # Brother were you Bound, Supertramp,
    # Transver City of late Warren Zevon,
    # One World, Propaganda,
    # Love keep hanging on, The Pretty Things (they’ve a well respected age, but they still are rockin’like hell, even better as the Stones!)
    # Return To Tunguska, The Alan Parsons Project, a great dance-trance track.

    I think I’ll login with another name, just 5 songs allowed…

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  25. Okay, let’s see…

    Is Your Love Strong Enough – Bryan Ferry
    Love and Anger – Kate Bush
    Lonesome Town – Paul McCartney
    White City Fighting – Pete Townshend
    The Game – Roy Harper

  26. 1 Arcadia “the promise”
    2 Supertramp “Brother were you bound”
    3 Pete Townshend “Give Blood”
    4 Paul Mc Cartney “All shook up”
    5 Can’t remember her name… A folk singer, one of the songs was called “My father was an engineer”… An accoustic solo from Dave on another song… any help please???

  27. – Why do fools fall in love?
    – Walk like a man
    – Don’t ask me
    – Big girls don’t cry
    – Beautiful Delilah

    with jokers Wild, a so young and good looking David ! 40 years later, maybe not so young, but always good looking, even better looking !

    Keep talking…

  28. 1) No More Lonely Nights, Paul McCartney
    2) Running Up That Hill (Live), Kate Bush
    3) Return To Tunguska, Alan Parsons
    4) The Promise, Arcadia
    5) Jealous Guy (Live Aid), Bryan Ferry

  29. Here’s my list:

    Pete Townshend – Give Blood
    Paul McCartney – Lonesome Town
    Sam Brown – Troubled Soul
    Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (live)
    All About Eve – Wishing The Hours Away

  30. Hi David, Hi FEd, Hi everyone!

    Unfortunately, I don’t know many songs that David has contributed to. But I know “Is Your Love Strong Enough”, that David played in 1985 Live Aid, with Brian Ferry (and Roxy Music, I guess!). I think it is a very good song: good music (AND FANTASTIC DAVID’S GUITAR), very good lyrics, good Brian Ferry’voice…moreover, it was the Live Aid…and it is the proof that David’s heart is and was GOLD! (that in italian means “very, very good”). I love this David’s side!

    Have a great day!


    P.S. I send David a question….but not very funny! It was a serious question…now I start to thinking another one that would make David laugh!

    [It wasn’t ‘Is Your Love Strong Enough’ at Live Aid, Lucia, but ‘Slave to Love’ and ‘Jealous Guy’. All great songs, though. – Features Editor]

  31. my favorite five:

    1 supertramp – brother where you bound?
    2 bryan ferry – jealous guy (live at live aid)
    3 kate bush – running up that hill (live at secrets policemen’s ball)
    4 pete townshed – white city fighting
    5 alan parsons – return to tunguska

    If there will be released a live DVD of the forthcoming tour, make then “running up that hill” a bonus track!

    Or why not release a whole album with the best of david’s contributions to other artist’s ?!

  32. Here are my top five :

    1.Standing around crying Paul Rodgers from Muudy Waters Blues album.
    2.Brother where you bound Supertramp.
    3.Rocket’s Tail Kate Bush
    4.Give Blood Pete Townshend
    5.Sasha Micheal Kamen.

    David features heavily on all all the above,awesome.

  33. Thought I’d mention “Is Your Love Strong Enough” by Bryan Ferry as a worthy contender. This I feel is a great example of Davids guitar work at the peak of his golden period. It mirrors the beautiful work on The Wall and The Final Cut. Absolutely no other guitarist had such a signature sound and style.The Itzhak Perlman of Rock!

  34. We Got Married (Paul McCartney)…a guitar solo very original …stately!!!

    We will see us to Milan (March 24, 2006)

  35. The only one I can think of at the moment is Rocket’s Tail by Kate Bush – which is excellent !

    Can’t wait for the album and the show at the RAH – Thanks !


  36. 1. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (live)
    2. Pete Townshend – White City Fighting
    3. Kate Bush – Rocket’s Tail
    4. Bryan Ferry – Slave to love (Live Aid)
    5. Sam Brown – Troubled Soul

  37. Get the feeling I might have to compile all this stuff somehow, and make a DG Collaboration album.

  38. To Frank Par ….. the blues at the end of Montreal 77 was an untitled jam, but it was Snowy White who played guitar as DG had already left the stage.

  39. No More Lonely Nights, Paul McCartney
    We got married, Paul McCartney
    Brother were you bound, Supertramp
    Return To Tunguska, Alan Parsons
    Breakthrough, Rick Wright (Even if it’s a Floyd member, David’s contribution is excellent)

    I’m really happy to David in Paris in March. It will be the 5th time after Versailles 1988, Paris 1989, Chantilly 1994 and Paris 2002

  40. I would have to say that one of the most interesting recordings I ever heard David on was on the little-known “Persona” album by guitarist Liona Boyd. What I remember the most about it is that I discovered the album while I was working at the local Public Radio station while I was in college and not only was David on it, but Eric Clapton was as well! What a find for a budding guitarist like myself.

    It was very interesting to listen to the individual tracks they played on and comparing their two unique, yet similar, styles.

    Search it out. It’s worth it!

  41. All I can say is that I just heard a world premier on a New York radio station of the lead track from “On An Island.”




  42. 1 – I put a spell on you – Mica and Jools
    2 – i’d love to change the world – Ten years after
    3 – Nothing else mathers – Metallica
    4 – Paul Mc Cartney – All shook up
    5 – Alan Parsens – Return to Tunguska


  43. Atomic Rooster, “Land Of Freedom”
    Roy Harper, “The Game”
    David Courtney, “When Your Life Is Your Own”
    Bete Noire, “Seven Deadly Sins”
    Mandelbrot “set” theme song…

    Enjoy!!! ;^)

  44. Good grief…WAY too many good ones to choose just five!!!

    1. Standing Around Crying (Paul Rogers’ tribute to Muddy Waters)
    2. I Put A Spell On You (Jools Holland & Mica Paris)
    3. Love, Pain and Sorrow (Snowy White)
    4. No More Lonely Nights (Paul McCartney)
    5. The Game (Roy Harper)

  45. “Lie For A Lie,” the Nick Mason and Rick Fenn song with DG on vocals. What a great song.

  46. Dear FEd!

    Where is my post? Have you lost it?!!! No problem! You are so kind that, even if you lost it, I can pardon you!!!

    Also because….maybe I lost it!!!

    However, one of my favorite song that David has contributed to is “Is your love strong enough”.
    But now I have to work…..urghhhhh!!!!


    Bye Bye!


  47. First time sender here, so here goes…

    1. Snowy White, Love, Pain & Sorrow
    2. Supertramp, Brother Where You Bound
    3. Atomic Rooster, Hold Your Fire
    4. Bryan Ferry, Is Your Love Strong Enough
    5. Pete Townsend, White City Fighting

    These aren’t in any particular order, but just 5 of DG’s session pieces that I enjoy.

  48. Hola david, here are my 5 favorites ,

    Shake a hand with Paul McCartney
    Is your love strong enough with Bryan ferry
    Give Blood with Pete townshend
    Slave to love with bryan ferry
    lonesome town with macca

  49. I like David’s guitar work on Brother Where You Bound by Supertramp and in a little different flavor his work on Paul McCartney’s Run Devil Run.

  50. great idea! my 5 favourites are as follows (but it’s hard to pick just 5):

    no more lonely nights – paul mccartney
    pink and velvet – berlin
    love, pain and sorrow – snowy white
    is your love strong enough – bryan ferry

    and also the version of ‘let it be’ he did with kate bush live one time. he sounded too sexy there!

    the ones with liona boyd are also beautiful but i’m just saying. they’re not to be included as part of my 5 choices, so please don’t delete them ed!

  51. This is my first post on here. I’m glad to see David and his ‘camp’ embrace the internet as a way of communicating with fans.

    All the songs I’d pick have already been mentioned numerous times, so what’s one more for each of them…

    (in no particular order)

    Running Up That Hill (live)- Kate Bush
    No Other Baby- Paul McCartney
    Return to Tunguska- Alan Parsons
    Lie For a Lie- Mason & Fenn (screw the ‘preferably non-Floyd members’ thing, David’s vocal contribution is a highlight of an otherwise dated and fairly underwhelming solo outing…. Sorry, Nick)
    Give Blood- Pete Townshend

  52. 1 – No More Lonely Nights – Paul McCartney
    2 – Give Blood – Pete townshend
    3 – Smoke on the water – VVAA(for the video’s smile and steinberg’guitar (very hard playing with whammy bar!)

    only three (best for me !)

  53. Dear features Editor and David.

    I heard The on an island title track today. I was very impressed, but at the end very dissapointed. The lead was cut very quickly. Was that the radio stations fualt or is that how it is on the album? If so stop the presses and get that fixed, we dont want another case of lead cutting like the infamous CN on the wall! Overall I loved tha atmosphere of the song, very floydish, and very post Division Bell sounding. Great work David.

    [I assume that was the single edit, Randy, so the guitar solo is somewhat shorter than the one on the album. But radio stations are notorious for talking and playing adverts as soon as the singing’s stopped, so you can probably blame the station for the sudden ending. There is supposed to be a gradual fade-out. – Features Editor]

  54. it’s not easy but i try it:

    The Who – Love Reign O’ver me
    George Harrison – Isn’t it a pitty
    CCR – Have you ever seen the rain
    Kate Bush – Nocturn
    Edie Brickell – Circle

    Greetings to Polly, very nice photos


  55. 1 brother where you bound – supertramp
    2 boys & girls – bryan ferry
    3 6am – phil manzanera
    4 is your love strong enough – bryan ferry
    5 live aid with bryan ferry

    and being part of the who , the beatles , and that band called pink floyd 😉

  56. I am listeneing to David Gilmour’s new “On an Island” on q104.3 (WAXQ New York) streamcast over the Internet right now. Wonderful piece of work! Great mixing of orchestral and rock guitar sounds. Is that David Crosby’s voice I hear mixed in some of the background?

    Great job as expected.

    Oh, the radio station just lost their bandwidth…the stream has stopped. Must be too many David Gilmour fans on to it…

    [You can hear both David Crosby and Graham Nash. – Features Editor]

  57. I remember David doing a great job with The Who on ‘The Dirty Jobs’ at Hyde Park in 1996.

  58. I saw on a PF fan site, they played on radio station Q1043 in New York the title track “On an island” to-day . Is it possible? Has David allowed that? and in Europe, there will be a single?

    [Yes, it’s all true. – Features Editor]

  59. a song just popped on when i went to, it sounds great and im thinking its from the new album and if it is then david def. came through again. spot on dave spot on. thank you!!

  60. My 5 favourite David Gilmour contributions:

    Paul McCartney – No More Lonely Nights
    Alan Parsons – Return To Tunguska
    Sam Brown – I’ll Be In Love
    Propaganda – Only One Word
    Sam Brown – Troubled Soul

    (This list will probably be different tomorrow)

  61. My FIVE

    Supertramp Brother Where You Bound
    Roy Harper True Story(riff reminiscent of Run Like Hell)
    Paul McCartney No More Lonely Nights
    Warren Zevon Run Straight Down
    Bryan Ferry Jealous Guy at Live Aid

  62. 1. Troubled Soul (Brown)
    2. Give Blood (Townsend)
    3. Standing Around Crying (Rodgers)
    4. White City Fighting (Townsend)
    5. Running Up That Hill (Bush)

    There are so many good tunes. I should have included Hounds of Love (Bush), but it may be confused with Dogs of War (The Other Bush). Sorry, but I couldn’t resist that.


  64. Not quite on subject…

    Just listened to the broadcast track of “On an Island”. Wow! Fantastic guitar work. Fantastic track. Roll on the full release….

  65. WHOOHOOO I have heard the title track to on an island!!!! What a beautiful song!!! This raises anticipation to unbearable levels…

    Man, if this song is the standard then you have created a true masterpiece!

    At this moment, words are not enough. Thank you David.

    6 march, 6 march, 6 march —>RECORD STORE! My eardrums better prepare themselves! Sorry for my enthusiasm, but I couldn’t just let it sit there…

  66. Hey, David Gilmour!!! I love you, guy!!!! I hope you’ll come here, Brazil with your new tour On a Island… I love your letters, your guitar solos… Brazilians need you… if you come here, you’ll be excited by the known of us… there are a lot of your fans here waiting foe you… please come in!!!! I’m your fan since when I was 12.. Now I’m 16 years…

  67. One’s favourite five guest spots for other people? Hmm…in no particular order (apart from the one in which they spring to mind):

    Sam Brown – This Feeling – the six-minute album version, including that bit near the end which turned up again five or six years later in Cluster One(!) The promo video was nice to watch, too…

    Pete Townshend – Brixton Academy ’85 – the whole show. Seems, or sounds like many were there to see Gilmour specifically, and he didn’t let them down. First outing for that SJ Hawkins number too, years before Jools Holland and Mica Paris came along. But the entire concert’s stuffed full of highlights. Far too many to list!

    John Martyn – The Apprentice Tour. Live again, including John Wayne, Look At That Girl and One World. The last one in particular is a favourite, being light, airy, ethereal and utterly magical. Musically, at any rate. If you didn’t have the lyrics in front of you you’d be hard pressed to know what Martyn was growling about, but that’s all part of the magic too…

    Blue Pearl – Alive. Has there ever been another dancey-type record featuring David Gilmour? If not, then I’ll choose this on rarity grounds alone. I quite liked the track when I first heard it, but then I saw the promo video and confess to finding the sight of our hero, sporting a chunky blue jumper, rising up on a giant dandelion-type flower to do a short solo in the middle of the song, unavoidably funny. I’ll make my apologies now, and move on to…to…to…oh, I don’t know. I’ve not heard everything. There’s far too many. Coming cose is the One World One Voice contribution (that ten-second riff with Clannad underneath it didn’t leave my head for *weeks*)….no, I think on balance, or maybe way off-beam, I’ll have to choose:

    French & Saunders – The Courtroom Sketch – and my reasoning is clear: Where else would we ever have been given an opportunity to see four or five of the world’s greatest guitarists pretend to cock up some of their best-known songs, eh?

  68. great news everybody :

    i just took a look on the website … and suddenly there could be heard music out of my computer … and i was wondering, what the hell … and then i realised : this is a tiny sample of music from “on an island” … and all the last days i was really worried about of HOW the new music of David Gilmour will sound like … and – now i am glad and happy – i directly fall in love with this short mini-sample that you can listen to on the David Gilmour-website …

    i think “on an island” will be a very nice and beautiful album, the best Solo-work of Gilmour anyway – but even in the Floyd-context – a very wonderful piece of music !!!

  69. 1) Persona, with Liona Boyd
    2) Pink & Velvet – Berlin
    3)no more lonely nights – paul mccartney
    4)Rocket’s Tail, with Kate Bush
    5)Is Your Love Strong Enough? – Brian Ferry

  70. Erin, with all due respect, David Gilmour has been one of the brightest minds in music for a couple of decades but I doubt he would take anything away from those who have been there with him either.

    I am certain that David Gilmour would assert that Nick and Richard and from the earlier era(s) Roger and Syd and all those that I have left out all have made Pink Floyd what it is today. Even without some people from the past, the cumulative result of what all of them did makes PF what is now (even though not officially making new music as PF right now).

    I am sure David is flattered by your comments but would probably prefer not being flattered at the expense of those who have given their lives to the music also.

    Your love for David Gilmour’s music is obvious and well deserved. We all love his music too and do understand what it is you are trying to say so don’t take offense. I have always preferred the sounds of Pink Floyd when David was more of a primary architect of the sound also.

  71. 1. Peter Cetera – Body Language
    2. Paul Rogers – Muddy Water Blues
    3. Paul Rogers (The Law) – Stone Cold
    4. Peter Cetera – You Never Listen To Me
    5. B.B.King – Cryin’ Won’t Help You Babe

  72. 1. Kate Bush – Rockets Tail (Sensual World…the best Dave Gilmour solo? Maybe doesn’t beat Comfortably Numb but amazing and well worth checking out).
    2. Peter Townesend – Give Blood.
    3. Any thing that Dave contibutes with Bryan Ferry. The way Ferry mixed some of those albums its not that easy to spot Dave’s contributions: is it Dave or Mark Knofler or both at the same time?

  73. re: “The album will also be released on vinyl, in a single-LP format.”

    With the physical boundaries of a single LP, i.e. maximum of about 45 minutes, does this mean that David’s new album will not be longer than that? Something I would applaud, since many artists can’t resist making 75 minute albums since the birth of the CD

  74. Nobody has mentioned Unicorn. A band I enjoyed a lot. Maybe David produced them and did not play on them. Dont forget that Snowy White, another extremely good guitarist, is touring soon !!

  75. Dear FEd,

    I found my post…please forgive me if I thought you have lost it!!!

    Today, I’d like to put the Radiohead official site url because they speak about the world climate problem. Click my name, please! We have to stop dangerous climate change.

    Thank you!

    Have a great day!


    [Nice try, but no thanks. – Features Editor]

  76. DAVID!!! FED!!!

    I listen just now the music!!! IT’S WONDERFUL!!!
    David! You are fantastic!

    FEd, you are fantastic too!

    Thank you boys!


  77. Bonjour, depuis hier soir, chaque fois que j’entre dans votre site, l’ordinateur affiche une alerte sécurité me demandant si je veux installer le logiciel”macromedia flash player8″. ça vient de vous? je peux le télécharger sans problème? serait-ce un cadeau de David à ses fans?

    [Il y a maintenant de musique sur le website. Si vous voulez entendre la musique nouvelle de David, vous devez obtenir le ‘Macromedia Flash Player 8’. Vous pouvez le télécharger sans problème. C’est très rapide, facile et il n’y a pas de risque. Excusez mon français terrible, s’il vous plait. Je suis très… rouillé! Merci. – Features Editor]

  78. Really! It wasn’t ‘Is Your Love Strong Enough’ at Live Aid!

    Sorry! I though David played it in Live Aid! How many things I learn everyday!

    Thank you for the explanation!

    Bye bye


  79. Well…I love them all some more than others, but I have one in particular.

    Pink and Velvet by Berlin Awesome tune awesome Playing!!!!

    I just heard On an Island track on the Radio! Outstanding and if its any indication of the entire album…..Good Job Mr. Gilmour! It took 12 years for new material but sounds like it was worth it! Thanks!

  80. FE and David,

    Pink Floyd -and David Gilmour are supposed to be a sort of teacher of life by a millions of fans all over the world.

    When we listen to your songs, we try to figure out what David feels and thinks about life, world, behaviours, life and dead.

    I can’t get a new message from “on an island”!

    Polly is not Roger, definetly.

    Anyway, i am not looking for Roger, but for David.

    Nice music, lovely guitars and voice, but I need more. I will carry on listening try to find out what i have lost!

  81. 1. Pedal Steel and Production for Unicorn track “Sleep Song”
    2. Pedal Steel and Production for Unicorn track “The Farmer”
    2. Pedal Steel and Production for Unicorn track “Too Many Crooks”
    2. Production for Dream Academy’s version of The Smiths’ “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”
    3. Guitar, Bass, and Production duties for Dream Academy’s version of Tim Hardin’s “It’ll Never Happen Again”

    If I could only mention one artist once:

    1. Unicorn
    2. Dream Academy
    3. John Martyn
    4. Pretty Things – Rage and live SF Sorrow (saw that show at the RFH)
    5. Paul McCartney’s – Run Devil Run

    I liked that Quiver B-Side too…

    Sorry about the overuse of the Unicorn and Dream Academy tracks! I really love the Unicorn albums that David produced. I also liked his pedal steel playing and would have loved to have seen him pursue that further. His use of that instrument in the Floyd’s work was certainly innovative and added texture and warmth to those records on which it was used. If memory serves me well, the quad version of the title track to Wish You Were Here had more of that in the mix.

    Thanks for reading

    David DiSanzo

  82. 1 “The Promise”: Arcadia/Gilmour/Sting/Duran Duran
    2 “Is Your Love Strong Enough”: Ferry/Gilmour
    3 “Don’t Stop The Dance”: Ferry/Gilmour
    4 second hand love
    5 white city fighting

  83. re: “On an Island” single —

    Just heard it for the first time this very moment. I love the song. Absolutely LOVE it! The guitar gave me goosebumps. David dear, you’ve still got it and I’m glad you do.

    Now I KNOW I’ll be totally miserable having to wait until April for Ticketmaster to send my “hot seat” CD. :`-(


  84. I just heard a portion of “On an Island” (haven’t heard the whole thing yet).

    First thoughts…very moving. The chord progression is, I believe, different to things David has done in the past (correct me if I’m wrong), but it is quite wonderful.

    The lyrical content (or what I’ve heard of it) is the biggest positive. Makes me quite sad actually…a certain longing for happier times…and the mood of the music fuses perfectly with the words. That’s what the best of David’s work has always done. Taken me places.

    The anticipation for March 6 is growing. Well done David.

  85. Hey, no list here. Actually, I’m curious why your going after the Ebay sellers. Where is a person to go if they played by the rules and ended up ticket-less? It took me a gazillion phone calls to ticketmaster, and they kept telling me I needed a password, and then when they would finally sell tickets they were gone in the snap of a finger. I mean, come on, david hasn’t toured in America since ’94, none of us are getting any younger, and for lots of us Americans we fear this may be our last chance to see David in person. I for one would have gone to wherever I had to go to get tickets, if that meant ebay then so be it. The real people being hurt here are not the ebay sellers, its the fans desperate for tickets.

    That said, see you in Chicago,

    [For the record: Ticketmaster messed up, not us. There was never a ‘password’ or a ‘fanclub’. – Features Editor]

  86. This is more of a comment and/or warm memory.It was January of 2002,myself ,my wife and my oldest brother (who introduced me to a band called pink floyd)had the enormous privilege of meeting David and Polly at a soundcheck backstage at one of his Festival Hall gigs.This was made possible through the wonderfully warm heart of the late/great Michael Kamen.We flew from NY to London specifically for this meeting-sometimes when you meet someone who you greatly respect ,there is always the strong possibility of being let down by one thing or another.Well this was not the case as the musicians all treated us with tremendous respect.I end with a small story that always reminds me of Spinal Tap.As we are leaving the soundcheck to get some dinner,we were cluelessly looking for the stage exit(S.Tap-looking for stage at a gig) we came across David and Polly waiting to get on an elevator.Dave,sensing our stumbling around,invited us to share the elevator with them.Seems like a small/insignificant moment unless of course you picked up the guitar and pursued writing music because of the influence Mr. Gilmour has had on me throughout my 40 years in life.What could you possibly say to someone who has affected your life as much as Mr.G has….well, I opted for nothing because it would never come out right in an elevator ride…until now! Thank you Polly and thank you David for allowing me to experience a touch of a dream.I will see you in NY at Radio City.By the way, David`s best session work is on a Liona Boyd album(can`t remember song title-wonderfully emotional solo!)Thank you Michael Kamen…

  87. In response to the comment about ticketmaster. I was able to get my tickets through them during the “presale” they did not require any password and I had absolutly no problems getting my tickets online. Now I have them in my hot little hands 🙂

    See ya in Los Angeles
    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Glad to hear it, Renee. Hope you enjoy the show. – Features Editor]

  88. wow! I didn’t know about alot of these. Some of the cuts I liked but didn’t know David was on them.

    DG ought to release cd’s with all of these some day. Better yet…sell an ipod preloaded with his entire work. I have all the albums,tapes,and cd’s but would buy that too.

  89. David Gilmour with five women:

    1)with Kate Bush – Rocket’s Tail
    2)with Terri Nunn (Berlin)- Pink & Velvet
    3)with Grace Jones – The Fashion Show
    4)with Liona Boyd – Persona
    5)with Sam Brown – Troubled Soul

  90. OK, if I must narrow my favorite non-solo, non-Floyd tracks to a mere five selections, I’d say:

    5. Run Straight Down (Warren Zevon)
    4. No More Lonely Nights (Paul McCartney)
    3. Standing Around Crying (Paul Rodgers)
    2. After The Fire (Pete Townshend, from Deep End Live)
    1. Pink and Velvet (Berlin)

    Of course, that list is subject to change at any given moment.

    I’m fortunate enough to have tickets for the April 4 Radio City show. Of course, I’m very much looking forward to hearing the new material. Beyond that, If I could pick one lesser-expected track to hear live, it would be “Near The End”. Looking forward to the show!

    Mike Wendel
    York, PA

  91. 1. No More Lonely Nights – Paul McCartney
    2. Is Your Love Strong Enough – Bryan Ferry
    3. Rockestra Theme – Wings
    4. Lonesome Town – Paul McCartney

    Oh, and “Don’t” – yes I know it’s technically a David Gilmour cover of an Elvis Presley tune, but it IS great 😀

  92. Such a marvellous guitarist. Thanks, Mr. G, for all the gut-wrenchingly magnificent playing!

    Steve (Australia)

  93. Hello,

    So the top 10 is:

    Give Blood – Pete Townshend (with the most votes)
    No more lonely Nights – Paul MacCartney
    Brother where you bound – Supertramp
    Is your love strong enough – Bryan Ferry
    Return To Tunguska – Alan Parsons
    Rocket’s Tail – Kate Bush
    Trouble Soul – Sam Brown
    Pink & Velvet – Berlin
    Run Straight down – form the late Warren Zevon.

    Just completed a complication with his solo’s (about 80 tracks)… awesome… sadly I miss a few bands and some rare live performances (such as Hey Joe & Smoke on the Water).


    30 days to go,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  94. I can’t believe so few people have mentioned David’s playing on ‘Stone’ by The Law. Paul Rodgers sings and Chris Rea plays some guitar in the background but David’s majesterial playing is all over the track. It’s genuis!

    Anyway, I haven’t quite heard everything that David’s played on (must find Troubled Soul, Sasha & Tunuska)but here is my top 5 at the moment.

    Stone – The Law
    I Put A Spell On You – Jools Holland & Mica Paris(DVD version)
    No More Lonely Nights – Paul McCartney
    This Feeling – Sam Brown
    Love, Pain & Sorrow – Snowy White

    So many to choose from though, honourable mentions must go to his work with BB King, Roy Harper and er….Jimmy Nail??!!

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