Rosemont Theatre


Opened in October 1995, Chicago’s Rosemont Theatre cost an estimated $40 million to build. Yet for that amount, patrons are guaranteed an unobstructed view of the stage, regardless of where you sit, and a top-notch sound system.

The theatre is air-conditioned and comfortable, with extra-wide aisles.  It also boasts parking space for 1,200 vehicles (and a promise that you won’t have to wait more than five minutes to get out of the car park).

It holds a capacity of approximately 4,400 for concerts and special performances (some 2,238 in the main floor seats in a proscenium arc, and some 2,082 up in the balcony) and the plush baby-blue hall has witnessed many successful concerts by the likes of Joni Mitchell and Bruce Springsteen, as well as Broadway shows such as ‘Rent’ and ‘Cats’.

If you’ll be here on 12 and/or 13 April, then let us know. We hope you have a wonderful time.

Thank you all for the comments about the new-look website. Much appreciated. We’ll be adding more, so do keep checking back for updates.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Dear David, Everyone in the Band and of course Fe.Ed.,

    YES!!! I’ll be there in Rosemont, IL on the 12th….Floor W108..I think 23rd row from the stage…almost dead center.. I am very much looking forward to it…

    I listened to(may be more than a dozen times until now..will listen again for sure) On An Island track on BBC Radio 2. It is fabulous. I have pre-ordered the CD too…waiting for its release..

    Besides that..the new website is awesome!!!I wish we can get some sort of high resolution screen saver of On An Island Theme….Please look into that…

    Thanks one and all for everything and good luck to everyone.


  2. Wow . . . . . . there it is . . !!! the very place where I will be sitting – in the front row – on April 12th . . !!!!! seeing an actual photo of the place rather than just a seating chart makes me grin from ear to ear I must say. I have “High Hopes” that myself and the rest of the crowd will be able to convince David to simply play all night long for us . . . (we’d be DELIGHTED to buy breakfast for the entire band and crew . . . !!)

    Thanks again for the fantastic daily log. and Thanks to Polly for the great photos.

  3. I will be there on the 13th! I am so looking forward to this. I still kick myself for not going to see Floyd in ’94 (I was a teenager and it would have meant flying to a different State, too far to go back then). This will be my chance to finally hear some of the great songs performed live.

    Does anyone know if there is a difference between Rick Wright’s “Broken China” released in the UK and the version released in the USA? I asked that question elsewhere but haven’t had any takers yet.


  4. we were the only people to be lucky to get tickets for the at our local ticketmaster only 2 tickets.we are sitting on the side about 3rd way off stage ,almost the same seats we had to see crosby ,still,nash on david crosbys 60th birthday,it was a wonderful theatre and am looking forward so much to see David body will be disappointed in this lovely venue

  5. This is a great place to see a show. When I saw Roger Waters play here in 1999, I remember thinking how warm the music sounded. I am sure those of us attending the shows on April 12th and 13th will all experience an even warmer effect with David on stage this time.

    (Sorry, Roger.)


  6. I am driving in from Kansas City to see David at this venue. The show is going to be incredilbe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I have tickets to this show! I can’t wait to see the master in person.It will be a great show from a great performer.See you there!

  8. I’m glad you are doing a piece on the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago. This is where I will be seeing David on april 13. The wait is killing me. It looks like a great venue, and I have heard nothing but good things about it. See you there David. Dan

    P.S. How about a backstage pass. PLEASE!

  9. With each venue profile, it becomes clearer and clearer what a rare and beautiful treat David is giving his fans by playing in such amazingly intimate venues. Thank you!

    And the Rosemont Theater looks like an extremely beautiful high-school auditorium…not a bad seat in the hosue, sounds like 🙂

  10. Me and my wife Robbie will be there. We have tickets for the 13. We will be flying in from Atlanta,Ga. I saw Gilmour W/Pink Floyd at the Omni,and Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta. When I heard about the new “On an Island” tour I told my wife we have to go. We will be there. Can’t Wait…………….

  11. My wife and I saw Roger at the Rosemont in July of 1999 during his In the Flesh tour. The venue was a perfect size with a great sound. We sat in the balcony and felt like our seats were great. The show felt intimate. We are so excited to have the opportunity to see David, Richard, Guy, Dick…WOW! We will travel 600 miles (a small price to pay). April 13 is my 33rd birthday and I could wish for no better present than to see David. His music (credit to Polly and all involved) and how he has chosen to share it with us makes life sweet. The Fan Fare section has been great fun. Thank you FE, whoever you are (we will find out right?). I like the new look. The artwork is are great. The music clips, other fans insight, Polly’s pictures and what I have been able to hear of the new album and it’s related bits of sound has been awsome. Each bit of info that is shared on the site is thrilling. Again, just great fun. Thank you. Can’t wait for the CD and the show in Chicago. Best to everyone.

  12. Funny how the article fails to mention that Roger Waters played there in 1999. 😉

    It’s a great venue; I saw that Waters show there…the infamous one, where the tickets sold out in 2 minutes flat and scalping ran rampant. So much so, that Roger actually appeared on Chicago radio and railed about it and took one of the ticketscalping scum to task.

    I was in the second-to-last row of the balcony and the seats were awesome. Translation: there are NO bad seats in this place.

    [Of course he did! Pardon me. No offence intended. – Features Editor]

  13. I will be at Rosemont on April 12!!! my birthday is on April 9 so it will be a wonderful bday gift. I’m a big gilmour/pink floyd fan (last fall I went to Cambridge to visit because of the University, because of Newton, because its a beautiful town and because of pink floyd, syd, & gilmour of course!!!) Being a big floyd fan, its a pity that I never got to see them perform live, so to me its EXTRA special to see David now. This will be the first time I get to see him live. I’m very excited!!!!!

    Thank you Mr. Gilmour for releasing a CD, for coming to USA and for coming to Chicago!!!! 🙂

  14. i just wanted to say that i liked the method in which they sold tickets for the shows. i was lucky enough to get one on presale and i thought that was great because it catered to all us who had been checking constantly for gilmour’s live dates. i think the presale was the same day that they released the information for the american shows. well anyways, perhaps something to think about if the floyd ever get back together for a tour/one off gig(i know its a big if but a boy can dream cant he.) April 5th is the only thing on my mind at this point and i dont mind waiting cause the anticipation is growing and growing my friends!!

  15. As someone who’s seen Van Morrison,Yes,Mark Knopfler,and Roger Waters at the Rosemont Theatre I can say it’s arguably the best sounding venue in the Chicagoland area.It’s accoustically perfect and you’ll hear every note with no distortion.For those of you coming from out of town it really doesn’t get any better than the sound at Rosemont Theatre.

  16. I cant wait for show got two tickets in balcony on the 12 was unable to get tickets for the 13 not quick enough I guess

  17. Hey Features Ed,

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but what are the chances of David’s 1984 Concert VHS being released on DVD???

    I want that…

    [You and a few thousand others, no doubt! I have no idea, I’m afraid. Everyone is completely focused on this tour, not on re-releasing old material. If there’s any news on this, we’ll let you know, but don’t hold your breath. – Features Editor]

  18. I will be there for both shows.

    It is a nice venue with many fans of David and Pink Floyd making long treks for the shows.

    Chicago crowds can be a bit rowdy.

    Looking forward to a polite and sober audience at the DAVID GILMOUR On an Island tour shows in Chicago!

    [The same for every show, hopefully! – Features Editor]

  19. I really love the new look to the website. Very dramatic and vibrant. Just wondering what all the fans are doing to make sure they are prepared for the release in to weeks. I have bought myself an mp3 player in a spiffy midnight blue (cause colour is the most important thing!) and have been getting my ears ready for the marathon headphone (really its ear plugs nowadays!) sessions to come. Division Bell at least once a day and of course, daily visits to the website. Life is full these days! (The boss expects me to do some work as well?!?)

  20. Bryan Ferry indeed what?

    [Hey! Don’t go giving competition answers away! Brian, for shame! – Features Editor]

  21. Thanks for the posting of the shot of the Rosemont Theater! It has been incredibly difficult to find any such pictures on the ‘net. Now at least those of us headed to the show can see what we’re in for!

    My wife and I, along with two friends have been lucky enough to get tickets to the show (regular Ticketmaster purchase and non-eBay BTW), and judging from how I have read the seating charts for the venue, today’s pic looks like it’s in the approximate area where we will be seated. Very exciting!

    We will be traveling about seven hours to the show from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and we cannot wait. Good friends, great music and DG fans from around the world…sounds like a winner of a road trip!


  22. Hello YESSSS I will be there on both nights and am beyond belief excited I am driving 6 hours to attend this lifetime occasion!! Such a beautiful setting for such a fine musician and a couple thousand friends!!! Ohh my what a night it will be indeed, Mr. Gilmour if you could play a small bit of echoes how delighted I would be!!! Cant wait and cheers to all others in the house!!!

  23. I live literally within 10 minutes of the Rosemont Theater. I’ve taken the family there to see the Nutcracker (and Dora!), and it is a gorgeous modern theater. It is a place to be respected, and Rosemont PD can be tough, so no monkey business!

    I’ve seen David with PF twice at the Rosemont Horizon (now named the Allstate Arena) on the Learning to Fly tour. I paid scalp tickets for primo seats at Soldier Field for the Division Bell tour. I was even at Soldier Field for Animals, but I was too young to quite get it. But, demand and finances (kid going to college, for one) will cause me to miss this gig much to my eternal regret.


  24. I along with my best friend will be traveling there from Michigan to see the show on the 13th. We can’t wait!! This is as hard as being a kid the night before Christmas!

  25. I’ll be there. Driving from TEXAS but I’ll be there! It will be incredible I’m sure!

  26. Venue looks awesome. I will actually be there the week prior to the concert for the WWE WrestleMania Fall of Fame induction. I will check out my seats for Dave Gilmour then. I have 4th row in the balcony so they should be fantastic seats for this show. Can’t wait to see my idol Dave Gilmour in concert finally!

  27. 12 days to go wooooooohoo.

    I’m of on holiday for the rest of the week, so less spam for F. Ed, and more Division Bell and David Gilmour ’78 for me, washed down with some live in pompei and live8. (along with several beers :p).

    Am wondering if they have developed flash memory brain implants yet, its a real pain having to swap out the CD’s not to mention wasting valuable playing time.

    Someone posted that they listen to the DB daily… Well I won’t tell you how many hours a day I listen to PF and DG. As I may well get my tickets revoked at the door of the Royal Albert. I’d say I have heard DB and DG more than the man himself!

    random question… Is the beloved Features Ed going to any of the shows? (or indeed performing at any!)

    [The beloved Features Ed certainly will be. No performing, though. I wouldn’t be that cruel. – Features Editor]

  28. Looking forward to the 13th! My buddy and I got tix on a reseller website, for some premo $$$ but it’ll be worth it. Digging the new single (just came out on iTunes yesterday); can’t wait for the album. Cheers!

  29. Yay! So good to see this picture today, as this is where I will be seeing David’s concert on April 13. I’ll be driving in from St Louis (not as far as some other fans) and man Apr 13 seems like a year away. The venue looks lovely and oddly enough the blue kinda goes along with the blue cd cover. Anyway, I’M SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT THERE ISN’T A BAD SEAT IN THE HOUSE.My friend and I do have floor seats, and I was really hoping we’d be able to see well. Hate concerts where the performers look as small as ants. I am like a giddy teenager so anxious to see my favorite musician of all time.

    See ya in Chicago,


  30. I’ve been WAITING to see your feature on the Rosemont. I’ll be there on April 12, only in the second to last row of the balcony, but I don’t care because, I’M GOING TO SEE (& hear) DAVID GILMOUR!!!

    I’m looking forward to hearing whatever David chooses to play: old, new, covers. Whatever it is, I KNOW it’s just going to be brilliant!

  31. Flying in from North Carolina in order to go with my 3 best friends as we’re all from Chicago originally — and greatly looking forward to the pinnacle concerts of my life! Both nights!

  32. Fedmeister… my apologies

    I haven’t told you what I think of the site properly other than reminding you of the Fan Fare section…

    The theme throughout the site is relaxing and calm directly opposed to the flashing pop-ups, the transitions, the transformations and just the general busy nature of most other sites and the discussions are a refreshing change!

    As they would say in North America…”Good Job!”

    P.S. I’m a Welshman living in Toronto…

  33. Hello everyone,

    I am lucky enough to be seeing David on the 12th. The Rosemont theatre is a nice clean place to see a concert. I ve been there several times and there truly is not a bad seat in the house. I saw the Australian Pink Floyd show there the last 2 years and they were GREAT!! The Rosemont PD are pretty hardcore and don’t have tolerence when it comes to a little smoking up. BE CAREFUL!! The venue won’t allow you to bring anything to drink back to your seats. So if you drink, it will have to be in the lobby. Everyone who is driving in from all over the USA, see you there. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS SHOW!!!

  34. I’ll be there on the 13th! Never been to Rosemont Theater, but I understand it’s a great venue for a show.

  35. Will be there on the 13th. I saw Radiohead/OK Computer tour there in 98. Venue has very good sound and does have an intimate feel to it. Not as extravagant as some of the European venues, but gets the job done. Ideally, it would have been great for the shows to be at the Chicago Theater on State St., but odds are the promoter probably tried for that location and it was booked.

    Looking forward to the show. Six of us going. Will be up top.

  36. I had a friend in my youth who was a major “Dead-Head.” He would literally follow the dead around the country on their tour. I never had the freedom to do that, but wsa fascinated by the idea of traveling and soaking in performances from my favorite artist(s).

    I wish I were young again, or at least had the resources, to travel to Chicago or anywhere else to see David Gilmour. The Rosemont looks great, and I would’ve loved to visit Chicago.

    I don’t want to get greedy, but I’d lvoe the chance to follow the tour like a …”Gilmour-Head”…would that be the term? “Gil-Head” doesn’t sound right….. 🙂

    I got the “On an Island” single off of i-Tunes today, and, thankfully, the quality is night-and-day to the stream I’ve been hearing. Now I can hear that ambiance in the production…very nice indeed! That chord progression is really unlike anything I’ve haerd from Gilmour…cool…

    Hey, that snippet on the home page today: is that Gilmour’s piano work on the loop?

  37. This is one of my favorite, if not favorite venue here in Chicago. Not a bad seat in the house, great sound, and a gorgeous theater! Its very cozy and intimate as well, even if you’re way in the back (which really isn’t that far). I’ve seen many shows there including Roger in 1999 and, most recently, the APF show… make way for the real deal guys ; )

    They are right about the parking lot too… you’re out in 10 minutes and back on the X-way… it usually takes me about 15 mins to get home form there. I was really hoping that David would chose this venue over the one that was originally suggested. Bravo for your choice of venue in Chicago… David’s gonna love this gig!

  38. I’ll be there both nights! The first night, I bought ticket for me and 3 buddies as a christmas present. The second night I will be there alone, sitting dead center 36th row on the floor! Can’t wait…

  39. More on the single:

    Now that I can hear it all clearly, that has to be the orchestra… And out of curiosity I’d like to know which guitar part is Bob Klose’s, the acoustic? (yes, I love those details…)

    And the Site:

    I noticed (as well as on the older site) that not all the feature pictures were up…am I wrong on that? Example: the second picture of Gilmour & Wright from the 1/28/06 feature….

    …and I miss the “Spinning Gilmour” media on the site…



    [There will be more pictures added soon, Angelo. We’re working on some other things besides the Gallery, which we’re sure you will like a lot. Can’t say more than that, so please don’t ask! – Features Editor]

  40. Justin Kreutzmann,

    Tell you dad Bill, he should be playing with David in California when he comes there.

    As far as the Rosemont, Its an incredible place to see a show. enjoy

  41. I have a fond memory from ten years ago of attending this theater to see Todd Rundgren on New Year’s Eve. It is big enough to feel part of a huge fan party, but still intimate enough to really hear the music.

    (I have had the poor luck of always being behind a pair of drunk frat boys “whooo-hooo”!-ing at stadium shows, standing on their seats, yelling every 2 minutes, song over or not,a demand some heavy radio rotation hit.)

    The Rosemont is a good choice for David’s performance. Fellow fans attending will be very pleased to take in David’s performance here.

    I do not have the means to travel that far now to attend the show, as I live elsewhere (*sigh*). However, I do understand the priorities of a family man, and asking for a many city tour for my sake IS too much to ask. He has been doing this all his adult life, and children grow up too fast, especially babies and toddlers. Having a real family life has put a special energy in David’s new work, and an endless tour would detract from that energy.

  42. I’ll be there on the 13th! I luckily scored tickets during presale. Not too far of a drive from Madison, I can’t wait

  43. Caption Competition

    DG: Are you sure the dates on the tickets said the 12th and 13th?

    Manager: Yup… March 12th and 13th

    DG: It was April not March you pillock!

  44. Yep, there it is! I can’t wait!! Sounds like alot of people going also saw Roger there in ’99. That was a great show,…but…no offense to Roger ’cause I love him, David is going to bring the house down. I love it that I have this opportunity. Roger, David……? hmmmm..who knows. That March release date for “On an Island” is coming too slow! So is April 13th. See you there!!!!

  45. I am in complete shock that I am actually going to get to see David in concert. This will definitely be a great night (April 13th). Also, my dad gets to come to the concert with me as well. My dad was who introduced me to the great music of David Gilmour. Our tickets are just left of center, 20 rows back. The theater looks great as well as the new look of the website. Thanks goes out to David Gilmour for touring!

  46. Oh YEAH!! I will be there or I should say my son and I will be there…on BOTH NIGHTS!!! Looking forward to seeing one of the greatest of all times, again. It is nice to know my college aged son feels the same way. Timless music that will entertain generations to come. Counting down the days…


  47. I will be there the 13th, Driving from St. Louis City of Blues. Sec 112. Looks like a sweat venue , Rightly so for the “Man” Himself. Nuff Said. See you there!

  48. April 12th & 13th can’t arrive soon enough! I was going to stay home from work on December 20 to buy tickets online at 10:00am, but I didn’t. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! I ended up buying tickets for both shows later that night and got balcony seats (not complaining). I feel blessed to have been able to get tickets at all.

    My two brothers and I are going to see David Gilmour in concert two nights in a row! How do you top that? We saw Robert Plant at the Auditorium Theatre last July and thought it doesn’t get any better than this. Well, we were wrong. Wishing David and everyone involved with this tour the best of luck and fantastic memories.

  49. I will be there the 12th! I am absolutely in love with the new “On An Island” single! I am so excited to see my hero (greatest guitarist of all time) I can barely stand it. The new website is fabulous!! Thank You!

  50. Yes, I have seen several shows at the Rosemont Theater including Roger’s in 1999. All have been a great experience- great sound, and unobstructed view of the stage from any seat. Also, if I recall correctly you cannot bring food or beverages into the hall which is a great thing. There’s nothing quite like sitting in back of someone who has to make a dozen beer rounds during the performance. I have front row center balcony for Dave’s show on the 12th. Looking forward to it!



  52. David gilmour on the 12th. Cant stand the wait. its only 11 days before my birthday and i cant wait…this tops my birthday which isnt easy because its my 16th. I hope the Features Editor will come on for the encore (Cause i kno you want to Fe.Ed.) cause of course there will be one! at least I hope.


  53. I neglected to thank the Features Editor in my previous post for a great site. Sorry about that! I check it everyday with great anticipation. Also, thank you for having a sense of humor. It can’t be easy sometimes. I’m looking forward to hearing David play his new music at the Rosemont Theatre. PS – Please ask David to play Fat Old Sun! Thanks.

  54. I will be at the Rosemont show on 4/12 coming from Ft Lauderdale, FL and and I have been counting the seconds for a while now. For those who might have missed Floyd when they toured, allow me to tell you that you are going to witness the standard of what guitar playing is measured. I saw The Floyd twice in ’87 and twice in’94 and was blown away. Dave is a master.

    I am looking forward to visiting Chicago and seeing the venue. Good to read about the good acoustics. This is of the utmost for Dave as he does what he does, and well. Can’t wait!!

  55. Hello All, I have single ticket for April 13th show. Row G, Balcony CENTER Sec. 206. Want face price. I’d love for a true fan to receive. Thank you.

  56. I saw Springsteen at the Rosemont last year, and it was just jaw droppingly amazing! You could hear a pin drop in that place, and the acoustics will complement the amazing David Gilmour so much! I’m going on the 12th, and i had to fight hard for tickets! I’ve been watching Dave’s DVD from London for the past couple weeks, gearing up for the new album and then the show. I just can’t friggin wait any longer. I want to thank David for coming to Chicago, we are so pleased to welcome him!

  57. I’ve got the greatest girlfriend in the world, she got me presale tix as a Xmas gift for the 12th show and I didn’t hear about the tour yet. I am so lucky to see this legend guitarist. I’ve never seen a show at this venue and was skeptical at 1st but I’m confident David has a top notch crew that can make even a tin barn sound like a lush auditorium. I’ll be in the balcony with ears perked. Cheers.

  58. Rosemont Theatre is just fantastic. I have three tickets in the center balcony. King Crimson played a great concert at one of the very first RT events, if not the first rock show there. I remember Neil Young commenting more than once about the exceptional acoustics at RT during a solo performance some years ago. This will be a great site for Gilmour. Thanks for coming to the neighborhood.

  59. My lovely bride to be and I are coming in from Denver, CO to see the show. We’re going with my best friend that lives in Chicago and his wife. This show is long over due and I can’t wait to experience yet another Gilmour moment. I plan on making the most of the evening (420) and sharing it with my fellow Floyd fans.

    See ya at the show!

  60. Ill be at Rosemont on the 12th. I saw Waters there , and met him back in 1999. Its a great place for a show but yeah no smoking or drinking in the seats.

    Its also a nice place for surprise guest, hint hint, with its close proximity to O’Hare airport.

    Will David be using the quad sound system on this tour?

    Keep up the good work squashing those lousy scalpers.

    Thanks for coming to the Chicago area.

  61. Coming from Kansas City to see the show on the 13th. Really looking forward to seeing David live again. Will be a great treat for sure! The new album is going to be incredible!

  62. I really like the music that you have on the website. Is it a David Gilmour original?

    The dozen or so Floyd shows I have attended, (87-94) I really enjoyd the sound effects they play up to the beginning of the concert. The ambiant effect was was great.

    Will there be any traditional Floyd type stuff happening on this tour?

    I cant wait for the album to be released and cant wait for the show. 12 years is too long to wait between seeing David play live.

  63. Wow I’m really excited that this show is coming as the preview on of the album looks great. Went to the pink floyd laser extravaganza in Milwaukee WI this weekend and it really gets one excited to see David live!

    I’m still looking for seats (for the Chicago show)and can’t afford the scalpers prices if any one has two or three (I want to take my fiances daughter) extra I don’t care about which day they are for, well figure a way to get there!! Please let me know at


  64. Driving in from Tennessee on the 13th for the show. Saw Pink Floyd in Oakland, CA in 1990 and to this day it’s still the best concert I’ve seen. I cannot wait for this show, especially after seeing the new video and listening to the title track. Already pre-ordered the CD…..

    This is like waiting to open the bestest Christmas present ever and just having to look at it and wait until the day. 😉


  65. Coming from Cleveland with my son. Can’t wait for the show and thanks for the pictures of Rosemont. This is going to be a great show!

  66. Coming from Fort Wayne, Indiana, my husband & I and our 2 best friends will be at Rosemount on the 12th! This concert is my dream come true! You are the best!!!!!!! We scored tickets 5th row from the stage. I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!! See you soon!

    Amanda & Dan

  67. I am 38 years old and was very fortunate to have a father who shared his musical interests with me. I have followed suit and am sharing my love of great music with my two lovely daughters(ages 11 & 8). When my ex was pregnant I took her(for the sake of my unborn child) to see Pink Floyd at Soldier Field and had headphones on her stomach throughout the pregnancy playing “The Division Bell”, “Wish You Were Here” and “Dark Side of the Moon”. I used to rock her to sleep to “High Hopes”(which she now considers her own special song) and “Coming Back To Life”. I made a promise to my older daughter when she was born that if Pink Floyd or David Gilmour ever toured again we’d go.I was able to live up to my promise, I gave them tickets for Christmas to see David Gilmour at the Rosemont Theater on April 12th and their excitement was an overwhelming joy to experience! It amazes me that both of my girls can name all of their favorite songs and sing along with them word for word. I look forward to sharing a truly special night with the 4 loves of my life, my lovely wife, my two beautiful daughters and the music of a man who has no equal. Thank you Mr. Gilmour for helping me to keep my promise and making a dream come true for myself and two lovely young girls who will remember April 12th,2006 for the rest of their lives!

  68. To Fellow Fort Wayne IN. Floyd Fans,

    I thought I was the only one from Fort Wayne traveling to see David on the 12th of April. I have 10th row seats and would love to contact anyone going to the show. My e-mail is

  69. I remember very well after the Ticketmaster agent said she got me two tickets and I just about cried on the spot. My hands were shaking so bad that I could barely sign the credit card slip. See y’all on the 13th of April. Section 111, row CC.

  70. My best friend abd I will be at The Rosemont on the 13th!!! When I got the tickets I don’t think it had completly sunk in yet…but now that the date gets colser I can not believe I will be watching David with my own two eyes! I have been waiting for a long time for this! I became a fan the in 1994 the night Pink floyd was performing in Kansas City. I was hanging out with my freinds and a Pink Floyd song came on the radio…I had heard the song before but didn’t know who it was (gosh was there ever a time I didn’t recognized David’s guitar technique?) my friend said it’s Pink Floyd! He said he had “The Wall” back at his house, so down the street we went and after I heard it I WAS HOOKED!!! From then on I couldn’t get enough…I went out the next day and bought every Pink Floyd Album and Both of David’s solo albums! I thought I missed my chanced to see David in concert so you could imagine how excited I was when I saw the tour info. I am flying up from Kansas City on the 12 and leaving the 14 and it will be worth every penny and every second!!! Maybe he will play my favorite song “lets get metaphysical”, if he did I could die on the 14th a happy man!!! See you all there!!!

  71. I am so excited for this tour, that I purchased tickets for both nights, main floor on the 12th, balcony on the 13th. The Rosemont Theatre is a wonderful venue, great sight lines and fantastic sound. I’ve seen many great shows there…Neil Young on his Greendale tour, Mark Knopfler, Moody Blues, and the Australian Pink Floyd show to name a few. Are there any plans to record any of the shows for a DVD release? The Rosemont Theatre has had several shows filmed there.

    I am really enjoying the new format of the website. Keep up the great job! See you at the Rosemont!

  72. I’ve been to probably 200 concerts in and around chicago all in the rock genere….but this I garuntee will be the best show ever. I ‘ve seen Roger waters and never got to see Pink Floyd sadly. But this is the man that made me pick up a guitar and want to play.


  73. saw “the floyd” when they played the rosemont horizon (now allstate arena) on the momentary lapse of reason tour – i remember leaving the show and hearing my friend say “it was like a religious experience”! i expect david to be the same. goin solo with a “hot seats” package row J center stage. can’t wait!!

  74. Timeline, I was/will be there:

    1975 – Olympia Stadium Detroit Wish You Were Here Tour (with buddies)
    1977 – Cleveland Stadium Animals Tour (with buddies)
    1979 – Met my future wife
    1982 – Married my wife
    1987 – Palace of Auburn Hills Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour (with buddies, no wife)
    1994 – Pontiac Silverdome Division Bell Tour (with my “little” sister & bro-in-law, no wife)
    2006 – Rosemont Theater David Gilmour On an Island Tour (with my “little” sister & bro-in-law AND TAKING MY WIFE)

  75. OOOOOOOh BOY- April cant arrive fast enough. Going to both Rosemont Theatre shows. Anyone interested in renting a double-decker English-style bus out of Fitz’s Pub in Elmhurst? You know I’m right.

  76. Cannot Wait! I’ve been to the theater before for different productions and I am sooo looking foward to David’s guitar to wash over me like a cats tongue on my brain. I’m giddy to feel the soudwaves dancing with my skin like feeling sand being blown at you on the beach. The website is great and I realy like the video sample. If Polly is going to be there I volunteer to take photos.

    See you lucky ones there on Wednesday night.


  77. I am 53 with a 13 year old son that started playing a vhs tape of a Live David Gilmore Concert of mine a year ago and hasn’t stopped since. He has now purchased David’s CD’s as well as Floyd’s. Here I live in Chicago and didn’t hear about the concert till yesterday and of course I can’t get tickets. For those of you that have not been to this venue you’re in for a treat!

  78. Dave, you should have a date in Wisconsin somewhere for us students who can’t go anywhere during the week because we’re at college! How ’bout a show at UW-Stevens Point??? Please consider…for the students. Thanks!

  79. Mr. Gilmour

    Although not as old as some of you other fans ,my friend and I are huge fans. i’m flying all the way from ohio to come see you in in Rosemont on the 12. I can’t wait to hear ya. The album is amazing and smile is the most beautiful song…I’m really glad your bringin Mr. Wright with ya. Thank you for going on tour agian!

  80. Mr. Gilmour,

    My husband have the most fortunate chance to see you in concert in Chicago. (They do occasionally let Texans outside the state.) At any rate, I’ve been listening to the album and it is by far my favorite of the albums you have produced. The sheer enjoyment and love of making music shines through. Thank you ever so much for continuing to share your talents with us!

    Best wishes and here’s to wonderful concert,
    Jenn C.

  81. I CAN”T wait till April 12th and 13th, got my 5th row center tickets for the 12th and since Im going with an old college friend who couldn’t afford the pretty high ticket costs I will be sitting in the balcony the second night, but no matter the show will be a highlight of my life , the second in a year when last April I got to meet Nick Mason in NYC at his book signing, only to miss Roger Waters visiting by 15 MINUTES!! Look forward to the evenings!

  82. Since many people are driving from far away to attend this fantastic show, does anyone know if the parking area is right next to the theatre? I have no clue about where to park! Could someone help out a fan from Ft. Wayne IN. Please!! Thanks, Dave

  83. Hi, I just found out about the show at the Rosemont last week, (I live under a rock LOL) ANyway, all the tickets are SOLD OUT for both nights, and i’ll just die if I don’t get to go. Dacvid has been the love of my life for twenty years…and more, don’t want to show the age. aNYWAY, i SAW A LOT OF WEBSITES THAT SAY THEY HAVE HIS TICKETS FOR SALE…hAS ANYONE TRIED THIS BEFORE? I just have to see him, I LOOOVVVEEE him, relly I do. If anyone has an idea that can help, please email me at I need 4 tickets. THX!!

  84. Hi all! I’m a rather young David Gilmour fan, but I still love him. His voice is just so amazing and, I daresay, orgasmic. Anyways, I managed to get one ticket for meself waaaay toward the back in the center. If there are any bars or restaurants nearby we want hold as a pre-show meeting point, let me know. People have done so in the past with Roger Waters shows, and it’s just so fun to chat with fellow fans! I’m in Wisconsin, so if there are any locals who know the area, let us know what’s around!

  85. im flying up from pittsburgh to see this show, bought my ticket on ebay, im way in the back

  86. Hey David 😉

    PLEASE consider reuniting with Roger, Rick and Nick at least one more time.

    KEEP TALKING………………..

    September 1987 Milwaukee County Stadium was the best version of Comfortable Numb I have ever heard. Please tear it up again for us at the Rosemont on the 13th.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. HOLA David,

    I finally saw you last month in Amsterdam…beautiful, magistral! Your music has always played a major role in my life, fantastic! in all my adventures as a gipsy, architect, photographer, sailor, etc. I am 37 years old, from Venezuela and now living in Holland.

    I remember myself on the beach (when I was at the university), around 5 am in the morning waiting for the right waves to surf en listening to your music…

    Gracias! and keep flying…

  88. Chicago shows only days away.Cant believe its almost here. Safe journeys to Mr. G, his family,the band, their families and all involved. And the sincerest of thanks for visiting Chicago next week. I cant even begin to express where your music has taken me-how it has inspired me for 35+ years-the events of my life will always have your guitar and voice as the soundtrack.Sadness, joy, rage,fear, wonder-the list is endless.From “a pillow of winds” to “the blue”-indescribable except through tears. I just hope I can keep it together for the shows-I can feel the emotion building already. Being with several thousand fellow devotees should help.In closing, thank you again for all of your art over the years-I would not want to imagine a life without it-thank you forever.

  89. Have to work late.. have tickets for Wed show in chgo
    can anyone tell me if there is a warm up band and what time has Gilmour been taking the stage? Need to know how fast i have to drive

    [There’s no support act. – Features Editor]

  90. Hey FEd

    I don’t think I’ve seen the following on the DG site, but here is a cool link. 10 minute radio interview with David. Some good chuckles too. Click my name and scroll down until you see David

    See you all in Chicago on Wednesday!

    [We have already got it here, but we’ll take it again. Thanks, Kevin. Enjoy yourself in Chicago. – Features Editor]

  91. Hello David, Family, Band, Crew, etc.

    I will be attending the show tonight (12th) in Chicago. It would be supurb to hear Coming Back to Life!

    Anyways, Im getting ready to start the journey to Chicago from downstate Illinois. Good luck to everyone in the DG team, and I wish you all the best!

  92. My wife and I flew in from Alabama (saw Pink Floyd in Birmingham ’94) for the April 13th show at the Rosemont Theatre…Amazing!!! Even though this was a much smaller venue and the production was less than half the size of the Floyd show, it still stands a close second to the ’94 show as the greatest live music event I’ve ever witnessed. And, even though we had back row seats in the balcony, with the help of binoculars we didn’t miss a move and the acoustics and lasers were spectacular from up there.

    Any info on finding the setlist? And where to find those cool shirts with the big pig on the chest?



    [There has been a blog entry for each concert (on the night of the concert) and that night’s setlist is included among the fan comments, Damon. – Features Editor]

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