RAH tickets sold out


The extra tickets for the three Royal Albert Hall shows, which were released today, had completely sold out by 2:30PM.

Congratulations to all those who were able to snap up the last of the tickets. We hope you will have a great night, whichever show you will be attending.

Commiserations to those who missed out, but we might just have something to cheer you up. Keep reading and all will be revealed shortly….

Another rehearsal photo for you now, and this time it’s Richard Wright, Guy Pratt and Jon Carin.

Many more coming soon.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

86 thoughts on “RAH tickets sold out”

  1. I am loving the rehearsal photos, but man it feels like April is soooo far away, and due to all these lovely “highlights” you are throwing our way, I know this is going to be an incredible tour/show. The new music is great, thank you David!

    See you in Chicago,


  2. Now THAT’S the picture I’ve been waiting for. Well… it would have been nice if David was in it too, but beggars can’t be choosers.

    Is that how they’ll be positioned in concert? It’s good to get Rick and Jon out from behind those stacks and stacks of equipment so we can see them. AND HEY WHERE’S RICK’S MIC?

  3. You guys {and Guy} look hard at work in todays pic. Hope all is going well. I’m a little upset. I somehow missed the third video clip yesterday. Is there anyway of seeing that one now?

  4. Great Image!! Hmm, Guy and John singing backing vocals at the same time, could that meant that “Comfortably Numb” is part of the setlist?

    I would certainly hope so!!!

    Good to see Guy using a Fender Precision bass a valuable asset to any bassists arsenal.

    Roll on Radio City!

  5. Looking forward to being cheered up !

    I tried to get some tickets for this over the net (I am in Melbourne Australia), but the RAH website seemed to have died for most of the morning! Cheers Mike

  6. I hope the Choir seats are worth the money. Are they?

    Even if they’re sh*t, I can’t wait till the 31st of May – I’ll be able to watch a living legend do what he does best.

  7. Will you be posting all the video clips from On An Island for us Mac Quicktime Users??

    Will you be able to make all clips available in the On An Island section of the site once the album has been released??

    Can’t believe I missed The Blue video clip!!! What time do you switch clips over (GMT). Can’t access videos at work so came home to find I missed it!


  8. i wonder which song they’re practising? very very interesting. keep it coming. please and thank you.

  9. To answer Neil Springate’s post a few days back it’s a Conn Strobotuner, one of the first electronic tuners. It’s very accurate and incredibly frustrating to use. David loves them, personally I can’t stand the bloody things…

    Still hard at it by the way…


  10. I’ve heard complaints from the modorator about getting asked the same questions over and over again, so I thought I’d throw a new one into the mix….

    If David Gilmour was a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would he be?

    I’m guessing that lettuce would be involved, but maybe I’m just being presumptuous.

    [Thanks for that, Matt, but we’re not taking more questions at the moment. We will be, just as soon as we get through the backlog, so please hold onto it until then. Thanks! – Features Editor]

  11. Is that David’s Jedson Lap Steel Guitar on Take a Breath? OR is it another make?

    Very nice anyway

    Keep posting the clips.Thank you.

  12. This picture is very exciting. I must confess I agree with Michael Kelly in saying give Rick a Mic! I hope rick gets alot of stage time this tour as opposed to the small amounts of him at the meltdown shows. When David and Rick Harmonise Only john and Paul were better.

  13. I also tried to get one ticket for me since 9 A.M., but insuccesfully…I live in Brazil. RAH website seemed innaccessivel this morning. Thank you for beautiful photos.


  14. That clip from Take a Breath sounds pretty awesome. Really nice. I hope a lot of the album is like that…but also I hope some of it is music that you have to make grow on you. A lot of pink Floyd to me seems like that, you got to listen to it a few times to really appreciate it, then after that, the music is almost pure bliss for awhile (until it gets a little old, then you let it rest for awhile until its new again).

  15. Wright

    The Triple Threat! Love it.

    April 13th is just month and a half away!

  16. I just want to say… “Nice work!” to whom ever got those last tickets! I would’ve loved to see David at Royal Albert’s Hall!


    p.s: March is coming! “ON AN ISLAND”

  17. “Will you be posting all the video clips from On An Island for us Mac Quicktime Users?

    Posted by: Ryan Gallagher at February 27, 2006 09:42 PM”

    Not trying to speak out of turn, but I believe Windows Media Player provides free d/l’s of there software, even for Mac users.

    Persumably, with a copy of Windows Media Player for Macs, you will be able to view David’s videos streams.

    Good luck!

  18. Nice shot of the rehearsal. Does anyone have any info if the individual venues have a position on allowing ticket holders to bring cameras into the shows? I know that decision is usually left up to the artist. It seems to be a trend since the majority of the artists I’ve seen in the past several years have allowed cameras for still photography–not video of course.

    [I imagine it will be a ‘no camera’ zone at each venue, Randy. If I hear otherwise, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  19. I have to agree with Elizabeth of Chicago, April seems so far away but well worth the wait. I am one of the fortunate fans who will enjoy Easter with Mr. Gilmour & Co. Looking forward to seeing David perform at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, CA. Perhaps we may also see Crosby & Nash perform with David, “On An Island?”

    Juls :^D

  20. Hey nice pics over the last couple of days. I got to see the Take a breathe clip and IT ROCKS!!

    Thanks to the website for giving us a sneak peak!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  21. To Rudders, The Hard Rock Cafe on Yonge St. I believe it’s south of Dundas and could be the place to meet for the show, anyone else in Toronto? It’s walking distance to the venue.

  22. Flashback! Wow! Great pic!

    Would love to be a fly on that wall.

    I bet Jon and Rick will sing backing vocals on On An Island instead of Crosby and Nash on tour.

    And i bet they’ll do a hellowa good job!


  23. Nice Picture.

    Take a breath looks very strong and suggestive. Love the orchestra on the background.

    I’d like to say hello to Richard, John and Guy. Thank you all guys.

  24. Great views of Rick in photo, does this mean its true that they are rehearsing “Wearing the inside out”? Listened to this last night and got so carried away burnt my sausages!! Now what food can I ruin when listening to “OaI”?


    [There are a lot of rumours, Ian. – Features Editor]

  25. Could be a photo of a live Floyd performance. 😉

    Someone mentioned Comfortably Numb… I always wished that Rick would handle Roger’s vocal part alone. I think that would work better. Not that Guy or Jon do a bad job, of course.

    Only a few weeks until Amsterdam, or as I have been calling it in my bestest Ducth accent, Omshterdom. Hooray!

  26. The Blue sounds absolutely gorgeous.

    Only a few days now; I can’t wait.

    Keep up the great work with the site.

  27. Hi Ed,

    What ive heard so far of the new album is truely amazing the clips each day are quality and its less than a week to go until we get our hands on the cd.

    OK this suprise tomorrow is that for the people who have purchased tickets in the choir section, dont tell me they will be issued with song sheets and used as backing singers? speeking of which any news on if there are to be any backing singers for this tour?

    Or could the suprise be for the people like me who were so lucky to get pre-order tickets at the Albert Hall,i would love to know where my seat will be i really cant wait for the concert in May.

    [You’ve got a good seat, Neil. Those are the best seats in the house. No confirmation on backing singers, but maybe you’re onto something with the fans in the choir seats…. Maybe everyone who will be sitting in that area should dust down their old school uniforms and practice ‘Another Brick in the Wall (Part Two)? – Features Editor]

  28. A big thank you to the features editor for his/her nice comments regarding my first posting yesterday about ticket sales at the Royal Albert Hall.

    As it looks like I will miss seeing this tour because of no tickets (my first misssed gig since attending most Floyd / Solo tours in London since The Rainbow Theatre February 1972).My question this time is will this site be selling any “official tour merchandise” for all us ticketless people?

    Please keep up all the good work on this site.

    [There will be merchandise, Gary. We’re getting things ready for the album release on Monday, but once that’s out, attention will turn to the tour. We’ll let you know all the details both here and on the Latest News page. – Features Editor]

  29. Why “most eastern” concerts are in Germany? Where is the offer for the rest of Europe? For Poland – for example? Neither Pink Floyd, nor David Gilmour played in Poland before!!! Some Polish musicians (Preisner and Mozdzer) helped David to record “On An Island” album. It’s a good reason to organize a concert in Poland too. David, welcome to Poland!

  30. I know, fed you don’t enjoy talking about Roger.

    There are two musicians unknown for his summer tour 2006. What about Rich and David?

    Fed, don’t be rude, it is just a joke.

    I personally don’t like the way Roger is getting on with this tour. There are several things that are not clear, yet.

    Anyway, I am happy to have tikets for David in Milan. I won’t sell them for any reason!!

    PS. Why people like Sonny White?

  31. To Matt-who said “If David Gilmour was a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would he be?”

    Gotta be corned beef! I have been eating them for over 30 years now, as long as I have been litening to Floyd/Gimour and it has done be any harm???

    How about 5 words that describe David using his letters of name as follows:

    D = Dependable
    A = Artistic
    V = Valuable
    I = Iconic
    V = Venerable


  32. i noticed another sneaky post by guy there ed…think its great that guy is giving us a few snippets here and there and paying a bit of attention to the fans(doesnt happen often on other artists site…cant stop checking this site a few times a day for more…always a good sign..roll on le grand rex…thanks for the work so far ed

    [Cheers, John. It sure is good of Guy to take time out from rehearsals to keep us informed… Thanks, Guy! – Features Editor]

  33. Thanks Anderson,

    I already have Windows Media for mac but it doesn’t seem to stream very well. I found real player and it’s a bit better. You can get through the whole video in one go but some frames freeze while the audio keeps going.

    Thanks anyway for your suggestion!

  34. i love to see such involvement from active members, i.e. guy pratt. thanks for the news.

    satisfied my curiosity as well

  35. Outrageous! Already there are Choir seats being sold on ebay for £200-00! Will this illicit trading ever cease?!

    PS. The three tracks from the album I have heard so far are stunning. This is going to be one hell of a classy album – his best so far?


    Its Snowy White, and he has played on tours with them before. Noteably he does the extended guitar solo on the live version of pigs on the wing. (which rocks btw)

  37. Fedmeister et al

    Take a Breath reminds me of Dogs of War with the driving beat and almost “punk” style vocals… good track!

    To all the Torontonians and other Canuks – I’ll hopefully see you at the Hard Rock, Yonge Street before the concert on the 9th!

    I’ll be the one carrying the Fender 50th Anniversary T’Shirt for the Fedmeister… 🙂

  38. Caption Competition:

    GP Singing Soprano: “Oh for the wings, for the wings of a do..do…do….dove!”

    RW to JC: “He’s not quite hitting that last high note so up the voltage to his underpants”

    [My sincere apologies to Guy… – Features Editor]

  39. Thanks Guy for taking time out to post.

    Great seeing RW sitting at the keyboards in today’s photo. Pretty much a keyboard genius in my opinion, and always good seeing him working with David.

    It’s just amazing to see all the radio networks tripping up over one another in their frantic efforts to be the first to air ‘OaI’. ‘Amazing’, but understandable. Every track I’ve heard so far has been breath taking.

    Has Radio 2 chosen the lucky winners yet? If so, my tickets obviously been lost in the post. 😉

  40. interesting…

    I found that Jon Carin is in Roger Waters band when he performs with nick in france…

  41. Ian,

    Who is DAVIV ?? 🙂

    [Ouch! I didn’t notice, Ian. Well spotted, Eyal! Perhaps the second ‘D’ can be ‘Daring’? – Features Editor]

  42. A question about the concerts coming… Does David prefer a quiet audience which stay on the seats during all the performance or a more “fan” behaviour with people coming in front of the stage ?

    By the way, nice job with the site and the blog ! Great idea giving us a clip everyday :-p

    [Bearing in mind the places that David will be visiting on this tour, then a quieter and more subdued audience would be more fitting. People will have to remain in their seats, so no one will be able to rush the stage. – Features Editor]

  43. I heard last night the entire album On an island on radio Q1043… waouhhh !!! incredible, awesome, David’s guitar playing is wonderful and makes me dream, ever and ever…far better than with PF!

    But, why cannot we heard the single on french radios? they say they don’t yet receive it! why ?Can you do anything to help us?

    Nice work you do, always! thank you very much!

    The clips are wonderful…and you so…

  44. RE: Rippen.

    Yep, sorry for the mistake. After some bad live gigs, a lot of us doesn’t like him at all. That’s it.

    Somebody is calling him “biancaneve”…

    By the way, thank you Guy for joing us. It is a pleasure to chatch up with your news.

    Have a good job!

  45. F. Ed, David,

    OAI was played twice yesterday, which is quite a feat for this area that usually plays the classic rock and rock “hits” and teeny bopper stuff, and wannabe country. (It was sandwiched in between some Joe Walsh and Alice in Chains)

    Great pic today, it’s good to see Rick in action, as well as Guy and Jon. If I may humbly offer a suggestion to David, it would be real nice to hear “Dogs”. Jon did an awesome job on that song with Roger, and it would be nice to hear David play the solos live. (And you could do it without playing card games in the middle of the song…)

    I’ve been watching the clips, and it’s great stuff. I really liked Castellorizon, it reminded me of Coming Back to Life. Astoria seems like it’s a beautiful place, some really good woodwork in there. Thanks for giving us a few nice pics of that.

    One of the songs in the press release reminded me of High Hopes. It definitely has a good feel to it and I am looking forward to hearing it in full.

    Also, thanks for the updates from Guy. (see, we do occasionally glance at other posts on here 🙂 ) And thanks again to David for this blog, it is quite a welcome change to have the opportunity to see you in a more personal environment. Best wishs again on your tour and album’s success.


  46. I’m quite happy to see pictures of practice. It makes me excited for firstly Amsterdam and subsequently Glasgow, two homes of great audiences, where each gig will have their own special feel.

    It’s also nice to see John, Guy and Richard rehearsing, a core element of the Division Bell tours and before, it would be hard to imagine David playing without that trio behind him.

    This is all shaping up to be rather excellent, the band are having a good time and look to be enjoying the whole process (recording and rehearsals) – and the audience seem to be looking forward to the album in great anticipation. Everybody involved is having a plain old good time, and I’m happy to see that.

  47. Wiem, że to angielska strona, ale mam zamiar napisać tutaj po polsku. KOCHAM ZESPÓŁ PINK FLOYD!!!!!(In English:I LOVE PINK FLOYD!!!).To jest super zespół, mam kilka krążków(the wall i the dark side of the moon). Jakby co to wpadajcie na mój blogasek o Floydach. Mam również nadzieję, że David Gilmour zobaczy mój wpis i też może mi coś napisze:-)

  48. Fedmeister

    Raising the subject around eBay and the profiteering on tickets. I suggested way back when an idea of going to the root cause which was eBay (and similar) and DG doing a “Bob Geldof” and getting them to agree that if tickets were sold on eBay that they would, using PayPal, transfer the profits to a charity fund… well…. as it happens a senior leader in the company I work for is moving to eBay as a senior leader… so if you need a contact name let me know….

  49. Fedmeister!

    [Bearing in mind the places that David will be visiting on this tour, then a quieter and more subdued audience would be more fitting. People will have to remain in their seats, so no one will be able to rush the stage. – Features Editor]

    So DG isn’t going to be diving into a sea of hands in the audience! C’mon! where’s the spirit? derring do? bravado! 🙂

    [The band won’t be crowd-surfing on this tour, no. Each night will be a very civilised and dignified affair! – Features Editor]

  50. RE the video clips for Mac.

    Windows Media Player for Mac and RealPlayer for Mac work fine for me. I’m using Safari as a browser as well.

  51. To the Mac user,

    You can also see the EPK on Amazon, where it is featured on the OAI page.

    Thanks to Mr. Pratt for checking in again. It definitely helps foster that bond between the artists and the fans. To me it means that the band must be getting as excited as we are.

    I know this is a question that won’t get answered, but in the face of futility, I’ll give it a go. Any chance there will be some special ‘guest appearances’ on David’s west coast American swing? I do do believe there are a pair of aging gents with angelic voices that live in the LA area who would be of interest to me: one looks a bit like an aging and slightly portly walrus (in a good way of course) and the other a refined middle aged gray haired English ex-hippy. Just a stab in the dark really.

    Lastly, my apologies to David. I read a snippet of an interview with David in Mojo in which David says he doesn’t like being called Dave. I stand before you, guilty for having transgressed many, many times o’er the years. It’s David from now on.

    Just one week to go!


    [Hi Peter. If there are to be any special guests, we’ll let you know. Unless we want it to be a surprise, of course. Then we’ll keep very, very quiet. – Features Editor]

  52. Hello and Thanks to Guy for taking a few moments from what is surely a busy day to share a thought or two with us here in the real world.

    All the hard work being done in rehersals now will most certainly be HEARTILY appreciated by everyone in attendance at the shows to come . . .!!!! What a treat it is to have a peek into the preparations for this special little tour . . . . the whole thing just has such a warm feeling around it . . . . . sorry . . . mushy, mushy, mushy . . .

    Can’t wait for Chicago! (front row – worth every single cent)

    p.s. the offer to buy breakfast for the band and crew if you play for us all night still stands . . . . . . . just putting that out there . . . . .

  53. Guy, love hearing you pipe in whenever you can. Thank you for taking the time. It’s a real thrill for all of us getting a glimpse firsthand at what’s transpiring. If the spirit moves you (and your six-string Task Master happens to unshackle you for 4 minutes), could you give us an idea how often you guys rehearse and for how long at a clip? Maybe throw in a brief anecdote or two. You know, “After continuing to detune David’s guitar during bathroom breaks for the 12th day in a row, Phil M. finds himself duct-taped to the drum riser.” (Yes that’s EXACTLY what I picture going on every day!) Thanks Guy! Now get back to work…your 4 minutes is up!!!

  54. Thanks for the updates Guy! Look forward to the Radio City Shows and would love to meet the band (as would thousands more) on April 5th. Barring backstage passes, I’ll be standing next to my crazy husband who thinks his shirt from the ’84 us gilmour tour will still fit him. Finally, try and squeeze in Green is the Color. I think it fits well w/in the style of the new album…. Hopefully this won’t unleash a tide of requests

  55. Great line up!!!!!!!

    They all look great together

    Where’s David?

    mmmm maybe David took the picture????

  56. Great picture of Rick, Guy, and Jon playing together!

    I look forward to hearing Rick’s inspired Hammond playing – the great touch behind David’s amazing voice and soaring guitar work!

  57. A day late and a dollar short, I just caught the Red Sky At night clip. I am liking each clip better than the last. This CD is going to get constant play on my player, can’t wait to receive it. Oh also David, sounds like you are doing a dandy job with your sax lessons. I’m impressed. Dang are you just good at everything?

    Can’t wait to see you in Chicago,


  58. I wish David the very best for the tour. I’ve loved all the clips so far of OAI, and this website is great.

    I have a bad taste in my mouth, though, re Roger Waters. Is it me, or has he released tour dates just after David categorically stated that Pink Floyd would not tour? Is it sour grapes because David won’t tour? It is obvious that David wants to enjoy his 60th birthday with a memorable year(CD and tour), and yet Roger seems to want to try and overshadow it (well that’s how it seems to me). Has David fallen out with Nick Mason? Now Nick has made up with Roger, it looks like he has dropped David and is now going to play with Roger. I hope Rick Wright doesn’t finish up joining them after David’s tour. And why are Jon Carin and Carol Kenyon playing with Roger on his tour when they have played with David? No loyalty, I suppose it’s the money. Perhaps it is me being very cynical. Anyway, your King in my eyes, David. I would love Pink Floyd to do a one-off concert in a British venue – but not if David isn’t going to be doing it!!

    Good luck David. Enjoy your year!!


  59. Por favor, señor Gilmour, tengo edad suficiente para saber lo importante que ha llegado a ser para la musica, repito, para la musica en el mundo la aportación que ha hecho el conjunto Pink Floyd. Usted es mi inspiración, le digo a mi mujer que exteriormente soy un tipo llamado Rafael Gisbert pero interiormente soy usted. Mi hija, de 13 años, conoce cada uno de sus discos, identifica sus sonidos con una facilidad enorme, incluso me acompaña con flauta los acordes de mi Fender strato roja. Con esta abreviada descripción de las costumbres mias y de mi hija nos esperabamos que su musica llegase a España, ya lo hizo Pink Floyd en el 87 y en el 94, pero cual ha sido mi decepción que, despuès de tanta espera, decidieron no hacer su gira por un pais que le aprecia.
    Gracias señor Gilmour

  60. Hello all DG fan’s! Well I’m so ever excited, my Mum in law sat on the phone for me and was able to secure a Ticket to David’s RAH show on the Tuesday night – and I’m flying in all the way from Australia just to see him – I cannot wait!!

    [Have a lovely time, Tony! – Features Editor]

  61. I have been following this site since Dec last year. I am very excited to hear a member of my fav group PF, is in works again. I have been following PF since ’87 and now possess all their albums as well as solo work of some of the members. I feel that there is no group like PF and the sound they produced was amazing or psychedelic I should say with mind boggling lyrics. To me PF kind of group comes once in a century. Though I love Led Zep, Dire Straits, John Lennon etc. I have heard clips of his songs and can’t wait for album release. (I live in Toronto) Needless to say that I will be attending the show at Massey hall. I can see that David is very close with Rick Wright and invovled him in couple of songs(which is great) but there is no mention of Nick Mason. Is Dave not in terms with him or he was not needed in this whole project? Also, I will not ask whether there is any scope of another Pink Floyd album with Roger Waters, but I am sure David will agree will me and so does millions of fans that whatever he is today is because of Pink Floyd and since he re-grouped for Live8 for a good purpose, so in my opinion he should forget all the problems he had with Roger, 20yrs back and for the sake of fans, work on (probably last) Pink Floyd album for a good purpose. We deserve this last treat for 4 great people(all should contribute something to the album). The time is clicking by and so does age. I am confident about what I wrote on this page.

    [That’s alright, then! Sorry, I think that’s both selfish and ignorant. Please read David’s most recent interviews – on the Press page of http://www.davidgilmour.com – and you’ll see why. – Features Editor]


  63. Hi, just wanted to say hi from Canada. The radio program last night was brilliant and we are looking forward to seeing you in Toronto !

  64. Happy Birthday David Gilmour!! I love your sound, and I love your soul. New York is waiting for you – Wish you were here!


  65. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dave !!! I have eagerly awaited for your newest project and it’s again like almost evrything you have done…a breath of fresh air !!! I have been a long time fan ever since my first rock-n-roll concert at Nassau Coli. in N.Y.. You have been an inspiration since. I certainly wish you the best for you and your family. I love the fact that you’re still doing your thing at your own pace. It just builds my anticipation by degrees and then you finally release something, it’s just that…a release. It’s like lounging in a cool pool of water, beautiful. Happy Birthday,again, Dave !!!

  66. Wishing Mr. Gilmour a very Happy Birthday. And a big thanks for being such an inspiration to me and other guitar players around the world.

  67. i’m very happy to see david gilmour on stage in olympia 16.03.2006 in france!!!i’m a french fan since 1987.many many thanks for all this years of very beautifull and magic music.la france souhaite un heureux anniversaire à david gilour,un des musiciens les plus inspirés de sa génération.

  68. David, Our best wishes for a wonderful birthday.
    My daughter Ashley and I will see you in New York at Radio City. A lifelong chance to finally
    see you in person. We fly in on 4/2…first time in NY City. We are very excited. Have a wonderful and safe day!

  69. Wish you all the best David and nice Day’s wich coming soon. Hope to see you live some Time in the Future. Greetings to your Family, to Nick and Rick.
    By from here, Bernd.

  70. Hi David: Have a wonderful birthday – from one of your 55 year old fans. My husband and I were fortunate to get tickets to see you in Massey Hall in Toronto and can hardly wait. We are from Red Deer, Alberta (in between Calgary and Edmonton). The last time we saw you (Pink Floyd tour) was in 1992. We flew to Vancouver and then the next night to Edmonton to see you again. So looking forward to hearing your new creation when we can get our hands on it tomorrow and also seeing you on April 9th. Have a wonderful day.
    Chris Mactavish

  71. Happy 60th David!!!!

    Have a great Day. We are waiting To see you on April 20th in L.A.
    Best wishes for you and your family.
    Two peruvian fans.

  72. Happy Birthday Dave!

    May you keep bringing out your lovely sounds for many years to come.

    Gina and Family

  73. Happy Birthday, David!

    We’re definitely seeing you at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles in April, but we hope we can beg or borrow, but not steal a pair of tickets when we get to Amsterdam on the 19th or 20th March!
    We can’t wait to see you either way! Again, a most Happy Birthday!

    Andy & Denise Keene

  74. David,

    I wish you were here, I am celebrating your birthday. Red wine, cheese, apples and your music. Dark Side of The Moon is on, Mexico wasn´t lucky enough to have On An Island today. But, I will get it before the week ends. I wish you the best, health, a successful tour and album and the greatest happiness. I´ll see you in LA, April 20th. A big hug from your friend.


  75. I was born 3/6/1967. I am a big fan of David Gilmour.

    Happy Birthday…and many more to come.


    [Then a hearty “Happy Birthday!” to you too, Mike. – Features Editor]

  76. I´m a huge fan of Pink Floyd,and of course of David Gilmour. I just think the guy´s fantastic.I don´t know where he get´s it from. He´s one of my favourite guitar players of all time.

    I just have one regret. Why not a concert in Portugal. He is such a respected artist in here, that he would sell out any major arena. So Dave, if you see this message, please try as much as you can to come to Portugal some day.

    Your music fan Telmo Marques.

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