Pat yourself on the back



Stuart Maconie (covering for Johnnie Walker) has just announced details of the competition to win tickets to see David and his band on 7 March in London… and he’s only gone and played ‘Money’ instead of ‘On An Island’.

Feel free to do what you’ve already done to such tremendous effect and let BBC Radio 2 know what you think. You can listen to the live show online until 7PM (UK). Text 88291 or e-mail the show so they know that we want David’s new song, not old Pink Floyd ones.

Details of the competition are also on the website. Good luck to all who enter, and please remember that this competition is open to UK residents only.

If you contacted BBC Radio 2 on Friday, then pat yourself on the back. Not only was the song played, but it was played twice due to there being such a great response from people keen to hear it again. So that’s twice in the space of just 90 minutes.

Now, although we couldn’t possibly encourage you to lobby your radio station and request the full album version instead of the single edit, how about lobbying your radio station and requesting the full album version instead of the single edit?

Johnnie Walker will also be playing ‘On An Island’ on his show on Monday, so do tune in.

At this rate, we hope that the single will soon be promoted to the B List. So thanks again to everyone who has requested it.

If you want to hear it again, then visit BBC Radio 2 and LISTEN AGAIN to last Friday’s ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’ show. You want 39 minutes for the first play and two hours and six minutes for the second.

When you’ve stopped patting yourself on the back, how about three cheers for Richard Allinson (who was filling in for Steve Wright on Friday)?

A quick point about the sound clips that you’re hearing – and loving – on the homepage.

These are not taken directly from the album as it were, so please don’t judge the album from these loops alone. What you’re hearing are extras from recording sessions which may, or may not, be expanded upon on the album. As I’m now boring myself by saying this – so I dread to think how tired you are of hearing it – I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait until the album comes out to judge it properly.

Not long to wait now, though. 16-17 days, but who’s counting?

More tomorrow to make up for a quiet past week, including more of Polly’s fabulous photographs.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Wow! Today’s clip sounds amazing; strage and haunting. I hope that’s one that make it onto the album.

  2. Finally heard on an island. Had to go to BBC2 on line. I’ve heard that stations in Chicago were playing it (WXRT & The Loop), but never caught it.

    Anyway, On an Island is a great song. Takes you away to another place, which I love. Kinda a bit like CNS&Y deja vu’? David’s voice with Crosby/Nash flowed and meshed very well.

    And the guitar… perfection.

    A question to the staff. Many of us are not from the UK. Can you give a quick education on C list/B list/A list and differences between BBC1, 2, 3 etc…The states are highly deregulated so the whole BBC station thing is a bit unusual. Thanks, Jeff in chicago

    [Hi Jeff. Basically a song starts on the C List – which is an achievement in itself, because the BBC won’t just play any old thing – and then it can be promoted to the B List and then, the highest accolade, the A List. There’s a Playlist Committee, made up of producers, that meets each week to decide which new releases should be added to the station’s playlist. They select about 30 tracks in total, divided into three levels: songs on the A List get the most plays (about 20 a week), songs on the B List get about 10 plays a week and songs on the C List get about 5 plays a week. Although I don’t know for sure, presumably the more positive the response to a song and the more requests for the station to play it, the more chance of that song being promoted to the A List and getting more plays. As for BBC1, BBC2 etc., then different TV stations/radio channels broadcast different things. It’s just a matter of preference, really. BBC Radio 2 is the most listened to radio station in the UK, with the most diverse mix of music. Hope that helps. – Features Editor]

  3. Hello Ed,

    Not long to wait ? 16-17 days ?

    Arrrg ! too long ! you kill me remind me that !

    and even be longer to wait still 16th March…


  4. Very cute picture!

    FED are you going to be in David’s tour and report each venue? Or is there someone to do it in this site?

    [We’ll keep you up to date, don’t worry. We’d rather hear what the fans thought of each show, so we hope that lots of people will write in with their thoughts. – Features Editor]

  5. I always thought it was David’s eyes that made him such an attractive man. But after seeing today’s picture I realize that it’s his smile.It’s so innocently sweet that it just takes your breath away!

  6. one of polly’s finest i think. thanks for the memories. haha. the station is playing the full version exclusively. beautiful. que bello.

  7. What a great pic! Nice grinn!

    I will keep patting myself in the back as I listen to the show again…

    Have a nice sunday!

  8. There is is!!!!! PLAY!!!! PLAY!!!!! Mor!!!!! I can say is A bewtiful for ears!!!!! A mynd!!!! A soul!!!!! A bodi!!!!! So is for saa so meni ways…. Can be says anuder ways????? SMILING!!!!! {Like A David Gilmour!!!!}

  9. Hi,

    in Italy there are rumors about a partecipation of Mr DV during Sanremo festival.I hope he is so involved in making ready next tour…to be unable to show at this TOO MUCH ITALIAN festival.

    Really I love Mr DG music and Sanremo … it IS NOT the right place for “our”music!!!

    Ksss diana

    [David will not be involved, Diana. The rumours are false. – Features Editor]

  10. Man … I´m stunned! “On An Island” is such a fantastic track! Can´t wait to get the album and watch David live.

    David, you are such a big inspiration for me. Your music is fantastic.

  11. David Gilmour’s “On An Island” Listening Party – February 16th, 2006

    It was a Hollywood premiere alright! About 60 of us lined up on a clear, chilly night in front of “Plush at The Key Club” on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, California 2 nights ago. It was an invitation only bash sponsored by Sony BMG, Columbia Records and legendary radio station KLOS 95.5 FM in Los Angeles. Of note, KLOS disc jockeys Jim Ladd and Cynthia Fox performed master of ceremonies duties for the infamous Wall shows at The Los Angeles Sports Arena shows from Feb 7-13, 1980. 19 days before the release date, and here we were ready to take in never before heard Gilmour magic!!

    We were ushered into the dark, exotic, comfy confines of this exclusive lounge where we were each handed a printout of the albums artwork, which included all the inserts, lyrics, and credits. The album was continually “looped” over the casual 2 hour get together, and played about 2 ½ times through. (Since the rules of math still apply, that means the album is about 50 minutes long – short, but then it only took “The Dark Side of The Moon” 43 minutes to change our lives forever!) There was a brief, 3 minute greeting, from representatives from each of the sponsors, and then we were left alone to our own devices. Complementary adult beverages and scrumptious appetizers were everywhere in this very dark and atmospheric listening room. We utilized out flashlights non-stop to follow through the liner notes as best we could. Upon the conclusion of the presentation, we were all thrilled to receive a copy of a limited edition lithograph of the new album’s artwork (out of 4000 prints!), and a David Gilmour “On An Island” official tour hat!

    I tried to remember David’s exhortations to his fans – that of to “listen deeply” to his new album. This was a thrilling night yes (!), but not a great environment for following those instructions!

    “Still, marooned, silence drifting through, nowhere to chose, just blue” & ”Ceaselessly Star-crossed you and me” – lyrics, and music (!) from wife Polly Sampson in the song “The Blue”. This was the first song we heard upon entering the room. The album played on into the evening – with lush, sumptuous production throughout. Polly’s lyrics dominate the emotional tone of the album, with David’s stamp of approval. Children dancing together, wild horses and flocks of birds roaming free, backlit silhouettes of David & Polly walking into a leaf covered path into the wood – this is one contented rocker!!

    David’s debut on the saxaphone, “Red Sky at Night”, is encased in this huge orchestral backdrop – which is a type of “Let’s Get Metaphysical” on sax.. “This Heaven” is a rockin’ bluesy track that sounds straight out of a Chicago blues bar, save for the “talk box” guitar insert. “Then I Close My Eyes” opens with an unexpected bluegrass-like instrumental, featuring David on the “cumbus”, a 6 stringed, fretless, banjo-like Turkish instrument. With all of the variety of styles presented in the 10 song record, it’s a miracle that it all “hangs together” the way it does. Special credit here goes to the great production team – the capable hands and studio ears of David, long time associate Chris Thomas (supervised the DSOM mix), and Phil Manzanera, long time friend and great guitarist from Roxy Music.

    Both the “On An Island” title track and “Smile” are obvious standouts. David’s long celebrated magic fingers, melodic sensibilities, and incredible guitar tones are everywhere as expected. No question, he’s incredibly happy with himself and this record! If you’re looking for a tortured artist full of piss and vinegar, you’re going to have to look a little farther back into the Pink Floyd catalog.

    Gilmour idolaters (you know who you are!), brace yourselves, and get ready to lose yourselves into another great album and inspired tour, by the best (and happiest) rock guitarist on the planet!

    tom from san diego

    [Thanks for that, Tom. Great stuff. Now how badly do the rest of you want to hear this album? – Features Editor]

  12. Hi Again.

    In response to F-ED’s earlier reply: The name of my Pink Floyd tribute band is The Surrogate Pink Floyd Show, we’re playing this year, though mostly in Scotland.

    Anyway….. I’ve always been a fan of the “behind the scenes” type of music DVD, and think it would be great if we could have a glamorous David Gilmour film to go with this tour – Given the beauty of some of the venues being played in, we could maybe have clips of each before the show, with little bits of rehearsal and backstage banter. This would never happen with a Pink Floyd production, so it would be another excellent way to show Dave’s difference in attitude since the Floyd days.

    Oh… my birthday is also March 6th, so i have another reason for being happy about the release date of the new album 🙂


    [Glad to see you’re in the UK, Joe. All the best with the band. – Features Editor]

  13. Hi Ed

    Having heard the full version of OAI the title track i just cant wait for the new album the solo,s are superb! the next 16 days will be torture i now know this will be an awesome album. will be glued to radio 2 tomorrow night in hope of winning tickets for his concert. keep up the good work ED

    [Good luck tomorrow, Neil. I hope you’ll be lucky. – Features Editor]

  14. Dear Mr & Mrs Features Ed!

    Well I am afraid I was too late to be able to influence Richard Allison but I did hear the tail end of the second hearing on Friday. Unfortunately, a client rang demanding my attention, so I missed it but I will listen again on line.

    Well I have popped down to my local record store today, a family owned one that does everything, not a major High Street chain, and pre-ordered my copy of “On An Island”.

    Someone was asking on this blog what our thoughts were about PF tribute bands? I am afraid up to about 1999 I was a purist (some may say “stuck up”) and would only want to hear PF. However, as it became more and more obvious that concerts by PF were going to be as rare as the passing of Hailey’s comet in the future, I started to feel well at least I can hear renditions of their work, if played well and albeit not by the original musicians themselves. So I went to one such concert at the Albert Hall by Australian Pink Floyd. Yeah they were good but there was just something missing and one or two bum notes that David would never have missed. I am going to see another one next month as well. So I suppose something is better than nothing.

  15. If Mr. Gilmour is really reading these mesages, than I would like to say again that “TIME” must be introduced in the the set-list and must be played live in the coming tour, it will be a great ocasion to hear David and Rick Wright playing this melody toghether again!!!

    And dear Ed. can you answer if David is reading the mesages indeed…?

    [Honestly, David and Polly do read your comments. Why don’t you believe me?! – Features Editor]

  16. Hi Ed,

    what is this picture about? Is David pleasantly surprised that is single is doing great?



    [Maybe we need a caption contest for these pictures, Clemens. He could be doing a Stan Laurel impersonation… Bit of a Fred Karno reference for you there. – Features Editor]

  17. Dear Fet Ed,

    Any word on how the rehearsals are coming? Have you been priivy to them? I’m really pleased with what I’ve heard. As they said on the show, this album sounds much more personal and ‘in the family’, so to speak, by which I think they meant that the songs were written to please the Gilmours and not so much to please the fans. Anyhow, from what I’ve heard, the songs from About Face are icongruous with the On an Island tracks stylistically which has me very curious as to what the concert mix will be, which gets back to my original point: any idea how rehearsals are going?


    [Nothing to report yet, Peter. We’ll keep you posted, though. – Features Editor]

  18. “On an island” is a very good track.

    Last year and this one are fantastic musical moments. All the REAL musicians are back for great music. Last year Robert Plant made his best album, Paul McCartney too, and the rolling stones one of their best… I feel that you’re the next to make of actual music something better ! Something better is meaning that actual music is generally bad, exept coldplay, radiohead and some other.

    Thanks for this album again.

    15 days to wait is long… and 25 to see you in Paris.


  19. Thanks for the instructions for BBC Radio 2. It’s good to not have to listen to crappy radio all day just to hear one song. Beautiful song…I will listen all the time now.

  20. Caption Competition:

    – Now where did I leave that Strat?
    – Jeez… that curry last night is giving me wind
    – I wonder what Rog is thinking now?
    – Opening the show with the ABBA medley will really fool them

  21. I think that the thing to remember is that this is a solo album from David, and that it has nothing to do with Pink Floyd, and not to be compared to Roger Waters style and music. I for one enjoy it for what it is and how it effects me emotionally. Roger writes great music David writes great music and how the situation is, is just how it is. Their reunion show had nothing to do with them. It wasnt about them, it was about something they have in common. And it should be left at that

  22. Oh my God! David, love today’s pic. Still sexy as ever! What a smile! You are as smokin’ now as you were in the 70s, baby. Just a gorgeous man inside and out.

    See ya in Chicago,

  23. Won’t be long and the album will be out. My computer is 6 years old and won’t play the clips.

    But I am kind of glad, because I want it all to be a suprise. As a avid fan and guitar instructor,it will be an honor to attend the chicago show. David has been a cornerstone of my musical influences since about 1987, among the likes of Joe Satriani, Jimi, Steve Vai, Al Dimeola,Joe Pass and Allan Holdsworth. Davids melodic style caused me to look at my own guitar playing, and realize that you can say more with 3 notes, than playing 32 notes in a measure. The art of not over-playing on a guitar solo is a cool thing. David sings every note on guitar, and that I am most grateful. I wish you the best on your tour, and will be so very happy to finally see you preform. Thank you Features Editor for this blog, and the time you spend editing the content. Now its back to listening to “Green is the Colour”


  24. leftfield

    was the track on an island inspired by the fantastic childrens program ”ebb & flo” drawn by Jane Simmonds & shown on channel 5’s milkshake ?

    just wondering that’s all

  25. Very nice picture!

    God bless David and Polly!

    PS: English language made me angry! Right the only time you didn’t check the words in dictionary, they may have a terrible meaning beside many good meanings!!!

  26. Hi Features Editor, first of all I would like to apologize for answering quite rudely in the blog post “Which artists would you like David to perform with”. I answered the other 3 Floyd members and as a consequence I havent seen my answer that day…Anyway, having read several newspapers interviews recently, I realized that Mr DG is having a great time out of the Pink Floyd beast and that his family and music are all that he wants to be happy…So, I really want to wash off the “impolite” answer that I posted to that blog that day. Anyway, I cannot pat myself on the back because not all radio stations in Europe have OAI played. Yet, I CAN count the days up to the release date, and from what Ive heard I think It’s gonna be an amazing and exceptional piece of work produced by an amazing team and a void-Floyd happy man, David Gilmour.14 days 4 hours 5 minutes and 59 secs and counting…

    [No problem, Chris. You should pat yourself on the back for working out how many hours, minutes and seconds there are until ‘On An Island’ comes out, though. Very impressive. – Features Editor]

  27. Hi David and F ed!

    I have a strange question about the DG sound&lyrics … or better I am very curious to know how the Cambridge world did influence on your style and way of life … (I am italian)

    Since my first visit to UK in ’76 I was very attracted from the beautiful countryside of Cambridgeshire, then I discovered the Grantchester meadows, I am listening to PF sound since nearly 40 years! … Recently again in England in summer 2000 with the family in the Fens and around. I can’t explain all the exceptional harmonies of the country that gave me emotions and still give me sweet rememberings … In the while I repute HIGH HOPES one of the best ever masterwork for the lyrics, the sound and what’s more for the superlative video clip! Everytime I listen it or just see the clip it’s a memorable hymn to my youth too!

    thank you David for all this, thanks you very much indeed, see you in Milan on 25th march

    HIGH HOPES from Italy !

  28. From a multitude of anxious ears, I’m thrilled to hear the new album! We could use a good thaw here in Minnesota. Perhaps some good music will melt away the icy tears that have formed on the many faces I know.

    Craig, a.k.a. Timewalker Larsonic (many meanings behind my name but mainly, I’m a huge “Doctor Who” fan)

  29. Will David be shaving and combing his hair before he hits the stage for this tour?…or will he look like he just got out of bed as it appeared in the Meltdown DVD and the above pic?? Looks like he’s wearing the same Tshirt as in Meltdown…HaHa…Doesn’t matter though,my seat is back far enough at Massey Hall in Toronto that I won’t notice anyway.Just’s the music that counts.The local rock station here in KIngston Ont Canada has been playing “On An Island” and I,as well as anybody I talk to about it are totally blown away.Can’t wait for March 6/06(CD release)and April 10/06(concert day).

    [Cheeky! Surely it’s much better to look real than to look like so many of the vain, perma-tanned, attention-seekers who are very clearly in love with themselves, John. Some of these people spend more time worrying about their image than their music! – Features Editor]

  30. You know, I as much as anyone else would love to hear some old Floyd when I see David’s concert in Chicago (my personal choice would be Echoes- haha) but after hearing the long version of OAI I kinda don’t care anymore, because after hearing just that song, it’s pretty apparent that this CD is going to be more than fantastic and yeah we all have our Floyd favorites but if David’s ready to move on and have a solo career then we, his true fans, need to get over it and move along with him. He deserves that. So can I have front row seats now? Please?

    See ya in Chicago baby!


  31. Dear feature editors and fellow fans, i am utilizing a very old computer actually it is a windows 98 and i don’t have speakers attached so i am not hearing any excerpts from the much anticipated album ‘on an island’…Second three cheers indeed to Mr. Richard Allinson for a great job this past Friday..

    Polly & David, thank you again from the bottom of my heart for everything you are doing and have done for the community and for us ‘fans’….A wonderful picture of David —no wonder the song ‘Smile’ came to fruition. Mr. Gilmour has a wonderful smile and so do you Polly it makes us people down here in the US especially in Western New York nice and warm in this bitter chill cold…

    Dear feature editors thank you for everything that you are doing…you did respond to the last entry i did place under ‘Boring stuff’ I hope you are not angry with me…..please don’t be I could not stand it if i messed anything up for anyone for my intentions have always been to help people….I truly meant no harm and i hope really that you are not angry with me. I hope other readers are not angry with me and especially Polly & David and all the artists involved from making the cd to the packaging of the cd…I just wanted you to know that there are sites out there that have ruined it for me as well because if this is true and some sites have leaked out these photos —it’s just not right…I wanted to open up my new cd on 3/7/06 and be totally surprised by the contents and of course the music and instrumentations.That is why in a weird way i am glad i do not have a fancy up to date computer and monitor or speakers at this time… is the only internet for the up to date news and Polly’s Photos.

    Polly & David and feature editors of this website as well as all the fans and the ‘lucky’ ticket holders to Mr. Gilmour’s concert and all the artists that helped make this dream a reality you should all pat yourselves on the back for a job well done and done perfectly. With the grace and elegance that exudes out of Mr. Gilmour and Polly as well as this website…Please again let me know if i offended anyone and allow me to sincerely and deeply apologize…this is why i don’t really like the new technology systems i like to speak to people to their faces so i can see the reactions and be able to clarify anything that is said or implied…I am not a ‘bad person’….really i am not….sincerely

    Linda Penner
    Williamsville, NY

  32. I am not someone who blogs or for that matter even talks to others about things that matter to me, but I want to take the time to point out some things that seem obvious to me. David, whether you accept it or not, your music has touched many people. I am sure from your siteline at massive concerts with screaming fans it did not seem like anybody heard anything beyond an opportunity to self medicate and scream. But for us quiet ones, we’ve been listening to the honesty, pain and searching questions that you have been asking musically for years. Hope you understand that your bravery in showing your truth has meant alot for the rest of us searchers. I, among many, are pleased as punch that you have found your happiness. For the rest of us searchers, at least we are aware that it is possible to be true to your heart and find that lovely place called home.

  33. Dear David and Polly. I am so excited about the new album and tour. I want to personally thank you for deciding to make a trip to the States. ON my last birthday in November When it was time to blow out the candles, I only had one wish. ” I want to see David perform at least one more time” I blew out those candles and on April 5th in the wonderful Radio City Music Hall that wish will come true. Im traveling 8 hours just to see you, Rick, Jon, Dick, Guy, Steve and the others. That is one trip that is most worthwhile. I want to thank you for spending the time to make this album and tour, I realise none of us are getting any younger, and I am well aware of your family life and aspirations to be with them. I also want to thank Polly for supporting you, Helping you with the album and most of all being a wonderful wife to you, which we can all see by the smile and peacefulness in your eyes when your with her. Some people are comparing her to Yoko Ono calling her the “Yoko of Pink floyd” I couldnt disagree more and know you are doing what you wish because you deserve it. You deserve this album to do well David, i have nothing but the highest prayers for its success and I really think those prayers will happen. I want to thank you for your work with Charities (Just dont auction off to many more of those Guitars!)You are truly a giving person and rightfully recognized for being so. Anyways I just wanted to let you know, that not all of us are Whining about a new Pink Floyd tour, and that we love you and respect your wishes. Never stop playing, and its ok to do so on your terms.

    [Thanks for that, Randy. Some of the people who claim to be experts on Pink Floyd and David Gilmour are very sad indeed. They think they know it all, but in fact, they know nothing. Anyway, enjoy the concert on 5 April and do tell us all about it. – Features Editor]

  34. I’v been listening to title track for awhile now. Aaaaand i gotta say that its under my skin now. Simply great. Cant wait to hear the whole album.

    Oh, btw…i whas just wondering…

    I heard that David knows this guy from Croatia – Eugen Daba Peranic, and that infact he made a guitar for David. Can you ask him that fed? It would really mean alot to me. Couse i’m gonna meet this guy next month…and who knows…maybee he’ll made one for me 🙂 Wouldnt that be great!

    Anyway, see you in Milan (if i’ll get the tickets)


    [That would be great. I hope you get those tickets, at least. – Features Editor]

  35. David,

    I definitely don’t like the pictures taken by Ross Halfin. Should you are reading this blog, I offer a photo service for free 🙂

    By the way, I ‘ll see you in Milan. Can’t wait and congratulation for everything, music, tour, and this blog….

  36. I have been a fan of PF and David Gilmour for the last ten years and I now live in Australia. Unfortunately it means I wouldn’t be able to come to the show. Please, please, please issue the DVD of the concert so that I and many others in this part of the world can enjoy the experience too.

    Thanks for such an active blog. Love it.


  37. Time is ticking ever so closer to the 2 big dates. 6th march and 29 may… can’t contain myself anymore!!

    Is the F Ed going to unveil his/her/their identity at the end of all this??!

    My money is on it being Nick Mason. I mean he hasn’t signed a book in ages and I hear he is quite good on the net…and he is into writing!

    p.s. I actually hope david and polly do not read this blog. Especially deleted posts :p. I was drunk okay!

    [Nick Mason. That’s a good one. – Features Editor]

  38. Good morning FEd!

    I love this quote…if it was a quote from Dogs (…”who was given a pat on the back”)…I adore that song!

    Unfortunatly…I’m not able to listen BBC radio yet…damn! My realplayer doesn’t work, sigh!

    This week end, I listened “The final cut” album…this is a strange album because we know the band had a lot of problems in that period…David sang just one song “Not now John” …that is not the best song Pink Floyd have done, but I think that in this song there is a lot of energy and I love the way David sang it.

    Can you tell us something about this song and this album…beacause usually it is mention like “the first Roger Waters solo album”…but I think that in a lot of songs we can listen David’s contribution…moreover “Not now John” is very different from the tohers album songs…was it a “concession” from Roger to David?

    About the album, I think “One of the few”, “The hero’s return”, “The gunner’s dream” and “The final cut” are very good too!

    Fed, explain us something about the album, please!

    Just another question! In “The wall movie”, during “Is there anybody out there” there is one Mina’s Lp…is she our italian singer Mina? I’d like to say that in the movie there is a fantastic “Mother”‘s version…I love it! I think Roger in general sang in a very interesting way…but David’s voice is really better! Very energic, very deep, very strong, Fantastic!

    Sorry…I wrote too much….sorry!


    But…just another thing! About the site that show the differents from italian and eruopean people…I’d like underline that maybe italian are not disciplined and orderly…but I love Italy and italians! My country is really beautiiful and the people very pleasant! YOU CAN TRUST ME! The video was just an self-ironic joke! Of course, I love the English too!

    [Hi Lucia. Sorry I can’t answer your questions, but I’m sure other fans will respond with their thoughts. As for ‘On An Island’, then you can soon expect more and more news. – Features Editor]

  39. “Oh my God! David, love today’s pic. Still sexy as ever! What a smile! You are as smokin’ now as you were in the 70s, baby. Just a gorgeous man inside and out.”

    Yes indeed, Elizabeth! That smile is still mesmerising.

  40. Only just heard ‘On an island’ on Radio 2 playback, and I must say that it is bl**dy marvellous…………….I haven’t heard another track of that quality for a very long time ! Counting down the days until 6th March…….I can’t wait for the release of the album !!

  41. I´m sorry to post a subject like this…

    But here in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) we are crazy about David Gilmour and we never had a chance to see him. I actually saw Pink Floyd´s concert in Houston 1994. But my mom, my cousins and all of my friends never had this chance. They would pay anything to see him play over here. Please, give us a chance!

    Thanks for your music… that´s following me since a I was 9 years old (my mom´s vynil!)… 20 years has passed and i still listenning to david´s songs every single day.

    [Sorry, Michel, but David will not be visiting Brazil this year. If there are any plans for more shows anywhere in the world in future, we will tell you all about it. Please ignore the tedious rumours. David is very disappointed and saddened to know that his fans keep having their hopes raised by idle newspaper stories which are quickly circulated by fansites. We would urge you to only believe what is posted on David’s official site. – Features Editor]

  42. I´m trying to buy tickets for Dortmund on the site. I´m leaving Brazil with my brother and going to Europe only for this reason… Gilmour´s concert. Is there any other way to buy it??

    Michel again.

    [Our authorised sellers are listed on the Live Dates page, Michel. They are the only people we would suggest and their tickets have now completely sold out. There are many brokers selling tickets for all shows at inflated prices. If you search any search engine for “David Gilmour tickets”, you will see what we mean by that. We would certainly not recommend these brokers, but they are, of course, an option if you are determined to see David perform. It’s been said many times, but please try the authorised sellers and ask about tickets that have been returned before paying obscene sums to brokers. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  43. Dear Feat Ed

    – “I know I’ve left me plectrum here somewhwere.”
    – “Rick has just come up with the darndest idea. He says there maybe one or two people at the concerts!”
    – “Bob Geldoff has just phoned to say Roger wants to get back together for Live8 ha ha”
    – “I just love that face behind the camera….It is you Polly?”
    – “I need a 20 second tape loop. Thats 7 bars which is 20 divided by 7….anyone got a calculator?”

    A feeble try but a bit of fun.

    Best regards all including David et al!

  44. I read somewheres that DG favors Obsurred By Clouds among the Floyd catalog. If this is accurate, having Rick along would present a wonderful opportunity to hear Stay, Wots….Uh The Deal or Childood’s End. In fact, opening the Floyd set with the title track would be smashing.

  45. I’ve really been “sinking-in” to the “On an Island” track. I feel like a starving customer nibbling on a gourmet appetizer before a banquet!!! Geez, man…when will the 6th get here alreay!?

    The Crosby and Nash harmonies work so well with Mr. Gimour’s voice, it’s chilling really. The chord progression rolls like a tide…very interesting. I like the down-rolling chromatic sounding bridge interlude to the chorus; it carries you. In general the music with sweping crests and falls is very much an “ebb and flow” tide; the vocal parts adding and giving form to that flow with nice punctuations on guitar.

    Speaking of guitar, I’ve always loved how Mr. Gilmour layers his guitar tracks. It’s so easy to listen for the lead and solo, but there is so much going on under the surface. The same is true for “On an Island”. That whale-sounding whine is such a nice effect given the marine imagery (tip of the hat to ‘Echoes’?). I hear four guitar parts not including the solo. Is there a fifth buried in the mix…? The first solo sounds like it splits duties with one of the other four guitar parts?

    Nice to hear that electric piano in the background is Mr. Gilmour’s! Where is that percussion he’s playing, I can’t hear it on the radio stream? Is it a shaker? What about those strings, is that the orchestra I’ve read about or is someone playing them on synth?

    And, of course, hearing Mr. Wright’s hammond so well played and placed in the mix I can’t help but feel this warm satisfaction. Hearing it all together this song sounds vaguely reminiscent of early seventies-style Floyd that was time-warped to 2006, given a fresh take, darkenss filtered out and given an extra helping of dreaminess, with some modern-day style Gilmour-esque distorted guitar lines. Mr. Gilmour’s vocal approach adds to that reminiscent sound, too…very reminiscent of that early airiness…

    Those lyrics really captures the story and feelings in this track: walkng down memory lane, letting one-self go to take it all in, being warm and at peace, floating in time and good thoughts between here and eternity, and how you always take that goodness with you..”dreamers may leave, but they’re here everafter…”

    Okay, I’m caught between being stoked and mellowed-out-floating!!! I think I need that album now as well as tickets to more shows………

    Way to go!!!!

  46. Heard the full version of on an island on xrt here in chicago. it seems the difference between the single version and the album version is the guitar solo’s.

    Both are great. I think the single version works out very well for radio’s purposes.

    Great Job Mr. Gilmour!

  47. Well, I send an email to that guy from radio 2 although I dont listen to that show since I’m from Holland. Anyway, I think On an island should be played as much as possible no matter which radio station 😉

  48. Here’s an idea if you want to get David’s single played on the radio. I say that every day you post the website/number of a different radio station in a different major city and encourage us to demand to hear “on an island”. If it worked for the BBC I’d think it would work for lots of other radio stations. Brilliant, no?

    Feel free to use this idea, but if you do I request that David comes and plays at my birthday party in May. If he does, he and his band will get a whopping $150 to split amongst themselves. Deal?

    [Sounds fair. – Features Editor]

  49. I’m completely baffled. You mean to say that people called in, e-mailed, or whatever specifically requesting for the radio station to play “On An Island”, and the geniuses at the radio station said to themselves “Well, these people don’t know what they want, what they REALLY want is to hear ‘Money’ for the ten millionth time…”?

    For one, even if they were going to pull a stunt like that, they could have picked a better song. “Money” is good, but I could rattle off 20 other PF songs that are better. Second, have they listened to OAI? OAI is BETTER than “Money”, and it holds up against most of PF’s best. Third, even if it wasn’t, it’s a NEW SONG. When a new song is out, and people call in to request it, it’s because they want to hear the NEW SONG, not the same old song they’ve heard every day for the last 33 years. And lastly, even though David was an integral part of Floyd, you have to consider him to be a separate artist altogether. When people call in to request “Hollaback Girl” (not that I would), do they pull out the old No Doubt CDs?

    I’m sorry but that made me mad. Not because this happened this one time, but because this will probably happen again on other stations. Why do people in the industry assume older artists cannot produce quality work anymore? Are all those subpar Rolling Stones albums made in the last 20 years ruining everybody’s reputation? Somebody help me here.

    [Good point, Michael. Beats me. – Features Editor]

  50. Date 2/10/06 @ 2:00pm EST

    I am just leaving for work when i decided to see if my last “post” was ‘posted’. At this time i do not see it..However when i opened to I was so excited—the new design, format and pictures and background are absolutely beautiful…As i wrote in the last time my computer is very old so i don’t hear any music that may be played or not…the visuals are & what makes this new CD even that much more exciting..It takes alot for me to get my hopes up about anything and this brings me back to my childhood with the good memories…Ross Halfins photos of Mr. Gilmour are beyond words..Mr. Gilmour you are looking very fine these days and I know that your voice and guitar playing are equally as FINE.

    Dear feature editors, I hope you do post my last entry and my apologies..or at least acknowledge them and the fact that i am truly sorry for any ‘leaking’ of any information regarding the photos, lyrics etc..

    These new look for this website is amazing –great job to everyone involved and that is to the feature editors, Mr&Mrs Gilmour and all the fans like me out there…Great job in all aspects including the artistry of the album cover and the beautiful photo of Polly and David standing what looks to appear the shore…etheral, mystic and romantic with a sense of love, peace and utter contentment/happiness. God bless Polly & David and for everyone at

    Linda Penner
    Williamsville, NY

  51. Good Lord!!!! What a smile with those dimples! Lovely picture Polly! Thank you so very much for sharing! 😛

    Love the new layout.

  52. We’ll if Dave and Polly read the comments I’ll leave the bit about Brian Dehenny out! – I’m completely amazed by the title track ‘On an Island,’so rich and complicated, taking vocal harmonies to a level unseen ….what happened on the previous 2 solo outings???

    It would be a disgrace to the music world if this song didn’t grace the top 10.

    Take care Dave and co, especially of that item with the gold scratchplate! ..p.s. any chance of releasing ‘Je crois entendre encore’ as a b-side or a bonus track somewhere down the line?

    lots of love 4eva Kelsey and Matthew

  53. Radio 2 just weren’t on the ball on this occasion. Quite why they decided to play an old Pink Floyd number instead of ‘On an Island’, while promoting a David Gilmour concert totally beats me. Unfortunately I couldn’t fire off an email in time to suggest the error of there ways! Still! Playing a PF track isn’t such a bad error to make. I’m looking forward to the concert on the 7th which I’ll be attending – just as soon as I win my ticket. Nothing wrong with being positive a ED?

    [Indeed. Good luck, Mike. I hope you’ll be lucky. – Features Editor]

  54. Oops!!!…sorry features editor(regarding David shaving and combing)I was just trying to add a little lighthearted humour to the forum.A lot of the comments seem to be overwhelmingly mushy and thought David might get a chuckle out of something more tongue in cheek.Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the upcoming concert.

    [Ah, don’t be silly. Light-hearted humour is very welcome. There is a lot of mush, isn’t there? – Features Editor]

  55. Dear David (and others)

    Umm, just watched the video (after a glass or 2) and am stunned……. Here I was thinking about a floyd reunion (I am 29 missed the floyd gigs) and Mr Gilmour delivers a track like this….This satisfies the lust for new floyd, what a great track. Who came up with the idea of the Crosbt / Nash harmony? – terrific. The track and video have a wonderful feeling of nostalga (but in a good way!) of a time of great songs, voices and music – shame I live in oz, I would love to see this live, cant wait for the gramaphone record ! Mike

  56. hi all the way from saudi arabia.just wanted to say that your music is superb. good luck and see you on the 6th of March 🙂

    my birthday on 26th March and with the album being released on 6th March is just the greatest gift ever,so thanx for the gift dave 🙂

    shine on.

  57. for the ask phil section:

    Will Mr Gilmour be using his Hiwatt amps? are they 50 or 100 watt models, or has he favoured a different set up. If he still uses them then I am astonished, for I have just found a photo of the Amougies concert in Oct 1969 where david and possibly Frank Zappa are playing through them.

    [Sorry Deepinder, but we’re not taking questions for the time being, so please hold onto it for now and send it in when we reactivate the FAQs page. Thanks! – Features Editor]

  58. Olá David,

    Sou brasileiro, moro em Minas Gerais,eu e meu pai somos seu fã,eu tenho 13 anos e vou entrar na aula de guitarra para quem sabe um dia tocar igual você.

    Meu pai tem muitos cd`s seu,tem uns que ele tem há 13 anos,ele também tem muitos discos seu,começei a ouvir suas músicas com meu pai quando tinha 2 anos.

    Quero parabenisar você e todo o PINK FLOYD pelo belo trabalho prestado para o imenso público mundial.Espero que um dia vocês façam um show no Brasil,sería uma honra receber o pink floyd aqui.

    Eu e meu pai desejamos para você felicidades e mais e mais glórias dentro e fora do pink floyd.

    Um abraço para você e por favor leia essa mensagem estou escrevendo com um carinho imenso,se puder me responda.

    Muito obrigado David!

  59. Sardonica stated that there was going to be a Pink Floyd. I guess not. This ” On The Island” can be purchased or is it it waiting for a release?

    A little disappointed. A concert would have been a great way for us to meet one another and see a terrific show all at the same time.

    [All the details on David’s new album can be found at, Angela. – Features Editor]

  60. Hi, Just wanted to wish David well for the future. My father introduced me to “The Floyd” way back in 1987 as a youngster and Ive been hooked since!…Ive just bought ‘On an Island’ and its fair to say that Its gona get a lot of air play on my CD Player, Mp3 player and HI FI…Its great!…Nice to hear something fresh from a truly great musician…Dave deserves a number one spot in the charts!

    All the best Dai!

    Paul 29 South Wales

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