'On An Island' promoted


Great news: ‘On An Island’ has been promoted to the BBC Radio 2 B List ready for next week. That means you’ll get to hear the single played more and more, so do tune in and remember that you can also listen online.

Don’t forget that the competition to see David and his band at London’s Mermaid Theatre on 7 March closes at midnight tomorrow. If you haven’t entered, be quick. You can enter here if you’re a UK resident. Only one entry allowed per person.

Rehearsals are well under way – and here’s the proof. David, Phil Manzanera and Steve DiStanislao hard at work, getting ready for the tour, which begins… very soon. (Can you feel the excitement building?)

More photographs from the rehearsals coming soon.

Have a great weekend, and keep enjoying the goodies at www.davidgilmour.com. We’re delighted to read of your reactions to them, so do keep telling us what you think of everything you see and hear on David’s official website.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

67 thoughts on “'On An Island' promoted”

  1. great video clip and epk. david hits a note in castellorizon and my heart almost exploded in sync with my brain. really very powerful stuff here i am excited very excited. thanks for all the information ed, we really really appreciate your unending efforts. you keep us moving. that is good.

  2. What the other members??? I want to listen the album, I’m go’ crazy!!!!!!!!

    Arthur Romagnolo
    From São Paulo / BRAZIL

  3. Just watched the press kit video. Great stuff! Can’t wait until I see David and the band at Radio City Music Hall.

  4. ‘congratulations’ to david and ‘well done’ to radio 2. i knew i was in the right for listening to you all these years! let’s hope it gets to the a list next and that the single does really well. i really love it and david thoroughly deserves it. can i say that it’s better than a lot of pink floyd songs, or will i get flamed for saying that? whoops, too late! 😉

  5. David looks very fit indeed. He looks surely younger and more eager than ever. His eyes still stray to the horizon though down this road he’d been so many times! I wish him the best of luck on his tour and tireless rehearsals! So long…

  6. Holy crap!!!!Just watched the epk.I’m hurting.Gotta have the Album NOW.PLease don’t make me wait any longer!!!

  7. I read this from february 22:

    “Dear Features Ed
    I was thinking about your comment:
    “we need to do something about these parts of the globe that are severely lacking in the Gilmour department”
    How about a personalised video from David with a message to all his fans who can’t get to see his shows? (I would be more than happy to stream it to keep the Australians happy.) :-]

    [Well, I was thinking that the fans need to do something, not David! – Features Editor]

    Posted by: Col Turner at February 24, 2006 06:29 AM”

    I was then thinking: What can I do for David Gilmour?

    Well, the only thing I could find out was to give some money to charity. So this is what I am going to do. Every time I buy a David Gilmour album (solo album, Pink Floyd, other album he is playing on), I will give some money to charity

    I will buy On an Island next week, so today I gave 10£ to Crisis.

    What do you think about this idea? Are you going to do the same?

    [That’s a lovely idea, Gunnar. Very kind of you indeed. I was only thinking of fans asking their favourite radio stations to play David’s new single. I think your idea would do a lot more good, of course. – Features Editor]

  8. I have to say, this site is absoloutely great. I am so excited for this tour to start, it is killing me. I’ve got tickets to the second night’s show in Amsterdam…any chance your going to post any info on that venue (Heineken Music Hall)?

    Ed, thanks for doing a great job, keep up the good work…

    [We’ll cover every venue eventually, Tim. – Features Editor]

  9. Yesterday as I was driving home from work my local classic rock station played a clip from the EPK – I was a bit flustered bombing down the freeway with David’s soothing sexy voice talking but kept it in the road thankfully. Unfortunately they didn’t play the new single, only chatted up his album. They do play a LOT of Pink Floyd on the classic rock station but never anything new and absolutely no Gilmour solo stuff, so I was slightly amazed but pleased that they went so far as to feature some of the interview with David.

    Features Ed., do you know if there will be an OAI video for VH1 or MTV? If someone else has already asked that, sorry – I must have dozed off and missed it.


    [I’ll find out for you, Deborah. – Features Editor]

  10. please Mr.Gilmour, don’t go to Sanremo Festival… I’m italian and it’s a bad show! It isn’t do for a legend as you!

  11. Happyness to you from Italy,

    I heard OAI just yesterday many times (in Italy is in emule since 2 feb) it’s really wonderful!

    Good ideas for the clips in the new look site.

    How much light for the eyes and the brain!

    sweet regards

  12. Caption Competition:

    DG making a speech to the Guitar Strings Makers Guild of Glamorganshire “Look! I’m playing Castellorizon whether you like or not so make your strings bend higher or I’ll buy those Ernie Balls of off eBay!”

  13. A formidable masterpiece… It’s fantastic! Congratulations to all crew and I hope to see Sir Gilmour playing Here in Brazil very soon.

    Best wishes

  14. Hi Features Editor

    I got the CD the other day and I’ve listened to it 24/7. It’s pure magic! One of my favourites is “where we start”, the last track. I noticed that there’s a piano on it, but no one’s credited. I’m just curious. Who’s playing?


    [I believe David plays everything on that track except drums, Riis. – Features Editor]

  15. Wow, I just discovered this site the other day and have caught up on the daily sessions as well as the EPK.

    I am so excited to hear the new work from Gilmour. It has been too long since my ears have been happy with soime new stuff. Now hearing the new stuff, my ears can be happy again and I cannot wait until the 7th of March.

    I understand and can appriciate David’s desire not to tour too much, I was hoping he could be at least in Seattle. I live in Portland, Oregon, so there is not a chance of a stop here.

    Perhaps a DVD????

    Ok enough of my yakin’, great Job David. Thank you for a lifetime of amazing work, I am eager to hear “On an Island”.

  16. I am enjoying the goodies at David’s official website. I am so pleased by what I have heard so far from the new album. The video clips are wonderful, and I am looking forward to seeing the rest of them. The electronic press kit was well done. Will all of the videos and electronic press kit be available for purchase on a DVD (both US and UK formats) sometime in the future? I would definitely buy one.

  17. Wanted to thank Gilmour and crew for providing the video and behind the scenes coverage. And to the DG webmaster/Features Editor for allowing us to access the song clips and EPK. It allows us to sort of peer in and see the layout and setting, the equipment, the people involved and the atmosphere in the studio. Very cool indeed.

    Great way to countdown the album release. 10 songs in 10 days!

  18. In regards to the Hot Seat sales at Ticketmaster, who and when will the CD and other memorabilia be sent out. Just wondering so I don’t have to buy there copies. I have the album on order and waiting for the CD release from who ever.

    Can you let me know, thank you.

    [You’ll have to ask Ticketmaster about that, Gerald. Any news from us will be on the site. – Features Editor]

  19. It had been a frustrating depressing type of day here in chilly New York City, so I turned on Q1043, Just as “On an Island’s” first bars began to ring out.

    I stopped, sat down and took a deep breath and “Felt the warmth surround me”

    My mood and frustration was instantly lifted.

    So, please pass on my thanks to David and all his talented contributors for what is a truly beautiful,uplifting piece of music. I feel extremly fortunate that I will be able to experience this In the Flesh, as It were, at Radio City on April 4th.

  20. Well I am hellbent on getting 2 of those tickets for me and my gf, will the seats behind the musicians be behind Dave?

    As for Dave being promoted to b-list, is their any chance her Madge will promote Dave’s MBE to a knighthood? One to champion for the big man, he’s deserved it, and not just musically.

    p.s. loved the clips on the ‘On an Island’ section!!

    Matt (& Kelsey, or she’ll moan)

  21. Yes, this “twisting in the wind” is such sweet agony!!! We keep getting what we’re asking for, and there’s obviously so much more.

    …like a “musical strip tease” – is that too crass??! sorry…

    No, but aside from visiting here…oh, 10 times a day, I really DO(!) have a life. Although my wife does have to remind me to take off my DG Tour hat when I get to bed at night…but REALLY(!) I (somehow at least up till now) stay verrry productive…so far…

    …all subject to change of course.

  22. Castellorizon sounds fantastic. How long is the actual song on the album?

    [Three minutes and 54 seconds. – Features Editor]

  23. Just Played ‘Castellorizon’ on the website….. only 1 min…. 🙁

    Mind blowingly Awasome!!!!!

    Davids guitar Whaling at it’s best. can’t wait for the the album to be realsed, already pre-order my copy.!!! more clips now!!!!

    unfortantly due to finances, I want be seeing dave live. 🙁 can’t wait for live DVD!!!!

    I will be coming back to the website every day to play the other clips!!!

  24. A-list-HO!

    And Castellorizon sounds brilliant!

    Wonderful clips and news abound…thanks to all involved!

  25. Any chance that we can have some video from the rehearsals, when the tour is well on its’ way? I guess most of Davids fans will appreciate a small glimpse of what happens before a tour like this starts.

    I know I will 🙂

  26. “on an island” is still going through my head it is brilliant, my 4 month old daughter who is soothed by my singing(the only one according to her in the pant`s)loves the song!(her name is emily marie, after syd`s song and after my late sister ann-marie who was killed in a road accident aged 9, 18 years ago, but that is another story!).

    I have only one question features ed, and that is i can`t find the link to play the promo video to it? is it just a case that i`ll have to wait?

    p.s. i`ve just booked tickets to see the australian pink floyd show in birmingham in april, on david`s recomendation(as they played at his 50 birthday)but it is his show in may at manchester i`m looking forward to! I have entered the radio 2 comp, so fingers crossed.

    I love the new look web site!

    Many thanks

    [Type the following into your browser, Adrian: http://www.davidgilmour.com/island.htm – Features Editor]

  27. I forgot to say that “on an island” is pink floyd! I bet Roger is seething, cause I would be in his shoes!!:-D

  28. One feature of the website that I am enjoying have been the loops that play when the index page is loaded. Some excellent sounds, and I have been in awe of the multi-dimensionality of David’s soundscapes. David’s legend stands tall amongst his younger peers, and his music keeps getting better and better.

    One other feature that I am enjoying immensely is the interactivity and simplicity of this website. It is perhaps the best artist-based site that I have seen, and the artwork goes perfectly with the ON AN ISLAND theme.

    Steve Knee, whomever you are, you do some great work, take a bow!

  29. the clip i heard sounds great…looking forward to the cd..i just pre ordered it….your my favorite guitar player in the world….and the guy i play with is my second favorite……keep it up…..steve

  30. I would like to ask this following question from david or anyone who can answer it: ” David, just let us know HOW you can think of those amazing sounds? seriously, it touches our spirit, any time I listen to your music or the music you play i feel like that this is the end of the world, nothing is better thatn this, but when I listen to another piece of music done by david, I change my mind and say, well, this is the best piece ever. HOW YOU DO IT ?

    seriously, how you know that combination of notes ? how you can think of them ? there are so many guitarists around but sound of your guitar is different. I really want to know that when you start playin, what comes into your mind ? what you think of at the moment ? what is it in you which leads you through this music ? I really don get it. I’ve never seen such a thing in my life which anytime I see/hear I discover something new into it… Im not the greatest fan of your previouse solo albums cause I try to compare them with pink floyd with back of my mind and honeslty pink floyd is different, but this new one is different. I LOVE this new song, its nothing less than “breath” or Shine on you crazy diamond …. just let us know HOW YOU CAN THINK OF THIS KIND OF MUSIC, just HOW ? ”

    we all love you david, cant wait to see you in toronto, you and your nonforgetable band and of course richard…
    ( I really need to get some answere for this question, from the blog editor, david …, I’ve been thinking about this “HOW” thingy for a while. I really need to know it)

    Toronto cant waitttt daivd come onnnnnnnn

    (actually I live in montreal and have to go to toronto for the show, but I would travel the whole planet to see this …)

  31. We saw and enjoyed Castell. Memories bring back that Black Strat, so I dusted off my memorabilia of the Animals Tour in Montreal and lo and behold. For David, my question is, did you purchase this Strat for the tour. 2) If you turn to picture 86, my fave photo by the way, it shows that it was frightfully cold with a jacket and open fingered gloves. This is only but one in my collection of other tours. More later. By the way, it’s not for sale. Just for David ,Sir to sign. Just Dreaming. THANKS AGAIN staff and FED, or FEDESS, we still don’t know. Peace.

  32. Thank you David for everything what you have given us and what you us were continuing offering … from Mexico … always I have loved you, Ericka

  33. I am so happy to go and see your show in Toronto. Can t wait. My local classic rock station played on an island today. I almost know the words by hearth already. It is abeautiful song of atmosphere. We fell that David and Polly are so well together.Thanks to share your island with us.

    Sylvie from canada

  34. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

    C’mon Feature Editor, are you trying to hurt me?

    After complaining about the edit being used in the video for the title track, I logged on today to find what I thought was going to be at least the complete first solo. But nope, the video ends right before the beautiful climax.

    If you’re feeling charitable, might I request the second solo IN IT’S ENTIRITY tomorrow.

    Much Thanks,
    Robert from Toronto, who lives to here Davids solos go on and on, ebb and flow, let it go…

  35. Dear feature editors, I will try with all my might not to make this too wordy. It is sat. 2/26/06 at 12:32am & I just got back from work..

    I have explained in previous posts that my computer is very old and i have no speakers so i can not hear any of the promos of David’s New song ‘On an Island’…There was a blog mentioned awhile ago on Crisis and the homeless. I all shift long have been trying to get a homeless woman who was at the bus stop near the entrance way into the hospital for their i always bring my supper and extras just in case. Tonight here in WNY it is snowing and below freezing…She was bundled up from top of her head over her mouth and had all of her worldly possessions with her. Most of my staff ‘gave up on her’ stating if she needed help she can walk a half a block to the emergency room. Being as stubborn as i can be i could not get her out of my mind. The tears are welling up in my eyes much more frequently know and for some valid personal reasons and of course in reality feeling sorry for myself…Through much encouragement and persistance by me she finally decided to come in to the hospital with me and yes i brought in her valuables in her shopping cart. As i slowl and methodically unraveled her clothing i realized that this woman has the most beautiful eyes, very sad with some degree of anger and utter powerlessness. I had deep tracks playing at the nursing station, when i finally thought i heard was a very familiar guitar chord and then the melody and the instrumentation —-My god it was David Gilmour’s new song ,’On an Island’–the emergency room became utterly silent and the tear did not stop flowing from my eyes..The song is absolutely beyone words. I leaned over to the woman ( homeless) if she like music and she said ,’ of course i do’….THE WORDS AND THE HARMONIES AND THE GUITAR CHORDS WERE ALL UTTERLY MAJESTIC AND I COULD NOT CONTROL MY VERY RARE EMOTIONS…This woman did not know David Gilmour for she is in her late 80’s…Just when i have been focused on some of my personal issues as of late I never bring any problems with me to anyplace I have worked. I turned up the music with my hands slightly tremulous my God it’s a miracle i heard the whole song , ‘On an Island’…..Bless all of you for not only did this unexpected song come up on XM radio called ‘Deep Tracks’ it calmed the entire emergency room. Just like me their are others out there that were deeply touched by this phenomenal first single but the whole orchestration involved and the absolute beauty of the lyrics made my meltdown, I can also say that after i gave this woman my minor supper from home and heated it up for her she had for the first time is hours showed some sign of life. She looked up at me and said, You are a true and rare woman, your are unselfish and you are annoying sometimes but I know you mean good. She asked me who was singing the beautiful song and the peaceful relaxing melody and the words, Finally music you can absolutely understand and stand alone. My voice cracked and i replied , ” Mam that was David Gilmour and his great artists and guitar playing amonst all other instruments involved…She made my heart melt when she looked up at me with big beautiful eyes and a encyclopedia of information…She stated that man touches your deep inner spirit doesn’t he and i usually successful at not bringing up any problems or obstacles in my life i stated he sure does. She said , Why do you have tears welling up in those ‘big beautiful blue eyes’ ? I stated oh nothing really its just his music and the songs he has sang throughout the his fantastic career. We together sat down side by side and no words needed to be said for Mr. Gilmour and Polly and the rest of the wonderful team as said enough and then some. I want you to know Mr. Gilmour that your name was mentioned as soon as the lovely one single finished by the announcer. The next comment is that ” this is the much anticipated work from David GIlmour and his 3rd solo cd…’Can not wait until that cd comes out and he sure should win the grammies and i am hoping for everyone involved that all the team including Polly Samson are all up their on the stage. I saw the brigher things for just a momentary minute of time…I cried. The guitars and the melody are beatiful and i am sure you are sick to death of hearing this from me…Like the announcer said, We all can not wait until march 7th for his new cd to come out it is sure to be one of his tops if not the tops…I hope and pray that Mr. & Mrs Gilmour get all the praise and respect for the collabertion that this cd .. I also wanted to let Polly Samson know that her name was second in line after the song was over. YES POLLY WAS RECONIZED FOR HER INFLUENCE WITH MR.Gilmour and the effects that she has had on Mr. Gilmours life.A TRUE TO LIFE DREAM COME TRUE—I wish everyone great luck at whoever has tickets to see this great tour.

    I am so proud of you feature editors, Polly and David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Mr Guy Pratt and to phil manzanera, chris thomas and croby and nash. ALSO to mr. dick parry on saxohones and all the artists involved in this highly anticipate new CD of David Gilmour’s ….People out here in Western New York are waiting with baited breath..You have desrved this kind of attention years ago…Mr. Gilmour you blew me away–with the release of On an Island and to Polly with her artistic lyrist writings and back ground singing and the support that you and David have together…True love comes only once in a lifetime and you both have hit the jackpot…Polly & dAVID THE NEW CD IS MUCH ANTICIPATED –NO ONE EVER IN 23YRS OF ACUTE INPATIENT SPECIALITY CARE HAS EVER TOUCHED ME WHEN I HEARD THE BEGINNINGS OF on an island–I bolted straight up and said this sounds like a David Gilmour song ( I would know his voice and guitar playing from anywhere) and it has the feelings of love, harmony, dreams and future written all over it…ThANK YOU DAVID & POLLY FROM THE BOTTOM OF THIS WOMAN’S HEART. i CAN CHOICE TO FOCUS AT THE NEGATIVE SITUATIONS THAT HAVE RECENTLY CAME UNEXPECTEDLY INTO MY LIFE AND EVEN IN MY DEEPEST DARKEST MOMENTS IT IS DAVID WHO THROUGH HIS MUSIC HAS MADE ME TEMPRORAILY FEEL HOPE AND LOVED..

    lOVE TO EVERYONE AT THE SITE AND TO MR.& MRS. Gilmour and especially to the fan fare editors and features section of this brilliant web site..

    THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL AT LEAST TEMPORARILY THAT I AM STILL ALIVE AND BREATHING WITH EMOTIONS THAT GO BEYOND JUST PAIN AND CRISIS. You put a smile on my patients face and for a brief second her & I were on that proverbial island…Thank You for just being yourselves and giving it a 101% and then some. Goodbye at this time..I am tired and want to keep the music in my head and into my safe place. No one knows about my save place and it is a secret.

    All i can really say in the simplicist terms is WOW!!!!!!!!I am rooting for your concert and the new cd and i beleive it will be a smashing success all over the world. Finally a long over due recognition has been given to you Mr. Gilmour and your lovely wife Polly…


  36. Dear FEd,

    That’s great news – although I’d love to get it played more on some other radio stations, particularly Radio 1 and XFM, mainly because I think a younger/wider audience should hear it (all part of my ulterior motive to subvert today’s overmarketed crap, and to reeducate/entertain/inspire a new generation of DG fans).

    So….here’s some linkage to London radio stations requests pages or e-mail addresses. Feel free to add your own faves, and if okay with FEd, we’ll all post requests to each others favourite radio stations, thereby spreading the good word 🙂 (this works globally too thanks to e-mail and www, so not just UK stations as I’ve posted).

    Radio 1 : http://www.bbc.co.uk/feedback/
    XFM : http://www.xfm.co.uk/contactus.asp?b=none&t=none
    VirginFM : http://www.virginradio.co.uk/thestation/contactus/index.html


    Also, if anyone needs an Internet radio player, check out my PhD research website by clicking my name. We’ve written a FREE Internet webradio that is being used as part of my research, and you can use this to listen to global radio stations (if your fave isn’t listed, drop me a mail…all details are at the site).



  37. Great…

    But for me, who is a poor lonesome french fan, it’s rather difficult to understand what David says… Please, dear F.E., could you put subtitles for us? It would be so kind…Thanks.

    Ikkar, with love.

  38. The video clips of Castellorizon and On An Island are fantastic. The interview on the Astoria was a real treat … this is better than Christmas!

    I have a ticket for the RAH and am now keeping my fingers cross for one for the special broadcast.

  39. Why not performing in south america????

    You ´ve always performed in the UK, the all Europe , US , and canada but never with US ….

    I dont know why ???

    We are mostly half of the real world …

    The ones who buy records you know???

    I´m a fan of Floyd´s, Waters, Gilmour and everything of them since my 4th birthday now i´m 24 and seemed to me that´s not fair not having them at least for one time over here …

    I´m in Ecuador Right Now at the very half (center , middle ) of the world and I wish ….

    that gilmour be running the same old ground , so he can see what have he found? … the same old fears and wish the music be here….

    Bernardo , Ecuador

  40. don’t know if this has been pointed out anywhere else on the site but the new album has a top 10 sales rankiing @ amazon.com. today, sunday, it was at 9. at amazon.co.uk it is number 5.

    can’t put a precise figure on units sold through the various amazons but as an amazon associate i can tell you the technical term for this number of sales is ‘lorry loads’!!

    best to everyone.


  41. Dear Linda Penner:

    Wonderful story…very touching, and something I had to respond to at least to tell you so….

    From one Downstate NY fan to a Wesyern Ny fan, I wish you well….

  42. Above, someone says that “Roger must be seething” because this new single “is Pink Floyd.” It’s not PF. It’s Gilmour, and it is something aside and different from PF. Besides, from everything I’ve ever read about Roger, what would really make him seethe is if David’s record gets more attention than his own. Ca Ira sold, what, three copies here in the US? THIS is the stuff that seething is made of.

    [I think what was meant by that is that, some might say, ‘On An Island’ has a certain Pink Floyd feel to it, Dan. Only a matter of opinion, of course. It’s very much David’s album. – Features Editor]

  43. This is a presentation, from an italian magazine “Oggi” about OAI

    -DG,guitarist and voice of PF,is running this new solo: really precious!

    It’s admirably mixing different musical styles rock,folk and jazz so tied together with the magic sound of his guitar-

    I found it perfect for OAI!

    Good luck, Dave and thank you!

  44. David, just heard the new single and I think it’s great! You have lost nothing over the years and like fine wine you seem to have gotten better! Thanks for all the tunes and great memories. This site is fantastic and I wish you all the greatest of success with this wonderful endeavour you all are venturing on.

    Dave Morhinney

  45. Can’t wait to listen to the entire album!

    But please,please,Mr Gilmour,don’t go to Sanremo,it’s not a show for a legend of music like you.

    Emilio Sorridente

  46. Is there anyway that, maybe, David or some of his producers can put out a little collectible DVD of some of his live shows or BBC sessions. That would be awesome!

    If you get any information, Features Editor, would you please keep me updated?



    [Will do, Christian. – Features Editor]

  47. Can’t wait for the album to appear next week. Good to see tickets going out for the London shows. I assume the RAH will have made sure that they had refunded the money to any ebay seller they removed the tickets from before selling again, sure sellling the same item to two different people is ilegal.

    Just had a thought last night, wonder how many tickets will be on sale outside the venue, when we went to see David at Royal Festival Hall there was loads of people selling tickets. Fortunate for us we got ours before. Now all we need is the train company to do the same £15 return deal they had that week, this May, that would be cool.

  48. Well, “On an island” this week is being promoted by the italian radio “Radio Capital”!!!


  49. I Must say I can’t stop listening to the single. I’m hooked , can’t wait for the release! I have a question I don’t think anyone has asked yet! I know the album is being released on CD and Vinyl, but what about the SACD Format? If you’ve heard DSOTM on SACD you know what I mean when I say WOW. And that was recorded 33 years ago. I can’t imagine what a new recording would sound like. I and I’m shure many other audiophiles out there would love it! Just a thought , Thanks for any info…… E

  50. Greetings from 7hills Colorado

    Hello my friend David,

    Just want to say I have heard some of your new music and it sounds great. I am looking forward to hearing the rest. The combination is set and I have high hopes! By the way the poppy scene is completed.

    Love always
    the piper

  51. I was just looking on Amazon.co.uk and have now noticed that ‘On an Island’ is now at sales rank 3 and it is the only pre-lease alblum sale in the top 10. Now that must be pretty amazing!!! lets see if we can make the number one slot before the album is relased. the sample clips of the tracks sound amazing, a pitty there not longer, can’t wait for my copy of the album. I will be playing it in the car on my way to work!! if the post gets here before I leave at 8am.!!!

  52. I been throughly enjoying watching the excellent video tracks of David and the musicans playing songs from OAI.

    I wondered if these might be put out on a DVD?

    oh, and if so will it be out before Pulse? 😉 😀

    [No news as yet. We’ll let you know if we hear anything. – Features Editor]

  53. Well Well, no.1 on the amazon sales rank. that was quick!!. it has jumped from no.3 to no.1 in 1 day.!!!! :-))

    I just hope amazon have a ‘WAREHOUSE’ full of CD’s to send out on ‘Monday’

    See my previous post.

    I would be intrested to know if this some sort of record for pre-sales on amazon.


  54. Well Well, no.1 on the amazon sales rank. that was quick!!. it has jumped from no.3 to no.1 in 1 day.!!!! :-))

    I just hope amazon have a ‘WAREHOUSE’ full of CD’s to send out on ‘Monday’

    See my previous post.

    I would be intrested to know if this some sort of record for pre-sales on amazon.


  55. only a few days to go and hoping that Amazon may post my DG treats early – this is the first vinyl album i have bought new in 10 years. the tracks i have heard so far are superb and match my mood at the moment – laid back but hopeful – yours in gleeful anticipation


  56. on an island is by far the best work david has ever done with out pink floyd, i have been a huge floyd fan for 24 years now i love all the albums movies and songs. this was a real treat to get brand new david gilmour and i hope it sets all kinds of sales records and he finaly wins some grammy’s for it because it sounds great.

  57. Just got a copy and it is one of the top ten albums of the last 25 years. Yes has a Floyd sound, but we all know he is the voice of guitar. Momentary Lapse was testing the “waters”, Polly and Dave came into their own on Division Bell. I am going to the first show at Radio City in NY and I would rather be 100 feet away ( don’t ask what I paid) to hear Mr Gilmour, then thousands of feet away at a staduim. This shows once and for all which one is Pink ( Not a Waters basher ) but we have to admitt the Wall/final cut is a waters solo album, except the classics, they all say waters/gilmour.

    There going to be any effects at the NYC shows? Quad sound? I am not expecting a full laser show, but this is more fitting to a light show then the david gilmour dvd style of music. just curious.

    [Bill, you’ll have to wait and see… – Features Editor]

  58. Hi David, I’ve just started to listen to your new album and I look forward to see you performing in Milan, Teatro degli Arcimboldi!!! Just a short question: the first track of the album (castellorizon, where does the title come from? Is it related to the little island (Kastellorizo or Megisti) in the Aegean Sea, south-east of Greece? I spent about 8 times (out of the last 10) my summer holidays there…Please, let me know! Ciao and happy birthday!

    [The whole album was inspired by the Greek island, Alberto. Check out the ‘On An Island’ and ‘Gallery’ pages of http://www.davidgilmour.com for more. – Features Editor]

  59. Ho comprato subito il tuo nuovo CD, Dave. E’ il mio regalo per il tuo compleanno, e il ritorno alla grande dopo tanti anni passati a sperare di risentire e rivedere un tuo show, con o senza i Pink. Hai conservato tutto il sound tipico dei tempi migliori e come sempre la tua chitarra è inconfondibile, inimitabile, da amare con tutta l’anima, per tutta la vita.
    Ho ascoltato almeno 30 volte “Smile”, e ho pianto di gioia nel pezzo centrale dove il tuo assolo si manifesta e cresce fino toccare il cuore, è il brano per me più incantevole ed emozionante dell’album. Happy Birthday, Zio Dave, ti voglio bene, tanto bene.
    Claudio, from Switzerlan.

  60. My favourite track has to be “Take a breath”, the solo at the end is awesome, pity it doesn’t go on for longer actually!

  61. how I like to visit the show in germany….but I heard too late of it. All cards are sold out. I´m going crazy. But perhaps David will give a extra-gig ? In german it´s called “Zugabe” I Hope of it – yeah. I hope my wish will be heard.

    Does somebody know, where I can get the tabs & chords from “on an island” ?

    best wishes

  62. When Dave said there’d be no new Pink Floyd, I wrote an instrumental called “Gilmour’s Ghost.”

    Glad to see it was premature! Love the album, thank you.

  63. I`m in Los Angeles and I came from Brazil just to see Gilmour. I do love him!!!!!!

    Dinalva Pereira
    Brasilia – BRASIL

  64. Was the most wonderful concert I ever being. You have the most beautiful voice. Oh God, You’re the best!

    Please David, share this pleasure momento to Brazil, We love you so much!

    Dora Dapaz – Los Angeles

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