London ticket update


We are lucky to have the vast knowledge and assistance of someone who cares a great deal about how the fans fare when trying to purchase tickets, and she has kindly been answering many of the concerns you have expressed. Please see the points below before asking any other questions. We are doing this voluntarily to try to be of help, so please don’t make more work for us!

First of all, SEE Tickets have told us that they will give refunds, but you will lose your booking fee. They usually refuse to exchange, refund, transfer or return tickets unless the event in question is cancelled, but they are making an exception for David Gilmour’s London shows. Whether you booked online or by telephone, please see the SEE Tickets website for contact details and staff will be pleased to help you.

Obviously, this means that more tickets will become available as SEE Tickets accept returns, thus giving hope to those without tickets and reducing the need for anyone to consider unauthorised sellers. More on brokers tomorrow.

We have also been informed that, if you sold your unwanted tickets privately and at face value, then the sale would be valid. We are only trying to stop people from touting the tickets at higher than face value prices. That’s why eBay auctions are being monitored closely.

In response to the few rogue comments we have received mocking our stance on internet auction sites and individual profiteers, then have no doubt: we can indeed find out enough about which tickets are being offered for sale and force auctions to close. Anyone found to be selling tickets for obscene amounts will not receive their tickets when they are despatched. It’s as simple as that. If you are thinking of obtaining a ticket from such sites, we urge you not to take the risk, as the seller will never receive the ticket he is trying to sell you.

If you have tickets and do not wish to return them to the point of sale for a refund, then you are free to give your tickets to a friend. Names will not be checked on the door unless you have ordered tickets for collection from the Royal Albert Hall on the night. If you are collecting your tickets on the night, then remember that you will need the credit card used to purchase them in order to collect them. Again, we do not wish to stop people from circulating tickets if they are not able to use them. We want a full house. We just don’t want tickets being sold for personal profit at the expense of genuine fans.

Royal Albert Hall staff will not admit anyone who does not have their ticket with them, regardless of where they got it or who bought it for them. So if you have a pair of tickets and are planning on meeting a friend inside the venue, make sure that your friend has his or her ticket. Alternatively, please arrange to meet outside the venue. These are simple suggestions, but these things do happen frequently and cause unnecessary delays.

We cannot arrange trades or get involved in personal agreements conducted through this website. We have been happy to allow fans to post details of their situations here and to invite e-mail correspondence from others who may have spare tickets. Please be sensible if you are going to do this and appreciate that we cannot intervene or act as a middleman in any deal.

We hope that’s of some use and, as always, we wish you the best of luck in locating tickets in a fair manner.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

48 thoughts on “London ticket update”

  1. Fair play all round!

    nice one chaps.

    p.s. I got my mits on a riff at last, wheeeeee, was beginning to think David’s knuckles were broken or something!

    p.p.s. LINDA PENNER: click the link on my name. its an up and coming competition for tickets to the LA concert, if thats not suitable there is BOUND to be other competitions on the go at some point on the radio and or websites (theres loads of David and Floyd tribute sites out there, get looking!)

    good things happen to good people / what goes around comes around etc etc. Good luck!!

  2. Thank you FEd and all of David’s staff.

    Thank you for negotiating a policy that is fair to BOTH sides. In fact I think you are going out of your way by allowing people to post their e-mail address to invite correspondence. That is above and beyond the call of duty, and it is very appreciated.

    Unfortunately my plans are still iffy. The money’s good to make the trip, but the person who was to go with me had to bow out due to conflicts at work.

    [Thank you, Michael. We hope it helps. The two people you really want to thank are Andy and Nancy, so your kind words of appreciation are being zapped to them as I type. Anyway, I hope you can work something out with your tickets. Good luck, mate. – Features Editor]

  3. Fair play to the people involved in working on this. I’ve never came across a site who had people going to these extra steps to try and help people with regards to the whole ticketing issue for a concert. Fortunately I am sorted for the shows. Venues and agents offering refunds and all that is unheard of normally. Credit where it’s due to those involved.

    [Cheers, Shane. – Features Editor]

  4. Excellent photo of David playing the piano…..

    [A bigger version can be found over at the Gallery, Steve. – Features Editor]

  5. big thanks to the ed, to andy and to nancy! i’m going to the manchester show but what you’re doing for those who are going to the london shows is fab. it’s nice to see someone making a stand against the scummers! i hope it all works out and those without tickets who have played by the rules and ignored ebay and brokers get them at a fair price now.

  6. three cheers for FeD, Andy, and Nancy!

    no doubt above and beyond the call of duty…shine on!

  7. Once again I must thank you for passing my enquiry on to Nancy and for the prompt reply I got from her. It really was appreciated as I’m sure you have better things to be doing!

    Now I can relax and wait for the 6th March (my birthday is on the 7th so I wonder what present I might get?!) and then roll on May!

    Thanks again.

    [No problem, Chris. Glad to be able to help. – Features Editor]

  8. Hi Gentlemen

    Thanks for good news for all Gilmour and Floyd fans around world.

    I listened the On the Island track and it is really amazing. I also have to thank God because I have the economic condition to travel from Brazil to Italy to see David playing alive ( and Rick..too.).

    But TicketOne did not send me the Email confirmation for the Milan Shows. I do not know why. I bought the tickets using the online option and I already pay for it with VISA. I am afraid because it is a long and very expensive trip.

    All the trials to make a contact with Ticketone was vanished. They do not respond the email messages.

    Please help me.

    Sergio (from Brazil)

    [We’ll see what we can do, Sergio. Sit tight. – Features Editor]

  9. Thank you so much!! The whole situation was getting way out of control and I am for one, very happy that a performer has taken stance against the viles of eBay and such.

    Fair is fair.

    Thanks to you and your fellows there at…wonderful job!

  10. Thanks for the clip of Smile on the main page. I’ve been dying to hear it! I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER FOR THIS ALBUM!!!!! It’s driving me nuts…the anticipation.

  11. To The David Gilmour Team:

    Well done. Its refreshing to see an artist/group get directly involved in protecting their fans.

    It would be great if you guys had the same influence in the states, but what you guys have done in the UK is a great.

  12. Thanks to you all for answering my concerns, and those of others, about tickets – you’ve certainly eased my worried mind! Knowing a little about what goes into the running of a site like this I well realise how much you are all giving of your time to keep us, the fans, informed.

    Can’t wait for the album and can’t wait for the shows!

    Thanks again!

  13. This has absolutely nothing to do with tickets… just a quick re-cap of my day:

    1) Shoelace broke walking into work. Had to hobble about from keeping shoe from falling off.

    2) My laptop’s hard drive crashed- lost everything.

    3) My uncle passed away.

    4) I got fired (no, not for the laptop thing)

    But, I came home to a clip from Smile and it made me do just that. Beautiful. And that’s why I’m such a big DG fan- his music can turn my day around.

    No need to post this Ed- just my thanks to David.


    [Oh, bless you, Chris! – Features Editor]

  14. Hi

    I have tickets for the Glasgow show, should be good. The line up is obviously going to Pulse-like but i suspect that things will sound quite different.

    I must say that the new song is very much a Dave gilmour solo song rather than a Pink Floyd-a-like track (obviously). I do like the guitar in it, though overall it seems a bit lightweight and too AOR sounding on my first few listens, no doubt though that it will sound better in the context of the album… I just hope that the album has a dark, brooding and grandiose side to it as well as the major key happy melodic moments.

    Should add that i consider Mr. Gilmour the greatest guitarist ever to grace the planet, and a vastly under-rated singer too.


  15. Hi again….

    Further to my earlier comments……

    hmmmmm, I have now heard “On an Island” single track a few times…… it’s growing on me a bit more (i wasn’t sure at first)…. Certainly the guitar solo is pure Gilmour, and the vocals are great… i guess the melody just takes a bit of getting used to.. It’s certainly more like something off the “David Gilmour” album, rather than The Division Bell.

    Regarding Ebay tickets: The latest scam seems to be tickets for RAH listed by Canadian touts, who seem to think they are above the law… pests.


  16. If these loops that play on the website are peices of music from the album than it sounds like we are all in for a real treat.

  17. Hello,

    It’s 21°C in the house but I got shivers… someone is doing an awesome guitar solo and his lovely voice sings;

    Halfway to the stars,
    let them flow
    let it grow
    feel the warmth besides you

    Remember that night
    the warmth and the laughter
    candles burn doe the church was deserted
    the door that we went down through empty streets to the habour

    Well done!

    This is how I like Music; moody, laid back, it’s graps you slowly, but totally.

    Thanks David!

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  18. I think it`s total fair play, that real fans get a chance to see their idol, or at least 50% of floyd plus dick parry! I Know it will be a good show and I can`t wait! All I want to Know is; is there any singles from the album, and if so when the first one will be released?

  19. The whole ticket distribution system is flawed. There needs to be a serious investigation, in the US at least, as to how these shows sell out almost immediately, and within hours, ticket agencies have multiple pairs of tickets for hot shows right in the front rows! I think the powers that be, at the legit ticket provider agencies, TM, have their hands in the scum cookie jar as well. I also read a story somewhere about some guy who was able to manipulate phones so he could eliminate all calls to a radio station and come into be caller 100. Over the course of a week, this guy won 4 sports cars utilizing his technology knowledge and his buddies. Of course this is not the same as tickets, but it gives you an idea about how these agencies may be able to score these great tickets and then #@*! the true fans. Kudos to the RAH for taking a stand.


  20. a side note…watched gilmour’s solo dvd today and had goosebumps throughout, the ones where youre body becomes ice, even though ive seen this dvd many many a time, the thought that i will be witnessing live my favorite and greatest guitarist sent me into spasms during the dvd. you wanna talk about a role model in the public eye and the first name i think of is david gilmour. God bless him!

    April 5th is the only thing on my mind and im loving every minute of the buildup!

    song of the moment…fearless

  21. I am coming in late on this issue so please indulge my question.

    Does all of this apply to the Royal Albert Show(s) only?


    PS Any chance of Polly’s photos ever being offered for sale, for charity perhaps?

    [Yes, only the Royal Albert Hall shows. If you go to the Live Dates page, you’ll notice that many concerts have different authorised sellers. We have been dealing with the three authorised sellers for the London shows to bring you this update. – Features Editor]

  22. I’m both thrilled and frustratingly teased with the small bits of music you guys are giving us.

    I can’t help but wonder if David and you guys are sitting around having tea and saying “hey, lets record another 30sec bit for the web site just to bugger ’em up and confuse ’em”

  23. I have to re-iterate the comments of others concerning the efforts the people at this site have made to take a stand. Many people express sentiments, few go beyond sentiments to action and fewer still take further corrective measures based on feedback. Well done. It must have been complex, time consuming and irritating to attempt to change the system. In this world of cynicism and disengagement, it’s nice to see involvement and action.

  24. Thank you so much feature editors for “looking out for the true die hard fans of Mr. Gilmour & his ‘special people/artists/musicians/Polly”..It is really great to know that there are decent people out there. I wish to also thank the post from ‘Ripper’ & the heads up on the contest and giving me the ‘hope’ that there just may be a way I can see Mr. Gilmour in concert. I don’t want to have high hopes because as I have mentioned ‘LUCKY” is not my middle name. Don’t feel bad about it, it’s just my experiences. Some people are ‘lucky’ and are always at the right place and at the right time..I did take note of your suggestion and I am going for it. What do I have to lose? “can’t win if you don’t play” & “pocketful of stones” to quote very, wise persons indeed.

    Mr. Gilmour I can not tell you in the English language how much I am looking forward to the release of your new solo cd. There is no way for me to explain it to you and the feature editors at this wonderful website. Polly keep up with the beautiful photos and the title ‘On an island’ is so YOU! (meaning Mr.& Mrs. Gilmour) —it’s wonderful and the music and the lyrics are what stick out the most and is the most entrancing of all….I am in total awe..I have seen the titles of the songs on the new CD and it brings back alot of memories for me..personal ones. Only the artistic collaboration of yourself and David and all the other great musicians could this actually take place..

    Dick Parry will also be on tour–what next? I am glad i am sitting down looking at the daily website here. Maybe just maybe something good will come out of this for me?? MAYBE? I hate cliche’s but should i hold my breath and keep hoping for the miracle? Maybe perhaps just maybe I will have the ‘Golden ticket’?

    Thank you ever so much feature editors and to the people who have specifically written their thoughts on my entries/posts. It is appreciated.

    Mr. Gilmour would I be out of line in stating that you are not only a great musician and guitarist (#1 Finally recognized and long overdue) but I think that you are also a very attractive man. In pictures of you from the ‘younger years’ to the present you are indeed very easy on these blue eyes..I mean that with all due respect and I just wanted you to know that. Not that you need me telling you anything but sometimes it’s nice to know when someone has nothing but positive things to say about you and everything you have done and lets just say–What an achievement you have put forth over the years. It is much appreciated and respected. You appear to me that you would be a man of few words and probably don’t really ‘appreciate the ramblings’ that I am doing at this time and other Posts if you ever really read or saw them. I am sorry but I wanted you and Polly to know how I feel & how much I respect the both of you. Thank you again ( the words just don’t seem to cut it though); it does not have the impact that I would like it to have if let say you were reading this!

    Thank You again feature editors and the persons that made this website what it is. I appreciate all the hard work that must go into having a website. And such a candid, real personable one is indeed fresh now a days..

    Mr. Parry, you are the added icing on the proverbial cake! The show(s) will be beyond fantastic I am sure.

    Always thinking of you:
    Linda Penner

    p.p.s: Thank You again Ripper! Thank you for the opportunity and the great information and thinking about me..I don’t know you but you sound like a descent person..the true “David Gilmour” fan, honest and open.

  25. here is a worthy question for all the bloggers….what does the music created by david, roger, rick, and nick mean to you?

  26. I feel a bit more relaxed about the situation, but I do have a simple question.

    Since the above forementioned blog states “Anyone found to be selling tickets for obscene amounts will not receive their tickets when they are despatched.”, does this mean those whom already sold tickets on an auction site within the practical limits of face value could be reconsidered by RAH?

    I’m assuming ‘obscene’ means some stupid ridiculous amount over face value, like double price?

    Thanks again..

    [It depends what you mean by “the practical limits of face value”… We are trying to stop people from touting tickets at higher than face value prices. – Features Editor]

  27. For Linda, hope your endeavour comes to fruition, I think it will. It’ll make you SMILE, as the theme for today’s blog indicates. Thank You All.

  28. I just finished listening to the full lenght version of ‘On an Island’, wow what a treat to the ears and soul.

    I am sure I speak for many and repeating many when I say thank you for this site. To know that David respects his audience as much as we respect him is incredibly moving.

    I fortunately have tickets to see him in Toronto which fulfills a lifelong dream. Thank you so much Features Editor. Your contributions are the icing on the cake and we’ve only yet been given a tiny slice.

    Tell David and the whole team congratulations for acheiving greatness once again. I look forward to March when the rest will be unveiled.

    Dan The Man

  29. Many thanks for reassurance, it makes one feel proud to be human! What are we all going to do later in the year when the excitement is over???? A friend bought me tickets for the Glasgow concert as a pressent and I thought I would have to disguise myself as her to get in as she isnt going. Now from what you’ve said Ed, I dont need to worry about dress sense!


    [You can go in drag if you want to, Ian, but it’s not necessary. Hope you enjoy the show. – Features Editor]

  30. Alternate Gilmour posted he was tired of older song requests because most have been played to death. This is true for some songs, but there are a lot of great songs that were hardly played live. Childhoods End is an awesome song I don’t think was played very often which is weird because it is such a rocking Gilmour driven song. Fat Old Sun was played on his last tour, but the last solo wasnt there. There’s also the jams I love on Fat Old Sun from 71 they could do up. See Saw, Summer of 68, Wots uh the Deal… the list goes on and on of great songs they could do on the tour.

    I think people say they want the older tunes because they aren’t played often anymore. I’d love to hear A Saucerful of Secrets, but I’m not here posting it everyday because there’s no chance of it. However, I often mention how awesome Echoes would be because it is within the realm of possibilty.

    It doesn’t matter any way it happens. It’s nice to have the songs you want, but everyone wants something else. It will rock no matter whatever is played; we’ll all walk away amazed.

  31. The picture today of David at the piano has already been used – can we have a new one please

    [Cheeky! – Features Editor]

  32. If the touts can’t sell their tickets online, they will simply sell them in face-to-face transactions outside the RAH on the night of the concerts. Expect an orchestra of dodgy scousers and cockneys outside South Kensington tube station.

    Still, at least they will have to get off their fat arses and do some work for a change.

  33. Greetings David

    Just heard the single on BBC Radio 2 (walker/wogan 07:30-09:30 ff to 9.10am to listen again)

    wonderful !!!!

    Roll On RAH

  34. To everyone who has done so much to protect Davids fans from shameless profiteers, I say thank you. If there were more artists and/or venues doing the same, those scammers would all be out of business in no time flat. I can only imagine the kind of work that goes into the creation and enforcement of these policies, and you are doing so voluntarily. It speaks very highly of the kind of person David is and the kind of people who work with him. Again, to everyone involved, a nice warm “thank you.”

  35. Fair Play all round :o)

    Its nice to see that some real thought has gone into this policy, and still allows dissapointed fans to get their hands on tickets that become available for genuine reasons.

    Its nice to see that seetickets have seen some common sense too! (pity their booking fees are still quite so big!)

    Have my tickets, and the two spare i have (thanks to a lovely email from trinitystreetdirect) are going to my inlaws, without fear of them not getting in!

    Thanks again for all the time and effort you’ve put into this,


  36. A massive applause must now surely go to the intellects who run this DG site for finally pulling back the velvet curtain of grey which has eclipsed the truth on these RAH tickets for sometime!

    Now we can sit back and relax, listen to the album when it comes out and get along to see the G*d of voice and guitar live!

    Thank you all you good people!

  37. Just heard the single “On an Island” played on Radio 2 at 9.30am today but missed when it will be released. So when is to be please?

    Sounds very typical=great


    [It’s 6 March in the UK, as is the album. – Features Editor]

  38. Can anyone help me to get a ticket or pair of tickets for the SECC in glasgow. As i never knew David Gilmour was coming until saturday the 11th of Feb. Been on ebay but the money they are going for is scary and keep getting out bidded. If any one has or knows how i can get hold of any, i would be deeply grateful.

    I a very big Pink Floyd and David Gilmour Fan.


  39. A bit off topic, but just wanted to let you know that since it has come up on this site, I have periodically been running a search on eBay for Pink Floyd.

    I have found several sellers who have brasenly offered up Complete Catalogs of PF albums/cd’s. They’ve converted to mp3, compressed and are selling on disc. I have contacted sellers noting it is illegal to sell copyrighted material and contacted eBay regarding copyright infringement.

    Both sellers and eBay have responded and the items have been pulled before a sale occured.

    Its a small thing, and know they don’t need the money… but its not about the money. I thought it jolly well disrespectful as well as being quite illegal. It’s a way I can give something greater than the price of a ticket or cd back to a group of musicians who have so enriched my life. (And, its a mitzvah.)

    Further off topic – a question, si tu plait…

    David, je tu serais reconnaissant de si tu chant ‘Non Je Ne Regrette Rien’. Quel chance??

    Merci, Cheers.

    [Good work, Jo! Thanks a lot. – Features Editor]

  40. David Gilmour , when do we get a chance to see and hear you live in Argentina ?

    [The same answer applies for Argentina, sorry. David is not visiting South America, nor any country that isn’t already listed on the Live Dates pages. – Features Editor]

  41. I have two sets of tickets for Royal Albert. One for 5/29 and one for 5/31. I cannot make the shows and need to sell them. They were won via the presale lottery and cannot be refunded. I simply do not want there to be any empty seats at the show. My wife and I will still be attending a show in Los Angeles as we are big fans.

    I need some help here,

    [Just in case you missed my reply to your other queries, Lucas… We are on the case and will be in touch shortly to arrange a refund. Please be patient. – Features Editor]

  42. I wanted to say ‘thanks’ to David Gilmour, and the website, for picking me as one of the names to get tickets for RAH on the 31st May. I wouldn’t sell them for money or lots of other things. Ok, in exchange for the cure to to cancer for all, but I reckon Dave would forgive that transgression.

    I ‘m waiting to buy or even listen to ‘On An Island’ until after I have had the chance to see it’s interpretation in a live setting. I don’t want to influence my perceptions, I want to see it, as well as hear it, for the first time on the eve. Of course I will buy it after that! Sorry to anyone who didn’t get tickets. I feel lucky to get to watch a master craftsman at the helm; taking us on a ride to, well, an Island.

  43. Lucas, If you’ve not sold your tickets, I’m interested in a pair. My daughter graduates form high school the following week, it would be quite a treat for her and I.

  44. I (with difficulty) bought 4 tickets for my brother & our wives in the gods at the RAH May 31st from the RAH website, then afterwards we each got 2 in the stalls via the official DG website.

    This means we don’t need the 4 standing tickets. The RAH says the tickets must be picked up in person, or with a letter & photocopies of the credit card if we pass them onto anyone else – not an attractive idea if we sell to strangers. We don’t want to profit from this; nor do we want the hassle of Ebay; we would prefer them to go to people who will appreciate this exciting event. Is there a way of selling these via this site, or DGs? I only want what they cost me.

    [To start with, this is David’s site. If anyone is interested, please leave a message for Mike and make sure you include your e-mail address. Mike can then contact you if he wants to. – Features Editor]

  45. cela fait 30 ans que je vis avec la musique de pink floyd et que pour cà je suis heureux d’être venu sur terre et quand je quitterai celle-ci ce sera avec pink floyd à quand une rencontre impossible avec david gilmour

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