Another theatre for you. This is where David will kick off his tour on 10 March. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Dortmund’s exquisite concert hall opened in September 2002 and is now rightly-recognised as one of the most famous concert houses in Europe, catering for a wide variety of musical tastes. Regularly housing symphony, chamber music and jazz sessions, the Dortmund Concert Hall-Westphalia Philharmonic Hall also caters for those who favour operatic performances or folk and pop events.

The design was well thought-out, creating an incredible sound experience. The interior, as you can see, is simply delightful.

The stage is almost 18m wide and just short of 12m deep.

If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket to the first night of David’s tour, then we hope you will enjoy the show. Let us know if you’ll be there and, if you’ve visited this fine theatre before, what fans can expect.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

36 thoughts on “Konzerthaus”

  1. i am living in Dortmund – but i did not get the chance to buy tickets for the Gilmour-concert in our “Konzert-Haus” – cause it was sold out during hours … i was too slowly … so i will travel to Hamburg, together with a friend – to see David Gilmour live in the “CCH” …

    Till now, I have seen – only one time – a concert in the Dortmund “Konzert-Haus” … and the sound was really not very satisfying … i don`t know why … maybe the sound-technicans made some mistakes on that evening … or maybe the “Konzert-Haus” was concepted only for symphony-orchestras and pure unplugged-music, i can`t say … the concert i have seen was Helge Schneider, a fine german jazz-musician playing together with Pete York and James B. Woode.

    i hope that it was just a technical-mistake on that evening and i can`t say anything concrete about it – cause i have been in the concert-house only one time and i got no comparisons with other rock-concerts in the concert-house …

    But that the sound was not satisfying – in the end i did not stand alone with this opinion : near the end of the concert, Helge Schneider himself talked to the audience – complaining about the “horrible” sound … i think he was really pissed off … it was a kind of an embarrassing moment for the audience … Anyway he has never played a concert again in the “Konzert-Haus” …

  2. Anyway – i am really looking foreward to listen to David Gilmour & Co. on a live-concert – for the very reason that i have seen only 2 Floyd-concerts in my life … simply too less for somebody who loves their music.

    I have seen Pink Floyd 2 times in Hannover (1994) … and it was a nice but curious moment when i told my teacher at school that i will see a Pink Floyd concert – and he then told me that he was on a Floyd-concert when he was 14 years old (!) … He has seen Pink Floyd 1973 playing Dark Side of the moon. Unbelievable.

  3. hey, wow… Dortmund’ s concert house looks really fantastic. I hope they wont have any soundproblems at gilmours concert.

    I have a little question: Has the new sound of the homepage anything to do with the new album of David?

    [Maybe. – Features Editor]

  4. It is 10:02am on 2/4/06 Sat. & I just finished working a double shift. I want to thank the feature editor and everyone who has put this wonderful website and information about Mr. David Gilmour, his new CD & tour which I am not ‘Lucky’ enough to go to here in the united states. I have placed other entries so I will not bore you with my rambling which I seem to do so well lately. Thank You for your tolerance of me.

    Mr. David Gilmour, I was on my way home this am after working in the ER at the hospital I work at. Usually I pop in one of your CD’S or some other artists that have ‘tickled my fancy’…Instead and very much unlike me I turned on the radio. The song began–the announcer did not say or make an announcement before hand that this is your new upcoming cd so I had no idea ( well that is not the entire truth), I heard the starting instruments and I immediately got ‘goose flesh’–I thought “no way” this can’t be–it was–your new title song was on my xm-satellite stereo system in my car…After working over 60hrs this week–your music and that of every single artist, musician, songwriters immediately put me ‘out of my world and reality which can be quite disturbing and brought me a sense of excitement and un-earthliness that I can not put into words.

    Your music is the forefront and the words and believe me I am a ‘word’ listener to songs and your great orchestration is BEYOND MY ABILITY TO EXPRESS TO YOU IN WORDS!

    How can I tell you how happy you and your music have made me? How do you thank someone who you can not see face to face and eye to eye…Your music has made a great impact on my recent situations at work, my personal tragedies and the obstacles I am facing at this time….I am 43yo & you and only you and your music can ‘take me away to a place that is beautiful’….I am not saying this just because I have a great deal of respect for you and your wife Polly but as a person who daily sees the effects of poverty, homelessness and tragedies. It is very difficult lately for me to see anything and to feel anything but pain and yes my own jealousy of all the fans that have tickets to see your tour coming up…Mr. Gilmour for me and me alone your music is the forefront. You take me out of the sorrow I see daily and to a place like ‘On an Island’, please excuse the pun here. There is absolutely no doubt that your new cd as well as everything you have done in your music history will be a hit. I am looking forward to March 7th,2006 to buy your cd. I promise you that i will be purchasing 2 of them because I know i will wear out the first one…

    You and all the musicians and Polly have put together a fantastic, touching and beautiful piece of pure magic. I thought the Division Bell was my number one but now I have to say there will be 2 number ones and both have them just so happen to be with the musicians and writers you have worked with in the past.

    To the feature editor thank you for all of your efforts and this great site..from the bottom of my heart–a deep sincere thank you and bless you…To Mr. David Gilmour and Polly, bless the both of you. Mr. Gilmour thank you from the bottom of my heart for all and everything you have done and for putting out this new cd and yes touring…may seem a little sappy here but I will definitely ‘miss not seeing you’ in concert. It was a dream of mine but thank you indeed. How can I thank all of you for having such a positive impact on my life in such times of sorrow? As I have said ‘thank you’ just isn’t cutting it for me…Polly being a wonderful writer and lyricist could probably come up with a more ‘suitable’ term…I am just a person who appreciates your music and the respect i have for you as not only a great musician but also a great singer, writer, and a man of obvious a big heart and your generosity. You don’t need Linda telling you this though…You must get tired of hearing it.

    Polly thank you for your wonderful contributions in all forms to this new cd also….you have to be one incredible woman. I have a great deal of respect for you and admire what you have done in regards to the effect that you have had in making of the Division Bell & On an Island. How two wonderful extremely talented persons can find the time to put out such wonderful music and alo have a youn family must be quite a feat all in itself…It shows that you are unconditional in your love of great music, of others tragedies and you wonderful acts of charity. I admire both Mr. Gilmour and you for everything…


  5. I have looked at pictures of some of these concert halls, and they look unbelievable. I have seen Floyd at the traditional stadium shows 2 times, and Roger Waters at a pavilion show once. This will be nice, to see Mr. Gilmour in a more intimate atmosphere with his fans. I look forward to seeing him in April!

  6. You’re such a tease Feat. Ed! 🙂

    What a gorgeous venue! Looks intimate and seems like it would have a great sound only for acoustic/orchestral settings. Gorgeous!

  7. Why do people have to be so negative in advance of the event??! *sigh*

    Whatever the acoustics are like, it looks beautiful, I cannot believe that the accoustics in a place like that (which looks custom built) are awful. I just don’t believe it…nor do I believe that DG or his management would choose something inappropriate, or somewhere where DG wouldn’t feel comfortable. Plus people have been retro-fitting auditoria with acoustic mods for years…just take a look up at any of the gigs you’re next at.


  8. Hello! When David comes to Brazil??? I hope it from this year. Remember that we have great fans waiting for this, Gilmour just can’t disappoint us!!! Please, bless us with the beautiful song that you make….

  9. The sound snippets from David’s album sound wonderful. I simply cannot wait to hear the new album in full.

    One of my friends is a Floyd fan, though much younger than I am. Neither one of us is a fan of Division Bell or Momentary Lapse of Reason, although we both love the stuff that pre-dated those albums. She is not familiar with David’s solo work at all. Anyway, she was very dismissive when I told her that DG is releasing his album next month. For her, this is an artist whose best work is twenty-five years in the past and who has not released anything at all in more than a decade. How could this new album possibly be any good? She did not hear me when I mentioned that David is working with great musicians like Crosby/Nash, Phil Manzanara, Georgie Fame and Jools Holland.

    There are some people who think an artist is only as good as his most recent work. I think that some artists have periods that don’t appeal to every fan, but that they can go on to produce truly wonderful work. Neil Young, for example, has produced a lot of stuff that I don’t get along with, which is always followed by stuff that I love. Bob Dylan has similarly always been hit or miss for me. For me, it makes no sense to close one’s self off to the possibility of enjoying an artist’s work simply because one doesn’t care for the artist’s recent efforts. I think we should allow an artist to grow, try new things and produce something great.

    I write knowing that there will be others out there who love the classic Floyd stuff but not the more recent offerings. To them, I say: keep an open mind about this. Don’t judge this new album until you have heard it. This may be just as wonderful as Wish You Were Here was, and we will never know until we actually listen to it.

  10. I was just perusing the tracks on the album and the featured musicians on each track. I must say, just through speculation, I’m really looking forward to hearing Then I Close My Eyes. BJ Cole on the Weissenborn ad Caroline Dale on cello are a very hard combination to beat. BJ is a master slide guitarist, and the weissenborn is a snarling, mean beautiful sounding little guitar. I’m always a sucker for Dave’s instrumental songs, and this one looks very promising.

  11. I recently got to hear “On An Island”, the title track to the new album played by a local Los Angeles radio station. I have to say thinking the whole album was going to be all acoustic, I was proven wrong. This song for people who haven’t heard yet almost reminds me of Comfortably Numb with the guitar work. The addition of Rick’s keyboard, and harmonies of Nash and Crosby make this an awesome song. I hope the rest of the album sounds like this. Looking forward to see David at the Gibson on April 20th, as well as the new album coming out in March.

  12. Just wanted to share a story. I heard an awesome song on the radio and of course was unable to hear who did it. I emailed the DJ and described the song as sounding like Pink Floyd and CSN mushed together. They wrote back to tell me it was On An Island by David Gilmour and when I looked it up online I find that Crosby and Nash are on it! It is a beautiful song.

  13. it sure does look beautiful. are you getting enough sleep ed? was nice of the gilmour camp to give you some time to catch up with the every-other day update. rest well my friend. your hard work and dedication is much appreciated!!

    [Bless you for that, Don. – Features Editor]

  14. Wow, that place looks absolutely beautiful. With the lighting and camera angle, it also looks like Stanley Kubrick took that photo.

    Regarding acoustics, the venue is only part of the bargain. When electric instruments are amplified through a loud-speaker system, the sound will only be as good as the front-of-house mixing is (i.e. sound engineer).

    That said, David Gilmour and Pink Floyd have always paid great attention to the sound-mixing of their shows (we are there for the music, afterall). This tour will be no exception, I’d wager. The venue acoustics will certainly be highlighted by David’s sound engineer. It’s certainly easier to make an acoustically designed venue sound better than an arena or stadium.

    The recent ambient sound-samples have been awesome. Can’t wait to hear the album infull!

  15. watch out for picket pockers – this is still some sort of a “sketchy” area. if you’re hungry, one of the best turkish take-aways in town with a superb & hot lamakun is just 20 meters away.

  16. The Konzerthaus looks nice. I hope the sound is also good. I saw David 1984 in Düsseldorf. I stand in the first row. 22 years later I have got a ticket for Dortmund in the first row in the middle. I am very lucky about it. See you in Dortmund.

    Best regards

    Dirk Giebels

  17. Yes, I will travel to Dortmund and I am looking very much forward to this kick-off and the acoustic conditions of this theatre are extremely good!

    Tiny little suggestion: how about David answering E-mails directly and everybody makes a nice donation (for homeless people) for each question? I’ve got some very interesting questions…

    Best, Ernest

  18. I’m looking forward to seeing David tour solo again. I remember the ’84 tour well and truly enjoy the DVD from the Meltdown set.

    Since the “polls” seem to be popular here..What 2-3 musicians would you like to see David work with in the future? (Keep this outside of his former band!)

    Just some ideas to get the ball rolling….

    -Neil Young (or all of CSNY)
    -BB King

    Also, just quick note to the editor who has to slog through piles of notes asking the same things over and over. Thank you for your time, you’re doing a great job building excitement for this, connecting with the masses, and trying to keep folks off tired topics…I’ll see some of you in NYC in April!

  19. i must say david has picked some amazing venues! Are they all picked by the man himself?

  20. dear features editor,

    Please tell my why in america they are hearing previewed tracks from david`s new album? the only “bit`s” i`ve heard are on the main page of the web site.

    I don`t know why i`m bothering to ask as you never answer me anyway.

    Many thanks,
    Ade, birmingham (uk)

    [Then I won’t bother answering you on this occasion. But for the benefit of anyone else who might be interested, the only track they are playing in the US (as far as I’m aware) is the single edit of the album’s title track. We don’t tell radio stations what to play. Contact your local or preferred station and tell them you want to hear it. – Features Editor]

  21. Sorry to bang on about the ticket situation…but I’m really concerned here! Basically I have swapped a pair of pre-sale tickets for Glasgow for a pair of pre-sale tickets for the RAH – a simple case of a couple of mates doing a swap. As RAH shows were announced earlier my mate in Scotland was lucky enough to get a pair of priority tickets – I meanwhile was not paying attention….! However, when the Glasgow dates were announced we agreed that I would try to get tickets for that show, and if successful we would swap….as I live in Surrey! That is what we have done but, please tell me that I’m going to get in to the RAH on the night as clearly I am not the one who purchased the tickets yet they haven’t technically been re-sold!!

    [I’ll see what I can find out, Neil. Shouldn’t be a problem. – Features Editor]

  22. A quick change of subject, if I may…

    Looking through the listings of a German online retailer, I came across a notice that the yet-to-be-released “On An Island” CD will be copy-protected.

    Personally, I will not buy any CD that is not Red Book compliant, even if God were to reveal the meaning of life on it (not sure whether that would be ranked above or below David’s new output around here… 😉

    While I’m certain that this is a record company decision rather than one made by the artist, selling corrupt CDs will not prevent the album from hitting the P2P networks and will only serve to annoy the honest buyers. I would not want to support that with my money.

    For this reason, I wonder whether there will be versions that will not have copy protection. Perhaps the helpful Features Editor could write a word or two on this topic. I’m particularly interested in whether the UK version will be a proper audio CD as has sometimes been the case with other artists recently.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

    (Oh, and BTW, greetings to Peter Mc from SF!)

  23. THANK YOU FED. See you tomorrow. Beautiful opera house, the accoustics will be fine there. David will have all venues thought out in hand.

  24. BUONGIORNO FEd!!! how are you?

    This morning I opened the home page and I listened the new track you have inserted….there is a ring bell….WHY DAVID LOVES SO MUCH BELLS?!!! Fat old sun, high hopes…it is curious!!!

    When he was a boy, did he live near a church? Did it remeber him the school’s bell? Had his dog a little bell in its collar? WHY?!!! Can you tell me or should I ask David in the Faqs? Thanks!



  25. A big howdy to the F. Ed. and everyone at DavidBlog. I DO love the music clips…thank you.

    Becky in Upper Tooting (just kidding)

  26. Re: Lucia – The bells THE BELLS. I’ve seen less ‘peel’ing at a sunburn convention!!

    still itching to hear the title track…hopefully the wait won’t be too much longer. Meanwhile a joke (that may or may not get edited, but what the heck…)

    q. what’s long, brown and peeps out of windows?

    a. a nosey shite!

  27. Dearest Ripper,

    I have to admit that I didn’t undestand your observation ’cause I can’t understand english very well!

    What “less ‘peel’ing” means? Can you explain me with others words? Or in italian! So I’m sure to understand!

    Thank you!


  28. Or… what’s pink and wrinkled and hangs out your trousers…

    Your mother! 🙂

    [Steady! – Features Editor]

  29. Visually beautiful, but from the pic seems very narrow, possibly not allowing the sound to fully expand in all it’s glory.Hey but who am I.I’m sure the engineers have somehow compensated for this.I’m actually jealous of the lucky people that are going to experience opening night!!!

  30. Hi David,

    what a beautiful work!

    I bought it yesterday and… it is still in my ears!

    I’m very looking forward to see you in Milan on 24 March



    PS Are you going to play sax on stage?

  31. Something like 30+ hours until the show will start. I am really looking forward to this, hearing his masters (guitar-) voice 😉

    Only negative aspect is the ticket sale and the price on the black market like ebay etc. Can´t the management stop those Greedy guts?

    [The fans could. If people didn’t bid on their auctions, it would all end in an instant. – Features Editor]

  32. Tonight’s the night !!!!

    This evening I go to Dortmund to see David’s first show. I can’t explain how much pleasure I feel in advance for a great show.

    I wish everyone in dortmund this night a great show !!!!!!

    Best regards

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