For US fans


Lots of good news for all you fans in the States, as we know that many of you are rather unhappy that the BBC competition is open to UK residents only.

First, as has been noted by you among yesterday’s frenzied comments (a fine source of information you lot are), US fans have their very own chance to win tickets to one of David’s shows, as well as many other exciting prizes. You don’t even have to answer a question.

The good people at Columbia Records are offering you the grand prize of a round trip for two to Los Angeles, complete with tickets to the show at the Gibson Amphitheatre on 20 April. You will stay at the legendary Chateau Marmont hotel and transportation to, and from, the concert is included. If that’s not enough, there’s also a signed guitar, a brand new ‘On An Island’ CD, as well as David’s other two solo albums and DVD.

25 second place winners will each receive a signed David Gilmour lithograph and 10 third place winners will each receive a David Gilmour baseball hat and a copy of David’s fabulous new album on CD.

This competition is open to US residents only. The very best of luck to all who enter.

The ‘On An Island’ single is now available on iTunes. Not in Europe though. Europeans will have to wait until 6 March, unfortunately.

Also, look out for the latest edition of Billboard, which has a rather interesting Q&A with David. As we’re so good to you, you can read it right now over on the Press page.

Many thanks to Guy Pratt for kindly giving us an update on how the rehearsals are coming along. Proving that no one bothers to read anyone else’s posts, at the time of writing, no one appears to have noticed Guy’s message. Oh well, some of us appreciate you dropping in, Guy!

One thing we are sure you’ve noticed, however, is the ‘On An Island’ video. Do let us know what you think of it.

There. Happier now?


  1. Deborah

    Angelo wrote:

    (thanks again Deborah & Laurie!)

    Lotsa hugs and kisses, Angelo. We’ll see you and the wife April 5th in NYC! And that crazy kid Becky from Atlanta! I’ll be the one in the t-shirt that says “ECHOES PLEASE” on it. 😉


  2. Warren Loveridge

    For Howard Bayliss:

    You Canadians aren’t at the bottom of the totem pole – try living in New Zealand!

  3. Warren Loveridge

    Dear Rudders,

    Great suggestion. I for one would turn up at the Opera House, and I have no doubt thousands of other David/PF fans would too. We could put it about that we were duped by an unscrupulous eBay crook into buying fake David Gilmour concert tickets, appear on the evening news looking forlorn (“OK everyone, best glum looks NOW!!! please”) and David would feel so upset at seeing our plight he’d book a plane ticket straight away….

  4. MScottNV

    As stated in Eclipse “…All you create…”

    I am delighted to see that after what is truely an eternity, David is finally providing us with yet another exceptional collection of songs to reach deep into our souls and find those feeling that get tucked away with day to day living.

    Not since the release of A Momentary Lapse Of Reason have I been this anxious to get a new album.

    I had the pleasure of seeing that show at Mile High Stadium in Denver and have to share that it was truely a religious experience! I realized the power of music as the entire stadium joined the band in “Wish You Were Here” (and other songs) the mix of the band with the audience was exceptional. Everyone in the same emotional space at the same time, it was beyond any Dead concert…truly an spirtual orgy.

    In the same breath after search Pollstar for years and years looking for information on a David Gilmour tour, I turn my back to become a grandfather only to miss the oppertunity to see the magician at work again and to share his soul wrenching skills with my soulmate.

    Might I also add that I believe two of North Americas best venues for David to play have been overlooked. Red Rocks Amplitheatre and although personally not a big fan of shows hosted by casinos – Harvey’s Amplitheatre right on the shoreline of Lake Tahoe.

    In closing David, I would like to thank you for the years of creativity you have given us. It was your music that encouraged me to follow my dream of concert lighting and after the Momentary show I was able to get a job with Vari*lite and had the oppertunity to tour with Kitaro before settling to raise a family.

    (You know a Gilmour/Kitaro or Gilmour/Vangelis collabration could be very interesting.)

    Thank you for the sound track of my life.

    Mike from Reno, NV

  5. Tim Taylor

    Mike from Rino… You toured with KITARO!!! That had to be way cool! You may have done lighting on one of the tours I saw him on. I saw the Kojiki tour at the California Theater in San Diego (a beautiful venue that was perfect for the presentation of Kojiki) and again just before the release of Thinking of You. I love Kitaros’ music and already mentioned in an earlier blog that a collaboration between David and Kitaro would be incredible (hey, throw Jon Anderson in on vocals like the Dream cd by Kitaro and you’d REALLY have something!). Anyway, maybe having more than one person mention it will get David to take a listen to Kitaros music. Are you listening David??? Try “Ten Years” as an intro to his older music, then “Light of the Spirit”, “Kojiki”, “Dream”, and especially “Mandala”. I think you would like this music David!!! Take a listen and report back here what you find!


  6. Jusuf Bytyçi

    Dear David Gilmour

    I`m once of a group of your fans in a litl city that is in a litl country called Kosova if u ever heard about it. I`m 18 and i started listening rock`n roll music when i was 15, And Pink Floyd was the first that i knew and i liked.

    I remember that while i was walking i sing a greate song that i heard it was “hey you” and i liked it so much and i like it now too.

    Now we are lots of friend that likes your band and thinks that you are the most fameos band for all the times. Now we listen most of your songs and the songs that we like most is “echos”, “wish you were here” and lots and lots of your discography

    And now mr. David, that you are going to be 60 we have a plane to make a litl party here in our litl town called Prizren, that is a bar called HARD ROCK. The party is planed by my brather and i`m going to hel him. We are planing that night to listen all Pink Floyd`s songs and i would like to express all congratulations for you

    I know that we here in our country, Kosova maybe naver we can`t c u singing live but we hope that we are going to get independence and we can organiza big concerts like yours… so we have your contry`s support too… thank you Mr. David!

    Sorry about my english but i`m learning more!

  7. Salim

    Salim from Washington, DC.

    I’ve already got tickets for the NY opening show! But it would be great winning in the prize for Los Anglos, I’ve never visited it before though.

  8. Ripper

    Wow that really was Guy Pratt, and another post on this blog entry too….

    I wonder if David is masquerading as someone else…. hmmm.

    Well there’s no way (pun intended) its the Feature Ed. Too much time to look after us rowdy bunch. If only scooby doo were here to solve this mystery. I hear the Ed. is pals with Wilma and shaggy, but then again I may be talking complete tripe….

    here’s one for the caption comp: Why are all the fans wearing sunglasses?

  9. Jusuf Bytyçi

    Hello agin from Kosova and thankyou for posted my message here. I would like to give an answer from you. Mr. Gilmour could you write to my email anything that is more important for you as a member of a most fameos band on the world…

    Couze this i will print and i`ll put it on our city`s HARD ROCK pub. And i would like to read it to the party guests` that we are planing to do for your 60 birthday….

    A detail David, i called you by the name couse i`m feeling that i`m writing to one of my friends couze i listen your song as much as now my friends are your songs and albums and i feel that you are still young as in Italy in 1972 at Live in Pompei video, i like it so much….

    Replay plz!

    [Sorry, Jusuf, but David is incredibly busy at the moment. That said, both he and Polly read these messages, so you never know! Good luck with the party. – Features Editor]

  10. Paul landry

    Quite simply, I need to listen to this album now and not next week. Can’t someone bring it forward or something??

  11. Aryan

    Hi, I’m Aryan from Kosovo. I like only some words to tell you, what I feeling about you mr. David Gilmour.I like to be about you, to play guitar and more n’ more.Here in my Country, like you and our Band “Pink Floyd”.

    Thank You, and Happy 60’s yeras old!

  12. beeerlover

    Excellent macromedia work! It’s very inspiring to a studying Web designer. This thread is quite lenghty.

    Posted by: Jusuf Bytyçi at February 28, 2006 02:35 AM”Quite simply, I need to listen to this album now and not next week. Can’t someone bring it forward or something??”

    You’ll have to wait till next week for anything more. Enjoy folks :•)

    And most importantly, THANKS TO MR. GILMOUR!!!!

  13. diego de la garza

    David my name is Diego i’m from Monterrey, México. i hope you read this cause i want you to say that you are the biggest guitar player in the whole world, i play guitar and always i tried to play as you, please come to Monterrey people here love your music, in april i will go to new york just to see you at your concert. i hope someday i have the opportunity to talk to you thanks for your music.

  14. Kinga Szilágyi

    Dear David!

    I don’t know if you got the letter from Nick Mason that I gaved it to him to give it to you when he was in Budapest to dedicate his book)…anyway….it was for you…a riddle
    I don’t know if you are reading this or someone else, but i really want to see you and especially hear you live…2006 of march at one of your concerts…but i could’t get any ticket…in Hamburg left one more ticket, but we want to go together with my boyfriend…and we really would like to see you….

    Thank you!


  15. ivan de la garza

    David Gilmour you are the best , we like to see you with the pink floyd completed i’m gonna see you on april i hop i can go with my family to the backstage. I’m 11 years old i hope we can talk. I’m a big fan of you. ivan de la garza gonzalez

  16. Liz Cassidy

    I have been infatuated with David since I was 15 years old. I have never been so moved by a single musician in all of my life. I appreciate all aspects of his career. I will never turn away from the intensity and beauty of the material he created with Pink Floyd and I will always cherish the opportunity to listen to his own heart and soul put forward in his solo performances. I am a singer..and I have had countless dreams about singing together with David at an open jam. I will sing with him from the 10th row on April 4th in NYC…and I know it will be the closest thing to my dream come true!


    i am sad that my comment was not posted i have loved pink floyd 4 ever my parents are big fans .i loved david gilmour like a teenager loves a guy she sees on tv.that is normal!they are a huge part of my youth,i am one of thr biggest fans i am really upset.what was wrong with what i said?i was so happy to find this but 4 what ?i think it would make me feel good if some one had their first crush on me ,thats all .im not mad im kind of sad .

    [Your posts have been posted, Amy. Are you sure you’re looking in the right place? – Features Editor]


    Eres uno de los mejores guitarristas que hay en el planeta, si no es que el mejor, te admiro mucho, me gustaria que dieran un concierto de despedida junto con los otros integrantes de ese gran grupo el mejor de todos los tiempos llamado PINK FLOYD, simplemente el mejor.
    desde Mexico con admiracion.

  19. USSR

    Hello, David. Hot greetings from Ukraine! You are a great guitarist, the composer and the singer.

    With the best regards

  20. Donna

    Tickets = Gone before I could even blink! And it wasn’t for lack of having tried ye olde ticketmaster over and over, and over again…to no avail.

    No contests to enter (at least that I’m aware of anyhow) to even try to win some. Trust me, I’d call. Over and over, and over…

    Oh why oh why not Rogers Centre? or the ACC? or,… well, just anywhere larger (by a few thousand) than Massey Hall? I’m pretty sure I know the answer already though, …sound!

    David, how about staying for four days instead of just two then? No? How about just one extra show then? Heck, I’ll max out the Visa and pay for your digs for your entire stay! Hubby won’t be any the wiser until the bill comes in.
    Come on Polly, please say you will? Excellent cuisine, wonderful attractions, tons of stores (my favourite pastime), good people = Toronto. How could you go wrong?

    Seriously though, I would have loved to have been able to take our son to your show. Lee is a wonderful young man, 22 now. He is also a very big fan of yours, from ‘then to now’, with every CD and DVD we can find in the stores coming home to his room. He is very excited about your new album coming out. He is registered blind/visually impaired but he has a bigscreen TV he uses or he’ll listen to your tunes with all his special lights on in his room. I told him he was having his own personal “mini-concerts complete with lightshow” and he got a huge laugh. He knows I did at least try for the real thing and he’s good with that. Hopefully we will have better luck the next time you return to our country in the not-so-distant future (hint hint). Let’s just hope that the one and only music store in the little mall up here in Buttcrack Boonies will have your newest on the shelves before next year at this time. Just kidding! Pony Express gets up here a little faster these days. NO NO NO speeding on the back-roads! LOL.
    Lee and I do wish you all the very best on your tour. We know you’ll “wow” all of your audiences everywhere. We hope you’ll consider putting highlights out on DVD upon it’s completion.

    Best regards,
    Donna Harris.

  21. Traci

    I am counting down the days to buy “On An Island”!! it will be in the store tuesday, March 7..i have been waiting for something like this! I have loved your music since I was a teen…When are you coming to Los Angeles? I will be the first there…I will never forget the Division Bell concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena..1994!! Awesome! When I heard a clip from your new CD, I literally started crying…brought back so many beautiful memories!! look really really sexy! love your hair…love your look!! Keep it up!! you really have no idea how much your music means to me…it is the memories of a one true love… waiting for you in L.A. xoxo

    [I’m afraid you’re too late, Traci. David will be playing two sell out shows in LA in the third week of April. – Features Editor]

  22. Jon Valentine

    Hi David,

    Welcome back! I have been a fan since the release of Atom Heart Mother. Thanks for all the great music over these many years, both with Floyd and solo. Like so many of your fans, your music has been a kind of soundtrack for my life, helping me stay sane in this crazy old world. I am so glad you felt like recording again, and eagerly await your new collection of tunes. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you’ll come back to Arizona someday soon! Meanwhile, please send me a ticket to a US gig, and I’ll find a way to attend the show (the wife and kids say I can go)!

    All the best,
    Jon Valentine

  23. Eric

    For those who didn’t hear about it, David and Phil Manzanera were on the Jonathan Ross show on Radio 2 yesterday (4th March). If you click on the URL which will hopefully be attached to my name below, you can easily find and hear the entire show again. I think they only archive the shows online for 1 week though, so it’ll only be available online until the coming weekend…

    I’m lucky enough to live in Germany so am already a proud owner of On An Island, released here on Friday. Great album, and in many ways different from David’s previous solo work. I also found the cover’s book-like design very appealing. Very nice.

    Count down is now exactly two weeks until the concert at Frankfurt’s opera house. Wish I’d got a seat a little nearer the front, but given that all European dates are sold out, I’m not really complaining. Last time I was in the building was in the front row for a show by The Australian Pink Floyd, so there’s some sort of continuity here! Am also looking forward to seeing posts from people who go to David’s first concerts.

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow, David and Good Luck with the tour!

  24. Paul Landry

    Having listened to thee BBC 2 interview, my opinion that Jonathan Ross is an idiot has been cemented.


    hey its me AMY!!!!i paid alot of money to get the best tickets to see my first love;-) i told my sister “you know how long i waited for this”she was like all your life!she’s right!i want to see him in real life im soooo happy!!!

    i have funny story about your bday:-)i was like 10th grade in high school and would read pink floyd books in class(my mathorama was the picture from the divison bell)and i found out your bday was march 6th so i put it on my hand so i could put it on my calndr when i got home from i went to go meet up with a frnd and a bunch of football guys are smokin out with my frnd and this one guy (al) was like hey dude trip out you got my bday wrtn on your hand .i was like thats your bday too!!!thats david gilmours bday,he was like is that your boyfrnd ?lol i was like i wish,he was like why he dosnt like you lol i told him no he never met me ,he gave me a strang look (he was super high!)i said to him he is in pink floyd,duh.he told me dude now thats a f#ckin fan!!!i told him i know!!!!i thought it was funny ,after that i always would say hi to him and say (hey guy with my david gilmours bday)he would always find it funny too.after that the football guys would tell me hey pink floyd girl do you have to be in pink floyd to hook up?lol

  26. Ryan

    Why no Boston shows?

    [Because David doesn’t want to do a huge tour that takes up a large part of the year. He can’t possibly visit every country, never mind every town and city. – Features Editor]

  27. Greg

    David is the reason I play guitar today. His playing has been a great inspiration to me. I would really like to purchase a Signature edition Fender Stratocaster meeting David’s specifications but to date this has not been available. I play a Stat but It would mean a lot to me personally to own a “David Gilmour endorsed Stratocaster. I am sure I am not alone in this. Do you think this might be something that could be arranged with Fender for the future?

    By the way…On An Island is fantastic.

  28. Toby Barrass

    I would just like to hear live…. what I have heard so long…on worn out 8tracks .. tapes.. records and cd,,,, now now mp3… I own every pink floyed history and never seen them live… My art is pink floyed… Pink floyed brings usthe hope.. when most are in need… and here in Babylon Im Needing two much love peace Toby

  29. Erin Engelmann

    I was lucky enough to have seen last nights show in Illinois – one word: MESMORIZING. Thank you so much for an incredible show, I will never forget. (I hope some day to see performances of some old solo work, but I’m not complaining.)

    Please continue to bless us with your incredible art!

    Respectfully, Erin

  30. Amir

    hi david,

    on an island was fantastic,here in iran(where I live)u and Pink Floyd have a lot of fans that I think u can not imagine!!

    but as u know(I guess u know)musicions,artists and bands can not have a live show in iran,and all of your works are forbidden in iran,thats terrible but at least two generations in iran have grown up with pink floyd music.

    just remember that u have many fans in iran.

  31. Patricia

    Great event coming up with David Gilmour. I found that there is an event on May 16th and it is going to be good from what I hear. I think I will have to go. It is in theatres all over the place. If anyone else goes perhaps we can exchange notes afterwards. I am excited.

  32. mdevlarmr(akab bieber)

    well there has never been a doubt that your style of PLAY,will always be duplicatd,But NEVER be matched. The way you play,the passion you put into each and every chord,I an one will never put HARD PLAY.. above something that comes from the heart,,And you MR.GILMOUR Play from your Heart,with feeling

    and much GRATITTUDE….


  33. Gene Laurenciano

    A Philippine gig? Why not! I would be happy to see my favorite band play in this “Other Side of the Moon” or sun… whatever.