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Lots of good news for all you fans in the States, as we know that many of you are rather unhappy that the BBC competition is open to UK residents only.

First, as has been noted by you among yesterday’s frenzied comments (a fine source of information you lot are), US fans have their very own chance to win tickets to one of David’s shows, as well as many other exciting prizes. You don’t even have to answer a question.

The good people at Columbia Records are offering you the grand prize of a round trip for two to Los Angeles, complete with tickets to the show at the Gibson Amphitheatre on 20 April. You will stay at the legendary Chateau Marmont hotel and transportation to, and from, the concert is included. If that’s not enough, there’s also a signed guitar, a brand new ‘On An Island’ CD, as well as David’s other two solo albums and DVD.

25 second place winners will each receive a signed David Gilmour lithograph and 10 third place winners will each receive a David Gilmour baseball hat and a copy of David’s fabulous new album on CD.

This competition is open to US residents only. The very best of luck to all who enter.

The ‘On An Island’ single is now available on iTunes. Not in Europe though. Europeans will have to wait until 6 March, unfortunately.

Also, look out for the latest edition of Billboard, which has a rather interesting Q&A with David. As we’re so good to you, you can read it right now over on the Press page.

Many thanks to Guy Pratt for kindly giving us an update on how the rehearsals are coming along. Proving that no one bothers to read anyone else’s posts, at the time of writing, no one appears to have noticed Guy’s message. Oh well, some of us appreciate you dropping in, Guy!

One thing we are sure you’ve noticed, however, is the ‘On An Island’ video. Do let us know what you think of it.

There. Happier now?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

191 thoughts on “For US fans”

  1. Hello! What a great video!! Sorry to have missed you Guy. Will see you at the NY show in April. Well done on the video. Again I have to say David looks killer in faded jeans. 🙂

  2. Us U.K. residents will not moan and whinge because Capital records are excluding non US residents from the competition.


    But I would like a crack at winning the signed guitar – how about that ???


  3. Are you kidding me? I cant find his post, what topic was it? Anyway it is difficult to see which posts are new. Especially when it is an older topic. But I’m sure you know that little obstacle, that is why you used sarcasm on us right?

    Anyway, the video is great!

    Guy (if you are reading) and David + band good luck rehearsing! See you soon!



    [Hi Clemens. Guy’s message was left at the 17 February blog, which is the one titled ‘The boring stuff’. – Features Editor]

  4. Hey Features Editor,

    Been reading the posts (others that is) and can’t recall seeing the Guy Pratt post and can’t seem to find it now… Would you be so kind as to help out and let us know where it is.

    Many Thanks 🙂

    P.S. Love the new site look and especially the gift of this fine video today!

    Dan The Man

    [I could say “No! Find it yourself and stop expecting everything to be put on a plate before you all the time!” but I wouldn’t do that. No, not me. Never. Seeing as you like the site’s new look and video so much, Dan… You want the 17 February blog, which is the one titled ‘The boring stuff’. Right down the bottom of the page. – Features Editor]

  5. I have looked and CANNOT find Guy’s message. Where the bloody hell have you hidden it?

    Pesky F. Ed.

    [I’ll bet the Easter Bunny had fun and games with you, Gem. Look harder! – Features Editor]

  6. Hi, I was a bit confused about the new look website when all I was getting was the old look one!!!

    The problem is the fact that I had bookmarked

    You need to just put into the web address bar!

    I think the Web Site Administrator should put in a redirect from the old index page to the new one!!!


    [Good point, Andy. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  7. Now, surely it’s the turn of us Brits to complain….Only joking Ed.

    Great video! Fantastic seeing the various artists we’ve all seen in ‘still photo’ form (courtesy of Polly), come to life in glorious video.

    Will this video be used for promotion once the single gets released and storms up the charts?

    [We’ve got every bloody right to complain, Mike! Not sure about the video, but will find out for you. – Features Editor]

  8. As usual Canadians are always on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to contests..LOL

    Cheers, Howard

    PS I think Columbia releases CD’s here ;-)))

  9. Fedmeister…

    Ok I give up… where are Guy’s comments? I thought I was a reasonably avid reader of the weblog and haven’t seen it nor can I find it when I trawl back….

    As Mr Wolf would say “Pretty please with sugar on” – guess the film and you get a prize…

    [Is it Pulp Fiction? Tell me the prize and I’ll tell you that it’s the blog entitled ‘The boring stuff’ of 17 Feb… Damn. – Features Editor]

  10. Caption Competition

    Spoken by the two Aliens in the spaceship just landing behind DG…”Just pull over behind the Earthling… with that shirt I’m sure it must be Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys”

  11. That was really Guy Pratt, huh!! Good for him for posting here!!! And thanks to him for that!!!

    No more post-skimming for me… 😉

    Great video, too, by the way. A lot of time and creative energy has really been put into this albm and promo stuff, hasn’t it? That’s not lost on me… The blue motif in the video and everywhere else is very soothing by the way… Could that shimmering blue disk be a moon, a tip of the hat to the Mr. Big Screen, a sun,….hmmm…

    Thanks to the Features Editor for the heads up on things to drool over in the future (I’m like a kid again with all this stuff!)

    And, to Mr. Gilmour (if he’s reading this), just like you to know I’ve dusted off my acoustic and tested out my trust old Kimball piano for the first time in a very, very long time. You’ve got my creative juices flowing again after quite a long lay-off, and I got some old band-mates together over the weekend for what I hope was the first in regular jam sessions….

    Thanks for the inspiration…again….

  12. HA! Found it! Finally…

    You’re a lucky fella, Guy, and a top bass player (although I’ve never liked the way you play Money.. no offence intended). Glad you’re on board Saint David of Gilmour’s magical mystery tour bus.

    Will buy you a joint should our paths cross in Amsterdam, which I doubt they will, unless you manage to get as high as I plan to and thus follow a very wobbly path that leads to places that sell cake.

    So very very very excited about seeing you live, David. Have listened to your music my entire life. As I’ve said before, my life is better because of what you’ve done with yours. What a gift. Thank you.

  13. Wow, what a fantastic surprise to find the stellar video awaiting my daily surf over here! Brilliant! David looks like he’s really had a great time putting together OAI. It’s fab to see him smiling and enjoying the process…from what I’ve heard so far, it has put a smile on my face too. Come on April 4 and then we can all be a house full of smiling faces together!

    Thanks FE, David & Co for keeping gearing up for the big day! I for one (and think I can speak for all us fans), am very appreciative of all the extra effort and work you are doing for us.

    [Thanks very much, Shelley. Some of us are very grateful for bloggers who make life easy for us. It’s a real pleasure to do this for you. – Features Editor]

  14. Fantastic video, great to see DG enjoying himself. The choice of Crosby & Nash on harmanies was inspired. Great to read the the Billboard Q & A which still gives us hope.

    I have seen PF 4 times in 80,88,89 & 94. Although I’ve never seen DG solo, I am really looking forward to the RAH.

    Shine on

  15. Just like to say that I can’t wait for the concert day to come (April 4, 2006 @ Radio City).

    The video, web page and music are fantastic!!…

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

    From my island… I salute you all.

    Manuel Pacheco
    Dominican Republic

  16. lots to look forward to by the looks of it. enjoy! respect to guy. you’re an ace bassist. much better than the old one.

  17. WOW- I just saw the video- I can’t wait till April 5th- David sounds great and looks pretty good too 🙂

  18. It is an fantastic opportunity…
    But what a pity
    All for Uk and Us residents!!!
    The others are from another planet ?
    That’s not fare i think…

  19. Dear Fet Ed

    Can’t agree with Bud, I like the new site. So I wus wrong then Fet Ed, you have been doing something all this time!

    Nice to hear from Guy. Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the Blog Guy. Good luck to you all on the concerts. I’m starting to sound a bit like the dear old Fet Ed, that would never do. I had better scarper!!

    Good work Fet Ed

    [Run, Julian, run! You’re starting to worry me. – Features Editor]

  20. I think the USA vs. UK thing started up because we Americans were not eligible for Live 8 tickets. I know that got my ire up at the time. But that was a PF event, and even in that case it’s not as if PF had any control over that situation.

    But as far as David’s solo stuff goes, except for the album being delayed a day, which from what information I’ve been getting is because CDs just get released on Tuesdays and no other day in the USA (probably to maximize chart positions), we’ve been getting treated more than fairly. A NYC station got the song OAI first. We’re getting the video now with the rest of the world, not to mention the Island Jam mp3 and streaming video. We’re even getting David before most of England (well except for the radio show, but that’s a small lottery, and we’ll all get to hear that a few days later).

    I’m still debating whether or not I even want to listen to that, because it would spoil some of the surprise of the concert I’ll be attending. I’ll probably give in and listen though.

    As for the video… well I listened to it with a friend who is not the DG or PF fan I am. I guessed what her reaction would be after it was over, and I was right. I loved it myself, the video means something to us DG fans. But it’s lost on people who have no idea who David or Polly are, and who wouldn’t recognise Crosby and Nash from any other 60+ year old men. She LOVED the song, but the video won’t be loved by all. David probably made the video for himself and his fans and not the world, and that’s fine, but no higher expectations should come out of this video.

    It was nice seeing Polly with the camera though!

  21. Loved the video!! So very lush and layered yet simple, such a piece of video artistry unlike the garbage of today.

    Since we see beautiful Polly in the video, is there any chance that she will put out a book about the making of such a phenomenial album?

    Oh I am am growing so much more anxious for his album release and am greatly looking forward to attending his RAH shows!

  22. Echoes would go down a treat in the smaller venues Davis is playing – maybe split over the two halves of the show as an opener and closer. Whatever David plays from the old days, the new material we’ve heard so far suggests OAI is going to be very special indeed – I can’t get the title track out of my head, always a good sign!

  23. Ack! I just so happened to pop on very quickly before the kids come in from school and take over the computer–and there’s this wonderful video ! Thank you, what a treat! The song is so lovely and really stays in your head. The harmonies with cRosby and Nash are just spell-binding. Always nice to see David of course, who I might add is still as hot as he ever was! Polly, you are one lucky woman.

    See ya in Chicago!


    PS David I know you really want out from under the PF banner, but maybe just for old times sake, if you do decide to play a PF song in Chicago, Echoes would be a good one to consider. Of course, if you did, I would miss the rest of the show because I would surely be unconscious from shock and joy.

  24. Ha!

    Found Guy’s post! He talks about rehearsals. Lovely chap! 🙂

    It’s about time to see our beloved hero here.

    Come on David! You cant imagine how do we all want you to make a post here.

    Hell, i’ll frame it and i’ll hang it on the wall (no pun intended :))

  25. Dear David,

    Last night I had a dream: Sitting in the Royal Albert Hall the 31th of May, waiting for you, Richard and the OAI-band. After the break you said: Now we’re going to play some oldies: Echoes, Signs of Life and Cluster One.

    My God! Thank you, David!

    – But it was only a dream …

    Imagine! Imagine if that dream could come true… (But I will be there, in the RAH, at least. That isn’t a dream.

    – How time goes slow …)

    Regards Terje Aukland

  26. Hi, Manuel Pacheco!

    It’s good to know that a fellow Dominican is into David Gilmour!!! I was born and raised in NYC, but my family came from Santiago and San Jose de Las Matas in DR…

    I was beginning to think I was the only Dominican Floyd fan out there! 😉

    I’m “loco” for this “baina” to come out…..

  27. So cool that Guy would write and get us all riled up in the best of ways!!

    …and I think we all do read each others posts – sometimes to the detriment of the discussion as we take various forks in the road only to wind up in dangerous culdesacs! 🙂

    The video is just fantastic! I love the scene of David, Graham, and David all singing together in the same frame!! For as short as this tour will be, he certainly is approaching it in all the right ways – promo, listening parties, daily blogs (!!), contests, interviews, etc. The 1984 tour didn’t have the obvious benefits of widespread high speed internet access. I’m sure David won’t be tempted this time to interrupt band rehearsals to do MTV video shoots for a week as in ’84 (“Blue Light” & “All Lovers Are Deranged”) laffs!!…..

    Got to go – time to go scope out parking places/camp sites for The Kodak Theatre April 19th!!

  28. Well! I didn’t go into detail about the Columbia Records contest on my last post because I just assumed everyone here already knew about it, being the internet mavens and David piggies you all must be. Or that the diligent Features Ed. would put the word out. Right? Right?

    Nice video; thanks for putting it up. I especially love the shot of David laughing. He needs to laugh more often; it makes me “SMILE.”

    Guy, sorry I missed your post, son. Please twist David’s arm and nicely convince him to play “Echoes” April 5th for old time’s sake. I know; “dream on.” Damn.


  29. So Guy sneak in/out here 😉 Im glad to read the rehearsal are going well . Hmmmm , what about Mr.Gilmour ? Did he ever read our post ? If he does, i will say this : you are the best and…. E-C-H-O-E-S !!! I wish i could win an autograph from David but im from Good old Canada 😛

    Thanks for the daily updates , i appreciate .

  30. Hi David, we know from a local radio station (Radio Capital) about your future plan of a possible tour during the summer around the Europe and here in Italy too….. is this a real possibility?

    Thanks indeed!
    Lorenzo & Andrea

    [Sounds odd. Of course, if we hear anything, we’ll let you know. But David is going to be extremely busy with his ‘On An Island’ tour, so it seems most peculiar that he’d tour in the summer as well. I wouldn’t hold your breath, guys. – Features Editor]

  31. Evening, FEd, Guy, David, the family et al, i hope you’re all well.

    That’s a very, um, “interesting” shirt that David’s wearing. I wonder whether Polly has relegated that one to the back of the closet!

    I really like the new site, to be honest, I wasn’t sure about the pictures on the album to start with, but they’ve definitely grown on me.

    Huge congratulations to you, the “management” and everyone at Jabeye (see, someone spotted their logo) for all your hard work. Although we may sometimes whinge and whine, the care you put into this site and to helping everyone out is greatly appreciated.

    Let’s hope that David gives you a very long holiday once this is over, you defintely deserve it! Perhaps, being “On an island” will inspire YOUR musical genius. We could be coming to your concert next! ; )

  32. Absolutely love the video, and the track sounds killer (listened through my pair of Sennheiser headphones :-D) – although I knew that from myspace.

    Best of luck on the tour, Dave! (oh, and play Blue Light. Just in case.)

  33. Much happier now. Thanks for all the recent goodies.
    Now…I, as a fan in continental Europe, would like to invite the “nice columbia people” or whomever, to replicate here those nice competitions and extra chances the people in the UK and US are getting to win tickets… please!

    Dont want to beg…but I will If I have to… 🙂

    And hi Guy!! thanks for dropping a line…

  34. Fedmeister

    Well done on correctly guessing the film – it was Pulp Fiction. I’ll bring your prize to the Massey Hall, Toronto concert on April 9th so leave the backstage pass at the desk and I’ll see you there…

    I hope the XL Fender Stratocaster 50th Anniversary t’shirt fits you… 🙂

    [Fantastic! – Features Editor]

  35. The EPK’s BRILLIANT! Thanks very very much. Should you release a DVD of the tour, it would make a most welcome addition.

    Really very excited about hearing the album now. The stuff on the EPK is the best yet!

  36. the video is as lovely as the music. well done. just the right amount of magic. thank you. counting down the hours…oh also, turns out that strange instrument i saw david playing in my dream was the cumbus, i had no idea this thing actually existed or that it is featured on the new record. very very strange.

  37. Can I call your bluff FE? It doesn’t seem possible that so many of us missed Guy’s post.

    The video was wonderful. This the first time that I have been able to hear the last guitar solo on OAI. I expected to see Polly with her camera. Thanks again to her for everything.

    I didn’t notice David’s faded blue jeans, but am I the first to say how beautiful Polly is? David couldn’t look any happier.

    [You’re not the first and I’m sure you won’t be the last, Brian. You’ll note from the album that David couldn’t sound happier, either. Back to the blog, and feel free to call my bluff. However, one can comment on any entry at any time, so to be fair, Guy’s message was only posted recently at an old-ish blog. I imagine few people read past entries. But you should! You don’t know what you’re missing! – Features Editor]

  38. Dear Feature editor and to all the readers from all over the world and especially to Mr.Gilmour and his beautiful wife Polly and to Mr. Guy Pratt:

    I am sorry that i missed or can not download or see any of the video clippings from the “On an Island”, that everyone is talking about. No doubt it is going to be a great CD & for the LUCKY a GREAT TOUR.

    I am grateful for Columbia Records to be putting out the contest to win that spectacular prize. I will attempt to enter into and of course my hopes will be high and not to sound pessimistic, I sure the hell will not be “Any Grand Prize Winner”…But I will try and enter.

    Polly as you have been told many times by all the fans of this site your photos are great and the liner notes and pictures are incredibly beautiful. Your smile tells me that you and Mr.Gilmour are indeed one very happy and lucky couple..Please everyone keep up the great work. I have no complaints at all I am very excited and thankful that Mr. Gilmour and team have decided to put together this cd and very soon touring. I wish all of you happiness and peace and great health.

    I admire all of you on this site and the feature editors and some of the kind persons that have mentioned my name in their posts since this sites birth. I thank Mr. Gilmour for having the incredible talent in all areas of his life, your gift of writing and photography and now singing and playing the piano not to mention being a mother is super special. You have got to be a special person/woman indeed Polly and for that I praise you.

    Thank You Mr.Gilmour for the wonderful person and talent that you are…You have effected my life in only positive ways..Polly, I admire you a great deal you are the type of woman i wish i could or would have become. I’m on my “uppers” at this time and there is no way out of here.

    Goodbye and nothing but the best of wishes for MR & MRS. Gilmour and their family, to the editors of this website in the UK and to all the fans for sharing their comments and opinions..Thank you to all the wonderful artists that are making this cd a reality & the tour that much more exciting for those of you that are going….Thank you for those ‘smiles’…Bless all of you…GOODBYE.

    Williamsville, NY

    [Good luck, Linda. I really hope that you turn out to be the lucky one this time. – Features Editor]

  39. Wow, I’ve never seen an album (that I’ve been interested in, anyway) promoted as heavily as ‘On An Island.’ I am floored by all the official/unofficial websites, giveaways, radio shows, listening parties, promos, sound clips, etc — not to mention the extremely dedicated fan sites. The professionalism in this venture speaks highly of how great Floyd fandom really is. Anyway, keep up the incredibly great work!! The anticipation is so great that I’ve decided I can die a happy man, come April 5th. And then be reincarnated for the show on the 20th. 🙂

  40. Love the video!! Thank you David!


    Just wanted to pass on some info for the benefit (or dismay) of the audience… I emailed Trinity in regards to canceling my RAH tickets (the trip to NYC is all I can afford…) They promptly replied that NO refunds would be given. So, I’m stuck- I can’t get a refund and I can’t sell them. I’m sure other people are affected, so consider yourself warned! 🙂


    [Hi Chris. We’re going to get you un-stuck, so expect to hear from us shortly with a solution to your ticket problem. Thanks for the warnings, one of which you’ll see hasn’t been included here for obvious reasons – wink wink. Much appreciated. Make sure you have a great time at the New York show. I want to hear all about it! – Features Editor]

  41. Features ed. I was wondering if you could put a link to my site in your links section of I think you will find it very pro gilmour oriented. I would have emailed you, but I couldnt find a contact address.

    [Sorry mate, it’s not up to me who we link to. I do know that a site has to be chosen, rather than suggested. We get a lot of suggestions and they never end up on the site. Sorry! The best of luck with your site, though. I’m sure everyone knows that they can visit it right now simply by clicking your name. – Features Editor]

  42. That was a very nice video for a great song. Thank you David. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Oh, buy the way. Where can I find that entry from Guy? Just kidding. I bet you’re getting tired of answering that question. Dan

    P.S. I have figured it out. Polly is the features editor. Do I win a prize? Or mabe a backstage pass to the april 13 Chicago show?

    [Nope. No prize for you this time. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  43. F.Ed.: gorgeous website overhaul! imagine my surprise…

    i DID see the guy pratt post, but thought to myself, ‘not THAT guy pratt?!’ and just shrugged and kept on reading…

    thanks SO much for the video! it’s always great to see creative process – for me, at least – and i loved polly’s little giggle at the piano! she contributes so much, yet stays so invisible. well, i for one have truly enjoyed her books. and her lyrics. so there!

    NYC April 5 is getting me through a very rough patch in my life right now – i can’t wait to hear the music and feel the nice buzz of friendship in RCMH.

    well DONE!


  44. Hello!

    I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to the album! And the site looks amazing! I just wanted to ask… no Canadians?

    I love David’s music and I live in Windsor, Ontario (near Detroit, MI) and I would love to see David live! I am 16 years of age and I love Pink Floyd and I am very influenced by David’s style of music and his guitar playing.

    “ON AN ISLAND” is an amzing peice of music! I can’t wait ’till March 6th!


    [Have faith, Christian. I’m sure there are going to be more competitions and I’ll definitely keep you posted if I hear of any. – Features Editor]

  45. The music clip is great! It’s awesome to match the guitar to it’s tone during the guitar solos bridge.

    Gotta love that black strat! 🙂

  46. HELLO DAVID, Previously leave a message you, the truth is that nose since this works, But it did not also want to say to you again that I am going to continue putting messages, because they never appear. I order you an embrace and good luck. Franco from Argentina

    [Hey Franco! Your message for David is at the ‘Well, what do you think?’ entry of 20 February. You’re very welcome here, so we hope to see you again! – Features Editor]

  47. I am going to see your show in Toronto and so happy to go. WE are coming from Montréal by train and it will be a fantastic evening. My dream would be to get a picture with you David or and autograph… By the way your vidéo and beautifull song is a kind of a love song. You are very inspired by Polly and it is very nice. Is Polly hidden behind features éditor. I think so. So hello Polly and David From Canada. Sylvie

  48. You came loaded with gifts today. Thank you for them all. Love the video. It definitely sets the tone for the album. Love that OAI is on iTunes now. That means I’ll have a decent sounding version of the song to hold me through the next couple of weeks. Mostly, I’m thrilled that Guy has confirmed that the band has found it’s groove early. That means by the time they reach Oakland, they’ll be soooo loose. As for the shirt in today’s foto: I’d recognize that rorschach of a shirt anywhere. Dave wore it on the final night of his AF tour @ the Pier in NYC. Of all the times I have seen Mr. Gilmour play, that night stands out as my absolute favorite performance. He was ‘deep in the zone’ that night. He knew it. We knew it. It was a special night. Anyhow, if it means we’ll hear a performance like that again, by all means break out the Don Ho shirt in Oakland. Maybe I’ll wear mine in solidarity.

    To Fet Ed, thanks eternally for putting up and managing these sites. It’s been a pleasure to visit, (if not absolutely necessary to assuage those neo-Gilmour tune pangs I suffer semi-daily) you do a wonderful job at keeping the information fresh and interesting. Your hard work is much appreciated.

    [Thank you, Peter. Very nice of you to say so. You have a great time at Oakland and please let us know all about it. Not long to wait now… – Features Editor]

  49. Hello! I am so excited….Just pre-ordered my cd with 2 day shipping (US) with it shipping out around the 3rd or 4th…should have it by March 6…and maybe..with any luck…I can see you guys in LA!…I have tickets to Chicago, but it would be awesome to go to LA and see it there as well. I can’t thank David enough for sending more out music to us. My only complaint has always been that I want to hear more from him and now I am. The song is terrific…I love it. Can’t wait for the rest. Hey all fans in the Atlanta, GA area…if you guys are headed to Chicago like me…it would be real cool to have all of us GA fans making the trek to meet for drinks before the show…for some David chit chat! Anyway…again thank-you fearless editor…this web page is the best!…I visit daily!

    [Cheers, Holly. Enjoy the show – and do give us all the details when you get back! – Features Editor]

  50. The video is very nice. I like the mood surrounding this album. I’ve heard people complaining why couldn’t David release it as a Pink Floyd project, but it’s clear that On an Island is a very personal Gilmour record. Can’t wait to finally listen to it (I have no idea when it’ll be released down here in Brazil, though).

    [I’ll find out for you, Joao. – Features Editor]

  51. argh…why the edit for the vid David, why???

    Your solo’s are art. When you cut them up like this and for that matter some of the songs on your live releases Delicate Sound and Pulse, it just leaves me scratching my head. It’s like spelling without vowels…

    Please make up for this grievence by extending all solo’s in your upcoming live performances ; )

    [You tell him, Robert! – Features Editor]

  52. I’ve downloaded the On An Island single from iTunes and have lisented to it roughly a dozen or so times as of this post, and am growing more fond of it as it repeats continuously. I thought the initial listen was unbelievable, but it just gets better from there. Can’t wait to consume On An Island in it’s entirety.

    The video was wonderful. Seeing David and Graham Nash and David Crosby was amazing. The harmonies are a testament to the great talents who put forth their efforts with this recording.

    Cheers to all.

  53. Apologies for posting consecutively, but I’ve been reading through many of the posts over the last few weeks, and I’ve been struck with an observation. People all have a ‘wish list’ of songs they’d like people to play, I’m no exception there, but it strikes me that people aren’t being particularly creative in their selections. It would be nice to hear old Floyd classics like Echoes, but realistically, that isn’t going to happen. Personally, I’d choose to eschew many of the Floyd pieces, much as I love them, in favor of
    some covers. I loved David’s version of Richard Thompson’s Dimming of the Day, and Syd’s Terrapin and
    Dominoes from the live DVD. I’d love to hear Dave do some Daniel Lanois, say for instance ‘Beauty of Winona’, or Ali Akbar Khan’s ‘Two Lovers’ (if Dave isn’t aware of this song, he should check it out. It sounds like a sitar’s version of his music, stylistically)

    Anyway, just a thought. As you were.


  54. I heard a song on KLOS radio, Los Angeles and I loved it. The D.J. said it was a new album due out on March 7th of this year. It sounded so much like Pink Floyd, it was a symphony for my eyes. Could you share with me the name of this album to be released on march 7th?

    Please and with loving sincerity,

    [Certainly. The album is called ‘On An Island’, just like the song you heard on the radio. You can find out more at – Features Editor]

  55. Thanks for the video Fe.Ed. David, you are genius, its very nice!!! Found Guy’s message. Thanks Guy for taking some time off of your busy rehearsal schedule and dropping a line or two.

    See you guys in Chicago, apr 12th.


  56. Video is fantastic and is the one morsel that we here in Australia have been given. No competitions or listening parties downunder.It is also frustrating that given we do not get the album until 20 March the single is not even on our itunes store. That aside it is just fantastic that David is back. I am ging to England to see the first two shows and can’t wait.

    [Glad to hear that you’ll be able to see David in concert, Wrightee, but we need to do something about these parts of the globe that are severely lacking in the Gilmour department. Any realistic ideas, anyone? I think we need to pressurise the radio stations, myself. Make them work for a living. – Features Editor]

  57. Hi there Everyone, well the single, it just gets better everytime I hear it. I think we are in for a rare piece of music. The art work on the web page is great and the the work that our blog Ed is doing is outstanding. It’s like the world is actually a part of this musical experience and the video what a gift, I just watched the Canadian hockey team lose to the Russians in the Olympics and I don’t even care as this cd and concert are making me smile. And what a great song by David that is.

    Speaking of great songs everyone, you should check out the cd “6pm by Phil Manzanera. It was recorded in 2004. The players on this cd to name a few are of course Phil Manzanera, David Gilmour,Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt, Andy Mackay, and Chrissie Hynde just to name a few. The cd is kind of split into two parts, the first 6 or 7 songs have an Eno/Manzanera early Roxy Music feel and the last five songs sound somewhat like early Floyd/Syd Barrett with David handling the lead guitar on the last two cuts. This cd really grows on you, so again thank you David for envolving Mr. Manzanera OAI, thanks Polly for the wonderful lyrics and pictures and thanks to our Ed and eveyone for making this the best and the most fun web page on the net. See you at Massey Hall in April David and thank you again.

  58. Great video! Couldn’t believe my eyes and ears, thought i was having a momentary lapse of reason. My son less than 2 years old was in another room watching cartoons while i was checking out todays news here. As i saw that you had added the new video, so i decided to check it out with the music up loud (never too loud) anyway my son was running as fast as he could to hear the great sounds and then he saw David and he knew right away who he was.

  59. Thank you for the video. The quality of the sound is amazing and I appreciate the song now that I can hear it properly. But I can’t help but being left by wanting more. The song fades out just as another interesting musical idea is being started. Hopefully in the concert, there is room for expansion. It is so nice to see you and Polly look so happy and relaxed. What a treat.

    I’ve also had the opportunity to look at the press kit video. Again, well done. Just being who you are as you are is all you’ve ever needed! Polly is just stunningly beautiful and has a smile that is more than worthy of a song! You both should be very proud of this work. Enjoy the next few months David, for all of us who hope you continue to share.

  60. Hello,

    … UK fans, US fans.. Please, don’t forget french fans !

    Glad to see you in Paris, in March, at Grand Rex AND L’Olympia, Gilles.

    [We won’t forget you, Giles! What’s happening in France? Are radio stations playing ‘On An Island’ yet? We need to get it playing all over the world. – Features Editor]

  61. Thats very nice for US fans… What about us in Canada?

    Correct me if I am wrong, we pay the taxs…

    You owe us another show in Canada.

    That was a joke… well another show will be nice.

    Come to Vancouver David! We even have the Island you are looking for 😉

  62. Great to see the word “Caithness” on same screen as the words “David Gilmour” must be a Worlds first unless David collects “Caithness Glass”! One point we dont have record shops, its record SHOP, unless Woolies count of course!

    Being technically challenged I havent got a clue how to see the video clip, will it be availabe through some other means other than computer? Finally what is an iTune?

    I hope that David’s music isnt developing into such a way that the audience can only appreciate it by taking A levels and doing a University degree course. Will “OaI” be available on 78!!!!!


    PS F Ed did you have a job before this web site and is this your full time job now??

    [Hi Ian. Let’s see if we can get the video playing for you, and anyone else in doubt. On the Latest News page of you’ll see the option to view the video using either Windows Media Player or Real Player. If you’re using a PC, you should already have Windows Media Player, so go for that one. The next bit depends on your internet speed. If you’re using dial-up (through a telephone line) and your internet access is generally quite slow, click Low and the video should start. If you’ve got a fast connection, such as broadband, click High. Let me know if you get any joy. Oh, and iTunes is where people with iPods generally get their music. None of this boring ‘going to a shop and buying a CD’ lark now that you can download your music from the internet and play it on a gadget that‘s half the size of a CD case. They’d better buy David’s CD, though. Since you asked, my last job was as a hired hit man, so I’ll track them down if they don’t all own at least one ‘On An Island’ CD. – Features Editor]

  63. Everything that comes out – whether it’s the sound bite on the web site, the single, the video, the comments on the rehearsals and album – seem inspired and enthusiastic as is my response to them. I am so excited to see and hear David so keen on a project and it is becoming obvious to me when seeing, reading, and hearing all these bits offered in anticipation of the release that it is indeed a strong album. “You know it when you hear it”…and this has “it” written all over it…Thank You soooo much.


  64. The song and video are fantastic. I only wish I could get tickets to one of the concerts. Any chances of releasing the album early? I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album.

    Thank you for the recent additions!

  65. May I point out that there are other countries in the world besides the UK and the US and that the greatest guitarist in the world is also the greatest guitarist in the world for them…

    [I hear that, Koen. So what can we, as fans, do about it? Any ideas? David’s done his bit, what can we do? – Features Editor]

  66. Video clip, Guy Pratt’s messages…all this situation is fantastic!

    I can’t really believe we can really communicate with David, Guy and all of you!

    Thank you David, thank you FEd, thank you everyones!
    You make we live a dream!

    Yesterday I watched “Big Fish” (directed by Tim Burton) and I though that I’m happy to be able to dream and to be able to amazed again! I think it is the most beautiful thing a person can be able to do. Perhaps, when I stop to feeling the shudders along my back while I’m listening David’s (and Thom Yorke!) voice, or while I’m seeing the beautiful things around me (yesterday I was walking in Rome and I thought it is really great!), or if I stopping to find the magic side of the things….it means that I’m starting to die! Life is hard…we need to dream a little!!! (I think my english was awful! Can you understand?!!!)

    The video clip is very good! I love seeing David and the others enjoy!

    Thank you again! This blog is fantastic!

    David, when will you leave a message for us by your hand! This would be the best moment of this blog!


    Have a great day! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!


  67. yo Eddy and Dave,

    The video was awesome! I keep getting more and more excited to see you live. Especially seeing little teasers like that. The harmonies with nash and crosby were perfect.

    speaking of harmony, I dont know if you are still considering some songs to play at your shows, but just in case you are i have a suggestion. i know you are a big beach boys fan and i thought wouldnt it be nice to play a brian wilson tune. maybe even just for the L.A. shows if not for anything else. something soft that would fit your voice, please let me wonder….in my room…or maybe devoted to you (i know its not written by them but they rocked playing it). the gentleness of your voice reminds me a lot of brian wilson. just a suggestion, either way i know it’ll be an unforgettable show!

  68. I just clicked on the Columbia Records link above. US fans can not only enter the contest there, we can also pre-oeder the album at a discount. Not only that, but we can order all the Gilmour albums and the most recent Floyd stuff as well (ie, Division Bell, etc). So, at least here in America, there’s no exuse for an incomplete collection of Floyd/Gilmour offerings.

  69. Think about it… If this album sells really well and gets critical acclaim (anything approaching the status of Dark Side of the Moon, but that may be pushing it a bit…) then maybe David will be inspired to do a second tour… or release a DVD of this one… or possibly another new album… Oh hell, let’s every one of us pre-order ten copies of “On An Island” right now, this very moment, before you lose this inspiration.

  70. Thanks for excellent video clip. Thoroughly enjoyed.

    That shirt in todays pic looks familiar so I went through some old photos, David. Looks like the shirt you wore at a 1984 show at the Jones Beach, NY Amphitheater. I almost forgot that I was there. I remember the Beacon Theater show more clearly, it was a lot louder! Let me know if I was right about the shirt.

  71. Why is the single on iTunes not available in Europe – is that just the way these distributors work?

    [I’m afraid so, Rona. More details on world release dates when we have them, but the single will be on iTunes in Europe on 6 March. – Features Editor]

  72. The Features Ed. wrote:

    my last job was as a hired hit man

    That’s not very nice! I don’t think my mother will allow me to talk to you any more.

    You know, all this techonology is cool and everything, but I miss the good old days when I waited for the doors to open at the record store, bought the album and listened to it for the first time in its entirety with my head between the speakers. I suppose if I got off the internet until after I had the CD in my hand I could almost revisit that era.

    But then I wouldn’t have a ticket to see David live. Hmm….


  73. i’m going to request that my local radio station plays it. they play such rubbish most of the time. i love the idea of new fans discovering david’s music for the first time. after live 8, i think people are mad for all things floyd. i mostly listen to radio 2 and i’ve already e-mailed them to say how much i like the single (and their station, of course). after all that david’s done for us, we should show our support by getting his single played on radios everywhere! i hope others will do the same. it’s just one quick e-mail or text. it will only take a moment or two.

  74. Loved the promo video ! And I’m glad that our American cousins have got their own competition to enter……………hopefully now they will stop whining ! Still, I would have loved to have had a chance at winning that guitar ! Competitions or no competitions, I think we should all be grateful that we have Mr Gilmour to put a little magic and sunshine into our lives. I’m sick of people complaining about David not touring here or there………he has already given so much pleasure to people, and is about to give a little more. So I say, all you moaners get off his back, let him do his thing his own way, and give him a little peace ! Cheers to David and Family, and cheers to you Feat. Ed, for all the hassle that you put up with !

  75. Love the song!!! The video brings it all togther.

    I can’t make the shows but, I am very excited about Gilmours musical future. His voice, guitar and choice of lyrics have always brought a calm to me . With Pink Floyd behind him I look foward to what David might gives us 5 or 10 years from now.

  76. who ever you are writing these posts??!! stop being so arogant even if your tring to be funny. its unbecomming of you.

    ive been a floyd fan for close to 25 years. also have followed both solo projects of david and roger.i love all of their music.

    i wish nothing but the best for davids’ new album and tour. i will buy the album but could not get tickets for the ny dates. which im really pissed off about. oh well thats life huh?!

    i respect davids decisions for a short tour and read his q&a in billboard and and once again respect and to a point agree w/ him on most of his views, but there is part of me that is full of piss and vinagar for the short world tour. i understand that david is getting older and cant be on the road for months and months at a clip. even if i had tickets for his up and comming tour i would still feel this way. there are a hell of a lot of his fans that are very dissapointed that they will not get a chance to see him. i am one of them, but like i said before such is life.

    thats enough of that!

    ill close buy sain that davids, rogers, and the floyds music has been a big part of my musical life and will always be.

    i cant wait till on an island comes out. again…i wish nothing but the best for david and all the that will be touring w/ him. all the best!

    an american fan.

  77. Now what about the German fans… competition for us, no extra concert, OAI not played on radio,…just kidding, I should not complain anyway because David IS coming to my hometown Hamburg on the 11th March and I will be there…..just 16 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I really love reading the blog and I visit the site several times every day – it is the best site I have ever seen – great job to everyone involved, it is getting better and better!! I cannot see the video either here at work (no right to install Windows media player (?), real player does not work), but I will try tonight at home – I can hardly wait. Got to work a little bit now.

    All of you have a great day! Annabelle

  78. Are we allowed to mention and comment on the EPK released in the last day or so as well?

    Am I allowed to mention that it has better video clips than the OAI promotional film, and that it has excellent soundbites from our man David himself, and that there’s a really cool part where they demonstrate the glass harmonica, and that at least one of the music clips (the one where he sings “This kind of love is hard to find…”) in my not-so-humble opinion is even BETTER than ‘On An Island’? And most of all, can I mention that this video clip has raised my hopes of the album and concert more than any other release yet?

    [Only if I’m allowed to mention that we’ve got a better version for you, Michael. There are a lot of fansites which, rather hastily, run things unofficially – things that are incomplete. We try to process our media so it’s as stable on the site as possible and we run it when we feel the timing is appropriate. We hope to be able to show you the EPK in all its glory tomorrow. Glad to hear that you liked what you’ve seen, though. – Features Editor]

  79. Hearing a rumour of a secret Gilmour gig on March 7th in Brighton? Final rehersal prior to gigs?

    [Now that’s a silly one, because David’s doing the Radio 2 gig that night in London. – Features Editor]

  80. Hey the video is Hella Kool. I love it!!! It just makes me even more excited about the new album relaese and the concert. Trying to be patient but it’s killing me!!!

    Well Can’t wait for the Los Angeles show April 20th can’t come soon enough!! The Gibson Ampitheatre is a great venue. Can’t wait for the venue profile.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  81. Dear Features Editor:

    The mystery behind all these blogs….what your real identity is!

    Are you someone we know? Are you someone else all together? I think I might have found a clue cleverly buried in this website…hidden where one may not suspect….!

    Will you ever reveal your true identity? Should we chance to guess….?

    I actually like the mystery and wouldn’t want to spoil it, but I love the challenge, too!

    Anyway, keep up the great job on these web pages; I think getting this kind of access to information beats the old days of hanging out by Tower Records for midnight to arrive….a different kind of thrill all together….

    [Thanks, Angelo. So many questions, so few answers… – Features Editor]

  82. Great video! Thanks! And all these nice comments.

    The heart of this fine, nice music is after 2 minutes 19 seconds. Your dont remember… ? On Davids right side…

    Hallo Annabelle,

    Bin am 11. März in Hamburg, suche Ticket. Falls Du helfen kannst. Im Blog von “The boring stuff” 3.Posting. Klick dort auf meinen Namen für Kontakt.

  83. Very nice , very mellow video, excellent !

    New site is very nice too, excellent graphics. It is a pleasure to have such a good and regularly updated site to go to every day !

    I have just watched the press kit clip and it has got me even more excited ! with some excerpts from some of the other tracks and some excellent parts of guitar solos, which sound utterly fantastic ! It suddenly dawned on me, that in a couple of weeks we shall have some new Gilmour guitar solos to perform on air guitar !! after not having any for 12 years ! Can’t wait.

    I also note that poor old Nick Mason is obviously so upset that he has not been included in David’s band, that he has been seduced by the dark side and will be joining Darth Waters for a redition of Dark Side of the Moon in France. Always two there are…


  84. I know this is late . . . . . but . . . here is my fantasy ‘back-up’ band for David . .

    Neil Peart on drums
    Keith Emerson on keyboards
    Stu Hamm on bass
    Steve Hogarth (Marillion) on vocals
    and for a ‘guest’ guitarist – Alex Lifeson

    wow . . . . now that’s a fantasy!

  85. Dear mr features that we all love man.

    Will the concert on radio 2 have a similar track listing to the rest of the shows, as I want it to be a suprise but also I want to hear him, now! sorry, please put me out of my misery, if you know that is.

    [Hi Chantelle. Presumably so. It will be a mixture of new songs and David’s favourite Pink Floyd songs, according to Radio 2. It might not be the same songs, but certainly the same idea. We’ll let you know more when we know more! – Features Editor]

  86. I’ll be glad to have a meet and greet on March 19th at the Amsterdam concert (I’m from Belgium though)


  87. Lovely video! Thank you very much. How sweet are Polly and David cuddled up like that. Nice to see them working together. David sounds great singing on ‘On an Island’.

  88. What about us poor Canadians?. I’ve already got tickets for the April 9th Toronto Massey Hall show, but certainly wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to win tickets for another.

  89. Signore Ed,

    Any idea why David doesn’t have his other solo albums on iTunes?

    It would seem to me, ex-marketing man that I am, that he might generate interest in those as well now that the OAI single is available for download.


  90. Hi Ed its me from Caithness. Thanks for advice on seeing video, but at moment I can only imagine what video looks like as home computer is clockwork1(its the one I am on now) and I need to down load something and I have no time. At work I was asked for user name and password, hopefuly whenever you get this electronic thingy going I will able to see it. Re promoting Davids music to far places, is there not a way of send a promo pack by post to all local radio stations.

    Liked the Bilboard interview but Davids comments on “not owing anything to anyone” comes across rather hard-why does he feel like this?


    [Hi Ian. It don’t know why and it’s not for me to say. But at the end of the day, David has given 40 years of his life to making music and, no matter what he does, people still want more. Everyone understands why that is, but sometimes the only way to be sure that people are clear about what you mean is to be blunt. Keep reading the questions that have been fired David’s way by the world’s press recently and tell me that, after being asked the same thing a hundred times, you would respond differently! – Features Editor]

  91. Hi,

    I’ve follwed David and the gang since ’69 and one thing has puzzled me all these years. What is that piece of kit David always has with him onstage – it’s a rectangular box, about 1 foot high, 6 inches accross, has a large round display/dial and four knobs underneath. What does it do?

    [Sorry Neil, but we aren’t considering any new questions at this time. We have so many already, we really would prefer to answer those first. So please hold onto it for now. That said, I’m sure someone on here will know the answer. – Features Editor]

  92. Fedmeister

    The EPK is very bad quality so I can only assume its been “lifted” by someone and released without agreement as it certainly doesn’t reflect the quality of the other videos released…

    Looking forward to the official one…

    [You won’t have to wait long, Rudders. – Features Editor]

  93. That photo with the dodgy shirt – is it an old pic, or has taken to wearing a syrup?

    Great vid though.


    [A bad choice of picture on my part. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  94. For those of you haven’t heard the album version of “on an Island” click my name for the columbia website.

    you can here it for free 24-7 😉


  95. Ssssssh. I know this is premature, but I just saw the EPK too.

    I think our David is on to something here. I’m trying to be understated here. Wow! As Flounder said in Animal House, “This is going to be greeeeat!”

  96. Features Editor:

    I missed getting tickets for the Toronto shows.

    I was wondering if there are plans to do a DVD of this tour?


    Kent Daniel Bentkowski
    Buffalo, New York USA

    [No plans as yet, but it is being considered. We will let you know if we hear anything one way or another. – Features Editor]

  97. Features Editor, David and Co.,

    OAI is getting more airplay in my area lately, and it really seems to be catching on. It sounds better each time I hear it 🙂

    On the Q&A session in Billboard, I am one of those fans that, sadly, will not be able to attend any of his shows, but I totally understand why David is not doing some massive worldwide tour. We need to give the man some courtesy and get off his back about doing a huge tour.

    Besides, with David and Richard touring this album, and Roger doing DSOM (reportedly with Nick joining him for a few shows), Pink Floyd is touring this year………just not all at the same time, or the same place.

    Good luck, David ,and again, congratulations.

  98. Having been blown away by the haunting, ethereal OAI, with David’s deliciously Velvety vocals, (as well as the sublime Crosby & Nash backing) the video augments this track wonderfully, as with all David’s previous classic axe work, the solo’s on this track rips your heart out, with his searing eloquence.

    Whilst this is only the “single” edit (4:40 mins) I understand that the album version of OAI is actually 6:50 mins in length!!

    Can you provide any clues as to where in the mix the additional 2:10 appears, does the solo at the end build into an even bigger cresendo (as with Comfortably Numb?) I can’t wait until 06/03/06 to hear… please give me some clues.

    Can’t wait until 29th May for the RAH gig.

    Terrific site, keep up the great work, the anticipation is almost too unbearable.

    P.S. When will the “Fare” on the FanFare page be available??? You’re teasing us far too much….

    [As soon as the album is out, focus will switch to the merchandising and one or two other things, so sit tight a bit longer and all will be revealed. – Features Editor]

  99. OK features editor – you commented about “On An Island” and Radio Stations that “We need to get it playing all over the world”
    Somebody gets me a copy – mp3 is fine, so long as it’s legit – and I guarantee airplay on my programme on Pipeline Radio. Net Radio is just as valid, and thousands upon thousands of people tune in to it…

  100. OK…Canandians can’t continue babbling that they aren’t getting anything…As Canadian radio station CHEZ106 will not only play the entire OAI album on March 4th (Two days before release), but will also have a guest interview with the Guitar God himself.

    But…Lucky for us all, CHEZ106 will be streaming their program on the web. (Woo hoo!) So, I guess my Northern neighbors can still quibble a bit.

  101. “[A bad choice of picture on my part. Sorry! – Features Editor]”

    One man’s trash, is another’s… 🙂

    It’s nice to see along with his dignified side, David displaying his “aloha-side” :>

    aloha and mahalo!

  102. Glad to hear there will be an official and better EPK release. I assumed that version I saw was an official release, but since it wasn’t on this site I suppose I should have known better. I don’t suppose there’s a 12 step program out there for us David Gilmour addicts who can’t help but go to these seedy websites for our daily fix of OAI gossip, is there?

    Seriously though, even though I did notice the unofficial version’s poor video quality the first few seconds, the content quickly made me forget how poor the video resolution was.

  103. “no one bothers to read anyone else’s posts, at the time of writing, no one appears to have noticed Guy’s message” quote by featED

    come on featED – just because we haven’t posted an entry doesn’t mean we are not reading and enjoying other folks stuff here.

  104. Check out! Under “On an island”, it has a video of the making “On an island” with comments from David.

    On a side note, after watching the video, while listening to The Division Bell, I was reminded (as if I need to be) of how great of a musician and artist he is. I can not think of any other artist that creates such emotion.

    By the way, if I could paint a picture of his music, I feel that the music he creates would look like the paintings of David Caspar Friedrich.

  105. My wife Janet and I have an wedding anniversary which falls on the 29 of May. I saw the promotion for the chance to get premeir seats if we were to be with in the first 600 people to sign up for the Albert Hall Shows . Living in Smalltown (Villa Rica)Georgia U.S.A. , I thought our chances to get in this contest would be null…Janet entered the contest and we were selected for seating for the show on the 30th. So we figured how to scrimp and come up with the money to make it all happen . So we are on our way to London . We shall arrive on the 26 and stay a couple of days after the show.. I CAN”T BELIEVE THIS !!!!

    I was 10 years old when I heard the Dark Side of the Moon. I had been playing guitar for 4 years already …that album changed my intire life…well….musically that is. My very first concert was the Dark Side of the Moon in 1975 at Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta . I’ve been a major David Gilmour freak since the I knew what the word freak meant…lol…

    Oh my God …I feel like a little kid in a candy store.. Thanks for letting me rant about how I feel about the magic that is weaved from the only man that can weave it..David Gilmour ..the only man that can take one note and make you break down and cry ..not just with his guitar but also with his wonderful voice…Thanks, Mike

  106. what about fans in australia?

    no tour and no competition for us to at least have a chance….that’s f*cked.

  107. Hello again!…I read the recent article you posted from BillBoard (I think), and I love the fact that David does all of this for himself…creates art and music because it pleases him and that he sticks to his values on whether or not to choose to do or not do anything. To me…that is a huge part of why everything he puts out is personal and reflective and absolutely perfect in every way. Way to go! I think one of the coolest things about David is how great a match he and Polly must be…true partners…this music is the proof. Division Bell is my personal all time favorite album, and I think it’s cool that Polly shares some of the responsibility for it being so terrific. (I love to read…Polly, your books are on my next Barnes and Noble shopping list!)

    Anyway, on the tour (especially in Chicago) in addition to hearing David’s new material…I would love to hear High Hopes, What do you want from me and please, please, please…a little bit of Echoes! He doesn’t have to play the whole twenty minutes version…just a little riff or two and sing those wonderful notes!

    See ya in Chicago…and a big thank-you fearless editor for putting up with all of us out there in fan land!

  108. Dear Features Ed

    I was thinking about your comment:

    “we need to do something about these parts of the globe that are severely lacking in the Gilmour department”

    How about a personalised video from David with a message to all his fans who can’t get to see his shows? (I would be more than happy to stream it to keep the Australians happy.) :-]

    [Well, I was thinking that the fans need to do something, not David! – Features Editor]

  109. Hear ye Hear ye

    At 10 minutes to midnight last night in the far far far far North of Scotland in the land known as Caithness, a little old amateur radio station known as Caithness FM played “OaI”. Taking into account the population of Caithness, 38,000 and the fact that it was late, a a radio show dedicated to rock legends and in competition with TV, I reckon at least 100 people may have heard this( most of them taxi drivers!) So me thinks my record shop will have to order two copies of CD, one for me and one on spec!

    Take your comments Ed about people always wanting more.Suppose thats why audiences always shout “encore” at end of concerts. Will David do any? Some artists plan these some dont bother and some dont care.


    [No idea about encores yet, Ian. Glad to hear of more radio play. – Features Editor]

  110. Dear Mr. Gilmour, Features Editor and all lovers of Mr. Gilmour’s music!

    Went to my second pre-release listening of the whole album yesterday and I just have to say that On An Island is beyond masterpiece if possible…. So beautiful…..

    Looking so much forward to release and also looking very much forward to hearing this music live. I hope Mr. Gilmour and his band will play the whole album from A to Z live because it’s just lovely how it’s put together. I would of course like to hear some good oldies as well, but the main thing here is the new music…. I just love it!!!

    Best regards


    [Hi JT. Just to let you know that we got the other half of your post and will reply to it directly. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  111. re the Brighton gig.

    I know that DG is also doing the Windmill Theatre gig that day, but hadn’t heard at what time that it was going to be on and was surmising that maybe the Radio 2 gig ‘might’ be done early afternoon and then a dash down the Motorway to Brighton for an evening show. Not likely I know, and the source of the original rumour isn’t a reliable one. However it didn’t stop me looking at all the major venues in Brighton to see if any were booked for that night under some funny band name, or obscure pun.

  112. “Another long and fruitful day…

    Looks like we’ve got the set closer, and it’s a beauty…..

    All the best to you all.”

    Hi Guy thanks for dropping in! But I think you must have been taking lessons from ED in teasing… Haha!



    ps You see Ed? Posts are read here… 😉

  113. Hi from Italy!

    Italy, yeah: non-US resident, non-UK resident…so I still have the right to moan about not having the chance to enter any competition!!! I won’t moan, though.

    The site’s new look is just great. The video is wonderful and it gives the chance to listen to the song whenever I want!

    For those who master Dante Alighieri’s language (or, better, for those who master those funny on-line translators like Babelfish…) on the most important italian music site,there’s a (quite positive) review of the whole album. Click my name for the link


  114. Hi FEd and HI GUY PRATT!!! Thank you for coming back! You’re post are always really exciting!!!

    “Another long and fruitful day…Looks like we’ve got the set closer, and it’s a beauty…..”

    Please, Guy! Give us some details!!!

    We need to know what you are doing! Your and David’s comments about the album, about everything you are thinking to! For example, I read in an italian newspaper (even if FEd doesn’t love I read newspaper!!! 😉 )

    however, I read someone play an instrument made with wine glasses or something similar. Is it true?

    Let we know…or tell everything you want, just speak to us more and more and more and more!!! And ask David to write something too!!!

    Have a great day!!!


    P.S. FEd, about newspaper…I’m joking! You are right! Newspaper sometimes write false news…but I have to read…I need to read…and ask you what is wrong and what is right! Can I go on along this way?

    [Of course, Lucia. We all love a good rumour. You should be able to see Alasdair Malloy playing the glass harmonica later today – details on the Latest News page coming soon. – Features Editor]

  115. Thanks for the update, Guy. I hope David is putting a little extra in your check for visiting with us. Pleases tell us the minute “Echoes” is added to the set list. 😉


  116. Read your post Guy, thanks for taking part! Look forward to seeing you in Glasgow. Know you have been to Scotland before but ever been to John O Groats? If not come on a visit and ill put you up. Bring your mate David with you if you like.


  117. on an island was played on npr’s world cafe this week. the danger must be growing, but the rowers keep on rowing

  118. Dearest FEd,

    after all this months I posted my messages, you should know I have some maniacal interestes and a lot of questions…maybe silly questions!!!

    So…..can’t resist to ask another (maybe useless!) thing:

    Has David ever listen “Wish you were here” plays by Sparklehorse and vocals by Thom Yorke? (you know I love Thom and Radiohead)

    If the answer is “Yes”, what does David think about Thom performance of David’s song? (That is one of the most beautiful songs in the world, I think)

    Can you tell me something about it? Please, feed this hunger of knowledge!!!


    Bye bye!


    [Sorry, but we are not considering any questions at this time. We have so many already, we want to answer those first. So please hold onto it for now and send it in when we ask for more, OK? Thanks! – Features Editor]

  119. Just noticed the “extra” tickets that are going on sale for the RAH. If these are production seats for the Choir I guess it means that Mr Screen won’t be making an appearance (or else you would be behind him and get no view of the stage at all!).

    On the bright side it may mean that the choir seats at Manchester could also come on sale soon? Or I may be wrong, eh features Ed?


    [Don’t get too carried away. The extra tickets for London are a consequence of our efforts against eBay sellers, too. We will be letting you know if any extra tickets become available for any venue, so stay tuned. – Features Editor]

  120. Just another little observation! If you have listened “Wish you were here” vocals by Thom Yorke, help me to understand! I might be wrong…but I think Thom didn’t sing always the real lyrics! Is it true? Does he make some mistakes?

    However, this song is fantastic! I love Pink Floyd and Thom Yorke performance too…even if, of course, I prefer the original and the great creators of this beautiful song!!!

    Sorry….maybe I write too much,,,,maybe I write not interesting words…but I can’t resist!!!!


  121. Picking up on an earlier blog entry, I realise that there aren’t any plans to produce a DVD of the tour as yet, but if one was produced, it would go a hell of a long way to consoling those of David’s fans who weren’t able to get tickets to see him…………including me !!

  122. Thank you Ed and thank you Guy so much. Please keep on informing us.

    Hey Ed, that is a fantastic way for managing a web site, increasing interest and attention.

    I am little bit concerned becouse I am not working at all, just refreshing your web site looking for more news! It is a drug! David’s Drug!

  123. Mr Gilmour please come play at Portugal you have big fans in here, ask Roger Waters how was is 2 gig´s in here and remember when you have been in 1994 in Lisboa

  124. Fedmeister

    Just as an FYI…

    One of the previous posts mentions encores… One of the many times I saw Genesis in the UK I remember the first time they did the medley in the middle of Follow You, Follow Me and some parts of the audience were stunned that Genesis were playing Karma Chameleon and songs from the Blues Brothers amongst others! People were blaming Phil Collins for “ruining” the stage show and vowing never to watch them live again… within a very short period of time this medley became a well received standard in the subsequent shows and tours.

  125. Good to see “The Christian Science Monitor” are keeping tabs on DG!

    See the Times entry in the Press section…

  126. Fedmeister et al…


    “we need to do something about these parts of the globe that are severely lacking in the Gilmour department”

    How about a personalised video from David with a message to all his fans who can’t get to see his shows? (I would be more than happy to stream it to keep the Australians happy.) :-]

    [Well, I was thinking that the fans need to do something, not David! – Features Editor]

    Remember the film Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner… “build it and they will come”

    How about a re-make where Syndey Opera house is booked and advertising goes up that DG is playing… Plane reservations made… hotel rooms booked… and all the tickets are sold out… 🙂

    Just an idea…%-)

    The tour could be called the “Did somebody tell David” Tour…

    [You make me laugh every day, Rudders. Please say you’ll never stop posting! – Features Editor]

  127. FYI – An extended version of the Q&A that appeared in the print edition of Billboard is posted on

    The piece is substantially longer than the print version.

    Click my name for that.

  128. Hi all,

    just a quick note before a SHORT work Friday!!!!! Hey Fet Ed… I SAW the post by Guy Pratt this time… didn’t have to embark on a major search and rescue operation to find it this time either! Don’t know how I misseed the first one… I (along with a whole lot of other people I’m sure) DO go back and read new posts from the previous 2 or 3 days… if nothing else but to fulfill my narcissistic tendencies and see if anyone (including you) responded to my posts. I think its great that Guy is taking time to drop a note or two… now how can we convince David to drop one now and then? I know he is busy, but you said he reads the posts…. so convince him to just say hi. And while I’m at it… HI David and Polly! By the way… I caved in… I couldn’t resist the temptation to watch the OAI video and the press release…. The music sounds incredible! Ok but thats all I’m gonna listen to before I get the album in my hot little hand!!!

    Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Til next time!


    [The same to you, Tim. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  129. OK FEd,

    I will wait for my answer!

    …phew…I hate waiting!!!

    Help me waiting with more news and pics into the site!

    Why dont’ you suggest us a challenge: “Who discover…” …something about David, Pink Floyd or everything you want! It coul be fun! But something about italian, brazilian, german, spanish, french peolpe could discover…please!

    In any case, thank you for your kindness!


  130. Ah-ha!!! Caught Guy’s post…thanks to him for that, and there you have it Features Editor, we are reading closer and closer!!! I mean, geez, I’m so addicted on this I’m checking everything everywhere and even making this my home page at start up….

    Oh, boy…it’s official..I’m a Gilmour Junkie….

    Hey Guy, if you’re reading this, next time you glance over at Richard & Jon on keys you may see a ghostly image of this little old Bronx kid with an old Roland keyboard jamming along with you….I’m wishing I were there so hard that I think I’m projecting images of myself through time and space…!

    Should I throw my hat in the ring for the newly availabe RAH tickets?….I have some for NYC already (thanks again Deborah & Laurie!), and I don’t want to get too greedy but these teasers have me all worked up into a frenzie…plus I imagine a dozen reasons why those last few dates may be very special indeed…..

  131. Dear Dave, I do still remember the three fantastic concert Pink Floyd played in Verona back in 1987. Do you remember? Your guitar flight so high and powerfull. But when I read somethings like this that you can read following, I don’t know really what to say. Only one word: respect for a great man, and a great musician.

    “Abbiamo ascoltato in anteprima «On a island», l’album dell’ex chitarrista dei Pink Floyd, in uscita la prossima settimana

    Gilmour, nulla di nuovo

    Patinato e luccicante, senza un colpo d’ala Milano. Dicono che bisogna avere rispetto per gli anziani. Ma esisterà pure, specie nel rock, un momento in cui staccare la chitarra dall’amplificatore per appenderla al chiodo (nel senso calcistico del termine; il giubbotto dei Ramones non c’entra)? Dovrà esserci un periodo in cui si tace, non si canta più e non si incrina ulteriormente un credito costruito in decenni spesi sui palcoscenici di tutto il mondo. A meno che una rockstar, prendiamo il Bob Dylan anni ’90 di «Time out of mind», non abbia cose trascendentali da dire, non sarebbe meglio non dire nulla, senza aggiungere al mito luccicante nuovi album sfocati?
    Sono questi i pensieri che ci affollano la mente all’ascolto del nuovo album di David Gilmour, «On an island», in uscita il prossimo 3 marzo. L’ex-chitarrista dei Pink Floyd, classe 1944, sarà uno degli ospiti internazionali dell’imminente Festival di Sanremo e tornerà nel nostro paese a marzo per un breve tour che toccherà Milano il 24 e 25 marzo (Teatro degli Arcimboldi) e Roma il 26 (Auditorium). L’ultrasessantenne musicista inglese è dunque in piena attività, anche se “On an island” è solo il suo terzo album solista, pubblicato a oltre 20 anni dal precedente “About face” e ancora più lontano dall’esordio di “David Gilmour” (1978). Dicono che bisogna rispettare i capelli bianchi ma che senso ha questo album, suonato in maniera eccellente, con ospiti del calibro di Graham Nash, David Crosby e Robert Wyatt, e prodotto da ottimi professionisti come Phil Manzanera e Chris Thomas? Per quanto riguarda il suono, siamo dalle parti dei Pink Floyd classici, lontano dunque dalle ultime prove tipo “The division bell”. Piuttosto Gilmour sembra volersi riallacciare all’album “Wish you were here” (1975), con parti strumentali che rimandano chiaramente alle varie sezioni di “Shine on you crazy diamond”.
    «Penso che sia buon materiale», ammette lo stesso chitarrista nel cd-intervista che accompagna l’edizione per la stampa dell’album. Già, buon materiale. E come potrebbe scrivere pezzi brutti un gentleman raffinato come Gilmour? Di sicuro per la maggior parte degli over 35 italiani che guarderanno il Festival, la canzone che l’ex-Pink Floyd presenterà all’Ariston sarà più appetibile di quelle cantate da popstar come Hilary Duff e Jesse McCartney, ma il punto non è questo. Piuttosto preoccupa che, invece di portare in avanti la propria musica o tornare a indagare il passato con spirito critico, molte rockstar si ripropongano con nuovi brani che non aggiungono nulla. Innocui e per questo trascurabili. L’unica canzone di “On an island” che si ritaglia uno spazio particolare e può a tutti gli effetti essere riconosciuta come un passo avanti è “A pocketful of stones”, malinconica e ben orchestrata, una specie di “She’s leaving home” dei Beatles di “Sgt. Pepper’s”, filtrata però dalla sensibilità da campagna inglese di Gilmour. Il resto è routine, movimentata come una vacanza da pensionati sulla riviera ligure. Per rispetto al personaggio, poi, tralasciamo i testi, superflui come un intero scaffale di manuali new age.
    Giulio Brusati”

    The article was published on “L’Arena” the main nwespaper of Verona. Probably this guy doesn’t know the meaning of the word “respect”.

    And I’m so sorry not to translate the article.

  132. Hi Guy,

    Thanks for taking the time to write. So could the closer possibly be “Echoes?”

    David mentioned this song as personal favorite in a recent Billboard interview!!

  133. I hope this isn’t TOO far off topic, but today’s photo brings me back to 1984 when I was fortunate enough to see David and his band on the About Face tour here in Buffalo, NY. On that night David was dressed all in black and not sporting an exceptionally stylish Hawaiian shirt (ahem) like we see in this photo. However he DID play a white strat most of the night and I’ve had a huge fondness for white stratocasters ever since. It was my first time seeing David live and his playing was MONSTROUSLY jaw-dropping (as always). I left the theater walking on clouds wishing for a white strat with a blonde neck.

    One of the many MANY things I loved about that show was it allowed David to stretch out and play whenever the mood hit him. He wasn’t confined by lighting cues or film sequences and such; he could just PLAY! Now keep in mind I absolutely LOVE Pink Floyd and would likely quit my job and sell blood to follow them around should they ever tour again! It’s just an incredible experience to be able to witness the world’s finest guitar player in a small venue unencumbered and playing WHAT he wants as LONG as he wants!

    David, thank you SO much for all these years of pure joy and inspiration. Looking forward to the new album and I will see you both nights this April in Toronto (bring the Hawaiian shirt).

  134. I am eagerly awaiting the new album and am totally in love with the song On an Island. I just want to voice my true disappointment at the very few US tour dates. I was so thrilled to hear that you were touring but then plunged into dispair that Pittsburgh was not on the list. Would adore seeing the concert.

  135. Oh yeah…sorry about this FED but my brain is swirling with the possibilities of the upcoming tour! At the risk of having David ban me from all of his shows (and risking my life HERE by rehashing an old topic), here are my suggestions for David’s set list. I am SURE once he reads these he will revamp his entire rehearsals and start over:

    Solo stuff:
    – Mihalis
    – Cry From the Street
    – Raise My Rent
    – Until We Sleep
    – Murder
    – All Lovers Are Deranged
    – You Know I’m Right
    – Let’s Get Metaphysical
    – ALL of the new album!!!

    Pink Floyd stuff:
    – Fat Old Sun
    – The Nile Song
    – Sorrow
    – Yet Another Movie
    – Echoes
    – Mudmen
    – Stay
    – Childhood’s End
    – Shine On…
    – Marooned
    – Cluster One
    – High Hopes
    – Coming Back to Life
    – Have a Cigar
    – Young Lust
    – Money
    – Comfortably Numb
    – an option for 23 more upon my request

    Ok as you can see, by my estimate, this takes the show to about 4:00AM. If there are curfew issues, it’s just a 90 minute drive back to my place. We can set up in the living room. (Feet off the coffee table, David!)

  136. Hi from Rome,

    Thank you Dave for the great video and the excellent,wonderful music! Your music and voice and guitar was with me since 1968 (12y.o. sigh!)Thank you for every song and every moment with or without P.F.

    I’m waiting for 26 of March.

    Welcome to you and to your band!

  137. The video is absolutely gorgeous. And how devastatingly handsome can one man be! That voice just puts me in another world. Cheers David!

  138. what about us crazy Canucks???? here in the barren waste land called CANADA !! we love ya too , how about acontest or too !


    ps. see ya at Massy Hall!

  139. Nice decision for American people, but what’s about France? We would be so happy to go to these shows!By chance I got my ticket for 16 of March at the Olympia theater 🙂

    Bye, Marc

  140. Angelo wrote:

    (thanks again Deborah & Laurie!)

    Lotsa hugs and kisses, Angelo. We’ll see you and the wife April 5th in NYC! And that crazy kid Becky from Atlanta! I’ll be the one in the t-shirt that says “ECHOES PLEASE” on it. 😉


  141. For Howard Bayliss:

    You Canadians aren’t at the bottom of the totem pole – try living in New Zealand!

  142. Dear Rudders,

    Great suggestion. I for one would turn up at the Opera House, and I have no doubt thousands of other David/PF fans would too. We could put it about that we were duped by an unscrupulous eBay crook into buying fake David Gilmour concert tickets, appear on the evening news looking forlorn (“OK everyone, best glum looks NOW!!! please”) and David would feel so upset at seeing our plight he’d book a plane ticket straight away….

  143. As stated in Eclipse “…All you create…”

    I am delighted to see that after what is truely an eternity, David is finally providing us with yet another exceptional collection of songs to reach deep into our souls and find those feeling that get tucked away with day to day living.

    Not since the release of A Momentary Lapse Of Reason have I been this anxious to get a new album.

    I had the pleasure of seeing that show at Mile High Stadium in Denver and have to share that it was truely a religious experience! I realized the power of music as the entire stadium joined the band in “Wish You Were Here” (and other songs) the mix of the band with the audience was exceptional. Everyone in the same emotional space at the same time, it was beyond any Dead concert…truly an spirtual orgy.

    In the same breath after search Pollstar for years and years looking for information on a David Gilmour tour, I turn my back to become a grandfather only to miss the oppertunity to see the magician at work again and to share his soul wrenching skills with my soulmate.

    Might I also add that I believe two of North Americas best venues for David to play have been overlooked. Red Rocks Amplitheatre and although personally not a big fan of shows hosted by casinos – Harvey’s Amplitheatre right on the shoreline of Lake Tahoe.

    In closing David, I would like to thank you for the years of creativity you have given us. It was your music that encouraged me to follow my dream of concert lighting and after the Momentary show I was able to get a job with Vari*lite and had the oppertunity to tour with Kitaro before settling to raise a family.

    (You know a Gilmour/Kitaro or Gilmour/Vangelis collabration could be very interesting.)

    Thank you for the sound track of my life.

    Mike from Reno, NV

  144. Mike from Rino… You toured with KITARO!!! That had to be way cool! You may have done lighting on one of the tours I saw him on. I saw the Kojiki tour at the California Theater in San Diego (a beautiful venue that was perfect for the presentation of Kojiki) and again just before the release of Thinking of You. I love Kitaros’ music and already mentioned in an earlier blog that a collaboration between David and Kitaro would be incredible (hey, throw Jon Anderson in on vocals like the Dream cd by Kitaro and you’d REALLY have something!). Anyway, maybe having more than one person mention it will get David to take a listen to Kitaros music. Are you listening David??? Try “Ten Years” as an intro to his older music, then “Light of the Spirit”, “Kojiki”, “Dream”, and especially “Mandala”. I think you would like this music David!!! Take a listen and report back here what you find!


  145. Dear David Gilmour

    I`m once of a group of your fans in a litl city that is in a litl country called Kosova if u ever heard about it. I`m 18 and i started listening rock`n roll music when i was 15, And Pink Floyd was the first that i knew and i liked.

    I remember that while i was walking i sing a greate song that i heard it was “hey you” and i liked it so much and i like it now too.

    Now we are lots of friend that likes your band and thinks that you are the most fameos band for all the times. Now we listen most of your songs and the songs that we like most is “echos”, “wish you were here” and lots and lots of your discography

    And now mr. David, that you are going to be 60 we have a plane to make a litl party here in our litl town called Prizren, that is a bar called HARD ROCK. The party is planed by my brather and i`m going to hel him. We are planing that night to listen all Pink Floyd`s songs and i would like to express all congratulations for you

    I know that we here in our country, Kosova maybe naver we can`t c u singing live but we hope that we are going to get independence and we can organiza big concerts like yours… so we have your contry`s support too… thank you Mr. David!

    Sorry about my english but i`m learning more!

  146. Salim from Washington, DC.

    I’ve already got tickets for the NY opening show! But it would be great winning in the prize for Los Anglos, I’ve never visited it before though.

  147. Wow that really was Guy Pratt, and another post on this blog entry too….

    I wonder if David is masquerading as someone else…. hmmm.

    Well there’s no way (pun intended) its the Feature Ed. Too much time to look after us rowdy bunch. If only scooby doo were here to solve this mystery. I hear the Ed. is pals with Wilma and shaggy, but then again I may be talking complete tripe….

    here’s one for the caption comp: Why are all the fans wearing sunglasses?

  148. Hello agin from Kosova and thankyou for posted my message here. I would like to give an answer from you. Mr. Gilmour could you write to my email anything that is more important for you as a member of a most fameos band on the world…

    Couze this i will print and i`ll put it on our city`s HARD ROCK pub. And i would like to read it to the party guests` that we are planing to do for your 60 birthday….

    A detail David, i called you by the name couse i`m feeling that i`m writing to one of my friends couze i listen your song as much as now my friends are your songs and albums and i feel that you are still young as in Italy in 1972 at Live in Pompei video, i like it so much….

    Replay plz!

    [Sorry, Jusuf, but David is incredibly busy at the moment. That said, both he and Polly read these messages, so you never know! Good luck with the party. – Features Editor]

  149. Quite simply, I need to listen to this album now and not next week. Can’t someone bring it forward or something??

  150. Hi, I’m Aryan from Kosovo. I like only some words to tell you, what I feeling about you mr. David Gilmour.I like to be about you, to play guitar and more n’ more.Here in my Country, like you and our Band “Pink Floyd”.

    Thank You, and Happy 60’s yeras old!

  151. Excellent macromedia work! It’s very inspiring to a studying Web designer. This thread is quite lenghty.

    Posted by: Jusuf Bytyçi at February 28, 2006 02:35 AM”Quite simply, I need to listen to this album now and not next week. Can’t someone bring it forward or something??”

    You’ll have to wait till next week for anything more. Enjoy folks :•)

    And most importantly, THANKS TO MR. GILMOUR!!!!

  152. David my name is Diego i’m from Monterrey, México. i hope you read this cause i want you to say that you are the biggest guitar player in the whole world, i play guitar and always i tried to play as you, please come to Monterrey people here love your music, in april i will go to new york just to see you at your concert. i hope someday i have the opportunity to talk to you thanks for your music.

  153. Dear David!

    I don’t know if you got the letter from Nick Mason that I gaved it to him to give it to you when he was in Budapest to dedicate his book)…anyway….it was for you…a riddle
    I don’t know if you are reading this or someone else, but i really want to see you and especially hear you live…2006 of march at one of your concerts…but i could’t get any ticket…in Hamburg left one more ticket, but we want to go together with my boyfriend…and we really would like to see you….

    Thank you!


  154. David Gilmour you are the best , we like to see you with the pink floyd completed i’m gonna see you on april i hop i can go with my family to the backstage. I’m 11 years old i hope we can talk. I’m a big fan of you. ivan de la garza gonzalez

  155. I have been infatuated with David since I was 15 years old. I have never been so moved by a single musician in all of my life. I appreciate all aspects of his career. I will never turn away from the intensity and beauty of the material he created with Pink Floyd and I will always cherish the opportunity to listen to his own heart and soul put forward in his solo performances. I am a singer..and I have had countless dreams about singing together with David at an open jam. I will sing with him from the 10th row on April 4th in NYC…and I know it will be the closest thing to my dream come true!

  156. i am sad that my comment was not posted i have loved pink floyd 4 ever my parents are big fans .i loved david gilmour like a teenager loves a guy she sees on tv.that is normal!they are a huge part of my youth,i am one of thr biggest fans i am really upset.what was wrong with what i said?i was so happy to find this but 4 what ?i think it would make me feel good if some one had their first crush on me ,thats all .im not mad im kind of sad .

    [Your posts have been posted, Amy. Are you sure you’re looking in the right place? – Features Editor]

  157. Eres uno de los mejores guitarristas que hay en el planeta, si no es que el mejor, te admiro mucho, me gustaria que dieran un concierto de despedida junto con los otros integrantes de ese gran grupo el mejor de todos los tiempos llamado PINK FLOYD, simplemente el mejor.
    desde Mexico con admiracion.

  158. Hello, David. Hot greetings from Ukraine! You are a great guitarist, the composer and the singer.

    With the best regards

  159. Tickets = Gone before I could even blink! And it wasn’t for lack of having tried ye olde ticketmaster over and over, and over again…to no avail.

    No contests to enter (at least that I’m aware of anyhow) to even try to win some. Trust me, I’d call. Over and over, and over…

    Oh why oh why not Rogers Centre? or the ACC? or,… well, just anywhere larger (by a few thousand) than Massey Hall? I’m pretty sure I know the answer already though, …sound!

    David, how about staying for four days instead of just two then? No? How about just one extra show then? Heck, I’ll max out the Visa and pay for your digs for your entire stay! Hubby won’t be any the wiser until the bill comes in.
    Come on Polly, please say you will? Excellent cuisine, wonderful attractions, tons of stores (my favourite pastime), good people = Toronto. How could you go wrong?

    Seriously though, I would have loved to have been able to take our son to your show. Lee is a wonderful young man, 22 now. He is also a very big fan of yours, from ‘then to now’, with every CD and DVD we can find in the stores coming home to his room. He is very excited about your new album coming out. He is registered blind/visually impaired but he has a bigscreen TV he uses or he’ll listen to your tunes with all his special lights on in his room. I told him he was having his own personal “mini-concerts complete with lightshow” and he got a huge laugh. He knows I did at least try for the real thing and he’s good with that. Hopefully we will have better luck the next time you return to our country in the not-so-distant future (hint hint). Let’s just hope that the one and only music store in the little mall up here in Buttcrack Boonies will have your newest on the shelves before next year at this time. Just kidding! Pony Express gets up here a little faster these days. NO NO NO speeding on the back-roads! LOL.
    Lee and I do wish you all the very best on your tour. We know you’ll “wow” all of your audiences everywhere. We hope you’ll consider putting highlights out on DVD upon it’s completion.

    Best regards,
    Donna Harris.

  160. I am counting down the days to buy “On An Island”!! it will be in the store tuesday, March 7..i have been waiting for something like this! I have loved your music since I was a teen…When are you coming to Los Angeles? I will be the first there…I will never forget the Division Bell concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena..1994!! Awesome! When I heard a clip from your new CD, I literally started crying…brought back so many beautiful memories!! look really really sexy! love your hair…love your look!! Keep it up!! you really have no idea how much your music means to me…it is the memories of a one true love… waiting for you in L.A. xoxo

    [I’m afraid you’re too late, Traci. David will be playing two sell out shows in LA in the third week of April. – Features Editor]

  161. Hi David,

    Welcome back! I have been a fan since the release of Atom Heart Mother. Thanks for all the great music over these many years, both with Floyd and solo. Like so many of your fans, your music has been a kind of soundtrack for my life, helping me stay sane in this crazy old world. I am so glad you felt like recording again, and eagerly await your new collection of tunes. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you’ll come back to Arizona someday soon! Meanwhile, please send me a ticket to a US gig, and I’ll find a way to attend the show (the wife and kids say I can go)!

    All the best,
    Jon Valentine

  162. For those who didn’t hear about it, David and Phil Manzanera were on the Jonathan Ross show on Radio 2 yesterday (4th March). If you click on the URL which will hopefully be attached to my name below, you can easily find and hear the entire show again. I think they only archive the shows online for 1 week though, so it’ll only be available online until the coming weekend…

    I’m lucky enough to live in Germany so am already a proud owner of On An Island, released here on Friday. Great album, and in many ways different from David’s previous solo work. I also found the cover’s book-like design very appealing. Very nice.

    Count down is now exactly two weeks until the concert at Frankfurt’s opera house. Wish I’d got a seat a little nearer the front, but given that all European dates are sold out, I’m not really complaining. Last time I was in the building was in the front row for a show by The Australian Pink Floyd, so there’s some sort of continuity here! Am also looking forward to seeing posts from people who go to David’s first concerts.

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow, David and Good Luck with the tour!

  163. Having listened to thee BBC 2 interview, my opinion that Jonathan Ross is an idiot has been cemented.

  164. hey its me AMY!!!!i paid alot of money to get the best tickets to see my first love;-) i told my sister “you know how long i waited for this”she was like all your life!she’s right!i want to see him in real life im soooo happy!!!

    i have funny story about your bday:-)i was like 10th grade in high school and would read pink floyd books in class(my mathorama was the picture from the divison bell)and i found out your bday was march 6th so i put it on my hand so i could put it on my calndr when i got home from i went to go meet up with a frnd and a bunch of football guys are smokin out with my frnd and this one guy (al) was like hey dude trip out you got my bday wrtn on your hand .i was like thats your bday too!!!thats david gilmours bday,he was like is that your boyfrnd ?lol i was like i wish,he was like why he dosnt like you lol i told him no he never met me ,he gave me a strang look (he was super high!)i said to him he is in pink floyd,duh.he told me dude now thats a f#ckin fan!!!i told him i know!!!!i thought it was funny ,after that i always would say hi to him and say (hey guy with my david gilmours bday)he would always find it funny too.after that the football guys would tell me hey pink floyd girl do you have to be in pink floyd to hook up?lol

  165. Why no Boston shows?

    [Because David doesn’t want to do a huge tour that takes up a large part of the year. He can’t possibly visit every country, never mind every town and city. – Features Editor]

  166. David is the reason I play guitar today. His playing has been a great inspiration to me. I would really like to purchase a Signature edition Fender Stratocaster meeting David’s specifications but to date this has not been available. I play a Stat but It would mean a lot to me personally to own a “David Gilmour endorsed Stratocaster. I am sure I am not alone in this. Do you think this might be something that could be arranged with Fender for the future?

    By the way…On An Island is fantastic.

  167. I would just like to hear live…. what I have heard so long…on worn out 8tracks .. tapes.. records and cd,,,, now now mp3… I own every pink floyed history and never seen them live… My art is pink floyed… Pink floyed brings usthe hope.. when most are in need… and here in Babylon Im Needing two much love peace Toby

  168. I was lucky enough to have seen last nights show in Illinois – one word: MESMORIZING. Thank you so much for an incredible show, I will never forget. (I hope some day to see performances of some old solo work, but I’m not complaining.)

    Please continue to bless us with your incredible art!

    Respectfully, Erin

  169. hi david,

    on an island was fantastic,here in iran(where I live)u and Pink Floyd have a lot of fans that I think u can not imagine!!

    but as u know(I guess u know)musicions,artists and bands can not have a live show in iran,and all of your works are forbidden in iran,thats terrible but at least two generations in iran have grown up with pink floyd music.

    just remember that u have many fans in iran.

  170. Great event coming up with David Gilmour. I found that there is an event on May 16th and it is going to be good from what I hear. I think I will have to go. It is in theatres all over the place. If anyone else goes perhaps we can exchange notes afterwards. I am excited.

  171. well there has never been a doubt that your style of PLAY,will always be duplicatd,But NEVER be matched. The way you play,the passion you put into each and every chord,I an one will never put HARD PLAY.. above something that comes from the heart,,And you MR.GILMOUR Play from your Heart,with feeling

    and much GRATITTUDE….


  172. A Philippine gig? Why not! I would be happy to see my favorite band play in this “Other Side of the Moon” or sun… whatever.

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