Extra RAH tickets available


As you’ve probably seen from the Latest News page, we are delighted to be able to release some reissued tickets for the London shows at the Royal Albert Hall.

Thanks to the dedication of Royal Albert Hall staff, who have been monitoring eBay, closing auctions and encouraging people to return their unwanted tickets instead of reselling them (so that they may be reissued and give fans the chance to attend a concert when they thought they had missed out), we can now give you advance warning that these tickets will be going on sale on Monday 27 February.

You can only get them from the Royal Albert Hall’s Box Office. Their telephone number is 020 7589 8212 and staff will be available to take your calls from 9am. You can also order online.

Apologies for previously suggesting a trip to the Box Office – this won’t now be necessary.

For further details, please see the Royal Albert Hall website.

There are tickets for each of the three shows (so that’s Monday 29 May, Tuesday 30 May and Wednesday 31 May), the majority of which are in the ‘choir’ section of the stage, so you will be behind the musicians.

You can see a seating chart here.

Unless you are sure about purchasing these tickets, please do not contact the Box Office on Monday morning. These tickets are not returnable and we only offer them now because of our efforts against individual sellers who have been caught trying to sell their tickets in order to profit from them (and also because so many people from outside the UK purchased tickets that they found they could not make use of, and nobody wanted there to be any empty seats). We will not be giving refunds in return for these tickets, so do not buy unless you are certain that you can attend.

Please note that all of the above refers to the three London shows only and does not apply to any other venue. We will, of course, let you know if we hear of any other tickets going on sale for any venue worldwide, so please do not ask us for details. We will let you know the details when we have them.

The very best of luck to everyone who hopes to snap up a pair of tickets, and hats off to the hard-working staff at the Royal Albert Hall who have made this possible.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

60 thoughts on “Extra RAH tickets available”

  1. This is excellent news and proof that action can be taken against the ebay profiteers – those who make selling of tickets on there a business, rather than the fan left with a spare ticket due to a change of circumstances.

    Have a good weekend, all – to the band, hard at work on rehearsals, to the Features Editor, hard at work as ever, and to all the unsung heroes bringing us all this good stuff. David’s site and this blog should be used as an example to other artists of how they can effectively market their forthcoming product, keeping the fans coming back for more.

    It’s getting ever closer… I can almost smell it! Just over a week to go now. Hurrah! 🙂

  2. Fedmeister

    Well done to the RAH! I really hope that true fans get the tickets they richly deserve.

    I wonder if the musicians will be doing some buttock firming exercises considering what’s on view!

  3. Such a lovely picture today, seeing Wyatt’s big smile and in good company 😉 Wish you all the best of weekends…

  4. Caption Competition:

    Robert Wyatt thinking… “Did he really tell me I couldn’t sing the opening bars to Comfortably Numb again?… wonder why not….”

    Sorry Robert… 🙂

  5. Caption Competition

    Phil Manzanera thinking…”Ya boo sucks Robert I get to sing the opening bars of Comforatbly Numb… Nananana…nana”

    DG thinking…”They are like a couple of kids!!! It’s at times like this I wish that……………………………………..hmmmmmm……. maybe not”

  6. Dear Features Editor,

    I have unrelated blog, though a worthwhile request. I feel you may know who constructs this site and perhaps can communicate with Mr. Gilmour or whoever is necessary.

    I’ve owned an original LP copy of the David Gilmour debut album for roughly twenty five years. The music and lyrics are wonderful, however, some of the lyrics are still undistinguishable at certain times.

    Although enigmatic and stylish, as these recordings are, they have produced a bit of frustration and curiosity to myself as an intended listener. When searching lyrics web sites, I find ?’s and –? next to certain lines or words. These sites usually promise to know all lyrics to all songs and they usually do. Still the ?’s. Thank you Mr. Gilmour for confounding us all!

    The second record has the lyrics printed on the inner sleeve, but I don’t like it as much. It dosen’t have as much integrity to me although some songs I love. I would suspect that the forthcoming effort is most likely containing lyrical information in its “special package” for us “special people”.

    Mr. Features Editor, Sir, can you please try to have someone include the lyrics to David Gilmour and the others in the Discography section of this “official” page? If my fate hinged on the discernment of said lyrics, I would be a deadman. Thank You

    [Hi Edward. I’ll certainly pass your message on for consideration. You’ll be pleased to know that the lyrics to ‘On An Island’ are included with the CD and are very easy to read. The whole package is beautiful, in fact. – Features Editor]

  7. great news! that’ll show the ebay scummers who’s boss! good luck to everyone who’s hoping for tickets on monday. although i know it’s a lot to ask of people, i hope that people who are already going to several shows leave the fans who aren’t going to any shows to snap up those tickets. wishful thinking, i know, but it’s a nice idea isn’t it?

  8. Great news for fans in England…good job!

    Nice pic today…and beautiful house in he background…they all seem to be enjoying themselves…

  9. Well on the subject of Ebay Id like to discuss something. It seems that David has a interest in not letting his and Pink floyd fans get ripped off. Well what about non released Material/Items? For years people on ebay have been selling items that could easily be put out offically by Pink Floyd. For instance The Delicate sound of thunder Dvd, People transfer the vhs to Dvd and sell it. Why not put out a official Version? Pink floyd live in venice is also another popular dvd. It has never been offically been released but copys circulate on dvd, with frankly really good quality. I see no reason why a offical version couldnt be out. How about ‘La CARRERA PANAMERICANA’another vhs to dvd transfer that sells well. Another good example is the vhs David released on his last solo juant, same thing…People transfer to dvd and sell it. How about The wall concerts? Lots of copies sell everyday, even though the quality is not the best, the thirst for floyd material overcomes this. Why not dip into it, make it the best quality possible and issue us a proper version? The list goes on and on, and I know when David has been asked about some particular stuff in His vault he would claim that No one wants to hear those sort of things, but he couldnt be more wrong and vastly understimates the thirst Floyd fans have for this sort of material. I want to say that I support the people selling this stuff until there is Offical releases, simply because we have no choice, but if David truly believes in not letting his fans be ripped of on ebay and other auction sites, releasing some of this material will surely put a dent into it. Thanks for listening. See you In april David!

  10. Fedmeister…

    Thank you… I’m able to send you this message now that the Cardiac team have stabilised me after seeing an Email from David Gilmour in my inbox!…. keep them coming! 🙂

  11. Dear David, Polly, Phill, Robert, Chris, etc I wish you the best! Your coming back to life this year brought tears to all the fans’s eyes. The best thing with this album is that it is a very cosy, warm and family album. But, the bestest(!) thing of it is that it comes straight from the heart of David Gilmour and Polly Samson. David decided to make and album with his friends and family and give it to the world as a gift…So, dear David and ,of course, dear Features Editor I wish you a very best weekend and a great will for informing others. Cheers…

  12. Hola Everyone!

    Great picture today. I also got an email stating video clips coming soon. Where on the website can I find those? I wanna see, I wanna see 🙂

    Anyhow I am grateful for the video clip and can’t wait until March 7th. I will be at the door going ….”open,open,open.” HAHA!!

    Well everyone have a wonderful weekend.

    From Sunny California (Home of the Beach Boys)

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [You want http://www.davidgilmour.com for those, Renee. – Features Editor]

  13. WOW! Todays clip of Castellorizon was just mind blowing. Nice work David. I will have goosebups the rest of the day. You really have a way of making the guitar sing.

    Thank you. Dan

  14. For the record, I have read Guy’s comment on yesterday’s page… we DO read the old cmoments, FEd.

    I also wanted to note, as a fan of early Soft Machine, that it is great to see Robert Wyatt working with old pal David Gilmour, looking like they’re having fun. Great friends can be kind of hard to find, and David seems to be at his best when he is among them.

  15. Good news about the tickets. Hopefully they’ll go to real fans this time.

    Wow! I absolutely love the track ‘Castellorizon’ – Davids guitar work is very moving and combined with the orchestra makes the music really special. The videos clips you’ll be showing of each track are a great way to introduce everyone to Davids new album.

    Also congratulations to David for ‘OAI’ being promoted to the Radio 2 ‘B’ list. Should get to hear it twice as often from now on.

  16. Great!

    I finish nights at 7 Monday morning and will be sat beside the phone, trying to stay awake till 9!!!

    Just hope I have more luck than I did last time one hour of constant dialing and constant engaged tone……

  17. OOOhhhhh man…yes, I’ve gest saw the Castellorizon videoclip and what can I say…that is David Gilmour sound 100%, one of his best.

    Mr. Gilmour I’m beging you again please, please…play TIME on tour.

  18. Great news about the tickets. I am glad that the ebay profiteers have been foiled, it is extremely unfair for fans to be ripped off in this way.

    Good luck to all you David Gilmour fans on Monday morning.

  19. Dear Fet Ed.

    Its me again. Nice email I got today. Too bad I cant make the link work to watch the vid…any ideas as to why??? Ive seen the other stuff that has been previously uploaded at the site with an exodus file… not this one… frustrated, very very.

    Hopefully there are some words of computer wisdom that can take me out of my misery…

    Thank you!

    Have a nice weekend…

    [Sorry, Marian, I don’t know. Everyone else seems OK with it. Is anyone else having trouble? Try the links on the new ‘On An Island’ page at http://www.davidgilmour.com if you haven’t already and let us know if the problem persists. – Features Editor]

  20. Great news to the Britsh Fans!

    I hope that you came to Brazil soon. The crowd loves you!

    Good lucky with the tour and the new album.


  21. hello

    Is thers anybody in there can u not let everybody know what u have been indicating for the last few months half davids concert new material the other floyd we know its going to happen so get it out there.

  22. Man….we in Brazil…are fans of David….we love his music,,,so when…when he will comming play for us here…..I’m waiting about 16 years…and I’m 26…my uncle are wating about…30 years….we know that my country is poor…and less important then Usa…or UK..or Europe…but…David has lots of fans here…so please…comming here…when I’m still live…thats my dream….of a entire life…just see David…in a concert…but not in TV…cause I have all albuns…and Cds yet…so thank u…and bye…if you can…webdesgner…show him…lolololol

  23. Seeing the offensive prices the agencies (touts) are charging for these concerts this is good news, as long as the genuine fans can actually get to these tickets before the agencies (touts) do.

    They are profiteering – making more money for doing nothing than the performers do for showing their skills.

  24. Thanks for the videos. Its clear David has a great passion for “On an Island” and is very pround. Looking forward to the 7th & April 13th

  25. Hey these clips for each day are such a special treat for your fans. I love them, as I’m sure most of us here do. Thank you for putting them out there for us to see. Can’t hardly wait for the release date…I’ve got it on special order and really am anxious to see the whole package. Just want you to know that I appreciate it and enjoy it – the whole shebang actually…the website for all of us Gilmourites, the chance to post here, the special video clips –the first-hand news and the fantastic job being done by the features editor. This whole thing is just the best gift David could give his fans. Makes ya feel a little more “on the inside.”

    Be seeing you in Chicago,


  26. Hey, how about those extras tonight!!! That Castellorizon clip is something else. That chord progression and solo bends are unlike anything I’ve ever heard out of Gilmour before. Some other instrumentals he’s done (in new Floyd or About Face’s “Metaphysical” have cool progressions, but this one is nicely done and fresh…well, done there Big Guy.

    That EPK is a treat indeed! I I always found very entertaining when an artist talks about there material and the recording/creative process. For us to have Gilmour himself taking us through some ins and outs is heaven. There’s a DVD out there with behind the scenes of the creation of Dark Side of the Moon that came out at the time of its 30th anniversary. That DVD has great insight from Gilmour and the others…I’d love to see more of this type of footage for OAI. I’ll be playing that EPK quite a bit.

    “iTunes Originals” might be a cool thing if Mr. Gilmour had a desire to such a thing… for those who don’t know, this is a speacial album release through iTunes where each track is preceeded by a couple of minutes of insight into that track.

  27. Wow , Thank you so much for the video clip of Castellorizon . What a great way to start the week-end 😉

  28. Absolutely fantastic video-clips.

    One month this time, I will be enjoying david in Milan! Finally I have got my tockets!

    Thank you.

  29. This site is getting bigger by the minute. Patience has payed off tremendously. We see David, Sir, start a project from the onset to a worldwide vision and allowing us a first time glimpse into the making of an album. This blog and all who have worked so hard should be commended.

    Thanks Guy, didn’t miss it this time.

    To Randy, your website is great.

    P.S. I hope David, if he wishes, will accept a Grammy next year. He and Floyd deserve credit where credit is due.

    P.S.S. Will be at the shop on Mar. 7th with my preorder of OAI.


  30. I have a question: Are there any plans to release a photo-book with the nice pictures by Polly? Something like: “The making of – On an Island”.

    Thanks, Bjoern

    [Not that I know of, Bjoern. – Features Editor]

  31. i can’t wait for this album to come out! 10 days and counting. roll on 6th march! the video clip is fab. david, you are the best thing since sliced bread. i take my hat off to you.

  32. It’s great to see Polly on the videos (I see where the inspiration for Smile came from!)

    And didn’t you promise more of her of wonderful photos in the gallery, FEd? …don’t keep us waiting too long.



  33. I managed to see the clips after all Fet Ed. something is still not working properly but Im guessing it is just me. So sorry to bother… 🙂

    Great clip by the way! Cant wait to see the rest!!

    [Glad to hear it. We hope you’ll enjoy them all. – Features Editor]

  34. Can’t wait to pick up David’s new album. Ticket brokers ruined any chances of me seeing him play live here in Toronto. What if anything is being done about this issue for Canada dates?

    Would love to find 4 tickets for Toronto’s Massey Hall Show April 9th or 10th AT FACE VALUE!

    Have a great tour David and I will try to see you next time….. will there be a next time? That would be nice.

    Sincerely your fan for life, Scott Taylor.

  35. I like today’s photo a lot. Would love to have a drink with you guys….

    Here’s a suggestion: how about David being on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on the night of April 3rd? Isn’t that a brilliant idea? It would be a great promotional thing, seen by gazillions of people. And it has nothing to do with the fact that the Gilmo’ Ho’s (Deborah, Laurie and I) have tickets to the show.

    Speaking of Deborah, I’ll copy a little thing she does on other boards:

    Now listening to Hot ‘Lanta by The Allman Brothers Band

    (Hi, Guy Pratt!)

  36. I heard most of the new stuff and they sound excellent. I know I will purchase the CD but it is unfortunate that I will not able to attend his shows in N.A. Regarding his new songs, it is fine by me if he only them at his shows and not blasts from the pasts. Okay, throw in “Grantchester Meadows”.

  37. Yippee,Hallelujah,Ows that! Looks like im gona have to buy myself a ruff and chior gown, and just close my eyes. Unlucky to all who didnt manage to get tickets.

  38. I missed them, so sad I can’t find any normal priced ones anywhere. I thought I would surprise my hubby for our 20th Wed Anniv. We have seen so many PF concerts. If any one gets any spare tickets please please e-mail me. Thank you Pam

  39. great playing with the sax sounds great with out a doubt the album will be a great hit with all.

    only a few days now.

  40. Well, My life just got better when I seen the new video for the song On An Island, There is not a day that goes by that I don’t listen to something with David singing in it. I was so excited when I heard about this album.I will buy it and I will burn my CD player and my ipod up listening to it.David Gilmour is my Favorite singer and It hurts me that I think that I may never get to see him in concert ever again,I live In the states in Louisville Kentucky.The last time I seen him was in about 1976 or 77 at the Pink Floyd Animal tour. It was to Date the best ever.BUT I WANT MORE.David you’re the best there ever was,hope you keep on making more of the unique mind soothing sound that makes you unique.

  41. I’m sitting here just absolutely gobsmacked! Mermaid Theatre here I come! I’d just like to give a HUGE thanks to all those that made this possible … Dave.

    [Enjoy yourself, Dave. Sorry to make you wait so long to find out if you’d won or not. – Features Editor]

  42. i have looked once and then gone away and come back and my name still appears to be in the list of winners – if this is the case then this really will make spring arrive after the long dark winter i have had. the words to coming back to life have meant so much to me in the last few months – David thank you for that song – it may not have changed my life but it may well have saved it! Best wishes Matty

    [Best wishes to you, mate. You have a great time and tell us all about it on Wednesday. – Features Editor]

  43. Viewing the clips, and video on the site I would love to see Dave release a DVD, of all the video that is being taken. A collection of his time working, commentary, and videos. I think it would go great as a second disc to an upcoming show.


  44. I will have a great time and will report back on what will be a unique event.

    regards as always


  45. just thought i would throw a bone in to todd but David Gilmour does not like being called Dave.

    likes his true name David.

  46. I forget to mention that I will be taking my daughter to this fantastic event.

    It`s time she appreciated real music.

    Thank you for the opportunity to sit her down and give her a proper education

    Mike Holifield

    [That’s what we like to hear, Mike. I wonder, does she know how to spell ‘rooves’? – Features Editor]

  47. Hi There

    Just had to post a thank you, missed out on Dave’s last solo concerts wanted to surprize the wife but by the time I found out the dates they where all sold out.

    No such problem this time, once I got the link to the official site I set it as my Homepage to keep up to date and we became the proud possessors of a pair tickets for the last tour date at the Albert Hall.

    Big cheesy grins all round, could it get better I ask? yep following the link to the BBC radio 2 competion web page we had a go for it, and yesterday afternoon a very exited wife appeared at my works waving a letter.

    Fortunately it wasn’t as I first thought a outstanding bill or some other offensive letter but the glorious news that now we were also seeing the first outing by the “on an island” line up what a year and its only March!

    Thanks to all for a great site especially the “features page”

    What a Buzz, can’t wait to see dave and all

    Cheers Steve and Sharon

    [Have a great time, both. – Features Editor]


  49. Hi F.Ed and all,

    I managed to buy one of the choir RAH tickets, do you know by chance how long do they take to send them by regular mail? I’m really impatient to have the ticket with me!



    [Congratulations on getting a ticket. It will be sent out four weeks before the concert. – Features Editor]

  50. hi there i was at weds night concert at rah and it was excellent especially when nick mason came out.I was at the stage door autograph hunting when mr mason came out and may i say he was a gentleman signing my book no problem.

    I wish i could say the same about mr gilmour and the band i was stood there until 2.30 in the morning with my partner and 14 year old child who was left in tears hoping to get an autograph of the great man and it`s looks as thought he sneaked out the front door and nobody had the decency to tell us.

    I have spent alot of money to see him and travelled from huddersfield w.yorks and i just think that was in poor spirit.Wonderful show but poor treatment to fans.

    john lockwood

    [I’m sorry that you feel that way. With the greatest respect, Nick did three songs. He hasn’t spent the last three months touring, getting everything together, leading a great band from the front. His neck isn’t on the block, so to speak. David doesn’t often give autographs, as has been said here many times. We have discouraged fans from hanging around until the early hours for this very reason. David isn’t full of a sense of self-importance, as are so many others, so he tries to shun the celebrity worship and avoid the autograph hunters. I can’t blame him for not being willing prey to pens, posters and photographs and like to think that many others would agree. Wednesday’s show marked the end of a successful, but stressful, tour and 2am is a time for winding down with family and friends, not fans. – Features Editor]

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