Dick Parry on tour


We are delighted to announce that saxophonist Dick Parry will also be joining David on tour (see the News page for more).

Dick Parry played the famous sax solos on ‘Money’ and ’Us and Them’ from ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ (1973) and ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond‘ from ‘Wish You Were Here’ (1975). A session musician who has worked with the likes of John Entwistle and Rory Gallagher, Dick has been a friend of David‘s since childhood and toured with Pink Floyd during the Seventies.

He gave up playing the saxophone and became a farrier, yet David managed to convince him to record and tour 1994’s ‘The Division Bell’ album. Since then, he has played with David in Paris and London in 2001 and 2002 and also played his part the famous Pink Floyd reunion for Live 8 last July. 

Before joining the ‘On An Island’ tour, he will be playing some selected dates with US band The Violent Femmes.   

I’m sure you’ll be as excited by this news as we are. Let us know what you think.

Meanwhile, with regards to your many queries, we have been working hard and some of you may already have had a personal answer from the UK promoter (we can’t guarantee this, so please don’t give us any more…). 

There will be a full blog covering all the topics you have raised tomorrow, so sit tight.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

121 thoughts on “Dick Parry on tour”

  1. Thats certainly good news. I saw him first time in David Gilmour in Concert. I would still like to see David play the sax of course 🙂

  2. Dick Parry is back ? Well, We have Rick Wright, Jon Carin, Guy Pratt.

    For My part, I’m going to see the Olympia show in Paris at the best place (2nd rank).

    I will say one thing, we’re almost in family. don’t you think so ?

  3. Wonderfull!! Dick Parry, as we all hoped.

    I wonder when EMI ist starting deliver the german radio stations. No good music on air, just Eros Ramazotti/Anastacia again and again… make an end to this please!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. The news just keeps getting better and better! Will there be backing singers and who?

    Roll on RAH in May.

  5. that’s great news. dick is so cool. i love his playing. i would love to see and hear david play the sax in manchester though. dick, if you’re reading, just let him play a little bit. please?

  6. AWESOME!!! 🙂

    This makes fans happy indeedly! Glad to know this tour is going to be very authentic! All the right players, all the right music, and a cozy intimate atmosphere. A dream come true. Can’t wait for NYC on the 4th of April!


  7. An obvious choice given Dick’s talent and the fact that David seems determined to have close friends with him on tour. I’m sure it makes for a more pleasant working environment in hostile territories. I’m certainly pleased with this news. Maybe there will be a sax duet.

    I’ve also wondered what part Dick has played in teaching David and Charlie the sax, if any. Anybody know?

  8. What!?! – you mean “Diamond Dave” can’t play Sax and Guitar at the same time! He’s just not trying! ; )

    Excellent move – I’m glad Dick will be there. Roll on May, i have tickets for all 3 nights at the RAH. It’s going to be amazing.

  9. wow Dick Perry! Awesome news! This show is going to be dynamite! David, sorry the PF thing is still hanging over you, but you have everything it takes to have an incredible solo career. In my eyes, you always were “Pink Floyd” and now that you are on your own yoour fans can concentrate on you and you alone.

    Can’t wait to see you in Chicago,


  10. Nice to see Dick Parry on tour and be able to hear him again.Thank you David. Still haven’t heard the new soundtrack. Will be there at Massey Hall for both venues, can’t wait to see my all time fave, David. P.S. That picture was definetly taken in Houston, I read that the show was almost cancelled not only because of rain, but because of severe thunder and lightning, the band played on.

  11. That will open up more of the Floyd catalogue for sure!.

    This is really great indeed.

    Perhaps the Blackberries for the back up vocals!

    Looking more and more foward to tis as more teasers come out.

  12. Hi

    Is it fair to say david will be playing one half of his concert with solo material and the other with pink floyd best of material.Glasgow here we come

    cheers terry

    [Nothing’s been confirmed as yet, Terry. Will let you know when David gives the nod. – Features Editor]

  13. i thought we’d see david in his saxophonist debut, but we’ll take what we can get. how exciting indeed. keep it coming.

  14. Fantastic!! I love Dick Parry’s playing. He has such a soulful, gorgeous style. And call me a guitar geek, but I’m really more interested in David sticking to his primary instrument all night (there IS no greater sound in the universe than a David Gilmour guitar solo!). Having Dick on tour really is spectacular news.

  15. Dick Parry???? Is that the best you could find???….:-)

    Kidding of course, GREAT addition!!!

  16. David certainly knows how to rub salt into the wounds of all those people not lucky enough to attend one of his shows this year!

    Not only do you have Richard Wright appearing with Guy Pratt and Jon Carin. You now also have Dick Parry as well. That’s got to hurt!

    (Just as well I’ve got a ticket).

  17. Well, what can one say? Brilliant that Dick Parry will be touring with David. It sort of makes the line up complete!

    It would be very interesting to see David do a sax (yes I have spelt it correctly thank god!) duo with Dick, I’m sure it would be a worthy excercise.

    Waiting patiently for the 6th march. It has only been 22 years since David’s last solo work! (very tongue in cheek Features Ed)

  18. ****TICKET ALERT****

    I just canceled a pair of tickets with SEE Tickets for the show on the 29th.

    I don’t know when they will show up but a pair in the very front row of the circle close to the stage will be made available at some point.

    Good luck!

    [Good of you to let us know, Mark. Cheers. – Features Editor]

  19. That’s absolutely fantastic. I am wordless!!

    That’s a fantastic line up. we are going to have great music indeed.

    Can’t wait till March 24 in Milan.

    Thank you David and thank you Parry, of course.

  20. Thats great that Dick is playing again.

    It would be neat if David and Dick could play sax together for a song or two.

  21. I second Geoff …. it’s AWESOME !!! 🙂

    I can’t wait anymore David 😉

    Please Dick, tell David to urge begenning the 2006 Tour 🙂

    A real good news !

    Err… even got some more good news ? hu ?


  22. Well, we have Richard Wright,Dick Parry and of course David…so why don’t you make a ring to Roger and Nick? 🙂 🙂

    It’s a very good news have Dick Parry on tour…I’m very looking forward to see you David & co.!!!!


  23. That’s really great news!!! Hmm, from the looks of all the key personell, you could….. almost…..think…..

    NAH! It’s David Gilmour and his creativity on stage done his way on his terms showcasing his recent (and seemingly most personal) album to date.

    Having tickets to see this live is the highlight of my year!!!

  24. so excited at this line up…..also stoked as I received my front row tickets from Kfog radio yesterday for the Oakland gig!!

    How bout a thread about what song you most want to hear DG play? Has this been done?


    [Yep, it has been done. – Features Editor]

  25. Dick Perry is the Man!!!

    Let hope his skill will be utilized on some Darkside tunes and Shine On!!!

    This tour is going to be Hot!!!


  26. That is simply fantastic. I was hoping Dick would join the tour. It wouldnt be the same without him. Greeat choice David! Could you possibley bring Scott Page as well? Not to play Sax, but so we can all laugh at his haircut?!! All joking aside this is great news, any chance Tim Renwick would join you as well? Looking forward to seeing you and purchasing a few copies of your album!

  27. Dick Parry at the sax ? wonderful !

    With Richard Wright, David and chorists, he would play on Wearing the inside out… ! It isn’t true ?

  28. Dick Parry, excellent! It’s almost together,just a few more pieces to this fine puzzle.

    For those of you who didn’t know. Dick and David used to play on street corners for coins in the mid 60’s. I think it is fantastic that David remembers his friends.

  29. Great news. Dick Parry was the perfect choice and the awesome band is getting even better! Remember the part of saxophone for Wearing The Inside Out, Mr Parry?

  30. Woo Hoo!!! Dick Parry!!! Can this tour get any better??? Each time you surprise us it seems to do just that- get better! My level of excitemment increases with each announcement… you are doing an excellent job of promotions here-I have been updating all my friends and I think many will be buying “On An Island”! But David if you read this, many of us still want to hear what you can do on the sax (hey- dualing saxes with Dick and David???)

    Ok guys… we are still waiting for an announcement of a DVD release of the tour! Wouldn’t take much and I think there is plenty of a market for it! Thanks for all you are doing David et al (esp Fet Ed)!!!


  31. It would be really cool if the guys all had a bit of a jam at some of the concerts. A spur of the moment sort of thing, although if you plan it does it really count as a spur of the moment thing..

    I cant wait till may 29th.. still hoping i dont have an exam around then, that would be really horrible.

    Ah one more thing, it would be really cool if their were some live releases of the concerts.. nudge nudge wink wink. No frills, tune ups and commentary included, that way anyone who didnt make it can get an idea of what it was like. 😀

    Anyone else think thats a good idea…


  32. Mad props to Gilmour for assembling such an awesome band. His choice of stringed wood instruments like the cello and the stand up bass gives the shows a personal touch, lacking from most rock shows.

    Right off hand I’d like to see Gilmour collaborate with Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, maybe (Mark Knoffler).

    I’m driving from North Carolina all the way to TOronto Canada to see the show, and I’d gladly drive to the North Pole. WHooo hoooo

    Will Roberson

  33. Dick? oh my god, and David(and the features ed.) still claim thre will be no Floyd Reunion this year? put david,Rick,Jon,Guy and Dick on the same stage and say it is not Pink Floyd? ok, so be it!

  34. Excellent!

    Wonder if this improves the chances of hearing a live version of “Wearing the Inside Out” on this tour?

  35. Great news about Dick Parry. This is really buiding up to be something greater than all of us could have imagined.

    I think Scott Page is a great musician but was much too dramatic in his stage performance. Dick PArry is better suited for David Gilmour and Co.

    Who will the backup singers be on tour?

    [Nothing’s been said about backing singers as yet, Brad. We will, of course, let you know if this changes. – Features Editor]

  36. VERY COOL news. Dick Parry is a great player. Will be wonderful to have his sound on David’s new material.

  37. Thanks to Mister Parry, to come on tour with Mister Gilmour and musicians band, that will be more greatfully, and for me the show of the year, and for years to come !!! Blesses is March 16th 2006 !!!

    Thanks to you, and thanks for us, Misters.


  38. OHHH great! I love the sax playing of dick! what about a saxophone duel between dick and david???

    see you in dortmund.

  39. Great news about Dick Parry joining the tour!!! Awesome Sax player!!!!

    I need to say it…I find it interesting that David declared “Pink Floyd” dead, yet he keeps adding key musicians that were a huge part of the “Pink Floyd” experience. In a way, one could make the argument that it’s sort of the next incarnation of the live “Pink Floyd” lineup without Mason and Waters (who’s been gone 25 years anyway.) You now have Gilmour, Wright, Parry, Pratt and Carin. You can basically make the argument that he is giving the fans exactly what they want. It’s just not under the “brand name” and it’s not taking place in big stadiums with lasers and flying pigs.

    I love it! I think it’s David’s way of sticking it to “the man” (record company/concert promoters.)!!

  40. Oh yes!!!

    When Mr.Gilmour, Mr.Wright and Mr.Parry plays together it’s chance for incredible song “Wearing The Inside Out”.
    From morning to night i dream to hear live version of this song in Frankfurt…

    With Rick’s vocal, with slow sax of Dick, with diamond solo of Dave at the end, with my heart is beating like a jungle drum.

  41. Alive One in Chicago is hosting a listening party for the new cd tonight. I’d go, but I have a class. Grr!

    Justin Kreutzmann? Son of Bill Kreutzmann? Your dad’s the man, seen him play lots o’ times. Any new film projects to report? Sorry if somebody else has already asked you that.

  42. Hey David, please, I am begging you, please, please play Echoes in Chicago on April 13. This would be one of, if not the best moment in my life. Come on, David, please? Don’t worry, I will still love you even if you don’t. You could play 3 Blind Mice and I would still be ecstatic. Just close your eyes and repeat, “Echoes…Chicago….4-13.

    See ya in Chicago on 4-13,


  43. We are pleased to announce that saxophonist Dick Parry will be joining David on tour.


    That’s MUSIC to my ears! 🙂

    This tour just keeps gettin’ better and BETTER!!!

  44. Cool!

    It had to be another sax player, most of the great guitar solo’s have company with saxes and I believe it’s very hard to do play guitar and sax at the same time. But yeah maybe David Gilmour could archieve that.

    Does anyone know in which bands he played recently?
    Or is still bussy with making shoes for horses?

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

    PS Mr.Dick Parry latest contributions;

    Duster Bennett (Fingertips 03 with Peter Frampton, George Caldwell, Nicky Hopkins, Rick Wills, B.B.King (?), Ian Wallace, Morris Perth amongst others )

    Sigmund Snopek III (’05)

    The Violent Femmes (’06).

  45. When the band was announced on January 27th I thought that was final. I was very suprised and very happy to see that Dick Pary will also be joining the band, now April 5th is really going to seem like an eternity.

    I also think a live release of the tour(cd or dvd) would be great, not only for the people who will miss it but for all the people that will be there to remember what a memorable tour it will be.


    …ahem…the only thing remains is will i get those tickets for Milan… 🙁

    FEd, i’m desperate…

    [Keep trying, Bran. There will be returns. I hope you’ll be lucky enough to grab a couple. – Features Editor]

  47. Help ! When will the single track come in France ? I haven’t yet heard it !!! Please, help me…

    thank you;

    [It’s coming soon, Michèle. Please be patient. It’s worth waiting for. – Features Editor]

  48. This just keeps getting better and better!!! I can’t believe I have a ticket for this- Dick is a great(and really the ONLY choice) Now maybe if David can just give Nick a call……. 🙂

  49. Considering the great response to ‘On An Island,’ wouldn’t it be fabulous if this time next year we were all anxiously awaiting a performance by David, or an acceptance speech, at the Grammy’s!? Just a thought/daydream.

  50. okay I LOVE DICK PARRY. (had I got that out of my system)

    Now all I can think about is “Money” live. If I visualize it, it will come true (squeezing my eyes very tightly and gritting my teeth).


  51. Being from Milwaukee, the Violent Femmes make a great choice to warm up with before touring with David.

  52. That’s awesome. This tour just keeps getting better and better, and it hasn’t even started yet. I have yet to hear On an Island; it’s never on the radio here. Cheap! But I can’t wait, only a month from now!

    Spreaking of Dick, I always found it interesting that Syd, around the time David came along, said to be successful they needed a sax and 2 female soul singers. 6 years later… Worldwide success with Dark Side. I don’t think that alone made the record great, but it is ironic. I can’t remember where I read that quote now… maybe Inside Out.

    Can’t wait for this man. How about a little Echoes April 4th? Man what a spectacular way to start off the North American leg of the tour.

  53. Definitely looking forward to his dates here in Los Angeles! I can already hear the echoes of PULSE in my head…4/20 should be a hell of night!

  54. I think that it will be a great ocasion for the fans of David&Pink Floyd, to hear on stage live interpretations performed by Richard W.,David and Dick P. of absolute masterpeaces melodies such as “Time” and “Wearing the inside out”.

    I will travel 3500Km to be in Paris on 16 of March, at l’Olympia. And yes I’ve started counting the remaining days.

  55. So a new surprise each day, eh? Could the next one be a new Toronto show? Or perhaps someone canceling their tickets and I get hold of it? Or should I just stop dreaming?

    [Keep trying for returned tickets and you might be lucky. There will be returns. Good luck! – Features Editor]

  56. just to tell that roger waters will play at Rock in Rio – Lisboa next 2 June… great, i will see david, rick and Roger in a matter of days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Clube de Fans dos PINK FLOYD da Benedita em(Portugal) gostaria que de parabéns pelo novo album de David Gilmour que pedir a David Gilmour que fize-sem uma Tourné dos PINK FLOYD porque Portugal tem muitos Fans dos FLOYD. E que David Gilmour venha a Portugal apresentar o Album “On An Island”


  58. Wonderful news – can’t wait for April 5th…

    All we need now is Nick and Rog for a full house 😉

  59. Who’s next joining this tour? Will it be Roger? That’ll be the BIGGEST NEWS in recent times. Welcome to the machine, Dick. I enjoyed watching you play in ’02

  60. This is great news, it’s always great to see Dick P, having caught him on the Division Bell tour and also seeing him on the festival hall dvd he always compliments David’s playing so well, his shine on solo is pure heaven and although it looks like I’m not gonna get a ticket I can’t wait till the inevitable Live dvd release of the tour to sample Mr parry’s soulful sax. The new tune on the home page very different not very floydy at all this album is getting more tantilsing the more i hear little snippets from it, by the way it’s so kind of David to allow us the opportunity to hear a sneak preview of the new album. still can’t wait, less than a month away now, I’m counting the days, the title track seems to get better everytime i hear it. Also caught David’s segment on the three men and a boat program, Astoria is just amazing what surroundings, I can just imagine the inspiration he takes from the peaceful surroundings to create his heavenly sound.

    Thanks for letting me yabba on!

    Dave Berry

  61. If anyone wants to know why Pink Floyd aren’t re-uniting… it’s because most of them are on tour with David! Great move, David- can’t wait for the shows and to see why you’re the best darn guitarist on the planet!


  62. Delighted to hear that Dick will be joining the tour. It’s always good to have PF friends together…

    Looking forward to the RAH dates even more now 🙂


  63. David’s tour keeps getting better and better. I am looking forward to buying his new album next month and his show in April!

  64. Local news has McCartney,U2,Stones as well as 150+ artist playing at this years New Orleans Jazz fest.How about it Columbia records and Mr. Gilmour?…New Orleans and it’s fans need you!!

  65. Great news about Dick Parry. What a line-up!

    Just bought an iPod (nicknamed it Syd, for some reason) and the first song I put on it was the Pulse version of Shine On You Crazy Diamond, quite possibly my favorite song ever.

    Just bought an iPod,
    nicknamed it Syd.
    Now I’m wondering
    what have I did?

    Fill it with songs,
    7000 and more.
    How could I know
    it’d be such a chore?

    Good night–and my apologies–from Doggerelville.

  66. That is some realy great news, I allways thought Dick Perry and Snowy White were 5th and 6th members of pink floyd.

  67. Gotta love the new tune on the site today- the loud, funky, boot-draggin, and gritty side of Dave that makes me grin. This is getting better and better.

  68. Dick Parry is the greatest possible choice for saxophone on the tour. This is really lining up to be a fantastic beyond fantastic kind of tour.

  69. I’ve just heard a sizeable fragment of the new tune. Some thoughts:

    1. Just because the players are similar to previous floyd outings, doesn’t make it a repeat of that experience, just listening to the scrap of the song, it is truer to David’s previous solo outings than to the pink floyd experience. Having said this, I come to my second point;
    2. From the little bits we’ve been hearing at this site, diversity will be the order of the day. It is clear that fans of David Gilmour are fans of many streams of music, not just rock and it sounds like David has had fun mixing genres with superb musicality being the link.
    3. Roll on April 10th, the vibe should be fine.

  70. Excellenttt news is coming in all the time! I am flying or driving to Illinois to see David in April. I am very excited that so many familar faces are going to be there! Especially since I’m only 20 years old and wasn’t a fan at all in 94 during the Division Bell tour to see these incredible musicians. (I was in the fourth grade and very much an Elvis fan then….) I’ve heard the title track, “On An Island” and it is truly a hauntingly beautiful song. Incredible job David, if you’re out there reading! Thanks for all your music with and without the Floyd! Hopefully davidgilmour.com will be getting some desktop wallpaper or something soon? (I get excited about stuff like that.)

  71. Now news of Dick Parry, all I can do is echo Tim’s thoughts and comments – notice I said echo.

    Hopefully a dvd of this tour will be available at some point for the world to see and hear some of the her best musicians take the stage. Thank you David.


  72. Cool! Dick Parry!

    So now in 71 days I’ll be seeing half of Pink Floyd, 2 members of Roxy Music, AND Dick Parry thrown in for good measure! Whoa! All this for my first PF-related concert!

    Now come on, we need backing singers… as someone else asked, who’s it gonna be? Can’t wait to find out!

  73. Excellent news…glad to see Dick on board.

    Put me down as another who would very much love to hear “Wearing The Inside Out” live.

  74. Awesome!!

    I wish Nick Mason joined the tour too. David, Rick, Jon Carin, Guy Pratt, and now Dick Parry…fantastic!!! Guess what Iam picturing in my mind? PULSE tour…..See you on Apr 12th in Rosemont.


  75. Its more of a relief to know that Dick Parry will be on tour with sax and that David will focus ( hopefully) on guitar. Each to their own and everyone excells in something.What may work on a recording doesnt mean it will work live.

    Thought these pages were going to be updated only every other day but seems like its every day( second). I cant keep up, slow down ed!


  76. and whwre are the others members of pulse tour?
    this is great! and where are back vocals! maybe will be there clare torry?? we dont know!!!!!???

  77. Love the slow bluesy, low-register funk of today’s music clip.

    Thank you, O Tidbit and Tease Master.


  78. If only we could hear David’s new single in France? why not? what does EMI? I’m so sad… What can we do? Can you help us?


    [It will be coming to a radio station near you soon, Michèle. Have faith. – Features Editor]

  79. I sure hope that David plans on releasing a DVD from this tour for all of us that WON’T get to see it otherwise!!!

    Good luck, and wish you were coming to Wash DC!!

    Floydhead Max!!

  80. In my head, I’ve always considered Dick Parry to be the ‘fifth’ member of Floyd Mk II (and while we’re at it, the ‘fourth’ member of Floyd Mk III).

    Dick Parry is to the saxophone as David is to the guitar… unique and refined, perfect for the Floyd.

    Can’t wait to see you all at the Gibson Amphitheatre in April!

    p.s. – somewhat off topic (but not really), what Rick Wright-sung tunes do you think would work best with David’s 2006 touring band, if Rick were to sing any songs? My top picks are Breakthrough and Wearing The Inside Out, the latter especially with Mr. Parry now on board.

  81. Hopefully Dick will do better than he did at live 8. I hope that David plays the sax live for ‘Red Sky at Night’, though.

  82. I would have been happy to have turned up and found just David on an empty stage with an acoustic guitar (and a little amplification of course), but the choice of additional musicians so far has been excellent, I’m really looking forward to the shows now!

  83. Dear Features Editor,

    I’m not sure if you should put this out on the blog, as it might tease a lot of people a bit too much. But I just have to give this comment thinking there’s an odd chance that Mr. Gilmour will read it.

    Anyway, thanks for a wonderful job you have done for all lovers of David Gilmour’s music. Keep it up; it has made the waiting for the new album and tour much easier…

    Dear Mr. Gilmour!

    I was lucky enough to attend a very private very closed pre-release listening of the whole album yesterday, and I can honestly say that this is by far the best album I have heard for years.

    I was a bit afraid that I might be disappointed, as my expectations have been rather high based on what we have heard and seen from the recording sessions. But no worry there, because the record is a masterpiece.

    From the first sounds right till the end it’s breathtaking. So many details, so beautiful songs and the sound are lovely. Your guitars and voice sound better than ever. The music is extremely “visual” and creates the most wonderful pictures in my head. In addition I must say that your saxophone sounds as delicate and beautiful as your guitars always has… Just love it.

    I’m very much looking forward to the release so I can sit down and listen to all the wonderful details in a headset, and of course hearing this music live will be a real high. I’m glad I’m going to several shows.

    Thank you for giving us this music, both on record and live, and thanks for all you have given us over the years, we all hope there will be much more in the future…

    Thank You Very Much!!

    Best regards

    JT Larsen

  84. I’m afraid Becky in Atlanta has started something now!

    I saw you coming from afar
    While I was gently playing on my guitar.
    You asked me quite niceley, was it my Fender?
    At the time I did not really know but I can tell its gender!

    If I seem just ever so slightly mad
    Don’t make the misstake so bad
    Of putting me on the other side of the moon.
    After all, I am only residing in this lonely room
    With a view, waiting so patiently
    For the 6th of March to be!

    Daaa daaa
    Don’t worry folks I won’t give up my day job!

  85. This is fantastic news. Dick is amazing. I look forward to seeing this great show in Toronto. I’m real lucky.

  86. ……I get….an exhausted feeling when I read request for some of the same older Floyd tunes that have been done a million times over.

    Sorry to say that but it needed to be vented.

    On another note (sorry) if a choir is brought in I hope Sam Brown is there…..

    [No, please feel free to express such sentiments. I get slated if I do it, yet I think of doing it often. No sense of humour, some people. – Features Editor]

  87. Man words can not express how awsome that is!!! I just wish I could afford tickets opra section. Also when are we going to be able to have some sax music translations. That would be so great for us sax players!!!!

  88. We should start a fun thread of the top 5 David Gilmour or Pink Floyd songs that Dick Parry could play a saxophone part on that originally did not feature a saxophone.

    For example, take the song Echoes. The album version does not include a sax. If you have any bootlegs from the 1975 tour, Parry does play the saxophone on Echoes and it sounds great!

    My 5 would be:

    Another Brick In The Wall Part I
    There’s No Way Out Of Here
    Wish You Were Here

  89. Dick Parry!!! rock the house; i can’t wait!

    * i have to echo christine on this one: Grammy dreams! remember when Bonnie Raitt – overlooked for WAY too long, imho – won like three Grammy awards, and took her rightful/righteous place among the greats?

    NEXT YEAR, David! it’s YOUR turn!

  90. This is turning into a very pink tour indeed. Those who keep harping on about a Floyd reunion should be happy by now surely? The brand is retired but the spirit remains, and a rose by any other name is still a rose. With Messrs Wright, Parry, Carin and Pratt along for the ride I don’t think any PF fan can complain.

    Besides, to continually pester David regarding Pink Floyd is to me a sign of disrespect. It infers that without the Pink Floyd brand name David is incomplete as an artist and musician.

    Now about a DVD for us unfortunates who can’t get to a concert?

  91. I always “felt” that Dick’s sax playing evoked a “feeling” of “raunchiness”… There is something very “earthy” and “sexual” about his style… I always “feel” like I’m about to see a “strip” show or enter a “cool” club… ;^)
    With a name like “Dick Parry!!!” and all … just a fluke??? Maybe that’s just the “vibe” of the saxophone in general??? Something funny (“and cool”) is going on here… He he he ha ha ha!!! ;^)) Sorry, Features Editor… 😉

  92. five songs where Dick could play sax8and that haven’t sax on studio version)

    4.Reaching For The rail(from rick)

  93. Good work, Julian.
    (So glad it wasn’t Boolean!)
    Can’t believe I spent my time
    writing this despicable rhyme.

    I’ll stop now.

  94. spine is tingling, hair is up on neck ……must be Davids concert comming soon , and now with dick……….help from toronto!

  95. I just wanted to thank David for giving me the opportunity to finally see him. I missed out on the Floyd gigs and thought I’d never get a chance. Now you’ve announced Dick Parry, who is so essential to the sound. There will be so many familiar faces. I am so very happy for this new album and tour. Have the background vocalists been decided? I’ll see you in chicago! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  96. Recently I saw an interview with Roger Wates on the BBC world news channel,He said he is still a good friend of richard, and that he really should like to go on tour with Pink Floyd!!!!! This is no yoke ,I got it on video! So please get nick out of his garage,and make all the fans around the globe happy once again.

    I can not wait until march 20 in Amsterdam , we have tickets for row 6 !!!

    [Aren’t you forgetting someone, Ronald? Or do you mean that Nick and Roger should join David’s tour? I stress the fact that it’s David’s tour. It’s not Pink Floyd. Besides, David has a very good bassist and a very good drummer, thanks all the same. – Features Editor]

  97. Great, great news!

    Excuse me to ask here, but are there any plans to visit Brazil in your tour?

    [I’m afraid not this time, Cassio. – Features Editor]

  98. I was personaly offended with David’s comments in his recent bilboard interview. Saying how he doesn’t owe the fans anything. Very upsetting considering I have been a fan for decades and bought every album. oh well I’ll still go see him 🙂

  99. I am a Pink Floyd fan almost from “day one”, from the sixties, but I truly got hooked since David became the main source of music, starting from Momentary Lapse of Reason. I have tickets for his Chicago concert and I wouldn’t mind one bit, if he played only his music. I can always listen old Pink Floyd from CDs (which I love, don’t get me wrong).

    David’s guitar play is by far the most beautiful music I know, bar none.

    As far as Dick Perry? With all my respect to him for his contribution to PF in the seventies, I liked Scott Page sax style much more. He was a genius natural.

    I am very glad that Jon Carin will be on the stage. His keyboard style fits David’s guitar style in an amazing way.

    No requests Mr. Gilmour, just play music, that will be plenty enough for me.


  100. I am so chuffed at the prospect of this tour where a close proximity with the crowd will be restored that was lost in the last couple of floyd tours!!! 🙂

    but there are lots of rumours which seem to persist that there may be a farewell tour, it would be great if this could happen as pink floyd should not just disappear into obscurity without one!!

    I for one would give anything to see waters, gilmour, wright an mason on stage again!

    without a doubt the greatest band this world has ever seen!! 🙂

  101. I had a ticket for live 8 but unfortunately gave it to my mum coz she didnt have one!!

    it was the hardest and most upsetting thing Iv done in my life!

    I can only dream now of what it must have been like to see all four on stage as I have only seen roger waters live.
    please please please!!! david give floyd the fairwell tour that the greatest band ever should have, would go to my grave a happy lad if you did!

    and aint it nice that roger has admitted to being childish? hes finally coming out from behind his wall! good ol roger 😉

  102. What has happened to Sam Brown, Durga McBroom and Claudia Fontaine since the Pulse tour? The three of them are such awesome singers, each with their own unique style.

  103. I have to ask this question here as I am out of ideas as to where else to go. Can ANYONE tell me where to find and buy the sheet music for tenor sax for Pink Floyd Money and Crazy Diamond? I have searched many sites and NO luck. Was hoping someone here could help.


  104. hi,david.i am a portuguese boy with 14 years old,i dedicated my whole life to you and to the floyd.but i am sad that i only saw the floyd together 1 time , in live 8.
    don’t be so stoned – heart an do ,at lest,the farewell tour of pink floyd and roger waters. i know that the floyd members are all friends still, so pleeeaaassse do a floyd last tour around eaurope.

  105. I went to see David play in Toronto. HE actually picked up the alto on one of his songs off the new album, which he played well, and in Shine on, Dick came walking out with a barry, and tenor and switched back and forth. It was pretty cool

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