Dick Parry on tour


We are delighted to announce that saxophonist Dick Parry will also be joining David on tour (see the News page for more).

Dick Parry played the famous sax solos on ‘Money’ and ’Us and Them’ from ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ (1973) and ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond‘ from ‘Wish You Were Here’ (1975). A session musician who has worked with the likes of John Entwistle and Rory Gallagher, Dick has been a friend of David‘s since childhood and toured with Pink Floyd during the Seventies.

He gave up playing the saxophone and became a farrier, yet David managed to convince him to record and tour 1994’s ‘The Division Bell’ album. Since then, he has played with David in Paris and London in 2001 and 2002 and also played his part the famous Pink Floyd reunion for Live 8 last July. 

Before joining the ‘On An Island’ tour, he will be playing some selected dates with US band The Violent Femmes.   

I’m sure you’ll be as excited by this news as we are. Let us know what you think.

Meanwhile, with regards to your many queries, we have been working hard and some of you may already have had a personal answer from the UK promoter (we can’t guarantee this, so please don’t give us any more…). 

There will be a full blog covering all the topics you have raised tomorrow, so sit tight.


  1. michelle

    Man words can not express how awsome that is!!! I just wish I could afford tickets opra section. Also when are we going to be able to have some sax music translations. That would be so great for us sax players!!!!

  2. Mark Schutte

    We should start a fun thread of the top 5 David Gilmour or Pink Floyd songs that Dick Parry could play a saxophone part on that originally did not feature a saxophone.

    For example, take the song Echoes. The album version does not include a sax. If you have any bootlegs from the 1975 tour, Parry does play the saxophone on Echoes and it sounds great!

    My 5 would be:

    Another Brick In The Wall Part I
    There’s No Way Out Of Here
    Wish You Were Here

  3. laurie

    Dick Parry!!! rock the house; i can’t wait!

    * i have to echo christine on this one: Grammy dreams! remember when Bonnie Raitt – overlooked for WAY too long, imho – won like three Grammy awards, and took her rightful/righteous place among the greats?

    NEXT YEAR, David! it’s YOUR turn!

  4. Warren

    This is turning into a very pink tour indeed. Those who keep harping on about a Floyd reunion should be happy by now surely? The brand is retired but the spirit remains, and a rose by any other name is still a rose. With Messrs Wright, Parry, Carin and Pratt along for the ride I don’t think any PF fan can complain.

    Besides, to continually pester David regarding Pink Floyd is to me a sign of disrespect. It infers that without the Pink Floyd brand name David is incomplete as an artist and musician.

    Now about a DVD for us unfortunates who can’t get to a concert?

  5. Dr Phang

    I always “felt” that Dick’s sax playing evoked a “feeling” of “raunchiness”… There is something very “earthy” and “sexual” about his style… I always “feel” like I’m about to see a “strip” show or enter a “cool” club… ;^)
    With a name like “Dick Parry!!!” and all … just a fluke??? Maybe that’s just the “vibe” of the saxophone in general??? Something funny (“and cool”) is going on here… He he he ha ha ha!!! ;^)) Sorry, Features Editor… 😉

  6. Tiago Freitas

    five songs where Dick could play sax8and that haven’t sax on studio version)

    4.Reaching For The rail(from rick)

  7. Becky in Atlanta

    Good work, Julian.
    (So glad it wasn’t Boolean!)
    Can’t believe I spent my time
    writing this despicable rhyme.

    I’ll stop now.

  8. rob

    spine is tingling, hair is up on neck ……must be Davids concert comming soon , and now with dick……….help from toronto!

  9. Ray Weiss

    I just wanted to thank David for giving me the opportunity to finally see him. I missed out on the Floyd gigs and thought I’d never get a chance. Now you’ve announced Dick Parry, who is so essential to the sound. There will be so many familiar faces. I am so very happy for this new album and tour. Have the background vocalists been decided? I’ll see you in chicago! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  10. Ronald Bouwknegt

    Recently I saw an interview with Roger Wates on the BBC world news channel,He said he is still a good friend of richard, and that he really should like to go on tour with Pink Floyd!!!!! This is no yoke ,I got it on video! So please get nick out of his garage,and make all the fans around the globe happy once again.

    I can not wait until march 20 in Amsterdam , we have tickets for row 6 !!!

    [Aren’t you forgetting someone, Ronald? Or do you mean that Nick and Roger should join David’s tour? I stress the fact that it’s David’s tour. It’s not Pink Floyd. Besides, David has a very good bassist and a very good drummer, thanks all the same. – Features Editor]

  11. Cassio

    Great, great news!

    Excuse me to ask here, but are there any plans to visit Brazil in your tour?

    [I’m afraid not this time, Cassio. – Features Editor]

  12. Gary

    I was personaly offended with David’s comments in his recent bilboard interview. Saying how he doesn’t owe the fans anything. Very upsetting considering I have been a fan for decades and bought every album. oh well I’ll still go see him 🙂

  13. Gabor Laufer

    I am a Pink Floyd fan almost from “day one”, from the sixties, but I truly got hooked since David became the main source of music, starting from Momentary Lapse of Reason. I have tickets for his Chicago concert and I wouldn’t mind one bit, if he played only his music. I can always listen old Pink Floyd from CDs (which I love, don’t get me wrong).

    David’s guitar play is by far the most beautiful music I know, bar none.

    As far as Dick Perry? With all my respect to him for his contribution to PF in the seventies, I liked Scott Page sax style much more. He was a genius natural.

    I am very glad that Jon Carin will be on the stage. His keyboard style fits David’s guitar style in an amazing way.

    No requests Mr. Gilmour, just play music, that will be plenty enough for me.


  14. andrew learmonth

    I am so chuffed at the prospect of this tour where a close proximity with the crowd will be restored that was lost in the last couple of floyd tours!!! 🙂

    but there are lots of rumours which seem to persist that there may be a farewell tour, it would be great if this could happen as pink floyd should not just disappear into obscurity without one!!

    I for one would give anything to see waters, gilmour, wright an mason on stage again!

    without a doubt the greatest band this world has ever seen!! 🙂

  15. floyd boy

    I had a ticket for live 8 but unfortunately gave it to my mum coz she didnt have one!!

    it was the hardest and most upsetting thing Iv done in my life!

    I can only dream now of what it must have been like to see all four on stage as I have only seen roger waters live.
    please please please!!! david give floyd the fairwell tour that the greatest band ever should have, would go to my grave a happy lad if you did!

    and aint it nice that roger has admitted to being childish? hes finally coming out from behind his wall! good ol roger 😉

  16. Lisa

    What has happened to Sam Brown, Durga McBroom and Claudia Fontaine since the Pulse tour? The three of them are such awesome singers, each with their own unique style.

  17. Rich

    I have to ask this question here as I am out of ideas as to where else to go. Can ANYONE tell me where to find and buy the sheet music for tenor sax for Pink Floyd Money and Crazy Diamond? I have searched many sites and NO luck. Was hoping someone here could help.


  18. pedro noivo carreira

    hi,david.i am a portuguese boy with 14 years old,i dedicated my whole life to you and to the floyd.but i am sad that i only saw the floyd together 1 time , in live 8.
    don’t be so stoned – heart an do ,at lest,the farewell tour of pink floyd and roger waters. i know that the floyd members are all friends still, so pleeeaaassse do a floyd last tour around eaurope.

  19. Tyler

    I went to see David play in Toronto. HE actually picked up the alto on one of his songs off the new album, which he played well, and in Shine on, Dick came walking out with a barry, and tenor and switched back and forth. It was pretty cool