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Lots of news from BBC Radio 2, the UK’s most-listened to radio station.

First, they have added the ‘On An Island’ single to their ‘C’ list, which means you’ll be able to hear it as of now (or as of Sunday, to be precise). Being on the ‘C’ list means that you can expect to be played five times a week, so do listen out for that.

The single will be available to buy in the UK from Monday 6 March, coinciding with the album release. The single will include the edit as well as the longer album version.

‘On An Island’ will also be the station’s ‘Album Of The Week’ in its release week.

If you’ve only just heard the song, do let us know what you think of it. There has already been much comment from fans all around the world who have heard it on local radio, so thank you very much for that.

If you haven’t yet heard it, then you can replay the programme online for a limited time. Just visit the BBC Radio 2 website, click the purple LISTEN AGAIN button on the right and, in the A-Z of all shows, scroll down to ‘Wake Up to Wogan’. You want the latter part of Friday’s show (Friday 10 February).

Finally, we can confirm that David and the full touring band will be playing a special concert for BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday 7 March. This will be broadcast later. (We will let you know when and where as soon as details have been confirmed, so please don’t ask!) Entry will be by ticket only, issued by the BBC to UK residents only. For full details of how to get your hands on tickets, you need to listen to Johnnie Walker’s BBC Radio 2 drivetime show on Monday 20 February.

Today’s picture is of David with Zbigniew Preisner and the orchestra.

More coming soon.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Dear David and dear FEd,

    I’d like to write a lot of thoughts and I’d like to read all the words our blog’s friends said…but I have to work very hard (too much…and I start being angry!) and I don’t read your blog for 5 days! This is very very very sad!

    But I read in an Italian news paper that David is going to take part in Sanremo, the italian music festival. Like guest, of course! Not like competitor! Is it true?

    It is fantastic! Usually I don’t watch Sanremo, ’cause I don’t love italian music very much and Sanremo’s kind of music, in particolar! Usually, the songs are too sentimental and the music (instrumental) not very good…I don’t want to say that they are rubbish…but I don’t love them!

    However, now that I know that David will visit the festival, I will watch it! OF COURSE!

    21 days to the album, 41 to the concert! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

    Have a great day!


    [Hi Lucia. I’m sorry to tell you that David will not be involved in the Sanremo music festival. He was invited, but he is far too busy with tour rehearsals. You can’t always believe what you read in the newspapers! But look on the bright side: at least now you won’t have to watch the whole festival! – Features Editor]

  2. Well I finally did get to hear the song. Presumably it was the album release, because the guitar solos were not short as the edit reportedly has. I’m not sure I even want to hear the edit. The version of Echoes on the album “Echoes” is what I refer to as “Butchered Echoes”. I’m not saying that was a bad edit, but after listening to the 23.5 minute version for years and years hearing the editted version ruins the flow of the song for me.

    That first guitar solo is right up there with David’s best. Most people I’ve heard comment on it have been saying the second one is better, but I like the first one better (of course I think the second one is excellent too).

    But a song is more than a guitar solo. David’s voice sounds as good if not better than ever. Of course having Crosby and Nash backing him up doesn’t hurt the way his voice sounds. The lyrical content is easy to listen to over and over again, and I can relate to the story behind it. We’ve all experienced that joy of spending quality time alone with a loved one, whether it’s on an island or in the woods or on a mountain or wherever. The melodies are brilliant and not overdone. Everything fits in this song as a whole, there’s no one part that you can point to and say that it what makes this a great song. It’s an excellent example of musical synergy.

  3. (a special concert for BBC Radio 2 issued by the BBC to UK residents only)

    I wish they would not exclude non-residents.

    Some of us would drop everything and be on a plane tomorrow to go see David.

  4. It’s great to see you doing a special concert to be aired on the radio! Please have at least one of your concerts professionally filmed so it can be released on DVD! Best of luck on your upcomming tour! I’ll see you both nights at the Rosemont Theatre. Also, it would be nice if you could sign my Fender Strat!

  5. Desperate to hear this track!

    Can anyone tell me the times from the “Wake up to Wogan” listen again show that “On An Island” is – I can’t listen to much Radio 2 before I start to feel peculiar!

    [Actually Giles, Johnnie Walker was standing in for Terry Wogan that morning. If you click the ’15 minutes’ button seven times, then click the ‘5 minutes’ button once, you will hear Belinda Carlisle. David’s song is not long after that. – Features Editor]

  6. Zbigniew Preisner recorded one concert in a church which was excavated out of an abandoned salt mine in Poland – about 100 metres underground! Not quite the surroundings that DG and the band will be playing in and probably not as comfortable… 🙂

  7. Dear FedEd… give Zbigniew Preisner’s webmaster a nudge and tell them to update Preisner’s site with information on his work with DG!

  8. Wow…I wonder how many seats will be offered for this special BBC broadcast?? Good luck to all you UK residents!

  9. BBC In Concert – fantastic, B U T please don’t broadcast it BEFORE the UK shows. I want to go to the Manchester show and hear it for the first time.

    Worse still, please don’t broadcast it on a night when there is a UK concert. But you must realise this already.

    Any truth in the rumours that David is playing several festivals during summer?

    [Not that I’m aware, Dave. Radio 2 will decide when to broadcast the show, not us. – Features Editor]

  10. Great news about the “airtime” and reviews. I will look forward to them.

    I know it’s a bit “Private Eye” or “Have I Got News For You”, but it occurred to me that there could be some good natured fun with imaginary captions for the current photo? I’ll start off:

    Zbigniew Preisner to David,
    “No, no David. Give me the guitar I will show you how to play it properly”!
    David to Zbigniew Preisner,
    “What key does your piano play in when chucked down a mine shaft?”

  11. I just listen to the portion of “On an Island” that was on “Wake Up to Wogan”. For any one how doesn’t want to listen to the whole show the song is played within the last 10 minutes of the show (right after a piano piece).

    I thought it was good. The harmony singing from Crosby and Nash was very well done. Again, they only played a portion of the song on the radio so I’m looking forward to hearing the full version. The lyrics did sound personal, possibly about his kids and family, and if so it sound life he’s very happy. Good to hear.

  12. I can’t get ‘on an island’ out of my head, and that’s good. The words that echo: Remember that night, ..though the church was deserted, rusting swings…, feel the warmth beside you, they remain ever after, and the blending of David G.’s voice with C&N is smoothly bright. It was fun, also, to hear “Island Jam” in the background, in places.

    Can’t wait to hear the album, and to see DG at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago.

  13. I’ve just heard the song. I think it’s great. David’s voice sound fantastic, the choruses, the bridge with the orchestal arrangements and the special quality of the final guitar solo that evoques so many emotions. Hopefully, all the other songs of the album are this good.

  14. Date: 2/14/06

    Dear Feature editors & Mr. Gilmour and family:

    First this may show my true ignorance and lack of British ‘customs’ but here in the US it is another what I consider ‘Hallmark Day’ for it is Valentine’s Day and I wish everyone around the website and especially to Mr. Gilmour & family as well as the fellow ‘poster’s’ —-A Very Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. I work too much so forgive my ignorance but I learn every single day. The day I stop learning is the day I will be 6′ under.

    God I wish I was in the UK and was able to watch and listen to the special they will be having with Mr. Gilmour and his new CD. I have heard the title track and it is beautiful. In the previous entry by ‘Ripper’ I too have to agree that we need to ‘educate the younger listeners’ out there for his experience at the stores he went to is not unique. David who? I almost flung myself over the counter. I am a Libra and usually very laid back and easy going but when I heard this younger person say this to me I was shocked. I said, “David Gilmour you know from Pink Floyd!” The poor ‘boy’ had/has no clue for what was playing overhead was (heaven forgive me) but Rap s–t! We do need to get the word out there to the younger generation yet I am surprised because during the unforgetable Live 8 performance in the crowd both at the London arena and during the televised view here in the US, there were alot of young people in the audience swaying back and forth when Pink Floyd came out for their much anticipated performance so how could this person in front of me dare say David who? Well I briliantly and quite surprisingly educated the person and a few others in line at the local store. Some laughed while others where just as surprised as I was. No doubt the majority in that small store in one little city/village here in Williamsville received a learning lesson on the greatest Guitarist and singer on the planet.

    Another great photo and good job Polly!

    Keep up the great work and I do have a request? Could you possibly let the people here in the United States and in other countries know if and when the broadcast will be provided for all of his loyal fans and not just his ‘home country’? Thank you in advance and keep up the continued great job on this site and the updates. I know you all have families and lives outside of this website and I can not even imagine the amount of letters you receive let alone the multitude of questions and the frustration of ‘repeated’ questions must have you tearing out your hair.

    Thank You for all the clarifications that you have posted on this site since its birth. Thank You again and again to Polly for the candid and intimate photos of David and the other artists in the production of this CD and upcoming tour. Thanks to all the artists that are on this tour and on the CD for those of us still without tickets but NOT without HOPE.


    Thanks again
    Linda Penner
    Williamsville, NY

  15. Heard the new track (the undedited). I love Dave, but honestly it didn’t blow me away. Verrrry mellow, with a nice guitar solo at the end.

  16. [FEd, I know this is a controversial subject and may invite unnecessary headaches, so if you decide not to post this I’ll take the hint.]

    If I may respond to Dave Carlin…

    It’s actually Roger Waters who is playing several festivals, as well as some solo acts, this summer. Which will of course bring up the inevitable questioning of whether David and company will join him, but since David’s already answered that question pretty firmly we all know at least David’s answer to that (even if we may not like the answer).

    I think a more interesting question would be whether David has invited Roger to attend a concert of his as a guest (not a performer), and vice versa. David has said that he’s been tempted to see Roger solo before they made their peace last summer. I wonder if he will give into the temptation now that peace has been made.

  17. Hey FetEd! Thanks for all the great info on the shows and Venues! Do you know if David has plans to record any of his shows for CD/DVD? I have been calling the local rock stations in Tx to get the On an Island played as much as possible. Love the tune!!!

    [There are no such plans as yet, but we’ll let you know if we hear anything, Mike. – Features Editor]

  18. I found the track on the wake up to wogan show. I was listening to it when it got cut into before the second guitar part. Still haven’t been able to hear the long version.

  19. I just caught the last 30 seconds, it sounded great! I have been lucky enough to see Pink Floyd 22 times dating back to 1975. I also saw David on his About Face tour in 84 in Boston(with Nick Ralphs great show)MY least favorite show (surprisingly) had to be the Wall in NY in 80.The Wall it self was visually stunning but the sound and lighting was not up to there very high standards. I cant wait for the new album and April 4 and 5 to get here.

  20. The song clip that is playing today (February 14) on the home page is punch-in-the-gut stunning. I love that wailing guitar over the gritty beat….

    Counting down the days to April 4th and New York City….

  21. I love the title track, unfortunately only heard edited version, I think, on the Radio 2 Wogan Friday web playback. David’s vocals sound great with Crosby/Nash backing; soothing aroma. The more laid back, organ orientated bluesy rock sounds great with the (acoustic?) guitar.

    The track feels very dreamy, especially with the lyrics, then being suddenly hit with the lead guitar break. The dreaminess is like flying; I’m learning to fly a hot air balloon between school, coursework, music practice etc. I love ‘learning to fly’ because of flying aswell as it being a great song, although the lyrics are plane orientated, they mean so much too me and combine my two main interests; music and flying (balloons).

    The track ‘On an Island’ is perfectly put together and excellently produced, not too thick in texture (too many instruments) and definately not over produced; its just perfect.

    Great and superb song. Looking forward to Royal Albert Hall on May 30th – Tom

    P.S. Tuesday’s sound clip sounds interesting and surreal, but great aswell. Looking forward to album, sounds like it’ll be amazing.

  22. I`ve just heard on an island on radio 2`s listen again, and it is fantastic, and I can`t wait for the album.

    Well done David and co.

    p.s i went to see a tribute band called pynk floid at the weekend at a local pub, and i must say they are very good. It`s just a shame the electrics fused a number of times with the load of their lighting and p.a!!!

  23. The “On An Island” single sounds languid and dreamy; I like it very much. I’ll keep calling the radio stations and requesting it – no charge for this service by the way.


  24. Maybe it’s just me. But am I the only one who finds it remotely amusing that OAI gets its UK radio premiere during a show named after (if not hosted by on this occasion) a broadcaster that its composer/peformer, as I recall, can’t bloody stand?

  25. Wonderful is all I can say about the bit I have heard of “On An Island”. I was blown away by how clear David’s voice still is…much more so than I expected. I will be making the trek from GA to Chicago in April…would not have missed him for the world. Thank-you fearless editor for keeping us all so informed…I am a David junkie and any news on what he is up to musically is always appreciated!

  26. I’ve heard ‘On An Island’ repeatedly here in the US- a great tune and worth the wait. I easily say that the guitar outro is in my top 5 all-time favorite DG riffs- wonderful!! I realize that’s a bold statement, but I stand by it! 🙂

    Hey Ed,

    Are there any tour rehearsal photos that you could post? It would be great to see David’s band warming up!

    [Not yet, Chris. We will of course share them if we get any. – Features Editor]

  27. Does anyone have the timecode for when ‘On An Island’ plays? I’m desperate to hear it, but wading through a couple of hours of Terry Wogan’s morning show is just a little too painful for me – and actually really challenges my dedication!

    Also, grats to DG on being inducted into the Playboy Hall of Fame as part of PF. Maybe not the most flattering of artistic tributes, but definitely one of the cooler 🙂


    [Naughty Nickster doesn’t pay attention… As I already mentioned (to Giles), Johnnie Walker was standing in for Terry Wogan on Friday. If you click the ’15 minutes’ button seven times, then click the ‘5 minutes’ button once, you will hear Belinda Carlisle. David’s song is not long after that. – Features Editor]

  28. I miss you!!!

    I miss read the blog and I miss post on!!! I have no time, ’cause I work very hard…but I’d like to say you, David and all the blogers that you are in my heart! I think about you every day, but I have time just to see Polly’s daily picture! Always fantastic!

    Have a great day!


  29. Dear David, FEd and all,

    I’ve just finished listening to the R2 broadcast of OAI: David – you are absolutely the man!! I’m absolutely, 100% blown away by that track for so many reasons. I’m so excited and filled with thoughts and ideas that I’m going to try to braindump them fast just to get them out.

    The PF comparisons are inevitable, and the sound of OAI is undeniably PF…especially in contrast to previous solo work, including the new material from the Meltdown and RAH shows in recent years. To my ears, on first listening, sounds like new PF material – completely fresh but completely tuned into the DG frequency. I have always said that what I love about PF’s music is the DG factor, and when I listen to DSOTM, WYWH, OBC, Meddle (or pretty much anything pre-Animals) what I hear, and the element that gets deep inside me, is that DG factor. The combination of his voice, lyrics and guitars all bring the DG elements into the musical mix. IMHO from Animals onwards the DG elements became lessened in the mix and it changed the sound towards a harder, more cynical sound. It’s still amazing music, just with a different tuning so to speak. I think history has now shown that the sound/style contribution from another element was great at the time, but was more of a concept than an enduring sound. My point is that this track, OAI, for me is a return to the purity, the essense of DG. It’s a fantastic feeling to have that sound/influence/feeling back in my life, in all-new form. In truth I really thought that that sound was gone forever, dying with PF. Perhaps that is why I have been just SO blown away by OAI, because it is just so perfectly DG, and ironically perfectly PF.

    Musically, lyrically, vocally, compositionally what I heard was incredible. I can’t stop gushing praise over it, only because I really honestly didn’t expect anything of that direction and calibre. David…you just get better and better and better, in every department. I can’t think of any other artist whose music I can listen to first time and get goosebumps and choked up/emotional…

    And one more thing, I know I’m completely biased, but that track really is brilliant – and set against today’s musical malaise is an absolutely massive ray of sunshine for those with taste. Not only will you delight your existing fans, but you will garner so many more.

    Thank you SO much for OAI. Words aren’t enough to tell you how grateful I am, so just know that you’ve made me and no doubt millions of people deleriously happy! I just cannot wait for the album and shows now. Wow…that RAH show is going to be unreal with this material 🙂

    Very best,


  30. RE:Nickster

    You are giving me goosebumps and I haven’t even heard the darn thing yet!!!

    I’m going to hold out tho for the album now i have decided. Its gonna be a LOOOONG 4 weeks!!!

  31. Thanks for telling us where to find OAI on the BBC2. I like what I heard, but the BBC internet-radio only plays at 40kbs so everything sounds rough and compressed. I wish that Wogan fellow wouldn’t have interupted the song and let it finish; I suffered through listening to all of “Gotta Quarter in my Pocket” before they played DG’s song.

  32. Hi FEd,

    I read your answer about David’s presence at Sanremo! Very fun!!! I don’t always believe what I read in the newspapers (I know very well journalism’s sins!) but I love hoping about that thing I hope will happen!

    But it is not important! The important is that I will listen David in Rome the 26th of march!

    And..I look on the bright side: at least now I won’t have to watch the whole festival!!!

    Thank you!
    Your answer are always very nice!


    [You’re more than welcome, Lucia. I’m sorry it’s not the answer you were hoping for. – Features Editor]

  33. Hello, I’ve heard several times the long version of “on an island” on radio station Q104.3 and I ‘ve so many things to say !

    – I’ m so happy there is no complex concept in it, I’m bored with concept albums; when i listen to the single track, I feel cool, I could love everybody, that is pure music and emotion, all I needed to hear…

    – I know very well Greek islands and, when listening to the track, I can see me and mine in the night in Symi where I often go, a so wonderful island, it’s a dream…

    – in David’s music, every one can imagine what he wants, the power of it is incredible !

    – and (edit if you don’t want) I don’t care anymore of R.W. and his tour, performing or not DSOTM, -I’m not able to express myself in english- il me semble maintenant qu’il vit dans le passé (un passé qu’il croit posséder) alors que David, lui, vit dans le présent et l’avenir, qui lui appartiennent totalement. R.W.m’apparaît maintenant provocateur et totalement ridicule !alors que David m’apparaît si heureux et serein !

    – alors, je vais écouter “on an island” en boucle, puisque j’ai su l’enregistrer, and “nothing else matters”!!!


  34. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL… very soothing … and a lovely haunting melody….

    Davids voice is still smooth as silk….hmmm like water streaming over me….

  35. Thank God he won’t be in SanRemo, what a relief especially for him…. if I think about that RAI1 show and all that crap I feel sick…. 😉

  36. further to OAI on Radio 2. Janice Long played it again last night Weds/Thurs 15/16th. go to radio 2 website and follow same proceedure “listen again” etc.

    [Thanks for sharing. Mark Radcliffe played it on the 14th, too. – Features Editor]

  37. Michele, I agree with you entirely about RW (your bit in French). I feel that David has had his talent throughout his life and it continues still. I personaly see David as a kind, graceful and genuine man. A character that my husband and I both admire and respect. We’re so excited about seeing him in Hamburg next month and hearing OAI makes me want it even more. Such talent and a way with words, David and Polly should be very proud of themselves. Good luck with the tour David and see you in Hamburg xx Can’t wait!!

  38. Which show do you mean Johnnie Walker’s at 5pm or him filling in for Terry Wogan in the mornings?

    [Terry Wogan’s morning show, ‘Wake Up To Wogan’, Friday 10 February. – Features Editor]

  39. David,

    I heard the edited version of OAI, and it sounds great. I was in an environment not favorable to listen to it, but the stength and power of the vocals really stood out to me. You sounded great! Congratulations on your album.

    (off topic, but speaking of vocals… I just heard a version of Have a Cigar live from Oakland in ’75, and YIKES!!! I see now why Roy Harper was called in to sing for the studio cut. [no disrespect to Roger, of course] Guitars were great, though 🙂 )

  40. Some ebay sellers are trying to “pre-sell” On An Island. Whats the point? Its release date in the United States is March 6 right? Can’t wait to get a copy. Can’t wait to see the beautiful man in Chicago!



    [7 March in the US, I believe. Some people would sell their own mothers if given half a chance. – Features Editor]

  41. [Some people would sell their own mothers if given half a chance. – Features Editor]

    How much are you offering?? 😛

  42. I’m trying to listen the bbc concert…but Bbc said that my realplayer don’t work! Mah! And I wasn’t able to download another realplayer!

    This is really very very very sad! David!!! I want listen you!!!

    Ok! Now I stop working and go to drink for forget it!!!!

    have a great evening!
    Sweet dreams!


  43. Finally heard ‘On An Island’ in its entirety! Absolutely LOVE it! Beautiful song David.

    Out here in California ‘On An Island’ was in a cage match against Bonnie Raitt yesterday and beat her down and will no doubt take down Jewel today!

  44. Thank you features Editor, David and all for the excellent blog. I was glad to be able to help a fellow fan who posted a need, by trading tickets for different nights of the Chicago show.

    Finally (FE), has David received any questions, since you asked, that made him laugh? Does David use an electric toothbrush, and if so, has he tried imitating the “voice box” guitar sound from “Keep Talking” while brushing? Also, I read in Nick’s book that David rode a motorbike into a hotel restaurant. Has he ridden a motorcycle since?

    [There have been some really good ones, Brian. I’ll make sure that your ‘toothbrush’ one is considered. I might try that myself. Sorry to edit your post, by the way. We’re not ready to declare that just yet, but I’m glad you enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  45. I just heard David’s On an Island track, appropriately aired by the great Q in Toronto. It is such a mesmerizing number – signature DG!

    THANK YOU DAVID! I’m very much looking forward to hearing the rest of your gift to us!


  46. I wouldnt sell my mother for david`s album but i did sold my brother to get tickets to Massey Hall ;P

  47. Still haven’t heard OAI yet. I’m not disappointed at all but patiently savouring every moment. To day’s blog Dm and Am.I love minor chords, so passionate and throughout the album so far. Can’t wait to hear it all and in Toronto also. Thanks FED and staff.

  48. Last night I dreamed I won a ticket to see David in concert and then got to hang out with him and his family. Something like that would probably be a nightmare for the Gilmours but it was a beautiful dream to me….


  49. Now that we are just a few weeks until David’s 1st show, do we know what kind of show it will be? Will it be mostly accustical like his 2001/2002 DVD concerts, mostly electrical like the 1994 Pink Floyd tour, or in between? No matter which direction David goes, I’m sure it will be great, but I was curious.

    [Matt, I wish I could tell you more. My answer has to be as boring as today’s blog, because all I can say is that you’ll have to wait and see. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  50. FEd!!!

    Are you sad because the blog today is boring? I don’t want you were sad! Click my name! I hope to give to you and David some laughters!!!

    bye bye


    [Thank you, Lucia! That was very funny, but I wish the UK was as disciplined and orderly as the Europe in the cartoon! – Features Editor]

  51. Help!!!!

    My name is Maria form Montreal Canada, i’m in total shock, i hear David Gilmour is having a private concert in england , Toronto shows are all sold out. He’s not comming to Montreal. I need to attend his concert someone help me. i’m such a fan. If anyone has any information on ticket purchase for the England show i will travel.


    [Sorry, Maria, but the Radio 2 show is for UK residents only and you can’t buy tickets. Keep trying Ticketmaster for returned tickets to the Toronto show. Good luck. – Features Editor]

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