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We have received many queries which we are trying to plough through. As well as the ongoing concern over tickets, many of you are curious as to what online retailers purport to have on offer, having seen all sorts of goodies for sale.

Well, there is no ‘Special Edition’ of ‘On An Island’ for starters. And that’s because it’s already quite special.

The packaging is going to impress you. Designed to look like a book with a cloth spine and silver foil lettering, it has hard covers and 20 colour pages which include album lyrics. This is the same packaging for every CD, so they’re clearly all ‘special’. If you see anything else offered online, please don’t be taken in by it and please don‘t part with any extra cash.

We will be exclusively revealing the packaging in a short while, starting with a teaser, of sorts, tomorrow.

Following on from David’s success in Guitarist magazine’s Fender poll, we are delighted to report that ‘On An Island’, after just five days, has entered the US Classic Rock chart at Number One. Classic Rock isn’t normally too keen on new songs, so this is certainly fantastic news.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in congratulating David on topping the Guitarist poll. He is very flattered.

More tomorrow.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. So we have a great package, great new music (so far its brilliant IMO) and a great guitarist we get to see on tour. What more do we need?…

  2. Why isn’t any of David’s solo material available on iTunes? I would be interested in buying the title track of ‘On An Island’.

  3. This is going to be a very long month. I’m counting the days till March 6. Congatulations David on “On An Island” being the number 1 song on classic rock stations. I just knew that calling in the request every 5 min. would pay off. Cheers

  4. That’s not nice to torture us with that information when we have to wait a month to get it!!

    I know where I’ll be on cd release day!!!

    Congratulations on the Number One ranking!!

  5. As an employee of a rock radio station in Toronto, I have to say that our station has been all over the “On An Island”. We’re all very happy to have new and good music from David to play.

  6. Congrats David! I hope you realize how much you and your colleagues’ music affects our lives. Thankfully, people finally realize how tone and originality beat speed and style. Your voice and guitar continue to be an inspiration to many young musicians, as well as helping us old-timers relive the glory days. Thank you David. See you April 5th!

  7. Coming from someone whose favourite Floyd album is The Division Bell .. I can’t really tell much of a difference between that and the On An Island single!

    Which confirms what I always sort of suspected 🙂

  8. nice one david. you deserve it. i’m sure the album will be beautifully packaged. in answer to the question about itunes, then give the album a chance to come out first, lol!

  9. If the US radio stations are playing “On An Island”, does that mean there is a promo single in circulation? Might be of interest to the hardened David Gilmour collectors.

    [There will be a single out. We’ll let you know the details when they are confirmed. – Features Editor]

  10. Hey congradulations David!!! I myself e-mailed all the major stations here in Columbus, OH and requested they give your tune the play it deserves on air, and was surprised that many of the Dee Jays offered to give it a spin even on the hard rock stations!! I just feel that your music is not in a class such as “classic” or “rock” or “psychedelic” it shares aspects of all those types and spans into a realm all its own… So I feelit should be exposed as much as possible!! Thanks again man!

  11. 😛 One of my favorite pics of David from The Division Bell tour!!

    Sad I’ve not heard the single yet on the radio, but 101KGB out here is always the last to do anything good. I’m sure it’s great!

    I knew you could make it to number one David!! YAY!

  12. Dear Features Ed., deliciously drenched David (see photo for today with the winner of the wet t-shirt contest) and all the rest –

    Between news about the fancy CD packaging and trying to piece together the lovely buffered blorps and blaps I hear from David on the site’s main page, I’m getting a little too excited!

    My local college/NPR station is playing David’s new single (the album version, not the edit) and I do believe it’s going over well. Of course I ring up and request it every night; that may have something to do with it.


  13. David Gilmour, best Stratocaster player ! I hope he will take one of his strat on the road. Even if I like his Les Paul sound, or the Gretsch one, the strat is magic in his hands.

    Congratulations !

  14. there’s almost nothing finer than beautiful packaging offering beautiful music. on an island is just stuck in my brain. we’re counting down the hours…extra congratulations mr. gilmour. i’ve always said you’re the best fender handler that lived. and apparently “they” have decided so too. way to go!! had a funny dream last night, david approached me in a bar and bought me a drink (strangely enough it was coffee). then he started playing this bizarre acoustic instrument which i called a “dank”. it was fun.

    see you in toronto.

  15. Dear Fet Ed,

    well after my question regarding lyrics from last week I’m certainly excited to hear about the great packaging for On An Island! I can’t wait to see it! Ben C’s comment about the Division Bell sounding like On An Island excites me all the more since TDB is my favorite Floyd album. I still haven’t heard the title track but a guy at work was describing a song he heard on the radio… I’m pretty sure it was On An Island… and he, not being a Pink Floyd fan at all, said it was awesome (as I’m sure it was). Now I’m torn… I want to hear the new song… but also want to wait and hear the whole album together… what shall I do????? Anyway… March 7th is coming… any way you can pressure to get the pre-orders in the mail and delivered by release day??? He he he. I actually received a pre-order on release day, so I’m hoping it happens again!


    [Getting them to use only accurate information is hard enough! – Features Editor]

  16. i would like to congratulate David on first of all his chart position on the Classic Rock station and secondly for his excellent work into the new album, packaging and of course his fans. To set up this blog and site, and if only he reads a few messages from the fans shows how much of a grounded, polite and considerate person that David is.

    I really cannot wait until the album is released, every sample of music that ive heard on the website is just mesmorising.


  17. Just heard “on an island” . Fantastic song , an instant classic which stays in your mind and in your veins ! Congratulations and thank you so much for all you do .

    Love that picture of the TDB tour:it shows how much David cares for his fans and don’t let them feel miserable under the heavy rain !

    The weather will be better under the lights of the “Grand Rex “and the “Olympia”….

    Can’t wait for the album and these two shows

  18. Whilst on the subject of “quality”… I though I would “drop” you all a link to the site of a brilliant man, Pete Cornish!!!, who has designed and built David’s custom pedal board for the “On An Island!!!” tour!!! What a beautiful piece of engineering!!! Click on my name to follow the link!!! Enjoy!!! TUBES RULE!!! Tally ho!!! ;^)

  19. Hey, it’s nice to see another Torontonian post! Can’t wait to see, hear, and at Massey Hall, watch (most of) the new album. I truly believe it’s impossible for David Gilmour to disappoint anyone 🙂

  20. Another sincere congratulations to Mr. Gilmour. I am eagerly awaiting March 7th to arrive here in the US to buy this fantastic cd and looking forward to the actual outside artistry that went into the production and packaging of the new cd. It sounds so ‘special’ indeed..I will share the comments from others…Not only are you #1 guitarist, musician, singer, producer and lyricist but you and Polly ( I am sure) have the talent to not only put together this much anticipated CD but also the packaging is also unique, special & elegant.

    In my heart, you can not say ‘thank you’ too much if it is heartfelt. Again I want to thank Mr. Gilmour for putting together and making this miracle happen in releasing another solo cd. Thank You to Polly for all the photos and the writing of the music and obviously the IMPACT that you have in David’s life. Thank you to the feature editors of this wonderful website on David Gilmour that was launched back in 12/7/05. It is well done and informative and not full of “rumors”..this site is just as elegant and unique as the wonderful Mr&Mrs David Gilmour and all the artists and musicians and cover designer of this much anticipated cd..’on an island’..

    Thank You
    Linda Penner

  21. David has always been one of my favorite guitarists along with Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Eric Clapton and a few more. As saxman Scott Page said during the tour for A Momentary Lapse Of Reason Tour, “David can play 2 notes and absolutely slay you.” Although it’s sometimes nice to hear a fast virtuoso play something very difficult, it is also nice to hear a guitarist play with a fine sense of melody and finesse. David Gilmour has always been a very tasteful and melodic guitarist and his music has been a pleasure to listen to since I was a young musician of 12. As I approach birthday #48 I’m still listening and enjoying his music and am looking forward to being slayed by his new album. Mucho Congrads on winning the Guitarists Poll.

  22. Congratulations David!!! You are all time No.1 there is no doubt about it.


  23. I was woundering why the new single isn’t avalible to listen to on the website since it is out on radio?

  24. For most musical artists, it doesn’t matter to me how the music is packaged. I buy a CD for the music, not the packaging. That said, I have always felt that a distinguishing feature of Floyd is its superior packaging. The packinging for Wish You Were Here, in particular, is an amazing work of art (even the blue shrink-wrap was special). I suspect that David has very little to do with how his/Floyd’s music is packaged, but he clearly understands the value of a great record cover.

    The image by Steve Knee should fit really well with the packaging you’ve described. David, I’m sure, has produced some great music to go into that beautifully designed sleeve (I’ve read some rave reviews of the new single). All told, this may well become a classic with a cherished place alongside the Floyd albums we all love.

    Thanks in advance, David. I count the days until March 7. (And than you, features ed, for a great site.)

  25. Great song David! I must haved played it 20 times by now and it gets better with every listen. If the single is any indication of the power of the album as a whole, well the next four weeks can not pass quickly enough! I also love the loop on the main page today…very hypnotic…please keep the teases coming.

    Personal plea: If anyone has an extra (or two) tickets for Sunday Apr 9 in Toronto please drop me an email. TIA.


  26. There seems to be an artistic conection with On an Island and the song Marooned. I was on the beach in Maui last September, and listened to Marooned. It sure fit the scenery! I cant wait to here the album… The clip of the orchestration sounded impressionistic, like Debussy, which I really dig. Once again, I am looking forward to the Chicago gig. Is David going to have any concert shirts and things? I would love an On An Island Coffee mug!!


  27. That book-like packaging sounds pretty cool. Sounds like something Storm would come up with. You can’t tell me he’s not involved – is he Feat. Ed?

    [You’re right. I can’t. – Features Editor]

  28. Holy crap!!! I can’t believe how good the album version is. I mean I loved the radio edit, but the album version is 6 plus minutes of pure blis. The record exec that decided on going with the edit should be shot, it just doesn’t do the song proper justice.

    David, a couple of years ago you said that you were too old to tour. I ask you this, show me one man of any age that can put together a solo like either of the two on this song. It’s no wonder why you were voted number one on the strat…I mean WOW! I’m beside myself!!!

    Thank you David!


    (ps. still looking for apr 9 toronto tickets-email me if you have extra(s)…thx –

  29. Congratulations for your number 1 ! I’m from France and I never heard “On an island” but the little parts that there are everyday on the website (which a too much short!!!) give me a very impression that it will be great…See you in Paris on 16th march ! (sorry if there are errors i’m only 14)

  30. Thank you again David.

    Congratulations both for Us chart and Fender no1 player.

    Can’t wait anymore…

  31. i can’t wait… I CAN’T WAIT.

    Must I say it again?? … I really can’t wait untill the CD comes.

    I already know that David is the best guitarplayer ever.

  32. I guess I’ll share this wonderful news…

    I heard from SonyBMG out of New York today, and I’m one of 10 winners to the “On An Island” Private listening party next Thursday, February 16th at “Plush at The Key Club” in Los Angeles! I’m pretty speechless – I’ve never needed a notary’s endorsement on a signed affadavit, for me to have admission to any party in my life…until now! By the way, there were 5 winners each in Boston & Minneapolis, for their pre-release parties.

    I don’t know which is worse, hearing these sound bites from the album every day here, or the prospect of hearing the entire album 19 days before the U.S. release date…and not be able to take it home with me!! Arrrghhh! This will be truly a “Marquis de Sade” like experience coming home from L.A. later that night, sans “On An Island” CD!!

    Will David appear via satellite? Doubtful, but that would be the only way he could possibly “appear”.

    Congratulations on your new album David – I’m looking forward to “going to church” one more time, to the strains of David’s wonderful new masterpiece coming my way!

    R.I.P. Steve O’ Rourke!

    tom from san diego

    [Congratulations, Tom! – Features Editor]

  33. Hmm, Is it going to be an Super Audio CD? – To me that would make perfect sense, given how awesome Dark Side of The Moon sounds. Please say it is an SACD… 😉

  34. Booklet looks great. I gotta admit that i whas at first a litlle dissapointed with cover art, but now when i see a larger picture of this album artwork, i understand what its all about. – “Dont judge book by its cover”

    It’s very poetic, and i could say mellow…but in a positive sence. I like it also becouse it doesent look too “digital” if you know what i mean.

    And it’s very eco…just like pulse.

    Good job!

  35. Dear F. Ed.–

    Where was the wet t-shirt photo taken?

    And what’s this thing called the after-show gig? Does it happen often? Is there some way that faithful bloggers who have been here from Day One and who will be attending the concerts could be invited to something like that or even to just shake hands with David? Just a thought…. A beautiful thought. 😀


    [I’ll pass on the first question, but I think it was Houston, Texas. Maybe someone can comment on that. As for the after-show gig in Melbourne, then I believe it was something quite spontaneous – an impromptu jam, if you will – and not something David makes a habit of. Worth a try though, eh? – Features Editor]

  36. Well done David!! you totally diserve the number one spot for best guitarist. Looking forward to the new album! Hope you plan to do more touring when i have more money!lol all the best-

  37. Congratulations David ! Number one guitarist and number one in US rock chart for ‘On an island’ ! An appropriate tribute to an exceptionally talented musician. Am very much looking forward to the release of the ‘On an island’ album. Good luck for the upcoming tour !

  38. Congratulations to David! It only confirms what I have always thought, but it is nice to see David recognised formerly.

    Rock on “Big Daddy”.

  39. Ha ha! As my friend and fellow blogger, Deborah, would say, “I got a hollaback from the F. Ed.!”

    Thanks! Yeah, it’s worth a try. David is, after all, my favorite guitarist and musician. It would be an incredible delight and honor to look into his deep, insightful eyes and shake his hand and thank him for all the pleasure he has given to me and everybody. Sometimes fans wish they could give something back, you know?

    Wow…I’m going to be late for work!


  40. Sadly I still haven’t heard the song yet either. I was hoping they would have the song on this site to hear in case, but not yet.

    VERY much looking foward to listening to the album!

  41. Congratulations David!! 98.5 WNCX in Cleveland, Ohio, has been playing the full-length album version of “On An Island” and it’s getting good airtime and rave reviews. A beautiful song indeed!!

  42. The single of ‘On An Island’ has entered the US ‘Classic Rock’ airplay Chart at Number One.

    CONGRATULATION! The song is very goodl…I’m tryng to understand and write the lyrics and I think you could do great laughters, if you read what I wrote!!!! Even if…I can’t undestand some words, but maybe I was good!

    Have a great day!


  43. Following on from the comments of Becky in Atlanta I do remember hearing PF singing Rain, rain, rain instead of Run, run, run from Run Like Hell… The North American leg of the 1994 tour was plagued by rain so much so that one of the concerts was cut short due to a complete power failure.

  44. Hi, any chance that there will be a single release? Maybe with Island Jam as a bonus? That was such a nice song on Boxing Day…

    I have never been star struck but the day I met Mr. Gilmour and his wife walking down Portobello Road left me speechless (apart from the ‘i’m a big fan’ part which I’m sure he’s heard, oh, 50 million times?). Thanks for the new music sir!

  45. Pretty sure that the wet tshirt is from the show at Rice Stadium in Houston in 94. I was at the show and he was in a white tshirt and it rained like hell during Run Like Hell!!!

    Going to the show in the Kodak and cannot wait!!

    [Thanks, Mike. Enjoy the show! – Features Editor]

  46. David, we alla know that you are the best guitarist of every time!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the emotions you gave, you give and you will give to us!!!!!!!!

    Simply the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Becky, if you were referring to the after-hours jam with Roy Buchanan, it came about because Pink Floyd happened to be in town doing a stadium show the same night Roy was playing in a local club. According to Roy’s biography, David and company went to check out Roy and managed to get up onstage later for a late night jam session. From the quotes in the book, I recall at least one member of Buchanan’s bunch being rightly impressed, claiming both David and Roy were “cut from the same cloth”.

    Tom: congratulations man! That’s pretty cool…let us know what you think (but don’t ruin any surprises!)

  48. The album’s packaging sounds wonderfully tasty!

    Seems like it may be presented almost like a Bible? Which is what it may well deserve, as I have always treated Pink Floyd and ALL of it’s members’ music and work, solo or otherwise as a kind of religion.

    When I first heard the Division Bell, I felt it sounded like a David Gilmour solo album. It was only after repeated listens, and getting deeper and deeper into it’s sounds and complexities, that I realised it truly was a Pink Floyd album.
    It is hard to define a Pink Floyd album, but the one sure thing you are guaranteed is a sniff of some far off world beyond our own, and that the music speaks in some timeless way that leaves us thinking these Pink Floyd boys, know something we don’t.

    I feel David’s new solo album is going to be the closest we ever get to a Pink Floyd album again ever. I thoroughly enjoyed David’s past solo attempts, so although I buy a lot of new music every week, this On an Island CD will certainly be, without question my most anticipated music purchase for the decade.

    Exciting to see a great deal of effort has gone into the presentation of the album’s artwork. Let’s hope the music presents itself as equally delicious.

    Less than a month to wait now.

    OOOooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Babe!

  49. sounds like it will look gorgeous. we already know that it will sound gorgeous. hope there are lots of new pics. i can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

  50. when i heard the full version of “On An Island”, i had to keep playing it over and over for hours. it was as much of a rush after the 48th play as it was the first time i heard it. kudos, you are indeed the number one Guitarist!

    number one in airplay!! that’s fabulous!! finally David might get the individual recognition in America that he so richly deserves. There are lots of good guitarists in the world, but none like David Gilmour. they all play the notes, but only David plays the space between the notes, the acoustics of the room, and the emotions of everyone listening…

    i hope the CD is very durable, because i’d hate to wear it out the first week… ;o)

  51. Dear Editor: on Feb 7, the you posted “We will be exclusively revealing the packaging in a short while, starting with a teaser, of sorts, tomorrow [which would be Feb 8].” Has this been done? Maybe you posted it elsewhere & I missed it? Thanks.

    [Hi Rob. You haven’t missed it. As the artwork was leaked and suddenly appeared all over the internet on 8 February, there didn’t seem much point in running the competition feature we had planned for that day. Sorry for any disappointment caused. It will be on the main pages soon. – Features Editor]

  52. Is the album being released on vinyl?

    It better be! 😉

    Aerial by Kate Bush was released on vinyl at the beginning of the year and its fab!

    [Yes, it will be. – Features Editor]

  53. I have rarely seen my father like this.. Kinda like a bonus ontop of “on an island” he is absolutely psyched about this new album.. (just like me..) See you on the concert in march the 19th!!. I’ll be there with him.. Your music is something I grew up with because my dad always listened to your work. It is part of us.. I already know it will be a very special evening..

    thank you david!,

    -Ramon. (from holland)

  54. Great song(On An Island) but i cant seem to find the lyrics.

    [Good! You’re not supposed to! The single hasn’t even been released yet! – Features Editor]

  55. Podría escribir en inglés, pero dejenme representar un poco al español.

    David esperamos con mucha ansiedad tu nuevo CD y por lo escuchado con “On an Island”, estoy seguro que superará todas las expectativas. Creo que en menos de un mes podremos escuchar la madurez musical y lírica de uno de los mejores guitarristas de la historia de la música contemporanea.

    ¿Te podremos ver en directo en España?

    Muchas gracias, Sebastián

  56. Oh dear … I’ve just listened to 2 minutes of Castellorizon and had a massive flashback. Those “little fat fingers” really make sweet soulful music. I haven’t felt so excited since I first saw Pink Floyd at the recording of Ummagumma at Mothers in 1969. Anyway, back to my question … am I going to be able to buy this on Vinyl? CD is great for the car but Vinyl is great for the feeling.

  57. Not in 5.1???

    Lame, but Floyd have lost their imagination after Animals, anyway…

  58. It’s really amazing to know that Gilmour is releasing this album. He is a Guitar God. I consider myself very unlucky that he is not performing in India.

    Anyway, I still enjoy Pink Floyd music.

    Long live Pink Floyd.

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