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david10_blog.jpgI’d like to clear up some confusion regarding the way your comments are displayed.

I’ve received many messages informing me that your messages have being incorrectly credited. Please note that this is not the case. Your name appears after your comment. You’ll notice that the first entry shows the daily blog, which is underlined, with the name (in this case, Features Editor) appearing afterwards. This trend continues for all your comments.

I apologise for any confusion that this may have caused you and am happy to clarify this matter.

There were some very interesting comments yesterday with regards to eBay, with a mixture of views expressed.

It seems that many of you support the sale of tickets on eBay and raised several valid points to support your stance.

Thanks to everyone who stated their point of view on this controversial topic. I appreciate both sides of the argument and enjoyed reading your opinions.

We will also be considering your points about the sale of tickets to see David in concert. Thank you for letting us know how you found this experience. This is important to us.

One of Polly’s photographs will be here tomorrow and I will also be revealing another surprise contributor to ‘On an Island’, so don’t miss that. Feel free to hazard wild guesses if you want to. They might make me laugh.

I’ll leave you with another instalment in the seemingly never-ending ‘Five favourites’ chart.

061. Sheep
062. What Do You Want From Me
063. More Blues
064. Cry From The Street *
064. The Dogs of War *
066. Obscured By Clouds *
066. Welcome To The Machine *
068. A Great Day For Freedom
069. Smile
070. Atom Heart Mother
071. The Gold, It’s In The… *
071. The Great Gig In The Sky *
071. Is There Anybody Out There? *
071. See Emily Play *
071. Terminal Frost *
076. Signs of Life *
077. Arnold Layne *
077. Embryo *
077. Interstellar Overdrive *

* Equal number of votes polled. Alphabetical order, not preference, dictates a song’s order in the chart.

It’s good to see ‘Smile’ listed so highly as a new song among so many established tracks. ‘Smile’ will be on David’s new album, although it sounds quite different to how you’ll remember it from 2001’s Meltdown and the 2002 shows in London and Paris. If you saw David’s appearance on ‘Three Men in a Boat’ recently, then you got to hear a brief snippet of it.

There are lots of instrumentals in this chart, you surely will have noticed. ‘Atom Heart Mother’ is an intriguing prospect, as is ‘Interstellar Overdrive’.

Do let us know what you think of the list so far. Is there anything missing?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I am not surprised that you have received so many messages regarding incorrectly credited posts. It would be clearer if the underline appeared after the name of the person writing rather than before. Yours respectfully….

  2. Here’s my guess for ‘On an Island’ contributor:

    One (or several) of Mr. Gilmour’s children…..

    The song list is great. I’m partial to hearing a melody combining different instrumentals (especially something from Atom Heart Mother!)

    And I might be getting my hand on some tickets!!!! Special thanks to Deborah for reaching out to me!!!

    Aw, shucks…this is too cool…

  3. Hello Good & Gracious Features Ed. and everyone else –

    First off – nice pic today! Don’t believe I’ve ever seen that one, and I’ve seen a lot of DG photos. Erm, the one from yesterday was a bit squished and not exactly right…

    The surprise contributor on David’s new album – is it Fifty Cent?
    Do I win anything if I guessed correctly, like a free trip to Poughkeepsie or something?


  4. I’m “sure” David has already “picked” his “set list”, or, has a “very” good idea, at least!!! I don’t think David is the type who leaves “things” till the “last” minute… Do you??? However, it’s still very “refreshing” to “hear” what others have to say on the subject… Songs from Pink Floyd albums considered “obscure” by some fans etc… Some really “great” suggestions!!! Jolly good show people!!! Tally ho!!! ;^)

  5. Seamus the dog is returning from the dead or did you just feed him some really good dog chow all these years!?!?

  6. Do you think during the tour the band could play some of the contributing artist’s song? Like maybe play Carry On from CSN&Y(although only 2 contributed to the album).
    Maybe turn this into a poll.
    Have people list thier top 5 favourite songs from the people other than David. He’s not the only one whose going to be on the stage you know, heh.

  7. Dear FEd, DG et al,

    That chart continues to surprise, even shock. I’d really love to conduct another survey, but with a bit more science to it (sorry FEd!) because I’d like to have a better dig through the data, like segmenting by age, as I’m sure that must be a huge factor on song choice.

    I’m a 35 year old Londoner and I thought that I was pretty much your typical PF/DG fan – lovers of PF c.1970 -1979. However, from looking at the list so far it seems that I’m not – there a lot of latter day PF higher up the list that I would have expected, but also to counter that, there’s also a lot more from the less popular 70s albums higher up than expected. From this I’m guessing two things:

    1) There’s a new generation of PF fans whose introduction to PF may have been The Division Bell, or Momentary Lapse.

    2) There’s a few connoisseur choices up there too, which suggests that there are those older and wiser amongst us as well 🙂

    Also, how can the first DSOTM tune feature at 18th?! One of the greatest albums of all time, and yet nothing even features in the top 10. Puzzling. So, I took a little dig, with the data to hand and took a delve into the Top 40:

    by album:

    1. Division Bell (8)
    2. David Gilmour (5)
    3= Meddle (3)
    3= WYWH (3)
    3= About Face (3)
    6= More (2)
    6= Obscured (2)
    8= Ummagumma (1)
    8= Atom (1)
    8= Animals (1)

    by year:

    1994 Division 8
    1987 MLOR 3
    1984 DG: AF 4
    1979 Wall 3
    1978 DG 5
    1977 Animals 1
    1975 WYWH 4
    1973 DSOTM 3
    1972 Obscured 2
    1971 Meddle 4
    1970 Atom 1
    1969 More 2
    1969 Umma 1

    So from looking at this there certainly appears to be a tendency, albeit it subtle, towards later stuff – which I find most surprising (most noteably that there are more Division Bell songs in the top 40 than any other DG/PF album). Not that The Division Bell isn’t a fine album, but we’re talking all time faves here…and I’d hazard a guess that DG himself would place other tracks before Division Bell in terms of all-time favourites (which reminds me, is there any chance we could have a peek at DG’s top 5? :))

    Anyhow, this is a bit longer than I meant. The bottom line for me is that I’m still surprised, and obviously a lot older than I thought – “racing around to come up behind you again” springs to mind 🙂


  8. I am going to take a stab at the guest contributor to “On An Island”…

    John Cleese.

    I had heard he was on Alan Parson’s latest opus and know that the Floyd were fans of Monty Python, so why not?

    Terry H
    New York, NY

  9. While I’m not certain who the suprise contributer is, I think it would be very cool if it were Roger Waters himself. Some of the best work David ever did in Pink Floyd was with Roger, and I am very happy that they have started to bury the hatchet.

  10. This picture looks a lot like one of my favorites when David seems to be checking out his own bottom, but is actually giving one of his beautiful grins to the camera.
    I think Dogs of War should have been higher on the chart, many will argue as it was said to be one of the worst written songs in the Floyd catalogue, but I absolutely love it. You know Laibach covered that song.
    I hope all that wanted tickets were able to get them. I can hardly wait for this show in L.A. and the CD of course.
    I would love to see/hear Kate Bush on the album.

    Take care

  11. I did not like selling the 2 tickets I had on Ebay but I can’t afford to eat them and 2 fans have tickets at about 8 dollars over face value which covers postage and the 4 dollars Ebay charged me for the listing .

    May I suggest a few things that other artists have used in the past for the next David Gilmour tour.

    1.)A presale with real passwords.
    2.)A ticket buy and sell forum.
    3.)Make all row 10 – 15 will call day of the event with valid ID only.

    Also let us not forget that the promoters are the ones who siphon off many prime seats. This may be how one scalper has 36 orch. pit seats for one of the Rosemont show when there are only 90 seats in the pit and this does not count the ones already sold.

    How did one scalper get 6 ROW 1 dead center tickets when there was a 4 ticket limit? By the way they want $1,500 EACH!!

  12. Speaking of ‘Smile’, is Aitch involved in this album? And if so did she record the backing vocals on ‘Smile’? I liked her. She a sweet voice. Not to mention an interesting name.

  13. My guess for surprise contributor for “On An Island”,… none other than Roger (Syd) Barrett. That would be amazing, and albeit highly unlikely. All the best Syd.

  14. David’s concert ticket allocation

    I appreciate that David was attempting to let fans have first shot at obtaining tickets but in reality it was a trifle shambolic. The message indicated that the recipient would hear back by email on the Thursday say and tickets went on sale to the public on the Friday. I hadn’t heard by Friday morning so I booked tickets with Seetickets and lo and behold when I checked my email Friday evening there was the email saying I was in the draw !!

    So there appears to have been a delay in the successful applicant emails going out and I think this situation could have been prevented if a little more time was given between the successful applicants being notified and the tickets going on sale to the general public.

    Nice try though , of course the other minor quandery is those of us with successful applications don’t have a clue where we will be seated , one hopes in the stalls near the front and not in the “gods”

    Finally , regarding ebay , if punters buy tickets from RAH or Seetickets and re-sell them that is their right but if so called DG fans sell their successful applications that goes against the spirit of what David intended.

    kind regards

    David Stewart

  15. Well, I heard on the grapevine that Rik Mayall was going to be a special guest on a new version of an old classic, re-titled ‘Careful with that axe, Vivien’.

  16. There must be room on the album for that other musical god….

    Rolf Harris!

    Only joking :0)

  17. Re: One of Polly’s photographs will be here tomorrow and we will also be revealing another surprise contributor to ‘On An Island’, so don’t miss that. Feel free to hazard wild guesses if you want to

    It’s gotta be ROGER!!!!!

    seriously though, since David is paying a fortune for session musicians, why doesn’t he bulk buy a few old timers from the fletcher memorial home, buy one Nick and Rick and get a free Waters with your purchase, only $9.99 including postage and packaging….

    Ok that wasn’t serious either, what do you expect??!? its Monday morning.. 🙁 however its one monday closer to the BIG one!! yeeha 🙂

  18. A wild guess at the surprise contributor? How about digeridoo-playing artist Rolf Harris?

    Method to my madness… he appears on Kate Bush’s latest album! Actually, the Features Editor doesn’t say that the mystery person actually plays on the album, so maybe Rolf has done the cover art?

  19. What shall i do with them then… ?

    Due to changing circumstances, i’ve ended up with a spare set of the premier tickets to see David on 29th May, i was considering putting them on Ebay once i get them but the emotional blackmail on here has left me so confused i dont know what to do.

    In an ideal world i would love them to go to somebody who missed out, but it isnt! I tried to sell them once, at a reasonable price, enough to cover what they cost me and say the train fair and a burger, but this person said they couldnt afford that and wanted it for less and less. I felt bad then, like i was exploiting them or something, then i found out they were allready flying to see him in another country!

    How do you make sure they go to somebody who genuinely doesnt have tickets?

    Not everybody is a crook out to make a quick buck. If i had the money i would just sell them at cost, but even then they would probably end up going to someone who will either sell them on for a profit or is allready going else where. If i can get back some of the money its costing me to go and see David in the first place, is that a crime?

  20. Hello David, hello Ed, hello everyone!

    In the chart there are lots of instrumentals because Pink Floyd are, first of all all, genial musicians.
    I think that the details distinguish Pink Floyd from the most band in the world.
    The magnificence of their music is not just in the lyrics, in their voices, in their melody, but in all the little parts of the guitars, of the bass, of the piano, of the battery. In Pink Floyd song every second is perfect!
    And their songs are the additions of these perfect details.
    All the little parts of a Pink Floyd song is full of fantastic ideas, instruments and not, like the motorbike and the horses in Athom Heart Mother (in this song David’s guitar is really great!), as the clock in One Of The Few, the scream in Comfortably numb and so on.
    Pink Floyd are the magicians of the details!
    I adore Athom Heart Mother!
    I hope you can undestand what I tried to say!
    It’s not easy, for me, explain it in english!



    P.S. David show tickets are very expensive…but David and Pink Floyd music don’t have price!

    P.S. Number 2! This David’s pictures is better than the first one you posted! But there are still better!

    P.S. number 3…I will be very happy to discover, in tomorrow’s picture, that David collaborate with Thom Yorke (Radiohead)…but I hope you’re going to surprise me posting a pictures of David, Nick, Rick and Roger Waters who laughed and talked together while they consumed a good meal in Abbey road studios two days ago! Does this picture exist? maybe…eating oysters!

  21. Hello fellow Gilmourites!
    – I am determined to get this marketed. I can visualise a sea of branded GILMOURITE lighters blanketing the Albert Hall during High Hopes. Can we have some sort of t-shirt design competition?

    Yet another comment on the five favourites chart. Wasn’t the purpose of this to chart your favourite David tracks?? It seems to be scattered with the odd Rick track and lots of Roger’s tracks . . not to mention the odd few of Syd’s that were written and recorded before Mr G was a member of Pink Floyd!! Rather bizarre.

    I’d like to propose a free GILMOURITE t-shirt for anyone who posted any Jokers Wild material in their top five!

  22. …being a long time fan, I was disappointed, to say the least, that tickets disappeared so quickly, although not surprised at all…
    I am however thoroughly excited that David Gilmour is joined by David Crosby & Graham Nash on his latest effort, and connot wait to hear the end result.

    I do not support the “scalping” of tickets on ebay. I think it’s an absolutely dastardly and down right dirty practice which needs to be taxed heavily by the government…
    (I’m trying to be completely facetious, of course).

    I can remember in the old days camping out to get one’s name on “the List” was the thing. Not that I agree with that either, but at least it did not involve a third selling party. I have no ideas on how to make the buying experience any better for anyone, but maybe David could consider adding a show or two in the Philadelphia area. I realise how hectic the touring process is, and this is merely a suggestion, but I seem to remember this happening in the past.

    Here are 5 favourites of mine:
    1. “Free Four”
    2. “There’s No Way Out of Here”
    3. “Sorrow”
    4. “Time”
    5. “The Dogs of War”

    Have an excellent tour, and Blessed Be

  23. Hello,

    The List.
    It became a list of a great classical collection David Gilmour & Pink Floyd songs and things would be really strange if some of the songs will not reach the stage this upcoming tour.
    Is the list complete, no absolutely not! David & Pink Floyd have more songs that are worthed to play, in the original setting or in a totally different tune. Beside that more songs are missing:
    # “The On An Island” songs, for me he can play the whole new album &
    # The covers that David could do (and that list could be endless),
    # Sadly David lost a few good friends the last couple of years. For me it would be obvious if he plays at least one song for them, could be a cover, or maybe he found inspiration and did wrote a new song about them (otherwise I have two great suggestions, in a musically sence and in a lyrical sence; “God Has Failed” from the Floydish sounding German band RPWL and “Heroes Never Die” from who Rick Wright said: “I’ve been listening to those amazing new band called Mostly Autumn.” BBC Radio 2, March 2004.)

    Guest musicians.
    Of course that is a difficult one. Let’s give it a shot;
    Neil MacColl, Tim Renwick and or Jeff Beck on guitar, maybe with David O’List
    the man from Columbia Chucca Merchant on double bass
    Pino Palladino on bass
    John Lord & Steve Winwood on keyboards, organ and Mellotron
    Kate Bush doing a duet with David
    Sam Brown, Carol Kenyon, Margot Buchanan, Claudia Fontaine, Durga McBroom, Michelle John Douglas, Sonia Jones, David Laudat, Aitch McRobie, Beverli Skeete on vocals
    Nick France & Louis Conte on percussion
    Dick Parry in duet with Raf Ravenscroft on saxes
    Troy Donockley on Ullian Pipes
    Storm Thorgerson art work.

    And of course I wished that all my favourite musicians would be involved, but that is wishfull thinking.

    Have a nice day,
    Looking forward to the answers on this WebLog and to the news of tomorrow.

    Nick from the lovely sunny South of the Netherlands.

  24. I would love a Roger waters contribution, although highly unlikely as Roger’s main focus is on song writing. I can’t really see Roger “Guesting” for anyone.


    I’d really love to hear a Guitar solo from Mr. David Gilmour on one of the up & coming Roger Waters albums!

    Cast your mind back to The Final Cut. One of my fav’s but not everyones. But for the amount of bitterness that was flying about at the time, the guitar solos are STONKERS, ALL OF THEM!!

    Clapton was good, I liked Jeff Becks style even more, But a Gilmour solo on a waters track would be just amazing.

  25. Not Roger, but maybe Rick. Along with David, he was always Pink Floyd’s finest musician.

    I’d like to see Kate Bush, too. But as long as David’s there, I don’t really care for anyone else. 🙂

  26. Re: David Stewart

    exactly the same thing happened to me and I was fuming! ended up with Circle T seats when i had a shot at the big one. Boo hoo, least i got some in the end, by the look of some of these posts it was a miracle to get any tickets….

    perhaps next time tickets will be abolished and make it a pay at the door event, first come first served, only fair way to do it i think with all these hounds on ebay etc. Tracks 2 and 3 on animals spring to mind. I can just picture a fat piggy in my minds eye wiping the fat from his mouth with a big roll of DG tickets…..

  27. I think the lists sent by fans include really good songs.

    Nearly we all share the same musical pleasure.

    About guest musicians;
    If Syd would play or sing in any track of “On An Island” (nearly impossible but why not)this album can beat Dark Side Of The Moon’s records.

    I am pretty sure about it.

    Love from Turkey / Istanbul

    Alp Eren

  28. Robyn wrote:

    This picture looks a lot like one of my favorites when David seems to be checking out his own bottom

    LMAO!!! sorry, this is cracking me up BAD! 😀 (David, don’t read this – go back to rehearsing for the shows, please.)

    Matt wrote:

    A wild guess at the surprise contributor? How about digeridoo-playing artist Rolf Harris?

    Matt, you are a genius. Now if Rolf Harris isn’t contributing to the album, I’ll have to give it a miss. No, don’t try to change my mind.

    And to Angelo, who will be going to the sold-out NYC show: Cheers and Rock On!


  29. I’d like that the surprise will be ROGER!!!!!!!
    A little collaboration preparing the new floyd album. You have to do, DAVID, NICK, ROGER AND RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont believe the so few songs from the best almbum ever done: Dark Side, Wish, Animals, The Wall!!!! I m happy for Atom (one of my favourite song and album), Obscured, Meddle (echoes is the SUMMA of the pink floyd sound), Piper, Ummagumma, and Saucerful. But too few votes for the songs of the album from dark side to the wall

  30. Hi make a lots of mistakes when I write english…sometimes because I can’t speak english very well, sometimes because I have not been paying attention…like atHom intead ATOM!
    Please, pardon if I spoil your wonderful language!
    I’m terrible!

    I’d like to congratulate nickster on his list by album and by years. Very interesting!

    I don’t know what the results depend on, but I’d like to observe that, in my opinioon:
    – first pink Floyd period (from The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn to Atom heart Mother) is more sperimental. And listening these albums there is a lot of youth’s energy;
    – the second period (from the Obscured By Clouds to Wish you were here) Pink Floyd had more awareness on their ability and they started to realized more “consistence” album, with more choerent sound along every album. Of course, they were more matures and, maybe, relaxed.
    – the third period (from Animals to the Final cut), how the band story tell and the albums reflect, there were tension, anger, bewilderment, solitude incommunicability. I think this 3 album are the manifesto of these feelings. Nobody, in the world, was able to say the same thing with the same efficacy and force. (But I love very much Radiohead because I think, in this ability, they are very near to Pink Floyd)
    – the last period (Momentary lapse of reason and the Division bell) they are wiser and it looks like David want to tell us he have been resolving or he was able to resolve a lot of inner conflicts, and he seems full of energy! Maybe, also because he met Polly!

    And about David solo album, both are very energic…and even if 20 years passed I guess On a Island will be wise and energic like them and the last 2 Pink Floyd album.

    Do you agree with my observations?
    Let me know!


  31. Ha ha, Deborah! Fifty Cent!

    I know that we’re a whinging bunch and the Features Editor probably has taken to the bottle dealing with us but is there hope of this blog turning into one done in “real time”? Where we don’t have to wait some unknown length of time for our comments to be posted? We could really get some good dialogues going that way. (Maybe that’s a scary thought for the blogmaster….)

    Anyhow, still lovin’ it here. And I love today’s photo. With all due respect to Polly and the Gilmour family … yum!

  32. I bet it it is Rory who performed a small bit on the BBC show Three Men In A Boat, you could tell David was impressed with Rory’s ability.

  33. I would take a guess at a guest contibutor from beyond the grave:-Douglas Adams-(Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) -who was a friend of David’s and even named “Division Bell”!!??

  34. Like many other people, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to purchase priority tickets for one of the Royal Albert Hall shows through the link provided by your website.

    Now, people who purchased tickets from the Albert Hall box office and Seetickets know in which seats they are sitting, whilst those who bought them in the presale have no idea in which area of the hall they are sitting.

    It may seem petty and I should probably just be thankful that I have tickets, but is it too much to ask to know in which section the priority tickets are?

  35. 77 favorties, and yet no “Sonnet 18” yet. It should get extra points for coming in last 🙂

    Guests? I think Kate Bush would be a welcomed contributor to “On an Island.”

  36. Has anyone given thought to the fact that David is doing two shows in New York and that Waters’ primary residence is also in New York? Could make for a very interesting encore…….

    Remeber Mason joining Waters on stage during the “In the Flesh Tour”??

  37. I’d say… Robert Fripp. I know it’s impossible, but i’d be delighted to hear them playing together on a record 😉

  38. The special guest – ahhh well, its gotta be Kate Bush – her new album is full of beautiful moods and atmospherics. Her gifts would make her a natural for inclusion on Gilmour’s album. Or what about Roy Harper?

  39. hmm, contribution…

    Peter Gabriel’s live drummer GED LYNCH has already been “revealed”, so I do not think it is him.

    what about KATE BUSH?

    David promoted her carreer immensely and maybe she managed to do a duet with David. Would be quite interesting…

  40. I was one of the lucky fans to get tickets for the show on April 10 at Massey Hall in Toronto. I was the second person in line at ticketmaster and my husband and myself were unable to get two sits together, we are also in the second balcony. I have never attended a concert at Massey hall and I am now concerned that my husband will not be able to enjoy the show as he suffers from Meniere’s Disease (inner ear disorder which brings on attacks of vertigo)and I have heard that this theaters sitting can bring on vertigo in people that do not suffer from it, so we are keeping our fingers crossed as even the threat of an attack will not keep my husband away.

  41. PS1
    When I was driving to my work, this afternoon, in mine Magenta coloured Maserati Birdcage Tipo 61, I was listening to “Lie for a Lie” from R.Fenn & N.Mason, with David Gilmour doing some vocals.
    “Chips, how could I forget the man with great name!”

    Nicolas Berkeley Mason is probably one of the guest musicians on “On A Island”, who will make some noise on drums or maybe with some titillatingly engine sounds.

    Yeah and I’ll keep on dreaming 😉

    Nick from his lovely work in the South of the Netherlands.

  42. I found an eBbay angel. Hard to believe I know. I thought they were all bloodsuckers but I found one who has a heart. I got my tickets early because I e-mailed the bloke told him they were way too high for my budget and asked him if he had any tickets that were cheaper. Instead of saying “bullocks to you”, the kind gent listed the wonderful tickets again at a price I could afford and let me know that he was doing so. I scooped them up on eBay pronto!
    So it seems I have a love/hate relationship with the ticket scalpers. They have all the good tickets and you hate them for that but without my dear scalper I wouldn’t have any tickets to see David in Toronto April 9th. I couldn’t get through on the phone to Massey Hall and Ticketmaster told me that all the tickets were sold at !2:01pm.
    One minute to sell out????
    That has to be a record.
    They’ll have to put David in the Guinness Book Of Records for 2007!!!! 🙂

  43. I received the following response from eBay regarding ticket sales. In general, it looks like eBay ticket sals are mostly unregulated in the US with the exception of a few states. I may have a legitimate gripe here in New York where it is regulated and where eBay DG ticket sales prices exceeded eBay policy. I’m going to foward to my NY Attorney Gereral, Elliot Spitzer.

    Hello Angelo,

    Thank you for writing to eBay with your concerns. I am happy to help.

    Sellers are not supposed to misrepresent the face value on tickets in regulated states. However because we do not possess or examine the items for sale we are in no position to judge the legality or authorized nature of the item. We are also not experts in the area of ticket prices.

    As such we are hesitant to remove tickets if they comply with our policies. We rely on government agencies for a more authoritative view on what is and is not prohibited. Ultimately honesty is the sellers responsibility.

    If you feel that the face values on the tickets are being misrepresented I can suggest that you may want to contact your local law enforcement agencies. eBay has a longstanding policy of providing full cooperation with law enforcement agencies and we will gladly assist them in an investigation of unlawful conduct.

  44. I found a great web site that may help some of us understand David a bit better if he chats us up a bit between songs. My favourite British expression so far…
    “chuffed” as in…”I am chuffed to be seeing David in concert! 🙂

  45. I know this maybe a bit off subject, but can we expect any official t-shirts??

    Sadly at Royal Festival Hall, only the bootlegged versions outside. This has been the only time I have ever bought one, as none were officially for sale. So many people ask about the show when I wear it and its great speaking with other Gilmour/Floyd fans, especially on holiday.

    Any chance of an official t-shirt as I hate to give to the crime syndicates outside.

    Rik Mayall with David Gilmour, God thats bloody brilliant!!

  46. Hi Becky in Atlanta. 🙂

    It would make my life a lot easier if the posts went straight online without the need for me to read through them all and approve them before they go public. I understand what you mean and agree that you could get some dialogue going if that were the case. However, not all messages are suitable (believe me!) and it’s been agreed that it’s better to check them first rather than letting anyone post whatever they like and me having to remove anything that may offend as soon as possible. If this takes me an hour to spot, then who knows what nonsense that post could have caused in that time?

    For example, people are still including e-mail addresses and website links in their posts, there has been your usual spamming, some slander and much general gobbledegook. Some posts need to be junked and others edited before they are acceptable by our standards. At least this way, those people who want to be controversial or argumentative don’t have free reign to irritate. And judging by the few trouble-makers who appear to have tried using the blog in the past to stir up bad feeling between fans, we would rather not give them the opportunity.

    It’s not a forum at the end of the day, merely a way for you to comment on the daily blog. But point taken. 🙂

  47. More than anything else i want to hear the new material…after all…that´s what the tour is all about…of course old floyd songs are very welcome,but it doesnt matter if it´s that one or not…i´m looking forward to hear smile…and how did it change since meltdown…

  48. I think Roger Waters will contribute on the album for one or two songs. Would be briljant, or?

  49. regarding ebay ticket sales….

    First of all, it was darn near impossible to get tickets any other way. I tried to buy them on-line through Ticketmaster for about 5 days, my friend even spoke with a TM human who told her she had to have a password! with no luck but then I did get lucky after all and have what I hope are good seats at Rosemount on 4-13. Now if its true that TM sold out of tickets in just a few minutes…then that leaves thousands of people screwed out of a chance to see The Man. I really feel for the fans who ended up empty and if I was one of them, you can bet your sweet bottom that I’d be going to Ebay. I, like tons of other fans, would do whatever it takes to see The Man.

    Not blaming anyone, but there has to be a better way to buy/sell tickets. This was a nightmare.

  50. Soime one mentioned Rik Mayall! That would f*****g brilliant!

    I think it’s either:
    A. Me
    B. Matthew Gilmour
    C. Someone else

  51. Regarding ticket sales in the US:

    Anytime David tours theater sized venues, there will be more fans who want to go, than tickets available, sadly. That said, the way the PRESALE was handled worked out wonderfully for those who were aware. The PASSWORD was simply knowing that David Gilmour tickets were going on sale the next day and to be ready. For those that were, ticket buying was a breeze (w/ all venues having seats available for several days, at least)…what a boon!

    The converse of this is that, for the “public” on-sale, there were far fewer seats available, which explain the near-instant sell outs (with all the attendant voice and guitar of pink floyd advertising, this would have been the case regardless, in all actuality).

    That said, having a pre-sale well below the radar, had an amazing effect in that anyone who was aware, could easily purchase tickets. With that in mind here are some more suggestions to consider for future on-sales:

    1)two ticket limit for floor seats/highest price tier

    2)unique pre-sale passwords for those registered on fan site, with limited # of uses (a la Paul McCartney)

    3)David Gilmour “mail-order” randomly selected ( a la the Grateful Dead/Phish)

    4)limit promoter/TM access to “comp” tickets

    Thanks to this blog and davidgilmour.com for keeping us updated, and the opportunity to share our thoughts and song selections 🙂 🙂 🙂

  52. Evening FEd, (hope you’re well)

    I’m going to add to the wild speculation and add a name that hasn’t been mentioned yet – Paul “Macca” McCartney.

    David has done a lot of work for him over the years so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was there to reciprocate – we know they are good friends.

    I won’t list my five favourite acoustic songs as being a non-guitarist, i’m ashamed to say that a lot of the time it all sounds the same to me. (What a waste of all that effort, eh David!)

    Often I’ve thought people were playing acoustically when they were electric all along. Shows what i know (or don’t!) ; )

    I do like “Any Colour you like” and “Hey You”, though, and if Macca does appear, then I would love to hear a rendition of “No More lonely Nights” as that solo at the end is beautiful.

    Indeed, in another example of how woeful my musical knowledge is, until I found out it was David playing, I always wondered why Paul never played guitar like that on his other songs as he was obviously such an amazing guitarist! lol : )

    Anyways, David play what you want – we’ll be happy with anything.

  53. For Roger, you posted a guest performer could be Douglas Adams. Yes, he was a good friend of Pink Floyd, May He Rest In Peace.

    Born: 11 March 1952
    Birthplace: Cambridge, England
    Died: 11 May 2001 (heart attack)
    Best Known As: Author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

    Adams died in 2001 after suffering a heart attack at a gym in Santa Monica, California.

  54. Dear Becky,
    read some posting – its unbelievable if some people really think, David Gilmour himself read this blog! LOL! But these Editor is friendly to understand all these fans… with a smile!

    Thanks Editor

    sorry for my english, I`m german 😉

    btw. i try to get a ticket for Hamburg in a pinkfloyd-forum… ebay is SH..T!

    Today i found a seller, he have more than 46!!! Tickets for the german concerts:
    – 12 Tickets Frankfurt 18.3. Alte Oper
    – 30 Tickets Dortmund 10.3. Konzerthaus
    – 4 Tickets Hamburg 11.3 CCH Hamurg
    All ticket cost 249 – 499 € – The original ticket price was under 90 € (And i think he have really more!)
    Thats makes me angry! No, that makes me furious!

  55. RE:I would love a Roger waters contribution, although highly unlikely as Roger’s main focus is on song writing. I can’t really see Roger “Guesting” for anyone.

    Perhaps Roger will make a guest appearence on one of David’s shows in the Big Apple because Roger now makes N.Y. his home. I would like to see them perform BY FAR!!!!!!!!!! above other songs is “Grantchester Meadows”. “Icy wind of night be gone…” Maybe they can add the fly-swatting sound effect too.

  56. Features editor and Becky,
    I agree with you that it would be fun to have responses posted in real time, but I understand the editors reasons for not doing it. I have never gone to a web site as often as I am going to this blog before (daily!). Becky, maybe a Yahoo! chat room type forum would work… but we would have to get the word out to people and see if people participate.

  57. Good day to you all,
    I hope no one took offence at my DNA suggestion as a guest artiste, it wasn’t intended as such. It’s just that this album seems to have taken so bloody long to arrive that I felt it possible that David & Phil may have had some bits of tape or samples of Douglas (a la Stepen Hawking)!!
    Still eagerly awaiting the End of May at RAH.

  58. Good morning,
    I was triggered by the remark of our dear “features editor” of yesterday, that some of our answers regarding the guest musicians were “unoriginal and unadventurous”. Speaking about myself; what would you expect of a boring 42 years young person, who has “everything” in his comfortably life, two wonderful kids, a lovely wife, a nice job, a house, clothes to wear, a website to run, ceedees to play and tickets in his pocket…?

    Maybe this?
    Jerry Driscoll, is he still opening the door?
    Chris Adamson
    Peter & Patricia Watts
    Henry McCullough
    Roger the Hat, maybe
    Paul McCartney because he did some speaking too (but it never made de record) & at last but important too:
    Lullabel III doining some vocals (and or artwork) together with the suggested Mademoiselle Nobs aka Seamus (thanks to Becky from A.)

    Hope all the people above are still a live and kickin’, thank you for your amazing contributions to the best elpee ever…

    Have a nice day,

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  59. Roy Harper’s ‘Berliners’ would be nice.

    The world you died for
    Was all but a pack of lies
    It had to fall down
    And keep on falling.

  60. First of all,David Gilmour is God!I grew up listening to Pink Floyd in the 70’s and still listen all the time.I saw him solo in Poughkeepsie N.Y. USA.in 1984.Blew me away.I believe Mick Ralphs from Bad Company Played that show with him.Anyway,I’d like the suprise guest to be non other than Roger Waters.They were a TEAM.My top 5:#1-Dogs.,#2-Mihalis,#3-Shine on you crazy Diamond(every part),#4-So far away,#5-Us & Them.I also got to see Floyd in 1987 in New York.I’m a Floyd FREAK.Thank you for reading my blog.Rock On!!!!! Ray Marsh from Port Jervis,N.Y. USA

  61. Smile, High Hopes, two great songs High Hopes is amazing on the DVD. The greatest version ever, everytime I see it when David does his solo, It gives me cold chills everytime.

    Thanks for the tingly feeling


  62. I come from a small country called Australia. Believe it or not most of its inhabitants have radios and DVD players, since buying the live 2002 dvd I cannot stop watching it this includes the youngest of my four kids 2 year old Max. It would be fantastic if David and the gang could come and play in Australia.

    I await the release of the new album, please back it with a tour, you have a significant and appreciative listening audience in Australia of which I am one.

    Many thanks David hope you get to read this.


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