Two Davids


We know you prefer Polly’s photographs, as do we, so here’s a particularly nice one of David with David Crosby.

David Crosby is a truly enigmatic singer, songwriter and guitarist. An original member of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills and Nash (later Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young), he is most noted for his trademark voice. A two-time inductee into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he has released eight solo albums to date and is now a member of CPR with Jeff Pevar and James Raymond.

You can find out more about CPR at their website:

So, two Davids today, but for fun and warped curiosity, let us know who your other favourite Davids are. They can come from any field, it doesn’t have to be music-related. It could be Bowie or Beckham, Letterman or Lloyd George, Michelangelo’s or Donatello’s. Just be sure to tell us why you like them so much.

And if you really can’t contain yourself, feel free to tell us what makes our very own David so special to you, too.

More importantly, keep your comments about the new album and tour coming in. We have been overwhelmed by the response to the ‘Five favourites’ entry (almost 300 replies!) with ‘Comfortably Numb’, ‘Fat Old Sun’ and ‘Cymbaline’ among the most frequently-suggested tracks. It’s making very interesting reading and creating plenty of debate, so our thanks to all who have contributed so far.

We’ll have another of Polly’s photographs to share tomorrow, and hopefully more of your comments to mull over as well.

Thanks again, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

66 thoughts on “Two Davids”

  1. David, the name has a meaning which is from the Hebrew, ‘darling’ or ‘friend’…fits David Gilmour to a T!

    David Letterman loved and gave a break to Tom Waits and Warren Zevon… Does David Gilmour listen to Tom Waits or Warren Zevon?

  2. Hello everyone in DG land…hope you’re all getting as excited as I am about David’s upcoming tour! I am counting off the days…

    Seems I have a soft place in my heart (and head) for Davids so here are my Favorite Davids of All Time:

    1. David Gilmour
    2. David Bowie
    3. David Wenham
    4. Michelangelo’s David (though he’s comparatively a bit hard and cold)
    5. My boyfriend in 1973, David Lee Clark (he was really known as Joe. Don’t ask me why – perhaps in a nod to the old song “Old Joe Clark.” But he was legally a David so…)

    And of course my number one David is YOU, David; I think it’s the tone of your voice almost as much as the tone of your guitar playing. Being a damn good-looking man helped you win the top spot as well, you can be sure!

    okay, it’s time for a hot toddy and bed

    ps – great pic of David G. and David C. – thanks, Polly

  3. Letterman is probably my other favorite David.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful these two Davids got together, oh maybe the afternoon of or the day before David #1 spends some quality time in midtown Manhattan in early April? **hint hint** **wink wink** **nudge nudge**

    David Robinson is also very cool. How can you not respect a 7 foot All-Star NBA champion who’s also a genius in physics?

    Crosby has one of the most beautiful voices in Rock and Roll, so I’ve got high expectations for “On An Island” (the song).

    And you know, most of the time when my expectations are that high I can expect a letdown. But it seems like whenever David #1 is involved in those high expectations, not only does he meet those expectations but he also manages to completely blow me away, which is nearly impossible to do when expectations are that high. Examples include the Division Bell album and tour, as well as Live 8 (man, who wasn’t blown away by David’s performance?). Which is why he is David #1. 😉

  4. I will go with your favourite.

    Many might be interested in how David, David and Graham met and decided to record together.

  5. two daves:

    dreiwitz of ween, cause he’s so funny, and always has a great story to tell.

    and then uhh…crandall. who is a good friend and not really an entertainer. but a favorite dave for many reasons.

    as for mr. gilmour. what else can you say that hasn’t been said? greatest voice and playing ever. i’m pretty sure of that. so many innovations and interesting histories. so many creations and worlds. really pretty things. smell the new mown grass. so sweet. but also a seemingly lovable, charitable, and funny character, sadly i’ve never met. but i know him well from the words he sings and the notes he rings. good luck. and thank you.

  6. Hello there!

    I just want to say that “High Hopes” MUST be in the concerts..

    Saludos desde Chile

  7. Hey,

    As far as favourite Dave’s go, I’m gonna go with Dave Grohl. In a total other field to Mr. Gilmour in the sense of tattos in swearing, but he has the same loveable quality that our David does.

  8. My aunt’s white Persian cat is named David. Her computer is alot faster than mine, so thats where I went to obtain the tickets to the Chicago show, in April. ( She named the cat after a guy in Captain Tony’s that dropped his glass.) I hope that both Davids, have been there, Its a cool place. Looking forward to the show. Cory

  9. I am from Montreal, Canada and i will try to describe you the best i can why David is by far the best artist on earth .

    First of all , no guitarist on this planet play the way David do. I am 28 years old and since that night of summer when i rent Delicate sound of thunder ( i was 15 years old at the time )i never stop listening to David`s work on guitar or albums. This is not only music, this is an experience of the body everybody should have in his life.I like to listen to David`s guitar playing coming back from work or just to relax with my girlfriend in the bed .I remember listening to my first CD of Pink Floyd ( A momentary lapse of reason )with my headphone and being totaly amaze by the atmosphere created by David on each song. I know this is a Floyd album but David have so much involvement in it!!! In 1994, i went to my first concert to see David Gilmour in a band called Pink Floyd .There was older people around me and my friends and i notice alot of them were crying during the show. That night is one of the best of my life and i am now 28 years old . I always wonder if David know how much his music as touch me and his others fans and how he deal with all that love !?! On april 09 and 10 in Massey Hall Toronto, maybe a young teenager of 16 years old will look at me and say to himself or his friends : ” why the hell is he crying for ??? ”

    Thank you Mr. Gilmour

  10. Another favorite David of mine is comedian David Cross. He’s hilarious, as well as relevant.

    But he’s second to Mr. Gilmour here who just creates such wonderful music. So much music in the world is just bland and generic, but David’s(and Floyd’s) music always seems fresh and powerful. It’s just incredible to me, how many albums there are, and how great and different each album is.

    Dave I love your dreamy style. You bring it to the funk. You bring it to slide. You bring it to Rock. Keep it up man, I cannot wait to see you April 4th.

  11. I love David Crosby! And i’m very excited to see all those great musicians performing with Dave. GREAT!!! I cant wait! Tell Dave to hurry up with his new album. I’m gonna see him in Milan and i want to do my homework first with On An Island.

    Cant he move the release date into february? 🙂
    Pretty please? 🙂 -joke.

    Polly is a good photographer. Didnt know that before. Nice moment captures.

    One other thing – i would really like to hear something more “rock-ish” on his tour. And I hope he’ll finish off with Run Like Hell. Some of you may disagree with me, but that song is the perfect ending of the concert. And its actually Daves song. One of the few from Wall.

    Anyway, HURRY UP DAVE!
    Bran 🙂

  12. That picture is my new wallpaper for my PC desktop. My cheeks hurt from smiling… Never would I have thought I’d see the two of you working together.

    SO excited about this album and tour!

    My other favorite Davids:

    David Lovering – drummer for the Pixies, one of my favorite bands (in fact I’m currently listening to Surfer Rosa). Nothing about this man says rockstar; in fact he’s spent most of his adult life fancying himself first a magician, second a musician, and he’s always smiling.

    Dave Navarro – what can I say. There still remains a 14 year old girl deep inside me who still squirms for the shirtless, tattooed uber-celeb guitarist when he lets loose with a solo.

    David Lowery – Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven. I love a snarky lyric and he just has a way of phrasing things so simply the humor and poignancy comes after several listens. So many good Cracker songs…

    Dave Grohl – Nirvana, Foo Fighters, but mostly I love him for his stint with Queens of the Stone Age, the Nirvana album ‘Bleach’ and his hilarious satirical cover of Creed’s ‘Arms Wide Open.’ Another one who always miles.

    David Gray’s album ‘White Ladder’
    David Sedaris’ book ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’
    David Letterman’s show he devoted entirely to friend Warren Zevon shortly before his passing.
    Larry David wrote some very funny storylines for Seinfeld.
    Dave Matthews has several good, if redundant, albums and I admire him for his soaring solos and his sense of timing.
    David Duchovny had me for a little white with the X Files but the brooding got old.

    Alright, this has gone far too long.

    If I were to say to my close friends ‘I am hoping to see my two David’s perform in April’ they would now exactly who I meant. 🙂

  13. Hello,

    My most favourite David is of course … Gilmour.

    I am from Holland, so it cannot be Beckham, although I believe it is a great player. He is only playing for the wrong club.

    I love reading this blog. The first thing when I come to my work is reading the new entrance in this blog.

    And the more I read about the new CD, the less I can wait to listen it. But still waiting a few days more and the new Pink dvd is available. With the dvd I will be able to wait untill the 6th of March. But no day longer.

    For me the first 5 months of 2006 will be full of music, David’s music. The new dvd, the new cd, attending both (!!) concerts in Amsterdam, and the concert on the 29th of may in the Royal Albert.

    Keep up the good work with this blog and David’s website.

    Thank you!!!

    Cu tomorrow!


  14. The blue cover theme on David’s new album “On An Island” reminded me of one of Wallace Stevens’ most famous longer poems, “The Man with the Blue Guitar”. After reading it again I’ve come to the conclusion that David IS… “The Man with the Blue Guitar”

    The man bent over his guitar,
    A shearsman of sorts. The day was green.
    They said, “You have a blue guitar,
    You do not play things as they are.”

    The man replied, “Things as they are
    Are changed upon the blue guitar.”

    And they said then, “But play, you must,
    A tune beyond us, yet ourselves,
    A tune upon the blue guitar
    Of things exactly as they are.”

    I cannot bring a world quite round,
    Although I patch it as I can.

    ***Thank you David for trying to patch the world as you can with your music and your kind heart.

  15. Well, I would like to say I really, really, really love David Crosby’s voice. It’s fantastic! It’s not the angelic voice he had in 70’s anymore, but it picked up a bit of a raw edge, which is really beautiful.

    I was lucky enough to see him with Graham Nash on their Crosby and Nash 2005 European tour. I absolutely thrilled C & N are on David (Gilmour)’s new album!

  16. Just thought I’d share this link for Davids guitar gear freaks. Pete Cornish (guitar fx guru) is building a new pedalboard for Davids upcoming tour and is cronicling its build with lots of pix. Fits in quite well with the spirit of Glastnost David and your site is showing… A big thank you to Polly for her great pix too, the site wouldn’t be the same without them.

  17. What makes our David so great? Well, there are many reasons of course. But primarily it has to be the faces he pulls while soloing. I’m transfixed every time I watch him.

    Other favourite Davids?

    Attenborough, most definitely. Do I really need to explain? Who couldn’t love this man?

    Bowie, without a doubt. It has to be the voice, the hair, the impish grin…

  18. Well, my favourite David (other than our main hero here, of course) would be David Sylvian. I like him so much for his incredibly deep voice and brilliant and often intriguing lyrics. Plus he has a great musical sense and always invites exceptional musicians to play on his albums. The live album he recorded with Robert Fripp (Damage) is one of my favourite albums of all time.

  19. Hi David!
    Hi guys!

    Then, I though about Davids in the world. I’m italian and I love very much Michelangelo’s or Donatello’s. They are FANTASTIC! PERFECT! (in UK history there are a lot of great artist…but in Italy too!)

    Others Davids I remember are David Bowie, David Hume, the philosophy, and….David Hasselhoff, who played in Supercar and Baywatch tv series!!! But he was not my favorite David!!!

    My favorite David is David Gilmour!

    I’m sorry, but I think I don’t know any else Davids!

    Have a great day!


    P.S. Some day ago I wrote I hope my messages aren’t impolite beacause I can’t write english very well and I don’t kown if what I write is completely right or wrong. And you answer me to reassure me that my messages aren’t impolite! Thank you! I appreciate very much your answer!
    You were so nice that I’m thinking that, if you are going to come in Italy with David in march, after the concert I could invite you (and David!) to eat some pizza!!! Or pasta, if you prefer!!! What do you think about?!!! Bye bye!!!

  20. That’s an interesting question. Favourite David apart from this one…Well I’m a big Friends fan so David Schwimmer can be that other David. However dear Floyd fans… Nothing in this world gets even close to Mr Gilmour.

    I can sure tell you why DG is my favourite David. It started in 1998 (I’m 21 so understand that no child listens to Pink Floyd)… My dad puts a video on… Pink Floyd Live at Earls Court 1994! so many lights I’ve never seen… sounds I’ve never heard… and one truly wonderful Stratocaster being played by the hands of god himself… made me drop my jaw. Made me want to pick up a Strat, play along his songs… you know the drill. I play along to Confortably Numb every day…

    I could carry on but we all know why he’s the greatest… plus I know you’ve got lives as well.

    Dave I shall see you in Paris on the 15th… you sold out to quickly my man!!! Chill!! lol

    looking forward to it sir…

  21. David, Im hoping that you read this sir.

    But I just wanted to let you know how much I am looking forward to the show in chicago on april 12th. You are my total inspiration for guitar… You are a very FINE musician with very creative ideas. I hope that you read this and realize what you have done for millions of fans around the world. You have changed my life in so many ways. You truly are the light in my eye; musically that is. Shine on, and i CANNOT wait to see you live.

    Best regards, and the best of luck with your new album,

  22. Crosby for me too. As for other favourite Davids, none really stand out in comparison to ‘our’ David. Perhaps not fair since im obviously biased.

    There is, of course, a reason: David being my all time favourite guitarist and singer. I dont know if David would see this as a compliment but to me he is a kind of ‘storyteller’. Music can unleash emotions, or images unlike the way words do. Davids guitar has always had this quality to me, his guitarplaying paints a landscape and emotions that go beyond words.

    Thank you David, I’m looking forward to more of your ‘paintings’.



  23. Hello,

    Did I already said that I love this site?

    My favourite? Think you all will know that 😉

    Other favourite Davids, musically:
    – David Brianbridge (great guitarist, from the great band Iona!),
    – David Paton (ex-Pilot, ex-Alan Parsons, ex-Camel), great bass player,
    – David Rhodes love his bold head and his playing with Peter Gabriel amongst a lot of others,
    – David Lindley, great Lap Steel Guitar, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon and and…
    – David Robbinson, my dear friend of ProgAid, awesome single, and a wonderful project,
    – Dave Stewart (twice),
    – David Sylvian (ex-Japan),
    – David Bowie aka David Johnson (of course),
    – David Byrne (this man makes still great music),

    David Gilmour related:
    – David O’list (ex-Nice ex-Pink Floyd and now in the Tangent with;),
    – David Jackson the Sax player,
    – David Palmer (Yethro Tull and and…),
    – David Sanborn on saxes, he played f.e. on “Sacha” a song written by the late Michael Kamen…

    And to finish with a Smile (nice song!);

    Liam DAVI(d)son, a great guitar player of Mostly Autumn… 😉 my favourite band… after the Pinks.

  24. Gotta agree with Vic…can’t think of any other Davids that rate.

    Regarding the Big Five: Top contenders Comfortably Numb, Fat Old Sun and Cymbaline are three of my absolute favorites. (YAY!)

  25. hi david hi guys there could be a lot of david but there is only one that gives me the chills when he plays the guitare and that is you, you are simply the best,keep up the great work this is going to be a verry good album whit all the fine musicians on there. ps patrick i now your feeling i was there to.thanks dannyck from montreal.

  26. I must say I agree- David St.Hubbins is the ultimate David, after David Gilmour, ofcourse

  27. One of my favorite Davids (besides Gilmour & Bowie) would have to be David Gahan, lead singer and recent songwriter for Depeche Mode.

    Anyway, David if you read these comments, I look forward to your new album, and I already have tickets to see you at the Gibson Amphitheatre in L.A…. can’t wait! Best of luck to you in the success of On An Island.

    Philadelphia, PA

  28. Hello,

    Please, excuse my english, I hope it will be correct enough to be understood (I’m french, but not so ill…).
    All I would like to say to DG, is: Thanks to be on earth…
    See you at the Olympia…

  29. Can’t believe I forgot about David St. Hubbins!

    My revised list:

    1. David Gilmour
    2. David Attenborough
    3. David St. Hubbins

  30. Love the little glowing stick figure on the Island Jam video! Keep him around in further videos. The video was a super surprise…Absolutely love Island Jam! Great job with this blog!!!!

  31. Hi all of you in happyGILMOURland;

    Dave is one of my favorite guitar players, but do you know Dave Davies?…..Dave Davies was the Kinks’lead guitar. I love the sound and lyrics of Kinks, I like the sound of Davies’ guitar.
    Do David Gilmour know the Kinks and Dave Davies?. What is her opinion about them?
    I’d like to know it.
    Excuse my english. I’m from Chile, SouthAmerica; the undiscovered country by Gilmour.

    Congratulations, cheers and thanks a lot by the new album Mr. Gilmour and all of you!!!!!

  32. Oh man, I forgot about him too! David St. Hubbins is just great, you know, his heair and all… Though I always thought Nigel Tuffnel was a better guitarist 😉

  33. My favorite David is Gilmour for all of the obvious reasons, best guitar player, beautiful voice. However the main reason why I like him is because, he’s a regular guy at the end of the day. He loves his family, he has a job that he works extremely hard at. He’s not always in the public eye. He comes across very humble.

    It would be great if he could get on with my other favorite David Letterman while in NYC.

  34. Let’s see….favorite David’s??? (I know this is not a “Dave Zone”!! 🙂

    Without researching (cheating) I have to say …

    David Lindley – master player of anything with strings (lap steel, fiddle, zither, etc) who came to public consciousness through the career of Jackson Browne…with whom has connected through the years with David Crosby many times.
    Amazing ear, tone, and appears with the most bizarre backline equipment and stage attire you’ll ever see!! His “Mercury Blues” performance inspired me buy my first lap steel even before I realized I needed one for “One of These Days”.

    so…”Come On Big Bum”!! (slang for Comfortably Numb in the day)

    tom from san diego

  35. My top 3 DG tunes:

    1. There’s No Way Out Of Here
    2. Dimming Of The Day
    3. Fat Old Sun

    Would *love* to hear TNWOOH acoustically…


  36. I don’t know many Davids.

    So its David Gilmour,
    David Gilmour,
    David Gilmour!

    (PLEASE add “Murder” to the setlist in Dortmund.)

  37. First of all, I think that has to be my favorite picture I’ve ever seen here. I’ve printed it and WILL keep it in a folder to look at for the rest of my days. Two of my favorite artists doin’ what the love.

    Whoever said ‘David Cross’, I’ll second that. He is just so not afraid to offend people. I can’t believe the stuff that comes out of his mouth, but it cracks me up. Like his bit about getting raped by the Virgin Mary. That is soooo wrong. I’ve probably offended somebody just by mentioning it, but David Cross will take whatever is sacred to you and throw it in your face and you’ll love it all the same-if you have a sense of humor.

    Anyways, Mr. Gilmour, it’ll be great seeing you in Chicago. I have no expectations other than a lovely evening of hearing your collected works. You could never dissapoint me, even if you tried.

    Kurt, Chicago.

  38. David Gilmour
    David Crosby
    David Bowie
    The first two are obviously the exciting ones!!
    Mr. Gilmour, are there any possibilities of seeing Mr. Crosby with you at Oaklands Paramount Theatre? You alone are more than sufficient, but what a treat it would be to hear you two harmonizing on a song.I have been waiting for a long time to have this opportunity to see you and your collective band of pleasing wave makers give me an accoustic memory of a life time.Thank you for coming to America and touring at a location close enough for me to get an eye and ear on you.Your trusty and loyal follower.

    Bob Kershaw Pocatello Idaho

  39. i became a fan of David Crosby in 1964 when i first heard the Byrds’ harmonies and McGuinn’s 12-string Rickenbacker. in ’66 i saw the Byrds, on a bill with Roy Orbison. i saw CS&N, and CSN&Y, several times; all phenomenal musical experiences. i believe Graham Nash has the purest tenor voice in rock’n’roll, and its most creative harmonies.

    but no musician ever has come anywhere close to David Gilmour in terms of the nuance of feeling he can coax from a strand of wire, and the emotion he can pull out of me when i listen to the notes of his voice shaping an image from a lyric. until Live8 i hadn’t really much idea what he looked like; only the music mattered to either of us. Mr Gilmour, you needn’t concern yourself with aging; one looks at you and still clearly sees and hears the 25-year-old within.

    so, my two favorite Davids are joined On An Island, and to hear Graham Nash’s light-filled harmony join with them – icing on the cake. April 5 in New York will be worth the trip from Tennessee a thousand times over!

    to pick one, hands down, David Gilmour is it. the best guitar, voice, keyboards, bass, tunesmith – and an extremely attractive gentleman.

    thanks to Polly for her photos and books, and thanks for this great blogspace!

  40. My other Dave is Dave Mustaine; He is the Guitar player, Singer and Leader of the Metal-Rock Band Megadeth, that is my second favourite band.

    I´m a 24 old year man who loves Pink Floyd, and specially David Gilmour´s songs; the qualities that I admire from Dave are: His very special way to play lead guitar so beautiful and his amazing voice, specially in the songs: A Soucerful of Secrets (Celestial Voices), Cymbaline and Coming Back to Life. I really respect David, i think he is a great, calm down and humble man. In my opinion is beacause of David that Pink Floyd is the best Rock band in History.

    I´m doing the impossible to get some tickets from the Radio City Music Hall performance in New York.

    Thank You for all your great music David Gilmour.

  41. David Sandborn–Saxophonist Extrodinaire.
    David Lynch–Screenwriter, Director [Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, et al.].
    David Webb AKA Jason Bourne, protagonist from the Robert Ludlum series of “Bourne” novels.

  42. On “what makes David special”…

    I think to many of his hard core fans he embodies taste, grace, & tone on the electric guitar. However, he is sooo much more than the sum total of his guitar solos.

    His “ears” are amazing! Witness his producing job on “Life in a Northern Town” by The Dream Academy. The way he creates this sense of space in the mix is just breathtaking! He discovered Kate Bush, and cared enough to make sure her talent was not wasted in obscurity. As for his non-Pink Floyd solo work, the highlight for me is his solo on Paul Mc Cartney’s “No More Lonely Nights”! Extaordinary taste and tone…

    …but you knew that! 🙂

    tom from San Diego

  43. I have seen David in Cleavland (Animals 1977?)
    in Toronto CNE stadium years later, but am absoloutley thrilled to see him in a small venue like Massey Hall(was just there a few weeks ago)
    even if the seats are somwhat obstructed I wouldn’t give thm up for all the money on E-bay!!

    Now that Kate Bush has been a little more in the public eye, have there been any sightings around David’s studios?

  44. says that the release of the PULSE DVD has been delayed until 2010? Is this true. Can someone shed a little light on what is going on? This release will be the biggest DVD release ever. Are there any other plans for new releases of old Pink Floyd shows or any plans for David’s new works to be released on DVD or SACD? I am dying for something new. I have worn out my David Gilmour Live DVD.

    Huge fan, love the music, helps take me to a better place after a long day at work in this crazy world. Thanks…
    Fort Wayne, Indiana

  45. I just bought 3 tickets to see David in Toronto and 3 plane tickets to get there from Edmonton. I am SO EXCITED! I have been a loyal fan of David and Pink Floyd since I was a child. The last chance I had to see him perform was on the Pulse tour, but unfortunately I was only 10 years old and didn’t have enough money to make the trip.

    I need to apologize in advance, because when I see him pick up that guitar in April, my head is going to explode, and they’re going to have to perform a quick clean up.

    Top Davids.
    1. David Gilmour (who else?)
    2. David Suzuki
    3. David Gray
    4. David Cross
    5. David Gilmour (bookends)

  46. Two suggestions at David’d Glasgow Appearence: Wear a kilt, and play “No More Lonely Nights” with Macca as a guest. I think kilts are cool!

  47. Well of course my fave Dave is Mr. Gilmour himself. I must say the Mrs Polly the picture is wonderful. Even my mom commented on the pic (she is a Crosby fan!) Well what other Fave Dave’s do I have.
    Dave Grohl — Foo Fighters
    David Blaine – magician
    Dave Winfield – New York Yankees
    David Schwimmer – ok I am a “Friends” Fan
    David Duchovney – Actor
    and last but not least my little brother
    my hero David Campos Jr 🙂
    Well thanks for this great website
    oh to add to the songs
    “Comfortably Numb”
    excellent guitar work. Can’t wait to see you in LA at the Universal, Gibson, whatever amphitheatre 🙂
    Laterz, Renee

  48. after David Gilmour, my two other favorite Davids are my friend David and Dave Mason (guitar player from Traffic and Fleetwood Mac)

  49. no one has said David Copperfield. I could go the Dickens route, or the magician route. Either ways they are good. And just the fact that I’m posting on this blog should say something about my favorite musician named david.

  50. Let me ignore this interesting subject and…
    say isn’t today (6th Jan) Syd Barrett’s birthday?


  51. My Floyd top 5 (But this tends to vary every year).

    1 – Shine On
    2 – Comfortably Numb
    3 – Echoes
    4 – Sheep
    5 – Wish you were here

    David Gilmour top 5

    1 – There’s no way out of here
    2 – Smile
    3 – Let’s get metaphysical
    4 – Out of the blue
    5 – Deafinitely

    You only have to look at David’s performance at Live 8 to know there is only one David.
    Personally, I think no one came close to Pink Floyds performance at Live 8 & it was a truly beautiful way to sign off the Pink Floyd name.
    Thanks for that David.
    It would be nice to see Rick on stage at the RAH in May.

  52. Hello,
    Just want to make an edit on this one:
    “Posted by: Nick at January 5, 2006 12:41 PM”
    forgot to mention David Crosby, sorry….
    and maybe I forgot more Davids, but this one was so obvious. “Thousend Roads” is a realy nice album of David with some big names on it, such as Paul Wix Wickens, Graham Nash and some others I would tip for session work on “On an Island”.

    Have a nice weekend,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  53. The only David I “know” is David Gilmour, so I can say he’s my favourite !! 🙂
    As many other fans, it’s been a long history between me and my love for PF… first listened to them when I was 11,dark side of the moon, which is still my favourite!!! 12 years ago, I had the chance to be there for the most amazing concert of my life!! 3 years ago, when I met my boyfriend, one of the firs questions I asked him was “you’re a big fan of PF, aren’t ya?”, and, since, we still share this big passion, it’s so wonderful to listen to “shine on” and cry at the sound of the guitar, each time, and to sing all songs together!!! we also cried a lot in July, last year, after having spent all day waiting for this magic reunion… it was really wonderful!!! thank you david and all the others for all these moments of my life!!! I will be right in front of you on the 16th March in Paris, I cannot wait for it!!! And, once again, I will be crying with my boyfriend next to me 🙂

  54. “Cymbaline” is a very acoustic song suitable for an acoustic-oriented gig, with a great David’s vocals in.
    All “Cymbaline” (Italian Pink Floyd fanzine) readers should be very happy to listen to “Cymbaline” song live at Teatro Arcimboldi in Milan and Auditorium della Musica in Rome.
    What a fantastic gift it should be…

  55. David Gilmour, of course, is my all time favourite “David”
    I can only pick one other David and that is
    “David Coverdale”

  56. Everyday is a countdown until April 5th New York, New York. From the minute I heard David’s solo on Time, I was a Floydian. What can I say but Floyd’s music is hope to my everyday. Hopefully a guest appearance by Roger on one of the songs David will be performing since Roger does live in New York…..yes maybe

  57. Question for DG Bloggers:

    After listening to “Island Jam”, just wondering if you blokes think the album will:

    a) lean towards the Floyd sound (some blues/organ/crisp,clean guitar)
    b) mixin’ it up with some aoustic/unplugged session
    c) rock out with the Fender, Les Paul, Gibson rant?

  58. Je viens tout juste de découvrir ce site! Enfin!

    Mes David préférés sont David Nelson et David Pointu; 2 gars pas mal poilus qui habitent avec moi… (mon chien et mon chat…)

    Mais sans blagues, le top… c’est bien toi David! En passant; Es-tu poilu toi aussi Bonne journée!

    Manon St-Boniface Québec

  59. Well since my favorite American Band is the Byrds obviously I’m thrilled to see that David Crosby is on David Gilmour’s upcoming solo album. So Croz is definitely one of my favorite David’s.

    Another one of my favorite David’s is celebrating a birthday today (1/8/1947) and he was born David Robert Jones, buy we all know him better as David Bowie.

    Happy 59th birthday David,

    May you have many, many more in health and happiness.


  60. Thanks for creating this website and blog, etc, to keep us up to date with David’s album and tour. All I can say is, it’s about time : )

    I am very excited about this release and am very glad that David is going solo again. This takes a lot of pressure off fan expectations if this were to be another Floyd album and I love David’s solo albums and appearances. Thanks for keeping us posted with updates!

  61. Hmmmmm…., favorite Davids? Gilmour of course. David Crosby, Dave Matthews, David Byrne, David (jones)Bowie, Dave (Foo Fighters) Grohl, Dave Mason, David Lee Roth, My uncle Dave Brooks who was in the band “Bodine” here in the USA, N. California.

    And finally from Cheech & Chong’s first LP. DAVE!!, D.A.V.E!!, DAVE!!, now will you open up the god damn door? Dave?! Yeah man Dave. Daves not here! Oh man……

  62. Hi – there is a wonderful countertenor (i.e. male alto) called David Daniels. Excellent at baroque opera (Handel and stuff like that). After David Gilmour, I think David Daniels is the best David musician I know of…

    Try his CD of Handel Opera Arias with The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment on Virgin. It’s stunning.

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