Three Men in a Boat


We thought we ought to remind you that David’s on television tonight, just in case it slipped your mind.

Be sure to tune in to BBC2 at 9PM to catch David on ‘Three Men in a Boat’. As we revealed over at back on 20 December, David will encounter comedians Dara O’Briain, Griff Rhys-Jones and Rory McGrath as they journey up the Thames in a rowing boat, recreating the journey immortalised by Jerome K Jerome in his 1889 comedy classic of the same name. Unannounced, they decide to visit David…

That’s BBC2, tonight, at 9PM. Don’t miss it – and let us know what you think of it.

As you’ve seen from past blog entries and Polly’s photos, David has a fine group of musicians working with him on his new album, many of whom will also be touring with him… and there are more surprises to be revealed shortly.

You’ll recognise Caroline Dale, who played cello so beautifully at David’s 2002 shows in London and Paris. She also founded Ghostland, who acted as the support for those shows.

Caroline has appeared with leading orchestras all over the world, including the London Philharmonic, Royal Philharmonic, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Calgary Philharmonic, Halle, English Chamber, London Chamber and London Metropolitan Orchestras.

David contributed to her 2002 debut, ‘Such Sweet Thunder’, on the track ‘Babbie’s Daughter’, which he co-composed. On this album, Caroline plays various classical pieces, including Handel’s ‘Sarabande’, Pablo Casals’ arrangement of ‘Song Of The Birds’ (Traditional),  Vivaldi’s ‘Concerto in G Minor for Two Cellos’, and ‘Largo from Vivaldi’s Cello Sonata in E Minor’, as well as her own compositions.

You can visit Caroline’s website to find out more at

Another exclusive picture coming tomorrow.

Enjoy ‘Three Men in a Boat’ tonight, all those who can receive it, and do keep your comments coming in. There have been some terrific ones lately, for which we thank you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

34 thoughts on “Three Men in a Boat”

  1. I was wondering if she had contributed too. I love her playing!

    Looking forward to tonight’s BBC show!

  2. Great to hear about the “Three men in a boat”. I whas just wondering…for us outside of uk…could you people record it somehow and post it here. I would really like to see it.

    Cheers! 🙂

  3. Hi David!
    Hi guys!

    Much to my regret, I won’t able to watch “Three Men in a Boat” because I live in Italy and I can’t see BBC2 channel.

    Let me know your comments!

    have a good day!

    Kind regards


    P.S. Polly’s pictures are wonderful! Do you know if Polly’s books are translated in italian too?

    N.B. You wrote you have received some impolite messages.. I HOPE NOT MINE!!! Maybe I’m not formal, but I try to be polite!

  4. Don’t worry, Lucia. Your messages have been great. 🙂

    The impolite ones have mostly been from people making repeated requests for David to visit certain parts of the world. Please keep writing, we love to hear from you.

    I’m sure there will be many comments about tonight’s ‘Three Men in a Boat’.

    I don’t think Polly’s books are available in Italian, I’m afraid, but they are available in German as ‘Kissenschlacht’ and ‘Stell dir vor’.

  5. I hope everybody will read the book as a consequence of the programme. It is v.funny – I am fortunate to live by the river at Hammersmith in London and have spent many happy hours wandering along the Thames. Last summer I made it to Hampton Court and saw the Astoria just up river from there. It is a beautiful boat and I am looking forward to seeing some of the interior.

  6. Well this is getting more and more interesting! I really thought Caroline ‘rocked’ on Davids live DVD especially during the second part of shine on!

    Hopes were always high with me for Davids new album, this blog is bringing that even higher!

    Keep up the good work!


  7. Just a quick note to say how much I’m looking forward to David’s new album and tour. Just wondered if Polly had taken any photos of Richard Wright during the recording sessions. Thanks Robert.

  8. Caroline is a fantastic cello player, I saw her at David’s concerts. What a great musician to have on the new album.

    I can only hope that “3 Men in a Boat” will play on BBC America. I’ll have to write to them.

    Thank you for such a greate blog!

  9. I wanted to thank David for chosing Chicago as one of the stops on the tour. I also would like to share my sentiments on the Live 8 show. For me, it was like having your parents, who went through a bitter divource with years of legal battles and name calling, show up at your wedding, and dance together for one song. It was that moving. Thank you!

  10. I thought Caroline added so much to ‘High Hopes’ with her beautiful cello. That song was a definite highlight for me.

  11. Salut ,David domage que votre site ne soit pas traduit en français,fan de votre musique depuis plus de 25 ans .Enfin j’aurai l’honneur de vous voir au grand rex le 15 mars 2006.
    Domage que trois hommes sur un bateau ne passe pas sur une chaine francaise,bravo pour votre site et de nous avoir offert a noel un superbe titre de votre nouvel album,enfin de la vrai musique. je vous souhaite a vous et a votre famille une tres bonne annèe 2006. Que la musique soit avec vous.

  12. Hello. Love this site.

    Looking forward to seeing Dave live. Have been a big fan for years. So happy to see that he is touring. Wish he could add a few more NYC dates.

  13. Hi everybody, I’m from Argentina, and as you should know, is very difficult for us to see that kind of shows here.

    I`m glad to listen David’s going out for tour, but unfortunately i won’t have the chance to see him live.
    So, to if you are going at least to one of the shows, enjoy it.

    I’ve been a Floyd’s fan since i was little, and’ve never seen them live…what a pitty…but life goes on.

    See ya

  14. hi david wish you a happy new year to you and your familly and the verry best of health for every one,it will be a pleasure to hear caroline on the cd she sounded amazing on your live dvd and hope we will see her in toronto,this is great.thanks dannyck from montreal

  15. Just finished watching David’s segment on “Three Men In A Boat”, and it was a great look at the Astoria.

    The mixing desk surprised me due to its sheer size, especially when the camera moved into the main recording room – which looked very small. The bathroom on the boat was pretty impressive, as was the top deck. Must be a lovely place to retire to after a hard day’s work “downstairs”, watching life go by on the river.

    And it was really nice to hear “Smile” again. For those who couldn’t see the show, David played Rory, Griff and Dara an excerpt from the album, which turned out to be a segment of this song – that, of course, had its debut at David’s 2001 Meltdown show!

    I’ve got a great feeling about this new album – really looking forward to March!

  16. I just finished watching the show too. Kinda short I thought! 🙂

    I was impressed with the Astoria. Beautiful boat! And the settings…!

    I loved hearing Smile! Thats a very nice song. I wonder if it’ll be included in the new album…hmmmmm

  17. Hi everyone; “I’d curtsey but I’m drunk.”

    You lucky people who got to see David on television! I’m jealous. I’m wondering if the U.S. BBC channel will eventually show Three Men in a Boat…certainly hope so.

    Caroline Dale’s performance at David’s Meltdown concert was wonderful. I especially loved her on “High Hopes.” She would be a welcome addition to his upcoming tour.


  18. Just watched Three Men in a Boat. David and his recording studio appear for only 5 minutes, but that’s enough to get a fantastic glimpse at the legendary Astoria and a even snipet from On an Island.

    First of all, I was struck by Astoria’s beauty. To say that she’s a boat, or a recording studio, doesn’t do her any justice at all. I’ve seen photos of it before, but never video fotage of it. Even though it’s got all that modern equipment inside, it retains all the character of a classic wooden vessel of its kind (very rare indeed!). It is exquisitely furnished and it’s also stunningly bright, and it’s got a striking open upper deck with two sitting areas. Absolutely wonderful. It really must be a pleasure to make records on the Astoria. It would be such a dream to be able to visit it.

    Secondly, it’s a welcome thing to see Carolyne Dale on the Island recording. I saw her with her group Ghostland and with David Gilmour at the Royal Festival Hall. She was very fitting for the concert and I have to say I agree with the person who said earlier on that she was particularly good on High Hopes and Shine On Part II.

    Gets more exciting by the minute.

  19. Caroline Dale: another great brick in the classical wall of sound on the Gilmourian island, an island populated of classical, jazz, blues, rock notes, coming from guitars, saxophones, cellos, harps… Is the Astoria houseboat the musical “Island” on Thames of the album title?

  20. Hi to all,

    I saw the programme this evening on BBC2 well what can one say the segment of Smile was just beautiful. I was fortunate enough to have been at one of the Royal Festival Hall concerts and remember the song well and of course from the David Gilmour In Concert DVD.

    I’m very much looking forward to David’s new album and even more so now.

  21. I am among the sad masses in North America unable to view this program, I shall dry my tears and amuse myself with some questions…

    The answers to which might appear on the FAQs page shortly – Features Editor

  22. Got great reviews on Floyd forums!

    I wish BBC was in the USA channels. Only news once in a blue moon.

  23. Hi Ya, My husband and I watched 3 men in a boat. Great program. To my suprise David Gilmore was on…how lovely. We live on the river below Cliveden. In the summer we hear the music (disco) ugh… on some of the party boats. Wouldn’t it be grand to hear David Gilmore’s music. Painting and illustrating to davids music is so inspirational.I am now working on writing and illustrating a childrens book living here on The River Thames… Rose Cottage has Davids music flowing out its casement windows…

  24. It’s good to see Caroline Dale on David’s album, she is a fine player indeed, David has always been able to find the best people to play alongside, and she is another.She was great at the London show i saw in 2002.

  25. If any recording studio could have created the ambience/surroundings for the last two brilliant Floyd albums it surely is the Astoria…

    What a beautiful houseboat…

    It certainly made me “Smile”…

  26. It was a pleasure to see David in his Astoria boathouse, and a glimpse at his recording studio.

    I will be going to see both Amsterdam shows, and like a lot of people I know will be going to more than one show. So I’m just hoping he varies the setlist order of each show just a bit so that you don’t always know what he will play next.

    I can’t wait for On An Island to come out, please let’s see a few more video clips like Island Jam to give us a feel for the new album.

  27. Excellent clip of Dave’s houseboat last night on the 3 men programme. Would love to see a longer film on the houseboat. Sort of ‘Making of the album’ type documentary, with clips of the Album’s music.

    My American friends would love to see last night’s clip.

    Look forward to the album release

  28. Hi to all

    I am living in Brazil and unfortunately was impossible to watch The 3 men,,,. Dispite David never tried to tour in Brazil, believe me, here you are like a God´s guitar player. We do love you and your music. Anyway I am a lucky man, because I will attend to Amsterdam and Italy leg of the tour.

    Best wishies

  29. I really enjoyed last nights programme, and as I’m currently trying to record my own version of “Breathe” & “Us & Them” on my own little studio, (purely for my own pleasure) I couldn’t help but compare my little garage studio to the houseboat set up. Working & recording there must be a real pleasure. Can’t wait for the release of the new album!!

  30. Hi all

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching the show. Would have been nice to have heard David sing for longer and it’s a pity Rory McGrath had to pick up the guitar 😉

    It was wonderful to see the Astoria in all of it’s glory.

  31. I didnt realise the Astoria was so big!! It is an impressive boat indeed! I would love to record a song or two in there!

    On Three Men In A Boat, I think the three men on David’s boat were pretty rude and, to be honest, seemed uninterested in David or his music. They were more interested in his toilet!

    Unless it is just me!! lol

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