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If you have received an e-mail this afternoon from David Gilmour (yeah, right, I thought the same), which congratulates you on being "One of the lucky few to have access to ticket sales for the David Gilmour Tour 2006," and includes a link which offers you the chance to purchase a pair of tickets for the Royal Albert Hall show on 31 May, as well as giving you a personal draw number to allow you to proceed with the sale, then please do not treat it as spam.

It is not fraudulent and you are not at any risk. It is legitimate and completely correct. Trinity Street (the facilitators of the Advance Ticket Booking system) managed to discover a very few extra tickets, so were able to send out an additional message to a choice few.

So, if you are one of the lucky ones to have received this message today, then feel free to purchase your tickets following the simple instructions. Congratulations!

If you did not receive this e-mail, then I am afraid there are no tickets left for you to purchase as the concert is now, officially, a sell out.

A slight change for you today. We will be throwing in the odd ‘Theatre of the Day’ among Polly’s exclusive studio shots, so you can find out a little more about the venues that David has chosen for his tour of Europe and North America.

Many of you have questioned David’s reason for opting for theatres instead of large arenas. As this feature hopes to show, David has chosen to perform at beautiful locations before smaller crowds instead of re-visiting those vast halls where he entertained thousands of people for so many years in his Pink Floyd days.

Today’s featured theatre is South Kensington’s finest, the Royal Albert Hall. David will be visiting this grand setting three times in May. The historic building, which was first opened to the public in 1871, is an arts venue dedicated to Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, whose reigned lasted more than 63 years.

With a maximum permitted capacity of 7,000, it hosts the Proms each summer and the annual Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance in November, as well as a multitude of events raging from concerts to conferences, ballet to boxing. Built almost entirely of red brick and terracotta, the hall is oval in shape, measuring some 272 feet by 238 feet around the outside, and has a glass and iron dome roof which is 135 feet high.

If you’ll be seeing David performing here in May, then you’re in for a treat, because – as you can see from this picture – it truly is a beautiful venue.

And yes, the music should be pretty good, too.

We hope you enjoyed ‘Three Men in a Boat’ last night. For those who couldn’t see it, David played a snippet from ‘Smile’, which is one of the tracks from ‘On An Island’, describing it as "quiet and acoustic-y." However, he made a point of saying that not all of the songs on his new album are like that, so make of that what you will. We also got a tour around parts of his houseboat studio, Astoria, and some history on the boat thrown in for good measure.

That’s all for today, but there’ll be one of Polly’s pictures tomorrow.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

32 thoughts on “The Royal Albert Hall”

  1. I was at one of the Teenage Cancer Trust charity gigs at the RAH last year, and I can testify that it is a great venue, although some of the seats are not for vertigo sufferers!

    The seating seems to go up very high!

  2. The Albert Hall gig should certainly be excellent; I’m truly looking forward to the 30th of May! Three Men in a Boat last night was also very interesting.

    To comment on today’s post, however, I find it interesting that only in recent years has David started to consider Pink Floyd something of his past — whereas previously, there’s always been nothing to that effect aired by any band member. Has David made a concious decision to never ‘do’ Pink Floyd again, be it an album or a tour? Has constant fan pressure made him decide “never again”?

    Recent comments suggest a “never again” air to his feelings on this matter, suggesting that it’s more than “just wanting to focus on solo stuff for now”. If David, Nick and Rick work together again, will it be Pink Floyd?

  3. Hello to everybody,

    From Holland I want to wish everybody an happy new year with a lots of David’s (and Pink’s) music.

    I have seen the first part of ‘3 men in a boat’, and I enjoyed very much the appearance of David in the show.

    I have never been in the Royal Albert Hall (I was one of the lucky few who was able to buy tickets via the preorder sale), so more photo of the Royall albert Hall are welcome.

    David, thank you for bringing so much joy via your music.


    PS1 Like the website

    PS2 My top 5 setlist:
    1 High Hopes
    2 Wish you were here
    3 Run like hell
    4 Money
    5 Echoes


  4. Really looking forward to Royal Albert Hall shows! I’m in Brisbane, Australia, and I’m dipping into to the mortgage to get over there.. As a musician, David has probably influenced me more than anyone. And Smile sounded glorious!!

  5. Great picture, I’m really looking forward to the Royal Albert Hall. I’m thrilled.

    By the way, I’m one of the lucky persons that bought tickets at the pre-sale. But I was wondering how I will receive the tickets. Especially because I live in The Netherlands, I was wondering if anyone had more info about this.

  6. Great programme, I shall have to read the book now. Nice tour of the houseboat by David. Very pretty and it must be a lovely place to work.

    Looking forward to the album and tour.

    Cheers and Happy New Year.

  7. Hello David!
    Hello guys!

    when I read about David’s houseboat studio, Astoria, I remembered the pictures in “Inside Out”, the biography of Pink Floyd written by Nick Mason.

    I think that Astoria studio and its location must be very very strange and suggestive!

    And Inside Out is as much great and suggestive! Thanks Nick!

    Moreover, I prefer theatres than some large place, because I want listen the music and I don’t want risk to fight with the people who move too much!!!

    Have a great day


  8. I’d just like to say I thought Smile sounded beatiful, much better than the In Concert version. I can’t wait for March now!

  9. Saw the Blue Nile perform at the RAH in 1997, can’t think of a better place for David to perform. The place has the best acoustics I’ve ever heard.

  10. Can anyone confirm if the advance ticket booking emails for 31st May are still going out? I have just received one today (04/01/06) which seems quite a long time after the date was announced!

    Is it a spam trying to get money out of me or is it genuine!?

  11. Does anyone know (blog handlers included) if “three men in a boat” will play in US-BBC america maybe?

  12. Jon, that e-mail is indeed genuine, so go ahead and purchase the tickets if you still want them. 🙂

    No word as yet on whether ‘Three Men in a Boat’ will be shown in the US, Jeff. If we hear anything, we’ll let you know by announcing it immediately in the blog. There are a lot of people who’d like to see it.

  13. Hey!

    I think those smaller venues are much, much more appropriate for David’s solo shows. One thing makes me sad, though – I’m from Poland and I saw pictures of Dave working on the new album in Preisner’s studio in my country, and I think it’s a shame that there are absolutely no plans for a single show here in Poland.

    Happy New Year!

  14. I’m proud to hear that “smile” is one of the song into the new album… i remember David saying…”If you are bootleggers, start your machines now !” before playing it for the first time…..

    PS.I think it was a bootleg !!

  15. I like thinking that David Gilmour has chosen to perform in theatres, not vast arenas, because of the musical forms he is preferring now, more acoustic, more intimate, more classical. These musical directions are perfectly in tune with Pink Floyd music “nature” and with their more experimental period (early 1968 – late 1972), when the crowd attended seated the Floyd gigs and listened completely in silence to the music.

    David Gilmour’s symphonic rock needs theatres. And I like it. A lot of Floyd fans need theatres, no more vast arenas: our age is old…

  16. being one of the lucky ones to receive a mail today, i wondered if there’s any indication what kind of seats i will sitting on late may. following the price, i assume them being arena or stalls, but i haven’t been able to find any infos yet.

    taking the opportunity, i can only wish for a continuation of the excellent 2001/2 shows which showed that pink floyd’s music doesn’t need any bombastic laser show but is perfect on itself. something i witnessed again this summer in a certain park of a certain city. in addition to the grandiose festival hall setlists, i can only hope for some renditions of tracks from david’s first two solo albums.

  17. As a floyd fan since my very early teenage years i must say i cannot understand why Dave has opted for a solo tour. i would like to know once and for all are the pink floyd no more. i bet im not the only fan asking this question. i wish Dave well on his tour and all the best for the future and hope i dont come across a bit nutty.

  18. Well, I was “one of the lucky few”. Now the only question is whether I can get my butt over to London to see the concert of my life or whether I’ll be making a donation to Crisis. After seeing this picture, I’m hoping more than ever that it’ll be the former.

    In response to the post made a couple days ago with Rado Klose’s picture, I now have to beg David a favor, even though I know he doesn’t do requests… PLEASE PLAY “LUCY LEAVE”!!! I honestly think you would have fun playing that number, and it would put your fans in rock and roll heaven.

  19. I can understand why the Great Man would prefer a theater over a sports arena or bowl. Smaller crowds are easier to handle therefore less security, no smoking, better sound quality, just to name a few. Can you think of any others?

  20. The venues-in-profile segment is an excellent idea–very cool.

    As a music lover, I can’t say enough how amazing it is that David and his band have chosen to play in theater sized venues, many of which were designed with acoustics in mind. The Floyd have a legendary status of always ensuring top-quality sound at their shows, and the choice of venues shows Daivd intends on keeping it that way too for his solo tour 😉


    ps why the need to definitely address Pink Floyd’s status? they’ve always been enigmatic about their ways, and what more can you say while there’s a Gilmour tour about? Not quite appropos, but since there’s a CSN-vibe in the air anyway, why not recall “And if you cant be, with the one you love/Love the one you’re with” ;p

  21. I bought yesterday David Gilmour first solo album. I read in the Nick Mason’s book Inside Out that there are ambiente jam tapes from Pink Floyd’s the Division Bell sessions. I’d like to know if in the future will be any release of that ?

    I like more the jam’s and instrumentals where Gilmour expand’s his gift, yes i like the period Atom Heart Mother-Animals 🙂 I’m not a single fan 🙂

    Thank you David

  22. Dear David & Team,

    I was one of the lucky few who took the lucky draw number serious. Hence, I will be traveling to the Royal Albert Hall to see the show. Thank you very much! Can you suggest a reasonable hotel to stay?

    Warm Regards,
    Steve Radovanovich
    NY, USA

  23. Posted: Does anyone know (blog handlers included) if “three men in a boat” will play in US-BBC america maybe?

    Answer: Perhaps “3 Men in a boat” may be available on public television (PBS Network)in Canada and the U.S. If it is, please confirm.

  24. Happiest of New Year wishes to everyone!

    Good Sir… I must tell you that it is an absolute honor to listen to your art. Thank you for MANY years of sheer joy.

    How many of us are there? you know the kind… searching for a chance to hear even a single note, where ever it can be found!

    Would love to hear more about the Bell’s ambient jams as well. See you in the Windy City (home of the blues… hmmm….)

    Thank you again for your gift to all of us!

  25. Of course David Gilmour is my favorite David, and Pink Floyd is one of my two of favorite bands, however Dave is closely followed by David JUSTIN Hayward, the “voice” of the Moody Blues.

    Both performed together with John Lodge of the Moody Blues at a benefit in 1990 where Dave Gilmour played the flute solo from Nights in White Satin on his guitar. John Lodge has been quoted as saying that Dave’s performance sent shivers up his spine. I would love to see them perform it together again. sharon

  26. I’m very much looking forward to the show in Hollywood! Can’t wait! A song I haven’t seen posted that I would love to hear is ‘Green Is The Colour’. This is a great classic with a true Gilmour feel.
    Paul Stephens In San Diego-

  27. Thanks for the info on the Gilmour/Moody Blues connection, Moodysmb…I didn’t know about that. I like the MB too (although not nearly as much as David and PF) and would dearly love to hear that version of Nights in White Satin.

    Shameless Suck-up

  28. This site is great! I am excited about David’s new album. Any chance I could meet him at the Wednesday Chicago show? I have tickets there. Would like a backstage pass 🙂

    I’ve met Storm recently, what a character! Now I know how he is so creative.

    Would be a pleasure to meet you and see what goes on behind the scenes. Look forward to your show.


  29. Some long-time faves I’d love to see David play are Point Me at the Sky, Cymbaline, Wots…Uh the Deal and Childhood’s End, Pillow of Winds. Even Obscured by Clouds…what a great show opener. These songs are gems.

    If not this tour, maybe next?

  30. hi all,

    im new at all this stuff but i have loved pink floyd from the age of about 8, i think that makes me a bit of a fan :). Is it likley that gilmour will do much from the division bell on this tour ‘on an island’.


  31. Hello from Rome,

    we have a big problem :tickets sold out for DG concert in Auditorium next 26 of March.

    Do you think is it possible to add 27 too in Rome?

    Many thanks

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